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File: 5da6709232c2c6a⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 400x313, 400:313, image.jpg)

aab6a5  No.114171

there is a possibility that certain "weird deaths" have something to do with the war between the NWO and the rest of the world.

want to help and make a nice list?

> list name, picture, link to source and tell how they died and what the connection to any of the owls or spiders or bloodlines is. Criterium: they died after Nov.30th.

> include Vegas victims please!

Thanks and happy listing.

Final request: pls dont list hilz or GS prematurely.. LOL

aab6a5  No.114201

Double suicide by hanging! Doesnt THAT sound like Arkancide huh? Found hanging from a balcony in a hotel in 33rd division (symbolism will b their downfall).

Connection: owners of APOTEX, company that made the watered down aids medicins.

Huge HRC sponsors, also huge sponsors of Canada's Cuck in charge.

Oooow.. They were SO DEEP into charity…

And now they're dead.


aab6a5  No.117766

aab6a5  No.117790

30 YO

Grew up in HOngKong, spoke Madarin & several other languages. Murdered in Lebanon, where she worked for Embassy.

Attended Malvern st James girl boarding school in worchester. (Sounds like elite shit).

Master in security & global governance (can u say NWO?)

High job and Department for International Development DfiD working on

Government Conflict, stability & security Fund program (CSSF).

Started in 2014 in IRAQ as Iraq Research Analist and worked as Policy manager for SYRIA team.

>sounds like a fucking spy



aab6a5  No.117798

UK Gov program that meddles into just about any country that "needs" regime change.

Fucked up shit.



aab6a5  No.117809

File: 0ac52fdf6d65724⋯.jpg (380.97 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

>ding ding ding we hv a winner

UK fund 4 helping ppl during crisis.. Children. Poverty. Screenshot sez it all: another global shill for trafficing ppl. BARF.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/conflict-stability-and-security-fund-cssf/conflict-stability-and-security-fund-an-overview

aab6a5  No.117818

Pls Q-force, help me out and list the Veags victims here that got arkancided. Hv only an Ipad and little time. haitian doctor that "stabbed himself in the heart" also need 2 b added.

More digging on the boarding school the murder UK diplomat lady went to needed as well

aab6a5  No.120121

Q mention Hugh Hefner. What if HH was a Clown In America? So.. His parties might hv been a honeypot to blackmail ppl with.

Need to list detaild around his death here.

66d9ea  No.123775

12/15/2017 Dr Dean Lorich (Surgeon involved with Haiti/Clintons.

Dr Lorich was found dead in his home just 4 days before Barry Sherman & wife who were also found dead in their home.

All in the same week!

ALL three now deceased individuals were involved & connected (fact) to the Clinton/Haiti operation.

Dr Lorich was one of the surgeons that went down to Haiti to offer his help however was outraged and spoke publicly.

e13665  No.126324



956438  No.126395

File: b24d5a18e371c60⋯.png (157.4 KB, 500x685, 100:137, meet-lucky-larry-this-is-l….png)

This nigger.

924c9c  No.126647


We need to dig into Leisure Suit Larry

That nig nog gotta go down.

Nobody that lucky. Sorry. Nope.

Where's that mofu's money now?

956438  No.126671


>Where that niggers money now?

Being turned into rope.

924c9c  No.126690


Friend of Bush's no doubt.

You know…love to have this whole thing looked at again with guys not bought and paid for by Illuminati niggers

956438  No.126719


If the raw info is ever released I'd be the first in line to be looking.

Well probably not the first, but close.

aab6a5  No.222660

I want corpses, arkancides, suicids etc all listed here. No fucking sliding or shilling or i'll kick ur ass of the thread.

aab6a5  No.222689

CEO CMPGF, along with 4 family members and pilot crashed and died in Australian Seaplabe crash on New years eve.

aab6a5  No.222722

richard was CEO of the COMPASS GROUP,

The world LARGEST food company (!!!)

He is succeeded by Domic Blakenmore, who was scheduled 2 replace him april 1, 2018 but now takes over per Jan 1st.

Both his sons william & edward died in the crash, as well as his "fiancee" Emma Bowden & her daughter Emma.

This guys is worth billions. WHERE is his money going now he died without heirs?

aab6a5  No.222744

Fiancee of richard bowden worked for OK MAGAZINE for 15 years.

This is a gossip/celeb piece of trash .

The COMPASS GROUP does catering, cleaning, food etc all over the world.

PERFECT cover company if u want to put a spy here or there or hv a need for poisoning someone.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compass_Group

aab6a5  No.222756

File: 809c0e069ce4200⋯.jpg (590.61 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

COMPASS GROUP has ties to the US militairy and UN..

Pic related. Makes it an even better spy/clown covering company. Pic related

96a5a7  No.224067

Richard Cousins family ties


Fiance a reporter for OK magazine

Son William worked EU

OPEN BRITAIN: William Cousins worked for the pro-EU campaign group in the UK

James McGrory, the Open Britain's executive director, said: "We have not just lost a special colleague but a wonderful friend.

"Will’s razor-sharp wit, easy company and generosity will be missed even more than his huge brain, peerless prose and fearless ideas.”

Heather worked for OK! Magazine as the Art Editor and had been part of the staff since April 2003.

Kirsty Tyler, OK!'s editor, said: "We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all Emma’s family and friends.

"Emma was a popular and long-standing member of staff at OK! magazine and she will be greatly missed by us all."

https:// www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/670657/Australia-Seaplane-Crash-Richard-Cousins-Compass-CEO-Pictured-Emma-Bowden-Heath-Sydney

96a5a7  No.224119

File: 29c7a550e7fbef2⋯.png (713.42 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-01-14-4….png)

William outspoken on britain immigration policies. NWO Open Britain member and figurehead

http:// talkradio.co.uk/news/julia-hartley-brewer-argues-open-britains-will-cousins-over-importing-eu-workers-17072716726

96a5a7  No.224147

Moar.. Open Britain hit list targeting Brexit supporters

https:// order-order.com/2017/04/25/soubry-and-morgan-under-pressure-to-quit-open-britain/

96a5a7  No.224237

Hard to devipher who was the target of this plane "crash" Richard of Compass or his son William of Open Britain

Here's their agenda for bringing in more immigrants via targeting parliment persons..

http:// www.open-britain.co.uk/drop_the_target_campaign

aab6a5  No.227703


(copied entire post here because of valuable info)

I started thinking, besides CEOs that have resigned what about the ones that have died in office recently. CEOs could be what I call 'murdicide' or taken out from illness to accidents. They know too much, just like the Clinton's have a huge body count behind them. What about CEOs that know too much and aren't completely 'in the club'..

Well,,,, there are a few that have passed recently. Huge Corporations too!

One just happened last night, a fortune 500 company.

http://money.cnn.com /2017/12/31/news/compass-richard-cousins-plane-crash/index.html

The CEO of one of Britain's biggest companies and four of his family members were killed in a seaplane crash in Australia on New Year's Eve.

International catering firm Compass Group (CMPGF), a Global Fortune 500 company, said Monday that CEO Richard Cousins, died when the aircraft crashed in New South Wales.

Compass, which reported annual revenue of £23 billion ($31 billion) for its most recent financial year, specializes in providing catering for schools, prisons and multinational companies.

It operates in roughly 50 countries, employing more than half a million people.

CEO of CSX just died.

https://www.cnbc.com /2017/12/16/csx-ceo-hunter-harrison-has-died-wsj-says-citing-sources.html

Dec. 16th

CSX CEO Hunter Harrison has passed away at age 73, the freight rail company confirmed in a statement Saturday.

"It is with great sadness that we announce that E. Hunter Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer of CSX, died today in Wellington, Fla., due to unexpectedly severe complications from a recent illness," the company said.

http://money.cnn.com /2017/10/03/technology/business/paul-otellini-obituary/index.html

Intel former CEO Paul Otellini died in his sleep, no cause was ever given.

https://nypost.com /2017/12/03/golden-krust-ceo-killed-himself-over-tax-debt-fears-of-probe/

Possible murdicide for this guy. Killed himself this last month. Wonder if it was a fed investigation into child trafficking instead?

The founder of the Golden Krust Jamaican beef patty empire killed himself amid fears the feds were investigating him for evading millions of dollars in taxes, The Post has learned.

http://www.ketv.com/ article/sam-taylor-1961-2017/14519803

Oriental Trading Company CEO just died this last month.

Taylor joined Oriental Trading, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in 2008. He gained national attention when he appeared on the television show Undercover Boss in 2012.

Those are a few… seems there are transportation, technology, Asian, immigrant/feeding/ciminals companies involved.

Those are all type companies you need for human trafficking… if you think about it.

I may be jumping to out there ideas… but are they really? The one from last night is a super big one and a seaplane crash in Australia….hmmm….

aab6a5  No.227716


great thinking!!!!

William was possibly the target, but with his dad's ca$h in mind, take them all out was a better thing (if u try 2 follow the exterminators reasoning) since dad cud hv created another damned charity in his name 2 continue the work.

OPEN BRITAIN ==> SOROS shill dude

60c64a  No.248477

Why so many young sporters? They have healthy organs… (hint?) Why do they die young. Many in Belgium which is the Brussels capital of Europe and spy-capital of the word with many representatives of all nations

Why young porn starters? I can only speculate… Many in USA and Canada.

Many reporters and influencers in Europe

(Natural causes?)

But here are the stone cold FACTS:

This is only a selection of famous persons who died in the last 60 days

01-10-2017 Denis Dasoul (34) Belgian soccer player. DIES

01-10-2017 Brad Bufanda (34) American actor. DIES

06-10-2017 Bjarna Vanacker (20) Belgian cyclist. DIES (several more young Belgian sporters dead in december)

10-10-2017 Mikhail Zadornov (60 Russian comic and writer. DIES

10-10-2017 Shyla Stylez (35) Canadian pornactrice. DIES (2 young American pornactrices in december)

12-11-2017 Hylke van Slooten (30) Dutch professional sporter. DIES

15-11-2017 Marcella van der Weg (54) Dutch reporter. DIES

15-11-2017 Lil Peep (21) American rapper. DIES

16-11-2017 Erik Meijs (26) Dutch professional sporter. DIES

19-11-2017 Jana Novotna (49) Czech Republic professional sporter. DIES

19-11-2017 Galina Semjonova (80) Russian reporter and Sovjet-Russia politician. DIES

19-11-2017 Kenneth Verwimp (24) Belgian paralympic athlete. DIES

21-11-2017 David Cassidy (67) American singer and guitar player. DIES

22-11-2017 Dmitri Chvorostovski (55) Russian opera singer. DIES

24-11-2017 Jeroen Van Den Broeck (28) Belgian soccer player. DIES

26-11-2017 Pieter Schriks (52) Dutch publisher. DIES

27-11-2017 Fons Vergote (73) Belgian politician. DIES

27-11-2017 Mehmet Ulger (55) Turks-Dutch reporter. DIES

29-11-2017 Jerry Fodor (82) American philosopher and cognitive scientist. DIES

29-11-2017 Slobodan Praljak (72) Croatian soldier and warcriminal. DIES (by taking poison in ICC tribunal)

03-12-2017 John B. Anderson (95), US Politician. DIES

03-12-2017 Patrick Henry (64) French murderer. DIES

04-12-2017 Alexander Harvey II (94), US Judge. DIES

04-12-2017 Manuel Marin (68) Spanish politician. DIES

04-12-2017 Ali Abdullah Saleh (75) President of Yemen. DIES (assasinated)

04-12-2017 Gregory Rigters (32) Suriname prof. sports soccer player. DIES (young age)

05-12-2017 August Ames (23) US pornactrice. DIES (young age)

07-12-2017 Philippe Maystadt (60) Belgian polician. DIES

07-12-2017 Steve Reeves (55) US actor. DIES

08-12-2017 Bob Vansant (63), famous Belgian psychotherapist. DIES

09-12-2017 Leonid Bronevoj (88) Sovjet-Russian actor. DIES

09-12-2017 Benjamin Massing (55), Cameroon prof. sports soccer player. DIES

09-12-2017 Tom Zenk (59) US wrestler. DIES

10-12-2017 Angry Grandpa (67) US American internet personality. DIES

10-12-2017 Bruce Brown (80) US American filmdirector. DIES

10-12-2017 Manno Charlemagne (69) Haiti artist, politic activist and polician. DIES

10-12-2017 Max Clifford (74) British reporter. DIES

10-12-2017 Suzanna Leigh (72) British actrice. DIES

10-12-2017 Keith Chegwin (60) British reporter and actor. DIES

10-12-2017 Charles Jenkins (77) US soldier and North-Korea desertor. DIES

13-12-2017 Yurizan Beltran (31) US porn actrice. DIES (young age, look at pornactrice August Ames (23) dying on 05-12)

16-12-2017 Sharon Laws (43) British cyclist. DIES

16-12-2017 Chris Van Doorslaer (56), Belgian entrepeneur. DIES

18-12-2017 Kim Jong-hyun (27) South-Korean singer. DIES

18-12-2018 Arseni Roginski (71) Sovjet-Russian historian and dissident. DIES

19-12-2017 Marc De Leeuw (53) Belgium law doctor. DIES

21-12-2017 Bruce McCandless (80) American astronaut. DIES

22-12-2017 Eppo Brongers (88) Dutch military historian. DIES

22-12-2017 Jason Lowndes (23) Australian cyclist. DIES

24-12-2017 Heather Menzies (68) US American actrice. DIES

26-12-2017 Joost Karhof (48) Dutch news presenter and reporter. DIES (young age)

31-12-2017 Frederic Forte (47), French baseball player. DIES

60c64a  No.248506

Is porn used for blackmail? I wonder

Are Western sporters dying young uneducated and having no access to health checkups? I doubt it.

It sometimes happens… "Heart condition"

Anyone investigates if the dozens of Young Athlethes (especially in Europe) who die every year are registered for organ donor ? (This is law in Belgium and The Netherlands)

Somebody needs to investigate this

60c64a  No.248537

A selection within the selection:

American porn actors who died in the last 60 days:

All are young

10-10-2017 Shyla Stylez (35) Canadian pornactrice. DIES

05-12-2017 August Ames (23) US pornactrice. DIES

13-12-2017 Yurizan Beltran (31) US porn actrice. DIES

European and international sporters who died in the last 60 days:

All are young

And these are only famous ones we know of that made the headlines

(not the hundreds of insignificant but healthy young amateur players we don't know of!)

01-10-2017 Denis Dasoul (34) Belgian soccer player. DIES

06-10-2017 Bjarna Vanacker (20) Belgian cyclist. DIES (several more young Belgian sporters dead in december)

12-11-2017 Hylke van Slooten (30) Dutch professional sporter. DIES

16-11-2017 Erik Meijs (26) Dutch professional sporter. DIES

19-11-2017 Jana Novotna (49) Czech Republic professional sporter. DIES

19-11-2017 Kenneth Verwimp (24) Belgian paralympic athlete. DIES

24-11-2017 Jeroen Van Den Broeck (28) Belgian soccer player. DIES

04-12-2017 Gregory Rigters (32) Suriname prof. sports soccer player. DIES (young age)

09-12-2017 Benjamin Massing (55), Cameroon prof. sports soccer player. DIES

16-12-2017 Sharon Laws (43) British cyclist. DIES

22-12-2017 Jason Lowndes (23) Australian cyclist. DIES

31-12-2017 Frederic Forte (47), French baseball player. DIES

60c64a  No.248995

New List - older airplane crashes and 2017 crashes not seen in the news

??-??-2009 Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashes at Schiphol airport Netherlands. 9 death. 86 injured

16 Jan 2017 Turkish Airlines TK-6491 (company MyCargo) Boeing 747-400 cargo crashes in Bishkek. 35 death (-CARGO PLANE-)

29 Apr 2017 Antonov An-26 crashes into a mountain while on a military charter flight from Gustavo Rizo Airport, Cuba. All 8 on board are killed.

27 Jun 2017 Summit Air Flight 409, a Let L-410 operating a cargo flight crashes short of Lukla Airport, Nepal in poor visibility. Two of the three crew members are killed, one of whom dies later in hospital.

07 Jul 2017 Myanmar Airforce plane route Myeik-Rangoon drops off radar above Adaman Sea. 112 death

15 Oct 2017 Khabarovsk Airlines Flight 463, a Let L-410 crashes on approach into Nelkan Airport, Russia. Only one of the seven occupants survives.

09 Oct 2017 Mallorca small plane crash. 48 year old Dutch man killed.

15 Nov 2017 Tanzania small Cessna plane crash (Coastal Aviation). 11 death. Nationalities not disclosed

17 Nov 2017 German Grand-Prix amazone Anna Katharina Luttgen dies in Tanzania airplane crash

19 Dec 2017 4 dead in Antonov TBC-2MC crash North Russia

31 Dec 2017 a Cessna 208 Caravan crashes shortly after takeoff from Punta Islita Airport, Costa Rica. All 12 passengers and crew on board are killed.

13 Dec 2017 West Wind Aviation Flight 280, an ATR 42-300, crashes shortly after takeoff from Fond-du-Lac Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada. Of the 25 passengers and crew on board, all initially survive, but one passenger dies of his injuries in the hospital 12 days later.

25 Dec 2017 American laywer and 4 family dead in planecrash in Florida. 2-engine plane. Cause: "weather"

Older list after 2000- Famous and High Profile people killed in plane crashes: (excluded terrorism)

Q seems right. 7/10 are not "accident"

2000 Mel Carnaham, Governor of Missouri. Cessna 335. cause "thunderstorm"

2001 Aaliyah, American actress, singer and model. Cessna 402 aircrasft. The Bahamas. Pilot on drugs

2002 G.M.C. Balayogi. Indian politician. Aircraft Bell 206. Kaikalur, India. Cause noted "pilot error"

2002 Paul Wellstone. US Senator from Minnesota. Beechcraft A100 crash. "aircraft stalled during snowland"

2005 John Garang. Vice president of Sudan. Mil Mi-17 craft. Cause noted "mountains- disputed"

2006 Muhammadu Maccido. Sultan of Sokoto. Nigeria. cause: disputed

2007 Guadalupe Larriva. Defense minsiter of Equador. Collisian with another craft during night flight

2008 Gennady Troshev. Russian military commander. Boeing 737 crash in Perm Russia. cause: pilot error

2008 Juan Camilo Mourino. Secreteria of Interior in Mexico. Learjet45. Cause = crash

2009 Beverly Eckert. activist/co-chair of 9/11 family sterring committee. Colgan Air. crash in NY USA "pilot error"

2009 Alison Des Forges. Human Rights investigator for Rwandan genocide. Colgan Air. crash in NY USA "pilot error"

2009 Pedro Luiz. Third in succession to the now extinguished throne of Brazil. AirFrance 447. "Pilot error"

2010 Lech Kaczynski. President of Poland. Tupolev Tu-154. cause: pilot error. all 96 National Assembly dead

2010 Ted Stevens. formed US Senator. DC-3T Turbo, Alaska. Cause undetermined.

(Former NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe survived this crash.)

2011 Felipe Camiroaga. Chile TV presenter. Aviocar C212 off Robinson Crusoe island. "still under investigation"

2012 George Saitoti. Kenya Minister of Internal Security. Cause: lost control of helicopter.

2012 Ghazi al-Sadeq. Sudanese minister. Antonov AN-26. Cause noted Poor weather.

2012 Steve Appleton. American CEO of Micron Technology. Lancair IV-P. Cause noted "emergency landing error"

2013 Vittorio Missoni. CEO of Missoni. Transaerao. Cause: disputed / under investigation

2014 Eduardo Campos. Brazilian presidential candidate. Cessna nose-down crash on tarnac "pilot error"

2014 Joep Lange. President of International AIDS Society. Boeing 777-2000ER. Ukraine shootdown.

2014 Wilem Witteveen. Dutch Senator. with Joep Lange. Boeing 777-2000ER. Ukraine shootdown.

60c64a  No.251162

I think my gangstalkers may be added to this Strange NWO deaths list very soon if they don't Signal Big their intention.

Friendship, Intel and Velocity is required.

I am a nice guy ;) Until it stops being nice.

Last years Koolaid was a mistake.

You were hacked in the process.

You should be scared.

What will happen on another "Koolaid psychose trip" ? Or death? What would the Automated System do ?

Would you do yourself a favor please and contact me. Cut a deal.

I know you don't care about lives. But what costs re-recruiting 50.000 childrenszZzz ?




60c64a  No.251181

The system sucks

and I can fix it from outside the box

But no mindcontrol

60c64a  No.251365

yes organ tracking and ordering might be real

in your shitty countries like belgium people are organdonor by default. it's the law. or was it the other near country? they pull the plug sometimes even if they can revive you

in some countries they dripfeed sporters with some acid like chloride which gives them cardiac arrest. the trainers are paid off the sporters are cut open and stuffed. the family never gets to know

CIVILISED COUNTRIES ofcourse they want organs from sporters there because they have the best nutrician and tests before they are organcided

8ea441  No.257849

Peter Sutherland, the notorious mass migration and multiculturalism campaigner dubbed the ‘father of globalisation’, has died.

Sutherland, 71, was a key player on a host of globalist bodies and multinational corporations, including the European Commission, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and Goldman Sachs International, throughout his life.

As the United Nations Special Representative for Migration and non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International in 2012, he infamously remarked that the European Union should “be doing its best to undermine” the sense of national “homogeneity” in Britain and Europe, in order to pave the way for multicultural societies.


df3a80  No.257918

File: 0feab77bd922d03⋯.pdf (309.45 KB, Search_for_Pair_Production….pdf)

The woman involved wrote a paper for CERN, digging for further connection


df3a80  No.257925


may not be same person, but name is similar

90baf3  No.259921

File: e76b8b705f114f5⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 255x143, 255:143, tempdocpic.jpg)


Not my post, but I thought it belongs here


Sauce if you like: https:// teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topics/cdc-doctor-who-claimed-flu-shot-caused-outbreak-missing-feared

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