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File: f4b1084173d3416⋯.jpg (72.24 KB, 962x806, 37:31, Mueller Time.jpg)

f9f31e  No.3163

With nearly 1500 sealed indictments, sooner or later these arrests are going to start happening. Place the NEWS and connect the dots in this thread.

18f8b5  No.3225

File: 07dc08621336672⋯.jpg (1009.52 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1511753659611.jpg)

f9f31e  No.3252

File: edb01e6c12810a0⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 473x918, 473:918, 20171122Indictments.jpg)

File: 88c1d011ee917d2⋯.jpg (55.04 KB, 650x433, 650:433, MS13.jpg)

File: cde8d53eb6baefc⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, Sessionsfingerjab.jpg)


"President Trump has ordered the Department of Justice to reduce crime and take down transnational criminal organizations, and we will be relentless in our pursuit of these objectives," Sessions said in announcing the arrests. "That's why I have ordered our drug-trafficking task forces to use every law available to arrest, prosecute, convict and defund MS-13."

The only street gang designated by the Treasury Department as a transnational criminal organization, MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, boasts nearly 10,000 members in the United States, mostly immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

In a statement, the Justice Department said a majority of the 214 MS-13 members arrested in the United States were from El Salvador and that 64 members had illegally entered the United States as "unaccompanied alien children."

f9f31e  No.3263


Glad you're here! Your halfchan list inspired the thread! Thank you.

13418f  No.3363

List of twitter people who have gone silent and those who may go silent soon.

Bill Clinton @BillClinton Nov 20

Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton Nov 25

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton Nov 22

Barack Obama @BarackObama Nov 23 (Used old photo from Easter 2016)

Joe Biden @JoeBiden Nov 25

Maxine Waters @MaxineWaters Nov 14

Debbie Wasserman Schultz @DWStweets Nov 22

Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi Nov 26th

John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Nov 26th

Paul Ryan @SpeakerRyan Nov 25th

Mitch McConnell @SenateMajLdr Nov 23rd

John Podesta @johnpodesta Nov 17th

Tony Podesta @PodestaGroup Oct 18th

e7f3f2  No.3522

ebf23f  No.5218


good digs on this. My thoughts is end of Royals being the REAL rulers of Britain. They need to move all the stuff OUT for Queen which they are doing now already Emergency meeting on that. Now to GET Henry (Harry) a proper title they which done upon Marriage, they have hooked him up with a half black migrant skank a NWO dream uggg She is not virgin, been divorced several times, NOT royal, NOT white, NOT English!! She had kinky black afro hair she straightens, and part of the family business empire Corporation is fashion worn by royals, she is horrible and always seen wearing torn holed jeans. Everyone has seen her naked on TV. WTF!? (harry is ONLY 5th from throne at present. Queen dies he is 4th.)

Couple years ago UK media and polls were that no one wanted Charles king, and sure as hell hated Catholic, divorced (dispensation from Pope) whore Camila. They wanted William. Queen can do this and appoint William. But NOW if appoint William them Harry is TOO close to the throne with his migrant bride 3rd in line. Thought Williams is breeding again his 3rd while few weeks ago went on public rant how the planet had too many people.. what a dick.

Queens husband consort and Charles both swing both ways and been caught. Charles brother Prince Andrew frequent guest on Lolita express, sex slave island , and all the other many properties globally Epstein and the network have. PROVEN. Freaking Queen of Netherlands NASTY parties like Rothschilds, and dark shit, she also goes to sex slave island / temple. She also attended all the Bilderburg (created by Rockefeller/Rothschilds). They do do rituals there as part of some shit, & have been photographed all in 1 room of hotel wearing only bathrobes.. didn't think windows would catch them.. It's like they must get naked & bare themselves, & perhaps do stuff. Perhaps branding, cuts, acts like those other sex cults. Bohemian Club/Grove founded by Rockefeller, also he founded Trilateral, CFR, & you name it it sucks.. They pushed created League of Nations, UN, etc. Rockefeller is the one who brought in and controlled Henry Kissinger and evil Madeline Albright (both wanted war criminals, along with Bush). Albrights niece is Cokie Roberts (lots of rumonrs about her husbands and all the shit they were tie to also)who is on board of that BS creepy network connected hospital in AZ board, and like Traitor McCain's foundation with Rothschild on board & other dirt bags, all wrapped up in all this shit going way back

ebf23f  No.5250

Britain leaving UK was set up to fail as UN NEVER planned on ALLOWING anyone to leave..and documents show the politicians since 1971 fully KNEW they were all lying to the public, the voters and slowly taking away all their rights, and sovereignty, liberty etc.. and states in document that if they all lie and hide by the time they catch on it will be too late and they can't do anything about it.. see so all these assholes holed citizens, the tax base, the laborers in contempt, and don't mind if they rape or steal and kill your children, or do medical experimentation on everyone.

Right now the EU is DEMANDING MASS $$$ Billions a year to LEAVE every year in perpetuity.. THAT is bull shit, then they are Never free and always servants and slaves to EU.

Now Poland, Ireland (who are so skrewed over now through progressive intentional psych ops on them to destroy them completely), Scotland should all exit too.

Thing is this is a LAWYER shit, and THAT is the crux of it.. so much hidden.. but to truely have all the laws rules researched to negotiate this whole "leaving" thing they will find the CROWN corporation has a HELL of alot more power than they thought, and that the USA has ALWAYS been a British colony.. ALWAYS and NOW.

They need to say fuck off EU,UN, we owe you nothing.. EVER.. fuck off.. same as we need to so w/ the Fed/IRS both foreign corporations owned by Rothschilds corporations network of banks.. it is just 1s and 0s, and frankly YOU own US..

Every single one of us is owned by them, literally.. they have an account in your name (all caps) connected now to your social at the Federal Reserve bank.. in your name is a fortune, same for your children, your birth certificate (all that stuff THEY made sure you had to have by LAW) WE are trad-able commodities based on our projected taxes we pay into the Roths via taxes, which NEVER go to USA

Nigel Farrage would be a GREAT Prime Minister.

ebf23f  No.5295


coincidentally this is new, and VERY relevant and explains this exactly.. then https://www.davidicke.com/article/440188/david-icke-exposes-eu-tyranny-one-iconic-locations-maastricht-says-immediately-confirmed-secret-government-document?mc_cid=7e41d26e7e&mc_eid=0561f98150


BTW EU UN Brussels even IN their official buildigns have been child rapes, and porn shoots, for decades many fully public accounts of UN "peacekeepers" running human and child trafficking, prostitution, rapes, and murders all over globe!! they do this shit, GET paid, make money from the criminal sick stuff, and have IMMUNITY. and many orgs bodies for decades have been trying to get them to fix this.. THEY don't want to.. this is what they do. Just like this is what our US State Dept and Embassies do all over globe. State dept is JUST a wing of Clowns, literally set up that way. you will find stories of Ambassadors running child prostitution, trafficking etc.

Next is NASTY ass Clown front Dycorp THAT is what they do..

ebf23f  No.5358

This just in on Drudge. Megan Markel is JEWISH. Her mother is black, her father is white and jewish. He publicist denies she is jewish. He means she is not a practicing jew, but that is a religion. But she IS of he blood and line of THE Tribe.. that would be the tribe of pretenders and frauds, the House of Saud who are also of the SAME tribe as those who claim they are jews But they is not hebrew or of the house of israel. They are the synagogue of satan Read more: https://forward.com/schmooze/372756/is-meghan-markle-going-to-be-prince-harrys-jewish-princess/

e5e6ca  No.5366

Have we seen arrests yet?

82b6eb  No.5442

right now it makes sense For the pres to keep the indictments sealed. No one is safe while the indictments are sealed. Arresting everyone right now would eliminate a strategic advantage.

why prince harry marry some mullato alleged descendant of king john which apparently he had no relationship with before returning from the NK pyramid.

There is an effort in the media to link all the presidents but one to king john. Who knows whether that story has any validity or not

ebf23f  No.5557


All royals and lord lines are recorded and monitored, and published. More so a few years ago when had active House of Lords, Now just really Commons.. WH also used to publish, and then on web pages the Presidents and 1st. ladies genealogy. Those statements they are all related is true, and it seems like 1 you have to be in the blood club to play, and then have to get permission from Bilderburg as really they run the horses. And as Rothschilds say (paraphrase), it matters not who are the kings, queens of nations, for I own the banks and control them all.. The old study was done male line only, but when adding in the maternal line and tracing those you come up with combinations of connections to similar people in the trees.

BTW THIS article seems VERY relivanct, it creates several things, getting in front of, deniability, and several sections state things how phone logs are PUBLIC records etc.. but in a smart way, and signals old bad actors that those records exist and can be used.. LOL.. Also depending how you read a good well needed dig, and warning to public about using any products with Google related.. bad mojo https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-27/white-house-is-said-to-weigh-personal-mobile-phone-ban-for-staff

Also BuzzAldren is really off and odd guy, like a vaudville act, like the guy who always had a part in Adam Sandler movies.. He gave some 1st ever award to freaking JEFF Bezos, evil elite creep Amazon, Wash post, the BS cloud contrast with Clowns, and Pentagon and others of like a $$ Trillion all added up.. but makes all critical data HIS to access.. Here is how these bullshit awards and foundations work, tit for tat, pay to play, launder in launder out, each get a tax breaks and write of and money moves around.. well I BET Bezos bought the award.. see buss feed and scroll down.. the looks and Bezos is SOO ugly, I was disturbed by him 1st time I ever saw a picture of him.. real bad vibe

f8b753  No.5595

Personal thoughts:

Many many low level RICO roundups, including foot soldiers, low ranking pedos/traffickers, and some mid-level people.

I doubt there are a whole lot of big names in there, as most large scale RICOs are about sweeping wide, and focusing narrow.

They would save the big names for perp walks/individual spotlights.

Just speculation based on limited legal experience.

90c2c7  No.5597

SWIM but that im very close to has a PACER account if someone wants to tell me how we can view "Sealed" indictments.

i tried with SWIM a few weeks ago and we were unable to locate them.

4b5d38  No.5601

File: 021f4efd518aade⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 320x320, 1:1, r.gif)


stop that, you will get bagged.

cec715  No.5607


can we put a column next to this with last IRL sightings

90c2c7  No.5631


bag me then glowfaggot, ive already awared my entire family and friend circle and church family about Q and have them rather convinced its at the lease plausible Q is legit.

bag me and i'll join Andrew Breitbart, Aaron Schwartz, and Michael Hastings in BTFO'ing you from the other side.

Perfect Love conquers All Fear.

"God" is Truth through Love

Truth is Balance through Composure

Love is Truth Faith through True Hope.

90c2c7  No.5633

everyone i talk to knows that MS13 and other "street gangs" are used in nefarious ways by deep state officials to kill their opponents.

ebf23f  No.5758

>>5597 login pacer

you goto Federal courts and pic a jurisdiction, then look at docket.. then see the list of the unusual sealed ones.. and can cut and page into a working doc, and also screen shot.. but someone a while back figured THIS out.. DO THIS and be a hero..work on as team.. (I am VERY slow connection as VERY VERY rural and can barely do anything)

You know how you can right click and read code on a page.. well open the docket listing for each sealed doc and will not tell you much.. BUT do the code and a guy showed a few weeks ago you could read the RSS code and THAT unmasked things and you could see some names and if indictment or search warrant etc.. and don't forget 1 indictment can be for many people, orgs, gangs etc.. Most dockets onlly show 1st 3 or 5 names.. but understand the POWER of what you may find.. :)

fly monkeys fly and see what you can see and find out.. then just create a graphic image do not write how you saw or got what you did . best way is to hide in a graphic file. host share in image form and we can just click and SEE, and quickly download save :)

90c2c7  No.5800


when SWIM and myself did this before, the unsealed indictments werent listed on the docket, becaus theyre sealed.

db3ef2  No.5841


You cannot see the names, just the docket number.

You have to go to each court individually to count.

There are 94 district courts, some with many judges…each of which has a docket but I think sealed indictments are all listed without judge.

They are at the end of list so could be a couple of pages down.

90c2c7  No.5892

SWIM said there is a vast difference between the # of Sealed vs Sealed when you modify to specifically "Criminal" cases.

90c2c7  No.6023

but then again, SWIM is searching the ECF under the "criminal" docket.

sooooooo. who knows. riding this wave is fun, boyos.

0b7896  No.6095


you can see names if you use the RSS feed in most cases

21969a  No.6376

File: e8eb41e982e6833⋯.jpeg (6.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, download (5).jpeg)

>Follow the white rabbit

Follow the white rabbit

>Follow the white rabbit

Follow the white rabbit

f9f31e  No.6944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Did you try this? >>5758

ebf23f nice sauce, commentary and tips.

>>99% in hospital? Try this 23 item list for appetizers. fugg.

f9f31e  No.7108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IXkmdn5Gb_dyffp-kOYB0yMjotiKNkof/view sauces within

ALSO watch for STAY​ ​TUNED​ ​FOR​ ​AN​ ​IMPORTANT​ ​EVENT​ ​ON​ ​29​ ​NOVEMBER​ ​2017​ ​AT​ ​NATIONAL​ ​PRESS​ ​CLUB might be interesting??

ca98c2  No.12592


Can add Chuck Schumer to the "soon to be silent" list.

a7a57e  No.12615


Q said "Select people removed."

c5e133  No.68464

12.9.17 Disney exec Director of Music Publishing Jon Heely arrested for molestation


443d17  No.78865

Working >>still<< on extracting the passengers and flight legs of LolitaXpress. THis shit is agonizingly slow so it's gonna take a while yet.

In the meantime, if you want to dig up info on those passengers that have actual names listed (instead of initials) here's the first list. Future lists will include these as well.

Jeffry Epstein

Sarah Kellen (JE’s Assistant)

Nadia Marcinkova (Yukoslav model)

Jean Luc Brunei (Model Agency Owner)

Alexia Wallert

Cindy Lopez

Kathy Alexander

Stacey Igglucksengh

Alberto Pinto

Yves Pickardt

Steve Sherman

Ed Tuttle

President Bill Clinton

Fleur Perrylang

Mark Lloyd

Sean Koo

Shelley Lewis

Glen Dubin

Richard Cook

Geraldine Layborne

Kit Layborne

Steven Pinker

Nina & Tim Zagat

David Rockwell

Carolyn Miller

Micahel Wolf

Daniel Dennet

John Brockman

Karina Matson

Kelly Boving

Steven Pinker

443d17  No.78929


Remember that not all of these show going to his island, though some did. Some were aboard going various places. But, since they were aboard, birds of a feather and all that…

I'll have a list tomorrow of the initials up to this point too. You can't do much with them but it's still interesting - one example is AP which shows up a lot. I'm thinking that 3rd Posdesta brother but who knows. He seems to go in and out of Palm Beach a lot on the Xpress including to and from the island. Bill Clinton isn't shown going there yet in this but there's years to go - and he's seen twice so far. Once he had 4 SS agents in tow, and on another trip he has 10 agents. WTF? No other protectees so that one looks like a vacation trip for a pile of SS agents. Imagine.

Much more soon…

443d17  No.78960


There is a couple with the last name Wasserman that show up a few times but I'm not to those flight legs yet. They're in Los Angeles and he's some sports agent and she's a show horse rider. Both well known in SoCal and connected to Bill and other presidents as well as many other politicians. No clue if they're related to Debbie. I started to look up a few of the passengers but that distracts me too badly since I fall into holes once I start, so someone else will have to look them up.

8b97a1  No.113015


The plane is a mobile Playhouse they have girls on the plane that's why Clinton used it sometimes a fireplace

82b6eb  No.116046

confirmed, HRC still in "boot" as of 12.15.17 while appearing on ellen "degenerate" show

4314ce  No.116097

File: 43f2fa93ad93cfe⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 810x13474, 405:6737, Screenshot_20171217-200856.jpg)


149 sealed in DC, as of 2 mins ago. Up from 76 on Nov 22. Merry Christmas indeed.

78a174  No.116399


For reference, what's a typical sealed number?

4314ce  No.117763


I think even a few is unusual. On the day Manafort was indicted, there were 4 in DC and the press was all abuzz with speculation over the others and who it could be.

e138a1  No.213751

Can anyone confirm that it is up to 10448 sealed? Only found unverifiable references on twitter. (Don't provide how they got that #).

e638af  No.214080


Get em while they're young?

25a8fc  No.214537


Check out twitter handle @t193931. There is a group of twitterfags who are doing a great job posting the pdfs from PACER. The 10k+ number is incomplete. They released the pdfs from the 4200+ last time. Expect the updated pdfs soon.

398401  No.261419

File: 04143916477a753⋯.jpg (95.6 KB, 1240x930, 4:3, iuA9QK8965.jpg)

Vote, Vote, Vote everyone needs to make their vote count so American Patriots can end those Evil Fickers.

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