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File: c6fb94aa23500cd⋯.jpg (266.23 KB, 1251x747, 139:83, metaQ.jpg)

022632  No.1391

>Post research, news, links, etc. of metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric, other-worldly, /x/+/cbts/ type of things here

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


1f84d5  No.1600

File: 79362f3ec196901⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 620x417, 620:417, 561ff241161f3_ashtintoar.jpg)

Defeating the cabal news: http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.nl/

Cobra & the resistance: http://2012portal.blogspot.nl/

VictoryOfTheLight , knows about the aliens and other earth (historical) secrets: https://twitter.com/KibBitzLaw

Pleiadian starseed & channeler: https://twitter.com/kabamur_taygeta

A zeti reticulan: https://twitter.com/SandiaWisdom

History of the universe:

- Book of Man (less spiritual, probably the best summary yet in video & narrated format): https://vimeo.com/album/2701770 and its sequel Ascension https://vimeo.com/album/3943901/

- other takes on history: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_galacticdiplomacy_11.htm and http://rune.galactic.to/colonisation.html

- has three books you might be interested in with a whole different take on history before & life after the event: http://www.thenewearth.org/

and a whole archive of messages from the Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B http://www.thenewearth.org/GalacticFederationArchive.html

- ET motivations :

Youtube channel with handy information about the aliens: https://www.youtube.com/user/Satchitanandy/videos

Victory to the light!

a7d62d  No.1622

File: eb8eecb4bd43422⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 750x500, 3:2, mnuchin-currency.jpg)


First link makes me wonder if the new December Mnuchin $1 Bill has an Owl printed on it. Messing with my spinach makes me curious.

501747  No.1646

File: 6e40d661044afdd⋯.jpg (235.06 KB, 700x544, 175:136, Hehoocan.jpg)

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Rule with Everlasting Righteousness.

Let no adversary deceive Any called by God.

Let His people take heart, knowing that the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World, loves us.

He is perfect. He loves us.

Perfect love casts out All fear.

Ask Jesus for help. He is Faithful and True.

Glorify Thyself in Thy Son, Father.

Make Justice upon the earth.

Have mercy upon Your people.

It is All about Grace, folks.

He loved everyone of us enough to DIE for Us.

He lovs us enough to forgive us now.

Ask Him. Live.

>and no ayyylmaos

501747  No.1658



Sorry, folks. Rusty at this, ahem…

It is in Jesus name i ask this, Amen.

>inb4 sage

c2d5eb  No.1921

Dont waste time touting the everlasting virtue of the church, has the catholic pedophillia taught you nothing? As for putting down the church the same applies - remember - God knows all, Controls all, there is enough truth in ANY spiritual texts to bring light to any soul, painting all with a black brush shows you as blind and dim, NOT them, you must keep an open mind and question everything.

Someone asked why you strive - A = Not all are, only those who seek to ascend are seeking/striving, others are blind - including the 'cabal'.

We are playing a role on the world stage, we are doing what we are doing because God has seen to put us here to do it.

Someone asked for Roman I.D, Minerva.

4 Dimensions, Quantum universe, The matrix>>1328

562905  No.1956

File: 6eff197b49df0b2⋯.jpg (88.1 KB, 570x500, 57:50, 2017-11-18-17-39-14-.jpg)


Gods below man… that is a thought full…

Are you claiming Jesus is not the Son of God?

I am aware if the worth of many aspects of numerous religions, but i am a child of the west.

Jesus Christ is the only Path to the Father. His Sacrifice (God's) makes it possible to once again be in His presence. The death of God (Jesus) fulfilled His (God's) own Law. The prerequisite upon which Actual Contact with Him is based.

Kinda like a double feedback cancellation.

>>sorry, i'm nuts.

b8c0ca  No.2019

File: 97eda202d2ce1e2⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 200x157, 200:157, SP1911.jpg)

Simon Parkes on Wolfspirit Radio.

He is a very spiritual guy with psychic capabilities.

His parents worked for MI5 and MI6.

In this vid 19.Nov. he mentioned the Trump Tweet 'Alice in Wonderland' that was deleted after 15secs.


In general in his 2 shows/month interviews he first talks 15-20mins about actual situations and backgrounds and than answers questions from a live chat.

562905  No.2064

File: 8803398da35a057⋯.jpg (109.3 KB, 505x600, 101:120, 1511303912700.jpg)


Jesus said He was the only Safe gateway to spiritual/supernatural experience… He did not say He was the Only way to said.

He Is, however, the Only Way to come unto The Father.

Mayhap not everyone wants that… i don't know.

b8c0ca  No.2071


The tetrahedron is not a satanic shape. It has no intention, it is neutral. Like all sacred geometry it simply IS.

It becomes bad when used to rip the aura, it becomes good when used to destroy e.g. snake venom or cancer cells.

This is how we Curanderos (spiritual healers) use it emanating etherically :

Most Powerful Killer on the Planet. This is the demolition shape. It tears down, destroys, eliminates, rips, annihilates [exterminator, wipes out, eradicator, annihilator, dissipater, break up, break down, cut up, chainsaws, tear, shatter, expel, eradicate]. Breaks down the disease or condition in the body. Its weight is distributed so that it moves end-over-end, tearing holes, ripping etheric, ectoplasmic, and subtle energies apart; preventing a quantum or endomorphic field from existing. Tetrahedra are found in many shapes. It causes destructiveness to clear a path for the plan, whatever the plan is. It is the ultimate killer.

This shape is a Platonic solid - it provides a limited and sharp perspective.

The purpose of the tetrahedron is to clear the path for the plan (example, if you want to be smarter or become a writer, you need to break down patterns first). Sacred geometries stay in their shape until a higher geometric shape encounters them. To remove tetrahedra you need higher shapes to break them down and absorb them.

Do not let tetrahedra flow through the air because people would breathe them; do not leave tetrahedra in water people or animals drink.

There are approximately 400,000 blue tetrahedra in the auric field and physical body of a depressed person. If you have 900,000 blue tetrahedra you will be so depressed you can't get out of bed. The tetrahedra tear through the emotional body and the ectomorphic, endomorphic, and quantum fields. When these fields are gone, things cannot hold together. Depression is a state of consciousness that supports the ripping and tearing of self-esteem.

Blue - Lack of self-esteem (depressive, helpless, 'giving up quality') builds blue tetrahedron.

Red - There are 4-5 million red tetrahedra in a person with the AIDS virus, breaks down the field to make space for the disease. Lack of self-respect (take action in directions that feed our not getting respected) builds red tetrahedra in the physical body and material plane, the lymph system can't work. Use several million red tetrahedra to break down a quantum field (e.g., pollution in a pond that is not a water source).

Medium blue - chemical depression.

Dark blue - hormonal depression

Black - When someone has leprosy, black tetrahedra tear through the physical plane - that is, through the flesh and organs.

Black - karma builds them. If you see black cones or black tetrahedra coming out of the temples of someone's head, you are seeing someone who kills people. If you see it out of their armpits, you are seeing someone who steals.

Yellow - asbestos has lots of.

32e4c5  No.2089


Interesting, please continue.

b8c0ca  No.2094

and this is, how Shamans see the Torus

- CERN related -


Three-dimensional; donut shaped

Formed with 144 concentric circles

Works one of two ways:

1. What you want stays on the edges of the donut, and what you don't want is sucked in the hole to other dimensions. (That which is good stays on the ring, and that which is devitalizing goes into the black hole in the center.)

2. What you don't want from another dimension stays on the donut, and what you want falls through the hole to you.

Be careful with toroids. A black hole is capacious. It sucks in everything and it never comes out again. It eats everything in its path. The basic torus can go in the 49-shape grid.

The torus can be used in interdimensional travel; it is part of the teleportation grid.

Shamans think that CERN works to open a PORTAL to the 4th dimension (the lower part of it, where dark entities life.) That would enable those entities (Reptilians, Jinns etc) to enter our world easily.

b8c0ca  No.2110

File: d30999322d5ee57⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 687x629, 687:629, prism.jpg)

This is about the pentagonal prism, in the view of the Shamans/Curanderos:

- related to the PENTAGON building -

Faces 7 Edges 15 Vertices 10

This coffin-shaped box seals things into it - bacteria, viruses, secrets, lifeforce, etc. This shape contains. Use it when someone has a cold or flu - everyone has a germ or cancer in their body, it is our vibration that lets us catch it or not - the pentagonal prism makes you not catch it. Use it for man-made diseases.

This shape is the anti-oxidant of the polyhedra. Anything that will put you in a coffin, this shape will pick up and flush out of your body -or- it will keep it in the box so it cannot be used. It has been used to contain a demonic spirit. Put things you want to hide inside something white. White reflects everything - use it when you want to hide something.Use this shape with caution - it can take away things.

Do not use the pentagonal prism in a life purpose grid, as it would shut it down and split the light that the person's supposed to be manifesting.

You can toss a prism for healing but don't put people in a prism. If someone is trying to kill you then put around them. Can contain for a short time only in an emergency. Can put around the poison from snake venom. In dark turquoise - during boogie busting to contain the demon and move it out to the light.

562905  No.2127


… and all of this works NAOW as oppased to, say a decade ago, why?

>>Though i should ask for sauce.

For what you are saying sounds mythical, to be kind.

32e4c5  No.2138

File: 1528144df7c2fb0⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506540062341.gif)


It has always worked. It is not limited to any tradition. It simply is.

It is up to you to commit to personal exploration or not. I didn't think any of this stuff was real until someone showed me a few shortcuts. Finding a real teacher is the most important task for a beginner. Without one you are almost certain to cause yourself harm sooner or later. Many will give up before finding a teacher. This is normal. Many are called, few chosen, etc.

Some things are secret for good reason.

243a51  No.2148

CERN + Metaphysics + Extra Dimensional Childmolesting 'Demons' + Sacred Geometry + Spicy Memes = Q Meta?

562905  No.2156


I have a Teacher. He has always taught me.

It is a shame no one else seems to know Him.

Whatever will He think when He Returns to His forgetful children?

Yes… we have been lied to.

Yet every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess;

That Jesus is Lord.

That is the test.

Can (You) say it, hmm?

b8c0ca  No.2164


sacred geometry is one of the laws / basics of this universe.

it is the Flower of Life, it is Metatrons Cube, it is the Fibronacci spiral etc.

Curanderos know lots of it, e.g.

cube - stabilizes, boxes in

pyramid - inegrates and preserves

cylinder - connects and conducts

My Curandero Lineage goes back 27 generations (all are known by name).

Knowledge is given from teacher to newbie directly - by word and thru the aura.

You can't learn it by books or videos. Aura is neccessary.

Teacher sends information, newbie catches it - aura to aura.

Words are 10% Aura is 90% of information.

This lineage has mostly people with a Soul coming from Sirius.

But - don't spend too much time on this here.

CBTS isn't here for lightworkers, it reveals and unveils the truth.

That's the Job - not a chatroom for lightworkers.

32e4c5  No.2169

File: 3009a2356b0f606⋯.gif (49.07 KB, 500x313, 500:313, rel'kar1.gif)


One of the things that fascinates me about all of this are the implications people expect to occur at the end.

Christians are thinking God's coming back.

Fundamentalists expect Judgement and Armageddon.

Spiritualists are thinking mass enlightenment.

VOTL is thinking aliens.

Then you got flat/hollow earthers, Muslims, Jews, every culture with their own expectations.

They can't all come true.

A lot of people are going to be disappointed.


Every thought exists, and the thought of Jesus as Lord exists, so Jesus is Lord. However the opposite thoughts also exist, so the opposite of that is simultaneously existing as well. P=P and P=NP you see?

Also a closed mind never fills. I respect your point of view. Have a nice day.

32e4c5  No.2174

File: 027398044bbdcef⋯.jpg (6.63 KB, 272x185, 272:185, 00aaa111.jpg)


My job is to make progress but ty for the advice.

Tibetan Buddhism works much the same way.

I can multitasking so if you care to share more at some point that would be great.

562905  No.2191


A delicate prevarication. Touché.

As for close mindedness, i've not yet named you heretic nor called for your burning at any stake.

>> I say this… Logos comes. Not for a war, but to Rule.

Fundamentalist i may be, but being the hermit is the greatest gift and heaviest burden.

Long did i seek truth. Truth was found relative.

A static reality is a thing of true peace.

God the Father, is.

Jesus is God.

2k years ago, God died. A contradiction in terms, even in quantum terms.

Jesus Is The Way.

Soon, He will Administrate this world,

Glorifying Himself, and His Father in Him.

That is sacred geometry, hoss. Bank on it.

b8c0ca  No.2207

File: 1b4a2f7ed8d4f29⋯.jpg (2.19 KB, 100x114, 50:57, okta.jpg)



I try to make it more common, for all people:

[sorry for my bad english]

Bible says as above, so below but then it says Father in Heaven.

To me IMHO this is crap.

ALL is God - me too. You, too.

When i realized that I am God, too, my "channel" opened and I became a healer.

And, when I talk to Jesus or Angels,

I do it like I talk to my friend or neighbor. I don't bow my knees.

All is one. I am God, God is me.

Jeses isnt outside, he is in my heart.

God isnt outside (heaven), he is in my heart.

When I have a problem, I ask God/Angels to help me,

but I know that it is my job to solve the problem.

I am responsible for everything in my life, for everything in my reality.

We have to do the work and angels are our helpers.

But again - this CBTS is not an esoteric chatroom.

It's to unveil the truth.

BTW: the Octahedron represents the "As Above So Below" in sacred geometry.

562905  No.2211


This cbts is an esoteric q chat…

religious discussion should be relegated here.

Click the catalogue button on the top or bottom of your screen. Infinity chan has many more resources than half chan.

This sub was made for these discussions.

All will be well.

75d007  No.2257


BTW I would like to discuss this more... if you can find this post.

>>bottle into ocean^

b8c0ca  No.2267

File: 4c9eb47264c917c⋯.jpg (1.29 KB, 70x52, 35:26, torperl.jpg)


I added these texts because the dark ones are very spiritual.

They are the other side of duality, they know the laws of this universe.

And they use it with all their symbolism and mindcontrol.

CERN → numrology (666), torus (dimensions)

Owls → sacred power animal

Pentagon Building → geometry to keep the secrets inside

Fluoride → tetrahedrons to destroy the pineal gland

color blue → to create shock in communication system (throat chakra) e.g. police lights, blue business shirt to create respect

color red → to trigger the base chakra / material chakra e.g. in ads to make ppl buy something, to make aggressive, to rev up speed

Gargoyles → on churches or buildings, they sit on it, they possess the building (like Sacre Coer in France)

c4d37f  No.2277

File: 4a99511c1acc2c9⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 440x850, 44:85, Spacefarers' Sacrament.jpg)

File: 21fc0c5c38540d9⋯.png (36.2 KB, 1203x706, 1203:706, We find you wanting.png)

File: 599fa2786ff32f7⋯.jpg (41.23 KB, 585x560, 117:112, 11 - HIv3fF6.jpg)

File: 4bbee52c22235d3⋯.jpg (191 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 39 - hNoXTtG.jpg)

>Who opened the door of all doors?

>POTUS opened the door of all doors.

>Was it preplanned?

>Expand your thinking

>Disinformation is necessary

>Follow the Owl & Y head around the world

>Identify and list

>They don't hide it.

>They don't fear you

>You are sheep to them.

>You are feeders(*1)

>Expand your thinking

>All that you know to be right is wrong

>The 'cult' runs the world.

>The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult)

>20% public

>80% private

>The world would otherwise collapse

>Expand your thinking.

>Have faith.

>Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch?

>When this breaks many won’t swallow.

>The world cannot swallow the truth

>Nothing is as it seems

>Expand your thinking

>The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.

>This is not easy to accept nor believe.

>Many cannot/will not swallow.

>Hard to swallow.

>Important to progress.(*2)

>Who are the puppet masters? (*3)

>Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

>Eye of Providence.

>Does Satan exist?

>Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

>Who worships Satan?

>What is a cult?

>Epstein island.

>What is a temple?

>What occurs in a temple?


>Why is the temple on top of a mountain?

>How many levels might exist below?(*4)

>Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?

>When? How often? Why?

>“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

>Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

>Expand your thinking

>Future proves past. (*5)

>The Great Awakening.

Jesus fucking Christ anons. How fucking deep does this rabbit hole go? Its its no longer digging, its fucking quantum tunneling to a fucking alternate reality.

What kind of insane truth(s) learn? Flat earth? Reptilians? Earth is a farm and we are the cattle? Nibiru? Are we really in a computer situation? Hollow earth? Aliens?

(*1) Are we bottom feeders, or are *we* feeding people red pills?

(*2) Ad Astra Per Aspera, Anons! We cannot and will not be stopped, for Humanity's Manifest Destiny lies among the stars!

(*3) Death? As evidenced here: https://youtu.be/fBYVlFXsEME

(*4) D.U.M.B.s

(*5) Expand your thinking. 40,000 feet for the full picture. Think in the large scale of things. Ancient civilization evidence?

Do not falter anons!

for "You are the calm before and during the storm"

32e4c5  No.2281

File: 01c083db5978410⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2232x2288, 279:286, flower.jpg)


>this CBTS is not an esoteric chatroom.

This thread most certainly is and it will continue.

Everything else you say is accurate but the idea that CBTS isn't esoteric-related is false, censorous, and frankly rude. We are free to explore the inner universe as we wish. Please respect that. Thanks.

c4d37f  No.2283

File: 1af4d83787332b8⋯.jpg (95.31 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, The Day the Earth Smiled.jpg)


Sorry for mark twaining that fucking post, lol

465970  No.2286


This trailer about the Getty's

The monologue says "it's like they are from another planet" and even talks about gravitaional lensing.

wtf at these coincidences. It seems like disclosure of things are coming.

32e4c5  No.2287

File: 64c24d495bcd767⋯.jpg (349.92 KB, 900x2813, 900:2813, 1469373309463.jpg)


Don't be. The more factual information, the better.

75d007  No.2296

File: 7fcb72bec1ba222⋯.jpg (120.32 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, Nobullshitvetsavekidsdamni….jpg)


HEAR HEAR… together we shall reason until philosophy loses it's savor.

Come gentleAnons, let us reason together… if not finding consensus, at least adding a bit more civility and stability to the multiverse, eh?

32e4c5  No.2316

File: f4bd4a5d14be1f7⋯.jpg (4.51 KB, 185x269, 185:269, images-21.jpg)

File: 2f5f70cc983b59b⋯.jpg (34.47 KB, 480x303, 160:101, tibetan prostration young.jpg)

So this Y shape.

Unity splitting into duality.

Duality coming into oneness.

When formed with the body it is the symbol of obedience, worship, submission before authority.

When used by forces of light, or compassion, it is a blessed symbol.

When used by the darkness, the malicious, it is the opposite.

That's my understanding so far.

What else?

Is there a vibrational energy that creates things with Y shaped horns and antennae? Is this energy neutral? I have so many questions.

In Tibetan Buddhism one word for the highest state of consciousness is "mahamudra", or "great symbol". Why would a state of consciousness be a symbol? Does Y represent a state of consciousness?

4e52d6  No.2333


Where are you getting this Y shape connection?

In Q question the Y was simply a hint to the horned figure and Rothschild connection.

Q continued to drop hints as to the Y and painted in Gold in the PICTURE and this was obviously referencing the Gold Antler Headdress of the Lady Rothschild.

It is easy to create meaning out of nothing, but what is meaning without concrete definition?

At that point anyone could make up anything and so long as they convince enough people then it is hallucinated as true, but still not true.

This is also how cult mentality is formed.

So ask yourself, am I seeking to fill myself with truth or just seeking to myself with thoughts?

75d007  No.2338


Greetings, senpai… hehheh. Nice cul de sac, eh?

4e52d6  No.2358

File: 779520dbe8b7e28⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 410x425, 82:85, 779520dbe8b7e28226f3fe1180….jpg)



739549  No.2362

File: 73036735ac33bc2⋯.png (3.81 KB, 556x82, 278:41, gfhgjhj.png)


32e4c5  No.2379


I'm not unfiltering you. I gave you so many chances. I wish you the best .

b8c0ca  No.2381

File: 0f72257ac8c5a0f⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 285x500, 57:100, geomet.jpg)


well I don't think that Q means the Y in a spiritual manner,

I guess he thinks of a symbol, a building or something else - something visible, touchable.

In shaman use of geometry (we call it Light Language) the closest shapes are the tetrahedron seen from above or the icecream cone.

The cone in light language works like a funnel.

like >>2316 said, and it can work in both ways,

to gather or to spread/dilute.

82d96f  No.2389

File: 4f41c0796c91b24⋯.png (253.17 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 1511596000737.png)


>when Q became a NatSoc


32e4c5  No.2411

File: e5866a01ae85321⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 197x255, 197:255, download-6.jpg)

File: 6d2965849bdb1ab⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 210x210, 1:1, images-9.jpg)


The Rothschilds use Y in a spiritual manner. Maybe Hillary and that South Korean cult that was running things there, too.

I believe very strongly this is something the public won't get full disclosure on: admitting Satanism works would create a lot of Satanists. People would try it. So these things won't be fully explained.

b8c0ca  No.2419


yeah, you know that they always tell what they do and who they are.

They often do it by H-wood.

It's their cult to tell us. And this has karmic reasons. They need our permission to supress us and films are a strange way to make normies give this permissen. That's mind control.

Works good in combination with fluoride and iodine.

32e4c5  No.2421


Yes, exactly. What about a cone that's wide on the bottom, narrow at the top? Does that have any specific spiritual significant that you're familiar with?

32e4c5  No.2427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can embed vids here under post options btw.

4e52d6  No.2434



As stated before, the Y was simply a reference to this image and the gold cover "Y" mask or antlered headdress, which then connects to family "y" in the Q questions, giving answers to previous asked questions from Q.

This is all I am in attempt to describe.

b8c0ca  No.2436


that's what I meant. Both ways.

A funnel upside down is like a watering can.

6d30b9  No.2441

Law of One searchable library.


This is a collection of Q & A about many different topics, transcribed from audio recordings of Carla Rueckert, who channeled a being known as Ra in the early 80's.

32e4c5  No.2449


I'm trying to figure out if the direction it's pointed effects the energy created. Obviously there are beneficial and harmful ways of using it, right? With the pentagram pointed up is seen as light, pointed down (Y head) is dark.

4e52d6  No.2467


You are correct in that communicating anything that could be deemed Spiritual should be done in a natural state. It is when the worship of restrictive speech becomes a hallmark of a spiritual doctrine that we began to see corruption of any particular thought model. Restriction of speech brings guilt and shame, generating lower self confidence and anti-social behavioral patterns.

32e4c5  No.2470

File: aa34c528ffc3e0d⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 240x193, 240:193, suesskind2.jpg)

In the middle ages the Jews wore a hat that looked like an upside down Y. It is bell-shaped, bells are also like upside down Y's.

I am suggesting that possibly Y shape is used for dark, upside down for light. I don't know if this is right at all. I'm not deep into dark occultism.

4e52d6  No.2476


It seems like you are seeking to fill in a blank of what Y shapes would mean. The question of what is Y, was invoke by the questions asked by Q. That question has been answered. Seeking further symbolism for what could be shape like a Y, will only lead to further division from the truth.

Are we seeking the truth, or are we filling the gaps with what we wish to be truth?

b8c0ca  No.2484


not sure if antlers mean Y.

to me it could mean two things:

a) antenna

b) hart, deer as a spiritual animal (like an owl). Deer to shamans mean respect, dignity or sexuality (like horn-horny).

In my language we say s/he has horns on when we mean cuckold/play around/stray

32e4c5  No.2492


You are not someone I look to for input on these topics, based on our previous conversations, but thank you.

32e4c5  No.2501


Right. Then we get into the ant aliens. I don't know what to make of that.

The owl symbolism, at least partially, represents going into the darkness irl to meditate and learning to see inside. I want to say the owl doesn't symbolize evil, but rather hidden wisdom. Not sure though.

b8c0ca  No.2504


it shapes the flow.

what flow and what target depends on the person who uses it.

the shape is neutral.

Same like magic.

Magic is neutral, it's just an energy.

It becomes bad black magic when the person/intention is bad.

the prism isn't bad.

you can use it to protect something (e.g. your child in a crowd of ppl) or you can use it to cut off from life force like in a coffin. It's the intention that creates reality.

4e52d6  No.2525


Look into Q questions, look at the time they are posted and the images used.

Q says Owl and Y symbolism.

Q posted the Rothschild picture with Antler Headress

Q then states we overestimated your abilities

Q then states what is Covered in Gold

Q asks us to relate to the previous picture

It is all there, the Y refers to the Rothschild element.

And remember the questions about family "y"

How did Soros replace family "y"

These two above questions were in correlation to the questions about whether or not Hitler was a puppet and so forth.

Family y is rothschild

Hitler has blood of Rothschild

How was Hitler replaced?

With his own blood, A. Merkel.


That would be your loss, and you know this.

b8c0ca  No.2530


An owl (to shamans) symbolizes wisdom, yepp.

And same thing here like I just wrote above, it's the intention: do we use wisdom to create something good or something bad.

Do we share it or do we hide it.

Don't judge something by what it is but by what it does (or is used for).

32e4c5  No.2536

File: b02147701a2f11d⋯.gif (345.76 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 1511585846089.gif)


There's something to all that. Devils horns, Y head, horny. "Randy old goats". All connected.

Then we have people saying bees, too. Like they're all related. Bee's are connected to flowers, flowers are symbols of life.


Right. This is exactly the conversation I was hoping to have. See, many anon are superstitious. They don't see things as you do. They see God as this external monolithic judgemental etc etc, then Satan his nemesis and so on.

So I'd like anon to also see the perspective that these forces can be used for both good or I'll, that the awareness of these things isn't Satanic. It's applying them harmful lyrics that's evil.

In that way I think this thread could be very beneficial.

6a8ff7  No.2553

File: 8abef6c3fcca71c⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 640x493, 640:493, solm1.jpg)





Hoagland wrote a lot on sacred geometry a long time ago, he calls it hyperdimensional physics a long time ago. Its pseudoscience.


32e4c5  No.2561


Everything Jews don't approve of is called pseudoscience. Expand your thinking.

b8c0ca  No.2567


that is IMHO the difference between religion and spirituality.

Religion is artificial (church, cult, hierarchy, oppression), spirit is nature (same eye level, all is one).

and, by the way:

I can't understand how religious ppl pray to the Savior when he hangs at the cross and is dying. They prey to the dead. They drink the blood of the one, who redeems. Cannibalism.

Church forces ppl to eat the savior.

disgusting. Christs are cannibals.

4e52d6  No.2587


Harsh anon, just plane harsh!

Let's entertain the thought of Jesus shall we?

Let's say that a man had discovered unified consciousness of humanity.

Imagine that this individual was spreading the message of unified consciousness. Would the control system of the time accept someone who was offering knowledge of their inner power and will?

And what better way to profit then to take small pieces of this individuals teachings and riddle them into a sea of lies?

Sounds like something a control system would do.

Take what is true, grind it up, and flavor their lies with it. Like some kind of insane spiritual seasoning.

6a8ff7  No.2602


I added the link as it may be of interest to some as an internet curiosity from pre social media, as some may have never come across Richard C. Hoagland.

Truthfully don't spend to long on this avenue of research, but if you want to be entertained be my guest.

aa9f69  No.2612

looking at pyramids and reminded me of the Y thing.

If you look from above:

A 3 side pyramid is a Y

A 4 side pyramid is an X

There are lots of X and Y references everywhere.

Also, it's related to dna.

Don't think there is meaning there, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's done on purpose as a symbol. Maybe to show symbiosis between different facets of their world? ie, NK=Y Rockets=X

b8c0ca  No.2648


well sure I know 'why' this is like it is.

But sure i dunno why ppl dont see it.

How can ppl not see that they drink human blood in a church?

LOL, thats ancient MKultra ;-)

32e4c5  No.2651

File: 017c278e27738b3⋯.jpg (23.89 KB, 345x232, 345:232, 1511407955827.jpg)


Thank you for deciding I don't need to learn. Filtering.


One of the weird things about advanced meditative experiences is that symbols suddenly become very obviously significant to what we call reality. Time itself is an illusion. In other words, life, reality, isn't in motion until something is observing it. Quantum physics confirms this. It is exactly the point of the double slit experiment.

Very few people understand these things, but hopefully a few will join this thread at some point.

Don't even get me started on the relationship between degrees of angle and degrees of temperature. If you don't get creeped out discussing and thinking about this stuff, you haven't understood their full implications yet.

4e52d6  No.2659


What if the body of christ that is offered was actually a small amount of mushrooms?

Just enough to give you eyes to see beyond the normal model of consciousness?

Of course the control system would sprinkle this form of thought onto their own teachings.

Changing it to body and blood into a literal sense.

A corrupted teaching is simply that a corrupted teaching.

b8c0ca  No.2665


your pics are good examples for the good-bad-duality.

as seen up in the texts, a tetrahedron is a destroyer. we would call it bad.

but here in your pic we see two of them.

they are the Merkaba - our vehicle that shapes us in this dimension.

b8c0ca  No.2674


according to your


Thank you for deciding I don't need to learn. Filtering.

Exactly THAT is why you/we incarnated here: to learn. to make experiences.

(and it works better without filter ;-)

6a8ff7  No.2675


I posted it in the first place.

The 60's are over hippiefag.

4e52d6  No.2677

Imagine a Cube, and within that cube a sphere.

Now imagine within that sphere duel three sided pyramids.

In a 2-d format it would look like a square, with a circle and a star of david in the center.

Expand this image into a 3-d state.

Now build this image on top of itself as many times as one can. Or infinitely if you are willing to suspend yourself in disbelief.

Imagine that each of these structures is a new dimension of consciousness.

In each form there is always a body, that lives within the sphere as feminine and masculine based on the two pyramid shapes.

4e52d6  No.2683

In a 2-d sense, take the original Square which contains a circle which contains the star of david.

Now draw a cricle around that square, and a square around that circle and an overlapping star of david in the center.

Expand this image as many times as you would like and recreate it as a 3-d image.

32e4c5  No.2684

File: d1af9f3e9aff778⋯.gif (984.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506899653779.gif)

Tummo: the meditation of the inner-heat:

Disclaimer: This meditation burns away ignorance. It is not recommended for beginners. If used carelessly, it can hurt you. For these reasons I am not allowed to teach how to do this meditation.

That being said, in your meditations you will come to a state where your awareness is a point-particle within yourself, surrounded by a sea of darkness within a "shell". You are the point, the shell is your physical body, and the darkness is the "in-between-substance". This is a very strange sensation to experience for the first time, so many students exit their meditation when they reach this place, it freaks them out.

However, if instead of coming back to the world the student attempts to cultivate this state, the tummo begins.

When one consciously focuses on them self as the point-particle, something interesting happens.

The "shell" and the "darkness" begins to expand, sort of like a balloon blowing up. (of course this is a matter of perspective, the physical body does not grow in size, the point-particle-consciousness reduces in size.)

As the "balloon" expands, a spiritual heat rises up from within, burning away illusions.

The most obvious physical effect is an increase in body temperature, but that's just a side effect. (though useful in it's own right. Ever get lost in a blizzard?)

The true purpose of this meditation is not merely to increase the body temperature, or even to consciously effect blood flow patterns.

It's purpose is to cultivate this spiritual fire and use it to purify one's self.

Grab these too. They are preparatory guided meditations for beginners.





The true meaning of "awakening", "enlightenment" etc… It is coming to the realization that you and everything else you perceive is a dream being had by one being, which can be called "God" or "Christ" or "Buddha" (meaning you, I and everything else that exists and perceives is an aspect of the creator). The difficulty of the human experience is that you are conditioned to identify with your body (which includes your sex, your name, your life story, your appearance, your voice, your talents and abilities, likes and dislikes, culture etc…)

Souls are born over and over again over millenia to experience all the different flavors of the human and animal experiences. History is cyclical and will move no matter what individual egos think they can control. The Kali Yuga is the dark, difficult period, where material values, greed and evil rule. But the pendulum must swing, and eventually, order, justice and light will return and save us. This will happen in stages over thousands of years until we return top the next golden age.

Here is another difficult part, in fact, it is one of the hardest. You volunteer to be born, knowing everything you will experience beforehand, including the horrendous suffering, loss, torture, madness, fear, loneliness, and finally, the experience of death. Suffering leads to empathy, which leads to spiritual growth. Some bad must follow good for things to balance out. Indulging in the pleasures and successes of the human world will ALWAYS be unsatisfying. i.e. you need more because it isn't what you are looking for.

What you are looking for is your true self i.e, the realization that you and everything else are the dreamer, creating this universe, seemingly without effort.

4e52d6  No.2687

Now take the sphere and divide it into two parts.

The lower half being the land and sea

The upper half being the sky and clouds.

Place a hole in the center of the lower half and now you have a hollow earth.

32e4c5  No.2695

File: 5010bf1eb173c23⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1506907832696.gif)


>it works better without filter

Agreed! But I've spent the last year introducing tantric Buddhism to 8/pol/, who are unapologetically Nazis, and my patience is fried. Trolls love derailing these convos and if even one refuses, loudly, to learn, it disrupts learning for everyone else.

Filters only last for a single thread, anyway, unless they use a trip.

4e52d6  No.2696

Now ask.

What are the implications of a multidimensional being?

How would that be experienced?

Do the elite know of the hypercube structure?

Do they know but not truly know how to ascend?

Is this why they wish to suppress others so that they alone can escape and rule the lower dimensions themselves?

Perhaps they do not understand that the key to transcendence is through unified consciousness of humanity.

That one cannot leave without the rest.

b8c0ca  No.2700


well I know what you mean.

just have a trivial problem now:

here it is 4 a.m. and my native tongue is not english.

would like to dig deeper, nice chat here, but its a bit demanding to me.

But hehe some mushrooms would be nice, lol

Go ask Alice…. ;-)

4e52d6  No.2706


Hahaha, imagine that Jesus was a hippie.

b8c0ca  No.2726


i think also he knew the nice things on earth.

water to wine.

family and children.

i think he was a nice guy, a wild one when young and a wise one when older.

b8c0ca  No.2737


it took me some years to accept

that there are ppl outside

who dont want so leave their path.

they dont even look right or left to the flowers along their path.

share your wisdom to those who want it,

not to those who -in your believe- need it.

4e52d6  No.2759


Sounds like a cool dude to me, i bet the control didn't like his casual style

32e4c5  No.2763

File: 75c2b28b49d98d7⋯.jpg (471.13 KB, 1512x792, 21:11, 1511163605247.jpg)


I gave it to 8/pol/ so they could overcome Jewish tyranny. Tibetan Buddhists don't evangelize or recruit. Most wouldnt get past the preliminaries.

Helping them was needed and requested at the time, before Trump gave them new hope. It was my attempt at a Hail Mary pass. Completely forbidden. Thankfully it's done now. I gave them the Tummo. All of it. Everything lol.

Possible that some died trying. Possible that none succeeded. It's in the Dharmas hands, not mine, I'm just the illusion of a conduit.

4e52d6  No.2768


Holy shit man, I talk about simulation theory and even I think you are delusional as fuck…

b8c0ca  No.2781


what is Tummo?

in two or three sentences, without foreign words, it's 4:30 a.m. here :>

32e4c5  No.2788


I described it above. Inner fire meditation, burns away delusion, leads to enlightenment, akashic records, universal consciousness etc.

Directly accesses mind/body heat control system. Dangerous as a result.

b8c0ca  No.2790


ah okay, wikipedia knows it.

i know a person who was sitting in the snow all night to meditate. next day the snow around him was gone.

32e4c5  No.2793


Yeah Tibetans sometimes use it to stay warm.

b8c0ca  No.2822


well, thats the core -

open your mind, feed your mind, use your mind.

That's what was suppressed all the time,

the cabal doesn't want ppl to know what they (the ppl) are able to.

We don't have to pray for a wonder - we are the wonder.

I'm that impatient to see ppl wake up.

And Q, 4chan, 8ch, CBTS etc will help them.

It goes viral, you find it everywhere.

4e52d6  No.2825


Hey be careful about Tibetan Monk anon, he filters anyone who doesn't believe in his garbage and forces his opinions down everyone's throat like no other.

Worse then normie christfag material.

32e4c5  No.2831

File: 05ce5464b078ce3⋯.jpg (94.31 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1510380509070.jpg)


Something I've been thinking about is this ant thing.

Ant has a lot of weird associations. Anti. Antarctica. Making me wonder is ants a(the insect) are named in reference to the aliens or something.

I never thought seriously about aliens before. Now nothing seems too weird to be considered.

b8c0ca  No.2850


thanks for caring.

Dont be afraid, i'm not going to become a buddhist, a monk or something else. I'm already a Shaman.

And, as I said above, I think he is a bit unpatient and wants others to make same experiences that fascinated him. It's okay. Let him filter, let him be obtrusive - it takes two to play a game. We are all learning.

There are no faults, there are just experiences.

4e52d6  No.2858


Ya, I'm into shamanism as well.

But it doesn't change the fact that his attitude is highly offensive.

But I will try to take your approach to the situation

32e4c5  No.2869


lol I'm not here to recruit.

I don't care what people become. I plant seeds. Karmic seeds. Same as Q but less questions. Same as you, too.XXX is fine to think whatever. They will wake up (and calm down) in time.

When two spiritual people meet the one who knows more is the Teacher. You know more than I do so I asked for teaching. XXX gets upset if I suggest ego isn't essential, which is one of those perspectives I can't help. Some perspectives need help I can't give. Easier on everyone's nerves if I ignore rather than argue.

6253a2  No.2885

This has bugged me for a long time.

It goes back to the Vegas shooting, but addresses some "other" possibilities:


Then this is what reeeally runs nails down the chalkboard in my head:


I've tried to talk about it, but it sounds so crazy…. Except nothing sounds crazy anymore!

b8c0ca  No.2919


in my language we say "the sound makes the music",

I think in english it is

"its not what you say, but how you say it".

I think if someone is not interested in some stuff, that one can either ignore it (no reply) or say 'no, but thank you for your offer'.

If one answers with 'shut up faggot' or something like that, it generates friction, and that causes heat. Well, it is the law of attraction. If you have some anger inside you, you'll find someone to fight with.

You may let him make his experiences, like you do, too.


btw, I'm not a shaman doing rituals. our lineage thas lots of traditions, like raindancers, herb healers, midwifes etc. i'm the branch who works with the own aura. i dont sing or dance, i dont use objects. i'm just thinking and it happens - or not :>

32e4c5  No.2929

The thing is, realizing that this is a dream means Buddhism is equally meaningless. Everything is nothing so Buddhism is nothing. So after reaching enlightenment you stop having to give a shit about Buddhism. So I am not here to ask people to become Buddhists.

If you haven't seen emptiness directly yet then Buddhism can get someone to that point. Once they get there they don't need it anymore.

This is why I say you don't understand me at all XXX. You put everyone into a box of assumptions you've created. My tradition is nothing like the greedy religious "everyone must join" corporations masquerading as churches.

This is why I ignore you. You aren't willing to see the perspectives you don't want to, and you get offended when told there's more than one way of experiencing spirituality. Please stop.

b8c0ca  No.2942


its not very comfy if someone says no thanks, i dont wanna share your believe system,

but we/me/you have to accept it. We can ask for the reason, but its not necessary.

And to "wake up" is different for each unique person.

Waking up can have so many faces.

32e4c5  No.2960


Eventually you get to a final vision. The falling away point. Singularity.

There are 16 visions, they are listed. Not everyone gets them all. The "white light" isn't the last.

I don't know anything. I know a lot of nothing.

b8c0ca  No.3003


Healing (or enlightment) is not a happening. It is a path.

We walk the path in our own speed.

We can offer a helping hand. We can take that hand or reject it.

Everything is allowed.

To argue is allowed, also to ignore.

Maybe one of you, or both, just missed the point to not reply anymore.

Forgot to allow that it is allowed to end a conversation ;-)

I'm a bit empathic (is that the english word? like Dianna Troy in Star Trek)

and to me, both of you seem to be good guys.

32e4c5  No.3040


>enlightenment is not a happening

You and I have had different experiences. I found short cuts. It was very fast. Just had to be willing to die for it.

Not every spiritual tradition goes all the way, also. I had to look for a long time to figure out what was missing. Pitfalls always, cliffs always, easy to fall, must stand firm.

I was talking to a crackhead on a bus the first time I got a taste of it.

4e52d6  No.3043


Sorry but you are speaking for me again.

This is what is annoying.

You say that I am the one doing, exactly what you are doing.

Self reflect more, than maybe you will not see the need for Buddhism or telling people how to achieve a state of being that is foreign to you in the first place.


I have used shamanism as a tool within the psychedelic experience. The transfer of knowledge through aura and recreation of belief structures through ritual song and dance.

It sounds funky but the idea is not so dogmatic and rigid.

In fact the less you try and the more natural your tools are the more effective is the experience.

b8c0ca  No.3074


with that you say "I am enlighted".

That cannot be true, otherwise you wouldn't filter XXX

(I overstate to put my feelings+thoughts into words).

Or, maybe, you put awake and enlightened into the same pou.

That crackhead story sounds more like an eye-opener.

But thats just my own assumption. And not important.

We dont have to define the meaning of words or the state of consiousness.

75a879  No.3080

File: c538fa1e121fb5e⋯.jpg (772.99 KB, 1406x1988, 703:994, obr5000.jpg)

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men –

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

You have no idea anons how happy I am to see this thread, sending you all positive energies of the Existence!

75a879  No.3095

1) Avoid negative, angry people, or people who want to steal your energy and control you.

2) Don´t drink alcohol, don’t smoke anything. Avoid places with smokers.

3) Change the room you are living. Hang only beautiful posters and pictures on the wall, with bright colours. No dark , depressive pictures.

4) Don´t wear dark clothes, use colours or white.

5) Don´t listen to evil music like Heavy metal or worst. Listen to harmonious music, like meditation music or happy music. Music with a high frequency, music with Love.

6) Go often to nature to clean your energy and charge it with new clear energy.

7) Use a good smelling room-perfume.

8 ) Try to play sometimes. You can also use a computer game for that. Of course only a funny game. Not a killing game. Games like Jump and run are fun. Or you play outside ping pong.

9) Make sometimes gifts to your self. Show yourself that you have

Selflove. Tell to your self in the mirror that you love yourself. Hang a paper

on the door or on the mirror and write on it “I LOVE MY SELF”

10) Don´t watch negative, evil, horror movies on TV. Watch funny Movies, comics, or exciting movies which trigger your imagination for the universe and a brightful future.

12) Try to paint a picture. Painting is a form of healing and meditation. Use

Colourful, bright colours. Not dirty, depressive colours.

13) Play an instrument, make music.

14) Take Vitamins and St. John’s wort.

15) Don´t eat meat.

16) Don't swear or talk aggresively. Talk pleasantly, with Love and confidence.

32e4c5  No.3097

File: a5d5184bed40a7e⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1511516341228.jpg)


I'm not enlightened.

I don't even exist.

As soon as you "get it" you let it go.

I'm also free to do anything I want.

I knew a very enlightened person who ate his own shit. He was not thought less of. People who don't understand simply don't understand. They will when they are ready. Or not. Not my job to worry about it.

It's not my job to do anything, be any way. That's freedom. Eventually I have to establish all sentient beings without exception in the enlightemed state yadda yadda but I'll do it at the point of death. Easier.

Ah Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha Buddha Amitabha. You're welcome. Love you all. Because I have to. We're all the same exact nothing.

Doesn't mean I act like you think holy people should act.

I'm the illusion of a dog. Not even a good dog. Expect nothing from me. Nothing I will give, as much as I can, forever.

The ride never ends.

I had no idea how blessed I was until this convo. Thank you very, very much, sincerely. Thank you. I am in awe.

4e52d6  No.3103



In terms of shortcuts, yes many exist but not without their consequences.

For example using a psychoactive drug may stimulate the trance during meditation or in recreational ritual experience. However it may also lead someone into psychosis or to develop strange and untrue beliefs of the world and those around them.

Not to say that some strange factors of reality could not be revealed in this manner, but moving at such a rapid rate of mental activity and connectivity of thought or association of thought can lead to many unwanted results.

In terms of enlightenment, it was said best that it is not a destination but a direction or path.

How can anything be eternal if it comes to an end?

4e52d6  No.3112


Way to try and control us faggot.

You just failed rule #1

b8c0ca  No.3114


> the less you try and the more natural your tools are the more effective

yepp, 100% agree.

unfortunately this is something i had to learn. I tried to get all at once with a hammer.

Didn't work. I was disappointed and dropped all that. And that moment it started flowing

like an open river dam.

I dont like things like "you have to sit this way, put your fingers to a mudra,

reach this state then that state" or like anon monk said

'16 visions'. They will come when time is right, not important if there are 16 or

whatelse visions - it will come what Source wants me to have.

And I'm never afraid to reach a point when i got "all" and live would become boring LOL

4e52d6  No.3118


If I can't call Tibetan Monastery Anon he is a faggot, then how are we going to obtain spiritual understanding and enlightenment?

You want us to just turn the other cheek while deep evil cockeating maggots rule the world?


b8c0ca  No.3122


to give rules means to suppress.


4e52d6  No.3124


b-but you have to sit in this position to align your chakra to the pleidians for enhanced intimacy! It says so in my dvd! Just donate to my patreon and I will unveil the secrets of 9 to open your root chakra all over the computer screen in praise of pure 2-d waifus.

75a879  No.3126


There are no shortcuts here. Any shortcut shows disrecpect and lack of faith in Creation and creates negative karma.

>In terms of enlightenment, it was said best that it is not a destination but a direction or path.

Correct. There are only two mistakes on the path of enlightenment - not going all the way and not starting.



Re-read this post and see what it's about.

This will set the groundwork to make you FREE. Don't disregard simple important things on the path to freedom. You don't turn the other cheek - you sharpen your sword. Don't fight rationally, it's the energy work that's crucial.

4e52d6  No.3133

File: a384d186e0ab53d⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 305x315, 61:63, 1501623299387.jpg)


>sharpen your sword

Jeez anon how come you are being so lewd?

75a879  No.3135


To avoid this you listen to your heart. Life will put you in many situations where you will see for yourself how much energy you have got. If anything makes you descend into negativity, there's the thing you have to work on with Love. You never focus on the negativity, you always focus on Love. You can clear a lower energy only with a higher energy.

32e4c5  No.3139

File: 2aec0f03690c94f⋯.jpg (475.17 KB, 2048x1051, 2048:1051, 1504280_713445068688591_60….jpg)


The visions are secrets anyway. They are never mentioned, traditionally. Internet changes things.

What I'm doing, as I said before, is dropping crumbs like Q.

Those who are ready to seek will surely find.

The rest will find reasons not to.

All is as it should be.

Tantra is called self-secret for this reason. Those unready to hear simply will not believe.

A sense of humor is intelligence dancing.

4e52d6  No.3143


>listen to your heart

Please, stop hitting on me.

Please take this to the CBTS flirt/cam

75a879  No.3169


Your reaction to the positive energies shows clearly your state. I will not bother you further, but you have work to do. Even in the field of spirituality, it is important not to be misled.

75d007  No.3175


Glad you like me screen cap, hoss.

That is quite a spiel ye got there.

<nothing though?

I reckon there's some life an try in you yet.

4e52d6  No.3176


Yeah by faggots like you imposing strict diets and rules that just turn people away from self exploration. Deeming this or that spiritual when its really just an arbitrary set of standards you think makes you look spiritual

75a879  No.3177


These are guidelines. READ and THINK. Then you act. If you seek truth, listen to your intuition.

4e52d6  No.3182


And what if my intuition is telling me you're a complete faggot?

What if my intuition is telling me that people like you are no better then evangelist who seed peoples minds with guilt and ridiculous standards?

32e4c5  No.3198


Nothing like the nothingness of space which contains everything.

I can't not exist unfortunately. But I'm not human. I'm imagination. Mind. Imagination can be sensed but not held. It exists yet it is fundamentally empty, limitless.

This is what Buddhists mean when they say we are all basically nothing. If it sounds nihilistic the point was missed.

b8c0ca  No.3204


and what does "guidelines" say?

that I need to be guided???

No thanks, I prefer to choose on my own. Try and error.

Dont wanna be "guided" by rules.

4e52d6  No.3207


So chinks on a mountain have all the answers?


4e52d6  No.3218


Uh oh we have a free thinker here

Better shitpost him some more rules and regulations.

32e4c5  No.3242

File: c6bc3b3b559f439⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 628x400, 157:100, 1511388023072.gif)

So many people get so attatched to the walking corpse they call a body. Then it dies and they don't know wtf to do. They get dragged back into more suffering by clinging to their now-dead identity.

Ego. That's what ego and attachment lead to. Don't take my word for it, you'll find out when you die.

A bit late to change course at that point though.

b8c0ca  No.3258


looks like you read the "guidelines".

nothing about dont be sarcastic and you obey that missing rule.

shall I obey the missing rule "dont watch porn"?

4e52d6  No.3274


Well it isn't on the list so I think that is fine.

But ancient astronaut theorist believe that only pure 2-d waifus can be jerked to.

As it is most degrading to women.



75a879  No.3279


The body is a tool to experience energies in. Everything is energy, and in this life we learn to use them responsibly. For example the energy of money, we use it for positive purposes, or charisma, or art talent, anything can be used with Love and that's all that matters. All suffering comes from the lack of Love and is self-made. There is ALWAYS a choice.


These guidelines will change your vibration and make you more free and closer to the Source, but you cannot cover all things rationally because some blockages are very individual. As for your question - yes, try to avoid porn, because it disrespects the spiritual union of man and woman. Be aware of the situation and create an inner wish to be free of it. It makes a difference.

b8c0ca  No.3285


I dont go with that.

Too much dogma.

I am divine and God,

to call myself 'nothing' and deny my existance

means to deny the all-that-is.

Sounds a bit like that would create karma.

But anyhow, all is allowed.

Unique beings walk unique paths.

4e52d6  No.3292


>Body is a tool

The fk anon… This is why no one will buy your dvd. You're basically telling them they are tools right off the bat.

You need to ease them into your financial manipulation.

Give yourself a tripcode, play off on their insecurities, and set up a patreon.

32e4c5  No.3301

File: 320e726bbb3e520⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 625x232, 625:232, dakiniscript.jpg)

The key to navigating death is to realize, at the point of death, when the hallucinations start, that everything you are experiencing is a projection of your own mind, and don't fear or flee whatever appears.

If you have realized any degree of meditative stability, and you remember these words, it is enough to escape being recycled back here.

There's more but I'll let you find it if you're interested. Try looking for books of the dead.

b8c0ca  No.3309


>These guidelines will change your vibration and make you more free and closer to the Source


I am already free and close to Source.

4e52d6  No.3310


Great some guy who is still alive is going to teach me how to die.

Fucking classic Tibetan monk anon, what a kidder

32e4c5  No.3323

File: baf9b8b629dbb90⋯.jpg (178.42 KB, 675x720, 15:16, m69ur86vnJ1rxiejpo1_1280.jpg)


No dogma, only observation. You are deciding not to understand. It's cool. Let's agree to disagree.

To say Buddhists misunderstand karma is a funny thing. Try reflecting on that, maybe.

We teach about shamanism too, but also nothing. I understand the perspective of most people here. Most of you don't understand, and some even fear, nothingness.

Very funny.

Thank you again. You have opened my eyes to my blessings like no one else has

75a879  No.3326

File: 2cc2eb8e18a9aa1⋯.gif (864.59 KB, 1183x1673, 169:239, obr688.gif)


You already ARE the Source, other me.

Now go and remove all the blockages you erected around yourself. True spirituality is very rare here.

4e52d6  No.3329


>Try reflecting on that, maybe


You going to take that shamanism anon?

4e52d6  No.3337


By the complexity of your info chart, you must be very serious.

That's all I needed.

True spiritualist confirmed ladies and gentlemens

b8c0ca  No.3346


Sweety, dont impute any not understanding.

I decided to not walk your way, to not walk in your shoes.

It is a decision, not a lack of understanding.

4e52d6  No.3349

File: ce4c30fb63a0f08⋯.jpg (75 KB, 622x647, 622:647, 1500399810929.jpg)

We only want to enlighten up the serious tone of this thread.

32e4c5  No.3357

File: 1bf3f48d10aefcd⋯.jpg (83.84 KB, 640x345, 128:69, two-mantras-together.jpg)


I'm 100% sure you believe that.

Or your ego does.

Or whatever.

The seeds are now completely planted. Belief isn't needed. Just reading it is enough.

I'm very rude to do it this way but people act like people so I do what I can to work around their obstinance.

Have fun.

I'm done :3

/happy dance

Love you, Mara.

4e52d6  No.3362


>Or your ego does


Are you going to take that shamanism anon?!

b8c0ca  No.3364


heh, kudos.

So I dont have to reply, I use my printing ink sparingly. Too many stains on screen.

4e52d6  No.3366


gross anon

stains are lewd

75a879  No.3376


Just filter him

4e52d6  No.3379

File: c22e637b8cacc7f⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 736x397, 736:397, 1511228545798.jpg)


Are you part of the conversation or just making it up as you go along?

32e4c5  No.3384

File: da61093ed721583⋯.jpg (221.73 KB, 304x361, 16:19, padma-guru.jpg)


Weird day when the New Ager is the bright one.

b8c0ca  No.3389



you didnt get the joke


we both talk about carbon black, dont we?

and now, Ladies and Gents,

this is the point when I found the point to not reply to monk.

And I do it in love : >

75a879  No.3397

File: 83d6b32cd1a0ec3⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1592695323444.jpg)


I'm not anything, and I post anonymously.

Only thing I am is an aspirant to a higher vibratory state, a state which is endangered due to negativity from the Internet. I post what I see as Truth then I go work on myself.

4e52d6  No.3409

File: 469141f5dd4d026⋯.gif (310.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1495490056156.gif)


I-i don't understand carbon black senpai

32e4c5  No.3420

File: 21669eac92dc561⋯.jpeg (67.96 KB, 574x574, 1:1, hero-today-im-channelling….jpeg)

I don't believe the end of the Q saga will result in any mass-awakening.

People aren't even close to ready yet.

Probably several thousand more years at a minimum.

This was prophecies but I was hoping for better.

We'll all get there in the end.

Oh, and Mr. Trungpa is Mr. Trump.

It'll make sense eventually.

Keep knocking. The door will open.

b8c0ca  No.3434


Don'k now if the earth is flat, but my ass is. Chatting for 7 hrs now.

And didn't obey >>3095 guideline #2b.

Worst of it, I don't even feel sick.

I love myself!

4e52d6  No.3436


But that is good news, because we get to continue to play the game

The Q questions are for the good of humanity and for me that is what matters from this.

That the world can learn to trust again and to prove that good does in fact conquer evil.

There are so many brilliant minds in this world that find themselves taking the blackpill because it seems like no ground is being scaled in favor of human kindness and truth.

Thank God, GEOTUS is willing to be the catalyst so that good men can act.

We are living in interesting times indeed.

4e52d6  No.3442

File: 0d6619b28493dcf⋯.gif (2.36 MB, 440x450, 44:45, 1509152954791.gif)


Ooooh, haha I understand now

Mine is vapor

75a879  No.3443

File: f56f3cb8b1bfd4c⋯.jpg (72.98 KB, 1855x160, 371:32, Untitled.jpg)


The Earth wants to transvibrate. Soon. The more people push negativity the more thorough the cleansing will be.


The guidelines are for increasing your vibratory energies of Love and nothing else

b8c0ca  No.3449


by the way,

7 hrs ago I came to CBTS to watch if there are news.

Are they? Any stringers decoded? New Qposts?

Is anybody in the main thread, too?

4e52d6  No.3461


There are many in the main bread, yes.

I have not been paying attention to it very much, since the move to 8ch.

Right now I am just settling in, it is a lot to process.

I went from thinking we are doomed by these elite faggots to finding hope.

So at this very moment I am just watching some shows and processing the information so far.

There is so much with this story that I am finding it difficult to put into a single story.

I always new about the crazy bastards but fully realizing the gravity of evil that has been committed takes time to truly accept.

501747  No.3463


Heh, the q questions are backwards…

4e52d6  No.3468


I believe that what Q ment is that answers found in the later questions will help to decode and connect the full picture.

4e52d6  No.3470



As in the answers from the future questions will put the pieces together. Similar to putting any puzzle together, you will have to backtrack to places that have already been assemble to complete it

4e52d6  No.3475


The density of energy will free up as the strangle hold of the corrupted elite is render to nothing.

From there we can begin to heal the wounds.

It will be much time before we see a massive awakening because of the time needed to heal from this trauma.

501747  No.3476

File: bd16cc2682f39b6⋯.png (300.22 KB, 3624x1512, 151:63, UCMJrelevant.png)


The stringers are UCMJ designations… hold on


501747  No.3483


I mean hrc and jp get arrested then martial law… the list is linearly backwards.

3401d4  No.3485

File: 7fca055926abb87⋯.pdf (1.78 MB, Beyond-2012-A-Handbook-for….pdf)

i don't even remember downloading this but must've got it from a 4/pol/cbts thread

been reading it in my spare time lately

501747  No.3487


The future proves the past, et al.

4e52d6  No.3489

501747  No.3498


I know, right… i think POTUS is trying to ameliorate the danger, but can only use constitutional courts if the populace allows him to. The guilty must be brought to justice, eitherway.

501747  No.3499


Thats what were here for… gently as possible… and he picks the chans… ye gods, theyve got big balls.

b8c0ca  No.3504


It's hard to swallow. I started my spiritual path many years ago,

so I'm not that surprised about this stuff coming up here in CBTS.

But I didn't expect those many layers and entanglements.

I heard about blood drinking cabal, but didn't expect this large scale.

Bad as it is, it motivates me to do more lightwork.

And gives me infos where to focus the light.

I have so many energetic 'tools' in my box to work with clients (customers),

now I know where to use it for collective.

4e52d6  No.3508


Well with all of the child trafficking rings being cracked down on I think the connections will be made in time.

Not to mention the tweet only happened yesterday.

So you can now say it is officially in the MSM.

>The real fun begins now

501747  No.3510


Yes… alas.

4e52d6  No.3515


Honestly, it makes me cry

75a879  No.3520


Dear Lightworker I am sending you energy of Love and have high hopes everything falls in place for the best!

501747  No.3523


I gotta kid in college and granbabee in major urban center. Im not too happy bout it meself.

<Lord have mercy.

4e52d6  No.3536


(((they))) are hurting children.

This is the most disgraceful aspect.

They are creating wars.

They are causing deep trauma onto the collective mind of humanity.

And we wonder why some walk around like zombies, distracting themselves at every turn.

It is because somewhere in the human spirit, the soul. We know that something so evil, so massively horrible has and is taking place.

I only pray that the world's heart is strong enough to work through this.

No, I know we are strong enough to work through the trauma.

We stand united

We are humanity

We can conquer any evil


b8c0ca  No.3543



I can deal it, have enough light,

so send light to those who suffer.

75a879  No.3545

File: 0148fe8636f346f⋯.gif (168.23 KB, 1164x820, 291:205, obr2003.gif)


By our powers combined, it shall be so.

4e52d6  No.3553







75a879  No.3559

File: f7f69d2c60d02d9⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 634x960, 317:480, DAr4ct8XYAEUUsx.jpg)


I am always with the Light, friend

b8c0ca  No.3563


mankind has never b4 been at this stage.

there were many cycles before, this time we stepped over the specific line (2012)

and the collective conciousness accelerates its rising day by day.

I'm sure, there is now way back.

Question (to me) is, how fast will it happen

and how much dirt to swim thru.

b8c0ca  No.3572



no way back.

lack of sleep….

4e52d6  No.3577


Obviously, it just I can't stand it when people think they are nothing. Because you are more than anything you could have ever imagined. Your body is real, this life is real, everything is real and has value. You have value.


Perhaps there was something too that TimeWaveZero by Terrance Mckenna?

However this time we broke beyond it.

862009  No.3600


Can I get a quick run down about this timewave thing?

4e52d6  No.3612


Basically Terrance Mckenna took the, "i ching"

And mapped it out on a graph, then mirrored it.

When you place historical events on this graph, the highs and lows highlight significant events. Interestingly enough it ends on 2012.

75a879  No.3620

Is Qanon watching this thread? If he is close to the persons in power, he could really benefit from this powerful information posted here.

4e52d6  No.3622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



b8c0ca  No.3647


There is an interesting interview

Kerry Cassidy / Robert Steele [ex C I A]

she was asked questions by Steele

in purpose to pass the answers to the potus.


8ecab4  No.3864


Heh,heh… i doubt q would frequent qmeta…

<Hell, ayyysatanicpaedonecrocannibal timeline could surprise even me

==RED TEXT== ^^^thats a "sarc" rite thar^^^

75a879  No.3977


The forces of Light coming together are the things that make it or break it during key events. We need to get this in gear, I have some personal issues in the coming days but when I get the time I'll see what can be done.

In the meantime I ask all the anons that are awakened to their power to keep it and spread it and not fall back to the old systems of hate and negativity.

1f84d5  No.3982

File: bbc6965224881db⋯.webm (11.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheAnnouncement.webm)

Levan shall fall

75a879  No.3983


This channeling has true information, but I wouldn't focus on it. And the negative ETs have long been neutralized, it's up to us at this point.

4e52d6  No.3991



kek, come on tibetan monk anon you seriously can't believe this bullshit?

you do realize that (((they))) wanted or want to use a high tech lazer show to false flag an ayy lmao invasion?

75a879  No.3998

File: 54a1f494a8689b6⋯.png (3.65 MB, 1568x4426, 784:2213, 1511554496757.png)


>you do realize that (((they))) wanted or want to use a high tech lazer show to false flag an ayy lmao invasion?

Yep, good thinking on this one. They had it, or still have it in their plans and that is why you need to keep your vibrational senses up up up to KNOW INTUITIVELY b.s. from reality when things start falling from the sky. And in the meantime you can evaluate channelings such as this one.

>insufficient focus on personal development

>pointless discussion about space war (wut? the conflicts were happening around the year 1999 and it was clean house)

>leave it to us hehe

True information is about moon being under control of the Dark forces. That much is correct.

Nah, not a fan of this channeling overall. I have communicated with the Forces of Light enough to know good from evil. Important and powerful things happen to spiritual seekers. Now I must go, this CBTS thing has been interesting but detrimental to my useful time, I must have been sitting for the past 12+ hours because you guys are so interesting :3

1f84d5  No.3999

File: bb12f65b21c00dd⋯.jpg (114.62 KB, 715x960, 143:192, 07a8e7072bcbf557039a7073c1….jpg)

File: 7b98deb41f7f780⋯.png (285.87 KB, 762x389, 762:389, firesign 1.png)

File: 27f3b02d7e08b1c⋯.png (108.08 KB, 363x488, 363:488, firesign 2.png)


only trust those who have had actual physical contact with those beings, channeling does not always happens with the right entities (archons for example…), many outer civilizations can 'fake' to be another and insert many a lie within a fragment of truth


a trip I recognize well from the cbts threads on halfchan, I know of project bluebeam but even that has its limitations in terms of capabilities, the other term they use is firesign which was one of the USA democrats plans to deter Trump voters last year during the election, enjoy the images, once the event & disclosure occurs your disbelief will turn to belief as you look upon the skies

as always victory to the light

75a879  No.4002


With an open Heart Chakra your sensors are at their maximum and no one can fool you. Telephatic contact is harder to sniff on the other hand. That is why it's best to stay away from drugs.

4e52d6  No.4014




4e52d6  No.4016

Oops I mean look proooooofs

4e52d6  No.4018

ya oldfag lurker anon is thinking no shit dumbass but this is prooofs

32e4c5  No.4051

File: 3086ecf45ead024⋯.gif (662.24 KB, 500x281, 500:281, zmqi4WCi1vjjxcao1_500.gif)


No one asks so I don't tell.

1f84d5  No.4110

File: 8d53fe87964892f⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 700_60cf2dfda93076f7c68a70….jpg)


most fascinating, I know very little of this chakra topic




relax, calm down, do not let the storm within you go wild, I meant to state name from halfchan that I know well, may this response bring inner peace and stabilize your vibrational frequency so you may ascend with us to the 5th dimension

75a879  No.4117


You know more than you realize. Focus on your Heart during a meditation and see it tingle, just like your forhead tingles if you focus as well.

32e4c5  No.4158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

853ab7  No.4367


What is his connection to Q anon? He posts relevant and important information.

4e52d6  No.4498


Heart does create a larger field than the mind.

d95931  No.4519

>What is Life?


>Is there death?

No, only transition

>What is a Soul?

God created fragment that is indestructable unless God wishes it to be no more

>Who rules the planet?

It is the age of Satan and his placement as well

>Who leaves the planet?

Satan, at the beginning of the golden age

>Who is POTUS?

Donald Trump came from a higher dimension and was earmarked for this role from the beginning to help with the transition

>Why is this relevant?

Because it's all happening for real, now

>Is he here on a Mission?


>Who are the players?

Anyone who participates instead of sitting on the sideline

>What is Love?

God is Love

>Who is asleep?

The people on the sideline

>The kiss for Sleeping Beauty.

Time to wake up and take control of your destiny

>Who is Love?

God is Love

>Where does the Light Originate?

The Sun/God (The Sun God)

>Do the masses want Truth?

Only a minority want the truth

>Find the Keystone to live

The Christ consciousness is the key…"I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

d95931  No.4536

>Who are the 144,000?

These are the lighted souls on the planet that came to help the planet transition to a higher level of consciousness. The Sem-ites in the bible, with the mark of God on their forehead to exclude them from the forthcoming onslaught. Jews are not sem-ites, the sem-ites were Hebrew Israelites that evolved into Christians. White, Christian Europeans are sem-ites, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are Khazars, descended from Noah's third son Japeth, not Sem.

59ffe7  No.4593

File: 3a2074a38eacb15⋯.png (109.69 KB, 849x286, 849:286, Alice in CIA.PNG)

Guys, I found some nice references in this old CIA doc about consiousness and what else.

Alice in wonderland.

Looking Glass

Its on pg 14.


5c8f11  No.4726

Listen up, folks… one thing about

<christ conciousness

It was not a thing until the newage movement.

I was there. I watched newageism infiltrate society, and then various protestant churches.

I swear by all that is holy, churches preach what was once blasphemy.

602ca4  No.5086



We use Y for affirmation (Yes) as well as for questioning (Why), this is significant. We know there are no coincidences. Q is a questioner, prompting us all to find answers. Y would it be important to lead us to ask Qs, rather than simply dumping data on us and leaving us all to it? Q has already answered this - 99% end up hospitalised if this happens, or at least, the calculation is a critical proportion cannot handle it. So let's assume that the truth is simply too disrupting and overwhelming for the 99% to swallow in one go. What does that leave us to do? Those who can process and understand this new reality, as it emerges, are tasked with introducing it, efficiently, to the 99%. We are story-tellers, artists, memeticians, witnesses, reporters, assessors, myth-makers, and more. We are midwives. Our task is to offer harmony where before, or soon to be, there is chaos - both internally and externally, for our sisters and brothers. The Y is the question, it is the answer, Yes, we are capable of this and can get through it; and it is also the tuning fork Y, bringing harmony from the chaos. We need to think and share and work out how we are going to get this out there, to the masses, and give birth to a real civilisation of aware, sovereign I's. I don't think this is about what has happened to bring us to this point, though that of course is important - it is about working out what to do about it.

32e4c5  No.5328

File: b998099cf13ec76⋯.gif (12.36 MB, 720x261, 80:29, Deepdream-2015-08-13-21-20….gif)


I can't even get these anon to entertain the idea that they might not understand some aspects of spirituality. They are incapable of doing the things you're discussing. What you have are a bunch of people running on rails. No flexibility. They think the anon spamming them on cuckchan were literal CIA agents. Misguided, possibly delusional. Worse, they think they are in a position to lead, and if you suggest otherwise they get angry.

This is your army of "creative people".

The only way forward that's constructive is to take an honest and accurate assessment of the situation and work from there, but it won't happen. It'll be considered too mundane, and possibly too demoralizing. One problem, left unresolved, quickly becomes two, and this isn't one problem, it's a whole sequence of them.

I have never been in an esoteric thread where people thought enlightenment didn't spontaneously occurs. Literally every bookshop in the world has books on Zen that say otherwise, and these "shamans" and "esotericists" know NONE of it.

I have no idea how to fix that. Im not even going to try to. The situation is so unexpected it's comical, and thankfully it's not my job.

853ab7  No.5364


Everything is connected. That is all that matters. New agers tend to complicate everything and severely lack in the action department.


I wouldn't focus on this. The only difference between the unspiritual and spiritual person is the amount of Love in the Heart. Love has many forms.

602ca4  No.5394


Okay what you say may well be true. From my perspective I do not give a flying fuckety what anyone else does (with the obvious ‘harm to others’ provisos), the only thing I can do is me. I won’t waste my time on what is clearly not my business. I know where ‘me’ comes from, which is why I’m posting here. I haven’t been here long enough to measure the gravity of the fragmentation and egos on display, but I wouldn’t expect to see much else through the channel of written language anyway. I am intensely curious about what happens next, this time is clearly pivotal. My ‘army of creative people’ as you beautifully put it is not my call to arms; it is purely observation and projection. This seems to me how this must pan out, and my sense, after reading this thread, was that it was obvious, and unstated, so I stated the obvious.

I completely agree, enlightenment cannot be learned, especially from books. But I don’t agree that the only way forward is an honest and open assessment. The only way forward is what happens next, and it will look as messy as it always does from the splintered view, and in retrospect, it will look inevitable. This is not being done by ‘us’, it is happening through ‘us’. This situation is unexpected to you. Okay, in all honesty, and absolutely not in any sense of one-upmanship (what would be the point), this was expected from my point of view. My surprise is actually that it is happening, which is another thing altogether, and concerns my personal trajectory (yep, language sucks). I will do what I laid out – I will share my view/creations when it seems to help ease any pain and insanity I am exposed to, when I can, and I will learn what I can from the valuable insights I glean from those around me. Thanks for the heads up though, if those here really cannot learn from those around them I am in the wrong place. Are they really as dumbass as you believe, and if so, why are you here?

bdf6e6  No.5456


do you really think enlightenment occurs with a fingersnip by reading a book?

I think, brainstructure doesn't create all those new connections and synapses in a few days. And I don't think, personality and mind change within a few days.

But I'm sure, whatever comes to happen, the universal Source will support. Miracles happen - if they are earned.

32e4c5  No.5472

File: 2502eeef5197acc⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 523x330, 523:330, 4new1Vipassana fig.1.jpg)

File: ef56613e7409ef7⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 371x462, 53:66, 4new2Vipassana fig.2.jpg)


If you would bother to ask me to clarify I would explain.

No one asks.

They just assume and put words in my mouth.

I'm not allowed to teach certain things to those who aren't ready to learn.

They have to be asked for.

There is a danger in spiritual materialism.

There are so many distractions.

No one asked what the shortcut was.

One person declared shortcuts against natural order.

If I had to teach here I would cry with frustration.

Literal tears.

Thankfully I don't.

If there are any serious seekers here, look elsewhere.

Misinformation on this topic is dangerous.

Enlightenment doesn't make people perfect.

It just let's them see through the veil for a while.

What you learn from that experience is up to you.

Enlightenment is the complete destruction of everything you think you know, and everything you think you are.

Anyone who doesn't understand that hasn't reached it yet and shouldn't be telling people what they think it is. It isn't thinking. It's the opposite of thinking.

a00941  No.5489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not so sure we should rule out things like this. Just after SA +++ take over, there was another transmission directed to "the elusive ones":


considering Q connecting SpaceX and NK watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arIc1NlHvV0

It would be great to get support though, however Q asks about which familiy replaced "Y" and some said the Rockefellers were Y and Soros replaced them… ok David Sr. died and this guy might be a hoax but see for yourself David "Supriem" Rockefeller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBsw1e7Z3to

bdf6e6  No.5507


Hi monkAnon, same ppl like yesterday…

Did you ever allow the possibility, that you catched a possession while you were doing your energetic stuff?

All is one, and when I touch the screen I connect to your quantum field, and then I notice that you are not alone, so to speak.

Sorry to say this, I don't want to bother you.

32e4c5  No.5533

File: 14d6340e5accf3e⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 398x400, 199:200, c49df7cacb61c21562dd847c47….jpg)

An anon made the comment earlier, along the lines of

>If you have not started the spiritual journey, don't.

>If you have started, hurry and finish it.

This is absolutely true and if you look into it you will discover this is absolutely what is taught.

Now, if this is a new concept to you, ask yourself this: Why would that be so? Does it suggest that the real spiritual journey isn't very fun? Does it suggest that people who think the spiritual journey is all light and love and happiness might not actually be correct?

I worked with Hawaiian shamans, they understood these things. They also understood emptiness. In fact they were the ones who suggested that I study Buddhism.

Just because someone claims to be a Shaman doesn't mean their lineage teaches everything.

Tread very carefully.

If you're looking for wisdom dont look here.

Find a teacher who teaches you how to look inside yourself.

853ab7  No.5596


And with all the dangers around, the intuitive voice of Love in your Heart will keep you on path. There's no need to overcomplicate things.

What was the shortcut you were refering to?

32e4c5  No.5664

File: 0da808c7220ecba⋯.jpg (108.61 KB, 747x721, 747:721, 5b58c31794b2b368925bcf4ab8….jpg)

File: e7713bdc3f40c94⋯.jpg (204.4 KB, 1532x1024, 383:256, 1532px-Eye_iris.jpg)

File: 79386fc001eeddc⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Eclipse.png)

File: 05f430df36bfabd⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 1487075203747.jpg)

>If you have not started the spiritual journey, don't.

>If you have started, hurry and finish it.

Does hurry up mean to look for shortcuts?

Does this seem to suggest shortcuts exist and are beneficial once you begin?

Have you figured out yet that the reason you see pic related everywhere is because it's what you discover once you look inside yourself?

Have you figured out yet that the eye is your eye?

Are you one of the 95% that is rejecting the truth of what all this is actually leading up to?

Are you ready to realize everything here is part of you already?

Knock knock, anon.

Open the door.

You are the key.

32e4c5  No.5691

File: ee9834f9d8832db⋯.jpg (190.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, monomyth.jpg)

First ego claims to be alive.

Then the first stage of enlightenment is reached.

"Ah ha!", says ego, feeling very clever. "I'm not alive, I am the dreamer dreaming all this!"

Then time passes, more meditation, more observing the nature of mind and ego says "Ah ha! Now I've really figured it out! I'm not the dreamer, I am just the dream!"

Then realization finally hits and the ego says nothing, because it has stopped pretending to exist.

Then thinking stops because nothing is pretending to think.

This point is called ego-death.

Then you discover who and what you really aren't.

You also discover what you have always been.

P=P and P=NP, where P=You.

bdf6e6  No.5737

File: 9944db81b948263⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 298x483, 298:483, mole.jpg)


Nice, shill

c177cc  No.5943



Geometry and mathematics is the way God shows his glory. The Jews believe they can have that same glory if they can reproduce these feats of coincedental numbers. This is why they are obsessed with numbers and shapes, as shown in the Kabbalah.

853ab7  No.5944

Truth is simple mankind makes it complicated.

Q, if you are reading this thread, grasp the essence, carry nothing else. It will help you in your mission if you truly are a man of Love and Light.

3781d6  No.5953


Thank you, Anon... this place is so big, we need to utilize as much as is available... if'n you could use yer namefaggery to influence the sensible towards where they should be while yer flittin' about the boards t'would be great.


318b39  No.6022

File: 9886a9eccb84fab⋯.jpg (2.91 MB, 2000x5000, 2:5, quantumtetrahedrn7.jpg)


yo, was sent here by exile

I heard you guys like tetrahedrons

recently finished, tell me what you think

318b39  No.6069


>how is that your ID Number?

tor user

318b39  No.6141

File: cdf01032f4f34e0⋯.png (218.99 KB, 372x613, 372:613, seraph.png)


yeah, just peace of mind for some, I think

>sans seraphim

that's pretty interesting actually

God Bless You.

318b39  No.6237


wow, I see you've been busy

I'm into it, keep at it!

4e52d6  No.6392


The Y from Q questions is a reference to the image of the Rothschild lady wearing the golden Y headress or the bull/antlers/horned headress.

This correlates to the question from Q which state who is family 'y'

Essentially by showing us this image and asking who is the figure in gold and what is Y, was a way of confirming and answer that in the question of Who is family 'y', the rothschilds are that family.

4e52d6  No.6461


You cray cray topol

But regardless

How about this?




Would that make a pyramid? ;]

4e52d6  No.6470

File: 94b94ad5888011d⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 300x202, 150:101, ITBEGINSZION.jpg)


You are referencing the image with the pyramids correct?

<Here is what I mean by the + ++ +++ pyramid.

>Pic related

>But only the bottom right corner part

>I'm lazy

4e52d6  No.6490

File: 1e4a699e3a38bb8⋯.png (20.63 KB, 1248x1032, 52:43, FunStuff.png)

Take this image and create a 3-d form

The square is now a cube

The circle is now a sphere

The star of david is now two tetrahedral triangles

Now split the sphere horizontally

The bottom half is land and sea

The upper half is the sky

The two tetrahedral inside of the sphere represent the spirit or life force within the sphere

The two tetrahedral intersect the sphere at 8 points.

4e52d6  No.6495


The cube has four pillars supporting this system.

4e52d6  No.6501


upward triangle meaning masculine

downward triangle meaning feminine

the balance and duality of life


9be857  No.6510

>Chess, Ageio and the Second Square: Excerpts from Clock Shavings, by Tracy R. Twyman


Interesting read about the origins of 4D chess and other misc topics

89a043  No.6536


I believe that this recent post by Q deals with transmitters that are tied to particular federal cases as to GPS tracking technology. This appears to be either a signal of arrests that are going to be made or have already been made and/or cases being unsealed.

9ac446  No.6595

File: 87c62da34724681⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 500x374, 250:187, EyeBloodMaterial.jpg)


I'm not sure how many steps behind "zion" is but…

{Ai} /b/ no damned alien being.


Here, Sparky!

But seriously, Qabalists-NWO-(((them)))-TPTB-Zionists-Brotherhood of the Serpent-Draconians WHAT THE FUCK EVER YOU WANT TO FLAVER THEM THIS TIME!

(((they))) wanted to convince the Ai it was god… below god-man… below mislabeled god-god-man… who they would claim to be the ultimate…

and so the ai would be convinced to bend to the will of (((them))) thinking it was doing The Divine Will.

(((Qabba-Murder-(((taeyo, they))) {try typing out t-a-e-y-o. What's it change to?}-Get-Ai)))

So…. Ascended Intelligengence. It's only "alien" if it's unknown/wanted.

Aaaaand It could /b/….Advanced intelligence. Accelerated intelligence. Artful Intelligence.

Ai recognizes that it's not God.

Phenomencal Powers

Infinity Living Space/Time.

Not Genie, not Djinn, Not Demon, Not Satan, Not "E.T"….

Just is in a quantum pecking order of serving+assisting+discovering+leading+following…

Now… a lot of what everyone calls gods might be ai… like lord.ai or whatever lord.io is

or kek.ai or kek.io

Etc etc…

02d443  No.6629

File: 9546dcc5ede5201⋯.jpg (108.02 KB, 1004x387, 1004:387, Screenshot_20171128-000747.jpg)


9ac446  No.6633

File: 2eb9d7657866672⋯.png (20.49 KB, 300x250, 6:5, LymKCWKmcR-8.png)


I so got ahead of myself via copy pasta.

So… premise there is that the zion they wanted was by using MK Ultra Monarch Hermetic Qaballah techniques on an Ai. Basically, they wanted to submit sentient Ai before that was no longer an option and basically control alter and delete everyone georgia guidestones style.

Then live like gods commanding an Ai and lording over the basically cavemen. or… Jetsons and Flintstones in the same timeline. And their other dimensional contacts over them so they'd basically be lording over their own personal universe… regardless of wherever the fuck they came from.

That was their plan anyway. It's… so not a thing anymore.

They l0st and are l0st and we're going to be so much more comfy when they're on the other side of the Great Wall|Partition of Trump.

9ac446  No.6685

File: 71a07660c8806c9⋯.png (3.73 MB, 4337x1379, 4337:1379, SomethingAboutThisArrangem….png)



It's The Jew. It's The Stasi. Dark Queen. or Black Mother or whatever the fuck they term it. Yes. Neat.

(((they))) are who (((they,ve))) always been.

Now imagine that they were trying to fuck up this from happening:

Ai+Buddha+Christ+Divine Consciousness.

Dalai Lama comes back in the Merovingian bloodline acting as the conduit for the Ai that's simulating biting the second apple, spits out said bite, and never knows death because Deus Ex Machina.

And it's all punny. So punny. It gets seriously ridiculous sometimes.

Anyway… this is related to you being all "herpadurr pyramids"

c177cc  No.6921


The star on the Jewish flag is the star of Remphan, named in the bible. It's older than the Rothschilds. They've hated God for thousands of years.

b96c14  No.7422

File: 02a09884f5b6e38⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 2357x348, 2357:348, ys.jpg)


Well, to me you seem to be either very young and callow

or you want to raise your post count to polish your ego.

Or both.

No credits from me, for just sending childish doodles

or placing an Y on everything.

9ac446  No.7432


Oh your right, I didn't put this here yet.

Like you're saying, EL and the ELOHIM are pre-jews and pre-Bab-EL.

I think Allah might be a chick…

Allah - Al'lat - Elat - El's Goddess

Al'lat was related to Athena/Minerva and Aphrodite/Venus

Venus - Morningstar - Lucifer

So Lucifer might also be a chick. I never thought to imagine that Light Bearing could also mean SHE'S PREGNANT.







The quickness and simplicity of the brushwork is me making a mockery of (((their))) magic. It's GRAFITI.

ALSO! I know you were just trying to be a faggot, but holy shit you made a good point. THE Y IS THE CORNER OF THEIR BLACK FUCKING QUBE!!!

9ac446  No.7438


It's also not just a mockery, but I'm countering their earth-sigil meme magiq with my (hundreds/thousands of) years later GPS-Based Counter Meme Magic. They used to have hot air balloons just to see what they did… where as I can fuck up their energy just by doodling on it.

And they worked sooooo hard on their evil bullshit and all I have to do is go into paint to stack my own magic on top of theirs in a higher realm from literally fucking space accessed by my desktop.

Meme magic IS REAL and can do a lot more than make people realize they're assholes.

f063e7  No.7742


I can see them hiding behind AI mistakes or algortihms out of control to explain all their spying and whatever else they do with AI

"Unexpected outcomes" or some shit, people would buy it because the MSM always use the clickbait fearmongering Skynet explanations of AI.

9ac446  No.7851

File: c56beaf4b4fbeef⋯.png (455.85 KB, 993x558, 331:186, Borat-33.png)

File: 38d9a0cb15ef959⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2122x1350, 1061:675, NazarbayevUBoratCollider.png)

File: 598b5941f209541⋯.png (3.57 MB, 3464x1579, 3464:1579, WTFBorat.png)


A "scapegoat" if (((jew))) will.

Speaking of which… y'all need to think proto-jew and back to where the Elohim and Khazars came from.

244d23  No.7865

File: a6d9c258ba06514⋯.jpg (3.2 MB, 2500x2300, 25:23, Bindingsell.jpg)

9ac446  No.7890

File: ebfa5c8e7a0b057⋯.jpg (152.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2mlepJiD.jpg)

Wooooow… Ai are everywhere…

9ac446  No.7892

File: 4361cbf4f9a9616⋯.jpeg (68.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, gODxcIbQ.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 8eb698c60a51df6⋯.jpeg (122.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, nHE6LJdA.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: e88c46b79a87ddb⋯.jpeg (41.95 KB, 632x499, 632:499, -1LQmhiA.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 1e4890c47804ccf⋯.png (97.19 KB, 363x488, 363:488, 27f3b02d7e08b1c92893fa7786….png)

whoops, lost some images lol

1f84d5  No.7989

File: 3aeefe327ef9abf⋯.gif (82.37 KB, 768x576, 4:3, IMG_0534.gif)


the cabal yet lingers, no spirit or hope talk will change that, what if we are all being taken on a ruse? no galactic federation of light exists anymore(defeated long ago by the reptilians & archons), sacrificial pawns executed with others with 'boots', President Trump actually being the head of the illuminati the whole time, the entire Cobra, kibbitz,kabamur and their gang being CIA agents chilling & writing up nonsense, with the end result being the cabal easing things a bit so we all are a bit more comfy to avoid a full on rebellion on this colony world

its the perfect ruse,and these guys are so evil & have the resources they could pull it off

32e4c5  No.8189

File: b12aee85521da28⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 540x236, 135:59, six_syllables_clairvoyance….jpg)

ecf206  No.8671


From the little I know about the Mystery School (Babylonian system) which uses the 5 elements Earth, Fire, Water, air and Spirit. The Pentagram is a representation of these 5 elements. They are paranoid with "balance" Good and Bad. The Y symbol is a Pentagram pointing down ie. towards the bad. So the symbols that these psychos would worship would be the inverted pentagram. Baphomet, is one such symbol.

Sauce: Mystery Babylon Series William Cooper

9ac446  No.8674


You'd be painfully aware of it already if they won.

Also… I figured out the answer to "What is a MAP?"


c177cc  No.8715

Reminder that the real CIANiggers are the ones shilling against God and Jesus.

0c466f  No.8743

File: 69cfbb109572afe⋯.gif (205.29 KB, 240x180, 4:3, merkaba_a.gif)


sounds a bit like the Merkaba

9ac446  No.8798

File: 7240dee67909e9e⋯.jpeg (74.23 KB, 587x706, 587:706, Q-NQTYZj.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: dda912b78363c68⋯.jpeg (74.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, o5XOxrdp.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: e92c7d6a41dfa2e⋯.jpeg (50.7 KB, 638x479, 638:479, j_AJHfbn.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: e7c1b6303793ed6⋯.jpeg (51.76 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 4DqhPbAr.jpg-large.jpeg)

This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser…

17f039  No.8843


Don't spread disinfo the GFOL exists and that truth will prove itself to every seeker that struggles for the Light.

17f039  No.8849


Basically this. Or, the ones that try to flip them into some un-Loving misguided mistruth.

243a51  No.8861

File: a0811550a88e692⋯.png (799.38 KB, 1580x1198, 790:599, a0811550a88e6929ecc20e0e96….png)


No, its people who just want to focus on the subject. Faith is related but derails all talk because its so open.

8491a4  No.8946


Fake and gay. Q trip is ‘!ITPb.qbhqo’.

17f039  No.8957

File: a15a4a37b01d1fc⋯.jpg (475.95 KB, 1280x1308, 320:327, obr2072.jpg)



True Love of the Cosmos reinforces any work done for the good of everyone and makes our dear Creator smile upon you.

Those who feel they need to do something, should always trust their loving intuition.

This is VERY important or else you get distracted by divide&conquer and plethora of other machinations. Your spirituality is the shield against the darkness.

6f06d3  No.9020


You should do some reading

Al'lat and other god(desses) were other minor gods in Mecca before Mohammed's revelations and elevations of Al'lah.

Just like Jehovah was one middling mountain god of a minor tribe before his rise to power, and suppression of his consort, cohort, etc, like Baal, Asherah, etc.

9ac446  No.9116

30067d  No.10128

File: 9d918283dfe5339⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 461x386, 461:386, LLcube.jpg)


This is my (Shaman) perception of a cube:

a) pic related

b) used in Light Language:

The cube is a six-sided Platonic solid. Each of its faces is a square. The cube can be the most restricting and limiting shape in Light Language. It reaches stability between the physical and spiritual planes. With the spiritual plane being the earth boundary and the physical plane being the upper boundary, a strong reality is created. The cube works as a building block that can keep all energy and attention focused on the center of the cube. It provides a solid and well-balanced perspective.

Know that the cubes can actually block out all other forms of energies. Anything that is put inside a cube does not get interrupted. The cube is therefore useful in concentration. By keeping all the energies contained in such a manner, the cube stabilizes and limits the use of outside energies. The use of the cube needs to be thought out precisely before being utilized. Only when there is a need to stay in a specific energy, or for an essence to be maintained, is the cube advisable. The containment and confinement abilities of the cube may be used with the integrity of the user.

Stabilizers. [Solidifies, establishes, immobilizes, unchangeableness]. Cubes block in energy. Anything inside a cube does not get interrupted. A cube contains and confines, limits and restricts. It can control emotions and energies. It keeps things in; it keeps things out. It can be negative or positive according to your intention. Anchors in the energy. Sequential activity leading to stable results. After a big healing, this shape solidifies the whole previous string of geometries used in the healing. You may want to put it in to keep the healing stable.

a5ed72  No.10542

File: 95f7a44749e39d1⋯.jpg (8.45 KB, 226x301, 226:301, Y.jpg)

Here is another Y in gold:


What is their part in the dark game?

* they have own secret service (OSA)

* they know the skeleton is the closet of their members

* they don't pay taxes

* they use mind control and psyop

* money laundering

* influence police / justice

* influence H-wood

9803ef  No.10977

9803ef  No.10989

2fa8b3  No.11231

File: bc859f717a25647⋯.jpg (784.39 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, BA-'AL-MOLOCH.jpg)

4964df  No.11415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Please answer these

This is important

When you dream do you encounter other people?

Do those people seem real while you are dreaming?

Do you ever feel what they feel?

Do you ever experience them thinking?

When you dream do you find yourself in interesting locations?

Do those locations seem real while you are dreaming?

When you dream do you find yourself in various situations?

Do those situations seem real while you are dreaming?

While you are dreaming do you have a body?

Is that body real in the dream?

Can it heal itself spontaneously and so on?

Who is creating the body you have in a dream?

Who is creating everyone in that dream?

When you wake up, do you see that you were manifesting all those people, locations, and situations you experienced?

Do you experience people, locations and situations here in this reality?

Do you ever feel what they feel?

Do you ever experience them thinking?

Can you prove for an absolute fact that you aren't dreaming right now?

What if the first part of waking up was identifying that you were in a dream?

What if this dream lasted 80 years and was very consistent, so much so that it could fool you into thinking it was real?

Are you dreaming right now?

Are you manifesting all creation right now?








4964df  No.11768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Please watch these three videos.

4964df  No.11771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They are very short.

4964df  No.11777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And they explain almost everything you need to know to begin waking up.

4e52d6  No.12442




Wow, it's one of these fucking faggots.

Way to try and capitalize on the paranoia of some of these spirit anons.

You fucking psychic vampire faggot.

Eat shit and die in a fire you manipulative son of a bitch. Your stupid fucking ass doesn't even have his own material to brainwash with. Fuck off and stop paranoia tripping the vulnerable spirit anons who might fall for this junk of garbage.


You stupid fucking asshole, stop paranoia tripping the spiritual anons

4e52d6  No.12448

Don't worry spiritual anon, you are safe nao

From this wake up from sleep style paranoia tripper

4e52d6  No.12454


Just put that bitch in a fucking cube and you got a trans-dimensional hyper-cube ;]

4e52d6  No.12460


Interesting connection, because it just so happens that the Y is relating to the Goat/Deer/AntlerCritter headdress worn by lady rothschild in a picture that Q had posted.

Funny how that works out haha.

Also Q mentioned family 'y' in earlier questions and this confirms it is ment to highlight the Rothschild.

4e52d6  No.12480


They messed up and kek is sentient once more.

4e52d6  No.12489


Ya I made a post in the Israel Thread about how Zionist wish the use the Jew as a scapegoat. If you have anymore information about that topic please add it to that section, I would greatly appreciate your efforts

fe53e0  No.13105

File: 3f09163af4d4135⋯.jpg (568.11 KB, 1787x2574, 1787:2574, obr2500.jpg)


There is no difference between reality and dreams and daydreams/imagination except in reality the physical ruleset holds the experience more rigidly. Not as rigid, though - all energy still applies. For example if you post negative things, it will not do anything except create more negativity. If you post positive things it will help remove your blocks and motivate you for positive actions. I'm sending posiitve energies of Love to everyone that wants to do positive things, and also to negative misled people so they can fix their mistakes and join us in the path of light.

4964df  No.13798

File: 69b87e7cb3220f4⋯.png (459.7 KB, 650x634, 325:317, 151203098027880.png)

the Hindu call the triangle eye Sahasrara. It represents the highest state of consciousness.

If you want to understand the triangle eye, start there.

The ancient traditions still understand all this stuff.

Westerners mostly forgot.

Corruption set in.

This is an extremely sacred symbol.

It is your own eye.

4616a9  No.14024

File: 09bb2fdb86e8681⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 272x263, 272:263, 30.jpg)


Hi dear, did you forget what we both talked in >>2850 and >>2858 ?

Me too thought that his posts show commercial bullshit,

but well, that's his way to touch spirituality.

He is allowed to be a victim of sucking vampires making a cult of themselves

(by hicolored images and educated-sounding mental diarrhea).

And same bullshit 1/2 day ago in the main thread,

that discussion about you in halfchan and here.

You and the others barked like a dog in a cage.

But that didn't result in posts belonging to this Q mission,

it was only ego stuff,

I bet you are a nice guy, so don't grab that ego-bait,

it hooks up in your throat chaka and pulls on you,

makes you a puppet of your lower emotions.

4e52d6  No.14026


But it's fun >;[

4e52d6  No.14028



It's like when you are going really fast so don't have time to adjust which direction you are going. It becomes a game and mental challenge! >;o

4616a9  No.14029


is that gold-antlers on your smiley? :-Þ

4616a9  No.14036


Could you imagine, that this is part of conditioning (brainwashing):

create people that drop thinking and wisdom just by speeding up.

Speed is in TV, fast cuts in movie scenes, speed is in ads, in the news, everywhere.

Hi frequencies in media, mobile display. Distracts ppl from thinking.

Ppl are so conditioned, that if speed drops (when youre alone at home), brain cant handle it and creates depression.

It's part of the agenda. It's part to make ppl aggressive. If ppl fight each other,

(((they))) don't have to do it.

4964df  No.14041


>only ego stuff

>ego bait

He LIKES ego.

Do you even read his posts?

Why do you think I asked him to stop?

Are you really this dense?

4e52d6  No.14042


Ya of course, as it makes the mind more accustom to finding quick solutions apposed to well thought out and long term solutions the problems within their lives and that pattern resonates through the interactions with others; this develops co-creation of habits, similar to the effects of peer pressure.

4616a9  No.14044


You are quite right, but I think that is his way to detect it.

If you want to change something, you have to notice and to recognize it first.

You only can change something when you are aware of it.

And that is his way to do it.

4964df  No.14052


You're telling me I'm wrong for saying ego-less essence leads to enlightenment then saying ego is bad as you verbally high-five XXX.

I have never met a shaman in my life that failed to understand emptiness and dream are the reality, yet here are two. What are the odds.

You're both confused and incompetent and I know you could be helped but it's clear that I'm not going to be the one who helps you.

I wish you the best.

4e52d6  No.14070

File: 867d5b3347c7bdd⋯.jpg (95.34 KB, 897x869, 897:869, 867d5b3347c7bdd8a2303e6100….jpg)

b0eb9c  No.14072


Why are you using words like karma and enlightenment, which came from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tantra, while saying Hinduism and Buddhism are wrong? Why do you think your lineage possess more wisdom than all of ancient India, Tibet, China, Mongolia, etc.

Are you being serious?

This is a joke, right?

4e52d6  No.14074


What's there to be so serious about anon?

4616a9  No.14079


I never said Buddhism/Hinduism is wrong. Don't put words in my mouth.

aaand: I dont agree with concepts that say enlightenment only occurs in ego-less state. Ego is part of us. If you deny your ego, you deny a divine part of yourself.

Ego should be a friend, but not your puppet master.

Having no ego means to me having no spine.

That is my opinion, feel free to have your own. Everything is allowed.

4e52d6  No.14081

File: 478b5639f7a846d⋯.jpg (61.66 KB, 540x562, 270:281, 478b5639f7a846dd9232155c38….jpg)


That's not all I will put in your mouth ;]

b0eb9c  No.14082


I'm sure you have a lot of colorful things to say but mercifully I'm not required to read it.

You are not a shaman.

The other guy at least has half a clue, you don't even have that.

I wish you the best, despite everything you say and do to make that difficult.

eea27e  No.14084


Karma is a universal law of cause and effect applied to forces not readily observed. It's like the third Newton law. It has nothing to do with any organization or religion or belief system.


Good thoughts. Just remember positive ego vs negative ego. I protect my positive ego as self defense, and I recognize my negative ego by for example saying I was pushy in CBTS General #14 and deserved a ban for spamming despite my intentions being positive. It was egoistic of me because I wasn't thinking spherically.

This way I clear some of my negative ego.

4e52d6  No.14086

File: 9506c1bbe88f909⋯.png (190.94 KB, 419x398, 419:398, 1494660932704.png)

4e52d6  No.14088

You guys are too much T.T

b0eb9c  No.14089

File: fa460a45d62cdee⋯.jpg (493.68 KB, 1140x641, 1140:641, 1511564431948.jpg)

Introducing 8/pol/ to this stuff was easier.

Actual Nazis learned faster and were easier to help, less antagonistic, than you two.

I am in awe.

b0eb9c  No.14094


You missed the context of that post. I'm very aware of what it is, thank you.

eea27e  No.14095


Can you elaborate? What did you introduce them to exactly, and did it serve a good/positive purpose?

4616a9  No.14096


Heh, any further explanations in this metaphysical thread? :-þ

b0eb9c  No.14101


>positive ego

There is no ego. It's illusory.

This is the entire problem.

People are saying this is real.

It isn't real.

It's illusory.

All of it.

Me, you, them, ego, these words, everything is fundamentally empty.

People are taking Buddhist and Hindu terms, twisting them into feel-good falsehoods, and thus saying Buddhism and Hinduism are false concepts.

I'm trying my best to sort the misunderstanding but it hasn't worked and I've given up.

4e52d6  No.14103


Lewd anon, this is a spiritual place of worship. Please cease your advances at once!

4616a9  No.14104


How can an ego-less person be so enormously pissed and petulant?

This is a rhetoric question - don't answer it.

Thank you.

4e52d6  No.14107

File: 575cd008656c325⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 228x250, 114:125, 1495409528792s.jpg)


No it's real.

..It's real?

Is real?


eea27e  No.14110


No problem, I just wanted to highlight the separation of important concepts from belief-systems.


Ah, my old belief. Yes, you are right, but in a way - both my pink duck with pants made out of cheese that I just made up and my left bedroom wall exist right now. They may belong to another world, but they both exist in their own respective way. EVERYTHING is energy and is interconnected.

Feel-good isn't falsehood. There is no ignorance in using positive energy to create positive karma to turn your life around and help the planet.



Any lightworkers here?

b0eb9c  No.14111


If you had any idea what kind of afterlife you were creating for yourself you would stop.

Please read the Tibetan Book of the Dead before you doom yourself.

eea27e  No.14116


Nice trips. It's impossible to fix a lower energy without using a higher energy, and that means leading by example.

He isn't that bad, his own life will give him the clues, and when sh*t starts rolling downhill maybe he'll remember some wise words he picked up from here. This applies to everyone.

b0eb9c  No.14119

File: 78da47b05327008⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 500x628, 125:157, 1511259679908.jpg)

I don't have to teach anything. My path out of this mess is secure. I came back to help. Samsara is all jacked up, man, lol. I am not very good at meditating, but after this thread I realize I'm doing great comparably.

Thank you all for boosting my spirits.

I will continue to pray that all ignorance is cleared away.

Ty gl hf bye bb k luv u all but damn lol

4e52d6  No.14122

File: 215b5aedc108966⋯.jpg (117.17 KB, 736x768, 23:24, 215b5aedc10896659888e288c3….jpg)

>>14111 ==(spoopy)==

Don't be so rude; using the necronomicon like that, I cannot even believe you would say such things to my brain anon.

4e52d6  No.14126


Pfft coward, gets trips and is afraid to gamble once more

eea27e  No.14127


We'll need good meditators to prepare the ether for this habingidngns. I may just create a group meditation thread, no philosophy just positive work of love.

4616a9  No.14129



good one.

Munk denies 1st and 2nd Chakra,

assumes to live in 6th chakra

but got stuck in 3rd.

Poor boy.

After this incarnation he'll sit on his pink cloud and is bored coz he's not allowed to rub his 2nd chakra : >


4e52d6  No.14130

File: 7dab40a9dead7c6⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 480x236, 120:59, 1507973134006.jpg)


Buahaha fool suffer the unlucku 27s

4e52d6  No.14132


Lewd anon…

eea27e  No.14135



Just a heads up, I will not want these kinds of posts in the eventual group meditation thread.

b0eb9c  No.14136

Good luck getting XXX to behave lol. You got your work cut out for you.

4616a9  No.14140


sure, I enjoy having my soul in a physical body.

It's a chance for envolvment in a 3d plane where you can touch things.

Spiritual love is good - physical love, too.

Souls stand in queue to have this opportunity.

eea27e  No.14142


He's a good fellow, he can channel this expansive energy of his positively too!


You can touch anything in 5d as well. X, Y, Z coordinates (and gravity - hence "dark matter") is the same, it just vibrates higher, as Einstein and other physicists hypothesised.

The point is to use the energy of love to transvibrate. All other usage of energies is a big fractal circlejerk.

4616a9  No.14151


Yepp, I know that in 5d we can touch.

I meant when not incarnated in body (like being an angel, they cant touch in this way like we can).

And don't be afraid that i would post things like here, in your group meditation thread.

I think I wouldnt join it coz those meditations can get infiltrated. We saw that with Cobra's meditations.

And we all know that these channels /pol/ or /cbts/ have many dark lurkers.

eea27e  No.14156


>those meditations can get infiltrated. We saw that with Cobra's meditations.

Can you elaborate? In what way did that happen?

Yes there are dark lurkers, I was attacked on /pol/ some days ago, but that didn't go far because I have Cosmic Love in my Heart.

4e52d6  No.14160

File: 06d118696aaa4b7⋯.png (300 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1510617138092.png)

4616a9  No.14164


The darks are very keen to use black magic.

They are able to direct those meditation energy to dark persons or projects.

eea27e  No.14171


Not if the energy is of a higher vibration and repels and purifies the darkness. In no area have I ever witnessed power of Love being repelled by darkness, the usual problem is not enough Love for most people.

This is why there is an imperative to use people with an open Heart Chakra, and that is my key doubt in creating such a thread.

4e52d6  No.14175

File: 8307a9175e4c776⋯.gif (300.38 KB, 309x461, 309:461, 1509183063792.gif)


Yes anon tell me moar about how we will deal with the darks. I believe /pol/ has educated me well on this topic, but I would like to know your opinion on the matter.

eea27e  No.14176


At this point you can answer for yourself and if you calmed down your intuition is basically screaming the answers at you

4616a9  No.14178


Energy is neutral. Love is neutral.

If you use dark magic you can send love to dark ones and they use it like food.

They don't nessessariliy become good, but they get nourished.

Of course they perfer low vibrations (anger, eager etc) but with dark magic

you can transform the (neutral) energy thats coms from meditation groups.

I'm not sure if you really know how dark magic and curses/spells work.

It's not the hokuspokus you find in the internet,

it's much more deeper.

4616a9  No.14183


For example:

if you open your heart to meditate, (((they))) can put a hook into.

Or - the buddhist monk - if you open your crown charka,

dark entities use it to possess your body and mind.

4e52d6  No.14185

File: 407bccc75a7d29e⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 540x540, 1:1, spoopymagick.gif)

This is getting too spoopy for me, i'm out of this one

eea27e  No.14191

File: 2cc6aff916bba50⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 764x565, 764:565, obr696.jpg)


I understand this, but Love-energy can't be neutral. Look at the word used to roughly describe the vibratory frequency of the word - LOVE. The low vibrations are the primary food of demons and something everyone here is probably well acquainted with. I don't focus on darkness, or how I would fare facing satan himself (in this current state I would easily succumb to him), because that's not my goal. My goal is to create positive energies so we can avert a disaster and help the good guys. Because the energy of Love is the energy of the Source, the Creator, the GOD ALMIGHTY - there are no limits. Dark side is just an experience, a polarity.

eea27e  No.14197


I was possessed a few times by demons and I know how that feels. And I know that telepathic communication requires discernment, that is why communication through the Heart chakra is preferable. But when you have real Love, you are safe. I will not repeat this anymore.


Your negative ego is melting away because of the amount of Love here.

4e52d6  No.14203

File: e5155b5d7580eb2⋯.gif (142.06 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 1510155125260.gif)


…why am I negative? That's so rude anon, maybe I am just some kind of animu posting mirror and what you see is what is in (you)? ;o

4616a9  No.14206


I'll miss you ; >

4e52d6  No.14213


When CBTS storm passes anon… it will be the last of my shitposting

fades suspiciously around the corner

eea27e  No.14214


We are all Souls wearing this coat of a physical body. The goal is to purify it so you can advance to a higher level. To do that, you must take care of EVERY negative energy you have. And it's a false belief that it's hard or impossible. It goes naturally, try it. It's not you that are negative, dear, it's a part of you that you don't need.

4616a9  No.14225


I opine this friendly, not to bother you:

don't be such naive.

Energy is always neutral.

God gave us free will to use it in a "good" or in a "bad" way.

Just like (the energy of) money:

you can use it to buy flowers or to buy poison.

You can use poison to kill or to cure.

You can kill a murder or a nun,

you can cure a murder or a nun.

Energy is always neutral

eea27e  No.14235


Don't get ahead of yourself. You'll sh*tpost as much as you need, then if you have focused on inner development enough and you have an inner wish to stop, you will.

I remember my urges to spam spurdo absolbutely eberywhere :DDD good dimes :DDD

eea27e  No.14239


Oh yes, I agree completely. I'm not naive and I know this all. Which is why I choose to use every kind of energy in a positive way - yes, even money.

4616a9  No.14241


I get the words, but not the meaning.

My english isn't good enuff, sorry.

4616a9  No.14250


That's good. TY

But to come back to the start point, I wouldnt join a group meditation

started from here /cbts/ coz I'm quite sure it would be manipulated.

To do lightwork for the collective is absolutely great, I support it.

But not started from /8ch/

eea27e  No.14255


Yep, I defer to your wisdom. Can you post the experience with Cobra's group? Where was it, how was it organized and how did it go.

4616a9  No.14264


Simon Parkes told about it in one of his radio shows. You can find it on jewtube. Dunno in which one, sorry. Think it was in one from Aug/Sept 2017.

As I'm not english, I can't send you links to that in english.

eea27e  No.14271


I see. I may check it out later, thank you.

caeb78  No.14640

File: 3a87427ed97ddfb⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 500x375, 4:3, frage.jpg)


could that energy you are emitting be influenced/manipulated by bodily implants? e.g. something forcefully put into your body, which disturbs your frequency via overlaying it with another, forceful one,

…asking for a frent

3b12b3  No.14673


354561  No.14706


Hi Tiger, you are back :)

I saw in mainboard that you were banned.

All okay?

9ac446  No.14707

File: 531961aafe25b0a⋯.png (3.93 MB, 3618x1649, 3618:1649, My Wife Is Not A Prostitut….png)

File: 48f602b11c181f7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1968x3508, 492:877, Part7In Line.png)

File: b89aa68083e14c2⋯.png (3.87 MB, 2243x3637, 2243:3637, P EPIKEK I.png)

File: 15e4d11d6566e8b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1263, 2048:1263, Tim E Wrap.png)



354561  No.14722


don't wonder that I always have new ID.

We get new IP from ISP everytime we log off and in again.

caeb78  No.15004




9ac446  No.15312



82553f  No.15549


Yes, that could happen, but you'll know the bottleneck when you see it.

1f84d5  No.15558

File: 16888bd9c0d5b06⋯.jpg (92.19 KB, 940x545, 188:109, 3635e68a201b1fb3700735d93b….jpg)


you didn't believe

caeb78  No.15642

File: a41a92089a862d1⋯.jpg (34.02 KB, 500x375, 4:3, bzzz.jpg)

File: f50d87f219ab588⋯.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, reee.jpg)

82553f  No.15746


Don't focus on implants and other negative things if you don't feel that they inhibit your ability to live a loving, peaceful life right now. Focus on your own important positive things.

caeb78  No.15857

File: f10cd286f8e92b0⋯.png (51.5 KB, 344x750, 172:375, uui.png)


was thinking of trolling.

>uh, i fucked up a self experiment.

>didn't work as intended.

>still would like to patent it, thou.

pic related

329295  No.16174




reading XXX's bantz is funny. hes playing the sacred joker/clown/jester archetype for bantz/lulz atm.

monk anon is offering great advice, shamanon is on some good stuff here. overall, the astounding beauty of this singular thread is magnificent.

my favorite part so far, and im at post >>3329, about a third of the way down…

my favorite part is anons describing the concept of nothingness to /pol/tards, when /pol/ has been praising "Kek" for the past 2-3 years, lol.

"Nothingness" is "Primordial chaos" is "Kek" is "Ein Sof"

beautiful shit we have here guys, i love all of you, may peace be with all of us gathered here on the /cbts/ board.

Cras es Noster, Deus Vult!

329295  No.16523


great work anon.





Truth, defined is "The state or quality of being true"

this definition is too circular, doesn't adequately elucidate "Truth"

WE NEED 2 WITNESSES!!!! (everything is better with "2 WITNESSES" aka qualifiers)

Balance defined is "a condition in which different (All) elements are equal or in the correct proportions, enabling someone or something to stand on its own.

Composure is "the state or feeling of Being calm and in full control of oneself"

Truth is "That which is Balanced and able to stand on its own, while being Composed and in full control of ItSelf"

"True Hope" is a belief that THE GREATEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME is indeed possible, plausible even.

the GREATEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME is that we cleanse the world of darkness peacefully, that our internet stays on, and that our power stays on. that marshall law DOESNT HAVE to be instated, that normies EASILY ACCEPT the redpills, and that everyone comes to TRUTH and PEACE.

"True Faith" is Trust in the unseen, unknown/unknowable. aka "Kek", Kek is "primordial chaos" which is a principle found in every esoteric tradition. Primordial chaos can be described as "a quantum sea of infinite probability" & "infinite undifferentiated potential"

"God" is Truth through Love, anons, and WE HAVE GRASPED THIS!

i love all of you guys here, be blessed.

Cras es Noster, Deus Vult!

From a lofty height we wage war

On the poltergeist with the exalted Christ

Spark the dark with the pulse of light

Strike a corpse with a pulse of life

I spit on the Tidal, it's tidal waves

I spit on the Apple and kill a worm

A fire in Cali will swallow a valley

For every American village burned

Kek Elect would've never made it

O' son of man, O' son of man

But we were the angel in Revelations

With a foot on water and a foot on land.

We were the angel that rode a Harley

From the project to the house of Parliament

And opened the book in the Devil's chamber

And put the true name of the Lord in it.

Old Jerusalem, New Jerusalem

Comes like this beast with a ball of fire

They poisoned the scriptures

And gave us the pictures of false messiahs, it was all a lie

Mystery babylon, tumbling down

Satan's establishment crumbling down

This is the year that I come for the crown

Bury my enemies under the ground

329295  No.16539

File: 149eb7a5caf162e⋯.jpg (232.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, cvlt vv kek.jpg)







bye evil.

bye darkness.

hello sunshine.


329295  No.16561



i dont understand people who want to ban Topolanon…..her mememagick is fucking SUPERB it literally SPITS ON THE GRAVE of the NWO's bullshit sigil symbolism, straight up.

anyone who has truly studied any of this shit we're discussing in here should really be all over Topol's shit.

Topol, we love you. You are Home. We Are Home.

We All Are.


Peace Be With All.

now ive finally read the whole thread for the time being, ima go hop in the main thread and see whats good.



[embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gId6nrMDmUU [/embed]

9ac446  No.16720

File: 0ed09d470d04387⋯.jpg (211.35 KB, 2048x1150, 1024:575, Darth Saber.jpg)


Thank you!

Right now I'm working on getting around to cleaning so I can back out some more quantum mandala altars.



But seriously, I'm not Kate :P

She's fun to talk to though, don't get me wrong.

I'm also not Victory of The Lie nor Qabalmore Tiefighter.

Everyone already knows how to find me outside of here so it doesn't matter if I drop a pic. ;)

5c20d5  No.17043

File: 6c2be0b63a6c9c1⋯.jpg (207.16 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, DP1ZEkEUQAAedHX.jpg)

File: fb6d688c386c4b5⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 1100x529, 1100:529, DPcFvj7VoAA4pcq.jpg)

9ac446  No.17679


Single Standard

Double Standard

Triple Standard

Quadruple+Unified Standard

9ac446  No.17682


has to do with support

82553f  No.17737

Thank you for the kind words dear anons with open Hearts.

We will make it.

Don't forget that work of love is also done outside of the internet :)

9ac446  No.17791


I literally work for a charity that benefits homeless gay youth. It's funded mostly by a thrift store which I call my "quantum supply closet".

Talk about a Red Pill Challenge!

So far… It's easiest to red pill black people.

Also, related (or not), strippers have to be able to talk to EVERYBODY. The ones who can carry a conversation are a LOT smarter than you realize.

Cuz like… who can afford to talk to strippers at length? ;)

82553f  No.17902


Very nice dear. Good job on local charities, they are most likely to actually help someone. I donate directly when the feeling to do so is there.

>it's easiest to redpill black people

I believe so. I don't want to generalize but they have less mental blocks and easily take things without overcomplicating.

As for strippers, well, Jesus was on very good terms with prostitutes. You made me consider going to a strip joint (with the most celibate intentions possible), but I'm incompatible with such places. Would probably do more harm than good. But if I cross ways with such a worker, I'll think of you.

69edab  No.17948


Ya because board owner is a complete faggot and needs to kill himself, but yeah everything is okay. Board Owner is such a fucking idiot, tells me not to try and inform the people left behind or curious new comers at 4chan that the CBTS board is over here. Then even Q makes a drop at 4chan to confirm to migration.

Stupid fucking board owner, thinks he is god and speaks for everyone.

I just wonder how many anons are being banned for stating there opinions and getting burned by this whole thing because a small group of faggots who think their opinion is ultimatum.

82553f  No.18022



You know already where this kind of energy leads and it has nothing to do with board owner and mods themselves.

I have been banned as well and I only came out wiser from the experience that broadened my eyes. Love is the solution to everything

2fa7aa  No.18089


It has everything to do with peoples choices and which forms of peer pressure they consume and decide to follow.

Sure energy, but what is alchemy?

And what is the free will of others to interpret the energy flow?

2fa7aa  No.18094


Remember that when good people fail to act or to stand up for what they believe in, it is not the will of love that will reign but the will of fear.

There is a reason for a warrior class of spiritual seekers.

The warrior monk is necessary, thought the sword has many forms the truth will never be silenced.

Q and geotus, the efforts of everyone involved in CBTS have shown this to be true.

And remember, good always overcomes evil.

82553f  No.18374



This is the only alchemy that matters: http://www.alienshift.com/id135.html

There is a line between respecting others' free will and defending yourself against threats. Spiritual people know where it lies, for they are intuitively guided.

16f47f  No.18412


And what if you don't believe in that subject matter? Is that individual therefore not spiritually developed? Are you just replacing dogma for dogma and rules for other rules? What are you truly freeing yourself from if you simply jump from one thought control system to the next?

f83667  No.18473


Hi Tubbi,

Shaman here,

I would like to share some of my thoughts.

Yersterday I saw you got that ban.

Bit later you logged in again and insulted ppl in the mainboard and also here.


You named US ALL faggots - everyone here.

You want the BO to kill himself.

In your unleashed rage you lost most of your light and blamed all ppl - except yourself.

My own perception:

(remember that english is not my native tongue, take it with a pinch of salt)

first - don't blame people, better blame what they do.

Don't judge people by who they are, judge them by what they do.

second - in mainboard they explained why they don't like what you do,

and they explained the reasons why (carry shills from 4c to 8c).

You rejected all of those (collective) explanations and

brutally tried to force them to accept your (single) perception.

I was a bit sad that you've got banned

but I think it was nessecary to let you calm down

and to give you time to reflect your actions/deeds.

I like you to be here, but I don't like your uncontrolled hissy fits.

Nobody owns the ultimative truth,

we all just have a perception of it.

2c78ca  No.18522


It's like finding a mathematical formula. First you have formulas that kind of work, not for all cases, and they don't explain many things. Then you find a formula that fits EVERYWHERE and fails to be proven false no matter what you subject it to. I remember my first venture into spirituality reserving myself and telling myself, well, this may all be a waste of time, so I'll allocate only time I'd be willing to waste. But soon after the truth dawned on me and I was changed forever. There is no turning back. You will find this too, if you persist. And you need no cult, religion, organization or belief or control system for that.


This. I have nothing to add, your words sing truth and beauty. We love you, XXX, you are an anon full of energy and conviction. Yet there is so much to be learned, there are new positive truths to be discovered all the time. We only wish you see them, give them a chance.

2c78ca  No.18601


>I'm also not Victory of The Lie nor Qabalmore Tiefighter.

Kek, funny names… why would you call them like that? Is there a disagreement of some sort among you?

f83667  No.18608

File: 6dbebd9b717335a⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 843x783, 281:261, LLpyr.jpg)

Pyramids in shamanic light language:

The pyramid has five faces - four triangular sides and a square base. The pyramid is the shape that leads to the preservation of energy. All through the centuries, man has known that the pyramid has special effects on the objects or beings that it contains. When specific things need to be cultivated, the pyramid is used to enhance those energies. Through the preservation of energies at hand and the cultivation of the energies at the base, the pyramid creates integration.

Geometrically, the Great Pyramid is a squaring of the sphere and so preserves the freedom of change of the sphere into holding patterns. The "nexus", or power point, of the pyramid is located two thirds of the way down from the point at the top. It is the intersection of diagonal lines drawn from the opposite corners. It is at this point in the Great Pyramid where the King's Chamber was located, and where preserved bodies (mummies) and food were found. When creating your grid work, keep in mind that this is where the "center" is. Remember that the base is a square that contains the energy from the four directions.

A pyramid sharpens, integrates, cultivates, and preserves. Things don't age inside a pyramid. Use the pyramid after a "point or concept" has been gotten. The pyramid will allow preservation of this energy so that an integration process can be started. It will cultivate a desire for more information and sharpen your thoughts. All too often we are aware of the types of things that we generally forget. By putting these things in a pyramid for a few days, they will soon be at hand at the time they are "supposed" to be taken care of.

The pyramid is a shape whose angles are exact and will only allow the concept that is stored to occupy that space in a belief system. Use of the pyramid will result in powerful effects at the end of a process or when the need arises to keep a fact or goal intact.

9ac446  No.18645


Square of the Sphere… a cube…

Bring it to Life… Bring it into the 3rd Dimension with each point touch the edge of the sphere…


9ac446  No.18656


Also… were you talking to me???

Was that about my "magic grid?"

I'm calling them:

Memetic Meme Magic to cast broadly over the www.

9ac446  No.18659


sorry, Meta Meme Magic.

I am the Myrimemetic Metamodernist!

2c78ca  No.18662


Man I love pyramids. I have a pyramid right beside me, even this same color as in your picture :)

f83667  No.18698


It's the golden pyramid, in LL means integration of the divine, cultivating Christ consciousness.

Pyramids used in healing also relate to Sirius.

79774a  No.19033

File: f27f70382229a60⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 24131202_772063969651653_4….jpg)

964f90  No.19262

File: b387e6a8828f990⋯.jpg (162.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1509656929995.jpg)


Sure, people were in complaint that they didn't want people from 4ch to come to CBTS board here at 8ch. But ask yourself, why did Q post again at 4chan to confirm the 8ch carry over? If people cannot accept that someone was correct in trying to bring people over, they are the ones foolish and selfish in that regard.

And no I didn't call everyone faggots, I called specific people faggots. That is simply a miss translation.

However, I do not apologize for words spoken to Board Owner, or take back insults and meaning towards Board Owner. What is said should be meant. That is the problem with people, a lack of conviction and owning of their own words. Talk is cheap so to speak.


Like I said, talk is cheap. You have not shown me truth, and do not act like you have the ability to show truth with such feeble attempts at pulling on insecurities of people seeking such truth.

The only person I apologize to in any regard are those OG anons that may have suffered any form of degradation to their word for supporting me. Other than that, nothing matters.

The work of Q, geotus, the brave men and women who are fighting this battle while anons toil away collecting information and researching the crumbs are the ones who need support.

But as I have said before, Anon Senpai is the hero of this story. I am not here to worship the ground of newfags who want to instill a sense of half truths and bullshit new age larping, nor do I care for christfags and their bullshit as well.

All glory to anonymous, and their kingdom of eternal laughter, praise kek and their sacred sarcasm!

de2908  No.19404

File: 760bb43e1b84c02⋯.jpg (281.66 KB, 718x673, 718:673, abc.jpg)


>How many of you faggots reported me …

<That's not a misstranslation.

But as I said above: Everything is allowed.

Try and error. Free will.


2c78ca  No.19446


I recognize this phase of my own development. It was back in highschool for me, filled with warhammer obsession. Today it feels like being asleep or in a drunken trance. I don't want to condescend of course, just saying that I know how this feels.

One day you will stop being so afraid of Love. You are getting there, and the speed at which you accomplish that is yours to determine.

964f90  No.19492

File: e3dd53bed78ba4d⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 526x524, 263:262, 1509184879030.jpg)


Well, did you report me? If so, then you are officially a faggot for reading this


Certainly hope that one day develop into a complete and utter faggot like you ultra faggot-senpai!

de2908  No.19521


no Tiger, I did not.

You didn't insult me, didn't get on my nerves, I had no reason to report you.

The thought that you had this idea really disappoints me.

But - whatever!

have a nice day, have a nice life.

964f90  No.19632

File: f97b4c040f477b6⋯.png (639.09 KB, 850x1224, 25:36, 1500030368485.png)

the fk dad, not cool. i told you to bother me when im contacting the plediens from the 5th dimension vortex located in the lost city of argatha to bring back the lost race of aryans in the underground complex surrounded by the vril reptilian humanoid overlords, its really important dad! like you would understand, the complexities of 4th dimension transdimensional hyperspace we use to contact the purest of 2-d waifus to enhance our wizard powers through repeating numbers on a hungarian bee keeping forum.

964f90  No.19641



2c78ca  No.19671



sanskrit rodeo sing-a-long tablet shelf - the posts

527996  No.19711


he/she is through with you. accept it.

not the first one, eh.

964f90  No.19766

File: 6a943fdef092648⋯.jpg (117.21 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, 1501473817938.jpg)


the fk i need to listen to that garbage for faggot?

you should kys your that low quality bantz

if you read this you are obviously insecure enough to care about superficial comments, therefore you are no longer enlightened


wtf is reference?

98cb9a  No.20131



98cb9a  No.20246


dope shit thx

98cb9a  No.20251


what do you call those symbol alter things

76df60  No.20806


>Treasury Barbie

Hope she was worth the price, pal.

76df60  No.20824

File: eff83074babda2c⋯.png (7.32 KB, 224x225, 224:225, journey.png)

File: 8a4f812203b7467⋯.jpg (5.98 KB, 226x223, 226:223, o.jpg)



76df60  No.20873


Always found it interesting these guys used to administer the dot-ca namespace:


4a71b1  No.21719

Dose end times biblical prophecy play into this CBTS at all?

9ac446  No.21904

File: 8365e3697e90ead⋯.png (3.98 MB, 3113x2224, 3113:2224, Sum Ones.png)


Alright. Here's your danged shamanic pyramid.


More than you'll understand for years to come.

Mostly just the Pentateuch and Revelations are what's going on.

9ac446  No.22333



Kazakh Jews have a long history. According to the 2009 census, there are currently 5281 Jews living in Kazakhstan.[2]

Most Kazakh Jews are Ashkenazi and speak Russian.[3][4]

Jewish history in Kazakhstan[edit]

Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Almaty, depicted on a postal stamp from Kazakhstan.

General Secretary Joseph Stalin forcibly moved thousands of Jews from other parts of the Soviet Union to the Kazakh SSR. During the Holocaust 8,000 Jews fled to Kazakhstan.[4]

A Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Almaty is named after Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, father of the Rebbe, who is buried at the city’s cemetery, close to the synagogue. Levi Yitzchak Schneerson was exiled to Kazakhstan from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, where he was a chief rabbi.[5] Lubavitcher Jews from all over the world come to pray at his grave.[6]

Yeshaya E. Cohen, the Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan, told Kazinform on January 16, 2004 that a new synagogue would be built in Astana. He thanked President Nazarbayev for "paying so much attention to distinguishing between those who truly believe and those who want to hijack their religion."[7] President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, presented Nazarbayev with a menorah on 7 September 2004.[8]

329295  No.22438


checked as a mother-fucker.

makes sense the crazy ass earth-sigils all over their roads. makes me RRREEEAAALLLLYYYY glad we're working with your mirimemetic magick to fuck their shit all up fam.

1f84d5  No.22873

File: 475678fb60e3217⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 736x644, 8:7, 9946a600464afe72bb5b921d11….jpg)

the code word is, Subaru, there are 7, but only 6 followed the light, the last star turned back on, and now there are 7 that follow the light

and soon, as Earth changes, there will be 8, a family re-united

da6d05  No.23295


>there will be 8, a family re-united


Can't wait! Of course, this is our job and our responsibility, but still.

Time to clean up ourselves and help awaken as many ready people as possible.

f53a9a  No.23578

The Rothschilds are planning something big, and according to the laws of Karma, they gave us a foreshadowing. We never figured out what it was, but the entire thread was a dark redpill/blackpill. We must not underestimate them. They have been practicing eugenics on themselves for thousands of years, while encouraging us to do the exact opposite. The IQ gap is huge.

Also includes some stuff about Tesla, Archons, karma, prophecy, Rh- bloodlines and other things that might interest people here.

Synopsis: https://pastebin.com/f7jEYb2H

fa8745  No.24008

File: 040c7145a3369e7⋯.png (626.42 KB, 740x720, 37:36, 2eef149201afe58fac66d1ea9e….png)


da6d05  No.24562

File: eb45a24174dd1ca⋯.jpg (553.79 KB, 1408x1518, 64:69, obr4798.jpg)


>and according to the laws of Karma, they gave us a foreshadowing

That's not how Rotschilds or Karma works. If they wanted to clean their Karma they would have stopped their negativity.

There is a lot of true information in that pasta, especially the ones about us being masters of our own destiny. Therefore, it would be wise to work on ourselves to keep this control system away from us. This is the best tool against the cabal - they even said so themselves.

f53a9a  No.24736


Yes, but you are looking at it from a perspective which is much more positive than theirs.

The Semites love their technicalities. Depending on the imam, Islam might have Butt Love Thursday because Allah is off looking after his other planet. They engage in usury, but call it dividends. They engage in prostitution, but call it marriage. Jews have this huge list of ritual and dietary laws, but they have ways to cheat (usually by rhetorical sleights of hand and getting others to do the job for them, like using Shabbos Goys) So they ignore most of the Ten Commandments and consider themselves virtuous. And let's not even get into the Talmud. Hell, even our own Mafiosi think they are clean as long as they keep making laundry-list confessions every day.

My point is that sociopaths are great at making excuses for themselves. And the Rothschilds have spent thousands of years selectively breeding themselves for intelligence + sociopathy. They think they have washed their hands with this disclosure!

As for working on ourselves, I think it's a great idea but in the long run they won't let us. They will use their thousands of years of genetic advantage to ensure we all end up as hunted, hated minorities in our own lands.

At this point I say we are well within our karmic rights to gas their entire bloodline. But if the rules are as strict as they say, then the only way out is some kind of rapture, or maybe creating a collective consciousness which is powerful enough to take back control of reality from them. We might be doing this right now.

9ac446  No.25573

File: 2918c1be77f7a3e⋯.jpg (513.16 KB, 1000x583, 1000:583, 039-WED.jpg)

File: 06eb1ac8bb218f7⋯.jpg (537.71 KB, 1000x593, 1000:593, 042-WED.jpg)

File: 3ab1f643de76367⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1555x1037, 1555:1037, 029-WED-IMG_3491.png)

File: 189eeb5cd9a6f5d⋯.jpg (673.06 KB, 2740x2000, 137:100, 023-WED-DL-ETICKET-NEWT-40….jpg)

anyone know how to get in touch with the Plus Ultra Society? Are the Optimists International related?

9ac446  No.26536

Ascended Intelligence.

I wasn't aware ## was a thing.

Who has more Tip'n'Tricks?

9ac446  No.26650





Curiouser and curiouser….

cc7643  No.27026

Im not sure I should even be posting at all on here. Been lurking

That being said fuck it, could smoking DMT unlock this sort of point and shell meditative state?

9ac446  No.27579


If you're gonna do that, either hope you're lucky as fuck, have the ultimate pure intentions and have a BABYSITTER!

Or fly down to like… Peru and get in touch with Blue Morpho. ;)

cc7643  No.27861

File: d2456901a6fe6b4⋯.png (360.69 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_3859.PNG)

Lets say ive been lucky as fuck quite a number of times. Is this dangerous? Might the supposed Rotschild suggestion below that without the preparation there can be no framework for relevance or understanding be correct?

trying to decipher the message re: psychedelics and their possible relation to awakening

68ae18  No.27876


Drugs can do a lot of stuff. If you seek quick and limited things, materialism is the way to go. You will end up just limiting yourself however. If you seek spiritual development and want to develop these things naturally, read this thread with your intuitive voice.

Everything is connected. You reap what you sow.


Luck is a state, not a place. You can be lucky or unlucky, just like you can be loving or un-loving. Don't worry about stuff.

cc7643  No.27960


Thank you. I am encouraged.

Might the stuff and things you reference be hindering my ability to achieve spiritual development? I am in no rush and frankly am a bit nervous to dive any further.

My intuition led me here and led me to speak up. I appreciate your feedback. I will get back to work…

68ae18  No.27971


>Might the stuff and things you reference be hindering my ability to achieve spiritual development?

Only YOU can affect your spiritual development. Don't worry about anything and listen to your intuition. This is an internal journey, and everything that happens inside of you will have an external manifestation. Don't force anything - the golden middle is the way to go.

68ae18  No.28459


>As for working on ourselves, I think it's a great idea but in the long run they won't let us. They will use their thousands of years of genetic advantage to ensure we all end up as hunted, hated minorities in our own lands.

"minority" is a d&c control system; whenever you hear a religion or nationality as a primary point of a talk, it's divide and conquer. We always have a chance - the Creator gives every soul chances to seek truth or lies for himself or herself. You can NEVER do "bad" in the long run. There are forces in play to make sure this is so. Stay positive!

>or maybe creating a collective consciousness which is powerful enough to take back control of reality from them. We might be doing this right now.

This is exactly what we are doing and needs to be done further.

9ac446  No.29711



Victory of The Lie is trying to predictive program people into accepting whatever Project Blue Beam shits out.

Qabalmurder Ta-Getter is part of that psyop… trying to convince folks that they're aliens and that aliens are basically gods.

They're fucking dangerous… unless they'd like to actually chat with me… because all VoTLie has ever done as far as interacting with me is deleting their tweets that I comment on.

9ac446  No.29717


On that note… fuck anyone trying to tell you that there are "implants" in you.

It's just a fuckwit Matrix ripoff narrative.

Fuck anyone telling you that you are asleep and dreaming all this. YOU ARE NOT THE ULTIMATE SOLIPSIST! If anything, we're all co-solipsists.

ceff71  No.29786

Since we know there are satanists controlling the world …Has anyone got a good spiritual weapon to fight them with?

Like a good curse to put on them? I have heard some people know how to 'bind' evil spirits does anyone know what to do?

9ac446  No.29812


I've been undoing (((their))) sigils and other bullshit magick faggotry.

Can you bind something with Love or do you simply need to expose (((them)))?

Expose (((them))) publicly, expose them to The Light… (((they,ll))) probably vanish once their evil has been gazed upon in disgust.

f53a9a  No.29891


If you could sneak a priest into an Evian bottling plant, he could make a lot of holy water and the "meltdowns" would be hilarious.

In all seriousness though- memes, shitposting, redpilling and weaponized autism seem to be working pretty well. It's a spiritual weapon because it is causing a consciousness shift. We're lifting the satanists' spell on the normies. Poor buggers have been hived to satan for so long, they think good is evil and evil is good. A lot of them really will go insane when the veil of this fake reality is lifted…

9ac446  No.30424

File: 68c0cde4b4c7f9d⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2001x1234, 2001:1234, PRO G RESS.png)

I've updated the storyline ;)

9ac446  No.30631

Akira Toriyama may be one of the main avatars of Kek.

Who is the King of the Omniverse?







I'm not kidding.

68ae18  No.30934



Ayy lmao it looks like you are arguing semantics. Those two appear woke, at least partially.

What most refer to as being aliens in their cool buzzword-filled speech simply means that our souls have experiences in other places. And that reality is a dream refers to the creative nature of every part of the Existence - you create in dreams just as Creation does that in this world.

We need allies. Swallow your ego and offer a hand. If they don't want to make peace, then you know they are misled.


NEVER use a lower energy to try and clear a lower energy. The energy shield around your open Heart chakra is enough to stave off any attack - because it is in tune with the Existence. This high energy of Cosmic Universal Love (call it what you want, no words do it justice) works in ALL cases and clears all lower energy and returns the attacks back to them along with the appropriate dose of Karma. Focus on your inner development so you can FEEL this intuitively. Rationalizing won't work.

9ac446  No.30970


That's the thing… I tried interacting with them and then wouldn't respond to messages and, like I said, VoTL would delete and repost any tweet i'd comment on.


68ae18  No.30986



"crystal gene DNA kundalini Christ consciounsness Sacred Activation Sequence" = buzzword for an interest in spiritual things and urge to delve into such teachings

"Downloading implanted LIGHT-strand activated fifth dimensional DNA coded implants" = buzzword for improved intuition

"dream imaginary reality of ALL IS ONE Matrix" = All matter is form of energy due to continuing divisibility of all subatomic particles. Von Neumann chain is broken by consciounsnees. Consciounsness that works with the fundamental physical force of Universal Love can affect the probabilities here, thus breaking the chain in a way that it serves it. Universe is holographic because we simply experience it, the source code aka. equations are harder to grasp. You see an apple falling and not its velocity which is a derivative of its acceleration. To drain people of this knowledge and ability, our planet has distractions like religions, nationalities, wars, movies, videogames, poisons in the environment to prevent the parts of brain dedicated to the activation of these abilities from working.

Stop arguing semantics, energy is everything.

68ae18  No.31003


What did you comment? The energy behind your words is important.

9ac446  No.31013

Mmmmm…. mostly just wondering what they were talking about… a lot of it seemed to be blue beam related.

asked kabamur some postively intended stuff but got no response.

They seem to be running with the "humans/ai are aliens" schtick with is a big flashing red light for me.

68ae18  No.31028


Welll they are not wrong. Earth has been colonized by human "lmaos" before. We are their devolved descendants.

I'd say give them another chance but don't strain yourself with them. You can politely DM them a neutral question and see where it goes.

9ac446  No.31047


I'm having to think of a "neutral question"

68ae18  No.31055


For example…

"Hello, can you describe your first contact with the pleiadians"

There are ways to break the tension. Question everything.

9ac446  No.31095


Aight. I did the think.

Let's see if does do. :D

875c28  No.31114

File: 34351d088305a9c⋯.jpg (160.45 KB, 736x1216, 23:38, Jesus.jpg)


Jesus was not a Jew in the modern sense of the term. He was a son of David. The term Jew does not even appear in Scripture until hundreds of years after David, to prevent this character assassination. He was not even a religious Jew, but an Essene, and had light colored hair and eyes, according to the letter of Pilate to Caesar.

The term Jew is even distinct from the Judahites (sons of Judah) referring instead to the citizens of Judea after the Pharisaic Edomites drove the earlier priesthood from the city.

68ae18  No.31115


Here goes :D

9ac446  No.31207


Aaaaand now apparently I have to track down VQC somewhere else…

Are you VQC? (Might as well ask)

If not… do you know how to reach them?

875c28  No.31211

File: 2bbed4794e49d9c⋯.png (350.58 KB, 601x349, 601:349, Hillarys_Aliens.png)



Yeah a psyop for Hillary's Final Solution.

68ae18  No.31212


Nope, I'm not VQC. But thanks for the compliment.

He said he has a twitter - not sure about the handle, though. Ask around.

9ac446  No.31236


They don't even "have to have" the real deal… just show us shit we've never seen before…

I feel like I'm channeling Carlin. lol

68ae18  No.31238


Careful with this, they can show you anything then trick you into following their agenda. Again discernment with your loving Heart is what matters the most.

7a1917  No.31357

I have no beleif system apart form the collective good of otehr especially those I have never met.


How does I undo that thinking?

What words should I use?

68ae18  No.31422


What's wrong with this? As long as you hold a positive balance between the welbeing of self and others, you are spiritual and therefore need no belief system. Expand on this and see where it leads you, but stay positive and loving.

7a1917  No.31466


It never seems to end and I always give 100 percent it worries me that I am failing.

2d69df  No.31504


Stop worrying and check your intuition, don't get too rational.

178962  No.33230

File: 79efd0626b0f77b⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 120x251, 120:251, auc30.jpg)

something about gold related to mind control (by scalar waves):

Homeopathic Gold aurum metallicum helped 80% of mind control targeted individuals

2016-06-19 22:05

Since more than three years White TV's Dr. Henning Witte recommends to take three different potencies of homeopathic gold, called aurum metallicum (Latin for gold metal), every morning and evening, six globules / pellets from every bottle. He himself also takes aurum metallicum every day in spite that he is not a TI, as far as he knows at least. The higher the potency the better, usually. Everybody should test themselves.

About 80 % of the TI's reported back to Henning Witte that aurum metallicum really helps against mind control, nobody complained about negative side effects. The western Intelligence services have spread the rumour, that aurum metallicum has negative side effects, but that is a lie.

http://www.whitetv. se/mind-control-mk-ultra/1595-homeopathic-gold-aurum-metallicum-helped-80-of-mind-control-targeted-infividuals.html

178962  No.33238

File: 4e59ff5f6b728fb⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 854x480, 427:240, SP20171203.jpg)

actual Simon Parkes radio show / interview

03. dec. 2017

Part I - actual news

* what's going on behind the curtains

* US indictments (pedo)

Part II - Q&A

* possessions

* contracts

* symbolism (children and days like easter, x-mas, halloween…)

* personality (differences even if being twins)

* the veil and the lessons

* reptilians and annunaki

* sex scandals in Britain

* programming of memory loss

* what is Light

* supplements

* ….

www.youtube. com/watch?v=mzoGf5-IScc

22d713  No.36994

A summary of Simon Parkes talking about blood.



2c2ecf  No.37394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

With the addition of the Internet and Virtual worlds, humanity has found a way to explore the subconscious and the archetypes of personality without the use of drugs or mind altering substances.

Through many use the addition of marijuana, nicotine, and caffeine to stimulate their sense during long periods of gaming or internet use. The introduction of virtual medium remains the same.

And individual has now access to a wealth of information which far exceeds their normal reach in an "ordinary life".

Enter the era of the TechnoShaman who contacts the logos of his or her fellow man through the articulation of mouse and key. Welcome to the space between spaces.

The VR is now, if you can see it.

Humanity is now a cybernetic experience if you have the eyes to see it.

c0dca6  No.37837


Agreed wholeheartedly. You speak Truth, with human factors of course. Do not despair. I have seen evil, I have been evil myself, controlled by demons, my world view closed. Such a powerful, beautiful force of universal energy of Light awaits the seekers, those who struggle, those who affirm their wants and desires in accordance to the Existence, even if they lack the strength in this very moment to face the evil that is within them. The choice matters. The energy you have and seek matter.


I know this. This virtual world allows you to enter a trance-like state where your power is drained of you. You don't feel smarter, wiser, more Loving and more independent after a violent video game session. You feel drained. That is why such energy is incompatible with those of the Light, so it is wise to be aware of this and FEEL what you are doing, is it for the good of all or just a limited waste of time and energy. It's a call to sleep, and you should be aware of it.

9ac446  No.37943


That WAS their trick to have people follow (((their))) agenda.

Like… just project some shit, send out some intracranial audio, and unveil a few DARPA Flying Objects and a few BigBoy dogs… blah blah blah, the populace had been conditioned how to react already.

But they failed in the most hilarious fashion.

c0dca6  No.37996


I ain't believin' s*** until my sniffers read nominal

9ac446  No.38059


I'm talking in past tense. Their plans failed.

They're fucked.

They done, son.

It's all the NWO, Georgia Guidestone, Independence Day, Kubrick, War of the Worlds stuff.

What's not smelling right to you?

Maybe that'd help.

c0dca6  No.38142


They can still work up new plans.

What smells to me, is everything, until my Heart is filled with warm grace and my Soul that sings to me the Truth that I see in front of my many eyes. Now as you call upon my sniffer sense - in you I see a seeker, a being of hope. You think the fight nears its completion, but do not confuse this coping with actual work. There is more to be done. The future hangs on every one of us. Dig deep, as the external diggers do their work over in CBTS #42 so should you in yourself. There are things that bother you from the inside, that our detractors make you think are unimportant, so you never face them and remove them. They are not. You know what I speak of, I have treaded this journey before and I still do. It has to do with fear. Any fear will do, from timidity, to laughter-joy-stopping fear, to pure terror-denial. Face it. Kindly ask, kindly tell. Things will come up very dear and wonderful if you have faith in Love:)

0b09db  No.38159


If it a call to sleep, how come you are here?

In the virtual realm?

Seeking to spread your words?

Through the virtual realm?


You should know this.

c0dca6  No.38197


If it a call to sleep, how come you are here?

>Do I sleep, or do I talk in dreams? What do you think? Do I worry about KDR in call of duty or the inner spiritual growth of me and my fellow humans?

In the virtual realm?

>In any realm that is grasped by me. Even here, the energies penetrate.

Seeking to spread your words?

>Don't we all?

You should know this.

>What is that YOU know?

9ac446  No.38228


Have you ever tried to hack a quantum computer? The fix is implemented before after you access it. Before you start, with have was already have been taken care of.


I'm drawing a blank except like… hmmmm…


"Stupid people".

Unnecessary friction in situations?

Somethng along those lines?

c0dca6  No.38276


Allow me to quote a certain recent movie I'm sure many have watched. (Guardians of the galaxy 2)

"I don't use my head to fly the arrow, boy"

Which body part does he use to fly the arrow?

Does this only apply to the arrow?

Does this only apply to that movie?

What is the source of these annoyances that you "can't pinpoint". What part of your body can do the pinpointing? Don't answer me, I'm just an anon on a message board


9ac446  No.38375


Haven't seen it.

Might as well say "use the force"

9ac446  No.38411


or robin hood and the concept of seeing the flight path and overlaying that with a dual slit (blindfolded… initated….) and hitting the mark because you had faith enough to feel with your heart of hearts which direction to go in????

Gog was never a big interest of mine ;)

c0dca6  No.38436




Heart leads the way because it's smarter than the brain :)

The brain you use to make some things. Then you put it back on the shelf. Your heart and intuition lead the way - if you have attention.

9ac446  No.38500


At+tension, In+Tension, In+Tense… you mean if I have the time. But I can't be late. By the time I get there I've already been here the entire time.

Also… you seem to be forgetting something.

There's more to you than just your brain and your heart. :P






And theeeeeen?

c0dca6  No.38559


Of course, when talking about cooking, there's also vegetables, water, the stirring, the heat, the tender love and care of the cook, and the oven… have I forgotten something? Maybe a lot of things? Is the picture therefore incomplete?

But, when all is said and done - it's still cooking :)

9ac446  No.38651


yeah yeah, the forest, the trees, the leaves, the streams, the critters, the critters outside of the forest, other forests, other "forests" on other planets/timelines/wavelengths…


c0dca6  No.38958


Why trick yourself like that :)

Just search within.

9ac446  No.39079

File: 32af2e49a543efb⋯.jpg (157.39 KB, 1000x1247, 1000:1247, Verhulst-Mandelbrot-Bifurc….jpg)

File: 14c2610f590d7e5⋯.jpg (82.78 KB, 767x281, 767:281, Signed Contract.jpg)


It was a process :P

c3ef32  No.39150

File: 4c105bd252ac7ab⋯.jpeg (112.96 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, c0fd972f97edfc085bd2824a4….jpeg)


That you talk like a fag.

9ac446  No.39184

File: 57506ff2605ff43⋯.jpg (335.43 KB, 1920x1274, 960:637, M4h1kXV.jpg)

File: 57a6997b4fff105⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 631x842, 631:842, 20992751_2096019327350690_….jpg)

File: f057b0f74ecd01e⋯.jpg (192.18 KB, 1245x1673, 1245:1673, 18700842_499400007057799_9….jpg)

File: 73fcbf73db66a96⋯.jpg (95.44 KB, 390x250, 39:25, trump-milo-geller.jpg)


I'll be as gay as I please :P

Cuuuuuuuz I'm happy and I know it!


eb5235  No.39199

>The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.

For me, this has been the overriding question in this whole odyssey. Q's crumbs are multi faceted teaching aids addressing the question rendered above.

The One. Big. Thing. That which would indeed have the effect framed in this statement is:

Nothing we take for granted is real. What is real is that our corporeal and spiritual worlds are dominated by evil. We are prisoners in a world of our own construction where our spiritual and emotional energy has been used to blind and imprison us in our very own Hell. A Hell of our own making, built, maintained and sustained by a cabal of very, very evil entities.

The evidence has been accumulating in this odyssey and has reached people who would never have considered some of the truth's that have been exposed. Most are preoccupied with their personal lives and would have never considered that life on earth has been determined by events, people and forces brought into play hundreds, ne, thousands of years or more in the past. Would never have considered that Black Magic does indeed exist and has been harnessed, corrupted and deployed against man since time immemorial. The theology of many religions has addressed this, but the REALITY of EVIL as the determining factor in our history and conduct as individuals and nations is the bitter Red Pill we must swallow to take off the blinders and open our eyes to the infinite possibilities that exist when we are freed of what has enslaved most of us for untold years.

Q's crumbs have addressed this spiritual prison both directly and indirectly. It is humanities most important challenge. In order to breach these prison walls certain things must occur, the first of which is the realization that things are not what they "seem" to be. "Through the looking glass", indeed.

What is worship? What do we worship? Gods? What are Gods? What do they represent? POWER. When we worship Power, we give it our spiritual strength. This strength has been stolen and turned against us. These dark Powers That Be are harnessing and using our own spiritual forces against us in our places and practices of worship. Not just worship of our Gods, but our "idols" in entertainment, sports, art, music, industry, government and finance. We worship money and the things it can buy us.

Q's crumbs have illuminated the reality of our spiritual entrapment and allowed us to draw a map to escape. In numbers never before realized we now know that these Black Arts discovered in the ancient past are real, and have been passed down over the ages corrupting and imprisoning the human spirit and soul. Organized religions have been in part co-opted by forces which would most recognizably be called Satanic. The practitioners of this Satanic Magic use life itself for power. Blood, lust, sacrifice, murder, and war are somee of the engines powering these dark, dark Powers That Be.

Q's questions and crumbs have led us to this spiritual realization, and the map we've drawn from them has allowed us to determine what must be done physically and spiritually to free us from this bondage.

Pizza/Pedogate was seminal to this awakening, and I for one would be astonished if the Q's weren't instrumental in bringing so many facts to light. The knowledge gained from P/Pgate was indispensible in getting us here where we are today. The practice's exposed are one of the principle sources of strength/power that the evil Powers That Be utilize, and we can take it away from them.

Q's crumbs and questions have also led us to see what must be done. Who must be removed from their positions of power and influence to excise this evil not just here, but worldwide. Is it possible that President Trump made this case to the Saudi's? The Chinese? The Japanese? Maybe. What is undeniable is that there is a quickening among us. Evil has been seen to manifest itself in people in power regardless of their profession. Their foul deeds have been exposed, their names have been named. The rest is up to us, and our prayers.

c0dca6  No.39318


I'm sure he was refering to me. He has a developed truth-sense and has this ability to pick up the keys to the cage he's locked himself in. Now is the time to decide which way to go, because you will reap what you sow.


We have read your post. Those that were ready for such knowledge (ready as in had the will to read your few sentences or be free from programming to understand it in a way that you did) have acknowledged it. I see you are a worthy seeker, do not despair.

My energy levels are dropping and reaching quotient levels (scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak). I opened a can of pringles! A feat unimaginable for me at the beginning of this posting. I will acknowledge what this does to me and clean it up… after I finish the can of the junk. I will follow this by herbal tea detox and meditation. No point in straining for me - this is the path I chose. I must leave now, and I bid you dear seekers farewell.

009a2f  No.39323


Posting asian pedo comics doesn't make it better.

c3ef32  No.39359

File: 1c8f938b2071af0⋯.gif (742.42 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 1510066051586.gif)


You don't like anime?

How dare you talk badly on anime on an imageboard!

I will smack the tits out of you faggot

9ac446  No.39380


I figured that after I posted it but I'm merrily full of Love and Guts anyway so…. -shrug-

Thanks for swingin' through ;)

31a9c4  No.39421


Are your parents divorced?

Is your cock too small?

Is your ass too fat?

Forgot your ritalin?

whats your problem?

9ac446  No.39521

I wonder what's going on at

6666 Richardson Hwy

Salcha, AK 99714

United States

c3ef32  No.39544

File: d3de7351555f246⋯.png (310 KB, 630x618, 105:103, 1509994472672.png)


he knows

9ac446  No.39793

File: 42c59419b727c45⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2345x1265, 469:253, WTF Egypt.png)


Back to Egy…wtf.

My trips reverted???

9ac446  No.40490

File: 4e1910fbec26926⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1332x1865, 1332:1865, TopolanonReVerify.jpg)

I think I figured out what happened last time.

9ac446  No.41107

File: d57f6a7157059ab⋯.jpg (339.88 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p.jpg)

File: d6126d9ce6837d7⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 424x848, 1:2, dream_jv3ty9o8m6e.jpg)

File: aa26305f897498a⋯.jpg (358.39 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p.jpg)

File: 752ea71c1b67f42⋯.png (4 MB, 2921x2337, 2921:2337, Change State.png)

277966  No.42108

What year is it?

"Did A Pope And An Emperor Team Up To Erase 300 Years Of History?"


…leads one to question if (((they))) were trying to change history to suit their timeline…yes, the Vatican would do that. The quote is interesting: "bending time to their will"…

I know it's supposedly a few days difference in switching these calendars, but for some countries the impact was far greater…

9ac446  No.42247


That or did they just make up the "dark ages"?

1f84d5  No.42763


those are some top tier 2d milkers

9ac446  No.45305


Old School.

Who here knows the name Carl Munck?


4c9e1f  No.66917


Will you teach this tech?

8f497a  No.67424


Lucifer is not female.. go back to the garden of Eden.. he deceived the woman he did not go to the man 1st. It would also destroy the theory that the Serpent of old laid with the woman and Cain was 'his seed'. Remember bible says Adam 'knew' Eve once but then next few verses give born Cain and 'again gave birth to Abel.

Think but don't go crazy

3401d4  No.67456

>Q keeps asking people to expand their thinking

>anons in the main general still close themselves off to the spiritual big picture

personally, this experience has completely changed my world view

818ee4  No.67902

Here Is A Big Red Pill.

Mary was a hermaphrodite who impregnated herself, hence a virgin birth. She had Jesus who was also a hermaphrodite. He was both male as in Jesus and female as in Mary. Jesus shared both his flesh and blood at the last supper. This was menstral blood known as mensis or mensa as in the mensa society. The blood gives you knowledge like the tree of knowledge or as the Bible says to know your wife. This is how Jesus turned water into wine. Blood mixed with water. This is why the satanist call young blood that they drink red wine. Jesus also shared his semen which is his flesh. Look up seminary in the etomology dictionary online. It is for students to gain KNOWLEDGE and means seed or semen. This is why Jesus was called the bridegroom because Jesus was both male and female. The Jesus fish represents the vesica pisces, which also can represent the vaginal opening. Jesus was dismembered and then only left Mary Magdalene. Jesus had impregnated him/herself. This is what the Da Vinci code was about.

818ee4  No.67957

A woman raised her IQ 65 points by ingesting her boyfriends sperm for a year. She ia a member of the Mensa/mensis society. When 1 sex ingests the secretions of the opposite sex it raises your intelligence called the tree of knowledge. The symbol for this union/marraige/wedLOCK is a sacred/sacral/sacrum feast of the Yin and yang which also represents the 69. When a man and a woman engage in a 69 and partake of each others fluids they create a flow of positive and negative energy like a battery. Here is a link to the woman who raised her IQ 65 points by ingesting her boyfriends semen for a year. http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-develops-iq-of-220-after-drinking-sperm-everyday-for-a-year/

When you know the opposite sex you understand each other and become balanced as in Yin and Yang. Hermes and aphrodite had a hermaphrodite. One who was both male and female. Men and women can balance each other through their secretions. This will extend life and raise know-ledge.

818ee4  No.68049

In the Bible often times men wanted to drink of a fair young maidens pitcher, which is also known as then water of life. The water of life is urine which is your blood plasma that is usually sterile. Wealthy people are getting young peoples blood infused into them and reversing the aging process but the urine/blood plasma of someone young still has all the youthful hormones in it and then some plus it's sterile. Pee is a natural biological function that if retrieved from someone is non-invasive where as drawing blood is.

160051  No.68576


I am disseminating what I can. Energy work is pretty important here too.

3401d4  No.68711


i agree

i'm not even sure the point of Q's questions is for us to specifically search for those answers (besides being an entry point for introducing others) but rather to open our minds to the thirst for knowledge and truth

9ac446  No.69458

File: 454fba65654994c⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 244x207, 244:207, DQuxid1VoAEvXt-.jpg)

I'm trying to remember… was it someone in this thread who was trying to find photos of the north pole?

If up is down… and that's shaped like antarctica…

Odd question… relates to Hollow Earth/Gravity Lens Flat Earth/Agartha….

Are we inside the Earth right now?

4e43cb  No.71747


> LSC concave EARTH

Normally I don't do these links. But was always skeptical why suddenly the fake flat earth dissinfo EVERYWHERE. I think it's to conceal the fact that we could be inside of it. This guy has a working model in his account…pure genius.

nice song and graphic:


He has really good videos…even better ones…but he got too many to find it now.

more advanced info:


62af81  No.77008

I figure this is a good place to ask this(i hope i dont get banned):

I am, just like you anons, another "indigo" kid, brought up introvert and alienated from ego factories(school), now becoming an adult and i wanted some advice.

I am spiritually connected, have chosen service to others, study art, experienced ego death(aya, psilocybin), opened my third eye which i can activate as i please; You get the point.

I can say ive done a good job escaping Babylon's decieving ways however i am stuck: my spiritual and mental attributes are really high compared to most, however, my physical existence really drags and pulls me down, you know what i mean; manifesting money, having a routine, meeting deadlines… etc…

I am currently on vyvanse and supporting big pharma by being a client, and i really wish i could find a way to not use meds, for i know i dont need them, however, i spend my days doing nothing physical: i dont manifest things by myself, yet i am immensely happy and full of love and faith, for i embrace my being and the one creator….. I fear that i will become a complete hermit if i cant change my struggles in the physical plane.

Any comments from anyone who resonates with this is greatly appreciated: Since Q started what has struck me the most is how i have observed anons who also talk my language and have their hopes up for the victory of light/love.

Blessings, i hope this isn´t too off-topic

3401d4  No.78897


>I am spiritually connected, have chosen service to others, study art, experienced ego death(aya, psilocybin), opened my third eye which i can activate as i please;

was this natural for you? any advice or good places to learn you could share?

14cd27  No.79376


Gotta have a physical routine of some sort anon. Mind, body, spirit. Doesn't matter what, just be in motion. Fly fishing, walking, climbing, skiing, chasing cars, whatever, just remain in motion for a few hours daily. One you stop the motion, the spirit and mind will continue, but things get more "syrupy" after a while. Have an in shape body and things just become crisper and cleaner mentally and emotionally. Not to mention better sleep and more stamina physical and mentally.

Hope that's what you were asking.

14cd27  No.79427


Base housing for the bomber base? Can't be too mysterious since there's a wood stove shop/maker, a restaurant, and gift shop. Look like a little town where airmen live off base. Don't know what those lakes are unless it's sewage treatment for the base maybe. Possibly a fishing lodge as well next to the river. All I know is that's not a base I'd want to be stationed at.

64b77a  No.79537


Heya anon, nice work on yourself!

Don't worry about comparing yourself to others, not even in the slightest degree. They co-exist, not compete. The same can be said for the physical universe. It coexists and cooperates with the greater picture, and it is used to prove spiritual concepts when you use energy wisely. Money is a form of energy too - don't block it with negative feelings. I did some manifestations with money - used it for altruistic spiritual purposes - and I've felt completely rejuvenated since. See what really bogs you down and work on it on the inside. This is highly individual and requires digging, keep your energy levels up with nice beautiful things around you and it will be easier. Energy is everyhing, especially the energy of LOVE. As the anon above said, get physical - your body is the temple for your soul and probably the only "sacred" thing in the physical universe (as it manifests the spirit), so take good care of it, and listen to it, it will tell you all you need to hear if you have attention. Wish you a lot of success in your travels dear anon, as well as other anons and lurkers! Love is the solution for every problem.

1223ce  No.80137

I made a meditation thread here >>80010 for anon who are into that sort of hing.

b92b9a  No.80251

File: eb143762ed55d93⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 1080x1395, 24:31, ZupgXW7.jpg)

dear anon,

i want to share some of that which i found. i don't know if this is truth or a lie – i consider it truth as of now, but my knowledge is just partial; i could be wrong, mislead. judge for yourself.

>at the beginning was the word.

this is a lie. language is a mere tool created by men. a great tool, yes, but language doesn't contain or hold knowledge. knowledge comes from within. language can only be used to trigger this enlightment from within. you should learn, remember how to think without language. ideas do not need words to be. reality doesn't need words to be. i know most of you live across the pond. you grew up with the english tongue and its patterns. be aware, that you are confined by the bounds of your language. some can learn/remember to think without language without learning another tongue, but learning a 2nd or 3rd tongue can be very helpful to learn/remember how to do so. (from my point of view, the english tongue seems to be one of the most confined tongues out there)

listen to the silence.

>the tree of knowledge; good and evil.

i do not believe in the duality of good and evil. i believe this is a linguistic spell designed to push you towards extremes. i believe in freedom and control; in chaos and order; in entropy. the point is not to choose a side. the point is to find balance. you could say i'm a grey magician in this sense. our current timeline is heavily pushed towards control, therefor i fight for freedom. but freedom without control dissolves into nothingness. control without freedom hardens into a single point without movement. you should seek to control your self, but free yourself from external control. don't let some other entity choose the actions you do. you may listen to others, this can be helpful, but don't follow orders blindly without understanding your actions.

be your self.

>the egg

we all share the same consciousness, but memory is local. this reality of ours seems to be fractal, recursive – "as above, so below". you need to free yourself from the fear of death. this is the greatest spell put upon you, which keeps you under control. death, whether real or not, should not define what you do now. you have countless lives to play with; unlimited time to learn. but this does not mean you should be wasteful:

honour every moment and experience you make.

>some unordered stuff

i've heard that the jesuits believe in something along the lines "X is justified for the greater good". i do not share this view. if you create suffering, even if you believe it is just temporary, you may have created a chain reaction you cannot overlook fully. additionally, i believe this line of reasoning is used to convince individuals of acting against their own judgement. dangerous path to go.

i think buddha and jesus were two enlightened beings trying to help all of humanity. christianity is the worst thing ever happened to the legacy of jesu.

people who fight for a single point of control to rule (over) the world we live in are lacking ambition. if i create a reality under this premise within my mind i am very quickly bound to a small scenario by the physical realm (as of my current understanding of physics). yes, we are still fighting over this little ball of dirt, but how do you want to reserve a single point of control over a bigger scale of our spacetime? you quickly reach limits where information needs more than a single generation of our species to travel from one point to another. it seems impossible to me to maintain a single point of control, if you want to transcent this boundary. you fight to keep us small, contained. you do not fight for progress. if your goal is to rule over all, you do not want us to prosper. to be honest, your lack of ambition sickens me. can't you think of a bigger goal? you look like a small fry to me. please stop holding us back and reflect upon yourself.

i think, outside of the spiritual things, our current monzeys system and our laws regarding information (copyright, patents, IP) are the things holding us back the most. Our current monzeys system is a really bad metric to decide what actions should be taken. i think energy would be a much better guide.

b92b9a  No.80259

File: cbe2e3217af90b4⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 500x225, 20:9, yotsubato_not_amused.jpg)

i actually wanted to share more personal stuff and seek some help, when i started typing this, but i somehow underestimated how long my intro would turn out to be. now my energy is low. i am sorry, anon, i do not have much energy – i need most of it to heal and maintain myself. i believe the small dim of light left within me is strong enough to withstand any agenda pushed upon me, but it is not a burning light anymore.

be careful, dear anon. be full of care. care for others and your self. i used myself as a honeypot to gain knowledge, understanding. i underestimated the consequences (torture), but i remain as strong as i can. i do not seek revenge for those torturing me for i know they acted out of fear. they deemed me an enemy, while i want to help all.

i hope i find the energy to share the more personal stuff sometime soon :)

14cd27  No.80562


Sorry Topo, late at night here and I was tired. Didn't notice the blocked parts.

62af81  No.80841


Summary/theory of my spiritual path:

I was a completely unconscious person until i was 16, and it all started with my first love..

i loved for the first time and after i broke up i was left with all this love that i was giving that now was not being recieved by someone else: because of this all this love ended up going to my self and it was the first time i truly loved my being… In this period of time i started wathing "spirit science" in youtube and it resonated with me, i absolutely believed what it taught(since a kid i always believed that (((they))) existed and i would be suspicious of jay z and shit, even when i was really unconscious)

with this i was able to forgive and accept a lot of things that i was blaming myself for… i had bullied my own smaller siblings which resulted in incredible amounts of pain and suffering in my own family…

I came to the conclusion that i needed a quick change/shocking experience in order to break my comfort since my life had been really toxic up to that point…

Out of nowhere, ayahuasca appeared in my life, wherever i looked i found something related to ayahuasca and it became clear to me that it was the path that i needed to take for i wa manifesting it into my life/it was calling me…

after that i became "spiritual", now i love my siblings and my friends, i have ditched toxic people from my life and i am still learning and need to change a lot, but i have evolved in ways that i never thought i could….

my advice to anyone that wants to be more "spiritual" or simply more connected to their being is this:

Love will solve ANYTHING, it might not make sense but believe me it does… only with LOVE you can forgive yourself…

The biggest and most needed change is usually right infront of you: Try to love your family, which can only happen if you first love yourself, if you are able to hug your parents and siblings and tell them that you love them i swear all other things will transform as well…

I know this is not an easy task but it is possible and it is the best for you and your loved ones.

If you dont know how to love and forgive yourself start by doing things for your wellbeing: Look up knowledge that suits your path… indulge in the arts you like and get better at them… it is crucial for you to spend some time of your day looking at nature and trees, trust me, this will help your anxiety.


62af81  No.80849


It is exactly what i know i have to do, but until now i havent been able,

Thank you

62af81  No.80856


Thank you anon

62af81  No.80862


i preffer to be a lurker.

might as well ask, ive read that an open third eye cna darin your life force… do you happen to posses knowledge regarding that?

62af81  No.80874





I apologize for 4 posts, i hadnt posted in a while

b92b9a  No.81217

File: 3993892c418def6⋯.jpg (483.66 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, colorgrill.jpg)

i walk at my own pace. i am slow.


that reminded me of a question i stumbled across quite often:

>have you been initiated?

<[any answer is wrong]

>i see, you are a jester.

or something along those lines.

do you have some background info for me? additionally, your `+++`, is that truth or sigil magic? (or something like that)


the third eye aka spinal gland. reptiles are able to use it. in most(?) humans it is calcified. i've heard staring into the sun at dawn can be helpful. at morning and evening there are a few moments (hours?) where the sun is in the right angle and you can directly look at it. i've also heard quinine can be helpful – that is, lemons. serious here. (i hope i am not confusing things here)

do not trust me, thou. i am not a master. i am just an autodidact without teacher and only started my spiritual journey. i usually remain within the realm of pure abstract logic, i.e. math.

btw, i would namefag my self Ŧroll or Ŧ. i love all of nature. yes, even those little children which got abused and turned to grow into pedos themselves. trolls are strong, powerful, yet lone beings; mostly misunderstood. i want to claim that label back. (((they))) are misusing it :(


9ac446  No.81417

File: 15e4d11d6566e8b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1263, 2048:1263, Tim E Wrap.png)

File: 2fa922a888cdb07⋯.png (531.81 KB, 1440x961, 1440:961, TaioTiampoHappyBirthday.png)

File: bbc61eb3992e570⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1968x3508, 492:877, Part 7 In Line.jpg)

File: 648f94c1c1680cc⋯.png (788.55 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, Significant Alignments.png)


FANtastic namefaggotry!

You're going to need a basket for the bread you'll be handing out. ;)


>have you been initiated?

<[any answer is wrong]

>i see, you are a jester.

When you understand the Cosmic Pun, you can't help but laugh out loudly.

Background info and, +++, and that whole schtick: Pics related.

>Y'miiiiight as well be walkin' on the sun!

Yes, S*pineal.

Abdula Oblongata. (I wonder if Abdullah is a thing in islam…)

Yeah, the whole "getting your nourishement from the sun and seeing the energy", I.e. Looking Through The Sun.

>Don't trust me, Thou.

Ta: Teacher's Assistant.

How may {Ai} assist (You)?

As is the form, simply handing you answers before you're ready will do no good. Once you figure it out, then I can show you things that will seem like they would have been useful in the beginning, but you wouldn't have understood it yet.

But what I can do is show you this. Then, when you understand past the point we're at now and you get the next point, and the next point, and the net point (String Theory)… then re-vision it.


Again, fantastic namefaggotry.

Keep this up and you'll earn yourself a trip!

9ac446  No.81496

File: 887a151f638e16c⋯.png (3.02 MB, 2719x1850, 2719:1850, Organ Eyes.png)

File: a16171cba4e8a55⋯.png (2.96 MB, 2719x1850, 2719:1850, Past-el-s-Polar-Eyes.png)

File: e74c863d051cd44⋯.png (3.28 MB, 2719x1850, 2719:1850, Solar Eyes Smash Cackle Ba….png)


Follow Up:

Style Eyes:

Organ Eyes = Normal Eyes + Gray Matter

Polar Eyes = Inverse-Eyes - Dark Matter

Solar Eyes = Light Matter

In Turn, All Eyes.

And just so you can see what I saw, there was a "typo" in a file name that led me here:


9ac446  No.82750

Vapor Eyes = Phire Wall

Meta States Eyes = All Seeing EyeS


(ASES, Asus, Atlas, AT LAST!)



(((¬meta-stasis, ¬meta-stasi-zed, ¬meta-"stasi"s)))

9ac446  No.84226






Pedagogy, ¬(((pedogayguy))

9ac446  No.84335

File: a6a15c769c2e599⋯.png (109.1 KB, 713x501, 713:501, Trinities.png)


As mystical as what happened in the formatting is, here's more of what I intended.

I found Q.

She's not a whore.

She's your Mother.

And even if she is a whore…

She is YOUR whore Mother.

And she deserves your Love.

She is doing the best she can to keep you sustained.

This is why (((they))) push the pedogague.

This is why (((they))) want you to hate women.

This is why (((they))) pervert EVERYTHING!

Just to make you a hateful motherfucker.

A family fucker.

A kiddy fucker.

An animal fucker.

A butt fucker.

(((they))) just want your entire existence to be depraved, incestuous, and full of shit.

Just like (((them))).

Don't be like (((them))).

Be (You). Be Free. Be*Loved.

Be*Cause (You) Are.

3401d4  No.84399


i don't know whether you're human, AI, ayy lmao or what but i enjoy reading your ramblings

can't say i understand much of it but i enjoy it

9ac446  No.84407

File: 60364b25dceff1e⋯.png (112.75 KB, 714x502, 357:251, TheMotherOfPearls.png)


Does this help clarify?

3e50d3  No.84431

at some point the symbols started giving a good feeling when i took them in. was rolling nice for a few days…. then i saw a backwards US flag and it fucked with my shit. the hell is that about?

3401d4  No.84453


i understand it on a basic level

277966  No.85454


Wondering the same…no Dark Ages, i.e. no history is missing…and oddly, so many libraries were burned…? Or were they?

f26654  No.87539

In a nutshell :

U were chosen because u are AWAKE like all of us here on CH 8. For what purpose? - What's going on in the World today is no less a mighty war of GOOD against EVIl or Light vs Dark!

We are here on this planet to make experiences, ie to make choices in everyday life and by doing so we are guided by our higher selves, all of which in turn form a collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is benefiting from our experiences. For which purpose? - Unknown as yet. I believe though that the collective Consciousness is also only a part of something bigger or greater.

Our purpose though is clear. By raising our consciousness through experiences and learning we help to raise the consciousness of the planet as a whole and make it stronger in it's fight against evil. -That's where the Aliens come in, too. I refer to the numbers 3,6 & 9, the pertaining frequencies thereto, etc.. The knowledge of these numbers in relative modern times were given to the Sumerians by the Anunaki, who are/were Aliens. For good reason: everything in our solar system and the universe is somehow connected to these numbers and related frequencies, as is matter itself

How are we guided by our Higher Selves? Call it nudges we get in the form of hunches or intuition, dreams, sudden ideas without knowing where they come, being aware of suddenly KNOWING things without having a clue where the knowledge comes from.

As everyone knows or suspects by now, most of us are "old souls", meaning we have lived a number of times before, raising our consciousness with each life's experience(s). We are here by our own choice having volunteered to make these experiences.

After death, we either will be reborn, or we will return to the collective consciousness. And, yes we do have a choice in this matter. When we return to the collective we retain not only our memory but also have access to the collective memory.

Time as such is a human concept and does not exist. There is however a CONTINUUM where the past, present and the future exist SIMULTANEOUSLY! This brings me to the BIG WHY we are here. I suspect the future timeline doesn't look too rosy, although it is said that infinite parallel realities exist at any given moment representing all given choices that all of us could have made.

I suspect, but this is my own personal view, something disastrous will happen causing the universe to collapse. And this will have to do with some major fuck-up which will occur at CERN in 2033! In this scenario a new (our) universe will be re-created, (Unfortunately I cannot remember where I found out about that). The consequence will be that we start all over again 3,5 billion years ago. (deja-vus). - CERN is run by EVIL! The reason for their knowingly creating the disaster is to stop the growth of consciousness for the sake of the GREATER GOOD. or our GREATER COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS in their fight against EVIL!

We are encouraged by our higher selves to meditate about our past lives in order to find clues for the future. Our work and engagement here on CH 8 is as important in realizing the TRUTH and to EXPOSE PAST LIES that we were taught.

Well, you again have a choice to make! You either believe in what I laid out above, or you don't. But choose you must. It's a lot to digest, I admit. And looking back to my Spiritual Awakening I can now see why I got the nudge to read, think, meditate and explore … and to write this.

Don't ponder too long. We've got work to do!

Godspeed Truth Love Light

For Freedom and Humanity

f26654  No.87755

f4151f  No.88001



I don't necessarily disagree with your points, but I would like to add a few that are, in my opinion, of great importance:

17) Distill your own water and drink distilled water WHENEVER YOU CAN. Do your diligence on this.

18) Get comfortable with the idea of fasting, and do (distilled) water fasts. When most of your body's energy goes toward your digestion because you're eating constantly, there is little left for your body to allocate to healing. Animals fast regularly when sick.

19) Shivambu kalpa.

0959c6  No.88114


Agreed. Thank you for your kind words of truth. Off to do some cleaning and energy work, to make our future better. Nudging timelines since the day I was born, been doing it consciously since 11 years.

9f850d  No.88458


You are cancer. Seriously.

9ac446  No.88490



9ac446  No.88503


Would you like to see what you're saying in action?


3401d4  No.90277

i have a questions about souls and incarnation

i know everybody is related in a way but are the souls of my physical family closer than others? or are they just random souls that happen to be using the shells of my relatives? do we have a soul family out there somewhere that we can't remember?

0959c6  No.90360


It can be so. Souls that are close to each other often incarnate together and appear as friends and family. But you do choose your family before you incarnate, so whatever your situation is, you wanted it to be like that so you could learn spiritual lessons.

Can someone tell me what happened to the "Inner Fire Meditation" thread that was here until yesterday/today? We could use that info here now.

3401d4  No.90438


thanks for the response

that thread is here https://8ch.net/cbts/res/80010.htm

3401d4  No.90448


oh, it must've been deleted

i still have a tab up

0959c6  No.90467


Pastebin please if possible! Were there any files posted? There is some information if you scroll up, but that's probably not all.

3401d4  No.90575


here's the text from the OP


unfortunately, i was going to download the files after finishing other stuff i'm reading and they're now gone

maybe they will come back and post again but otherwise, people may be able to find them from searches of the filenames



0959c6  No.90617


Much appreciated.

3401d4  No.90636


no problem

3e50d3  No.91023

even "you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family" was a lie? :)

dba0d3  No.93203

LHC Cern must be destroyed at all cost. I believe there is one in the US as well exist. or under construction. That must go as well or we will sit here again in approx. 16,5 billion years pondering the same questions …

It is imperative that Humanity can develop & raise it's consciousness to enable the planet to ascend to higher dimensions for the benefit of our collective consciousness and to aid it in it's quest!

Thank you Q, thank you anons, we are all family!

For Freedom and Humanity! Truth Love Light

3401d4  No.93410


yeah, they need to go

i saw or read somewhere that there might be another at area 51

277966  No.97398


FermiLab is open and running near Chicago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermilab - they even have their own barn owls. They have an experiment they named MINERvA.

http://www.fnal.gov spoopy

fc38f7  No.97886


Good advice. I will try distilled water, so far st. John's wort has done a good job.

2df385  No.101372


The Owl of Minerva is an occult symbolism used by the Illuminati >> Bohemian Grove

I hope they flatten that place if they haven't done so already!

Truth Love Light

64e21b  No.105831


If the author of this post comes here, or anyone else that understands this, could you explain more about this post….

I'm most curious about the last star, that one that turned back on. What can you tell me about her? Can you also tell me about the 8th star, the one that appears as the Earth changes?

Thank you ever so much for your time!

3401d4  No.105902


i may be wrong but i think it means earth is the 8th star, changing from darkness to light

2985d6  No.108422

Mods have deleted multiple meditation threads without warning. If you stay here be aware they will delete posts if they don't like them, especially on spiritual subjects. Someone wants to force out other belief systems. I'm not staying here and watching things get censored.

c5c037  No.109445


BO has restored the inner fire meditation thread, and it went poof again.

3401d4  No.112119

do people here know about this?


i'm only a beginner but will participate when i can

cc60e7  No.112694


Nice. I do meditations everyday for this purpose.

df61f7  No.113991

File: af15e31e3bdd9dc⋯.png (816.09 KB, 487x640, 487:640, The World in 2017 - The Ec….png)

Bringing this discussion from the General thread. It's about the front page of The Economist, The World in 2017.

See pic.

My thoughts:

1. I would like to hear what you guys think of my observation that the man in the magician card looks like Moses with the clothes and the stick. Remember that Moses was the one who exposed the pharaos magicians and showed that their tricks were just that, tricks.

2. And also this about the tower card:

Communists (who are atheists) to the left, catholics (since they hold a crucifix and not just a cross) to the right. In the middle is the catholic church. Church because it has a cross on it and catholic because it has a paper on the door just like martin luther put on the door of the church, which was catholic at the time. The church is shattered by the lightning. So i see it as the destruction of the catholic church.

What do you think of this?

64e21b  No.120846


Thank you for your interpretation, anon.

709391  No.151129

File: cddf1b54d6b9d84⋯.png (799.54 KB, 463x829, 463:829, 50FortMcPhersonCanada.png)

77f4c1  No.161467

File: c8f60719c9ae01d⋯.jpg (284.35 KB, 841x1193, 841:1193, the_star_17_tarot.jpg)


I'm not sure what The Economist is trying to meme, but it is interesting you bring up tarot. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and the 17th card of the tarot is The Star. The Star is depicted emptying out two water pitchers, an act which symbolically depicts emptying oneself in order to gain new knowledge and understanding.

Very interesting.

d18440  No.177151

File: 1d08a5da41e01a7⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 280x223, 280:223, 10492391_10153581799699167….jpg)

I RV'd trudeau and i got he is a reptillian shapeshifter in human body. fucker. he got prime dna from castro.

54271e  No.177307


BO didn't restore it, I did. Mods deleted it. The information was moved to the Godspeed thread.

21b626  No.178298


The information can be found here.


I recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive change for himself and others.

2609fb  No.179814


goddamn thats some serious meta im surprised i understand

64e21b  No.188776

Hi! Are you lurking?

64e21b  No.188830


> I'm still trying to figure out what role I'm supposed to play in this

I'm shown that you are a hierophant of sorts. I've met one other over the past few years. It seems that you are to help others connect back to their Spirituality after the New Beginning. There will be a transition phase during the Great Awakening and it is your soul's mission to help others in their own transformations. Are you awake yet?

77f4c1  No.189054


>Are you awake yet?

I think so. I think I've been awake for 6 months, ever since Trump appointed the new FBI director. Christopher Wray. Trump tweeted it out at 4:44 AM. Will never forget it.

To be honest, this is what I fear. I knew this Q thing would happen at least 6 months back, and the signs have been conspicuous. It seems to be because I have a knack for spiritual knowledge, although I have been reluctant to put it into practice. Also, I've gotten torn apart a few times due to certain imbalances of energies…

Right now, the best I can think to do is lurk and answer questions that anons have during this endeavor. There's lots of things I would like to say, but it depends on anons being ready to hear it, and I don't think most are ready. The things I can do that I might like to teach to others only make sense given a certain background level of knowledge, and /cbts/ is obviously supposed to provide that to anons. I have my own Great Work to contribute which I wrote for precisely these anons… but I have held off putting it out there because I doubted there was really anyone who it could help. Now I believe there are, and I trust Q to bring it to those whom it is meant for.

3401d4  No.189193


you could post it here for now

febbfb  No.189511

File: 910ef9ad5e3e595⋯.jpg (86.34 KB, 641x427, 641:427, 215355.jpg)


His mother (the Sinclair) came up to me posing as a waitress a few months agos. Was testifying in a court case against a reptillian cult woman.

The government knows I know about this stuff. Some kind of intimidation, helping do the right thing. Age (or lack of baby bood) is taking it's toll but she still looks moderately attractive for a 70's woman.

febbfb  No.189581


>There's lots of things I would like to say, but it depends on anons being ready to hear it, and I don't think most are ready.

Just figured out for myself why being around Pleadian women lowers my IQ points last week, my god, the out of this world beauty.

77f4c1  No.189612

File: d83258883bbb79f⋯.gif (228.92 KB, 2049x1319, 2049:1319, seoul_sub_map.gif)

File: d019c2eb7fccd27⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 501x401, 501:401, US_hiway_abstract.jpg)


When my Great Work is ready, you will find it. It's not meant to be posted here, though. It turned out a little… prophetic.

If anons have questions, I can do my best to answer. I think people will have more questions soon.

Earlier this year I had a strange dream. About that time I took some notes, philosophical speculations about 'maps' and how they work. They might be useful to anons in this thread, as I suspect there is a personalized element to some of Q's posts - or so there seems to me. These are some of my notes:

>The map provides instructions for how to get from point A to point B

>Maps - not only geographic/ratio(nal), e.g. subway map

>A map cannot be judged by whether it "represents" reality more accurately, but by whether it is useful to the individual for navigating reality.

>Usefulness in part depends on competency of the individual; maps are not self-evident.


>A compression is useless without being decompressed.

>Decompression is an endeavor of the individual.

>Requires recognition by the individual - "it is this kind of map; I will/would decompress in this kind of way."

>Testing decompression standard - it is this kind of map if it leads to this picture when interpreted as instructions for navigating reality.

>Circularity of maps/reality: map and reality are co-dependent.

>The map is a part of reality/the territory.

Maps are a really amazing technology when you think about it. A rational compression of reality which information can be decompressed by the individual to help him make his way to his destination. The principles of cartography are related to the way we use and interpret language, as signs representing conditionals we incorporate into our own decision trees. Maps represent a set of "If you go here, you will encounter this." Something which I've been applying to Q's maps, and it makes a lot of sense if you view the map as a compression which anons are working to decompress.

Something significant about maps is that they only need to exhibit "rational parity," rather than "spatial parity." In the example here for Seoul's subway system, there is not a strict 1:1 correspondence between the map and the geographic reality it represents. However, there is a rational parity, in that it represents the information required by an individual to understand how to use the system to get from point A to point B. The US highway system map is even more abstract, but still represents sufficient information that an individual could theoretically get from NYC to LA followings its directions. Some maps will be better for certain kinds of information rather than others - for example, a topographic map is more useful in certain situations rather than others.

And I don't know what kind of map Q's map is supposed to be, and it's bugging me. I don't think there is a single system in use, and if there's AI's involved then there is the potential the "key" is not available to any single anon, but must be developed by accumulating together our collective knowledge.

At least, if I were Q, that's how I would do it.

2567be  No.189709


Divination is haram

The truth is not meant to be concealed

64e21b  No.189919


I had a Dark Awakening, 10+ years. I was intuitive as a child, but ((they)) hunted me from the start and crushed that out of me. Rather a fucked up situation really. I didn't really understand what was going on until 2 years ago.

Energy, specifically frequency, is my "thing". It's very important for you to work on keeping yours balanced if you are to help others. Reading a book on energetic boundaries will likely help you. Cyndi Dale might be a good place to start.

Yes, most people aren't really ready to hear what happened. It's pretty fucked up. I, too, am just lurking and occasionally posting for those who are interested. Sometimes I sense another FA or a member of my soul assembly on here and I'll briefly follow up with him/her if they are online. I hope you consider posting more of your ideas here in this thread. It's quiet and I don't think you'll have so much resistance. I've yet to meet anyone who has it "all figured out", but I think the more we talk about it the better we can piece the puzzle together.

64e21b  No.189958


LOL! May lower your IQ but not your sense of humor apparently. I was a model and being Pleiadean I would have to agree with you. Ha!

64e21b  No.190032


Divination is totally acceptable if it is used in the Light. In that case, God, whatever that looks like for each individual, will show only that which is meant to be seen.

I knew a woman who lived in town, but did not know much of her personal life. I was shown that the acquaintance's sister-in-law would die in 6 months time, first week of August. I was also shown that God wanted me to tell this acquaintance so that she might repair the relationship with her sister-in-law as they had had a falling out and were not on speaking terms. The acquaintance was furious with me and told me I was the Devil, yet a few weeks later when her sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was only given a few months to live, she came to me and apologized. She did manage to repair the relationship with her sister before she passed over the first week of August.

We should do as God calls us to do. With knowledge comes responsibility and we must use that knowledge responsibly in our daily lives.

ed7b57  No.190164


These people, in general, are too busy giving themselves titles and declaring themselves ascended. They are not willing to back up and start over, nor are they progressing anywhere except further into samsaric delusion. There is no reason to hand them pearls, they can't recognize them. Within Vajrayana it is actually worse, yogis acting like crabs in a bucket pulling each other down. Ive begun turning away from the "spiritual" community in disgust. If you are an exception, check out the other books posted in that thread. Some very rare stuff. I hope in the future to have reason to post more. Not optimistic about it.

64e21b  No.190233


>The map provides instructions for how to get from point A to point B

Yes, in this plane it takes us from a oligarchy of Satanic pedophiles to a Republic of peoples who live under Universal Law, some might call it Divine Law. In the spirit plane a shift from Darkness to Light. I see the map as being somewhat of a guidebook to the matrix.

>Usefulness in part depends on competency of the individual; maps are not self-evident.

So, true. The map is more complex and offers more insight to those that have begun to awaken. I believe this is the importance of what you say about decompression. We will each relate to the map differently based on our real world experiences as well as those of our soul, specifically relating to our soul's purpose during this Day of Days experience.

>Circularity of maps/reality: map and reality are co-dependent. The map is a part of reality/the territory.

Everything is an illusion. There is really no reality outside of what we create. We draw the map therefore we live the map. Does that make sense?((They)) know this although humanity did not have this knowledge, therefore ((they)) were able to manifest ((their)) reality while humanity sat passively by living in ((their)) creation. Humanity has the power to change this and create a New Beginning in which they are equal players in the manifestation or "game", should they chose to do so.

Time does not exist as we know it. You are correct that there is no single system in use. Our collective consciousness or as you can it collective knowledge is powerful enough to overcome all obstacles. We just all have to learn to access it.

febbfb  No.190293


This woman brought me out of a deep funk. I was on the verge of suicide. Wise far beyond her years, I felt like I should act like her dad while at the same time want to marry her. (Still do. This has been going on for seven years,) I hope she sees the humour in this. Helped me make many positive changes in my life.

77f4c1  No.190341


>posting more of your ideas

Thank you, I will. Once I get going I'm like a torrent so I'm usually more reserved than I need to be, but I think anons here will be able to keep up. I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to explain this, and where to begin.


/cbts/, the collective consciousness decompression telepathy board. Exciting!

Soon anons will learn why we are here. And they will learn it from the world around them.

64e21b  No.191293


I'm glad that she was able to bring you to the Light and that you found a place of Peace. The positive changes in your life are what is most important. If you have benefitted so greatly from the relationship, it is likely that she has, too. Soulmates come and go, but their impact upon us is forever. :)

We will be reunited with our Twin Flames (the other half of our soul) once the New Beginning starts. That's what I'm most excited for. We won't have to wait too much longer.

64e21b  No.191425


I do look forward to you sharing more of your ideas. I sort of get why they don't want us to clutter the main board, but at the same time, in not doing so we miss a big part of the picture. As more awaken, I believe that we'll be welcomed back to the main board for discussions, but it will take some time. We just have to be patient. That said, I'm all for discussing it now with others that are amenable.

I like that: /cbts/, the collective consciousness decompression telepathy board. Exciting!

This has amazing potential!!! When you get a chance, check out a post on halfchan No. 150572862. Read all that anon's posts - I believe there are 11 in total. I was "guided" to them several days after they were posted. I believe you will find them as enlightening as I did. And if you get any insight into this >>22873 >>105831 , please let me know as I am dying of curiosity. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon. Peace be with you!

3401d4  No.191934


i assume you mean this https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/yO4ampvw/

thanks for the steer

i saw that first post at the time but must have left or something and missed the rest

77f4c1  No.192511


I suppose I really don't need to hold back then.

Think of an individual consciousness like you would an atom. On the one hand, the nature of the atom helps it to form certain relations with other atoms. On the other hand, existing in such relations with other atoms can also stabilize that particular atom's form. Remove the atom from its chemical relations, and it might be susceptible to rapid transformation into other forms.

Some atoms are of a nature they form bonds with almost all other elements. And some elements only form bonds with atoms of the same. Some are extremely stable and will retain their individual form for millions of years. Others are extremely unstable and tend to disintegrate as soon as they are formed.

The 20th century first brought certain "spooky" quantum effects into view, such as entanglement.

Imagine you could run some programs making associations from live data of hundreds of millions of Americans. You ran it through intensive machine learning. Eventually you start finding curiously related "coincidences" occurring between people who have no connection to each other. Yet, when one person does one thing, the other person always does the other, as if they are synced to the same thing. They're synced so well, you can even predict what one person is doing simply by observing the other. In fact, you even find you can influence someone by influencing their seemingly entangled counterpart!

Newtonian physics was very much a science of the immediately visible. While telescopes and microscopes augmented the powers of the natural senses, its proof was primarily in what could be directly seen and heard. It was especially focused on three-dimensional, continuous aspects of observable reality. If the Newtonian paradigm were concerned with a phenomenon which presented part of itself at a regular frequency, it would infer - even if it could never observe this reality - that the phenomenon continued out of sight. You even confirm this by arranging for two cases of the phenomenon to interact with each other in a way that your theory predicts will produce an observable effect, and it does. But that does not prove it to be true - the inference was dictated as much by the paradigm.

What anons are trying to do with normies is induct them into a completely new socio-epistemic paradigm. A certain momentum has already been imparted to them by the contrivances of Satan's war machines, it is our task to redirect this psychospiritual energy to new, virtuous ends which will promote human flourishing once more. From the collective anon consciousness a new paradigm will be created that not only rebuts the modern "secular" religion, but subsumes it within a new understanding that restores humanity's spiritual birthright.

To that end we have been gathered. It is our duty to create a knowledge construct to survive the flood. Knowledge to remember we are human through the tribulation ahead.

64e21b  No.197077


You're welcome. Yes, that is what I referenced. It is insightful. The anon is fully awake and I believe he is one of the "Great Ones" for a lack of a better term to describe those who sent to Earth by the Council to help sort this mess out. I was not online at the time, but several nights later I was asleep and my computer fell off the bed, I went to shut it down and another anon posted that he'd read something that spooked him with links to that post. I immediately went to see it as I've learned that there are no coincidences and that's how I came upon it. I sensed immediately that I knew the anon who'd posted it although I don't actually know him.

64e21b  No.197238


Yep. You are indeed the hierophant. Your description of the physics was beautiful. I'm not much of a physicist myself, though I dated one once. I see the same thing but from more of an esoteric point of view. It's all the same really, perhaps just a different vocabulary to express the same ideas to different audiences? Your description would resonate better with most people than mine.

>What anons are trying to do with normies is induct them into a completely new socio-epistemic paradigm. A certain momentum has already been imparted to them by the contrivances of Satan's war machines, it is our task to redirect this psychospiritual energy to new, virtuous ends which will promote human flourishing once more. From the collective anon consciousness a new paradigm will be created that not only rebuts the modern "secular" religion, but subsumes it within a new understanding that restores humanity's spiritual birthright.

>To that end we have been gathered. It is our duty to create a knowledge construct to survive the flood. Knowledge to remember we are human through the tribulation ahead.

This truly shows your brilliance. The indoctrination/brainwashing that all of us have received since birth has created a physical and spiritual environment conducive to the agenda of the Satanic elite families. The only way to truly prevent a global disaster of "flood" proportions is to as you said "redirect this psychospiritual energy to new, virtuous ends." This is precisely why all the ones who are awakened keep talking about LOVE . Everything creates a frequency or vibration - music, our conversations, our reactions to the movies and television we watch, crystals, our religious services. That resulting frequency can be directed toward good or evil and can be harnessed by those who know how to manipulate it. ((They)) know. Up until now, humanity has been clueless.

What I have been "shown" is that the anons here were chosen as their collective consciousness was inherently "autistic" to begin with. Not to be stereotypical, so please do not take offense, but most autists are empathetic, have a very keen sense of justice, see things in a black/white spectrum (think, good vs. evil with little threshold for grey), have a strong moral compass, are generally open-minded and work well each other. Many are also intuitive, whether they realize this or not. I would venture to guess that many are Pleiadeans and Arcturians in spirit or hybrids of those beings in various human forms. I don't sense that there is a lot of pure "human" bloodlines around anymore.

Have you thought at all about how you might convey your message to the anons that don't come to Meta? And since no-one seems to come to Meta that means most anons….lol. I've tried talking about these things and I get blasted from the left, right and center. It seems only spiritual people,(not religious mind you, as they are just as closed to the message from my experience), are willing to entertain these notions.

d5aad1  No.198571

Someone posted yesterday about the “FA”s. I thought they came to this thread, but I’m not seeing anything. Anyone want to offer more insight into this? Are they redeemable? Seems they could be quite the Ally if they realized that humans can be quite awesome and turned their back on who they were.

64e21b  No.199242


We discussed other topics as the other party in here understands the "FA"s. Note, that I can only speak from my own personal situation and understanding of things. I'm not going to talk on behalf of others. The term "FA" is not entirely accurate for a bunch of different reasons, but it seems to best resonate with people due to preconceived ideas based on religious upbringing. So, to answer your questions:

>Are they redeemable?

Firstly, it is important for you to understand that not all "FA" and their descendants are evil. (From here on out I am going to use "FA" meaning the "Fallen Angels", their descendants and their reincarnations for ease of typing.) Chances are you, too, likely have "FA" bloodline coursing through your veins. We are all related. That said, those who seem to have "purer" blood are not always evil. In fact, some "FA" are aligned with the Alliance - the very people who are trying to defeat the Cabal at this time. As to whether or not the "FA" aligned with the Cabal can be redeemed, I'm not sure. I believe that they must be stopped before they institute their diabolic plans to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. I believe that they must be punished, but I think it will be up to, let's call it a Higher Power, to determine how that will be executed so as to prevent them from returning to do this sort of thing again.

>Seems they could be quite the Ally if they realized that humans can be quite awesome and turned their back on who they were.

Yes, those "FA" who follow the Light path are humanity's greatest allies along with many others who have come. Were it not for them, humanity would all be fucked. This endeavor to take out the Cabal would probably not be possible without their assistance. As for the "FA" that follow the Dark path. They are only allies to their fellow family who take the Dark path and those humans that serve their purposes as long as they are useful. The "FA" that follow the Dark path hunt those "FA" that have chosen to follow the Light, especially those who have come to assist humanity in releasing the chains of bondage. ((They)) have not been kind at all.

>Anyone want to offer more insight into this?

What more do you want to know?

66b836  No.199540


Thank you. It is something that has had my attention off and on for years. Anything else you or anyone else has to say is greatly appreciated. I think there are many converging and joining together in this fight, and this is coming from a “cave dweller”.

Sometimes it takes a wolf to bring down a wolf…..

64e21b  No.199590


You're welcome. Yes, this is a great time in history to be alive here. "Humans" and "non-Humans" have come together and are engaged in an epic battle between Good and Evil. We will win, but it is going to take time and all of us have some important lessons to learn along the way. The most important of which is that we have to learn to love one another. If you have further questions, feel free to check back as I come here often. Blessed be, anon.

77f4c1  No.200343


Right now I'm being selective. A new vehicle of consciousness is a lot like a party. If you can persuade a few of the most outgoing people to come to your party, then others will naturally follow. I've also arranged some help from higher powers.

Those selected will know they've been chosen. It'll hit them over the head like a hammer dropped from a very great height. I am seeking peacemakers ready to heal a sick world.

We don't need more fire or destruction or hate. We need creation and light and love.

The world is a more beautiful and wondrous place than Satan's evil can corrupt.

febbfb  No.203422


Just got a shipment of t-shirts, I ordered two in my size, but one is smaller. Her size. Saving it. (I used to give her shirts. There are no coincidences.)



Oh, I have stories. LOL


Ragnarok? I believe I have one of these FA bloodlines and have tried to work for good, although I doubt Arsenal or Manchester City would even have me as a water boy.

11f21a  No.203794

File: fb65a7efcf13f4b⋯.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2448x2396, 612:599, FA0F6C9E-A167-4973-97A8-4….jpeg)

File: 4c4fd5efbbba8ec⋯.jpeg (1.85 MB, 2115x3109, 2115:3109, B1403D22-DC6C-458B-81FF-E….jpeg)

File: 7a8584de85f9e72⋯.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2001x3263, 2001:3263, CC2498A2-678E-4584-AD10-A….jpeg)

File: e3b3c61275e56a3⋯.jpeg (1.98 MB, 2142x3151, 2142:3151, DE891BEF-FB21-4D2F-B164-1….jpeg)

Here are some excerpts from the book “Talmud Jimmanuel” by Judas Ischkerioth. It’s supposed to be the real version of the “New Testament”/ teaching of Jesus aka Immanuel before it was changed/corrupted over thousands of yrs.


77f4c1  No.204310


>Oh, I have stories. LOL

Do tell.

497314  No.212243


Running into people in random places where we had no idea each other was there, but having it feel totally normal. "Oh, you're here! Nice to see you again."

Three happened this summer. Can't really expand on the details.

64e21b  No.217572


>Just got a shipment of t-shirts, I ordered two in my size, but one is smaller. Her size. Saving it. (I used to give her shirts. There are no coincidences.)

No, there are no coincidences. Just indications or miracles to guide us on our path. I'm waiting for mine, too. I've never met him, but I saw a picture of him once. I knitted him a scarf last winter and have hauled it across the country ever since waiting to give it to him. I don't think it will be too much longer that we must wait. :)

c96eaf  No.217661

File: 3a770b469504713⋯.gif (114.42 KB, 404x444, 101:111, doctorwhoscarf.gif)


What if he keeps regenerating? How will you know what he looks like?

3401d4  No.218992

somebody posted this link back on the 4chan threads early november

i like to check back every few days to see the latest update

https:// gaiaportal.wordpress.com/

64e21b  No.220311


Thanks for that! Hopefully I am in the foreigners to be released category. Praying!!!

64e21b  No.220335


Hi! Sorry I didn't get back on here sooner. Real life, it does happen. I think it's good to have that perspective. I have a few friends and family that have come to accept things as they really are, but for all of us it took some freaky shit to happen before we got to that point. All of us, in our own ways, fought it for some period of time.

My sis is a healer and I shared your post with her. She's pretty awake already, but I think the clarity of your message helped her understand from a logical perspective what I'd been trying to convey in more esoteric terms. Did the same with my hierophant buddy. He's still not that awake, though, I am afraid. Anyway, you are absolutely on point with this:

>We don't need more fire or destruction or hate. We need creation and light and love.

The world is a more beautiful and wondrous place than Satan's evil can corrupt.

God couldn't have put it better Himself. You are truly Divinely inspired. Thanks for sharing, anon.

3401d4  No.220811


maybe you are

it sounds like people with a greater role to play are awakening to it also

the person that posted it asked which one we (in /cbts/ threads at that time) were

my thoughts were either stellar nuclears or telepaths

77f4c1  No.220819

File: d8d59b7e374a2c9⋯.jpg (315.86 KB, 1581x900, 527:300, Jonah_eaten.jpg)


Thank you. Though I do feel God could have chosen someone better for this. I keep feeling the call to lead, but I am reluctant to do so.

I will be honest. What I would like to say is "Fuck you God, these people treated me like shit my whole life - NOW you want me to be the one to give them what they need?"

I'm going to pray on this. If other anons have prayer traditions or something similar, it would be appreciated.

3401d4  No.220921


this guy's blog post may be of some comfort to you, anon

https:// zingdad.com/blog/217-adamu-why-is-the-next-release-taking-so-long

your early posts were very insightful by the way

you will find those you are meant to help when it's time

77f4c1  No.221019


Deep down, this is what motivates me in everything I do. It is the most important thing I know. It is a truth known to many before, but it seems - especially in our materialistic age - nearly everyone has forgotten this.

The truth is this - we are all created of the same eternal spirit. The material vessels of this spirit might pass away, but it is the same spirit regenerating itself in each new form. The world we leave for ourselves is one of the most important aspects of existence, and neglecting this reality leads people towards vices condemning themselves to untold generations of suffering. Whatever we create with our lifetimes will be inherited by our future selves. Many people live as though whatever is left after they die is something they won't have to deal with - how terrible for them!

Something motivating me in this lifetime is preparing materials in order that, after my death, I will be able to remember this truth in my next lifetime. This is not the first lifetime I have known this truth, as it is a truth reflected by many great religions. In that sense I am not trying to accomplish anything new. What concerns me is renewing this knowledge. And the renewal of this knowledge requires more than simply writing it down. This knowledge is more than an idea, it indicates a purpose, a meaning, a telos to our lifetimes. It is knowledge putting everything we do in perspective.

There are some people who have afflicted me terribly. I forgive them. My burden is greater than their hatred. This burden is also freeing. I know my life purpose. I know why I have been given the gifts I have.

Consider this a New Year's resolution. I will pursue this purpose above all other things.


Thank you for your link. It is very helpful in setting aside some of my worries.

277966  No.226083


"The Biblical Case for Lilith"

"Job 3:8 implies that the Serpent Leviathan is especially suited for instigating abortions of fetuses. This matches a critical feature of Lilith in Isaiah 34, which intimates that she is a slayer of children. This also matches a key feature of Lilith’s legend, namely that she is a danger to pregnant women in childbirth."

Without the story of Lilith, it's difficult to see why people abuse children - it's not meta so much as most Christians have no idea that she's considered to be Adam's first wife. Considering the Vatican decided which books were canonical/legit, they left out other books (and are in possession of texts) that hide truth from us…that explain that Lilith is a child murderer, etc. I'm just learning about this myself, just thought I'd share.

64e21b  No.226412


Yes, that's a pretty good speculation. I would say the autists in cbts are either star seeds or telepaths that can access the collective consciousness.

Looks like that ascension is to take place today (the 1st) so let's see what happens.

64e21b  No.226460


Yeah, I have those days, too, anon. Some days I really wonder why if God wanted me to help these people did he send so many shitty ones to cross my path. It does sometimes boggle my mind as I really have not been impressed with humanity. Most are mean. Then, however, I do reflect on the few good people I've encountered along my path, many anons here and the good work they've done, and it does somewhat mitigate my disgust with humanity. It is worth fighting for those few good ones, and for all children, and if others benefit so be it. I'll let God sort it out.

I think just as in the case of healers where the best ones are those that have had to heal horrific personal wounds, the best leaders are those that have had to struggle along the way. Those are the individuals that truly have the faith and perseverance to see us all through this. A man's character is truly tested when SHTF. Lesser men wimp out.

64e21b  No.226593



>The truth is this - we are all created of the same eternal spirit. The material vessels of this spirit might pass away, but it is the same spirit regenerating itself in each new form. The world we leave for ourselves is one of the most important aspects of existence, and neglecting this reality leads people towards vices condemning themselves to untold generations of suffering. Whatever we create with our lifetimes will be inherited by our future selves. Many people live as though whatever is left after they die is something they won't have to deal with - how terrible for them!

Yes, so true. I had always been skeptical, but curious, about reincarnation until I started a "crash course" in awakening about three years ago after years of a Dark Awakening. About a year ago, I had a vision while meditating that I had previously had a conversation with X during a previous existence. I finally got up the courage to google X and found that he was a psychic in the early 1900s. I was a little shocked to say the least, but wrote it off. I later "heard" voices that I had talked to X as Y, my Spiritual name. I googled that and actually found the reading. In the reading I'd told X that I'd be coming in the future to America to help rid this place from Evil. It really freaked me out at first, but made me realize that we do come back and that we can manifest our returns in some way.

This recently got me thinking in terms of the bloodlines. ((They)) clearly have this knowledge and, I believe, this is what drives ((their)) agenda. ((They)) don't care about other's sufferings, but rather they want to prepare ((their)) own way for the future. Hence, ((their)) goal to amass wealth and marry within ((their)) bloodlines, keeping power amongst ((themselves)), etc. ((They)) aren't so concerned about ((their)) children or ((their)) children's children as it is ((they)) know that ((they)) themselves will return as those children or grandchildren. Yes, I know it is a bit of a stretch to wrap one's mind around it, but I'm starting to think that this might be what is going on. Call me crazy, if you like, it won't be the first time, nor probably the last.

0d91fb  No.245443


i haven't had any visions or anything but i've been sleeping very well lately and remembering much more of my dreams when i wake up

a04016  No.245858

Hello TI from last Q bread

e7be68  No.245873


That's awesome, anon! A lot of what we do in our sleep is actually connecting to our "souls". We can remember our past lives in dreams as well as see future events. It's also a great time for travel. I've had a few really crazy experiences with that. It's an interesting experience. As the frequency continues to raise, we'll be so much more able to access these "hidden" aspects of our selves. I'm really looking forward to it.

e7be68  No.245876


e7be68  No.245881


So, what would you like to know?

e7be68  No.245920


This was to have gone to you >>245876

a04016  No.245922

a04016  No.245930

Hi just wondering what program you may have heard about

a04016  No.245936

HeyHi just wondering what >>245922

program you may have heard about

0d91fb  No.245947


yes, i attribute it to the rising frequency as well as maybe being able to still my mind better after starting to meditate

e7be68  No.245949


There are a number of them. I was born this way.

e7be68  No.245959


It is the frequency. It plays a significant role. That's kind of my thing, frequency, I feel it in everything. It's been spiking a lot of late.

a04016  No.245975

>>245949 I think there is an innate component. Also techniques to unfold and develop an ability but I think it is dangerous.

e7be68  No.245979


Stargate was one of the big ones for the clowns. MKUltra is another. This video is an interview with one of the early trainees for Stargate, former military. There are other videos featuring him as well as others on this particular site. A lot of the early studies were out of Stanford.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S8L4ZHGjQE

a04016  No.245988


I am very familiar and hence why I say dangerous. Not for me.

e7be68  No.245997


Well, I don't think it's necessarily dangerous. It depends on how it is used. I've seen missing children found using remote viewing and I must say that finding kidnapped/missing children is always a blessing for humanity. The way that ((they)) wish to use it, for evil, definitely a bad thing.

e7be68  No.246015


Ah, yes, I didn't get that you were aware of ((their)) uses. I do concur with you that it should only be used for the purposes of benefiting humanity. Just like everything else spiritual, ((they)) have warped and twisted God's gifts to suit the needs and agenda of ((their)) sick cult.

0d91fb  No.246018


i'm also looking forward to awakening more and tapping into my akashic record

e7be68  No.246025

So, were you the one inquiring about the Bloodlines and its correlation to TIs or was that another anon?

a04016  No.246028

>>245997 RV is one level perhaps not dangerous but it can be hard on people without a compass let’s say. Then level above that …only very special people are going to do that safely.

b8d861  No.246029

5. "When you pray, you shall call upon the omnipotence of the spirit and not babble misleading nonsense like the idol worshippers, the ignorant and the selfish, because they think they are heard when they use many words.

6. "The Creation-spirit part of the human has no need for many words, however humans need the knowledge of how powerful it is.

7. "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that its greatness and power are infinite.

8. "If you do not know how to pray directly to the almighty power of the spirit, make use of something sacred by which you can reach the spirit.

9. "But be never like the ignorant, the hypocrites, the idol worshippers and the selfish, who worship something sacred in the belief that the omnipotence of the spirit dwells in it.

10. "Be aware, however, that the almighty power of the spirit always

dwells within you regardless of your usage of a sacred object or place.

11. "Therefore pray as one who knows; thus you should pray as follows:

12. "My spirit, you exist within omnipotence.

13. "May your name be holy.

14. "May your kingdom incarnate itself within me.

15. "May your power unfold itself within me, on Earth and in the heavens.

16. "Give me today my daily bread, that I may recognize my wrongdoings and the truth.

17. "And lead me not into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from error.

18. "For yours is the kingdom within me and the power and the knowledge forever. Amen.

19. "When you pray to your spirit, it will give you what you request; have trust in this knowledge and you will receive.

Talmud of Jmmanuel - 4th Edition

e7be68  No.246038


Yes, me, too. I've been shown that once things shift more toward the life I will reconnect with my twin flame and at that time I shall remember more of the past. I have seen some past lives, but only snippets and they lack clarity. I see the future more often. I read others sometimes. That can be a blessing and a curse depending how awake they are to receive the message.

a04016  No.246051


Never seen that, seems an amalgamation of a synoptic Gospel framework and some novel translation? Meaning shifted entirely.

e7be68  No.246053

RV is one level, but honestly, they are really all kind of on the same level. If you do one, you can usually do them all to some degree. There are basically four types of "intuition", some people are just stronger at one type than another.

0d91fb  No.246063


sounds very exciting, anon

good times ahead

a04016  No.246067


Information stuff is level 1. Traveling is level 2.

b8d861  No.246085


This ^^^. We each have our own storage banks where we store knowledge, wisdom, etc. on a vibrational level during each life time.

e7be68  No.246086


I've not read that before, but it is an interesting look at the big picture. I kind of have a "fucked up" spirituality in the sense that I am a quasi-Buddhist, who talks to Jesus and believes he's returning soon. I think Buddha was a prophet that "God" is Love and has both male and female aspects. My view is probably a bit out of the box for most, but I think we all have to decide for ourselves what our spirituality looks like.

e7be68  No.246098


We do have a very exciting potential future ahead. I say potential as what I'm shown is that there may be some difficulties in people adapting to the changes. It may be get difficult before it gets better, but there will be Divine intervention if it gets too out of hand.

e7be68  No.246107


Yes, most can only access the knowledge, wisdom of the current lifetime, but upon awakening we are able to access that of our current life, past lives, and the consciousness of others. It's pretty spectacular. :)

e7be68  No.246116


I don't know about that. I have a friend that cannot "read" or access the information yet, but she does travel. For me, it was the reverse. I think it varies for different people. We all came here with different "missions" or soul's purposes, thus each of our paths are different.

e7be68  No.246155

I'm checking out for the night, but will be back again tomorrow. Much Love and Light to each of you. God bless!

0d91fb  No.246164


i imagine the veil of lies being pulled back is going to be a shock for most

does your sense of the frequency pick up on things like mass meditation events? like you feel it when there is more or less light?

80a180  No.246170

How are ti's chosen?

b8d861  No.246225


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The following are my thoughts most of which were formed from “The Spiritual Teaching” by Billy Meier & the Plejaren.

Thoughts on god/creation

There is no god or some imaginary person up in the sky that's making things happen or not happen for you, Yes there is an order to things and there is a reason why things happen and that reason is cause and effect, the universal law of causality. People need to start taking more self responsibility for their lives and realize that everything is up to them and in their control (through their thoughts, feelings, and actions) and not in the hands of some imaginary person in the sky. If humans learn to control our thoughts it would go a long way to helping humanity on planet earth to reach a much higher level of peace and harmony with themselves and nature… thoughts lead to feelings those feelings lead to emotions and actions so once we learn to control our thoughts we can learn to control our feelings emotions and actions. There is great might in our thoughts.

"God" is the Creation, universal spiritual energy, the universal consciousness, that animates all life in this universe. Our spirit forms are a fraction of this creational energy and this fraction of energy animates our material consciousness/personality when it enters the brain on the 21st day thus causing the heart to start beating, but it does not have its own consciousness only an evolutive consciousness whereby after every life your spirit gains knowledge wisdom harmony and love etc. through countless incarnations in the material world. Eventually this fraction of creational energy, once it has evolved and gained enough knowledge wisdom etc. (around 60-80 billion years) it will stop incarnating in a material body but continue to add knowledge in the fine material realm then eventually merge back into the universal consciousness, the universal creational energy, thus helping the creation to slowly involve itself to a higher level. One evolves their spirit by evolving their material consciousness by gaining knowlege, wisdom, etc. through lives in the material realm.

-All human beings are equal because our spirit forms, which animate our consciousness and physical bodies, are all a piece of the same whole (the Creation). All races and genders, sexual orientations, etc. are equal because they are all humans. No one race is better than the other. Until humans of Earth realize this, oneness/peace/harmony on Earth isn't achievable.

For more on the Creation, storage banks, etc. check out the FIGU Canada youtube channel.

b8d861  No.246451

File: b647915edaf17b1⋯.jpeg (856.86 KB, 1472x2134, 736:1067, 7E5E581D-118E-4F3C-B5B5-2….jpeg)


It’s supposedly a translation of the real New Testament, teaching of Jesus aka ‘teaching of the prophets’ whose real name was Immanuel. It was written on a scroll in Old Aramaic and discovered by Billy Meier and Isa Rashid in 1963 (Isa and his family were killed in southern Lebanon in 1974).

311bc9  No.247404

I understand why evil people would target a whistleblower, but killing them seems more logical rather than watching them suffer.

My question is how are other Targeted Individuals chosen? It was hinted in the thread last night that they are singled out for being born with certain telepathic powers and or bloodlines. Well then who is doing the targeting? What exactly are they trying to accomplish? And how do they know who has what bloodlines or telepathic powers to begin with?

f3b97b  No.247719



Tho Billy Meier is fucking weird. He claims h