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File: baed1bcc5f6662c⋯.jpg (15.78 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbts76.jpg)

f47bcb No.66796

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads'

conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick


4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of

information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do

we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Recent Past Threads' Archive Links

64. >>>/cbts/56670 -> https://archive.fo/2CtTJ

65. >>>/cbts/57446 -> https://archive.fo/VK3GR

66. >>>/cbts/58319 -> https://archive.fo/6VBJ8

67. >>>/cbts/59130 -> https://archive.fo/poMSg

68. >>>/cbts/59969 -> https://archive.fo/635xL

69. >>>/cbts/60804 -> https://archive.fo/NGJcz

70. >>>/cbts/61621 -> https://archive.fo/vl1R4

71. >>>/cbts/62562 -> https://archive.fo/UeKZc

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73. >>>/cbts/64254 -> https://archive.fo/2GpRq

74. >>>/cbts/65108 -> coming soon

!!! Latest Q posts!!!: >>59684, >>60141, >>60201, >>60244, >>60291, >>60336, >>60350, >>60382, >>60470, >>60507, >>60523,

>>60365, >>60568, >>60630, >>60660, >>63599, >>63628, >>63644

''List of all Q posts in order, screen grabs + text, date stamps,

links to original posts, searchable, good for printing and sharing:''


QMap w/ built-in search function, includes Q's posts AND anons' posts that Q responded to:


4chan Q Drops pt. 1 -> >>62307

4chan Q Drops pt. 2 -> >>62322

8ch Q Drops pt. 1 -> >>63794

f47bcb No.66800


NEW THEORY FOR Q TO CONFIRM OR DENY: -> >>62955, >>62972,

CheatSheetAnon Compilation: -> >>62967, >>62971,

10 days of darkness: -> >>37286,

'''<REPORT PLANE CRASHES HERE >>>/cbts/56075

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49 [ includes direct links to Q posts ]'

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

Original links do not cross-post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find Qs.

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Q-Text [4chan] -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-


Q-Text [8ch] -> https://pastebin.com/NBTQVYRY | https://pastebin.com/45r1FK9q

NEEDS TO BE UPDATED, anons! Only goes up to 12/5

Some anon please do this and notify baker with new pastebin link!

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>33814 | >>36225

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!

LytbJwNsQ6v )


Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home

-> https://anonfile.com/u5w6k2d1bd/Q_Map_12_09_2017 (updated)


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile.com/h2Cak3d5bd/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712101010.pdf


QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

Guerilla Twitter Tactics - >>>/cbts/12832

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Really Cool Videos

I, Pet goat 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Another almond-activating tripfag's archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Please use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay COMFY, SENPAIS!

<And PRAY!

f47bcb No.66802

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2 https://www.anonfile.com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip

Q Posts, Screenshots, etc: >>423

The FAQ of Q: >>18427

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, OpSec: >>629

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important 'links/media should be

copy and pasted or cross-posted' to the other threads.

What is Keystone: >>28513

Who is Y?: >>19041

Let us channel the spirit of Thomas Paine!: >>56328 *NEW! Pamphlet creation thread for spreading during STORM*

(in case modern communications compromised)

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666 (thanks satan)

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>11979

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

Anon bringing things around -> >>15208

Red Cross: >>40157

Alien / Disclosure related: >>26613

Light Bodied Aliens tell all -> >>15350

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread: >>15984

Barry Important -> >>14627 >>16251 >>16253

Loud Noises -> >>15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259 [new -> https://8ch.net/cbts/res/29994.html#35814]

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Underground massive data center?: >>20714

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++fag(HAS BEEN BANNED, but link included anyway for those still curious): >>672

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA (Oct 31 - Nov 21)




Image: Save the title image, change one pixel, save changes and upload new version.

Title: -> CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

First post: See pastebin and go to first set of ==== signs, may need to cut out some stuff and post two

separate things.

Second/third post: All after ====== signs.

<Shill derail tactics: talk of Bitcoin or any other cryptocoin, prepping water, bathtubs, drinking from bathtubs,

hydroponics, mocking and personal attacks

>please don't feed their belly with (you)'s, they must starve so please filter and focus, or pray for the Patriots risking

their lives

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

75e870 No.66810

7b5356 No.66819

>Prayer request thread




4559f8 No.66822

Has anyone got updates on the sealed indictments?

5eb635 No.66830

[r] has gay aids lol.

thanks for the bread anon!

how long do you have to bake?

b5029f No.66832

File: b9038766622191c⋯.png (372.08 KB, 586x427, 586:427, 01 Occult Trinity.png)

f47bcb No.66838


'tis my pleasure anon! happy to serve.

Honestly I probably am able to go til about midnight or so today.

5eb635 No.66840


ok thanks so much!!! you are great.

8e6b28 No.66859


excellent pink pill meme without gore, to get them digging

cc434d No.66867


this is what that link says - and says to get intel from meganon not Q

I guess “Q” turned out to be a fake and we’re now getting our intel from MegaAnon. Nothing is simple any more. We may go through the alphabet before we done.

1b340a No.66868

Loving the bread title. :)

6e605c No.66869

I got me 3 harddrives full of truth and redpills! (well, not FULL yet, but..) lol

Anyone else think it's funny that Q's trip is 'IT' after the !? "Information Technology"


cc434d No.66870


That is why I say disinfo going strong and that meganon is spreading fake information now.

32da53 No.66871

I got in the last post at the end of last bread I think. I was saying this about the markers.



It's in chronological order by Q's posts. Why do we care? Q said so:

>>147449624 (this is from 4chin)




f47bcb No.66872


hahaha <3 Glad you enjoyed.

b5029f No.66873


If the story about this is true at all no wonder Q said so many wouldn't be able to take it. It actually blew my mind becase I never looked at it that way at all.

0c90be No.66874

Can we get some guide lines on what prep/supplies are needed during the 10 days of darkness? Any instructions?

1b340a No.66875


I did! Definitely brought on a chuckle

2a4006 No.66876


wish we could bring in more people from 4chan

c08bb3 No.66877

Great title but isn't "gay aids" like "sweet sugar" or "filthy commie"? Just saying.

d2ca31 No.66878


Trump tweets do this too. Maybe that might help out as well. Maybe putting both together will help out

32da53 No.66879


Good idea. I don't know how to scrape Twatter though.

b8c9f4 No.66880


No they're both fake and you're fake too. Only get your intel from me now.

Don't come into Q thread #76 and tell people to ignore Q. Idiot.

4d3ec0 No.66881


Baker, amazing. You''re helping to bake history, and you do it all day on Sunday.


God bless, God bless us all today.

e4e102 No.66882


>meganon is spreading fake information now

Hey namefag - stop misrepresenting what she said about Q

>It was simply that Q is an insider, but overstating his position.

It really doesn't matter who they are anyway. But stop trying to discredit both of them.

8e6b28 No.66883


Not an expert but




Make sure vehicles have gas but avoid situations where you could be boxed in

a89843 No.66884

File: 9999b85f246d3ac⋯.jpg (125.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1509533010034m.jpg)



cc434d No.66885


I didn't say to ignore Q! READ all the links!!!

I said meganon is now trying to get people to ignore Q! and I said Bullsh** back! Read before you jump!

48a4d1 No.66886



"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread.

The bitch wanted them to eat a placenta or stfu...

a89843 No.66887


We have enough. This is not a chat room.

cc434d No.66889


that last line was from a link I received - NOT FROM ME!!

51e1e8 No.66890


f47bcb No.66891

File: da38f4e5f5fd256⋯.jpg (103.8 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, gaybama.jpg)


pic related

d5edbc No.66892

File: 9b3bc8adbb85a8b⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 402x402, 1:1, obama_khalidi connection.jpg)


...I ate. Thanks. I also found the following...


Here, we find the names Obama, Bush, McCain, Rezko, Khalidi, Othman, Bill Ayers, Obeidallah, Abedin, ...and Muslim Brotherhood comes up a lot!

N.B. "House Freedom Caucus" stood out. Q, we got meat here?

<-- P.S. Is it female? I see no breasts. Pictured centre.

31030e No.66893


no. Military is good. this is miss information

b4f64d No.66894


Quinine - Malaria - Aids - Red Cross

Good luck

75b802 No.66895

File: 1b9ae22245ef1dc⋯.png (50.56 KB, 814x366, 407:183, ClipboardImage.png)


1:34 then 1:37 ??????

Check this out Anons, pic related.


Post: 1:34 US Military

POTUS: 1:37 US Military


Is that IT?>>66545

1:34 then 1:37 ??????

Check this out Anons, pic related.


Post: 1:34 US Military

POTUS: 1:37 US Military


Is that IT?

b5029f No.66896

File: 09156c836522449⋯.jpg (167.75 KB, 1537x1001, 1537:1001, 01 Nathan Rothschild.jpg)

This is a can of worms I wish I didn't open.

Q please tell me this isn't true.

2a4006 No.66897


we dont have enough if Q is telling us we arent getting things.

f47bcb No.66898



75b802 No.66899


I'm sorry, double pasted when hopping threads. Mybad.

fcc56e No.66900

>>66779 in response to the poster from the last thread that posted the 3 6 9 Tesla pic

Godfather 3 was released on 12/25/1990.

12/25/2017 will be 27 years to the day.

3 X 3 X 3 = 27

my dos shekels

0a8e05 No.66901

File: bbbaa3ce4004321⋯.png (67.08 KB, 300x197, 300:197, Bass_Pro_Shops-logo-256FCE….png)

File: 3db7450253f15c4⋯.png (21.31 KB, 778x284, 389:142, Screenshot 2017-12-10 12.1….png)


careful what you ask for

every national logo

try me

861f52 No.66902


eat a bullet you namefagging shill

79efff No.66903


Rules of the board is that way: >>>/cbts/61918

Note especially Rules #1 and #2.

6e605c No.66904



Man. A guy risks his ass to come on here and spread some truth bombs, and y'all be hatin like mf'er. kys

Die Swamp!!!!! >:( >:( >:(

e47703 No.66905

File: 87be672989711f3⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 564x401, 564:401, FRUSPOLI.jpg)

Check out the first comment on this youtube video, The Ruspoli Family, Godfather III and Vatican connections.


c08bb3 No.66906


lol I know. Not criticizing just pointing out AIDs is gay by default.

534122 No.66907

Reduce swearing and negativity. Thoughts of vengeance lead into darkness. Watch your thoughts, see the Light as the way forward.

d2ca31 No.66908


It's just in good hands now. Has been in the wrong hands for a long time

eef562 No.66909


Disinfo about Michelle not being female is counterprodutive

052b9c No.66910

True or false? Can this be validated?


China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening!

2a4006 No.66911


disinfo about michelle not being male is counterproductive

79efff No.66912


Welcome to CBTS. Don't worry. The descendants of this unspeakable filth are going down, possibly even tonight or tomorrow.

b5029f No.66913

File: 2d5b11c1768517b⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 700x468, 175:117, masonic lodge.jpg)

4d3ec0 No.66914

Mods, is it time yet for this one please?


>I guess “Q” turned out to be a fake and we’re now getting our intel from MegaAnon. Nothing is simple any more. We may go through the alphabet before we done.

5eb635 No.66915

Just a reminder plane crashes thread is up and running. Created for all plane crashes occurring on and after 12/7:



b7dd49 No.66916

File: 131186b2c634691⋯.jpg (8.9 KB, 225x225, 1:1, vqc.jpg)

File: e3ce8e151e26812⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, QuincyME_JackKlugman.JPG)



She's drunk and spreading disinfo.

Listen to Q. He's a Doctor.

c08bb3 No.66918

File: 81621e7598bb384⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 752x869, 752:869, deep state.jpg)

0ba96d No.66919

Trumps new Executive Order signed on Friday.

Presidential Executive Order on Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration

Interesting since it was changed during Nixons term. That is when we went off the gold standard. Now Trump changes the seal. Could this be how they will convert to printing our own money by our Treasury and then using the credit unions to distribute.

31030e No.66920


Can't redpill people to start thinking the military is bad

159489 No.66921

File: 7545df83851020f⋯.png (394.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, picshelp.png)

Just noticed:




Looking for a list of states that the plane action was last night/this morning so i can look at local news at usnpl.com per state:

Kansas City?


South Carolina?

Thank You:







I am scanning fast so please excuse me if i scan over your info and my abruptness.

Pictures help me find and discern info faster.

86ea50 No.66922

Dan Scavino @Scavino45) just posted an 8 second video of the American flag. No comment no anything but the flag waving - in a tropical location with palm trees.

Time: 10:10 am PST

I know the sauce thing…if I knew how to post it without showing my own twitter, I would, but check for yourself if needing confirmation.

cc434d No.66923



READ the previous exchanges!! I said I received an email with this link:


and the first line said: I guess “Q” turned out to be a fake and we’re now getting our intel from MegaAnon. Nothing is simple any more. We may go through the alphabet before we done.

I replied BULLSHIT!! Q is REAL!

I then said meganon on 4 chan is trying to say Q is not real!

I have said Q is REAL and is providing us with real information!

READ previous exchanges before jumping and calling me a shill!

Meganon is now spreading disinfo trying to discredit Q and it is going to different websites!

eef562 No.66924

File: 0aec7f353ff14f0⋯.png (729.34 KB, 1522x1380, 761:690, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

Looky what Obummer did…….

b28ef4 No.66925


On 4chan, Q had a post of just a flag.

Another marker?

1b340a No.66926


NO!! We have plenty

b8c9f4 No.66927



Sorry, but telling us someone is larping as mega on another chan is not a truth bomb.

"I guess “Q” turned out to be a fake and we’re now getting our intel from MegaAnon. Nothing is simple any more."

Is pretty clear disinfo or at least completely off track. So suck it.

79efff No.66928


OK, that is very significant. I think you're reading of it is right. Rs going down and all that.

5166af No.66929

File: 083a8bf1153909e⋯.png (473.07 KB, 1592x1464, 199:183, Revisions.png)



Okay so I added the missing drops and fixed the order.

Somethings I noticed in PDF

<pg 108 duplicate of pg 105

<pg 153 and pg 154 are in reserve order

<pg 184 and pg 185 are in reserve order

<pg 231 and pg 233 are duplicates

c08bb3 No.66930


Took control of a lot of water..

4d3ec0 No.66932


Thank you anon. I really appreciate the review. Updating….

1b340a No.66933


I had seen that. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. I have been redpill so much now that nothing would be shocking.

fcc56e No.66935


Does this give new meaning to the phrase "have your cake and eat it too"?

b8c9f4 No.66936



79efff No.66937


Coincidentally, the added acreage just happens to have considerable uranium deposits in. Such synchronicity!

2a4006 No.66938


Q said we arent getting his leaks so we obviously need more.

edcdea No.66939


HEADS UP - FLYNN LIVEs (reliable source) just posted

New explanation of RED re: the government:

George Tenet DCI “Red Cell” created

DCI “Home of the CIA Red Cells”

Wikileaks info included

“CIA Red Cells is the art of exporting terrorism and using it to your advantage”

Red Cell group was the reason for the Iran Deal

Former US Treasury official, Avi Jorisch, President of Red Cell Intel Group.

and more…


211267 No.66940

Ok so,

I dropped some Captain Obvious on FB.


Now im "that guy"

Think I may have reached one/two.

Thank you for what ur doing anons.

God Bless

b2dbd5 No.66941


Her dress is just stretched from Hussein trying to dry hump her leg.

4ba6f9 No.66942

As more people are asking 'Have you heard of Q?', we will see an increasing number of attempts to claim fake. When Anderson Cooper is actively trying to debunk, we will be @ Two Minutes To Midnight.

d5edbc No.66943


Hehe okies

701ba6 No.66944

File: 0c994d8258e1a7a⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, eye of control.jpg)


>Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

Rothschilds are leaders of Black Sun Cult/ Moloch worship. Owl, Y. They control the church and even the Pope.

>Banks / Financial Institutions

>WW Gov Control

>Gov Controls People

By controlling the money supply, the Rothschilds control governments and their people. They control what you see in the news (FCC), what you are taught at school (DOEducation) and how you spend your money (IRS).


>Oil Tech Sex/Children

>SA Controls (assigned) US / UK Politicians / Tech Co’s (primary)

Saudi directly controls certain US and UK politicians as well as Tech Companies (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, SpaceX) They are involved in human trafficking and child sex operations. Blackmail and control of US Govt in order to influence trade, immigration, wars and financing.


>Controls organizations of people (create division / brainwash) + management / operator of slush funds (personal net worth never reduces think DOJ settlements Consumer Iran Enviro pacts etc etc)

Sorros controls 'organizations of people'. Think charities (Red Cross, United Way, YMCA) Charities control flow of money. Organize protests (BLM, ANTIFA). Stage riots and civil unrest with paid crisis actors/ paid protesters. His job is to control the people through disinformation in the media and organized #RESISTance.

>/_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

In the past, the 3 sides of the triangle controlled everything from Finance, Governments, Information control. This also included Rockefeller, who has since died.

>_\ (present)

Now, we have taken out Saud. Think of what they controlled. Politicians and Government through blackmail. Now the strings are cut to their puppets and we see them dropping left and right.


In the Future, all 3 sides will be removed. No Saud+++ Roths ++ or Sorros +

>Order is critical.

You have to cut out the control of our elected officials, first. Saud. Next you have to cut out financial control over Governments. Roths. FInally, you have to cut out information control which has blinded people for decades. Fake News, Safe Zones. Sorros. In order to release people from this triangle of slavery, you have to cut strings of corrupt politicians, money supply and information control; in that order.

>Strings cut to US/UK.

>Expand your thinking.

>Swamp drain.

Brexit moving forward, Politicians resigning or not seeking re-election. Members of the media dropping out/ being fired...

>1 - sexual harassment exit + future

One puppet taken out at a time. They exit when sexual harassment allegations are made and will be prosecuted in the future


>[R] - No.

Renegade is Obama. No deal was made. He is a loser

>Bomb away.

The bomb has always been used to infer the big one or nuclear. Possibly wants to stage an attack on the US to get us to war with North Korea. They will not go easy on Renegade once this is all over. He will not be spared and an example will be made of him. When history is written, no one will deny the evil that is BHO. It's no coincidence that Trump is again bringing up the birth certificate. [R] is a traitor and there is only one punishment for treason.



1439f9 No.66945


Those people hate the truth, and trend retarded, so don't feel bad.

4d3ec0 No.66946


You've revealed your power level anon. There is a reason why prophets were banished to the wilderness. Hard work.

8c5b47 No.66947

Anyone truck coated the imq at Twitter

7ca95c No.66948

File: c8217362a884203⋯.png (44.2 KB, 601x361, 601:361, formatting.png)

File: 674519ad9dd42de⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, trump makes a q sign.gif)


>Can't repost because it already exists

Post a second image with it newfriend.


>Can I not post a pic and imbed a vid link in the same post?

No. Convert vid to webm/mp4 and post with pic.

If urgency means no one has time to lurk, maybe there should be a 8ch formatting/conventions thread.


cc434d No.66949


Wow, that explains a lot including all the RED references from Q.

eef562 No.66950

File: 5d56edee8dc55b0⋯.png (125.23 KB, 1468x330, 734:165, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)


Looks like Palm Beach, POTUS is there….

Look what else he has posted on his twatter,,,,

0c0ef0 No.66951

File: f93395ac141e987⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 495x640, 99:128, 1e128f17a2754dbaacc515b988….jpg)

File: 7ff9822ba506bd3⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 800x465, 160:93, 40587-15216-mothers-womb.8….jpg)

File: 747a5231735bf69⋯.jpg (181.64 KB, 1020x1080, 17:18, JNzoouW (1).jpg)

















A vessel which holds the key...The Holy Grail...Womb...

61a487 No.66952

I hear people talking about a weird aircraft and a military convoy today. But no pics.. afaik. Can anyone fill me in on what that is? Source?

5166af No.66953

File: 97bf01ca9d3d989⋯.jpg (10.13 MB, 7790x7180, 779:718, 4chanQDrops1.jpg)


4chan Q Drops 1st Half

Please Update Link

Verify and Confirm

edcdea No.66954


more coming…will post

c08bb3 No.66955


Good job

916355 No.66956


If we had a push like the “ IOTBW” one… and push the meme to the street .

8c5b47 No.66958

I was trying to edit and somehow sent sorry about that h

as anyone trip coded @I_AMQ on twitter? He seems to chide the Sheep rather than ask them to pray; he also has a globalist icon symbol next to his handle. What's up with that?

b2dbd5 No.66959

7e8eb4 No.66960


god bless all you patriots its been a hell of a ride.

im going to pull out for a bit and spend some time with family and catch up on fresh air.

from the election, to pizza gate, and now CBTS I have neglected my family, my hygiene, my job, my sleep and my sanity.

I hope I have contributed to the cause in some way shape or form at some point.

may god lead you all to the truth and see us threw the storm.

love you all, kick ass, and god speed.

0c0ef0 No.66961

File: 23f50c01f9bfce6⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, l17-kingdom-of-god.jpg)

File: c66512372b7856c⋯.png (169.18 KB, 500x717, 500:717, the-kingdom-of-heaven-is-w….png)


To err is human to love is divine…

6e605c No.66962


That IS disinfo, and we already are aware.. as 'things' have been predicted. Pretty obvious Q isn't fake (not the REAL one).

There are some that have tried to fake, but it's pretty fukkin obvious. Most of us, I think, KNOW the truth.. we're just trying to find the concrete evidence to back it up. That's all. EVERYONE knows the truth.. and if you don't by now, then you're in heavy slumber.

If the TRUTH were a snake, it would have bitten us 16 years ago.

5166af No.66963

File: eae5d0064a98e58⋯.png (14.53 MB, 3857x7249, 3857:7249, 4chanQDrops2.png)

4chan Q Drops 2nd Half

Please Update Link

Verify and Confirm

Thank you, please!

5166af No.66964



sory forgot to link to op

211267 No.66965



The die is cast

No turning back now.

Keep up the great work.

4cb7de No.66966


sorry to tell you this but Obama has been recorded on video calling him Michael on more than one occasion, as well as pictures of his junk imprinting on the dresses he wears, as well as other evidence collected.

so who is the disinfo here…..smells like you.


4a3238 No.66967


Could mean this too, but Q specifically posted about the Red Cross, it seemed:




5166af No.66968


the PDF is super nice, I was very impressed by your autism senpai

551282 No.66969

A slightly modified version of the theory in >>66800

Q spoke in >>60470 about markers and rereading the map.

He's said over and over that future proves past. His speech at

Pensacola included many elements of the his post on halfchan


Then the Lord's Prayer one which was Q's very next one


And then given the operators in play post last night, Q's

next post after the LP one is this:




>Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]




Is this the action last night?

The next post after that one was


Is this the way we read the map?

Also to whoever maintains the Q map PDF, it's a super resource. Found a few errors.

post 146981635 on page 5 has rouge instead of rogue

post 147664082 on page 65 is missing the word everything in "Remember, information is …"

post 150400112 on page 200, the transcribed text is wrong, it's copied from the previous page.

edcdea No.66970




Red Cell Intelligence Group of Arlington specialized in collecting data from public or commercial sources to create a searchable database of international banking relationships; Green Line System is a commercial maritime tracking and analysis company and in Quantum Leap #redcell


0a8e05 No.66971

File: 97fb890aab86a6e⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 300x188, 75:47, s-l300.jpg)


broaden your horizons?

e86524 No.66972

File: 8598c0ae2d1b463⋯.jpg (26.64 KB, 316x360, 79:90, hillary2.jpg)

Who dis?

40b0a3 No.66974


Masonic temple?

b28ef4 No.66976


That was the (1st) Aylesbury op vs. LdR.

See: >>2328

f47bcb No.66977



b8c9f4 No.66978


I'm sure most already know why Q talks in riddles and questions, but for those who don't:

Because it's a way to leak without leaking. Asking questions isn't a crime, leaking intel is. When in doubt, frame it as a question.

2a4006 No.66979


thats bill clinton and hillary

c08bb3 No.66981


Slick Willie when he was homeless apparently…fucking hippie marxist scum!

bc3f24 No.66982


Pretty nice write up you did here, thanks.

b1e771 No.66984

File: fac1934cbdc8c66⋯.jpg (63.02 KB, 456x550, 228:275, Byzantine-Head-Mucha-L.jpg)


We made it Tubbs!


Praying for martial law and BHO day in court

also British Monarchy is toast

e86524 No.66985

40b0a3 No.66986


Stop doxxing Q

6e605c No.66988

File: 7f0c15e7336d605⋯.png (435.15 KB, 490x562, 245:281, Screenshot from 2017-12-10….png)

Gee. I liked that so much I made'z me a memez n shiiiiiiiiiiite

1b340a No.66989


Because we are not focused.

3eebfb No.66990


Yes, most of the water around the HI islands that is under US control is now "protected land".

be87b4 No.66991


I feel your pain. I got really drunk last night and explained the basics of the word of Q to my wife. At first she thought I was crazy, until I showed her the evidence… I think I may have black pilled her on accident. I didn't realize the level of mental fortitude required to truly comprehend the ramifications of the discoveries we have been making.


A rapist and a serial killer during their hippy days.

f107f8 No.66992

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Releated. The age of multi million dollar News man is over.

5e1d10 No.66993


That's called corset penis. It can happen when women use corsets under dresses to look thinner.

4d3ec0 No.66994

File: 4c19be454b1153d⋯.jpeg (136.28 KB, 740x728, 185:182, griz.jpeg)

eef562 No.66995


OP didn't mention Q, you did. Hmmmmmm

1b340a No.66996


I think he is a shill and should be ignored. Just looking for followers. (Q) hasn’t verified that account.

b7dd49 No.66997


>I thought it peculiar when they both said I needed to leave all cell phones and electronics on the table outside the big vault. They said that no electronics are ever allowed inside, and when you pass through the entrance to the vault there's a "net" that will erase things and jam signals and it will kill your phone. Wild. I thought we just did that in movies and not sure it really existed. I happily complied, left my goods, and in we went.

>Hugh Hefner had a SCIF in his basement for blackmail

I'd believe it.

5cb33f No.66998


I once read that it takes seconds to convince people of a lie and it a century to reverse it. I hope that is not true.

dbd734 No.67000


Where's Jack and #7?

a1a01f No.67001

FORT CARSON, Colo. (KKTV) - A fire burning on one of Fort Carson's training ranges flared back up Sunday and is producing smoke visible for miles.

Ammunition from a helicopter sparked the fire on the Mountain Post Saturday, and due to it burning in what is called an "impact area," it's inaccessible to firefighters on the ground. The post says it was letting the fire burn itself out Saturday and will continue to do so Sunday.

Seems odd, they say it's in an impact area and is inaccessable to firefighters


40b0a3 No.67002


Fake and gay

2a4006 No.67003


how the fuck are we not focused with our own board.

we need to covertly recruit people without making it obvious.

6f8ac9 No.67004

File: 2e76a5ad8b4c652⋯.png (334.62 KB, 1326x2211, 442:737, Capture _2017-12-10-13-39-….png)

40b0a3 No.67005


Take care of yourself

86b017 No.67006


This story needs to be amplified. It is not a coincidence. The WEEK CDAN goes mainstream this blind gets posted revelaing a LOT about Hugh Hefner.

It all connects back to Q. Keep digging.

5166af No.67007


Let's hope it doesn't have to come down to martial law, but regardless if it must be so be it

c27b34 No.67008


Very good Meme, but maybe DC is "rogue spies"

f47bcb No.67009


Edition Related

edcdea No.67010



Do you know where In-Q-tel was getting its funding? It was the DOJ slush fund from all of the corrupt decisions against non-globalist companies. The DOJ slush fund that @realDonaldTrump put the kibosh on earlier this year so that's a major win. One of the first steps.



He retweeted

Revelations 3:10 "ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death…"


He reports that taxpayers pay $93.9 million to fund the In-Q-Tel (Red Cell)

Source: Wall Street Journal




#InQTel, companies like Google & Facebook were developed thru govt funding for use by CIA & DoD. A company closely related is #23andMe. "Founded" by Google's Sergey Brin's ex wife Anne Wojcicki. Wonder what the CIA is doing with your DNA?



Wikileaks: RED CELL


75e870 No.67011


5cb33f No.67012


Q never mentioned 'leaks' but 'crumbs'

40b0a3 No.67013


Oh sorry I misread the post.

052b9c No.67014


>True or false? Can this be validated?


>China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening!

These are the articles she reads in her video:






If any of this is true, this is HUGE! Can we validate this at this time?

6e605c No.67015


Oy vey!

91d090 No.67016


Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't it stated from following Q's drops that martial law was needed for civilians to face military tribunals?

1f4f03 No.67017

Did the Storm just roll over Reps Schiff (Dirtbag, CA) and Warner from the Intel Committee for leaking to CNN?

>It was leaked from within the committee, and later reported by CNN, that the date was “September 4th, 2016”; a date convenient for a collusion narrative between Trump Jr and WikiLeaks.

>However, the real date, on the actual email, was “September 14th, 2016”; a day after Wikileaks published the content of their DNC leaks and a date that makes the entire CNN report a ‘nothingburger’.

>However, CNN reports that two independent sources originally leaked to them the contents of what they had seen on the email in question. But CNN never saw the email, until later in the day.

>Think about this carefully.

>Two “independent sources” both looked at an email, and both came away from reading that email with the wrong date? How is that possible?

>It has been CTH contention for several weeks that a counterintelligence sting operation has been going on within the IC community. False trails of information, seeded by ‘White Hat’ investigators, intended to be captured by ‘Black Hat’ leakers – and delivered to their usurping allies in media. The stories are fake, the leaks are real.

>All investigative documents, relating to the witness, are provided to the congressional committees prior to the interviews with the witnesses; or, if the information is classified, each committee member has an opportunity to review the documents via a controlled SCIF environment when no physical copies are allowed as part of the evidence.

https:// archive.fo/RVJYm

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/12/09/the-new-fbi-agency-everyone-forgot-did-adam-schiff-just-get-caught-in-an-elaborate-counterintelligence-sting/

6e605c No.67019

Is it just me, or is it a little shilly in here?

211267 No.67020


Good Point

Blessed to play my small part.

The Truth has brought me Peace.


Ty anons.

5166af No.67021

File: a2a463b589c74f9⋯.png (57.83 KB, 213x194, 213:194, maga animu.png)



6f8ac9 No.67022

ec3194 No.67023

File: d44f98b94f882f8⋯.jpg (109.4 KB, 555x532, 555:532, MH17plane911meme2.jpg)

File: 89cfb6b7c4b357f⋯.jpg (135.71 KB, 600x641, 600:641, masonicJewNWOmeme1.jpg)

File: 8b6ba5dfe1fb0b7⋯.jpg (788.43 KB, 710x712, 355:356, malaysianRothschildMeme.jpg)

File: 92adaebf73595b3⋯.png (398.53 KB, 854x408, 427:204, revenge.png)

The Illuminati are Cabalist Jews and Freemasons.

Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult.

This is why, instead of faith, they emphasize observance and conformity, like any cult.

The leaders believe they channel God’s Will which means they invert reality to suit their perversion.

Their occult reality increasingly is our reality: money, sexual perversity, gender bending, corruption, mayhem and war.

They induct us into their cult by inverting truth and falsehood, and ensure that humanity is complicit in their evil and deserving of its fate.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Originally posted at HenryMakow.com)

Satanists throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors but Satanism boils down to an inversion of reality.

Good is evil; beautiful is ugly; healthy is sick, natural is unnatural and vice versa.

Truth becomes “subjective”,”relative,””unknowable” i.e. lies are truth and truth are lies.

Humanity has been inducted into the Illuminati satanic cult where acceptance of lies is a social requirement.

This gives the Illuminati license to invent a perverted reality.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of false flags like 9-11 and the shoot down of MH-17.

Why are the government lies so blatant?

There is another agenda. The Illuminati are taunting us, boasting that they can make us believe anything. They don’t discover reality, they invent it.

They have deceived and enslaved us psychologically and they are gloating.

b7dd49 No.67024

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b340a No.67026


My comment was for the fact another anon claims we need Moreno People. When we don’t. It’s crowded enough here. And some are focused others are. It. And yes you are correct we have spread a ton of info to redpill the public. Which is why I say we don’t need more people. The other anon is concerned based on (Q)’s drops yesterday.

1b340a No.67027


No, it is. Filter.

052b9c No.67028


If things DON'T go to martial law, we have to take our chances with an obviously dicey and seditious civil justice system. That they would push back so hard against reasonable executives orders is highly problematic.

6e605c No.67029


Sanity is overrated, but.. TAKE CARE! :)

4d3ec0 No.67030

File: 1e47ae352fb191f⋯.jpeg (301.62 KB, 553x500, 553:500, pondering.jpeg)





Anon, thanks! Back atcha. Need to quick break but will review graphics and report back.

4a48ae No.67032


Someone sure said that. I clearly remember reading it here.

1b340a No.67034


If that’s what needs to be done to clean house, then it’s needed. We hope it doesn’t but.

67ba26 No.67036

Cant remember where i heard this, but the guy who ran the comet pizza store was OB handler at once. Ob was suppposed to be a gay mkultra project.

6e605c No.67037


Well.. usually that means 'something' is happening out in normie land.. I dunno, I don't go out there much as people kinda scare me. But.. yeah. When the shills come in droves, something is going on..

"You won't catch flak until you're over the target"

a7e2be No.67038

How to start:

Really the best thing is to read the Q posts that have already happened. That will give you the background and context of what is happening.

8chan is only working on the latest drops. Don't get in there way. Lurk if you feel you want to jump into the middle of a story that has been unfolding for 6 weeks already.

Here is the links:

smartsheet Q answers and questions.


or you can download and use our own searchable PDF software using this link:

-> https://anonfile.com/u5w6k2d1bd/Q_Map_12_09_2017

If you want to discuss what you are reding you can go to reddit sub or other social media.


4ba6f9 No.67039


There have been so many well-known people, people of influence, who have 'been to the mansion' over the years. Everything on film somewhere.

c08bb3 No.67040

File: 3847173002df5be⋯.jpg (37.74 KB, 700x512, 175:128, PLO Leader with Clintons.jpg)

Pic of clinton crime syndicate with Yasser Afarfat PLO leader who openly sought destruction of Israel..

f88347 No.67041

Q, we need guidance.

Will something big actually happen BEFORE Christmas? If it doesnt, you are going to lose a lot of people.

2121bd No.67042

File: 1b412e81dbe259c⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 280x446, 140:223, You again the election was….jpg)

the shills are here in mass now because they know they are about to get whats been coming for a very long time

75e870 No.67043


We are all MK Ultra projects

a04f1c No.67044


Sec. Tillerson and DepSecDef attended yesterday's Army-Navy Game instead of POTUS, VP or SecDef:


Also, POTUS tweeted at @USArmy and @USNavy instead of just at the football teams (@ArmyWP_Football; @NavyFB).

So what other "game" they were watching?

This was reported as well:




4a3238 No.67045


I haven't seen anything that connects the CIA Red Cell group to this cross, flag, or similar.

Makes more sense that:

Q alluded to Red Cross→we were supposed to connect→ Red Cross→blood→red blood cells→CIA red cell

eef562 No.67046

File: 0006b53204c45b0⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1730x1258, 865:629, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

7c2f9b No.67047

6b47d5 No.67048


On a guess, the cap letters of Bunker Apple Yellow Sky= BAYS

Yes Godspeed Q= YGQ= Geraldton, Ontario.

Googled BAYS YGQ and got a flight plan, Geraldton, ON., to Thunder Bay ON.

Google search for Geraldton, ON.,


shows just a church/temple.

Google search on Thunder Bay,


city on Lake Superior, Sibley Peninsula, and Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.


f88347 No.67049


Agree or they wouldnt be trying so hard. Anxiety must be killing them and should. More shilling means we are on to something big.

cc8f6e No.67050

> US Intelligence Community Claims North Korea Transferred 3 Nuclear Warheads To Iran


Fake news or real news? Somehow related to The Sum of All Fears Q drop?

40b0a3 No.67051

5e1d10 No.67052

File: 41eae2027ce18a8⋯.png (43.39 KB, 645x109, 645:109, scavinobreak.png)

Scavino post: "Trump gave a BREAK"

1b340a No.67053


Sometimes I think it’s cause (Q) is around watching. That’s my take. They know he is here. But we will see.

5cb33f No.67054



c08bb3 No.67055

File: ecb7de0132937aa⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 294x402, 49:67, Hillary3.jpg)

Know thy enemy anons. Be confident.

f88347 No.67056



ded705 No.67057


Whoa. Sauce? This is big.

4a48ae No.67058


Could all fed judges appointed by obama be removed since they were illegally put into their offices? That would get rid of a lot of the problems with activist judges. No?

92685f No.67059


He did mention leaks actually several times.

Search text files https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/07/17 (Thu) 03:58:51 6f5bab No.45541

Watch the news.

Leakers exposed.

These people are stupid.


I found 22 mentions of leak

6e605c No.67061


A TON of people watching now that celebs are tweeting posts from in here (of Q)…

Yeah.. I think the shit has hit the fan, and it's time to duck. ;)

1b340a No.67062


Don’t see this on his twitter, is it on his Facebook?

a7e2be No.67063


Or jsut set up and maintain a newbie post directing people to the basic links like the Qmap/spreadsheet/newsevents

include inks back ot socialmedia Like Reddit


ask the mods ot putit right next to the current board and put a big Newbie sign on it and say start here. Put a simplified newbie stickie here at the top of all this madness the header directing to the newbie board and the basic info

b7dd49 No.67064

03f37b No.67065


What celebs?

b5029f No.67067

1b340a No.67068


Oh I am sure. Bad actors as well.

af6396 No.67069

File: a2d7e2205923f3b⋯.png (542.8 KB, 2048x1586, 1024:793, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)


Presidential Executive Order on Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Revision. (a) The National Credit Union Administration Board has caused to be made, and has recommended approval of, a new seal of office for the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the design of which accompanies and is hereby made a part of this order, and which is described as follows:

(i) The eagle overlaid by the shield conveys the NCUA's role as an agency of the Federal Government. The text, "NCUA," in white on a blue background on the crest of the shield is the core of the sign that federally insured credit unions are required to display.

(ii) The three stars above the eagle represent the NCUA's three-member Board, appointed by the President of the United States by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(iii) The oak branch the eagle is holding in its left talon symbolizes the NCUA's strength, honor, and longevity in carrying out its mission of promoting confidence in the national system of cooperative credit.

(iv) The olive branch the eagle is holding in its right talon symbolizes the peace and prosperity facilitated by the economic growth and access to affordable financial services that the Nation's credit unions have long provided to millions of Americans.

(v) The upper portion of the circle that forms the border of the seal sets forth the agency's title, "National Credit Union Administration." The date "1934" in the lower portion of the circle reflects the creation of the Federal credit union system by the Congress in 1934 and the long unbroken line of Federal credit union regulation that evolved into the NCUA.

(b) This seal is of suitable design and appropriate for adoption as the official seal of the NCUA.

(c) I hereby approve this seal as the official seal of the NCUA.

Sec. 2. Revocation. Executive Order 11580 of January 20, 1971 (Establishing a Seal for the National Credit Union Administration), as amended, is hereby revoked.

Sec. 3. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.



December 8, 2017.

40b0a3 No.67070

File: 1bf6bab815cd0ff⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_20171208_224414.jpg)


Okay Scavino is in the inner circle…he was Trump's caddy back in the day. He now is responsible for Trump tweets/Social media.

He also posted a cool photo of AF1 over Japan a few weeks ago.

>Pic related

67ba26 No.67071


In terms of influence yes, to one degree or another. But the mkultra spoken of in the past has changed. The advancement of the program is, well lets just say its wireless now. They dont need to take you anywhere. They can program you in your sleep, in your own bed.

0cc7eb No.67073


The reason 'Moreno' people came flooding in, in large pat, has to do with MS-13 and the CIA.

Who was behind uprisings in El Salvador and Guatemala?

What religion are 'Moreno' people?

What religion does the CIA associate with most?

How much do Catholics pay to the Church?

How do you get more parishioners into empty churches?

How do you get a 'Moreno' person to do your dirty work?

What do you offer?

40b0a3 No.67075


He has two Twitter accounts

4d3ec0 No.67076

File: 9efcf4524b93978⋯.jpg (356.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, washington.jpg)

A sobering and hopeful reminder from our friend Q, anons. Remember what we're all doing here.


Have faith.

These, the crumbs, in time, will equate to the biggest drops ever disclosed in our history.

Remember, disinformation is real.

God bless.

fb6d24 No.67077


That explains it, thank you.

e199f7 No.67078

File: 2a73adc3027b591⋯.jpg (104.35 KB, 1311x627, 23:11, Nazi Renegade.jpg)


Let's hope so. [R]enegade has already been trying to make the Nazi connection. Media will be a $hit storm.

http://time. com/5057325/barack-obama-nazi-germany/

b7dd49 No.67079


They were talking about 4/11 (4 nov) as "information"


>in formation

The purple resisters were supposedly "in formation" for Soros Spring on November 4. What happened?

edcdea No.67080



Please look at





e27e6b No.67081


I’ve been redpilling my wife for years. She pissed.

No mercy.

40b0a3 No.67083


Solomon's Keys?

56ec64 No.67085




c08bb3 No.67086

File: f285d8e5e156373⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 297x324, 11:12, puppet hillary.jpg)

Meme request: maybe something like "that feeling when your handlers string are cut".

5e1d10 No.67087


@scavino45 account verified

c636ff No.67089


Belay my last. Got it from an over anxious friend and tried to share. My apologies, and wishful thinking. RATS!

3b53ab No.67090


good question, there were bunch of "gang" arrests in Northern VA, wondering if any of those had previously been sealed.

list didn't look especially interesting, but it was FBI and BATF and while they were doing this, they kept it from the media, basically all day, and eventually released a list of … not that interesting crimes.

I wonder if those were covers for a few people they arrested? I didn't recognize any of the names.

e27e6b No.67091

File: c31fbf583b61cf9⋯.jpeg (97.79 KB, 602x380, 301:190, 8CC39855-0D45-4E18-A532-D….jpeg)

JFC. Rings

1b340a No.67092

86ea50 No.67094


Current news is CNN. Fake Frauds. I have posted this before but it got lost in the mix. It is speculated that Schiff and Lieu (don't hold me to that for sure but someone on Judiciary Committee) were the "sources" that gave the set up bogus info to CNN regarding wiki/Jr. The date CNN received was the 4th and the real date was the 14th, A trap to catch and expose. MAGA twitter is pressing for exposure of the sources for the fake story hard and has been since Friday.

9df200 No.67095

File: 4994c3bf4597334⋯.png (278.1 KB, 301x450, 301:450, MERRYCHRISTMAS.png)

1b340a No.67096


I don’t see that specific post. So that’s why I asked.

67fefc No.67098

Hey guys my power has been off for 4 days now not sure why had to buy a generator yesterday

SDGE says for saftey reasons

252f51 No.67099


this, anons!!!!!

11 min. vid -- watch it.

i've listened to "zach" many times on Infowars, and i think he's the real deal.

i believe this was taped on Friday - zach says there are threats this weekend against our embassies both abroad and at home (hence the air traffic anons have been posting about?); he discusses the Huma A./B.Obama connection; the Awans (deep state and ISI-backed)-R.Paul knew @ Awans and was attacked; moving the Jerusalem capitol (creating unrest to blame on Trump); why B.Obama is following Trump around the world (BO is acting as shadow president-don't listen to Trump, we're going to take him out/he won't be here for long; DNC's plan was for DNC/Obama to run the WH even if Hillary won); Bono is fundraising for Obama; watch the Obama Foundation; Indian President falling into the arms of Trump is so symbolic and significant; "second American Revolution is fully engaged as we speak" and make no mistake about it

b7dd49 No.67100


>Our Father was CATHOLIC version. No Doxology.

The is a doxology during Mass but it's separated with the Embolism.

>Our Father

>Deliver us, Lord, from every evil, and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


eef562 No.67101



They are WAAAAYYYY too young to be dressed like that

4afbab No.67102


you certainly got me excited

4bd72c No.67103

Just throwing this out there, dec 11 patriots game per his post that said 4th quarter, patriots. we fight together

1b340a No.67104


That’s California power supply. May have to do with the fires.

5e1d10 No.67105

6f8ac9 No.67106

File: 8799829070023a4⋯.png (794.83 KB, 1119x1773, 373:591, Capture _2017-12-10-13-57-….png)

32da53 No.67107


I only found 10 posts with "leak" in them.

leak: 10











The first 9 are from 4chin.

18e4ee No.67108


I, being from Colorado Springs, can say without a doubt that that is not strange. It happens all the time. Just look up Fort Carson training fire.

4afbab No.67109



Patriots was capitalized… dead giveaway

1b340a No.67110


Thank you. My mistake on misreading it. My apologies.

1b6155 No.67111

You know what seemed like a "tangent" to me in that speech? That comment about Schwarzenegger. Stuck out to me.

e27e6b No.67112


That shit popped up when I searched Tony Podesta Art. FFS

edcdea No.67113



Please read

5e1d10 No.67115


No pro bro

252f51 No.67116

File: f40930e597d5af3⋯.png (45.95 KB, 651x243, 217:81, q.png)

Keep praying, anons. Our guys are in harm's way.

211267 No.67117


Havent showered in 3 days, eaten much, or done any homework for finals week….


Gentlemen, ladies.

I leave you to your work.

Will chk back later.

God Bless each one of you.

159489 No.67118

File: 8bdb1ae721f195c⋯.png (727.29 KB, 819x1277, 819:1277, maps121017.png)

052b9c No.67119


>Could all fed judges appointed by obama be removed since they were illegally put into their offices?

My understanding is that replacement of judges has been done before. Mass replacement could be triggering at this time in the current political environment. I'm guessing this is why it hasn't been done yet.

edcdea No.67120


Is he German?

Also, Trump mentioned how many troops in Germany.

Something going on there?

86ea50 No.67121



He does. I follow both. He usually posts a flag of the WH not a tropical location or at least someplace with red roofs an ocean and palm trees. That is why it stood out to me and I included the time.

I will do my best to learn today how to post links anonymously (sorry for the confusion) I have a pic of BHO on Dec 1 with the Dalai Lama - when he was shopping around that I'd like post.

75b4f4 No.67123




> > Trump

Post vs. Trump speech timestamps: 1:34, 1:37:

3 minutes apart. 3.


1 R

2 S

3 T = Trump

Again, just spit balling here, but I think Q could very well be Trump himself.


>Color-coded maps highlighting the counties he won were hung on the White House walls.

>Before taking office, Mr. Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals. People close to him estimate that Mr. Trump spends at least four hours a day, and sometimes as much as twice that, in front of a television, sometimes with the volume muted, marinating in the no-holds-barred wars of cable news and eager to fire back.

Who knows more about the news than Trump, in order to create a map like Q has, that will be unlocked in the future? _No one._

edcdea No.67124


Swartzenegger born in Austria.

40b0a3 No.67125


We seent it.

e86524 No.67126

File: 113a8892c0d742c⋯.jpg (83.61 KB, 275x409, 275:409, giannoulias_obama-basketba….jpg)

File: 4ad08199e4c037d⋯.jpg (18.33 KB, 250x300, 5:6, FF20100511-Obama-Giannouli….jpg)

321c10 No.67127

Please Providence, or whoever you are since I don't believe in the Christian God, protect our soldiers in the battle against evil, protect them when they're in harm's way.

233104 No.67128


nothing dramatic,US-troops been here since WW2, goverment still not beeing formed

head of sociallists party positioned himself for EUSSR in 2025

so nothing out of the ordenary atm

0ed6c8 No.67129


Yeah I didn't realize when you search pastebin that little box at the bottom repeats everything. But anyways…you found em, they exist.

cc434d No.67130



Obama’s meeting with the spiritual leader of Tibet comes after the Dalai Lama expressed concern about the future of the U.S. under President Trump, saying in October the country was becoming more “selfish” and “nationalist” and warning that Trump wasn’t paying enough attention to the issue of global warming.

The former president recently embarked on a foreign trip that includes meetings with several world leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Obama is also set to visit Paris during the trip, and will speak at summits in all three countries.

Obama’s trip comes shortly after Trump returned from his own five-nation tour of Asia, during which he met with both Xi and Modi.

40b0a3 No.67131


I like these images.

1b340a No.67132


Wouldn’t that require his time in office to be basically void.

edcdea No.67133


So what's in the gap…


What might that mean?

edcdea No.67136


RS = Russia?

1e1f48 No.67137


Got banned from halfchan, should say shillchan, for posting the Oliver W. meme. That is a worthless board.

If megaanon has free rein to post it seems likely megaanon is approved by the cabal.

93a48e No.67138


what did he say about schwarzenegger? he also made a straight line like the q sign (a tangent )

0ed6c8 No.67139

Just searched 'qanon' on Twatter. It's happening guys, people are waking up bigly!

05b6e4 No.67140

Thought.. If it is the football game, think back to the movie "sum of all fears" and what happens during a football game?

dba16e No.67141


So we still aren't reading the map correctly…

WHAT: News unlocks the map

SO WHAT: Current news stories will provide info that shows Qs earlier posts are true. Qs time stamps provide evidence that will provide the info was posts before it was in public realm eg the Lord’s prayer

NOW WHAT: review Q map after relevant news stories and try to identify earlier Q posts that will demonstrate insider knowledge. It is this evidence that we can use to prove to normies that the real Q info should be trusts - Obama, HRC, SA, Paedo, corruptions etc

The other aspect is markers. Some have suggested this relates to words and phrases within quotation marker. This might be true; however, both Trump’s Tweets and Q often have fully capitalised words in their posts which are out of context.

Could CAPITALISED WORDS in Q's posts be markers???

75b4f4 No.67142


Renegade Stopped.

461d0e No.67143


This as well…I posted it earlier.

Treaty of Peace and Friendship, signed at Tripoli November 4, 1796


052b9c No.67144


No, I don't think so. POTUS has accomplished a lot so far. I do believe he is making progress against issues so many in this country haven't even an inkling of.

21a59b No.67145


USSS is guarding BO and HRC. This means that the U.S. government always knows where they are. They can be arrested at any time. No escape.

159489 No.67146


Thanks. Going through usnpl on the side. LOCAL news specifically. I checked out some Missouri but nothing caught my eye yet. South Carolina next.

fb6d24 No.67147



You can use the filter function in the spreadsheet to search by column, it gives you the row result (question/statement, answer, expanded answer).

Very handy

1b340a No.67148


An anon showed it to me. I misread it. It was my mistake. I follow both, but mainly focus on the one with 45 in it.

6e605c No.67150


Trying to find it. It was when Q said 'Hillary tried to make a deal, we said no' and Rosanne Barr tweeted it..

b5029f No.67151


If you want to shake your head in disbelief look at this.


a6b36e No.67152

File: 63b2b6146d78038⋯.png (20.07 KB, 1212x130, 606:65, greenSpeechPensicola.PNG)

In Trumps Speech, the word "Green" is capitalized …

dc577d No.67153



I always have wondered how they knew the identities of the hijackers so quickly after the attacks. Things that make you go, hmmm.

b7dd49 No.67154

86ea50 No.67155


Thank you. That is the pic posted by the DH himself on twitter Dec 1.

cfb951 No.67158


It was posted right after the Q post about the NYT article being an attack (Nov 12). The next post (the following day) was about distress calls to others doing no good with the letters [L] [d] [R] in brackets (Nov 13).

edcdea No.67159


Gap between Q _and_T

RS = (possibilities)


Red Sea

Rocket System

Reconnaissance Squadron

2121bd No.67160

with all the military plane activity was it to remove as-many troops from US soil??


a67850 No.67161

Friends, I have something for you to look at


I believe I have found the Sum of All Fears connection with Iran, NK, and nukes, where the fifth column lies. Please help me dig, I could use more eyes and brains.

3e7fb4 No.67163


… Could this be what Q means by markers? text snippets which are repeated by POTUS?

ec3194 No.67164


What he said about Schwarzenegger

For decades veterans have asked for a law to hold corrupt and incompetent employees at the VA accountable, but never happened. Then we got it done. This piece of legislation for decades they've wanted. You couldn't fire anybody at the VA. If they were sadists, if they were horrible people, if they wouldn't show up to work, you couldn’t fire anybody.

Now we look at them, they're no good, we say, You're Fired. Get out of here. [cheers and applause] and I must tell you, I can't believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger bombed so badly on "the apprentice." my poor, beautiful show. Oh, it was so successful. Get a big movie star and he can't pull it off.

e4e102 No.67165

File: c5518eb89af5d59⋯.png (83.1 KB, 317x179, 317:179, ncua.png)

File: 50eceb595c502f9⋯.png (21.31 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 220px-Seal_of_the_United_S….png)


Old seal… for comparison, FRN seal



>Oak branch


>Olive branch


Holy shit… its happening anons

cc434d No.67166


Holy Sh** WOW is all that really true? Rothschild 500 trillion???!!!

Besides the other information?

de8378 No.67167


Of course, this was the day before the 9/4 9/14 story mix up. Validates Q authenticity.

75b4f4 No.67168


RS is also the ISO country code for Service FWIW

6740e7 No.67170


Balance in every which way anon. Family is very important - Hygiene no so.

God speed son.

052b9c No.67171


What about the appointment of judges by a president could be regarded as fraudulent? Are we going there with the identity fraud thing?

edcdea No.67173


I like that interpretation..HA!

75b4f4 No.67174


Itchy submit finger.

SERBIA, not service.

0f65e5 No.67175


They found a magic passport in the dust.

(It was Mohamed Atta's.)

ec3194 No.67176

File: fc3942579084509⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 806x605, 806:605, donald-trump-pensacola.jpg)


Trump interrupts talking about veterans to mock Arnold Schwarzenegger for 'bombing' on The Apprentice

'Oh, it was so successful. Get a big movie star and he can’t pull it off'

Molly Fleming

21 hours ago

“It’s not about the show. Because everyone I ran into came up to me and said ‘I love the show…but I turned it off as I read Trump’s name I’m out of there,” Schwarzenegger said.


4a48ae No.67177


Yes, I think it would. But isn't his time in office VOID if he isn't even an American??

7c7fac No.67178


Did nobody pick up on red blood in Trumos rally speech?

b5029f No.67179

File: a0d59426724ff81⋯.png (720.22 KB, 762x539, 762:539, US Presidents and politici….png)

edcdea No.67180


Possible that RS = Recon Squadron

since we have refueling planes being tracked over Florida?

159489 No.67181


That's possible.

dc577d No.67182


>Seems odd, they say it's in an impact area and is inaccessable to firefighters

Not odd, impact areas and battlefields are full of unexploded ordnance. Look at all the stuff still being dug up in Europe. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2015/12/22/42369/

0755ce No.67184

BREAK for active operations is what I am guessing.

Q team busy. Good people in harms way. I am praying for the Q Patriots. Remember, this is for all of US. Taking our country back. I just want to thank Q team for helping to drain the swamp like we have never seen before. Godspeed Q. Godspeed Patriots.

GEOTUS called a lid for today. Q team must be very active.

86ea50 No.67185


Q said to look at all sources - so I believe yes. I had posted some DJT tweets that Q later posted. My project for this am after my coffee fully wakes me up is to cross reference DJT tweets for " " and capitalized/emphazized words. DJT has a certain lingo and some things do stand out.

21a59b No.67186


Q is POTUS (or very close).

USSS is guarding BO and HRC. This means that the U.S. government always knows where they are. They can be arrested at any time. No escape.

a04f1c No.67187

File: 3e6f51633e412b0⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 260x160, 13:8, NCUA-Seal.jpg)

88821a No.67188


Yes but it would lead to ML IMHO . By removing the Judges, you remove past decisions and that will be Chaos! Maybe more like POTUS offers deal to step down. A Judge who rules on a case AFTER Fraud Upon The Court has been proven loses Judicial immunity and can then be prosecuted

cc434d No.67191


Yep I did immediately - no matter black, brown or white we all bleed RED blood

ea3abc No.67192




T-3. Every three mins you keep referencing to that….. Q is Trump!

159489 No.67193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A new Destroying the Illusion is up.

c08bb3 No.67194


Don't put your info in Tami just post..and don't doxx Q it doesn't matter who he/she is.

233104 No.67195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

so much shilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

091bf4 No.67197

In Godfather III, was there a decoding method used/referenced in the film?

3af084 No.67198



>Wonder what the CIA is doing with your DNA?

They can target the resonant frequency of your DNA with electromagnetic weapons. Tesla technology.

We are all MK Ultra victims is probably close to the truth.

c08bb3 No.67199


This guy has no idea…ugh

0755ce No.67200

So, USSS and NSA know where the bodies are buried.

Using one to gain leverage over the other? Could be USSS is one of the voussoirs in the keystone analogy.

Leads up to the Keystone, which when removed removes voussoirs. Remove 'Keystone' and it removes corrupt parts of USSS. Already removed SA, arch is weaker.

ea3abc No.67202

He said BREAK….. it has to do with the tweet where he breaks with a - then says I am watching. I think he is referring to that maybe. (I’m just trying to help)

6740e7 No.67203

File: 5096bc240d3540b⋯.png (182.05 KB, 294x402, 49:67, 1512933870398.png)

551d12 No.67205



(I used to think the Dalai Lama was benign and peaceful…)

e4e102 No.67206


>Seal comparison

Thanks - my point was that he's making it look more official, and similar imagery with the Fed (and other govt agencies). Implying that it could be the future bank of the US, if we move to USDs from FRNs.

94bec8 No.67207

3af084 No.67208


DING DING DING. Electromagnetic weapons. biggerthansnowden.com

0045eb No.67209


Wasn't there a big uproar that DJT replaced a bunch of judges when he took office which was actually the normal course?

eef562 No.67210


Yea he doesn't lurk near enuf

67ba26 No.67213


Yup yup yup! I smell the blood of an englishman. Sadly, the deciding factor of whether or not one is purged is out of our hands.

88821a No.67214


yes and his appointees were stalled but about 3 weeks ago a massive number were confirmed

c08bb3 No.67215


Stop putting your damn email in TAMI!

c08bb3 No.67217


leave everything blank or you will get unwanted attention. just post your message.

b7dd49 No.67218

File: 7f4759cf8ab8ce5⋯.png (5.26 KB, 365x138, 365:138, pt.png)


Cheney likes his "atlantic salmon"

This is a big hint as to WHERE child trafficking occurs. Think leaves.

d9a73f No.67219

Just thought of something, that 80% - 20% ratio could also apply to us

The public knows 20% of what we know.

We know 20% of the bigger picture

5166af No.67220

Modaru plz delet newfag's post

bc3f24 No.67221

Q is running out of new crumbs

86ea50 No.67222


I know right? That was a hard pill for me. He is tied in with the corrupt Vatican.

321c10 No.67223

The shutdown will be happening in a few hours then? 11-20?

5e1d10 No.67225






252f51 No.67226


when appointments flow from illicit authority, they are null and void.

"zach" said on Friday that Hussein's birth cert. is totally fake and they know all about him . . . no specifics beyond that.

2121bd No.67227

Q is gonna have to drop a full slice of bread soon


b5029f No.67229

The most important institutions that work hard to establish the NWO and completely enslave our species, are:

1.The City of London (finance, controlled by the Rothschilds) - NOT part of the UK

The US Federal Reserve (finance - private bank, owned by the Rothschilds) - NOT part of the USA

2.The Vatican City (indoctrination, deception and scare tactics) - NOT part of Italy

3.Washington D.C. (military, mind programming, brainwashing and depopulation) - NOT part of the USA


252f51 No.67230


i think he said 40k troops

75b4f4 No.67231


ISSUE as the keystone is Interesting.

They have the info (by being around HRC and BO criminality, see Dan Bongino)

They have the ability to act on the info (by being around HRC and BO) - they can report locations and direct other federal or military agencies to act again their protectees

75b4f4 No.67234



Fucking autocorrect.


b7dd49 No.67235


A hammer can build a house or it can kill...

a97993 No.67236

What is the National Credit Union Administration and what is it’s purpose currently? First i hear of it

6740e7 No.67237


What an idiot this fella is. No originality what so ever!!! Disgrace

bc3f24 No.67239

Q, give us a challenge. We're up for it.

37e2f2 No.67240

GODFATHER III https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=P0uL2cFr6Ks

d6a642 No.67241

Remember Templar set foot in USA long before Columbus. This is a 241+ Year revolution.

75e870 No.67242


Do tell

86ea50 No.67244

Could someone more techy than I post Jr's retweet of Sean Davis 33 mins ago with the sub/video of Schiff?

c27b34 No.67245


What fun the leakers dance is to watch because it is clearly and widely exposed to the public. Gov't source gets juicy info and leaks it to news media who can't wait to broadcast it. Oops, juicy info is false. Gov't personnel get message-do you really want to risk your reputation and career by being an "anonymous source"? Reporter and his/her employers take a very public downgrade to their journalistic integrity. We might actually get to a point where gov't employees spend their time doing their jobs or leave gov't, and MSM may go back to basing stories on verified facts instead of Yellow Journalism being standard business practice.

6e605c No.67246

File: 7332475fc971dca⋯.jpg (16.51 KB, 334x206, 167:103, RosanneBarTweetsQ.jpg)

Ah! I found it! Geez. Bad naming. 3qptg8ijqspgioaejrg90we4r.jpg is not a good name for a picture. Mental note.

a67850 No.67247

I have left something fantastic in this thread and you cannot see it through the noise. Focus, anons.

75b802 No.67248


Hiya. Thanks for baking/pamphleting.

In this pasta under Memes, the link to >>62600 is not working. That's just my instructions on the Images Bulk Download zip file.

Fix somehow? Thanks Baker.


159489 No.67250


Remarkable if he has an idea or not.

He is putting info about what we are doing out there to a lot of people. He seems benevolent.

To be able to rake through all this info and find time to make a video is an outstanding feat.


b7dd49 No.67251

File: 6bd77b41af7304a⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 560x776, 70:97, margaret-atwood-handmaids-….jpg)


>Peggy's feminist LARP

5166af No.67252


Do not put your name in the name field

Do not put your Email in the Email field

Thank you, this message has been brought to you by Carls Jr.

252f51 No.67253


could be guarding embassies in the US, as per "zach" on Friday.

4d3ec0 No.67254


Does look like a gold seal, anon

f47bcb No.67255


checking it out.

e4e102 No.67256


>The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent federal agency created by the United States Congress to regulate, charter, and supervise federal credit unions. With the backing of the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, NCUA operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, insuring the deposits of nearly 105 million account holders in all federal credit unions and the overwhelming majority of state-chartered credit unions. As of September 2016, there were 5,844 federally insured credit unions, with assets totaling more than $1.3 trillion, and net loans of $847.1 billion.

871f9f No.67257

File: 1e4c392922849a6⋯.png (329.05 KB, 795x451, 795:451, trump.png)

c63db7 No.67258


Don't count on it. Disinformation is necessary. Not everything Q posts can be taken as gospel, as he has to deal with an enemy that is prepared.The final blow will come when it comes. Expect more low level swamp creatures first, as this has been very slow and steady from the start. Have patience, Padawan :)

e27e6b No.67259

File: 8ee7ec77cff7b6c⋯.jpeg (241.36 KB, 1536x1356, 128:113, E6E7105C-4110-4EA9-B5A4-7….jpeg)

eaac53 No.67260

>newfags gonna newfag

75b802 No.67261


There are lots of prepper sites that cover this in much detail. Better use of resources to direct you over there. Take care Anon. Stay Comfy.

ea3abc No.67262

Ok last time I’m talking! Again I’m new. It said Big Picture 40k ft v. So if I’m not mistaken the AF1. That was in article about 9/11 pilot stated that.

11556d No.67263


Previous weekend baker here. I've noticed no matter what you do with the source text, the board doesn't ALWAYS get the links formatted correctly. It's unavoidable.

a97993 No.67264


Thanks anon

1b340a No.67266


That’s what I thought and how it works. But it has to be proven and brought to light.

252f51 No.67268


yes, definitely. read anon's summary of Trump's recent rally speech and noted many topics that echoed Q posts. if you could gather some up, that'd be great.

4afbab No.67270


great, keep digging when you have something solid post it … stop the mysterious bushit

eef562 No.67271


This? >>>>> Friends, I have something for you to look at


I believe I have found the Sum of All Fears connection with Iran, NK, and nukes, where the fifth column lies. Please help me dig, I could use more eyes and brains.

d6a642 No.67272

Templar were the one that created the banking system. Got so rich King of France kicked or killed them. They go underground and look towards the West for creating NWO. They also realize they can’t be so open about what they do to tie in with Freemason. So you, the People are that French King and taking off the $ chains.

2121bd No.67273

lots of shills and newfags something big is tomorrow probably the false flag of all false flags most likely will be UH1 bombs sent from NK built by Elon musk Q also saying darkness makes me think EMP whatever happens tomorrow i dont think it will be good … i do think it will shed light on the real enemy's

ded705 No.67275



6e605c No.67277


Yeah. Well.. when Israel is running your wars for you, it all makes alot more sense. ;)

053252 No.67279

File: e1d93665827aab9⋯.jpg (107.24 KB, 594x648, 11:12, Stringless.jpg)

ea3abc No.67280

AF 1 is only certified to go that high! Pilot did it that day to high above any air traffic just in case.

0c0ef0 No.67281

a67850 No.67282


Quit being a fucking shill faggot. >>67204




For clarity and less noise

7f9350 No.67283

File: 6d12b2d10605812⋯.jpg (188.66 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1327896938027.jpg)


Anon nice pick

5cb33f No.67285


Actually, there is something going on the Russia Polish border. Poland has always been considered a buffer state between Russia and Germany….

Oct 2017: http://www.newsweek.com/russia-us-broke-nato-peace-treaty-possible-military-response-683526

c08bb3 No.67286


Thank You!

Top KEK!

a67850 No.67287

wah wah wah spoon feed me spoon feed me=shill

1657d5 No.67288

Maybe Trump is hijacking the Elders of Zion? Perhaps he's using Israel as the best vessel to destroy the NWO?

He's aware of Mossad's involvement in tragedy, but perhaps he has the best leverage from the Zionist throne?

6e605c No.67289





I'll throw a (you) in there, for good measure. Rosanne tweets Q..

No deal, Hillary! No deal.. ;)

052b9c No.67292


The trick is convincing a brainwashed population that this is what actually happened.

d5edbc No.67294


...another interesting read...

Is Obama the secret son of Malcolm X?


dc577d No.67295


Dated 02/05/2009

Old News. Got anything new?

252f51 No.67296


if they were federal judges, NO, he could not do that once they were sworn in.

00e7b8 No.67297

“Yeah. How do I find him?” “He’s a paid activist. He gets fifty bucks and a ride on a bus, and he holds up a sign at whatever event he’s assigned.” “And?” “Don’t know beyond that. You need to look for some sort of protest.”

from the new janet evanovich on the nyt best sellers list this eek

were winning boys

7c7fac No.67298

Anne Rothschild Creative Director for Renegade, LLC


There’s your link for [R] as Rothschild and Renegade

159489 No.67299

Whatever Ad Hominem or other fallacy is used against Destroying the Illusion just makes me want to watch it more.

052b9c No.67300


And, yes, that birth certificate posted on the .gov was so obviously fake, I was able to prove it to myself with the methods given within days of its posting.

252f51 No.67301


why the game? just tell us what you think/know and cite a source we can check.

c7a2bb No.67302

Thanks to the Anon for sharing this video regarding the inner workings of the NWO. Here's an important quote from the video:

"I will hereby repeat that we are at present working discretely but with all of our might to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands."


6e605c No.67304

Israel is the little kid on the playground who pays money to the big kid to beat up kids that don't like him, even though he's kind of an asshole and thinks he's special.

bafeeb No.67305


Thanks, I like the guy even though he doesn't have all the answers and give them to us directly, which seems to be what others are complaining about.

1d2f20 No.67307

How is it the 4th quarter already? 100% private, 0% public?

f88347 No.67308


4cb7de No.67309

252f51 No.67310


is this where the Awans got their loans?

f88347 No.67311


b7dd49 No.67312

File: b218b4c74a95a1e⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 220x310, 22:31, 220px-Kim_Campbell.jpg)


My awakening was watching the 2004 Democratic Convention and them making a no-name Illinois state senator the star of the show.

The same thing happened in leafland when Byron Muldoon resigned. The shilling for pic related started within MINUTES and was highly coordinated. Sadly she told the truth ("An election campaign is no time to talk about policy") and was beaten by the Clinton pal from Shawinigan.

t. leaf polx watcher

9c4357 No.67313

Ok thoughts. In Trump speech at 1:34 and 1:37 he is talking about massive Tax Cuts and hoping to sign into order. He also does this at 10:34 min into speech. I think when Tax Cuts pass votes or signed by Trump that is the Break. It’s really Tax Breaks. But in speech he says Cuts.

Also, Q posts on Nov 4 and 5 were talking about actions related to arrests. Podesta/Huma etc. from reading the Q post in Early November I get the sense that these were Fake go happened was the Bad Actors alearted the targets. This flushed out the targets and we were able to watch and identified the leakers who alearted the Target. Now that this has been exposed the real extraction will begin soon. In the Nov post Q mentions running for cover. Time stamps are important so we need to analyze this more.

d5edbc No.67315

Who's winning bigly?!


Supreme Court Backs Trump in New Ruling, Delivers Blow to Obama-Era Initiative

bc3f24 No.67317

d4268d No.67318

File: e11016b5bc7edab⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 320x239, 320:239, Arkancide 1.jpg)

Arkancide Series

0755ce No.67319

I might be late on this, but Q's post regarding time stamps.

1:34 - Q post re: military - What has been said about the US military?

1:37 - RSB timestamp Pensacola speech - Trump "We are joined by many many people in the Military and great American Patriots. Thank you very much.

Trump thanking the military and patriots who JOINED his team. What does Q always call us?

News unlock the map. Obama Dec 8 -

"“Now, presume there was a ballroom here in Vienna in the late 1920s or ‘30s that looked pretty sophisticated and seemed as if it, filled with the music and art and literature and science that was emerging, would continue into perpetuity – and then 60 million people died. An entire world was plunged into chaos,” Obama said."

Comparing Trumps roaring economy to the beginning of WW2 and comparing Trump to Hitler. Laughable I know, but its Obama asking people to vote against Trump/Q/Patriots/Military. Continuing to undermine. Why? Must be worried about something….

Gotta keep digging.

d6a642 No.67320

Confuse why MSM selling you fake news. Read this. Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law.


f9e3c9 No.67321


Anons, fillter this faggot

159489 No.67322

File: 50581149acc4588⋯.png (606.92 KB, 861x530, 861:530, DtIlights.png)

Talking about the flights and lights

75e870 No.67324


This post glows in the dark

86b017 No.67325


"Social media consultancy"

6740e7 No.67326


his original findings? or from our hard graft?

d5edbc No.67327

What does she know?

While Everyone Focuses On Mueller’s Russia Investigation, Look What’s Happening to Bernie Sanders’ Wife


Q said to follow the wives

c27b34 No.67328


>NCUA Glad it is no longer signified by a house of cards.

dc577d No.67330


Ring of fire is lit up on the seismic monitor except for the west coast of North America. Hmmm

Overdue for Cascadia subduction and San Andreas events. Hmmm

Rumors in previous threads about inducing "The Big One" with nukes or rods from God. Deep states death throes?

a67850 No.67331

Iran has at least 3 nuclear weapons.

You are all on some horseshit right now.

e4e102 No.67333


>null and void

I don't think it works like that.

It's why we have checks and balances. The Executive only nominates judges/appointees or proposes laws… the Legislative approves.

Everything is not going to simply reset. Though we might have something like a Nuremberg Commission where everything gets reviewed. EOs would definitely be suspect.

>Obviously this is new territory, but proving Obama wasn't born in the US is not going to create some legal jubilee.

259b07 No.67334


(1), telling us to filter people. enjoy your filter glow in the dark clown.

8e6b28 No.67335


not expert but we lose them after 4 seconds. Good subject though. Maybe "Let's drink to yet another Arkancide!" Just my opinion…

949bc9 No.67337


Great video. Says it is Human Abedin who is linked to Awan Brothers, not Hillary.

Huma's is a "Muslim Brotherhood Princess" :


Awan Brothers sent intel to the Muslim Brotherhood:


c08bb3 No.67338


Stop spreading this retards videos around. He's a douchy prick who's never dug anything.

bc3f24 No.67339


Very interesting. Worth digging into for sure

9e3119 No.67340


May I ask what are you using to copy and paste the dough because all the back-links have unicode appended to them rendering them stale:

>h ttps://archive.fo/6VBJ8%E2%80%A8 (space added to disable auto linking)

252f51 No.67341


yep. if they go this route, they'll have a good roll out plan.

159489 No.67342


Probably not from his original finds. Probably from the hive mind here. What difference does it make? What do you have to contribute? All contributions should be put to use constructively.

0da914 No.67343


These protesters will just show up again armed, or they will be convinced beyond a doubt antifa are in fact traitors. It's a win-win for us.

6e605c No.67344

File: 39842424bd3a5b4⋯.png (295.3 KB, 490x328, 245:164, Screenshot from 2017-12-10….png)

259b07 No.67345


yeah what the fuck is ^^

i've been worried since new pastebin came around that it could be compromised, checking through the links now… I dunno

252f51 No.67346


that pretty much sums it up!

a67850 No.67347

File: 636571dbe3e0353⋯.jpg (87.09 KB, 996x331, 996:331, iran.jpg)


0045eb No.67348


Thanks. Just looked it up and was getting judges and US attorneys mixed up

700b7b No.67350


This is important anons, listen to it

7f9350 No.67351


>Iran has at least 3 nuclear weapons.

You are all on some horseshit right now.


a67850 No.67352


I'm not spoon feeding you cripples it's in this fucking thread if you would READ

6740e7 No.67353

d4268d No.67354


TY. noted and learned. It seemed like too sweet a quote to miss.

4afbab No.67355


are you saying i should UNfilter the anon referred to, that i already filtered 300 posts ago? … maybe i should filter you

159489 No.67356


Don't give a damn what you think.

252f51 No.67357


my awakening was shortly after yours – when right after being elected, Obama fully embraced and retained Timmy Geitner.

94865e No.67358



No doubt there are many watching in, but with so much info, it can lead to indigestion or mental fatigue.

I see we've been advised again to review what is on this thread as things are overlooked.

Perhaps it is that new seal for the Credit Union.

The date is 1934, and that is the date of any number of FAKE Federal Reserve Bonds bearing no coupon. If those Bonds are being used to back up the NCUA, then we've got a problem as the "full faith & credit" of fiat banking doesn't hold much credibility these days.

I think it relates to the Break. A break from the past. This is not just a US problem, the International Banking System controls all but 3 banks in the world.

Rumor has it there is more gold in stash in Indonesia and the Philippines than there is tea in China. Using those reserves without interference from the fake Federal Reserve Bonds dated 1934 is a global undertaking. That might explain why President Trump was heralded as "the leader of the World" before the South Korean Assembly. Our President received a 5 minute standing ovation after that speech, not sure if MSM expects US not to have noticed these things?



Careful Bitcoiners!

f47bcb No.67359


fuck thank you fixed.

88821a No.67360

>>67333 good point on approval. Uncharted territory. My curiosity is peaked though.

fcc56e No.67361


going off on a TANGENT

9e3119 No.67362


I don't wish to accuse anyone without asking first but all the bakes this person has done have the appended hidden unicode in the links, it could be unintentional conversion from pastebin to a notepad and back to the site so I'd like to find out what this Baker is doing that adds those codes

9c4357 No.67363


In addition, by the time Q post any go orders they will have already been completed. We do not Telegraph actions to help our enemy (Attack 101 classes).

a1a01f No.67364

File: c3f417d73e1048a⋯.jpg (118.11 KB, 964x399, 964:399, 47308D1000000578-0-image-m….jpg)

LOL,, These people do not look happy at all, they look a bit angry and bewildered,,,Hmm wonder why? lol

Swedish royals put on a dazzling display for glittering Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm (as Norwegian Princess gets emotional during Nobel reception in Oslo)


e27e6b No.67365

Wait until they find out the American Civil War was for profit.

Morgan - banks

Rockefeller - oil

Carnegie - steel

Vanderbilt - transportation

f9e3c9 No.67366

File: c8f8efa8b018968⋯.png (452.08 KB, 1999x421, 1999:421, Scifi copypasta.png)


Nigger was banned? Nice!


Thanks! That fucker was retarded.

7f9350 No.67367


Why are you even here if you aren't going to disseminate information to the rest of us who are spreading memes but don't have all the time in the world to research?

51e1e8 No.67368

Need a scroll to top icon on the side. Shit is a lot of work

a67850 No.67369


Eat shit tripfag. Filtered. Committed anons are not this mentally feeble.

52b13f No.67370


+100% agree.

Great job Brother.

6e605c No.67371


>"full faith & credit" of fiat banking doesn't hold much credibility these days.

kek. I just made a joke the other day about spending my fiat currency. I don't think they got it.. ;)

And yeah.. I've not invested in bitcoin, because it popped up suspiciously fast.. just like anything that the cabal does (since they have the money/power/influence to make things 'popular' immediately)

1e1f48 No.67372


Good observation, I missed that connnection.

f47bcb No.67373



Bingo. that's exactly what it was.

Was working off of a local txt file and had format on unicode for some reason. My bad. What should Encoding be set to just so I'm sure?

7f9350 No.67374


>Eat shit tripfag. Filtered.

>Committed anons are not this mentally feeble.


ec3194 No.67375

File: f10e41e66faf331⋯.jpg (380.62 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Arnold_Statue.jpg)

File: d4be59c8c6ca630⋯.jpg (41.78 KB, 449x599, 449:599, AR-309279701.jpg)

File: 6e1784a0a51a6fb⋯.jpg (299.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, arnold-schwarzenegger-600-….jpg)

More on Schwarzenegger:

He had a bronze statue made of himself and put it in front of the VA Memorial in Columbus Ohio.

Then they tore it down to build a new memorial.



He also has another statue of himself in his hometown in Austria.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils Statue Of Himself:


He also vetoed a VA bill, then changed his mind:



Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman joined Schwarzenegger in welcoming the statue to its new site outside the city's downtown convention center.

c3679f No.67376


99percent correct anon except the conclusion. Espionage also carries a death penalty and since BHO is not a citizen treason is not applicable– espionage will be the charge

d4268d No.67377

File: ab821b864991a04⋯.jpg (17.81 KB, 320x239, 320:239, Arkancide21.jpg)

d5edbc No.67378

052b9c No.67379


File not much bigger than thumbnail. Can you make it bigger?

edcdea No.67380


is that dick morris?

7c2f9b No.67381


sauce please

252f51 No.67382


"zach" is a great source and a true patriot. if you ever hear he's on Infowars, check it out. solid intel. he's the first to confirm Vegas shooting from helicopters. Feds picked him up twice that I know of (after calling in to Infowars), and now he's allegedly in Morocco so he can speak freely.

1b340a No.67383


To me, this is just weird. Why. I think he is a crazy person.

a67850 No.67384




159489 No.67385


I certainly hope not.

871f9f No.67386

File: 198d8286c4d10ba⋯.mp4 (1.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dan Scavino Jr. - #USA🇺🇸-9….mp4)


youtube-dl to download them

7b5270 No.67387

73a5bb No.67388


yea go fuck yourself

252f51 No.67389


np. i think Obama got rid of many US attorneys during his tenure, cannot recall what Trump did when he got in.

ca02f2 No.67390

An anon posted in the last bread an apparently discredited story about Chuck Schumer having had an affair with a cheerleader friend of his daughter... Sorry I don’t have the skills to link to quickly and from my phone. My reply to a reply did not make it time but stands on it own as I’ve copied and pasted here for any lurkers or posters who don’t “don’t get it” although they may be few and far between. Perhaps someone will find it useful:


Just search “chuck” on that page and it comes up. This is actually a good example of my first impression of “fake news.” During the election fake conservative fly by night outlets would create prepackaged stories for conservatives or Trump supporters to post on social media, especially FB, which were coupled with a “debunking” story on Snopes or like which were postable often I the same day.

The strategy was threefold and effective. First it established Trump supporters (even if the original fake news post was y a shill) as misinformed loons. Second, it raised the noise level with a constant crying of wolf to drown out dilute actual scandalous information creating FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) for those who would post or believe true stories, thereby insulating faithful on the left from influence or curiosity of and for truth. And third, it bolstered and reinforced Snopes and the like as trusted authorities for “truth” simply by the sheer volume of stories to “debunk.” It is extremely malicious, effective, and flagrant to point that the effects and damage on society may last for generations even if it all stopped today, hence the point Q and need to gradually Redpill. Anyone not understanding this by now or behaving as such by posting this type of story without acknowledging suspicion is either a shill or in need of more redpilling his or herself.

d5edbc No.67391



This could, however, cause Hussein to reveal his true identity. Either that, or hang!?

7f9350 No.67392


I don't know if this anon is a shill or not but this attitude does not help anyone. Don't be an asshole and be willing to show your work. The normies are going to demand it when the time comes.

8e6b28 No.67393


Most excellent!

fb6d24 No.67394


Please read the spreadsheet, look at the Q-map, do not namefag, please lurk. It is for your own good and safety. Look through the other threads at what anons have found, too.

091bf4 No.67395


Thought i filtered you…

9e3119 No.67396


Depends on what system you're using

As per the KISS rule I use only notepad.exe because it does not save unicode to txt files so it sanitizes automatically

052b9c No.67397


Silence means they're onto something, but we can't release that yet? I guess I won't share that beyond here.

a6fbb5 No.67398


I've never posted before, but felt this was so important that I would've posted it if you had not already. However, I do NOT agree that Zach is Q, but he's definitely an insider.

Everyone needs to hear what this caller says!!! If only we could get Alex to stop interrupting his guests!! Maybe a shock collar?

4cb7de No.67399

f47bcb No.67400


other options listed are ANSI and UTF8. I'm on windows

159489 No.67401


Good tip.

4ba6f9 No.67402

File: d24f8e6e58242f1⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 400x329, 400:329, codex_60.jpg)

File: a948d64659fc823⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 354x400, 177:200, codex_61.jpg)

4afbab No.67403

File: 9738270e569feb7⋯.jpg (84.37 KB, 750x600, 5:4, kill-yourself-1.jpg)

c63db7 No.67404

File: 6525c9ffa7080f3⋯.png (171.71 KB, 1749x278, 1749:278, jerusalem.PNG)

, >>67384

A tiny more empathy for the flaws of others and less caps would make your point a little more palatable. It can be annoying when ppl don't pay attention, but not always shills, just lazy..You can always link yourself to make your point.

e4e102 No.67405


> BHO is not a citizen treason

Is anybody contesting that his mom was not a citizen? So, birthright. I always thought the debate was whether he was actually born in the US - a unique requirement for President.

6e605c No.67406

File: d47265019da90f1⋯.jpg (132.98 KB, 1002x618, 167:103, RosanneBarTweetsQ.v01.jpg)


Yeah. A little pixelated. I tried with fotoxx and gimp. This is as good as it gets. :(

252f51 No.67407


we dont care who Q is and do not try to doxx him. zach is a good source of military info, but that's it. thx for posting the vid - tons of insights provided.

052b9c No.67408


I'd go with ANSI.

c63db7 No.67409


pic unrelated, was going to post it before, but closed tab by accident, ddidn't realize still in there

700b7b No.67410


this, doesn't matter if q or not. he is an insider

a67850 No.67411


This is not a game. Who said that? Uh, I think it was Q.

I did link myself, what happened? Ignored.

Thanks for the tone policing but it's clear this thread is at least half shareblue posters doing their best to mimic lazy anon posting at each other.

This is no place for laziness, agreed?

9e3119 No.67412


ANSI doesn't use unicode, it has escape codes look very different so I'd go with that if you have the choice

f47bcb No.67413


thanks anon! switching to ANSI and saving should purge of all unicode characters?

8e6b28 No.67414


Great observation. Wonder if we could use the obverse to reinforce authentic redpill material. EG:Get a throwaway account and scream "Fake News" Then another or someone else citing indisputable sources.

0da914 No.67415



Stop it.

Children are being abducted/raped/murdered. Harvesting glands may or may not be a LARP but it IS designed as disinfo to get you off track.

It's like getting hung up on Leucher and the Zyklon B remnants in the camps. Irrelavent if the entire thing was a LARP.

Remember what Q said about the 40K foot view. Don't get hung up on details. Child trafficking is evil regardless of how they are used.

6e605c No.67416


Right. Alex can't let someone else speak for more than 3 seconds.

085ac5 No.67417

@Archivists - Please confirm:

Q has a total of 76 Posts to 4Chan and 8ch

Number comes from crawl of all Archives via PasteBin

Last complete crawl yesterday.

Thank You.

052b9c No.67418


Would need original sources to enlarge it. So that's up to whoever posted it originally, since he likely has it.

000000 No.67419


Map, crumbs and (trail) markers tell you which way to go when you have to choose which trail to take.

A news story comes out, it may have been marked previously by Q, go that direction.

Misdirection is real. Read the map and go the direction of the marker if a future news story hits on a previous marker.

32da53 No.67420


I count 312 posts.

052b9c No.67421


I would think so. It's easy enough to test. Just post and see what you get.

67fefc No.67422


This faggot is in here right now

Hello faggot

159489 No.67423


Agree. If you want something done right you must do it yourself (ourselves).

1b340a No.67426


See I think the CLOWNS made one even though it’s a lie. I am sure they have the means to do so.

085ac5 No.67427


Thank You, I will recheck my figures.

Question, have we found any posts that look like Q but with no Trip Code?

f9e3c9 No.67428

File: 4102ae2a387a527⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 500x308, 125:77, 17309131_253462288472990_8….jpg)


And they committed treason by aiding North Korea with uranium and rocket ICBM tech while we are STILL AT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA. Martial law and execution is the most obvious and proper way to get them.

d5edbc No.67429

052b9c No.67430


I think 40K vs. lower altitude is about getting facts that can be verified. The overview level of things lacks that, hence the tendency to label it as conspiracy theory. When we have facts, it's no longer a theory.

32da53 No.67431


They count may be 311 instead of 312, but very close. Q started on 4chin without a tripcode.

e199f7 No.67432


Looks like he shops at the same ring store as HRC.

c63db7 No.67433


Ok. But with all the clutter ppl make mistakes. That's all I have to say on the subject. Just keep trying, and try to alter they way you delver the message if it doesn't quite get through the first time. Your call ofc I can only offer advice, it's up to you if you want to take it.

000000 No.67434


About all the big aircrafts (USAF) today: what if they were/are carrying gold?

df4f51 No.67436


Maybe instead of military you can put the Military Industrial Complex? But really, shouldn't DC be the corrupt political arm that's trying to take down our country. Military is helping us keep our country soveriegn!

1b340a No.67437


Good question

eef562 No.67438

File: fb9e901c4bda885⋯.png (1.51 MB, 862x1524, 431:762, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

a6b36e No.67439


North Korea hacking Bitcoin?

North Korea also prints counterfeit US Money

Some of the best supernotes the world has ever seen

its as if NK has the same printers and paper as us…. hmmm wonder where they got the equipment from?

SOROS? you dere?

91d090 No.67440

OK i waited a few hours, last time i was called a shill although i'm not i just think they missed my point so i'll try again.


I'm not about to doxx Q, i don't care who he is.

Here we go:

Q said all signatures have meaning.

We always assumed his name was Q because he ended every drop with Q.

But only after we began to refer to him as Q did he adopt the trip.

So maybe he just accepted us naming him Q but infact that is not the reason for the Q at the end of each post.

I believe the Q signature to be a predictive signature like Godfather III and Sum of All Fears.

I think he is giving us the order of events.

first Godfather III then Sum of All Fears then Q then –end–

a67850 No.67441














0f65e5 No.67442

252f51 No.67443


what if they are guarding embassies as per "zach's" Friday intel on Infowars, posted earlier? (he said (((they))) want to create chaos in response to Trump moving cap. to Jerusalem)

fb6d24 No.67444


Your question is very late, anon. It has been confirmed and reconfirmed repeatedly.

The Q posts in the spreadsheet and Q-map were all confirmed by Q (with the tripcode).

871f9f No.67445


>“It’s not about the show. Because everyone I ran into came up to me and said ‘I love the show…but I turned it off as I read Trump’s name I’m out of there,” Schwarzenegger said.

That show was a train wreck for two reasons.

1) Schwarzenegger lacks the business acumen to be in a position for fire anyone.

2) He lacks the personality/humor necessary for the role he tried to pull off.

e031c0 No.67447


see >>66133 for all Q's mention of markers.

See >>66305 for ID of first marker mentioned on Oct 31st.

f47bcb No.67448



Recent Past Threads' Archive Links ?

64. >>>/cbts/56670 -> https://archive.fo/2CtTJ?

65. >>>/cbts/57446 -> https://archive.fo/VK3GR?

66. >>>/cbts/58319 -> https://archive.fo/6VBJ8?

67. >>>/cbts/59130 -> https://archive.fo/poMSg?

68. >>>/cbts/59969 -> https://archive.fo/635xL?

69. >>>/cbts/60804 -> https://archive.fo/NGJcz?

70. >>>/cbts/61621 -> https://archive.fo/vl1R4?

71. >>>/cbts/62562 -> https://archive.fo/UeKZc?

72. >>>/cbts/63405 -> https://archive.fo/31NWt?

73. >>>/cbts/64254 -> https://archive.fo/2GpRq?

74. >>>/cbts/65108 -> coming soon

ee0817 No.67450


and "neutral" Switzerland (not a real country) where nearly every international NGO is headquartered and where wealth is stored.

7f9350 No.67451

File: 67c915e757da1eb⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 4961x3508, 4961:3508, 1332672470520.jpg)


Nice meme anon +1

052b9c No.67452


I've got 94 in the archive I made, which includes only 4chan. I don't have the 8ch ones in my archive.

085ac5 No.67454


>They count may be 311 instead of 312, but very close. Q started on 4chin without a tripcode.

Thank You, I did not know that! Perhaps part of the reason my figures are out.

0dce53 No.67455


Thank you

9e3119 No.67457




"Chuck has two daughters, Jessica and Alison"

e4e102 No.67458


>the CLOWNS made one

I'm sure they did make a fake bc. The question was whether his mom is really his mom… who btw was also likely CIA. But if SHE is a legit US Citizen, then so is Hussein, regardless of the father or where he was born.

e031c0 No.67459


Has Q ever made comments on the spreadsheet?

1e1f48 No.67461


Yes, I've filtered about 10 from this thread which is double the usual

fb6d24 No.67462


>North Korea hacking Bitcoin?

What did we learn from Wikileaks? CIA can make it look like a hack comes from anywhere they want.

085ac5 No.67463


Nice, thanks! This is with Trip Code?

052b9c No.67464


Not all of the posts on the graphics have that tripcode, so there are more that are relevant.

1b340a No.67465

2d11a1 No.67466



I just saw these and decided NO COINCIDENCES (or maybe just my autism?)

From the first time I googled Q's trip to try to decpher meaning I found this one site, then repeatedly found it again trying to decode the 'stringers'

This is what I found…What does it mean anons?



Login start 0ZJBT - Loginella.com

Login start SJ69 - Loginella.com

Login start 89ZBT - Loginella.com

Login start DGB79 - Loginella.com

Login start 9FTWA - Loginella.com

Login start HTZD0 - Loginella.com

Login start YRTP - Loginella.com

Login start DFWTA - Loginella.com

Login start T9RY - Loginella.com

Login start BECZ - Loginella.com

Login start CDVT - Loginella.com

Login start D092 - Loginella.com

Login start CAS80 - Loginella.com

Login start 4-VEX - Loginella.com (vEXh29B)

Login start DC17 - Loginella.com

Login start TVB7 - Loginella.com

Login start DAD17 - Loginella.com

Q !ITPb.qbhqo

Login start QBHQO - Loginella.com !!!

Login start ITBP - Loginella.com

252f51 No.67467


as money flows into bitcoin, Rothschild banking system withers . . . no surprise NK/CIA is launching an attack.

8d70c4 No.67468


Martial Law is necessary for arrests, because of lifetime protection of former POTUS/FLOTUS under USSS. Obama reinstated that law in 2013.

"Former Presidents and their spouses for their lifetimes (except when the spouse divorces or remarries), under the Former Presidents Act. From 1997 until 2013, legislation was in place limiting Secret Service protection to former Presidents and their spouses to a period of 10 years from the date the former President leaves office. President Barack Obama signed legislation on January 10, 2013, reversing this limit and reinstating lifetime protection."


9e3119 No.67469


Good news, the links are working


052b9c No.67470


Yes, this is the ones with true tripcode. I parsed that from the span tags, NOT the name.

5cb33f No.67471


Just for your info. When you distribute links please be careful not to include the advertising code with it. For example you shared this link:


What does this link mean? The first part is the actual link (this: https://www.westernjournalism.com/trump-sits-jeff-flake-next-knows-just-say-make-squirm-video/) and everything else tells me that you took this link from a post share button from Twatter (this: ?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_content=2017-12-10&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons)

My opinion: leave out everything after the question mark when you share a link to avoid that. Test the link and you will see what I mean.

052b9c No.67472


Yay! Glad to be of service.

fb6d24 No.67474


Maybe, there is no way for me to know.


There are a lot right now…

4a48ae No.67475


Unless she had given up her citizenship when she moved to Kenya.

6e605c No.67476


I dunno. I even tried to Google it (Well.. duckduckgo) and it's nowhere to be found. You'd think "Rosanne Bar tweets Q anon" would be on there.. Hmmm…. ?? ;)

252f51 No.67477


not under his Q handle, no.

a67850 No.67478

Why the shills ultimately fail:

The genuine have work ethic. The genuine lurk. The genuine contribute meaningful information instead of dumping something discussed and understood dozens of times. The genuine use their posts sparingly and effectively.

$15 an hour does not buy a lot.

75b4f4 No.67479


Early post mentioned something a sitting president can activate, and specifically a supreme Court ruling that allows this to occur.

Ex parte Milligan ruling allows the use of military tribunals if the existing system of civilian courts is not functioning (i.e. shutdown, corrupted, etc).

4d3ec0 No.67480



Reviewed anon. No flaws! Thank you for your service.

2d11a1 No.67481


BTW i tried changing a few letters or typing in my own gibberish and did not get the same consistent results….

000000 No.67482



They'd use AWACS for stuff like that, or am I wrong? Those planes can oversee a huge area and don't have to be really close. Besides, the areas where they were seen aren't areas with embassies, are they?

e031c0 No.67483


Whenever possible use archive.is links. Story content is retained, but adverts don't make money.

4a48ae No.67484


But wouldn't that "law" be invalid now that we know he was never an American citizen?

1b340a No.67486


Very possible.

a67850 No.67489

One would genuinely believe the revelation the Iran possess nuclear weapons would be of more interest to CBTS, especially in the context of uranium one. Oh well, make sure you chide and filter me.


>ice cream kebabs

a6b36e No.67492


lmao NK is a CIA proxy state dude..same shit..they go hand in hand

thats what Q taught me

085ac5 No.67493


Nice, I am crawling all Archives, have had one 404 I have reported.

Q did say keep archives up to date, so I am trying to do my part to check.

All here, you rock, we are powerful together! No matter the Bloodline…

89320e No.67494

Just a random thought….

Q says watch all news sources, as in not just regular/alternative sources…

ahem, watch white house executive order drops…

people in here (q team?) pointing at credit union executive order that suspiciously looks like FED reserve system symbol now…

Large amount of planes used for heavy lifting flies from south carolina area to nevada/colorado area…

Did they move gold to Denver and area?

Denver new Washington? ( as per old conspiracy )

(saturday night/sunday movement wouldn't spook markets, gives it a day to rest)

4afbab No.67496

File: f6d9ce89ede81ed⋯.png (741.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1404050379_screenshot_2014….png)



huh… that's veeery interesting

a6b36e No.67497

Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world


Trumps speech he mentions 40,000 troops in Germany which I had no idea about..

052b9c No.67499


Looking. Trying to figure out the SQL statement to find it.

ca02f2 No.67500


Also, it’s certainly notable if we see a resurgence or uptick in this technique. It would useful to come out with an effective counter to call out “fake ‘fake news’” to expose and nip it in the bud, and perhaps redpill blind opposition to the technique itself. Easier said than done, but I think if it can be effectively labeled with a new household term it would be the end of it because I think even sheep could understand this Fake Fake News, though that’s a terrible term to use, and I don’t see another effective layer that could be added and weaponized by (((them))). That is to say Fake Fake Fake News is a bridge to far in usefulness while becoming increasing complex to generate.

Anyone one else think there is possible useful redpilling term for what I’ve tried to lay out? It would require meming and or hammering in discussions, and would be completely useless for the left to commandeer as the seem to be the only ones doing it, as best I can tell, unlike Trump being able comondeer “Fake News” as he did. Speaking to Trump BTW it seems like his comondeering of “Fake News” has been only primarily effective in preaching to the choir for the most part, if that makes, while being often dismissed by oppositionaly minded. A term for this next layer could be effective in forcing people to stop and think.

Felt crazy to write this, but does anyone agree or am I thinking to deep, like “I clearly can’t choose the wine in front of me?” ;)

1003ec No.67501


The citizenship thing was a very effective misdirect that helped kill the real issue, which is the fact that Hussein utilized forged documents to usurp the White House. Go back and listen to Sheriff Arpaio's comments….the documents were his only concern.

Much like how Pizzagate somehow became Comet Pizza and whether it had a basement, rather than the sins of the Clinton Foundation.

11556d No.67502


>The genuine use their posts sparingly and effectively.


89320e No.67503


perhaps they fly that close so none of them can go off course/accountability for gold movement?

6a2d80 No.67505


>This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

The lawfag in me grins every time I read this on a Trump EO.

a6b36e No.67506


lmao what gold? Golds gone

0a8e05 No.67507

this video woke me up to the problems with (((catholicism)))

they have strict rules for being able to join their church

no open arms

makes ya think

with all that money, all that power, all those drones, why keep membership closed/extreme vetting only?

the question is: how deep does the problem go?

Catholic Temple of Lucifer (18min) by RoundSaturnsEye featuring Pastor Charles Lawson


>the sacred feminine

>the sacred feminine

>the sacred feminine

>you are NOT God

>God dwells inside you


>don't be led astray

>disinfo is hellacious

>these people want you on their evil team

Trust only the Bible




fb6d24 No.67508


At least cross-post that info in the NK thread, and when the shillstorm is over, post the link to that here again. Right now very little is being done because cl0wns are here.

994675 No.67509


40,000 is the number of the Army of God in the Bible…check it out

b5029f No.67510

File: ac54b7eaf92e57e⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 552x393, 184:131, POPE.jpg)

9e3119 No.67511



Registry Domain ID:

Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.ukraine.com.ua

Registrar URL: https://www.ukraine.com.ua

Updated Date: 2017-09-20T21:17:03Z

Creation Date: 2017-06-19T14:20:04Z

Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-06-19T14:20:04Z


Registrar IANA ID: 2374

Registrar Abuse Contact Email:

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +380.443927433

Domain Status: ok http://www.icann.org/epp#ok

Registry Registrant ID:

Registrant Name: Privacy Protection

Registrant Organization: Hosting Ukraine LLC

Registrant Street: PO Box 65

Registrant City: Kiev

Registrant State/Province: Kiev Region

Registrant Postal Code: 04112

Registrant Country: UA

Registrant Phone: +380.443927433

Registrant Phone Ext:

Registrant Fax:

Registrant Fax Ext:

Registrant Email:

Registry Admin ID:

Admin Name: Privacy Protection

Admin Organization: Hosting Ukraine LLC

Admin Street: PO Box 65

Admin City: Kiev

Admin State/Province: Kiev Region

Admin Postal Code: 04112

Admin Country: UA

Admin Phone: +380.443927433

Admin Phone Ext:

Admin Fax:

Admin Fax Ext:

Admin Email:

Registry Tech ID:

Tech Name: Privacy Protection

Tech Organization: Hosting Ukraine LLC

Tech Street: PO Box 65

Tech City: Kiev

Tech State/Province: Kiev Region

Tech Postal Code: 04112

Tech Country: UA

Tech Phone: +380.443927433

Tech Phone Ext:

Tech Fax:

Tech Fax Ext:

Tech Email:



DNSSEC: unsigned


45b7b6 No.67514


You are an ignorant idiot. Why don’t you do your research and learn about religious scriptures and their history.

Kabbalah comes from the same Egyptian mystery schools that gave us Shaivism (the precursors to Jainism, Hinduis, Buddhism). It’s the same teaching of Jesus. We are Devine beings and we must explore our conciousness to reach that goal. We must also be loving because you need the magnetic field from the heart to be in sync with the brain.

The same evil fucks that control the world now hid this. They also hid Jesus’ teachings. If Kabbalah was still around in its purer form it would be a better world.

085ac5 No.67515

The Bloodline implies guilt anyway, lets prosecute by bloodline, then we get all of them!

Justice is sweet revenge!

e031c0 No.67516


reported 2 mos ago. Good to put it back on CBTS radar though.


f47bcb No.67517



Thanks so much anons. Just went through everything to make sure all else was good.

Ready for #77, we just need an idea for Edition name. Don't know how to outdo "[R]enegade has GAY AIDS".

e4e102 No.67518


>Martial Law is necessary for arrests, because of lifetime protection of former POTUS/FLOTUS under USSS.

You guys are being fucking retarded.

USSS still falls under the Executive, unless they are totally corrupted, which is a different problem. Worst case he uses a Marine dispatch.

But there is no way, for simple optics if nothing else, Trump is going to use military courts on prior Presidents.

c60736 No.67519


Interesting. It could be useful if there wasn't already an abundance of leftists who'll scream fake news at authentic red pills. At this point anyone with a brain has already been convinced that Snopes-like fact-checkers are fake news. I think the people who are persuaded with these tactics are not yet red-pillable. The Great Awakening will change that. The value of all this accumulated research will become much more useful when post-storm revelations force normies to re-evaluate their premises.

a67850 No.67520



you always have my back

d5edbc No.67521


Well, I tested the link and it worked fine.

Yes, as I was about to share the article using the site's twatter share button I copied & pasted the text in the box. Problem?

ed2c45 No.67522


Consider that the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 is in effect (doubly so given 9/11 and tm2008) and this gives the Executive extraordinary powers over banks and currency.


"End the Fed" can be done at anytime. Donald Trump's biggest liability is a Fed engineered economic collapse. It's likely what they had planned for Hillary. A one term president crippled by economy like Bush 41. Problem is the market is parabolic and if they trigger the crash now it likely gets out of control. Stalemate?

If Trump and Q are who they say they are they know the Fed is our biggest problem. Andrew Jackson name drops from Trump are not coincidences. The Fed's "secret" shareholders are most likely Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo and BofA. The Big 4 banks are owned by the Oligarchs (Berkshire Hathaway, Alwaleed, etc). Any move away from Federal Reserve domination would likely have to start at Credit Unions. Dodd Frank DESTROYED community banking. TBTF was made worse.

Possibilities: Trump is pushing the stock rise and the economy hard. Fed tries to pull the plug by withdrawing liquidity via balance sheet normalization. Counter with NCUA buying newly issued Treasury Notes instead of the Fed. This would allow the government to create debt free money. The Fed would effectively end itself as it's balance sheet went to zero as its Treasury holdings matured.

Credit Unions would dominate consumer lending with large Treasury balance sheets backed by "full faith and credit" + no stock holder profit taking = low borrowing rates. As the Big 4 banks are deprived of profits from the Fed gaming the system for them they will liquidate assets and lose the monopolies they provide for Oligarchs.

One can dream…

6e605c No.67523


Oh nice. Checked, btw.

e1468d No.67524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



1b340a No.67525


I’ve been thinking and wondering about that. I’ve have been mentioning for a while and wondering if we are going back to gold standard. Which would hurt the elite(Rothschilds) especially

89320e No.67526


or large amount of newly printed cash????????? for distribution?

Is there any connection between that geographic area and this credit union agency?

9e3119 No.67527

UID: 45b7b6

Post #67514

This is what a Satanist looks like in case you wanted to identify one in the future.

The Kabbalah is a copy from the Babylonian Talmud just converted from base-60 to Hebrew

a67850 No.67529


How about that part where Saturn is the symbol for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh's research center. Why do I have to beg anons to read unless this is littered with fakes right now?

At that presentation in Vienna, in February 2008, Heinonen projects an organizational chart onto the wall that depicts the structure of the Iranian nuclear program. The name at the center of the chart is that of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a key figure behind Tehran's nuclear ambitions. He is apparently the Robert Oppenheimer of the Iranian nuclear program.

Like Oppenheimer, who, beginning in 1942, secretly worked as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Fakhrizadeh also keeps an extremely low profile, determined to prevent leaks of information about the military portion of Iran's nuclear research effort. His physics research center is located in northeastern Tehran, where visitors are turned away and told to write to a post-office box address. The center's logo resembles Saturn

fb6d24 No.67531


Yes I sure do!

ca02f2 No.67533

f9e3c9 No.67535

File: 06e984aef121849⋯.jpg (25.79 KB, 247x404, 247:404, 1511786624850.jpg)


Im not dismissing you, just a reminder:

MOST of us here are aware of the stuff he said. Some here have inside knowledge because of their jobs pertain to it and are engaging in operations Q has mentioned.

Remember how anons assumed Q signed off for good and had egg on their face. You are making a wild assumtion because you forgot why Q is called Q.

Q level clearance does NOT equal an Operator engaging in operations.

He would be close to command and control, not Morocco and he wouldnt disclose his name genius.

97994a No.67536


They are trying different techniques, some trying to be sneaky. But most of us can pick up on the patterns here.

Keep filtering the shills and alerting BO.

32da53 No.67537


I'll spitball a few:

On the Marker

News from Around the World


11556d No.67538


"Monday, Monday…"

89320e No.67539


Could have been newly printed cash getting ready for distribution????????!!!!!

They fly close for accountability to each other incase one strays?

Is there any connection between that geographic area and that credit union agency that just changed symbols?

f47bcb No.67540


How about…SNIFFING (for) MARKERS edition


4afbab No.67541


well, i can imagine 3 possibilities

1 back channel comms

2 bad guys searching for back channel comms

3 autist gone wild

97994a No.67542

Q, please.

df4f51 No.67543


Point is he wasn't born here, which make him an illegitimate prez.

f47bcb No.67544


I like.

1b340a No.67545


Yea, that’s true too. Haven’t gotten a confirm for gold standard by (Q). So right now anything is possible.

88821a No.67546

>>67501 I could be wrong but the false documents would trigger Fraud Upon The Court . The only Court I can think of that would have been seen to have been corrupted by the false document would be the Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts gave his oath of office.

32da53 No.67547


Good one!

bc3f24 No.67548


Worth reading

ca02f2 No.67549


Right, I agree to some extant, but perhaps forcing them to understand a new term could be a pink pill for them?



c63db7 No.67550


This the same "intelligence community" that said that Iraq had WMD, or that Syria used gas weapons? I saw your first posting. It's extremely suspicious without independent confirmation. Say by the weapons team that showed that Iraq didn't have WMD, but was ignored. Or the multiple sources that showed that the gas attacks were false flags. But again ignored.

NK gave Iran nukes? ffs how did they get them? Oh right, their nuke tech jumped up 5 years after Obumma left office.

This is NOT a game. They are trying to cause a war. Stop expecting what is unconfirmed and probably doom mongering to be taken seriously by those trying to stop this kind of shit.

I guessed you were a shill just by the way you posted. If not, completely retarded. And I don't insult people lightly, I give people a chance. Youv'e had yours. Filtered.

aa093d No.67551

File: bd12b01843020c5⋯.jpg (376 KB, 1188x672, 99:56, 20171210_152524.jpg)



d4268d No.67553


Gets my vote.

159489 No.67554




df4f51 No.67555



9e3119 No.67556


With Soros being at the helm of the Ukraine uprisings I'll go with bad guy back-channel considering how Q has been dropping them.

Could the names of the pictures Q dropped be the passwords?

0a8e05 No.67557


there's not enough capacity on 100 C-17 G3s to fit gold at $1,250 spot to cover $5T debt

b211e1 No.67558


Wrong. Not ALL the gold is gone. Texas is building a repository for their gold right now. Search Texas Gold Repository. Gov Abbott signed the law shortly after he was sworn into office. Texas has its own gold per agreement when Texas became a state. It is the ONLY state to own its own gold. Gold is the key to getting us off fiat. If we move to gold back dollars those who own shares in USD can call in the debt notes and ask for gold exchange. If we cannot cover the amount of notes backed by gold (((they))) could bottom us out financially so we HAVE to have enough gold to back the dollar in accordance to current highest rates.

052b9c No.67559


I did this search on my database and came up with nothing. My stuff is strictly 4chan; so if he mentioned it in 8ch, I wouldn't have it.

SELECT `4chan_post_id` FROM `4chan_posts` WHERE `4chan_tripcode` = "!ITPb.qbhqo" AND `4chan_text` LIKE "%sheet%"

e031c0 No.67560


Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is a valid crumb. I'm not sure how reliable news feeds are on him. NK and Iran are slow.

I found this from 11/30. I don't know if it's fresh or recycling the Sept story.


edcdea No.67561


What's your thought?

Red, Red Cell =

Red Cell intel Group


75b802 No.67562

Leave it to evil retard CA Gov. Pelon Brown to actually stand up there and blather about global warming again. After he and his fellow fake do-gooders set up the state with unburned crap and then remained silent while combustible aluminum was sky dropped all over it by his fellow deep state buds. I am praying that this disgrace is named in one or more of the indictments. Did I mention that Oroville Dam is a pile of crap because of him spending the money on illegals? Traitor.

aa093d No.67563



0a8e05 No.67564


texas is sovereign

what you're getting at would ultimately lead to civil war

texas power and light….. that's a different story…. maybe.

df4f51 No.67565


Monday Blues!


3af084 No.67566


It only showed up briefly in the news cycle but wasn't there evidence that Ukraine worked with Hillary's campaign during the election?

000000 No.67567


Well, I'm not an airforce guy but I wonder why so many of these big aircrafts fly in formation. Can someone here enlighten us?

73a5bb No.67568

here is a report on shumer buying abortions for the cheerleader he fucked.

http:// conservativestamp.com/uncategorized/breaking-chuck-schumers-daughter-breaks-silence-dads-affair-high-school-cheerleader/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=socialnetwork

f47bcb No.67569





Looks like it's -

CBTS General #77: "Monday, Monday…" Edition!

aa093d No.67570


555 means "Significant Change"

4efb22 No.67572




89320e No.67573


What about newly printed cash for distribution???

Thanks for the math.

1003ec No.67574


The problem is that no one would touch it…Arpaio had already come to that conclusion before Montgomery dumped all of the hard drives on him. The Sheriff basically said Congress would have to take it up and if not, they would leak the info…the The Fruit of the Poison Tree audio files magically and quietly appear on Soundcloud.

b211e1 No.67575


Not if Abbott was willing to help the US extricate itself from the current financial hostage system

159489 No.67576

Since there are only 2 MONDAY posts from Q:

The Mamas And The Papas - Monday, Monday

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be

Oh Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee

That Monday evenin´ you would still be here with me

Monday, Monday, can´t trust that day

Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way

Oh Monday mornin´ you gave me no warnin´ of what was to be

Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me

Every other day, every other day

Every other day of the week is fine, yeah

But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes

A-you can find me cryin´ all of the time

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be

But Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee

That Monday evenin´ you would still be here with me

Every other day, every other day

Every other day of the week is fine, yeah

But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes

A-you can find me cryin´ all of the time

Monday, Monday, can´t trust that day

Monday, Monday, it just turns out that way

Oh Monday, Monday, won´t go away

Monday, Monday, it´s here to stay

Oh Monday, Monday

Oh Monday, Monday

6e605c No.67577


Just the fact that Benghazi was a coverup operation for the cabal is damning.. especially Hillary's responses in court. Those men knew about some of this stuff, and they were murdered.

That's effed up. This whole thing.. oh man. If these people come to justice, I pray it will not be easy on them whatsoever.. though I prefer that they just not be here anymore.

I pray they never laugh again.

0a8e05 No.67578


so that's a possibility but there is a mint in denver

052b9c No.67579


I found a few threads that didn't make it into the bread. These were mostly from links that answered something.

6a2d80 No.67581


>They can target the resonant frequency of your DNA with electromagnetic weapons.

Then just change it so they can't.


ca02f2 No.67582



KEK checked!

a67850 No.67583


I am looking to any links or insinuation to the Nizaris, headed by this clown: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aga_Khan_IV

I suspect it in these crumbs but I don't have any sort of confirmation, as well as the likelihood taqqiyah is in full force for Nizari of any importance. Probably pass themselves off as your average Ismaili

159489 No.67584


^^palindromic number^^

c636ff No.67586


Someone got a real photo? Quick link?

97994a No.67587

Q hasnt said +FlyRFly+ yet.

80f0a3 No.67588

0a8e05 No.67589


we can extricate ourselves

the rothschilds have no army mightier than the President's men

he can "Jackson" them straight up… "you've created this debt so enforce it. come get it"

the other debt to china/japan/t-notes/etc is about $5T - manageable - not $20T+

b211e1 No.67590


Doesn't matter. The problem is what backs the dollar. Right now nothing backs it but petro… in other words, oil is only bought in USD if they stop that we tank. The only way to prevent a counter finanncial strike is to back the dollar with gold.

4efb22 No.67591


That incident still makes me mad. Everyone knows HRC lied to the committee. I want to know where ReneGAIDS was that night. To this day, no one has even asked.

edcdea No.67592


Just my take at this point

1. News reports confirm statements previously made by Q (future confirms past)

2. POTUS is aware of activities at Vatican (via Gingrich)

3. POTUS seeking Law and Order / Justice

4. Military operations going on (some known, some unknown)…very important

5. Great Awakening – people are researching, waking up, seeing how ‘sick’ the system is

6. Renegade = a person who deserts and betrays

7. Secret Service code name for Jihadi-O = “Renegade”

8. At least some of the SS crew KNEW the truth about him.

9. Truth about O will be “difficult to swallow” for many people

10. O currently protected by Secr Serv.

11. Bill, Hillary, Chelsea same

12. Implications:

a. Secret Service watching them. Aware of what they are doing

b. In a position to "control" them, if necessary

13. Big news expected Monday Dec 11th…perhaps big ACTIONS on 12.11.17

052b9c No.67593


With that, I can see that the work I was doing up until a few days ago has some value here. As fun as it is to hang out with y'all, I should get back to it. Y'all are addicting.

df4f51 No.67594



d7c921 No.67595


It's backed by 8 aircraft carrier groups.

405726 No.67596

File: f8ff10b8b0239d5⋯.png (289.08 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-3….png)

File: 3441c41b0a91f54⋯.jpg (573.71 KB, 654x768, 109:128, larger.jpg)

Meme gold

This painting set off 2 security dogs while still in a crate and had to be xrayed

0a8e05 No.67597


the only PRUDENT way forward

is an asset-backed currency

what backs our dollar is the full faith and credit of the USA

basically that says: our military


159489 No.67598


Not to nitpick but Q typed MONDAY in caps.

d765f5 No.67599


I see this picture so often and have no idea what it is

Ancient Egypt fighter jets with american flags on them?

635994 No.67600


Said by Marie antoinette, french queen. She got her head chopped off after that.

0a8e05 No.67602


just doesn't add up all the way to me yet

b211e1 No.67603


I really do not think that would fly in the economic world though

6e605c No.67604


[R]enegAIDS [P]oppped [M]uhLegacy

67ba26 No.67606

Heres something you should always understand about psyops (influence and going down the rabbit hole). Always be vauge. Vagueness activates the imagination, thus making it easier to control someone. Thats why im suspicious of Q. Never trust a man who wont level with you. Being vauge is deceptive, no matter which way you put it. Besides, hes using info that revolves around the world stage. World stage - an act.

32da53 No.67608


True. This could be the most significant MONDAY of the year.

3af084 No.67609


I don't follow. Meditate some changes in my DNA?

252f51 No.67610


probably the stench that emanates even from mere pictures of her.

ca02f2 No.67612





KEK Checked! And Checked! With lol shoutout for >>66500

8f91ad No.67613


Not military.

0a8e05 No.67614


what? the dollar is king

that's the status quo

if OPEC were to move to Euros

we'd drill baby drill

simultaneously we'd lock down other agreements

we aren't poor

we have bargaining chips

6e605c No.67615


Probably drinking wine with his little buddies while fingering a little kids' asshole.

052b9c No.67616


Once I get the work done with the 4chan set, it should be relatively quick and easy to add the 8ch. Yes, I really do need to get back to work. Should I put a "buy me a coffee" link on the finished product? I'm not getting paid for this. And I suppose that should mean something that I would make such an investment of time without compensation.

89320e No.67617


3 minutes = 3 stars on the new symbol?

6a2d80 No.67619

File: bd7e2c627812146⋯.jpg (206.61 KB, 894x1500, 149:250, 71Nv-SzfFVL._SL1500_.jpg)



>take the RED pill

000000 No.67620



Nein, I think some anon made a board for it.

dc577d No.67621


>sauce please



Studies of past earthquake traces on both the northern San Andreas Fault and the southern Cascadia subduction zone indicate a correlation in time which may be evidence that quakes on the Cascadia subduction zone may have triggered most of the major quakes on the northern San Andreas during at least the past 3,000 years or so. The evidence also shows the rupture direction going from north to south in each of these time-correlated events

The last known great earthquake in the northwest was the 1700 Cascadia earthquake. Geological evidence indicates that great earthquakes (> magnitude 8.0) may have occurred sporadically at least seven times in the last 3,500 years, suggesting a return time of about 500 years.[5][2][3] Seafloor core evidence indicates that there have been forty-one subduction zone earthquakes on the Cascadia subduction zone in the past 10,000 years, suggesting a general average earthquake recurrence interval of only 243 years.[6] Of these 41, nineteen have produced a "full margin rupture," wherein the entire fault opens up.[5] By comparison, similar subduction zones in the world usually have such earthquakes every 100 to 200 years; the longer interval here may indicate unusually large stress buildup and subsequent unusually large earthquake slip.[17]

There is also evidence of accompanying tsunamis with every earthquake. One strong line of evidence for these earthquakes is convergent timings for fossil damage from tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest and historical Japanese records of tsunamis.[18]

The next rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone is anticipated to be capable of causing widespread destruction throughout the Pacific Northwest.[19]

085ac5 No.67622


I think thats why we need to keep checking, to be through.

Nice work!


No doubt painted with coloured Blood…

000000 No.67623


if anyone here trusts anyone else here completely then they shouldn't be here

c63db7 No.67625


I don't even trust myself by this point.

052b9c No.67626


Would my list of threads be of help to you? The list would be easy for me to create.

d5edbc No.67627


That might make Q as Queen?

085ac5 No.67628


Yes, 4Chan took me some time also, still checking my crawl to make sure its complete and also to see if Archive is complete.

The html on 8Ch is very much more organised, 4Chan is messy

252f51 No.67629


yes, please!

52b13f No.67630

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/06/17 (Wed) 20:58:51 6f5bab No.45541>>45544 >>45545 >>45547 >>45549 >>45550 >>45552 >>45553 >>45560 >>45563 >>45573 >>45575 >>45584 >>45653

Watch the news.

Leakers exposed.

These people are stupid.


12/6/2017 Dina Powell Resigns?


considering she is Egyptian.

Just wondering.

467d64 No.67631


does everybody really not like crypto? currency does not have to be backed by anything but imagination tbh. it’s all a made up system. as long as you can agree something is a currency, you can circulate it for payments. pebbles or monopoly money would do. the bartering is the important part, not the currency. kind of like spending “points" you earn for various things. as long as we acknowledge a perceived value, we are fine.

159489 No.67632

File: 234efaa5f83af14⋯.png (831.54 KB, 1270x1286, 635:643, ultravioletcodes.png)


Probably some Ultra Violet in that painting.

085ac5 No.67634


Should we make a thread for this? Share Lists?

94865e No.67635


If they don't know by now, later isn't going to help…)))

Bitcoin I'm not sure about, but have heard it is used on the Dark Web for all sorts of illicit

contraband. Not as anonymous as we'd think?

Notice how quickly it rose in price after the SA purge? And now that other backchannels have

been taken out, it often rises by thousands on

certain days.

'Cornering the Market' has cornered some shady people, I suspect.

4d3ec0 No.67636

File: 00fbb94ee10de7c⋯.jpeg (217.22 KB, 500x403, 500:403, hereyougo.jpeg)



Thank you both. Updated Q Map pdf. Will continue to update as needed.


''List of all Q posts in order, screen grabs + text, date stamps,

links to original posts, searchable, good for printing and sharing:''


80f0a3 No.67637

File: f1c68be1f491a50⋯.jpg (162.17 KB, 630x354, 105:59, clinton-xmas-tree.jpg)

1f03a0 No.67639


3 minutes refers to Trump's rule for the perfect sales pitch.

75b802 No.67640

File: 08f5a44c297a7ea⋯.jpeg (17.72 KB, 234x215, 234:215, Hillary puppet.jpeg)

Here is one, anon. >>67086

5cb33f No.67641


everything after the question mark is twatter share coding and can be tracked by twatter. Don't include it when you share link here. This is true for just about all links copied from social media.

1e1f48 No.67642


This is a great tool, anon. Only version of the map I use now. thank you

053252 No.67644

File: eab76df4dcdb03d⋯.gif (91.15 KB, 300x387, 100:129, Brain.gif)

Just released a

scan of Bill



6e605c No.67645


oy vey! :D

635994 No.67646


Did LdR threaten us here to "die of thirst" ?????

Right After Q trolled her?

e031c0 No.67647

I've posts a few links to follow this pending deal. If China buys Aramco stock instead of IPO, could inflate cost of crude for USA.

BHO and prior admins wanted US to be beholden to OPEC. Why does it take 10+ years to build a new refinery? US has domestic crude source that would make us less reliant on global sources. We can't refine it with the limited number of refineries.

If the IPO opens on HK, UK or any other country, it's bad for USA. Trump doesn't seem worried but can we trust MbS & SA.

Hell, Soros or Roths could buy 5% of ARAMCO.

SA doesn't care who pays them. They want to diversify their economy and need cash to do so. Aramco IPO is one way to get a quick $20b estimated in their pockets to proceed with their 2030 vision.

000000 No.67650



Please check here >>64707 for info about the airplanes

b1dac5 No.67652


b211e1 No.67655


The problem with crypto as it is right now is the amount of energy it takes to create it. Also, it can be hacked. It is not as great as ppl say. Those who like it are able to mine it efficiently which leaves normies still busting their ass in labor … its just replacing bankers with servers able to mine enough to make it work. Average Joe can not do that so he's still working his ass off to get enough to pay the bills.

b28ef4 No.67656


>"die of thirst"

== crash the (Rothschild-controlled) financial system

No $$$ == no economy == not food & water

Plebs die of thirst (3 day rule)

551282 No.67657

File: 90058302ff40792⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 297x324, 11:12, badhillimmod.jpg)

67ba26 No.67658

Somehow and in someway, monarch programming is afoot.

729213 No.67659


Definitely something to keep in mind

f47bcb No.67660









Migrate after 750!

75b4f4 No.67661

Could have easily been a LARP, but I do recall this happening.

I was also, at the time, considering the possibility of contaminating fresh water supplies on a large scale - either radioactive, toxic (chemical, non-radioactive), or biological contaminants. We know NK was looking into biological weapons, too…

1439f9 No.67662

6740e7 No.67663

File: 20a247089cffbbf⋯.png (209.54 KB, 586x539, 586:539, aaa2.png)


Did they know about the Bit coup?

86ea50 No.67664


Dina has previously had luncheons with Huma.

92f42b No.67665


Monday, Monday! I like that!

4a48ae No.67666


What about his appointees to the Court?

4afbab No.67672


you know you can embed YT vids right

it's in the >Show post options & limits > tab on the bottom

e4e102 No.67673



Just too soon for the masses, too untested, and not yet practical on a mass scale. Plus the energy needed will not help the global situation.

Let's take a more pragmatic step back to a publicly owned asset backed currency and global collateral accounts.

c60736 No.67674


Oh I see. So this tactic is not just about discrediting the staged account that cries the "fake news" wolf in order to give extra cred to the authentic red-pill. It's more about getting them to recognize the obvious strawman tactic, and forcing them to be conscious of it when they see fact-checkers do it. Yes, you're definitely on to something anon.

Perhaps this will be a very useful tactic for the next phase. At this stage, when our exposure according to Q is at 1.2 million, I'd emphasize our efforts to bring pink-pilled patriots to Q. Granted many of the pink-pill influencers are keeping their distance from Q for now. To go from 1.2Mil to 60Mil we'll need their help. So I'm inclined to defer red-pilling normies until we get the Trump Train on the Q Train.

6e605c No.67675


Yes indeed. The bitcoin honeypot worked well. Yes, it's the 'currency' used on the dark web to purchase stuff.. drugs, porn, kitty porn, and you can even see live showings of snf films for 20 or 50k, from what I've heard…

Sick shit down there..

9e3119 No.67676

BO, would yo be open to using terms to help us identify and report people with?

bitcoiner = cryptocoin thread slider

cl0wn = angry and with no substance poster/slider

shareblue = muh this muh that, mocks and makes only personal attacks

concern troll = Q is LARPing, identity of Q, discredits the effort of all here

d765f5 No.67678

0a8e05 No.67679


no one said wet works was a pool party at the vineyard, anon

4afbab No.67680


twatter was over 6 million after POTUS speach

1a1075 No.67681

Revelations 2:10, but 3:10 is also very uplifting. Thanks.>>67010

6740e7 No.67682


which Monday please?

159489 No.67684

File: 5f5f9f784a48511⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 450x253, 450:253, matrixeye.jpg)


Good eyedea. Eye see right through that shit though. Not everyone can.

c60736 No.67688


6 million unique Q-related impressions?

88821a No.67689

>>67666 I honestly don't know. Uncharted territory for USA. I know F U T C for lower Level Courts such as Trial or Appellate. The rules for lower Courts is if false documents corrupt the Judicial " Machione" then all decisions from THAT Judge are thrown out and he is recused. If he rules while he should have been recused, he loses immunity from prosecution.

1a1075 No.67690

>>67010 Revelations 2:10, but 3:10 is edifying and right on the ticket too.

a97993 No.67691


Second this

159489 No.67694


^^Another palindromic number^^

085ac5 No.67697



5e1d10 No.67699


If we know O e HC are protected by SS, and that SS are controlling them and reporting to someone else, then they know this better than us all.

How can we trust what O and HC are saying/doing when with SS?

4afbab No.67703


nope i'm wrong … trusted someone else to read for me

d5edbc No.67704


OMG! A half-channer entered the building… check the rules and ALL of the hard work done here. WE ONLY DO FACTS!! …ffs

edcdea No.67705


My thought is SS is loyal to Trump…watching H and O for Trump.

6a2d80 No.67706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Checked. Remember the theory is Filterman is friendly MILDEC but he often tells the truth.

546b0c No.67709


In White House, mood is perseverance amid the storm


"The White House believes it is weathering the storm wrought by former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea and staff remains optimistic President Trump will survive the Russia investigation that has clouded his first year in office."

edcdea No.67712


Q said SS KNEW truth about Renegade

19c534 No.67713


Do we really know who protectts HRC? Really? She can refuse the SS if she wants…hire her own…? How do we really ever know?

ca02f2 No.67714


How about “Fake Reverse?”

As it stands now, both sides can be accused of “Fake News,” because of said strategy, but only the “opposition” or “resistance” could be accused of “Fake Reverse” or whatever, where a term that has the same meaning on both sides that cannot be comondeered could be hugely effective.

Watching football, hence notion for “Fake Reverse” as term. Not married to it. Also, not shilling or sliding, just would like to a counter to this now old hat dirty trick take off, because you can bet as things get more contintious, we’ll see more deployment of this “Fake Fake News/Debunk-Setup” bullshit and we could be ready for it.

A new term with a Hashtag and an Urban Dictionary definition to just pounce on these bullshit setups.

Am I wrong?

6a2d80 No.67716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Monday Night Football?

e27e6b No.67718


That gonna be a long witness list.

a6b36e No.67719


I hope youre right. If it turns out that some remained untouched by the previous sticky finger bandito administrations i will be totally shocked. They always figure out how to get the goods. Slithery slimey evil reptilians no wonder HRC codename was EVERGREEN shes a fucking forEVER GREEN reptile lmao

edcdea No.67720


Watch True Pundit on Monday….may be that something is dropped.

159489 No.67721

File: e49643ac06917b1⋯.png (24.58 KB, 1051x241, 1051:241, whstorm.png)

159489 No.67733


Will do. Thanks for the resource. I've never been there.

f47bcb No.67734

92f42b No.67735


Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I in this handbasket?

0a8e05 No.67736


it has to end in a deal

1b340a No.67738


Yes but then it’s out of her pocket. Whereas with SS, it’s on our dime.

000000 No.67740


VQC, i think, created it. He's the one that posted the link on here and said we should link to it … maybe honeypot for spooks to keep track of out twitter accts?

4afbab No.67742



d5edbc No.67744


Yeah, and the only way to take her down is to take all of them down first - I presume.

There's a non-elected law in England that states the monarch can never be arrested. However, I wonder, if that law is non-elected it surely is null & void!? Thus, the only protection she has is fellow degenerates. Take them out, what's she got? Nothing!

Also, I've read many articles about Scotland Yard and other police forces working on the Elite paedophile rings, only to discover that they can't bring it down 'cause the leader's too powerful - "untouchable".

Food for thought, Jeeves /-)

94865e No.67746


United Nations blue (as another noted) v a real looking US Seal.

The logo goes back to 1971, when Nixon took us off the gold standard.

Major concession, which Kissinger straightened out with SA.

Nixon gets a bit of a bad rap as I'm not sure what options he had. France & Iran were demanding our gold. Not sure what remains in

Ft. Knox, and don't trust Mnuchin to tell US.

635994 No.67748




6a2d80 No.67750

File: 2f43d6f1ba2cfaa⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 360x285, 24:19, photo-history4_9a.jpg)



Trump is going for social credit through federal credit unions? Yuuuuuge if true.

000000 No.67752


Mom was too young to confer US citizenship if BHO was born outside US.

That's why the Hawaii certificate is a big deal.

Could be grandma pulled strings to get a US state BC.

98cf73 No.67754


Damn I wonder if the game is rigged.

749919 No.67755

File: 9e1ac17ed72cf66⋯.jpg (94.81 KB, 534x386, 267:193, TRIANGLE OF GLOBAL CONTROL.jpg)




1f03a0 No.67757


Trump gonna BREAK the [R] bank.

8e6b28 No.67760


No - not crazy. good thinking. I was thinking after my last post- Maybe the throwaway accounts have a soft ID to CTR or Shartblew, damaging their credibility. In other words destroy them with their own Alinskyite tactics. As for names, I have no good ideas yet. definitely something to think about.

4afbab No.67761


sorry wrong one >>63599

467d64 No.67767


not that easy to hack. and you can have many wallets in cold storage which is about as safe as a bank now. not as convenient yet, but still.

Seems like it would be better for Average Joe, as he could get paid a barter value instead of a "programmed" societal value. This is just my opinion of course. I tend to think farmers, teachers and infrastructure workers should be paid as much or more than a ceo. but, you don't have to mine. and you can exchange crypto p2p, for instance with things like bisq. I dunno, seems like a more fair world. State and fed won't lose either bc ppl can improve their homes and land and businesses…


9e3119 No.67769

Posted less than an hour ago

>whp580.iheart. com/content/2017-12-10-aftershocks-felt-three-months-after-massive-north-korean-nuke-test/

>Aftershocks Felt Three Months After Massive North Korean Nuke Test

The ground around North Korea’s nuclear test site continues to shake three months after the rogue regime carried out its sixth nuclear test, detonating a suspected hydrogen bomb.

Tremors, believed to be the result of North Korea’s test of a powerful staged thermonuclear weapon in early September, were detected near the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site Saturday, a U.S. Geological Survey official told Reuters.

On Sept. 3, North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb with an explosive yield at least 10 times greater than that of the atomic bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The test literally moved mountains, causing landslides and reshaping the mountain under which the nuclear test site is located.

That's not how aftershocks work, at all

acfce5 No.67776


>Obama is a member of Renegade 44 LLC

Prolly his own shell company…Renegade being his USSS codename + he was the 44th Prez…

225927 No.68633


Top kek

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