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File: 8a99c565de2479c⋯.jpg (111.59 KB, 800x472, 100:59, #calm-148.jpg)

213b03 No.128973

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

213b03 No.128980

Latest Q posts































Graphic >>>/cbts/121779

==Q TRIP UPDATED BY Q== (Same ID: 462c9a)


==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a



==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




--These are the only real Q posts--


Anyone disputing this is Q, read >>>/cbts/119171 & >>>/cbts/119214

>>99480 ID 7681cc

>>99500 ID 7681cc

>>99525 ID 7681cc "Shall we play a game?" 18:27:05,

reposted vetbatim @ 18:43:38 w/ !ITPb.qbhqo in >>>/pol/11043832 , authenticates cbts ID 7681cc

>>99548 ID 7681cc


Tripcode Whitelist; only Q and whitelisted trips can trip now''' >>>/cbts/105223


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap


Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all a part of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

Graphic Qmap

Grand Qmap: >>>/cbts/74532, >>>/cbts/95263

4chan Q Drops pt.1 >>>/cbts/66953

4chan Q Drops pt.2 >>>/cbts/66963

8ch Q Drops pt.1 >>>/cbts/63794

8ch Q Drops pt.2 >>>/cbts/104828

Spreadsheet Qmap - Questions and Answers

https://app.smartsheet. com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

Spreadsheet guidelines >>>/cbts/110064

Interactive Q Database, Posts, Search, Glossary, Legend, Timeline & Quiz http://www.db-q. com/

Printable Q PDF's for physical spider web mapping https://www.dropbox.com/ s/ti7o7za7ahpztdk/q%20print.zip?dl=0

PDF Qmap https://anonfile.com/Oa77ofdebf/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_3.7.0.pdf

PDF Qmap >>https://anonfile.com/X369oad0b4/Q_Map_12_19_2017v2.pdf

Wikispaces Qmap https://cbts.wikispaces. com

Qmap Legend (List of abbreviations and meanings): >>>/cbts/75523

CheatSheetAnon Compilation: >>>/cbts/62967 & >>>/cbts/62971 '''

'''Qmap Ven Diagrams and Q signatures studies >>>/cbts/119423

213b03 No.128988



Blast the left and

Blast the right.

Wherever evil lurks,

We shine our light.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

Infographs >>10

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

→#1 ~1400 images from Memes #1 thru 9Dec2017. Jumbo file … 424 Mb. Download may take an hour. https://anonfile. com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip

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→2b The next 206 images from Memes #2, 12Dec2017. 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/TbCal8d1ba/CBTS_Memes_2B.zip

→2c 206 more images from #2, 12Dec2017. 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/h9jdm7ddb3/Memes_2C.zip

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Guerilla Twitter Tactics



They Fear Our Confidence. Give them No Quarter.

39ba69 No.129003

Here it is!

213b03 No.129010

Recent Findings & News

For dig inspiration and catching up...

12.17.17 >>>/cbts/119162

Recent Findings & News - Enjoy The Show

(Newest at top - OP's please crosspost in relevant threads)

NEW Thread for significant finds found in general cbts threads - >>>/cbts/116764

The Storm

Possibly (+++) and (++) are complete; and we have moved on to + >>>/cbts/120740 & >>>/cbts/120740

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter? >>>/cbts/123120

Coincidence or message?

Trump ends today's speech with: "Great re-Awakening" >>>/cbts/120258

Speech timestamp - 28 min speech at the 26:00 mark. The finale - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=nxdTCfRDhSs

How do you capture a very dangerous animal? >>>/cbts/119450 & >>>/cbts/120603

Cryptic Posts [WRWY] >>>/cbts/119568 & >>>/cbts/119580

GAB migration while censorship hammer drops at Twitter >>>/cbts/120132


Atlanta See anything interesting in this image? >>>/cbts/122444

NEW MAPS DROPPED>>>/cbts/122198 & >>>/cbts/122274

Amnesty International, founded by a R'Child and not what it pretends to be >>>/cbts/120584

NEW MAP DROP - Boys & Girls Club (Cooper's doc graphic?) >>>/cbts/118953 & >>>/cbts/120384

Walnut Sauce. Does the Cooper doc say Walnut Sauce in Russian? >>>/cbts/118901 & >>>/cbts/118768 & >>>/cbts/119635

Follow the wives - www.washingtontimes.com /news/2017/dec/17/nancy-pelosis-super-pac-keeps-donations-from-backp/

The VER company and the cryptic post >>>/cbts/118828 & >>>/cbts/119817

GANNETT's log in system >>>/cbts/119476


This is happening +

>www.washingtonexaminer.com/ trump-white-house-relaunching-obama-era-petition-site/article/2643878

>www.mycentraljersey.com/story/ opinion/readers/2017/12/18/letter-media-blame-fake-news-rep/108725234/

>next one is juicy

>stocknewspress.com/2017/12/17/ jp-morgan-may-have-just-lost-faith-in-realogy-holdings-nyse.html

>last but not least- AI

>www.irishtimes.com/opinion/ breda-o-brien-no-one-ever-asks-when-the-foetus-is-due-1.3328703

Soros news from today https://www.yahoo.com /news/billionaire-george-soros-betting-big-200800726.html & >>>/cbts/121170

Obama let Hezbollah off the hook" https:// www.politico.com/ interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

Pelosi and D's pocket campaign cash from owners of sex-trafficking website - washingtontimes.com/


Call for UN Peacekeeping Force in Chicago - https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_P23-cYQCXk&feature=youtu.be

Atlanta Airport Blackout fully laid out. Flights to Mexico and Cyprus DURING blackout. Thread & graphics - https://twitter.com/ ScottAnthonyUSA/status/942829062392774657

Atlanta flights which left yesterday inc. cargo planes - https://twitter.com/ @scottanthonyusa

Atlanta tweet thread - >>>/cbts/119848

Amtrack Derailment from the Tom Hennegen and Stew Webb Report - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zHgTJGnbylo

RAF Mildenhall, a US Air Force base in Norfolk placed on lockdown - https://www.express.co.uk /news/uk/893835/raf-mildenhall-norfolk-lockdown-us-air-force-base-security

Was the RAF Mildenhall intruder trying to get to a PLANE? - http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5191109/US-airforce-base-Suffolk-lockdown.html#ixzz51eGFzJHh

Mildenhall - USAFanon provedes context >>>/cbts/119511

Sealed Indictments Press Reports - >>>/cbts/110870

Re-election Update on current reps and senators not running - https://ballotpedia. org/List_of_U.S._Congress_incumbents_who_are_not_running_for_re-election_in_2018

Unmissable - Read the map as a game of chess - >>>/cbts/112732

Tarrot Backfired on the Cabal - A Reading of the 2017 Economist Cover - >>>/cbts/112933 & >>>/cbts/112972 & >>>/cbts/120585

b17988 No.129011

I'm ready for these children of sex trafficking and sexual abuse to get THEIR JUSTICE!! I'm ready for those innocent freedom fighters (Seth Rich) to get their JUSTICE!! It is time for the TRUTH and time for Americans and Humans to get their JUSTICE!

God bless you Q and POTUS!

213b03 No.129015

Q Resources

Q-Text [4chan] https://pastebin. com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile. com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive. com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8chan] https://pastebin. com/dfWVpBbY

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>>/cbts/33814 >>>/cbts/36225 (can anyone find these to re-link?)

How to read Q's posts: >>>/cbts/75391

QturnedA https://anonfile. com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

The Book Of Q (pdf) Updated 12.17.17

part I -> https://anonfile. com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile. com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile. com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

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part V -> https://anonfile. com/G024n1dfb6/q_posts_partV_v201712170612.pdf


Prayer Request Thread >>>/cbts/55606

Red-pilling Methods

Get some ideas and inspiration with this collection of various different methods >>>/cbts/120350

Guerilla Twitter Tactics

Excellent tutorial from an Anon who works Twitter to the max. Recommended! >>>/cbts/12832

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Free Research Resources for Digging into People, Businesses & Orgs >>>/cbts/80489

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Not just memes - anons there are a host of free programs to use to map the connections between businesses, foundations & org Boards of Directors, Donors etc. Q needs us to show the relationships and connections, so here are posts showing some of the free resources available to anons'

>>>/cbts/111700 & >>>/cbts/119941

Decoded Stringers

https://anonfile. com/Y6x1ned2b0/Red_Red_decipering.png

https://anonfile. com/Xcx9nbd3b5/Deciper_part_1.png

https://anonfile. com/a5y9n3dbb2/Deciper_part_2.png

Latest stringers decoded >>>/cbts/109555 >>>/cbts/109748 >>>/cbts/108638

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Obama’s Presidential Library RAID stringer >>>/cbts/109748

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>Archive: https://pastebin. com/pQR1CN49

213b03 No.129022

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How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>>/cbts/89275

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Questions & Requests: >>>/cbts/1401

Why did POTUS come to /pol/? >>>/cbts/111172

Research Findings & Threads

Alien / Disclosure related >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation Dig Thread >>>/cbts/15984

A peek into (((they))) >>>/cbts/2422

Bloodlines and Y >>>/cbts/7705

CERN /LHC / AI >>>/cbts/1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain >>>/cbts/1411

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking >>>/cbts/1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families >>>/cbts/1357

Godfather III >>>/cbts/2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>>/cbts/3952

Hunt For Red October >>>/cbts/3102

Isreal & Zionism >>>/cbts/1398

Indictments & Arrests >>>/cbts/3163

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>>/cbts/

North Korea >>>/cbts/1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>>/cbts/4249

PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange) / IPCE (International Pedophile and Child Emancipation) >>>/cbts/113080

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!! >>>/cbts/10556

Q Signatures >>>/cbts/2198

Q Stringer Central >>>/cbts/2300

Rothschild Family >>>/cbts/1362

Red Cross >>>/cbts/40157

Report Strange NWO Deaths - >>>/cbts/114171.html

Sidley Austin Digathon >>>/cbts/15139

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>>/cbts/1327

Sealed Indictments >>>/cbts/4409

Soros & NGOs >>>/cbts/1367

The British Connections >>>/cbts/117841

Titanic >>>/cbts/106

Underground massive data center? >>>/cbts/20714

Uranium-1 >>>/cbts/848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>>/cbts/1346

**Some broken links from above have been removed.

If you find something missing, please let the baker know of the working link.

Thank you for your patience.

In The Event A Baker Is Needed


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Update this line with the link to the pastebin file you used to bake this bread.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

cd9dd8 No.129029

Daily reminder Chuck Schumer is responsible for letting the terrorist into the country who ran over many people in New York.

cf6872 No.129030

Schumer Fleiss news breaking when?

9297b2 No.129031


Jail time, when??

1a733c No.129032


77afab No.129033

Here's a fun factoid - Anthony Weiner was Chuck Schumer's protege

Started a Chuckie's intern. Weiner took Chuckie's Congressional Seat when Chuckie moved up and became a Senator.

4232e1 No.129034

File: 9425571913ad2cb⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 780x520, 3:2, iris.jpg)

I'm sorry. I've got to say it. Is this a woman? Iris Weinshall, CS' wife.

8319c4 No.129035

a6992f No.129036

Spreadsheet updated

to post >>128724 12/19/17


745160 No.129037

9297b2 No.129038

Wiener ourguy or just really, really, really, really stupid?

2d0e11 No.129039

File: abbcd89f5682d39⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 460x285, 92:57, Q vs MSM.gif)

cd9dd8 No.129040

File: 2e49cfbbc35b2ab⋯.png (198.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1513410723758.png)

731478 No.129041


1) Bill Binney - NSA whistleblower and best code breaker out there, proof not hacked by Russia, but instead…well…you just have to watch it. Interview starts at 4:15 min. mark

Alex Jones (3rd HOUR Commercial Free) Tuesday 12/5/17: William Binney Deep State Fighting Back - YouTube


2) Alabama election stolen - Bev Harris, longtime expert on electronic voting and ways to rig….pointing out Alabama election anomolies

WAR ROOM (3rd HOUR) Mon - 12/18/17 • Alex Jones Infowars • Bev Harris Alabama Vote Count - YouTube


3) 12/18/17 Craig "Sawman Sawyer" interview - Vets4ChildRescue operations just expanded to assist with child trafficking extractions; Interview starts at 26 min. mark

Alex Jones (3rd HOUR Commercial Free) Monday 12/18/17: Roger Stone, Elves, Alexa, Craig Sawyer - YouTube


9332c3 No.129042

File: 0340e356752f1f0⋯.jpg (4.11 MB, 2570x11555, 514:2311, Soros_Pawns.jpg)

Glowing faggots

1a733c No.129043


Not sure. I have never seen a dwarven female before

7f3506 No.129044

I love all the Twitter accounts that are currently spewing forth TRUTH at an inhumanly rapid clip. Uncovered a few of them as they tweeted each other; don't have time to follow them all with what we're doing here. This is Info Warfare extraordinare. Kudos to the architects and implementers of the plan. Looks like there is some software assist involved. Very impressive. A tsunami of truth.

99e624 No.129045

File: 14bc0f45e5b3b27⋯.png (587.53 KB, 880x580, 44:29, schumer.png)

745160 No.129046


is that an adams apple I see there?

c7e5d3 No.129047


Send the normies to reddit...please

303fca No.129048

File: 62f21d93ef03874⋯.jpg (32.5 KB, 500x350, 10:7, nancy pelosi.jpg)

79dd4e No.129049


What a great piece of information, thank you for that, Q.

4232e1 No.129050

With all this trans stuff and Michael O, I'm downright skeptical anymore.

303fca No.129051

File: a60c74fbf4c421a⋯.png (291.83 KB, 538x411, 538:411, cuck schramburger.png)

cd9dd8 No.129052


I'm starting to believe /qpol/ was right when they warned about the famefags.

99e624 No.129053


OMFG, cant fucking unsee now


39ba69 No.129054


Is Binny one of those VIPs guys?

02c12d No.129056

File: c6ee9f4e42c6ccf⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 430x322, 215:161, c161d171f9182551bbf5cf02c1….jpg)

9387d8 No.129057


Don't insult retarded people like that ;)

6f4bc1 No.129058

>>129034 Thats a man baby!

a6992f No.129059

File: 27f7319041ea0dd⋯.png (77.05 KB, 877x1080, 877:1080, narrative control media.png)

One more for the meme cannons!

Suggestions, critique, IDEAS FOR MEMES welcome

9297b2 No.129060


That lady could kick some ass.

cf6872 No.129061

efab3e No.129062

File: 6ff288f4f05c567⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 4130x7400, 413:740, Q_comp_correct_12192017_3o….jpg)

Latest Q Map

Where Are The Children Edition

Seriously, where are they?


c7e5d3 No.129063


i can find errors on all sides

bbb458 No.129064


Awesome! I’d throw you a heart but one anon finds it’s annoying.

d2c367 No.129065



35ca80 No.129066


How can one know this is not yet another time-wasting cycle? Refer to



's doubts.

Of course we still have patience and hope. But many of us are reasonable and not misled easily.

3b7c18 No.129067

@High Level Insider


Babylon…Is this accurate:


9387d8 No.129068



049775 No.129069


Explains the hookers

dc7f8d No.129070

99e624 No.129071



4232e1 No.129072

No wonder poor Chuck is crying and has his name in the black book.

9297b2 No.129073


He only cries when she tells him too.

1a733c No.129074


>Explains the hookers


Things make make you say hmmmm

35ca80 No.129075

File: 7813adedd8eabbf⋯.jpg (342.41 KB, 1240x1750, 124:175, obr112.jpg)


Only demons find Love annoying.

Love is the solution to everything. Here's a heart to make your day bright.

d88e67 No.129076


It all happened at the same time (((they))) took over the media narrative, started political correctness, and oh yea, guess who was the new playboy president… it’s all CIA Nigger Jew Shit!!

b6d725 No.129078


>I hope SIGINT is good. I was targeted by HUMINT.

Family is MI, so I always assumed I was tapped.


That too, but I string them along and run my own intelligence op. Clowns are sloppy.

4232e1 No.129079

It's so hard to know where the children are. Children are easily suppressed, frightened, and abused. It's like the Pied Piper.

303fca No.129080

File: 1b41198748d04b8⋯.jpg (125.29 KB, 675x675, 1:1, MikeGreenMYHERO.jpg)


9387d8 No.129081




2d0e11 No.129082

HRC is nothing compared to the khazar queen of england and the other members of the Black Nobility, but with child supply routes gone the will get very testy in the coming days

fdb00a No.129083

File: 20baf15627b2e1e⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 780x438, 130:73, Schumer.jpg)

9b6b45 No.129084


I'm fine. Why do you ask?

320f3f No.129085


LOVE THIS! God bless this man

76d6de No.129086

File: 6ef86929892c8ea⋯.png (83.38 KB, 371x236, 371:236, Iw.png)

File: 36a48bd18cd5d6a⋯.png (149.25 KB, 437x285, 23:15, I.png)

I'm with ya, anon. This looks like a man. Not trying to insult this person. Really looks like a man.

ff57d0 No.129087

Iris - directly had a part in 9/11

Nice cushy job just in time for mass murder of our innocent people

a6992f No.129088


Thank you, will add to the spreadsheet


Add your answers & info to the spreadsheet


>future proves past

>news unlocks the map

map, Map, MAP

Oh wow, we can make the MAP!


Map Making Tools

Not just memes - anons there are a host of free programs to use to map the connections between businesses, foundations & org Boards of Directors, Donors etc. Q needs us to show the relationships and connections, so here are posts showing some of the free resources available to anons'

>>>/cbts/111700 & >>>/cbts/119941



>interactive pdf



Show the normiesphere what we have found, spell it out, SHOW IT in a way that is instantly understandable


Thank you all anons who have dedicated hours and energy. Those 3,000+ kids thank you, but we still have work to do

<Be the autist we know you are

Q believes in you, and I do too

9387d8 No.129089


We do: all the time

000000 No.129090

Several of the early Q posts came directly from the President of the United States of America. My source was physically present in the room when it occurred.

Question session open.

745160 No.129091


adams apple = man

aacee5 No.129092

File: e40725c43318a1e⋯.png (465.1 KB, 600x387, 200:129, jjjjjjjjjjjjj.png)

9387d8 No.129093


He sure enough does

54949c No.129094

7766d3 No.129095



df6e5b No.129096


It's a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Laura Bush!

…not a confirmed fact, just a thought ;)

75c385 No.129097


>Really looks like a man

Second that, not being funny, this is a man clearly.

dc7f8d No.129098


They ran the gamut on me. They got so much wrong though. Only reason I'm here. They told me I'm 'lucky.'

8319c4 No.129099

File: e6de9310db5328e⋯.jpeg (272.81 KB, 750x916, 375:458, 2218564F-7650-4974-A618-2….jpeg)

Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman's organization:https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/2772One of the first things the Clintons did when they took over the scene in Haiti was to have Bill get Laura off the hook: harvardhrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/King.pdf

c2fc8f No.129100


baker on standby if you need

9297b2 No.129101

File: 784dbca8b012800⋯.jpg (214.39 KB, 800x533, 800:533, AP_17003812556253.jpg)

Only woman Joe wouldn't fondle.

1a733c No.129102

File: b282345f1d84b51⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 83edb44f084550a59f2d00b763….jpg)


delete this

anyone posting this kind of o pics at us should be banned

4232e1 No.129103

I don't want to be insulting either, but I saw these pics too and was wondering.

745160 No.129104


can you shut the fk up?

213b03 No.129105

File: 5c2cd6e0bcd72bd⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 300x222, 50:37, 1511350252280.gif)



You've had a hundred warnings which you ignore.

One more post from you with a name and you'll be banned.

Likewise you other namefags.

You choose.

3f5cc3 No.129106

Don't know about anybody else but I've never been so terrified and excited about the events that are about to unfold. Be safe everyone

bbb458 No.129107


Aww thanks! Needed that today

bd636f No.129108

6f4bc1 No.129109

>>129090 what n why are they spraying us?

b6d725 No.129110

File: 38d76308bcb73bc⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 640x655, 128:131, xYos42Uh.jpg)

77afab No.129111

File: a3e9bf0519e6b66⋯.png (1.32 MB, 984x894, 164:149, Chuck_Anthony_Way_Back.png)

b2fc4a No.129112

SCHiff SCHumer SCHultz need to get SCHooled.

Any other SCH's?

c677f6 No.129113


Pause, please anon, and let that sink in….

3,000+ saved in SA alone. Don’t scroll yet….pray…

2d0e11 No.129114


Both are controlled by the same people

That image is a perfect example of working both sides of the narrative

b0ed19 No.129115



That's NOT what he said. He said the STORY about UN troops going into Chicago was fake news. NOT that UN troops didn't exist. They just don't exist in Chicago. Some of you anon's have gone full retard. Don't ever go full retard.

d88e67 No.129116


You have not proved any association of power or knowledge, fuck off Q leach!

0bf292 No.129117

File: bbbeaac3edcc614⋯.png (529.43 KB, 993x912, 331:304, screenshot_493.png)

File: 91890a991b8b2e0⋯.png (163.46 KB, 696x747, 232:249, screenshot_492.png)

The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood's Most Notorious Madam

(((She recalls dispatching her troops to the CLINTON inaugural in 1993))) to Argentina, for polo season; to yachts in Acapulco and Monte Carlo. She had four phone lines at her house in Benedict Canyon; lovelies lounging by the pool; drugs aplenty. At her trial, a real estate grandee described shuttling

Fleiss's damsels on his private plane. Even heads of state, she bragged, would phone her directly. "If I really came out and talked," she told Lynn Hirschberg in Vanity Fair, ((("I could have stopped NAFTA.")))

bbb458 No.129118


Granny like mike O

7766d3 No.129119


I think Question may have underestimated.


bbb458 No.129120



dc7f8d No.129121


Namefagging CBTS is different than namefagging in general no?

de6b09 No.129122


Wrong moron

0bf292 No.129123


https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7xk7je/ the-rise-and-fall-of-heidi-fleiss-hollywoods-most-notorious-madam

ede623 No.129124

File: 6cc277b4539d36f⋯.png (298.05 KB, 329x469, 47:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7fa278b8a18cd2⋯.png (148.12 KB, 247x321, 247:321, ClipboardImage.png)

77afab No.129125


was it Gannett or Ukrainian Walnut Sauce

11abaa No.129126


PamphletAnon, does the intervieew keep you up at night?

2d0e11 No.129127


I am right, and you are glowing, bye bye demon

4232e1 No.129128

Nice montage of Schumer and Weiner. I had no idea they BFF.

213b03 No.129129


/cbts/ is namefag free.

You choose.

0577af No.129130


It seems to me, if BO was never a legitimate president because he wasn't born here, when the SHTF Trump should be able to abolish the debt when he does a currency reset/

35ca80 No.129131


Don't answer like that. Ask him - why do you think that. Truth is uncovered when you shine Light, not when you fling sh**…

33ab79 No.129132


That's some namefag's mother, Anon.

dc7f8d No.129133


I chose several days ago. I alternate. If you're BO you know my value by now.

0563b6 No.129134


Hes got that same wonky eye thing as Schiff and Eminem

d8fbd7 No.129135


You are ruining my dinner.

cd9dd8 No.129136

File: 38a6ac6aa58a98d⋯.pdf (124.59 KB, Delta-Private-Jet-47-.pdf)

Proof that Atlanda Delta Private Jet 47 left airport.

fb5442 No.129137


What really happened at ATL?

What was supposed to happen?

9387d8 No.129138



39ba69 No.129139



Sure. Whose side is Pompeo on?

de6b09 No.129140


Ok buddy, AJ has Binney on several times fag

76d6de No.129141


Not a very good one

342218 No.129142


Can you prove that you a high level…

Just to establish some level of trust….

As you understand that many bad actors a also monitoring this place…

c2fc8f No.129143


yes it is but people would rather hold their favorite name fags on a pedestal and shit on the new ones.

54949c No.129144

99e624 No.129145


she will die soon, and hopefully prince charles right after. Maybe after that the truth can come out against the "crown" and the people can rise up and have freedom from the evil.

1a733c No.129146

File: d58f0c3b62d7f7c⋯.jpg (29.56 KB, 190x254, 95:127, 83edb44f084550a59f2d00b763….jpg)


Please, no more, anon. I'm going to bed soon.

1e74d4 No.129147

File: 2d6c2e5603cd6dd⋯.png (36.28 KB, 210x210, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


/-/-/-/-/ New QMap PDF freshly baked.

/-/-/-/-/ With much love.

/-/-/-/-/ Countain all posts (today - CBTS

/-/-/-/-/ #145 & 147)

/-/-/-/-/ Commented and sourced.




617946 No.129148

Will the storm be pivoting into Leafland?

ff57d0 No.129149


I agree with you anon.

Jones is controlled opposition and the young turkfag is just libtardus maximus

ee1a88 No.129150


Great! Easy to read and follow. Maybe put narrative control above AP/Reuters/Gannett? Who gives them the narrative? Clowns?

39ac27 No.129151


I liked your last meme and I love this. They are highly educational and they are aesthetic!

b6d725 No.129152


CIA operative took me to WTC the only time I was there. Sigh…

77afab No.129153

File: 28f68433a528f06⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1472x974, 736:487, joe_wouldnt_fondle.png)

35ca80 No.129154


Glad to help.

33ab79 No.129155


Lurk moar, Anon. Review Q-ANON's bread crumbs.

290f41 No.129156


Can attest to your good knowledge. Spoke with you a few times across various breads (named and anon). Always constructive. First post of the evening, glad to post it in support of you. You've helped a good few people on here

77dcdf No.129157

Lived there and experienced it. HOLLYWOOD is SICK!!! Anons….dig into Barry Diller……SICKER THAN SICK!!!

99e624 No.129158


Our Father, Who art in heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name;

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


7927bd No.129159


We want to know about Pizzagate! Will there be justice soon?!?!

And Targeted Individuals, like myself, who have experienced electronic weapons and ill health. >>129090

1a733c No.129160


2nd that.

9297b2 No.129161

30d704 No.129162


When the CIA contacted the Russians about an imminent attack, was MI behind the intel?

Was thanks to the CIA a formality/snub in one?

What really can Pompeo do to clean up the CIA when Q said it was already too late?

2d0e11 No.129163


Yes! To see the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg fall in my lifetime would be a generous gift from God

33ab79 No.129164

4e8638 No.129165




de6b09 No.129166


Sorry, I love AJ

Do you know that AJ and freeman fly encoded “conspiracy of slience” and released it on the net?

Also AJ has Ted Gunderson videos and interviews on the net way back in 03 and maybe before

AJ is a patriot

34800c No.129167


You could tie in Gannett's own words

"Storytelling at its boldest.

Media that drives action, not passive consumption.

The voice of the nation."


000000 No.129168


Fairly accurate. It doesn't matter so much what you call them as understanding what they do: hiding knowledge, usury, and so on. It's also important to emphasize the specific groups that are currently running the show which is Freemasonry (which rules over the other mystery schools), bankers, and old moneyed families like the Rothschilds, House of Windsor, and so on.

650b09 No.129169


If the proof is there, why are they allowee to continue? These are children. These are innocents. It needs to stop NOW. Not tomorrow, not when it fits the agenda or narrative. This makes me sick. Stop stringing us along and give us real answers and real arrests!

c7e5d3 No.129170


they're all here … they just have another board to coordinate on now

213b03 No.129171


Thanks for your incredible service anon.

>Tis in

586e72 No.129172

Black Label and read the Heidi and Larry interview, hmm who was pres in 1993 and she had 11 girls at the dinner? I't was all in the open but nobody put the dots together.

c5d697 No.129174


Check the links up top to Q's posts.

They smoked out da bad guys

6178ca No.129175


(The Librarian is /ourguy/ and a valuable teacher.)

(Also, Black Eagle has two meanings here. One is Metaphysical, one is a Blue Maltese Cross.)

a9a122 No.129176

File: 3b1328e637d790d⋯.jpg (732.09 KB, 808x2968, 101:371, 20171219_203555.jpg)




35ca80 No.129177


Imagine a cabal-free America.

This would quickly become global.

000000 No.129178





-The Silky Llama____y

-The Silky Ma-Shill__y

-The Silky HamClint_y






I'll post the finished spiderweb in about a weekish or 2.

Just kinda busy with a career change. It's about time I show these fools how to code(webdev) for real.


and I will finally post the Moon Landing post in my truth bread tonight(the wee hours) and continue work on fixing the history.

It's hard yo cause communication is my biggest problem, so putting my brain in words is a bitch.

We all got strength and weakness, know what I mean.


5124f4 No.129179

Signed Trump's Christmas card yesterday. Thanked him and his entire staff on behalf of CBTS and the anons here.

2d0e11 No.129180


hehehe, sweaty waterbuffalo chunk yogurt and his sidekick The Nose Job kasperian

I wonder how long they'll last without soros bux

b6d725 No.129181


Cenk has shitty filters, though.

bbb458 No.129182


LOL! Either was mike O

54949c No.129183


Should say, "CIA" and/or "Deep State Ops" first, above all

77dcdf No.129184

File: 23b38cba68a4c86⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1256x1128, 157:141, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

9297b2 No.129185


I love the pleading look of disappointment

76d6de No.129186


"The Librarian"…as in Iris Weinshall?

c5d697 No.129187


We sent him one too

6178ca No.129188


(Black Eagle has a third meaning. Think of a predator who doesn't think for itself. How do you take down a Black Eagle?)

000000 No.129189


The majority is done to alter the weather. Operation Popeye kinds of things. Others are tests and even outright poisoning of the populace.

586e72 No.129190


Don't be selfish, people are in harms way doing this shit, until it's done and they are brought to justice we can't, once it's in the open they will run and we need all the info now before it's mainstream

d8766e No.129191


wew suspense

d0fc6e No.129192

stfu and enjoy the show >>129169

30d704 No.129193


The AMTRAC derailment earlier mentioned 'obstruction' that implicated Antifa.

Counter story is doing 80 in a 30.

Those cars are in too good of shape for it to have been 80mph.

Antifa or signal jamming?

8bfb36 No.129194


I love this idea. Especially that passive consumption. The irony!

251ad1 No.129195



Father in Heaven, Thy will be done.

I don't say Amen. ( Bill Cooper once alluded that translations and the such are a homage to Amon,)

a6992f No.129196


>Maybe put narrative control above AP/Reuters/Gannett?

Okay I will try to figure out how to incorporate that, thank you. It really is appreciated.

>Who gives them the narrative? Clowns?

My understanding is that clowns are embedded within the media, so it would be at certain choke points/control points (editors, editorial staff, news readers, producers). Someone please correct me if this is way off base..


Cool - do you have any ideas for anything else that should really get out there into the normiesphere? What do we really need to tell and show them?

1a733c No.129197


>Those cars are in too good of shape for it to have been 80mph.

b6d725 No.129198

File: 0cefdb44268dba3⋯.jpg (74.19 KB, 844x650, 422:325, the-throat-grab.jpg.size.c….jpg)


>"If I really came out and talked," she told Lynn Hirschberg in Vanity Fair, ((("I could have stopped NAFTA.")))

Whas dat?

213b03 No.129199

File: b19228a3c6003fd⋯.jpg (90.77 KB, 550x550, 1:1, IMG_0962.JPG)


Did you hear this message?


a616af No.129200


Several threads now you have claiming that you have knowledge that you are going to share, but never seem to share it?

8319c4 No.129201


Yeah, I like this idea. Graphic looks awesome, though!

4fcc87 No.129202

0563b6 No.129203


Does it have eyes?

75c385 No.129204

File: d8d8d21add30270⋯.jpg (205.47 KB, 549x883, 549:883, chuck-schumer-gay.jpg)


Ok so, she's Chuck's beard…

6178ca No.129205


Honestly, I was talking about "Death" personified, but… keeeeeeeeeek

2d0e11 No.129206


I know AJ's stuff apparently passed quality control, but that was though buttfeed. Some other testing showed the products were not as great as they claim to be.

fc2031 No.129207


They told me the same! I haven't been able to drive a car for 2 years after nearly being killed twice on the highway, car completely shut off while going 65mph. Have videos of them flying drones over my house and then having the audacity to text me about "Save the bees" (drones) and putting dead birds in my driveway and on my porch after I had a private conversation with a friend how I never saw a dead bird before. Random stuff like that and the list goes on and on and on and that's not even the electronic weapons that affect my health! My vagus nerve and teeth were targeted and dreams were analyzed and programmed. SIGINT and HUMINT work together. I unfortunately KNOW these people personally before this all happened. And they admitted to it knowing very well I would sound insane and be ignored if I told anyone. Ruthless!

30bbf7 No.129208


Spelling - Thompson-Reuters

Also, need a level above them telling them what to say,

sometime soon, will share a dark dig about one of these top levels

586e72 No.129209


I'm in WA, it's not automated, if that train was doing 80 it would be on it's side, if doing 30 would have hit obstruction but still made the curve/bridge it jumped the track and hit the cement/dirt wall and rode it to the bottom of the hill. If doing 80 all would be dead.

aec924 No.129210

File: 83b26d975b9c0c1⋯.jpg (409.35 KB, 424x550, 212:275, BearsKnifeFight.jpg)


>Question session open.

are the sealed indictments from Sessions / Wray?

77afab No.129211

File: 1928b35e50b38c2⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 640x458, 320:229, carlos_danger.jpg)

b2fc4a No.129212

File: 2062baeb253ac1b⋯.png (2.95 MB, 2550x1056, 425:176, schschsch.png)

000000 No.129213


Obama's family was deeply involved in the CIA for several generations. He carried on the family business in the worst possible way.

35ca80 No.129214


I do not want to sow confusion - but he asks valid questions.

Have patience. But do not be misled. If possible, answer, if not, have faith, and trust things happen when the time is right. Don't just "enjoy the show", that much you have learned to be cabal's modus operandi - panem et circensem.

And never ever stop working on yourself.

76d6de No.129215

So who gave birth to Jessica Schumer?

e8a2fd No.129216


Filter and move on.

Keen minds will do the same.

Arguing with em isn't a good look.

b6d725 No.129217


As a rule leafs are usually ten years behind the US and five years behind California.

30d704 No.129218


I like AJ too but he has such a money drain on him he is far too commercialized these days.

Those stutter ads are embarrassing.

AJ never lets a guest answer a question before interrupting or asking another.

He needs to dump half his staff and cut his budge BIG time.

His heart is in the right place, his penis is not.

425846 No.129219


Who is that guy on the left of George Soros ? His face sound familiar, to be honest he is fucking terrifying, I'm not trying to spread lie but I immediately closed the tab when I saw him. Maybe it's just placebo

b17988 No.129220


I'm ready for these children of sex trafficking and sexual abuse to get THEIR JUSTICE!! I'm ready for those innocent freedom fighters (Seth Rich) to get their JUSTICE!! It is time for the TRUTH and time for Americans and Humans to get their JUSTICE!

God bless you Q and POTUS!

a6992f No.129221


Didn't see that before answering - that is A GREAT IDEA!


> Anons….dig into Barry Diller

Get us started, share what you know, point to resources for other anons. Don't expect others to do it for you. PITCH IN

1a733c No.129222


>If doing 80 all would be dead.

54949c No.129223


Ha ha ha ha, these are great!!

425846 No.129225


seems sorry

d0fc6e No.129226

I never stop, but I don't beg for immediate redemption either >>129214

df6e5b No.129227


Are you able to name Obama's family? Any indication at all?

4e8638 No.129228


Agreed. Just don’t like our people being distracted by someone larping. Especially after that bullshit article. Amazing how easily anons can get distracted.

d8fbd7 No.129229



d88e67 No.129230


Dumbass is talking to himself on two devices… your a loser a Frank!

6178ca No.129231


Was he born as a girl in Hawaii?

Is his last name bin Laden?

Is that how Al Towelhead knew him before Harvard?

Or I guess along your story line… How did his parents get access… what were they doing for the Saudis and for how long?

Several Generations?

Pre-Daddy Bush?

cd9dd8 No.129232


based smoloko

1a733c No.129234


Gimli's mom

000000 No.129236




But it was supposed to be a paragraph but now you get the explanation too with the 2 more targets and a nice writeup.

Its hard to write it and make it understandable.

99e624 No.129237


sad but true

de6b09 No.129238


This is not an AJ thread

Dis info is key….

True anons know what’s up

6f4bc1 No.129239

>>129189 why is nasa faking space

9297b2 No.129240


We want the truth yesterday. We want Justice yesterday. We want jail time yesterday.

Not soon.

Yesterday. Not "patience."

Justice. Yesterday.

2d0e11 No.129241

I want to hunt the people who torture for fun like the Soros fund manager.

33ab79 No.129242


Yes and it would be a fitting end to the cabal that tried to destroy America. I visualize usa and a big lighthouse and the like shining from it is pure freedom itself. The last shining beacon of hope for the world. That light since JFK was diminishing and when Trump ran for office it was almost out. Now that light is getting brighter and brighter everyday and will eventually shine the whole world again.

9387d8 No.129244


That, and the way it's (whatever it is) beaming at joe

0bf292 No.129245

File: 8ec07e31d57ec2c⋯.png (201.26 KB, 846x907, 846:907, screenshot_494.png)



Looking like Heidi has deeper connections to the Clintons….

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/ washington/2007/08/heidi-fleiss-cl.html

b6d725 No.129246

File: 5d1904c858d79e9⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 241x321, 241:321, V2-Eagle10.jpg)


Cut the strings.

327266 No.129247

File: 049d5903e6cc089⋯.jpg (472.07 KB, 1361x890, 1361:890, Screenshot_20171219-210539.jpg)

File: 6d0cd623d79e486⋯.jpg (733.07 KB, 1440x920, 36:23, Screenshot_20171219-212750.jpg)

Disney thinks Hillary won

POTUS should've given someone in his administration a vote on this. It's not even a half decent representation


77afab No.129248

File: 6005d0d9cd27496⋯.jpg (208.8 KB, 1080x1036, 270:259, Schumer_Bitch.jpg)

9297b2 No.129249


Haha yes!

30bbf7 No.129251



Sorry, Thomson-Reuters

ff57d0 No.129252


obamas 'family' is a bunch of blood sucking commies plotting to take over america, jack.

2aaab5 No.129253

I'd bet Heidi Fleiss is Irene Adler from the show Sherlock. Escorting to get dirt.

1a733c No.129254


what is not connected to everything. wow. ty anon, nice find

99e624 No.129255



> Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement, though it may also involve practices that are legal in many countries. Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain.

Iris Weinshall.

> Iris Weinshall (born September 5, 1953) is the Chief Operating Officer of The New York Public Library,[1] former vice chancellor at the City University of New York and a former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation.[2] Weinshall was appointed Chief Operating Officer by the Library in July 2014, and she began her tenure on September 1, 2014.[1] She is married to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer.

> https://en.wikiped ia.org/wiki/Iris_Weinshall

New York City Department of Transportation.

> http://www.nyc. gov/html/dot/html/contact/contact.shtml

Responsibility of DoT?

> https://en.wikiped ia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Transportation

Budget for past (5) years?

> start here

< https://www.transportatio n.gov/mission/budget/fy2012-budget-estimates

Former commissioner?

> http://blog.ts tc.org/2012/01/30/nysdot-commissioner%e2%80%99s-testimony-characterized-as-%e2%80%9cdeliberate-opaqueness%e2%80%9d/

Empire State Dev Corp?

> https://es d.ny.gov/

Urban Dev Corp?

> https://www.bloomb erg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=4181804

Dept of Economic Dev?

> https://www.nyc edc.com/

> still needs digging

Integrated Resources, Inc.?

US Senator of NY?

Follow me down the hole.


These people are STUPID.

77dcdf No.129256


YEP dig into Barry Diller anons! Huge info….

9387d8 No.129257


How about hi-res?

1fbd4e No.129258


under cchollywood, ccnashville, flag, is the trash gonna be taken out & the kids saved? Aware of the enterprise? WW.

c5d697 No.129259


Rome wasn't built in a day. How many trafficked children have you saved this week?

6178ca No.129260


Easier to explain than Antarctica being the face of the Moon and the Agarthan tunnels leading to other dimensions like how the Pyramids are literal stargates?

I mean… I guess it depends on how much you know about Gravity lensing.

What if Earth isn't 3D nor 2D nor even 1D… but… iD?

1f7f36 No.129262

File: a6c914221edbb6e⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, DRbRg2XUEAAHfff.jpg)

dc7f8d No.129263


Wow, thank you friend. I don't want notoriety. It's always passed me up. This means more than you probably know.

aacee5 No.129264

File: 92c4d12adca6c35⋯.png (359.97 KB, 600x400, 3:2, jjjjjjjjjjjjjj.png)

File: 06dfe69b4207332⋯.png (541.98 KB, 540x400, 27:20, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.png)

3b7c18 No.129265

File: 9c371a14db5fa76⋯.jpg (216.91 KB, 1200x946, 600:473, Beatrix-Abramovic.jpg)


>the [classified] is the queen, and beatrix, no doubt in my mind

>Blow up the lizzardbreth castle, please, no one will blink an eye

Hmm..Dutch PostcodeLoterij (state-given monopoly) gave about $30 mln to Clinton Foundation; possibly second donor after SA.

Other big CF donors: Dutch government and Unilever; Dutch PM since 2010 is Mark Rutte from Unilever.

df6e5b No.129266


Are you aware that Communism and Fascism are constructs of the Rothschilds?!

1a733c No.129269


Budget last 5 years is good. I don't think they ever produced one. IIRC

4826c2 No.129270


George Costanza in a dress?

33ab79 No.129271


Hungover Hillary . She looked some haggard that day. She looked just like GS. I guess you could call her Preparation H. Her face needs a lot of prep.

ff57d0 No.129272


iris schumer fuck schumer

9/11 9/11 9/11

been saying it for years

they knew they knew

7f3506 No.129273

File: 883b9a241ba32ec⋯.jpg (106.75 KB, 1242x803, 1242:803, Terrified of POTUS.jpg)

30d704 No.129274


Thanks, anon.

I'd just as soon let it slide on the MSM express.

Hearts & prayers for all affected.

That Oroville dam in CA, damn, we dodge a bullet there.

CA is a bit far left, but the State is still one of US!

Beautiful out there, I've heard.

Well wishes!

a6992f No.129275



>Spelling - Thompson-Reuters

Oh no, thank you

>Also, need a level above them telling them what to say,


>sometime soon, will share a dark dig about one of these top levels

Now is the time. Please start now, it will help us.

and thank you for the input


I'm gonna have to find a clown heheheh I don't want to overwhelm the public with too much right away, maybe make a separate one with clowns in it - if we can identify certain ones besides A Cooper

Will incorporate thank you


Please put your answers into the spreadsheet, anon!!


>YEP dig into Barry Diller anons! Huge info….


35ca80 No.129276


Fair point.

To play devil's advocate: I have saved 100.

6178ca No.129277


What strings?

It's a bird.

What's a kind of that bird hunts birds?

Why are Kestrels spesho?

39ba69 No.129278


With you. It would be easier for me to lock & load & die fight than it is for me sit here waiting & trusting EVERYTHING that means anything to people I don't know or trust. Go read the Pentagon/War College report (that came out in June or May?) If you wonder why I don't trust the motives of even our military.

283410 No.129279



bitching constantly should help, keep doing it!

7766d3 No.129280


Re: post in last bread…

Birds sing when light shines into the darkness.

290f41 No.129282


Godspeed friend

b6d725 No.129283


I fucked a government landwhale once (long story) because she was feeding me info (even longer story), but she never paid me.

9297b2 No.129284



Since I haven't trafficked any and I could've, like a billion.

54949c No.129285


Yes! Clown is IT! For sure!

a37416 No.129286

File: 943970d5ace6aed⋯.jpg (280.54 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, comfyOlRipy.jpg)

are we feeling comfy, anons?

b2fc4a No.129287


So many name drops tonight. I'm lost. Can someone make a list of all the new names please?


aa0a63 No.129289

File: acfdf8210fe094f⋯.png (125.75 KB, 487x363, 487:363, schumer-sleeze-1.png)

4826c2 No.129290



6178ca No.129291

File: bf3722c4efbf3fb⋯.jpg (630.08 KB, 1029x656, 1029:656, TrumpCoin.jpg)

4bb1f4 No.129292

Toronto Billionaire and Wife (Barry Sherman) killed - Company Apotex gave $2.2M Haiti "Relief".

Clinton Foundation Haiti. Two Dead Billionaires.


30bbf7 No.129293


Need some material that isn't at hand to share the right stuff, no half-baked bread

2d0e11 No.129294


I learned about Beatrix through the wife of a Dutch mafia Don, she would take children from the orphanages, torture them for pleasure and have them all killed afterwards.

These people are beyond sick and have no soul

aacee5 No.129295

283410 No.129296


nice work

ff57d0 No.129297


merry christmas anon!

000000 No.129298


Sigint was the major factor, which generally rules out the CIA as the source of the intelligence. Credit was given to bolster Pompeo's position, because he is one of the less corrupt CIA directors in recent years.

If Pompeo wants to clean up the CIA he needs to release all of the information he has on their past actions, including sending armed men to get whatever he needs, followed by complete cessation of drug running, spying on the American people, assassinations, and so on.

Pompeo doesn't have authority to do this, because it would bankrupt the economy in the absence of a plan to replace the CIA's drug money with proceeds from a righteous source, such as a space elevator.

df6e5b No.129299


Interesting…Marina Abramovich in the centre! I lived in NL, extremely dangerous place if you're not Dutch and/or have little assets.

77afab No.129300

File: c0adfc78a37b3a2⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1466x1002, 733:501, weiner_schumer_pizza.png)

9b6b45 No.129301


Not once, but TWICE!

de6b09 No.129302


Shill alert

7f3506 No.129303

File: 93de1fcca914675⋯.jpg (244.82 KB, 1920x818, 960:409, Terrified of Sessions.jpg)

35ca80 No.129304



I know how this feels anons. That is why you must bring the best out of you rselves out. Be the change you want to see. Support those that want us good, so they have something to look forward to once the fight for freedom is over.

Freedom is NOTHING without a free SOUL of LOVE. Free of hate and demons. This talk of Love is not spam - Love (capitalized for importance) captures the essence of freedom against cabalistic demonic influence. Love for yourself, for your fellow human, for your environment, for freedom…

That is important. Then you do what you feel is right, and support those who do the same.

2d0e11 No.129305

Hey Epstein, you and your family next.

Better get out of Canada and never come back

1a733c No.129306


shills hate Alex

33ab79 No.129307


Fuckoff you Shill.

0af88f No.129308

File: 54f1795df6d9b48⋯.jpg (5.21 KB, 251x201, 251:201, rbp.jpg)


>yfw Q is Alex Jones

9297b2 No.129309


Exactly what they want you to say.

54949c No.129310


Dat Willem Dafoe?

ee1a88 No.129311


In the last thread I saw something about $9million a year with $10.5 billion capital budget over five years. Methinks. Sorry. Phonefag.

9297b2 No.129312




54949c No.129313

6178ca No.129314


What were the scenarios again?

Rip the band-aid=Fuck The World

Do Nothing=Fucking Time Worms

Art*Full Deal=For The Win?

1a733c No.129315

452727 No.129316

Why is Chucky going out with one of the dudes from Flo and Eddie? Very creepy!


9387d8 No.129317


VERY nice dig, Anon

6aa954 No.129318

RE: the wives

Q said focus on the wives.

McCabe was given $750K for his fixing through his wife

Who else in the crosshairs has a wife that ran for office or was in a position to receive corrupt $'s

000000 No.129319


Time wasters aren't typically done by POTUS directly. The Q operation is generally an attempt to educate, but some of the most important points of emphasis are left out.


2d0e11 No.129320


No, alex jones is too busy being jewish to help kids or the cause

2bcf19 No.129321

File: 9e014564574022c⋯.jpg (140.38 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, colonel-sanders-restaurant….jpg)

aacee5 No.129322

a42aec No.129323

http://www.zerohedge.com /news/2017-12-19/wasserman-schultz-it-aides-ran-shady-cia-car-dealership-borrowed-100k-hezbollah-fugi

It's habbening

a5ab26 No.129324


He's got man boobs. MOOBS

6178ca No.129325


Did the Bush Sr. meet his wife at a Crowley function?

Is that where they met Hill and Billary?

a42aec No.129326


Keep posting. I have no problem doxxing you faggoty kike

d88e67 No.129327


The burned up back of the engine still on the tracks caught my attention, not a train fag, but would those cars fly off the tracks if the brakes locked up and/or hit something?…

99e624 No.129328


> just wanted to iron some out first ;)

> samurai.jpg

9387d8 No.129329

4826c2 No.129330


Go get fucked…..there is more than enough proof out there that Bill Hicks…..er, Alex Jones is disinfo and therefore anybody that agrees to appear with him at the level of William Binney would know that. And yet there always lemmings headed to his site or youtube channel for more. Unbefuckingleivable….

ede623 No.129331

File: 3d1ddd73240cf2f⋯.png (50.98 KB, 588x375, 196:125, ClipboardImage.png)

7f3506 No.129332


New Oroville Dam spillway cracked already. Thanks Jer!

a42aec No.129334

Chucky Cheese Schumer going down.

I wondered why he was so quiet lately.

99e624 No.129335


just, no

> love alex, but, no

7f3506 No.129336

File: bcb70a0b94d756c⋯.jpg (213.94 KB, 823x971, 823:971, Hides from POTUS.jpg)

cb470e No.129337

dcc6fc No.129338


5 stars

2bcf19 No.129339


He ripped off the (((Russian Mob)))


1a733c No.129340

File: ddf5482cb878ba1⋯.jpg (207.78 KB, 853x479, 853:479, 15093181726351827361251.jpg)

Just warming her up

a42aec No.129341


And we all know the IRS just "forgot" about doing normal due diligence on this fucking terrorist scum because he is a "minority"….free ride in money laundering and other crimes as we all know.

39ac27 No.129342


Rome isn't the point here. Rome wasn't built in a day. But children are raped and killed every day. How long are you willing to have patience? Patience doesn't help one threatened child here. Patience gets them killed. Every hour, every day.

2d0e11 No.129343


BlackCube (Mossad) protects Alex Jones like they do for Harvey Weinstein, just ask Milton William Cooper. Oh wait, he's dead

a42aec No.129344

William Binney is one smart mf and patriot.

Super kek!

9387d8 No.129345


ForT Worth?

b2fc4a No.129346


Woa! SCHits hittin the fan!

c7e5d3 No.129347

File: e9b51e19ddcb0bd⋯.png (586.02 KB, 450x557, 450:557, Screenshot-2017-12-19 stup….png)

fb5442 No.129349


What's being left out? What should we know?

aacee5 No.129350

File: 59f56d5a6a414a2⋯.png (501.38 KB, 600x400, 3:2, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.png)

aec924 No.129351


he's talking about Imran Awan

>House IT aides

39ba69 No.129352


I can't love myself, & trust only comes over time through observing actions, which disappoints 9/10. I just wasn't meant for this world.

33ab79 No.129353


Top kek, Anon!

8a2e1c No.129354

File: 001b11329909f9c⋯.jpg (103.6 KB, 449x665, 449:665, 10885549_416697638479901_5….jpg)


6178ca No.129355

File: 88b487fbc1cc1d4⋯.png (374.03 KB, 1166x777, 1166:777, OffWithTheirHeads.png)


No, but do you know about Aquino and Ft. Hood?

39ac27 No.129356


Where can I read about Antarctica being the face of the moon?

7d5e28 No.129357


Is the corrupt cabal going to try to use NK in a suicide mission once the hammer drops? I pray POTUS can defend and keep us safe.

39ba69 No.129358


Old news

f9575f No.129359



2d0e11 No.129361


you can love yourself but you need to help others to get to that level, takes practice but it will pay off quickly and you can look at yourself in the mirror without cringing anymore

30d704 No.129362



Appreciate the response. Looks like NSA/MI as I'd suspected. A high 5 goes a long way!

I'm of the inclination that some things need to stop immediately,

on other matters I'd let dead corpses rot.

Knock it off going forward!

Ending black ops funding doesn't destroy the economy, it ends black ops!

Some sort of disclosure on off world adventures might be the easiest

way to go if 'toys for Christmas' are shared with the kids who've endured this long enough.

The President needs to go slow on some things, and let other things be known.

He is the only one practical enough to figure it out, and on that he needs advice.

I'd go quantum computing break thru first.

Then "warp speed" on back engineered tech.

"Either God wins, or I end up dead."

Prayers for Isaiah's 45!

251ad1 No.129363


Speaking of cooper. I was just reading this http://www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresstest/your-country-at-war-2/

He hated jones, AJ got his start using bits of coopers material and hit it big fearmongering Y2K and then 911. ( cooper called 9/11 months before. On that note, lets get back to the crumbs. I need to filter, probably with myself first.

77afab No.129364

File: 86a0eea00ded3ec⋯.jpg (160.19 KB, 640x481, 640:481, wife_swap.jpg)

d2c367 No.129365

what happened with the story about chuck's daughter?

a42aec No.129366

Imran Amran singing?

Debbie Washershits also?

No sighting of Huma?


McStain talking on his death bed?

Hmmmm, getting exciting….

512dfb No.129367


She outed him, however, didn’t go far. Media suppressed it.

aa0a63 No.129368

File: 900f74ce2042b2a⋯.png (200.73 KB, 446x395, 446:395, schumer-senate floor-1.png)

c86940 No.129369

127435 you would be ref: william benny api which gen haden and his friend at sra now crsa replaced by force and smear benny even using the fbi to intemidate him and his company into closing because his key actually works and that seems to be what adm rodgers is using now to kick everyone's ass in foreign and

9bf267 No.129370


Was this pic taken at WhiteHouse? That Satanic bitch is in it…just wondering if this was part of that fucked up Halloween party they had…

Q, did HRC/BHO every do Satanic rituals in the WH? You mentioned they left something nobody could detect….Demon?

553eaa No.129371


More like count on your vote or I'll send my wife.

Have you seen here? That's a man.

39ac27 No.129372


Some people will never be exposed or brought to justice.

a548af No.129373


What points?

And how will this all end? Whats the plan? I can not imagine this whole thing will go down without the people knowing everything. Will this be a big big world wide event or will it take years to clean up the world?

I have SO many questions… In a thread with 1 million questions in it.

Lets ask something else…

How are you my friend? All good?

2d0e11 No.129374


the one named Lisa?

If that's who you mean she never existed, it was a story to discredit us if we memed about it

11abaa No.129375

i can't believe sub-mainstream blogs are drawing attention to us.

Didn't their publicists track analytics after the NYtimes article "debunking" pizzagate.

This kind of desperate shit only makes us stronger.

a42aec No.129376

Hey, retard, check the TIME STAMP on the article! About 30 minutes ago. There was a previous article today but it did not include all the info.

Fuck you are dumb. Try reading first, it might work

39ba69 No.129377


I'd rather be FREE than safe

c80b79 No.129378

File: 7f64455178b9978⋯.jpg (127.21 KB, 610x480, 61:48, gg.jpg)

Absolutely sperging the fuck out is suspect as hell. Instead of throwing a toddler bitch fit, ask yourself how AJ could have gotten such clearance. Many don't seem to understand what a deep agent actually means.

c86940 No.129380


99e624 No.129381


checked and amen to that anon

30d704 No.129382


Cracks on the emergency spillway I heard?

Not unexpected I heard.

I expect major rains next year to bust it!

Damn it, horrorville all over again!!!

My heart went out to those people hanging by a thread and a miracle of God we avoided it…!!!!!

b624b5 No.129383

File: c5b1145d95507a6⋯.jpg (4.26 MB, 3063x4430, 3063:4430, WRATH.jpg)


nice edition to the vault, thanks

7f3506 No.129384

>>129353 Can I do one for Gowdy too? Is he definitely /ourguy/?

ce2717 No.129385

I'm a random anon, and I know I might cause a shitstorm by saying this, and even give the enemy a chance to ease up, however, I just noticed that Q seems to be giving more "yous" than normal. Autists get confused when patterns change…

c5d697 No.129386


Oh hes our guy!

3b7c18 No.129387


No; after a performance in Amsterdam.

BTW Marina Abramovic lived there quite some time.

213b03 No.129388


Didn't see your post til now.

Would love a baker.

Are you up for #149?

I can hand you the paste.

718056 No.129389

ATR - Thunder rolls


Fucking awesome. If memes had music… KEK.

b33c5f No.129390



you were politely asked to lose the identifier; you were sternly warned to remove it. don't you think you should do that? There are really bad people here, it is danger to DOX

1a733c No.129391


That is one big disaster waiting to happen. Could be the biggest in out history

b7ca98 No.129392



9bf267 No.129393


She lived in Amsterdam? Thanks…

4826c2 No.129394

File: 4713ba1c91760aa⋯.png (102.8 KB, 190x266, 5:7, jones.png)


Just not smart enough to avoid appearing with a known shill like Alex Jones that is such a master shill he has his own card in the illuminati card game! LOL

11abaa No.129395


He talks like ourguy but what has he actually done?

303fca No.129397

File: abc5a82aefca069⋯.png (694.02 KB, 552x554, 276:277, dddw3fgsaawf.png)

586e72 No.129398


To scare the Russians, it was all to see who could drop bombs from higher than the other, then China, etc

7c6a10 No.129399


this Q thing has been both good and bad. Bad in that everyday we wait in hope of a happening and have uncovered many things that for some were new. It has given hope, but also much impatience.

When will enough be exposed so all Americans can wake up and appreciate the efforts of this administration?

ec7a71 No.129400



>zero results

So we’re still in the “listen and believe” phase?

11abaa No.129401



2bcf19 No.129402


His key? Master backdoor key?

0af88f No.129403


If you're just autistic you're doing better than most. Most people here are completely retarded. They should give you a promotion.

7bbc6f No.129404

File: cdb418940b8de80⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1509032073735.jpg)


>Question session open.

what can you tell me about grande Tattaria?

is there more to the piri reis map then the "fake coastline of Antarctica", like atlantis?

was there a mudflood some time around 1700 century ( https://i.imgur.com/7LoixDo.jpg )

b2fc4a No.129405

SCH should be permabanned from this country.

SCHiff, SCHumer, SCHultz, RothSCHild. WTF!


1a733c No.129406


Clearer in his messages as well. Its just evolution or part of the group. I see no cause for concern, anon.

dee5ed No.129407


It's been hinted that the education of this board has also led to the education of those outside of it. To what extent is that true?

c64f32 No.129408



The CIAnus Nigs undercover. Pretend not see him, and he will credit himself with invisibility.

b33c5f No.129409


great work. keep subject line blank, anon

0af88f No.129410


That's very anti-simetic

1a733c No.129411

aa0a63 No.129412

anyone know a guy named Jeff Greene?

heidi fleis was his houseguest for a year

article from 2010:



a6992f No.129413


Gotcha, will look forward to it.



2d0e11 No.129414

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

seems like the fitting song for these threads

99e624 No.129415


until now, he wasn't able to do much lets be honest anon.


> waiting for happenings and not digging

< help us build the database desu, stop sliding the bread off of Q

8a2e1c No.129416

File: 39d5b22bc2f966c⋯.jpg (98.27 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 10574440_593638164081465_5….jpg)

d74211 No.129417


Removing individuals will do nothing. Will assets be seized and their kingdoms dismantled to repay the U.S. and other governments they have stolen from?

6178ca No.129418


It's a Sermon from The Board.

We've been baking Quantum Bread.

Can't take pills on an empty stomach.

d8fbd7 No.129419



a5ab26 No.129420


I noticed that too but the linguistics in Q posts have changed several times since the beginning.

I've come to believe Q is a team of people.

ec7a71 No.129421


Why would anyone believe you?

93a7da No.129422



bad93e No.129423

c5d697 No.129424


bahaha nice!

112350 No.129425


Yes, this song had the distinction of being TASTY ASS MUSIC for one thread.

c64f32 No.129426


I bet that's it.

8319c4 No.129427


I’ve been thinking that too. I got shit for questioning it the other night. The information leads to good connections, though. No harm in keeping a level of skepticism until you feel you have enough information to make a decision one way or another.

c5d697 No.129428


Yes Q is a team.

9bf267 No.129429

File: 455d2a7e001e34e⋯.jpeg (262.62 KB, 1111x1430, 101:130, image.jpeg)


Because as we get informed dwe redpill/pass that info on…

b2fc4a No.129430


1a733c No.129431



works on shills too

5317bb No.129432

Q ….Fireworks after tax vote ?

b624b5 No.129433


100%, they gave the chans airtime during the election and its grown. /pol/ has changed media narratives, forced coverage, and red-pilled to a point it's an avalanche.

9297b2 No.129434


CIAnus. That's catchy.

ec7a71 No.129435


Way to fuck up your own narrative, I guess.


lol no; just keep waiting™

7f3506 No.129438

File: a4ff6b73605ee38⋯.jpg (164.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Petrified of Gowdy.jpg)


>>129395 You may recall that Q asked, weeks ago, why Gowdy was now under special protection. Hint, hint. /ourguy/

I am having so much fun with this.

b33c5f No.129439


keep the subject line blank, anon

718056 No.129441

File: 3e68f961bb2e0c1⋯.jpeg (4.05 KB, 188x192, 47:48, images.jpeg)


You know Chucky's shills put out some shit that Warrior Sarah has a little mom weight.

But daaaaaam

5feb66 No.129442


Hahaha..no doubt

11abaa No.129443


If mattis was against moving to Jerusalem, why did POTUS do it?

9297b2 No.129444

Why did Trump call Camp David a special place after Q said they have a special place picked out for GS? Coincidence?

dee5ed No.129445


"During the election" is very different from "Q's arrival and onward". I'm more curious as to the extent of what we've been developing here, whether it's amounted to much in such a short amount of time.

ec7a71 No.129446


>why did a jewish puppet do what jews wanted

303fca No.129447

File: 1773133888f4074⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 462x736, 231:368, trump happening.jpg)

aec924 No.129448

>>129433 (cheKeKed)

>it's an avalanche.

1 = 2

2 = 4

4 = 16

the avalanche has begun, it's too late for the pebbles to vote

c5d697 No.129449


How do you catch a dangerous animal?

b33c5f No.129450


you have been repeatedly and politely asked to lose the identifier; you have been sternly asked to lose the identifier. What about these requests do you not understand? bad people here, not save to DOX. don't be a funkin namefag

9bf267 No.129451


Hope they got the place spiritually clensed during remodel. How fucked up would that be? If Clintons, Bushes, Obamas terms all in a row….that's a lot of potential for demonic attachments in WH…fuck!

d8fbd7 No.129452


With a trap.

586e72 No.129453

File: 610c078eaaeec26⋯.jpg (68.12 KB, 552x554, 276:277, pelandchuck.jpg)

Remember, we must tell our grandchildren of these days so they never forget

072c45 No.129455

File: 94a82894471e6a3⋯.jpg (266.58 KB, 961x1390, 961:1390, queen.jpg)



She is also wearing a pizza broach. Here is a thread about Queen Beatrix:

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message 3455865/pg1

12a16b No.129456


I wouldn't say that Q is a team

Q is becoming more of a divergent thought hive.

1a733c No.129457


I have redpilled two good friends

1-3 and they are redpilling others 3-?

11abaa No.129458


That wasn't my question.

Why disregard advice from one of your most brilliant advisors?

718056 No.129459


Oh man, there is so much we can do with this guy for the almost middle aged normies!


c5d697 No.129460

Be careful who you are giving answers to anons. Remember we've been in a major mag now. reporters will come investigating!

dc7f8d No.129461

I will say this about Alex Jones. In a recent broadcast he said how excited he was to receive his report from "23 and me" so that he could "stick it to the globalist."

This is one of the first things that stuck out to me. The government (read: globalists) are building a DNA database. For a man that has built his empire on "conspiracies" this was quite careless. If you dive further you will realize he chooses not to cover certain "conspiracies" (read: truths). He's an entertainer for sure.

b33c5f No.129462


fukin namefag

78c378 No.129463


I guess this is what confuses me. we had a civilian investigation of pizza peda gates we found much data many disturbing things.

enough that those with authority should have been able to obtain a warrant to better investigate our findings.

my big issue I had with the pizza investigation we were doing is what if we blew the whistle and they moved them.

without access to law enforcement aka choppers jets weapons our investigation could help or HURT people.

I pray that we helped some and that the true evil will be brought to light in the near future.

512dfb No.129464


Some think that. Some think already going on. Guess we will see

586e72 No.129465


Q said 1=2, 2=4, 4=8 thats the way to spread the word

745160 No.129466

I'd like to see a POTUS tweet containing a Q

This would make me a lot more comfy that this is not some crazy bs

9297b2 No.129467

Here's a tip instead of redpills give your friends cianide now you can shut up about redpilling your friends thanks.

3b7c18 No.129468


Maybe you refer to Mabel Wisse Smit. It is generally assumed she was engaged with narcotics Don Klaas Bruinsma, around 1990; thereafter she spent some time in Paris - I read somewhere she was possibly a CIA honeypot for Saudis.

Then Bosnia, Mabel was engaged with Mohammed Sacerby; CFR; War Child; Soros.

She engaged in 2004 with son of queen, Johan Friso, and married.

Friso had a ski accident in 2012 and got into coma, and died in 2013, but maybe this was a hoax or psyop.

Now Mabel is engaged with Arpad Busson:

>One of the Clinton Foundation's main donors (donation amount between $1-5M) is Absolute Return for Kids/(ARK). Founding trustee of ARK - Arpad Busson.

>Arpad Busson wants to raise money for the ‘orphans’. Busson said his biggest hope is for multiple attendees to pledge 100,000 pounds to help orphans in Romania and Bulgaria…


c5d697 No.129470


Not a coincidence. Scroll to the top and read the q map or use the inter active q search.

ec7a71 No.129471


How retarded do you have to be to think THAT would be evidence of anything?

bbb458 No.129472


Can I Manipulate this a little?

dee5ed No.129473


Though I'm sure all here have similar experiences and efficacy in communication, I'm curious to know from a presumed outsider's standpoint, as objective as that can be, anyway.

a5ab26 No.129474


Yes that's also an interesting thought. The evolution of his personality coming out.

Kind of like when you get a new lover, over time you become more comfortable and both your personalities change.

7bbc6f No.129475


you said there where some old ottoman families involved in this, this was new to me and could you pleas expand on that?

whats your taughts New Chronology -


>he sais Solomon is Suleiman the magnificent

745160 No.129476


because then POTUS is acknowledging Q faggot

1a733c No.129477


>he chooses not to cover certain "conspiracies" (read: truths). He's an entertainer for sure.

But some he is the only source on before the others are forced to cover it. I use him for what he is worth.

bbb458 No.129478

File: 9bd3cef4e5668b3⋯.png (173.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6D3C7850-E058-45F8-9A6B-38….png)

Q is here in spirit

7cb29f No.129479

Maybe I'm missing them, but WTF are the MEMEs to counter "conspiracy theory" narrative?

Need to blast

ec7a71 No.129480


How retarded do you have to be to think THAT TYPING THE LETTER Q would be evidence of anything?

006849 No.129481

File: 788b126e7558914⋯.png (379.83 KB, 639x457, 639:457, ovaltine.png)

c561f9 No.129482


The closest is star is more than 40,000' away. Need to finish the task at hand first. Then on to bigger and brighter things.

b33c5f No.129483


don't forget the 12 children that left the orphanage picnic on Vancouver Is BC with QEII & princephil to never been seen again

6f4bc1 No.129484

Soundgarden - rusty cage

745160 No.129485


how often is Q used in a tweet from anyone..rare as fuck

11abaa No.129486





78c378 No.129487


hell yea! sum bitch! "Hey y'all got a shitter up in here? I gotta drop a duce!"

d8fbd7 No.129488


^^ This.

586e72 No.129489


It should say "Ah yes, mushroom dick, I remember schumey"

9bf267 No.129490


Have at it, i think it is from a website

ec7a71 No.129491


No shit. Learn what English is, you goddamn retard. Answer the question.

1a733c No.129492


I have yet to speak to anyone who buys the LV official narrative. The public is catching on before we get involved.

8bfb36 No.129493


i lol'd. Or maybe, "Congratulations! You found the real news!" :) QNN all the way

39ba69 No.129494

365a4e No.129495

File: 7ec46fedfd2522b⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 384x490, 192:245, trumpbbb.jpg)

Come at me bitch!

c5d697 No.129496


Yes, me thinks there is an interview going on in here. All the answers you need are at the top of the page.

0bf292 No.129497

File: 29071901fd94ce0⋯.png (657.25 KB, 613x614, 613:614, .png)


Bill Clinton's favorite hotel and Heidi Fleiss' headquarters (((coincidence)))

Century Plaza Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport

https://www.flickr.com/photos/ 53639092@N02/5688119720

b33c5f No.129498


recognize your ID, you are already known to us. losetheidentifier, anon, you know better

9f682d No.129499


Just remind them of "Muh Russia"

303fca No.129500

File: 6ba993b6ce899ac⋯.png (507.34 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mc cabe.png)

McCabe Memes

745160 No.129501


I'm talking about the FUCKING LETTER Q

Like 'quick' '

d74211 No.129503

Regarding following the wives- can anyone find anything on Soros’s most recent wife that occurs before their marriage? She’s like a ghost and it’s only her word quoted pre-engagement…

c5d697 No.129504


Searchable answers right here REPORTER ANON


718056 No.129505


Nice. A teacher redpilled his/her sheeple. KEK.

a5ab26 No.129507


Correct. How many times have we seen new people with new information get sucked in by journalists and they chat with them. Then a day later the journalist publishes their story and twists n spins the story to smear them.

Everyone, be careful if and when "nice" journalists contact you on social media. They're not nice. They're the enemy.

ec7a71 No.129508


Mhmm. Yeah. One letter. How retarded do you have to be to think THAT TYPING THE LETTER Q would be evidence of anything?

ea8569 No.129509

File: 750c0a7afa83576⋯.png (994.13 KB, 700x1187, 700:1187, full1.png)

2d0e11 No.129510


Odd, I'm blocked from the site, I'll try some other methods to get around


I will have to dig on that name now, thank you.

Anne Marie van Blijenburgh was the person I was referring to, here's the video I recall from 2014:

youtube. com/watch?v=SbhMfZRhsXw

7cb29f No.129512

Question for computerfags: does PRAY have anything to do with DBs or SW?

2b6b09 No.129513


energy .gov/sites/prod/files/2017/04/f34/ord3978.pdf

b7ca98 No.129514


Santa brought you a filter for christmas

1a733c No.129515

dc7f8d No.129516

He attac!

d8fbd7 No.129517



a42aec No.129518



William Binney is one smart mf!

99cf27 No.129519

File: 5d1d8de67d9a5b6⋯.jpg (109.89 KB, 555x532, 555:532, SpiritNonCooked_2.jpg)

Ugh. We go from zero info to information constipation real quick here. I hate having to sleep and wake up to a shitstorm of information mixed with guesses and shitposting.

I need a meme idea, for those that have been awake for the last 8 hours. I went through the last 4 threads. Saw Q's posts. I'm tempted to make one on that asswipe writer that was calling us 'conspiracy theorists' when the fucking TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US YOU FUCKING ASSHAT DUMB FUCKING MORON!

But anyways.. Also:

Richard Painter (WH ethics lawyer under GWB)

Ron Nehring (GOPe strategist, Ted Cruz spokesman)

Bill Binney -Q Former NSA

Paris Martineu

Iris Weinshall

Heidi Fleiss

Dutch PostcodeLoterij (state-given monopoly / Abramovich)

Am I missing any names? I want to add them to my 'People Of Interest' list.

Thanks Anons! XOXO (no homo)

b015a8 No.129520


Yeah OK so what about Electronic Weapons? The US govt is responsible for what happened to me on their watch and their payroll! I'm happy for everyone else getting justice but this whole thing just made me a bigger target FML! The electronic bombardment and hopelessness is how they make you become suicidal fuck…

dfdd8c No.129521


>why is nasa faking space

To hide the truth. That the Earth is the reason for creation and everyone of us is special.

77afab No.129522

File: 4cefc456ea50989⋯.jpg (829.44 KB, 1071x2064, 357:688, Schumer_Obscene.jpg)

a5ab26 No.129523


Lol, have they even worked out we've relocated to 8ch yet? Or are they lurking around and messing with 4/pol/?

cd3a3a No.129524

Mccabre's face when he walking out from hearing. Somebody had a rough day.

dc7f8d No.129525


Yes and he knows enough to set us free from the apparatus.

5ed198 No.129526

Board owner, mods, and other patriots:

Sincere thanks for all that you do.

You are true heroes.

Long overdue - my apologies.

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

We thank you for your service.



c86940 No.129527

has anyone drawn all the links to backpage.com yet dems took money from them

9297b2 No.129529


I try not to filter people in case I miss something important.

ec7a71 No.129530


How’s about you tell us a day, within the next few months, that anything will actually happen.

745160 No.129531


fk u

If POTUS used the letter Q

(ie.. quick, or quantity or quail or whatever) in his next tweet - I would be convinced that Q and POTUS are connected

b015a8 No.129532



My point was those are done by satellites and cell towers so very high up…and now my crippling depression is back. God bless you all anons.

e28410 No.129533


For the future 7 generations

2d0e11 No.129534


True, and the royals are connected to the Robert Pickton pig farm murders in BC through Serco. Also all of the missing native children since the crown called this country Canada

006849 No.129535

9297b2 No.129536

a42aec No.129537

Dems are desperate. They cant do shit about the tax bill, but they try to delay it…Obstructionists and nothing else. Plus they are just trying to delay the inevitable…tax bill then shit really hits the fan.

a42aec No.129538

d8fbd7 No.129539



99e624 No.129540


thank you Q, that brings a tear to my eye.


ec7a71 No.129541



How. would. typing. the. letter. q. prove. anything.

d8766e No.129543


Thank you Q team. God bless.

8bfb36 No.129544


Wow. Thank you! (bringing a tear to this anon's eye)

11abaa No.129545



1a733c No.129546

File: b0d631437d7a5ad⋯.jpeg (7.21 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 15093114756382930453.jpeg)

2b6b09 No.129547


Sierra club and Singapore?

9297b2 No.129548


What can we do for now Q?

797a82 No.129549


Thank you and the entire team, POTUS, etc. for showing the BRAVERY to be true PATRIOTS.

c2fc8f No.129550


77afab No.129551

File: 17230c52a8b01f7⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1132x1038, 566:519, charles_snack_Necklace.png)

93a7da No.129552


Ah Q, you're a sound lad.

213b03 No.129553


Are you suggesting we don't have the right / enough material in the OP, anon?

Please feel free to let us know what's missing.

3af346 No.129554

File: 07f7d83fac81213⋯.png (415.03 KB, 880x580, 44:29, 2ECFD9D5-E1E4-4499-B794-E8….png)

a4ccc7 No.129555


Awakening the sheeple is reward enough as far as I'm concerned.

dc7f8d No.129556


Hang in there friend. If Q and POTUS are white hats we will be delivered from this evil.

a5ab26 No.129557


Yvw Q. Today is a day to celebrate as all our collective work is beginning to hit the MSM.

They're panicking.

342218 No.129558


Thank you Sir…

Sorry for the Trip mess up earlier…

d74211 No.129560


Just give us our country and honor back…

a42aec No.129561


Wow, that is super cool of Q. Much respect.

Next few months. Lol, at least we know it won't go longer than that!!!

Just hope to see some arrest by Christmas but understand the process you must go through.

76d6de No.129562


Sir, we thank you. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

1fbd4e No.129563


Hello Q are you aware of cchollywood?

ec7a71 No.129564


1,776 days from now? Months? Years? I’m asking a serious fucking question here. If you have no answer, just fucking admit it.

30bbf7 No.129565


Stay safe and clear the decks

ec7a71 No.129566


For what?

745160 No.129567


u a few bricks short of a wall fagot


cc77aa No.129568

Tis an Honor, Q!

a6992f No.129569

File: df4ba067b64ed5b⋯.png (88.73 KB, 877x1213, 877:1213, narrative control media2.png)


>You may recall that Q asked, weeks ago, why Gowdy was now under special protection.

No He said Grassley was, not Gowdy.


2nd draft of meme


I don't normally address you, but thank you, Q. Every anon is doing our part, we have our moments but we're trying

HELP THOSE KIDS ← our motive and hope

We love our country

2d0e11 No.129570


thank you for allowing us to help Q

599096 No.129571


>APF fuuuuug

99e624 No.129572




> Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement, though it may also involve practices that are legal in many countries. Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain.

Iris Weinshall.

> Iris Weinshall (born September 5, 1953) is the Chief Operating Officer of The New York Public Library,[1] former vice chancellor at the City University of New York and a former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation.[2] Weinshall was appointed Chief Operating Officer by the Library in July 2014, and she began her tenure on September 1, 2014.[1] She is married to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer.

> https://en.wikiped ia.org/wiki/Iris_Weinshall

New York City Department of Transportation.

> http://www.nyc. gov/html/dot/html/contact/contact.shtml

Responsibility of DoT?

> https://en.wikiped ia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Transportation

Budget for past (5) years?

> start here

< https://www.transportatio n.gov/mission/budget/fy2012-budget-estimates

Former commissioner?

> http://blog.ts tc.org/2012/01/30/nysdot-commissioner%e2%80%99s-testimony-characterized-as-%e2%80%9cdeliberate-opaqueness%e2%80%9d/

Empire State Dev Corp?

> https://es d.ny.gov/

Urban Dev Corp?

> https://www.bloomb erg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=4181804

Dept of Economic Dev?

> https://www.nyc edc.com/

> still needs digging

Integrated Resources, Inc.?

US Senator of NY?

Follow me down the hole.


These people are STUPID.

> help with this and the other Questions please

de6b09 No.129573


No need to acknowledge, we are with you

9387d8 No.129574


You're a true hero too, putting your life on hold to answer a higher calling. God bless you sir, and Merry Christmas!!

512dfb No.129575


Thank you sir for what you are doing for our country and for future generations. It puts me at ease knowing the cleaning is happening and my family can live on in freedom. So, thank you!!

bbb458 No.129576

File: eb220f989a6bcde⋯.jpeg (278.33 KB, 1536x1291, 1536:1291, 0312233D-5708-413B-8E42-B….jpeg)

File: e94e5a46fdff052⋯.png (570.37 KB, 916x916, 1:1, 1A950F08-E668-4152-AE38-45….png)

a42aec No.129577


Someone in custody already

ec7a71 No.129578



Fucking reported. You’re useless to the thread and are obviously spamming disinformation.

ebae4d No.129579


God bless YOU and your team, Q!!! Merry Christmas and here's to an amazing 2018 and beyond!

dc7f8d No.129580


Will you recognize TIs? Beyond William Binney? Almost all TIs are patriots and look to you for hope.

797a82 No.129581

"scary but safe personalized message" – ominous when you think about it…

21d887 No.129582


Godspeed Q

The United States and the world thanks you and this administration for everything. Some of us have been waiting a very long time.

Thank you!!!

6f4bc1 No.129583

seems as tho we may yet avoid a replay of sodom and gamora

30d704 No.129584


Our President works for US…!

We work for him…!!

We trust in Isaiah's 45…)))

9bf267 No.129585


We feel safe in your hands. From a lowly patriot…it's nice to know that their are people near the top that take their oaths seriously and fight for what is right and good!

b33c5f No.129586


> "If I really came out and talked," she told Lynn Hirschberg in Vanity Fair, ((("I could have stopped NAFTA.")))

methinks soon to be suicided

3b7c18 No.129587


A friend of mine worked some time with Marina Abramovic in Amsterdam. He calls here "very warm and warm and very smart". He says she has become "stinkingly rich with idiotic art displays, such as eating a whole raw onion in a theater", and that she is now obviously doing voodoo-like scenes. 

According to my friend she would have laughed at the intense reactions at Pizzagate; and she would make money again. He says that she would never participate in anything that includes sex with children, but she would gladly do something that makes a mess. He feels a mixture of admiration and disgust for her. He would put it like this: If Marina is not occupied with her art, she is very pleasant company.

He says she owes a large part of her success to her appearance and charm; shy is a bit charming, hypnotizing.

006849 No.129588


Snake? Or is there some food on her chest? ;)

5938e6 No.129589


I hope I get a message.

e89088 No.129590


Thank you & Trump and all the silent heroes for your bravery. This has been a pleasure to participate. God Bless!

a42aec No.129591

Please continue to thank POTUS for us. He is one energetic 70 year old and we love him. WE love that he never backs down. Finally we have a voice., the true American people.

d3770a No.129592



1a733c No.129593


the road less traveled

cff199 No.129594


Godspeed! Thank you for everything!

30bbf7 No.129595


Sorry, not the bread bread, my upcoming info bread - fine tasty bread here

11abaa No.129597


I think most of us are past wanting vindication.

We just want justice.

5317bb No.129598



5ed198 No.129599


Safety first.

We have the USSS, NSA, and DHS, also protecting this message.

No random IP needed (though we can implement at a moments notice).



c64f32 No.129600


They do have occult expertise, perhaps several traditions



fb5442 No.129601


Merry Christmas Q, sincerely… Merry Christmas.

bbb458 No.129602


Thank you Q ! For allowing us to assist!


425846 No.129603


I was a mainly a lurker here but I'm really glad for what you did.

bc39ff No.129605

Q, I have to believe that Solyndra is somehow rolled into all of this. Can you provide flavor?

ff57d0 No.129607

Trump Pence


Damn you guys are good

2d0e11 No.129608


If she ever does an open exhibit where anyone can do anything to her and I'm around it will be her last

d8fbd7 No.129609


Now comes meme-mageddon.

fa48fb No.129610


Heh. Rather than find it scary, I think if most here got a personalized message from you, they'd print and frame that shit.

718056 No.129611


Nice work.

5938e6 No.129612


Godbless Q.

9387d8 No.129613


Pray, pray, pray!

c9b311 No.129614

File: a6a1d70d68dda33⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 640x504, 80:63, Ben Swann truth about Clin….jpg)

File: b56e235d97ed42d⋯.jpg (142.34 KB, 640x875, 128:175, HOHO MC.jpg)

cb6a09 No.129615


Anons don't need praise, we are forever indebted to the operators.

365a4e No.129616

File: 342ff05ff49f990⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 410x600, 41:60, dick trump.jpg)

8a2e1c No.129617

File: 5a170d1787b6ff4⋯.jpg (15 KB, 480x348, 40:29, 12074805_10207837632648207….jpg)

>>129354 Knock yourself out I have a ton…

dc7f8d No.129618


Give us hope

11abaa No.129619


beautiful work anon.

78c378 No.129620

File: 8ae91ed428f369c⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 900x1289, 900:1289, anonAnthem.jpg)


We Are Anonymous!

We are Legion!

f59450 No.129621


Not the time. Now is the time for warnings….to wit, Judas Priest–You got another thing comin' and Motorhead– Just coz you got the power!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtuoFv4dcwM

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MHw0yzxHbQ

ec7a71 No.129622


Give us a fucking DATE.

99e624 No.129623


GODSPEED Q, we know you and your team are watching over us.


a5ab26 No.129624


Soooo Schumer is one of the major blackmailers in DC. He had direct lines to Fleiss, Heffner and Soros and got dirt on everyone from them.

I wonder if Schumer is one of the main organizers of the brownstone ops.

02c12d No.129625


Thanks Q & Anons for all the work you do for FREEDOM!

1a733c No.129626


I don't want to be recognized!!!

586e72 No.129627

File: 0e9517d92e5e2e3⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 880x580, 44:29, heidicallme.jpg)

3af346 No.129628

File: 74fcbe145b2f1bb⋯.png (144.84 KB, 488x313, 488:313, 1748ADE2-F409-46CA-851F-33….png)

58dff6 No.129629



I look forward to your message, friend.

<3 PA

Post last edited at

a42aec No.129630


You are very candid with us now. Truly means the end is near, doesnt it?

We really appreciate keeping us in the loop.

9387d8 No.129631


So you flipped the USSS at last? SO awesome, great work!!

c9aac3 No.129632

Q, God bless you.

Honoured to witness the Great Awakening.

Love to POTUS.

8a2e1c No.129633

File: 8b879d9aa7ea78e⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 214x317, 214:317, 10885549_416697638479901_5….jpg)

5938e6 No.129634


Then you shouldn't be posting.

9297b2 No.129635



9bf267 No.129636


Art imitates life and her "art" says enough for me. We're also judged by the company we keep, so while i respectfully appreciate the insight…you would never convince me she is not a devil worshiper…

d8fbd7 No.129637


Buy a fucking CLUE.

ff769f No.129638

Q, please stop.

We are so, so tired of winning.

99e624 No.129639



aacee5 No.129640

File: 51efcf4aa39c43c⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 600x631, 600:631, lsbbqnassu5y.jpg)

e6d597 No.129641

File: f93f03b595a1d67⋯.jpg (810.17 KB, 816x1224, 2:3, ReadyForBreak.jpg)

ec7a71 No.129642


So you admit you’re falling for bullshit without even the remotest shred of evidence.

a4ccc7 No.129643


Said nobody, EVER!

1a733c No.129644

File: bb373fa25751237⋯.jpeg (5.84 KB, 240x175, 48:35, 1837276493984372983472655.jpeg)

bbb458 No.129645


If we are not here how will they find us?

425846 No.129646


Exactly !

39ba69 No.129647


I'll be praying & attempting to not let hope die. God Be With US

a5ab26 No.129648


We won't be. We'll only be recognized and the anonymous patriots.

Except for the name/famefags of course but they're an entirely different breed.

8319c4 No.129649


Yeah, not much info. Reminds me of Renee J James. Here’s what I found

Tamiko is a licensed pharmacist who is also known for being a consultant and entrepreneur who works in the fields of health and education.

She runs an Internet-based dietary supplement and vitamin-sales company and also a web-based yoga education business.

She’s been married before, but no info on who it was.

a42aec No.129650

Q, we hope we can see some of your efforts soon…very soon.

320f3f No.129651


yeah same, pretty creepy

ec7a71 No.129652


You sure do your movement credit, refusing to answer questions when they’re asked.

ff57d0 No.129653


A date for what? Gimme gimme gimme

Fuckin entitled millennial guarenteed

a6992f No.129654


>We have the USSS, NSA, and DHS, also protecting this message.

Please thank them for us.

ALSO - undercover agents who have to do drugs, see awful things, do awful thinks… no one ever thinks about them or what they go through FOR US & OUR KIDS

Please tell them thanks too.

Merry Christmas.

df6e5b No.129655


I've had a few little scares here recently. Dunno why it scares when the pineal gland shows a lot. I'll look forward to being scared, again ;)

303fca No.129656

File: 8af72c8d5d8fecf⋯.png (300.89 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mcgopher.png)

fb5442 No.129657


That right there is top kek

dcc6fc No.129658

>>129526 It has been a great adventure Q. Thank you for including us in this historical event. GOD bless you all!

ec7a71 No.129659


>this is literally what shills think will work

78c378 No.129660


All for the greater good and future of our nation!

this journey has taught me allot about my self and about our history.

In turn it is teaching my kids.

God bless you and the team Q.

Merry X mass!

9297b2 No.129661

When will the clowns go down?

612250 No.129662

File: fbd03d45bb68eca⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 475x245, 95:49, 21e1l0.jpg)

36b786 No.129663

SOOO NOT tired of winning !!!!

dc7f8d No.129664

If TIs are not given hope then it is tyranny continued.

d8fbd7 No.129665


8628fc No.129666


Thanks for all you have been doing from those of us mainly engaged in staying alert, watching, and praying.

3b7c18 No.129668


That was not my opinion, but my friend's impression.

I highly regard him, but I'm critical about his assessment.

2d0e11 No.129669


MOOOOAR says President Trump

youtube. com/watch?v=7OcldMG932o

66d3c4 No.129670


It is an honor and a pleasure sir.

1a733c No.129671

File: 42be9922250b1ea⋯.jpeg (5.41 KB, 305x165, 61:33, 8749938472625234923492834….jpeg)

8a2e1c No.129672

File: b2c7e40ed4f42e0⋯.gif (32.45 KB, 200x149, 200:149, khan.gif)

11abaa No.129673


Relevant blind about Heffner/Schumer's blackmail collection

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-item-1-priceless-collection.html

> "Dad had a ton of this stuff. Some of it he shot, some of it he produced. A lot of it though was bought from blackmailers and others to keep it out of the public eye. He bought it to PROTECT a lot of his friends and they returned favors". I was floored, watching this pre-fame goddess on all fours clearly enjoying herself.

ec7a71 No.129675


Reported for spamming the thread with useless images.

30d704 No.129676


I read some transcript out there and thought…

"If you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't…

You damn well better do something…!!!"

As Q said, "Safety first."

You did what you thought best I supported you.

112350 No.129677

Parentheses search:




(within the next few months)

76d6de No.129678


Looks like Lisa Page behind him

797a82 No.129679



Orange One?

guests x12?

dfdd8c No.129680


That dude with the purple tie has been seen with McCabe, Comey, Muellar, etc.

579d98 No.129681


It's been a crazy ride…

Not even American but thanks for everything you guys have done. :D

b33c5f No.129682


you have an overinflated opinion of yourself. no one wants to see your fukin namefag. GTFO

fc2031 No.129683


Thanks. Just having a moment. Guess I should be used to being exposed by now lol.

a548af No.129684


"We thank you for.." shut up. We would die for you.

006849 No.129685


Nice! Dig the Q-Ball.

c5d697 No.129686

<3 Q <3

ec7a71 No.129687


Please go do it right now.

99e624 No.129688


thank you anon

f00b47 No.129689








HRC holy shit

9e80b3 No.129690


Thank you, Q. I know that this hasn't been easy for you, either. I'm grateful that both our journeys here were for the benefit of humanity. Blessed be!

dc7f8d No.129691


You couldn't recognize me when I don't namefag me. Work on your analytics.

c681b9 No.129692


Thank you for your service as well.

5938e6 No.129693


Holy fuck this is HUGE.

I didn't even see this.


c463fa No.129694

425846 No.129695



Kek, "10 Saddest anime moment"

2b7e04 No.129696


Is Q team sempai going to twerp shills and shill organizations long plaguing and harrassing the chans and other social media platforms?!?!?!

Merry Christmas to you patriotic heroes!!!

342218 No.129697


Sorry Im not the BO…

But I do Thank the BO for a job well done

a548af No.129698


It was a "shut up" in tears. Right now would be really bad man. I would miss everything!!

c5d697 No.129699


I cant even! I'm gonna pee my pants!

8319c4 No.129700


Right? I wish I had his energy at my age lol

8bfb36 No.129701


Anon, I, for one, hope to see this happen worldwide. Give the power to the people. To hell with the assholes.

d74211 No.129702


Referencing the Human Rights Council or HRC or both?

ec7a71 No.129703



Just wait another six years and surely it will happen!

3dc386 No.129704


Here for history!


God Bless!

bbb458 No.129705



0559e0 No.129706


Can we have Obama's student records? I just want to see if he's as "smart" as everyone says (he's not) and see his gradrs.. And if he's a foreign student. And see what sort of courses indoctrinated him.

9bf267 No.129707

Scary message - Q Group doxes everyone of us after the storm, lol….just kidding

327e9c No.129708

c5d697 No.129709



5938e6 No.129710


eat a dick fucker.

evil people will pay.

b33c5f No.129711


it is you who deserve the praise. you have risked your personal and prof safety to support POTUS. we could do no less.

d88e67 No.129712


Was this our first perp walk?…lol

365a4e No.129713


It's gonna be yuge!

219d16 No.129714


It is my honor, Sir. We are grateful for all you fellow patriots are doing for us. WRWY!!!

a5ab26 No.129715


I knew DHS was our friends as soon as I heard the Head's testimony a couple months ago exposing how he was denied access to DNC servers to investigate the so called russia hack.

9297b2 No.129716





We already know her deal was denied

320f3f No.129717


I thought the same thing though..

aa0a63 No.129718

File: f1248e6663254ce⋯.png (122.42 KB, 443x314, 443:314, pope benedict-tony blair-h….png)

c993d2 No.129719

hmm this is a good bread

74a855 No.129720


Awe inspiring work you have done here.

So glad you are planning on doing this.

I was banned here yesterday trying to point out shills derailing our Anderson Cooper picture research and had a meltdown for the wrongful perma ban thinking the mods were compromised

Probably ruined my chances of being recognized for contributing since the beginning of all of this in late October over on 4ch

Can't wait for the New Year!! Thank you Q and everyone involved!!

99e624 No.129721


if you dont think they know everyone here, i dont know what to tell yah, kek

dcc6fc No.129722


have you already been posting some personal messages here, to let us know you can hear us breathing?

f00b47 No.129723


>scary but safe personalized message

wha? Now I'm scared :(

Thank you Q and thank you fellow Anons. This has been quite a ride. Mission is not over yet. There is much more work to do.

ff769f No.129724


What happened :)

c993d2 No.129725

hmm good bread

a6992f No.129726


I'm sorry, I don't usually get emotional but I DO think about all the horrors undercover agents must see and have to participate in. And not only them but those who have to wade through all the cheeze pizza images - soul crushing stuff. No one really thinks about what they are doing, and they are doing it for US, for those kids… I'm so grateful and just want them to know that someone does think about it and is grateful. They are not going through it for nothing…

I salute them.

Ok, back to work

ec7a71 No.129727


Oh yeah, LITERAL cocksucker? When will they pay? Do tell.

a5ab26 No.129728


LOL put it on Gab. Free speech zone remember.

27ce3a No.129729


All I ever wanted was for the truth to see the light.

1a733c No.129730

File: cb6f69c696aa534⋯.jpeg (31.66 KB, 304x164, 76:41, 8749938472625234923492834….jpeg)


won't be long

ec7a71 No.129731


No, you know absolutely nothing whatsoever. You have no idea if a deal even was thought to exist.

0bb862 No.129732


Thank you sir

e46296 No.129733


Thank you Q! You have given us hope again!

Merry Christmas to you and your families! God Bless you al!

dc7f8d No.129734

TIs may never get recognition due to classified tech. I hope they receive serenity. It's justice.

dcc6fc No.129735


KEK and true

797a82 No.129736


maybe a Christmas party at the WH next year…

77afab No.129737

File: b75847f177625d1⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1670x1360, 167:136, Merry_Christmas_Q.png)

>>129526 for you, for all you do

957d62 No.129738

File: b740e53d02616bd⋯.png (37.14 KB, 596x366, 298:183, 2017-12-19 21_37_22-Donna ….png)

Donna Brazile is in Hawaii.. has location turned on. (may not be relevant right now but could be at some point)

77cba6 No.129739


Thank you, Q. You taught us how to learn the true history of our times.

9297b2 No.129740


According to Q. Who anon was quoting.

c9b311 No.129741


He has already played that game for your benefit.

Pay attention OR read the threads OR STFU

5938e6 No.129742


Have you been paying attention to this at all?

This is the last time I respond to schills.

2bcf19 No.129743

File: 5b218609fa2267f⋯.jpg (147.98 KB, 425x300, 17:12, Dispatch-Bindel.jpg)


>Marina Abramovic in Amsterdam



We get it, anon.

3af346 No.129744

File: 5760d6ceb8207eb⋯.png (204.92 KB, 488x309, 488:309, F422A2C3-D4DE-4835-9EFD-66….png)

99e624 No.129745



9387d8 No.129746


Shill filtered

91605a No.129747

File: fdf7986fefd815e⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1003.PNG)

File: 3f1fc5c1333bd3d⋯.png (311.61 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1004.PNG)


Bottom to top


Pic related

483049 No.129748


Godspeed Q.

c5d697 No.129749

>>1They dont broadcast their moves! Trump 101

aaf49b No.129750


More like this… Let the Bodies Hit the Floor


586e72 No.129752


I think he answered me NG when I asked that so it will be National Guard not UN troops

425846 No.129753


Honestly I am a little scared too.

072c45 No.129754


I'm quite sure they can fully identify anyone in here. That includes those actively conducting a form of cyberwarfare against those trying to fix this mess. Let's hope they are dealt with.

82ff78 No.129755

File: 8c779be96fcd333⋯.jpg (71.32 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tyq.jpg)

112350 No.129756

Expanded parentheses search:

(hard to swallow)

(-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot))

(willingly or otherwise)







(today alone)





(within the next few months)

365a4e No.129757

Just curious. When Q mentioned Bishop, I thought Catholic. Anything there?

9bf267 No.129758


I know they do, so that's why it would be scary. All the Anons….anons no more for a brief moment. I'm proud to be a part of this movement…we're a small part of the recovery of our world

1e74d4 No.129759


Godspeed to you brothers.

ebae4d No.129760


Praying daily for the safety of your team, our military operators in harm's way, and POTUS and family. Merry Christmas and Godspeed!

24e9a7 No.129761

b0927e No.129762


God Bless you and all you are doing.

8d8fd6 No.129763


no recognition required, sir

a better future is its own reward

bbb458 No.129764

0bf292 No.129765

File: e6a82db9ca6d777⋯.png (374.56 KB, 716x897, 716:897, screenshot_497.png)

File: 8b465e214b692bb⋯.png (727.75 KB, 1584x862, 792:431, screenshot_498.png)


Someone should because what they did was wrong here we are trying to save innocent children who are being raped and murdered and all she wants to do is muddy the waters for the cabal.

Did the author of the article (((Paris Martineau))) think to contact any of the ritual abuse survivors like Sara Ashcraft @saraashcraft and offer to tell their story? Did she reach out to Craig Sawyer?

a5ab26 No.129766


Thanks anon. Reading now.

599096 No.129767


And welcome at my dinner table any day

99e624 No.129768


Have you seen my husband?

303fca No.129769

>>129526 God Bless this world and everything about this.

352551 No.129770


> personalized message

How about one how this cleanup can be repeated in Canada… :)

c2fc8f No.129771


Guess that solves that…crow tastes better than I thought it would

c6ecf1 No.129773


Stay safe - Godspeed and Merry Christmas

bcec78 No.129774

File: 528152d89a234d4⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 177x210, 59:70, 1496278546789.gif)


Thank you, Q, and godspeed.

38eb4b No.129775

hmm good bread

425846 No.129776


I'm not ! The whole world will be save

7f3506 No.129777

Cross post from Memes #3 to the Meme Makers



>I need lighter stuff anons. You can't redpill a normie with cannibalism and gloabal pedo rings. We all know it's true, but our job here is to maintain the calm while educating the populace.

>To do that, I need stuff that is really entry level

>e.g. dishonest media with examples. >simple examples of lying politicians.

>Very basic instances of corruption illustrated in pictures.

>We're spoon feeding children here.

> I'm not a codeslinger and I'm not a meme maker but I can do my part if you can hook me up with some tools.

290f41 No.129778


Thanks for giving hope. Godspeed, Q

11abaa No.129779


Don't expect reporter anons to be reasonable.

They have an agenda, that is their job.

Thinking otherwise is just playing their game.

99e624 No.129780


FAMILY is ALWAYS welcomed at the table desu :)

a30cfc No.129781


Nope. I think it literally means to pray spiritually.

But since Q mentioned multiple meanings, it might also turn to be an acronym related to Q's topics.

Wild guesses: "Programs of Religious Activities with Youth" … "Peace Revival Association of Youth" (in Pakistan) … "Providing Relief for Autistic Youth" :D

77afab No.129782

File: 056e98f5ec0f2b7⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1130x1040, 113:104, snake_necklace.png)


Thanks - it's been a long day/night - fixed

ec7a71 No.129783


So again, no, you have no idea if a deal was ever thought to exist. You ACTUALLY know nothing whatsoever. You have no evidence for your claim.



See, LITERAL cocksucker, there’s a reason people ask questions. It’s to get information. WHEN will ANYTHING be happening. If you know, just say when. Give a date on which things will actually start to happen. You don’t even have to be exact. Give a date BY WHICH things will have begun to happen. It shouldn’t be hard, at all, if you actually know anything.

6b2f66 No.129784


You accomplishments humble us all.

e46296 No.129786

With the way Q is talking now, it sounds like THE STORM IS TRULY IMMINENT.

425846 No.129787


Or in France :)

6178ca No.129788



ac3fba No.129789


I'm told they ALSO have beards!

0bf292 No.129790


Roger that….

586e72 No.129791

Yes a little scary but you know POTUS, he walks his properties handing out $100 bills to gardeners working hard to project his image, which is perfection, soon that will the image of America again, perfection

9297b2 No.129792

How fast is godspeed? Or GS as it's called?

049775 No.129793

a5ab26 No.129794


She's complimenting Trump and calling the black community to remember his quote "what do you have to lose".

This is a very interesting tweet.

a4ccc7 No.129795


Sounds like the last post we'll be getting from Q in awhile as well.

6676c4 No.129796


Thank you, POTUS and all who are involved. We are all blessed to witness and do whatever part we are able.

6178ca No.129797


The speed God walks at.

If you wanna walk with God…

Best to keep up.

ec7a71 No.129798


Yeah? So you should be able to give a date, or range of dates, right?

c5d697 No.129800


GS is George Soros reporter Anon

99cf27 No.129801

File: b08bdd469554ffc⋯.jpg (140.28 KB, 765x1381, 765:1381, ParisMartineau.jpg)


DUDE! That's not the 40,000ft view people wanna see…

c681b9 No.129803

I hope I get a scary message from Q senpai later! lul

df5a69 No.129804

File: a2f4e3f3b95ef39⋯.jpg (161.89 KB, 1336x1220, 334:305, trump_as_general.jpg)

b7ca98 No.129805

Keep your wits about you. We're still working here



ECB, 22,Singapore

ECB article 22 change has something to do with currency controls in the EU.

Don't know how singapore ties in yet

2f3db7 No.129806


Thank you, Q, and your team. We are praying for you. Godspeed!

c770c9 No.129807

>>129734 I just want to see the people responsible in jail so I can at least have the peace of mind knowing they can't harm anyone else. As of now they are still abusing people.

30d704 No.129808


Whoa…didn't notice that!

"I heard it thru the grapevine…"

bbb458 No.129809


We still need to look into gates soros giving foundation

d5a91d No.129811

File: 14b7539fad14d06⋯.jpg (419.58 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 16COOKING-NOKNEADBREAD1-vi….jpg)

File: 5b0d189bd14bf36⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 1248x832, 3:2, 5643-3-large.jpg)

File: 5148f744e0dd699⋯.jpg (87.17 KB, 1248x832, 3:2, 6667-3-large.jpg)

File: c2248043d412da1⋯.jpg (130.43 KB, 1248x832, 3:2, 8-3-large.jpg)

c1bb0f No.139773


Did I get an early gift? Do Christmas cards count? I received a few, all with green envelopes, and anonymously. All remind me of the "good news of Christmas," thank me for being such a good friend and thank me for "adding so much merry to Christmas?" Then there's one with Santa's face and on the inside it says "he saw everything." Santa's naughty list is 4000 strong this year.

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