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File: 694a0da03aeb1b3⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 6349x3379, 6349:3379, fireman-john-podesta.jpg)

fb67de No.106

Here is my contribution - please add it if you would to any applicable database for our work,

I wasn't able to add it to the proper one at 4ch cause of the attacks and I just want it as part of our headers cause it deserves to be there.

I'm the guy that got confirmed for the Titanic theory by Q so this is a natural extension of that and he has confirmed virtually all of what this is - yet we don't have it in image form so here ya go! : )

- I couldn't find biology records except to say that John Podesta's father was also the same name - and I have found that only 2 families out of hundreds of Podesta's came from Europe - Rothchild's place of operations at the time - meaning this has to be his grandfather.

I also found a "wink" in that 2 Russian's were named ROTHCHILD - and on the ship - likely coordinating with Podesta's grandfather.

fb67de No.116

Well, I expected to only post this in a CBTS thread and then get back to work on my mega timeline…. I just want to make sure this connection is known more. It's a key part of this.

fb67de No.139


cool, thank you for replying... I couldn't believe they took down our cbts threads and replaced them with troll shit trashing it. Ironically calling them the attacks - well fucking CiA with its matrix supercomputers.

I actually get it now tho, the simulation part was what made me understand the rest

Elon Musk, probably has nothing directly to do with NK - but NK and Musk as a connection was all about studying conditioning. And the MSM stuff - that's where they applied it - They tortured NK for decades to study how to mind control people into submission - with the ultimate goal of shoving us all into infinite slavery for all of eternity as they ruled us as gods in a matrix. The others aren't realizing it yet but I can see it now - the, "everything" how each thing is connected to the other, both logically, and philosophically. It's necessary to understand the nature of corruption to even grasp why someone like Clintons would want to be worshiped as a god for all eternity and tortured NK to do it. This even relates to the pedo stuff as their obsessions are much about being in a perfect state of youth and beauty yet reconciling that with the truth of decay - they are old, and quite mad - just clever enough to pass as humans, but only with organs they steal.... truly monstrous. And the world has been their plaything for a long time already.

at the start of this only 10 people knew what I now know... only 10, because what I think happened is McMasters was our deep stater

fb67de No.205

File: b1f687e8067818e⋯.jpg (768.83 KB, 4286x2281, 4286:2281, podesta.jpg)

fb67de No.207

damn it, trying to post somewhere else and my browser is acting bizzare…. maybe I should not be using something I know based on research is tied to the CiA - i.e. chrome

8549f4 No.1167

File: e4bd16030681d0a⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1038x2148, 173:358, titanic recap.png)


I have some Titanic stuff…

8549f4 No.1171

File: ebde6c24da0404a⋯.jpg (120.88 KB, 596x648, 149:162, titanic.jpg)

8549f4 No.1175

File: 283f2fa6870c7ee⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 480x264, 20:11, titanic 2.jpg)

8549f4 No.1179

File: 3a671586734a443⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 637x155, 637:155, titanic 3.jpg)

8549f4 No.1181

File: d3bc8f8f6a010f9⋯.png (93.58 KB, 802x363, 802:363, titanic 4.png)

8549f4 No.1182

File: 46298e8c7fad290⋯.jpg (195.27 KB, 888x499, 888:499, titanic 5.jpg)

8b414a No.2154

His grave and full name, born in Lancashire, Liverpool, England…scroll down for but about the Titanic


c4f38f No.4301

So should we assume that, what comes out on Tv/Movies about the Titanic is propaganda?

Has anyone done research into the 1997 movie?

Has and one done research into Robert Ballard and his Navy founded search for the wreck?

0487a1 No.6152

I haven't seen this brought up here yet, but there are some convincing videos that make the case that it wasn't the Titanic that sank. It was her sister ship (so identical) named the Olympic. The Olympic had been damaged during its sea trials and was declared not fit for travel. Insurance wouldn't cover it, so the owners were just out all the money because repairs would be extensive and costly. So, the names were switched, and the non-seaworthy Olympic set sail with the biggest voices against the FED onboard and the name Titanic on her side. When she sank, as they knew she would with just a little help from some ice, the insurance claim was paid and they still had the sister ship, the real Titanic.

I was going to post a link, but there are many. Just search "Titanic Olympic". It is one more strike against Morgan and the rest as far as showing how far they went to create the "Creature from Jekyll Island".

fb67de No.6856

his grandfather is tied to the sinking of the titanic - it appears after this he moved to Chicago (ala Podesta's official background) and the timing based on Podesta's own words is right at the start of Organized crime which began Chicago? Coincidence? Or did they get a few blank checks to build an empire with their federal reserve funds? I have trouble believing that Organized crime just pops up due to alcohol. I also found that Capone wore a Rothchild hat and such a place would make a fine hiding spot for moving money to the mob to finance it.

if not a coincidence then this means the mob takeover which happened during the Kennedy years was also directly tied to Rothchild - this is where they poured their new federal reserve money - to destabilize the republic! And so it really is all related! So I wanted to share that I wish Q would confirm… I worked hard on research and I'll make more stuff

fb67de No.6860


I just can't find much about Podesta's father - a picture would be perfect yet all I find is that Podesta comes from Chicago early last century (surely after the titanic right?) - and that ancestry database said there were 2 Podesta' families that came from England and that's one major reason I was certain that the Podesta on the titanic must be the Podesta tied to Rothchilds ala our current ones. - At the time of Titanic they wouldn't have as many trusted people in America after all - Podesta probably was the beginning of the America branch of Rothchild crime. And the Chicago mob (which was known to buy politicans and so much worse) - well… it stinks of them doesn't it?

Rothchild has been the cancer of America since before the founding!

However, there just isn't any evidince to find on his father so far… I have dug and dug and found nothing - I watched his old fucking testimony on c-span even - dug through years of tweets - looked at everything and it's just a missing puzzle piece. John only had one mention in all my research which was that his grandfather worked on ships!!!! So that's at least something to tie this mess together. Q said it was all related and the mob thing actually fills in a crucial part of the timeline. I just can't find any pictures of his fucking dad or anything at all about him. - Also he claims to have some kind of Italian lineage - but if you think about it the Mob was super racist right? Would they let an englishman run them? It's the only part of the puzzle that contradicts the rest but due to Racism in the mob I can discount that. I just wish I could find more to prove or deny my connections.

955a68 No.7327


He worked in the boiler room, which was thought to have been the real reason the ship sank.

Podesta comes from a family of morally corrupt savages. How fitting.

0c9c5e No.8602


>Has and one done research into Robert Ballard and his Navy founded search for the wreck?

We really need to know this. There is no way in hell they'd let anybody find the wreck unless they had their tentacles there too.

b0ab1d No.8642

File: f9d05d52317fd43⋯.png (1.1 MB, 691x867, 691:867, TITANIC.png)

File: 7c8c642d2d53e03⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1510x988, 755:494, TITANIC2.png)

File: f181bb2ce22d583⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1485x986, 1485:986, TITANIC3.png)

File: 4caf4128fe5dd5e⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1505x976, 1505:976, TITANIC4.png)

Here's a list of passengers both missing and rescued, for whatever it's worth. I unfortunately don't remember the name of the book it was from, found it on archive.org is all I can remember.

1ac92d No.8822

He wasn’t a passenger… he was a worker

95f076 No.9137

b369c1 No.9753


I added something like this point in on the spreadsheet. There was a great talk by Layton on Yootoob, but they took it down citing copyright infringement. He also wrote a book on this theory. Whoever made the decision thought it worth killing off people in order to not have the financial loss of insurance not covering Olympic's damage. I thought it might be what Q meant when asking "Was the money worth it?"

not sure if this is the proper way to reply…

fb67de No.9804

My niche is going to end up being Podesta when this thing gets all crazy with indictments and so let me give you an update on my research.

I know a heck of a lot about "winks" and the Podesta winks in his e-mails and the official account from John Podesta from the Titanic also have winks - but I am rather doubtful that this is from the old Podesta because it was before the CIA, and while current day John says in the wikileak e-mails that they have used this kind of methodology for a long time - I find it much more likely that either his father Or current day Podesta is the one who narrated this piece. Likely when the Film was released as they decided to solidify the Iceburg story in dramatic fashion.

The Titanic film as confirmed by Q is propaganda to get people to not look closer - You may think it's unnecessary, but it's not - people were bound to make a Titanic film given how huge it is - and even a bit of digging would reveal the ties to the Federal Reserve…. and they would NEVER let anyone talk about that - it's the core of Rothchild power! Kennedy even officially ended it yet it remains because who cares about law and order? Got to give Rothchilds the interest….. So if you read the official Podesta's account of things it makes it clear there wasn't an Iceburg. Well, his version of events is that he couldn't see one and yet he heard them yelling about it… he tried waking people up but then just went right to the lifeboats to be pretty much the first one out… and I think given everything we know this is a poor cover story and since the police were asked to not ask questions about the fire it's just a really old but easy to solve mystery. (I'd link to the documentary that proves the fire part, but alas got taken down)

So based on George Webb who is brilliant btw, the point of "winks" is to relay information between bad actors in the CIA/Law enforcement/Media/Mob - the basics will be that the article itself is MOSTLY dis-info but if you know how to read the winks it'll tell you, for example, which police officer is the corrupt one that you want interviewed for a given story - or which bar to use for a sting- using words like alpha, winner, loser, often just a made up name to tell whoever is reading the winks a particular course of action. - Here this is a Q one - and it's entirely false - but the winks are the important part - it's a message to Trump actually. http://archive.is/VUm5R

Now with that in mind look at this link -


The dis-info part is that he died in England - instead he moved to Chicago and became what I believe to be the beginning of the American Mob - but the wink is the last name of the new wife. Yes Old John Podesta decided to remarry…. to a Diaper….. yea, gag… I'm sure no such girl ever existed, well, as I say, the point of this wink is likely to relay the age of the child desired - he could have said "Goodchild" or given a boy's name or some other indicator of age - but no… he wants babies. That too may seem like a leap but you have to read the e-mails if you think so, these people never ever say directly the thing they want or are doing - they always speak in code - but the codes are not easy to crack (those e-mails are terrifying when you know how to read them)

Yea… morbid humor and disgusting, I could say that this was an Old Podesta thing - but I get the feeling if I could dig deeper I'd find that this was added around the same time as the Titanic film - some kind of sick self-congratulatory party but that's a shot in the dark - Anyway, back to work!

oh right… the transcript of a speech Podesta gave I read… mentions his grandfather was a "ship unloader" - yea… best unloader ever right? what a horrible joke. And if you look at old WaPo stories on him or any other place they frequently mention his morbid humor, mercurial temper, and that he's the guy who fixes things… well there's a lot to dig into this guy and I really would love more people to look at Chicago - that's an untapped well that Q didn't mention but it ties into Mob rise which ties into the Kennedy years and Chicago/New York mobs. there's a HUGE story just waiting to be told here.

8e0fd3 No.23734

e4100c No.26553

Where is the evidence that those people who died on the titanic opposed the federal reserve? I haven't seen any and there is none in this thread… it just says they were opposed..

0adf3f No.31539

fb67de No.59114

File: 50ef60247e7b00c⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 736x901, 736:901, Distraction Campaigns.jpg)

Sorry about the wait, I needed to buy some new software to properly deal with the quantity of data. I will be producing and uploading some database stuff to put the stuff we know in easier to understand (and sort through) form.

I intended on being quicker than this, but anyway I've been testing out automation to deal with the executive function clogging- boatloads of data crunching that makes us autistic folks spin in circles forever and never finish things. It makes us great at crunching data but some of you feel me when I say, that's about all we can do some days…

Just so this remains related (before I get back to it) I'll postulate about the connected nature of all this and say that both Podesta and Zuckerburg have been up in arms recently about "pizzagate" "lizard people" - It's funny to me that the moment Q mentioned "Y" I realized that lizard people was the disinfo campaign meant to discourage people from looking into anything looking like a snake tongue.

Just like the Love Story reverse in the Titanic- giving Tesla's friend the opposite story (in surviving and being evil) - they prevent easy to solve mysteries from getting resolved (or climate science or the corrupted CIA guy who JFK fires being the guy in charge of the murder investigation) - oh I could go on and on……. in fact I think I will because the way they treat the conspiracies do a great job of illuminating each-other when you learn the game.

ae497e No.84006

File: b7c7a0a33ce99bb⋯.pdf (653.69 KB, Timeline.pdf)

File: d08c0031d70af26⋯.png (24.09 KB, 438x340, 219:170, Navy missing records.png)

Did the USS Arkansas sink the Titanic?

Some strange anomalies in the timeline suggest it's a possibility. Still working on it but want to upload something for now.


e7cab8 No.98254

Seen in the pics, 'The Wreck of the Titan' - a book from 1898 about the disaster of an unsinkable ship hitting an iceberg.

Not seen this mentioned though - by the same author of 'Baron Trump's Marvellous Adventure' - Ingersoll Lockwood - in his book '1900, or, The Last President', on the opening page:

>That was a terrible night for the great City of New York - the night of Tuesday November 3rd, 1896. The city staggered under the blow like a huge ocean liner which plunges, full speed, with terrific crash into a mighty iceberg, and recoils shattered and trembling like an aspen.

This book was published in 1896 - is this an even earlier prediction?

ae497e No.101052

File: bebc03bcf484e1f⋯.png (73.67 KB, 318x636, 1:2, USS Arkansas snapshot.png)

File: dee0ed4341f7c90⋯.png (4.18 MB, 980x4668, 245:1167, USS Arkansas brief history….png)

File: 6c3eeb31cb7f00c⋯.png (159.57 KB, 979x1080, 979:1080, USS Arkaknsas wiki 1911.png)


Proof of Compromised dates for the commissioning of the USS Arkansas.

Wikipedia identifies the commissioning date of the USS Arkansas as Sept 17, 1912, which is after the sinking of the Titanic.

However, a page from the Navy Day 1945 Brochure indicates the ship was commissioned on Sept 17, 1911 with Roy C Smith as Captain.




309853 No.110147


I have no idea how to share these links, Yes I am NEW. BUT. John Jacob Astor, IV was on board and died on the Titanic. He got his pregnant wife Madeleine Talmadge Astor off the ship. She had John Jacob Astor, V. He also had two other children from a previous marriage to Lady Ava Lowle Astor-Ribblesdale: William Vincent Astor - who later married Janet Newbold Ryan Stewart Bush(YES. THAT Bush family) And Ava Alice Muriel Astor. my poor normie-ish brain has exploded. I hope this helps.

c81d9c No.110190


I have no idea how to share these links, Yes I am NEW. BUT. John Jacob Astor, IV was on board and died on the Titanic. He got his pregnant wife Madeleine Talmadge Astor off the ship. She had John Jacob Astor, V. He also had two other children from a previous marriage to Lady Ava Lowle Astor-Ribblesdale: William Vincent Astor - who later married Janet Newbold Ryan Stewart Bush (YES. THAT Bush family) And Ava Alice Muriel Astor. I hope this helps. https://www.geni. com/people/Vincent-Astor/6000000009803721820 http://www.smokershistory. com/Bush.html

ae497e No.131876

File: 11195ae1c33b7ad⋯.png (272.17 KB, 503x370, 503:370, Bamboozled 041512.png)

Titanic – post 1 - Bamboozled

I think we have been bamboozled when it comes to the story of the Titanic, and we can see this by examining newspapers from the past. Knowing what we know now about the deep states disinformation methods, we should recognize this headline immediately as a red flag.

We did not receive information first hand. All of the information that we received during this event was filtered through a wireless system, radio transmissions. Filtered means the content was crafted and edited to elicit a desired effect.


ae497e No.131883

File: 132afcafe070c3b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 894x828, 149:138, First report EW 041512.png)

File: 996508b8001417c⋯.png (460.15 KB, 589x554, 589:554, Passengers EW 041412.png)

File: 95b215ccba0faae⋯.png (331.57 KB, 286x655, 286:655, Passanger offload DG 04141….png)


Titanic – post 2 – Initial Reports

The Titanic was alleged to have hit an iceberg about 2:00 am on April 15, 1912. Early accounts, those dated from April 15, differ from those just a few days later. In the clips here, we see that early accounts state:

- All passengers have been removed from the Titanic and the ship is in tow.

- The ship is still afloat.

- The ship is in tow

Other information in these clips indicates the Virginian was only 170 miles away, that multiple ships were responding to the SOS, and the weather was clear and calm.



ae497e No.131886

File: 146848c2783d408⋯.png (755.3 KB, 702x877, 702:877, Go down DB 041612.png)

File: 7a784a28e5a7f69⋯.png (494.26 KB, 749x447, 749:447, Hundreds SF 041612.png)

File: 67ed47afe3b2ac7⋯.png (534.15 KB, 628x512, 157:128, Crazed BEF 041812.png)

File: e586315ea51eb9b⋯.png (278.61 KB, 238x713, 238:713, Rent asunder TD 041912.png)

ae497e No.131887

File: a63b4a49c0a4e0e⋯.png (449.64 KB, 630x502, 315:251, Speeding ET 041912.png)

File: a1517ed0ccfb38e⋯.png (676.04 KB, 635x739, 635:739, Not speeding WT 041912.png)

ae497e No.131892

File: 1716910a4eeab7a⋯.png (274.56 KB, 211x761, 211:761, Chronology ET 041812.png)


Titanic – post 5 – Coverup by confusion

In this post, we’ll take a look at two examples of cover-up.

Example 1 – confusion due to conflicting facts

Example 2 – setup of the crime scene

Example 1

Here we see a chronology of events. At 2:20 am, the ship sinks. Eight hours later at 12:pm, the ship is afloat and all are saved. Well, which is it? How can the ship be afloat after it has already sunk? This is the same pattern we saw with the crashed flying saucer at Roswell. First reports were of a metallic disk. The next day, it was a balloon and balsa wood. Most people can tell the difference between metal and balsa wood. Likewise, most people can tell the difference between a floating ship and a sunken ship. This is disinformation plain and simple. They do it by providing contradicting facts in the same article in order to confuse and disorient the reader.

Example 2

Notice how scene is setup. The accident occurs in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. This is important for a number of reasons. Waking up into a panic scene causes the mind to focus on the most important items only and filter out anything that doesn’t make sense. When someone is fighting for their life, they’re not analyzing whether or not the threat is real. Also, the darkness helps keep passengers disoriented and hides any alleged damage. Since it is dark outside, nobody can see if there’s really a hole or not. The passengers are acting on faith that the boat is sinking and they need to get their stuff together and evacuate as quickly as possible. Don’t ask questions, just hurry and get in the life boats.


ae497e No.131897

File: 96a8d1089c7ef5e⋯.png (542.84 KB, 574x702, 287:351, Diamonds EW 041512.png)

File: 9993ac16f0621a6⋯.png (82.02 KB, 169x281, 169:281, Pearls NYTrib 041612.png)

File: 449e3f10885f393⋯.png (309.98 KB, 406x539, 58:77, Men lost Wib 041912.png)

cd508f No.140440


Yes, definitely plausible. I'm reading this thread first time just now, been great so far. What I find fascinating about all of this - the Titanic, in relation to Q phenomena - is this: evidence mounts over time, and whoever's been behind grand-scale acts of destruction or deception throughout the years (like the Titanic), their true role is becoming exposed thanks to crowd sourced internet research (like Q phenomena).

It's hard to explain what I mean. I hope I made myself clear. They couldn't possibly have predicted the tech we have today. Maybe they were cunning enough to get with their crimes in their day, but not forever. A newer, truer version of history will show that… and by the power of autism, that's emerging right now, right before our eyes with these Titanic connections.

cd508f No.140535


I'm not sure I'd go that far… but in any case, notably the Titan - supposedly insurance fraud was an element in that story, according to just a couple of comments I managed to come across. Synchronistic with the Olympus/Titanic insurance fraud hypothesis.



Good posts

a6808f No.156373

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z18wXS4zvLg John Hamer wrote a book called the RMS Olympic, all about the Titanic Conspiracy. Here he is on youtube

fb67de No.173402

File: 510c26654dad22d⋯.jpg (82.44 KB, 699x552, 233:184, 22851995_1715474391810069_….jpg)

OP here - thank you all for adding what you have. My original plan was to showcase about 20X more research along with a simulation of the titanic hitting an ice-burg. I do 3d work and can do such a simulation and make it scientifically accurate. I'd show what a fire would do and various other things, I didn't expect to find that 2013 video that threw my plans awry showing that it was actually not even the fucking Titanic, and an insurance scam. Trying to figure out the logistics of an old boat that was already screwed up is much harder than the titanic but I digress.

Anyway I got involved in lots of other stuff including making this site for us www.db-q.com

I just never seem to have enough time, but I'll incorporate everything added here, so I just wanted to thank you all. I added that bank list and I worked for a few hours yesterday on making a world animation kind of dealy that would light up with banks and wars but that has taken so much time.

Anyway, anyway, sitll not enough of us but we are getting closer to the truth : )

I still will do that sim and more on this, this image shows the problem as I see it, needing to get people to stop drinking that damn kool-aid of the MSM and think for once in their damn lives. Well, I'm stil on the case.

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