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File: 3588e24302b8e24⋯.jpeg (100.89 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, rc.jpeg)

1e7521  No.40157

A thread related to the Red Cross and medical-related cabal activities. Relevant Q from 12/4 and 12/5.

The goal is to determine the extent to which the Red Cross influences/plays a role in the global cabal. Other goals include determining the origins of epidemics and the outcomes of those epidemics related to blood trafficking, human trafficking, and possible financial gains.

1e7521  No.40176

Mentions of the Red Cross in Q posts:

>>34250, >>34323, >>34407 (!!), >>34738, >>34917, >>35048, >>35166, >>38627, >>38638

1e7521  No.40202

From anon re: Lyme disease. Follow-up. >>40179

4ba89f  No.40232

Just a side anecdote about the Red Cross. There are many that i know that worked for them at various levels and most have moved on from them. All tell me that they a shady, business practice sucks and that it is an all around bad place to work for. I had training from them at many dif levels as well and for the past 10 years or so, it felt like they were training how to kill people slowly, not save them. Just an anecdote to chew on as well.

fb0451  No.40255

17 Jan 2016:

High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing Report to the Secretary-General: Too important to fail - addressing the humanitarian financing gap.

https://reliefweb. int/report/world/high-level-panel-humanitarian-financing-report-secretary-general-too-important-fail

21 Jan 2016:

Why 2016 is the year to shake up humanitarian funding

Some say the system to fund the humanitarian response to conflicts and disasters is broken beyond repair. Some say it just needs a tweak. But everyone agrees, global humanitarian financing needs to change. Because it's too important to fail.

https://www.weforum. org/agenda/2016/01/why-2016-is-the-year-to-shake-up-humanitarian-funding/

06 Sep 2017

The world’s first “Humanitarian Impact Bond” launched to transform financing of aid in conflict-hit countries

Peter Maurer, the ICRC's president, said: "Today's humanitarian challenges are immense, causing suffering for many millions of men, women and children around the world. This funding instrument is a radical, innovative but at the same time, logical step for the ICRC. It is an opportunity not only to modernize the existing model for humanitarian action, but to test a new economic model, designed to better support people in need."

https://www.icrc. org/en/document/worlds-first-humanitarian-impact-bond-launched-transform-financing-aid-conflict-hit

1e7521  No.40258


Nothing wrong with anecdotes, but further information is key.

Bear in mind, any government shadiness related to medicine works here too. E.g. the Tuskeegee Experiment: https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Tuskegee_syphilis_experiment

Outright infecting the black pop to study STD's is fucking atrocious. Not necessarily Red Cross, but still fucked up.

1e7521  No.40281

Haiti: https://www.catholicnewsagency. com/news/red-cross-faces-controversy-over-possible-haiti-hotel

Clinton connection.

Trafficking children.

Red Cross makes bank in the process.

4ba89f  No.40302


I will see if i can get any hard intel from them as well, some of them are salty as fuck with the Red Cross.

212488  No.40310


The Red Cross and the Red Crescent have networks in, and access to, almost every city/country in the world. What a perfect cover/pipeline for child/blood and organ trafficking.

4ba89f  No.40329

> How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes


> Ebola Scandal: Red Cross Vows for a Corruption Crackdown


1e7521  No.40334

Interesting comments re: Red Cross:

>>36620, >>36636, >>36637, >>36671, >>36678, >>36685 and >>36707, >>36721, >>36723, >>36801, >>36808, >>36892, >>36953, >>36959, >>36963, >>37008, >>37054, >>37074, >>37103, >>37233, >>37389, >>37469

1e7521  No.40351


If you could, you'd be a damn legend. My rudimentary digging is only so effective, but I hope to put a timeline/map together. Plenty of connections already, so building the bigger picture is key.

Also useful: https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_epidemics

Focus on epidemics started from ~1850 to the present. Highlights include the Spanish flu and African AIDS.

212488  No.40369

And now there is an outbreak of the plague in Madagascar. Coincidence?

4ba89f  No.40400

4ba89f  No.40438


maybe we should have a floating list of all the epidemics and natural disasters and every couple days check them off, sortof like a floating checklist until we have a spreadsheet to work from. Just a thought

07bec3  No.40465

RED = blood = murder / death / to kill

RED = Red October = Hunting down cabal

RED = Red Cross

f94512  No.40477

Can we generate some consensus on this:


"Follow the bloodlines."

Lets get to work, anons!

07bec3  No.40483

Red Cross

Headquarters in Switzerland (CIA, cabal).

Can infect any population by contaminating vaccines (think AIDS).

Child trafficking over the entire earth.

$$$ used to commit crimes and bribe world leaders.

07bec3  No.40493

Red Cross Haiti

The Red Cross abducted children from Haiti and trafficked them throughout the world.

f94512  No.40498

f94512  No.40513

Need to dig on where Red Cross is active now.

World AIDS Day was on Friday, Dec. 1

5d6caa  No.40522

Laura Silsbys husband works for the Red Cross!

f94512  No.40558

International Red Cross FaceCuck page:



4ba89f  No.40608

Laura Silsby Became Laura Gayler When She Married Norman 'Wade' Gayler, Regional Director of Emergency Services At Red Cross


212488  No.40624


And, as one of the oldest and best known charities, they are considered to be beyond reproach and apparently immune to criticism. So they can go about their nefarious business unconcerned about discovery of what their real business is.

212488  No.40645


…not to mention all the money they take in. Where does it all go? As someone who worked as a volunteer intake caseworker for them after Katrina I have a very low opinion of their money management and business skills. I never gave them another dollar after that experience and stopped donating blood through them as well. They are the perfect conduit. They are everywhere.

1e7521  No.40655

On fetal stem cells and commercial products: >>40640

212488  No.40765


I wonder if there are any links between the Red Cross/Red Crescent and the CDC. The CDC is culpable in covering up the vaccine-autism link and is a literal employee pipeline to big pharma.

07bec3  No.40770

Red Cross annual revenue is $2.5 billion.

212488  No.40805


I don't think there is a hidden meaning here. The bloodlines we are to follow likely refers to the worldwide network of Red Cross/Red Crescent facilities, which provide the perfect conduit for blood, organ and child trafficking, and lots of money as well.

5ce297  No.41230


motherfukers!! I raise 10k at my work for Haiti back then

f3b168  No.41696

File: 1d89307a4c91e9f⋯.png (367.74 KB, 656x865, 656:865, Red headline.png)

CEO Gail McGovern tried to kill investigation

"But when the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, opened an inquiry last year into the Red Cross’ disaster work, McGovern tried to get it killed behind the scenes."


f3b168  No.41725

File: 04c19870ccb940d⋯.png (698.33 KB, 918x610, 459:305, Red gail mcgovern.png)

"When Gail McGovern was picked to head the American Red Cross in 2008, the organization was reeling. Her predecessor had been fired after impregnating a subordinate. The charity was running an annual deficit of hundreds of millions of dollars."

"The Red Cross board had asked McGovern to eliminate the operating deficit in two years. By 2010, she had done that, an accomplishment she described as “an important turning point.”

Could some of the missing $500M of

Hattian donations gone to cover this deficit?


ee4480  No.41729

Are the dates in the stringer for the video of Hussein’s aids day speech actually from the end of November? Was this prerecorded? Is there missing parts of the video as in some of the video was not meant for all eyes?

c1b4f1  No.41793

File: 8dbda18d93df8c6⋯.png (194.54 KB, 720x782, 360:391, bloodsystems.png)

Blood Systems has a pedo logo

29ad94  No.41825


The video is Obama saying he's still shopping around for a new handler/protector

Watch it again.

>Twitter and Cynicism

Talking about Trump

Also talks about its still possible for him to be president again or that they could still take the president out or he's saying that he is still in charge. Declaring his position as deep state president.

and also that they still have the 'alien' files card to play as a distraction if shit hits the fan.

73766f  No.41829

What is the rest of the story on the Israeli doctors who are harvesting body parts of live Syrian children?

There is video of it. I forget their cover agency though. Is it the Red Cross?

59d2d3  No.42320


https://www.npr. org/2016/06/16/482020436/senators-report-finds-fundamental-concerns-about-red-cross-finances

Sorry for linking to shill media, but now we have a connection between Red Cross and Senator Grassley (mentioned by Q!) and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The government is aware that the Red Cross is spending excess amounts of money on internal "program expenses", similar to how movie productions list "extra expenses" as their cocaine supply for the actors.

Important avenue to follow: "program expenses" for the Red Cross, probably UNICEF, and any other global "humanitarian" outfit.

59d2d3  No.42333


https://www.grassley. senate.gov/sites/default/files/constituents/2016-06-15%20Senator%20Grassley%20Red%20Cross%20Inquiry.pdf

07ce4b  No.42360

d61b09  No.42363

Here you go: Rothschilds founded the Red Cross

https://www.rothschildarchive. org/family/philanthropy/health

637e89  No.42405

North Korea: Is Q telling us NK is run by deep state using IFRC? Red Cross has been involved since 1940s in the secretive country of NK but recently in 2007 gained more power through legislation.

Read this with a deeper look into what was written in the quotations

http://www.ifrc. org/en/what-we-do/humanitarian-diplomacy/north-korea-access-to-the-vulnerable-through-law/

f1de31  No.42545


Agreed, there is no hidden meaning…the bloodlines are in full view and ubiquitous.

Consensus on that, then? Trying to nail down Q's messages so we can avoid the endless loop of debate that ensued with the "what is the keystone" question which Q finally settled yesterday.

So, from here forward, let's end the debate on the boards."Bloodlines" does not refer to Windsors, Tesla /DJT, or rhesus monkeys. It's simply, merely and ultimately the Red Cross.

Needs to be locked on the spreadsheet as the answer.

Now follow the bloodlines, anons. Let's stay on a forward trajectory. Everyone is doing great work here.

f1de31  No.42580

From a fundamental inquiry perspective we are seeking to identify the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

Red Cross seems to fall into the HOW column. The Red Cross is a vehicle/mechanism for many things including blood supply, donations and disaster relief. Hugely funded and active throughout the world. It's HOW the WHO does their WHAT.

Anons here are tracking where the Red Cross is now and has been. We are uncovering the WHAT it does but have yet to pin that down.

Honestly, after seeing that blood red "waterfall" pic I'm not sure I want to know the WHY.

05c59e  No.42646

File: deca88718980c5b⋯.jpeg (6 KB, 320x104, 40:13, unknown.jpeg)

File: ddf0b7e309fb01a⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, The PHARAONIC - TEMPLAR - ….jpg)

File: ee80234b20f0964⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 550x550, 1:1, poster.jpg)

File: e978bedc19c1863⋯.png (120.45 KB, 868x1024, 217:256, 868px-The_Salvation_Army.s….png)

How about a connection between Knights Templar/hospitallers, Switzerland and Rothschild ( red shield )?

ff9899  No.43116


Red Shield guards the blood

Red Cross (crosses) the blood. What does that cross mean where shield means Guard?

Shield is to Guard, as Cross is to _?

Red Cross blood types everyone it 'helps', among other things such as delivering vaccines, creating trafficking routes in areas where people wont be missed if they disappear, since so many already disappear. Intersects the blood? A cross is an intersection, a sacrifice..what applies here?


When Rots and the Georgia guidestones 'both' talk about getting the population down to 500 million, the Red Cross could be both the gatherer of information to make mass extinction possible, and the knowledge bank of who not to target. As well as the many other negative activities. There's not one single answer for each question since there are so many connections. Rots may use the Red Cross to do X, just like they use the medical profession to test babies for RH. What is X? Shield is to Guard, as Cross is to _?

ff9899  No.43140


Red Cross headquarters are in Switzerland? oh that cinches it. these people's love of symbolism will be their undoing.

f1de31  No.43157


Not exactly a veiled fact.

The Red Cross symbol is the inverse of the Swiss flag.

Follow the bloodlines. Keep an eye on happening involving Switzerland and banks. Pay attention to any new disasters that Red Cross responds to.

4d64e3  No.43828


if you turn a cross upside down it becomes a sword

850840  No.43912

I always thought it was weird (bullshit) that Switzerland was able to be "neutral" throughout all the great wars. I wondered in HS what kept other countries from doing so? What kept Germany from invading? It's been so obvious for decades now that they are just a home for money laundering for mega banks, elites, 1%, etc. And then the Swiss guards at the Vatican in their ghey outfits. Why Swiss? Why the banking secrecy laws with penalty for violating being death. Strange indeed. They are also known for Watches and Cern.

Control of Money and Time, Time is Money is Power.

f00127  No.43990


And a necklace for ex president's daughter…

And a satanic symbol.

59d2d3  No.44000

Excellent post from anon: >>43941


Excellent call. Follow the bloodlines and follow the MONEY - these people operate on donations, and the bigger donors likely have a real grasp of what's going on.

f00127  No.44015


Who holds money in Swiss banks?

Who did not get razed to the ground in any war?

Who provides soldiers for country-inside-a-country that has pope?


a8f2c9  No.44262

a8f2c9  No.44266

93b23a  No.44858

93b23a  No.44906

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:3LaVfhm8 Sat 25 Nov 2017 11:22:21 No.150875388 ViewReport

T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^







P_pers: WRWY


Stringer Q Drop Says:

P_pers: WRWY

WRWY = Waterway (Panama)

P_pers= Papers

Therefore: "Panama Papers"

2e97cc  No.47623

File: 92c39dec27e49ec⋯.jpeg (74.52 KB, 1200x598, 600:299, DQbYp42VoAA4Gtv.jpeg)

File: 98b22fc33ff7220⋯.jpeg (71 KB, 1200x602, 600:301, DQbYp34UIAA2KJP.jpeg)

File: 1af105a1b41c6c8⋯.jpeg (102.54 KB, 1200x662, 600:331, DQbYp4rVwAAa9uC.jpeg)

Need some from missing Haiti kids

be3025  No.47657

4ce2bc  No.47976

File: bc9f1b0132a0553⋯.png (6.89 KB, 300x150, 2:1, cross logo.png)

File: 92c1d96d4285b48⋯.png (39.25 KB, 551x195, 551:195, breakdown.png)

File: 84d3f0cd2d6ddf1⋯.jpg (27.26 KB, 500x376, 125:94, planets.jpg)

File: b762eece212ccdb⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, lead.jpg)

261c6d  No.48433


All roads lead to Saturn.

3ab6a4  No.48633

File: 83b1729c1e514c3⋯.jpeg (167.79 KB, 583x352, 53:32, C3CA5F1B-2159-486B-A24E-7….jpeg)

File: 95f6b6e24e4da61⋯.png (450.6 KB, 1430x642, 715:321, 6E2BD487-4A3E-48A3-8127-7C….png)




78bc91  No.49239

File: bf67a1bcc117ece⋯.png (57.38 KB, 894x478, 447:239, Eas_new.svg.png)


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RALIZE That

"In late September 2017, a technical glitch in another scheduled test by KWVE caused the end-of-message tone to be excluded, causing regional participants (particularly Charter and Cox Cable systems in Orange County) to accidentally relay portions of Chuck Swindoll's Insight for Living radio program being broadcast by the station. In the audio relayed, Swindoll was heard quoting 2 Timothy 3:1 from the Holy Bible and stated that "extremely violent times will come", which led to speculation of a hack intended to inform of an apocalypse.[55][56][57]"

extremely violent times will come

extremely violent times will come

extremely violent times will come

extremely violent times will come!!!!!!!!!!!




78bc91  No.49264


The Seoul–Pyongyang hotline allows the leaders of North and South Korea to communicate directly. It was agreed to, in principle, at the 4 July 1972 Joint Communiqué between the two states[1] and began operation on 18 August 1972[2] as telephone lines between Seoul and Pyongyang were connected for the first time since the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. The Red Cross maintains the link.

North Korea disconnected the hotline between 11 March and 3 July 2013,[3] when it withdrew from the 1953 armistice and voided non-aggression pacts with South Korea. This was in response to rising tension between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States. According to a government official from South Korea on 11 March 2013 a call was placed "at 9 a.m. and there was no response".[4] The line had been disconnected five times before 2013.[5] North Korea reopened the hotline on 7 June 2013.[6]

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."

" The Red Cross maintains the link."





59d2d3  No.49339




This is monumental shit.

We're aware the norks are controlled by some outside force…

The possibility of the Red Cross controlling NK…

In conjunction with the cabalists and deep state…

Hypothesis: NK is a laboratory country, not just for nukes, but for the vicious diseases/epidemics that plague the world. The Red Cross ships goods and communication into and out of it, and the cabalists rely on them for products needed for global control, whether that's biological or nuclear manufacture.

d1d0d5  No.49367


It's all falling into place.

6925ae  No.49385


Alex Jones on WTC7 coming down

>I have 2 cops that have been on the show

>Who were there on CNN saying "get back they're bringing it down."

>Who had their radios w/ a 10 second countdown from FEMA

>Black ops will use a cut out group

>Guess who was running FEMA that first day

>and who was in control of the radios?

>It was the Red Cross

59d2d3  No.49526



So, to sum up, the Red Cross:

- name known around the world

- globally distributes blood and medical aid


- owned by ++

- money laundering front

- link between political establishment and NK

- cuts corners/lacks ethics

@ 40,000 ft.:

- uses MSM/Mockingbirds to maintain façade of irreproachability

- child trafficking organization (if not a direct aid to them, e.g., CF + Haiti)

- support for false falgs; primary interference/presence on scene once the damage is done

- manufactures/distributes diseases for cabal (AIDS, likely other viruses responsible for epidemics)

- controls/operates in NK, using enslaved populace as biomedical guinea pigs (diseases, viruses, parasites, etc.)

Is that about correct?

e22f36  No.49909

File: c88f0e692aa285a⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 5376x4224, 14:11, Nk INFO.jpg)


I thought we had figured that out a couple threads ago, except the RED cross NK recently

e22f36  No.49912

e22f36  No.49914


connections to UNESCO too IMO

e22f36  No.49924


interesting. makes sense to have comms right in front of our unsuspecting, innocent/trusting american noses

e22f36  No.49929


there's your "Merry Christmas" connection since Dec 25th is REALLY Saturnalia (and not about Jesus at all)

157255  No.49951


The only omission is that the Red Cross receives millions of dollars in donations every year, and exponentially more whenever a disaster strikes. It operates as a nontaxed charity in the U.S.


157255  No.49973


Sorry, started to say that otherwise your summation is solid on the Who and the How. The 40k ft observations are conjecture, which isn't to say they're off-base. Those are the What and Why aspects that have yet to be determined.

157255  No.49988


Like twatter, you mean?

Just goes to prove that sometimes one can't see the forest for the trees, and other times one can't see the trees for the forest. It's still all in front of our eyes.

51dc09  No.50226


Nice work, Anon.

b1bce0  No.50366

File: 3dc749a4ab12f37⋯.jpg (64.48 KB, 791x600, 791:600, BelizeanGrove.JPG)


Melanie Sabelhaus, Vice Chairman, Red Cross

>"Sabelhaus twice co-chaired the National United Way's Summit on Women in Philanthropy and is the Founding national co-chair of the Tiffany Circle, Society of women leaders, for the American Red Cross.

>She is a member of the Belezian Grove, an international womens organization.



>"The Belizean Grove is an elite, invitation-only American women's social club, located in New York City.[1][2] Founded in 1999 by Susan Stautberg, a former Westinghouse Broadcasting executive, and Edie Weiner, a futurist,[3] the Belizean Grove includes approximately 115 to 125 influential members from the military, financial, and diplomatic sectors. It is the female equivalent to the male-only social group, the Bohemian Club, whose annual meetings are held at the Bohemian Grove in California.




f3b168  No.50581

File: 370169337c3298a⋯.png (255.64 KB, 701x696, 701:696, News plus advert.png)

Look at the add displaying at the bottom of the page right now. I'll attach a screenshot in case it goes away.

55df90  No.59553

Link to alternate thread:


55df90  No.59555

George Webb, day 196.4: Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4


>Salvation Army was co-opted by Allan Dulles for safe houses and flop houses for operatives and informants in Europe for Gladio. Dulles used the US network for the heroin biz in every major US city.

2b3b85  No.69366

Finding the Elixir of Life was the goal of many secret societies and royal families. Some even tried to create the Elixir of Life by using the mysterious power of alchemy. The people who tried to create the Elixir of Life found some elements that were able to extend their lifespans to a certain point. One of them was monoatomic gold. The monoatomic gold they were using to enhance the functions of their bodies was the artificial version. Natural monoatomic gold can only be created by nature and it usually only exist during ascension cycles. This makes natural monoatomic gold extremely precious.

d2b58c  No.75306

Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance filmed transporting masked rioters. http://www.jpost. com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/WATCH-LIVE-Protests-over-Jerusalem-recognition-continue-in-Bethlehem-517690

588940  No.84660

File: 2b5aec1cec61067⋯.png (84.91 KB, 700x748, 175:187, 744403E2-9CEF-4FEE-BCD9-04….png)

File: 52f66e9bcab466a⋯.png (85.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 5096F11F-FF30-446B-9DDD-C5….png)

File: 685687ef579a4a1⋯.jpeg (106.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AD5696DC-0297-4354-BC99-E….jpeg)

File: 6079b24bb84bb61⋯.jpeg (19.65 KB, 225x224, 225:224, A6634D01-16B0-4033-884C-0….jpeg)

South Korea Red Cross mascot

588940  No.84673

File: 3e33901f52badc5⋯.jpeg (131.5 KB, 550x422, 275:211, 015F7122-7918-4227-8BE5-2….jpeg)

File: d3a125e77c62620⋯.jpeg (53.2 KB, 550x412, 275:206, 6B880B50-523A-4413-90B0-5….jpeg)

File: 747da827d330709⋯.png (864.6 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 45B41C6B-DDB0-486A-BFBC-20….png)

Red Cross North Korea

6e558f  No.85181

File: 135c11368751e3c⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 1225x848, 1225:848, Shrinerse_v_large.jpg)

File: bb61546ddd1e283⋯.png (79.99 KB, 2195x900, 439:180, COA_Logo_Horizontal.png)

File: 6057281ff11ca4a⋯.png (555.64 KB, 1080x1718, 540:859, Screenshot_20171212-185028.png)

File: 4005d6c2d9e2999⋯.png (298.35 KB, 1080x1716, 90:143, Screenshot_20171212-173624.png)

I posted these in some of the main breads but they didn't get much attention. Basically I did some digging on children's hospitals with connections to masonry, the red cross, and logos that fit the pedo symbolism we've been watching out for. Given the subject matter of these posts, it makes more sense to me to post them here anyways. Please let me know what you think anons. I've attached some of the images, but the rest are in the linked posts.





24a98e  No.88050


"girl love" symbol by a heart inside a heart (hands in shape of heart envelope a heart) in 1st pic.

"boy love" symbol on the thumb of character in 2nd pic…

https://file.wikileaks.org/file/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf - declassified FBI file

588940  No.88257

File: 12133efc293c6a8⋯.png (1.57 MB, 800x795, 160:159, C1319400-4139-46FD-9AB2-2C….png)

24a98e  No.88346


She's not forming a heart shape!

aa61f8  No.99827

f3b168  No.101439

File: cf657a3e2cd82ca⋯.png (255.94 KB, 290x564, 145:282, Johnstown flood snapshot.png)

File: e3b4ef831cb9de0⋯.png (97.68 KB, 258x240, 43:40, Know johnstown flood.png)

1889 Secretary of State Knox and the Red Cross

The South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club was a Pennsylvania corporation which operated an exclusive and secretive retreat at a mountain lake near South Fork, Pennsylvania, for more than fifty extremely wealthy men and their families. The club was the owner of the South Fork Dam, which failed during an unprecedented period of heavy rains, resulting in the disastrous Johnstown Flood on May 31, 1889.

It was the worst disaster event in U.S. history at the time, and relief efforts were among the first major actions of Clara Barton and the newly organized American Red Cross which she led. The death toll from the 1889 flood was approximately 2,209, about one-third of whom were never identified.

Despite some years of claims and litigation, the club and its members were never found to be liable for monetary damages. Johnstown was a steel center.

Knox was both a member and an attorney and represented the club in the aftermath. He was also a founder of US Steel. Interesting coincidence that several members were in the steel business and the flood wiped out the steel industry in that area.

Club members included among others:

- Philander Knox – Senator, Attorney General, US Secretary of State

- James Hay Reed – Federal Judge

- James M Schoonmaker – J.M. Schoonmaker Coke Company

- Andrew Mellon – Banker

- George Franklin Huff – Senator

- James W Brown – Congressman

- Andrew Carnegie – Industrialist

- James W Brown – President of Colonial Steel Company




fa6243  No.109988

The Buzz Aldrin tweet was fake

8e8ab4  No.130083

File: 11c1ef2beae3818⋯.pdf (213.92 KB, 2RED CROSS.pages.pdf)

American Red Cross, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

2ec71c  No.141491

News December 12: Red Crescent ambulance used to transport Palestinian 'rioters' to violent protest over Jerusalem https ://t.co/JBbfPdmUDQ

d0f368  No.150757

File: a52c7ef65a54924⋯.png (15.47 KB, 1147x476, 1147:476, 56D4D122-3143-42B1-BC7C-32….png)

>Team Rubicon is an American non-government organization (NGO) founded by U.S. Marines William McNulty and Jacob "Jake" Wood.[1] Team Rubicon identifies itself as a veteran service organization that uses disaster response to help reintegrate veterans back into civilian life.[

9f873c  No.153507

Shield is to Guard as Cross is to target.

ec6556  No.177834

File: c05581884f44f78⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FEB74A68-F26C-4B37-B5AB-79….png)


Just an illustration

1d0003  No.177876


Redcaps are a type of murderous fairy. They dip their caps red in the blood of innocent victims.

A funny coincidence that.

f78280  No.177933


That interesting, those red crosses pop up everywhere

0b9e1a  No.177956

File: 89d9c5fde76d39d⋯.png (91.87 KB, 671x356, 671:356, Capture _2017-12-24-17-46-….png)

File: d909cd3d63159e4⋯.png (610.77 KB, 1199x720, 1199:720, Capture _2017-12-24-17-45-….png)

File: c86a5207dd18398⋯.png (74.22 KB, 720x315, 16:7, Capture _2017-12-24-00-37-….png)

File: 79a5071b9614a4d⋯.png (194.66 KB, 720x1199, 720:1199, Capture _2017-12-23-23-27-….png)

Just wanted to point out that I don't think Q's posts were entirely about the Red Cross.



Remember AIDS video?

Hidden message?





Expand your thinking.

News unlocks meaning.

The Obama 2017 AIDS video with Jimmy Kimmel starts with Bono and Kimmel with a RED backdrop. Parenthesis from Kimmel logo appear as horns above both Bono and Kimmel's heads. Then Obama's clip, he mentions Wealthy and Influential people, and then PEPFAR.

PEPFAR (Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). Logo is the RED RIBBON. Research shows PEPFAR tied directly to CHAI.

Wealthy and Influential people using AIDS relief org to launder money and traffic kids?

Then Trump tweets that FBI is in Tatters, capitalized. Tattered ribbons? And finally a NYT article references Haitians w AIDS. Trump team leaked something about Haiti and AIDS relief. Ties CHAI, Haiti, and PEPFAR together with crony FBI agents.

0b9e1a  No.177992

…dishonest and phony Clinton investigation (and more)

…its reputation is in Tatters - worst in History.

(and more)

Capital H for Haiti.

0f0831  No.178510


Also, see what the Rothschild here >>2422 says about bloodlines.

Red Cross is likely the only company with blood type data on nearly every child born. Roths are trying to evolve themselves through self-imposed eugenics and see themselves as one organism based on a bloodline.

f1c7d8  No.185461

Anons…don't forget the Clinton's ties to the tainted blood scandal that happened with the Canadian Red Cross in the 1990's. Many Leaves contracted AIDS/HepC after then Arkansas governor Clinton allowed the sale of tainted blood from prisoners, which ended up being used in blood products that ended up in the Canadian system.

31797b  No.186632

File: 64c218f73935893⋯.png (8.84 MB, 1924x13107, 1924:13107, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-12….png)

https://archive. is/L12DA#selection-121.14-145.23

c2dcb9  No.203949

the canadian red cross changed their name to Canadian Blood Services after they gave people in canada aids / hep C

i think this satanic ring also includes the Gril Guides of Canada . they provide access to young people and they screen them looking for kids with special abilities or attributes .

i overheard one girl guides coach showing young kids her phone and said "this is when kitty got an intravenous. "

in regina the Canadian blood services Building and the Girl Guides of Canada

Building are verry close together!! actually on both sides of a SATANIC CHURCH

its called the SHILOH ASSEMBLY

i will link a picture… NOTICE THE RED LIGHTS behind the cross


f72023  No.209114

File: d67195fecc75e73⋯.pdf (199.02 KB, CIA-RDP86M00886R0008000100….pdf)

0327a1  No.209396

File: 6a0e9da0b597123⋯.png (357.69 KB, 657x480, 219:160, ClipboardImage.png)

938ca3  No.209593


https:// nypost.com/2017/12/29/trump-fires-entire-white-house-hiv-aids-council/

Related? Trump has completely disbanded the HIV/AIDS WH council.

44b028  No.209951

I'm just gonna leave this here…

https://archive. is/oWtVU

I'm digging P.I.E. and this stood out. I'll come back to investigate further, if I can, but please feel free to do so yourself/ves fellow anon/s.

760c80  No.213028

They're tied in with bin laden and 9-11. They begged for donations of blood for NYC victims. People lined up to donate blood, but realistically there's no way that blood was sent over there. It was used elsewhere. Same thing happened during Katrina.

I also remember seeing a crawler at the bottom of the tv during all the coverage mentioning bin laden family ties to red cross but it's been so long I can't recall all the details on that one. Apologies

6bbfe9  No.225185

[old] Factor8 Arkansas blood scandal

31fb67  No.231726

File: 0ba3a6ff07315d9⋯.png (158.34 KB, 655x330, 131:66, Hirst_Cross.png)

File: d7f1cb64ab6d646⋯.png (119.25 KB, 517x650, 517:650, Hirst_(RED).png)







3bdf82  No.245718

File: 9b560cba8592c6e⋯.jpg (106.33 KB, 839x530, 839:530, blood_systems.jpg)

3bdf82  No.245903


>Creative Testing Solutions is the largest nonprofit blood donor testing laboratory organization in the United States. In 2018, Creative Testing Solutions will test approximately 9 million donor samples, or 75 percent of the U.S. blood supply, at six high volume laboratory facilities located in Charlotte, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, St. Louis and Tampa. Creative Testing Solutions is owned by three of the leading U.S. blood service providers: American Red Cross, Blood Systems and OneBlood.

ab901a  No.251020

Oak island had some weird info on the Templars. Don't believe he show but info was ehhh

4caaed  No.257349

4caaed  No.257369

cbc4d0  No.258663

At Rosslyn Chapel charity is listed among the Seven Deadly Sins….. http://carandpuj.com/images/16b-scotland%20to%20paris%206-2006/16b-183-the%20seven%20deadly%20sins-rosslyn%20chapel.jpg

This is of course why!!

A charity is a registered business - part of every businesses business plan is to make profit - if a charity were to solve the issues it "preaches" about it would be putting itself out of business - No business is going to take steps to knowingly put itself out of business - I've been telling people this for YEARS!!!!

3d1960  No.258687

>December 12, 2017

CDAN tells a story of Trinity Church of Seattle, involved in the trafficking of children and prostitution, having to relocate and set up shop in Northern Arizona. This was done via FLDS affiliation made possible with backing from one of David Geffin's shell companies. "Missionaries" are sent to Eastern Europe to bring back kids in their new trafficking scheme. Apparently, Hollywood celebrities like to go to "rehab" in AZ, so they can frequent this place to abuse kids.

<http://www.crazydaysandnights .net/2017/12/todays-blind-items-church.html

>January 14, 2018

CDAN tells of The Church, needing a new way to import children, does so via orphans in Africa by dabbling in new pathogens that kills adults. This gets out of hand and is the new plague like epidemic that is spreading.

<http://www.crazydaysandnights .net/2018/01/blind-item-7-churchs-new-investment.html

>January 15, 2018

And finally this brings us to the real funding of The Church: Looting of Libyan cash via Quaddafi stash houses. But how to move it? RED CROSS.

"They loaded cash in boxes belonging to a relief organization that has operations in every country of the world including the US. Those boxes are never checked. What a wonderful way to move the money all over the world. Recently, however, in a raid by a country that actually can't be bribed police found some of the boxes being readied for shipment. One could hope this would throw a spotlight on to the operation, but they just have so many friends in so many places, it is going to be tough."

<http://www.crazydaysandnights .net/2018/01/blind-item-7-churchs-money.html

ecc015  No.258867

https://medicine-tribe.com/blog/ #ConnectTheDots IBM Q - 'Xinhuanet' Eric Schmidt, Eduardo Saverin, Masayoshi Son, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, China - 5G NWO

ecc015  No.258870

Virginia Rometty and chuck Schumer and Jeff Flake all have strong interest in IBM Q Mrs. Rometty serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, the board of trustees of Northwestern University, and the board of overseers and board of managers of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with high honors, in computer science and electrical engineering from Northwestern University.

IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company that leverages the power of innovation, data and expertise to improve business and society.

ecc015  No.258871

ecc015  No.258873

File: 4162f6b6583ceee⋯.jpg (910.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, blood.jpg)

The intranets run by way of the CERNs and the LDS (global church network). If they have the outernet and the intrnet they do not need the internet. Their systems will work off the wave. It is the justice system or a continuation of the JUST US system. Drain the swamp

3bdf82  No.259304

File: 7beda5b9eee96cb⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 557x563, 557:563, EyeHorus.JPG)

File: f6c3292825dbde0⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 347x270, 347:270, HolikaHolika.JPG)

File: 98b82b1d0976b21⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 546x590, 273:295, Pop_YourColor.JPG)

File: 4d3ada471d2359e⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 447x494, 447:494, red_lies.JPG)


More Red Signaling in South Korea. Holika Holika, is a cosmetic brand owned by Enprani. Enprani is founded by Samsung and CJ Group. They have some more signals.

3bdf82  No.259305

File: 4d3ada471d2359e⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 447x494, 447:494, Red_Lies.JPG)


Red Lies

3bdf82  No.259306

File: 07fecd87346e899⋯.jpg (32.71 KB, 594x583, 54:53, RedLies.JPG)

c32107  No.259324

Well, if we look at it realistically, things like the Red Cross more than likely simply provide a medium for transportation and perhaps discussions in safe locations where no one will overhear. Perhaps they could also provide victims nobody would ever miss. Perhaps people nobody would ever miss can be goaded into loyalty and simply wait to be told to do something. Though that would take a considerable amount of work because of how many people there are in this world. If we're just brainstorming here. Those are all just guesses off the top of my head.

439876  No.259461

File: f14dd85e56030a0⋯.png (304.59 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Just found something I thought was very relevant to this thread, if people are in fact still looking here. Laminin is apparently an extracellular protein that holds things together….intelligence of form…pic everything.

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