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File: ac707c3e297b794⋯.png (563.23 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1510099035261.png)

6c9910  No.2422

You all might want to take a look at this:


It will take a while to go through, but it is well worth your time.

I am interested to hear your opinions about it.

bc8d4a  No.2432

6c9910  No.2459


Their perspective.

Do we really understand (((them))) enough?

bc8d4a  No.2472

Okay, much better link: https://archive.fo/qERv5

OP, why should we consider this AMA real or worthy of reading?

6c9910  No.2505


>Is it real?

I honestly think it is, but you should go through it yourself and form your own conclusions.

>Is it worth reading?

Definitely. Can you beat an enemy you don't understand? This, in my opinion, allows one to have the (mostly) correct perspective about…"things".

I will be around here, if you happen to have other questions.

6c9910  No.2625


I should add as to "why" that the size of the document shows it was not a simple troll attempt.

This AMA took more than 2 years. What kind of autism one needs to keep going for such a long time?

If you read it, you will clearly see that the OP was quite sane.

It is legit.

10ae84  No.2916


some of it made sense

10ae84  No.2922

ha, I've only gotten through like 15% of it

efce47  No.3256


Great read, anon, thank you

5d4d33  No.4912

I read 50 %, took forever!

The guy is obviously 4 real. And he is in a real bind, spiritually speaking. He has been indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking that is PERFECTLY LOGICAL, THAT FITS PERFECTLY WITH ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE, AND THAT HAS MADE HIS FAMILY THE RULERS OF THE WORLD!

Hard to argue with that, right?!

And yet his way of thinking is wrong. It is an abomination, a perversion of the purpose of Creation and the intent of its Creator. As such it will only be allowed to go on for so long, then it will be taken down by forces much greater than he and his.

The sad thing is that he got one thing right: he thinks he and his kind are on a track to "return to Source", whereas the rest of us won't make it. And that is absolutely true! You see, he will be given a chance to reform himself, but if he remains unrepentant he will be sent to the center of the Galaxy where his essence will be reabsorbed, extinguishing his individuality. That way, he will indeed be "returning to Source", but perhaps not in the manner he expected.

There is no place for antisocial elements in Creation, there is only a lot of patience before all hope of redeeming the lost ones runs out. He is wearing this patience thin, and his time is running out.

Maybe he will turn around before it is to late for him. His attempts to communicate with the "commoners" comes from his own soul crying out in pain from the separation he has created between himself and the "inferior". He doesn't realize it himself, he thinks he is amusing himself by toying with the lesser beings, but the real underlying motivation is a desire to connect back with his brothers and sisters, whom he has rejected.

Unfortunately he sabotages this himself by being the most arrogant jerk you'll ever see. Maybe he will reform himself eventually, but I wouldn't bet on it. The problem is that his worldview is perfectly logical, as I stated above. He needs to take A LEAP OF FAITH to find his salvation.

He may have logic on his side, but the Universe isn't ruled by logic! Everything is made from pure consciousness, and his "laws of Nature" are not as non-negotiable as he thinks.

6c9910  No.4995


>And yet his way of thinking is wrong. It is an abomination, a perversion of the purpose of Creation and the intent of its Creator.

And what makes you think *you* truly understand the purpose of creation, and the intent of the creator?

Is it not true that the creation IS the intent of the creator? In other words, isn't the operational rules/existential algorithms of the creation(Universal/Natural Law as OP states) the intent of the creator?

OPs central point in that document is: one must follow the Natural Law. If they indeed do, and the above paragraph is true, then wouldn't that make *them* right in their cause, as they are following "God's Will"?

Also, again by Natural Law, *you* empower them by your free will, with your bad choices. At least most of "us". What violation of creator's intent exist here?

Though i agree that most of it is caused by bad parenting and education, thus it is not just on on an individual level. But justice itself is an illusion, is it not?

The only justice that exists is of the powerful.

5d4d33  No.5071


I'll try to explain:

The Universe is composed of seven different layers. We currently live in "the physical Universe", but that's not all there is. In fact, it's the "lowest" of the seven layers. Our consciousness is tied to a physical body, but we can leave it and experience the "astral" world, which is layer number two. Highly trained individuals can raise themselves even further and reach the higher layers too (I am personally not able to go higher than the astral).

The so-called Natural Law this guy speaks of is only how the material Universe APPEARS to work, when studied from the lowest possible perspective - from within the physical!

This perspective is what we are currently used to in our daily lives. It's the perspective where the law of cause and effect APPEARS to be in operation, and where the laws of physics APPEAR to be immutable and all powerful.

But this is only an ILLUSION, born from the limited perspective of existing in the physical layer! As soon as you raise yourself even to the second layer, you find reality becomes much more fluid.

bc8d4a  No.5080




This (((supposed))) Rothschild guy is delusional. He is trying to co-opt Daoism and Buddhism to rationalize himself and his family as not evil. They need to go. Society should not be toyed with by ultra-wealthy actors.

5d4d33  No.5095


Ultimately, the world consists entirely of consciousness, and the laws of consciousness completely override the apparent laws of physical matter.

This may sound strange to you if you haven't personally experienced it (yet), but it is the truth.

The Rothschild guy thinks he is on top of things, but in reality he is only a bully in kindergarten. He understands NOTHING about the real Natural Law, his version of it is twisted beyond recognition.

The reason I know these things, is because I have taken the first small step towards growing out of kindergarten, and I have had the first small glimpses of the greater reality that awaits us once we do.

To put me in the proper perspective, I'm like a kindergarten kid who had a quick tour in the first grade of school. I'm not there yet, but I know it exists, and I have a decent idea of how it works. It's nothing like kindergarten, the rules are completely different!

6f2461  No.5203

File: 719a3b1207c3567⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 129791361354.jpg)


>This may sound strange to you if you haven't personally experienced it (yet), but it is the truth.

I can't really say I've directly seen it, but I can think of quite a few odd coincidences that have occurred through my years.

5d4d33  No.5222


"Coincidences" come first, actual honest-to-God miracles start occurring soon thereafter.

One time I spent an entire day APPRECIATING TREES. The next day a new tree materialized where none used to exist before, right outside the grocery store, straight over the spot where delivery trucks used to back up.

This tree looked 50-60 years old, and it's trees were deeply dug in the soil. It had clearly been there for a very long time, or at least that's what it looked like to physical eyes.

Reality had changed, just to give me a "sign"!

A couple of days later, the tree was gone, as if it never existed. The Universe reverted back to it's original state when I turned my back on it! :D

27aaf5  No.5311


I was not a few weeks ago talking to my wife about understanding that one has an enormous obligation to his or her ancestors and a similar obligation to his progeny…

I am having a hard time disagreeing with his viewpoints. Where I begin to diverge from his thinking is in his contempt for those who are being used in the system, but perhaps that's because of my view from within the slave pens.

bc4a16  No.6133

File: 4e46d4f5b3db9f6⋯.jpg (6.89 KB, 250x182, 125:91, 1511734984912.jpg)


Holy shit.

I. Just. Cant.


7b073f  No.6278

File: 3bc4241374cf8c8⋯.png (114.87 KB, 510x510, 1:1, cia.png)



holy fuck

i know you're new here

guys don't click on archive.org links

that place is compromised to fuck

this is a CIAnigger posting CIAbread

if you went to that place they're tracking your IP right now fyi

5792b6  No.7340


I am sure that is the weakest link in your OPSEC. Seriously…


I find it funny that /pol/ considers themselves "redpilled" when they haven't even scratched the surface. The rabbit hole is truly, truly deep.



Every spiritual type around speaks of these subjective experiences. I am honestly not sure, so i will stay agnostic. BUT, such experiences raise a lot of questions:

What is consciousness?

How can the world consist of it?

Is it total/singular? One consciousness?

If not, are the nodes (so to speak) have varying power levels?

Are there different types of consciousness?

Which relevant consciousness is the most powerful?

Is it benevolent?

Do humans share more than DNA, at the astral level?

If there are 7 layers, why are we on the lowest layer?

Is this our natural state?

If not, why are we here?

Did we came by our own free will?

If not, who put us here? Why put us here?

So on and so forth.

Here is another document that i think parallels with your views:




6f2461  No.9256

File: 2f0c25441759300⋯.jpg (6.51 KB, 235x193, 235:193, 1505027815431.jpg)

>father is O-

>mother is O+

>i'm O+

What did they mean by this?

a509c2  No.9409


If you read through it you can tell at some points he is talking about adrenochrome…

b6b2af  No.9500


>User ID: 1339201 United States >10/28/2011 02:18 PM

>How much Tesla Technology do you have hidden away?

>What is the newest secret tech >invention or breakthrough?

>Quoting: Open Your Eyes

>Hidden in plain sight!

>There is a wealth of information >available on Tesla's techniques. >Ironically, few take the time to read >them.

>Very, very few.

>Almost none. And Tesla's patents lay >out a great starting point. But like your >great aunt leaving a key ingredient out >of her prize cake recipe, some work >must be done.

>Tesla was the real genius…not Einstein, >not Edison.

>Tesla had the

>>[["keys to the kingdom"]]<<

>within his reach! It was thus necessary >to change the lock.


>User ID: 1339201 United S

e90b23  No.9525


Part of the way in now

You make a good point about the ants Mr Rothschild but I don't think your argument re: us-pop exploiting Chinese labor is as strong, mainly because we have little to no agency in this. I would prefer to spend more on food and clothes, etc as per the norm 100 years ago but am well aware that most would not, operating within their current values.

So many points that could be debated but is the natural order natural in totally? Is the Rothschilds' power final? Things like this come into my head.

Interesting to read humanizing angle to the rothschilds et al.

2289f6  No.9874

Fascinating stuff. Reminds me of another similar AMA I saw years ago from 2008:


1b1b61  No.9887


Woah! Checked.

6c9910  No.14679


> when they haven't even scratched the surface.

* when they have only scratched the surface

Noticed now. Odd.


I think this is classic disinfo. Some to hook people in, but mostly deception. So not compeletely worthless, but discernment is required.

This is OP. Bump.

2289f6  No.18228


I'm curious what makes you think it's disinfo? I am only asking for my own education.

6a5246  No.19724


- No sort soul of harvest happened in 2012 that i am aware of.

- Concepts of Service-to-Self/Service-to-Others are very simplistic.

Earth…operates on Natural Law, and we experience it. Are we really "here"? Maybe not. Does it matter??

These insiders talk of Love…Beauty…"Service-to-Others"…do you see these in Nature? THERE IS NO "Love" IN NATURE FOR THE WEAK. They simply perish, often in quite gruesome ways.

So…we are on/experiencing Earth, which operates on Natural Law, which is "ruthless", BUT we are expected to follow these other "higher dimensional" laws to "ascend".

We are able think and talk about this stuff in the first place because we sit in the comfort of our homes! Technology(provided to us) allows this! Take THAT away, and we will see about "Service-to-Others".

Watch the video related. What do you see? Then try to watch the video from perspective of a lion. Again, what do you see?

Which is closer to truth?

I despise this kind of "lovey lovey" new age crap.

6a5246  No.19752

File: 538ee3aee0f0a4c⋯.webm (668.16 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1.webm)


Forgot to attach the video.

You might also want to look at Rothchild's posts about "enlightened self-interest" in the document.

There maybe other stuff that (i think) discredits that document, but i currently don't have the time to re-read the entire thing.

I am a little passionate about things(as you probably noticed), but in the end it's my perspective. I never claim to be %100 correct, or even correct at all. Take everything with grains of salt.

7e929b  No.19848

Very very meaningful crumbs dropped in CBTS Rules thread posted after 11/20. Were posted to the wrong thread. Please reread! Very relevant!

2289f6  No.22254


Thank you. I appreciate your perspective.

96b3fc  No.22353

>Reincarnation is growth, which has been packaged and stripped of its meaning by the so-called new agers.

>Purity of bloodlines is the essence of history. Most of the first world "nations" have been weakened by dilution of bloodlines under the banner of cultural diversity. An old trick, but highly effective.

>The movie Dr Strangelove put out the POE (purity of essence) meme, but people laugh it off as the ravings of a madman.

>Check out how Israel handles the issue of blood lines within their country, but they too are falling…

>laugh out loud

interesting that he would say this. seems like they know israel will fall already.

5d4d33  No.23222


All of your questions are very good ones, and I have no way of answering any of them with certainty. I could offer some speculation, but that's not of much help to anyone. Heck, my answers to these questions change on a weekly basis!

But what I do KNOW, is that this doesn't matter. I don't need to understand everything to do "the right thing", and neither do you.

In fact, our mind is just a computer, and it operates by the law of computing (garbage in = garbage out). There is no way to filter out truth from untruth. Logic is simply incapable of telling what's correct and what's not, it can only tell if two pieces of data seem to fit together. But even when they do, both may still be wrong!

The so-called "spiritual" path is about discovering that small voice within that you can TRUST. Those who do this call it the art of "knowing", as opposed to the ordinary thinking most of humanity is caught up with. This "knowing" comes from the source of perfect truth we all have access to within, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

It's a perilous path, because we can easily delude ourselves. Plenty of people don't have sufficient understanding to do it properly. The key is that the inner voice never tells you this or that, it just tells if YOU are in tune with the whole right now in this very moment. That's all. And that's also all you need to know!

5d4d33  No.23291


Yes, the "lovey dovey" new age crap can drive you insane!

But in spite of all the BS these people are peddling, they're actually onto something. Be sure not to throw out the baby with the bathwater when you reject their BS.

Reality is not as it seems. Our thoughts shape our inner world, and our inner world shapes our outer world. This much is true just for the fact our actions are caused by our thoughts, and our actions lead to consequences.

But there's more to it than that! There is also a "magic" component to life. You can explore this yourself by learning to dream while staying conscious (google "lucid dreaming"). When you're having a lucid dream, you can control the entire environment around you with your INTENT. It's hard at first, but practice makes perfect.

And when you try to use that same skill in "real waking life", you find this so-called "reality" is little different from a dream, albeit a collective one. The power of INTENT actually shapes the real waking world just as it shapes your dream world.

When you have experienced this you'll KNOW. And you'll realize the truthful part of the New Age nonsense, which is that we get back what we send out. If we send out selfishness BECAUSE OF FEAR, then we will materialize and attract exactly what we were fearing.

"Ascension" is about learning to dream consciously and responsibly, and applying this skill to your entire life. Once you do, you get "invited" into a bigger world. A world we are currently barred from. For our protection!

If you ever have nightmares, then you are not yet ready to live in a state where your thoughts instantly materialize! Only by becoming a responsible "adult" who is fully in charge of your own imaginations at all times can you be allowed to leave the kindergarten level where you are protected from harming yourself by the "laws of nature" we experience here on Earth.

I'll repeat that I'm not anywhere near ready myself, but I have experimented a little, and I have seen success and verified these things for myself. All that remains for me, is to stay on the path with PERSISTENCE (this is still on my todo-list!).

I am in no way special, and anyone can do the same. All it takes, is to LOOK INWARDS and take control over yourself. Learning to understand what INTENT means. It is not about desiring or wanting or demanding or praying for something you want. It's more like knowing it will come and expressing gratitude and awe for it as if it already happened.

Lucid dreams is the best way to practice this skill IMO. Because in a dream you get more instant feedback, whereas the "real world" responds with so much delay most people don't even know it actually responds to you intent at all!

d2e1c0  No.23418


Guys, I think this is real. It's one of their foreshadowings. They are planning something big. My synopsis here:


9eb549  No.23631


>the purpose of Creation


>center of the Galaxy


>his essence


>There is no place for antisocial elements in Creation


>arrogant jerk


>He needs to take A LEAP OF FAITH


>Everything is made from pure consciousness


>"laws of Nature" are not as non-negotiable


that's a lot of gay for one comment

5d4d33  No.24029


Not at all. I'm 100 % straight! You need to work on your reading comprehension (not to mention your self awareness). I didn't even talk about sex here, that was all in your own head.

5d4d33  No.24049


A very good synopsis!

Reading this guy almost makes you physically ill, he is beyond sociopathic. You're brave for pushing through, I bailed after half of it.

8d053a  No.24294


Started reading. Talks a lot about importance of bloodline because that is how memory and experience are passed down. Written in 2011. Since then, normie science has been researching this idea (fact?), e.g.


And here you can read about large sections of our dna appearing to be commentary


Also lots of stories out there about organ transplant recipients having memories from previous organ owners.

ee8441  No.24417


What steps can one take to do this?

8d053a  No.24504


For me it was Bible study and calling out loud on the name of the Lord Jesus, attaining something like ecstasy.

8d053a  No.24843

File: 75ec443fa22d371⋯.jpg (490.37 KB, 849x1844, 849:1844, Screenshot_20171202-154357.jpg)

File: e53c2ff0322130d⋯.jpg (485.87 KB, 634x1868, 317:934, Screenshot_20171202-154002.jpg)


From OP's thread, pic related. Rothschild anon wrote this in 2011, foreshadowing his own bloodline's downfall at the hands of one Donald J. Trump, of the Tesla bloodline. Ironic how this Rothschild anon tacitly acknowledges in OP's thread about 20 times that the Tesla bloodline is superior to his own.

d2e1c0  No.24937


Is Trump actually related to Tesla? I know Trump's uncle got Tesla's papers, and Trump probably got some stories, but Tesla himself was a MGTOW. Unfortunate in the long run.

8d053a  No.25046


good point, my bad! got too excited. trump's uncle seems to have gotten special access to Tesla, but no blood connection that we know.

8d053a  No.25049

File: c1f948a84eb96dd⋯.jpg (140.72 KB, 848x609, 848:609, Screenshot_20171202-164428.jpg)

q foreshadowing from 2011?

336bbb  No.29650

336bbb  No.29666


You know… the poster of the 2011 Rothschild board sounds an awful lot like Q. I saw "rinse and repeat" and the fact that he asks questions. Now I am NOT suggesting that Q is a Rothschild, what I am suggesting is that Q has been playing this game a long time and that Q was the OP for the 2011 Rothschild board.

Another thing I picked up on is that in the Rothschild board, I did pick up on a post from a NathanRothschild.

Another thing was a new poster that intrigued the OP and he responded to her as a fellow traveler. Is it possible that Q is a time traveler?

I wish I was experienced enough to Bake Bread and start a separate board on the Trump Time Traveler Topic.

bccf14  No.30636

7a54b1  No.32086


Q and Roth anon sound like people of a similar level of knowledge, but not the same people. Q has clearly aligned himself with God, exhibiting some fashion of humility and understanding that without God on our side, the human race is lost. Roth anon has no such exhibition of human humility, being fully consumed with achieving perfection of his own bloodline without regard for the world. Polar opposites.

3f4f62  No.37093


If you don't think the internet holds strains of autism that fucked up then you haven't been around long enough.

1a3135  No.38425

I read through much of what this "Rofschild" said in this link. His personality lines right up with a Satanist. http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Satanic

And what is a Satanist but a vessel for a nasty personality:

-Negative Aliens-

"These are extradimensional and interdimensional beings that have lost their Consciousness connection to god source and are utilizing humans and other beings as their food source (siphon life force like a parasite) to live thousands of years. They do not have access to incarnate into human bodies so they covet human bodies and they want to take them over or use them in the future. They do not have emotions as humans have but are highly intelligent as they are working on higher mind principles than the human Three Layers of Ego. They are similar to a Mad Scientist that manipulates and genetically modify human beings, similarly as a farmer interested in gaining more resources out of his herd of cattle on the farm. They consider humans an investment in their energy resource portfolio. The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic or Sociopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse and no caring towards human beings. They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm for their own amusement."

I'm not sure what value one could gain from reading any of this.

c42e6e  No.56450

File: 1059077c25cb961⋯.png (37.09 KB, 1295x333, 35:9, avatar.png)


What avatar did he refer too ?

c42e6e  No.56587


But what if donald trump is like them ? Maybe he want to destroy them to takes their place…

I feel blackpilled

a27560  No.62156

That is some REAL shit, to paraphrase the unknown Rothschild. He said Syria will fall quick, NK already has fallen under Chinese domination, that Iran will be the biblical final battle and also that Cuba will go under American pretection. They are the last four states that arent involved in the Rothschild banking cartel, he is very clear on that subject matter. I find this extremly interesting, he is basically pointing out his bloodlines weakness, its addiction to debt. Its a fucking Communist heaven, one ruler that controls the worlds work. What is Trumps stake in this? Is he controlled opposition? For some reason i doubt that, sure the Trump act is textbook "Art of war", but something feels genuin about him. This also sheds new light on Ron Paul, a man i greatly admired before even, who stand alone among modern men in opposition against the cartel.

2b1be7  No.62298


The glp poster's profile pic. Was prolly a funny/meme pic.

6a5246  No.62409

File: 22782f1a6bbac42⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, coyote.jpg)



Pic related is similiar.

ec5ebc  No.62579


Ok I thought they were posting on an imageboard, so I guessed he was talking about something spiritual

d2e1c0  No.62618


Updated synopsis here. New stuff is mainly at the end. Lost control of old pastebin due to reboot + no login.


a295b4  No.110688

Hopefully, this will reach others on this board. I sincerely hope so.

This "Rofschild" character may very well be a member of an elite family but his descriptions and explanations of how our world truly works is completely flawed.

He uses the untrue and fraudulent argument that humans are responsible for their misfortunes. This is an enormous lie.

Whenever you come across any "guru" or member of the "elite" and they blame humanity for the ills we suffer, ignore that person and move on.

What's happening here on Earth is not limited to just Earth. Eight other planets are undergoing an awakening, just as we are, and there are no "gurus" or members of the "elite" who have any idea about any of it.

What's happening here will affect the entire universe, not just Earth and the eight other worlds.

When it comes to placing blame on the vile, nasty environment in which we live, there are numerous players in the "game" who will suffer punishment for their actions and very few humans will be on that list. Most guilty entities are from the astral realms and other worlds.

The evil that exists here is billions of years old and it will be removed slowly and methodically as per a divine plan. An age is coming to an end and no entity, ET race, spiritual being or member of the "elite" can prevent it from happening.

NEVER listen to anyone who runs down, criticizes or demeans humanity for any reason. NEVER. Turn away from these fools. They have no idea what they're talking about.

Our existence in this grand universe is a divine gift which cannot be taken away by anyone.

Heaven is real and She has not forgotten us.

We're going home soon. Back to our REAL home.

And the members of the "elite" and other evil bastards wont' be.

d50bfa  No.110899

This elite fails to understand one key aspect of the laws of nature that have descended from ancient Egypt and before, through Christian authors of sacred texts, and manifest themselves enormously in the history of the civilized world - it is the law of reproduction.

This is represented in the creation story in the fact that all life bears like kind. And there is a particular time for each life to do this, which is in its prime.

The civilized world is also subject to the very same laws of natural life as everything else, and is ONLY NOW in the prime of the same life cycle. The reproduction that must take place is a new reproduction of world order.

There will be no carrying over of the powers of the past to perpetuity in the future. It will ALL be changed. It will not happen overnight. But the time of leadership for man (Adam) in the world has expired, only to be now due "the son of man," which are a people of newer and more divine awareness, and the basis of the future order for the world.

289a19  No.132990


It reads much like someone who had just read the "Law of One" and is messing with people. I mean, AtS was never really a high intellect site. Then, when they tried to give examples, there was much beating around the bush, "oh, me? I'm just a lowly regional spiritual leader, bottom of the ladder" bullshit. And when they tried to predict the future, they only got one thing right. Bitcoin started in January 2009, but the rest never happened. San Francisco and Damascus are both still quite inhabitable, no solar flare melted the ice caps and submerged cities in the oceans, etc. Interesting to read, but ultimately useless.

f52d42  No.134450


>I am having a hard time disagreeing with his viewpoints

They've spent centuries perverting the 'truth' to justify what they are doing to other people..so they can sleep at night.

One way they do this is leave 'hints' like this AMA, and I Pet Goat, II and the /pol prophecy…if you see these hints and fail to act to save yourselves, then you are to blame for what they do to you. Its not their fault then, because you saw the hints PLAIN AS DAY and yet made the free will choice not to save yourselves from Rothschild rule, so its your fault not theirs.

Oh sure, AMA Rof says you could leave the fiat system (one way in which they harvest you) but you choose to stay in it. Come on, even the person farthest off the grid has to spend money to buy cloth from a cloth manufacturer so homemaker wife can sew up clothes for the homeschool kids. You can't entirely leave the fiat. And you wont really be able to leave the Rotcoin in 5 years after it takes over. And then you'll have to be chipped if you want to save and spend your Rotcoin. So your FAILURE TO LEAVE what they set up for you; this 'entitles' them to harvest your labor, and your blood. And they laugh and have contempt at those trusting souls that buy into their honeybee hive, and think the world is a good place.

Of all things about the Rof AMA, the contempt for the common man is what hit me hardest. The common man who, trusting in good, would not be able to believe that food companies purposefully make processed food to be devoid of nutrition and packed with extra empty and addictive calories. The common man who, trusting in others, would not be able to believe that the banking system where he deposits his hard earned paycheck, is purposefully designed to rob him of his own labor. The common man who, trusting in the people he votes for, would not be able to believe that they have sold his future to the people 'harvesting' him and using their perversion of truths to justify it.

They have polished their snakeoil for centures, they know EXACTLY what to say to entice others to join and accept their evil. Look how sane and how sensible! You harvest honeybees don't you? Well its natural law to make others work for you, for the jackal to kill the baby antelope and eat it. Because the antelope wasn't fast enough or smart enough to escape, so its the antelope's fault it got eaten. Its natural law! Slavery has existed for as long as man has existed, so escape your slavehood or its your own fault you are a slave.

Pay attention to them saying this with their right hand…And all the while they are taking down Western society with their left to make escape from their oppression more and more impossible. Its now or never. Give them no quarter.

6ddd6d  No.135913



not to mention that was 2011 haha

c986b5  No.141098

>>2422 Wow

6ddd6d  No.157995


8 other planets? hmu with some crumbs

20c0f4  No.172755


Hello OP,

I hope you're well! It's great to see that you've not given up on the thread! I've been checking everyday for any updates from you.

Hopefully there will be more to come but in the meantime - what are your thoughts on digital peer to peer currencies in this current economic climate? Bit-coin in particular seems to avoid certain drawbacks associated with fiat currency.

Thank you and all the best!


Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42043714

Hello Mr. UK and Welcome!

It is a pleasure to renew acquaintances!

By definition, there can be no true peer-to-peer network, since ANY system, by definition, is created by the few for the many. Such creators have ENORMOUS advantages in any system so constructed…and NATURE teaches us that those endowed with such advantage will exploit fully from the MANY to the benefit of the FEW.

You must understand the biological imperative hard wired into the monkey-brain which make this a given. Upcoming changes to information systems and computational power will make the conceptual platform moot anyway.

Do take care and stay tuned for future updates!

20c0f4  No.178476

Bump, you faggots. Read above

6f2461  No.178807

File: db72dc79fa849fd⋯.png (6.74 KB, 473x454, 473:454, 1401526707619.png)

I noticed that the concept of "presence" was brought up by this guy. We all know about people who generate a much larger presence than usual, but what about the people who generate little to no presence at all?

1a0def  No.190519

File: 33416d43a64e9bb⋯.jpg (72.7 KB, 540x813, 180:271, 21Aug1995-Rockefeller-Brid….jpg)

A Rothkild talking about genetics, bitcoin, red cross, bloodlines.

TFW they are the "aliens", and they receive all the classified technology in the underground bunkers.

1a0def  No.192399

File: 97c25af26ad1bda⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1258x926, 629:463, haiti.png)


still bumping

95b5ba  No.196067


Since the invention of the A-bomb, it's been humans vs the cockroaches (literal) in a race to the end.

1a0def  No.196671

File: 0892c7269a2a917⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 433x600, 433:600, orderofthesecondcircle.jpg)




no one?

I've really got to say, that since digging into rothschild and other habbening-related subjects, that I'm ironically starting to resent the caste I was born into and starting to understand elitism. If only my bloodline had looked after itself as theirs has. To take evolution of ones own genes into one's hand! At least someone will further the human race. Meanwhile, normies are blown about by the winds of passion.

f18bce  No.197056


Fun Fact: You are not the body nor are you limited to the confines of time and space.

1a0def  No.204200


Excuse me?

b5199d  No.204921




Ghost in the machine. Spark of divinity.

df9616  No.205932

the rothschild in the LARP is just an arrogant prick. bloodlines might be real but would you rather be the toiling BEE or the rotten fleshing that eats the blood of babies? I prefer to be the bee. at least the bees are innocent of the grotesque demons that the rothbullies are. demons love themselves but no one loves them.

1a0def  No.211860



Ah, you are both speaking about the same thing. I think they've been studying spirituality in a scientific manner, as the public should, as well. I think this is the whole nature of occultism. I want to learn!

0bf24d  No.212159


Anon, I have to compliment you and tell you straight out that you are to be commended for taking the time to compile what you did for the benefit of others. That is a tedious process and that is in fact, a long dry read.

I didn't see this thread here until today and have some valuable insights to share, and some resources to direct you to. It has been a few years since I read that, but it does fit it with other texts that will help expand its understanding.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to do that right now as I getting late by posting this. Have any of you read/researched The Law of One? This is a good place to acquire foundational knowledge that provides a base for this type material.

3dfdb4  No.212268


Adding support for Law of One.

My gut says it's important.

0bf24d  No.212269



> I think they've been studying spirituality in a scientific manner, as the public should, as well. I think this is the whole nature of occultism. I want to learn!

Occultism is NOT needed OR recommended to study spirituality in a scientific manner. Read the first book of The Law of One, and see what you think.

3dfdb4  No.212302


Studying science in a spiritual manner seems lacking in contrast.


It might help here to explain what Occultism means to you within this conversation.

From the perspective of someone who knows nearly nothing about such things.

d2e1c0  No.213208


Thanks Anon. Please do post what you have, and I might put it in the next update. I'm going to try to make it somewhat normie-digestible, though. If I try to smuggle a whole bunch of weapons-grade esotericism like Law of One, the Archons will flag the package!

TBQH I don't understand Law of One myself. I tried to read it years ago because it kept popping up in my internet trawlings. It was so "dense" I stopped reading it. But I would appreciate any insights you have. It does seem like the Rothschilds have been using some of Ra's concepts but in a satanically inverted way!

0bf24d  No.214341


I'm glad you asked for that clarification, because my wording there may have failed to convey the point I was attempting to make. It may have been more accurate to use the term Satanism rather than Occultism.

Literally, the occult deals with hidden subjects of the mystical, the supernatural, magical powers, and/or paranormal phenomena and does not necessarily imply anything satanic. However, depending on the audience, it may well have negative connotations because some religions view anything not coming from/through God, as coming from/through a malevolent entity. Consequently, what I wrote there was ambiguous. My bad.

The point I was attempting to make is that there are other avenues available for spiritual enlightenment that would IMHO, be preferable to pursuing something satanically related.


May be better to just leave it here as I saw an instance in a General Thread where The Law of One was mentioned and a couple anons went berserk (unless they were ((them))). Anyway, links to all the books are there. The link to open Book One is

http://llre search.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_law_of_one_book_1.pdf and then you can save it from your browser.

Do not feel dense when approaching it. There is a couple millennia of wisdom contained therein. I have found over time that each time I re-read it, I take away something I missed before. On that note, if you find yourself reading the same thing multiple times to understand it, you might try just reading through the chapter and not worry about it. Then go back and re-read it with a little bit of insight where it is going, and it may be easier to absorb the intent with more understanding. I found this to work well for me when I got to a part where I was feeling a little bit thick.

>It does seem like the Rothschilds have been using some of Ra's concepts but in a satanically inverted way.

You can rest assured, it is in fact, the Same Law that not only applies to everyone across the board, but across time (as we perceive it) as well.

When you get into it, you will learn that everybody's existence and evolution (ours and the Rofs) span 8 different densities; of which we are currently occupying 3rd density. You will also find that there are both positive and negative polarities in the 4th through 6th densities. You will find that equates to the Positive polarity reflected by those who are 'Service To Others' and the Negative polarity represented by those who are 'Service To Self'. It is not difficult to Fathom that the Rofchilds are of the Service to Self variety ! It will also become readily apparent that our most ineffective / treasonous politicians fit that profile as well.

If you find the preface, introduction and/or the history of L/L Research a little long, skip it and go back and read it later when you get curious. They have added a bunch of pictures since I got mine years ago, so you may want to scroll past those as well. In any case, don't deprive yourself of what is there by not making it to the 'meat and potatoes' so to speak.

This may be a rather large sidebar for 'understanding your enemy', but it all relates, and whoever digests and uses this information will be the better for it. A man could feasibly learn that he has been his own biggest enemy, due to no more than the lack of this information.

6add02  No.222118


My real redpill was that Q, Rothschild and the Elite Insider from >>7340 all sound similar (as >>29666 and >>32086 mentioned). Keep in mind that these all could be hoaxes. But let's keep an open mind (what you don't know you don't know, right?)

The Insider from >>7340 sounded like she/he was actually trying to guide us.

>the Vatican is the repository of much of the true knowledge.

Rothschild talks a lot about secret/forbidden knowledge (so does the Insider from the link in the post >>7340 ). Rothschild also mentioned that Vatican holds many secrets in Aramaic language. The Elite Insider from >>7340 Said that Ancient/Religious texts have been twisted and mistranslated on purpose. Could Vatican's libraries hold copies of the original texts?

Rothschild ("Red Shield") talks a lot about bloodlines and that it's very important to "tend" your own bloodline. Then the Rothschild mentions that Rh negative people are somehow superior (wow, whether he is real or just a toll he is very delusional).

One other thing I found interesting was that the Rothschild mentions that he/she doesn't eat meat or drink alcohol, except for ritualistic purposes (sacrifices?).


Thanks for the link. Is there some other texts I should read. I have been thinking about reading the Bible (or just parts of it).

One final thing:

I have heard about a theory that the Europeanjews are actually converts. They are the descendants of Khazars. The converts are different people (their origin and race) from the Jews of the Bible. This might be just a rumor but I think it might be worth to look into it. There is a book about this ttheory called"The Thirteenth Tribe". Both Rothschild and the Elite Insider from the link in the post >>7340 speak of thirteen bloodlines. coincidence??

705ce7  No.228728


How often is "The Family" required to make disclosures? Any anons with more disclosures / reference materials ?

Here is a list of source materials I have gathered that seem consistent with their message.

'Tao Te Ching'

'Book of Chuang Tzu'

Early Aramaic Bible (in Vatican? / have not read)

https:// www.urantia.org (circa 1950)

https:// www.lawofone.info/ (Law of One / Ra 1981 - 1984 / have not read yet)

https:// www.wanttoknow.info/secret_societies/svali (Svali - Low level Illuminati interview)

https:// www.wanttoknow.info/secret_societies/hidden_hand_081018 (hidden hand forums circa 2008)

https:// archive.fo/qERv5 (Rofschild AMA)


cc3bec  No.229098


"good" read…..learned some. creepy too. ie "why do you like meat so much? IT IS THE TASTE OF PAIN"

kinda creepy there.

2e8f93  No.230437

This was tedious and irritating. Not worth my time to read this condescending asshat's drivel

2e8f93  No.230514

Please delete this thread it is useless

e127f9  No.231203


This is a kike.

f52d42  No.231769

Can you imagine being a Ratchild right now? for centuries your family has operated in the dark, but they just can't help themselves, and keep this generation's shit from narcissistically posting on the internet over and over from Lame de Ratchild's endless twatting to this. So current Ratchildren are exposed, and out there, and everyone can see them. There is no rat hole they can hide in anymore. Because they couldn't help but brag.

"Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." So fall the Ratchildren– responsible for their own exposure and subsequent downfall

f5184f  No.232223


The guy literally says they serve "others". He uses maintaining bloodlines to cover what has really transpired. That is Satan has given them the keys to his world to do his biding.

288f8c  No.251037

Best read

e2ac02  No.256893


>I have heard about a theory that the Europeanjews are actually converts. They are the descendants of Khazars. The converts are different people (their origin and race) from the Jews of the Bible. This might be just a rumor but I think it might be worth to look into it.

This article gives a very good rundown on what it terms "The Khazarian Mafia" that you will find enlightening. It's in depth enough to cover the overview, but concise enough to not be a book.


944cbd  No.256973


The Law of One is not truly pure. Some of it is corrupted to a certain degree, but not to the same as many other teachings. It is, actually, a good a springboard for the True Infinite Source.

I would like to inquire on the nature of the "8th density". what is it? I was aware of the 7th density, which is the density of the Infinite Source Itself, where All is Truly an Undifferenciated Whole.

e2ac02  No.257151


Among the channeled material of which I'm aware, it is the most consistent and sensible available, imho.

Agreed, not 100% pure, but appears to me to be closer than the others I've found.

Please excuse the typo, should be 7 not 8. You are in fact correct; the harvest following the seventh density or the Gateway Cycle delivers us back to/with the One Infinite Creator the way I understand it. This is an exact point that I'm not clear on though, inasmuch as it is implied, but not stated, that there may be an additional number of Octaves. Never really worried about that as it isn't now a concern in any case.

Springboard is good terminology in the sense that having a basic understanding of The Law of One provides a foundational understanding to put the Rofschild AMA (and similar works such as those listed above) into the proper context. Without such preexisting understanding, such material is very easily misinterpreted, viewed and used in the wrong light. (Pun very much intended.)

Given the prerequisite understanding, these types of texts are useful in obtaining the 40k foot overview, which helps explain a whole lot of what people see, that they think 'doesn't make sense'. Viewed with such understanding, they not only make sense, but make perfect sense.

0b7cc7  No.257152


Sounds like James and conforms with a lot of what I knew about their beliefs. Not sure if it applies to all of them, but once in a while they engage in these AMAs with the plebs. I think it's supposed to reinforce their twisted beliefs where the things they inflict on us is our choice, you know with all the breadcrumbs they leave everywhere.

Everything in their beliefs is reversed, bad is good, east is west and so on. The most baffling is how they have an extremely warped sense of morality to what they do

c8153d  No.258657


great post. i watched a movie recently, was thinking this was what it's "really" about. You confirmed it. thanks!

c8153d  No.258658

it really was the cbts - wow. in so many ways. ha

3df08b  No.258701



There's no harvest. Every one progresses according to his own merits, experiences and learnings. All the harvesters are of the false light and corrupt demiurgic parasites.

3e5f7f  No.258717

I would love to know if that was a rothschild, because that would confirm to me that they are idiots.

That guy knows nothing about the body, and obviously reads into "modern health" too much (which I thought THEY were influencing… perhaps one of the other families)

f634ce  No.259011


Indeed, there is a harvest. It’s because there are atrocities on this earth being carried out by a few admonished world leaders. Their exploitation’s will cease from existence, as will their souls.

eb6091  No.259014


even the cruelest of the beings will be redeemed with the White-Golden-Violet Fires of the Infinite Source, if they desire to be cleansed so.

Only the corrupt demiurge will be totally dissolved. All the others can be saved.

e1a1ac  No.259922


There are a lot of tie-ins with things I've reached through my own understanding after reading threads here.

Do (((they))) mix Feces and Gold?

e1a1ac  No.259923


Thank you for this.

The thing about this is, he may think he's getting permission by absolving himself of our lack of knowledge, but never forget who built the bars of this prison.

(((They))) are well aware of our power to be deceived, and it's assisted. And when it isn't assisted, it's outright created by poison, killing, etc. It isn't a pure, open choice like (((They))) want you to believe.

It is a false choice.


Therefore nullified.

(((They))) know it. (((They))) need to convince you otherwise. He states it outright in his posts. "HIGHLY suggestible".

Everything you read becomes a part of you. Subliminal messaging is real and has much greater influence that you'd imagine, especially if distracted by the matrix.

082216  No.260183

File: 6170d6129f49762⋯.jpg (352.97 KB, 616x693, 8:9, two faces.jpg)


Schumer won't vote 'Yes' to Supreme Court nominee (((Quattlebaum))) because he's too "White". The (((Alt-White))) wins the meme war yet again.


Jews and Niggers alike know that Jews are Jews are Jews forever and ever amen; but they play the game to foment chaos. Chaos is the greatest 'gibs' vocation the two groups know in life.

c29cac  No.261165

All can be found in the Bible, Just like the days of Noah. Think snakes and their ways. They are cold blooded, not likeQ. The need warm blood. Heres the win, They can run fast, but they cant run long. Keep it going dont stop. Sess Got 2 explain video Amer seen it

c29cac  No.261166


Racist Pigs Just bc some say there Jews Doesnt mean their Jews. If U have Hate U have No Buisness With the Light

d862e9  No.261179

File: 998a808f103fce9⋯.png (111.63 KB, 524x803, 524:803, blood religion alfred rose….png)

>mfw I agree with everything he said

I just wish he would of laid out a plan to make some debt bucks so I don't have to work as a pig on someone else's pig farm anymore and get some much needed medical attention.

No one, EVER, EVER tells you how because no one knows. It's all person, place, and timing… then application ("durrrr hard work!"). But without being in the right place, the right time, the right position then all knowledge and application and, "greatness" is meaningless.

This is why Buddhism-Christian nihilism was the only answer for seekers because the yin comes easier than the yang. And those with luck won't admit they got there by luck of timing/place.

The upper-middle will say it's their intellect (sometimes it is but rarely, usually people good at mathematics). The upper-upper say the sacrifices of their ancestors. The lower-middle will say it's based on their hard work (laughable). But in the end they all say "it's your fault, goy!". The future of knowledge framed by a past of ignorance makes for a impoverished wiseman.

And few who are first generation successful admit their parents support, friends support, or early life KEPT THEM on the path to independence. Even if it was working in high school to buy a truck or an inherited credit-score/co-signature.

HELP! I can't restart my bloodline or change my avatar because I'm trapped in the labor gulag!

93acbe  No.261185

Going through this body of info now. Barely started - not even half way through but it is one of the most significant things I've ever read, and vibes me very hard. Who even cares if he's a rothschild or some rando hobo in an internet cafe? The points made are fundamentally correct and something to strive towards.

My bloodline is RH-, we celebrate our family traits: weak fear response, mistrust of authority, and desire to govern ourselves by our own rules. Me and my brothers all seem to be natural egocentrists, we've talked about it together.

I personally have always sought to become perfect. As a child I wanted to be a celebrated king of immense genetic supremacy and while I've dropped the childish daydreaming aspects this dream, perfection is still my one and only life goal at the end of the day - to become the man described in the poem "invictus" to become a king in my own right.

Of course focusing too hard on these coincidences is nothing but vanity and a distraction from the goal of becoming free, but I can't ignore the significance.

My opinion? I will from this point forth study the answers in here and try to apply them hence. I will breed in order to protect my bloodline and instruct my children to do the same meanwhile educating them with these same truths. My only regret is that I won't be able to ask this man questions myself but it is as he says: you will achieve your destiny IF it IS your destiny. Wish me luck boys - I wish you all luck in kind.

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