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File: d9980b00baff3d3⋯.jpg (10.22 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 0fb325db71f13617dae34345b6….jpg)

b6f62c  No.209455

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.



Anon on informed views: >>201644 to >>201644

>informed views

''Hard to do when everyone has a different idea of what those are. Have you ever had a conversation

before that included people who thought Jesus was returning now, people who think aliens are coming

now, people who think Satan is leading a cult, and people who think Hitler was an ok guy, all while

attempting to free your country? We all know we've been lied to. We all have totally different

expectations of the truth. Its fascinating from a people-watching perspective. Humanity struggling

to find common ground on truths both mundane and sacred, in live action, with a worldwide audience.

We are active participants in a stranger reality than most sci fi movies now.''

b6f62c  No.209457




— MONDAY / 25 Dec 17 (CHRISTMAS DAY) —


>>172761 to >>172726






— SATURDAY / 23 Dec 17 —



>>154468 to >>154372

>>154505 to >>154429

>>154535 to >>154477

>>154583 to >>154493

>>154682 to >>154644







>>158144 to >>158096

>>158162 to >>158138

>>158219 to >>158194, >>158202





>>158980 to >>158952

>>159016 to >>158980





— FRIDAY / 22 Dec 17 —


Archived! See RESOURCES below.


>>146147 to >>146134

>>146268 to >>146142

>>146328 to >>146206

>>146454 to >>146326


>>148746 to >>148634

>>148761 to >>148729

>>148848 to >>148751


>>151134 (Wikileaks Stringer?)


>>154468 to >>154372

>>154505 to >>154429

>>154535 to >>154477

>>154583 to >>154493

>>154682 to >>154644

3a9172  No.209458

God Bless the baker

f77299  No.209459


Do they have names?

b6f62c  No.209460





>>184094 Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and 2 others apparently detained at LAX. Flight our Planefags were tracking earlier today

>>182981 Our Planefags tracing the flight above earlier today >>184448

>>184614 LAX shut down

>>184297 LAX passenger must have been 'a big fish.'

>>184893 Uranium Passenger?

>>184700 Top Kek

Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)


>>201363 (anon on the Papacy)

>>201391 (crumbs by an anon)

>>201435 (anon on Iran deal)

>>201466 (anon on OP. F&F and Philippines)

>>201460 (We are on RT)

>>201697 (Steve Job's wife)

>>201709 (P = Philippe)

>>201779 (Trump making connection?)

>>201868 (Trump body double)

>>201927 (planefaggotry summarization)

>>201953, >>201955 (Pepsi's use of fetal cells for flavor enhancement)

>>192250 BREAKING House Intelligence Committee Issues Subpoena In Search of McCain Evidence in Trump Dossier Scandal

>>191147 More crumbs for us?

>>190329 Crumbs for us? & >>190337

>>189936 Disney was founded with CIA help

>>190303 Walt Disney was an occultist, satanist, Freemason and pedophile

>>184925 Dec 26 stand, Dec 27

>>184800 It's [0] in the countdown

>>184805 Radio Silence

>>183552 OP IS BIG. The Wrath is REAL.

>>181689 More decoded stringers

>>168555 NEW - Stringer thread has a decode, folks. It involves Seth Rich and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Washington Crossing the Delaware

>>172153, DoD Tweet

>>162785, Q's post

http://archive.4plebs .org/pol/thread/147433975/#q147433975


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:

>>139686 to >>139380

https://twitter .com/ABCPolitics/status/943866651803611136

https://www.whitehouse .gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

More info: >>141931, >>140461

>>120430 (Petition)

>>139851 to >>139840

>>142996 to >>142811 (Exchange)


b6f62c  No.209462




NEW FLIGHT TRACKING (PlaneFaggotry) >>195194

Alien / Disclosure Related >>26613

The Asia Foundation >>15984

A peek into (((they))) >>2422

Bloodlines and Y >>7705

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>140461

FBIAnon AMA Transcript >>137237

Godfather III >>2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>3952

Hunt For Red October >>3102

Isreal & Zionism >>1398

Indictments & Arrests >>3163

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>147334

North Korea >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>4249

Q Signatures >>2198

Q Stringer Central >>2300

Rothschild Family >>1362

Rothschild Family Summary >>139091

Red Cross >>40157

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>114171

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>1327

Sealed Indictments >>4409

Snow White and AI Science >>123576

Soros & NGOs >>1367

The British Connections >>117841

Titanic >>106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>1346

Stringers, military courts >>189447

82a9c7  No.209463

e6adf7  No.209464

File: 7e6f748db31d521⋯.png (51.36 KB, 425x303, 425:303, Manmohan Singh Pakistan.png)

2df947  No.209465

Giustra began to discuss putting together the company UrAsia Energy Ltd. with potential investors in 2004.[5] According to Giustra, Sergey Kurzin, who is the founder of Orsu Metals in Kazakhstan, had initiated discussions with Giustra about Kazakhstan.[13] Former U.S. President Bill Clinton arrived on "billionaire Ron Burkle’s plane, four days after Giustra"[13] According to Giustra, "UrAsia and Jeffcott Group exchanged a final version of the agreement on Aug. 25, 11 days before Clinton’s trip to Kazakhstan."[13]

Clinton and Giustra visited with Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan on September 6, 2005.[5] According to Forbes magazine they were there to "announce a Clinton Foundation agreement enabling the government to buy low-cost HIV drugs."[13] They also went to India and China to see the philanthropic work done by Clinton Foundation in the three countries.[5]

Giustra sold UrAsia in 2007 to Uranium One.[5][13]


Somebody probably beat me to it

But Boom anyways.

Clinton Foundation U1.


Radcliffe Foundation

b6f62c  No.209466





Interactive: https://qcodefag.github .io (has search function, also a section for answers)

Graphic: >>163079 (Grand Q-Map)

Thread archives: http://qarchives .ml/

Text: [4chan] https://pastebin .com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] https://pastebin .com/dfWVpBbY

PDF: https://anonfile .com/43C4q9d5ba/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_3.12.0.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping: https://dropfile .to/2UrnCy7

The Book of Q: https://pastebin .com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: http://www.db-q .com/ (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Spreadsheet: https://app.smartsheet .com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444 (Q & A)

Q turned A: https://anonfile .com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Wiki: Need a proper wiki.

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: https://ufile. io/nmyy0

Side by Side of Q/POTUS as Q requested:

All DJT's filtered tweets, only date and ref num. Tab delimited. https://pastebin.com/ BCzjTNdK

All DJT tweets after 10/27 - https://pastebin.com /PnVUATb4

All Q's posts times and post nr (4chan & 8) tab spaced - https://pastebin.com/ uSJsuGH9

Tools & Information

Mapping tools: >>111700, >>119941

Free information: >>152634

For site archival: https://archive .fo/

Marine Codes: http://marineparents .com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf


> Through tempest, storm

> And darkest night,

> Anons don't rest

> 'Til things are right.

THREADS: #5 >>189835, #4 >>142207, #3 >>107604, #2 >>61078, #1 >>2

MEME AMMO: >>180945, (bulk image download)

REDPILL TACTICS: >>189448, >>189460, >>189467



Prayer Requests: >>55606

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

0a71e1  No.209467

File: 470716daed9dae1⋯.png (51.81 KB, 636x620, 159:155, PL.intro.png)

File: 87a106608cf44ff⋯.png (59.49 KB, 652x558, 326:279, PL1.png)

File: 1562b97bf99ad26⋯.png (63.47 KB, 646x515, 646:515, PL2.png)

File: 588297c53676fb7⋯.png (47.13 KB, 644x489, 644:489, PL4.png)

Any anons seen the new twitter acct "PatriotLeaks"?

they're having massive hacking attacks right now, so have gone dark for the past 16 hrs.

Q had said to check out members of Congress' net worth (before/after) . . . and we've done that for many and we memed them – but, for the most part, they were the obvious suspects (Schumer, Pelosi, etc.). PatriotLeaks claims Trey Gowdy and Dana Rohrabacher are on the take and are traitors. Have we ever looked into them (I took a quick look at Gowdy and it seems he's skyrocketed from $175k to over $4mm in just a few years, but the sources were inconsistent. Also recently read that Gowdy just got the highest security clearance available . . .and he'd worn a purple tie to something . . . hmmmm???).

Any anons available to check into Trey and Dana's finances today? With Joy Villa recently being outted it made me wonder who else we've overlooked . . . when I saw the PatriotLeaks posts I thought, hmmm again, I have always wondered how Gowdy couldn't nail Hillary on Benghazi, etc. (all bark no bite, ALWAYS).

I'll post some screen shots from PL twitter . . .

Again, this is Q related!

b6f62c  No.209468





Before posting links, put a space before the first dot after the site's name.

e.g. http://twitter .com http://en.wikipedia .org

When you want to access the site simply copy & paste it at the URL bar and remove the space.

This is done because of how web/http works. If you click the link directly, the

destination site can see which site you are coming from, and that is not desirable.

Use hooktube.com instead of youtube.com

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It has a clean interface and it allows you to download youtube videos easily.

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You can anonymously search web using this site.

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So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

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Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

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f3b4a3  No.209469

Let’s all take a moment and pray for the Patriots that got stuck in the other timeline a year ago. -Amen

82a9c7  No.209470

0 dark 30th edition

702af7  No.209471


Is something wrong with the interactive Qmap? I got a message from a friend luker this morning:

"hey, i noticed this morning that the link i use to read the Q posts (https:// qcodefag.github.io/index.html ) is missing 27 posts. i've been monitoring the last few days to see if there's anything new and there haven't been any updates since christmas day. that last post was post number 423 but it's now registering as post number 396. that's been since… oh, i noticed it around 1pm. i checked it a couple times this morning and it hadn't changed yet.?

Does anybody know what's up?

Just asking again from stale bread.

b6f62c  No.209472

/// Extra Instructions/Guidelines for Experienced Bakers

/// By choosing to become a baker, you have accepted a few responsibilities.

/// Which concerns the information provided by the bread. In other words:



/// How to make the bread tasty?:

/// - Read every post on the previous thread(s). Even if skimming through, by your experience,

/// you will (generally) notice a few posts standing out from the rest. Add those

/// to the previous notable posts part of the RECENT HAPPENINGS section.

/// - Follow the news. As with notable posts, include relevant news in the news part

/// of the RECENT HAPPENINGS section.

/// - Do not include a collection of links in any part of the bread.

/// e.g. …/part1.zip …/part2.zip …/part3.zip

/// This makes the bread take unnecessary amounts of space, making it harder to read.

/// Instead, collect the links and make a post inside or preferably outside the general

/// thread, and include the post instead. Alternatively, you can collect them all in a

/// pastebin.com paste, and include the link of that.

/// - Above all, please understand:

/// A bread is meant for consumption. If you fill it with tasteless stuff, it will

/// become unedible. Ideally, every bread would be read by each anon, and it would

/// bring them up to speed, even if they have been away for a while.

/// There is simply too much noise(flaming, shills, stupidity etc.) in the threads,

/// which makes them very hard to follow consistently. As a baker, by including the

/// tasty stuff, you bring *some* order to this chaos. Chaos, in many ways, defines us.

/// But there still needs to be a balance. (You), baker, are the balance.


/// "Perfection is achieved,

/// Not when there is nothing more to add,

/// But when there is nothing left to take away."

/// - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


/// Godspeed.


2df947  No.209473

Ty baker for fresh bread!

b6f62c  No.209476

Yeah so pastebin same, forgot to do that even after I created an account. But I know better for next time. And no new posts, baking on the fly doesn't allow for scanning through bot crap for tidbits of flavor.

0a71e1  No.209477


yeah, it's a problem, don't know why . . . last post on my link is 12/21.

c1e344  No.209478


Gowdy has been where justice goes to die, single handedly making the house a powerless body.

Exposing him would be huge.

a2baa5  No.209480


could be a good thing/planned. does the resulting body have more power to punish than the house did?

82a9c7  No.209481


Every time I reload that page it goes to 391 & says "fetching new posts" I just set my phone down b/c it takes so long to load the rest. Are you waiting for that?

e6adf7  No.209483

File: 1e8bf0cf9b85111⋯.png (96.18 KB, 915x693, 305:231, Manmohan Singh scandal.png)

File: 8db920b2f5f479d⋯.png (42.61 KB, 712x368, 89:46, LdR to HRC - Manmohan Sing….png)

>>208801 Is it any wonder Manmohan Singh "smiled broadly when we (MS & LdR) talked about you (HRC)" Scandal plagued, including Nuclear deals!

f3cdfe  No.209485


It might be a good idea for BO to consider capping ban limits if that's happening to good anons by mistake.

0a71e1  No.209486


that's my thought, anon.

check this out:

Gowdy's net worth in 2014: $167,499

http: //members-of-congress.insidegov.com/l/523/Trey-Gowdy

in 2017:

4.5 million

http: //www.whatnetworth.com/trey-gowdy/

need to check more data though (i'm not sure about these sources) any ideas?

fcc19d  No.209487

I've created a thread for red pilling the masses.

Each post should be:

Image source description

The image

The result from an image detection app.

I use Fake Image Detector app

26de30  No.209489

File: 87bded3606dc003⋯.png (174.16 KB, 938x754, 469:377, DPRK.png)

They knew about North Korea's nuke capabilities in 2010. China took them there to visit.

b6f62c  No.209490

I'm convinced Gowdy is a good guy. He was just surrounded by bad actors.

9e5c59  No.209492








Wouldn't wanna be you.

Q's shoutout to the mods/bakers was a warning, not praise.

aad71b  No.209493

File: 1006202000b2e77⋯.gif (25.98 KB, 500x323, 500:323, 021009JC_U1PressRelease_fi….gif)


good crumbs anon.

c1e344  No.209494


>does the resulting body have more power to punish than the house did?

Juruy seems to be out on that question. Since our justice system had been so abused the past 8+ years, or longer, it is not yet evident if or to what extent there will be any punishment.

But compromise of Republicans in Congress seems to be the biggest problem.

f77299  No.209495


So Gowdy has been the designated guy to make it look like someone on the committee is trying to do their job.

0a71e1  No.209496


Gowdy's net worth in 2014: $167,499

http: //members-of-congress.insidegov.com/l/523/Trey-Gowdy

in 2017:

$4.5 million

http: //www.whatnetworth.com/trey-gowdy/

Need some anons to help dig. Anyone available today?

f3cdfe  No.209498


Well I have been on unofficial holidays for the last week and a bit.

Board seems slower, but maybe that's Christmas or simple fatigue like my case.

460577  No.209499


I think Gowdy is full of hot air. His bark is bigger than his bite.

b6f62c  No.209500

Remember for this bread we're looking into Frank Giustra, The Radcliffe Foundation, Elpida Home, and also CRS, Catholic Relief Services.

57173e  No.209501

File: eb929c518dfe810⋯.png (40.92 KB, 962x597, 962:597, humantrafficking.png)

www.whitehouse .gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-january-2018-national-slavery-human-trafficking-prevention-month/

c1e344  No.209502


Precisely. Well spoken, makes himself look serious.

702af7  No.209504


I haven't used the interactive map much. Literally "asking for a friend" who apparently was not aware of cbts general but got hooked into the map.

c1e344  No.209505


You've got to be kidding anon. Have you followed his committee hearings?

9e5c59  No.209506


You are fucked

638ad7  No.209507


I think GEOTUS and Q got that. They investigate better than we can. Like, NSA better. Go for it if you want to keep busy.

b6f62c  No.209509


But the committees, as he often says, is to inform. DOJ is supposed to listen, and initiate charges, investigations, etc.

2df947  No.209512


Lets hope. Theres this Gowdy Thing going already…..

c1e344  No.209513


Thx for these.

My thought was they had video of him doing something awful …. but money probably a key factor. Will look into it.

b6f62c  No.209516


House and Senate make laws. DOJ enforces them. So if Congress sees laws being broken or bent, they explore, and Executive branch does the indicting and arresting.

82a9c7  No.209517


I think Gowdy is a good guy underneath it all. He had just been a prosecutor for so long that he's a bit jadey. & those committees don't have the power to fire or arrest, the most they can do is collect evidence via hearing & subpoena witnesses.

0a71e1  No.209519

File: c4601f1157986d9⋯.png (30.02 KB, 642x260, 321:130, PL3a.png)


WE NEED TO DIG. This could be huge, and it Gowdy is deepstate, it will remove one of their big players from the board.

also, Dana R. (PatriotLeaks had said to check out his "vacation home"/what's the "workshop" for??? (pic related)

255f7d  No.209520

was looking @ Qs last post

Where his comes compromised..he led us to Kill_rouge and was telling a actor the floor is all your ..take over comms

fa5a2c  No.209521


When did this happen? Good morning Winners!

b6f62c  No.209522


Exactly. He can only do so much.

255f7d  No.209523


0a71e1  No.209526


I'd always felt Jason Caffetz had been the guy to make We the People look like someone in Congress was trying to do their job, but now that he's gone . . . Trey Gowdy??? If true, many will find this very hard to believe. We need to research this, and if true, get the word out. Gowdy just got the highest clearance possible.

c1e344  No.209528


I know. But congressional pressure has become nonexistent since 2010.

This could be a 500 page book. But for a microcosm, look at the national debt, and Benghazi.

Why did we need a GOP house?

Anyway if you have faith in Gowdy, knock yourself out. I think he needs to be looked into.

74cd52  No.209529

For those of you who have an open mind and think this is about more than politics...

First I saw this













>>206862 !!!

>>206864 !!!





0a71e1  No.209530


Well sure, GEOTUS and Q have it all . . . but Q told us to do our own research and to focus on members of Congress. They're not spoon feeding us, anon. You going to dig, meme, pray, or GTFO?

b6f62c  No.209531


And Gowdy is one of a handful defending Mueller and even Comey, both of whom I think were a tad corrupted only in fear of being suicided.

0a71e1  No.209532


absolutely. he's a great interview for the MSM, but NOTHING ever gets done when Gowdy is involved. bread and circus, bread and circus . . .

cb0e58  No.209533


Gowdy seems like a fake watchdog. lots of bark no bite. nothing has ever come from ANY of his inquiries..form benghazi to clinton email probe to comey… and now hes praising Rino Ryan?! http://www. breitbart.com/video/2017/12/28/trey-gowdy-cant-think-anybody-job-house-speaker-well-paul-ryan/

fa62fa  No.209534

File: eba2895e1dbb9e2⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 402x475, 402:475, White-Left cant jpg.jpg)

File: 07189b40edfea18⋯.jpg (10.95 KB, 246x105, 82:35, Capta Q p.jpg)

e57c22  No.209535

Missile with Missing I

I = iran = NK eyes

Where did the weapons flew ?!!!!

who vs who



storm (EQ)

f77299  No.209537

Bit of a hand grenade in the room, this Gowdy thing. Open mind fuckers. We ultimately don't know shit. ANYONE can be a bad guy. I guess we look at the facts we have: Gowdy didn't get results and he acquired a lot of money. Can we get a really solid source on his net worth?

0a71e1  No.209538



f3cdfe  No.209539


Would it be prudent to turn trips back on?

82a9c7  No.209540


What GENIUS decided banning bakers would work out fine?

f77299  No.209541

02a84f  No.209542

Does anyone have access to the CM ECF login so we can see AWAN case was removed? and get an updated case list and see who else may have flipped over the last 10 days?

0a71e1  No.209543


And what exactly was the end result of the Benghazi Committee, headed up by Mr. $4.5 million Gowdy?

He's worth looking into, anon. Deep State has their guys in place at all levels. We've been fooled many times before. Let's look and then decide on Mr. Gowdy.

b6f62c  No.209544



I've been lurking here 3 days and already baked? Eat a snickers. Or a kid or something.

2df947  No.209545

In 2013, American Life League proved that CRS provided $64 million to organizations distributing contraception, committing abortion, and performing sterilizations.

In July 2013, Life Site News reported that CRS had contributed $2.7 million to a population-control organization called Population Services International (PSI). PSI, which was founded by an international pornographer, provides abortion, contraception and sterilization to poor people in third world countries


This org dirty.

2.7 million to pornagrapher founded agency.

Planned Parenthood.

God Bless Patriots

9e5c59  No.209546


Going as planned.

Comped from the start, bro.

They keep going and I'm LMAO.

"We can hear you breath" and all that.

It will all come out in the wash.

0a71e1  No.209548


facts so far say otherwise, anon.

Gowdy in 2014: <$200k

Gowdy in 2017: >$4mm

b6f62c  No.209549


Good good.

fcc19d  No.209550


Please consider contributing to the fake image thread.

I used Fake Image Detector app. Free to download.

I included Chinese ICBMs, Russian ICBMs and North Korean parades.

I so far cannot find any NASA satellite images that haven't been digitally altered.

How much is Fantasyland?

74cd52  No.209551

More Easter Eggs I noticed from yesterday. I could have gone back further but some of us believe we have insider anons or 'helpers' in the threads dropping clues. Of course we do. It's up to you who to believe is one of them tho but here's some stuffs to ponder. Yesterday there were tons of hints dropped about poles north or south. The morning before we came over here to 8ch VQC and a few other anons were discussing the lack of photos of the North Pole and then the greatest 4ch shill storm ever occurred and site went down for 20 minutes, then came back and shills had multiplied, gore, tranny porn, rabid copypastas, it was surreal lads. It was the North Pole that triggered them. Dafuq is this talk about being cold lately all code for? Also this…




>>204016 why no Antarctica on the maps here

>>204383 zoom in



f77299  No.209552









So what is all this fucking CONCERN about?

0a71e1  No.209553


if he's gone to the dark side, it's probably because of both.

i'll keep digging, as well.

982cdb  No.209554

The dis info and divide and conquer shills are here in force.

82a9c7  No.209555


So what exactly are you saying?

70e34b  No.209557


pray they live up to their RESPONSIBILITY!

THIS may just BE about politics! people just don't look UP any more

74cd52  No.209558


I saw several anons claim to be banned but they were sharing the same VPN with other anons so it wasn't for their post. that sucks

3ba10b  No.209559


Antarctica is on the map, it's all around the outside, the first map is a flat earth map, the UN symbol is the flat earth map.

e6b1cc  No.209561


Wow! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mr President! Please have public trials.

1c755c  No.209562






Learn to tell the difference between a Q-type helper and a clown agent of disruption.

Helpers bring crumbs to expand our research. Helpers challenge us to see something from a new angle

Clowns (whether they are bots or contractors) bring chaos, promote censorship, provoke infighting

Why are we here?

To get to the truth and package it for public consumption in service to POTUS.

The ability to tell the difference between helpers and clown will move us toward success.

c1e344  No.209563


Personally I think this board has been well run the past couple weeks, since the tripcode problem.

Yes, there are shillstorms, but it is not a bad workspace.

Seems like BO has found a happy medium with security policy to make CBTS run smoothly.

74cd52  No.209564


have you compared it with the pastebin?

maybe the change was Q team sending a clue in code?

check the pastebin and compare timestamps with the interactive map.

Q team likes codes. ;)

70e34b  No.209565


except all the bakers that kept new bread ready gave up

c5a959  No.209566


Yea, Id bet well all be surprised by the level of corruption…when Q said deep cleaning, I think he means down to the local level perhaps

f7fcec  No.209567

File: 133805c97b39472⋯.png (2.78 MB, 3000x1951, 3000:1951, pedostar-killart.png)

File: 0df04dd1d805533⋯.jpg (99.03 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, podesta-hillary.jpg)

meme like masturbation, come in handy

9e5c59  No.209569


It takes more work to fuck up the bread than not.

74cd52  No.209570



There have been many helpers here the past few days anon. They're usually commenting on planefags or talking to each other lol.

0a71e1  No.209571


anyone who defends Comey is automatically suspect.

f77299  No.209572


I agree. Regardless of who he may be and what he may belong to, the board is working OK.

aad71b  No.209573

File: c5d0dd3e708b7d4⋯.png (32.78 KB, 362x170, 181:85, NWO.png)


I mean I know all the good domains are taken and all, but this is ridiculous.

Speaking of CRS …

http://catholiccharitiesnwo. org/

f7fcec  No.209574



Has everyone in Hillaryland been dug in to?

fcc19d  No.209576

0a71e1  No.209578


hadn't seen that, thx.

so we have Gowdy trying to take the heat off Comey, Rino Ryan, and Mueller (the only one in my mind who may have been flipped by Trump). Let's just see where the $$$$ leads us re. Gowdy. His net worth sure has catapulted in the past 4 years. He gets nothing done. He's an excellent orator and certainly makes us feel he's on our side, fighting for Justice and all that . . . and then he's gone, until the next Committee hearing sound bite.

Worth looking into.

c5a959  No.209579

Radcliffe link

http:// radcliffefoundation.org/about-radcliffe/

def connections to clintons etc.

f77299  No.209580




Shills like you buddy? Just GTFO.

fcc19d  No.209581

There are people helping out.

Look at the thread created about fake images.

Hint: maybe try the app

Hint: maybe fine any image from NASA that includes an unadulterated image of the north or south pole.

The world is not flat but it is a Truman Show and the north pole has a giant hole.

The only question is WHY IS THIS SUCH A SECRET.

Not asking you to believe anything.

Just ask yourself why hide the north pole.

The answer is out there.

0a71e1  No.209583


Anons, what is the best source for someone's net worth? What about a Congressman's net worth - do they have to file annual financial disclosures that are public?

d73b8c  No.209584

Q will be back to say happy new year.

If he is not, I don't know what to think.

182bcd  No.209585

All the Gowdy shit and #patriotleaks is bullshit. Fuck off with this dis info. You shills are fukn weak.

fcc19d  No.209586


Well spotted, hate the concern trolls.

Those who hated VQC had a valid point about name fagging but they hated what he said FAR too much.

70e34b  No.209587


borad completely changed on Christmas. still lots doing good work! but a lot who were working hard are gone.

Its at the point where so much has been discovered, keeping it all in one thread makes it too confusing

d9b235  No.209588


CRS and CC are both compromised, leftist-controlled organizations.

74cd52  No.209589


The art of war

The art of the deal

Q said some good guys were threatened heavily maybe their families, or by big players threatening another false flag, another 9/11 type event, Vegas was supposed to be worse, thousands of people were in danger…

Some who are being vilified might have averted those catastrophes while being forced to allow smaller wrongdoings in the grand scale of things.

We are not privy to all the facts.

702af7  No.209591


>have you compared it with the pastebin?

>maybe the change was Q team sending a clue in code?

>check the pastebin and compare timestamps with the interactive map.

>Q team likes codes. ;)

thanks anon

d73b8c  No.209592

Did anyone see Jerome Corsi on the war room yesterday WAX POETIC about q?

c1e344  No.209595

Still a news blackout on FBI raid yesterday. Normally local sheriff office would have some statement since the activity was so prominent and thw raid last for over 5 hours.

Some new notes from updated local news last night:

>Multiple boxes were seen piling up inside the home and several law enforcement members were seen bringing items and boxes from the home.

>There was also a mobile unit stationed in the area with FBI agents inside.

>Neighbors told FOX 5 that they believe the man who lives in the home moved in at the end of summer. They said he was cordial and received many Amazon packages.

http://www.fox5dc .com/news/local-news/fbi-conducting-raid-in-sterling

fcc19d  No.209596

I know of a namefag who had a massive police operation with helicopter behind his house that was all over Fbook. Nothing in the news. Nothing reported anywhere.

All gone by the time he got home.

Only info came out of a suicide behind his house.


6a6605  No.209597


ok. that's fine. all traitors. list is all mice to elephants imo. i'd say worth some time to doxx but not spend every mental resource on. Q said 70%. can't fire 70%. if we blast this out in meme and attacks we are doing good? or harm to the mission? jmo.

74cd52  No.209599

Has anyone considered Iran regime issues have to do with SA? Did SA control Iran the whole time? General consensus now seems to be the US in some shape or form controls NK via Pentagon and/or President and/or CIA. Maybe Pakistan was controlled by India or China? I'm thinking chess strategy. The UN fits in somewhere obviously, but how? Israel, who controls them? Vatican/Roths maybe?

0a71e1  No.209600


yep . . . and then we have to work to keep it clean!

74cd52  No.209601



70e34b  No.209602

finding SOOO much. Yet still such a small part of what's being covered up

3ba10b  No.209603


I honestly have no idea what shape the earth is, many questions are being asked because all pictures of earth are composites, not one real picture of earth from space….Why is that?

aad71b  No.209604

File: ca8bbeb8c6e3160⋯.png (29.3 KB, 670x109, 670:109, doubtful.png)

File: 62cd83ec3b7c0c1⋯.png (58.08 KB, 561x250, 561:250, SOROS.png)



from your own sauce, doesn't trust the numbers.

But why would they lie? It's not like the Center for Responsive Politics is funded by Soros' Open Society or anything.

Oh, wait. They are.

fa5a2c  No.209605


April 3, FBI raided apts & properties owned by Calvary Temple Church. In Sterling.

b05999  No.209606


So smart. No computer will EVER be able to break binary code AND of the 10 kinds of people in the world, SO MANY will enjoy translating every byte.

0a71e1  No.209607


anon, we haven't been privy to anything but crumbs. Q said to check out members of Congress. you want facts, do some digging yourself.

36525b  No.209608


Talking about baking bread – I have a question to those anons around since early on half-chan:

I noticed that at least in two threads:



the first message was from Q. Does that mean that Q was the baker of these breads ?

82a9c7  No.209609


From my pov, I have no interest in looking into Gowdy or anyone in the Freedom Caucus at this point! At least not as long as E. Cummings, who contacted IRS to investigate patriots, & Swallowell & JackassLee, etc. are still in. When all the D's who are corrupt, are purged, then I'll look at neocons, THEN I look at constitutional conservatives.

c1e344  No.209610


Yeah there could the been anything going on in that townhouse.

Although if it had to do with Calvary Temple, seems like there would be a statement by now. That was not even remotely a hush hush story.

Ah, we'll probably know something in a few hours.

faac4c  No.209612

Q is enjoying the Christmas break. He's gonna need the break because 2018 is going to be savage.

e7cc6f  No.209613




this guy is reporting on his twatter

b18b8d  No.209614



>inb4 famefags contributed because they wanted to get fame.

at least they contributed substantially.

0a71e1  No.209615


What are you afraid of, anon? The financials on Gowdy won't take long. Let's wait for some facts to come in and then decide. He's a huge fish, no harm in making sure which side he's really on, right?

1c755c  No.209616


>>209562 Hope ppl read it

b18b8d  No.209617


>Q was the baker of these breads ?


fa5a2c  No.209619


The new tenants just mooved in, trafficking? If so we would not here a peep.

1669c5  No.209620


thanks Anon.

0a71e1  No.209621


yeah, i know - that's why i'd initially said there's conflicting info out there and asked where the most reliable source for financial data might be.

still digging…we'll see.

289b9f  No.209622

I find it hard to believe now gowdy has been given the highest security clearance that he wasn't vetted and under constant scrutiny that he is somehow compromised. Don't waste your time. Pin the tails on the donkey's first..

7332ca  No.209624

banned and striking…

Just a bunch of egos, damaged ones, operators for the dark side…planned division, chaos, sabotage. Same game used to take down this country. So obvious. Not really concerned. Those who are successfully red-pilled with focus on light know how to continue on with current event assessment, reliable sources. Unfortunate for those newcomers with good intent who have not sharpened discernment as of yet, but I believe they will be fine.

c1e344  No.209625


Interesting, thanks very much, that is good info, desu

House is right across from a very major mosque.

dfecaf  No.209626


When did he get the clearance?

0a71e1  No.209627


Who gave him the clearance, anon?

1c755c  No.209628


Yes .

On the board about 16 hrs a day / so I have seen it.

Too many not seeing it.

da4313  No.209630


If you've been banned, appeal your ban.

If you've been wrongly banned, it will be revoked.

There are no ban appeals up at the moment.

If you have a problem, let me know here.


1669c5  No.209631


well said.

289b9f  No.209632

2df947  No.209633

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity

Sun Tzu

0a71e1  No.209634


who's the shill here? that article is over a week old. Also, go back and read the Benghazi headlines . . . and what became of those hearings? NOTHING.

He's worth taking a look into, unless you're trying to cover for him.

aad71b  No.209635


>facts so far say otherwise, anon.

don't declare it as fact then.

dig away.

36525b  No.209636


Thanks – wasn't sure how baking works on the halfchan. But if Q can and did bake, back then, then:

first, he might have done so on 8chan as well without using his trip and without many of us noticing ?

and secondly, also any shill/clown could have jumped in as a "baker" here as well (and poison/screw with the bread) ?

0a71e1  No.209637


but a BREAK in any links you post, anon. read the rules.

4b5aa6  No.209638


Owning a house alone gets net worth over $400k. Add retirement savings 401k, is $200k net worth in 2014 reasonable?

c1e344  No.209639


Gowdy defenders are surprising me, do these people not follow what Congress has done (not done) the past 7 years?

Guys, please don't freak out if we learn Trey Gowdy and a few others with solid reputations in Conservatism, Inc., are actually not so great.

289b9f  No.209641


apols need sleep.

bc50b5  No.209642


Received an unusual amount of Amazon packages, from the post office? Could this be related to POTUS tweet yestrday?

5adf39  No.209643

I could not open this bread in Firefox; it would appear in catalog & when I tried to click to open it was shoa'd WTF are we comped? I searched 8ch.net/cbts in Brave & that's how I got in

fcc19d  No.209644


Iran was a Clowns op.

The documents that come out of there or are helped to be found there, s'gonna bring down Deep State on another front.

Once Iran gets peace, Saudi and Iran recognise Israel, give Palestinians a State contiguous with Gaza in Sinai and you have…

Drum roll please…

World Peace.

Then we get the Revelation or RV

c1e344  No.209645


Yeah q didnt bake

c5a959  No.209646

Rhetorical question here: why are so many cabal foundations/trusts/charities located in Canada?…ill keep digging just thought that was interesting

b18b8d  No.209648


>he might have done so on 8chan

might have, sure;

probably didn't, though

>any shill/clown could have jumped in as a "baker" here as well (and poison/screw with the bread) ?


and now you know why we were so keen on having a few trusted tripfags bake the threads.

but then the BO decided we didn't need tripcodes.

we are in a shillfest ever since.

aad71b  No.209649


Still saucing from Open Secrets, funded by Soros' Open Society. I don't want to ad hominem or anything, but there is def a chance of bias.

289b9f  No.209650


charity donation laws are lax. Easy to launder. I think they don't need to declare the donators.

0a71e1  No.209651


what those sites reported are facts, anon. other sites may offer additional facts/opposing facts, etc. like a jury, we look at all the facts, assess what's more credible, what's worthy of consideration, and come to a conclusion. we're in that process, nothing has been decided, we are gathering facts, and those are facts. what facts have you come up with, or are you just here to complain and criticize?

36525b  No.209652



Thanx for clarification !

1c755c  No.209653



Things are not as they appear.

Its too easy to take the "obvious" as fact.

Deception is necessary for the battle we are in. Don't tell your enemy in advance what you plan to do OR even what you know.

Some people are deceiving just in order to stay alive.

The best patriots, no matter where their tour of duty (stateside, overseas, or on this board) are cool-headed…and always thinking….seeing something from every possible angle…avoiding quick judgements.

35b314  No.209654


Big stuff worth pursuing - Maybe its own thread?

45115b  No.209655


If these are honest folk knee-jerk defending Gowdy without a cursory inspection. I blame reddit. Gowdy's been on the nose on the chans for a long time.

5adf39  No.209656


Exactly Anon; the laundering process then becomes easy peasy

c5a959  No.209657


that makes sense…from a darker angle, I was wondering if there is also something to do with the native americans/innuits there…and missing people

c1e344  No.209658


Could be but to be fair Amazon has a big footprint in that area, 2 warehouses within 15 miles. You can buy half the stuff same day delivery, it seems, in the Dulles Airport region. So maybe they just bought all their groceries online.

fcc19d  No.209659

d55da0  No.209660

I went to bed for the night, and people were banned? Bakers? What the fuck happened?

Is there an explanation??

0a71e1  No.209661


no problem w/ 2014 . . . it's the 3 year span to 2017 and the corresponding possible increase in net worth to over $4million.

Q said to look at the before and after net worths? Where did these members of Congress get all the money during their tenure?

1c3d76  No.209663

A person's net worth is NEVER accurate.

Money in your bank account + assets (houses & cars, etc.) = a total different amount.

02a84f  No.209664


because BHO and T are butt-buddies in the cult and to circumvent U.S. laws as much as possible while both worked and are still working for the cult and attempting to bring about the last ten kingdoms of mankind…

6ec249  No.209665

Q relates to the search icon as well as the letter

Double meaning fags

da4313  No.209666


Permabans are generally given to obvious shills, those calling larp and those disrupting the board. Appealing a ban is extremely easy, if it's an unfair ban it will be revoked.

d55da0  No.209667

And fucking trips are gone?? What the fuck?

8ecd55  No.209668

How difficult is it to make big $ in congress? Insider trading is NOT illegal for them. Companies spill the beans, congress cooks them up and profits. Up or down, doesn't matter. Vote according to the lobby, easy money. Doesn't take an evil cabal to do this.

c574ea  No.209669


Color me skeptical...l But I don’t exactly trust somebody who just recently popped into existence claiming to be in the open with the alphabet agencies

91ea7d  No.209670

fcc19d  No.209671


The new fake image thread I created might be useful for some of that

fa62fa  No.209672


Those boxes the FBI agents are carrying appear as if little or nothing is in them. Is this merely "For the cameras?"

da4313  No.209673

If any bakers or hard working anons were banned, let me know here.


97957b  No.209674


I'm convinced Gowdy……

Blah blah. You convinced yourself by ignoring what he has done bad, and only remember good. Confirmation bias.

We must all be careful. We are all susceptible.

d55da0  No.209675


I'm not allowed to ask? Go fuck yourself

c1e344  No.209676


Friend, you probably just want what is best for the board, but I would gently remind you that when we had the tripcodes and named bakers, the breads were screwed up a lot of the time. Those guys messed up the numbering so often its hard to imagine it wasn't intentional. Though im sure it wasnt.

82a9c7  No.209677


I think we all get that conservatives can be corrupt too. But why take them down & leave the people responsible for ruin their own cities & the most corrupt in place while going after less corrupt?

You do that & you allow D to control things & no end to D corruption b/c they'll shut down or lie through any investigation just like they did in Obastard years.


Those hearings happened under Obama Admin. Keep in mind.

c574ea  No.209679


Add mutual funds and it adds up took him 4 yrs to get there. Also his wife’s $?

af4f28  No.209680

File: fa36af721bcab50⋯.jpg (163.54 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Shillbot 2100 On Fire.jpg)

fa5a2c  No.209681


A group of canadian ceo’s & vp’s placed in american msm networks and cali businesses a few years back, a few all friends in same club jumped ship, left Hollywood. Are on islands now. Thats all I can drop on this topic.

0a71e1  No.209682


They're especially surprising HERE . . . our minds should be open, we should be aware of the Deep State's roots and treachery, and as you say, given what Congress has/has not done over the years, we should be scrutinizing every single one of them, unless Q has told us to TRUST that person, as he did Wray. Cognitive dissonance is alive and well, unfortunately. I hope Gowdy proves to be on our side, but if he's one of (((them))), I want to know. Simple as that. Shill factor here is remarkable.

1c755c  No.209683


Ancient wisdom

Many have been guided by it

Including Alinsky and his current day sycophants #Resist


POTUS is guided by this wisdom as well

c574ea  No.209684


News said was terror related, Arabic male.

Link posted last thread

0a71e1  No.209685


No Soros-funded sauces, anon. Keep digging.

84ee25  No.209686

Re: Gowdy increase net worth - if you know their game it wouldn't be hard to do this and not cause too much harm on the flipside. No?

16af75  No.209687


All my digs have showed under $200K I don't see anything about $4.5M. I will source all shortly

1c3d76  No.209688

the Oversight committee has no power to prosecute someone. Gowdy is no traitor.

c5a959  No.209689

c574ea  No.209690


Think if he was Q would have mentioned him

74cd52  No.209691


Consider the following…











>>205624 !



>>206575 ?


>>206725 hmmm

>>206773 snow on the ground



Side note: During the height of Pizgate a reditor found a huge massive network of Pedo Twatter accts. This person made a new twatter to point it out and report. Several others tried to report. There was fucking tons of CP on these accounts! It was sick as fuck! Half of them were in Arabic too. Long story short, anyone who reported the CP got banned from twatter and the CP accounts are all still there to this day, thousands of them.

e6adf7  No.209692



'Chaos is a ladder'

59279e  No.209693

Gowdy is a traitor who let Hillary off the hook. it was controlled opposition. This board is full of Clowns

289b9f  No.209694


Dig and post evidence or stfu and gtfo.

183875  No.209695


Concern trolling is not allowed. Being a retard who doesn't lurk is not allowed. Either way, you're vomit.

35b314  No.209696



74cd52  No.209697


just the tip tho

2df947  No.209698


I posted it as its relevant to the board.

Patriots watching and waiting.

2bd415  No.209699


WOW! Very nicely done. Tons of effort put into this. You rock.

84ee25  No.209700

Gowdy is one of a few that would go on tv and speak up. Why? Were we told to trust no one?

0a71e1  No.209702


what do have against the dig?


16af75  No.209703


http: //www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congress/article51324980.html

af4f28  No.209704

File: 338308e8491b7d3⋯.jpg (184.21 KB, 730x500, 73:50, Shillbot 2100 Overheating.jpg)

32f13c  No.209705

10a395  No.209706


Least we forget Baker's Union back on /pol/.

That shit was a real cock-up.

82a9c7  No.209707

We know for a fact Elijah Cummings is a traitor. Let's dig into him.

& is Whitehouse still in senate? I haven't heard anything abt him in a long time.

c5a959  No.209708


ldr donated to whitehouse, I know that via spider map….

7b1b51  No.209709

Thinking Capt Mike Green (RIP) may have been a decoy. The Rothschild’s probably have a no low fly zone over their more sensitive properties Their alert system could have been triggered on purpose. ( coincidentally Aylesbury is famous for its white duck) Maybe his helicopter was the distraction while action was happening elsewhere on the estate.

16af75  No.209710

THIS IS THE ONLY WEBSITE REPORTING $4.5M for Trey Gowdy. They have no source for the info.

www. whatnetworth.com

1c3d76  No.209711


>We know for a fact Elijah Cummings is a traitor

100% that swollen wrist toad is a fuqing traitor.

3ba10b  No.209712


Who knows how far back it goes? You or I can't go there.

74cd52  No.209713


Bakers and BO might not be who you think they are…random chanfags or higher up? Expand your thinking. Chess.

27ed10  No.209714

File: 1f12479c0516002⋯.gif (410.33 KB, 705x469, 705:469, MAGA1.gif)

I've created an animated gif as a meme. Feedback welcome.

8d8c76  No.209715


"At the bottom of the South Carolina list is Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-Spartanburg, with an average net worth of $167,000. Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, was elected in 2010. His financial disclosure forms show liabilities, which include a mortgage on his house in Spartanburg and a student loan by a dependent."

In the House:

Rep. Mark Sanford - 88th

Rep. Tom Rice - 94th

Rep. Mick Mulvaney - 130th

Rep. Jeff Duncan - 205th

Rep. Joe Wilson - 256th

Rep. Jim Clyburn - 281st

Rep. Trey Gowdy - 367th

1c755c  No.209716


or a pit, depending on your POV

1c755c  No.209717


good job

0a71e1  No.209718


right we've seen that site.

can you find a reliable source that shows his net worth for the last 3 years?

6a6605  No.209720

looked familiar. the three popes.

Revelation tells of a Beast power, which we see to be Roman Catholicism, that Satan uses to counterfeit the ministry of Christ. He even sets up a false trinity to lead the world astray.

74cd52  No.209721


Some shills might be planted by the good guys to sway us from certain things on purpose, just a thought.

bb5281  No.209722

File: 5627dab458a7c7e⋯.png (142.7 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6803.PNG)


I went through all their tweets. Starting on 12/20/17 they say Q is compromised and it's repeated 6 times.

c1e344  No.209723


Article is 2 yrs old and who knows when their data is from.

Doesn't actually prove anything

74cd52  No.209725


A helper posted a pic of the north pole from a military satellite. I can't find it but hang tight I'm still trying. It was very uhhhh interesting to say the least.

af4f28  No.209726

File: 8ab12c231b99ee8⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 539x471, 539:471, Shillbot 1995 Online.jpg)

Report ing for du-ty, co_mm@nders

faac4c  No.209727


More like shitbot. Those cianigger bots were tax dollars well wasted.

59279e  No.209728


>http://www.thestate. com/news/politics-government/article14374046.html

That's Mark Sanford, not Gowdy. Gowdy is corrupt, hes controlled opposition. He put on a big show like a clown at a circus.

74cd52  No.209729


From cbts?

23b34f  No.209730


What shoutout?

23b34f  No.209731


Bull fucking shit!

8d8c76  No.209732



Yes thanks bro.

Sharia blue must have got their new narratives.

Incl Sheriff clarke and Gowdy.

27ed10  No.209733

File: 8f5daeb9df17ffa⋯.gif (69.21 KB, 465x384, 155:128, NORAD_1.GIF)


Here you go.

af4f28  No.209735


And THAT's why we should be pissed. Our very hard-earned wages, being confiscated illegally and totally fucking WASTED by these cl0wns.

d47dc4  No.209736


All of which have nothing to do with Q. You shills aren't even trying. Filter ID using the arrow. Filter ID+ to get rid of his mates replies as well.

a2baa5  No.209737

The fact the kill_rogue twitter image is a rabbit, that is really a cut out of donalds hair, and slightly stylized bugs me a bit

3ba10b  No.209738

>>209722 Seem like an attention seeking whore to me.

Twitter is full of fags.

27ed10  No.209739


>>209725 May not be the one you are looking for though

c5a959  No.209740

frank guirski founded lions gate entertainment fwiw

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionsgate

fcc19d  No.209741

fcc19d  No.209742


Could have been a coincidence.

e6adf7  No.209743

File: 5d9bc8c9444f7b0⋯.png (130.85 KB, 572x575, 572:575, Sheriff Clark.png)

390252  No.209744


This is a good read on things, hope you are right Anon. Not to be a biblefag, but Zech also says that AC comes at a time of peace and safety. Rev and Daniel say that three horns (kings, kingdoms) of the evil system we are fighting are ripped out by their roots before hand. Doesn't say AC rips them out, maybe the good guys do.

fa5a2c  No.209745


He is a product of the time, because of his color besides not being qualified, he was given a opportunity to represent his community & America. He had a choice when he got in. He chose to serve Evil. Let me drop on Gowdy… I knew him before office, squeeky clean good guy all about America & if you knew him from young he was allway wanting to fix broken America. If all we can find is a few #$ mean he is a good guy undercover. My jaw dropped too on certain things he said. But then step back & look at big picture. Very well planned…

The Show is about to Start.

8d8c76  No.209746

Hmm seems relevant.

https:// t.co/YeSfioW5fA

https:// iran.liveuamap.com/

A pipeline just got bombed.

d55da0  No.209748


Not concern trolling, cunt. Been here since you were in your dad's balls.

That's the problem with you newfags, you can't tell the difference between questions and concern trolling. Your millennial is showing

a2baa5  No.209749


it's not strange at all considering most of you retards are loud and useless

1c3d76  No.209750

File: e2215fe0c9c2dc9⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 800x503, 800:503, 18ozl31g1fgubjpghfhffjhc.jpg)


holy shite, your computer is newer than mine.

c4b0d8  No.209751

File: f6c4a7229623ef7⋯.png (184.94 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0seek0-or-kill_rogue.png)

8d8c76  No.209752


They are getting desperate when they roll out 6 month old stories there on there knees about to recieve the cock.

1cdf48  No.209753

6a6605  No.209754

i have to ask this. who are normies? i know what thet are but around here it seems sometimes it's not everybody that has no clue. wtf? it's everybody but we don't focus on everybody. talk faith and told to fuck off. fuckers don't even seem to notice satan in Q posts. or pray. or scripture. i am no good with making memes, mostly bc i have a hard time seeing anything on screen these days. commands and such. look through the memes, and the threads here. nothing for that demographic. ain't been to church in 30 years or more but those people are included i would think. we can't talk about evil and satan without talking about god and good. just a thought.

ef6af3  No.209755



74cd52  No.209756


Interesting considering the Templars (tempo,time) changed the calendars to hide the truth.

faac4c  No.209757

It's happening. A part of the world stalemate: overthrow Iranin regime. This along with Saudi crackdown, should totally cut funding for terrorism WW.


74cd52  No.209759


TY! thats the one

aad71b  No.209760

File: 000b02371bd6b3c⋯.png (716.48 KB, 900x600, 3:2, BS-01.png)













Can we move on now?

www.whatnetworth. com


http://www.mcclatchydc. com/news/politics-government/congress/article51324980.html

"At the top of South Carolina’s list with a net worth of $4.5 million, Sanford is only the 127th richest member in the U.S. Congress."

"At the bottom of the South Carolina list is Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-Spartanburg, with an average net worth of $167,000."

Just ref'd relevant posts.

meme not directed at any anons.

just fake news.

0a71e1  No.209761


yep, saw that. read them all.

6a6605  No.209763



fcc19d  No.209764


If Iranians find the evidence of drug and human trafficking and fuckery by the many including Hussein, then it's a new front to counter cognitive dissonance of it coming from the US admin.

It is literally THE ultimate red pill for slicing through party politics in the West.

It expose Deep State.

It exposes every corrupt politician in the EU and the UK as well as the US and in Asia.

The curtain will fall on Deep State.

World Peace.

The conditions are met for the Great Awakening and the Revelation.

God in his returned form, shows Himself and the Curse is lifted.

It has already begun.

He has posted here.

It is becoming obvious.

God definitely has a few Keks sense of humour.

He believes in your free will.

The Ending will explain all and tie up all loose questions.

This is very real.

Mind blown.

d65691  No.209765


I see Gowdy as a vain and egotistical person.

Maybe he has much to hide and needs to play both sides.

Let's see what happens.

74cd52  No.209767




You have a very closed mind then and I feel bad for you or only taken what is spoon fed.

ef6af3  No.209768



been to northern NL. its worse on the mainland.


huffing gas



murder - murder gets you sent to the other community.

they have different laws. they kind of dont even belong to canada NOR follow CANADIAN LAW

SERCO is there. they are the meal hall and lots of other accommodations.

i might get smoked for this but there is tunnels ALL underground Happy Valley Goose Bay.

I have been in them myself.

0a71e1  No.209772

File: 18941f552396249⋯.png (332.93 KB, 702x829, 702:829, gowdy.4.5mil.png)


not sanford. gowdy - says $4.5m.

but source is questionable.

still digging.

a2baa5  No.209773


Voice your displeasure here


1c755c  No.209774


Breakup of ratlines for oil/gas, illegal arms, drugs, human trafficking.

Shit will fall back on Patraeus, Morrell, Clinton, Bush and others

When exposed, evil ones will be de-fanged.

fcc19d  No.209775


Urm, not staying anonymous?

There seems to be a reason for that.

10a395  No.209776


>Your millennial is showing


10a395  No.209777


Past reveals Future.

a2baa5  No.209778


Durrr someone figured out how to use your autism against you

fcc19d  No.209779


If the people of Iran come up with the evidence, it is hardly partisan now, is it?

da4313  No.209780


If you've been banned, appeal your ban.

If you've been wrongly banned, it will be revoked.

There are no ban appeals up at the moment.

If you have a problem, let me know here.


>crickets so far

74cd52  No.209781


Trudeaus father UN Lucis Trust Windsor Bank Panama Papers Alice Bailey Aleister Crowley Anton LaVey Michael Aquino L.Ron Hubbard Scientology

all of those make an ugly web

1669c5  No.209782


Watched a documentary about Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army that supposedly kidnapped her.

Check out their "manifesto":

…the unity of all left-wing struggles, feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and others…all races, genders, and ages to fight together in a left-wing united front, and to live together peacefully.

Sound familiar?

Nothing new under the sun ,Anons…Ecclesiastes 1:9

1c755c  No.209783


genius. loving it.

c4b0d8  No.209786


The NBC drop on this story about Clark was also conflated on this very board and twatters with the happening with FBI in Virginia. Curious timing, that.

9de71b  No.209787

Anyone attacking Gowdy is a soros funded shill.

Block them, and realize this is proof that Gowdy is a serious threat.

aad71b  No.209788

File: 56d982cbb9097a1⋯.png (46.86 KB, 774x226, 387:113, dumb.png)


did you read your source?

it references the McClatchy article.

The McClatchy article explicitly says the 4.5M is for Sanford, not Gowdy.


94094a  No.209789


Trey livs in a 225k house. Not over the top.

https:// qpublic.schneidercorp.com/Application.aspx?AppID=857&LayerID=16069&PageTypeID=4&PageID=7149&Q=817091108&KeyValue=7-17-04-004.00

3d139f  No.209790


They're starting to look like SB.

fcc19d  No.209791


The measure of genius is how quick you spotted it in DJT.

74cd52  No.209792


huge distraction nothingburger

59279e  No.209794

I wonder if the high murder rate in Chicago has anything to do with all this as well.

Trump mentioned Chicago a few times.

We know that mayor is Corrupt as fuk.

Last week the whole UN in Chicago controversy.

Who is the mayor? Worth looking into?

0a71e1  No.209795

File: 14ede3bf14ef1d6⋯.png (255.34 KB, 300x697, 300:697, gowdy.vipfaq.png)

anyone know what "vipfaq" is?

ef6af3  No.209796


http:// globalnation.inquirer.net/138974/aquino-likely-to-speak-to-trudeau-on-asgs-beheading-of-canadian

c4b0d8  No.209797


Rahm Emmanuel. Seriously, anon?

faac4c  No.209798

Trey Gowdy is legit.

050570  No.209800

File: 579f0072a204309⋯.jpg (96.47 KB, 807x643, 807:643, DickShipnIGGA.jpg)

8d8c76  No.209801


"Trump’s cryptic warning ahead of Iran decision: ‘The calm before the storm’

@realDonaldTrump: Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with government's corruption and its squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people's rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! IranProtests

Def a major part of the storm is happening.



Iranians shouting REMOVE KEBAB!!!

bc7f7f  No.209802

File: c49fa7d08b03847⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 320x213, 320:213, dave-chappelle-rick-james.gif)


Rahm is as blue and vile as they come.

cb0e58  No.209803

Gowdys money isnt suspect..but his endorsements are

backs rubio for pres.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2015/12/trey-gowdy-endorses-marco-rubio-217201

Gowdy also said that history may look more favorably on Comey. And shills for him.

saw in a breitbart post awhile back.now can only find a reference form an anon on reddit the donald.

praises Mueller as straight arrow

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/trey-gowdy-robert-mueller-is-your-quintessential-straight-arrow/article/2626294

aad71b  No.209804


from http://www.whatnetworth. com/trey-gowdy/

"Estimated net worth has been taken from:


Which says 4.5M is for Sanford, NOT Gowdy.

It's simple, really.

74cd52  No.209805



Hah! wtf. the 'helpers' kept hinting at Phillipines past two days except they said Philippians as in the Bible.

37748b  No.209806


People are fleeing the city in droves, that and in body bags to.

82a9c7  No.209807


Thanks for that. I can usually see through bs & have a knack for spotting bad people, lies, disinfo, & deception. I've gotten angry at Gowdy for things in the past but I've never seen anything really bad in him. I've been wrong before & will be wrong again, but I just don't see Gowdy as controlled opposition or bad guy.

"I have a 5th sense, it's like ESPN or something."-some movie

ea48de  No.209809


Just read through the tweets. Seems like disinformation. They reference a "pedo" in the Alabama election getting a lot of money, even after the party cut him off. Assuming they're talking about Roy Moore, that's incorrect. His campaign was running on a shoestring. It was Jones who had all the money, but he wasn't cut off from his party. This reeks of a liberal, trying to distract us.

fe7313  No.209810

File: d7ff86bcdc91eb8⋯.jpg (14.67 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 1a2b8806043d07bc41c97049f7….jpg)

Good day all ye faggots, cianiggers, and newfags

Grace upon ye bakers. Thanks for baking!

1c755c  No.209812



Look it up

Let it go

c4b0d8  No.209813

File: e750e254b45fd54⋯.png (108.67 KB, 1080x798, 180:133, treygowdy.png)


Yeah. It's bullshit.


4b5ea2  No.209814

Good morning.

82a9c7  No.209815



27ed10  No.209816

File: 9861ccfcf567552⋯.gif (394.62 KB, 705x469, 705:469, WhatSymbol.gif)

Since my meme here >>209714 hasn't been commented on thought I would change it slightly.

2b8f9d  No.209817




fuck you faggots

I just woke up


I'm still drunk

36351f  No.209818

Missing Q posts on github

There IS a resolution.

Q's FIRST post on 8ch was



11/25/17 (Sat) 22:54:45 ID: 48dd16

yes, correct healthy link b/c internal

SECOND post on 8ch was /cbts/



11/26/17 (Sun) 00:28:38 ID: 48dd16

again, healthy link b/c it is here.

BO did choose to have this board included in the 8ch archive, (THANK YOU BO). It's clunky and not user-friendly like cuckchan but it's there and we have it.

What this means is that even if some of the Q posts have fallen off of the github site, github anon can use the links in the spreadsheet and fix it. ALL of Q's post from 4 & 8 are there, all have direct working links to his posts and they are all in chronological order (each new post starts with a light green line for easy visibility).

[I do back up the spreadsheet constantly and encourage others to do so as well. It's always good to have backups.]

So if anyone sees or knows how to get in touch with github anon, let him know he can do that please.

1c3d76  No.209819

File: cbb2016203666bc⋯.png (380.26 KB, 600x311, 600:311, Untitled-j1dg8j168.png)

a2baa5  No.209820

Trump administration declares support for Iran’s protesters against the 'rogue state'

kill_rogue = iran, the twitter account is a misdirection

https: //www.thenational.ae/world/trump-administration-declares-support-for-iran-s-protesters-against-the-rogue-state-1.691490

16af75  No.209823


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We have more important digs.

c4b0d8  No.209824


More signs of bullshit:

1. "According to users of vipfaq" What? How about the fucking tax filings and public disclosures?

2. Tax filings and public disclosures for 2017 are not available. Why's that? No one has filed for 2017.

Conclusion: anons must use their brain and think things through. Don't participate in Project Mockingbird by spreading disinfo. THINK!

aad71b  No.209825

File: 3532bfd873d7254⋯.png (55.37 KB, 1057x387, 1057:387, fact.png)


No, it's not. It was a "mistake." It reported Sanford's income as Gowdy's income. Two different people. It didn't even get the right info from its own source listed at the bottom of the article.

ef6af3  No.209826


you are talking to a shill- why?

am i too then…..?

36351f  No.209827


OP, could you please include this post in the pastebin for the dough up top until we can get github anon's attention?


This will also help those who keep asking about the issue.

Thank you.

16af75  No.209828

Let's stay the course today. I feel big news is coming. LET'S ROLL ANONS!!!

aad71b  No.209830


good point.

i will not respond to shills.

i will not respond to shills.

i will not respond to shills.

good mantra.

fare well.

10a395  No.209831


Plop, plop, fiz, fiz, or hair of the dog.

3d139f  No.209832

OK Gowdy seems to be in the clear. Let's move on.

ce8753  No.209833


"Chaos is a laddah"

said the guy who ended up throat cutted

2b8f9d  No.209834


going with a dog and coke

6a6605  No.209835

until the next idiot tweets he's the second coming of Q. slap me silly.

0815a4  No.209836


This whole Gowdy hunt is an attempt to distract. Disregard that twitter feed here out.

cb0e58  No.209837

New Details on High-Profile FBI Raid of Northern Virginia Home

https:// truepundit.com/new-details-high-profile-fbi-raid-northern-virginia-home/

FBI sources said the target of the warrant is renting the apartment unit in Sterling and is an “Arabic-speaking male.”

1c755c  No.209838


Charlie Golf One

82a9c7  No.209839

Look at Issa. He got rich, but it was due to an invention or product patenting. Just b/c someone acquires wealth doesn't mean they got it through corrupt means.

Then there are others who we know are corrupt but wealth acquired through spouse or inheritance. Networth alone means nothing.

c4b0d8  No.209840


No, I'm replying to a shill post in the hopes that anons vulnerable to shillshit will use it as an opportunity to harden their armor.

23b34f  No.209841

I can’t understand all this ass hurtery about names and trips….

It’s like google filtering my search results, tell8ng me what to read.

I’m smart enough to filter anyone I don’t want to see AND anyone associating with them! I appreciate seeing a recognizable name baking the bread!

Just like all this rule bullshit about breaking links! Who the fuck made this bullshit up? While a good practice what the fuck do you care if it’s done or not? Bunch of fucking hall monitors making sure we know, that they know…bahling that they are “just trying to keep you”….muh opsec….the fuck did we do without you for thousands of previous posts?

I think the boards ran better and got more done before the trip debacle before the name complaints! MUH anon status…gtfo!

Not surprised Q dropped the board! What a shitshow!

There as prompted by modanon, I voiced my concern…enough said i’ll Watch and see how things run won’t shit up the board with anymore of this but it needed to be said!!

2bd415  No.209842



Maybe this will help…

ef6af3  No.209843

e5aaf2  No.209844

e6adf7  No.209845


haha Exactly! Let's pray the same thing happens to the 'sick, evil bastards' that have manufactured chaos WW for decades/centuries for their own agenda!

da4313  No.209846


Thanks for this. Hopefully Github anon sees it. If I see them I'll pass it on. Saved.

36525b  No.209847


Thanks. Posts:




(i.e. ID=8GzG+UJ9) still missing in the spreadsheet ?

82a9c7  No.209849


Drink plenty of water.

2bd415  No.209851

File: 091e530bfa8fb92⋯.jpg (19.02 KB, 250x263, 250:263, BIGGESTBLOODYMARY.jpg)


oops forgot pic


62062b  No.209852


Done. That certainly is food for thought.

And another of a million things we should be Thankful for every day.

2b8f9d  No.209853


sure….. blurp…… will

702af7  No.209854

File: 1d6756bc9790918⋯.jpg (49.72 KB, 485x340, 97:68, symbolism.jpg)

A new variation on a theme

050570  No.209855

File: a76b7b15e860641⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 777x777, 1:1, Untitled.jpg)

7e8442  No.209856


Yes this is disinfo intended to derail from going to @kill_rogue twitter- which curiously, despite Q specifically pointing to that account, is being treated as somehow a bad place to go — anons should go have a look themselves. It’s all WikiLeaks and Seth Rich specific from good sources. It’s obvious it’s legit. If this is really dismissed and continues to be ‘banned from the batter’ as false, I’m done. I’ve been at it from the first bread and long before for years. FFS “Twitter [kill_togue]” is just that simple. If something that obvious is ignored then the wrong people are here. I hope that’s not the case.

4c77f5  No.209857

File: 898db1100cea930⋯.jpg (922.96 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, Screenshot_2017-12-30-15-0….jpg)

File: bcfb223b88dcaf6⋯.jpg (857.26 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, Screenshot_2017-12-30-14-5….jpg)

File: a0d2c853eee7524⋯.jpg (752.45 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, Screenshot_2017-12-30-14-5….jpg)

File: 7e45e925d8c9397⋯.jpg (713.25 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, Screenshot_2017-12-30-14-5….jpg)

British Windsor's have always eluded prosecution. Hopefully the house of cards is coming down under the latest EO.

6abe1c  No.209858

If helpers are here I'm ready to listen. If we are going to ignore good tips and information to dig into and call anyone who isn't flashing a tripcode a shill. You guys are on your own.

36351f  No.209859


Clowns, infowarriuhz/hangers-on, shills, SB, tiny amount of actual anon trolls. You'll notice a pattern. The uptick signals their increasing panic.

10a395  No.209860


Then by all means, GO!

STFU about it!

aad71b  No.209861


Haha. Onward!

135611  No.209862


I just saw the other day that local police within 100 miles of Bohemian Grove are compromised.

36133e  No.209863

i know this is a little off topic but this is insane. our fellow citizens need our help. anons should launch a mematic counterstrike to end this crazyness.

https: //twitter.com/PamJonesLiberty/status/946169664651931648

8d8c76  No.209864


Interesting. Iran could be the storm front moving towards Best Korea. The GCC is def gunna have a hand in this pie too. Palestine, Jerusalem, Iran Best korea Major fucking global storm.

82a9c7  No.209865


Is that a chicken in a bloody Mary?

b86f6c  No.209866

File: c4e7fbb7577b21c⋯.jpg (221.82 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Deep_Thoughts.jpg)

206a97  No.209867

File: 940e7ddbb807fad⋯.png (81.41 KB, 860x445, 172:89, ClipboardImage.png)

What does this mean?

Was this foreshadowed by Q's messages?

https://twitter. com/realDonaldTrump/status/946949708915924994

Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! #IranProtests

6abe1c  No.209868

No one is trying to convince anyone else that the helpers are Q. The helpers say they are not Q. Researching the info they give us helps the cause and doesn't harm anyone or the board.

Rant over. Thank you.

e681e0  No.209870

File: 8632a5808da67f9⋯.png (302.4 KB, 1080x1609, 1080:1609, 20171230_090910.png)

68ae28  No.209871

Shooting at a law firm in California: I wonder who the target was

6abe1c  No.209872


It means the regime is changing in Iran similar to how it did in SA.

2b8f9d  No.209873




f6a7be  No.209874


whitehouse is still in. he and climate change wife attend McCain Institute for several years (sedona institute). ri needs thorough cleaning.

2f84dc  No.209875


beat me to it

8bd44d  No.209876


OMG that's funny

9d139d  No.209877

File: 6b12618d57852c8⋯.jpg (120.6 KB, 720x900, 4:5, trey-gowdy.jpg)

File: bfb9e6521b82eaa⋯.jpg (73.24 KB, 1419x946, 3:2, 28-trey-gowdy.w710.h473.2x.jpg)

File: 7bd85736145e188⋯.jpg (78.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tucker-Carlson-Trey-Gowdy-….jpg)

File: 81935a2e4a716a2⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 959x639, 959:639, BN-LK387_1123BE_J_20151123….jpg)

Definitely wears his fair share of purple ties. Just a few pics I pulled from Google

289b9f  No.209878


Interesting. Iran could be the storm front moving towards Best Korea. The GCC is def gunna have a hand in this pie too. Palestine, Jerusalem, Iran Best korea Major fucking global storm.

829e5c  No.209879


I am sure it's been discussed, but just in case: Elpida has a blue triangular pedophile logo.

c5a959  No.209881


Whoa…SERCO has hands in everything.

6a6605  No.209883


i think most took the advice of some here and went to reddit and elsewhere. Q and company have what is needed. said as much. honestly i can't tell the difference between a shill and a oldfag anymore. (sometimes) i think it's save the children and our humanity. some it seems is just save 8chan. i saw that need early on and fell into it. Q is going more and more mainstream and hate talk is going away with it. just a thought.

1c3d76  No.209884

File: 53f0d7864387e4c⋯.png (360.38 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Untitled-d4j6d4g8j.png)

c4b0d8  No.209885

File: 8904aa796f37e55⋯.png (192.3 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0seek0-or-kill_rogue.png)


By all means, have a real good look at this distraction for yourself.

289b9f  No.209886


I've dealt with S E R C O they never want you to ask too many questions.

74cd52  No.209888

File: a817d1d3fc307f7⋯.png (213.61 KB, 1377x571, 1377:571, abrx.png)

this thread has a ton of deleted posts…


Remember sound can be used as a weapon, think Cuba, or sound can be used to repair DNA. It's all waves, everything that matters is waves.

>>206231 this thread has a ton of deleted posts too

Seems this post was deleted but the random chit chat in thread was not, deleted by whom or why? I don't know but mods were not banning according to logic or board rules if it was in fact the mods.

>>209756 notice post deleted….why? Pic related. (tempo-music-time)


"These original sound frequencies were apparently used in the great Hymn to St. John the Baptist that, along with many Gregorian chants, were lost centuries ago according to church officials. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart special spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses."



Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute was interested in the effects of the Schumann resonance on human beings, and carried out tests on volunteers in an underground bunker which completely screened out magnetic fields, including the Schumann resonance of 7.8hz.

After four weeks underground the volunteers were suffering from emotional distress and migraine headaches. After a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz, the symptoms of dis-ease cleared up and volunteers felt healthy again. The same problems of depression and illness were reported by the first astronauts and cosmonauts, who, out in space, also were no longer exposed to the Schumann waves. To counter this, modern space crafts are said to contain a device which simulates the Schumann waves of 7.8hz"


"There is a musical scale referred to as “Solfeggio”. This scale is comprised of six tonal notes which were said to be chanted by Gregorian knights. The purpose in the chants was that they contain special tones or frequencies which, when sung in harmony, were believed to impart spiritual blessings during religious masses. In 1050 AD, however, these specific frequencies seem to have become lost to history though some still believe they’re kept in the archives of the Vatican. Each of the six Solfeggio frequencies corresponds to a tonal note, Hz frequency (per second), and are associated with a specific color, and, ultimately, to a particular chakra in the body. The 528hz frequency is associated with the heart chakra and has always been thought to stand for Love, and “Miracle”. In fact, Dr. Leanord Horowitz proclaimed, “528 cycles per second is literally the core creative frequency of nature. It is love.” This particular frequency adapted the name “Miracle” because of its use through history to heal and repair DNA, as observed by genetic biochemists."

God is Love - Q


what are they tryng to hide here?

what were the Templars trying to hide when they plunged people into the Dark Ages?

Darkness and Light is a theme here that should not be ignored.

Someone doesn't like us sharing this information.

67c214  No.209889



I'd bet my left nut Gowdy is clean. Actions speak louder, and before this all blew up he was up peoples asses, never pulled a punch when others wouldn't touch things. Gowdy and Rand are about the only two I'm sure of being "good guys"

As for that Kill_Rogue twitter. I don't trust it, I think it's a honeypot / disinfo.

If there were ever a time for "Q" to come in and confirm or deny it's now.

74cd52  No.209890


Did you guys know Q's original trip on 4ch was linked to posts last year with the name 'Madame President' hahahaha gotta love me some Q. If you're clever you'll figure it out. ;)

c4b0d8  No.209891

ef6af3  No.209892


in what business?

f4f512  No.209893


like the concept very much.

wondering if the "thumbs-up" image is the best answer for your question in light of the "storm".

maybe the two-handed drinking or similar "Q" sugnals.

just my thoughts. again, very clever…can answer many questions.

6a6605  No.209894


on the flip side it was proven they were a distraction. and info is here. i'm sure in other places people are doing the same thing.

62062b  No.209895


Good grief, at that rate, not only is he not corrupt, but he is one of us. Kinda makes you wonder what he drives?

If true, that also proves his hands are tied. For the passion he delivers doing his job, it would be far more profitable for him to be an actor.

1c755c  No.209896



Affirmative. Have witnessed.


Will dig


They already have / know it all. Trying to educate Anons. Anons can repackage info for public consumption. Wise to connect events to posts. Wise to see overall patterns in messages.


Have been convinced for days that helpers are guiding us. Able to discern between helpers and clowns


Will dig


Will dig


No platitudes. Metadata + current events + knowledge of human behavior patterns (It’s math)



289b9f  No.209897

Filter all Gowdy Doubters.

e5aaf2  No.209898

fe7313  No.209900


Suggestions to BO / Bakers


<Before posting links, put a space before the first dot after the site's name.

<e.g. http://twitter .com http://en.wikipedia .org

>Instead, just leave off the http:// of a link. Link is easier to copy/pasta

<Use duckduckgo.com instead of google.com

>Instead (or additionally) use Startpage.com. Start Page gives the same quality results without any tracking or adverts

>Additional suggestions: use new browser Brave for privacy and/or Opera (Opera offers built in, free VPN)

>Don't use Chrome or Firefox. Both are owned by the (((enemy))) and both track every move you make within the browser, even with strict cookie settings turned off

c5a959  No.209902


Any leads?

59279e  No.209903


ok Clown

32f13c  No.209904

Like both versions >>209816

8d8c76  No.209905


Nothing that would provide insight.

fe7313  No.209906


shit, I reversed the > <. Apologies

3c7854  No.209907

yesterday there were posts about "going postal" and mailmen and so on. i did not pay attention then but todays news is that there is a hostage situation in a post office in ukraina.

82a9c7  No.209908

Anyone know anything about David Perdue of Ga? Good/bad?

135611  No.209909


My local news gives 30min to NOVA, and there was no mention of the raid last night. Most stories are 'cat stuck in tree', but I thought they would at least give it a few seconds.

255f7d  No.209910

just went over all Q post again he keeps saying these people are sick…..what if he means they are going through a withdraw syndrome because they cant get blood glands etc..look.@ NP video and HRC….it is killing them

8bd44d  No.209911


So what is date of first q post November? I see some post here that align with q post

3c7854  No.209912


KIEV (Reuters) - A man believed to be strapped with explosives has taken nine adults and two children hostage in a post office in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, police said on Saturday.

https://www.reuters.com /article/us-ukraine-security/man-with-explosives-takes-11-hostages-in-ukraine-idUSKBN1EO0CV?il=0

48a7d2  No.209915

File: 0ccd8fdf6a362c6⋯.png (53.98 KB, 650x600, 13:12, Deloitte-LLP.png)


I am digging into this company: Deloitte LLP contributed $35,250 (some interesting connections you wouldn't think of in regards to Gowdy)

bc939b  No.209917


I like Gowdy and I don't think he's a bad guy. But I do think that the argument that he's all talk and no action isn't necessarily unfounded

c4b0d8  No.209918


There are 0 "Q posts" on twatter. If you come to a different conclusion, please provide your evidence.

74cd52  No.209919


Be thankful u no hav smol benis

82a9c7  No.209920


Probably just Clowns since so much of their funds have been shut down.

ef6af3  No.209921

File: 8f8ce7258c0c10c⋯.png (56.36 KB, 672x84, 8:1, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at ….png)

6abe1c  No.209922


I saw it.

Did helpers drop anything this morning? They were lurking last night bt the board was pretty hostile to them so we didn't many drops. Although, I also gave up around 1 because people were being dumb last night.

10a395  No.209925


>being dumb

That's putting in mildly

eb1dcd  No.209926

File: c6eb844ba842570⋯.png (134.23 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Screenshot from 2017-12-30….png)

ef6af3  No.209927

File: c2e7c9fb1e8e884⋯.png (83.01 KB, 682x138, 341:69, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at ….png)

1c755c  No.209928


Analysis of the @kill_rogue account:

• The name on the account shows as Q @kill_rogue

• Account was started BEFORE May 2016

• Profile was modified in October 2017 (Q began posting on 4ch on 10-28-17)

• The account has 51 tweets (originals)

• The most recent tweet from this account was on 11-30-17

"Isn't it amazing how easy it is to openly hide on twitter?"

• For the entire life of the account, the user has “liked” only 30 tweets

o 9 likes were of Wikileaks posts

o 8 likes were of Julian Assange posts

o 2 likes were POTUS posts

o 11 were likes of random TW users

However, one “like” DID catch my eye.

It was a Q followers thread published on 11-19-17

Giving the public instructions on how to follow Q

When the information was coming to us on 4ch.

Possibility this is how Q team is monitoring the increasing public awareness


"You are reaching more than you know"

Let's keep an open mind about the kill_rogue account.

Wouldn't hurt.

3ba10b  No.209929


For the last two years I've not had a proper Christmas holiday, last year I was stuck in front of my computer for god knows how many hours because of Wikileaks/Pizzagate and this year Q……Hopefully next Christmas I get to watch the Wizard of Oz at least.

74cd52  No.209930


this theme has potential.

82a9c7  No.209931

Ok, Q, we need a sit rep here.

2b8f9d  No.209932



in all reality they are dumd everry night

159644  No.209933


Here plenty of REAL images of earth: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAhaIDNVyC0

03181a  No.209934


good find anon!

a718c6  No.209935


Anons - See what I mean? The effort going into discouraging seeing this twitter is pretty interesting. Look at it and give me one tweet that is false / poorly sourced or against the crumbs Q has given ? ‘The floor is yours’ infers Q is going quiet while this account gives additional info. So much glowing

36525b  No.209936


Date of first post on halfchan:

Sat 28 Oct 2017 20:44:28 (GMT) – Sat 28 Oct 2017 16:44:28 (EST)

Date of first post on 8chan:


8bd44d  No.209937



Asking of date of first q post on 4chan it was no tripcode but later verified by q

c4b0d8  No.209938


Dig deeper. This account's original ID was not @kill_rogue.

471963  No.209939

File: 336ce21f7509537⋯.png (413.16 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1017.PNG)

File: 4f9aa7a7951b92c⋯.png (119.98 KB, 1315x1651, 1315:1651, IMG_1015.PNG)


Good morning

I agree, so with that out of the way, expanding my thinking

We have spent 2 months mining data on bad actors and what a collection there is

So, what if we take these tweets and reverse them in meaning, duality, the tweets are bad actors per se, but not, mine the data just as for true bad actors which will prove the listed actors are either good or bad

I'm betting Trey is good

Per Q more good than bad, so let's confirm the good so when the excrement hits the oscillating fan, we have all the facts and who can be trusted

BTW yesterday I posted a theory on who controls NK based on kill_rogue avatar and ying/yang and boom kr avatar changed

In my thoughts, hit a nerve

You decide

68ae28  No.209940


No coincidences


I just wonder about these seemingly unconnected murders across the country, especially when it has something to do with a law firm or banker. Ought to be an "unconnected stories" thread or some such thread

0949f0  No.209941


my conclusion 2

c4b0d8  No.209942


Oh, then you were replying to the wrong post. Think you got your answer anyway.

74cd52  No.209943


Here's a thought, since this seems to be a touchy subject for people who have problems thinking for themselves without being spoonfed by Q and the hive mind, maybe go to that Twitter, click what you find relevant, and then post it here without ever mentioning that Twitter page, Fight Club style.

9d139d  No.209944

File: 24903a33fbe07f7⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 800x430, 80:43, C-span_screencap_benghazi-….jpg)

File: 041416a0ea8f414⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 360x240, 3:2, Huma Abedin Trey Gowdy hwG….jpg)

Gowdy defenders: What has he done besides go on a couple of tirades that have you defending him so much? Controlled opposition..

10a395  No.209945


>kill_rogue = iran, the twitter account is a misdirection

I have to agree with this.

POTUS set it up so Iranian people would start protesting their rogue government, and now they are trying to actually kill it.

So the BS twitter crap must be a Clown trying to distract, after all the post they posted from that account, is old shit and not relevant to anything we are actually trying to work on now.

62062b  No.209946


>anyone know what "vipfaq" is?

Ya, fucked up as hogan's goat, that's what.

Over a 1/2 Billion dollars ?!?! A dead brain in a jar knows better than that without digging.

4c77f5  No.209947

File: 5413dca98ef711f⋯.jpg (162.52 KB, 1276x865, 1276:865, IMG_20171230_152712.JPG)

Prince Charles son of the World's richest asks for your donation to save these poor animals?

1c755c  No.209948



7cebde  No.209949


100% of the tweets and retweets are referencing evidence at WikiLeaks and well sourced articles that are entirely true. Prove one tweet or retweet is false and I will endorse this bullshit claim you’re making.

https:// mobile.twitter.com/kill_rogue

ef6af3  No.209950


or maybe it is a honey pot? everyone gets tracked who goes to the page?

bc939b  No.209952


I like his purple tie…

050570  No.209954


Be really careful on the screenshots not to doxx yourself on accident. Screenshot just the text.

f63328  No.209955

Patriot Leaks on twatter is a clown operation.

While they claim to be NSA and IRS, they started their ops by asking "send us your leaks, we'll make them public". Well, really, you need random twatter users to collect kompromat?!

Apart from the Gowdy BS they branded Pence as a pedo. Maybe you don't like Pence for a number of reasons, but do you think POTUS would associate himself with a pedo?


> patriot leaks = clown ops

> patriot leaks = clown ops

> patriot leaks = clown ops

a2baa5  No.209956


http ://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/election/article113586818.html

He was voted in to office, and to public knowledge hasn't done anything illegal, unethical or immoral.

End of story.

ef6af3  No.209957


hey expand ur thinking a little


7b1b51  No.209958


And a rogue Iranian govt supported by a rogue intel agency?

ef6af3  No.209959


command , shift, 4

19e019  No.209960

File: 9c2fdc5d03f5a4b⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 691x446, 691:446, Typo Q Capture.JPG)

→ Anons who helped me w/ this yesterday, thank you……. SMH — how did I miss nk for NK??? Duhhhhh….

You Pats are the best.

fa5a2c  No.209961


In Arkansas people have been dropping like flies. They think it will help if they kill off loose ends. Like Q said No Deal..

050570  No.209962

File: 3ce474911f0d684⋯.jpg (65.86 KB, 620x416, 155:104, PaidProgramming.jpg)

10a395  No.209963


Flip that 2 rabbit pic upside down, and you have a goat's head….hummm

70ecea  No.209964


Hahahah. So desperate to scare people from even. looking at the twitter account. So people go to jail for looking at a twitter page ?

159644  No.209965


Photoshop much?

1c755c  No.209966




Analytic platform allowing for registering human behavior within a specific time and space

d73b8c  No.209967


link to 4plebs, or else youre a shill. pretty sure youre talking about a fake Q

36351f  No.209968





Isn't it interesting who anons are being pushed really, really hard to suspect? Someone who the President trusts? Instead of those that Q directed us to look into? Lawmakers who have foundations, who were given big donations by Saudis to their foundation & campaign?

No, no no!

Anons should look into and suspect someone the POTUS trusts, don't bother looking into what Q said!

Reminds me an awful, awful lot of the "Thomas Drake was smuggling mini nukes on the flight to Japan" bullshit the "helpers" were pushing

Gee I just can't figure it out…

70ecea  No.209970


That’s idiotic - Twitter = twitter

https:// mobile.twitter.com/kill_rogue

74cd52  No.209971


I think we need a 'pedo' thread to post all shit like this. Oh lookee there's one now >>209969

Trump's focus is on Human Rights and the pedo shit and human trafficking needs to be front and center. That is how these sick fucks keep people under their power.

3ba10b  No.209972


I have more questions than answers…..Never mind though I don't want to go off topic here.

74cd52  No.209973


They are here and have dogs haha

471963  No.209974


Wow, you are right but I forgot second pic

c4b0d8  No.209975


Where have I presented one concern about the retweets? My only concern is the amount of people compelled to follow this account and the fact that twitter changed its tracking policy on 12/18. Can you please THINK?

Or whatever, don't think. Go follow it. I really don't care about people who are absolutely convinced this is legit. 4-6% and all that.

206a97  No.209976

Saw the Schumann Resonance mentioned a few hours back. The current hubbub about whether it is changing is disinformation, put out by the same lying crew of faux scientists who faked the global warming data. Sure, the resonance has minor variations, but not like what we are now told. As someone said here, trust only what you can verify.

https://www .diamondlightworld.net/blog/heartmath-institute-the-schumann-resonances-are-not-increasing

c4b0d8  No.209979


you're shitting me. Digging.

821867  No.209980


I can't tell if the anons circlejerking about "the helpers" are just shills or are actually this retarded.

Bonus points if you are sperging out over someone who changed their Twitter handle to match a Q stringer.

92661c  No.209981



If the theory that Muller and Comey flipped to help, Gowdy would be a good guy, no?

Granted, the income jump in a short period of time is weird. Dig into campaign finance reports on his last couple campaigns and that will tell you exactly what you wish to know.

f4833e  No.209982


It's all connected. If some random Joe Blow in Arkansas drops dead of something other than being 95 years old with pneumonia, it's safe to assume he was tangled up with the Clintons.

7cebde  No.209983


So the account is fake - but the info has 100% been correct and relevant since the account was created just prior to Q posting. That’s just lunacy

68ae28  No.209985


Sort of an anti-Q: a mirror image of what's really going on. Nothing surprises me any more, so why not?

19e019  No.209986

File: 9cdc15f0f12fee0⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 696x438, 116:73, Q 911 Capture.JPG)

==> So I wake up to this Twit alert:

Mind you, this is only the 4th Twit Q has posted since creating the account @kill_rogue, if it's even the authentic account. I know the @ name can be changed at any time. I've done it myself.

– All I can say is,

1) "In Plain Sight"….. Chris Carter, et al,…. creative tip offs from DOD / Pentagon / IC insiders??

2) Why post this now? I've seen the weird chatter about Las Vegas & Colorado per New Year's Eve, but somehow I doubt it.

Thx, Anons.



6a6605  No.209987

i keep thinking about the blues brothers.

"We're on a mission from god"

meme could tag anybody. Q, 8chan, anyone.

b86f6c  No.209988

File: 6de7800082d4ea7⋯.jpg (480.8 KB, 1496x899, 1496:899, these_people_are_sick.jpg)

7b1b51  No.209989


Maybe his stage is being set

5ebf3d  No.209990

File: bc00023689a6784⋯.png (56.73 KB, 685x142, 685:142, test.png)

471963  No.209991

File: 5c4f21631490556⋯.png (24.82 KB, 577x497, 577:497, IMG_1014.PNG)

File: 4f9aa7a7951b92c⋯.png (119.98 KB, 1315x1651, 1315:1651, IMG_1015.PNG)

File: a94a5443d09de6f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1016.PNG)


Second pic, sorry for wasting a post

So must look closely in all directions

Also body count list from KR twt

9de71b  No.209992


Fuck off you stupid nigger

837e59  No.209993



10a395  No.209994


If he was dirty he would be resigning/retiring etc like Flake

10a395  No.209995


is there a #8chan and #pol on twatter?

92661c  No.209996


10 days of darkness started 12-25.




Keep an eye on those dates. Godspeed.

7cebde  No.209997

6abe1c  No.209998

Here with dogs?

c4b0d8  No.209999


Try your argument with logic and refrain from gaslighting. Or, like I said, go follow it with your real account and let thin_thread() do its job. Totally up to you.

ce8753  No.210000


I think it's normal for autists go check and recheck anyone, before saying it's the real deal.

If it was not for the Trump tweets, we'd still been debating if Q was a shill or not.

That account changed name and pics few weeks ago. This can be proof of shilling, or else it could have been a Q backup account. We'll never know.

The account is posting good material? Nice. But if you were a shill you'd drop bullshit, or good material in order to become credible?

We'll never know.

04d1df  No.210001


They included Trump on a tweet why would they do that if disinfo? Why not keep lower profile?

b86f6c  No.210002


Is this why we have 23 and me…. is this why they want our DNA…. are they looking for something specific that they want?

In the longer term, hope to cure porphyria is invested in gene therapy, in which the faulty genes are replaced with functional ones using a virus as a vector (delivery method).

68ae28  No.210004


Digits agree

68ae28  No.210005

Trolley car collision in Boston

6a6605  No.210006



1399af  No.210007



050570  No.210008

File: 33ca6ec315c1e8c⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 622x629, 622:629, MissionFromGod.jpg)


>We're on a mission from god

b86f6c  No.210009


good one

92661c  No.210010

Purple Revolution active in Iran.

fa62fa  No.210011


Eat the rich!

b86f6c  No.210012


if you are working on different iterations…. maybe include that's why they call them TV Programs

c4b0d8  No.210013


See, that's a goddamn lie. You've tried gaslighting me and now lying to others about what I'm saying. I've never said for people not to go to that account. I've asked them to reconsider following (clicking the fucking follow button if you are that dense) on an account that was created with a different ID and which can be proven to have changed it.

The only one glowing here is someone proven to be gaslighting me and misrepresenting what I've said. You, by all means, go follow that account with your real twatter account. Everyone else, do so at your own risk.

6abe1c  No.210014


Controlled by Soros, or someone else?

87845b  No.210015


Quads checked. I don’t know that any anon should follow any twitter accounts. I don’t. I will lurk and keep tabs on it. Twatter fags will follow it - which I think is the intent (for normies not anons) - I digress.

74cd52  No.210016



specifically these?

>>204383 zoom in


7b1b51  No.210017

36351f  No.210018


The "helper" faggotry has been going on for days, and yeah the twatter account is a distraction.

What's most obvious and disappointing is that actual live anons aren't helping with what Q actually asked us to do:

>list those who have foundations

>track their income

>make the connections between donors to campaigns/foundations and known bad actors

Q was referencing SA

Someone was digging into Federika Wilson yesterday and that's fantastic, but I haven't seen other ones.

But then again, with the publicity yesterday, we should have expected an influx…

6abe1c  No.210019


Yea there was a drop about someone being kidnapped in Ukraine but I forget who it was.

3d139f  No.210020


They tried this route a few years ago. Will be interesting to see what's different about this time.

92661c  No.210021



They won't win.

19e019  No.210022


Filtered meaning…..?

6abe1c  No.210024


Helped by BHO.

ef6af3  No.210025



look into his frat!

who else comes from there?


and immediately i will get hit with "captain planet" shit again! but it is subliminal messaging

82a9c7  No.210026

I've work to do, hope someone will keep an eye out for helpers for me & share w/ me later. Good luck.

f63328  No.210027

For competent insights into Middle East/Iran habbenings pls check Thomas Wiktor twatter


c4b0d8  No.210029


>Analytic platform allowing for registering human behavior within a specific time and space

Fucking checked. Thanks, anon


92661c  No.210030


Once you see it, right?

God Bless the Peacekeepers.

6abe1c  No.210031


I will. Ridiculous that their info is being questioned at this point anyway.

10a395  No.210032


Any American flags being burnt?

That would be different.

10a395  No.210034


I think the world is seeing Trump has their back, I'm sure we have good spies/groups in all these countries and we gave everyone the LETS ROLL signal and now like SA it's on

41b578  No.210036

File: 14901a84a7c26aa⋯.png (928.88 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171230-105028.png)

Julian Assange tweets from this morning.

92661c  No.210037


Now is the time. 1-1-18.

If you see something, say something. Collectively we take our world back.

6a6605  No.210038


nice. thanks!

f63328  No.210039



> the mullahs are being protested by the crowd > the mullah are in bed with hezbollah

> the mullah have done the "deal" with obama

This has potential to be a good happening

1c755c  No.210040


we do not know who is behind it.

Only know Q posted about it.

That is the only fact we have.

19e019  No.210041


Good idea.

9c13cf  No.210042



Yes! SA was the $$$ that fueled most of the evil n the world, now that it's cut they are all panicking and the thin dictators like Iran, NK et will fall without backing

10a395  No.210043

As if it wasn't already brain damaged to start with.

www .foxnews.com/us/2017/12/28/erica-garner-daughter-nypd-chokehold-victim-suffers-brain-damage-after-heart-attack.html

92661c  No.210044


Yes. You are right.

They are attempting to stop progress. (((They))) will not win. Iran will be freed.

1c755c  No.210045



Look it up

Let it go

92af9d  No.210046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


NOVA is an interesting crumb thanks anon. …waiting for the storm …how about this tho?


#placenta is latin meaning "flat cake", from placenta uterina "uterine cake," which is why to this day we still eat the baby's "CAKE" (which is a symbolic mock effigy of your placenta) on your BIRTHday to celebrate your BIRTH! After giving birth, It is a common practice for the mother to eat the baby's CAKE, it's placenta, the afterbirth, her "BUN in the OVEN"…. for it's vitality, it's life force/ stem cell rejuvenation. Hence the origin of the phrase "BABYCAKES!"

"Our Birthday Sacrifice Ritual! Our birthday is actually a celebration of one annual cycle of earth around the sun. Therefore we must go through the ancient rituals of old! We perform a mini ritual of the story of Jesus, or of nature, the anthropomorphic character of nature. The CAKE represents the GRAINS of the annual harvest year of the sun (son). The bun in the oven is the ritual of the baby within the pregnant mother! The baby (cake) is then CUT and DIVIDED and then consumed by all who are at the PARTY! This is why Jesus said to EAT his FLESH and drink his BLOOD!

A Party means the PARTing of A PART, the NEW part to come, that parts, separates or decapitates the OLD year (PARTy)! This is why we light up the candles (burnt offering) and make a wish as we burn the Pillars of LIGHTS that represent the pillars of the Sun and Moon! This is WHY on 911 (711), we watched the Birthday Candles of the Twin Pillars BURNING (WTC)! That's RIGHT, I am the one who discovered that on SEPTEMBER 11th in 1609 is when Manhattan was discovered! Anyway, this is why we have a CLOWN character who is the JACK, the Jester or simply Jesus, the first and the last! This is why we have BALLOONS which represent the sperm! This is why CLOWNS have Balloons and RINGS which are circles or cycles of the annual year!"

Perhaps NOW you know exactly why they COOK the spirit of the fertility Harvest Lord and eat the baby/cakes just as Saturn CanaaBAALized his own children!

So the PIZZA as the symbol of the Pizzagate scandal is LITERALLY THE FLAT CAKE, A PIE, WHICH IS PARTED or SLICED AND DICED and CUT INTO PIECES (just like the houses of the Zodiac wheel) TO BE EATEN AT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES AS AN ANCIENT SYMBOLIC EFFIGY OF THE PLACENTA OR THE BABY WHOSE SPIRIT IS COOKED IN THE OVEN, both metaphorically when she cooks it in her oven during gestation in the womb and the pizza is the placenta "flat cake", just as the ancients would COOK THEIR CHILDREN in the OVEN or BELLy of BEL/ EL/ Saturn and Moloch as holocaust "burnt offerings," which is why the Jews were also cooked in the oven in WW2. The holocaust comes from WAYYYY back in ancient religious rites. So now you know FULLY why they BAKE THE BABY INTO CAKES!

And thus, you know the esoteric TRUE meaning behind why the lead singer, Chris CornEL, of the hollywood band SoundGarden was sacrificed when he got too close to exposing the pizzaphiles of Hollywood and Government child trafficking cults as alluded in his song: "Hunger Strike"


Well I don't mind stealing BREAD (cake, pizza)

From the MOUTHS OF DECADENCE (ELite ELders of EL)


When my cup's already overfilled (No desire to comply)


BUT IT'S ON THE TABLE (The offer still stands)

THE FIRE'S COOKING (sacrificial Pyre)

AND THEY'RE FARMING BABIES (no explanation needed)



mmmm Spirit Cooking.

6abe1c  No.210047



7e8442  No.210048


I agree with this. Q never said it was him. But does direct us to the account. Even the ‘floor is yours’ before referencing it. Seems more likely tied to Assange. Would be epic for the hammer to drop form WikiLeaks or Assange.

c4b0d8  No.210049


Never directed us to this account. It didn't exist when he dropped the crumb. It was changed after he dropped the crumb. Analysis fail.

And filtered for disinfo.

ce8753  No.210050


I 'member that "green revolution" with the FAKE "dying girl" (crisis actress), it was a fucking Soros made revol.

This time I'm on the fence. I don't like these things, seen so many lately.

7e8442  No.210051


Twitter [kill_rogue]

https:// mobile.twitter.com/kill_rogue

84ebe7  No.210052


ive been here since the beginning. Q has never been baker. he did have some posts before his first trip but they were inside other threads already.

26de30  No.210053


Wow. Looks like a junior mint.

Do you have any more like this - or a link to the source

6f38b7  No.210055


Hunger Strike was by Temple of the Dog which was a collab with Pearl Jam.

1c755c  No.210056


Look up "perseveration"

Too much Anon talk about the account

Some will follow

Some will not

Who cares

More important matters

Recommend we move on

10a395  No.210057



JA posted on his twatter already today.

So why need a second one?

'floor is yours' could also be a referance to the Iranian people.

Kill_rogue = replace leadership.

7dfe5a  No.210058


Fucking same bro

6abe1c  No.210059

Not understanding "preservation".

29f16f  No.210060


Back in 2009/2010 there was chatter about a possible military coup in Iran, in case the regime doesn't manage to control the population. This was regarded as a means of last recourse for the corrupt generals, and it meant to sacrifice the mullahs and the islamic flavor of the regime in order to remain in control.

fe7313  No.210061

CBTS General is almost fucking useless this past week. Constant faggot fuckery. No fucking foqus whatsoever. Shills, cianiggers, famefags and fanfaqs.

RE: these kill rogue sliders - watch the IDs. Usually just 1 to 5 posts and each one is about kill rogue. Ten to one the kill rogue account holder is pushing rhetoric that s/he is Q to shit up these boards, using a rotating ISP/VPN to keep getting new IDs to bypass bans & filters. Kill Rogue has been proven to be fake. The account is just a larping famefag

Patriot Leaks is same bullshit. Just a bunch of faggots riding the Q Storm to twitter fame while spreading disinfo

Filter for sanity.

8b2573  No.210062


I go back and forth on Gowdy esp. after seeing him on Fox with Martha McGowan saying knowing what he knows history will be kind to Comey fuckery. So not trying to derail digging into him at all but this >>https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/12/30/breaking-senator-lindsey-graham-just-confirmed-the-steele-dossier-was-used-for-2016-fisa-warrant/#more-143992

Shows one dept. with no oversight hip deep in the shit. All the hard work done already. Except figuring out how GEOTUS will checkmate this. As he will.

Fuck now gotta look into Gowdy. No fucking seep ever.

6abe1c  No.210063


Preservation of a rogue?

a2baa5  No.210064

1c755c  No.210065


incessant talk about the same thing..kill_rogue

We need to stop and move on

Each decides what he/she wants to do with it.

those still debating it are disruptive..keeping the chaos alive.

Make up your own mind

ce8753  No.210066

2a3349  No.210067


your glowing nigga

74cd52  No.210068

File: b98513900f05bf7⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 704x794, 352:397, 2016-11-29_14h24m35s_012__….jpg)

File: 41fca0b470da9e3⋯.jpg (548.77 KB, 1280x702, 640:351, elite-pedophiles.jpg)

File: 46e9806b0b574ab⋯.jpg (89.26 KB, 897x1024, 897:1024, God-Saturn-Photo.jpg)


Does anyone here have that huge excellent graphic showing bucks and the cake and alefantis with every detail circled and explained?

Human Trafficking and Pizzagate is center stage right now esp considering the EO

a419a4  No.210069

File: f0b1370fcf63037⋯.png (903.27 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, apes[1].png)

8b2573  No.210070


>>sleep. maybe I should.

2bd415  No.210071


Some people do actually like purple for the color…and NOT because they are involved in pedo activities. just saying.

Jury still out on Gowdy tho. Not a whole lot of men wear purple, KWIM?

6abe1c  No.210072


I'm so ready to move on. I missed most of everything yesterday. And last night was a joke.

7b1b51  No.210073

US Israeli deal on Iran , BO & Kerry won’t be happy

http://uk.businessinsider. com/us-israel-iran-secret-pact-2017-12?r=US&IR=T

17672b  No.210075


At this point not sure why I'm still here. We've done the work, we were told to enjoy the show. Maybe I'm addicted and need a 12 step program.

ce8753  No.210076



(sorry wrong post-this is the one to ?)

da4313  No.210077


Appeal it.

You're still posting I see.


>not BO

fa62fa  No.210078

File: d6c445432813d12⋯.jpg (67.97 KB, 258x544, 129:272, erply.jpg)

6a6605  No.210079


there is the 70% Q mentions too. not all can be removed at once. chaos. we dig too far down the rabbit hole are we hurting the cause? Q has what they need. anything we look at is meaningless unless it exposes the cabal. enjoy the show, enjoy the show, enjoy the show… to me means stfu and watch… dig news, and happenings. iran is very interesting. Babalon has fallen! revalations chapter 14. the angel right before that angels describes the Q happening pretty clear. not angel's in a flying around look up in the sky but people, happenings and the like.

a2baa5  No.210080

http s://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/holiday-message-trump-putin-looks-forward-cooperation-2018-n833591

> In a holiday greeting to President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin said constructive dialogue between the two nations was key to addressing global threats.

>“This would allow us to make progress in promoting pragmatic cooperation designed for the long term,” the message said according to a summary posted on the Kremlin's website.

36525b  No.210081


Thanks, just being curious because in the links mentioned (>>209608) it really looks like he made the very first, top post which also is colored different than all posts following

3d139f  No.210082


Yeah. That's how it all looks to me.

a2baa5  No.210084



>>long term

74cd52  No.210085


it doesn't matter. if you like the info there then take it or leave it! doesn't mean you ignore all the great info being posted there. think for yourselves damnit

10a395  No.210086


Don't we all!

050570  No.210087

File: 50666da9bafd1a1⋯.jpg (47.19 KB, 777x737, 777:737, OnlyWayToWin.jpg)


I dunno. I prefer one-off's if someone likes it, they can make more versions. Just adding my 'ideas' to the hive mind. :)

3a9172  No.210088

I promised an anon in the previous thread to repost his findings in this one so here they are:




050570  No.210089

74cd52  No.210091


you do realize where you are posting rn right?

dadda1  No.210092

File: 01bb0969609c72b⋯.png (3.83 KB, 631x50, 631:50, 123.png)

a2baa5  No.210093

http ://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/12/30/north-korea-vows-to-never-give-up-nukes-if-us-continues-blackmail-and-war-drills.html


>North Korea vows to never give up nukes if US continues 'blackmail and war drills'

36351f  No.210094


> to me means stfu and watch…

You are certainly welcome to do that. Actual anons will pay attention to what Q asked and answer questions he asked, follow the people he has stated specifically.

74cd52  No.210095


TWITTER HAS ALWAYS TRACKED YOU dumbasses. Just because now they tell you they are doing it doesn't make it anything new. omg.

821867  No.210096


At this point we should be focusing on creating informational memes or infographics that break down digestible chunks of the 40 ft view.

I've been thinking it would be great if we could compile all the answers and information we've gathered into a wiki style site that normies can peruse on their own, and can get lost clicking the links between people and organizations.

We need to be ready to inform when the hammer drops.

ce8753  No.210097


I think the purpose of this board is… waiting.

Q said news unlocks map. So when the right news come, our duty is to identify them and then redpill normies with memes and posts on social.

Not an hard task, I'd say.

Meanwhile, we get annoyed of waiting and mess with the board… lol

3d139f  No.210099


Add these fucking retards to the list too:


92661c  No.210101


Come back 1.4

Rest. Be thankful.

a2baa5  No.210102


Yup. Use the filter, and this becomes a news stream.

6a6605  No.210103


anything we look at is meaningless unless it exposes the cabal…

i also said that. :)

fe7313  No.210104


Purple Ties have been a staple of power movers in the business industry for decades and decades. As a former corporate manager, I wore purple quite often.

The human mind is pliable by many means, and we naturally associate colors with certain themes: ex, red = anger or energy, blue = calm, yellow = light, green = nature. Purple = power.

ef6af3  No.210105


obviously yes

same with the rest…

even to the point where, do YOU really want to go to a certain location? is it your thought?

74cd52  No.210106


as far as science stuff goes anyone can be lying. People get funding and do what they are told to do and report what they are told to do or else get suicided or lose their job/funding. So much has been hidden. Consider both sides of the coin, keep an open mind, 'science' is never gospel, human errors and lies abound.

3a9172  No.210107

File: afe4c5160c261ed⋯.png (33.8 KB, 617x540, 617:540, ClipboardImage.png)


another Qinkeedink?

ef6af3  No.210108


can you give a tldr on the filter

1c755c  No.210110



when we see ARGUMENTS on the board…we know it is a disruption OP

Don't let them distract you.

Whatever the topic, you can make up your own mind

At a certain point, you may see who the "authoritative debaters" are and then filter them using ID+

6a6605  No.210111


enjoy the show, enjoy the show, enjoy the show… to me means stfu and watch… dig news, and happenings.

and i said that. c'mon you didn't read it did you? admit it. :D

74cd52  No.210112

80c7cb  No.210113

File: 9385ffeb76d540f⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1796x1002, 898:501, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at ….png)

dadda1  No.210114

File: 401f33302cf2341⋯.png (9.36 KB, 639x85, 639:85, 85FCF879-572B-4A20-A06A-B8….png)

01afcc  No.210115

just gonna leave this here in case anyone decides to get real and advance positive momentum.

what is project rainbow?

what is operation fishbowl?

what did bYrd say about HIGHJUMP?

and travel between the poles?

how do you go from admiral to mental patient in one leap?

tell the truth.

what is a deck prism?

what is a key stone?

what is the great circle route really?

is there really a meaningful definition of east and west?

what is a rabbit hole. who opens it first? peter rabbit?

f63328  No.210116


Fact: security forces are not engaging protestors.

Rumor: military people including higher officials are protesting in the street in civilian clothes.

I'd say this time IT'S HAPPENING.

Mullahs being kicked to the curb.

Hezbollah will be dealt with clean and swift in the golan heights by Israel, Lebanon (and S.A. in covert operation).

702af7  No.210117


Let's look at what Q had to say about this. There may be more, these are the only ones I found.

https ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#q147441378

https ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147146601/#q147166292

https ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147075091/#q147109593

https ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147591553/#q147645024

c1000b  No.210119


Dec19 22:22:19 129526

Board owner, mods, and other patriots:

Sincere thanks for all that you do.

You are true heroes.

Long overdue - my apologies.

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

We thank you for your service.



A) "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit"

-Harry Truman

B) really kid? writing random names? were you hoping one of the baker's might happen to be "Hamish"?

C)Where do you see a threat in this post from Q?

D)You will never find satisfaction in yourself if you are too worried about others.

E)This is normally where I leave the reddit url and tell you to shut the door on the way out.

…but Patriots would rather you stay away from the reddit as well with this jealous female drama you bringing

d97ead  No.210120


also have been here from day uno, its been nice to sit back and lurk for the past couple days. We have the info that is needed and tbh, anything that is new that we have put up gets glossed over and then shows back up 4 breads later, it is what it is.

> samurai.jpg

< Enjoy the show, dont get bogged down in the back blast of the new fags and sliders.

6abe1c  No.210121

Helpers, I am looking for a direction to go in here. Having trouble deciphering what is what.

9e5c59  No.210122

File: 3ce242df885258c⋯.png (2.37 KB, 273x25, 273:25, ClipboardImage.png)

a2baa5  No.210123


Ahh so the woman who is claiming now to rule Iran could potentially be a plant to get access to their nukes? Perhaps OUR nukes weren't on the table, but Pakistan's or Iran's are?

812881  No.210125


Yes, with other device. Difficult to contribute how I would like.

I will appeal.


e3ac81  No.210126


what did the swiss fag say in the comet ig pic? its unreadable.

d97ead  No.210128


< so gonna sound like a shill, but here it goes

2 years back I had a dream, and the only thing I remember from it was to watch the Golan Heights, no visuals or anything, just the words.

74cd52  No.210129


NOVA on my mind still.

Where is the closest star?

1c755c  No.210131


I am not a helper, just another Anon.

But you can go to >>209896 for digging ideas.

3a9172  No.210132

File: 1c694d1d3fa0dc0⋯.png (21.2 KB, 794x353, 794:353, ClipboardImage.png)


So now comes the question:

Who in Russia is working for a company that is able to make these backdoor deals ?

I highly doubt the Russian gov't would willingly sell shit to NK

But theres a bridge between US - Russia - China - Iran …who is the bridge?

what is the bridge

dadda1  No.210133

File: eceaabcd3e6cc43⋯.png (2.81 KB, 298x76, 149:38, 1A2F60C4-D9E0-4C2A-867B-2F….png)

837e59  No.210134

getting sick of filtering everyone that links that Twitter "Kill_Rogue" account.

b81fec  No.210137


These are good adds to the Apocrypha of Q. In these 3 posts, Q was posting as an anon without the tripcode. The ID (within the context of the thread) is a dead giveaway that it is Q. That cannot be faked.




I save these off for completeness' sake to accurately preserve history. They will appear in the raw text dump linked below.


c5f4fc  No.210138


In order for the Schumann frequencies to change there would have to be a drastic and permanent change to ionosphere or the conductivity of the earth's surface. As you've mentioned there are small changes and spikes all the time due to solar wind input's effects on the ionosphere.

the correlation between Schumann resonance harmonics and human brain waves is interesting but no link has been proven to my knowledge. It is interesting in the same way as the correlation between the lunar cycle and the human menstrual cycle.

One thing of note;

Too many of these people confuse sound waves (acoustic) and radio waves (electromagnetic).

They are NOT the same.

471963  No.210139


Not with those characters

8chan for this board

Pol for anyone

# is just a hashtag

e6fc36  No.210140


Stop talking about filtering and just do it quietly no one cares and you are shitting up the board.

74cd52  No.210142


flacid baby dick

49cca4  No.210143

WTH is Pope tweeting to Julian Assange?

Julian Assange 🔹 Retweeted

Pope Francis



@ Pontifex

4h4 hours ago4 hours ago

During these days let us give space to attitudes and gestures that favor peace.

f63328  No.210144


What Comey did in his ambiguos way was actually quite neat. He prevented that Hrc could be prosecuted under an Obama DOJ because he knew she would certainly be acquitted.

He still made quite clear that she was incompetent/careless. This way she can and will be prosecuted by Sessions → WIN

6a6605  No.210145


here's something for you… in the GREAT AWAKENING… that will be revealed. and will also be guppy to a whale in what we gain in that enlightenment. faith patriot.

837e59  No.210146


am i shitting up the board? tell that to your glowing shill faggot friends

e5b5ce  No.210147

c95140  No.210148


Going as planned.

36525b  No.210149


Thank you ! Just for comparison: I count 464 Q posts in my local archive here (232 at halfchan, 232 at 8ch) – that's what you got in the q_raw as well ?

837e59  No.210150


he didnt tweet that to assange, assange just retweeted it

faac4c  No.210151


If the kill_rogue twatter is being shilled hard its defiinitely fake AF. I knew it was fake when I seen the avatar.

8390d2  No.210152


People are not literate in science on the internet, that is something I've learned the hard way.

fa62fa  No.210153

File: df242c800f843ad⋯.jpg (239.06 KB, 1017x938, 1017:938, Sharia Blue.jpg)

6a6605  No.210154

c5f4fc  No.210155


>So much has been hidden.

you have no idea

> Consider both sides of the coin, keep an open mind, 'science' is never gospel, human errors and lies abound.

the problem being that much of the pseudo-science that abounds today is dangerous.

Real science is repeatable / verifiable and is based on facts. These days science by that definition is rare.

74cd52  No.210156


posts that don't break links are getting deleted for sure, not sure if thats all but a big hunk

74cd52  No.210157


im right there with you anon. we better fucking find out soon!

dadda1  No.210158

File: 914d4bdafb78deb⋯.png (2.34 KB, 227x68, 227:68, E84CEB04-701F-4C4B-9403-F0….png)

30e50d  No.210159

File: ca6ce03caf29071⋯.png (424.77 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, obr1243.png)

Here's a picture that makes more sense for those "in the know". The view is from a higher perspective.

b81fec  No.210160


You must be the "anon with a good eye" that I referred to recently. Are you also keeping raw text dumps? Maybe I an use your work to reconcile differences.

I have them all in one file, so I cannot quickly verify 4ch vs. 8ch. I have fewer than you, but more than others at 456 posts.

I'll start digging on actual post counts per channel…

187812  No.210161

Does anyone know what's happening with the sealed indictments?

6abe1c  No.210162

NK is already in the dark, but they are still armed. What will it mean for them to be "plunged into darkness"? We tried to touch on this last night. If NK is bombed it will impact the Chinese economy (negatively). So how will we resolve the issue?

135611  No.210163


When I hear that so-and-so ate the placenta, I feel like throwing up. That it is shaped like a pizza just adds to the whole sickening creepshow. Good catch with the lyrics; seems like countless songs have either been trying to tell us something, or are gloating.

23955c  No.210164

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Of the three motions “private individual” filed on 12/13, ONE of them sticks out like a sore thumb! Line 12 states- “Motion to Intervene/Friend of the Court/Amicus Brief (Fruit of the Poisonous Tree) of a Sitting President and His Family”

https:// americandigitalnews.com/2017/12/27/update-us-vs-flynn-case-fruit-poisonous-tree/#.Wke-USOZOu4

1c755c  No.210166


UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS in response to >>207826

Dec 31 Psy (South Korea)

Dec 31 Donald Trump, Jr

Dec 31 King Salman (Saudi Arabia) *

* Date of royal succession for MSB, I believe

30e50d  No.210167


Observe the puppets controlled by paper. The ease with which this happens and the mental gymnastic used by these people to justify their own actions is a testament to the degree of control this world is under.

This ends soon.

9e5c59  No.210168


>fix it. too important to fuck up like you have if your post count is off

36525b  No.210169


Yes it is. But I do scripting (grep, sed, awk etc) … this is how I came to 464 posts. Yes, I have raw textdumps of my collection, I'll upload the TXTs to the anonfiles in a sec … you need text formatted for win, mac or lin ?

6abe1c  No.210170


Wow, nice job!

5ebf3d  No.210172

File: 46345bdcb3d953f⋯.png (42 KB, 440x132, 10:3, 5a356e59-99ef-49a8-b2b6-91….png)

74cd52  No.210173


you might like these anon


837e59  No.210174


Isn't D-Day a military term?

3a9172  No.210175

File: b71ad737c76e872⋯.png (514.15 KB, 620x413, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)

fcc19d  No.210176

killtrogue = G W Bush

050570  No.210177


How many died at Disneyland? How about Atlanta? NK will go dark, no power = no networks then you sneak in, sneak out

74cd52  No.210178


8ch Regime change habbened kek

d3359b  No.210179


Gowdy has the power to vote against the funding bills for these corrupt agencies. He can also offer legislation to eliminate the FBI. Yea, it won't pass in the first instance but it will put the fear of God in these fucks. Pork and power are all these dirtbags care about. When Gowdy votes to eliminate their pork or eliminate their power entirely, then I'll take him seriously. Otherwise it's business as usual spewing faux outrage for the TEE-VEE cameras. Same goes for the rest of Congress. I'm fed-up with faux outrage and meaningless talk. That's all these fuckers do is talk and then proceed to waste our tax dollars by the trillions. It's time for these people to put up or shut the fuck up.

fcc19d  No.210180

File: e877408173c3e49⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 380x389, 380:389, map_2972003d.jpg)

6abe1c  No.210181


Take ten days, but when will it start? (If we are allowed to know)

70e0d0  No.210182


A shame that Gowdy is full of shit and probably corrupt.

b81fec  No.210183


.txt - Currently on Mac using Atom. I don't know if it's CRLF or LF. I don't think Atom cares.

050570  No.210184

Walt Disney hotels now using bullshit 'Stephen Paddock' excuse to invade your privacy. This doesn't reek of cabal overlordism at all.

https ://www.yahoo.com/news/apos-chilling-reason-disney-hotels-161331541.html

d97ead  No.210185


Lets hope he actually does it. Love Gowdy, and realize what he has had to deal with the past couple years, but now it is different. I would like to see some actual action by Gowdy instead of being a face on the mockingbird channels.

74cd52  No.210186


yesterday a helper posted

learn to decider - decipher lucis - lucid

fa62fa  No.210187

File: 65ea40bf522108d⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 682x371, 682:371, OCR.jpg)

fcc19d  No.210188


_ = t in Morse code


Gematria(killtrogue) = G W Bush

1c755c  No.210189


see my earlier message to you and see >>209896

do you want to work on >>207582 ?

I can dig on >>207831

Sound ok?

d8edc2  No.210190

File: 8e26d15745ae995⋯.gif (319.78 KB, 661x473, 661:473, GOb1YXg.gif)

File: cbd07c5ba57f979⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 750x749, 750:749, sally-yates.jpg)

File: 8f73cbe79a4800e⋯.jpg (63.26 KB, 544x533, 544:533, 1keaa.jpg)

File: 7da194cf498de72⋯.jpg (143.32 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, 3fKRXp.jpg)

Sure is shilly in here today.

6abe1c  No.210191



I will dig >>207582

281779  No.210192


Seeing Trey's name on this list is a serious kick in the ding ding. Crushed if he turns out to be dirty too…

1c755c  No.210193



e19048  No.210194

File: 902d4759eb67cfe⋯.jpeg (467.49 KB, 1536x1916, 384:479, 73208DE5-E343-462B-8170-4….jpeg)

e1f397  No.210195


It's not a real list, we already debunked it. Larper on Twitter

b049e6  No.210196

File: 6a6a1a80f8cf518⋯.png (599.01 KB, 490x614, 245:307, Screenshot-2017-12-30 Meme….png)

c95140  No.210197

File: de9c8d4ca6117b6⋯.jpeg (33.85 KB, 981x200, 981:200, B49AB18F-B694-45E9-9600-D….jpeg)

9571d1  No.210198


Erica Garner died at 27 massive heart attack, maybe knew to much and how she got page from the podesta machine

dadda1  No.210199

File: fa9a87326be6740⋯.png (5.17 KB, 681x72, 227:24, F10F3021-28B9-4006-A065-BE….png)

16af75  No.210200



ffff42  No.210201


This. User changed name AFTER Q post re: kill_rogue. FAKE.

dadda1  No.210202

File: f8b4c5e92811578⋯.png (6.01 KB, 357x58, 357:58, F82DA62D-CCFE-4718-A414-42….png)

36525b  No.210203


Not sure either, win does care though.

Upload is 2 txt's formatted for mac, posts are separated by a line of "########## [. . .]"


Let me know in case it doesn't work.

c1000b  No.210204


Filter. move on. We give no fucks about your emotions.

Your like the guy that goes out of his way to make sure his pants are saggin so his "Ralph Lauren" boxers are showing, hoping bitches will think your important. You got them boxers at TJMAXX homie. NOBODY GIVEZAFUCK.

6abe1c  No.210205


>and how she got page from the podesta machine


b81fec  No.210206


My counts:

4ch: 233

8ch: 224

Total Q posts: 457

7b1b51  No.210207

John Forbes Kerry’s daughter, Dr Vanessa Kerry, has a foundation called the Seed Global Health program.

The State Dept gave $8 million between 2012/15 to the Peace Corps which then awarded the money to Dr Kerry’s foundation.



Dr Vanessa Kerry is married to Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahid, an Iranian-American physician. What is significant is that as part of the wedding preparations, Kerry went to a dinner party hosted by George Soros at his Manhattan penthouse. He undoubtedly met the best man Mahdi Zarif, and also met his father, Mohammad Javad Zarif,current Iranian Foreign Minister, who acted as the chief negotiator during nuclear talks, across the table from Kerry. This revelation was made by former Congressman Allen West



03181a  No.210208

File: 4dfa002646d78b8⋯.jpg (124.63 KB, 631x509, 631:509, LOSER.jpg)

Another Loser feels the need to howl at the Moon…

Bono: Trump a ‘Post-Truth President Leading a Post-Trust Country’


6abe1c  No.210209


What is going on here???

6abe1c  No.210211

Board is comp'd?

36525b  No.210212


Thank you. I'll cross-check with your q_raw.txt from your link above.

5ebf3d  No.210213

File: f86176ee00df351⋯.png (75.48 KB, 998x196, 499:98, e9820fba-b647-4931-bc05-9e….png)

fe7313  No.210214


Nice dig Anon. Keep going and share your crumbs

3f455d  No.210215


Anybody wanting to research Canadian "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women" #MMIW hashtag…the RCMP is covering the murders…because they're in on it…?

Look at their national committee to look into the massive problem www.mmiwg-ffada.ca - looks good but it's a mess:


"The inquiry has been hampered with setbacks, delays and resignations since its launch in September 2016. Families of the victims have also accused the inquiry of disorganization and poor communication."

Why have they had so many problems?

"The inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women is crumbling amid defections, bureaucratic chaos and personal conflict. Inside the meltdown—and the desperate bid to turn things around"


"Police were often late to launch investigations, many of which were haphazardly carried out; and politicians just didn’t seem to care. Only three years ago, survivors, families of the dead and missing, and the wider Indigenous community had been galled to hear Stephen Harper, the former prime minister, say an inquiry into the issue wasn’t “high” on “his radar.”

"We have seen this all before, in fact: the whispers of a power struggle. Of a “toxic culture.” Of soul-destroying delays, high profile resignations, lost friendships and disagreements that could not be overcome."

WHO is intentionally murdering thousands of people and WHY don't the police care…huge cover-up/corruption here because they can't even get a committee together!…I'm sure you can tie Trudeau (and Harper) to it.

dadda1  No.210216

File: aff404b7a1ca2f0⋯.png (2.83 KB, 325x67, 325:67, 41054D14-E63E-4D32-91F2-C9….png)

c1000b  No.210218


no bro.

e19048  No.210219


What chatter about LV and CO on NYE?

I need to know.

59279e  No.210220

AZ National Guard military police unit deploys to Guantanamo

Posted: Dec 29, 2017 6:04 PM EST

Updated: Dec 29, 2017 6:04 PM EST

www. azfamily.com/story/37161594/az-national-guard-military-police-unit-deploys-to-guantanamo

c95140  No.210221

File: ba531a8256b136c⋯.jpeg (28.95 KB, 980x200, 49:10, EC73EABD-8E45-4041-B4C9-F….jpeg)

c4c2c3  No.210222

Is anyone baking?

b81fec  No.210224


These didn't come thru with the line feeds. In other words, each document is exactly 1 line long. Will you try another format? I'd like to reconcile as well.

b86f6c  No.210225

File: f3a0cc209a159ab⋯.jpg (267.05 KB, 1496x442, 44:13, Modern_Day_Paul_Revere.jpg)

210690  No.210226

loretta lynch

john kerry

susan rice

cheryll mills

sally yates

these are all players in the Obama/Clinton machine. do we have all their connections?

58a715  No.210227


Her dad Eric Garner that the police killed in NY for selling single cigarettes, they probably used her as an activist pawn like we see with BLM ANTIFA etc and Im sure they paid her well

74cd52  No.210228


was a drone

e6adf7  No.210229

File: f3f9654cfab2cf6⋯.jpg (320.15 KB, 1280x958, 640:479, Clowns in America.jpg)

187812  No.210230

We're here just spinning our wheels waiting for Q

fe7313  No.210231


Top Kek Meme

Pepe is kek

fa5a2c  No.210232


Bono is about to be taken down & gone forever. Very bad dude, hes not your average gay rockstar. Rockstar was/is a front.

6abe1c  No.210233


50 NG to GTMO! Going to be a full house soon.

c1e3c9  No.210234

Can someone start a thread with the countries that have been liberated, changed Goverments so far? This what we are writing is a road map for the kids that are going to follow, HISTORY. We know it started with the US, then Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe was next I think? And in South Africa, they chose Cyril Ramaphosa as the President of the ANC.

1c755c  No.210235

b81fec  No.210236


Your raw text came thru as 1 very long line per file. Will you try another format? I'd like to reconcile as well.

74cd52  No.210237


when does a mockingbird sing?

5ba4c3  No.210238



c4c2c3  No.210239


Well I sure hope he found what he was looking for.

36525b  No.210240


repost in lin & win formatting (i.e. 4 files)


8bd44d  No.210241


Still looking at this, for me nothing return on 0seek0

6abe1c  No.210242

"We don't want to telegraph to the world who is going and who they are and who is performing this mission because they all have families that are still back here while they are doing this mission overseas," said Col. Baldwin.

"This is a very secure, very sensitive, but a very important mission. I can assure you that our soldiers will do it to the best of their ability, " added Sgt. Major Zamora.


5ebf3d  No.210243

File: b32a3cdc0fbb49f⋯.png (123.65 KB, 827x219, 827:219, bbdcf3e0-13bb-44d3-a92d-c2….png)

97021b  No.210244




Baker - been away, possibly already discussed. if not, can this go in "Research Threads and Findings". Should be required reading for Everyfag wanting to dig. It is fukin'BRILLIANT!!

fe7313  No.210245


Pretty much a waste of time. Almost every country on the planet has had significant regime change

e6adf7  No.210246


July 2015 Susan Rice Admits Secret ‘Side Deals’ with Iran "White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice admitted the existence of two secret “side deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to accompany the main Iran nuclear deal agreed last week between Iran and the P5+1 powers (U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China)."


534bf2  No.210247

File: d638dbd7fe78330⋯.png (12.32 KB, 560x109, 560:109, 2797A65F-34B2-4BE6-96CF-81….png)

187812  No.210248


Where and when was this statement made?

1c755c  No.210249

b81fec  No.210251


As much as I hate to say this, Win format FTW!

c4c2c3  No.210252


I'll take that as a 'no' lol

8924b2  No.210253


Q is talking to @hublife on periscope. Listen to his casts. The info is interspersed with his political campaign. But there is lots of intel there. In yesterday's about half way through he explains where the info is coming from.

ac23af  No.210254


search here:

https:// www.legistorm.com/memberdisclosure/2794/Rep_Trey_Gowdy.html

c4b0d8  No.210255

File: 36487404e29478c⋯.png (2.03 KB, 270x57, 90:19, doasearch.PNG)


Follow the directions in the image

03181a  No.210256

b049e6  No.210257

File: fe571985fcb0f3d⋯.png (520.64 KB, 490x614, 245:307, Screenshot-2017-12-30 Meme….png)

215fff  No.210258


Trey Gowdy?!



917dd0  No.210259

File: 177b07c169f05d8⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Chan31481465011216_24.jpg)

256bc7  No.210260

This isn't the first time a storm has been talked about by a president.

George W. said in his inaugural speech: "After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson: 'We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?' "

This article discusses it the Bush quote and even contains the following statement: "it is highly critical that Page wrote this statement in the form of a question; the Illuminati makes excellent use of such questions in Mind Control techniques."

http://www. cuttingedge.org/news/n1464.cfm

Sounds a lot like what is going on here doesnt' it?

The angel George W. is referring to is Lucifer and we are in Trump/Q's calm before the storm. The coming storm will be world war III as outlined by Albert Pike.

1b8273  No.210261


YW. Write on it what happened etc.

36525b  No.210263


Hahaha, duly noted.

c4a5de  No.210264

Of course Gowdy is dirty. What the fuck have we learned? They won't let you near power, unless. But, he also hates Crooked, that's clear, so he's on someone else's leash/faction.

59279e  No.210265


"We don't want to telegraph to the world who is going and who they are and who is performing this mission because they all have families that are still back here while they are doing this mission overseas," said Col. Baldwin.

"This is a very secure, very sensitive, but a very important mission. I can assure you that our soldiers will do it to the best of their ability, " added Sgt. Major Zamora.

6abe1c  No.210266



I'm not sure knowing who owns the townhouse will help. We need to know who rented it. The renters had the computer. I tried to look up the renters last night and came up pretty empty. No FB, no articles, etc.

fe7313  No.210267


It would be a mistake to assume the person leading crumbs to Hublife (Ben Dilley) is actually Q. It might be someone on Q's team, someone who is filtering out a much sanitized version of the crumbs we get here.

There is data being given to Hublife, but none of it was new to cbts

c4b0d8  No.210268


No. Not really. If someone has to label their account "patriot," what does that mean to you?

b81fec  No.210269


OK, I've got some scripting to do to reconcile. Sending some good sed/awk prayers your way.

187812  No.210270



6abe1c  No.210272


www. azfamily.com/story/37161594/az-national-guard-military-police-unit-deploys-to-guantanamo

10a395  No.210273


9 months, going to be a fun ride!

59279e  No.210275


http:// www.azfamily.com/story/37161594/az-national-guard-military-police-unit-deploys-to-guantanamo

6abe1c  No.210276


They are dense and too busy screwing around.

187812  No.210277


Thank you very much

6a6605  No.210278


gonna be alot of fuckers picked up and money flowing into the us treasury very soon. jiggy dance meme this.

ffff42  No.210280


More likely than the stupid twatter account.

36525b  No.210281


Same here, will be checking your data.

ffa7c3  No.210282

Don't know if this has been dropped already, but just in case it hasn't here it is. I cannot get into Pacer to verify but it's blazing through the net like crazy. Looks official. https://www.docdroid. net/zmVDhA4/d2-peter-munk-george-soros-cheney-paul-wolfowitz-hwbush-gwbush-john-kerry-clinton-september-11-attack.pdf see also on twitter: twitter.com/brianGPowell

6abe1c  No.210283


www. azfamily.com/story/37161594/az-national-guard-military-police-unit-deploys-to-guantanamo

d97ead  No.210285


no sweetie, that war would have happened if Hillary had won.

> How new are you

19e019  No.210286


How was this derived? Not directly spelled out as such in searching the entire Q posts….

(scratching head).

c4b0d8  No.210287


Tits or GTFO

b049e6  No.210288

File: cfddaefeb9c47d4⋯.png (400.16 KB, 490x428, 245:214, Screenshot-2017-12-30 Meme….png)


6abe1c  No.210289

"Colonel Baldwin tells Arizona's Family there are plumbers, electricians, Amazon and Intel employees among those being deployed."

Wait, AMAZON employees???

16af75  No.210290



e6adf7  No.210292



qcodefag.github.io has 391 Q post, stops 12/21/17. why aren't Q's post after 12/21/17 listed?

97021b  No.210293


OMG this guy is prominently listed on that great cabal map, got to see it, Fukin BRILLIANT




Baker - been away, possibly already discussed. if not, can this go in "Research Threads and Findings". Should be required reading for Everyfag wanting to dig. It is fukin'BRILLIANT!!

c4a5de  No.210294


He endorsed Rubio and changes hairstyles every month, like a faggot. No one should be shocked if he's later exposed as a pederast

ac23af  No.210295


50 police officers.

ffa7c3  No.210296

File: 059b3ffd6654f1c⋯.png (168.8 KB, 535x747, 535:747, 911 Indictments Nevada.png)


6abe1c  No.210297



And AMAZON employees!?

70e34b  No.210298



don't forget that science and the disclosures has also been totally controlled by those JUST out of power! POTUS has the facts now, bye bye Paris accord! and WH "global warminl" page. Yet still no explanation

c4b0d8  No.210299


Furthermore, data for 2017 isn't coming from income taxes or other declarations because SURPRISE! no one has reported 2017 income yet. It's like 2017 isn't over yet or something.

6abe1c  No.210301

59279e  No.210302


national Guard member have normal full time jobs then when deployed have to go with the Military.

1b8273  No.210304


If we didn't ban, we wouldn't be able to work.

It would be a shitshow like half was.

This morning we have posts saying bakers have been banned.

No bakers have come here to say they were, despite my post asking them to.

Again, if any good anons have been wrongly banned, appeal it and it will be revoked.

>still crickets

c4b0d8  No.210305

File: 6a54ab802394f7b⋯.png (83.2 KB, 652x397, 652:397, qcodefag.PNG)


396 posts for me, last date 12/25.

5adf39  No.210306


Flattard detected

6abe1c  No.210307


This is fake. Its been floating around for a while. They wouldn't be prosecuted in Nevada.

ac23af  No.210308


why so many military cops?

Me thinks the military trials will begin in 2018.

e99088  No.210309


What are you finding Anon? Anything on NOrth Pole?

5ebf3d  No.210310

File: aa0745d9567f75a⋯.png (75.42 KB, 790x132, 395:66, bc581a4e-539f-4e1d-803e-e7….png)

ffa7c3  No.210312


Don't know. I can't get into PACER in NV to check, I've searched the web and it's being posted everywhere but I can't find an "Official Source". I'm hoping one of you autists can confirm/deny.

6abe1c  No.210313


GTMO needs a webcam :-)

ffff42  No.210315


Rosanne deleted all of her twats today.

After this shit show yesterday:


See this post:



e6adf7  No.210316

File: d40cf0b86c12b16⋯.jpg (301.25 KB, 915x693, 305:231, Manmohan Singh scandal.jpg)


There was a scandal about Manmohan Singh paying for votes on some Nuclear Deal!

36525b  No.210317


Yes, about qcodefag @ github we're not sure why posts have apparently dropped off, or aren't there. AFAIK and for now we couldn't locate/notify the anon who hosts the page.

97021b  No.210319


OMG this guy is yuge major player in India, actually listed on that great cabal map, Fukin BRILLIANT




Baker - been away, possibly already discussed. if not, can this go in "Research Threads and Findings". Should be required reading for Everyfag wanting to dig. It is fukin'BRILLIANT!!

39d0e0  No.210452


Good catch- interesting…

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