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File: d85636c77e7bf00⋯.jpg (101.57 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, NK.jpg)

d20849  No.1342

>Post research, news, links, etc. related to North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, military action, people/companies dealing with NK, and related Japan, SK, China, SE Asia news.

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


10b3bd  No.1797

File: a4eb7e83b5d0960⋯.jpg (2.81 MB, 2744x4944, 343:618, 1511393425653.jpg)

ad5b83  No.2185

File: 30c689d4dcf53ff⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2281x2281, 1:1, 1511561760273.jpg)

841cf9  No.2570

KJU Working on Nuke Delivery System That Won’t Require ICBMs


2a65c3  No.4307

File: df59f98115ea0fa⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Fullscreen capture 1127201….jpg)

File: f5bdd06c37862de⋯.jpg (56.31 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Fullscreen capture 1127201….jpg)

File: 25b4864ca2d52ba⋯.jpg (950.21 KB, 2000x1299, 2000:1299, north_korea_skiing_by_sanc….jpg)

File: d99935edb2a65b2⋯.jpg (67.71 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ski_nk.jpg)

NK has luxurious Ski resort. There is a video about it. It too is built pyramid style. Watch the video but also at the 10 minute mark on the back side of the video I got a screen capture. Looks like it is not actually finished Where does NK get all the money to build that and why when it doesn't look like it is really being used nor finished. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csoP8Didoi0

2a65c3  No.4390

North Korea declared independence on August 15 1945 from Japan the same day as the end of WW2 with Japan. Here are the CIA fact sheets on NK. They basically have zero industry. Where do they get their money? https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/kn.html

a5428b  No.4575


>Where do they get their money.

Once upon a time there were new money printers made. Suspiciously there were enough parts made for a money printer that alluded to another printer existing. My guess is that extra printer in in NK hence 'superbill counterfits'.

2a65c3  No.4635


Look at how FAKE the army march is at 5:06. Shows that it is video game graphics as implied by Q.

Also watch this one. looks like video game graphics too - 2017 march NK


5d9011  No.5549

File: 2921fa28137c014⋯.png (308.4 KB, 698x456, 349:228, alefantis-instagram-pic-of….png)


Doesn't that girl look a bit like the duct taped girl from comet ping pong?

e328f3  No.5656

File: d53c5f03f600272⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 451x532, 451:532, LAIBACH_Press_Photo_1983 b….jpg)

File: 46365f02ecc8d7d⋯.jpg (3.23 MB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, LAIBACH_Red_Districts_Trbo….jpg)

File: 415ff9356f8a3d3⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 505x715, 101:143, 14b6f285cfd2133cf2610d623e….jpg)

File: 00a761a3e3c731b⋯.jpg (296.97 KB, 600x924, 50:77, laibach-decades.jpg)

only ONE western band ever played in nk: laibach. their logo is a black cross like the swiss flag. they also do art with lots of other creepy symbols

5dbdc0  No.5676

In 2016 Rizvi Traverse Management, which is an equity firm, merged with a 3D cinema company and kept that company’s name, Real 3D. Their other/previous holdings include a talent agency, a music company and a cinema production company. They also invest in Key Air, an air charter company. Key Air has merged with Clay Lacy and dropped the Key Air name. There seems to be a pattern here of name changes.

Ben Kohn of Rizvi Traverse is now managing CEO of playboy.

Rizvi Traverse Management previously invested in Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment. Lionsgate announced in August 2017 that it was building a movie theme park in South Korea with Hunger Games and Twilight areas. They are planning these theme parks all across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.




ae591c  No.5706


If ((they)) run the fed do they even need to be that clever about it?

The money printers themselves are nothing that special. The secret to most of them is 'what' they do, maybe a little of 'how' they do it, but you can build your own as you know what it's doing. Consider that most countries have similar anti-counterfitting measures to the US.

Also, I remember a history channel documentary where when they talked about some of the suppliers to the BEP 'Family Owned for generations' came up at least once. Possible connections there?

7c2587  No.6349

File: 26acd065265c418⋯.jpeg (63.69 KB, 590x443, 590:443, A0B94DA6-89D9-46BB-B985-5….jpeg)

File: 1e97f2fe0accbac⋯.jpeg (101.63 KB, 590x443, 590:443, FC681C49-917C-40C2-8530-C….jpeg)

File: 467c74e7e23f2fd⋯.jpeg (88.03 KB, 590x443, 590:443, 09D531E0-75BF-4746-BE6D-F….jpeg)

a5428b  No.6368


They do when the CIA doesn't want people to know they're printing their own money.

5dbdc0  No.6608

File: be3b92300c6a1e7⋯.png (11.84 KB, 653x281, 653:281, air koryo third.png)

File: 091192e35fa7ee3⋯.png (38.58 KB, 766x273, 766:273, air koryo simulation fligh….png)

File: 6bfbdf4365c3dfb⋯.png (1.19 MB, 805x701, 805:701, air koryo hub google earth.png)

Air Koryo is NK's state run airline. It must be searched often as it auto fills faster than Kansas city. It calls itself a flight simulation. The hub on google maps looks fake.

5dbdc0  No.6622

File: 2745298bd79e1b4⋯.png (95.45 KB, 587x338, 587:338, Vid 1_1.png)

File: 2e918553b65cc18⋯.png (119.35 KB, 585x335, 117:67, Vid 1_2.png)

File: 0473a77c738acea⋯.png (113.14 KB, 592x339, 592:339, Vid 1_3.png)

File: 4d44ed998f3d986⋯.png (111.19 KB, 570x320, 57:32, Vid 1_4.png)

https://youtu.be/EimneLvnTTA. Captured at from full screen mode looking through the Windows Magnifier. Video was taken from inside a vehicle.

5dbdc0  No.6627

File: 65decd8a4a93d01⋯.png (293.17 KB, 567x335, 567:335, Vid 2_1.png)

File: 1d9ef33b06e8e3c⋯.png (148.11 KB, 578x327, 578:327, Vid 2_2.png)

File: 6cc703bc30f00aa⋯.png (160.64 KB, 576x333, 64:37, Vid 2_5.png)

5dbdc0  No.6636

File: dfd596a0aecb634⋯.png (534.71 KB, 855x477, 95:53, Vid 3_1.png)

File: 1ecefa319902202⋯.png (521.75 KB, 851x475, 851:475, Vid 3_2.png)

877948  No.6654


That top pic looks really fake. The expressions on those soldiers faces look extremely unnatural.

5dbdc0  No.6678

File: 1c97fac2a347a86⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 641x245, 641:245, air koryo disclaimer.jpg)

File: 51b611bd48bbcfc⋯.jpg (153.88 KB, 1077x727, 1077:727, air koryo crew centre.jpg)

File: 1f65f6f557452bb⋯.jpg (442.21 KB, 1905x957, 635:319, air koryo DINS.jpg)

From the Air Koryo website, click Crew Centre, then click NOTAMS and get routed to a US Military site. Note the popup regarding 14 CFR 91.103 - an FAA reg.

5dbdc0  No.6682

5dbdc0  No.6907


This website is for FS - Microsoft Flight Simulator program. The real airline is called Air Koryo. This one is called Koryo Air. It's just a coincidence.

5dbdc0  No.9422

c97619  No.9458


There are no coincidences?

441129  No.9715

Musk has said on record he needs to nuke both poles of Mars to give it temporarily 2 stars. Warming it. Maybe the cia gave home free reign over nk to test. And why are the richest smartest ppl trying to leave earth so fast. Every project musk works on us to be able to get to mars. Telsa solar city/power grid

Boring/tunnel infrastructure space x/transportation

Just a guess

d2edd0  No.9787


nah. Rockets are costly and outdated.

Musk is a fraud and his projects are for money laundering.

Solar isn't that clean and it only lasts 20 years.

Depopulation and clean up is more viable.

c8ece1  No.10449

Some shit ppl do is to put your name in the history books. Humans are explorers. Robots and infrastructure isn't ready to get rid of 7 billion yet. More than likely it will be bio. Like black plague. Less explaining and doesn't kill the planet. Whatever the plan I could see it being expedited b/c of bitcoin bring in so much new wealth.

5dbdc0  No.10834

File: 61a8f41d250e759⋯.jpg (191.14 KB, 1100x828, 275:207, Mingle2_Hyesan.jpg)

File: 1ddad566a5bdbc0⋯.jpg (201.37 KB, 1089x862, 1089:862, Mingle2_samjiyon.jpg)

When searching on Sebong North Korea from MS Edge, the first item in the results is a dating site. There are no profiles for Segong, but at the bottom of the screen are two links to nearby cities Hyesan and Samjiyon. Both of these links have a profile associated with that location, and neither of the pictures are Korean. Notice how it says "Last seen in over a month," Most dating sites say last login or last activity. Very odd. Maybe this site is a cover for a missing persons site. The site is called Mingle2 and if you go there, you have to enter personal data to get started. Here's the link from the search results


f4ce47  No.12634

File: 73defeffed4fa2a⋯.png (3.76 MB, 5096x4904, 637:613, NKwhoisrunningtheshow.png)

ace84c  No.12765

Maybe…maybe not. This is Kim's LITTLE sister.

"She organises Jong-un’s public appearances and works as his political adviser.

Until last week, when she was named an alternate member of the Politburo, her official role was as vice-director of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party’s propaganda and agitation department."


5dbdc0  No.13855

Nov 20, 2017 NK threatens Japan saying Japan crossed the red line.


Nov 29, 2017 NK successful launch of Hwasong-15 ICBM, which it said is “capable of striking the whole mainland of the U.S.” It said the missile had soared to an altitude of 4,475 km, flying a distance of 950 km.


Nov 29, 2017 Obama on a five day trip to China, India, and France


87a498  No.14038

Bros, I think i know who owns NK. And its really HARD 2 swallow. Can hardly bring myself to write it here. Will make a map l8r today but wanted 2 give my theory str8 away before I get shoad of the board 4 some mysterious reason.

I kept coming back 2 that question by Q about, that its REALLY hard to swallow and that this shud b hidden untill last, because it wud cause REVOLT. Makes u think right? Riots and Revolt? In us? Against WHO? Ppl can only revolt against the ones who control them, and they can hardly take on "the NWO" for the simple fact they wudnt know where to go and march down his/her street.

That, and the fact that CNN and its shills ALWAYS lies, and started posting articles about "NK ghost ships washing up on japanese shores" yesterday. It was on all the clown networks. The thing is, i' not only weapongrade autistic, but also certified paranoid. So When I read that some ppl on the "ghostships" had survived and WERE TAKEN BACK TO NK(!!!) I thought WTF??? Why wud u take starving ppl who made it 2 japan BACK 2 their prison?? That doesnt add up at all.

Also: the pic Q posted.. About BillClintonIsARapist paying a SURPRiSE VISIT TO NK, with Podesta of all ppl???

One does not just "drop by" NK 2 visit fat Kimmy or his dad. Unless u hv a serious death wish. As far as I know, US has never signed a peace treaty and is still officially at war with NK (but i cud b mistaken bout that).

OK. Better sit down now. Gonna spill the beans.

POTUS (thru clowns) OWNS NK.

And we were all supposed to be DEAD NOW in a mass extinction event. Big AF NUKE WAR. Russia being dragged in, china too. NWO wanted to roll out 2018. Remember? 9/10 of the world needed to b shoad b4 that.

Remember English queen making that x mas statement in 2016? "Enjoy your Xmas, its GONNA B UR LAST"

BUT HRC LOST! So 2017 x mas came and went. Oh they tried EVERYTHING to get rid of DJT. But they failed. he played along with the russia shit, and pretended not to know about KN. But he does,

Check out his tweets. GEOTUS ONLY tweets openly trolling defeated enemies. Like morning joe (busted) and all others. Even Rosanna barr was in on (some) of the joke, she and Geotus never had beef. They acted. As only they cud.

So Thats why Geotus tells us not to worry and happily trolls "little rocketman". Cause he knows its all a fake.

And THATS why the dying Dems tried TO TAKE AWAY THE LAUNCHCODES. Cause they include the NK launchcodes. It cud hv been funny if it wasnt so totally sick and gruesome.

So HOW TF wud u tell the US ppl that NK is a fake treath?

Enter Q.

Best go slowly. Pls tag bookman on the post. I will b back later with the map.

Q: if i m correct. Pls confirm. IF this is the solution, pls confirm. THIS news must b tood very carefully I think. Its sickening.

Just. Think of it. if she had won. We.WUD.all.be.dead.now.

Ps: china and russia know and working together with potus. My prrof: remember GEOTUS QUOTE "my 1st official visit will b to Crimea" (!!!)

71d078  No.14064


>2017 x mas came and wen

i thought back-posting from the future was banned?

483d15  No.14066

Horrible 2 read, m8 me literally th!nk why u wud put it that way. Please reform8.

Contentwise: I don´t think you understood that POTUS fights the clowns in america and doesn´t obey to them nor gives them orders.

However I agree with you, if HRC had been elected, there would have been massive wars on the world, probably provoked, produced and coordinated by the CIA, who are a tool of the NWO

8c607a  No.14085

File: 72500a223c15b9d⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1249x8260, 1249:8260, 2008-2017.png)


you on the right track. i think EVERYONE needs to read this thread im posting and we need to cross reference that with whats happened since 2015 to figure out the real picture

e70683  No.14098

File: 18b8e76cbfc89d5⋯.png (2.47 MB, 946x946, 1:1, 2a27cf5f856a0c67a5e4b67475….png)


> 2017 x mas came and went

Counting chickens while the intercontinental ballistic eggs have yet to be launched. You're partially correct, however.

87a498  No.14108


Sorry… My bad queen said that in dec 2015 x mas speech. So 2016 x mas came and went because DJT WON!!!!!!!

e25384  No.14146


I think this is getting there

d8b96a  No.14158

File: d3cc820bd189856⋯.jpg (228.6 KB, 750x750, 1:1, _DSC6833.jpg)

File: 95e669068d55346⋯.jpg (195.08 KB, 750x750, 1:1, _NOW5069.jpg)

File: ff17153305f6487⋯.jpg (807.48 KB, 2500x1277, 2500:1277, _NOW5093.jpg)

File: 222cdf07af63840⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1500x893, 1500:893, download (5).png)


You're close. Some thoughts of mine.

Fat Kim's dad was probably already dead or replaced in 2008. None of his official appearances since then could be verified.

There was an attempted coup though in 2008, and many old guard army leaders were purged for opposing nukes (there was a six nation disarmament plan including China).

One nuke test before 2008 and so many post 2008. Post 2008, NK also started "opening up" and its full of surprises.

This is a "startup exchange program" started 2007-8. Link also shows media sponsors in first page with likes of Wapo, Forbes, Tedx etc


87a498  No.14159


I can make a vid of this story, including all memes. Need a GO from Q. Dont wanna expose if it has 2 stay hidden till l8r.

Q: confirm go/no go.

Ps: think iran same deal as nk. Also fake leaders. Why else wud israel & SA hv secret DeAL???

Talk about an ODD partnership…

d8b96a  No.14166

File: e576b4392f6bf65⋯.png (244 KB, 602x414, 301:207, main-qimg-7db3bafd1febdae7….png)


I wouldn't be surprised on Iran being a fantasyland… Check out this pic in 2013. Who's the non korean-guy on the extreme left?

General Hamidreza Tabatabaei, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army.

d8b96a  No.14190

File: e8d9fb8ffb8bd5a⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1732x1310, 866:655, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

File: c7ebbbfac5bb3b8⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1734x1302, 289:217, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

File: 5ebe7f611bbd297⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1738x1306, 869:653, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

File: 733e7080664c53b⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1730x1306, 865:653, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

CNN also uses really photoshopped pics of Kim and missile launches as "evidence".

Nork parades also look totally CGI and weird. Included screenshot of fake scud attack with CNN reporters "live" at the scene.

db4209  No.14486

File: 3caeb0bbc28ef1b⋯.jpg (73.67 KB, 658x876, 329:438, tumblr_ne2fa1jtHv1sih777o1….jpg)





The Queens 2015 Xmas speech contains no such threat as "enjoy Christmas its your last "

Rather it is a Christian message of hope.

You are no Autist but a low rent FSB scenarist who stinks of vodka and pickles.

>> http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35178485

87a498  No.14517


I'm being shilled!!!! So every word i spoke is true.

Look up the "deleted x mas speech". Twas leaked.

Thanks 4 the confirmation, spook.

Thats all the encouragement i needed.

Spaziba! LoL

cdce4d  No.15192

http://hurryingly4.rssing. /com/chan-3684938/all_p56.html

http://www.businessinsider. //com/category/north-korea.rss?IR=T

much pics on both of them.

5dbdc0  No.17302

File: 51a68a4de906143⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 300x197, 300:197, air koryo plane runway.jpg)

File: 0e9d4c29b2ff81a⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 296x197, 296:197, janet plane airborn.jpg)

The detailing on this Janet plane is very similar to the Air Kroyo plane. Would it take much to modify the detailing?

Janet are the USAF classified planes that ferry people to Area 51. They are the only planes in the world allowed in that airspace.


Janet flies 737s. NK is prohibited from flying 737s due to sanctions.


5dbdc0  No.17513

File: 3c7f63167c1ff10⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 235x177, 235:177, koryo air schedule.jpg)


Incidentally, on Oct 25 an unmarked 737 was seen traveling from Nevada to Canada. The story was killed by the military.


The Koryo Air website (the FS website) whos Vancouver as a destination for their cargo planes.

5dbdc0  No.17617

5dbdc0  No.20063

166e5d  No.20176



This has to be connected to U1. I doubt it was U1 being transported into Canada, more likely payment (In gold?) to Canada to begin the transfer of U1 into NK?

Canada is being used as a Communist proxy state with Fidels son as the ringleader.

07bf42  No.20800


Remember, if you kill your enemies, you win, so give him some ex-gay therapy.

ca1ead  No.22853

I know hes not always on the money but is anyone else keeping track of the ben fulford weekly updates. A lot of what he is saying is corroberated by the Q movement over her. Check out his last post, and the rest of the archive on the link. a lot of names popping up may be worth digging into to look at the asian side of things/ links to NK…


d8806d  No.23251

The defector himself said it wasn't run by KJU

5dbdc0  No.23647

File: d5e4580e469a87d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 856x843, 856:843, Structure NK.png)

File: 8fb16926b7a9c19⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1252x713, 1252:713, Structure NK_2.png)

Unusual structure in NK not identified as a public landmark.

6d768d  No.23694



6f1a25  No.23862

File: e2f37b4b13ab207⋯.png (53.45 KB, 298x209, 298:209, im.png)

I was thinking about two things that popped up in cbts at different times.

First, the AI growing thing which can lead to a singularity. It is probably fed with data and probably requires a tremendous amount of it.

Second, the wannacry malware attack. This attack was huge and widespread. Now, more & more random tech are pushing people to save their data on the "cloud". Because "it is the only way to be safe" and "now malware also look for local copy". This attack was credited to NK

So, if NK is a puppet state linked with deep state, it would mean that they are trying to push this singularity. Although, it could be just a way to collect more easily data about peoplewith no effort.

Anyway I find very interesting that a lot of stuff is connected to NK when you start to focus on it.

e57997  No.23902


Been looking at his stuff now and then for years. He has SOME accuracy and the analysis SEEMS to have some validity. BUT, he goes way over the edge too often to use. You can never tell if he's imagining things or just inaccurately reporting. Don't know if he's accurate enough to help with this. For sure he's not a reliable source with any frequency.

e57997  No.23916


Among other things, Rizvi is starting to sound like a recruitment and distribution center for "fresh meat".

e57997  No.23967


I remember that statement from the queen. It was in 2015 and not in a speech, it was caught on a hot mic before it the speech. Caused a lot of people to take note.

Can't vouch for this site…


Someone's Facebook talks about the queen and pope saying similar things…


e57997  No.24290


Have to second that motion! Outstanding analysis. The posts lay out the most logical analysis of what happened during the O years and why it all happened. We are part of the antidote for all that.

The posts are just OK at the very end and probably needs to go deeper there. But I guess that's what this effort is about - to clarify that end part.

I have to say that I've been following all these happenings since they started, and only after reading this did the couple of "mysteries" remaining get cleared up in my mind. Now if we lay what we're finding from researching Q's questions on top of this analysis, it may make sense to anyone that can read this and retain an understanding of it all.

Anons you're doing a phenomenal job!

ad2e8f  No.24403

Reported today:

Earthquake detected near North Korea nuclear site

http://www.independent.co.uk/ news/world/asia/north-korea-earthquake-nuclear-test-tired-mountain-syndrome-kim-jong-un-donald-trump-punggye-ri-a8088211.html

>"The quake is a natural one and it is believed to have occurred in the aftermath of the sixth nuclear test," the KMA said.

>Reports have speculated the nuclear test site will have to close because of the tremors

5dbdc0  No.24557

File: 3e26d3241f164d3⋯.png (73.5 KB, 424x161, 424:161, sidewalk group enhanced.png)

File: 17b8d4628ac754c⋯.png (7.15 KB, 69x91, 69:91, sidewalk man 1 enhanced.png)

File: 783ed1e6a879d98⋯.png (17.62 KB, 117x114, 39:38, sidewalk guys enhanced.png)


Here are the enhanced pics. They are not the exact same ones because I went back to the original video and started from scratch. Two of the first pics are combined into the one group pic here.

b97162  No.25642

File: 4b22b72ee7a80bf⋯.jpg (439.66 KB, 1315x2521, 1315:2521, 0c345bcd-5e0b-4fbc-85f0-15….jpg)

File: 9f9eefebe513440⋯.jpg (114.94 KB, 1315x885, 263:177, 4fe48ac7-fca0-4621-b5a3-7f….jpg)

File: 9001545a6d7aca2⋯.jpg (395.06 KB, 1315x2667, 1315:2667, 5a7ed1c8-bdb4-41b1-af87-58….jpg)

File: 515f0ac7994bbc4⋯.jpg (342.89 KB, 1315x2536, 1315:2536, 7be04f79-54f3-413f-8aa5-b4….jpg)

haole ke akua he kanaka no

b97162  No.25775

File: dfccaa6543a5666⋯.jpg (261.08 KB, 1315x1575, 263:315, 096d33e3-4684-44fa-bcca-aa….jpg)

File: 81bc7496c7f0a1e⋯.jpg (211.63 KB, 1315x1496, 1315:1496, 6668ad8c-2e2b-42d2-a3a7-e2….jpg)

File: 6b2a0008c701582⋯.jpg (443.15 KB, 1315x2521, 1315:2521, c6c91454-8705-4915-8c17-02….jpg)

File: 61825c548d5eb21⋯.jpg (462.19 KB, 1315x2482, 1315:2482, 4d64ca82-0574-4cbb-99f0-3c….jpg)

5dbdc0  No.26396

China’s one child policy was introduced in 1979 and imposed fines and forced abortions to enforce.


The policy was changed to two children in 2015.


1979 was also the UNESCO Year of the Child


d694e2  No.26899

Based on current viewpoint, would it be correct in suggesting that NK is not a nuke country; they do not have the capability?

Maybe, it is a cover for something more nefarious? The only way to find out is a ground offensive - the question is, who is brave enough?

a88aa1  No.27125

ca6bfd  No.30031

Guys seen this Lithium 6, North Korea, and I think its related to Musk, still digging.


Also Remember Mush has a Lithium deal with Boeing for the Dreamliner…

a8a51a  No.30074

Coming over from Storm thread. Listing bunch of links to show association to all of the listed. Including Kessenstein Brothers.

▶Anonymous (You) 12/03/17 (Sun) 21:27:42 21bbb0 No.30055>>30057

▶Anonymous (You) 12/03/17 (Sun) 21:06:58 21bbb0 No.29990

Baker please keep.

All my posts regarding Open Source, Elon Musk, SpaceX , Mars Foundation, NK, Saudi Arabia

Baker please keep.

Working with

Spreadsheet Anon AT drilling down on this info. I have to step away for a bit.

Drilling down on :

Kessenstein brothers, have relationship to open Society Foundation, which is run by Soros. Open Society Foundation is associated with Mars Foundation. Mars foundation is associated with Elon Musk. Elon Musk is associated with SpaceX. SpaceX associated with Tesla, Spacex associated with Open Society = Soros money. FYI. This also pulls in the Ford Foundation.


>>29752. Soros moved his $$ to open source Society billions so that work can continue after he's gone. List of prior administrations, their relationship to NK, and to tie ends together the Council of Foreign Relations ( the org the big money players use to look legit for all their money deals. Anyone who is corrupt has an association to CFR




And here is how NK and Open Society relates to Saudi Arabia


a8a51a  No.30080


Precursor to my previous post

It's a complicated web and those guys seem to all be on the same team so I figured it might be a safe bet.

>so we don't lose it.

Notepad++ supersmall superlight free text program where you can have multiple tabs/documents open at the same time, choose Always on top (for easy copy&paste when researching from browser), line numbers the whole bit. Has been invaluable for me when researching.

>I've got about 30 tabs open.

I'm not the only one??

>>29522 (You)

WHAfuckngBAM! That is great, anon. Q asks specifically about it SpaceX, NK and in other places Soros, and of course ++, so this is fantastic, thank you.

a8a51a  No.30168


One more post so it doesn't get lost

First dig into North Korea, Open Society (Soros) i.e. SpaceX hidden connection. Just got back. Here's some info.


baa6f6  No.30276

What is the significance of the recent NK defection? Why did it happen now?

a8a51a  No.30527

5dbdc0  No.30712

File: eda6b5ae3973758⋯.png (548 KB, 856x476, 214:119, army formation.png)

File: 715942384859028⋯.jpg (742.71 KB, 1562x3608, 71:164, Reconciliation.jpg)

I think I just proved this picture is faked. Can someone please check my proof. Here's the link to the video I used for landmarks from 9:13 to 9:40 marks.


5dbdc0  No.30742

File: 704be0982bdc840⋯.jpg (85.26 KB, 850x474, 425:237, army marching.jpg)


Also, take a look at the troops marching in the background at the 0:55 mark on this video. There's no way that could happen unless the front square was empty.


a88aa1  No.31040

Is that supposed to be footage of NK? Where does NK footage even come from, in a country that is hard to get into and harder to get out of?

I'm beginning to think that the NK we're told exists doesn't, at least not totally. Though in todays world, how do you keep that a secret?

f002f7  No.31244


They have a state television channel that shows propaganda.

What I would like to know is the true population of North Korea and whether the millions of half-starving peasants that live in houses without electricity really exist. It would make sense for the oppressed peasants to be there, but there have been hints to the contrary.

Maybe the soldiers look so similar and march in sync so well because there has been an extensive secret cloning program and much of the population is clones nowadays.

488abc  No.31253

File: d7127a21de6ac5f⋯.jpg (320.06 KB, 1065x639, 5:3, b_1_q_0_p_0 (4).jpg)

File: 3858f7e191a6e7c⋯.jpg (41.47 KB, 600x338, 300:169, b_1_q_0_p_0 (3).jpg)

Do we know who the planners, and designers are? Pic related

Do we know the REAL reasons for the abductions of Japanese citizens in the 80s? I dont buy thie - "Mr Kim claimed the victims were seized so that they could serve as language instructors for North Korean agents and providing identities for spies who wanted to enter South Korea, but this does not explain why they chose a 13-year-old girl"

If to teach language was a reason then they must have abducted people from all corners of the world!?

theguardian /world/2002/sep/18/japan.northkorea

488abc  No.31292

File: a35070512e1cefe⋯.png (46.97 KB, 841x443, 841:443, Untitledkim.png)

488abc  No.31371

File: da640c4a5f4a330⋯.png (452.89 KB, 829x476, 829:476, sdddd.png)

pic relatd

why did this happen? what stopped it ?

5dbdc0  No.32082

File: 9213fc6f68fe9d8⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 418x92, 209:46, footnote.jpg)

According to Wikipedia, NK uses less energy per person than they did in 1970.


A footnote states they use solar panels, but the videos and g earth do not show solar panels.

Another fact that doesn't reconcile.

5dbdc0  No.32126

5dbdc0  No.32167

File: 4f273a884d051cc⋯.jpg (168.45 KB, 706x653, 706:653, proof_10.jpg)

File: eda6b5ae3973758⋯.png (548 KB, 856x476, 214:119, army formation.png)


How can they fit that many troops into a space the size of two football fields?

5dbdc0  No.33089

File: a3bdde571a54b40⋯.png (466.73 KB, 848x475, 848:475, square 2.png)

Another viewpoint of the square.

5dbdc0  No.33098


Here's the link https://youtu.be/qM3wbg6Kzhs. It's at the 1:06:43 mark.

5dbdc0  No.33101

File: 5c9d988ce1013fd⋯.png (405.39 KB, 851x478, 851:478, two soldiers.png)

Compare and contrast these two soldiers. Notice the one on the right. His jacket is hiked up at the thighs indicating he's been sitting for a while. Also notice that he hold his hands the same way as FLOTUS for pictures, Perhaps he's had model training.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkN42srizJo at the 9:37 mark.

2ac421  No.34865


>>31361 This video filmed in NK has a good section on the financial ties starting at about 21 minutes. A lot of other good info on NK though viewed through a propaganda tour.

5dbdc0  No.37575

File: 9af095e267301a4⋯.png (293.35 KB, 920x502, 460:251, NK missile pic inconsisten….png)

d2edd0  No.41335

I've seen Norks. Last year, they joined Asian women's volleyball cup held in Flipland.

Previous Prez' CIA-daddy was Korean war archivist at 17. He got to visit NK multiple times, strange~~

3b168e  No.54329

3b168e  No.54347

cdce4d  No.61627

I have an interesting theory about Space X, NK, NASA, the global cabal and Helium 3.

1) BO removes our capability to move goods into space by shutting down NASA’s space shuttle program (a dark day in American history), creating an opening for private companies

2) Space X is one of the companies to fill that void

3) Space X develops a vehicle that can go into space and RETURN (important)

4) North Korea provides a secure operations platform, safe from prying eyes.

5) If NK is controlled by the CIA or other cabal members, nukes gives them power to hold it and to influence other governments

6) Helium 3 has the potential to completely change the global landscape. Whoever gets back to the moon, mines Helium 3 from the regolith and RETURNS IT TO EARTH, could potentially own everything. A single cargo bay from a space shuttle could hold enough Helium 3 to power the entire United States for a year!

7) NASA was taken out of the picture on purpose so that the ownership of Helium 3 mining would be privately owned and controlled.

8) Energy is the keystone to the modern world. If you control a cheap, clean energy, that is a superior proxy to oil, you are worth more than all oil companies and SA combined. China is working on going to the moon to mine Helium 3.

9) NK, as its own country, would be a great location for importing Helium 3 from the moon and then shipping around the world. It has ports. And any company based there would not be subject to US taxation. But you have to be able to defend it (nukes).

10) Helium 3 would be grossly disruptive. Many powers/countries would want to shut you down.

11) Remember, oil is a proxy for gold. Gold is money. Helium 3 will be proxy for gold. Gold/currency is a store for units of labor. Energy is units of labor. Cheap units of labor enable our modern society. If you own your own country, own ports for transportation, own energy production and start your own crypto currency which is the method for trading it, you rule the world.

12) Beyond Helium 3, there is a huge potential market for mining materials from asteroids.

13) What if the whole Mars thing is a head fake from Musk? What if the goal is actually to go to the moon for Helium 3? Boring machines would sure come in handy on the moon for a moon base, which would be necessary. The Helium 3 is on the surface but a safe base for humans would be a priority. An underground network of tunnels would facilitate human habitation, transportation to mining locations and provide a place for processing. They would also protect the processing machinery from the sharp and destructive dirt on the surface. You would never want to travel from place to place on the surface of the moon because of radiation exposure and the horrible dust/dirt. Only automated regolith retrieval equipment would need to be on the surface.

9e862f  No.64673

Would anybody care to post (or link) the image of a North Korean rocket saying SpaceX in hangul? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

Need for redpilling purposes.

93b4d3  No.67552

SSA said this would be of interest here.

US Intelligence Community Claims North Korea Transferred 3 Nuclear Warheads To Iran: archive.is/LzMpc

The Robert Oppenheimer of Iran: archive.is/bblls

>At that presentation in Vienna, in February 2008, Heinonen projects an organizational chart onto the wall that depicts the structure of the Iranian nuclear program. The name at the center of the chart is that of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a key figure behind Tehran's nuclear ambitions. He is apparently the Robert Oppenheimer of the Iranian nuclear program.

>Like Oppenheimer, who, beginning in 1942, secretly worked as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Fakhrizadeh also keeps an extremely low profile, determined to prevent leaks of information about the military portion of Iran's nuclear research effort. His physics research center is located in northeastern Tehran, where visitors are turned away and told to write to a post-office box address. The center's logo resembles Saturn.

d35a0d  No.67585

NK transfers 3 warheads to Iran


from >>67560 reply to >>67529

ac78e3  No.67726


Problem is, moon is not vacant. And anyone with enough resources to get there, knows that.

8ab7f4  No.110138

Take a closer look at the children in the Podesta paintings. Does it look like they could be norks?

9354fc  No.114016

quick update that Kim Jong Un didnt attend the anniversary for his grandpa´s dead(17dec,2011)

also missing ;the Chief of the Army Hwang Pyong and all other Generals.

souce is in german, couldn find a english one

www.welt.de/ politik/deutschland/article171679454/Wo-ist-Kim-Jong-un-abgeblieben.html


4a67b5  No.117599

File: bc040af0a3ae134⋯.jpg (213.27 KB, 1418x780, 709:390, NKDeptStore.jpg)

File: a82cc2437d6a5f7⋯.jpg (325.71 KB, 1233x782, 1233:782, NKHeritage.jpg)

File: 24e0c84155594ac⋯.jpg (147.67 KB, 1241x794, 1241:794, NKHeritageCell.jpg)

File: 495d6e6053d868d⋯.jpg (361.73 KB, 1402x787, 1402:787, NKPedo.jpg)

Pulled from Google Maps

9814b5  No.136220

c183b9  No.138171

ddd973  No.144940

Will submit my personal experiences to the autism brigades with some speculation of my own.

"We" call the town mentioned on the border "propaganda village." It has no real residents and exists to broadcast propaganda messages over the border to South Korea. It pretty much sets the tone with North Korea being a sort of shell game. The buildings at the border are no different. Last I heard, there was a $1M bounty on a 1x1 meter section of the flag that flies over Propaganda Village.

There was a treaty signed after a spurt of who can build the taller dick left the Norks penniless. South Korea's visitor center can't be taller than North Korea's. As such, the building you see from the South Korean side is a facade. The Norks only have about a 1 meter thick building over there with some utilitarian structure behind it.

You have your typical roads to nowhere and other fun stuff communists do to keep people busy, but it is a shell of a country with exceptionally little activity - aside from their border guards shooting over the border on a daily basis (public reporting doesn't cover this… but bullets fly over there far more often than you would suspect).

I noticed some electronic equipment mounted on poles and it was mentioned that cell phone jammers were in play by the Norks, as well as Elint.

Unlikely these were in-house jobs, spare for the jammers.

Who subsidizes that?


My thinking is more geopolitical.

South Korea is a major world economy and produces the 3-hull tankers the current energy market relies on.

A … Dale Brown book, if I remember correctly, speculated about the hazards of a submarine-mounted nuclear weapon were detonated in Pusan harbor. This is a plausible threat, in my opinion.

What happens when North Korea takes headlines?

Who does a rogue NK threaten?

North Korea recently began active nuclear weapons testing after that wonderful Iran deal (anyone remember who it was who put the current regime in charge - used to be a nearly post-Muslim Persia before the CIA got their hands on it). Remember Stuxnet?

Equation Group? Gray Fish?

North Korea puts its handler in a position to wag the dog. It's a very powerful geopolitical tool. Perhaps a surface-level observation, but one that is sufficient enough in my estimation.

Consider that North Korea now sits within range of something close to 90% of the world's silicon die manufacturing… and it is an ideal place to have a little slice of hell to threaten people with.

They don't need a high performance ballistic missile to do damage - or lead people to believe them capable of it.

That said, I am extremely skeptical of their actual military capacity on the whole, and I don't think Jong Un is fully complicit - or trusted enough to be given much more than means to make a show.

That is all North Korea seems to be… something just plausible enough to prepare for, but largely incapable of acting - the tail that wags the dog.

That said… it wouldn't be the first time some great idea from the brain trust gained independent thought and began doing its own thing. If they lost control of the Presidency, they can lose control of the people they equip to kinda-sorta build nukes, too. It's kind of their MO at this point… lose control of a great idea and delude themselves into thinking it makes it an even better idea worthy of more resources.

46db16  No.145108


Pretty much everything you've been told about NK is a lie. Google earth and surf around. Looks pretty normal, harmless and prosperous (decently anyway)..

Maybe there was a famine way back when, but I don't believe any of the bullshit of the last 15 or so years. You can visit there, ski, and do normal stuff. You just might have to fly in from a different country. Kinda like Cuba, but more extreme. You could always visit, but have to fly out of Mexico or Canada, not USA.

46db16  No.145145


This stuff is so absurd isn't it? Hard to believe we fell for any of it before awaking.

cd2961  No.145388


I think you are correct on many levels. It would explain for the facade and the way things always felt so 'unnatural' when we got (scripted) glimpses of the life in Nork.

Some anon posted that Nork was a Clown run testbed/blueprint with Kim as a puppet. So when they were gonna roll out NWO after the great culling, they had most of the kinks worked out. I can see it being some kind of NWO 0.9 Betatest. A almost fully controlled general population, and that public punishment with convicted people strapped to AAG and then the remains run over by tanks sounds exactly what the Clowns/Cabal would do since they feed of fear and trauma.

8fdaf9  No.145792


That is an angle that hadn't occurred to me… but it somewhat fits.

I doubt it would actually work out as well as NK has for them given how dependent NK is on charity to not die…

But damned if that would stop them from leaping in with both feet.

The Asian cultures also respond to and think about authority differently. Though Gen Urobuchi's works would have you believe there is some manner of full on libertarian revolution going on in Japan… particularly after watching Psychopass… holy crap. That should be a mandatory Political Science watch and debate.


If viewed from the idea of it being a testbed for future government models… such as the "Agenda 2030" type stuff… NK is hauntingly on point and devoid of people.

They have the whole "electric conservation" thing down pat.

15688a  No.148092

NK is a money launderer

They produce these huge statues for African Nations (its their #1 export) and when African nations can't pay, NK settles for land that is full of mineable goods: http://www.slate.com/blogs/atlas_obscura/2014/08/04/the_african_renaissance_monument_in_dakar_senegal.html

NK takes in TANGIBLE goods in forms of payment from African nations for Arms, architecture/infastructure, military training etc.

NK's relationship with Africa dates back to the Korean war, they were allies.

NK is reported to have 2.2% of the economy of SK. 2.2% is probably for a number of reasons= tangible goods aren't as traceable and "Truman show".


73434c  No.148530


6.17: Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea. Was he sent by Trump?

https://www.washingtonpost .com/world/dennis-rodman-is-on-his-way-to-north-korea-was-he-sent-by-trump/2017/06/12/5c9c19cc-4fd9-11e7-a973-3dae94ed3eb7_story.html?utm_term=.2478e43a498e

6.17: Dennis Rodman Sheds Light on His Friendship with Kim Jong-Un

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=81D1rr4UJWk [Embed]

Rodman describes Trump and Kim as larger than life characters they are role playing. But then Rodman says “maybe one day, someone could reach out, if Trump would say, ok, I will try to do something.”

4:48 PM - 11 Nov 2017 from Vietnam

Trump tweets: “I try so hard to be his [Marshal’s] friend - and maybe someday that will happen!”

Consider the possibility: Trump is playing the global deep state using their own proxy, North Korea, for at least two purposes.

A) Leverage China in trade negotiations with US

B) To derail the decades old globalist plan to use NK as a trigger for WWIII.


1) Trump & Rodman have been friends for years. In June of this year, he said he "loves Donald Trump"

2) Dennis befriended Kim years ago and calls him "Marshal" (his western name)

3) Dennis gave Marshal a copy of Trump's book the Art of the Deal

4) Marshal grew up in Switzerland.

Question: Was Kim installed to “play the role” of the divine supreme ruler of a globalist deep state creation (think communist Disney World).

Hollywood used to reveal method / mock us. Remember the "Mandarin" in Iron Man III?

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=1BYWKjY1eRA

Also the Sony movie "The Interview" - NK as movie set, or is it threat to Kim?

73434c  No.148543





North Korea is hostage to cabal. I think Kim himself is even a hostage. He only makes token appearances / statements, and seems to act like a kid, not a head of state. Remember he went to school in Switzerland?

The leverage is that the cabal can use North Korea to stage a false flag attack against US / Japan / South Korea. Remember Trump just visited those countries on his tour. This threat (leverage) holds the rest of the world hostage. The NK people + Kim can be considered hostages as well.

SpaceX / Uranium 1 / Iran deal, etc…, are so important since this is how the cabal provided to NK. Put more accurately, the cabal uses the "country" of NK as a front for operations - think movie set / Disney / propaganda videos. The "country"of NK is simply a testing ground for brainwashing techniques (and likely much worse).

How to remove the leverage? Either destroy the weapons directly (remember that underground base collapse?), or compromise them. Q is suggesting that the guidance systems are compromised and will miss their targets (miss(i)le).

Trump tweets suggesting Kim will be (is already?) a friend:

"Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘old’, when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’"

>Is this reference to fat-man bomb? e.g., we would never nuke NK?

"Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen!"

>Someday soon?

Also there is Dennis Rodman's friendship with Kim:

http://www.foxnews .com/us/2017/12/15/dennis-rodman-says-kim-jong-un-probably-madman-but-didnt-see-that.html

""Colbert noted a report saying Kim murdered his uncle and fed the body to dogs. Rodman denied there was any truth to the report and said, in a video of the basketball game, you could see Kim's uncle, who was doing “just fine.”"

69edb0  No.148625

4458ef  No.149047

Could there be regime change in NK?

Meet Kim Yo Jong who is rocketman’s sister.


8fdaf9  No.149361


Yeah… I saw that article mirrored on ZH a few days ago… and laughed.

Whoever wrote it has no idea what goes into fighting a war.

We have B-1s and, possibly, B-2s out of Guam (they like to keep the B-2s hopping and they don't have many facilities outside of Whiteman to be able to properly house them).

North Korea is a small country. The size of Illinois. To say we can establish air superiority is an understatement. With the first combat sortie off of one of the carriers, we have air superiority. South Korea supplements with their F-15s.

A pair of B-1s could completely ravage the entire nation's infrastructure - even in the absence of carrier wing support. The B-1 was designed to deliver nuclear ordnance at supersonic speeds (or near those) using an automatic terrain following radar system.

In less than an hour, we could hit every major target with JDAM and JSOW combinations. Supplementing with TLAMs and strikes from the carriers and South Korea….

It's… actually kind of sick how powerless North Korea is if we actually decide to do something.

North Korea doesn't have the resources to mount a counter-attack or land invasion. They could get cute with their subs and maybe hit a carrier (unlikely to sink - would need multiple hits and we still have good damage control training) - but their best bet is to sink some merchant ships to flip us the bird before we mop those up.

Their greatest threat is telling all of their people that South Korea has food and hand them a gun … but they have no real logistical means to maneuver forces. They can basically leverage a refugee crisis.

And that is if South Korea's ATACMS doesn't out a hand grenade in every square meter over their heads.

Nukes don't even enter the picture. We took that launch pad out with the "surprise!" Announcement. They don't have second-strike capability.

I know I sound like an oo-rah, here… but … I have been to the border. I saw little 4'9" NK soldiers bopping around over there. I've researched what capacities they have… it's… ridiculous. The entire fiasco over there is ridiculous.

I saw someone with some Oz references from Q. I'll supplement my own questions to help re-frame the reference.

Who is the Wizard of Oz?

What is the Yellow Brick Road?

How much is an ounce of Gold?

Per the Coinage Act… how much is an ounce of gold?

Where does the Yellow Brick Road lead?

8fdaf9  No.149679


Following up on this from a geopolitical standpoint…

During the Korean War, the Chinese were actively supporting North Korea. The front line occasionally pushed into Chinese territory.

In a classic imperial sense - we had control of the whole peninsula before we decided to hand North Korea back their half (more or less). It was a decision that didn't entirely make sense to me, and seemed completely contrary to our policy goals at the time.

The assumption is that China took them back under their wing and that has continued to this day…

But let's assume the rest of the world still sees North Korea as U.S. territory. We just never signed a peace treaty with it.

This explains the complete nonsense of our force presence in South Korea. We have intel analysts, and even the guys on the ground know that North Korea is waaaaay in over their heads if shooting breaks out.

But… let's say that gold from the fed and fort knox is in North Korea. It seems somewhat illogical to put it there - and it is purely a piggy-back off of earlier comments about federal reserve printing presses…

In either case, this explains the lack of action against NK by China - who is more or less being told to placate a territory they lost control of 70 years ago. We have a sizeable contingent force there and have South Korea spun up, too.

So… let's say China were to try and invade North Korea and put an end to the charade. They could… but the whole of North Korea is basically a no-mans-land where air forces and artillery can mulch them up. Perhaps this was even the real starting motivation/theory. Keep a puppet bogeyman state between the communists using human-wave tactics, and the capitalists.

This may have later morphed into the relationship we see today.

Which has some interesting implications for Vietnam - or how that idea didn't translate.

The reason for the increased armament of NK would then be because of the rise of Russia and China back to the global military stage. The cabal doesn't want anyone peeking behind the curtain, and Kim doesn't exactly want to be the curtain when it's being set on fire.

So, the dog and pony show to get an increased presence in SK, with perhaps a little comfort-plutonium to make Kim feel like he can do something to ward off attackers.

The pieces all fit… but is it a face in the clouds or a true pattern?

b2818c  No.150675



scraped from a general thread…relevant

4458ef  No.153774

52bb5f  No.154017


Looking at article for bit coin &NK or SAprine pays 6 billion for freeom

01f282  No.156881


That is the SAME girl……

01f282  No.157031


probably only "opened" for special guests and visitors. "Locals" - were probably hand-picked, to work or attend - while this special guest(s) visit.

8fdaf9  No.157366


Federal reserve notes, bitcoin… North Korea is sure suspected of messing with currencies, a lot… Must be pretty skilled, too… a country with Apple-IIs linked together in a small corporate intranet are committing high stakes heists of modern cryptocurrencies.

. . . . . . A thought occurred. Random brainstorm, here. Team America… who is the villain? No… who is really the villain? FAG. Translate to the current scene… who runs the muslim terrorists? Who runs North Korea… who really runs North Korea? Who is wrapped up with defending terrorists?

Not saying it was anything more than satire… but… I think someone on the writing team was doing some research.

01f282  No.157451

01f282  No.157706

What if on the off chance POTUS is working towards this…. https://thediplomat.com/2013/01/if-korea-were-to-unite/

20c994  No.167497

Who really controls NK? Soros digging in since 1998. https:// www.timeshighereducation.com/news/soros-woos-north-korea/106019.article

769682  No.167876

File: 00238000c5665fd⋯.png (367.3 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-12-24-19-4….png)

"Richardson formed a foundation, the Richardson Center, to help negotiate the release of political prisoners globally.[75] In January 2013, he led a delegation of business leaders, including Google chairman Eric Schmidt, shortly after the state had launched an orbital rocket.[76] Richardson called the trip a "private, humanitarian" mission by U.S. citizens and told the Associated Press he would speak to North Korean officials about the detention of Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen accused of committing "hostile" acts against the state, and seek to visit the American"


ed8909  No.167960

I don't believe this was on Trump's watch.

On January 22, 2013, Pyongyang made a shocking statement that its denuclearisation was 'no more possible' due to ‘intensifying US hostility’.”


4458ef  No.177446

3d527e  No.183985

4458ef  No.191897

https:// www.nknews.org/2017/12/air-koryo-gas-station-operating-on-pyongyang-riverside-photo/

4458ef  No.191920

N.K. ICBMs designed for invasion, not regime protection

http:// english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2017/12/27/0200000000AEN20171227006500315.html

3e2c45  No.192089


I'd chalk that one up to internal ROK politics. It's the opposition leader banging the drum to say that the current admin isn't doing its job related to security.

I'll put it this way, losing SK would be worse than taking ten nukes to our cities. We're in full-bore if something goes down… but, frankly, the ROK is trained and capable of holding their own should the DPRK get aggressive. Their best tactic is to hand their soldiers spears and tell them that there's food in South Korea, if they can get to it. As opposed to a military crisis, it would turn into a humanitarian one.

01f282  No.194288

Hx timeline of North Korea here…

https:// www.libertyinnorthkorea.org/learn-north-korea-history/

This paragraph - may be the important link between post-war collapse and state of matters today.

2000s: The People & Markets Prove Their Resilience

By the early 2000s, the people began to recover. The markets, which initially emerged as a survival mechanism, gradually grew to encompass a broader range of goods and services and became better established. The markets today are the major source of food for ordinary North Koreans. South Korea also adopted the “Sunshine Policy”, in which it gave unconditional aid to North Korea, and increased economic cooperation between the Koreas. Established in 2003, the Kaesong Industrial Complex just north of the DMZ was part of this policy and now allows South Korean companies to hire over 50,000 North Korean workers. China also gradually strengthened its economic relationship with North Korea, and today is by far North Korea’s most important economic and political partner. Nevertheless, ordinary North Koreans continue to face the severe challenges of chronic food shortages and grinding poverty, while their basic freedoms are curtailed by a repressive regime whose number one concern is staying in power.

71e2ef  No.201689


Makes sense to me. But it would be nice if you could provide links to the sources used to formulate your opinion.

71e2ef  No.201699


Here are all the Q posts relevant to NK I could find:

Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

Would it blow your mind if I told you BO has been to NK and perhaps there now? Why did his administration do little to slow their nuclear and missle capabilities? Who feeds NK w/ strategic intel? Iran? What deal was done with Iran under BO? Why was the deal sealed under a top secret classification? Why wasn’t Congress notified? Why after BO left office all of a sudden NK has nukes and the tech to miniaturize for payload delivery within the US? What about NSA CIA DI etc all confirming tech won’t be in place for 5+ years (statements made in 2016). Why is all of this relevant and what does it tell you? Big picture is rare.

What a coincidence the mountain that housed NK’s nuclear weapons and testing collapsed. Unbelievable timing. I wonder if critically important materials as well as scientists aka the bomb makers were inside when it happened. Shocking no global news agency suspects we had nothing to do with it. Enjoy the crumbs.

How did NK obtain Uranium? How did Iran obtain Uranium? Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran? Why the cash component? Was the hostage component a cover? For what? Could any of the cash component be handed off to other people? How many planes carried the cash into Iran? Did all land in Iran? Did all land in the same location? Why is this relevant? Who controls NK? Who really controls NK? Don't think of a single person. Think of a powerful entity. Why is this important? Why are wars so important? Who benefits? What does hostage refer to? Who can be held hostage and controlled by NK having miniaturized nuclear weapons? Where is BO TODAY? Where is VJ?

Why did BO send billions in cash to Iran? Why wasn't Congress notified? Why was this classified under 'State Secrets'? Who has access to 'State Secrets'? Where did the planes carrying the cash depart from and land? Did the planes all land in the same location? How many planes carried the cash? Why is this relevant? What does this have to do w/ NK? What does this have to do w/ SA/CF cash donations? What does this have to do w/ ISIS? What does this have to do w/ slush funds? Why is SA so vitally important? Follow the money. Who has the money?

Who controls NK? Who really controls NK? Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad? Why is No Such Agency so vital?

U1 – CA – EU – ASIA – IRAN/NK Iran Deal. Why is this relevant? Re-read drops re: NK / Iran. (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Which couple was photographed covered in gold? The public release was a mistake. Who released the picture? Who has all the information? (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold? What does this represent? /_\ THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Q

U1 - CA - EU - ASIA - IRAN/NK Where did it end up? What was the purpose? Who was suppose to win the election of 2016? Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification? Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could. How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)? Why in cash? Where did the plane(s) actually land? What was the cover? Who paid for BO to attend Harvard? Why would this occur pre-political days? Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?

NK _ SpaceX.

What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009? What if the previous tests that failed were staged? Why would this be relevant? Who is involved and why? Biggest cover up in our history. U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK. Iran deal. Russian reset.

RED CROSS RED RED. NK. Hussein. ASIA. Why was that STRINGER sent out? Decode. News unlocks message. Future proves past. Where is the RED CROSS? Runs deep. Children. Pray.

71e2ef  No.201714


Some suggestion in the main thread that Q has indicated that P controls NK - but I can't find that reference. Anyone?

I know he has said that P controls Soros.

41a230  No.253206

https://www.reuters. com/article/us-northkorea-southkorea/north-korea-agrees-to-talk-to-south-after-u-s-south-korea-postpone-drills-idUSKBN1EU06O

aab2da  No.256954

Infowars Livestream is talking about Space Ex from their intel source Zak - much of what Zak says has been mirroring Q


aab2da  No.256970


and now the lives stream has Zak stating - "what makes a good movie?

A good Actor"

387195  No.257799

There has never been a good option for NK.


387195  No.257802

Red phone green phone. Who calls whom depends on date.


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