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File: f433640b16a4561⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 780x438, 130:73, nk missle.jpg)

c892c4  No.147334

Why has Q mentioned missile as missle twice, and made the point specifically to us.

Contributions welcomed here.

c892c4  No.147345

Collection of theories & research















46bd88  No.148476

Could the missing i indicate Iran gave the tech to NK at the behest of the Clowns who protect Iran.

Interestingly in the film Zero Days about stuxnet, a No Such Agency employee hinted that the Clowns and an Israeli unit interfered in the operation to purposely cause failure. Thus allowing Iran to proceed with development.

2972c6  No.151122

How did NK suddenly have miniaturized nukes upon POTUS taking office?

What was stated during Hussein’s term by agencies?

How did NK suddenly obtain missle guidance cap?

What is leverage?

Define hostage.

Their last hope!


I might have have figured it out the MISSLE, missiles have two i's (eyes), when an individual loses an eye the have a hard time with depth perception, estimating distances, and tracking moving objects. This is the same problem of the NK guidance cap. PIC RELATED!

If you bake it, he will crumb

74a868  No.151737

This may be nothing, but I wanted to post it here in just in case.

I have not seen any discussion of Bill Clinton & the Loral Space and Communications.

< Clinton allows Loral to sell technology to China

< Loral contributes large sums of $$$ to Dems

http://www.washingtonexaminer. com/clinton-foundation-scandal-echoes-clinton-china-controversy-from-1998/article/2600931

9b223d  No.151821

File: 3ff832d448b6a4d⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa_….jpg)


Reposting Because I believe I've figured out MISSLE

How did NK suddenly have miniaturized nukes upon POTUS taking office?

What was stated during Hussein’s term by agencies?

How did NK suddenly obtain missle guidance cap?

What is leverage?

Define hostage.

Their last hope!


Missiles have two i's (eyes), when an individual loses an eye the have a hard time with depth perception, estimating distances, and tracking moving objects. This is the same problem of the NK guidance cap. PIC RELATED!


If you bake it, he will crumb

6760f8  No.151870


actually, this makes a shit ton of sense

Missing an eye.

One eye, can't aim.


9a20ec  No.152073


I can go along with eyes and maybe add this;

What is leverage?

Define hostage.

Their last hope!

Is a reference that something else is going to asked of NK before a functioning system is provided.

9a20ec  No.152136


Someone else got this:


CNN Feb 9 2015 misspelled missle.

7ede86  No.152278

I am pursuing the guidance route. I don't think we have found the missing i. It's a given that the missiles are duds.


Australian arrested for trying to sell NK missile parts and other fun stuff.


Loral Globalstar - sold to China by Clinton. Some other goodies in there.


A general analysis of NK's missile capability and its change over time. Noteworthy is the mystery of where the hell they are getting the resources for increased op tempo.

1509bf  No.152501

The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) apparently concluded that NK had achieved nuke miniaturization in 2013.

The O admin and MSM memory-holed the story so Hussein wouldn’t look like an even bigger turd, and then when PDJT takes office the MSM suddenly throws a shit fit


In “missle” it could be that it’s not just the second “i” that is dropped, but also an “a” and “d”. What letters are they again?



IAD = airport code for Dulles International Airport near Washington DC, named after Allen Dulles, legendary CIA director



DIA = Defense Intelligence Agency

0006ed  No.153354


d8e39d  No.153971

9780af  No.154225

The intellectual property for the [i] is US white hat owned…

www.boeing.com /defense/weapons/minuteman-iii/

www.theverge.com/ 2016/10/5/13178056/boeing-ceo-mars-colony-rocket-spacex-elon-musk

dig deeper anons.

be03f1  No.155270

There are many news articles with the spelling "missle" … Is it possible that there are messages within the articles for clowns or their proxies within NK? Similar to the RED website…"meet me in Seoul"…i don't think we figured out what the response was from BHO for that.

28f4b6  No.155375

He answers it right here:



What rocket fired today?


Message sent.


▶Anonymous (You) 12/23/17 (Sat) 01:00:03 acccd8 No.154658


The missing "I" from "missle"


Future news will unlock more of the message.

Missing [i] confirmed.


7ede86  No.156727

After sleeping on it…

Musk's launch was an Iridium corporation satellite. Iridium provides civilian and military satellite data services. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iridium_Communications

" The Iridium system requires 66 active satellites in orbit to complete its constellation and spare satellites are kept in-orbit to serve in case of failure. . . . . Most of these satellites were launched in the late 1990s before the company went through bankruptcy. Since the bankruptcy, until January 2017, only seven additional satellites were launched but an updated constellation of 66 satellites called Iridium NEXT is being rolled out, planned for launch between 2015 and 2017 on SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicles from Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 4 in California.[23][24] On January 14th 2017, SpaceX successfully launched 10 of the new Iridium satellites into orbit.[25] The second launch of Iridium NEXT satellites took place on June 25th, 2017 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket out of Vandenberg Air Force Base. This was the second of eight scheduled launches.[26] The third launch of 10 NEXT satellites took place on October 9, 2017. On December 22, 2017, ten additional satellites were deployed after a successful launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. "


"The satellites will incorporate a secondary payload for Aireon, Inc.[18], a space-qualified ADS-B data receiver. This is for use by air traffic control and, via FlightAware, for use by airlines.[19] A second secondary payload on 58 satellites is a marine AIS ship tracker receiver.

Iridium can also be used to provide a data link to other satellites in space, enabling command and control of other space assets regardless of the position of ground stations and gateways.[15]"

If the missing I is related to Iridium… Q could be referring to the Space-X launch, not the NK launch, but insinuating that Space-X is supplying NK.

11a7af  No.159392


Iridium has an atomic number of 77, but there are only 66 satellites in the active constellation with six spares.

From Q: NK Nuke/Missile Tech. SpaceX. NASA Tech to ? HRC SAPs (private server).

Connected. $$$,$$$,$$$.00 (pockets). EYE OF RA. Left eye [marker]. Symbolism. EVIL.


[marker] -> left eye -> two 'eyes' in missile, left eye present, right eye missing.

Eye of Ra = left eye (sun) Eye of Horus = right eye (moon)

Sun: solar cult of Sol Invictus -> Christianity (solar cross symbol)

Moon: Lunar cult of "Allah" -> Islam (crescent moon & star symbol)

More symbolism: 66 + 6 = mark of the beast (beast = military might), sky/atmosphere = "heavens".

6760f8  No.159722

File: 70ec0b281de6202⋯.png (15.22 KB, 288x133, 288:133, Selection_338.png)

Q mentioned this on Nov 1, so this is clearly intentional. Marker original Nov 1?

0bb32a  No.159727


Didn't a bunch of politicians turn up with black eyes a few months back?>>159392

11a7af  No.159898


"Everything has meaning" ~ Q

3f8774  No.161637

Q confirmed missing [i] is Iridium satellite network.

NK missle doesnt currently have guidance capabilities.

Hussein kicked the NK can for the "next president" to cope with — HRC was meant to be the next president.

NK is controlled opposition, gifted the nuke and rocket tech, but KJU is too unhinged to be allowed full control of nukes. The cabal has the keys to the NK nukes, and need the Iridium NEXT network in place to fully control who gets threatened by NK.

Iridium also provides communications intercept and flight control override to commercial flights anywhere in the world as a bonus. All out of.gov control, but under cabal control.

HRC was being groomed to confront the manfactured threat of NK and instigate WWIII. Everyone knows no one would win a real nuclear war, but what about one were a single power controls both sides? Its not like the cabal hasnt done the same thing in both previous WWs.

NK is a black hole. No one knows what goes on there. They have a massive standing conventional army, huge stockpiles of bio/chem weapons, trillions in untapped resources, are strategically placed to control Asia, are now a recognized nuclear power, and have a slave labor pool indoctrinated for over 60 years… if you were thr Rothschilds looking for a base of operations where would you choose?


7ede86  No.162369


You've got to take the red pill on North Korea.

How can a nation with massive malnutrition issues have an effective standing army?

How many nukes does it take to win a nuclear war? Is NK a valid nuclear power even with 10 30M ton yield nukes?

Is a hurricane more devastating than a nuclear blast?

What was Project Starfish?

What aircraft does North Korea have?

How will or can they move troops?

What air defense systems do they have?

The 'secret' is in the open. Most, even in the military, are just not the analytical types. Even so, those of us who were there found the … 'concerns' more than a little ridiculous.

It's a dog and pony show. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Keep your eye on the floating head.

3ce937  No.162652

3f8774  No.163721


Massive malnutrition by whose account? The MSM? The UN? By the state of "defectors" who are allowed to leave?

Why do they need aircraft? Where are they going? They dont need to go anywhere. All they have to do is defend. The US has shit loads of aircraft but cant defeat enemies by airpower alone. NK is dug in like no where else on earth.

Air defenses? NK has plenty. Older Ruskie SAM systems. The KN-06 is considered equivalent to the S300. Thousands of 57mm anti air guns. Iranan phased radar arrays. The Norks.have been bombed to the stone age by the US once already, do you think they havent thought about it for the last 60 years?

How many nukes to win a nuclear war? There is no winning a nuclear war, nukes are deterrents not offensive weapons. A nuclear power is defined as having the knowledge, ability and infrastructure to construct nuclear weapons AND the means of delivering them. The number of weapons doesnt factor into the equation.

If they are the walk over that you "who were there" are so sure of, why havent the almighty US military not just waltzed in and ended the dog and pony show?

Your normie arguement points show that your "red pill" is actually blue, and your insistance that we all accept the MSM view of NK reeks of shilldom.

Fucking armchair chickenhawk motherfuckers like you should be the first off the boats so you can show everyone how pathetic the NK illusion is.

7ede86  No.164668


You're caught up in "thinking special" rather than "thinking outside the box." If CNN reported that it snowed outside, you'd take the family out to swim in the pool.

Special and radical does not necessarily mean truth. People are afraid of unknowns. What people are pretty sure of is that NK is crazy-ville. What no one wants to risk is whether or not they have a nuke. Getting it here doesn't even enter most of their minds.

The wizard of oz is just a floating head. Not a whole body. Humans fixate on things they understand and identify with, rather than the things they don't. The booth was plain to see, but the head is where everyone looks.

Ultimately, you think what you want about NK. However, it doesn't change the relevance of my questions.

You do need air power and air defenses. Where does their electricity come from? Their food? Water? You can hole up in a bunker all you want to. If you can't poke your head out to shoot the guys coming to cut you out…. makes no difference.

You do need healthy ground forces. Not a paper army of starving conscripts who have an SKS and barely the education to formulate a prayer. But why not smart soldiers? What happens with them?

You need fuel - which means you need stores of it. You need munitions, and stores of it. You need mines for metal, some source of nitrates for muntions, and factories to process them. If not - you need a seller and a means with which to buy.

You need storage facilities and maintenance routines. You need weapons ranges and tests.

Look up Patton's Quicksilver. We fooled the Nazis into believing there was a massive force that never was. Central to this operation were double agents working for us - people the Nazis trusted the reports of. This extended credibility to the smoke and mirrors. This is also central to many magic tricks.

So… it's up to each anon to use their own reasoning, here. I am not going to tell you that there is zero chance NK is very heavily armed and well trained. I am, however, saying that I have not seen much in the way of evidence that shuch a large, well-trained military force exists outside of paper claims.

As for nuclear war - you think in terms of cost and damage. "Everyone loses." This is not the way to look at wars, as all wars are mutually destructive. If you can't win a nuclear war, then you can't win a snowball fight. The question is simply that of scale and temperature.

By what logic would North Korea being able to destroy… say… 30 cities and 15% of our population be a loss when we can take ownership of 100% of their landmass? It's a cost/benefit analysis.

But you need far more than 10 nukes to do that kind of damage to the U.S. We have simply been raised to fear the almighty nuke to the point where people are running from the ocean after Fukishima …. when nuclear testing in the 60s and 70s tipped far more background rads on the Geiger counter. Keep everything in a consistent perspective.

eabc92  No.168574

Missle = Missile MISSED

Was reading That Space X Falcon rocket launch was an attack on cloaked Pleadian ships? Maybe they missed?

c2825b  No.175547

Closest star on the southern hemisphere State. Missiles built.

85095b  No.189816


Is it possible it is not a Missile

But Rather Miss LE or L E or Elle?

a34659  No.200499

What if the Korean War was also a proxy war? What if there were leftover/renegade Nazi’s that needed taking out?

7b62ff  No.213164

i for intel

c9ff38  No.213238

Somewhere on Q posts I read a missing i … look for the markers…

beb369  No.219405

File: 37495a5c9e5cc08⋯.png (180.38 KB, 1890x868, 135:62, missle123456.png)

20092a  No.222747

Maybe missle means "Missile without the i."

The eye might be intelligence, iridium, or - my guess - Iran.

The conduit between Iran and North Korea has been shut down, and Q is letting us know the NK is now on its own when it comes to improving their nuclear capability.

2cf03a  No.225615

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/945486217386143744.html


2f705d  No.257811

Who is Miss L. E. ?

or Miss Le?

No I in TEAM.



Mississippi Law Enforcement

6de65c  No.258661


Is it miss ISLE? As in a missile missed Hawaii? The false alert was really not false at all? The missile was shot down thus….. MISS ISLE

cb1fd2  No.258669

File: 1b8b776ebbeda42⋯.png (65.17 KB, 735x789, 245:263, 1b8b776ebbeda42aa4a12e64d2….png)

Why are nuclear bombs pushed more then nuclear reactors or the science behind the reaction?

Why do (((they))) not get revealed as controlling the world when it shouldn't matter because of nuclear bombs?

Why are nuclear bombs the reason the world doesn't tear itself to bits?

How have none of you faggots figured this out yet?

See this picture of a bomb supposedly dropped on japan during the firebomb raids near the end of WW2. It lacks a neutron moderator which is neccessary for a continued nuclear reaction as seen in nuclear powerplants. No continued reaction, and no particle accelerator faster then the terminal velocity of the payload means no boom. Oh then don't even get me started on how (((they))) would even keep the reaction cool long enough for there to be any energy/power produced. As nuclear bombs have no coolant for the fission reaction. This post goes hand in hand with the theory that the red cross controls north korea in some way.


The real question is who is shooting at the nsa base/headquarters in hawaii and why?

366597  No.259855

I could be too simplistic here, but could it just be that the missing “I” means that it’s not a real missile?

POTUS has seemed, in my opinion, to be fairly unconcerned about NK, ie. Comments like “my nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button.” Just as he does not seem to be concerned about the Mueller investigation. What if NK is, as someone stated here, a dog and pony show with no real substance behind it?

When Q posted on Dec 22



Fox Three


As the world turns.”

And then Julian Assange posted the chess board to his twitter on Jan 12 with the next move being Q to F3 confirmed by Q to have been the connection to the “fox three” post… then The Hawaii missile scare the following day. “It was necessary for God and Country.” Could Q have been warning that a fake missile scare would happen as their move to F3?

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