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File: d6220455cadc6b9⋯.png (583.33 KB, 800x473, 800:473, cbts.png)

5bddd7 No.148453

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

5bddd7 No.148457

Latest Q posts

2017/12/22 - FRIDAY





>>146058 rt >>145983


>>146147 rt >>146134

>>146268 rt >>146142

>>146328 rt >>146206

>>146454 rt >>146326


2017/12/21 - Late Evening




>>142996 rt >>142811





>>143223 rt >>143179





>>145118 rt >>145408


2017/12/21 (rt = replied to)

>>139686 rt >>139380







>>139851 rt >>139840


>>140693 , >>147866


>>139686 , rt >>139380 https:// twitter.com/ABCPolitics/status/943866651803611136

>https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

More info here >>140461 Executive Order Human Rights Violators Thread

And here >>>/cbts/141931

Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange

>>139851 , rt >>139840

>>142996 , rt >>142811

12/18 >>120430

12/19 >>130064

Petition for Disclosure thread >>120430

5bddd7 No.148459


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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Summary “40,000 ft.” perspective >>>/cbts/134020

Remember, we have this entire board to report our research and creations. Find-or-create the thread that digs into an area you're curious about and share great findings back here.

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Q Resources

Psalm 144:1

Praise be to the LORD my Rock,

who trains my hands for war,

my fingers for battle.


Q-Text [4chan] https://pastebin. com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile. com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive. com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8chan] https://pastebin. com/dfWVpBbY

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>>>/cbts/111700 & >>>/cbts/119941

Decoded Stringers


https://anonfile. com/Y6x1ned2b0/Red_Red_decipering.png

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Latest decoded stringers >>>/cbts/109555 , >>>/cbts/109748 , >>>/cbts/108638

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==DAILY NEWS - Enjoy The Show== >>>/cbts/4485

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Recent Findings

For dig inspiration and catching up...

12.19.17 >>>/cbts/144985

12.17.17 >>>/cbts/119162

Todays Findings / Happenings

Post on the NEW Executive Order on Human Rights & Corruption

See Q's posts in the OP about how he said the new EO release was inspired by us!

Executive Order on Human Rights and Corruption - https://


Treasury Department Tweet - >>>/cbts/139481

Full EO Graphic - >>>/cbts/144786

United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across The Globe


DC Is Getting a Clean House


EO targeting ANYONE who as an abuser or corrupt actor in ANY way, shape or form. >>>/cbts/139492

Here are two videos about people named on the Human Rights Sanctions List put out by the Treasury Dept. Very informative

https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=1TWhlPqVddc

https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZB3YoAvEro

Was this the exchange? https://8ch.net/cbts/res/140364.html#140844

The exchange and response?


Resigning CEO's List. Coincidence?

Google CEO resigned 12.21.17. Coincidence? List of all CEO's who have resigned since Oct 17 >>>/cbts/146328

NEW THREAD Post CEO/President/Notable Resignations Here with date >>>/cbts/146483

NEW Reading QUE map with stringers updated and merged into one file >>>/cbts/147818

NEW THREAD - North Korea - Post research, news, links, etc. related to North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, military action, people/companies dealing with NK, and related Japan, SK, China, SE Asia news. >>>/cbts/1342

NEW THREAD - Post CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>>/cbts/146483

NEW THREAD - 'Missle' Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as missle twice, and made the point specifically to us. Contributions welcomed. >>>/cbts/147334


Prayer Request Thread >>>/cbts/55606

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How to spot a 'Bad Guy': >>>/cbts/89275

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NEW THREAD - North Korea - Post research, news, links, etc. related to North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, military action, people/companies dealing with NK, and related Japan, SK, China, SE Asia news. >>>/cbts/1342

NEW THREAD - Post CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>>/cbts/146483

NEW THREAD - 'Missle' Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as missle twice, and made the point specifically to us. Contributions welcomed. >>>/cbts/147334

Alien / Disclosure related >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation Dig Thread >>>/cbts/15984

A peek into (((they))) >>>/cbts/2422

Bloodlines and Y >>>/cbts/7705

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain >>>/cbts/1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>>/cbts/140461

FBIAnon-AMA Transcript: >>>/cbts/137237

Godfather III >>>/cbts/2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>>/cbts/3952

Hefner/Blackmail >>>/cbts/132899

Hunt For Red October >>>/cbts/3102

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**Some broken links from above have been removed.

If you find something missing, please let the baker know of the working link.

Thank you for your patience.

5bddd7 No.148469



Jeremiah 23:19-20

See, the storm of the LORD

will burst out in wrath,

a whirlwind swirling down

on the heads of the wicked.

The anger of the LORD will not turn back

until he fully accomplishes

the purposes of his heart.

In days to come

you will understand clearly.



Memes #1 >>2

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Infographs >>10

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They Fear Our Confidence. Give them No Quarter.

bde7f8 No.148473

File: 3454c8add755b97⋯.png (46.25 KB, 450x306, 25:17, 23.png)

File: ce11a00469d171b⋯.png (172.79 KB, 580x325, 116:65, facemap.png)

File: 35d9d45341e4d41⋯.jpg (85.48 KB, 356x400, 89:100, hand.jpg)

File: 5f1a59d7d3649b5⋯.png (336.8 KB, 500x595, 100:119, invisible.png)

something different. Expand your thinking

5bddd7 No.148475

In The Event A Baker Is Needed


Image: Save the title image, change one pixel, save changes.

Location for new thread: Go to the top of the index page for CBTS which is 8ch.net/ cbts/index.html (without the space after the first / )

Title - enter in the 'Subject' field: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

Post: From the pastebin location given below, copy the first section and paste it to the 'comment' field.

Add Image: Upload the new image.

Activate New Thread: If needed, do the verification. Then click on the 'New Thread' button to the right of the subject field.

Adding the rest of the sections: Click on the number of the post in the new thread you have just created and add the second section after the first +++PAGE BREAK+++

Add the rest of the sections as individual comments - each section is separated by the ++++PAGE BREAK++++ notation

Keep adding comments until all sections are posted.

Continue down and add sections as replies. Sections are broken by +++POST BREAK+++ in the paste.

==NOTE:== You do not need a pastebin account if all you are doing is copying and pasting. You do need an account if you want to keep a copy for yourself and then add and format links, other data, etc, although you can do that in the comments box when posting.

Last batter used: https:// pastebin.com/PqfCxegZ (#172)


Update this line with the link to the pastebin file you used to bake this bread.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

7fa9b4 No.148490

Good morning faggots! Rise and shine!

Smell that freedom? Thank your GEOTUS today! Merry frickin CHRISTmas!

153e14 No.148496

Secret Service conducts WH training exercise for 'potential critical incidents'


f64a15 No.148500

Check this out from twitter. What one researcher has already found following the act put in place yesterday by DJT. Unbelievable corruption. It is even a lot deeper than WE know, just like Q told us.

Check it out. Worth the read. Unrolled thread from @HNIJohnMiller https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/943988810702041088.html (Share from Armorfly Browser)

e9f34b No.148510


All Your Base Are Belong To Us MAGA

100190 No.148520

File: 4759ec99ee89d8d⋯.jpg (44.97 KB, 460x411, 460:411, Fullscreen capture 1222201….jpg)

File: 5d5953203e314a8⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 612x369, 68:41, Fullscreen capture 1222201….jpg)

Eric Schmidt has TIES to North Korea!!


Kim jung un is a freemason with diplomatic ties to the Rothschild. This should also help explain why there is an abundance of freemasonic symbols embedded within north korean architecture. Most notably, the 333 meter high,pyramid shaped, Ryugyong Hotel, which was built by an egyptian company with ties to the previous CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who visited north Korea on a few occasions. I mean, one should really ask what buisness google has in north korea,right? Most freemasons will claim that there is no Freemasons in North korea, but some are willing to concede. According to the freemason dot com,which is a freemasonic forum, they claim that "Freemasonry in Korea did begin in mines that are now in the Area called North Korea. The oldest lodge here in South Korea began there in 1908. It is Hanyang Lodge #1048, on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland." They also claim that the existing three Scottish lodges in South Korea and the one lodge under charter by the grand Lodge of the Philippines, has a history of conflict with japan.


It’s important to mention that Schmidt didn’t travel alone. Former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson was his guide and he travelled in a delegation alongside eight other members.

A former UN ambassador, Richardson was in North Korea on a humanitarian mission in response to North Korea’s launching of long range missiles late last year. The White House referred to that trip as “ unsuccessful,” unfortunately. It’s also worth note that Richardson no longer enjoys any official political capacity, so this was a private trip.

Richardson described Schmidt’s reception as that of a “rock star”, which sheds a little light on just how important this issue of an open Internet really is. Sure it’s just the Internet, but it represents so much more than that. Right now in North Korea, the Internet is only available to a select few: the government, the military and universities. That’s representative of an intranet, which is basically what its technology is. Schmidt notes that there is a “supervised” Internet, which means “that people were not able to use the Internet without someone else watching them”.

7fa9b4 No.148525

Where is BO?

be8c77 No.148526

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

18m18 minutes ago

Will be signing the biggest ever Tax Cut and Reform Bill in 30 minutes in Oval Office. Will also be signing a much needed 4 billion dollar missile defense bill.

e9f34b No.148528


Good morning indeed! I was rolling around in bed thinking do I really want to know this, was the red pill worth it, hard once you are down the rabbit hole but whats done is done, time to rock the world and:

Let freedom ring from sea to shinning sea! And the world, can you imagine a world without much war, it will be amazing.

bc47da No.148533

File: e2107e81da135df⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1520x1006, 760:503, NK_Face_you_make_missles_i.png)

4fb1e6 No.148534

Spirituality != religions != new age

Careful with christianities, lucifer trusts, etc.

f7ab76 No.148535


Then we let loose the dogs…

68887e No.148537



e68049 No.148538





Why Pray? Who ultimately hears your prayers? Perhaps YOU?

When most people pray they either are thankful for things, their life, good stuff in general right? Or, they ask for guidance to lead them on the right path, correct?

Do some people pray for bad things to happen? Maybe like a bitter ex-wife praying her husband might die in a car accident. Who hears those prayers? Probably just her.

What happens when people pray in groups? who hears those prayers? The whole group hears positive thoughts and affirmations together and that is truly a wonderful thing.

Consider there is no God listening to your prayers, and 99% of the time you pray alone and only you hear it, in your head. What's the point? Well the point is you are creating positive thoughts.

Thoughts become actions

Actions become the truth

Pray for good and it very well might lead you to good.

Pray for bad and...well I hope you get my point.


I sincerely hope you are not being fooled, once again.

f81b66 No.148541


At war yes I'm just saying there is a third party you don't have to be good or evil you can be both equally

7fa9b4 No.148544


Its always a beautiful day when your eyes open. Start paying attention to the media. I'm noticing small nuances that reflect the true changes ahead.

One is how a completely blue radio station just had a 10 minute segment on 3 Seattle residents who had their tax returns reviewed under the new tax bill. All three said before they hated this bill and just KNEW they'd pay more. All three saved at least a grand. BTFO.

86894d No.148545

Outstanding Edition! ALL Marines stand ready all of the time. We are Semper Fi!

8fb75f No.148547


That you, Lynn?

bc7582 No.148548

Voter Fraud Investigation Launched Into Alabama Senate Special Election (VIDEO)

https:// truepundit.com/voter-fraud-investigation-launched-alabama-senate-special-election/

07c3cb No.148549

Did anyone see this tweet from the GOP? A Christmas card signed by Donald and Melania.With an eerily familiar presidential seal. https://twitter.com/GOP/status/944222776554131457

989dad No.148550

File: 353b507e35872a4⋯.jpg (84.21 KB, 485x578, 485:578, CIAFacialRecognition.jpg)

d3ffd5 No.148551


Oh shit.

e68049 No.148553


Lol no, Lynn wants you to fear God as that fear puts money in her hands. Oldest trick in the book!

ad9513 No.148555

File: 62f534e32221310⋯.png (296.29 KB, 641x426, 641:426, grin.png)

Tax cuts incoming!

1e04b3 No.148557


And Winning smells good, & sounds like a great plan for the Day of Days.

4fb1e6 No.148558


Tad too much true self empowering information to be her.

On a serious note, there is a God/Source/Creator, and he is the cosmic energy of the Universal Love.

I don't really need a religion to tell you that Love is the solution to everything.

5bddd7 No.148559


chek'd and kek'd

450f59 No.148561

File: eb6f2bc9e646a19⋯.gif (2.1 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 5a310ab63ff0a.gif)

f81b66 No.148562


Agreed love is the most powerful essence

e68049 No.148563



Just to clarify I am in no way disparaging Q. Just affirming that it is very positive for you all to be questioning EVERYTHING, Q included.

5abbb6 No.148564

File: 3c51bd282842c4a⋯.jpg (123.32 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 820957-2359.JPG)

File: 4dc58dc1d0789c1⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 02934750193825.JPG)


>How did NK get miniaturized nukes.

NWO elite and their networks

>What is leverage?

I like this definition best: the use of CREDIT to enhance one's speculative capacity.

>Define Hostage.

a : a person held by one party in a conflict as a pledge pending the fulfillment of an agreement

b : a person taken by force to secure the taker's demands

2 : one that is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence

>Their last hope!

So NK is the NWO elites last hope of keeping control of the world. Here's how I see the breakdown of the above message.

We all know SK has been a hotbed for US military activity for quite some time (1950s) and it goes without saying that the CIA had their fun with sick shit over there. So, post Korean war, the key to their success was to continually bribe the NK leader (for obedience) while criticizing it on the world stage for crimes against it's own people. Sun, and IL knew of the tricks and took advantage of the deal while exchanging basically anything the elite wanted.

Once Un was in power TPTB had successfully replaced "loyal" NK generals with SK CIA spooks who would slowly turn Un into the madman he is now (several high up officials in NK have recently been executed. Why?). This is to instigate the use of nukes and spark the third world war.

The Elite have leverage on NK officials because the Truman showed the whole command, have withheld nuke codes and plan on using them when the Elite want to (even if Kim doesn't), and this is either their emergency plan or one of a few last resorts.

Don't believe me on the NK command being COMP'D?

Look at what went down in SK. You fucking know the CIA was involved and the Elite were as well. Now considering all we have found out about the neighbors up North, would it come as any surprise that those high up in NK command are on an extremely tight leash? I wonder why they do everything they can to kill fleeing soldiers or citizens. What makes a person whose family has been brainwashed for decades question everything he's known to the point of fearing for their lives and fleeing to "the enemy"?

An entire country is being held hostage and the Sum of All Fears reference may be directed more towards NK than us. Our air defense is on high alert since NK got their advanced tech from """Them""", so unless they have a sub capable of traversing the Pacific undetected, I doubt any missile will go very far (Japan and few other places still in great danger though).

What sets US apart from THEM? They have no shame, honor or courage. Partners are merely pawns to them, and NK is no different. Who do you think cares more about the innocent people of NK, the world or the elites? Easy question. They have no problem genociding a population to get what they want because they've done it countless times before.

We were never in danger from a CBRN attack, but that doesn't mean innocent peoples lives aren't in this situation.

Each country has a 'marker' for weapon grade material made in that country and if detonated can be immediately traced back to the source (country who made it basically.

Who's to say (((NK))) air force isn't patrolling the skys 24/7 armed with nukes with US materials?

8fb75f No.148565


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0lIlROWro8

Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop 1986 Music Video


100190 No.148566


Bill Richardson seems to go to North Korea often. He accompanied Eric Schmidt when he went in 2013. Also North Koreans had gone to Google for a visit previously.


Richardson, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who often serves as an envoy to countries that do not have diplomatic relations with the United States, will try to meet with North Korean officials, and possibly Bae, to discuss the case, the sources said.

Richardson has been to North Korea at least a half-dozen times since 1994, including two trips to negotiate the release of Americans detained by North Korea. His last visit to Pyongyang was in 2010.

Also leading the trip is Kun "Tony" Namkung, an Asian affairs expert who has made numerous visits to North Korea over the past 25 years. Namkung also serves as a consultant to the AP.

Last year, a group of North Koreans even paid a visit to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

8fcc04 No.148567



Yes, i can admit that i was brainwashed.

I have been red-pilled.

I now know that politics has been as real as Pro-wrestling.

Trump has taken off the blinders.

I have given plenty to this country and will continue to.

Why the FUCK are you on here trolling?

If (YOU) can't see the happenings that Q is exposing, then maybe moomy should come down to the basement and taje your computer away.

2905cd No.148568

File: cef6b03b3e8d4d0⋯.jpeg (365.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 471207AA-F22F-4F2D-965A-E….jpeg)

697d57 No.148569


B OOM BABY! Love the way he wrote!

22550b No.148570

File: d22ef9e9b918bf2⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 8876939_orig.jpg)

File: b15fea8bfe6c27c⋯.jpg (142.9 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 7634254_orig.jpg)

File: 88df0c551560902⋯.jpg (116.76 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 530364_orig.jpg)



B'nai B'rith Humanitarian Aid

(Human trafficking, organ theft cover, spy ring)



02b28e No.148571

Forgive me if this has already been thought of but Q said NK has missile (missle) control technology however I think he is telling us that it is missing the (eye). Something that is important to make guidance work

bde7f8 No.148572

File: bacc6a647412597⋯.jpg (302.55 KB, 600x350, 12:7, fb.jpg)

File: f53b1a6b7c41d6f⋯.jpg (366.57 KB, 600x301, 600:301, hopper.jpg)


Good one.

I see you and raise you

2905cd No.148573


This guys from ATL .

59d1d6 No.148574

McConnell is lower energy than Jeb.

fd1525 No.148575



i wonder what scenario they are playing out

050887 No.148576

Dallas airport evacuated earlier. Was this another OP?

733f0d No.148577


Cool missile Kim. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.

1e04b3 No.148578


Q gave clues, news show u answers u seek. Grasshopper

953716 No.148579

Y'all still struggling with Iran, want some help? I'm not doing any more spoonfeeding.


Remember the original rules? Remember they were replaced when it became profitable to do so? Remember #4 was bannable, now people wondering why #4 isn't only not enforced but celebrated are the banned ones? Do you think we will forget when you try to cash in?

3921f3 No.148581

File: 9a13779a2f91b99⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 570x303, 190:101, Google1.JPG)

File: 8aea4dc8b84df5d⋯.jpg (32.95 KB, 540x318, 90:53, Google2.JPG)

Interesting graphics on the Google search page today: Living underground - are they trying to get a message out?

1st - Southern Hemisphere - summer theme

2nd - I assume Northern Hemisphere - winter theme

953716 No.148582

>>1 oh my, BO memoryholed the original rules

100190 No.148583


I think Bill Richardson is a big player with North Korea. I am finding he has gone there many times including with Eric Schmidt. Richardson is the point guy for the US and diplomatic smoothing over with North Korea.

Richardson may be our guy…..


William Blaine Richardson III (born November 15, 1947) is an American politician, author and diplomat who served as the 30th Governor of New Mexico from 2003 to 2011. He was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration and has also served as a U.S. Congressman, chairman of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

In December 2008, he was nominated for the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Commerce in the first Obama administration,[1] but withdrew a month later as he was investigated for possible improper business dealings in New Mexico.[2][3][4] Although the investigation was later dropped, it was seen to have damaged Richardson's career, as his second and final term as New Mexico governor concluded.[5]

Richardson occasionally troubleshoots diplomatic issues with North Korea.[6]

1a60e4 No.148584

File: 0af3a93df7ae9c6⋯.jpg (134 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, checkem.jpg)


well memed

ad34f5 No.148585


Good Morning Anons! Luv the smell of freedom in the morning! What a incredible time to be alive! After so many happenings yesterday, had all sort of crazy lucid dreaming last night!

8fcc04 No.148586


Probably it's because Trump has his balls in a vice and his monetary asets have been frozen. Just a hunch…

3a5a7c No.148587


I made that correlation in an earlier bread

63c78c No.148588

File: 0c1ccb00bb3225e⋯.jpg (364.87 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)


>TRUST found yet?

How bout this idea: the global secure payment system? Used for online transactions & shit?

If GEOTUS & Co got a hold of that, perhaps they cud use that to EMPTY all the bad actors bankacounts. Duh. Imagine some globalist bitch tryna pay 4 a new bag *insufficient funds*

BOOOM!! Pic related.

77f30f No.148589

File: 1062b60b4ff82be⋯.jpg (426.67 KB, 1572x1048, 3:2, homealone.jpg)

File: 1d1cd9baad3ab8b⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1572x1048, 3:2, homealone.png)

File: cec055e6b84e88b⋯.png (88.42 KB, 300x140, 15:7, goldpeeps.png)

Is the 40,000 view us looking up to the Top? I haven't seen an unnatural cloud in 3 days now. I am hopeful that POTUS has wrested control of the global spraying operations. That would be day-of-days worthy.

e68049 No.148590

File: 0341c469bc97656⋯.jpg (60.11 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 3b572766a2c3bc982f6c4b68a2….jpg)


Just want to point out that the swastika is one of the oldest recognized symbols in history because it refers to one of the most recognizable constellations which all the world has and does see.

With all the talk of the MAP and the GRAPHIC blah blah blah well yes, the map is the stars. No, it has nothing to do with aliens but everything to do with 99% of ancient history revolving around the stars and other planetary bodies.

The Egyptians painted the sun red in every piece of artwork b/c back then it was actually red. The gods all referred to celestial bodies because they were mysterious and powerful and intriguing.

This is part of the lies you have been fed your whole life. The history of this solar system is nothing of what you have been told. It is however recorded in ancient artwork around the world!

Nobody wants to admit they have been fooled anons…but get used to it because there's going to be more than just politics involved here and it has nothing to do with aliens but much to do with outer space.

fc9920 No.148591

File: ea77f17a2dc3346⋯.png (4.64 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, FC18A479-1BB7-4448-9985-98….png)

64192c No.148592






I'm thinking of writing a book about my experience with Q.

hopefully someone will buy it.


paper plane?

not a native english speaker but maybe "paper planes" is a phrase?

d6d6c1 No.148593



8fcc04 No.148594


Mega, on the 8chan? Your doing a great service….

Don't put that spoo down girl….the masses need your guidance too….

18a4b3 No.148597


thanks for the unrolled thread link, he did a lot of work and it came out great

733f0d No.148598


Cool word salad, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.

4fb1e6 No.148599


I heard the swastika actually refers to the 4 arms of a spiral galaxy.

Another stolen symbol for a warlike purpose.

e9f34b No.148600


May not seem a lot but thats almost $100 a month, with high sales tax here in the PNW and thats just a start, once we get the handcuffs taken off I am sure pay will go up and taxes down, POTUS will cut this American operation to the bone of efficiency

8fcc04 No.148601


You're. Damn…hate when i do that

bc47da No.148602

File: a665c7359f1a84d⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1544x1356, 386:339, Muh_hand_was_cold.png)

100190 No.148603


Continuing about Bill Richardson and his ties to North Korea…


He offered to go this last June


JUN 17, 2017


WASHINGTON – Veteran former U.S. politician and diplomat Bill Richardson offered on Friday to visit North Korea to secure the release of three detained Americans and a Canadian after U.S. university student Otto Warmbier was brought back in a coma.

Richardson, a former New Mexico governor and congressman who visited North Korea in the 1990s and sought the release of detained Americans, said he had made the proposal in a letter to the North Korean mission to the United Nations.

Richardson said he and members of his foundation had met with North Korean diplomats 20 times in the past year to try to secure the release of Warmbier and the others: Korean-Americans Tony Kim, Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak Song, and Korean-Canadian Hyeon Soo Lim.

3adedc No.148604

File: 64cf42170277f71⋯.png (70.64 KB, 800x154, 400:77, O.png)

953716 No.148605


Absolutely not. Death to fame faggots.

5bddd7 No.148606


>1st - FUCK gogole use duck duck go

>2nd - what 'event' are they memeing?

^^you know the description when you hover over the image , or click it

59d1d6 No.148607

File: f9f97b6b7745e83⋯.jpg (116.27 KB, 1179x687, 393:229, DRqVkvfUQAABfKz.jpg)

Found on twatter, any sauce in this?

4fb1e6 No.148608


>said on a board dedicated to a single name with every other name banned

heh, just a thought

fd1525 No.148609


youre asking yourself for source?

100190 No.148610


Did you read the part where Richardson has met with the North Koreans 20 TIMES this last year alone!!

He is part of the control of North Korea, in my opinion.

Q, is that correct?? Is Bill Richardson a controller of North Korea?

8fcc04 No.148611


She was named, didn't come to the boards with a name. Q has a name, you saying desth to him, her, them? Fuck off schill

989dad No.148612

File: a90684da6ee26aa⋯.jpg (362.53 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, Secretary_Kerry_and_Senato….jpg)

5bddd7 No.148613




>The Book Of Q (pdf) Updated 12.17.17

8edb6b No.148614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

While the discussion is getting stupid again, a reminder/morale boost, embedded.

We did this, anons. We swung the Mockingbird media for Trump to win. We're doing it right now, we can do it again. Don't stop you glorious faggots.

ddf6fc No.148615


Interesting, didnt ATL airport have a similar scenario a few days before the electric shut off in the whole airport?

http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2017/12/22/ fire-evacuation-dallas-love-field-airport/

https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2017-12-07/ heavy-smoke-over-atlanta-airport-part-of-fire-training-drill

Seem similar?

59d1d6 No.148616


>youre asking yourself for source?

Just tossing it out there for the masses.

953716 No.148617


Nice strawman, you know I'm talking about BO and his coven of boardsplitting "shill" screaming faggots on Discord.

8d86d4 No.148618

File: 84cd58ad4619bef⋯.jpg (204.35 KB, 1390x730, 139:73, bill-clinton-fb.jpg)

fc9920 No.148619

The hardest thing to get my head around is NK. Absolutely gobsmacked by this revelation.

008713 No.148620


Normis need drip feed. For the masses use of subliminal msg

1a60e4 No.148621


there is this…

http:// humansarefree.com/2014/05/the-black-pope-and-accused-child-killer.html

apparently he's been replaced?

6efc92 No.148622


I think you're hypothesis is correct. The last NK launch on November 28th was a bust. Wonder why? POTUS knows.

8fb75f No.148623

live link to bill signing?

697d57 No.148624

http://. www.newsweek.com/priest-commits-suicide-amid-investigation-minor-phone-misuse-church-funds-756612

650461 No.148626

Bob Corker, Corrupt? What a Surprise

584931 No.148627

File: f24382e891c4096⋯.png (212.32 KB, 1008x380, 252:95, TAX-45-TRUMP-88.png)


>Tax cuts incoming!




>POTUS Tax Bill Speech (learn (22)(2+2_))

22*(4) = 88 = TRUMP*

* A=1,B=2,…Z=26

8544a4 No.148628

File: da71472e92566e5⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, CED185D5-85ED-4179-8EB1-D6….jpg)

File: da71472e92566e5⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, CED185D5-85ED-4179-8EB1-D6….jpg)

File: 3be4a1653836aff⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trumpputinsmiling_070717ge….jpg)

File: 6f0ef66182f8e7a⋯.png (573.08 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1510129842421.png)


Not trolling at all. Why would you assume I am trolling? I'm just pointing out that there is more to this than is being currently recognized and trying to put the tickle in your brain to help soften the huge blow that awaits.

"China and Russia slam new US national security strategy"


"Trump ‘America First’ Plan Sees China, Russia as U.S. Frenemies"



5abbb6 No.148629

File: 734baaebfbe9de7⋯.png (707.8 KB, 831x788, 831:788, Vanderbiltsauwastika.PNG)

File: e3f99a2cf1bb4ec⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 614x629, 614:629, 710473198520315.jpg)

File: a6e408695748d29⋯.jpg (32.26 KB, 800x311, 800:311, IMAG0076.jpg)

File: 3c734862c6576a8⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 241x300, 241:300, pine-cone-osiris.jpg)


They used a sauwastika, but interesting none the less. Also using acorns to comprise it, which also looks like something very familiar now….

>V's are obsessed with acorns and use it in their family crest. Also is typically EVERYWHERE in their decorations.

d58e9e No.148630


Piper planes


Cessna planes

There are lots of air watchers, this was a thought for them

Q said to see dual meanings

What's a puzzle without variations

f2ef79 No.148631


Did you see the hand sign prince Harry did when he was with Melania?

650461 No.148632

Did we find the missing Missile?

40e61e No.148633


Should we avoid Discord?

9f3bd2 No.148634

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


44m44 minutes ago


Will be signing the biggest ever Tax Cut and Reform Bill in 30 minutes in Oval Office. Will also be signing a much needed 4 billion dollar missile defense bill.

697d57 No.148635


Amidst rumours that Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, may step down from his office because of his public prosecution for child trafficking and murder, one of his fellow defendants has just done so.

Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon announced suddenly this week that he will resign from his office at the next General Congress of the Jesuits.

Along with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Bergoglio and Pachon are primary defendants in an historic criminal lawsuit being conducted by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels that commenced on April 7, 2014. Several eyewitnesses who have given their deposition to the Court claim they witnessed Welby, Bergoglio and Pachon participate in child rape and sacrifice rituals connected to the notorious Jesuit-run Ninth Circle cult, during 2009 and 2010.

In a statement generally unreported by the world media, Pachon announced on May 20 that he was stepping down from his office without giving a reason.

The pope may step down??????

http. ://itccs.org/2014/05/25/itccs-breaking-news-may-25-2014-gmt-brussels-accused-child-killer-resigns-from-top-vatican-office-jesuit-head-adolfo-pachon-makes-startling-announcement-as-he-stands-trial-in-absentia-for-cri/

953716 No.148636

(((baruchthescribe))) is BO's reddit name.

Y'all been cucked by the JIDF

d2ee22 No.148637


Love it!


Love Kraftwerk! Great live shows.

3921f3 No.148638


Graphic hover description is "Summer / Winter Solstice 2017 - still don't see how that equates with living or storing underground.

PS. I don't use Google I use DDG. It was brought to my attention by a post in a previous #CBTS.

Thank you for the feedback :)

697d57 No.148639



64192c No.148640



has ever trump been like, "muh hand was cold" ?

bc47da No.148641

File: 265b811e9e07851⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1490x838, 745:419, what_do_you_mean_missles.png)

94d714 No.148642

Read a book!

Vatican Assassins -

https://archive.org/details/vatican2 - great collection of research but author inserts his own prejudices. Ignore author's racism

Rulers of Evil -


Secret history of the Jesuits -


Washington in the lap of Rome -


These are only a few. The information is out there and has been for hundreds of years.

ae45a0 No.148643

CNN: Trump eliminates Soros and Rothschilds to become head of Illuminati. Implements Marshall Law in US.

bc47da No.148644


Yea, but only a few fingers were cold, not the whole hand

59d1d6 No.148645


>apparently he's been replaced?

>Arturo Sosa - Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal SJ (born 12 November 1948) is the thirty-first and present Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Great..another corrupt order to research

605455 No.148646


This ^^^^. Prayer should be looked at more as a saying to oneself or to our consciousness instead of directed to an external entity. Group prayer also acts similar but with the collective consciousness.

77f30f No.148647

File: ae9296ab6f25b17⋯.jpg (111.94 KB, 793x893, 793:893, fakenewclouds.jpg)

They also recently named a bunch of "newly discovered" natural could types that "we never noticed before." Also how did the sun get under the coulds from 93 million miles? from nationalgeographic. com

733f0d No.148648


Lose your name, namefag. We are all anon here and you are a guest. Respect our culture of GTFO

650461 No.148649

Iran is holding the world hostage with its human rights violations

fc9920 No.148650

File: 5e1df95b855afbe⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 96D3151E-51E0-4606-802C-EC….png)


What this pin he’s wearing?

b5f164 No.148651


Agree. "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war." Shakespeare, Julius Caesar.

fc9920 No.148652


Or is it a mic lol

8d86d4 No.148653

File: 0d03fd7c167304c⋯.png (451.15 KB, 769x765, 769:765, ron-burgandy-breaking-news.png)

5abbb6 No.148654


Also, why the fuck haven't we looked further into Dennis RODman and his VIP access to the most secluded place on Earth. Think about all the times that fucker has gone over there without a single iota of press coverage AND the fact that he is essentially an ambassador for whoever the fuck puts money in his pocket.

I have little doubt that he has made deals and made exchanges for very dirty people over there.

ec3c83 No.148655

File: 4b385dea6e14117⋯.jpg (8.68 MB, 4000x9200, 10:23, GANNETT or бажже77.jpg)



New and Enlarged Infomap

This info map explores both GANNETT and бажже77

>Saw this in the last thread.

>Focus on papers on table.

>Graphic at top.

>They all belong to the same



Note Q's use of CULT/CLUB …

Double meaning?

be8c77 No.148657

https://www.cnbc.com /2017/12/22/trump-signs-gop-tax-plan-short-term-government-funding-bill.html

Trump signs GOP tax plan and short-term government funding bill on his way out of town

President Donald Trump signed the GOP tax bill in law on Friday, capping off a months-long effort to pass the legislation through the Republican-controlled Congress.

Trump also signed an emergency funding bill to keep the federal government open through January 19.

The sweeping tax cuts represent the greatest legislative achievement of Trump's first year in office.

"I promised the American people a big, beautiful tax cut for Christmas. With final passage of this legislation, that is exactly what they are getting," Trump said in a recent statement about the tax plan, saying that the legislation pours "rocket fuel" into the U.S. economy.

5abbb6 No.148658

File: b098deb1d434ef4⋯.png (25.51 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, New_Mexico_state_flag.png)

10f06f No.148659

File: 7bb5848dc055aa6⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, blackpopelotr.jpg)

94d714 No.148660

I asked this on the last bread, but didn't get a reply.

Could the missing "i" in missle mean "Miss Lee" the reporter/hostage "rescued" by Bill Clinton from NK?

59d1d6 No.148661




/pol/ or die faggot

77f30f No.148662

somebody post that list of stepper downers please

b2fceb No.148663


A mic on the lapel while standing in front of a mic?

e9f34b No.148664


I find delight in watching CNN, watch the ticker, it makes more and more sense the narrative they push and when they have to report on something good the POTUS did, I love the sour faces. Those fuks have been pouting for a year! They were so giddy before the election.

953716 No.148665


WRONG. fame fagging is welcome. The BO encourages it and loves to fame fag on Reddit. He loves famefags on Discord. He will ban you for criticizing the rampant famefaggotry that metastasized out of CBTS.


It used to be against the rules, now that post has been deleted! Thanks JIDF!

650461 No.148666


Its a missing missile dolt

77f30f No.148667

the folks quitting would be a great holiday redpill

733f0d No.148669


People need to hang for that fucken treason. Everyone involved, from the top down. Following orders is no defense

8fcc04 No.148670


Maybe…worth a furthur dig. Wasn't that when Clinton and Podesta went over? Maybe we're missing an important piece. Bring it to light Anon!

953716 No.148671


Only if you want to miss out on fantastic faggot ways to monetize you 8ch posting!

100190 No.148672

File: 696d99ab2af0cd5⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 632x391, 632:391, Fullscreen capture 1222201….jpg)

File: a58c8c77ebcbe44⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 406x310, 203:155, Fullscreen capture 1222201….jpg)


I am going to continue the Bill Richardson lead.

He escorted Eric Schmidt to North Korea. He has met with North Koreans 20 times this year alone. He has gone to North Korea many times. Funny though he didn't go with Clinton and is not in that famous picture of Clinton with Kim


Bill Richardson says KJU is a victim of bad publicity.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a “victim” of bad publicity, according to Bill Richardson, the former New Mexico governor and U.N. ambassador.

“He has been the victim, Kim Jong Un, of a lot of bad press, a lot of bad international attention, with the Sony hacking, with [being] taken to the International Criminal Court by some U.N. countries, a number of other very destabilizing moves that he has made, shooting the missiles, nuclear testing,” Richardson said on Friday on MSNBC’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall.”

Bill Richardson with Eric Schmidt in North Korea.

2e6d0b No.148673



And you don't need to even take "God" out of the equation because it is perfectly correct to be there. Most people agree that there is a higher power called "God" or "Allah" or whatever. All mean higher power/creator.

The Q post like this:


to me that symbolized outer space and YES we are ONE. EVERYTHING is connected. And that is indeed true. Every atom and every ounce of space has a positive or negative electrical charge ( +/- )

So when you pray, when you think positivily, the whole universe hears you as you are giving off positive ENERGY.

Is Q clearance making more sense?

4a6321 No.148674

Anybody claiming bakers are making profit is wrong… tracybeanz et al are getting the info to spread correctly cause they have followers and we want the correct info out there. Her Q vids are demonitized. Nobody's out for fame. get over yourselves

4fb1e6 No.148675


Interesting, I thought trips were banned. Apparently they still are, since I entered one in this very post. Let's stop here.

fc9920 No.148676


Oh duh ! Ty :)

4a6321 No.148677


1 year anniversay of potus being in.. thats all

2905cd No.148678


Interesting yootoob on bishop eddy


Cult leader in Atlanta

3921f3 No.148680


Interesting but will need updating - All the names in Point 5. have been gone for some time.

2e6d0b No.148681



Many Q posts have several correct interpretations that fit. I think we all figured that out with the keystone already didn't we?

bde7f8 No.148682

File: 8ad75cf37af79a6⋯.png (298.96 KB, 600x550, 12:11, maga.png)

File: 972207f066a3d6a⋯.jpg (158.5 KB, 500x250, 2:1, sheen.jpg)


d6d6c1 No.148684


www.nytimes.com/2002/06/10/world /n-koreans-talk-of-baby-killings.html

bc47da No.148685

File: 78f28795db3f187⋯.png (790.17 KB, 1492x952, 373:238, amazon_echo_google_home.png)

153eae No.148686

File: bfe1fe9e3325ed1⋯.png (37.69 KB, 796x164, 199:41, 2017-12-21_17-37-02.png)


Hello. Can you please update? ty!



2e6d0b No.148687


That is true but where has that been confirmed as the ONLY true meaning of that message dear?


86894d No.148688


>a reminder/morale boost

Thanks for that. I'd forgot how deliciously salty liberal tears are.

953716 No.148689


Trips ARE banned.


Of course you know that wasn't the point being made, but there seems to be a very focused effort to not let light be shed on Q monetization efforts.

733f0d No.148690


Fucking whoa is that a credible source?

68887e No.148691


This is great!!!

5bddd7 No.148692



doesn't feel good to me

>shortest days of the year , cold , winter; get all your shit and go underground – fair enough

>longest days of the year , warm , summer; go underground – ??

6efc92 No.148694

File: 668a27b89007cc6⋯.png (99.2 KB, 694x602, 347:301, Operation Atonement.png)

File: c19fa0e838d24b4⋯.png (188.74 KB, 718x721, 718:721, Background.png)


That site was a great find. Thank you, anon. I found their December 9, 2017 blog post most interesting. Here's the link for everyone:

http:// itccs.org

d2ee22 No.148695

File: 00f32f5dcea26b7⋯.png (74.39 KB, 994x626, 497:313, DuckDuckGo.png)



>The search engine that doesn't track you.

68887e No.148696


Story is from 2014

2905cd No.148697

4a6321 No.148698

bde7f8 No.148699


NK is really a perfect place to operate, meet and run illegal activities of all sorts. Sadistically brilliant. It's a modern day CUBA

cd1f7b No.148700

File: 33f674e7155df79⋯.png (34.08 KB, 1779x187, 1779:187, 123388.png)

File: f195a73e010240d⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 755x812, 755:812, emerg-orders-tweet.jpg)


733f0d No.148701


You're missing the NK aspect. Could be anyone, so it won't work

64e695 No.148702

Memes Zip 3i Available

Baker please update next bread >>148469



Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

Memes #4 >>142207

Infographs >>10

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

#1 ~1400 images from Memes #1 thru 9Dec2017. Jumbo file … 424 Mb. Download may take an hour. https://anonfile. com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip

2a ~550 images from Memes #2, 9-12Dec2017. 200 Mb. https://anonfile. com/Mbq3l7dfbf/CBTS_Memes_2.zip

2b The next 206 images from Memes #2, 12Dec2017. 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/TbCal8d1ba/CBTS_Memes_2B.zip

2c 206 more images from #2, 12Dec2017. 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/h9jdm7ddb3/Memes_2C.zip

2d 201 images from #2, 13-14Dec2017. 61 Mb. https://anonfile. com/u66am4d7b1/CBTS_Memes_2d.zip

2e 197 images from #2, 14-15Dec2017. 62 Mb. https://anonfile. com/5bVamadcb5/CBTS_Memes_2e.zip

2f 183 images from #2, 15Dec2017. 65 Mb. https://anonfile. com/w1o1nbd0b4/CBTS_Memes_2f.zip

2g The last 215 images from #2, 16Dec2017. 75 Mb. https://anonfile. com/f118nad5b0/CBTS_Memes_2g.zip

3a 215 files from #3, 17Dec2017. 121 Mb. https://anonfile. com/Y992n6d5b7/CBTS_Memes_3a.zip

3b 194 files from #3, 17Dec2017. 66 Mb. https://anonfile. com/81D8n9d6b7/CBTS_Memes_3b.zip

3c 200 files from #2, 17Dec2017. 62 Mb. https://anonfile. com/z3Jfncdcbc/CBTS_Memes_3c.zip

3d 174 files from #3, 18Dec2017. 53 Mb. https://anonfile. com/g6nco8dbb4/CBTS_Memes_3d.zip

3e 162 files from #3, 18-19Dec2017 (thru General #141). 65 Mb. https://anonfile. com/80zco9d5bc/CBTS_Memes_3e.zip

3f 210 files from #3, 19Dec2017. 66 Mb. https://anonfile. com/AfA1ofdab0/CBTS_Memes_3f.zip

3g 330 files from #3, 20Dec2017. 82 Mb. https://anonfile. com/JaU9o4d4bd/CBTS_Memes_3g.zip

3h 240 files from #3, 20-21Dec2017. 63 Mb. https://anonfile. com/G0j1pddfb0/CBTS_Memes_3h.zip

3i 308 files from #3, 21Dec2017, 89 Mb. https://anonfile. com/3302p9d0b1/CBTS_Memes_3i.zip


6efc92 No.148704


Look here at this more updated info….


5bddd7 No.148705


but not relevant here



953716 No.148707


When you say "we" you actually mean "famefaggot bakers" on Discord.

06a493 No.148708



733f0d No.148709


JFC welcome to reddit

153eae No.148710





Updated with latest Q drops from today. All posts, in order, screen shots + text, you can search it, date stamps, link to posts.


35da16 No.148711


Fox News Channel is carrying it live. It is usually live streamed on their website.

5bddd7 No.148712


got it

59d1d6 No.148713



searx.me - Can also install your own copy - https://github.com/asciimoo/searx/wiki/Searx-instances

bc47da No.148714

File: 87d8f0485f76a56⋯.png (3.63 MB, 1214x1712, 607:856, Muh_daughter_on_the_view_m….png)

8fb75f No.148715

FOX says POTUS signing bills, and will replay it, I don't know why it's not live

c45cc5 No.148716

File: 9e1f29784a2a98c⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Obamas Legacy.jpg)

twitter.com/HNIJohnMiller/status/943998238679584769 has done a fine job of starting research on some of the names listed on the POTUS EO.

A little levity from @drawandstrike.

40e61e No.148717


Thank you. Will leave discord

5bddd7 No.148718


got it

3c77c0 No.148719


>should we avoid discord

>being this fucking new

8fb75f No.148720

Flight scheduled to leave DFW - DCA WN5252 (B737)

flightradar24. com

989dad No.148721

File: 1d5fc47617710e3⋯.jpg (96.3 KB, 720x480, 3:2, MaxHeadroomToldYouSo.jpg)

Most here probably too young to know who this guy is, but he could be our spokesperson for how yesterday's 'science fiction' is today's 'conspiracy theory'

cb7829 No.148722


Ya, why wouldn't they show it live? Seems very strange.

fc9920 No.148723

40e61e No.148724


Thanks oldfag

ee8c64 No.148725

File: 883d5f434e7b61e⋯.png (125.94 KB, 622x574, 311:287, screenshot_12.png)


Great map….noticed something interesting.

c51892 No.148726


Ya, that was predictive programming. Luciferian to the max.

bc47da No.148727



didn't miss anything - I already did NK

68887e No.148729

Thomas Paine‏ 



Follow @Thomas1774Paine

If you are FBI and don't know who you can trust contact True Pundit or Kallstrom and we will take your Intel and protect your identity.

cd1f7b No.148731

File: 2ba3da09eadc843⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 720x552, 30:23, closing-in.jpg)

68887e No.148733


I cannot wait for the day!!!

3a5a7c No.148737


I remember

Love the idea

28d23b No.148739


woah. plz be true!!!!!!!!!!


starting to think it's a really great place to make and test secret technology like UFO's that are man made. Not like and North Koreans are going to be blowing any whistles to the world amirite?

Great place to get project blue beam up and running amirite?

We all know Vatican DC and London run the show amirite? Global baking amirite?

e30be2 No.148741


thanks. did you see the seperate thread about walnut sauce? disturbing info there. gannett is also an important lead.

f111e1 No.148743

File: d0c97e5314261d1⋯.png (99.69 KB, 339x194, 339:194, ??.png)


who is the man between HW and CS?

this is the pic that "inside anon" gave us a long time ago – he said mystery man was higher than soros. when we matched the pic w/ the news article it came from, it identified everyone but mystery man. inside anon said this guy stays in the shadows, scrubs his online history. inside anon gave us a clue and were able to identify the man.


if this guy's last name begins with a "P," which my memory thinks it did . . . it could be the "P" Q was referring to/who soros answers to.

d6a316 No.148745

Who really runs NK? Apparently a mysterious organization called the "Organization and Guidance Department" or OGD.

"In the interview, North Korean defector Jang Jin-sung explains that the OGD is like "an old boys' network" made up of Kim Jong-il's university friends. Kim Jong-il rose up the ranks with the men who run the organization, and these very men, most of which the world has never seen, are still running the show."

https://www.bustle. com/articles/23950-kim-jong-un-doesnt-run-north-korea-a-mysterious-organization-does-apparently

A start.

42a0eb No.148746









d2ee22 No.148747






18a4b3 No.148748

showing Trump on fox news now

c5b272 No.148749


Add famefagging & it's a winner

3adedc No.148750


Bless you, Q

40e61e No.148751

Been sober over a hundred days.

Planning to end that.

Finally going to kill myself.

Fuck all this, been here since the start too.

3d7cd6 No.148753

>>>"missle" research<<<

1. Missle Services Inc. Govt contractor Jenks, OK. Only worked one contract for Dept. of Interior for $6762 since 2007. NAICS code claims it falls under "Automotive Glass Replacement Shop (811122) but their principal product is listed as "Communication Security Equipment and Components (5810)." Website: www.tintworld.com

—Info from Govt Sites—

2. Brand Name Single Source Justification Missle Defense Agency (MDA); European Phase Adaptive Approach (EPAA). Dyess AFB, Atlas F Missle Site S-8 documents in Texas (2 links provided). www.loc.gov/item/tx1251/ and /tx1252/ (documents in Library of Congress)

3. United States Dept. of Army White Sands Missle Range RCRA PERMIT DECEMBER 2009


4. PE 0605126J: Joint Integrated Air & Missle Defense Organization (JIAMDO)


5. Missle Warning System Sources Sought- Synopsis & Industry Days- NOTICE Federal Project contract opportunity FA8232-17-R-MWS5 for search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument manufacturing at Air Force Material Command AFLCMC/AFSC/AFNWC- HILL AFB. Response due April 7, 2017.



6. Aderholt Objects Missle Defense Agency STOP WORK ORDER.


7. Aderholt offers Legislation to Improve Missle Defense Production


8. Pope Francis linked to Exocet Missle Acquisition per British Govt.


9. Inhofe Highlight Missle Defense Success



10. BOMARC (Boeing and Michigan Aerospace Research Center)


68887e No.148754


You shot it down!!

584931 No.148755

11:11 maybe?

953716 No.148756

Remember >>1?

You can't!

The only reason it can be discussed this much is because BO (((BARUCHTHESCRIBE))) and his famefaggot partners PamphletAnon, Breadbox, et al


Quick, page them on Discord. Red alert bro!

72bc28 No.148757


Top post, well done anon

a8cce8 No.148759

File: 26d4379730b321a⋯.png (594.17 KB, 944x625, 944:625, NKRU3 (2).png)


28d23b No.148760


Is that the Brussels guy? faahk im havign a brain fart

42a0eb No.148761




733f0d No.148763


Yep I'm a grumpy cunt and say that most of these memes are shit but this is good. Nice one mate

3d7cd6 No.148764



Missiles provided to NQ missing key component for success?

0a1fd3 No.148765


Can you explain that for a dumb guy who may also be slightly drunk?

68887e No.148766


We do! Thank you!

c12e41 No.148767


Happening now?

bc47da No.148768


meme loading

733f0d No.148769


Hello old chum

9069e8 No.148770


nice shot sir! glad to see splash!

86fcd2 No.148771

10f06f No.148772

File: 5365280d973304a⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 460x257, 460:257, blackpope2ndcoming.jpg)

59d1d6 No.148773



4a6321 No.148774


Watching trump live now!

8fb75f No.148776

Missiles! Lots and lots of missiles!! STAT!! –POTUS

68887e No.148777

Great Job Q Team!!

68887e No.148778



8fb75f No.148779

This is the statement Q referenced

72bc28 No.148780


Url for the lazy and uneducated?

5bddd7 No.148781

28d23b No.148782


Please call someone anon. Feelings are temporary.

88b767 No.148783

>>148634 Once the cabal is taken down, the playing field for Average Americans will be level again. Great time for growth and prosperity. However for many of our citizens, Stockholm Syndrome will have to be overcome. They fell in love with their captors.

4a6321 No.148784


fox at least, probably all news?

0883a7 No.148785


Peter Munk

be8c77 No.148786


"Moments ago"

100190 No.148787


Yes I read he has a foundation here is some info on it.


Throughout a distinguished career as Congressman, UN Ambassador, Energy Secretary and Governor, Bill Richardson has developed an exceptional international reputation, an extensive network of personal contacts and enormous global experience. He has successfully completed sensitive diplomatic missions in countries such as North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Congo and Colombia. Families, organizations and world leaders regularly seek out Richardson for help because of his unique experience. He has secured prisoner releases and mediated international conflicts in both official and non-official capacities. He has been a representative of the U.S. government and has served as an unofficial envoy with no ties to any government. Richardson has a proven track record of negotiating with and earning the trust of international leaders. Richardson has succeeded in areas of the world where others refuse to negotiate.

The Richardson Center will provide the policy and logistical support to Richardson as he continues to promote international peace and dialogue and engage directly with foreign leaders, governments and regimes.

Our Mission

The Richardson Center for Global Engagement promotes global peace and dialogue by identifying and working on areas of opportunity for engagement and citizen diplomacy with countries and communities not usually open to more formal diplomatic channels.

The Center fulfills this mission by:

Negotiating for the release of prisoners and hostages held by hostile regimes or criminal organizations;

Promoting communication between countries with strained diplomatic relations, through diplomacy, cultural, business and athletic exchange and activities;

Providing training and institutional advice to governments and non-governmental organizations in countries transitioning to democracy;

Providing training and institutional advice to governments and non-governmental organizations in countries seeking to protect their environment and wildlife resources;

Providing logistical support in securing and delivering humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations.


Advisory board includes former UN Gen Sec.

Kofi Annan

International Advisor

Kofi Annan is a former diplomat of Ghana and was the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations serving from 1997 to 2006. As Secretary-General Kofi Annan played a leading role in galvanizing global action through the General Assembly and the Security Council to combat terrorism and other political crisis especially in the Africa and Middle East. In 2001, Annan issued the “call to nation”, in order to address the world spread pandemic HIV/AIDS, and put forward the establishment of a Global AIDS and health Fund. Kofi Annan was honored with numerous honorary doctorates and was also a joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 with United Nations.

3a5a7c No.148788


Hijacked sub?

Hijacked nuke?

8fb75f No.148789

3.2 Trillion tax cut!!!

4fb1e6 No.148790


Get out of the city into the nature, some forest or anything nearby, don't fall back into the satanic grinder

d58e9e No.148791


Simple math

90 days,

October 28

Noveamber 28 (30) days

December 28 (60) days

January 28 (90) days

Did I misunderstand and new math came about

8fcc04 No.148792


Missile Defense signed by POTUS….future proves past

94d714 No.148793



One of the reporters names was Euna Lee. They were human trafficking researchers. There was a discussion about this on Voat. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1440315

There is a picture of the reporters in the Podesta wikileaks eating Pizza with a small child.

Lee may have been involved in trafficking herself and Bill went to rescue her, or she found out something in NK and is now a hostage.

989dad No.148794



That's 1995. This is 1987. Max Headroom. Look him up! :)

f6e98b No.148795

im not as great a digger as most of you (your awesome) but would love to see Gloria Alldred exposed , she was involved with Michael Jacksons cases, im a fan

3c77c0 No.148796


Discord= honeypot m8

605455 No.148797

File: ffffb699176ec3e⋯.jpeg (363.25 KB, 750x1198, 375:599, 441BC15F-7C8D-4F30-8D96-D….jpeg)


Here ya go anon

ee8c64 No.148798

File: 4ae87ea60f4c72e⋯.png (134.44 KB, 622x574, 311:287, screenshot_12.png)



72bc28 No.148799


Dood, sobar is good, Don't end it. The end is sort of insight - you need to wait and see he finalie. It will be worth it. Hang on in there.

Peace out and respect.

650461 No.148800


Roger Roger

bc47da No.148801

bc47da No.148802

File: af947ea82b21955⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1468x1098, 734:549, trust_wray.png)

8fcc04 No.148803


Copy. Wray is /ourguy/. Confirmed.

8d86d4 No.148804


Sen. Frank Lautenberg

63c78c No.148805


Bless u Q & Potus. With all our hearts. Tx 4restoring HOPE.

7cfaef No.148806


I hope you are not serious. that shit ain't funny

ae45a0 No.148807

"expensing" will drive the Dow and GDP to dizzying heights

953716 No.148808

File: f2cf3167225f952⋯.png (296.91 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171222-111951.png)

This is a fucking joke anons

"Our army?"

98a1dc No.148810

f7ab76 No.148811


Unreported launch?

650461 No.148812


Missing Missile?

ddf6fc No.148813


Any reason the bill signing wasn’t done live?

5cffd5 No.148814





No "i"

No "eye"?

No guidance?

f395f3 No.148815



Hebrew-letter qoph-koph-the-back-of-the-head.61826/ Perhaps this may be a random coincidence but the ideas presented here in this letter may relate the name Q and references to God?

"Pawns - All the multitudes of man, serving God best by stepping boldly forward in Faith!" Here is something to relate this with as well, the idea being that in following Q we are the pawns fighting the fight of faith? The victorious fight of chess.

http:// faithhopeandreflections blogspot com/2012/03/chess-and-kingdom-of-god html

"Bishops - liaison between man and God, the administration of the House of the Lord on Earth. Keeps to one color, to show that the church has limitations in its applicability, but there are two Bishops, one for the Church, one for the congregation, and between the two of them, they can get anywhere." Hmm?

Kicking Ball Down The Court

Why are we not already in the NK Admin? To kill or to flip?

Who calls those shots in the end, who keeps it moving internally?

As for C-A, how can the people aware of the truth help break down the wall? Rahab?

What about TAFB?, why was it important? There are alot of trails in the sky, stars falling and lights flashing and dancing about that aren't average in the area.

Northern Fires ended just outside limits, Southern Fires may reveal more? How is there a way to help unveil if they burn the evidence?

"God blessed that area"

Anything worthwhile in the area, many watching, waiting

b41b35 No.148816


Maybe a "missle" is a "missile" that's been taken over in-flight by an unintended party.

8d86d4 No.148817

File: 7594ed58ceaa9b4⋯.jpg (95.38 KB, 950x534, 475:267, Obama.jpg)


Harvey Weinstein is a highly influential donor for the Democratic Party, and has been active in party politics since the 1990s. Here he is with then Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, and Sen. Chuck Schumer in October 2006

5bddd7 No.148818

File: 1d3540880969ec2⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 500x385, 100:77, splashdown 1.jpg)

d58e9e No.148819


MJ was traumatized because he wouldn't participate in the game

He was pro children

One of his last songs was very prophetic

"They don't care about us"

Listen with lyrics

Corey Feldman defended MJ, SB tape is missing

All things come full circle

86fcd2 No.148820


Wray reorganises the TOP of the fbi

https://www. washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/fbis-top-lawyer-said-to-be-reassigned/2017/12/21/2ac76640-e6b5-11e7-833f-155031558ff4_story.html?utm_term=.2dc29efef231

ee8c64 No.148821

File: 32e00d1ded88147⋯.png (474.71 KB, 1131x836, 1131:836, screenshot_13.png)


Tom Steyer defends $20M ad campaign calling to impeach Trump

http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/26/ politics/tom-steyer-defends-impeachment-ads/index.html

7cfaef No.148822


hashed and rehashed.

3bc640 No.148823


I found an article with the MISSLE typo that might be a clue


"North Korea launches ICBM missle landing in ocean off Japan"

or just "these people are stupid" lol

42badf No.148824

File: 7634e6f8229e1ec⋯.jpg (64.51 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Q HQ.jpg)


Let's roll.

a6736a No.148825


good one.

4a0e1e No.148826


I don't plebbit, but they doo have an "army" of sorts. so long as it disseminates = objective being acheived

88b767 No.148827

Once the cabal is taken down, the playing field for Average Americans will be level again. Great time for growth and prosperity. However for many of our citizens, Stockholm Syndrome will have to be overcome. They fell in love with their captors.

f7ab76 No.148828


So, 7 1/2 hours of McCabe testimony was fruitful?

0bd958 No.148829


Good job anon. I feel that the missing "I" is in here somewhere… we need to go full autist on these links and agencies

d2ee22 No.148830




1 with one without an 'I"

adc39e No.148831

fc9920 No.148832


Breaking news from Q .Thank you

4a6321 No.148833


YES! This isnt about anons, or fame… its about getting the message OUT to the masses!! let whiners call people famefags and cry yet do no research or work… fkum

2905cd No.148834



68887e No.148835


No more c I a in the missiles

953716 No.148836


It was working well before they appointed themselves gatekeepers

Watch for the movie deal

>I wuz pamphletanon

bc47da No.148837

File: ab18a8dfa24a8df⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1466x662, 733:331, people_you_can_trust.png)

838b0f No.148838


Hi Q, I know this is not a game, but could it be an inside joke?


42badf No.148839

File: bd60f9dc1c66b77⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 474x273, 158:91, namefags.jpg)


(((our army)))

06a493 No.148840



f6e98b No.148841


i hope he is cleared forever, i know he spoke of the illuminati, not surprised he was seen as a nutjob, and looking back not surprised he was murdered, for me he was an angel

68887e No.148842


Nuclear war is not a joke!

59d1d6 No.148843


I do especially when I heard his resume. White collar crime.

Its game over for the corrupt.

c51892 No.148844


Guys…. Don't tie too many hopes for MJ being innocent.

953716 No.148845


No research or work?

Oh you mean like the famefaggots who have been disruptive the entire time who want to take credit for the work of anons. Thanks for your post.

42badf No.148846

File: 866644eb2926aa7⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 600x450, 4:3, network 23.jpg)


Loved this show. Very revealing.

18a4b3 No.148847

BREAKING - President Trump on Friday signed his first major legislative triumph – a $1.5 trillion tax overhaul – as well as a temporary spending bill that keeps the government running through mid-January. #FoxNews alert in email

42a0eb No.148848


Patriot, your country needs you.

You are not alone.

God is LOVE.

2018 will be GLORIOUS!

God bless,


753a33 No.148849


.koreatimes.co.kr /www/ nation/2017/12/205_240704.html?utm_source=dable

South Korea, US, Japan start missile-tracking drill



* Report: U.S. Military Training for Ground Invasion to Capture North Korean Nukes

5cffd5 No.148850


Typo, sorry

Point remains, does the missing "i" represent missing guidance…

bde7f8 No.148851

File: 6937045d44b9c41⋯.png (757.67 KB, 600x559, 600:559, mosesfb.png)


c12e41 No.148852

>>148842 "SMILES" for the good guys

1dc7a7 No.148853





A missile that will miss its target because it is only a rocket

0bd958 No.148854


I thought about that too. No "eye", no guidance, no detonator, something in that realm meaning it's all for show. A distraction. I don't know.

4a6321 No.148855


it means missiles without intelligence.. solved yesterday

77a87b No.148856


Is this akin to foxtrot 3?



The Survival of Captains Mike Brown and Marco Cordon. Copyrighted art by Joe Kline. The following is a transcription of the tape recorded debriefing of Mike Brown. This debrief was performed on the same day that Mike and Marco survived being hit by an SA-7 missile while operating at an altitude of about 4,000 feet.

0a1fd3 No.148857


Since you're here, maybe you could drop a crumb to sate my curiosity?

Will Europe be as thoroughly cleansed as the USA? Does your network extend to over here?

3d7cd6 No.148858


The one that really caught my eye was the article on Pope Francis and Exocet- starting to dig now.

63c78c No.148859

File: a3ba3a70595e3e3⋯.jpg (304.7 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)


9f3bd2 No.148860

Matt Couch 🎄‏


Following Following @RealMattCouch


Deep State Co-Conspirators Just Lost Big Asset – FBI Director Wray Kicks Out Top Lawyer James Baker

4fb1e6 No.148861


Same. I don't think he was a bad guy.

All positive, spiritual people get smacked by the cabal for disobeying. John Lennon, MJ, Bob Marley… but today we smack the cabal back.



Love is the solution to EVERYTHING. ;)

57cf65 No.148862


Q, is there really a tape of HRC and HA in a sex act with a minor?

72bc28 No.148863


I needed to hear this also.

God bless and peace to you all

77a87b No.148864


oooh good one thanks anon.

5bddd7 No.148865

File: 9ae788602067c66⋯.png (583.07 KB, 409x534, 409:534, splashdown 2.png)




>pic related

42badf No.148866


>Finally going to kill myself.

Fuck off, edgelord.

Praying for you.

bc47da No.148867

File: 3df1c458f70c6d5⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1216x1728, 19:27, mccain_famefagging_daughte….png)

c12e41 No.148868


AMEN– check out the local Celebrate Recovery ministry in your area- Jesus is the answer

953716 No.148870


John Lennon was an abusive monster

77a87b No.148871



btfo reporter dumbasses

838b0f No.148872


Yes, but might have a double meaning.

Miss like in missing the target and the LE is /pol style.

35da16 No.148873


Great find anon! This explains much!

77a87b No.148874



btfo reporter dumbasses

also what is this error msg i just got?

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() /8chan/howitzer-base/http/inc/display.php:54

f41544 No.148875

File: a0c743a8f221b73⋯.png (758.5 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, symbolism.png)

Are there more people annoyed about the wrong symbolism people are displaying this Christmas?

I'm thinking of printing out this meme and put it int people's postbins.

Could use some help on the meaning of the left symbol.

Please help me get this right.

100190 No.148876

File: 9532dcbda406405⋯.jpg (101.78 KB, 800x447, 800:447, Fullscreen capture 1222201….jpg)


After signing the tax Bill MAGA!

b80daf No.148877


God Bless Q, we stand ready

4fb1e6 No.148878


I *was* too.

Everyone can do his part for the Good.

c5b272 No.148879

File: bee499c5dd6270b⋯.png (337.46 KB, 512x383, 512:383, trustQ.PNG)

50e8f0 No.148880

File: 1d95b9266ebc584⋯.png (396.05 KB, 1062x1949, 1062:1949, NK SpaceX.png)

Fire up those meme cannons, lads - this is highly relevant today

149005 No.148881


Q just reached out to you to tell you to have hope and faith for the future. It will get better! God bless and don't ever feel like you are alone.

8fb75f No.148882

Reference to "part of the unwritten story", quote by POTUS!

59d1d6 No.148883


>2018 will be GLORIOUS!

Oh we know. The assblasting of the century.

And guess what next year is: 70th anniversary of israel - 70AD - (((Coincidence)))

9069e8 No.148884


this is called dry drunk

4 years no booze here go hit a meeting find a sponsor and do what he tell you anon!

or be miserable.

tuff gig when you have a body that needs a drink and a brain that cant handle one.

hell on earth. trust me tho anon you case isnt special.

first year is a bitch. heed my advice.

c51892 No.148885


* “I’ve sold my soul to the devil.” – John Lennon

644c0e No.148886

I just realized that I now listen to each & every word the President is saying now lol. He has always been fun to listen to, but now I listen for any hints or clues

He has done things before I always thought was a shout out but I get told I'm being dumb. I'm glad he is our President.

fc9920 No.148887


What’s your take on him?

3fa942 No.148888


as the world turns - a reference to when the soap opera was as interrupted because of the Kennedy assassination - from previous breads. Presumption is that DT will either engage EAS or similar to announce something - context here implies it’ll have something to do with an NL missile launch if I had a guess.

0bd958 No.148889


May God bless and keep you anon. Your fellow patriots need you.

953716 No.148890

Yeah BTFO reporters

How dare you cut off the famefaggots at the pass

This victory is THEIRS


28d23b No.148891


Cool! That kinda fits in with this theory a little


30e7c5 No.148892

File: 0ca128a935be31c⋯.gif (35 KB, 468x516, 39:43, jesus.gif)

ae0c1c No.148893


second that.

d2ee22 No.148894


that's what I'm going with

1e04b3 No.148895


All the way! Rock the house! Godspeed! Thank u Q & President Trump! Pray, Pray, Pray everybody! We need strong prayers!

0ddd50 No.148896


This man cares about us, Anon!

Stay strong!

Thank you for everything, Q.

Our mission has given myself and other anons a new found motivation in life.

I couldn’t ask for a better President.

Godspeed, sir!

72bc28 No.148897



It was worthy of a reply from Q.

ee8c64 No.148898

File: 6108ade40e8c6b2⋯.png (83.25 KB, 612x198, 34:11, screenshot_16.png)



So while Tom Steyer is still running around causing problems for President Trump how much walnut sauce is he and his wife enjoying.

fc9920 No.148899



adc39e No.148900

953716 No.148901


Sounds like you repented.

Lennon didn't

>Neither did the famefags

8d86d4 No.148902

File: b5fcd1113761b3f⋯.jpg (110.24 KB, 734x549, 734:549, Wray.jpg)

68887e No.148903

f111e1 No.148904



Peter f'g Munk — has been driving me crazy ever since Q posted about "P"

2905cd No.148905


Stay in the fight! You have come to far to give up now! We are a team an we need you too

fc9920 No.148906


Thinking along the same lines

b38b8a No.148907

You have my utmost respect, attention and prayers, Q. May the Lord ever bless you for your service to Him.

475d53 No.148908

50e8f0 No.148909


Ideas for any other infographs? Suggestions welcome!

8fb75f No.148910

"It's time to rebuild our country", there's a lot in that

98a1dc No.148911



Praying for all.

6efc92 No.148912


Thanks for the heads up on the site being fake. >>148635 >>148694 >>148704 I dug around some more and I cannot find any indications that he's ever been held judicially accountable for anything he's done. In fact, the most damning MSM article I could find was this one: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/25/vatican-argentina-archives-dictatorship-pope-francis

Sadly, until now no one has wanted to hold him accountable.

650461 No.148913


Putin good or bad?

9f3bd2 No.148914


lil teary eye. thanks Q almost lost faith too

1fc638 No.148915


Something to do with the "all seeing eye"? Not fired from cabal? just thinkin.

a9f484 No.148917

LOVE when POTUS talks, and crosses his arms in a positive, powerful gesture. Makes me feel good

f111e1 No.148918


nope, it's Peter Munk.

aafb6b No.148919




So it appears to be confirmed that Gannet was a Tangent and also directly related to that Russian Walnut sauce! Nice.

57cf65 No.148920


I’m not a reporter. I’ve just been hearing about this tape since the election & I don’t understand why we would use this to bring down the cult

9a9b25 No.148921


we should do our thing here, but it would be good if all our research spread to discord and every other place on the internet where people go for information

b2fceb No.148922


For anons coming in late. This message was posted at the exact moment the networks aired POTUS signing the Tax Bill. Also signed the CR and a provision that sets aside $4.6 billion for missile defense. The signing was not live.

ae0c1c No.148923


just 'art…' now

5e7499 No.148924


Hang in there … 2018 will make it all worthwhile and I hope you're here with us to see the traitors brought to justice.



0b49aa No.148925


Thank you Q, is there anything else we can do other than meme, and inform our friends?

I pray for the light to defeat darkness.

c12e41 No.148927


idea– would be great if POTUS echoed this through a tweet to the world- INSPIRATIONAL

8d7c1e No.148928

70d541 No.148929

NOOoooo - this timeline will not allow it!

Even Q welcomes you to 2018…


6efc92 No.148930


I'm not convinced he's "good", but I don't think he's necessarily a bad actor. He seems to be willing to work with POTUS and POTUS seems to be willing to work with him. I trust POTUS to know what to make of Putin and how to engage with him.

aafb6b No.148931


Thanks for that Q I hope he sees it as I am crying now for this person can we please all PRAY for this anon?

9f3bd2 No.148932

Donald Trump Jr.

Verified account


5m5 minutes ago

More Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Merry Christmas America!!! #magaDonald Trump Jr. added,

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Will be signing the biggest ever Tax Cut and Reform Bill in 30 minutes in Oval Office. Will also be signing a much needed 4 billion dollar missile defense bill.

d58e9e No.148933


One thing to think about, many people believe he is alive

All of the Jacksons made remarks after his death that the truth would be revealed

We have delved into Hugh Hefner, wasn't LaToya in playboy at one time, soooooo, could they have dropping hints

As for MJ being alive, who knows, but if he is, I don't need to know, he left us with his music, that is enough for me.

BUT, if Hillary had a body double why not MJ

MJs music told us of his heart and a story of his hope for all of us

Man In The Mirror

We Are The World

Some thing to research and listen to, gives a good feeling in this nightmare we have awoken to

ae45a0 No.148934


You may see the dark clouds today.

Don't miss the beautiful sunshine tomorrow.

8fb75f No.148935


And you come on while the signing statement is replaying over the MSM, I was wondering why it was not being brought live, now we know. It's a true honour, Mr. President

Merry Christmas, and thank you!!!


0e0836 No.148936


Wray is leaking through @Thomas1774Paine?

d2ee22 No.148937



YUP! Saw that. Kinda cool. Clearly watching too, right there with POTUS.

644c0e No.148938

So excited to see what news drops today as well. It being Friday and all

3550ce No.148939


Remember 3pm press conf to divert attention from/to Capitol HIll

72bc28 No.148940


Data deletion.

What's happening May 2018. GDPR.

If data is stored must be disclosed or deleted?

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, becomes law on May 2018. … The UK government's new data protection legislation, which will implement the vast majority of GDPR was published on September 14, …

4a6321 No.148941

Protip, muting the whiny little bitch crying about losing his precious little safespace here, calling people famefags, etc…. really clears up the nonsense. We are ALL in this together, the more eyes the better! fight fight fight

Oh, and all vids about Q are DEMONITIZED so nobodys making money off this effort

8fb75f No.148942


GET 'em, Q!!!

4fb1e6 No.148943


His actions speak otherwise.

0a1fd3 No.148944


What does Q keep telling you about coincidences?

6f10c3 No.148945


Thank you Q.

d2ee22 No.148946






>>148746 rt >>148922


040e27 No.148947


I hope you don't.


Don't get any on the rug.

Srsly don't, yule miss the best part.

ae0c1c No.148948


we need you anon.

1e04b3 No.148949


He is so is pac

d6d6c1 No.148950


God Speed! Thank you Q!

e783cf No.148951


he's the maple syrup version of soros

c5b272 No.148952

File: cdb6af6d0e38db4⋯.png (285.98 KB, 521x264, 521:264, rollbitches.PNG)

128694 No.148953


(((They))) win if you do that.

8fb75f No.148954


God is with us, who can be against us and succeed? Merry Christmas, Q; you are God's tool, hard at work!!

f111e1 No.148956


We need you, anon! One minute at a time, you can do this. You've got tons of prayer headed your way. Just get through each minute and get an AA sponsor. God loves you, and so do we. Fight the good fight!!!!!

f6e98b No.148957


i think he is the victim of what they try to do to anybody who goes against them, he was an easy target as he loved kids..not in a pedo way im confident, the fact alldred was on his case tells me even more

953716 No.148958


I suppose we should all just take your glowing word for it, JIDF

"Filter this shill" the Jew cries as he strikes you!

9f3bd2 No.148959

File: e6c712efc390c5d⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 1024x598, 512:299, DRqhFwlX4AAFuvdtrump.jpg)

The Daily Caller

Verified account


6m6 minutes ago


Trump Left On An Unannounced Trip. He Didn’t Take Questions, But His Destination Speaks Volumes [PHOTOS] https://trib.al/OclZEcM

bde7f8 No.148960

File: 6a474e385f25e49⋯.png (407.94 KB, 600x400, 3:2, clowns.png)

File: 3b984d08641831a⋯.jpg (279.6 KB, 600x337, 600:337, hotobama.jpg)

where is Barry?

3adedc No.148961


As the family member of someone who committed suicide, please dont, anon. You may think it will affect no one but you and that your loved ones will get over it, but I assure you, they wont. You are loved, anon, whether you feel it or not. The damage to those around you will be great and life-long. The pain inside must be overwhelming for you to want to end it. Please, seek help. There is help out there. Bless you, anon, and I just said a prayer for you.

adc39e No.148962

Multple meanings for Red October?


After the Congress of Soviets, now the governing body, had its second session, it elected members of the Bolsheviks and other leftist groups such as the Left Socialist Revolutionaries to important positions within the new state of affairs. This immediately initiated the establishment of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the world's first self-proclaimed socialist state. On 17 July 1918, the Tsar and his family were executed.

The revolution was led by the Bolsheviks, who used their influence in the Petrograd Soviet to organize the armed forces. Bolshevik Red Guards forces under the Military Revolutionary Committee began the occupation of government buildings on 7 November 1917 (New Style). The following day, the Winter Palace (the seat of the Provisional government located in Petrograd, then capital of Russia), was captured.

127d4b No.148964


Completely agree

100190 No.148965


I have put a lot of info about Richardson up and his connections to North Korea. He is the most connected US citizen I have found. He meets with the North Koreans constantly - 20 times this year alone. He traveled and escorted Eric Schmidt there in 2013. He has been involved with North Korea since the 1990s Clinton Admin. I personally believe he is a big player and a controller of North Korea.

I would love for Q to say yes or no on Richardson being a prime player in the North Korea game.

Q is Richardson a correct lead and controller of KJU?

bc47da No.148966

>>148655 love it - lots of work there anon, thanks for logging the hours to do it

97de94 No.148967



Start drinking distilled water, a gallon a day. Do not stop until you start seeing the results. If you're willing to do the research and consider the possibilities, look into the ancient practice of shivambu, or urine therapy.

Been there, Anon. I never thought it would help this much.

d6d6c1 No.148968


Never give up! Never give in! You can do this! I am praying for you.

c45cc5 No.148969


For those who do not know this is the "Hidden Hand" Please see: The Hidden Hand that Shaped History


59d1d6 No.148970


>Ya his >>day's>> are numbered

Lets hope so. The faggot is bringing back terrorists so they can "reformed" with art and poetry. POETRY ANON!

0e0836 No.148971

File: 0a658ecf8e27666⋯.png (689.19 KB, 1060x818, 530:409, ClipboardImage.png)

28d23b No.148972

838b0f No.148973

File: 9bd32b7666fdbef⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 520x284, 130:71, le miss.jpg)

f20bad No.148974

POTUS stressing his expectation of bipartisan support, and specifically points out the media calling Dems on their shit. Is it possible the purge is almost complete?

I can't help but feel like most of these jack asses won't ever see real justice, and their crimes will never see the light of day. Cut a deal, slither back into the shadows and never be heard from again.

4fb604 No.148975


Was inevitable … now timeline is 2018. People are losing patience ever since you started hinting at captures/arrests three weeks ago, and now? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. You say you listened to us, SHOW US SOMETHING!

d2ee22 No.148976






Christopher A. Wray


88b767 No.148977


Perhaps we now have control over its guidance system. It goes up and detonates over NK

5586cb No.148978

God bless America, from sea to shining sea. I pray that the Lord God cover with his shield of protection, strength and guidance all the brave men and women of the United States armed forces, intelligence, civilian, private and secret units and groups who literally work 24/7 to keep the rest of us Americans safe and worry free. God bless you

ce7377 No.148979


It's a marathon not a sprint anon. Make sure to take some rest now and then. Some days of.

We're with millions. Work will be done. Everybody needs some time off once in a while to stay sane.

c5b272 No.148980



Gracias Anon!

68887e No.148981

File: a33b08e5800cd4e⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 620x414, 310:207, GettyImages-896705782-620x….jpg)

File: 8f373875e2dbc4f⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 620x414, 310:207, GettyImages-896706348-620x….jpg)

File: b4d1b7a9ca7f582⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 620x414, 310:207, GettyImages-898234892-620x….jpg)

127d4b No.148982



Stay with us man, we're almost there, much love. The future will be GLORIOUS

If you bake it, he will crumb

d2ee22 No.148983


hmmm perhaps…

953716 No.148984

Kek Ali Velshi is Ismaili and the famefaggots Don know what this means

d786c8 No.148985

Biggest story sliding under MSM radar is Sec 702 FISA reauthorization. Clowns are pushing hard. It ties with Q’s posts >>146268

Today Snowden ammounced Haven app. If true, it will prevent NSA/CIA from lurking.


8d86d4 No.148986


Barry has been missing on twatter since Dec 14

3a5a7c No.148987


I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of this with the three letter organizations

9a9b25 No.148988


someone sounds jealous

650461 No.148989

Trump Quiet After Russia Deploys Missile, Sends Ship Off US Coast

Published at 6:14 AM PST on Feb 15, 2017

0bd958 No.148990

Q asked, "Who really controls NK?"

I don't know, but this article is interesting. Why the odd injection of HRC and Abedin in the middle of a discussion about the control of NK?

"The Clintons may have Huma Abedin as their favored up-and-comer. Likewise, North Korea’s celebrity political couple, Jang and Kim, are mentoring a rising official, Vice Marshal Choe Ryong-hae. Choe holds two key posts in the ruling party that give him sway over ideology and defense issues." - https://www.pri.org/stories/2013-08-01/kim-jong-who-meet-cabal-really-runs-north-korea

Also interesting… http://www.nkleadershipwatch.org/

128694 No.148991


Does the name William D Garner mean anything to you?

644c0e No.148992


Aww, he looks lonely without Melania & Barron. I never realized how much I enjoy seeing them all together.

68887e No.148993


CIA controls NK been verified

42a0eb No.148994

‘Yellow Brick Road’.

F-I speech - history.

Wizards & Warlocks.

Alice & Wonderland.



584931 No.148995

File: b2b780e0ecd1c66⋯.png (561.69 KB, 570x392, 285:196, paidion-behtlehem-star-g38….png)


Matthew(Gift of God ↔ God's Gift) 2:11

Mat 2:11(KJ -1611)

And when they were come into the house, they saw [the yong child]¹ with Mary his mother, and fell downe, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented vnto him gifts, gold, and frankincense, and myrrhe.

>¹ G3813 παιδιον | paidion | pahee-dee'-on | Neuter diminutive of G3816; a childling (of either sex), that is, (properly) an infant, or (by extension) a half grown boy or girl; figuratively an immature Christian: - (little, young) child, damsel.

**Note(Matthew 2:1), no mention of 3 wise men . μαγος : Of foreign origin [H7248]; a Magian, that is, Oriental scientist; by implication a magician: - sorcerer, wise man.

d85976 No.148996


Good mourning, Q! What's for breakfast>?

4fb604 No.148997


I’ve been full out sprinting trying to spread the corruption message for years now, and finally it seems we have the right people in the right positions to do something about it but they are twiddling their thumbs! Simultaneously keeping us hooked along the way. I just need something of confirmation that actually has juice

68887e No.148998

I would die to be a WH photographer! Gorgeous shots!!

fc9920 No.148999


Buckingham Palace? Lol

793e4b No.149000


sn0vvden is on the [c]ult [i]n [d]isguise

stay away from the Haven app

0729ff No.149001


Check spreadsheet anons!

I think this was solved.

0911cc No.149002


How did we miss this?? John Brennan tweeted for the first time ever yesterday

>implies PanAm 103 was a clown job

>bashed Jerusalem desicion

this is a direct threat

someone is getting nervous..

127d4b No.149003

65395c No.149005

68887e No.149007


F-I speech - history

F-I speech?

bc47da No.149008

File: 3f2d1b96786c34e⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1520x884, 380:221, everything_gone_be_OK.png)

953716 No.149009


Yes discord coven faggot, I'm sure that's it

86fcd2 No.149010


The Yellow Brick Road is a fictional element in the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


9ffeb7 No.149011


What are legal ramifications of this? Does BO have to report this to authorities?

0bd958 No.149012


Q keeps asking though. And it is usually followed with who 'really controls NK?

0911cc No.149013

0a1fd3 No.149014


"Nothing" is a bit harsh. We got to see a lot of boots.

1e04b3 No.149015


I got it. Take down time! Godspeed.

9a9b25 No.149016


the article didn't provide any evidence for its claims. When did things automatically become true just because they are posted here?

bde7f8 No.149017

File: 5c27d07958560ce⋯.png (1.23 MB, 900x900, 1:1, moondigest.png)

File: df8248ebd4bd759⋯.jpg (324.95 KB, 600x412, 150:103, nerds.jpg)

File: e56971718b87fc2⋯.jpg (208.39 KB, 600x200, 3:1, nixon.jpg)

e9f34b No.149018

File: 11e9790bd3d93f9⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 500x211, 500:211, ring.jpg)

68887e No.149019

FBI Speech!


adc39e No.149020

9f3bd2 No.149021

last week decided to buy litecoin and etherium. then the owners sells all coins.

6efc92 No.149023


I, too, have always had the feeling that Michael Jackson was framed. I think it was very probably that he was abused as a child, but I don't think he was abusing children. His interactions with children didn't seem fake. I think he really did love children. I do hope he gets vindication out of all this and that people are able to see him as the person I believe he really was. The Cabal has clearly made it a point to confuse the public - make a person who loves children look like an abuser (MJ) and make a person who abuses children look like a child lover (HRC).

e66bb7 No.149024


Whats behind the curtain

69e1c1 No.149025


The Yellow Brick Road - Path of spiritual evolution towards the divine golden light of God.


be8c77 No.149026


FBI Fires Suspected Leaker And Comey Ally James Baker

http://www.zerohedge.com /news/2017-12-22/fbi-fires-suspected-leaker-and-comey-ally-james-baker

739050 No.149027


Q, I don’t understand why if you guys have physical evidence of the depraved activities of the cult, why you would use that to take them down. The whole world would unite behind Trump. Help me understand. It’s been a vicious 14 months of researching this just to get crumbled up with hope

ee8c64 No.149028


Kudos great infographic….now we need to go full meme assault on Elon Musk"RAT"

127d4b No.149029


Trump's speech at the academy! https://www.fbi.gov/services/training-academy/national-academy

"National Academy graduates fondly recall their experience on the “Yellow Brick Road.” The final test of the fitness challenge, the Yellow Brick Road is a grueling 6.1-mile run through a hilly, wooded trail built by the Marines. Along the way, the participants must climb over walls, run through creeks, jump through simulated windows, scale rock faces with ropes, crawl under barbed wire in muddy water, maneuver across a cargo net, and more. When (and if) the students complete this difficult test, they receive an actual yellow brick to memorialize their achievement. The course came to be known as the “Yellow Brick Road” years ago, after the Marines placed yellow bricks at various spots to show runners the way through the wooded trail. The overall fitness challenge began at the National Academy in 1981 and has evolved over the years; we started awarding yellow bricks in 1988."

68887e No.149030


FBI speech coming up or previous?

3a5a7c No.149031


The speech Trump gave to the FBI graduates

fc9920 No.149032


Anything on his wife? Just a thought…

50e8f0 No.149033


Gold (reserves, standard, ownership)

Freedom - individual speech - history (re-written) = slavery (fantasy land, ww control)

W&W watching, listening to plots & plans deals & details, thwarting a/o gathering evidence

HRC & Saud (NK via Saud?)


4a6321 No.149034


>‘Yellow Brick Road’.

>F-I speech - history.

>Wizards & Warlocks.

>Alice & Wonderland.



YES!!! during trumps speech to the fbi grads, he mentioned the yellow brick road!

ad9513 No.149035


You are a real piece of shit!

2690c2 No.149036


Yellow Brick = uranium??

d2ee22 No.149037


Trump, Russia, and the Yellow Brick Road


d58e9e No.149038




Your sobriety is so important

Your sobriety lead you hear

You have a purpose

You are needed

There are many of us who have wanted for it to end, the pain and suffering

Look inside yourself, you are here for a reason



I'll dox myself if needed, I'll become a lurker and not post


You choose sobriety for a reason, someone you love

Don't give up

68887e No.149040

2905cd No.149041


YBR Quantico

5ff663 No.149042

Note to baker …..

The https:// qcodefag.github.io/ link needs to be fixed ….. maybe an unneeded space.

650461 No.149043

While some experts are speculating the missile test failed because of U.S. sabotage or cyber warfare, the more likely explanation is that the failure was due to the poor state of North Korean science and engineering. Arms-control expert Jeffrey Lewis is “deeply skeptical” that the U.S. was responsible for the failed missile test, and he said in a recent Axios.com interview, “The failures we’ve seen are better explained by the pains of the R&D process. There is a reason that ‘rocket science’ is a metaphor for something that is hard to do.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/446868/north-korea-nuclear-missiles-even-failed-tests-could-be-devastating

838b0f No.149044


Wizards and Warlocks its a division that was formed by 3 letter agencies to counter "conspiracy theories".

8fcc04 No.149045


Anyone have transcript?

ce7377 No.149046


Suicide. A permanent solution for a temporary problem.

We need you anon. Take some SSRI, it helps.

86fcd2 No.149048


Good find Anon

753a33 No.149049


many headlines say missle .. theory is code so they go retrieve that missle with sub.. get intel

989dad No.149050


Don't quit right before the miracle happens.. >:(

We've had 25 years of bullshit. Yes.. it's going to take more than a year to fix it.. but it's happening!

127d4b No.149051


Signing this missile defense bill will give power to Wizards and Warlocks?

9a9b25 No.149052


at least you admit it.

You want us to stop listening to q? You get me the guest list from the luxor hotel the night of the las vegas attacks (just the people in the penthouses facing the killing floor) and we'll talk

dafaae No.149053


I haven't drank in a year man you can do it.

bfeddf No.149054


Yellow Brick Road verified. Nice Work!

3c77c0 No.149055


You can fuck off to new fag. Nothing more than attention seeking. And (You) are feeding into it

ae0c1c No.149056

The "Yellow Brick Road"

National Academy graduates fondly recall their experience on the “Yellow Brick Road.” The final test of the fitness challenge, the Yellow Brick Road is a grueling 6.1-mile run through a hilly, wooded trail built by the Marines. Along the way, the participants must climb over walls, run through creeks, jump through simulated windows, scale rock faces with ropes, crawl under barbed wire in muddy water, maneuver across a cargo net, and more. When (and if) the students complete this difficult test, they receive an actual yellow brick to memorialize their achievement. The course came to be known as the “Yellow Brick Road” years ago, after the Marines placed yellow bricks at various spots to show runners the way through the wooded trail. The overall fitness challenge began at the National Academy in 1981 and has evolved over the years; we started awarding yellow bricks in 1988.

8fb75f No.149057


If only you'd read his very first crumbs, you'd know this, reporter shill

650461 No.149058

e10a3d No.149059

e9f34b No.149060


So Rocket shot at SA got splashed, good practice for our Anti Missile battery, we can stop any launch by NK

953716 No.149061


Gb2discord and kys

3a5a7c No.149062


You are trying to read way too much into the crumbs

68887e No.149063


We're going into NK on the ground! It was training for this!!!

0bd958 No.149064


WTF is this shit

b80daf No.149065


FBI speech? Past? Lets dig

88b767 No.149066


Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Call on the Lord and ask Him to infuse you with His faith when yours is getting week.

50e8f0 No.149067


TY. Q asked us to track all the CEOs stepping down wrt the recent EO , that may be the next one

8fb75f No.149068

Bon voyage, Q!!! Safe travels to Mar Lago!

127d4b No.149069

File: 80040f55c068d9b⋯.jpg (101.23 KB, 500x283, 500:283, yellow_brick500.jpg)



Marines placed yellow bricks!

664e54 No.149070



100190 No.149071


Loved watching AF1 take off… majestic

68887e No.149072

Wow! He emphasized YELLOW BRICK ROAD at the speech! Amazing job Q team!

59d1d6 No.149074







They tried to launch but it was shot down.




Hail Mary time for them?

8fb75f No.149075


That was awesome!

68887e No.149076

d672e5 No.149077

Q, was the Love Field fire a diversion to intercept 41/43?

9ffeb7 No.149078



He’s playing Devil’s Advocate. What if it turns out to be fake? That’s emotional terrorism. My dad hung himself after threatening for years. My mom did a “slow suicide.” My sister has threatened like 6 times now. If he is serious then why the nonchalant mention of being here from the beginning? What was the trigger? Good things finally happening?

10f06f No.149079

95bedc No.149080


Don't fall. Lord God, carry this one to strong and sturdy ground. amen

650461 No.149082


I think so but they have to know this by now

0e0836 No.149083

File: 518d579fe93f61b⋯.png (37.04 KB, 1175x150, 47:6, ClipboardImage.png)

9a9b25 No.149085


It hasn't really been verified yet. It's been stated as truth, and evidence has been uncovered that supports that claim, but we're a long way from verification.

Don't trust Q. Don't trust me. And to save myself time typing an exhaustive list- trust no one. Prove everything.

0e0836 No.149086

e3038f No.149087


Red October I believe means the missile turned back on those who fired it

0a1fd3 No.149088


Sure, but the significance still eludes me.

8fcc04 No.149090


I'm going with FED…we know it's coming. Rothchilds gold bricks become U.S. gold bricks….

Gold backing of Dollar again. FED take down…new EO help with that?

bc47da No.149091

File: 1b0506a133e391f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1504x942, 752:471, trolling_ridin_dirty.png)

68887e No.149092

8d86d4 No.149094

File: 55da26573887847⋯.jpg (127.99 KB, 990x556, 495:278, Missle.jpg)

8fb75f No.149097


Somebody posted about DFW, earlier, you sure it was Love Field? There is a Southwest flight scheduled to depart later 15 min after noon to DCA

40e61e No.149098


Thank you all. Sorry.

I'll go to a meeting.

Thank you Q.


b80daf No.149099



Q confirming FBI restructure, filtered out bad actors.

Wray is /ourguy/


bc47da No.149100

dafaae No.149101

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=DFHMGu0_cvk

looks like ill be baack in an hour and a half fellas.

8d86d4 No.149104

fa4d9a No.149105


You have 100 days. I have a few years. doesn't matter how long we have. today is what matters. One day. that's it. no one is promised tomorrow. have patience. it's not easy but it's obvious you can do it if you made it this far. hang in there. it gets better.

650461 No.149107

Will the American military action be called Operation Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?

2f12ee No.149108

With the unexpected signing today and 4 bil missile defense seemed rushed like getting out of the way because some big things about to go down ?

040e27 No.149109



d8d0af No.149110


>Yellow Brick Road

Likely double meaning - it's also an allegory about staying on the gold standard, versus silver (the original color of the magic slippers).

128694 No.149112




I think that sister of Kim Jong Un has more power than is known publicly.

475d53 No.149113


Keep your head up patriot

28d23b No.149114

File: 890a5bb4d37b692⋯.jpeg (27.48 KB, 421x261, 421:261, oz.jpeg)


"The rule of thumb that the programmers/handlers go by is that they will say anything to get the job done. A CIA handler will tell his agent in the field whatever will work to get the field agent’s cooperation on a mission. There is no height nor breadth nor length to these people’s deception. They have successfully kept some deceptions active for decades, if not for centuries."

"The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It suggests that the Wizard of Oz has had an important part in the occult world all along. One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities. The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus. Monarch victims have the “golden penis of Osirus” placed into them. The Grimm brothers, who were cabalistic jews, gathered the folk occult stories together. Their stories are full of spells, trances, and drugs. Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep, and the trigger to wake her is a kiss on the lips. These are serious hints that the occult world didn’t stop programming people with dissociative states and triggers when the ancient Egyptian empires fell. Instead of using modern lingo such as “hypnotize”, they would say “cast a spell.” Later in Freemasonry, the Right Worshipful Master would “charge” (meaning hypnotize) an initiate. The occultist Baum, a member of the Theosophical Society, was inspired by some spirit who gave him the “magic key” to write the Wizard of Oz book, which came out in 1900. The book’s story is full of satanic activity and satanic thinking. The story was chosen in the late 1940s to be the basis for the Illuminati/Intelligence community’s trauma-based total mind control programming. As a way of enhancing the effect of the programming, Monarch slaves are conditioned to place trigger items into their lives. "

"When the movie was made, Judy Garland, who had lived a life touched by the occult world’s abuse, was chosen to act as Dorothy. Judy’s later husband, Mickey De Vinko was a satanist and the chief assistant to Roy Radin, a rich satanist who worked with the Illuminati, and who controlled the “Process church” covens which had as members mass murderers Berkowitz and Monarch slave Charlie Manson. There are several members of the Carr family, who are also tied into both De Vinko and Radin’s Process Church and the Illuminati. With the numerous long term connections between the Wizard of Oz books, and movie to the highest levels of the occult world, it is not without reason that one can theorize that the original series of 14 Oz books had an ulterior motive behind them. The 14 books of the Oz series are: 1) The Wizard of Oz, 2) The Land of Oz, 3) Ozma of Oz, 4) Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, 5) The Road to Oz, 6) The Emerald City of Oz, 7) The Patchwork Girl of Oz, 8) Tik-tok of Oz, 9) The Scarecrow of Oz, 10) Rinkitink in Oz, 11) The Lost Princess of Oz, 12) The Tinman Woodsman of Oz, 13) The Magic of Oz, 14) Glinda of Oz. These books are still being sold, and are being read to children who are being programmed with trauma-based total mind control. The 14 books came out in various editions."

"The originals came out in 1900 and shortly thereafter. In the 1930s, the 1940’s, and the 1950’s the words were retype set and given different pages. (When working with a survivor it might help to identify what decade the edition the slave was programmed with, because the pictures and the page numbers varied from edition to edition.) Of course, having good pictures is an asset in programming, because the child will visualize off of the pictures when building its internal world. In addition to this, large Wizard of Oz theme parks are being built by the Illuminati to provide places to carry out programming and to reinforce the programming which traps the minds of Monarch slaves. The best example of this, is the audacious MGM Grand complex in Las Vegas, although other theme parks around America also use a Wizard of Oz theme. If you have read Fritz Springmeier’s Be Wise As Serpents you will know how the …. (contd)

86fcd2 No.149115

e9f34b No.149116

FOX reporting on ES step down, "everyone is shocked" well we are not

ac1ffa No.149117

File: 57c4a1e928f1945⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 725x483, 725:483, 725_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLm….jpg)

< interesting picture they picked here

https://cointelegraph .com/news/north-korea-accused-of-hacking-south-korean-bitcoin-exchange-youbit

953716 No.149118


Good luck!

8c9869 No.149120


Then I thinks he's heading to Mar-A-Lago…..

c6deaa No.149121

Fire at Dallas airport forces evacuation.

cbslocal. com/2017/12/22/fire-evacuation-dallas-love-field-airport/amp/&ved=0ahUKEwigmPWYip7YAhVE94MKHdbXBjIQiJQBCCkwAQ&usg=AOvVaw0yFLIKEkwbqtolNzczYggB&ampcf=1

c51892 No.149122


Nerds also helped save it.. See white hats,and this fucked up bunch.

8fb75f No.149123


The gold held by the Fed?

0a1fd3 No.149124


I've read all the crumbs, I'm not a reporter, and I'm not a shill. I'm just a European who wonders if the cleansing is going to carry over here in full or not. What's so wrong about that?

b80daf No.149125

28d23b No.149126


Theosophical Society ties in with Freemasonry, Satanism, and Lucis Trust. Several famous members of the Theosophical Society include:

Adolf Hitler (a Satanist who practiced human sacrifice, & who had HPB’s book at his side.)

Mahatma Gandhi (a Hindu guru considered a god by some of his followers. Gandhi was successful with the British in part because of the Theosophical Society.)

H.P. Blavatsky (The founder of the Theosophical Society. She referred to herself as HPB. She was initiated by Illuminatus Mazzini into Carbonarism , a form of Freemasonry, illumined by the Great White Lodge in 1856, was part of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, and spent lots of time with the Eddy Illuminati family in Vermont, who were well known mediums. She also was a member of the occult fraternities the Order of the Druses, the Adoptive branch of the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Freemasonry, & the hermetic masonic rites of Memphis and Mizraim. She was trained to handle live snakes by Sheik Yusuf ben Makerzi, the chief of the Serpent Handlers, and she was hypnotized by occultist Victor Michal and to some degree from 1866 under his influence.)

Alice Bailey (head of Lucis Trust)

Henry Steel Olcott (an important occultist)

Elvis Presley (a Monarch slave)

Manly P. Hall (an Illuminati Theta Programmer, and at least a Grand Master within the Illuminati who sat on the Grand Druid Council.)

Frank Baum"

ALICE is in there…so is TRUST







989dad No.149127


Quitting drinking sucks. But so does drinking. Lol

f9697d No.149129

Could the missing i indicate Iran gave the tech to NK at the behest of the Clowns who protect Iran.

Interestingly in the film Zero Days about stuxnet, a No Such Agency employee hinted that the Clowns and an Israeli unit interfered in the operation to purposely cause failure. Thus allowing Iran to proceed with development.

New missing i could also indicate missiles coming from Yemen, supplied by Iran, into SA being shot down by Patriot missiles. Surprisingly SA announced nuclear power option. And another earthquake in Iran today.

Also this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=20a7glBHu7Q

Russia activates s-400 missile system at NK border today.

9069e8 No.149130

File: c24f497137e39a5⋯.png (227 KB, 1906x827, 1906:827, Qmap114.png)

File: fc800c696996cff⋯.jpg (4.17 MB, 5429x7225, 5429:7225, q5.jpg)

File: a8b5ae33a57e1c4⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, map3.jpg)

File: 4804617f4fba045⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, map.jpg)

50e8f0 No.149131


>You are trying to read way too much into the crumbs

You are right. Sorry, hard to keep up with the answers other anons are inputting simultaneously. Seems >>149056 is correct YBR and >>149060 likely too


Thank you

f3585f No.149132


Research VPU-2, VXS-1

Wizards and Warlocks

127d4b No.149133

NK is Oz, Kim Jong Un is the Wizard

28d23b No.149136


forgot the JMHO disclaimer

8fb75f No.149137



Yellow brick road reference

ac1ffa No.149138


fantastic image maps

68887e No.149139


Relevant Q?

664e54 No.149141

9f3bd2 No.149142

franklin d roosevelt

a9f484 No.149143


Warlocks would be CIA?

f7ab76 No.149144


Follow the money

9a9b25 No.149145


To understand the symbolism of the Wizard of Oz, you have to understand the economy, the end of the gold standard and the seizure of gold by the federal government. The yellow brick road is the gold standard.

953716 No.149147

File: 5f5455c698fbe22⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 3000x2400, 5:4, AGA_111517_SFZ_001.jpg)

Ha ha ha!

Hee hee hee!

Famefaggots too busy monetizing

To understand what this means!

c0811e No.149148


Hmm.. Atlanta.2 I wonder.

e783cf No.149149


oh shit, Q posted about IAD the other day!!!

28d23b No.149150


Movies like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz are the absolute favorites of MKULTRA programmers.

3dc320 No.149151


Yellow Brick Road = the road (crumbs) the marines are following to find the yellow brick (uranium)

9ffeb7 No.149152


Notice what he said when I brought up legal ramifications. Oops! I’m all good now!

7b2576 No.149153


Lol…slightly hung here too…)))

After what happened last night, someone's gotta right the ship!

838b0f No.149155

The Yellow Brick Road is a fictional element in the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by American author L. Frank Baum.

"It functions as a guideline that leads all who follow it, to the road's ultimate destination—the imperial capital of Oz called Emerald City that is located in the exact center of the entire continent."

adc39e No.149156

With the Tax Bill signed, will we see any surprise attacks over the Christmas Holiday reminiscent of the Battle of Trenton?

The Battle of Trenton was a small but pivotal battle during the American Revolutionary War which took place on the morning of December 26, 1776, in Trenton, New Jersey. After General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River north of Trenton the previous night, Washington led the main body of the Continental Army against Hessian soldiers garrisoned at Trenton. After a brief battle, nearly the entire Hessian force was captured, with negligible losses to the Americans. The battle significantly boosted the Continental Army's flagging morale, and inspired re-enlistments.


6cd848 No.149157


HOF autism.

68887e No.149158


No it was a training exercise at the FBI academy for going into NK on the ground which we are doing.

697d57 No.149159


They supply all the media to the Catholic newsletter

8fb75f No.149160


Great minds think alike

664e54 No.149161


yes, it did

great work

d21528 No.149162


concur anon. The Fed was created during the Xmas break. hopefully we will be going back to the YBR = gold standard and kicking the fed out this xmas

4dd238 No.149163

The kissing "i" is actually the all seeing "eye" on the new money that mnuchin was showing in leaked pic…goodbye cabal demon dollars.

b2fceb No.149165



Strange thing about this transcript. I clearly remember him saying something about removing the columns in the hall he was speaking in at this speech. It seems memory holed now. Not in the transcript. Can't find it. I'll keep digging.

5bddd7 No.149166


if ound two possibilities (so far)

>'Yellow Brick Road'.

>F-I speech - history.

>POTUS speech to FBI National Graduates 15 December 2017

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/12/15/president-trump-speech-to-fbi-national-graduates-full-ceremony-video/

^^includes transcript


>FBI National Academy 225th Session - Graduation Speech

"Yellow Brick Road . . . Now we are prepared to leave our legacy here.

Today is not the end of our session rather it is the beginning of our legacy, the legacy of the 225 th . The National Academy is an institution with an incredible history dating to the 1930's. Every session is a supporting pillar of that institution. The 225 th is the newest pillar and today our pillar is complete. We collectively have a responsibility to remain involved in the National Academy once we leave here. The legacy of the National Academy cannot carry on without the commitment of its graduates. This institution has been maintained for us by those who attended over many years past. If we allow our pillar to fail, we weaken the entire institution."

http:// www.socalvelo.com/fbina225/sub/grad_speech.htm

have only skimmed over both

>looks interesting

b80e8c No.149167


And in the end of the allegory, it is about Dorothy realizing she “had the power all along” with her *silver* slippers. _She_ has the power to issue money. That originally belonged to Congress pre-1913.

Slippers turned red for film only. Emerald city had everyone wear emerald glasses. Debt city. Owned by bankers.

4dd238 No.149168

Missing "i" not kissing…typo…sorry

9069e8 No.149169


So the new recruits graduating the F I Training yellow brick road is part of the restructuring process. to restore integrity in the agency.

5cd87d No.149170


I'd love for this to happen.

584931 No.149171

File: 7c5f0242acbbca0⋯.png (558.6 KB, 570x392, 285:196, treasures-thsaurus--g2344.png)







From G5087; a deposit, that is, wealth (literally or figuratively): - treasure.

thesaurus (n.)

1823, "treasury, storehouse," from Latin thesaurus "treasury, a hoard, a treasure, something laid up," figuratively "repository, collection," from Greek thesauros "a treasure, treasury, storehouse, chest," related to tithenai "to put, to place," from reduplicated form of PIE root *dhe- "to set, put." The meaning "encyclopedia filled with information" is from 1840, but existed earlier as thesaurarie (1590s), used as a title by early dictionary compilers, on the notion of thesaurus verborum "a treasury of words." Meaning "collection of words arranged according to sense" is first attested 1852 in Roget's title. Thesaurer is attested in Middle English for "treasurer" and thesaur "treasure" was in use 15c.-16c.

7485e1 No.149172

From Trumps FBI Graduation speech:

By the way, you are great people. You are incredible people. Just so you understand, you are great people doing an incredible job. But I hope your families know that. I’d say 90 percent of — probably 90 percent agree, right? (Laughter.)

The other 10 percent, that’s not working out so well. (Laughter.)

9f3bd2 No.149173


Which president cautioned the US about the importance of monitoring the power of the military-industrial complex?

President Dwight  Eisenhower famously warned the U.S. about the  "military-industrial complex" in his farewell address.

989dad No.149174


Das mo betta, Anon!

I know it's probably tough to talk about (((this))) shit to people. It's a heavy weight, for sure. Would be nice if the media would f*&king help instead of helping the kiddy fucking faggots. FFS!

28d23b No.149175



I agree with the and hinted at the FED here too b/c there are so many double entendres I can barely see straight lol >>148394

bc47da No.149176

File: eccbc2fd3705f45⋯.png (280.83 KB, 1206x556, 603:278, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at ….png)


OZ / 77

bf2a7a No.149177


I am flying into this airport on Sunday. Is it safe?

4a6321 No.149178


yes 5th column

9a9b25 No.149179


>The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus.

"Oz" means ounce. The "Wizard of Oz" is the federal reserve and the yellow brick road is the gold standard. You need to understand the economic conditions of the time the wizard of OZ was written because a lot of the symbolism refers to that period explicitly.

232c02 No.149180

d3ffd5 No.149181


You are thinking of his speech at CIA, right after he came into office.

697d57 No.149182


Just saw the pope may be stepping down!

3c77c0 No.149183


No missed it m8

38b339 No.149184

Who is "NQ?"

Did we ever decide who "P" is?


008713 No.149185

Bob Graft>>149056 Marines Key to yellow brick road placing them in a guiding path surrounding POTUS

d58e9e No.149186


Hey, chill, you live through 8 years of Obama

Did you think over turning the last 8 years would happen overnight

Patience, progress takes time and in 11 months major strides have occurred

If your not careful you will make people think you are nit with Q but against and a paid poster

b2fceb No.149188


thank you, anon.

e783cf No.149189


Latest theory on P is Peter Munk

1e04b3 No.149191

e84ba8 No.149193

You all are making me CRAZY - stop reading so much into Q's posts. HE WANTS US TO FIGURE IT OUT. Stop overthinking and making it so difficult. KISS

c5b272 No.149194

File: 8b9095a1f59b6cd⋯.png (710.45 KB, 867x499, 867:499, GET ERON I SAID.PNG)

68887e No.149195

P is pope and roths


697d57 No.149196


So glad s9meone finally saw that

f81b66 No.149197

🎼Come together, right now over DJT🎼 Classic

7f1d85 No.149198


Ok Q !UW.yye1fxo - I love the exposure you are bringing about, but with all due respect I have a serious question. I have been researching for a while and it is extremely difficult to determine who to trust. Even you. It is clear that you and Trump are Freemasons or at least have a deep knowledge of occult principles. That being said, how do we trust that you are not simply controlled opposition acting out the hegalian dialectic as it has always been?

Albert Pike was the Grand Commander of the Freemasons. There is a statue of him in DC and he is buried in the headquarters for the supreme council of Freemasonry in DC. He famously wrote a letter to Guiseppi Mazzini outlining the plan for three world wars. Two of which have happened as described. The portion of the letter speaking about the third is quoted below:

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

This sounds a lot like what is currently happening. The citizens will be forced to defend themselves against this satanic minority and in the process lose faith in the Catholic church and other religions and turn towards the true light of lucifer and the NWO wins in the end.

Please explain to me why/if/how I'm wrong.

0d6962 No.149199


This strongly implies that the students of the 225th had been given a mission in secret. The name implies that will be aimed towards the Federal Reserve.

4cb317 No.149200


Good catch, anon!

I watched the speech but missed that.

f59ddb No.149201

3c77c0 No.149202

ce7377 No.149203


Big if true

e84ba8 No.149204



28d23b No.149205


I love how this illustrates how we are taking all of the GOOD symbolism back from (((them))) who have so long turned them all into something EVIL.

I want my bluebirds, butterflies, hearts, stars, swirlies, triangles, eyeballs, numbers, colors, all of it back!

68887e No.149206

1e04b3 No.149207


Its the current education system thats blocking them

65395c No.149208

File: 39083e8f708b9b0⋯.jpg (12.8 KB, 375x188, 375:188, saturn-squatter-375x188.jpg)

File: 3d22929f6b73343⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 236x170, 118:85, fa1b55c3aa8bd4b4e579eddb6e….jpg)

File: 3364a3e62a2c6f0⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 792x446, 396:223, 02 sumerian-seal-gilgamesh….jpg)


doubling of numbers and symbols is significant in occult codes.

жж in ukranian gematria = 99

https:// www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_99.php

77 is a graphical representation of two erect males front to back–sodomy. if you stack 7s vertically it resembles a lightning bolt. lightning is one symbol of lucifer, as used by marilyn manson.

now look at those russian characters and compare to pics. cracking multiple symbolic meanings to their communications will help investigate. godspeed anons

838b0f No.149209

File: 8cae24db7c6f74a⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, q map.jpg)

008713 No.149210

>>149185 Think Marine generals again Marines key

eeacfb No.149211

Thomas Paine/True Pundit tweeted that if any FBI wants to talk, their identity will be strictly protected

Pretty sure TP is former agent of some sort or other, so I reckon he'd know what to do

Still marveling over that interview Stewart Varney did with James Kallstrom the other day. Man alive.

e84ba8 No.149212


Double good catch!

9ffeb7 No.149213


See 149098

2080d5 No.149214


I find it interesting that in all the articles I read the 'i' is always only missing in the headline. That makes me think that the 'i' is missing when it is a name.

0e0836 No.149215

File: ffc9b206c21d789⋯.png (1.11 MB, 872x711, 872:711, ClipboardImage.png)


Queen Elizabeth?

0bd958 No.149216


It's always "Alice & Wonderland" instead of Alice IN Wonderland. What have we made of this that I may have missed?

28d23b No.149217

JMHO, at this point there is no use arguing over the meanings of Q posts. If the meaning you find ends up uncovering lies and deception than IT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER!

d3ffd5 No.149218


The biggest problem is people use every word Q says to try to completely invent fantastic assumptions.

Most of the Q map is set up as a relational database, made up of data sets that are tied together by key words and signatures.

If you want to figure something that Q says out, look BACKWARD to all of Q's previous posts.

This has a much higher likelihood of finding value than random guesses pulled from your imagination.

0e0836 No.149219


Name recognized around the world?

Alice & Wonderland?

9f3bd2 No.149220

Confidence… thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

2905cd No.149221


Check September 23 1940

50e8f0 No.149222








bc47da No.149223



very interesting… but no name please

3bc640 No.149224


Maybe b/c the goal is to never be IN it (living in a fantasy) but also that it as a threat will always exist b/c evil will unfortunately always exist? I dunno…

fd1525 No.149225

another keyhole?

Russia Launches New Experimental Reconnaissance Satellite


1c1cdb No.149226




697d57 No.149227

Yellow brick road is wizard of oz

7485e1 No.149228

22 Dec 17, BREAKING: Pope Francis' top 'reform' cardinal accused of massive financial scandal

https://www.lifesitenews.com/ news/pope-francis-top-reform-cardinal-accused-of-massive-financial-scandal

644c0e No.149229


Yeah that was the previous Pope. People need to read dates

d6a316 No.149230

Who runs North Korea?


Formed: 15 September 1948

Preceding agency: General Affairs Department

Jurisdiction: Party, state and military

Headquarters: Pyongyang, North Korea

executives: Unknown who currently heads the OGD, Hwang Pyong-so, First Deputy, Cho Yon-jun, First Deputy, Kim Kyong-ok, First Deputy, Min Byong-chol, First Deputy

f101ed No.149231


Oh! Where did you find that?

8d86d4 No.149232

File: 4e79bf34b878b50⋯.jpg (136.04 KB, 885x525, 59:35, North-Korea-Kim-Jong-Un-ch….jpg)

d9abcc No.149233

EAM went off in sw IN. Nothing scrolling at bottom of any channel, picture not disrupted, no announcement. Very weird. Anywhere else, too?

3a5a7c No.149234


I couldnt agree more

Overthinking and overanylizing Q's clues is derailing the decoding process.

Too many anons are moving waaaaay in the weeds on possible connections so much so that its starting to feel like conspiracy central with red strings pinned on the wall connecting magazine clippings

ac1ffa No.149235


Ayyeeee, i get it

e9f34b No.149236


If that is your real name don't post with any ID there is real danger being on this site and identifying who you are, this is an Anon site only for your safety

b2fceb No.149237


sauce, namefag.

bc47da No.149238


meme collaboration- it's a beautiful thing

65395c No.149239


if you look closelier that symbol is a cock/balls surmounting a 7 pointed star. . .

crowley is a sick genius bastard, but his work is a goldmine for decoding the sick bastards that follow him. i think some of his offspring are still alive, using different names, btw. poppy is now 77 years old?

68887e No.149240


CIA really runs NK. Already been verified. When Q asks again it is to remind us.

697d57 No.149241


Trial is still going on from what they say.

e84ba8 No.149242


For the love of God, people… KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Q wants us to understand. Don't overthink things so much!!

4cb317 No.149243


You need to hang on much longer than 100 days. Your body and mind need a lot of time to re-tool. I am telling you this from direct experience.

But live gets immensely richer.

Eventually you will not think of yourself as sober but as awakened and with little desire to ever turn back.

2690c2 No.149244

Top Marine general: 'There's a war coming'

http:// thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/366174-marine-corps-commandant-theres-a-war-coming

989dad No.149245

File: da50a836e1b89ba⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 800x535, 160:107, BillClintonHatianVoodoo.jpg)

330b26 No.149246


NK satellite shot down?

64192c No.149247


your apprehensions are real.

expand your thinking.

9a892d No.149248

NK is controlled by The Qween of england and Rothschild.

e3bd66 No.149249

In one of Qs posts the I-O-B was missing from DOJ FBI CIA

Could he be referring to the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB)?

"The PIAB, through its Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB), also advises the President on the legality of foreign intelligence activities."

555fdf No.149251


How the hell would we know?

0d6962 No.149252


This is very old. However this implies that he may be subject to the EO.

989dad No.149253

File: 2dea2a9106ad0f7⋯.jpg (132.63 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, BillCigar.jpg)

8d7c1e No.149254

File: b30c04eb7069986⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Trudo 2.jpg)


Was looking for Trudeau wit hand in coat and hit this one

LOL ya Trudeau day's are numbered


dafaae No.149255

Elon Musk: AI Poses 'Vastly More Risk Than North Korea'

bc47da No.149256

File: 74e119efe79780f⋯.png (659.31 KB, 1994x1358, 997:679, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at ….png)


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bnLBfNgULs&list=PLDGH8fLm-Cok1cEyc-NvDu3IGEBq7FlPR

e9f34b No.149257


Yellow Brick Road isn't a place, it's training for upcoming law enforcement offices, it will be the grooming ground for the future of 3 letter agencies


8c9869 No.149258

File: 802e9207e22cb1b⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1602x1008, 89:56, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at ….png)

d58e9e No.149259



Talk to us, let us know your status

I care, let us help

Don't let your despair get the better of you

Don't let your feeling derail you

I checked the post where an anon said die

Your a normie and these boards have their own lingo

That don't mean things latterly

And there are shills that want to provoke and slide the board





Otherwise I will think it is a shill to create a situation to send back to fake news CNN

I would give my eye teeth to have Q acknowledge me but HE SPOKE TO U

38b339 No.149261

I second this


584931 No.149262


>God is LOVE.

♥ Love has many meanings

Eros, or sexual passion. The first kind of love was eros, named after the Greek god of fertility, and it represented the idea of sexual passion and desire. …

Philia, or deep friendship. …

Ludus, or playful love. …

Agape, or love for everyone. …

Pragma, or longstanding love. …

Philautia, or love of the self.

Storge or familial love refers to natural or instinctual affection, such as the love of a parent towards offspring and vice versa.

LOVE is EVOL spelled backwards

5bddd7 No.149263




>Alice & Wonderland.

>Wizards & Warlocks.

>F-I speech - history.

>'Yellow Brick Road'.

8fb75f No.149264

Rush is on the air; he's ebullient, and it's fun to listen to!

1e04b3 No.149265


Follow the marines, read what it is to be a marine & wach it go down in real time. The show has started.

68887e No.149266



8fb75f No.149267


Joyous and upbeat, his words

f6b614 No.149268


How do you get a crew to want to get off a nuclear sub…

Extract Kim and guide missile back to cover tracks.

a39b3c No.149269



2e8b5e No.149270


Trump's forcing that hand when the cabal was seemingly unprepared to commit. We already know the church is deeply corrupt, we already know that (((they))) were using muslims as a puppet army for the sake of creating instability, and we already know that (((they))) have been using actors and other public icons to sway the public towards degeneracy.

Look at what Trump's done so far. Do you really think he's supporting (((them)))?

3c77c0 No.149271


>Good for him. Predictable… addict mentality

t.junky (don’t co-sign others bullshit)

>As far as legal ramifications

Absolutely zero. Chins have disclaimers basically leaving them zero responsibility

2953c8 No.149272


>Yellow Brick Road

The other day i was listening to an album called "Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John

9f3bd2 No.149273

F.B.I. National Academy - Welcome to FBI.gov — FBI

www.fbi.gov › Services › Training Academy

The "Yellow Brick Road" National Academy graduates fondly recall their experience on … the Yellow Brick Road is a grueling 6.1-mile run … Speeches; Testimony;

1e04b3 No.149274


The lizard king

c0811e No.149276


You know I had not thought of that. Interesting. Roth’s, yes, but the queen.. hmm very interesting

753a33 No.149277

Heads up Baker ♥

eeacfb No.149278

FBI Academy "yellow brick road" became a tradition years ago, when Marines (!) placed yellow bricks along the wooded running trail to mark the wooded trail.

So - Marines are, again, marking a path and are out in front of the Storm.


5bddd7 No.149279

File: c133681e7bdf5f7⋯.jpg (306.08 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, damper baking lid on.jpg)

baking now


86894d No.149280

While we sit here safe and comfortable we should take a moment to think about those who sacrifice so much for us.

I got a call yesterday from an acquaintance, I'd like to call a friend, that my account was being reassigned as he'd just been mobilized for deployment to the sandbox. Has great job, wife, new baby, stayed in reserves because he wanted to continue to serve. He wasn't bummed, he was proud of the opportunity. Merry Christmas anon, and God Speed.

4cb317 No.149281


Excellent point anon. It is easy to veer into unending obscurity.

Look at the map.

Look at the news.

Think hard.

Go back to the map. And so on.

The beauty of this as Q has reminded us is what is happening out in the world clarifies and verifies the "crumbs"

It is not an endless exercise.

14378d No.149282


If that's true, then the situation they are creating is a pressure bomb in the middle east and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is the trigger.

So I guess the question is, did we pull the trigger because it's already time for WW3? Or did we pull the trigger early to permanently disable the bomb?

40e61e No.149283

JFK speech.

Exposing the man behind the curtain.

8fb75f No.149284


That you, Lynn?

e84ba8 No.149285



100190 No.149286


WHAT?? The last Pope (Benedict) stepped down and that was the first time ever! Popes don't step down they are in that position until death. If Francis is about to step down that is SUPER HUGE! Two Popes in a row stepping down and still alive? That would be a serious WTF is really going on!

d6a316 No.149287


It makes sense but I haven't seen any proof.

72f635 No.149288

"traitors of trust"

https://www.t heguardian.com/world/2017/dec/21/pope-francis-condemns-cancer-of-cliques-in-christmas-message-to-staff

697d57 No.149289

The cardinals who want Pope Francis to resign are among the liberal prelates who backed Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) four years ago, said Socci, and they would like to replace him with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state.

“Four years after Benedict XVI’s renunciation and Bergoglio’s arrival on the scene, the situation of the Catholic church has become explosive, perhaps really on the edge of a schism, which could be even more disastrous than Luther’s [who is today being rehabilitated by the Bergoglio church],” said Socci.

1c1cdb No.149290


Now it's 45M followers.

45th POTUS


f59ddb No.149291


>solid copy

b2fceb No.149292


>"Yellow Brick Road".

>F-I speech - history.

1. The physical trial of the FBI trainees before graduation, designed for the Marines, referenced by POTUS in his speech to FBI graduates.

2. The road Dorothy followed to see the wizard before she exposed the man behind the curtain to be a snake oil salesman

>Wizards & Warlocks.

Scientific intell inside the CIA

>Alice & Wonderland.

Hillary and ties to the Bloody Wonderland, Saudi Arabia.


Help, anons. What ties all this together?

3c77c0 No.149293


Ban namefags mods. Fuck these people

697d57 No.149294


The cardinals who want Pope Francis to resign are among the liberal prelates who backed Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) four years ago, said Socci, and they would like to replace him with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state.

“Four years after Benedict XVI’s renunciation and Bergoglio’s arrival on the scene, the situation of the Catholic church has become explosive, perhaps really on the edge of a schism, which could be even more disastrous than Luther’s [who is today being rehabilitated by the Bergoglio church],” said Socci.

68887e No.149295


That article is from 2014

ecf121 No.149296

Yellow cake uranium and its road to NK solved

650461 No.149297


When NK shoots Missile it will come back around and hit themselves RED_OCTOBER>

664e54 No.149298



8fb75f No.149299


meh, you do it once, why not twice?

e84ba8 No.149300



697d57 No.149301


From March, it they’re still pushing him to step down.

https://. www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/report-some-cardinals-want-pope-franics-resign-fear-schism-worse-reformation

68887e No.149302


Q has told us many times. Its been I many drops. It should not still be a question to you. Go study the crumbs.



abcf4f No.149304


So it’s the last stretch before completion of the training test? Also, the hardest part.

68887e No.149305

7f1d85 No.149307


I don't know. That's the problem. Everything Trump does seems to oppose the cabal. But they have always controlled the opposition. I'm just asking the question.

d9abcc No.149309

Forgive…..very first post. Been with u all for weeks, been praying, watching, and just wanted to relay something current that might be relevant. Maybe it was nothing….

c51892 No.149310


LOL WRONG. We are in the room of red strings, and trust me, they are not there by accident.

e84ba8 No.149313



Seriously. It's a timeline. Future proves past.

(I don't always get the stringers though, that's a whole other issue - wish I was in the military to understand the basics of those) But Q DOES give us clarification - after the fact - like the MAP is made for.

Future proves Past

68887e No.149314

10f06f No.149316


First flights out of DAL after the 4:30am fire alarm:




989dad No.149317


But dude.. I'm expanding my thinking.

a39b3c No.149320


non, chu juste fucking content :D

(WorldWide support, Q said…. Not all here are only english-speaking muricans)

just really happy to be a part of all this and seeing fireworks (the good kind), impatient for moar…


42da45 No.149321


spreadsheet helps me

9f3bd2 No.149323

So happy Q >>148634 (You) Im part of something. We are making history! now dig moar

7f1d85 No.149324


Exactly what I was thinking about the Jerusalem announcement

eeacfb No.149325

What if…

The deeply-buried geeks (wizards & warlocks) in the intel community have been working with military intel?

They'd know all the workarounds to make things work without the bad guys learning about it, and more importantly, they're the first (I think!) ones to get hold of the raw intel.

Am i close?

3a5a7c No.149326


wrong because you say so?

Every time Q has explained the past with one of his proofs it has always been a simple answer

664e54 No.149327


hang in there, brother

we're all in this together

you've never walked alone

bc47da No.149328

File: f8c21e6175f10ee⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 960x692, 240:173, bucks.jpg)

e84ba8 No.149329


But if you don't understand the MAP basics to begin with, going off on tangents does you no good. If you go too far off, you get lost in the minutia.

64192c No.149331


some of our biggest contributors here are non-americans.

this fight is not for just one country but for the entire humanity.


bfeddf No.149332

File: d5dc96666af3c59⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 900x500, 9:5, North-Korea-missile-launch….jpg)


When I look at this post, it seems that the missing I is a missile itself. The missile is missing because it has been launched. Fox Three represents that it was fired and Splash represents the flight and completion of that flight. As the World Turns and RED OCTOBER seem to represent the missile being diverted, possibly back to its target. Either way maybe we should also be on the lookout for a missile launch.

5a04f1 No.149333


0a33ae No.149334


>if this guy's last name begins with a "P," which my memory thinks it did . . . it could be the "P" Q was referring to/who soros answers to.


eeacfb No.149335


>First flights out of DAL after the 4:30am fire alarm:







Fort Worth newspaper said that DAL had also had a drill exercise early December, same as ATL

5bddd7 No.149336

9069e8 No.149337

doing what Q suggested and re reading the drops Alice & wonderland,wizards & the picture is coming into focus.

I would recommend all spend 5 mins and do this. come back with findings.

989dad No.149338


MAP as in Minor Attracted Person or

Past Q posts?

c51892 No.149339


>mmunity have been working with military intel?

>They'd know all the workarounds to make things work without the bad guys learning about it, and more importantly, they're the first (I think!) ones to get hold of the raw intel.

>Am i close?

We already know this to be true, from the group that saved the elections from hacking.. the 'white hats'

b80daf No.149342


sauce? and will track

68887e No.149343


Yes! 100%

d58e9e No.149344



650461 No.149346


I think so

8fbaae No.149349


I think this is crucial.

Imagine if NK destroyed itself with a misguided missile.

Bad regime taken out by its own nuke.

The rest of the world would be like:


c51892 No.149350


No argument. Trying to limit research does NO GOOD. For any reason, it reeks of an agenda. Go for Q clues, but follow ANY THREAD even if not explicitly mentioned by Q. This isn't Q worship man. It's about FINDING THE TRUTH not looking to be a Q slave, worshipping your new military intelligence overlords.

I'll research as far as I want, whenever I want and not have retard kids try to limit scope. FUCK YOU.

d6d6c1 No.149351



Yeah! You got this! Find that inner peace.

650461 No.149354


As the rocket turns RED_OCTOBER>

793e4b No.149541

File: e683442cdb404eb⋯.jpg (82.92 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Evil_genius.jpg)


i have a question to you Q.

if USA wanted NK to have nukes, and helped both Iran and NK whit its nuclear programs behind the scene.

then what was the goal of the StuxNet virus that took out Iran's centrifuges.

was it the white hats who fucked that up? true patriots inside the swamp?

the Israel and USA fighting the "terrorist state Iran" is just a cover story for an deep state civil war?

db58a5 No.153264

File: 91c8b7dad6960c9⋯.png (78.83 KB, 1083x335, 1083:335, ClipboardImage.png)


Historical FBI Speech: 1947 J. Edgar Hoover on UN-AMERICAN Activities


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