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File: e52d336c77d5c06⋯.jpg (252.89 KB, 1741x774, 1741:774, pacerDumpsCap.jpg)

d44a28  No.4409

twatter user @t193931 has been collecting the PACER downloads to document the unprecented number of sealed indictments

as of 25 Nov 2017, over 4000 documented sealed indictments

the purpose of this thread is to collect the PACER downloads into one place.

d44a28  No.4412

File: 27740324bc2e52f⋯.png (71.77 KB, 1033x657, 1033:657, _Inputs.PNG)

first, let's document the input parameters to prove that these are NEW indictments entered between 30 Oct 2017 and 22 Nov 2017

e19d20  No.4417

Can we also get instructions on how to obtain this information? I know a couple of lawyers and I'd like to know what to ask them to check or what site to send them to.

d44a28  No.4421

File: 0dac9e92fa34122⋯.pdf (319.46 KB, _Summary.pdf)

next, let's have a look at the summary

d44a28  No.4423

File: f8a958a52807bd1⋯.pdf (286.76 KB, AK.pdf)

File: de81f57fa8ac8d5⋯.pdf (308.62 KB, AL-M.pdf)

File: c4c43dd6ce7faaf⋯.pdf (294.73 KB, AL-N.pdf)

File: ac2280546df5466⋯.pdf (273.63 KB, AL-S.pdf)


Alabama-M, N, & S

d44a28  No.4424

File: 1c40d6866dfdf48⋯.pdf (319.14 KB, AR-E.pdf)

File: 2896e823f1903d7⋯.pdf (297.51 KB, AR-W.pdf)

File: 45e15e165c1f8b2⋯.pdf (618.99 KB, AZ.pdf)

File: 625dbcfa96cc033⋯.pdf (283.97 KB, CA-C.pdf)

Arkansas E,W



d44a28  No.4426

File: dd31d5da35942b9⋯.pdf (167.65 KB, CA-E.pdf)

File: e983239633f7d61⋯.pdf (180.7 KB, CA-N.pdf)

File: 7fa7eb811dbb269⋯.pdf (549.52 KB, CA-S.pdf)

File: 9e57e13ac580137⋯.pdf (320.51 KB, CO.pdf)

California E, N, S


d44a28  No.4428

File: efc1567043a6fb2⋯.pdf (97.52 KB, CT.pdf)

File: 1fed26191c9806e⋯.pdf (1.31 MB, DC.pdf)

File: b80ef10c2e4e02d⋯.pdf (61 KB, DE.pdf)

File: 6d173b24ca0d236⋯.pdf (453.27 KB, FL-M.pdf)


District of Columbia


Florida M

d44a28  No.4429

File: f9fe7defb39e47c⋯.pdf (408.73 KB, FL-N.pdf)

File: 24d40c13d25663a⋯.pdf (532.63 KB, FL-S.pdf)

File: fdd1f7b1b306229⋯.pdf (404.81 KB, GA-M.pdf)

File: 2ff4d0fd9dbd60c⋯.pdf (371.77 KB, GA-N.pdf)

Florida N, S

Georgia M, N

d44a28  No.4430

File: 670b371d8e82db3⋯.pdf (338.84 KB, GA-S.pdf)

File: a6573076d49090d⋯.pdf (87.25 KB, GU.pdf)

File: fb45a8550d51cf1⋯.pdf (133.11 KB, HI.pdf)

File: 93b076f17599903⋯.pdf (137.17 KB, IA-N.pdf)

Georgia S



Iowa N

d44a28  No.4432

File: 34de37308b25967⋯.pdf (135.75 KB, IA-S.pdf)

File: 76da733c22da755⋯.pdf (107.55 KB, ID.pdf)

File: 39f2296412f3457⋯.pdf (324.57 KB, IL-C.pdf)

File: 735ea36e3e0c37f⋯.pdf (341.58 KB, IL-N.pdf)

Iowa S


Illinois C, N

d44a28  No.4433

File: 941a81362425f77⋯.pdf (320.14 KB, IL-S.pdf)

File: f0d9bc8d60a27ea⋯.pdf (341.79 KB, IN-N.pdf)

File: e49ff5d1649b435⋯.pdf (458.56 KB, IN-S.pdf)

File: 8b71d6dcd872fd2⋯.pdf (162.38 KB, KS.pdf)

Illinois S

Indiana N, S


d44a28  No.4435

File: 04eacf8e96c4eb1⋯.pdf (298.17 KB, KY-E.pdf)

File: 72d7834598a08f4⋯.pdf (332.45 KB, KY-W.pdf)

File: 145f5722d23b4ba⋯.pdf (322.3 KB, LA-E.pdf)

File: 2d21e136482cc00⋯.pdf (290.47 KB, LA-M.pdf)

Kentucky E, W

Louisiana E, M

d44a28  No.4437

File: d317706a61cf375⋯.pdf (306.39 KB, LA-W.pdf)

File: 30ca4ae23bbbdc0⋯.pdf (100.99 KB, MA.pdf)

File: 0c386fcf73cd0ec⋯.pdf (2.99 MB, MD.pdf)

File: ee98d5377dabf91⋯.pdf (283.35 KB, ME.pdf)

Louisiana W




d44a28  No.4438

File: 071264a53cf9b6e⋯.pdf (426.21 KB, MI-E.pdf)

File: 34b06a58971ec8c⋯.pdf (332.11 KB, MI-W.pdf)

File: d18d8a8de656f8c⋯.pdf (167.8 KB, MN.pdf)

File: 588c222131dbf97⋯.pdf (408.01 KB, MO-E.pdf)

Michigan E, W


Missouri E

d44a28  No.4439

File: 1bc9a4fd936c8a3⋯.pdf (402.03 KB, MO-W.pdf)

File: 72307cacef8099d⋯.pdf (261.9 KB, MP.pdf)

File: 0a829d304f5cf4c⋯.pdf (312.36 KB, MS-N.pdf)

File: 936a449b46412b9⋯.pdf (337.18 KB, MS-S.pdf)

Missouri W

Mariana Islands

Mississippi N, S

d44a28  No.4440

File: 505d7bc572dd9da⋯.pdf (293.22 KB, MT.pdf)

File: 9ff4118b56d811e⋯.pdf (405.69 KB, NC-E.pdf)

File: 838db1cf5ebbd40⋯.pdf (339.29 KB, NC-M.pdf)

File: 5857ae55a8fc621⋯.pdf (330.28 KB, NC-W.pdf)


North Carolina E, M, W

d44a28  No.4445

File: d7639835b67d465⋯.pdf (134.41 KB, ND.pdf)

File: cf27d4aa8e18151⋯.pdf (154.66 KB, NE.pdf)

File: fc207da177651c3⋯.pdf (60.21 KB, NH.pdf)

File: 303e4e984338988⋯.pdf (96.88 KB, NJ.pdf)

North Dakota


New Hampshire

New Jersey

d44a28  No.4446

File: a81062d269cd2de⋯.pdf (349.22 KB, NM.pdf)

File: e9c6dcf83c4adf2⋯.pdf (310.36 KB, NV.pdf)

File: 18b94e98f75be2d⋯.pdf (166.09 KB, NY-E.pdf)

File: f9e38708711e937⋯.pdf (110.06 KB, NY-N.pdf)

New Mexico


New York E, N

d44a28  No.4447

File: 58e1b8a971e5f8a⋯.pdf (241.59 KB, NY-S.pdf)

File: 2b9b77bfde04172⋯.pdf (169.56 KB, NY-W.pdf)

File: 4b4b17d58d47509⋯.pdf (101.4 KB, OH_N.pdf)

File: ad904cbd08f98e5⋯.pdf (120.9 KB, OH_S.pdf)

New York S, W

Ohio N, S

d44a28  No.4449

File: 953a1af8a80954b⋯.pdf (128.44 KB, OK-E.pdf)

File: 49515fb7bfc0c77⋯.pdf (132.89 KB, OK-N.pdf)

File: e2da1e167aeee10⋯.pdf (146.63 KB, OK-W.pdf)

File: af61f9bb519865a⋯.pdf (292.34 KB, OR.pdf)

Oklahoma E, N, W


d44a28  No.4451

File: 363e072f9db7f04⋯.pdf (3.34 MB, PA-E.pdf)

File: 58892f67f298c9c⋯.pdf (843.8 KB, PA-M.pdf)

File: ab3a7be7ad6d961⋯.pdf (2.07 MB, PA-W.pdf)

File: 6a1e51702824c01⋯.pdf (184.34 KB, PR.pdf)

Pennsylvania E, M, W

Puerto Rico

d44a28  No.4453

File: 27812d199727af2⋯.pdf (320.04 KB, RI.pdf)

File: 0167da2079bba71⋯.pdf (370.87 KB, SC.pdf)

File: 7409193172ef4f6⋯.pdf (135.99 KB, SD.pdf)

File: 6e6fe856b52fb5a⋯.pdf (301.24 KB, TN-E.pdf)

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Tennessee E

d44a28  No.4454

File: 4a298a3f3f14262⋯.pdf (297.27 KB, TN-M.pdf)

File: f3a144cb2ae0b82⋯.pdf (316.9 KB, TN-W.pdf)

File: 3a14b353e0634b3⋯.pdf (159.9 KB, TX-E.pdf)

File: 2559fde824eae2b⋯.pdf (254.56 KB, TX-N.pdf)

Tennessee M, W

Texas E, N

d44a28  No.4455

File: 3066a2bf9e91f8c⋯.pdf (832.34 KB, TX-S.pdf)

File: 1f3ef7ad6018f07⋯.pdf (1.27 MB, TX-W.pdf)

File: b4249b62afd0f20⋯.pdf (326.32 KB, UT.pdf)

File: 6c81ad0c7d9414a⋯.pdf (4.86 MB, VA-E.pdf)

Texas S, W


Virginia E

d44a28  No.4456

File: 9c686f874896cd3⋯.pdf (1.06 MB, VA-W.pdf)

File: 53be3c23b1c33df⋯.pdf (75.87 KB, VI.pdf)

File: 96bd1000f3ff53e⋯.pdf (279.57 KB, VT.pdf)

File: 0260b7140d4a155⋯.pdf (121.73 KB, WA-E.pdf)

Virginia W

Virgin Islands


Washington (state) E

d44a28  No.4459

File: 295a32a1d178d0f⋯.pdf (123.74 KB, WA-W.pdf)

File: 2e0b2680390e073⋯.pdf (324.96 KB, WI-E.pdf)

File: 8e406efcfe03c90⋯.pdf (305.93 KB, WI-W.pdf)

File: fe1eb914a1740e4⋯.pdf (1.33 MB, WV-N.pdf)

Washington (state) W

Wisconsin E, W

West Virginia N

d44a28  No.4460

File: d5a4a87e3af1dad⋯.pdf (1.18 MB, WV-S.pdf)

File: 81324aabd7a5320⋯.pdf (293.74 KB, WY.pdf)

West Virginia S


d44a28  No.4462

File: 56c8f20af412e97⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 150x174, 25:29, torque-06.jpg)

yer welcome in advance

d44a28  No.4466

File: a54364b62340c34⋯.pdf (3.17 MB, pacermanual.pdf)


>instructions on how to obtain this information


e19d20  No.4470

File: 77716c9600c4c09⋯.jpg (452.53 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, 1511572842775.jpg)


Perfect! Thank you, and thank you for posting all these! Archiving now.

a4eac1  No.4618

Good deal anon. Sis is a lawyerfag with pacer access…. And is a federal court clerk. She actually would be one to be reading sealed ones (maybe?) is they are in her district. Unfortunately theres no way in hell she could reveal any info to me, but I still might have to inquire….

036e3d  No.4652

Great job OP.


Pretty gay to ask for information you know they can't give you.

f891f8  No.5073

File: c1ea36ab50882dc⋯.png (24.21 KB, 884x288, 221:72, ClipboardImage.png)

Population of each state divided by the number of indictments based on 2016 census data. the resulting graph shows an inverse relationship of the size of the bar to the number of indictments– lower bar like California has higher indictments per person that Oregon which has the lowest number of indictments per person

bde20f  No.5097

File: fe80f2edc45e5be⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, c.png)


Don't try that shit. That's a threat to national security.

bde20f  No.5103

Will these links get shoahed or is doublechan a good archive?

889c9a  No.5582


I sure hate to be an ungrateful faggot but could you present the data as indictments per state population? That would seem to make more sense. Kevin Spacey will suck your dick if you do.

28304e  No.5618

SWIM has a pacer account and we looked a few weeks ago, but couldnt find any proof that the cases we were seeing were "sealed indictments"

SWIM stated that typically, a truly "Sealed indictment" wouldnt be on pacer because sealed indictments are paper and are locked away until the indictment is reached.

if someone wants to post step by step what to look for, i would be happy to get with them and try again,

28304e  No.5619


the pacer manual doesnt really specify how to search for what we're looking here, at least, not from what i could tell

e4081e  No.5889

File: a5b0350dc2a02df⋯.png (527.74 KB, 3624x1512, 151:63, 20171127_201740.png)


Seen ye aint got this yet…


d44a28  No.6032


it's an interesting angle but i'm not convinced it holds water. why put 27-1 to refer to 127? i mean, if you wanted to obfuscate the order, why not just encode the whole thing? and if you didn't want to obfuscate, why not just type 127? so i'm not sold on this theory yet.

d44a28  No.6036


i have logged into pacer myself and can confirm that the output produced by TAM is the PACER export. It comes out in CSV format. Open in Excel and Save As to PDF.


You don't need the PACER manual

TAM provided the search parameters he used in a screen cap, which I posted in the very second post of this thread

481cbf  No.6068


Big fat red ==this==

f891f8  No.6144


thought about that and although it is possible it is just the inverse of what i showed– i intended it to be more a directional conversation starter– like why are Michigan and Florida so pure?– previous speculation that it related to actions against officials who created and promoted sanctuary cities– does that theory hold up if Michigan has so few indictments per capita?- or does it have to do with CP rings– missing and abducted children by state– do the statistics match the same pattern as the indictments?

- stuff like that there

28304e  No.6157


gotcha fam, i wasnt questioning the validity of what was posted here, i was just afraid to click the paperclip links, now that i see they're .pdfs, we gucci.

love you anons, all of you.

Cras es Noster, Deus Vult!

41c45d  No.7671

File: 7eb147242d86992⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 1024x696, 128:87, IMG_0535.JPG)



d44a28  No.7700



i do believe so.

67d657  No.8402


0d6d01  No.8452


how do we know these are all Trump related

aa62e7  No.8529

Their not, extrapolate the answer subtracting from a median of previous years sealed indictment average, that’s the real number associated from the satanic cull… but then, the next question is, how many of these indictments are a partisan response… I don’t think their should be any negotiations to lessen the bloodshed & Truth… I’m ready to battle evil, any other response is making a deal with the devil…

6e12ee  No.10281

File: abee036b140d040⋯.png (2.33 KB, 451x58, 451:58, is this a joke.png)

Randomly picked a PDF and found this name

85c690  No.10922

Do we know for sure that these are sealed indictments or are they cases?

5743c4  No.11646

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Start @ 3:04:32, not sure how to embed w/ specific time.

From speech made today (Nov. 29th 2017)

>Now comes the moment of truth, in the coming days the American people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp and which politicians want to drain the swamp.

f20e0d  No.16075

File: dc9b9738a08855e⋯.gif (873.01 KB, 400x225, 16:9, bbmtv2.gif)




Two Eagle Butte (huhuhuh) Individuals Indicted on Methamphetamine Charges

Nolan Clown, age 32, and Misti Traversie, age 36, were indicted on November 14, 2017.

c906e2  No.18665


There is no indication that the indictments have stopped coming, so the current/final tally could end up having a different distribution.

9465ce  No.19210

File: 8c1555b3a51e7e0⋯.png (205.36 KB, 730x885, 146:177, sealed.png)

thought this would be interesting

e809b3  No.32759

Are the names in the indictments the people they're going after (ie US V. LASTNAME) or does that name refer to something else? Their attorney, etc?

d9af61  No.32821

Who donated most to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign ?

by organisations:


> This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2016 cycle. The money came from the organizations' PACs; their individual members, employees or owners; and those individuals' immediate families. At the federal level, the organizations themselves did not donate, as they are prohibited by law from doing so. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

by people & people representing organisations:


> Corporations aren’t allowed to directly donate money to a candidate’s campaign committee. However, they can sponsor political action committees (PACS) or donate unlimited amounts to independent expenditure only committees (Super PACS). Individuals can donate a maximum of $2,700 (per election) to a candidate’s campaign committee and unlimited amounts to Super PACs. Super PACs cannot make contributions to candidates, parties or other PACs but can independently advocate for a certain candidate.

Who donated to The Clinton Foundation ?

The eye-opening list of donors to the Clinton Foundation (list)



How many names on these lists will trace to the sealed indictments when they are unsealed ????

ffcd08  No.36199

Updated count?

dfeaf2  No.55463


woohoo, you post my oc

c4fbc8  No.58821

I wonder if everyone that is retiring/not running for reelection has been indicted?

a4fd6d  No.59142



At 46m 38s.



>Now comes the moment of truth, in the coming days the American people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp and which politicians want to drain the swamp.

Speech was made a week ago I think.

2b4df6  No.66754

I can tell you one of the sealed in oct and nov was unsealed and served to a Ricky gurley. He shot and killed a unarmed veteran, The reason that it was taken federal is because he was a felon with a gun. The case was heard in Jefferson City and a schedule for pre-trial in March

d51447  No.67888


I looked through Rhode Island and looked up the Fetahe Markonnen guy (I think that's a guy name?). It's before the sealed cases, he's a Masshole and was arrested for CP (http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2017/11/massachusetts_man_arrested_for_bringing_child_porn_to_ri). There's a bunch of shit after that looks like they're trying to get into his phone. I don't know if any of it is related but it's nice to know another kiddie fiddler is going to get hit.

259008  No.70639


Does anyone have a current updated list? I'm hearing an 8500 rumor floating around the general.

c9b7b2  No.73236


+1 on this. Can anyone confirm?

cb0121  No.73293



bump, last I heard was over 4000.

some joker made a video that it's over 9k - it might be a meme

stormwatcher usually prettty up to date on this. still says over 4000





over 9000 video linked in tweets


smells like bullshit so far. not going to watch the video though

5f6364  No.76948

Last official count is 4,289 from 10/30 to 11/22. We're doing a new update after Christmas.

No clue about… 8,500 /9,000 that didn't come from us. We've seen no backup to support

5f6364  No.76957

P. S. Avery1776 monitors DC/VA daily. She is legit. Our work builds on hers.

b178b8  No.91659

File: 72ecf145113fbac⋯.pdf (182 KB, 2017.12.13 SEALED Indictme….pdf)

File: cb852fc5fd87ad9⋯.pdf (318.21 KB, 2017.12.13 SEALED Indictm….pdf)

DC +6= 147

VA Eastern +7= 180

dab26f  No.93395

>Wooow. Did you just got that??

>Tucker Carlson said that 14 warrants >conected to the Mandala Bay shooting, are >keeping sealed?

>He said it's strange.

No fuck…it's connected too many other ones. This is a huge confirmation.

09592a  No.137286

Looked up a few down in Arkansas randomly. The one guy I looked up was already dead back in July? Fatal car accident. Young guy. Dixie Mafia probably. But he's dead now.

Odd though. Just the second guy I look up. Has car accident.

09592a  No.137353

But pretty much all of these unsealed do not look out of ordinary. Just common every day thug stuff.

09592a  No.137411


This shit don't pass sniff test man

These are everyday bullshit busts

This ain't no "storm"

Anyone actually reading these?

df1556  No.153750

e3bd08  No.153815

I don't know where to post this

Guys, I was doing some digging around on the DOJ website when I ran across this:



>Friday, December 22, 2017

>Press Release

>Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. and U.S. Based Subsidiary Agree to Pay $422 Million in Global Penalties to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case


>Friday, December 22, 2017

>Press Release

>Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd. and U.S.-Based Subsidiary Agree to Pay $422 Million in Global Penalties to Resolve Foreign Bribery Case


>Friday, December 22, 2017

>Press Release

>Transportation Operator Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the State Department


>Thursday, December 21, 2017

>Press Release

>Former Embraer Sales Executive Pleads Guilty to Foreign Bribery and Related Charges


>Wednesday, December 20, 2017

>Press Release

>Former Chief Financial Officer at Publicly Traded Company Charged with Accounting and Securities Fraud Scheme


>Tuesday, December 19, 2017

>Press Release

>Former Leader of the Gulf Cartel Extradited to the United States from Mexico for Funneling Massive Amounts of Marijuana and Cocaine Into the United States


>Monday, December 18, 2017

>Press Release

>Associate of La Cosa Nostra Found Guilty of Extortion-Related Charges


>Monday, December 18, 2017

>Press Release

>Bosnian Human Rights Abuser Residing in North Carolina Pleads Guilty to Possession of A Fraudulently Obtained Immigration Document


>Monday, December 18, 2017

>Press Release

>Three Major New York Diagnostic Testing Facility Owners Charged for Their Roles in Alleged Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Fraud Scheme


>Friday, December 15, 2017

>Press Release

>Member of Cowboys Gang in South Carolina Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy



a9cc80  No.251494

Anon Fam:

The Official Hagmann Report is questioning our count on the sealed indictments.

This is an FYI, recheck may be in order we certainly don't want to be wrong if it needs fixin'

https:// youtube.com/watch?v=maQf-VBvdV0&t=301s

Personally, I think they are underestimating and the 80% factor yada

7935a2  No.258832


If the PACER site displays indictments, they are not "sealed".

A sealed indictment in one that is sealed so that it stays non-public until it is unsealed and no person may disclose the indictment’s existence except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons.

acc5d3  No.258837


Read the Qpdf and ignore the "larperQ"s of /thestorm/, /qresearch/ and /theawakening/.

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