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File: 13aa643682750b0⋯.png (431.75 KB, 723x487, 723:487, ClipboardImage.png)

18bf4a  No.120430


And any and all others who are capable, including NYPD, FBI, NSA, MI, CIA, TRUMP, Flynn, et al.:


The American people will never have justice nor the opportunity to solve the problems that plague our system without full knowledge of the facts. Even if you are successful in putting all the evil-doers behind bars, your current 20% public, 80% private strategy will doom us to repeat the same mistakes in the future. You must allow every American the opportunity to fully contemplate the current condition of our government and how it got there so that we can improve our Republic and do our best to ensure this never happens again.

If the evil that you are describing is true, then you must not allow it to shrink back into the darkness. The only way to fully root out this evil is to expose ALL of it to the light. Even If you are successful with your current strategy, if it is done in the shadows, then this evil will spawn again from the same dark corners from whence it came.

Make no mistake about it, if you do not give us full disclosure, YOU will be responsible for denying full justice to the American people and to all the victims of these heinous crimes against humanity and God. Furthermore, YOU will be responsible for denying the American people the opportunity to do our best to prevent this corruption from spawning again. If it does, we may not be so lucky as to recover from it next time.

How will you live with yourself knowing that you lost the once-in-human-history opportunity to fully expose this evil before the world? How will you live with yourself knowing that countless new people could become victims of this evil in the future because you didn’t fully expose it when you had the chance?

Government operatives such as yourself always have the misconception that the public should not be fully informed. In fact, we are compelled by God to seek the full truth. Furthermore, how can you few individuals, behind closed doors, in a swamp so deep that you can’t even trust those who you think are your allies, believe that you can actually fully solve this problem? The problem is structural and you need the minds and passions and souls of 300 million Patriots behind you in fixing our government all the way down to its foundations. It is also a cultural problem and EVERYONE in this country must fully contemplate the truth of where we are now so we can decide together on the best way forward. You government operatives simply do not have the power, authority, or capability to solve this on your own. Get off your high horse.

FBI anon made the all-too convenient excuse of saying that the Republic would collapse if the truth were fully revealed. This was nothing more than a disguise for his own cowardice. I say, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants. If the extent of this evil is so great that exposing it would have that severe of a consequence, then I say by-God it must be exposed! How can you be a party to hiding the crimes of the devil himself before mankind. The best trick the devil ever played was convincing us that he didn’t exist.

If you say that foreign powers will declare war on us if the extent of our involvement in their affairs is known, then you might be persuaded to believe that it is justified to withhold that information from the people. However, know this: the evil that we allow ourselves to do abroad will always return home.

Q, I hope you reconsider your strategy. But if you are unable or unwilling to give us the full truth then I at least ask for the following. Rather than letting the public believe that Al Franken is guilty of nothing more than sexual harassment and seeing a photo of him pretending to grope a woman’s chest, release one photo for every person documented in Weiner’s laptop displaying their most vile and heinous act. That way, at least we can ensure that these people don’t get let off lightly… But please remember, we will be destined to have the same fate fall upon us again in the future if that is all you publicly reveal.

Likeminded anons, please help me repost this in future bread until Q or someone who matters can see it. And please write your own petitions to fully bring this to light. Our meme-power is not going to get the job done. These issues will reemerge when Trump leaves office if we don’t get full disclosure now and even God won’t be able to save us the next time someone like Hillary gets elected. The extent of the corruption is too vast. The control over our youth and the media is too great. We barely made it this past election. THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCE.

18bf4a  No.120530


I suspect that there is something else lurking beneath the surface. Those who we call good guys at present have obtained the potential for absolute power. Don't forget the reason why files like those on Weiner's laptop were compiled in the first place. Having that level of dirt on every major power-broker in the world would be very tempting to use for your own purposes. The same evil that got us into this situation is growing roots in those who are the current "good guys". If they reveal all the contents, they lose its power. Know this: the only reason for not revealing it all is because they want to keep it for themselves

451669  No.123147


>same evil that got us into this situation is growing roots in those who are the current "good guys"

you seem pretty sincere

just realize some of this grand conspiracy goes back 500 years (Jesuits) and some even 1200 years (Khazars)


b7b50f  No.123217


Hey just to let you know I ran this idea by Q and he said "no". Sorry.

dee9ae  No.123274



>Hey just to let you know I ran this idea by Q and he said "no". Sorry.

Much appreciated if true.

8f3b13  No.123368


It's true but he didn't really ask.

24726a  No.123436


*when fools rush in

Why do I get the feeling somebody with no business even being here thinks they can change the whole world with the flick of a switch?

There has always been and will always be some discrepancy between what most people believe and reality. We are in a time when the two are reconciling again, but it is not, cannot, and never will be done like some people that have apparently never even had any perspective of the difference would like it to be.

Be thankful for the grace and the mercy we are all seeing right now. And don't worry about this ever happening again. It will not, guaranteed - as long as we all play by the rules to which we are each accountable.

Look closer to home for the needs of your own emotional security.

a3af76  No.123702


Not only would we not want to dox ourselves, but they've already made it very clear that 80% will remain behind the scenes. Those of us here already KNOW 80% of what's gone on.

I think this was some shills idea to get info on us. Exactly HOW do you expect us to sign a petition, all Anonymous?

c6bc13  No.124383


There are things that simply must never see the light. Dark and evil things that grow in EVERY man's private corners but are suppressed by good men. Given just a little awareness and intention, evil people that would resurrect this madness, and would take those seeds and nurture them for years. At the right moment they'd then pounce and resurrect all of this. Better to keep it locked away.

Or it could be simply that there's so much solid evidence that the US and others have done things that resulted in millions being killed. Even with the perpetrators revealed (some already dead), those victims' families would sue the US and others so badly there would no longer be a US.

I think that's the gist of why Q and others might say no. Just my gut feel.

c6bc13  No.124405


Your intent seems honorable and honest. Your approach is unfortunately immature. Good idea generally, bad way to phrase it. Given what's under the covers and in the shadows probably not a good idea. Things so evil and dark that if exposed there's no way to put the ideas back into the bottle and hide away from innocents. That evil could take over all minds no matter what defenses you think we may have.

30a749  No.130779


















Especially government operatives:

While we have the opportunity in this tumultuous time of change, please do everything in your power to encourage Q and all others who have the capability to fully release the files they are in control of pertaining to the blackmailing of our politicians and the dark secrets of the cabal.

If this information is kept secret, there will be no real change. Someone else will use it for their own benefit (J. Edgar style) or the same pattern of extortion will repeat itself and we'll be back to where we started.

The evil that has been done must be exposed to everyone so that we, as a people and as a culture can reflect upon our capacity as a species to allow this kind of evil and see the ways in which it can corrupt our existing institutional system.

Do not fool yourselves. A fundamental structural and cultural transformation needs to occur or the problem will not be solved.

The people who you may be afraid of betraying by releasing their dirt have already made their choices in life. There time has come. Let the light shine. Out with the old, in with the new.

DO NOT cling to your current power structure and pretend that things will be better now that you have used this knowledge for good. This knowledge must be disseminated to ALL the people and passed down through the generations in order to avoid its pitfalls again!

e46b46  No.132804

I decline said petition, the timing of all things released and transparency has to be controlled. The societal state and political climate we're in is far too polarized, and could lead to disastrous effects. This is one thing Obama meticulously did before he left office while following a radical doctrine to cause a split between common sense and compassion. As much as I want to see it all, it looks like theres still battles to be won against the deep state first. God speed to all the nation loving patriots we have fighting in the shadows for us and all mankind. When this evil has been severely weakened, expose ALL of it to the people, let us redicule, criticize, record it and make absolutely sure history has this debacle written permanently in stone so nobody dares repeat these immoral deeds against the people. We will repeat this story of our heroes and pass it on to our children, grandchildren and for many generations to come. Unsung the heroes, but honored by conviction of glory for taking down this villainous scum involved in unprecedented and horrific acts amongst the American people. If you deceive us, there shall be no peace until waiting upon judgement from God.

f33c0d  No.137252

File: 0e066d2cbeabd40⋯.jpg (690.72 KB, 1545x1024, 1545:1024, Concen.jpg)

oh someone else quoting fbi anon heh - never thought I'd see that. But you are totally wrong on several levels, albeit perhaps you have good intentions - had we went full disclosure we would be in a bitter war right now - and we would likely lose that war. Cause full disclosure would turn Saudi Arabia against as well as Israel and Rothchilds/Pakistan and others would have pushed while being labeled a conspiracy nut would tear his support at home asunder. Have you tried telling normies about Q? I have, my own mother cried thinking I went insane (again)

Besides, FBIanon was wrong about a few things because he didn't have the full picture - Q said it himself, only 10 people, 7 of which were military had the full picture - so that's not going to include FBI anon cause tho he had super high clearence it was not Q-Clearence. He had access ONLY to what the FBI knew - not what the NSA knew, or to be more specific he had parts of the NSA data as well but not several key details which we have learned since.

For one thing he was wrong about Kushner because he didn't know about Trump's MI connection - had he known that, he would know that Kushner was not truly corrupt, tho he is on tapes doing satanist crap, the true story of what he did and why remains to be seen. I find it impossible considering what Kushner has done since - it just doesn't logically flow - heck he's even the "DoitQ" guy for all intensive purposes. I could go 20 layers deep but Kushner is irrelevant compared to the other bombshells of Fbianon.

So Israel, after FBI anon had outright said what they were, how they were the leading blackmailers and all that - but then why the heck in the past month have we done tons of pro-israel stuff- and moreover why are the shills dead set on setting us against Israel and Jews? It was a conundrum but - Israel may be fucked up but unlike the Rothchilds, Soros, and Saud their strings can be cut, and they won't necessarily retie them.

If you look at the daily news (I chronicle it in my website db-q.com (timeline) and if you go day by day you can see that we did confront Israel multiple times before finally making the deal…. and it's important to make

They aren't tied to the hip with our destruction like the rest are, they are only manipulating, but they aren't part of the pyramid nor are they pedophiles and they aren't satanists (fbi anon said they are for "greater israel") we have struck a truce and now will have no need to address them militarily - and given how many players are problematic - the idea of putting Israel on the other side of this would be a big mistake. We wouldn't be in this end game now if we hadn't - the bad guys would not be nearly cornered and for one thing the senators would have been forced by the blackmail to Impeach Trump in that forced vote, but while the people would never have stood for that - it could have shifted the power substantially and given momentum to the bad guys.

I"Some things must be classified till the end" - What part of the conspiracy is he talking about? It's not NK because clearly Q has primed us for that being unveiled (likely 10 days after the gov shutdown) - and since he has never mentioned Israel it occurs to me that we have made some kind of deal with them. They are going to be the ones to walk away from this mess unscathed - and in return they just stop fucking with blackmailing us and do whatever the fuck they want and they don't even have the blackmail really anymore since whatever they had, our NSA has given to Trump already - it's possible the deal with Israel included anything we didn't get from that too, but regardless I think Israel's part in this is going to never be revealed and hence the "move the capital thing" - it is kind of a shame to know the real story cause they aren't heroes in this, but for the purpose of what Trump wants this is a best case scenario

We aren't going to fuck with them and they won't fuck with us - I presume that's the deal - and no more endless cash for them from us either - tho they can take over the middle east in no time now. No more Rothchilds to worry about, only America who probably won't give a shit. It's actually more complex morally whether Israel is to blame given they were up against a far greater horror, could they have survived without the blackmail? I doub tit - Obama spied on them and tried to fuck them.

So my answer to you is really simple but nuanced…. We aren't going to expose some of the players, but we will go back to being the shining city on the hill - that's what Trump wants, and it's what I want.

Pic is the Hell that is NK surface, from concentration camp survivors - and when we see what's under the surface (cause the surface is this bad already)_ it's going to kick off the awakening.

678f67  No.137445

I consider that (((they))) never thought SHE would lose.

There is a reason for this. The dark occultists have been using spiritual powers (see illuminati cards) for their deeds and never expected to be unseated from their position of power.

Once the cards fall I think more will be revealed in full. If not, I share the same concern as OP.

3bd0c6  No.137695













What I'm saying is, at some point, all of the hard evidence NEEDS to be released (like the files on Wiener's laptop). This is for a few reasons:

1) With the Podesta emails, we were able to dig and connect dots and come up with memes and then, when we tried to redpill normies to the truth, at least we had the emails as hard evidence to show them to back up our claims. With Q, all we have so far is publicly available information and NOTHING NEW has been released. The truth of what is going on right now is so hardcore, that we absolutely MUST have some very substantial and shocking evidence to back up our seemingly outrageous claims when we redpill normies. For example, just showing people that photo of Anderson Cooper as a kid with that sacrifice picture above his head did far more to help me redpill people than any of the memes we made before. We need the hardcore evidence to be released or people will rationalize away our connected dots and memes.

2) The crimes that have been committed must be exposed and brought into the light for the reasons in the OP, including JUSTICE for the victims, but also, people need to come face to face with it. They need to realize the evil that exists. They need to understand how our system is susceptible to it. They need to look within themselves and at our society to come up with ways to make a cultural and structural change to make sure this doesn't happen again. If the government simply cleans this up and doesn't allow the full exposure to cause a change to the existing power structure, our culture, and how things currently work, then it will HAPPEN AGAIN. PLUS, so much damage has been done. Think hollywood, the brainwashing of the masses, the education of the children, the legitimacy people give the MSM. The world NEEDS FULL DISCLOSURE to fully break through their hypnosis. Their reality needs to be shattered. They need to come to grips with reality as it is and not just let the government operatives fix it behind the scenes and perpetuate the system as it is while we get sugar coated releases and try to redpill people with memes they'll rationalize and forget.

3) Keep in mind that the files they have uncovered via Weiner and Awan were created for a purpose. Blackmail and control. If Q et al holds onto this information (and haven't we learned not to trust people who glow in the dark at this point?) then who is going to end up with it later and what will it be used for then? The only way to neutralize this evil power, which has controlled our society and corrupted it to the extreme, is to expose it to everyone. If the people who have it now are allowed to hold onto it without exposing it, then they will retain the power to blackmail all those who haven't been exposed. They will be perpetuating THE VERY SAME system that got us here! Even if they have used it for good at this point, NOTHING will have substantially changed. Either they will end up using it wrongly, or someone else will come along in the future and use it wrongly. The evil must be destroyed by bringing it into the light.

THESE CRIMES MUST NOT BE HIDDEN FROM THE WORLD. I understand Q et al is bringing the evil-doers to justice behind the scenes, but they must not be complicit in helping the devil hide the worst of his deeds. I demand the whole Truth. The world NEEDS the whole Truth. No one has a Right to withhold it. Wikileaks, NYPD, FBI, Q, etc needs to find it within themselves to set the Truth free.

Think about this, was justice better served by allowing the government to police itself in the Iraq war and tell us that things were being handled behind the scenes or was justice better served when Wikileaks released all of the documents Manning gave them? Despite all the good Q is doing, I don't believe he intends to ever give full disclosure. Deals are being made. Certain crimes are being allowed to pass. Justice for some, Injustice for others. Truth for no one.

8a79ea  No.138489


So you have a direct line of communication with Q?

Or did he reply to a thread?

a379ff  No.138657

OP thanks for this containment board. Now keep all your fanfiction muh ayyyyylmao cunts off general. Thanks in advance

4cdb8d  No.138814

I agree wholeheartedly with the OP.

We have two choices at this junction, clean up this planet, or don't clean up this planet. If 80 % of the dirt is silently swept under a rug, then the planet will not have been cleaned! Whatever improvement there might be after a limited cleansing will be short-lived, and nothing will have been accomplished in the long run. The evil will creep back in no time.

The general public MUST be faced with the truth of what happened! The uncomfortable truth is that the general public has unwittingly given its support to evil, and will do it again if no lesson is learned.

If there is a power transition with minimum noise and life just goes on with barely anyone noticing much, then the guys who took over weren't really "good guys" after all, they were just staging a coup to benefit themselves and their friends.

I sincerely hope team Q is only being secretive for strategic reasons while sensitive operations need to be protected, and that they will open up and educate the citizens afterwards.

My prayers are for liberating this planet from evil, not just shifting power from evil to slightly less evil.

f33c0d  No.139141

File: 0782d9e32a75a90⋯.jpg (44.76 KB, 900x506, 450:253, kim.jpg)


Still not recognizing the situation…. Well you do have good intentions but in that long very well thought out post I made I went through it very mechanically about what precisely would happen if we did as you suggest.

there can be no petition, the only way we got to where we are without billions dead was to make those deals. Otherwise the world would be a literal nuclear holocaust as Israel and deep state fired off all the damn nukes while our Washington creeps laugh and wait for the comfort of their bunkers thinking they got away with everything.

We could still have disclosure, but that would mean our word means nothing - some people are getting a second chance that they should consider a miracle to get, rapists, but not child rapists - there is a line drawn. A horrifying line? Maybe… but it's what had to be done and it can never be undone.

Pulling the string you want to pull is dangerous - Trump is expected to hold up his side of the bargain - Did you notice all the robo posts telling us to go after Israel? Yea, they have dirt too! but the reason deep state wants us to go after them is not because of their high and might morals. Think deeper and recognize the foes in front of you, and if you absolutely have to pull this string then for god sakes wait until we've exhausted the help of those people first.

1e41b9  No.140137

Have read all previous post and here's my 2 cts.

> female and not in USA

PLEASE all the disgusting crimes must come into the full light of day. I can understand that some "deals" r made with individuals. Those decissions r made by someone wiser then I am.

But indeed: after hundreds of years of the most sickening crimes, every human on earth must learn of the entire, horrible truth, the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. Every.last.sickening.detail of it.

This is the ONLY time in humanity this whole vile pile of shit can b dragged out into the light. It must b in the history books, films and documentaries made and NEVER b forgotten.

For the exact same reason as that the SHOA hasnt been swept under the rug.

Humanity needs 2 know how children r groomed, abused, raped, eaten, made into suicide bombers etc. The world must also know that there r ppl that create a diseases just to make money. And that ppl r just so corrupt that they sell nukes or trying 2 cause global nuclear war because they CAN or because they r just bored.

Evil growns in shadows and darkness.

The brighest of spotlights on every gruesome deed, especially at the racebaiting, bought fakepress, and also to misdeeds in the ss or cia itself. That ancient chinese book about the Art of War teaches (if i am not mistaken) that u NEVER allow a defeated archenemy to live. He will rise again and kill u.

Medusa's many heads will grow back if she is not slain.

Ppl MUST know, or they will never learn.

Nuernburg trials will b the way 2 go.

Some get a deal, but r robbed of their wealth so that they will b impotant of power. Others need a heartattck or a caraccident.

Justice must b served, the crimes committed, r the most sickening ever to have commited on this planet.

I dont want to hear excuses about "crisis and snowflakes". We'r tough. We will survive.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

I am begging you, on behalf of THE REST OF THE WORLD. We will never have a chance of change and r living in HELL if this evil is not completely and openly uprooted.

If u r still not convinced: look at YT vid smuggled out of sweden. Rapegangs in broad daylight, in the middle of town. Hundreds of them. And girls cant even dile a complaint eith the police. THAT is the concequence of NOT telling the entire world the whole truth. Ppl ij Europe r powerless: if they speak up, they r jailed.

All those ppl in other countries loves GEOTUS too and r just as desperate for justice to b served.

c9b6d5  No.140574





If anyone who sees this has access to someone who has the classified documents, please implore them to at least read and consider our pleas

1ff5fa  No.141051

I have an IDEA.

(First, forgive my bad english, euanon here).

You are forgetting a big player here: national and international OPINION on Donald Trump.

If you only could hear and see the way he's everyday vilified here, by MSM and elites and politicians, you'd declare war on every fucking country on this poor planet. Normal people, while somehow redpilled about the lies of MSM when it comes on their country affairs, still believe everything on international affairs because they know nothing. I guess it's the same in USA: what do normies know of Norwegian or Japanese or Austrian politicians? If TV News say they're evil, then so be it.

Donald Trump is evil, and is a buffoon for 99% of people out of the United States. Now, think of this: Donald, or his (great) men from agencies, expose the elites for what they are. They expose the corruption, the dirty wars, the children trafficking, the financing of Daesh, the regime changes, the pay to play, everything. Do you believe elites abroad will allow MSM to expose this as well? No. The whole world will say Trump is getting mad, Trump is hitlering his nation, Trump is going to jail and kill all his enemies to clear his path to absolute power with no opposition. This is what 6 billions people on Earth will get. Maybe the elite will also get them together to declare war on USA, and believe me, no normies will lift a finger to protest it.

So what to do? The only way would be to expose the evil slowly, and by people beyond suspicion. Like money corruption exposed by, say, Mueller. I’ve read many people here dreaming of Obama switching sides and going live TV to help Trump to expose everything: this is a great dream, unfortunately it won’t happen, but those anons have understand what’s the knot Trump Team has to solve.

Is there someone so believable by americans, and by the whole world? Do you think a man like this exists? Unbelievable as it may sound, I believe that man exists. Did Q ever mentions “white wizard” or something like that? Did we (shame on us!) forget the man who saved the world getting Trump elected?

Everything will be exposed, when time comes, by Julian Assange and his Wikileaks.

6e68ce  No.141215


I agree, I so 100% agree. Although I can agree to not want a world war. For example if the train accident was a retaliation, I want to know who did it. Not the constant bullshitting. I have been working issues for weeks here and I am sick of the bullshit. Innocents died, where is justice for the victims. Same old same old in the USA, we care more about the criminals. Why lie about Atlanta? That would be big brag points for the guys stopping it. Will we ever know who these heroes are? The public has a right to know who is attacking them, AND WHY, AND HOW. Without knowledge they cannot protect themselves, economics be damned. Without knowledge we cannot stop history from repeating itself. I am beyond caring if it starts riots. Also to reiterate, how is the MSM still allowed to blatantly lie? It's stupid policy people! If everyone has got the goods, then make propaganda illegal again and clean out the media NOW. Then let the redpilling commence.

c3c49c  No.141380

It's time for humanity to grow up and take an honest look at their collective Self. I couldn't agree with the OP more. Release everything, and shock humanity into recognizing their shortcomings and rectify them. We don't need a new elite who is holding all the information for themselves.

c96a85  No.141548


I agree with this Anon, for the most part.

I would like to see more transparency with the Congressional inquests. (I.E. McCabe being behind closed doors. These should be public.

But it takes finess to overcome the divide in this country.

We have to take it slow, let it be revealed, let them accept as well as let them see good economy etc at the same time.

2959ab  No.141567

I have been waiting my entire life to know our real history; the real story.

My father knew a lot of the big picture but it ate him up and killed him. Thankfully he passed some of it down to me.

6deb28  No.141819

How do you protect yourself from evil if you don't even know it exists?

987628  No.143562



I posted this in the Alien/Disclosure thread earlier today and also added to general

f33c0d  No.144615

File: 7224d97be6df651⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 640x521, 640:521, Bannon on corruption.jpg)


what Q has said about why Autistic people's pattern recognition being so easy to redpill, well it's true and in fact my ability to see patterns goes farther than most Autists and this is why not telling me something but giving me the quantity of clues they have is the same as telling me by looking at the patterns of gaps in information.

And this is why I can say with confidence that the truth is already out there in full if you want to see it. (aside from NK underground)

But just be careful cause the biggest danger is deep state pushing us for full disclosure to create a rift in shaky aliances. Saudi Arabia won't sit idly by if we release the dirt on the King. Neither will (pick any nation) - You want WW3? Just pull that thread and chances are the remaining Rothchild's will get right behind you and pull so hard because it's the only chance they have to beat us.

If Q has to directly tell us what I am telling you now - then that could actually create a major backlash against him and Trump because it'll make it seem like a Nixonian bullshit thing, just think about that…

And so you want the truth? Go read all the fbi posts and leaks - I put them in my searchable (half done) section of my site db-q.com (database of Q and the anon section) and I'm actually working on some new quiz's I hope to be done soon to tie it all together - and I'll be putting a version of the truth just for people like you who want the full version.

The secret truth is not as hard to figure out so long as you pay attention - just read closely what FBI anon said and the news articles of the past few months involving Israel. Contrast with the things Q is silent about rather than dismissive of.- And there's a high probability IF people ever do accept the incredible truth they will get (It will take SO MUCH TIME just for that) - then people will uncover the rest (and by then we will be in a better position for it.

And in case you want the NSA dirt? Well All the senators stepping down have dirt on them that'll be classified but you can infer what it was based on the stuff about to come out on the ones that didn't take deals.

But if you REALLY REALLY want to know, well just look at this


The quantity of evil is not even comprehensible - that's over 1k videos of true investigative journalism - and George Webb is the other side of Q for all intensive purposes. In that he's a funnel for world wide data to teach people the truth about everything. In one video he might spend 30 minutes talking about having a nursery for CIA's kids whom are only there for organ donations later in life - to CIA paying people in your neighborhood to give you harassment campaigns (the dispostion matrix)

I don't want to keep posting but I just know how hard the bad guys have pushed for what you are now pushing. So if you aren't a shill then please for the love of god don't turn this into a movement - and if you must just wait until it wouldn't create WW3.

0889fd  No.146029

I recently came away from Psychopass, so forgive the singular focus on it…

However, I present the conflict between Akane and the Sibyl System as exemplary, here. The Sibyl system is flawed. It is corrupt. It undermines its own stated goals. Akane recognizes this and is fully opposed to its existence.

However, the Sibyl System has a powerful trump card… humanity. The life and prosperity enjoyed by many would be obliterated in the aftermath of a collapse of the Sibyl System. Humans are, at this point, domesticated and very ill prepared to deal with life outside of the institution around them.

Makishima, the main villain, illustrates this well enough. Despite the sheer epic nature in which he confronts Sibyl and rejects the attempt to incorporate him into the system - he does not care if millions die. To him, the life of a person unable to act on their own free will is of no value and no humanity.

This is an unworkable 'solution.' Or, perhaps a measure of such extreme last resort that there will never be a firm consensus on when such action is appropriate.

As such, Akane chooses to search for a way to remove society from the Sibyl System, rather than destroy it outright, or serve it.

Guns blazing is the method of last resort. It will have consequences that spiral out of control. Not that control and the comfort of conflict aversion is always good - but…

f113ec  No.147002

AFAIK most people can not handle it.

If, say, 25% of whole population on earth can handle the truth, it would have been released already.

The truth is far more bizarre than it seems to be.

My guess for current plan is to expose everything on earth first. This basically includes EVERYTHING that can be discussed here without a "oh ayyimao religion shit gtfo" reaction.

If everyone seems to handle these well, we can expect to have a more detailed follow-up pretty soon.

58bdf3  No.148125

First thank you Q, POTUS, Patriots. You are truly doing God's work.

No one will have trouble accepting that our politicians and media are corrupt, lying, bought and paid for criminals. Lock them up on this count first. That they sacrifice children to Satan in order to harvest Andechrome is an awful big pill to swallow. Drain the swamp first with their other criminal acts and then their sexual perversions (people are universally repulsed by the abuse of children) can be revealed after the fact.

I agree that most normies cannot handle the truth. I have been trying to redpill people gently but cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing.

I am not American and can confirm that the MSM is very biased against Trump here so that you must tread carefully. Most people remain under the spell of dark forces.

Those of us who are trying to help face incredible stress and emotional and spiritual damage from our battles for truth. In addition to the media and communication experts I pray you are planning for the mental health aspects of this. I have faith in you and what you are trying to accomplish.


21f6ef  No.148683

My 2c.

We need disclosure.

POTUS has the power, given to him by the people, to make the entire world - not just the US - a more transparent place. A better place. This will take time, and can't happen all at once, but it must happen.

Disclose what these sick fucks do in their spare time. Release the recordings of them talking about us as if we are cattle. Feeders.

Release the bank transactions. Expose their $/interest game they're playing. World banks and who controls them. Who benefits.

Release the videos of what they do to children. Release the videos of their sick rituals.

The only thing they are afraid of is FULL DISCLOSURE. They are afraid of the feeders. Why? Because if WE knew what they did to us (even if they believe we've "allowed" this to happen, and to some extent, this is true - but only because THEY HAVE BEEN HOARDING THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THE THINGS), we would hang them in the streets. There are way more good guys than bad guys. This is why they're afraid.

Knowledge is power.

Redistribution of KNOWLEDGE (truth) is the only way this will not happen again.


And also, disclosure of free energy, the power of our minds, and all the tech the elites hoard (the TOOLS that have kept them in power) needs to be released, too.

How can the feeders fight the evil if we don't have a level playing field? (knowledge/tools)

Argument for full disclosure: Because we live in an age where nothing is truly destroyed/deleted - this also lends an argument for releasing everything publicly. That way, it can't ever be used again for blackmail.

I honestly think that the world can handle the truth - sure will there be some that will literally end up insane? Yep. Will some refuse to believe? Yep. And that's their choice. BUT, they don't even have a choice right now. Most can't fathom the evil that these bad actors have brought upon the earth; they live in their nicely constructed bubbles made of glass, constructed meticulously by the elites. Some of us (here) have been awake for a while. But we are called crazies, conspiracy theorists - show the world that we've been right all along, and we will help the masses through this. We will help them connect the dots.

I also realize that the "good guys" have probably participated in, colluded with, been blackmailed by, and ultimately been involved with this evil to some extent. How else could they know the elite's secrets and ultimately bring these bad actors down? If this is the fear, then you expose it all. The good guys, the bad guys, ALL of it. Prepare for this. If Q/DJT & Co. are as smart as they seem to be, then this isn't something to be afraid of - it's an opportunity to show the world that good always wins. And if good has to infiltrate evil in order to win…well, then that just shows how much stronger good is than evil. I've always suspected that DJT knew what these sick fucks were up to, he was just waiting for the right time to strike against them. Obviously, now is that time. This is a ONCE IN A MILLENNIA chance to shift this planet's fate. Take it. The short-term consequences to full disclosure do not out weigh the liberty and freedom that will be established in the long run.

45cdd5  No.148703

Dear Q,

Crimes against humanity must be exposed.

We live in a time where righteousness and order are sniffed at and criminality is ignored or celebrated. People such as you with your means, capability, and purpose do not come along but once in a few hundred years or longer and this may be our only chance.

We common and ordinary people have little more to offer our children and grandchildren than vague promises of hope and safety. We are not privileged. We are not powerful. But if we are all equal as you say, let us all see justice exists so that we have something more to offer our children than halfhearted assurances.

This is not a bloodlust request. You are not our savior, but you are an instrument appointed for this time. If you say we are equal but want to spare us truth, then you reveal that we are not truly equal in your eyes.

Many live under the falsehood that we are free. We know this is not true and you have given yourself to change this. If, by your hidden works you benevolently grant us all "freedom" without allowing us to know the truth and cost by which that freedom was finally obtained, is that freedom something to be cherished and protected? It is only the truth that sets us free. Give us a reason to fiercely guard our freedom, as you have fiercely fought to return it to us.

Salt the earth. Expose it all so that it doesn't take root again for centuries. Make our eyes see that it more desirable to be upright rather than evil.

I can hardly express my great gratitude for what you are doing. May you be saturated with divine wisdom and courage. May your family be blessed for generations to come.

1b3b1c  No.149855






Thank you Q!!

People are averse to any major change in general, but in my experience they (and people that manage them) nearly always underestimate the masses' ability to handle even monumental change. People can be calmly led to any new reality *if* the message is managed calmly and the change is driven by confident and capable hands (POTUS).

The one area I would *not* advocate for disclosure is in detailing the mythology under which these evil people and their power/influence structures have operated for hundreds(+?) of years. Disclosure should be complete and unfiltered with regards to the horrible methods, acts, and atrocities committed by this group, and it is absolutely necessary to prevent a repeat in the future, but sharing these evil (and stupid) people's misguided belief structure will only risk inspiring/attracting weak-willed emo-rebels to mimic their horrible acts in the future - even if only functioning as a kind of pathetic, but locally dangerous, cargo-cult of evil.

Back to managing the change; I know that you and your team already know this, but owning the narrative via the full spectrum of media/entertainment information channels is absolutely key to providing that calm, confident atmosphere for the masses to understand/accept and not panic. Leaks/lead ups prior to that point (full narrative control) will certainly help set the stage, but any risk of credible counter-narratives emerging during such a huge change will increase chances for public uncertainty → panic.

God Bless your team and POTUS!

1e7255  No.153711


Do not fear chaos.

If we run from chaos, it controls us.

We must walk through the chaos; charge into it with peace in our souls.

That is how we will truly be the calm in the storm.

7773d7  No.154474


This has legs. There are no other sources in the world that have the reputation for truth that wikileaks has. It is possible this was planned this way. Whatever, in practice there are few people who are better placed

01db5d  No.154554


Thank you for the youtube link, VERY informative. Good work. We're lucky to have guys like you working on this.



d871d1  No.155501

From another anon:


This. Staged if necessary, but full disclosure. Do not believe that people can't take, or will wind up in the hospital. That is an excuse to avoid disclosure that would harm important (wealthy) individuals, and institutions that are important to their power. Essentially, the deep state that are not pedos, or trying to take over the country, but still want their power and influence to take their skims. FBI Anon referred to them as the bee-keepers. We are the bees. They take skim the honey and want to keep it that way. FBI Anon said the bee-keepers are against full disclosure. No wonder the CEOs get to walk away without exposure or jail time. Do we really think that is a great job by Potus/Sessions et al? I don't. What info could they have possibly offered to get a deal if deals were refused to HRC and 12 other presumably high-powered individuals. Sorry Q, increased crumbs directly authorized by the POTUS misses the mark for what many anons meant by increased/full disclosure. I think that is obvious from comments here tonight. The CEOs walking away represents the two sets of rules for two classes of people. #lockherup is about more than just HRC. I hope POTUS understands that. It all has to come out for maximum defense against it happening again. It will be far more effective that $700B per year for our great, wonderful military.

d871d1  No.155525

Another point to be made about this is, yes,THANK God for Potus, Q, et al. However, the fact that this evil could grow in our system to a point of dominating it for however many years is de facto proof that we cannot trust government operatives and the existing power structure to keep us safe from that evil in the future. Something needs to be changed structurally within it. Something needs to be changed fundamentally in our culture. Hearts, minds and souls must be awake to this reality to help safeguard against it in the future. The spooks and future comeys of the government are incapable

281dc1  No.155790







Several anons have contributed here with the suggestion that supporting ‘full disclosure’ is somehow naive. I believe that this position is understandable, but ultimately naivety itself. We are at a critical crossroads as a species. The evil that has grown in our midst, nearly to the point of our utter global annihilation, can be traced to many underlying causes – a major example being the damage to human development (emotional and intellectual) of severe childhood trauma; a factor that has been fully utilised by generations of cabal psychopaths reproducing their own kind.

One overriding theme can be discerned as this spiritual/social cancer has metastasised amongst us; secrecy. All of this criminality has been facilitated by secrecy – by lack of transparency. This should not surprise anyone. Human beings are basically creatures of love, whose fundamental loving nature can be horribly obfuscated, inverted and smothered by severe trauma and/or mental illness. Some prefer to view this as a battle between good and evil. This is fine as far as it is practical, but ultimately I find it a crude dualism lacking nuance. The evil that has flourished in our midst would never have spread far beyond the sick (evil if you prefer) individuals originating these behaviours if our societies were open, transparent, and resistant to the threat of obfuscation-by-psychopathy that can infect us collectively. It is our very tendency to embrace ‘secrecy’ and ‘lack of transparency’ - specifically in the public realm, a tendency that has been encouraged and spread by the ‘high’ functioning psychopaths among us, that has left us so vulnerable to what has ultimately proven to be a global criminal network that has nearly destroyed us all.

There are excellent reasons to be very careful with the mass public disclosure of these dark truths; after all, we do not raise our children overwhelming them with the negativity of the world before they are ready to absorb it in a balanced way. Too much, too soon – and we end up causing the kind of ‘psychological splitting’ through trauma that is ironically the black heart of psychopathic reproduction. But we absolutely have to commit to a full disclosure – we absolutely have to inoculate ourselves as a species from this ever happening again to us. This has happened to us precisely because lack of transparency in our societies has permitted this evil to arise and spread. Any so-called solution that does not embrace, and plan for, ultimate full global disclosure of everything – without exception – will doom us to repeat this sorry episode. The fear of the damage and chaos that full disclosure could cause is quite legitimate and well reasoned – but ultimately, we really do have no choice. To put it crudely – our problem is of the dark, the solution is of the light.

I would finish with this point: we (the ‘redpilled’) have much to discuss and reflect regarding the tactics of disclosure; what to disclose when, who to disclose it to, how to best disclose. This process may well take generations. However, I believe that the bulk of the disclosure must be committed to within a generation – this is not a can to be kicked endlessly down the road, that is just inviting a new ‘well-intentioned’ culture of secrecy to develop, and the road to hell is paved with good intention like this. I actually think that is precisely how we got here in the first place.

07536d  No.156014

great post

nothing is beyond our reach

f2aac7  No.156145

The science underneath the entire scheme will bring light on true resolve. Missing catalyst, The Human Primer.

200531  No.156153


Don't forget - that while full disclosure is happening - those who have MOTIVES to lie or distort the truth will. Some will create NEW motives to lie or distort truth. The SOCIALISM narrative is accepted as so good and noble by some.. they will see that as the answer. 2cents - Disclosure - and protection AMERICA and our constitution needs to be a TOP priority.... Some will go underground and try to hide their dissension - ... just a thought.

1520a2  No.156571

This is more then knowing the truth. It is a battle for your mind, health and soul. What really happens to your spirit when you die. Energy source for? The Matrix was not far off.

e2c69a  No.157702


I agree with all you said except I think full disclosure needs to occur rapidly precisely for the SHOCK effect. People are not as fragile as everyone here seems to think. We, as a species, have had to endure the most horrifying atrocities and learn how to cope with them and figure out how to move on from there. A slow, normalization, of the shocking truth will neuter the truth of a certain potency which is necessary to shake every person to their core so they can disregard everything that keeps them from working together and make a fundamental structural and cultural change so we can enter a new paradigm. We need the equivalent of another world war, except one where knowledge is used to shatter the old structures, not bombs. Everyone needs to wake up one day to a fundamentally different world outlook that, yes, may be very disturbing, but also instills a resolve to rebuild a better society for generations to come from the ruins of a mental nuclear holocaust.

e2c69a  No.158130

Amazing post from another Anon. Hope he approves me reposting here:

The question before [us] is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country.

[I]t is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the [deep state] for [decades] to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves…

Ask yourselves how [the] reception of our [new elected POTUS] comports with those [terror]like preparations which cover our waters and darken our land.

Are [open borders] and [reoccurring terrorist attacks] necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Let us not deceive ourselves… These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which king’s resort. I ask gentlemen, what means this [push for global governance by the UN, EU, and deep state actors], if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us: they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the [NWO] have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the subject? Nothing. We have held the subject up in every light of which it is capable; but it has been all in vain. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble supplication? What terms shall we find which have not been already exhausted? Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves. Sir, we have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on.

If we wish to be free– if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending–if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained–we must fight!

[The corporate media] tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a [UN guard] shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our [debt] chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the [halls of central banks]!

The war is inevitable—and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come. It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war [has] begun! The next gale that sweeps [in] from the [sky] will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

e2c69a  No.158357

From another thread:

Hello Q and thank you for your recent disclosure. It's also good to see this information leaking more into the 'mainstream' of the alternative media world. However, to all Anons who have been contemplating our current plight and the condition in which we find ourselves, we need to have an important conversation regarding FULL DISCLOSURE.

The argument that Q team is making is the same as FBI anon. The people cannot handle the whole truth. We will only be given crumbs. 80% private 20% public. We have been given a lot of insight in these discussions and we can infer from the publicly available information enough about what is going on to understand it. But we will not be shown the evidence. It will remain classified. The system will collapse if we hear the truth. There will be revolution. There will be war.

I think most of us agree that certain things need to be temporarily withheld in order for the current operations to be successful. It would be prudent to ensure that all of the evil-doers who are currently in positions of power are jailed or executed prior to doing anything else. But the point that some of us would like to impress upon you (and anyone else who is capable of leaking the information) is that once that is done and the situation is secure, EVERYTHING must be disclosed.

This issue is far too significant to think that we can just go on like normal once the job is complete and the government operatives put the bad guys behind bars. The severity of the crimes deserve justice, but perhaps more significantly, the severity of how deeply compromised and corrupted our system can become warrants a complete and total reassessment of that system. Trusting the government to fix itself will not be sufficient. Everyone in society needs to be given the knowledge of these facts and the opportunity to fix it.

However, our culture is too inoculated from the truth by MSM, schooling, fake politicians, etc for the people to be significantly impacted by the memes we make from our crumbs. Their reality needs to be shattered for them to fully recognize and come to grips with the situation. The evidence of all the hardcore crimes that have been committed must be exposed for everyone in the government and society to have an accurate and complete understanding of what is going on and to realize that we must all work on a solution together. Ignorance, political affiliation, brain washing, blackmail, bribes, etc will prevent mutual cooperation unless everyone receives a SIGNIFICANT shock.

Every man, woman, and child needs to come face to face with this evil and realize that it exists and contemplate how it can totally compromise our system and our society. Only then will we be able to rectify the situation and do our best to prevent it from happening again and eventually bequeath that knowledge to the generations to come.

Some might not like me pushing that idea, but I believe it needs to be discussed and thoroughly considered by more than just the select few. Q et al are using their knowledge of this evil to do good, for now, but they will not always be here. If the evil is not fully exposed to the light, then it will resurface again in the future.

A number of people have made some interesting comments on this topic in the following thread:


…if the truth about what has been going on in our government is so hardcore that revealing it would threaten to collapse the current power structure, then maybe that structure needs to be rebuilt. If full knowledge of the horrors of this evil would compel every living soul to rise up against it until it is defeated, then I say, BY GOD WE MUST HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE.

fbc93c  No.158591

File: 907d43102490fcd⋯.jpg (313.14 KB, 1489x2048, 1489:2048, FB_IMG_1478848103783.jpg)

Do not release the truth Q.

The people are not ready for the truth. Only chaos will ensue from order. Do not reveal what we did. Do not share the free energy technology, it will destroy our economy. People's only wish is to wake up and make us money. Let there be peace, have a few billion dollars Q. Join our new world order. Lets compromise, we will make it a little more comfortable than the last. One hour of less work-hours a week. A fair compensation.

775410  No.159505


100% in agreement. People need a big event to wake up. The matrix needs to be shattered into a million pieces, and only through knowledge of its existence will that happen. People have been lied to their entire lives.

816c8d  No.160927

If it doesn't all come out now it will remain an open an oozing sore in America. Everyone loves the idea of a Revolution until it comes to cleaning up the mess. Their sentence must be both punitive and preventive.

54e8fd  No.161796

God Bless Q and the white hats, the MI and our military. God Bless President Trump.

I am torn. I am 80/20 of Q's original plan.

1) Opinion on Trump >>141051

This right here. Our own people will say we've gone Korea nuts.

2) War. With full disclosure, the world will make war on us. Our republic would end. The US is the last redoubt of freedom. Imagine the world making war on the US, the now-unrecognizable EU +Britbongistan, Russia+China. We can't fight the whole world. And the winners would be the nations who have already been taken over. Evil would swarm in like locusts. Im not surprised to hear other opinions think that this is what the deep state wants, to watch the entire world burn because they didn't get their way now…and they'll pick up the pieces after.

Which is precisely and exactly what they wanted before, when Hillary was going to win….push war with Russia, maybe China and NK if that doesn't work, hide in their bunkers, then emerge to take control of what's left.

Full disclosure ends up with the- exact same results as their original plan-. So an absolute and resounding no.

3) Our government, and our president, need protected…because they are us and they are ours. Our Constitution needs protected. Our nation must stand. America really has been the only free nation, and even that they've been planning to undo since it was settled. We must protect this country, and we must continue to make it better. We can't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

4) People can not take it. They can't. We are different which is precisely WHY we're here. But they can not take it. Run on the banks, collapse of society, War of the Worlds type suicides. The worst has to be kept from the masses, it really does. For peace to happen, yes.

5) We get disclosure. But for the rest of the populace who would slash their wrists, we have to be Batman. Let the worst stay in the realm of plausibly deniable conspiracy theory so that they can sleep at night.

6) But How do we keep this from happening again without disclosure? How do future generations protect themselves if they remain asleep? We need watchers. We need info. We need our social media to be free speech…any social media operating within the US needs to run by US laws, not EU laws. US laws for US citizens.

7) We will spread only to those who are CAPABLE of knowing. We must be the original Freemasons–that was their job–keeping an eye on freedom but sadly they have most probably been corrupted at the top and now they are hard working drones collecting money. But when you are anonymous, there is nothing to corrupt, no organization to infiltrate. Anons will have to carry the messages, keep the light on, and spread to those who are capable and who want to be red-pilled. Not everyone does.

Then Jesus said, "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear."

21f6ef  No.162203


Full disclosure = showing The Storm is WW and EVERYONE'S PROBLEM. I think this could prevent wars since we all have our own messes to clean up - there are guilty people literally everywhere, nationalism increases = good, world leaders ousted and replaced (by good guys - known because they are NOT in any of the documents/files that are released in this scenario), new tech, new energy… I think human beings can rise to the occasion and all join together in the name of everyone's freedom, not just a select few of the 0.01%.

Release the files. All of them. I think it's the only way this has a chance of being the last time someone has to clean up a mess like this. And DJT is pretty much a once in a millennia kinda hero. I don't like those odds if we don't do this the right (full) way this time.

f33c0d  No.181939

File: 7382ea73410a56a⋯.png (178.63 KB, 674x477, 674:477, 1b41975165af164f64b7b6ae34….png)

File: a292c7313733833⋯.jpg (50.11 KB, 800x532, 200:133, e5c4486969dc765a9cc7d0df7c….jpg)

File: c17056f6c4e8c98⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 945x552, 315:184, rtxkrjb.jpg)


Fear chaos? I fear weak-minded people being tricked by trillionaires.

Just think logically for a moment, i have seen the push by bots to make this all about Israel - now, consider for a moment we all push for "the truth" and "The Truth" includes things we have made deals around to prevent warfare. - "The Truth" will be leaked by the bad guys and it'll be cherry picked to make Israel/Bush seem like the BIG-BAD - that fits with what the bots were trying to set-up. - Cause if we accidentally push for full disclosure then we have to face the reality that the bad guys will use that disclosure to push a very specific version of "The Truth" And this is a danger that needs to be considered.

VQC for example had this point about Bush being the big-bad and it got removed so quickly (by our side?) that I realized that Bush might not be bad, yet our side can't exactly explain the finer points except to say "fewer than you think are corrupted"

So let's think about that:

Pics are related: So Beiber is an owl guy? What does this mean to you? Does it mean that he is an ass-hat who is into occultist baby raping crap? Or does it mean some trillionare teen girl with a crush decided to fuck him and so he gets an all access pass to the world?

Ok so Beiber maybe bad, maybe not



Bush being told about 9/11 - I thought he was corrupt for most of this ride but I have come to realize he was meant to be the fall guy with his relationship to Osama being the trigger for WW3 but instead, he's not evil, he just was in over his head and he had to do a lot of shady stuff to prevent "the truth" being revealed - i.e. the truth that Al Waleed had staged to be true - they hated Bush 2nd only to Trump, why? Why did the SS switch his name from "Tripper" to "Trailblazer" when Obama was always "Renegade?" What did Bush hide with State Secrets?

Patterns are powerful things, - but even as I type that part about Bush, there is no chance in hell I'll convince most of us red-pilled about him. And that healthy skepticism is good - yet appreciate the complexity of the conspiracy and how bad at patterns normies really are. It doesn't take much to lose the info-war. And when the entire media is against you, it doesn't take much to take a half-truth into a bludgeon to beat your enemy to death with.

9e8d97  No.182057

Concur. If the prosecution of the evil is kept in the dark, Mystery Babylon wins. It MUST be brought to the light.

Forget about the riots. Whoever riots because of the truth being exposed is part of the problem and should be dealt with accordingly.

f33c0d  No.182153

File: c24a029c4b7121b⋯.png (298 KB, 627x315, 209:105, revwright1.png)

File: 01df5820a1e88d2⋯.jpg (144.88 KB, 1848x817, 1848:817, brainwash4.jpg)

File: bf5cc8de6e5174e⋯.jpg (22.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



>>154554 thank you, a few people will understand my points. so I'll post one more…

I've tried so many times to explain it and if i do it person by person it kind of works but generally speaking the royal "we" seems confident that if we get "the truth" it means that there may be riots and war but they will be totally fine things, and surely we will fight the right people and understand the right things.

If that were true I'd be right there with you! It's so important to understand this, but ever the autist jester we seem more to want to run face first into the door of destiny and then kick it down rather stop for half a second and than carefully unlock it while being prepared for what's inside.

because anyone demanding an immediate and total "TRUTH" is missing the forest for the trees. You don't win just beacause you have facts, I mean look at this video


see how few views it has? I've linked that, and Laura Ingraham has and many others - but if you don't look specifically for it, you won't find it. This is TRUTH - yet look for Trump and Racism and see how many videos will pile on top of this - the TRUTH is not enough!

just "knowing" is irrelevant and it's not how it has ever worked. "The Narrative" can't be broken that way, if you get 100% of the truth the bad guys will twist the finer points of that truth to make the good look bad and the bad look good.

I've explained the exact methodology of how, and why they were pushing Israel and Bush - it's so clear to me what they intend to do, all they need is a few more of us going FULL TRUTH NOW! - and they push behind you- and when that happens they push Israel into thinking they will be hung or something for their part in this - as though they were the big-bad - and Rothchild will push their money and the puppets will scream at Israel but not Rothchild and it'll just be so horrible it'll make you vomit how they twist the truth.

I wish I could make more people see what i see, but i'll just stick with the site I made and try and make some quiz's today to help normies. I've been working really hard to make them normie friendly - I just need to hurry up because the bad guys could still win if our side doesn't pay more attention to the finer details of this mess.

4cdb8d  No.188946


Very well spoken. Secrecy was the incubator for evil, and transparency is the inoculation against it recurring.

4cdb8d  No.189023



We need to birth a new world, and no birth ever happens without pain!

All of us *need* to be shocked to our core so the lessons learned go to the core. It's the only way forward.

Holding the world together during the transition by careful management is one thing, "protecting" the public against having to face the truth is quite another!

Truth is like good soil where the seeds of love sprout and draw nourishment. There will be TREMENDOUS spiritual growth and social progress in a very short time, once humanity has finally gotten a firm grounding in truth.

4cdb8d  No.189095


Do it the Freemason way, you say. Let's stow away the truth and only give it to those we think are worthy of it, you say.

Yeah, that idea worked out really well didn't it?


bc8107  No.199537

D Schultz Killed Seth Rich


287f3f  No.200532

File: 52331c9c8d1f9e6⋯.jpg (141.76 KB, 640x640, 1:1, sell your soul.jpg)


While I agree with anon’s demand for full disclosure, s/he made an erroneous statement that I am compelled to correct.

The anon wrote that “The best trick the devil ever played was convincing us that he didn’t exist.”

WRONG! The best trick ever played was convincing us that “the devil” (or the belief therein) is more powerful than we are as individuals with free will.

Have you ever wondered why the old adage “sell your soul to the devil” is stated so?


We always have a choice - to either give in to temptation or reject it. That was the great lesson in Christ’s teachings.

That is where personal responsibility for one's actions comes into play.

So, it is easy to be angry at HRC, BO, GS, Rothschilds, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin and the like for their crimes against humanity, but its much more important for US to realize and accept the fact that these psychopaths rose to positions of power because thousands upon thousands of people willfully allowed them to do so and, in many cases, followed their commands to harm and/or kill the innocent.

Q said that “there are more good people than bad [in the world.]” What s/he was really saying is that there are more people making the right choices than those who are not.

The Freedom to Choose by Yezdi Antia

We do not choose to be born.

We do not choose our parents.

We do not choose our historical epoch,

or the country of our birth,

or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing.

We do not, most of us, choose to die,

nor do we choose the time

or conditions of our death,

but within all this realm of choicelessness,

we do choose how we shall live:

courageously, or in cowardice, honorably or dishonorably, with purpose or adrift.

We decide what is important and what is trivial in life.

We decide that what makes us significant is either what we do

or what we refuse to do.

But no matter how indifferent the Universe

may be to our choices and decisions,

these choices and decisions are ours to make.

We decide.

We choose.

And as we decide and choose,

so our lives are formed.


JORDAN PETERSON Why Your Moral Choices are Important


a8eeb8  No.212188

Anons, recognize that this petition is not just moral, but playing with fire as well. There may be a greater justice attainable by withholding some portions of disclosure. It would be the absolute worst if full disclosure allowed some sort of escape or subversion once this is all through. Trust that the Q team has it under control.

c55297  No.212587

From another anon:

I have been following this since the beginning. If the implied truths are accepted (cult pedo trafficking cannibalism slavery war as business and genocide) then one must decide. These crimes against humanity require a robust justice backed by deadly force under law. Now, those in authority who claim these facts about known and specific individuals place an obligation upon themselves to remedy the injustice by prompt arrests, trials, and sentences appropriate to the crimes. If no such arrests, trials, and sentences are evident to we the victims and bystanders, we are, by virtue of our knowledge, compelled to act in defense of both the innocent and our selves. This is explicit in the Declaration of Independence "New Guards" language. We, the People will act: if We do not observe the execution of lawful justice upon these heinous criminals, We shall no doubt execute it ourselves…a process which will likely be both more unpleasant and disruptive to society than any mass arrests of the plutocrats and oligarchs.

edde5e  No.212685

This thread is just clickbait for people that have no idea what it takes to keep civility.

Sure there is a lot that needs to be revealed, but the people have to want that and do it themselves.

Insinuating that the first administration in a while that would even want that

to happen should bear the responsibility for making it happen,

is like a sucker-punch in the face of the people trying to do it the right way.

c55297  No.212728


>is like a sucker-punch in the face of the people trying to do it the right way.

What is the "right way"?

a685c7  No.212943

Most people would not believe him if he exposed the truth 100%. The truth is too outrageous for most people to truly comprehend and act on. Better to release little nuggets most people can get behind. The end result will be the same.

61433b  No.214692

If you are looking for a consise answer to all of this, I'd recommend the THRIVE Movement movie on YouTube (it's free in its entirety) . I don't know how I stumbled upon it anons, but it's the summary video of disclosure. I couldn't believe it existed. It's the combination of everything we have seen crumbed to us, what we have inferred, and what we know deep down is true. Not fucking kidding.

f59a9f  No.217722


>Several anons have contributed here with the suggestion that supporting ‘full disclosure’ is somehow naive. I believe that this position is understandable, but ultimately naivety itself. We are at a critical crossroads as a species. The evil that has grown in our midst, nearly to the point of our utter global annihilation, can be traced to many underlying causes – a major example being the damage to human development (emotional and intellectual) of severe childhood trauma; a factor that has been fully utilised by generations of cabal psychopaths reproducing their own kind.

>One overriding theme can be discerned as this spiritual/social cancer has metastasised amongst us; secrecy. All of this criminality has been facilitated by secrecy – by lack of transparency. This should not surprise anyone. Human beings are basically creatures of love, whose fundamental loving nature can be horribly obfuscated, inverted and smothered by severe trauma and/or mental illness. Some prefer to view this as a battle between good and evil. This is fine as far as it is practical, but ultimately I find it a crude dualism lacking nuance. The evil that has flourished in our midst would never have spread far beyond the sick (evil if you prefer) individuals originating these behaviours if our societies were open, transparent, and resistant to the threat of obfuscation-by-psychopathy that can infect us collectively. It is our very tendency to embrace ‘secrecy’ and ‘lack of transparency’ - specifically in the public realm, a tendency that has been encouraged and spread by the ‘high’ functioning psychopaths among us, that has left us so vulnerable to what has ultimately proven to be a global criminal network that has nearly destroyed us all.

>There are excellent reasons to be very careful with the mass public disclosure of these dark truths; after all, we do not raise our children overwhelming them with the negativity of the world before they are ready to absorb it in a balanced way. Too much, too soon – and we end up causing the kind of ‘psychological splitting’ through trauma that is ironically the black heart of psychopathic reproduction. But we absolutely have to commit to a full disclosure – we absolutely have to inoculate ourselves as a species from this ever happening again to us. This has happened to us precisely because lack of transparency in our societies has permitted this evil to arise and spread. Any so-called solution that does not embrace, and plan for, ultimate full global disclosure of everything – without exception – will doom us to repeat this sorry episode. The fear of the damage and chaos that full disclosure could cause is quite legitimate and well reasoned – but ultimately, we really do have no choice. To put it crudely – our problem is of the dark, the solution is of the light.

>I would finish with this point: we (the ‘redpilled’) have much to discuss and reflect regarding the tactics of disclosure; what to disclose when, who to disclose it to, how to best disclose. This process may well take generations. However, I believe that the bulk of the disclosure must be committed to within a generation – this is not a can to be kicked endlessly down the road, that is just inviting a new ‘well-intentioned’ culture of secrecy to develop, and the road to hell is paved with good intention like this. I actually think that is precisely how we got here in the first place.


thanks, I take no position on the rapidity of disclosure - I just do not have the data; specifically, I do not know the psychological 'bell-curve' of maturity we are dealing with here. Will 'most' people (at least, a critical number) hold their shit together and not riot and murder in the streets? I also do not know if a SHOCK effect as you describe is a real phenomena (with a positive outcome) or wishful thinking on your part. Get this wrong, potentially billions die. I want this discussed and explored far more than is being done, or even possible, here. Yes, the truth must come out. But are 'we' really not that fragile anon? You know this how?

fb9f6c  No.220062

From another anon:



This is so disheartening. There will be no public verification of any events? While I get the overall Big Picture of where this is going… for the overall good of the people, the country and the world…it doesn't explain to the public what the hell was going on behind the scenes and how it is being/was rectified. It also doesn't clarify to the public how they were duped, what to look for, what to do to stop it, and how to prevent it in the future. No one needs/wants to see guillotines, or watch the trials be made public. No one is asking for that. But public verification IS necessary. Yes, there will be those that scream to the sky; but the MAJORITY can handle the truth. It needs to be acknowledged PUBLICLY.

Just how will you justify the complete drop from the public eye for so many IN the public eye? As in, I ==DAMN SURE== don't want to hear some ex-POS-POTUS passed away and we're all supposed to stand and fucking salute his sorry ass for his great service to our country!?!? And I assume our govt will spend millions of dollars in a formal send off party for said sorry ass POTUS? Same goes for anyone from Congress or SoS?! I do not condone any such expenditures. Their "position" does not warrant such, given their actions.


If you are planning to take THAT route, then you are just as bad and corrupt as them. THAT is just more of the same bullshit tactics THEY pulled.

If there is no public acknowledgement for America, then there is no "story over". PERIOD.

And what's with that Bullshit line " Sexual assault victims must be protected"? Absolutely, of course they do. No one asked for names and dates to be published. But by the same token, you can't sweep the magnitude of child sex trafficking world-wide by so many "reputable" people, elites, leadership, and organizations under the rug and pretend like it didn't happen. How are reputable foundations EVER to be trusted again, if no one knows what the bad ones did?How are we ever supposed to trust our food, water, vaccines, electrical components, social media platforms, media, satellites, FBI, CIA, NSA, CURRENT ADMINISTRATION and every other damn government agency again, if there is no clarification, vindication, and affirmation of all of these events? THE PEOPLE ARE STRONGER THAN YOU GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR. Try being fucking honest. You claim to be "for the people", but this looks like more subterfuge, black ops and taking out of the competition, when there is no honesty, transparency and open dialogue with the PEOPLE-when it's time.

The people NEED to be brought up to speed, enlightened and relieved of the pain, pressure, stress and anxiety of all of these pedo/govt/organizations, both nationally and internationally, to fully understand exactly how badly they have been betrayed.

What was the god damn purpose of us MEMEing the world if " we want to turn the tide in a measured predictable way."? You are apparently planning to do all that without our help, so…WTF?So we continue to hide the seedy, corrupt, sick, baby rape, baby eating, blood drinking, torture, trafficking, money stealing, illegal activities of foundations, and CIA-behind-the-scenes-undermining-tactics and all the other fucking lies to save someone's feelings or counteract drama?


You think there's not going to be a hell of a lot of questions when people start disappearing? When leadership suddenly doesn't show up in Congress and is never heard from again? Don't fucking tell us to stand up for America; fight, fight, fight; bring out Washington Crossing The Delaware; call us PATRIOTS; invoke pride in our country and tell us we are fighting the good cause, in one breathe, and then tell us, in essence, "no one can know about this. It's all being done behind the scenes and no one can ever know about it." BULLFUCKINGSHIT. That's a ginormous slap in the face to every patriot, every military person, every military family, every victim and every GOD DAMN AMERICAN citizen. Not to mention the international community. You say you have our back. I call you out for the fucking liar that you are. Oneway.


THIS is absolute betrayal to those of us here; the rest of America and the rest of the world. If you want a fucking revolution on your hands, then get the damn people involved. WHEN it's safe to do so.

THIS is one more level of corruption using us and the people to hide corruption. THIS is why the people don't trust their government. THIS is why there is no reason to believe anything that we have been told up to this point is the truth.

I thought THIS was finally the administration of clear transparancy?




de8c0c  No.220148

THE THRIVE MOVEMENT ON YOUTUBE ANONS, IT'S WELL DONE, DIGESTIBLE FOR NORMIES, AND GAMBLE IS REDPILLED AF. please. Not trying to capslock to piss anyone off just trying to get a voice heard.

fb9f6c  No.220172


>I want this discussed and explored far more than is being done, or even possible, here. Yes, the truth must come out. But are 'we' really not that fragile anon? You know this how?

Regardless of how fragile we may or may not be and whether we think we can handle the truth or not, the fact of the matter is that the reality of what is hidden IS, in fact, a reality. Whatever the consequences are for recognizing that reality is already sealed in fate.

And the only way that reality ever came about is because of the fact that we did not know about it. The solution is not to remain ignorant of it.

"…if the truth about what has been going on in our government is so hardcore that revealing it would threaten to collapse the current power structure, then maybe that structure needs to be rebuilt. If full knowledge of the horrors of this evil would compel every living soul to rise up against it until it is defeated, then I say, BY GOD WE MUST HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE."

fb9f6c  No.220175


I will watch and report back comments

d0994e  No.220300


Thank you anon, I'm serious maybe it's too much in some parts (the torus) but it's all the crumbs in one. Banking, energy, loving one another and much more. I really can't describe it and I have no idea how I stumbled upon it but I think the presentation along with the clarity is key

db4485  No.232216

File: a41671df92dce7c⋯.jpg (749.92 KB, 1410x1080, 47:36, ALIENS.jpg)

thing about evidence and releasing all the files is a touchy one… there is sooo much risk for a normie to obtain and possess it… for instance the kind of evidence that would incriminate podesta and their pedo gang would put normies on a hot spot for possession of child pornography.

"b b but i got this off the internet to help investigate the evil doings of these devil worshipers" lets see how that will turn out…

even the "files" of intelligence agencies would be "sensitive material that concerns national security" you'd be lucky if they don't charge you with treason…

honestly i don't think this battle is for normies. but for the ppl who do know about it just need to stand back get comfe and prey. and i guess you can try to pass out some redpills here and there at your discretion. you don't want to stray too far from the herd and be labeled as the "red pill dealing crazy guy"

db4485  No.232461


yeah right? fearing the unknown is to fear fear itself.

and good luck defending against Subectoplasmians and their Ionicles only an ectofilma-shields are barely useful for minimal protection.

c5c4f7  No.232707

Once the war is won. Yes, maybe a little BTFO let the brainwashed riot it out of their system. Everyone needs to know, the people can choose to accept or not their choice.


There needs to be a plan to remove / prevent psychopaths from public service. There are tests, we don't let all types of people serve why are we allowing baby eaters to pass through?

How can we expect governments to stay pure when we let people who will eat babies join the ranks where due to their no conscious advantage invariably rise to the top?

This is how we got to where we are, we can stop this from repeating: Mandatory Psychopathy screening for public service.


96fd80  No.232823

File: 3793e04f8f96a60⋯.jpg (4.34 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 000544c6-0be1-0e51-70e6-cf….jpg)


a "for the common good" law or bill.

not a joke. it needs to happen asap.

online voting via some type of blockchain also, with automatic death penalty for tampering with vote counts or the integrity of the system.

no trial.

this should be a law not an idea.

450787  No.257987

Q why is there NO safe place for whistle-blowers people w/ real evidence abt False flags in past, documented on audio corruption by courts/leos, & evidence of who connected to murders on audio. been attacked/attempted murders/shot at many times/pets killed etc & NO safe place to go? as GOV is still compromised. Yet have info on gov setting up clone operations to a past FF that will tie into a new 1 they R working on the seeding & connections to harm POTUS. U bust those trying to kill me win win for potus & huge bigly win in media. IF Erik is part of Ur team, or IF U all via National Security lvl took over board. U know how to get in touch w/ me. do so. If it is Erik I have great way to confirm it's him as R things I know that only he would know/so match prove creds. There R people still being harmed/killed setup or in hiding w/ fams threatened that R patriots, but hanging on by threads. got it. & no safe place to call. U know how dirty Comey is. can give details easily meta/other proof of dirty BATF/DOJ director too. not rumor humint lived it/ have ways of proving it. & NSA can back all this up

Great way to red pill masses & get all those U need to expose NOW is to get REAL truth about OKBOMB/BOMROB the PATCON teams out. Say like time for release of files was UP like JFK (still not full truth) & dump. Those SAME orgs/people R active now. & they dusted off some shady folks from then, & made there clone operation. & U know the 1s then/now that had ties to clown Phoenix program. 3 ASAP arrests by U all & at least short term safe. Really a potus win win. U know what connected to & how good that would look. 1 convicted pedo on probation gov does nothing about violations. They R domestic terrorists.

The dirt on all those who MUST B immediately EXECUTED does NOT give new folks power. ergo correct expeditious justice of quickly executing all these bastards. NO BS fake crap. no BS lying REAL deaths ASAP. release all truths

Otherwise NO ONE is ever really safe. & it will still go on, & will get worse & happen again. Look YOU NEED to seize & take over the freaking BS clown CIA IN-Q-Tel BBG freaking networks LIKE CNN nationalize it as 24hr USA network. Use repeating shows to explain stuff, give real info & red pill past acts.

Never made sense how UNder trump/Sec state Tillerson w/ full legal authority could have FIXED the BS as the foreign dissemination of new totally controllable that comes out of USA.. so why is CNN still playing in OUR Airports, & allowed to broadcast lies about US that R a threat to US all & National Security allowed to continue?

ASAP freeze/seize ALL assets CIA & their literally100s of thousands fronts, & those they control via $ given through programs before & then In-Q-Tel & BBG Broadcasting Board of Governors. they get all the back doors violate ALL of our Civil & Human rights & fuck us all over. end it. They run at least 2 of largest global lawfirms DLA Piper (totally does In-Q-Tel, & tied to false flags etc. U know this) & Sidley Austin. then the domestic firms like those connected to Comey's past. means US takes over Lockhead Martin. Raytheon, Emhart, Black & Decker, TRW, Iridium, Boeing, SAIC, Booze allen hamilton, RAND, tons of Foundations, counsels & BS..

Do it. U know how they all got there. easily traceable & so many in the know R still alive.

ALL companies tied to BUSH fam/extended fam U know R crooked & from CIA drug/arms running & why as soon as George HW Poppy was VP illegally had TON of SEC records to do w/ his families businesses for 10 years pulped!! WE kNOW. We've known for decades. Jebs “board mtg” ordered Barry Seal murder, then his missing plane found on W's Crawford TX ranch

The stupid parts Q posts R not inherently proper to use for psychological motivation. the U sick yet? or too much to swallow. NO nothing none of it is. WE KNOW. WE want FULL disclosure & some of us need REAL help ASAP as lives in danger. & come out & trying to fight like hell w/ what we have left to fight a battle to the death to save a future for our children. Understand. but NEED some help. 2 many dead from all this shit. Need some help as NONE coming from county/state all corrupt, & NONE from ANY gov agency at all. Yet they have proof, U can prove this easy.

5318db  No.257988

File: 2325f6dc0977c3c⋯.png (5.4 MB, 3170x3063, 3170:3063, 95675247592.png)


uh yea, HELLO!

5318db  No.257989

File: 1c05248e75f4e74⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1351x1341, 1351:1341, 46555324.png)

5318db  No.257990

File: 7651bc8820bf6b6⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1468x1168, 367:292, 214543345.png)

5318db  No.257991

File: 1d58f4c8fa11abb⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1960x1493, 1960:1493, 67875442.png)

450787  No.257993

>>123217 then IF Q is part of Putus plans then they are deluded, & no better than the death we already have. Just a shortly postponed death.

Also seems Potus is too isolated. He is also old and vulnerable. He knows it, & constantly in danger. Pence GOP is NOT who we voted for. And once Trump named him as running mate it really made many people stop believing what he was saying was true, same for cabinet & other posts. Lots of career bad guys.. So we have problems, he has problems. GOP/BS Republicans stuck him w/ PENCE to get support. Same time GOP was & is planning his downfall. Thing is we need to show GOP they are the same as Dems & we will not tolerate them or their candidates. enough of the bread & circus false perception of choice w/ no choice and all owned/controlled by same masters just a different flavor/faction fighting for higher rank/protection/goodies in NWO. Its all a deadmans game.

WE need Potus to be healthy protected & be able to do real things. But IF he is not going to do the right things for us to be free we only exchange our cages/or where our chains on us end on other end.

He is oldest to take office. Understand that. That is a problem. They also give him crap when he goes to get fresh air, sunshine, a little exercise, relax and golf/chat. Insane as he runs his WH & is active. O was out having homo sex, & w/ choom gang & he was total puppet so WH ran even is he was dead & stuffed in a chair.

So if U are saying Q told u NO disclosure on this stuff. then we will have to end up in a bloody uprise against them.. I am already dead.. so will do what ever it takes to protect my children, their future, safety and freedom.

It makes NO sense not to disclose make public what MUST be made public. This is how he will get the insane/mentally worthless left to at least not burn down all our cities. They will continue to ruin his presidency. The whole damn Gang of 8, a most critical body is full of criminals, leakers & need to be arrested asap.

Look all past pres need to have security clearances removed ASAP. NEED EO that Obama's records he is hiding, & all PAST presidents belong to USA people. the A is critical. not the US corporation but real USA.

450787  No.258001

Q first off have Trump order EPA or who ever to stop putting freaking BS chemicals in USA water supply that are 1st off hazmat controlled toxic industrial byproducts, but that are & were in past used to control make gulag/camp prisoners docile, & STUPID.. blocks up our high functioning centers of brain pituitary. U do that may go a long way on helping spread truth to drugged poisoned population. People were shocked that he never stopped it and still allowed. We could have been 1 year into it & people detoxed by now. DO IT. THAT would B a HUGE proof to us that Trump really means what all this eludes to being.


OK I figure from what U wrote a few things. U are young, & you only recently redpilled. George Webb does get some stuff. but understand all of this has made him a bit nutty. It does that. Because how else can you explain him constantly protecting Obama. Saying oh Im sure that was not him, he did not do that etc..

Also you confuse a few things here. Not all disclousure effects other countries.. in a negative way as most dead or handled. You think this way seems because a recent red pill. Understand controlled pimped out whore that USA has become is responsible for millions & millions of genocide/murders/assassinations/& fucking w/ everyones elections.

But US Deep State has done crime upon crime against USA at home. Name a mass shooting, bombing, etc & not BS, but some facts & people who had some intel or heads up before hand it there. U will also find very public federal drills. Everyone in DC etc has known USA is freaking supporting terror. Started w/ Mujahedin (all always Israel source of global hell terror, the hub for porn, abuse of children, sacrifice, & organs ok.. it is Kingdom de la Rothschild always was, has NOTHING to do w/ the House of Israel or those of line of Jacob… got it.. the scams/control & ancient sick shit is really old & that is how the roman catholic church created & what they forged for control of masses. Roths control all their money banking in bed w/ them. See pics of Popes bowing kissing ring of Roths many through the years to many dif living Roths contemporary) Mujahadine then rebranded over night to btw w/ the name of a CIA computer database like DOJ uses for our mil, but for israel/Crown corp/UK/US terrorists around world.. they think that is funny.. it was a big joke laughed at all over DC parties, etc.. even mentioned in UK parliament & yet sheep are so stupid & media lies. Al nusra front many factions etc then over night called them ISIS. over night recall that.

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