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7fe16c  No.5984

Gold Related Posts Go Here

Q asked what the signifigance of gold is. He also implied that +++, ++ and + have misrepresented their real wealth. (do they have stashed gold?) Both in its value as the basis of money/bitcoin and in its value to the Occultists who seek power through rituals, Gold plays a big part .

7fe16c  No.5998

File: 9589c35a737eda0⋯.png (30.49 KB, 966x390, 161:65, public disclosures of weal….PNG)

7fe16c  No.6029

File: 9778d7866ce65c6⋯.jpg (20.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c7c39d00268a7e04df99e0c62c….jpg)

File: d012c003f28ae35⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1564, 300:391, keystone Gold.jpg)

7fe16c  No.6033

fa89ee  No.6035


They've been stealing hoards of gold for hundreds of years.

Ghaddafi, WTC 7, Nazi Gold, you name it, they fuckin' stole it.

7fe16c  No.6041


Agreed, so where do you think they have it all stashed? Where are the storage "bunkers"?

b94bbc  No.6215

The (((Rothschilds))) have a family history of being bankers, money changers, and "working" gold for said business. Alchemy is the religion of people who do (((witchcraft)))…change lead into gold…and supposedly one of their ancestors successfully did that. Liquid gold, or Aurus Potibile is reportedly the Fountain of Youth…they're obsessed with it.


868fef  No.6256

Here is some info on gold and its importance after the collapse of the current fiat money system http://fofoa.blogspot.com/

7fe16c  No.6303


Very Interesting

7fe16c  No.6320


Good read here

0df517  No.6335

Various strange happenings related to gold in the last year:

+Mnuchin visits Fort Knox, jokes about there being no gold, says "glad gold is safe"

+germany asks for their gold back

+fake canadian gold bar

+JP Morgan hoarding real silver: their own plus SLV hoard. (my random guess is Dimon planning silver-backed crypto after death of dollar)

+ China, Russia accumulating gold (also for backing crypto?)

Gold can also be used as radiation protection. Something to do with this whole thing?

Maybe the biological/historical/design reason for our lust for it?

5de607  No.6340

Hey anon glad to have you here. Bit tipsy so apologies for the informality of this post, but a foundational knowledge of the financial sytem and its history is ESSENTIAL (IMHO) in order to grasp the bigger picture here. There are some great resources out there, but none perfect to the cause that ive seen, so youll half to just start soaking up info as it comes.But heres a rundown:

Gold was the original universal currency and foundation of banking. Even in times of the Sumerians/egyptians/Isrealites (etc) - no matter what coinage was used wthin those empires (backed by the authority of those empires) Gold could be used to easily trade across borders - as everyone accepted it. This continued for centuries. With gold being the defacto universal currency

Banks of course sprang up from this. In local markets you could safely deposit gold for a ticket that could be returned to receive back said quantity of gold. Boom paper currency,

Over time the "safe owners" realized not everyone came back for their gold at the same time. If you did it right you could loan out more paper currency (at interest) than you had gold. As long as the market was right, you could simply live off the interest while technically owning the debt - even though there was no way in hell you could pay off everyone who came to claim their IOUs all at onece. Boom - fractional reserve banking

This goes on for centuries. A signifigant innovation was the government bond. Gold really dosnt mean shit to someone you has you locked in their basement with intent to kill you the next full moon. But force does. An army - supplied with food and cutting edge weapons (pun not intended) trumps the intrinsic value of gold - or paper - or law. Anything really. People like not being stabbed by barbarians.

Lets say you are in command of an army which is fully equipped and fed, but you need gold to buy labor or technology from a nonloyal group for whatever reason. Happens all the time. A very relevent solution was implemented by king henry the (III?) using tally sticks. He took some twigs, split them in half, and for some gold would give one part matching half to you and kept the other. He then declared it was the only form of currency he would accept taxes in, and if you didnt pay taxes he would fucking kill you.

Those twigs became mighty valuable. If the king was especially broke you could loan the king some gold for some (a bond). As long as the king/army stayed true to their word you were in the all clear

A few more centureis pass, Europe has become so focused on fucking up natives all across the world they really didnt bother warring with other european countries. Why fuck with people with cannons when you can fuck with people with daggers amiright? This leads to increased trade across kingdoms.

But theres a problem. What if your in like a three way trade and everyones using paper currency issued by their respective governement? HAVE NO FEAR< NATHAN ROTHSCHILD IS HERE.

For all the hate they did serve a technical purpose at first. One I wont get into detail here but consider the following quotes

"Banking, at its heart, is about getting money from point A to point B"

And post waterloo buyout - regarding fractional reserve shares

"Leave the last 10 percent for someone else"

Now we are in the late 1800s (1880-90s) Think of what you could do owning 90 percent of european wealth at that time - and continued to do so until the 1970s. And some punk JFK keeps saying shit like "the time to fix your roof is when the sun is shining"

Id pop a cap in that niggas ass. Wait. You didnt here that… Fuck it I own everything now even antartica and shit. #NeverTrump

"They never thought he would win…." -Q

There are some good documentaries out there you should watch. At its core, this is all about money (or at least its the common denominator) Understand that and youll understand the big picture

I havnt found one that explains everything accurately and in full (its a very complex situation) but every bit helps. Just be discerning. 4 horseman/Money Masters & Rich mans trick are good for starters though

For more info simply google "Hitory of [x] documentary youtube"

Otherwise X =




Central Banks

Federal Reserve




industrial revolution


fiat currency


7fe16c  No.6361



Very important info TY

5de607  No.6395


oh one more nathan (?) quote that is highly relevent


"We [armies] live and die on information"

now talk about a CIA nigger. In fact the Rotshchilds ran a VERY sophisticated intellegence/postal service as far back as 1800 - and since it wasnt loyal to any single nation highly valuable in WW1 where it was endorsed to become MI6… and post WW2 the founding father(s) of the CIA

Most were Jewish.. To quote (?)- am WW2 American Commander

Again, paraphrased:

"It was my job to [fuck shit up]. I later learned it was [my good jew buddy here's] job to figure out [what shit i fucked up]"

7fe16c  No.6437


US Gold Holdings at Fort Knox and West Point. Are they still there? "If you take the 8,000 tons on the Fed balance sheet in the form of this gold certificate, market to market at $1,300, that mounts to well over $300 billion.

So the secret to the Fed’s balance sheet is its “hidden gold asset,” that gold certificate it received from the Treasury in the 1930s."

"Many gold bugs and conspiracy theorists say there is no actual gold in Fort Knox. They say the reason the government will not audit the gold, for example, is because the gold is not there.

But the truth is quite the opposite.

If you are the Fed or the Treasury and you want people to think that gold is unimportant — which they do — why would you audit it?

You audit things that are important. You do not audit things that are unimportant. If the Fed doesn’t want you to think that gold is important, it follows that they would not audit it. Auditing it pays gold too much respect."

7fe16c  No.6452


My question is, "what are the chances our 8k tons of gold stores came through 8 years of BO intact?"

7fe16c  No.6819

File: eb0be5089b151b5⋯.jpg (149.95 KB, 648x799, 648:799, The Gold Mask of Tutankham….jpg)

File: 93da9e64a1d8f31⋯.png (7.85 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, Epstein Temple.png)


I wonder if radiation protection had anything to do with ancient people covering the body in gold to become like the "gods" or go into the afterlife. The spiritual aspect is important here, I think, as Q certainly made a point of what it means to be "covered with gold". Yes, this is speculation, but Q keeps saying to "expand your thinking" Thinking requires some speculation as well as assembling facts and news reports that may or may not be factual.

7fe16c  No.7282

861b5f  No.7397


Q also asked about the colors. Did we come up with an answer? I searched but didn't come up with anything.

7fe16c  No.7491


It seems to me that the color and design of the temple matches the King Tut death mask, which headdress, called the Nemes, is only used for going into the afterlife. (as the poor child victims of this cult do after being raped multiple times) Q did specify the color and design ABOVE the dome, so that would mean the owl/falcon(design) figure representing either Athena's owl or Horus, son of Osiris. The color is GOLD. So we would be back to what is the signifigance of Gold in the ancient pagan religions. (skin of the god RA was supposed to be gold) I have noticed that someof the Q posters are not careful about their use of English, so this Q may have been talking about the design of the temple itself or the statue.

9cf4c5  No.7513

Where did that Rothschild AMA go? Was reading it last night, there were two links. I saved a copy at home, but I'd like to continue on my phone at work.

7fe16c  No.7515


I think the vile and bloody purposes of the temple are announced by the design and colors of either the temple or the statue. I don't see anything else above the temple, do you?

7fe16c  No.7517


https://8ch.net/cbts/res/1362.html Is this what you are looking for? Thread dedicated to the Rothschilds.

9cf4c5  No.7609


Yeah my bad. Thought I was still in that thread when I posted.

8cd423  No.7638


Donald - friendly warning delete your post - you have put out too much information on de webs.

+1 xxx-xxx-0005

bf87ec  No.7812


>They've been stealing hoards of gold for hundreds of years.

>Ghaddafi, WTC 7, Nazi Gold, you name it, they fuckin' stole it.

That's fine, just have a violent plan to steal it back.

12afda  No.7968

There’s been many news stories about Putin stockpiling gold. There’s been some stories about fake Canadian gold-stamped purity but fails acid test.

4ce384  No.8062


Oh lord… all Texans know about our gold and the new depository. Untwist you nut sack fag.

4ce384  No.8070

File: ff9a10778a97668⋯.png (548.79 KB, 1036x733, 1036:733, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at ….png)


This is what the illuminati do with gold. Pic related

4ce384  No.8074


Monoatomic Gold is the non-metallic, non-toxic zero-valence form of Gold. It is a high temperature superconductor and can be manufactured alchemically out of 24 carat metallic gold. It also occurs naturally in volcanic soils, seawater and in minute amounts in the purple or violet skins of fruits and vegetables and some medicinal plants such as red grapes, eggplant and violets.

Monotonic gold with molecules in a high spin state, looks like baking flour but can appear in several colors; it is usually known as a white powder, but when treated with oxidizing acids, it becomes a purple powder, and is green in alkaline solutions. It is promoted by many websites as greatly enhancing the pineal gland, while a similar substance of iridium greatly enhances the pituitary gland.

David Hudson, who is of the Holy Blood line (13th Illuminati Bloodline of the de Guise lineage), discovered and patented white gold. He named the white gold Ormus, which is the occult name for the Prieure de Sion.

Ormus also pertains to Gnosticism in the ancient world. Ormus is also the Hebrew words for “golden tree" since this white gold is the elixir of life that the sho-bread (& manna) was made from. This is said to be the reason the Priest glowed when he came out of the Holy of Holies after eating the sho-bread.

David Hudson owns the patent (U.S. patent and some international patents) on white gold. There are a number of scientific studies on white gold which verify the power of white gold on the human body.


In recent years, some researchers have erroneously equated monoatomic gold with the Philosopher’s stone which it definitely is not. It should not to be confused with colloidal gold either, which retains its metallic nature. Regular yellow gold or gold salts will cause the users hair to fall out, but white gold is said to be safe to ingest. Ingesting white gold is said to make users psychic, disease free and "glowing'.

Anna Hayes mentions in her books that taking mono atomic gold is ultimately harmful. She claims that the initial growth of psychic awareness is not permanent, but rather levels off and later declines. Further, she says that the promotion of mono atomic gold is an Illuminati deception. While attracting the public with sugar plums of enhanced psychic clarity and improved health, the ulterior purpose of promoting mono atomic gold is to cause the destruction of the ten virtual DNA strands which all humans possess and which are now manifesting into 3D reality as seen with the 3, 4, or even 5 strands of DNA that now show up in the blood of Blue Indigo (Millennium) children.

The destruction of the ten virtual DNA strands (unseen with 3rd dimension microscopes) prevents a human from activating higher dimensional DNA strands and prevents access to higher spiritual awareness and telepathic abilities. The activation of more than two strands of DNA is said to be necessary to exist in physical form in the fourth dimension.

When you consider that "Sir" Laurence Gardner, an Illuminati insider, has been continuously promoting the glories of mono atomic gold on every radio interview show he's appeared on for the past few years (along with William Henry), you have to ask yourself, "should I embrace the recommendations of an Illuminati front man or should I be running in the opposite direction as fast as I can?"

8cd423  No.8076


the post op put their mailto: in their post, trying to help a brother out.

eb5781  No.8081

File: 9778d7866ce65c6⋯.jpg (20.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9778d7866ce65c6c9bd539524e….jpg)

File: 93da9e64a1d8f31⋯.png (7.85 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 93da9e64a1d8f3189482144dcb….png)




Maybe we aren't looking high enough above the dome. I see blue sky and white clouds above the dome. Just like on dude's face next to gold plated girl in pic related. Also matching the blue and white stripes under the dome.

We know gold is used extensively in modern space missions due to its "remarkable confluence of reflectance, durability, conductivity, and physical workability."

Maybe the significance of gold for both the modern elite, and the Old Gods (Ra, etc) is to signify ones awareness of, or participation in, interstellar travel.



Above would also explain our inability to locate all the vast reserves of gold stolen over the last few hundred/thousand years. It literally left the planet. Maybe they misrepresented their wealth by not including gold held on other planets.

Just throwing it out there. The rest of the info in this thread is good too.

4ce384  No.8083


Oh shit didn't see that ty

4ce384  No.8088


See my post above >>8074

They make a powdered gold… ingest it and it opens their 'mind' read the article. Seriously wild stull

623de3  No.8168


What is this stone? Where does it come from? Why can't I find any info on it anywhere?

4ce384  No.8394

bumping this thread

93a591  No.8544

>Osiris is the mythological father of the god Horus, whose conception is described in the Osiris myth. The myth describes Osiris as having been killed by his brother Set, who wanted Osiris' throne. Isis finds the body of Osiris and hides it in the reeds where it is found and dismembered by Set. Isis retrieves and joins the fragmented pieces of Osiris, but cannot retrieve the phallus, which was swallowed by a fish. Isis fashions a golden phallus, and briefly brings Osiris back to life by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again dies. Isis later gave birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris' resurrection, Horus became thought of as a representation of new beginnings and the vanquisher of the usurper Set.

Is no one relating the fact that Osiris had his cock replaced with a gold one before his resurrection, and during his gold cock resurrection he impregnated goddess, wife, and sister Isis with his seed, which brought fourth Horus?

92d0f4  No.8827


"Gold is money, everything else is credit" -JP Morgan (Rothschild minion)

I don't know anything about the occult significance of gold but I do know the Rothschilds have mastered the art of transmuting paper into gold, and gold into paper. They do it by selling the same gold 100x over to drive down the price, then they buy the real stuff in another account. Maybe legally steal gold from corrupt governments, or make a tunnel from the Fed's vault to JP Morgan's vault across the street. If a significant number of uppity serfs buy gold at the discount price, the Rothschilds will attempt to steal it back with cops, war, artificial famine, or druggies.

Why steal all the gold? It's because gold is naturally occurring money which is outside of their control. It competes with their rotten monetary system. It puts a cap on how much inflation they can get away with before people start to flee into gold. We have hoarded so much gold that even with new mining techniques, we are increasing the existing supply at less than 2% per year. This makes for an extremely inelastic supply and demand curve. Suppose, for the sake of argument, a price surge led to increased mining (with a long lead time). Probably still less than 4% "inflation" in gold. The real rate of inflation is already more than that, so Rothschild cannot compete on inflation. And once hyperinflation takes hold, there is no fever like gold fever. But if they can steal most of the gold, they increase the mining percentage, therefore making gold behave more like a commodity- i.e. they effectively de-monetize it!

Even without inflation, gold still beats Rothschild clownbux by being pretty much immune to all sorts of kikery like civil forfeiture, lawsuits, divorce rape, chain reaction derivative meltdowns, tax liens, giant medical bills, etc. Rothschild's only real advantage is convenience, and the weight of the government. This is why the elites have a love/hate relationship with gold, like Gollum does. They love it because it protects against the kikery of their fellow elites, while increasing their own kikery, but they also hate that the serfs can use it to call bullshit on a rotten system! Ameritards are easily propagandized by the media, but Asians and Indians still know that gold is money, and thanks to the fractional reserve scam they are now buying gold at a discount. Oy Vey!

Do visit http://fofoa.blogspot.com as linked above.

7fe16c  No.9119


A lot of good information here. Good point with the sky and clouds on the guy's face. Is that some kind of an antenna above the dome? I wonder if there are close ups of that to examine it for details.

790195  No.9166

Gold is also in most electrical equipment. Even though both coped and silver are better electrical conductors.

Gold is also one electron away from being mercury. There are gold isotopes that are hazardous to human health. Maybe these the "Elite" went mad hatter on all the toxic gold fumes and is now going all "Caligula" on us all.

1e8f84  No.9398

this is a really important twitter thread:


talks about a lot of interconnecting technology including gold use.

ba330b  No.9600

The Gold allows the neanderthals to appear in the sunlight or rather among us. The sunlight is very harmful to them, it dulls their senses and leaves their mind weak. The only thing not affected is their brute strength, which we human have used to build those sweet sweet pyramids and many wonders of earth such as Stonehenge.

The Gold blocks the radiation of sun.

eb5781  No.9681


>Gold is also in most electrical equipment. Even though both coped and silver are better electrical conductors.

Are copper and silver as corrosion-resistant/durable, easy to work with, and good at reflecting radiation? Honest question. With how under funded NASA has been recently, surely they wouldn't pick the most expensive option if there were cheaper metals that were equally effective at all of the above?

6ccb8a  No.9700

A big thank you to whoever made this thread. This really does need to be talked about.

As Im reading through this from the top, while youre talking about the significance of what its used for, has anybody covered where it comes from? I mean, where it really comes from?

eb5781  No.9732

File: c112410aa364463⋯.jpg (35.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, eu581a67ae.jpg)

File: 7722a6e2967802f⋯.jpg (211.77 KB, 1907x1070, 1907:1070, yd581ec1a6.jpg)

File: e67f181ef775425⋯.jpg (256.77 KB, 1078x840, 77:60, lolitais.jpg)


I would guess that's a grounded lightning rod on top of the dome - to keep the owl or dome from taking a direct hit. (((They))) may very well be using the conductivity of gold to pull something from the atmosphere, but I doubt it's lightning they're after. I could be wrong tho. There are other pics where I can't see the rod on top, but they might just be pre-installation pics.

While looking for other pics of the dome, I noticed it appears to be one of multiple structures on pedo island. I wonder if any of the other structures play a crucial role in connecting the breadcrumbs….

Again I could be wrong because

I didn't dig deeper than a non-jewgle image search for the island

6ccb8a  No.9756

File: e778e9a58e49a5d⋯.jpg (104.98 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 1zlel5.jpg)

File: 7ca5ad3cbc4119a⋯.jpg (163.31 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 1zlf16.jpg)


Lots of good info in here, nicely done anons. The reason they cover themselves in it, and adorn themselves with it will probably blow your minds as it did mine. I just learned about this about a month before Q started the storm so I havent got to dig into it like I want to, yet. From what I have seen, the pharoahs used gold to symbolise royalty/deification, thats why they are wearing it in those Rothschild party pics. Im not quite sure when this happened, or how they even figured it out, but I can point you all in the right directions if you want to learn for yourselves. Think clash of the Titans. Think giants. Think enormous giants. Think dragons, hybrids, and all those stories weve been taught are just legends. If we are just now unveiling the great deception and we are starting to realize our history is definitely not correct in any sense, how far does that go? The bible has mention of giants, as do other mythologies. What if those stories were more true than weve been led to believe? What if those answers have been around us for our whole lives and we never even knew it because we never thought to look? If those creatures existed, and they ranged from the size of an 8 - 30 ft man, to the size of Godzilla, to maybe even bigger, then where did they go when they perished? What happens to a body when it dies? Decomposition, right? How would something that big decompose? Look around you. Look at mountains and rock formations. Have you ever seen one that looks like it may have been alive at one time? Again, how would something that big decompose? What would happen after so much time passes of it being in the ground, in the Earth? What would happen to all the blood and minerals that make up these giants/titans/deities, if you will. It would coagulate and seep back into the ground, or land. I dont know why I formatted this like Q's questions but it was kinda fun lol Ive been trying to mention this now for like a week or two and all those shitheads told me to kill myself because it didnt pertain to the immediate mission, but its cool lol so this is a nice little refuge. Again, thank you.

Several youtube channels for those interested to look into

Age of Disclosure

Time to reveal the giants

Mud fossil university

and Dictionary of truth

These are all very recent discoveries but they show how they came to these conclusions, both scientifically and logically and easy to understand, so that we can see how they did it. Once you see the pictures of these things, youll wonder how the hell did you never think about it before and to light that fire, I have included 2 with this just as examples.

313c2d  No.9762

tried twice-error

help me out?

313c2d  No.9783

Also OK

but get a move on

eb5781  No.9883


>As Im reading through this from the top…has anybody covered where it comes from? I mean, where it really comes from?




>Lots of good info in here, nicely

done "'fellow white people."'

>From what I've seen, My rabbi told me the pharoahs used gold to symbolise royalty/deification, thats why they are wearing it in those Rothschild party pics.

>lol Ive been trying to mention this now for like a week or two and all those shitheads told me to kill myself. preferably in a oven

>These are all very recent discoveries

Fuck off. The Smithsonian et al. has hidden/covered up all archeological proof of giants for > a century now. 8/pol/ is well aware of this fact and no one here needs your (((jewtube))) channels.

The Final Batallion by the 55 club will explain the historical role of giants better than any (((jewtube))) vid

1d6c50  No.10118

1d6c50  No.10120

1d6c50  No.10121



Saint Michael Archangel,

defend us in battle,

be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;

may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;

and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,

by the power of God, cast into hell

Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.


6ccb8a  No.10127

Wow, we even got a stray shill in here. Dirty bastards

f5cbf7  No.10167

While searching for uses on gold on Nov 22 I came across this article:

>SCIENCE WATCH; Gold as Radiation Shield

>GOLD, one of the heaviest chemical elements, is the basis of a new lightweight plastic foam under development as a radiation shield.

>Dr. John Fackler, director of the program, said the new polymer combines gold with triphenylphosphine, a compound of carbon, hydrogen and phosphorus, in a form that may be suitable for making anti-radiation garments.

>The polymer is 11 percent gold by weight, and the gold atoms in the substance efficiently scatter or absorb most forms of radiation, including X-rays. Chemically incorporated into a polymer, gold is less poisonous than other heavy metals that also block radiation. (Metallic gold is not poisonous, but when incorporated into compounds it may be.) Dr. Fackler said that because gold is chemically very stable, it tends to revert to its native state from some of the compounds it forms. We often have trouble with shiny, yellow metallic gold precipitating out of liquid compounds - just what refiners want, but the opposite of what we want, he said.

>http://www.nytimes.com /1988/09/06/science/science-watch-gold-as-radiation-shield.html

>http://archive.is /DY3Mk

9dafc2  No.13439

File: 6d65ecff50d0291⋯.webm (6.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, THEY ARE DEMONS raw.webm)


>Gods of golden skin


3f25a6  No.13699

File: dbd98250583a650⋯.png (377.18 KB, 1748x1655, 1748:1655, Screenshot_head_gold.png)

Q asked:

> (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? (asked twice)

> Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?

Taken from: https://www.cgg .org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Library.sr/CT/PW/k/595/Nebuchadnezzars-Image-Head-Gold.htm

Daniel 2:37-38

>You, O king, are a king of kings. For the God of heaven has given you a kingdom, power, strength, and glory; and wherever the children of men dwell, or the beasts of the field and the birds of the heaven, He has given them into your hand, and has made you ruler over them all—you are this head of gold.

There is a lot more info on the site pertaining to Babylon & King Nebuchadnezzar.

7fe16c  No.13787

File: 36d5f9b5ae7de83⋯.jpg (51.24 KB, 332x480, 83:120, saint-michael-by-reni-guid….jpg)


And Amen.

7fe16c  No.13797


That lightning rod wouldn't have much of a design, so you must be right about the blue sky with clouds being the design Q was referring to "above the dome". Good catch. Never would have thought of it. But there is the partygoer with his face painted with a sky and cloud design.

7fe16c  No.13809


The statue in Daniel definitely has a gold head and is part of a very interesting prophecy. But I think the question is asking for a "Y" head covered in gold. I think that is the Baphomet, goat looking thing (the same one Beyonce wears a lot onstage while channeling her "Sasha Fierce" demon)

7fe16c  No.13825


I was not able to get your video to play. Don't know what I may be doing wrong. I found this link that talks about the Egyptian sun god Ra, whose skin was supposed to be gold. I'd like to hear the one you put up, too. https://classroom.synonym.com/uses-gold-ancient-egypt-5331.html

Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance. Obelisks, statues of gods and death masks are some of the objects the ancient Egyptians crafted from solid gold. Due to gold's durability – it held up to the Egyptian heat far better than silver – ancient Egyptians associated the metal with eternity, which made it popular for use in funerary objects,

7fe16c  No.13850


Amazing stuff! Another anon brought that anti-raidation quality up earlier, and the idea didn't hit me then. Would our dear darling elites be planning to make themselves radiation proof garments perhaps? To withstand the blast that destroys the rest of us, I wonder? As they lift off into SpaceX rockets and get out of dodge? I recall now that Q mentioned a "Samson Plan", IOW, a set up that if one is attacked and decimated, the reprisal would be so massive…as they gather their vial carcasses over there in NK setting up an attack on the US and the world. Naw…couldn't be…

7fe16c  No.13871


Well maybe not everyone can catch the vision that you are catching so it didn't make sense to them. We're exploring it now in this thread, so let's hear what else you have to say on the subject. We are listening in this thread.

7fe16c  No.13916

File: 1c2d18fe688a841⋯.gif (127.46 KB, 500x367, 500:367, bp121611T.gif)


I'm with you on this one.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6: 4 KJV

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. Gen 6: 4 NIV


e9398a  No.13930


this really needs to be appreciated.

>white gold is mana

elites peruse gold, in purified powdered form, it can be taken as the ultimate drug to purify the pineal gland. they don't want you to know about this, so they try to calcify your pineal gland, so they can manipulate you

7fe16c  No.13937


Yes, that's a very important find as well! Was it that post I read, or another article, I cannot remember. If they can "ascend" as they like to think of it, and all the rest of us are left with calcified pineal glands, they'd be able to rule over us. I was working my way up to all the new ones. Thank you for that post.

e9398a  No.13948


please help keep this going. it's the closest to the reality of the situaton. combination of white gold, and and adrenochrome from fearful children's blood.

the world of the elite.

you only gain political influence if you murder to move up the blackmail chain.

selling your soul to the devil - the concept is real. You are willing to kill children, to gain political influence.

John Podesta?



They give up collateral. They give up blackmail material to gain power.

7fe16c  No.13962


Yes, you are right, I think. Just reading about it makes me physically ill, so we've hit some horrid bloody truth. I will read that longer, excellent article more thoroughly tomorrow, after I've given my eyes a break. The internet (and esp. dealing with this subject) seem to affect me very badly physically. I was quite sick after getting off yesterday. Anyone else being affected like that? Stay Prayed Up. We are dealing with dark spiritual forces here.

e9398a  No.13968


>k. Just reading about it makes me physically ill, so we've hit some horrid bloody truth. I will read that longer, excellent article more thoroughly tomorrow, after I've given my eyes a break. The internet (and esp. dealing with this sub

>God is with you

:) Love will win. We meet in the light.

7fe16c  No.13988


We need to stick together. In case anyone thinks we are getting too far out there for normies, no less than a personage than Chuck Missler, an amazing Bible teacher, has a video (series?) about the return of the Nephilim (giants)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxI6RWu0dcc&t=1589s

e9398a  No.13994


this is very real.

if you have any doubts, watch a video about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRuKmxQSPSw&t=176s

> it's a 4 part series

This is real.

7fe16c  No.14008


Will take a longer look at this tomorrow. I'm at my limit with this subject for one night. Yes, it is real

9e511e  No.15083

File: f8b09180069cef1⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 1244x75, 1244:75, Redline and ransom.jpg)

Here is an interesting correlation between redline (that Q mentioned a long time ago) and gold and hostage.


7fe16c  No.16026


Interesting. I remember reading about the red line in the graphic but only associated it with modern uses. I believe Netanyahu spoke of it at the UN

295d2c  No.17167

I don't know what this means but it says gold, dna, and… sigh, unzips

Researchers Find Gold Nanoparticles Capable of ‘Unzipping’ DNA


7fe16c  No.17237


I wonder how that is being used now.

e0b36f  No.17454

File: e6c0f60ea5a3e7b⋯.jpg (221.78 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, image.jpg)



FOFOA is great, and there is a ton of material to read, through. Ever since this whole Q thing started it has reminded me of Another's gold trail. Another was like the original insider anon.

Anon, read the gold trail. It all makes sense of the fiat petro dollar and its eventual demise.

6ccb8a  No.17462


Wow look at that. Is this thing real or photoshop?

e0b36f  No.17507

File: 63643125819f4af⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 250x250, 1:1, image.jpg)

>>17462 (just something shiny i found on the innerwebs)

Put your reading glasses on. Pic unrelated.



Foundational Gold Trail Commentary

The Inside Story on the Gold-for-Oil Deal that could Rock the World's Financial Centers

- Page One -

Oct '97 - Nov '97

Page Two

Dec '97 - Feb '98

Page Three

Mar '98 - Apr '98

Page Four

May '98 - Sep '98

"Think now, if you are a person of "great worth" is it not better to acquire gold over years, at better prices? If you are one of "small worth", can you not follow in the footsteps of giants? I tell you, it is an easy path to follow!" –ANOTHER (THOUGHTS!) 1/10/98

[Follow contemporary writings of "ANOTHER" and "Friend of ANOTHER" at the Gold Trail]

"If ANOTHER's claims are true – that a consortium of oil states has cornered the gold market (and given the impressive circumstantial evidence, this could very well be the case) – these "footsteps of giants" become the most salient and persuasive case for gold ownership I have seen in the past decade, if not the full twenty-eight years I have been in the gold business." – Michael J. Kosares, president of Centennial Precious Metals, Inc.; author of The ABCs of Gold Investing


When the once highly secretive London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – its venerable membership comprising the world's largest gold dealers – published its daily clearing volume for the first time in January 1997, it rocked the tight-knit world of international gold traders and analysts.

According to this first of many subsequent LBMA press releases, thirteen hundred tonnes of gold (representing more than 50% of the world's annual mine production) changed hands daily in this fog-shrouded center of the global gold market. This figure represented over $10 billion per day and $4 trillion per year in bullion banking activity!

The gold market had always stood in austere, quiet contrast to the highly charged, mega-volume world of stocks and bonds. Now this first LBMA report forced analysts, investors, and brokers to reassess their understandings of the gold market. While some revelled in the glow of the large LBMA numbers, others began to raise some very important and rather unsettling questions. First, Why was this much gold on the move? Second, Where was all this gold going? And third, Where was all this gold coming from?

Then, in October of 1997 at the internet's only gold discussion forum of the day (hosted by Kitco), a series of remarkable postings began appearing under the pseudonym "ANOTHER", offering plausible answers to those questions. What followed in a seemingly incongruous stream of thought over many months was, in the fullness of time, seen to blend into a logical whole by many astute readers following the complete text. If you are not similarly moved to at least reassess your own view of the international financial scene after reading what's revealed below, then you are either firmly entrenched in your world view, or you've been numbed by too many hours of Wall Street's cheerleader (CNBC) and too many Friday nights with Louis Ruykeyser.

6d21f4  No.17793

Gold is valuable.

Gold is currency.

Gold came from Saturn.

The elite worship Saturn.

b2c193  No.22581

File: 569becc8b66f687⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1513x808, 1513:808, luxor.png)

Date: Sun Nov 02 1997 21:52


Western thought is still linked to gold as a commodity. That thinking is going to change! The world will witness an almost instantaneous run into this commodity the likes of we have never seen before! It will not be "a trading rally" or "a two way street". Bullion will have become a holding for "the lifetime" never to be sold. "Sell and spend everything but not gold"!

Do you think in these terms: "if gold goes up $100+ next week I'll sell my futures, gold stocks and 10 K-rands for a fat profit and laugh all the way to the bank" If the gold market was the same as in the 70s and 80s, that might be a good move. But this market is not the same. The world has changed and left most goldbugs fighting the last war! Only this time they are much smarter and have many more tools to work with. But, what if you do battle with your modern missiles pointing the wrong direction?

For us to understand what is about to happen we must pull our minds out of the paper trading world. Instead enter the world of real things! Here we will see concepts more clearly.

All currencies and most treasury debt are little more than digital units of perceived value. You don't own them, your account is "credited" with this value. Foreign governments, such as Japan are no better off than American citizens, they don't own anything either! What is really owned is "the right to offer what is credited to you, to a bidder in exchange for real things or other credits". It is a strange way to hold wealth. One might say "my net worth is the intention of others to pay me a credit from someone else". This thinking has worked well until the late 80s. It was at this time that a few wealthy and very smart people started to see the end of this. They understood that the US$ was not going to crash, it already had. It, along with all major currencies would lose all sense of value and become only trading digits of account. The treasury debts were little more than the same thing.

You see, all currencies now compete with each other, not for value of wealth but for "USAGE". The game has now become "whose currency gets used the most for trading" not for value against goods! It was easy to know the currency that got used for oil would win this game. Today, all currencies are traded against the dollar for it's usage as a medium of oil exchange! Take away that link and the entire currency/ debt exchange system, as we know it will collapse! The US$ must be maintained as the "most used" if the other currencies are to have a chance to survive.

Will Japan sell US treasury debt and risk taking dollars out of "usage"? Not in your life! Nor will any other CB! They will talk about it. They will sell a little. But sell a lot? It will not happen. You see oil is the key and that connection to the dollar is changing. Foreign CBs will even sell some gold to try and keep the US$ in play ( see my other posts ) . Ever wonder why the US treasury has not sold gold, it would have the opposite effect! The oil that sense the early 70s, held together the world monetary system is now causing it to slide apart! We are not going to see inflation or deflation again. What we are now seeing is the "destruction" of our paper monetary system.

Someone once asked "if the currency/ banking system breaks down, how will we know what gold is worth?". My answer, gold above ground will be worth a lot more than gold below ground, a lot MORE!

pic unrelated?

c7a762  No.26096

Look into monoatomic gold, or ORMUS. It is sometimes referred to as the philosopher's stone. This one is also a very deep rabbit hole. In usage, supposedly, by the egyptians. Hypothesized to be the manna found on the ground by Moses, the MANNA, while 40 years in the wilderness. Coast to coast has had many shows on it.

c7a762  No.26136

File: eceb4bae07a238c⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 400x430, 40:43, lost secrets.jpg)

If the elite/illuminati/luciferians have all of the gold, then they have an unlimited supply of monoatmic gold/ormus. Laurence Gardner covers this topic, which is YUGE, as well as bloodlines in his book. Ormus has amazing healing properties. He goes into, also, in his books, the importance of the Goddess and her companion during pagan rites. All of this ties in.

a670b4  No.30964

Anyone remember the Demon in Beowulf (2007?)

608083  No.31100

b77461  No.31243

File: ac80797c7d88695⋯.png (344.02 KB, 1311x442, 1311:442, Untitledbit.png)

Buy Gold!

b77461  No.31361

f65f43  No.33243


Osiris penis was supposed to be gold which is how he and Isis (even tho he was technically dead) made Horus. Horus is often called Jupiter and Jesus. Legends say Horus gave life to Earth (by flinging asteroids into it) and created Mars the God of War for to protect it from Saturn who ate his children.

Maybe the gold is planet cum? Sorry…but it seems like that might be the case. The obelisks are representative of Osiris penis, circumcision is a barbaric act in worship of Saturn who was angry and jealous of what Osiris was able to make with his gold dick, which was Jupiter and then Earth. So circumcision is a kind of 'fuck youOsiris' sacrifice to Satan/ Saturn.


ab87f0  No.33270


I like the blocking of the sun angle, b/c they like to live in darkness, hidden, occult, evil, etc.

ab87f0  No.33275


When moses returned from the mountain he was said to be glowing, maybe covered in gold? Interesting new dig topic thanks!

acf2e9  No.34241


Thank you for that important article. $200 million value compared to our ~$3B (assuming it is still at Knox and NY storage) doesn't seem much at all.

acf2e9  No.34764


I didn't see anything particularly about gold. Maybe I missed it? It was good info about financial ties with the west. Just a generally good video about NK. I am going to cross reference this is the NK thread.

acf2e9  No.34821


I'm not so sure the Most High God needs gold to reflect the Shekinah Glory from a man's face. I think it was the lesser "gods" i.e. half-breed nephilim and demons, who required the gold skin to shine brightly to appear as "gods".

But that is from my point of view, so have at a dig into that….

acf2e9  No.35286

File: 90c6b2b50b522bc⋯.png (388.87 KB, 812x454, 406:227, Gold Statue in NK subway.PNG)

File: 672fb80a1a13a8d⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 200x614, 100:307, 74ca3360deac4c7850e883a75b….jpg)

File: 40bcaed09989d48⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 307x315, 307:315, clip_image00612.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dCsg05rgAA video from which picture 1 is taken.

PIC 1 They've got some gold to waste on statues apparently. This is at PyongYang subway which is much deeper than the ususal subway. …..PIC 2 Gold is certainly the sign of a god-like/king/ dictator throughout most of history. The caption on this was "Nimrod" but I rather think it better represents the Nebuchadnezzar statue that Mishach, Shadrach and Abedneggo were coerced to worship, choosing to be thrown into the furnace rather than fall down before an idol

acf2e9  No.35315

File: d4434f62127299f⋯.jpg (122.06 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Daniel Gold – 1st kingdom ….jpg)

GOD'S idea of a MEME: The vision that Nebuchadnezzar needed Daniel to interpret for him. A figure with head of Gold, which represented the Babylonian empire of Nebby boy. The empires that would follow are represented by other metals and stones.

25876c  No.37315

File: 1daa20db166fb91⋯.jpg (66.18 KB, 387x299, 387:299, egytian show bread.jpg)


I have this book and it is a fun read, but you have to keep in mind that most of it is high octane speculation if not downright disinformation. The example, the argument for monoatomic gold is weak at best and disinfo at worst.

In 1904, British archeologist Sir Flinders Petrie stumbled across a hidden temple on Mt Serabit called Serabit El Khadim in the middle of the Sinai desert. Inside the temple he found huge quantities of an unknown white powder that resembled ash yet strangely he found no evidence of the fires. Petrie assumed the powder to be ash from animal sacrifices but he himself admits there was no bone fragments what-so-ever or any evidence of sacrifice. He simply didn’t know what the white powder was.

My own research suggests that the powder was most likely sodium carbonate, derived from the dried lake beds of Wadi Natrun and the northern coast of Sinai. Here in this Serabit El Khadim complex of halls and shrines, there were numerous inscriptions relating to mfkzt, accompanying a variety of hieroglyphs for light. Also, in line with the Karnak reliefs, presentations of conical bread-cakes were apparent in the Serâbît wall carvings. One of these was a representation of Tuthmosis IV (MOSES?) in the presence of the goddess Hathor. Before him were two offering-stands topped with lotus flowers, and behind him a man bearing a conical object described as "white bread".

In the Old Testament book of Job states (28:5-6): “As for the earth, out of it cometh bread.” What is sodium carbonate or “baking soda” used for? Making bread rise.

Gardner has also suggested rather MANA FROM THE HEAVENS controversially that this is the very mountain in the Sinai desert under which the Hebrews, led by Moses out of Egypt, camped during the time of the exodus.

In the Biblical account, the name manna is said to derive from the question man hu, seemingly meaning "What is it?"; this is likely an Aramaic etymology, not a Hebrew one. Man is possibly cognate with the Arabic term man, meaning plant lice, with man hu thus meaning "this is plant lice", which fits the modern identification of manna, the crystallized honeydew of certain scale insects. In the environment of a desert, such honeydew rapidly dries due to evaporation of its water content, becoming a sticky solid, and later turning whitish, yellowish, or brownish; honeydew of this form is considered a delicacy in the Middle East, and is a good source of carbohydrates. In particular, there is a scale insect that feeds on tamarisk, the Tamarisk manna scale (Trabutina mannipara), which is often considered to be the prime candidate for biblical manna. Its important to note that the sugar mannose and its hydrogenated sugar alcohol, mannitol, are derived from the word manna.

762e31  No.39197

File: e64dde4cd339a48⋯.png (160.61 KB, 500x488, 125:122, C4F2B4AA-D294-451C-AECF-2D….png)

HOW hasn’t anybody talked about this yet?

The crystal structure of gold is similar, if not the SAME as the structure of the MERKABAH VEHICLE, the vehicle of ASCENSION.

762e31  No.39346


I’m pretty damn certain it is as simple as this.

I don’t know how it’s used, but according to old Hebrew texts, the merkabah vehicle is the chariot of the gods.

If the crystal structure of gold is the same as the merkabah vehicle, then there is a tangible link to beliefs held by the rothschilds and the importance of gold.

Screw the perversions and bastardizations of monoatomic gold, gold alloys, and any man made gold. You can’t improve on what nature has perfected.

b94bbc  No.66075

File: 204f9f4acc2b03f⋯.jpg (294.57 KB, 750x504, 125:84, JeffreyEpsteinTempleFrontV….jpg)

File: d73b2c880bf64b9⋯.jpg (354.39 KB, 750x504, 125:84, JeffreyEpsteinTempleSideVi….jpg)



In the past few months, the dome came off this satan temple…one of the hurricanes maybe? The app I used was We Maps 04.


The movie "Goldmember" - remember Goldmember looses his willy in an unfortunate smelting accident…there are no coincidences. Side note - Mike Myers' Scottish father character in "So I Married An Axe Murderer"…complains that the world is run by a Pentavirate - one of the families is the Rotties.


84bec9  No.70322

Everytime the Ancients' gold gets unearthed, the poor bloke who discovered them gets harrassed and the treasure somehow ends up in the hands of the central bank and a certain masonic family.

After the storm is over, can we get 'em back?



1ba07c  No.106921

I've become a huge fan of this guy over the last week. Particularily his seminar on Natural Law.

Mark Passio: ex-priest. Church of Satan

Very well versed in symbolism. Defines words based on their latin roots. Speaks truth to power of occult knowledge.

This is all circumspection. Taken from an assortment of old texts and pictographs, but the guy is top notch, direct, and clear in his presentation.

Lecture on Astrotheology and mind-control(Explanation of innate valuation of Gold in humans.) https://www.yout ube. com/watch?v=mORASpVdUYk

I don't think it's right, but it's interesting and could very well be the thinking of these elite weirdos. At least in the general vein.

edf4bb  No.169153

https://www.huffingtonpost .com/2012/05/22/roasted-fetuses-luggage-chow-hok-kuen-gold-leaf-corpses-thailand_n_1536361.html

863e85  No.188097


I heard somewhere that the US gold was moved and stored in the Philippines. Any truth to this?

A lot of action happened in the Philippines in the last week.

0699d5  No.192553

https:// archive.is/SwoxE

I was reading this, and had a thought. Donald Trump, and possibly other leaders, want to return to the gold standard, and the cabal is fighting against this.


I've heard Goldman Sachs owns a lot of Ecuador's gold.

a9a51a  No.193024


Yes, return to gold standard Soros just bought a HUGE gold surplus in Texas and mineral rights all over the place. China owns most of the mineral rights in nevada and elsewhere. Gold also is symbolic in the occult, witchcraft ect

67a87b  No.201981

79 is a prime number. It is the number and element the creator choose to represent himself. 7+9=16, 1+6=7. Seven is God's number. Compare to element 25 Mn; 25=5^2; 2+5=7. The periodic table has encoded info. These elements unlock the secrets of the periodic table. Why are elements 61 and 43 missing from our reality? We are nitrogen based life.

b2c193  No.202246


Perhaps this is related to the chemtrails? They spray so they can come out?

8a1cd6  No.211511

Gold was supposedly used in the capstones of the pyramids. Gold was always associated with the pyramids but of course greed set in and that was stolen over time, and in the incas, the Spaniards took large gold discs made by the Inca tribes possibly from the pyramids there… interesting anyway. maybe it has a resonance or vibration that is necessary for the pyramids?

because this: frequencies… maybe relevant maybe not. but this person highlighted the interesting theory. not me. I am just adding to it.


d5f6b4  No.215713


Element 61.


Produced for the first time at Clinton Laboratories.

Original proposed name? Clintonium

5be5d4  No.232948

Gold is extremely important for the construction of space craft. And we are going to the stars, just not with Tom DeLonge and his bullshit disclosure project, but they were right about one thing, the importance of meta materials.

If one can nanoscale engineer various metals into their monatomic forms, especially gold, and then layer them in different combinations one atom in thick you could build a great number of things. Materials that are very very strong, antigravity conferring, definitely metas that are radar absorbment, possibly stuff invisible to the naked eye, capacitors of a whole new type, radiation proof, highlly efficienciet batteries, the list is endless. Especially once you combine nanotechnology, monoatomics, and various crystals.

Gold also = code for drugs according to Sterling and Peggy Seagreave in ‘’’Gold warriors’’’ (all about the Japanese hiding their gold throughout the Phillipines post WWII and the US recovery of those funds)

There were the Gold Backed Bearer Bonds scandals of recent years. People were found trying to cash huge sums of money in so called bearer bonds. Researchers have hypothesized these sums were drawn from the collateralization of local space, i.e. asteroids planets and their mineral compositions.

There is also a possibility that we ‘’were’’ just a slave species created by the gods to mine gold. (For some reason Minecraft and other mining games seem very appealing to huge swaths of the population.

It’s also possible that we’ve realized gold is extremely rare in the universe and our solar system, for whatever reason.

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