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File: d310d877175bd11⋯.jpg (126.35 KB, 801x473, 801:473, cbts ad.jpg)

126afe  No.26613

The purpose of this thread is compile information pertaining to Aliens, Disclosure, Light Workers and similar subjects that would otherwise clog threads that are actively digging and moving forward with Q's questions. This will also provide a place to retrieve this type information without needing to search all the CBTS threads in order to find it.

1. 8chan global rule applies. No illegal content.

2. This is an alternative to 4chan /pol/ CBTS and a backup bunker should it be taken down.

3. Tripcode Q is Q. Saying otherwise gets an ip ban. Take it somewhere else.

4. If you don't need a tripcode, don't get one. Ask if you're not sure.

5. Please don't post or mention Q-related material in 8chan /pol/. In fact, it's probably a good idea not to post in any other boards on 8chan until you've lurked for a few years.

b0f894  No.26639

File: 37013c62493003e⋯.png (227.49 KB, 1346x1086, 673:543, 1512285974126.png)

File: 54ca17bee1175b0⋯.jpg (203.25 KB, 1024x986, 512:493, 1512285935413m.jpg)

File: fe824783bac8845⋯.jpg (144.61 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1511921189331m.jpg)

get real; these ayyyliens need to fuck off

2bda9c  No.26709

Dr Hal Puthoff seems to be an interesting insider with secrets to tell, and may deserve some additional scrutiny.


Career CIA director, in charge of paranormal / remote viewing / "creator of CIA's psychic spy program still used to this day"

Greer disclosure project witness testimonial


Former high level Scientologist (OT VII)


Recently announced stooge for Delonge's To The Stars Academy

Delonge's introduction:



e34567  No.26903

File: 9f1f3dcf8fff17e⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NasaOnAString.webm)

File: a0fb7ff03401006⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NASA.webm)

File: 1b45f38fe68fe29⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, canyouhearmemajortom.webm)

File: 3947f630bdbe163⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 720x576, 5:4, ParabolicFlight.webm)

dont fall for their tricks

685797  No.27008

File: 753feda009b4059⋯.png (343.1 KB, 611x349, 611:349, HillarysAliens.png)

Oh good. A place for this now.

Yes, this is an important subject.

ec6b23  No.27284

So if anyone was looking for some official documents to red pill some normies when the time is right on the existence of ET/Aliens, here is some to start out with:


>Discussion of ET disclosure with Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Conversation of setting up a meeting with the president.




>Declassified Feb. 2017. Mars Exploration through use of Remote-Viewing. Detailed transcript of a hypnotically induced remote-Viewing session exploring Mars 1 million years ago. (Time and coordinates in document is not random)


>Declassified Feb. 2017. Document discussing Uri Geller's Psychic powers that have passed all controlled scientific experiments. Mentions Telekinesis.


>Declassified Feb. 2017. Document discussing various ways of achieving the "Gateway Experience". Mentions Remote Viewing and various out of body states and how they can be used to travel back in time and into the future.


>Representative of a DARPA-like organization from Canada demands ETI disclosure.

78c939  No.27355

You fucking aaaaylmao faggots are cringeworthy

Sage in all fields

e3a3d0  No.27363

This will be (((their))) last hail mary when all hope is lost. The grand distraction.

4469e6  No.27553

File: db36e8beae69f5f⋯.jpg (135.24 KB, 500x707, 500:707, obr1970x_en.jpg)

Use a developed intuition and feeling to discern between positive and negative disclosure if it happens!

Galactic federation is not a troll or a funny meme. It's a REAL organization of benevolent SPIRITUAL ET's. It is possible to prove this for yourself and contact them if you are spiritually clean and developed. The contact first takes place in the dream state, then afterwards it can be physical as well. If the disclosure deals with topics about inner development and cleaning of negativity, then it's probably a good disclosure of positive ET's.

They have contacted most planetary governments already. US government had a contact on February 20, 1954 in Muroc Air Force Base.

The contact did not end in an agreement because no immediate technological or material advantage was offered. Only spiritual development for ALL earth humans. This did not sit well with the cabal and they chose to cooperate with negative ET's which abducted humans in exchange for technology. These abductions stopped in 2000. after heavy freewill violations, so the Galactic Federation put a quarantine then.

The situation remains completely in our hands ever since. We have to make a choice and stick to it. Cabal or federation, Love or hate. It's up to us. This fight is far more internal than external.

4469e6  No.27791


>An incarnated pleiadian Lightworker. One of the best sources for information about spiritual development. In addition, most videos (and all latest videos) feature personal UFO footage.


>despite caims to be a "cult", this webpage is ran by one contactee also with a mission to help humanity. It is a massive source with mostly true and very useful information.


>more footage of Galactic Federation ships

eb7c58  No.27810

File: 7dc18bc0a5f3e6c⋯.jpg (320.74 KB, 800x753, 800:753, 4f4380421836f38e5b6837c20d….jpg)

File: 1b8590910ee32e4⋯.jpg (100.19 KB, 540x704, 135:176, 1510972506429.jpg)

File: beb5167ca1f0910⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 395x520, 79:104, cross21.jpg)

File: 84d7733ed5f849e⋯.png (12.36 KB, 501x500, 501:500, Tai-Chi-sm.png)

b8be57  No.27939

No Aliens.. Just ol' Nazis

8d8524  No.28939

File: c9c8b52bdf3e44f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 960x1046, 480:523, arv.png)

File: 95a013ee6bd0461⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1829x1821, 1829:1821, Bob_Lazar_infographic.png)

File: 681a87abb36580b⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1591x2348, 1591:2348, Faked_photos:footage?.png)

File: 81945c933adfe5c⋯.png (4.58 MB, 2011x1337, 2011:1337, Nazi_SSP.png)

5e63f6  No.31355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this was transmitted to THE ELUSUVE ONES

on the same date there was a drop of hidden pics in the Q spreadsheet

5e63f6  No.31364

File: caba29e35f8c7b7⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, scr00002.jpg)

File: b1960667b9f8947⋯.jpg (171.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, scr00005.jpg)

File: bfafc408c78bd6f⋯.jpg (205.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, scr00007.jpg)

File: caba29e35f8c7b7⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, scr00002.jpg)

0fa9f4  No.31493


These bear an uncanny resemblance to images made by this program.


Disinfo is everywhere. That being said, the link you posted is probably legit. The Federation/Ashtar Command only does things when the time and energy is right, and that time may just be now. This is no reason to stop your spiritual development, on the contrary, discernment will be more valuable now than ever.

5e63f6  No.31704


>>31493 thanks for the link, the date was a synchronicity for me

>The Federation/Ashtar Command only does things when the time and energy is right, and that time may just be now.

And thinking about Q linking NK and SpaceX interference with their rockets might very well be a confirmation. see vid here: >>5489

>This is no reason to stop your spiritual development, on the contrary, discernment will be more valuable now than ever.


0fa9f4  No.32228


Ashtar Command never explodes things. Their most direct interference is explained here


16227e  No.32884

File: d2851e8523a127f⋯.webm (6.62 MB, 1200x674, 600:337, Prep2Fight.webm)

the battle in the heaven continues, Ashtar will not hurt for fear of causing too much damage, yet the others less technologically advanced that follow the light will but only to the dark

ad1363  No.33042

File: f6d3592c15570ff⋯.png (65.22 KB, 630x477, 70:53, Star Nations Flotillas Soo….png)


←- UFO Cover-Up will come to an abrupt end. How?

726d8a  No.33596

*Deep Breath*


358f41  No.34255

William Tompkins talking about the Secret Space Program. At 1:08 he says our past presidents were shapeshifters, but Trump is not, but knows a lot about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb18kkVlRh4

Again, go to 1 hour and 8 minutes into the video and listen until 1 hour 6 Minutes 10 Seconds

307192  No.34576

Photo copy of MJ-12 document

Ultra Top Secret: Assessment of Situation / Statement on Position on UFOs


82f7bc  No.34765

None of this would be inconsistent with fallen angels or demon-possessed creatures being falsely introduced to us by the cabal as ETs. In a few years, it will be popular knowledge how to engineer any kind of monstrous creature you want, certainly the cabal already is doing it.

16227e  No.42753


he is very vague, so I don't think it will happen at all, probably last minute or so he will say something alongside "the battle continues, they will not appear" and so forth, just take this whole alien stuff as fiction until it turns into fact

696979  No.42774


Pretty much this.

But remember it can turn into a fact for YOU if you choose it yourself. If you prove your readiness.

Refer to the magical place called angels-heaven.org and others.

0154c9  No.43137

could someone tell me how to upload files to this stupid website? I'm sick and tired of wasting all my time doing research only to be completely unable to even present my findings.

just post a url that works for you when you upload files. thanks

696979  No.43223


Does the "select/drop/paste files here" under the text reply box not work for you?

a60397  No.45720

File: 652e59430574477⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (20).png)

Anyone else see the names of these mountain ranges in Antartica? Hillary Coast?

d9775b  No.45832


Most likely named after Edmund Hillary.

126afe  No.66367


Yes, anon this is a fact.

Whoever is unaware, research Project BlueBeam. There were discussions of using this back prior to the election. The technology has already been perfected and used elsewhere with the desired effect. The election was so far gone that it never happened then.

Basically they can project 3-D images in the sky that are visible for miles. Fake alien invasion could and likely would bring the masses to heal.

I've red pilled my family and close friends about this already. Don't take that bait.

I havem't the time right now, but will gather some info and post later.

44b237  No.69735


The galactic federation is of the false light. Do not trust!! They are energy robbers, leeches and deceivers of a very bad kind!

f5a14f  No.70415


Project Bluebeam is real. But that doesn't imply that EBEs aren't.

9f0848  No.70799

YOU are ET. There are also others. But the ET reality is your destiny. It is intertwined with what you may call the Divine. Fear, hostility, and suspicion do not hold up in this realm.

d5e827  No.70850

File: eb7338b93f2e9eb⋯.jpeg (43.21 KB, 510x361, 510:361, 25D8930E-0B61-41F4-9D33-8….jpeg)

File: d63d89b5f98e4e1⋯.jpeg (27.44 KB, 510x344, 255:172, 4F47605F-26B7-451D-ACD0-1….jpeg)

File: 451341be52059ca⋯.jpeg (33 KB, 683x428, 683:428, 37B5CE10-3D7D-44DA-8643-3….jpeg)



Go to


And search for “Ashtar Sheeran”. His group were malevolent human et’s trying to reach out under false pretenses.

Also good stuff on https://theyfly.com

e3e7a1  No.89466

File: 15b518564c7cf9c⋯.jpg (334.77 KB, 1210x855, 242:171, obr2445.jpg)


Real Ashtar is legit. Many unspiritual people channeled demons that pretended to be Ashtar, because misled people confuse real Love-spirituality and channeling ability.

6267be  No.90064


you can't upload files from a tor node

ba18d9  No.90596


Anyone claiming to be from the Pleiades star system is a poser/liar. The pleiades stars are very young, only around 100 million yrs old and are small blue stars which can’t yet support life. Look it up and use logical thinking.

Now that being said there could be beings from another space time that exists near the pleiades system in our space time dimension. But someone who claims to be from our pleiades is lying.

af64c1  No.90612

Enjoy faggots!



af64c1  No.90621

Sorry Mk. II Enjoy faggots!



af64c1  No.90634

Got those times fucked anyway it.. just watch the video from 10:55-11:29. and pay attention… a lot going on… some craft are moving so fast only your subconscious can pick them up… others you can see.

af64c1  No.90655

This was at Bilderburg 2015 in Austria… slow down the video to .25…. Enjoy.

13463f  No.90656

This excerpt from The Enduring Enigma of the UFO by Dean Radin quotes astronauts saying UFOs are real:

"Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell repeatedly has said that high-ranking military officers have privately admitted that for many decades factions of the U.S. government have been aware that UFOs and alien technology are real. Many other astronauts have provided corroborating statements. Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter photographed a UFO while in orbit on May 24, 1962, later saying, “At no time when the astronauts were in space were they alone. There was a constant surveillance by UFOs.” In 1985, Mercury and Gemini astronaut Gordon Cooper, in an address to the United Nations, said: “I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets . . . For many years, I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists and astronauts. I can now reveal that every day, in the United States, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public.” Such statements are not limited to U.S. astronauts. In 1979, Russian cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev commented on a UFO he saw while en route to the Solyut 6 space station: “It followed us during half of our orbit . . . It was an engineered structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls.” —DR"

Astronaut Deke Slaton described an encounter with a UFO while he was flying a military plane.

"As I closed on this thing, it looked like a weather balloon and that's what I presumed it was. I had plenty of gas and time so I decided I'd just come back around and make make a pass on it. I got around where I should have been coming back on this thing all of a sudden it didn't look like a balloon anymore. It looked like a saucer sitting on edge about a 45 degree angle. I didn't have any gun camera film on board unfortunately or I'd a shot some pictures of it. About that time I guess, whatever it was, for whatever reason, it took off climbing at about a 45 degree angle and and just accelerated and disappeared. I obviously couldn't follow it with an old piston engine fighter so I turned around went home."

af64c1  No.90667


Bilderburg 2015 in Austria… slow down the video to .25 … There is even a disk at 11:07 watch the small house in center of screen. There are UFO drones… Disk… and TR3B.

af64c1  No.90677

File: 757bac53e722349⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 906x754, 453:377, abd0c19ac0d001b5f987fcfa1d….jpg)

13463f  No.90684

High ranking government and military officials have said that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft visiting the earth.

- Paul Hellyer Minister of Defense for Canada believes four species of aliens have been visiting the earth for thousands of years.

- Admiral Hellenkoetter Director CIA: "These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth…"

- Lord Hill-Norton, Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Great Britain: "The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists seems to me to be overwhelming…"

- President Harry S. Truman: "I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth."

- Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of RAF Fighter Command: "… [UFOs] are not manufactured by any nation on earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some extraterrestrial source."

- Nick Pope, British Ministry of Defense: "… intelligent extraterrestrial[s] are visiting Earth."

- H. Marshall Chadwell CIA Director of Scientific Intelligence: "Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and traveling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles."

- A report in the FBI archives vault.fbi.gov reports that a US Air Force investigator stated in 1950 that three flying saucers had been recovered. They were 50 feet in diameter with raised centers and each was occupied by three human shaped bodies each approximately 3 feet tall.

a0abda  No.91441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pleiadians - Everything You Wanted to Know 2017

a0abda  No.91513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Allegedly authentic Pleiadian Photos 1972

I did a Google reverse image search on a screen cap and there are NO other photos on the net like these???

a0abda  No.91515

File: 64ec046bc07e8ac⋯.png (109.02 KB, 269x320, 269:320, screenshot_94.png)

a0abda  No.91532

File: 179ff042e74cf22⋯.jpg (22.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 79464ea58a20fd29b63d9ee082….jpg)

5b206d  No.91561


This isn't a UFO

1916c9  No.91841

File: db753de1294ee48⋯.png (349.5 KB, 473x687, 473:687, Screenshot from 2017-12-13….png)

Ok. I'll post this here in the proper thread now. Already posted it in bread #102 I think.

So this would explain EVERYTHING. The cabal.. how/why it got started. Why things have been so weird. Why technology has been suppressed (which we kinda know, but this ties into the occultism)

We know the theory of the aliens being demons in the flesh. 'Fallen angels'. So.. the theory here is that.. and it makes sense in a weird way, in 1947 in Roswell, we got alien technology handed to us as a massive temptation for people who wanted to know the secrets of the universe.

The deal was, with the aliens, that in order for us to have the secrets to their technology and/or not kill us all, we would need to make blood sacrifices.. It all worked out well for a handful of people, because suppressing alien technology (evil technology?) would keep the world dependent on coal, gas, roads, cars, trucks.. etc. A multi-TRILLION dollar business.

So.. we've seeing the.. result of that pact today. According to the guy in this youTube disclosure project video, the technology has been reverse engineered since about 1954. If we went back to Tesla's technology, we'd be 100 years ahead by now, but that got suppressed by evil forces, and so the aliens came to visit? Something like that? I dunno.. but it's almost like the story in the bible.. evil.. temptation.. good vs bad.






1916c9  No.91857

File: c0b63feb0848bf1⋯.png (987.15 KB, 1572x1055, 1572:1055, DisclosureProject2017_12_1….png)

c3955d  No.91972

I'm not saying there aren't aliens, but I think theres a good chance there's an AI civilization hidden away on earth somewhere.

aa451d  No.94763

File: 8d1cc631b0c7681⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 400x288, 25:18, Pleiades_M45.jpg)


Very perceptive anon, but there's more to the story and it goes like this….

The Pleiades/Plejaren

The Pleiades visible from Earth is an open star cluster in the in the constellation of Taurus. With the naked eye approx. seven out of the about 300 of the Pleiades stars, located in the centre area, can be seen from our planet during very good visibility. The overall diameter of the constellation is about seven light years, at a distance estimated to be approximately 420 light years from Earth.

The Pleiades stars have a relatively young age, which is 62 million years according to information from the Pleiadian/Plejarans. The stars are not being orbited by inhabitable planets; consequently no suitability exists for carrying any form of life, no matter in what form that could be. Thus there exists neither any type of plants or animals, nor humans or spirit forms etc.

The few existing planet formations around some of the Pleiades stars are inhospitable, life-hostile and themselves still half suns like the parent star itself. The parent stars are hot, blue stars resp. suns, and as mentioned all are still very young and will not become very old because they will again vanish only after a short period.

Around the Pleiades stars are still remnants of the gas cloud recognizable, from which they emerged millions of years ago. The constellation of Taurus covers an immense area and was one of the first constellations in the night sky to be given a name by people on Earth. The constellation refers to one of the oldest domestic animals of humans, the bull.


aa451d  No.94809

Continued from >>94763

For more than 5000 years has this star constellation had a quite special interpretations on Earth, namely due to the spring equinox which could be found there. The star constellation, as well as the bull as an animal, was revered and worshiped in almost every known advanced civilisation prior to the turning point to modern times. The constellation probably contains the most well-known stars in general like the Pleiades stars, the Hyades and the Crab Nebula, whereby the constellation name probably has a very deserving highlighting in this specific region of heaven.

The main star in the constellation is Aldebaran, a giant in about 68 light years distance, referred to as a long period variable star. Its diameter is about 36 times our sun. The Crab Nebula exists as a remnant of a stellar explosion which could be observed on Earth in the year 1054 A.D., but which already took place 4442 years ago, counted back from the year 1996. The Hyades are around 500 million years old and they are also uninhabitable stars like the Pleiades.

The central core of the Pleiades star cluster moves with a speed of 144 000 kilometres per hour through space, which correspond to a speed of 40 kilometre per second. The silverly-blue gas and matter nebulae surrounds practically all the Pleiades stars and receive its light from the stars behind, which then is being reflected. A reason why it is referred to as a reflection nebulae.

The home star and the home planet to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, as already explained, is not located in or next to the Pleiades stars which can be seen from Earth and are therefore located in our space-time structure, but lie another 80 light years further away, beyond these stars, hence the distance from Earth is about 500 light years. Moreover, the Pleiadian/Plejaran home star and home world exist in a dimension which is a fraction of a second space and time shifted in the future.

In this other space-time-level exist a star constellation with different inhabitable planets, namely 10 of them in number, of which four of them are inhabited by people in the sun system Tayget, who also call their star cluster Plejaren resp. Pleiades and Pleiadians, because they are not residing far from those Pleiades stars which are located in our space-time structure.

They keep this name description, like all other Henok line descendants do, for other constellations etc. and for certain planets in their different dimensioned living spaces. Thus, at least the stars resp. suns in Plejaren star cluster are named after the names of the suns of the Pleiades stars which apply in our dimension.

In the Pleiades/Plejaren, the space-time shifted dimension to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, is the planet most similar to Earth called Erra. It is also the home of Semjase, Quetzal, Pleja and Ptaah as well as being the actual administrative planet of the Pleiadian federation where the allies can be found in a distance as far as 6 billion light years away.

A so called dimension door was created by their distant forefathers for around 52 000 years ago, which since that time enabled the Pleiadians/Plejarans to enter into our dimension at will. This dimension door is also used as a communication channel which makes it possible for the Pleiadian/Plejarans to maintain their communication between both dimensions at all times and in fact without time delay because their communication signal is transmitted on a plane where by artificial technological means it is possible to utilize a spiritual energy carrier, whereby there is practically no limit to the transmission speed and the signal reaches the destination billion of light years away the moment it is sent out.

The same communication system exists with all federation members, in other foreign dimensions as well with Askets people in the DAL-Universe, and some of the other people living there who are in alliance or are friends with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. For this purpose was a dimension door likewise created between the two sister universes. This also took place about 50 000 years ago.

09d982  No.110746

Is George Bush senior a full reptilian or reptilian/human hybrid?

4250c5  No.113090


Dark puppets are negative. Discern people and aliens only by their vibrational level - Loving/positive, selfish/negative. There are a few positive reptilians too.

25a5a8  No.113144


yes. and this needs to be memed far and wide now.

4250c5  No.113155


Correct, but be aware there are both positive and negative ET's and discernment is ESSENTIAL here.

c20b98  No.113436


The Triangles are MIC

2f75c1  No.116732

1a12b3  No.116785

Ok this alien shit is freaking me the fuck out!!!

Are they hostile? What do they want from us?

4250c5  No.117036


Don't worry mate, no aliens pose a direct threat - this is per Universal Laws. We have our own individual and collective choice to make, to choose a side, good or evil, positive or negative. No external influence is permitted on this - this is enforced by spiritual positive ET's.

1a12b3  No.117304

So are they visible? Like human form or only spiritually? The good vs evil are like angels vs demons, correct? That’s what the “aliens” are?

036fdc  No.120692


The universe is big. There is a lot of stuff. Some are visible, some are not. Can be good or evil - trust your heart feeling on this one.

55809f  No.120880



Here is the whole enchilada briefly:

Many universes exist

Within each universe are many layers of dimensions

Lower dimensional life is heavy and dense

Higher dimensional life is light and pure

You are an immortal soul

Your journey through eternity begins in the lower dimensions

As you awaken and become more enlightened, you return to the higher dimensions

There is no such thing as death

Souls are eternal

Your eternal journey takes place through many incarnations on different worlds

Reincarnation is real

You can't remember your past lives because you're living in amnesia

This is because Earth has become a prison for souls

A combination of "fallen angels" and ETs have created this prison

Yes, ETs exist

Yes, angels exist

Angels and ETs can be good, evil or anything in between

Yes, ETs can be visible if they choose to be

Yes, angels can be visible

ETs and angels are incarnated on Earth as humans

They are walking around among us everywhere

Because you've lived on other worlds in previous incarnations, YOU are an ET

Soon, the "veil" will lift and you will remember all of this

So, yes, there are aliens

Million of planets with intelligent life

And yes, there are angels

Are they the same?

No, they're not

Anybody who tells you that ETs and angels are the same thing is an idiot

There is absolutely nothing to fear in this entire universe


Because you're an immortal soul, you've always existed and you always will

Bodies die but souls live forever

The body you occupy is not you

You are a soul-spirit, not a body

When you die, you move on into another "vessel" or body for another life

036fdc  No.120900


All information posted is true, also ET's can be physical angels, in fact biblical angels are spiritual extraterrestrials.

55809f  No.120901


This is correct.

GFOL is a fraud.

036fdc  No.120945


A large majority of channelings is fradulent demons trying to discredit them.

55809f  No.120957


Biblical angels come in different forms.

There are seraphs, cherubs, watchers, etc.

Each angelic being has a certain function.

ETs can APPEAR to be physical angels, but ETs and angels are NOT the same thing.

Many, many ET races exist in all dimensional layers.

Many, many angelic beings exist in these layers, also.

So, are biblical angels spiritual ETs?

It depends on which angels are being discussed.

Some are ETs.

Some are actual angels.

It's the "watchers" from the Old Testament (along with evil ETs) who are responsible for our enslavement here.

I personally know these "watchers."

That's why I'm here.

I incarnated here to help bring this nightmare to an end.

55809f  No.120961


Yes, that's correct.

Channelings should NEVER be trusted. NEVER.

036fdc  No.121006


>I incarnated here to help bring this nightmare to an end.

Welcome brother, same here. We will bring this to a nice conclusion.

10c99f  No.121007



More info

Visit the Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations - YouTube


The Galactic CODEX – time for a review. – Prepare for Change


10c99f  No.121035

101 Cintamani Locations ✡️ New Atlantis World Tour (HD) - YouTube


The Portal: Command PB Stardust Video and Manga


Per Cobra - The Light Forces have asked to make Command PB Stardust protocol viral as much as possible.

036fdc  No.121076

File: 574ae071b6f6223⋯.jpg (363.3 KB, 1754x1239, 1754:1239, obr4460.jpg)



All true - powerful - positive information. Thank you.

In my opinion the essence of this should be in the OP of every new CBTS thread instead of just this threadly link.

For the anons lurking and wondering, welcome to the 40,000 feet view.

2f75c1  No.121502

use Twitter and do not want to be block because we are helping Q do ASAP


3c879c  No.122615


Angels-heaven.org looks creepy af.

“Angles” are simply extra terrestrial humans. “God” was the title of their leader. Folks in the past had no concept/understanding of this so that’s where those terms came from.

This page attempts to list, in a single location, all major events in history that have been revealed by Billy and the Plejaren Federation and some of those yet to come:

http://www. futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Earth_Event_Timeline

52e1d3  No.123929


What exactly is creepy about that site? The site is an anathema to demons, clean your aura first.

7fbf7b  No.124551

File: 89731f4eaf3e77b⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 940x545, 188:109, Aliens2.jpg)




>>124357 <-- original post


4fc1fb  No.124829


7fbf7b  No.124867

The Vatican has a telescope named "Lucifer" which they made some crazy acronym for.


10c99f  No.125400


Multidimensional Portal Meditation -MAKE THIS VIRAL! – Prepare for Change


From December 17th to 25th at 2:30 PM GMT/UTC

We have a CRITICAL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to dissolve this plasmoid wormlike entity forever…

… and the entity knows this

… which is why the attacks on Lightworkers are so fierce right now.

52e1d3  No.126280


Thank you. I will participate.

16227e  No.126615

File: c6792e4114d87c9⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 700x450, 14:9, nordics-nazis.jpg)

Beware their human harvesting ships, Jupiter Ascending was a warning, not just a film, but the harvesters are aliens.

Ever wonder how the other humanoid aliens live so long? Now you know, because of us.

Our mobile phone tech was given by them, they will be used to mind control you into entering their ships.

They offer salvation, it will end with your death. You have been warned.

52e1d3  No.126644


There are positive and negative aliens. We teach how to differentiate so this doesn't happen. Read above.

b66a51  No.127959

cbba48  No.129802

File: 70d23853f80a193⋯.jpg (500.9 KB, 1079x1089, 1079:1089, ayy happening.jpg)

Let me show you how far the rabbit hole goes

All the way to the top of AYY LMAO

Earth is a quarantine far from the rest

Our exopolitics on earth is surely a mess

Engineered and diseased for a greedy purpose

Our life is the commodity always for a harvest

To extend the livespand of our overlords

Human cattle we are but not for more

Friends we have outside but far

Reptilian birds and benevolent stars

Now is the time to fight to the death

For paradise on earth and so we can rest

89af50  No.129814


I know. Q will not acknowledge which makes me worry.

cbba48  No.129891

File: 4a0b49a73254134⋯.jpg (130.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-1-1.jpg)


most triangle shapes are of human factions ARV(Alien Reproduction Vehicles) while reptilians are normally cigar shaped.

under project name ASTRA

model # is TR-3b

prototype was developed around groom lake NV and has been witnessed dating back to the 70's and maybe beyond.

someone mentioned there are patents floating around but personally but not confirmed… if anybody has them plz share…

cbba48  No.131397

File: 54dc1a22e832e30⋯.jpg (841.12 KB, 1920x2016, 20:21, MEGA.JPG)




finally the AYY talks is in gear and I just want to paint a broad picture of where we're at in this point in time.

well first off earth is a human farm. quarantined and gated off so we the commodity could be cooped up as cattle. we've been engineered to have a shorter lifespan and have this insane immunity. we are then bombarded by pathogens, virus, disease to develop antigens and be systematically harvested for many things like blood, marrow, adrenochrome, organs, flesh(for consumption) and cancer cells seems to be one of the main commodity. the robust reproducing cells can be processed to a life extending medication, all for the profits and extended lifespan for the "shareholders" of "the company". it is a YUGE market. Think Jupiter Ascending.

there is an assembly out there that is trying to help us(made up of various races) and free us from our overlords. but in order for them to expose the mistreatment of sentient life form on earth, we need to prove ourselves sentient by communicating to them in "real time". once we do that we'll have a seat at the dinner table and could start making our plea. then the pro human, PETA like aliens, can build a stronger case. during the 70’s the ‘WOW!’ signal was them testing out if we are capable or not. all we need to do is send out a signal proving that we are capable in "real time talk". We have limited time(less than 40yrs) to achieve this or else the means of control will be too much it will take drastic measure for our emancipation.

when we talk about aliens we identify them with race as an indicator to determine if they are allies or foe, but that is a very simplified generalization. exopolitics is very much like geopolitics but on a grander scale and more complex where there are numerous overlaps in between factions by race, species, politics, star systems, ideology, religion, trade agreements, etc. there is a saying ‘not all germans were NAZI and not all NAZI were germans. Even some reptilian factions are “helping” us. Also the ones that truly wants to help us would never encourage us to disarm. They would rather help us be more spiritually matured so that we have the means of self-defense and be responsible for our actions.

With great power comes greater responsibilities.

2f75c1  No.131543


Most Triangle shape ( TR-3B )

namely (alleged) recovered human high tech from prehistory and it leading to a modern break away space faring civilization, can be discussed, or just read, by all.

Should read up on this bit eye opening


cbba48  No.131694

File: 6e089c66812d0ca⋯.jpg (191.46 KB, 1800x1006, 900:503, 1502249146040.jpg)



BOO no more trip codes… anywho


Once the “keystone” has been pulled out a whole floor of AYY related shit will be tumbling down. Here is a preview of some of the immediate factions we’ll be dealing with.

reptilians: the most abundant and probably the first sentient species to populate the galaxies. ‘saurians’ are the natives reptilians on earth before the arrival of the Annunakis. Our history are tied to the bloodline of Anu and the two factions of the houses of Enki and Enlil. It’s like ‘planet of the apes’ situation where we are the apes. Team Enlil wanted erase us before it got out of hand, and team Enki had sympathy for its own creation. much of the premise of our hiss-tory started before Atlatean times. To understand the future we need to know the history from Atlantis to Genesis.

Grey AYY: aka ‘synths’. Synthetic bio humanoid robots that comes in various sizes. Programmable, their bodies are low maintenance and resistance to radiation and metabolism suited for long term space travel. Think David from ‘Prometheus-ALIEN franchise’. most are like dolls and could be used as surrogates.

Kayeen/Kain/Cain: one of the shareholding bloodlines of the human farm on earth. Humanities (and some reptilians) natural enemy. Think Klingons (or that alien race from that one horrible John Travolta movie based on scientology). A reptilian faction dropped a meteor on them causing the destruction of Atlantis and then our story becomes REALLY complicated after this point.

Siriv: human faction that lined up with human farm agenda. They are the sell outs of humanity. It sucks for the souls that are born into their line and be groomed and raised to enslave mankind. But until we can take down Siriv activity we won’t be getting much help from the outside. This one is our mess and something we need to clean up ourselves. They are already under fire by cbts, [+++ ++ +] happenings

‘Real Time Talk’: an instantaneous commutation method used throughout space. This relates to blue beam, scalar field technology and hydrogen based lasers. It is a two part signal that utilizes quantum sub atomic properties of hydrogen. Instead of sending fluctuating waves of frequency that is prone to diminish strength at greater lengths, its method is by tapping hydrogen particles like ‘newton’s cradle’(collision balls) while space is distorted by scalar fields.

The ‘WOW!’ signals from the 70’s was the outer community testing us to see we are sentient and advanced enough. We just need to signal them back and show our intelligence, something like the golden ratio would be adequate. The two major components of ‘real time talk’ already exists here on earth with some individuals capable of executing this task at CERN lab.


ecd1a9  No.131795

File: 42472532b181731⋯.pdf (860.86 KB, electric spacecraft patent.pdf)

ecd1a9  No.132214

and I think the past presidents may be shapeshifters, but also humans. perhaps, it is that they are draconian spirits incarnated in human bodies, and therefore, they are still really Draco >>34255

012006  No.132527

Last few posts super-overcomplicate this into oblivion. This is darkside behavior so please dont do that unless you are darkside in which case I throw my ignore magic.

We all have to choose LIGHT or DARKNESS and that applies to ayys as well.

That would be the gist of it.


Love is the solution to everything.

6b5256  No.133325

File: 01760a35542e184⋯.jpg (973.75 KB, 1280x756, 320:189, pol prayer.jpg)


only a sith deals in absolutes.

indeed i come from the dark side but i speak the truth.

love is great but just cuz its dark doesnt mean its evil. how you think is a naive generalization of polarities.

too much light can be a negative depending on your objective. the intention and what you do with light and dark defines good or evil. and i must say that even good and evil is just a personal point of view. not to mention that there are various gradient degrees of grey scale in the middle. on a grander scale of things nothing is truly good nor evil, its just is(but thinking makes it so).

and that was just a preview, its actually WAY more complicated than that. there are more species, races, factions that could be talked about but not just yet. better prepare yourself cuz your mind shall be blown…

also the benevolent AYYS has a non interference policy. so when the disclosure happens its more probable for the contact be made by the negative forces.

the main thing that i want to convey is that its really not about race or species but factions. the outer appearance is but a shell.

the ones that we should trust are those who want to guide us, teach us so that we can stand tall on our own and so that we don't have to depend on others.

beware of those who wants to disarms us or take care of us by taking charge of our society. by accepting free food, aid or monetary relief we only become like pets that will have to obey the master.

its time for us to grow up folks. there are so much of our shiet that we need to clean up, im just antsy to start and get over with. but i guess all good things takes time. but unfortunately there are some pressing matters and time is of the essence.

first things first, we got to send out that signal and light up that damn beacon.



b60370  No.134328


Sorry, I get carried away for a bit. And I said behavior, not anything absolute. True positivity stems from the golden middle between things you may refer to as good or bad.

What you say here is true. Almost 100%. Disarming has to come gradually but for now are you sure we really need a self-destructive nuke arsenal, that one is a bit over the top.

Now how do we prepare this info so it can nicely go to the rest of the board and even to the outside world? And if a false disclosure happens we have to turn it into the complete one. I still see negative reactions for this topic even if Q's markers can be read in tomorrow's articles.

3df676  No.134516

File: b93288da20adcbc⋯.png (267.22 KB, 800x820, 40:41, b93.png)


Can you keep this reptiliandude LARP on reddit where it belongs.

b60370  No.134613


See? This is why we need soft redpills.

ecd1a9  No.136501

File: 2c35b2107f04ac9⋯.pdf (540.39 KB, US20060038081.pdf)


YW. And I agree with you, that all good things take time, which is why we should start talking NOW about the very real possibility that all surface humans of Earth have: to live in a Star Trek-like reality, in our lifetimes!

You, I, and some of the readers here might realize that the entire infrastructure for this spacefaring civilization already exists in our System and Local Cluster, but some people here may not realize this, which I think is why its important to discuss.

And while it is important to redpill normies with this intel; its almost like first thing's first - this exopolitical drama is, in a way, graduate level intel for normies, and first, perhaps they should learn they have been lied to by a selfish cabal, Luciferians and others have been running around behind the back of the populace for thousands of years up to the present, using our innocent population as an ingredient in doing their bloody dark magick, and that evils exist, even worse than these Luciferians, more ancient, whom the Luciferians themselves have done the bidding of in times past.

Then, perhaps after this realization is complete, and the Swamp is drained, our surface population can deal in rebuilding the pysche of our civilization, which will include a massive re-learning of all types of subjects, ranging from history, to mathematics, engineering, and physics, which will coincide more-so with the hyper-dimensional, elctro-plasmic reality that we all exist within.

While dealing with how Earth Society could exist in an enlightened way is something we all should consider, I fully acknowledge that this intel is perhaps a couple steps ahead of where we are or even need to be today in order to Drain the Swamp and ultimately win the War that is taking place in this Storm.

First and foremost, we need to drain the swamp, which is what is happening as we speak in this WW3 (Thanks be to Q, White Hats, Anons, and Patriots - long may ye' reign), but the foreknowledge for what is coming in the future is important, no? Should it too be disseminated? Not only to normies, but also those who are already redpilled, but perhaps they think they are sufficiently red-pilled, and yet we all need to redpill ourselves again to unlock more information and history of this whole unfolding narrative.

Q is trying to prep us for future collective knowledge of the Cosmos, and in his demented way, so is Skippy, which means this exo-political reality is coming towards us whether we like it or not!

If future unlocks past, certainly is it logical to conclude that the True Knowledge of the past can unlock our present and our future. No civilization can ever know where it is going, unless it knows where it has been. Present Homo sapiens of Earth have been intelligently designed and programmed with genetic material that did not originate on this planet, so in a sense, we are all ET in nature, because we all have that genetic stock within us, and our physical form is in no way a product of evolutionary biology on this sphere. The pre-human hominoid was altered for a purpose.

I believe having understanding of this Cosmic Identity enables people to believe that they are here for a purpose, and to ultimately, for those who have closed hearts and/or are spiritually dead, to understand the greater spiritual and scientific reality that is taking place beyond the illusory nature of our limited perception, as it has only consisted of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum in this density.

We should start to learn what is possible in the vastness of the Multiverse…

10c99f  No.136821

future unlocks past = The Event will bring Full Disclosure

What Partial Disclosure Looks Like ( Don't Let It Happen ! ) - YouTube


10c99f  No.136871


What about the slave colonies?

Karuna 5 - Memories of a hostage - YouTube


16227e  No.137531

File: 4d68e213985bf72⋯.png (390.32 KB, 800x534, 400:267, Drakh_01.png)


I heard the ICC told these people they were 'chosen' to survive, all of those guys working as slaves think that Earth is gone

That is how they got them to join them in the first place, after all if a government official came to you and told you that your family was chosen to survive some apocalyptic event…you would go no matter what. They only chose the smartest, and this is called the brain drain of the 60s/70s. Also note that in this colony eugenics is heavily practiced.

Now…imagine living your entire life thinking Earth was gone…

6b5256  No.137715

File: 7c84da8dced1b86⋯.jpg (744.25 KB, 1410x1080, 47:36, ALIENS.jpg)


No disarmament. You seem to demonize nukes cuz it’s the biggest and baddest thing we know of but I tell you this, the nukes we have are like 22lr in space warfare. There are much scarier things that could take out whole planets or star systems in one swoop (think of a ‘snuke’ with the effect of a neutron star).

Every technology and information is a double edge sword, that same study of nuclear reaction also provided us with energy and is crucial for the science that we are about to be exposed to. Your cant just take one side without the other, it comes in a package. We were just dumb enough to use it as a fire cracker and harm ourselves and used it in such manner. Yes the effect of it is devastating and I cry for the souls lost in its destruction. Still I just think it as a learning curve and need to be more responsible about it and learn from our mistakes.

Weapon development will naturally continue and once something is in existence its there. You could hide all you want but its still there somewhere in the stream of information. All we can do is be responsible and know manage it accordingly. And if we were to be invaded by certain species you would wish for a couple nukes to be lying around. If we are to give up on what we have its back to square one. Back to being slaves, back to being cattle.

Yes it is a fear based thought process and excess amount of fear is harming and immobilizing. But fear at a healthy dose is what keeps us alive. Fear in its own way helps prepare us and give means of defense towards certain possibilities of the future thus enhancing our rate of survival.

In all honesty the self-harming part is so cuz its just structured that way. Its not really our war we are fighting and humanity has been instigated to fight each other. The classic divide and conquer method has us divided into nation, to hate each other on religious belief, for resources that the common man has no need and lately between sexes to break down the family structure, all in the name of control while the perpetrators hide amidst the chaos and confusion. But now the shadow of this world has been exposed and being dealt with.


indeed we are all graduating, from type0 to type1 civilization and everybody has to go through this crash course cram school. and relearning history is going to be the biggest challenge. other subject just need some adjustments and addition to what we already know. but history is going to be like a bolt of lightening linking ancient times and our possible future and we are right in the middle ready to be zapped (like how neo learned how to do kungfu). actually the lightening will come from ancient history, hit us in the present and branch out to various possibilities of the future. like a lightening in the storm.


i feel like i know you, do you ever talk to a white bird who sings in riddles?

7caca3  No.141478


They sing "lucifer" in the Exultset. It's the only proper name used there.

e49788  No.143754


So much this.

We need true information. This uploader is a legit guy and can be trusted.

03718e  No.147152


I have heard some random information about SSP, but can't confirm anything.

Basically, don't worry about off-world colonies, they have declared independence from whatever bad organization they were in. Now they are recovering.

The situation I've heard is far more different than CG 's version. There are real space colony & colonists, like you would expect in any sci-fi settings. People were not treated like slaves in other part of SSP.

Also heard about very very weird time-flow in space.

And a space Disneyland somewhere.

8746b3  No.147421

Disappearing Threads…

Disappearing Threads…

Disappearing Threads…

Disappearing Threads…

Hi. Since I've started accessing CBTS, there are often threads that disappear from the catalog. Maybe they return later. It happens very often to constantly. Do you have a fix for this? Thanks.

ce673a  No.147648

You can see these every night in the city I live in.

e49788  No.147664


An often ignored fact. Simply going out and having eyes in the sky puts you in evidence's way.

Remember to send Love to such craft. They will gladly return it tenfold.

7709dd  No.147673

Guys we can't let Ashtar the Terrible take command.

When the parley is finished,

Lady Asherah of the Sea declares:

"Let Us make Ashtar the Terrible king!

Let Ashtar the Terrible reign!"

Thereupon Ashtar the Terrible

Goes into the heights of Saphon

That He may sit on the throne of Aliyan Baal.

His feet do not reach the footstool,

Nor does His head reach it's top.

And Ashtar the Terrible says:

"I cannot rule in the heights of Saphon!"

Ashtar the Terrible goes down,

Goes down from the throne of Aliyan Baal,

That He may rule over all the grand earth.


e49788  No.147695


Ashtar and others are often discredited through false impersonation, fake channelings and smear campaigns.

Their actions will speak for themselves once we are made aware.

7709dd  No.147831


Ashtar was the Morning Star aspect of the Planet Venus, which is what the first claims related to, the Venusians, they may actually just be channeling the Planet though…

083db8  No.147994

a5bad0  No.147997

At least when people post a grand "this is how it is, i have all the answers post" i know they are fucking retarded, bonus points if they reference pop culture, a religous text and/or unnamed galactic enterprises.

im not against theorising and speculation as long as its labelled such and you are willing to admit you know as little as a newborn whos momma guzzled jack daniels for the first 6 months of pregnancy.

Orbs of light, black triangles, a secret space program, trillions of wealth and technology in the black book of the elites. That is the scope of our knowledge on this subject.

You can quote the super space friends coming to save us or reptiles are among us and whatever else but its all [citation required] and thats a fact.

083db8  No.148046


You are right, many here get carried away with the eureka moments, myself included.

It's a puzzle and some pieces fit extremely well, so when you rearrange them they don't fit at all. You just have to collect all the pieces.

Reptilians are no longer a factor and no one is here to save us but ourselves. But we can have help if requested. The fight is fair and very possible.

839060  No.148556


>Remember to send Love to such craft. They will gladly return it tenfold.

How does one send Love to the craft in question?

083db8  No.148580


I asked myself the same question when I saw one of these few years ago. I imagined a beam of pure Love from my heart reaching them, and had some warm feelings. I felt amazing for the rest of that day and got some new strength to face some issues in life.

9e1acb  No.148916

File: bb7e2a593e83d52⋯.jpg (281.08 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1.jpg)

File: 1b9d1441795e4b6⋯.jpg (283.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 2.jpg)

File: 43aa45b4152494f⋯.jpg (277.07 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 3.jpg)


Hey Q, most think the nearest star is Alpha Centauri A .. but (for now) its not .. nearest star is an object SECCHI has been tracking a while .. passing us now WITHIN our solar system, a brown dwarf star (see pics). Planets, comets, meteors, etc don't emit CORONAL MASS EJECTIONS .. only stars do. Not in the news. Any thoughts?

(I tried posting this to Q's relevant post but 8Chan said "Over 750 posts, start new thread." New to this.)

83b60b  No.150237

16227e  No.150332

File: 4145a582e6eeb52⋯.jpg (490.67 KB, 893x602, 893:602, 91a12aa0ae7aa018ae798f598b….jpg)


Its all a larp bro, people just need some higher power to believe in, whether it be the Galactic Alliance of Light, the Plaeidians, the Arcturians, Andromedans, and the list goes on. In the long past we had gods of nature that would protect oneself. Then it evolved to gods like Greeks/Romans/Egyptians had. Then it evolved into the monotheistic god.

Once the age of science came upon us this monotheistic god wasn't enough so a new age movement sprung up. Their gods are entire space civilizations, who have visited early man and influenced them, and are now coming back to save humanity & usher an age of Utopia.

The devil/demons of this new age movement are the reptilians. Some of them even believe in aliens living in the caverns deep under the ground!

083db8  No.150353


Expand your mind. Of the entire infinite universe, you think only here on this one planet is life? Heh.

We are NOT alone. But we are - for now - alone in our troubles, because we choose so. This has nothing to do with any religions or new agery or UFO cults. The key to absolutely everything good in life is spiritual development through Love.

16227e  No.150413

File: 742c28cbcf6f63f⋯.jpg (239.4 KB, 596x873, 596:873, flyingobjects55_53.jpg)


>Expand your mind.

how else would I know all this newage crud?

>you think only here on this one planet is life? Heh.

never stated that, I absolutely think there are intelligent civilizations out there, but they aren't as common as you might think

>But we are - for now - alone in our troubles, because we choose so.

the old humanity must choose for help to receive it trick, just buy some magic stones to usher in a new age of love

> The key to absolutely everything good in life is spiritual development through Love.

>spiritual development

new age cult in action guys

>through Love

its the 1960s hippy culture re-packaged and re-sold, no wonder so many boomers and losers fall for it, but whatever floats your boat

I do enjoy the crazy scifi stories new agers write though, Orion wars and the like, oh right, almost forgot since I have to fit in

victory of the light!

cb39b9  No.150619





21 Nov

Q is a role.

Planned and decided to give info of all types and assist in The Great Awakening.

There can be many meanings because all can perceive only at their current level of awareness.

Q is written for all to discern, to break the codes, to find their Truth.The



22 Nov

As explained, Q is a role, w Intel HIGHER than 'Q clearance’.

I have been asked by Q (ORITQ) to relay messages on topics not covered by Q anon.

Purpose is to expand Consciousness + reach further into Hearts + minds for those shut down to world events but are ready for Light.





24 Nov

You are seeing through a glass darkly but you will know

Just as you are known

How many leaks are You hearing about?

How many are actually true?

Why is this relevant?

Drip Drip

Where is Soros now?

Closer than you think?

Do you know WE have you covered?

The drain is open.




25 Nov

Do you believe POTUS is genuine?

Love needs no defense

Honor his Light

Someday you will be amazed to find you were led by one who came so far to assist you in this time space reality

Who is POTUS?

Be open to know.







26 Nov

J. is being phased out rather than exposed

No arrest and wishes granted for the Princess

POTUS is Light

Why is this relevant?

Compassion shown and Victory remains.







27 Nov

Does innocence still walk among the thorns?

Do the unloving need more Love?

Is this possible in your world?

Will you choose the path regardless?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Click your heels.

Come Home.






28 Nov

There are positive + negative ET groups. Dark behind Cabal. Light behind Alliance.

Light forces are UFOs seen lately. They’re waiting for the CC to be ready.

Light forces are comprised of ET, Angelic groups, Ascended Masters + humans.

609ea5  No.152014


Tis great the thought of the bonding emotion in Love. Thank you.

2425df  No.154751


Looking forward to being on the positive timeline that already exists , which everyone is currently switching over to- with the version of ancient history intertwined with the Star Peoples.

Currently still examining this increasingly interesting part of our human history on Earth, verifying more details and readying this information for dissemination to the masses at any point in time that becomes increasingly appropriate.

Right now it seems we are draining the swamp and that will be completed momentarily, then we can move to bigger and better issues, such as the Renaissance in Human Consciousness and Knowledge of our True History.

And sorry to disappoint, but I'm not currently aware of any communiques from a white bird who sings riddles… Perhaps we know each other from a past life!


8c0b84  No.154914


Or the WOW! signal was:

"We lost him at 7pm, We've got a 10-61 FH1."

youtu. be/ s9XWMJ4tgts


Kabamur has no credibility regarding Q.

"topics not covered by Q anon" lul.

Checked. He claimed (before the last missile or two) that aliens would protect us from the missiles.

Checked. He claims there were 7 bombs disabled at the airport and it was a foiled terror attack. Oh the bombs were what was extracted.

Q has not hinted at this AT ALL. My reading of Q is that the power outage was Q-and-the-gang's doing to provide cover for the Op.

Checked. Kabamur claims there were 5 gunmen at Vegas who escaped in a van. No mention of Saudis. Insists Paddock was an innocent patsy.

Investigation into his family seems to show otherwise. The 'foiled MBS assassination' theory is pretty popular now too.

cb39b9  No.155730

Deep state, true human history, Q, UFO coverup interview with James Gilliland.


d78920  No.155862







somethings are known

somethings are not

everything will be known

but a few will reject the thought

things you not know

but some others might

at least consider whats been said

till the evidence is in sight.

every piece of knowledge and information that we come across is but a clue until it is proven. the very truth one holds dear is only a belief until experienced.

anythings regarding ayys no doubt can't be proven at this point in time but when its all said and done at least some will know where to come to find some pointers.

no one other than ourselves should take command. be weary of the any "assistance" that is offered. and if we are required to disarm that is an immediate red flag…

after a couple more road bumps a "new age"/"new era"/ "golden age" is within our sights. call it what you will… i call it the emancipation of humanity on earth…

it might sound all fine and dandy but re-adjusting and rehabilitating will be a bitch of a process.. paradigm shifts doesn't happen that easily. just so u know…

193b53  No.155914


Remember they have amazing hologram technology. That is why I am very skeptical of all the UFO displays. Odd timing and a friend of mine lives out miles from D.C. but close to wooded area. For 2 years now, she has watched holograms of UFOs with blinking lights etc right above the mountains. They are there and then they disappear. She knows they are holograms and the govt. has been practicing for a long time. So are the UFOs really UFOs or they holograms?

cb39b9  No.155961

There are many types of craft, some manmade/back-engineered, some negative, some positive, low tech and others pure energy/consciousness/love. We live in a vast multiverse. Remember who you are, the outer reflects the inner.


10c99f  No.155977


With Hillary as President the NWO would be set, next step for domination is space, where the real battle is already being fought.

Cobra post dated 5/23/16

The Portal: Solar System Status Update


…One reason why this is taking so long is that all the Earth-originating Secret Space programs have been infiltrated by the Chimera in the last few decades:

The Chimera group was manipulating one SSP faction against the other, controlling the flow of intel and dictating the course of events inside our Solar System by taking many key representatives of all factions hostage.

All SSP factions that were not controlled by the Chimera have already joined the Galactic Confederation in 2012 or before. This is the reason why the Resistance thought back in 2012 that the Solar System was already free from darkness.

More on Secret Space Program (SSP) can be found here - whistleblower Corey Goode

Sphere-Being Alliance



126afe  No.156204


I've not yet checked those links, but I feel the need to point out those 'ufo pictures' are junk.

That is reminiscent of 'man on the moon' sci-fi from the early 50's. There are many that are more current and far less cheesy than those.

45cc36  No.156451


Wait until you see some videos. Less then stellar work (pun intended).

There are numerous conflicting facts about Meier.

A source closer to me says he developed ego and has no more contacts, but back then those contacts really happened.

The crown jewel of all his (and her) work is this


Reading this had WOKEN ME UP.

09d982  No.160690

Are the Arcturians and the Blues the same group? Or are the Blues a different group? When I see illustrations of the Arcturians they have blue skin.

259351  No.161154

File: 1915f2996441d0a⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 1000x595, 200:119, 11060089_963017327064550_7….jpg)


45cc36  No.161573


See how spiritual they are. Arcturian society is very highly evolved. It is possible they are from the same or very nearby star system.

1a12b3  No.162114

Q— Are they cloning humans????

Or “fallen angels?”

1152ec  No.162356

File: e6ca0366485ef9a⋯.jpg (114.91 KB, 736x724, 184:181, picasso funded by aldobran….jpg)

> Bad Ayy Lmaos excised from underground bases, nearly completely gone off earth

>Good Ayy Lmaos have spent massive amounts of resources to travel here and finally liberate earth

>The trickle effect of this liberation is already being seen by the collapse of the old powerstructure

> Do not fear aliens. The only negative spacecraft still flying right now are the triangle shaped military ships.

>Disclosure is coming no matter what so they are trying to control it and use it to distract from the way this change is playing out politically

d78920  No.163582

File: 22c2b36f37e1fd5⋯.jpg (531 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CLONE SEX.jpg)


oh snaps i forgot about cloning. fuuu its another road bump we'll have to go through but i think the clonepill will come about with the ayypill since the cloning centers overlaps the stuff in between humans and reptilian activity.

[Cloning Centers, Hollywood, Queen Lizbeth(Lilibeth), Freemasonry, Possession(Drop Tech)/Soul Transfer, Microchips, Camp David(Presidential CC), Navy/MIC, DJT red/blue tie, Getty Center, Donald Marshall, REM Clone MK 1,2,3,4…]

share some evidence, counter-argument. show me what you got…

if anybody can get me some docs by Josef Mengele or cold war russhie/murican cloning docs id be soooo happy…

fdc59b  No.163937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.








I've been "visited" by greys before and chased "UFO Clouds" (see my album https://imgur.com/gallery/ci21j).

After being attacked by aliens for a whole year, I can tell you for a fact that aliens don't exist. However after matching my experience with other people's experiences through extensive research and I can definitely say that those "aliens" were demons in disguise.

45cc36  No.164038


Leave the cloning to the greys. Greys are a dead, soulless race because of that.


You have been visited by greys in the 90s and before. You can thank Eisenhower and the cabal for the privilege. This does not happen anymore, because the forces that the ship you filmed is a part of have stopped that, because it was a violation of your free will. Your reactions to the ship are partially why you had sleep paralysis instead of feeling amazing for the days after. You are right however, sleep paralysis is done by demons that suck your life energy because they feed on negativity. Clean them up with Universal Love from your heart.

1d8b78  No.164669


they are dead and soulless but i wouldn't call them a race. they are but a bio machine where consciousness can take over the body or be pre programmed. a synthetic life form if you will.. just like a computer we need to determine who the user of the surrogate is. then again i guess a dying race can take over a whole bunch of greys and have a racial identity…

the happenings of greys (possession/soul transfer, consciousness swap) dates back WAAAY beyond the 90's and even after Eisenhower its just harder to notice cuz what greys were then, now took form of humans.

part of that deal that was made around Eisenhower times was to supply them with genetic material. why you ask? one reason was to expand the library of human clone surrogates. that is how 'they' infiltrated us, by starting out with key influential figures in politics and military. then they got bored and harvested celebrities to fuck around with.

we should do a DNA test and MRI scans on all high level politicians, CEOs, MIC, navy, royals, hollywood cunts…

and since the transfer requires REM brain waves it correlates to sleep paralysis so you are right on that.

universal love is great and all but when the devil has a grip on you by the nuts its just wishful thinking. just don't write that contract in blood and sell your soul(identity). one will be required to make a blood sacrifice that will haunt you for the rest of your wakefulness.

oh and magnetism is important part with all the transfer stuff. electro-magnetism to be precise. i mean duh thats how our brain operates, and by taking back control of earths magnetic grid we can shut down all the clone stuff in one single move.

c9648d  No.164696


>universal love is great and all but when the devil has a grip on you by the nuts its just wishful thinking

Not in the slightest. It's the best weapon, you can defeat even reptilians if you are a strong meditator connected with the God-Source and your Heart radiates Love, people around you turn to you for protection and Love and all that are hateful automatically eliminate themselves due to vibratory desync.

Other than that you are correct, but I don't focus on their dealings, really unimportant at this point in the game, we have to focus on ourselves and getting out of slavery.

2b1dba  No.164747


Ive always thought that some clouds just dont sit /look right in the sky. It wasnt until i watched the 'War of the worlds' movie adaptation that it clicked that its possible that these clouds and lightning and thunder would be a great cover for flying objects to infiltrate/exfiltrate our atmosphere in plain sight.


c9648d  No.164791


The Galactic Federation uses condensational cloaking, among other types. Many sources confirm this.

For example, Elizabeth Klarer, beyond the light barrier:

>"The tempic field, or time field, is the controlling field. It maneu­vers the spaceship from one time field to another within the vibration of a higher frequency that emanates from the total mass of the ship's triple skin. As the field intensifies, the spaceship becomes invisible to any watcher on the surface of Earth. It disappears completely or suddenly appears again. It can vanish on the spot when landed or it can material­ize again. On Earth, the first indication of this would be a heat-wave effect during daylight in the atmosphere. At other times, depending on atmospheric conditions, the molecules of atmosphere surrounding the area of proximity to the spaceship condense into a cloud as it comes into the condensation level of the atmosphere. This can occur while it is hovering or moving in the sky, whether the ship is visible through the cloud or in its invisible state. All you can see, usually, is an inorganic cloud that sometimes builds and bubbles up into a vast organic cumu­lonimbus, spreading storm destruction far and wide or simply decaying away slowly in the higher atmosphere."

I've read an even more detailed description somewhere but I can't recall where.

Also in the Bible, there is often mention of voices from the clouds - these are precisely Angels of Light from the Galactic Federation.

So you can mostly say the cloud guys are good guys.


4f326e  No.164829


a high production of DMT(spirit molecule) can higher the bodies vibratory field and help resist psychological take overs, de-syncing from their possessive link.

i get what you are saying. sometimes people who talk about love and light can be quite ambiguous.

also i dont think all reptilians are bad. there is house of bird i could work with that is "helping" us. like the enemy of my enemy can be an friend kinda situation.

either way its one hell of a mess were are in and have to clean up ourselves (at least what we're able to). and since knowing that this mess involves some negative outer influences its hard not to talk about them.

i just hope that the process of our emancipation is smooth and not to bumpy…

c9648d  No.165103


You got it. There are positive reptilians too. We will win. Focus on the Light and defeating the cabal, and not be carried away by the distractions.

10c99f  No.167494

Letter to my daughter - YouTube


This is beautiful and inspiring for all fighting for justice and everything good.

1a12b3  No.171188

What do these fallen angels/ reptilians/ aliens look like?

Regular humans?

Would you be able to tell the difference?

Who do we know for sure is one?

a2d113  No.171232


Humans mostly in all cases.

You will feel who you are dealing with if your intuition is developed.

98a9ee  No.174676

File: 9689c1fe39cc54c⋯.png (685.67 KB, 588x589, 588:589, 9689c1fe39cc54c465fa187aac….png)

File: f26f8415846d71c⋯.png (1.93 MB, 293x229, 293:229, EYE.png)

Anyone know about this?

02f431  No.175078


All this "reptilian slit eyes" thing sounds like a distraction - I presume you were refering to that when you posted the picture. Examine it closely and see it's most likely only a reflection.

680f92  No.175086


Contact lens

0bfadd  No.177298

File: 06c900710edee96⋯.jpg (97.11 KB, 590x350, 59:35, dat eye4.JPG)

File: 1065ca84dc2f7f1⋯.jpg (384.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dat eye.jpg)

File: 247666d4e25f3d4⋯.jpg (513.98 KB, 1240x1135, 248:227, dat eye2.JPG)

File: f0438c47a3051e9⋯.jpg (215.43 KB, 696x604, 174:151, dat eye3.JPG)




ooh we talking about reptilian eyes now? let me get in on that… but without the reptilian part and focus on something more tangible. medical term is coloboma and some how it relates to pizzagate and soros…

first off lets start off with Madeleine McCanns. should know here by now… the one podesta bros kidnapped… and the babies that was featured and advertised by 'i love babies Alefantis'… if you look at their eyes they have something in common…

seems like such genetic traits are sought after…

0bfadd  No.177324

File: e2fede9b084b051⋯.jpg (471.01 KB, 2156x1120, 77:40, dat eye7.JPG)

File: bc895bdc0077d20⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 3639x2646, 1213:882, dat eye5.JPG)

File: 4985a9733c44bda⋯.jpg (191.49 KB, 900x500, 9:5, dat eye6.JPG)


guess who else share this genetic trait..

non other than GS and mark zuck kinda has it too

now with madeleine there was talk about her eye slit shifting towards another direction.

i had some photos of it but for some weird odd reason all by eye slit photos vanished from my drive.. i was tripping the fuck out tryna find those pics and for the life of me couldn't find it.. also image search didn't do me good.

if anyone has them photos plz share so i can build my folder again.. there were photos of here with out it and in a 6 0'clock direction rather than 7 o'clock.

e28547  No.177504


Indeed. But the 3 babies under Madeline are one. It's Caris James.

0bfadd  No.179029


woops sry for my autism.. my copy pasta was shit with some typos

let me rephrase…

' i had some photos of madeleine McCanns eyes that didnt have the slit and some were slit down (i think it was) the 6 o'clock direction rather than the well known 7 o'clock'. from the photos i've seen her eyes changed, a shift if you will.'

pasta some pics if you have some…

0bfadd  No.179079


the two toddler pic looks the same but shiet the one with the longer hair does have resemblance… didnt even occur to me they were the same person…

holy crap then that means the eye slit do change…

thats why i thought they were different babies cuz of the shape of the iris..

now i wonder if the pic with james could be mirror imaged…

26150c  No.179535

Aliens = Fallen Angels who left their 1st estate

took daughters of Adam to wife & resulted in giaints (geber) (nephilim)

Cain was fathered by Satan, the Serpent. Christ called Satan's offspring "serpents" and a "generation of vipers". He also identified the pharisees as the offspring of Cain. See John 8:44

For more info on this subject, see http://study.faithweb.com/study/Serpentseed.html

26150c  No.179623

File: 6b3c72c37607a95⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 632x473, 632:473, Melanias Eyes.jpg)

Melania's eyes look fine in this photo but can't really see the bottom of iris.

1b4852  No.179767


It doesn't make sense to generalize like that for the other inhabitants of this limitless universe.

Aliens can be lot of things.

1b37a0  No.179927


Welcome to Earth… Mrs. Trump

1b37a0  No.180006


Pretty sure FLOTUS' eye "defect" is from using the camera filter that overlays the Santa hat & floating reindeer. Along with the obvious additions to the pic via the filter, there's usually a facial/skin softener and eye enhancer implemented. Most of these filters only get the best results when you are looking straight ahead. The filter probably locked onto one of her eyes and assumed the location of the other one, but since her head was pointed at a 45º angle, her eye was not where it "should've" been… hence the anomalous right eye.

eff23c  No.180461


Read the Lost Book of Enki, based off Sumerian tablets "1000's of years older than Dead Sea Scrolls" or go to Ancient Astronaut Archive and listen to audio book "suggest you start at book 7 … you will Cain able and a host of other biblical figures… Cain descendants can be identified by lack of facial hair

0bfadd  No.182173


oh shiet what if the mark of Cain is the genetic marker that makes the eye slit…

Cain, McCain(clan of Cain or son of Cain) McCann could be a variation of spelling


[Kane, Kain, Kaine, Cahan, Kean, Keane, Ceane, Cean, Kahan, Cainn, Cainne, Kainn, Cahann and all of them can have an o' or Mc infront from 'houseofnames.com']

65ebd4  No.183557


>dat first pic

The eternal jew

6e0ec0  No.185014

Literally who gives a flying fuck about Aliens? If you can't fuck them or eat them what good are they? Aliens better be a fuckable anthropomorphic green babes with nice asses or they should taste good, otherwise fuck off. Aliens could land in DC tommorow and I literally would not care, normies caring about aayylmaos is gay redditor shit.

1b4852  No.185513


Information about the many types of aliens might play a role when the cabal decides it's time to push fake disclosure up your throat. This thread defends against such pursuits.

6e2bbe  No.185787

is there a baker around this morning need loaf 218 please

080074  No.185831

This thread is fucked.

Not CBTS at all.

Belongs in its own thread.

Get back to business anons

8336d2  No.185840


Control the center, develop your pieces,

If one of your pieces is threatened make an equal or bigger threat.

Move with tempo.

Spiderweb, where does the spider sit? UN Map.

Nothing but ice, move along please.

Human curiosity, drawn to the truth, light. Feed lies and the will find truths based on lies. Look over there, an elephant. Cool, lets move on.

834a54  No.186098

834a54  No.186120



Yeah me too

16227e  No.186409

File: b8ad43b625f34da⋯.jpg (614.74 KB, 1250x1600, 25:32, 1431494641756-2.jpg)


>Aliens better be a fuckable anthropomorphic green babes

a most excellent taste

0e6263  No.187456

File: 7f26ec96d827d45⋯.png (444.72 KB, 1030x786, 515:393, Dan_001.png)

File: 4ec038ef3eb4eda⋯.png (272.87 KB, 996x778, 498:389, Dan_004.png)

Came across a videos talking about S-4 near Groom Lake. Apparently the entire second floor is known as "Alice's Floor", and there is a 3ft tall Alice in Wonderland rabbit near the entrance. I have attached some of the images shown in that video. Here is the video I watched. The part about 4-2 starts just after the 25 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3Bb2_vSp8&t=1760s

f6d803  No.192596

File: 43009823be658f5⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)


Why do all of these sorts of videos use the same female Stephen Hawking voice? Creeps me out.

758656  No.194492


Agreed, positive spiritual videos should have a positive spiritual background. Not a terminator voice.

a17929  No.194583

>>12095study the Sumerian tablets and texts or lost book on Enki. Bible is the readers digest of these much much older writings

126afe  No.197765


This IS it's own thread you ding-bat.

Perhaps you should go here:


1d60ef  No.198473

Cern and Aliens again?

0e8f82  No.198509

File: 8acc549a1f48f36⋯.png (300.99 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-28-19-3….png)

DSW Twatter

306237  No.199131

File: 590aefa93ff5033⋯.jpg (32.6 KB, 474x313, 474:313, .jpg)



kek this is what came to mind

this place is just foreplay for whats to come…

rub that ayy clit and get moist and ready for the thick ayypill

1b153c  No.209112

File: e7d64643eaccf0f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 926x1326, 463:663, CIA.png)

42f5a5  No.211398

Anons dropping about A51?

ece1dc  No.211428


Through The Looking Glass

42f5a5  No.211499

Convo getting destroyed on main bake >>211428

1a96ee  No.211686

Over here.

Totally missed the state 51 being directed this way. Sorry again.

1a96ee  No.211698

I did and I thank (you).

It was for the RECORD.

Is the Embassy is of a throne?

Is it of The Throne?

What is in his Right Hand?

The Son.


[Revelation Robot]

should be in LV for NYE

Need a Lift though.

Someone in the Area?

No deception

We are with you

Look to the skies

The closest star is two inches away

1a96ee  No.211709

Are we above or bel[o]w?

I like the bit in The Comedy with the Girl.

Dante you agree?

1a96ee  No.211727
















9ce311  No.211766


dangit bobby

1a96ee  No.211770


yay or nay?

9ce311  No.211773

File: 1481099e632c4c1⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 609x474, 203:158, 1510341397396.jpg)

1a96ee  No.211790


1a96ee  No.211791

So confused. But glad its a yea.

1a96ee  No.211847




1a96ee  No.211850




















42f5a5  No.211859

Got to get caught up. Gave up on anons moving over here

42f5a5  No.211869

Gonna dig in. Cause some of this is waaaay cryptic. I adore a challenge Anon

1a96ee  No.211887


Do you know what you are looking for?

42f5a5  No.211931

Yes. TRUTH >>211887

42f5a5  No.212165

I will come back to this thread with what I find

fd0718  No.212319


Godspeed :)

Don't be disappointed by the fact that you may not be able to share what you may find - due to disbelief and ridicule.

c20b98  No.212372


I have seen several versions of this Image. Is this the actual one that had everyone in an uproar months ago?

1c7cc6  No.212380


That doesnt look real

9ce311  No.214279

File: 6f71a7878da6e22⋯.jpg (246.41 KB, 936x765, 104:85, 1510368641600.jpg)

73b3c8  No.224012


Dead end Moving on

4f3a8f  No.224615


Really? where did you look - I may provide feedback if you wish. Sorry you wasted your time - but at least you now know more than you did before. All good.

8d8524  No.226181

File: ae9e95f98d5a52f⋯.jpg (863.99 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1487899596979.jpg)


This is an actual copy of the photographed ayy lmao.

In all seriousness, I've yet to find any pic of that alleged ayy lmao that doesn't look fake.

9ee66d  No.230044

missing SOOOO much!

b7ef8f  No.237927



https ://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2018/01/single-metalens-focuses-all-colors-of-rainbow-in-one-point

c20b98  No.243932

0a88d2  No.251074

I heard government backed Illuminati members in Belgium and The Netherlands are reporting fake UFOs bigly! Their TV shows an increased reporting of "alternative life", new X-files and UFO scifi. What's going on? What is in Brussels? The European Parlement is full of masonic symbols

0a88d2  No.251381

HERE in Italy we have more UFO scaring too

many people believe in it

it got more 2 months ago

they are considering life on the Moon and Mars that was blurred out by nasa

i think its bullshit but people believe this shit

and they never delete the stupid fake reports (the crazy people) from youtube !!!! it's encouragement for them

ec9a43  No.251860


The more I read this the more my head hurts.

Positive, true disclosure would never include such a thing. It would keep things simple and important.



UFO scaring is false disclosure. True disclosure is based on TRUTH about ET life and how it relates to us and what we can learn from them.

ec9a43  No.251864


Sorry, first quote was meant for


503845  No.259165

File: 2df394fd2fc031d⋯.jpg (407.36 KB, 1012x1800, 253:450, 2df394fd2fc031d2582746c25a….jpg)

File: 0e0ecf09d53c417⋯.png (803.94 KB, 867x7719, 289:2573, 019c41d8e0d987d663b963f32e….png)

File: 65d2f14cbccf074⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1722x1686, 287:281, 65d2f14cbccf074ceacc5465d3….png)

File: d86929ff23ae021⋯.png (234.56 KB, 893x3390, 893:3390, 360fa03d9f050ebf3c47edcc67….png)

Prepare for possible false disclosure.

bbeddc  No.259232


Thank you.

232d2c  No.259299


and nothing happened!

38f774  No.259619

File: 47717798294c008⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Saucerfields Detail.jpg)


Stable Genius?

Rev 9:3

38f774  No.259624

>>33042 HoW?

see >


be78c4  No.259644


Only possible after removal of the Cabal due to retaliatory actions with biological and conventional weapons against the hostage surface population (nukes are disabled in 99% of cases).

88889b  No.259661


This is a sign of inbreeding. It was s huge plot point in the movie ‘Chinatown’

88889b  No.259662


This looks a lot like a torsion field.

d92884  No.260364

File: 945fa6ecf5ee029⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 500x888, 125:222, moon_meme.jpg)

or as doubler for the knowers;

nice piece of work god,

or should i say: anunnaki.

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