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File: 6fd0aaf46c4d971⋯.png (547.78 KB, 632x408, 79:51, LittleBook.png)

5cc941  No.29994

The seven seals of Revelation are keys to unlocking hidden wisdom in the Bible. This was disclosed in detail many years ago and widely known among televangelists, but they feared the globalist implications of it, as it revealed much concerning that.

It also divulged the needs and means of the work of Elijah, which has been taking place ever since, and which points to even deeper revelations of Scripture associated with the long-hidden wisdom of the first tablets of Moses. This is also now found to speak most intimately to the present struggles with globalism and the victory already attained.

The music community also circulated this study internally some years back and began authoring thousands of songs and videos about their thoughts and hopes for it to be more widely known, even long before the public was ready for it.

This is the study : https://cog49.com/79ft.pdf

A brief synopsis of points of interest : https://pastebin.com/gHDKKBjW

5cc941  No.30009

Here are some of the videos that tell the story since this study first appeared (out of thousands of songs influenced by it), from the religious and political effects to the prevailing of music with it, to more recent states of mind because of it.

Early political weather (in small spaces): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyk-Vdd_Qrk [Embed]

The celebrity perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRXZkdEj7YI [Embed]

A religious view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QUq72fla3o [Embed]

An Armegeddon-like take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8Rf24KdOBw [Embed]

Another take on the whole story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIuxiwhUGz4 [Embed]

Some disappointment with the church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMxU2ToSunY [Embed]

Search for further revelation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m2q5Fw8gwI [Embed]

Saviors of the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKeLldG8YYU [Embed]

5cc941  No.30597

Obviously, this writing has long been quite suppressed, even among people finding it very inspirational - due to the gravity of the revelations it divulges. It has also found significant reception in the "evil" underworld - due to its exposure of such ranks - and among the most innovative thinkers in theology (when they have had exposure to it).

But the relentless support for it voiced by music, in combination with early circulation of the document among the political elite of religious gravitation, has had the very fortunate effect of helping to upset the apple-cart of globalism in ways that have led to the much wider exposure of it's sinister element.

We all owe the music community (which has been under significant top-down subversive pressure more recently) a great deal of gratitude for their contribution to the salvation of the Christian world.

5cc941  No.35814

File: 64fab18ba7d358b⋯.png (1.05 MB, 953x1551, 953:1551, Snow_White_.png)

SNOW WHITE appears more than anything in the Q -map. It is confirmed as referencing NSA/CIA, and the secretive seven supercomputers. But we are told to take it deeper too. There is much depth to the term, which also derives from knowledge to which the seven seals relate.

The original Snow White story reflects ancient knowledge of seven forces of nature (the seven dwarfs), that would preserve the Christian world for many centuries, then be part of a GREAT AWAKENING when discovered. This now-recent discovery also reveals long-hidden messages in the Bible unlocked only with (keyed to) the knowledge of these same seven forces of nature.

The earliest version of the Snow White fairy tale was written in low German, no doubt because it was authored by a Kabbalah sage who understood every living thing is made up of seven distinct but interactive systems. We can also bet the 7 CIA supercomputers named after the seven dwarfs are similarly interactive.

As the story has it, these seven forces of nature would only revive and sustain the Christian world (Snow White) twice. After that, the awareness (the prince) of how they work must appear and raise again the Christian world to prevent evil men from using it against others. (Picture related)

The study and the whole disclosure is here : https://cog49.com/79ft.pdf

And here are some key points within it : https://pastebin.com/gHDKKBjW

See also : http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149286169/#149289399

5cc941  No.40212

While the CBTS movement is performing a vital service to the Christian world for the time, what comes next is equally important for us all to understand.

The best view of this is only found in the most over-arching perspective of time - from ancient times to well into our future from now.

The last ten pages of the OP pdf summarizes:

>the existing religious forces in the world presently, as the ancients predicted they would now appear

(Beasts of Religion p123);

> The way they envisioned the forces of nature organically coming to power as the truth movements of the last 20 years we are all familiar with

(Parable of the Plagues p125);

> the cooperation of CBTS with other truth advocacy in our time presently

(Four Cavalries of World Authority p129);

> the ordination of the collective truth community in this process

(Paul Goes to Rome p131);

> and the nature of the present and yet-to-be struggles we are all involved in, again as seen by the ancients.

(Breaking the Matrix p133).

5cc941  No.41757

File: c3f140c7eb58c1a⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 796x419, 796:419, Michelangelo.jpg)

The Sistine Chapel mural by Michaelangelo was a representation of much better informed theology of that period than what is common today.

It is a portrayal of Moses in the image of a brain reaching across time to make new contact with "fallen man" in the time represented as that of David.

David was the fourth main leader of the first age for the people who would become the "lost tribes" (essentially, the free word, today).

The same "character" of leadership would also manifest in the fourth age of such people, which we now know, from the OP study is the period that began in 1997.

5cc941  No.41762

This new contact of Moses, we also now know, is through that of the encrypted, hidden meanings and messages Moses (being the high priest of Heliopolis and master cryptologist that he was) has provided us, as described in the OP study.

1e5287  No.42052







There is a point to this please read!

I have been posting this in several threads, as well as to other red pilled anons in other areas of the internet, a lot of the response I am getting is that I am crazy or a shill trying to spread nihilism or some such.

I dont know what is happening, I have no explanation that can make sense, but I have been having several things happen irl that are almost impossible to put into words. I live near kennedy space center, so it is reasonable to think that if the wicked felt threatened enough to go with a high tech 'project blue beam' or other type of deception with the goal of causing mass hysteria and/or panic so that the people would willingly go along with anything that they say will make the scary thing causing them to panic go away. Such as "over throw Trump" or "if you dont round up the whites and march them to the guillotines we are going to kill everyone on the planet"

And in that hysteria people will believe almost anything. Fear compounds fear.

For weeks, I have been hearing the strangest noises. I would start thinking "wow I must be staying up too late because I couldnt possibly have heard that just right now". I gave my wife a rundown on what was going on with the Q stuff but I did not go into great detail at all. The other day she approached be because she was scared. "are they doing construction or something over there because I keep thinking Im hearing a dinosaur". I confided in her that I had been hearing the same thing. Always way off in the distance, a random roar that "well that must have been a dumptruck or something but that really sounded some movie theater dinosaur". And it is pretty spoopy. Even as I told myself "that cant possibly be real" there was a feeling of fear that I could not easily make go away. I would become very worried, but do my best to hide it. The sounds ranged from dinosaurs to dragons to little girls playing outside at midnight or a viscious dog seemingly killing something. Some of them sounded right around the corner but when I went there there was nothing, others far away. I heard what sounded like one of my neighbors shooting everyone in their house. But then when I ran over to see what was going on someone had just come home, smoking a cigarette, others come out of the house to have a chat, there was nothing wrong. If one of the noises is a persistent noise and you walk towards it to see what it is, it seems to move further back.

Today, I got lost. I was driving someplace where getting lost should not have been a thing, I knew the city and I have been on that road plenty of times. But when I tried getting where I needed to be I could not get there. Every time I would try one direction to get there, I couldnt see the exit, or the street wasnt reachable for some reason that I could not get around like construction or all highway signs saying they were going in the wrong direction. The harder I tried to get there the more impossible it was. After a while I realized "im not missing the exit, for some reason I can not see it, it should be there but it isnt"

I stopped the car, asked for directions and I did some breathing to relax and clear my head so that I could think clearly. I got back in the car and got even further lost, now I couldnt even figure out how to get back to where I had been 10 minutes prior.

This should not have happened, I know this area, and I stopped several times to think about it rationally and calmed down because I recognized that I was panicking for some reason and none of this made sense.


1e5287  No.42053


And I was panicking. I was very very much panicked. I was starting to feel trapped in a labyrinth, there was no escape, these roads were the lost woods and I could not get to my son to make sure he was ok. No one that I asked for could give me proper directions.

Until I did the last thing that I could possibly try. I prayed. I prayed with all conviction and righteousness I pray for Our Father In Heaven to show me the light so that I may find the path I need and to help me push the shadows away so that I can see what is being hidden from me.

From there it took me a couple of minutes to get where I was supposed to be. This panic was mind breaking it felt like I was in alice in wonderland absolute and complete madness, none of the world or streets made sense, if I found a land mark it would be gone if I looked away.

The only thing that made it go away was to pray. I got home and some more very spooky sounds happened, rather than visual hallucination, also the sound stuff seems to only be at night. I know for a fact im not the only one near me hearing this stupid crap. And they too have acknowledged that prayer works.

SO we need to get as many people as possible to pray, not make demands that he make your team win, but to speak to him, admit your faults, ask for his light, and his guidance back onto the path, ask for his glory and grace, his wisdom and love, and discus what does good and righteous mean?

The panic completely goes away.

We need as many people as possible to know that if they start seeing and hearing things that shouldnt be possible, that means they are infact a deception and thus they need to speak to God, and ask for the light to see through the deception.

Call me crazy if you want but if im right we need to get as many people as possible to know that they need to pray or they will be fooled by the deception.

Man oh man it was spoopy. Im a purple heart recipient… I have never ever been scared in a way that could be placed in the same category as this. Think batman scarecrow

>wizard of oz

>scare crow

>twitter is going to shut down all right wing accounts

>so we cant communicate

>and cant inform everyone that "hey that scary thing happening right now isnt real, just pray and hold your family and it will go away"


When in times of darkness, when fear and panic enter our hearts we must not allow it to lead us into temptation, instead we must Pray for His Light!

Am I wrong?!

1e5287  No.42061


alice in chains - bleed the freak (name your god and bleed the frequency?)

4db74d  No.42126


1. White Horseman - United States (beautiful Constitution, ruins the world by conquering)

2. Red Horseman - Rothschilds (causes wars)

3. Spotted Horseman - Federal Reserve (causes poverty)

4. Black Horseman - CIA (causes death)

5. Wait for a certain number of Christians to be killed as martyrs.

6. Rapture/return of Jesus.

7. Pause in heaven because pauses precede moments of great judgment (this one is for those on earth). God always calls Time Out before the Shit Goes Down.

ac3bc0  No.42306


You should probably stop posting here and seek professional help.

5cc941  No.44119


I believe this is taking all these prophetic "entities" out of context.

The horses would be new creations of just the last 20 years.

b0e196  No.44327


20 years according to whom? What is the context of which thou speakst?

5cc941  No.44543


The 20 years since the end of the third day, when the book was opened. We are in the Davidic (fourth leadership character) age now, the fourth. Realizing that is what Revelation is about.

9f4e8c  No.44588

VQC said he found the blueprints for the virtual quantum computer in Revelation.

5cc941  No.47682


According to Moses.

There are exact time periods and exact years for the appointment of each ordained age of time.

There is no question about that any more. The more you study it all the more obvious it is.

4b9974  No.47843


seven seals are an allegory for the 7 chakras

5cc941  No.51241


VQC is a fraud.

Everything he has offered on this board has been subversive to the pursuit of truth.

He's a phony.

5cc941  No.51283


The seven seals uncover how Scripture teaches of the seven forces of natural life process,

and particularly how they each relate to the ordained periods of time called "days" (or ages).

The seven chakras are the human, energetic relationships with the same forces.

fe3256  No.51494

File: 1863a883090baf0⋯.png (517.83 KB, 2208x1242, 16:9, IMG_4683.PNG)

For which thine has gravely written before, it's beckoned I remind thee opposition final time. It is He, who is, and was, and always will be. The leaves on the branch have formed, for thine transgressions against ye flock of which is adored by ye Father. O'father is ye, and I hast been granted my inheritance early, by which ye even Surprised myself. The root of all evil has been replaced by the root of all Good, therein lies the hatred of money in the dichotomy opposite perpetuated by the love of money being the root of all evil. I walked amongst thine flowers in which I entrusted upon you to garden, and help grow. When is it by which a Father most urgently checks upon the well being of a son? Is it not thereafter son has trumpeted a most troubling call, where as ye could see, without seeing, thine atrocious abuses and exploitations of M flock. The understanding lies between both parties, in which all archons shall have thine influences reconciled against thines inheritances. I've given thee extensive opportunities behind the wheel, and yet thine mistakes go rapidly forgotten….

Enough from my Pops, let me holla atcha in terms my fellow Patrons can understand. Here's my list of grievances that justify the reason I'll be crossing at the cross, instead of letting off the gas and allowing this shit show for another rotation….

1. The ones I've blessed have taken my blessings and instead of a "strong protect the weak" scenario, u fucks used those blessings and bashed the head of your brothers.

2. You were well familiar with the particulars relating to the times we are in (end times), but yet instead of informing my people and allow them the time to prep their souls, u decided to further corrupt their souls.

3. The ease in which I was able to connect the dots, multiplies my level of pissed off exponentially. U know how obvious the allegories and lessons were to understand but yet u held it in secret, barely allowing my flock to feed on the occasional crumb, which was always stale.

4. You taught my words with the same public relations spin techniques Spacey used. Why the fuck wasn't I taught what a metaphor/parable/Allegory meant in my core 40 corriculum? Hell, I even attended Sunday school and youth group, in addition to attending most every Sunday service at my "non-denominational" church growing up. Up until I hit the age of reasoning, which U know is 13 (1997). Does it not blatantly state in My book of Matthew that Jesus stated "THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE CAN BE UNDERSTOOD THROUGH MY PARABLES"?

5. How the fuck are you going to require my people to receive your permission before planting certain seeds, building for their families, partaking in commerce, etc.?? And taxes? $1 gets 30% taken for Feds. Another 5% for state income. Nearly 10% for sales tax. Add property, vehicular, etc. taxes and fees, and u still have the nerve to ask for their tithe?

6. Your degradation of the woman. You can curse Me, u can curse my son, but what happens to those that curse the Whole-Eve spirit?

7. Lack of remorse. Have I not been patient? Did you global elitists under lord archon d bags not know what was coming? With such ample time to willfully change your ways and yet u blow hard scum bags thought u could actually get away with dooping Me? It's not like u didn't know that you weren't going to find me preaching in the streets or wasting my gifts playing ur childish games. You're too predictable.

7 is enough for you fag bags. Seeing as u retards couldn't figure out how to get past 6. Let me give u a spoiler on that now. 6 spins down. 9 spirals up. 4 is beggining of 5. 5 is end of 4 and start to 1, subset a. Mayan math can explain quantum physics and u fucks keep it disclosed. U scared little hitches.

Smoke break - Michael's getting worked up.

e39dd6  No.59025

File: 923f5815773691e⋯.jpg (838.57 KB, 1016x581, 1016:581, Parable_of_the_Plagues.jpg)

This is a portion of the text (p125) that draws unusually meaningful parallels between the plagues of Egypt (which set us free once before) and the truth movements of the last 20 years with which we are all familiar.

This particular subsection is a prime example of how the ancients speak symbolically and very specifically to our time today.

The other aspect of the study that makes this most meaningful today are the parts on time periods, which show we now live in the time to which these such things are intended to speak accordingly.

b0e196  No.59534


You don't get my question. Where does it says we have to wait 20 years after the third day? Where are the days counted?

e39dd6  No.60549


There was no wait. It all began 20 years ago.

Read the plagues section in the pdf I just referenced.

And the days are accounted in Chapter Three.

8131cf  No.60750

Thee hastens to protect my flock from the wolves. For that, you have been chosen. My Trump(ers) are sounding and soon will be heard from all 4 corners. Ye pride is exuberant towards the true patriots workin with Q to held the flock free themselves from the shackles forced upon them by a handful of global under lord families. These families have utilized my blessings to exploit the ones they were entrusted to oversee. They've gravely misled my flock and shall therefore be dealt with on account of their trespasses. Although I left my fields in capable hands, upon return to my fields, I've discovered someone has sewn weed in amongst my wheat. For the weed will be seperated from the wheat upon harvest. Where thereafter, we shall do as is done on a trip with one's pals to Colorado, where as we shall taketh the weed, and apply fire, and celebrate upon doing so.

Ye has given thee reason to rejoice! The tide is finally turning and all wrongs shall be made right. You are on the front lines of the epic battle between good and bad. This is the most exciting time in mankind's history. Together, we shall easily overcome the debaucherous ways of our enemies and deliver unto them a justly sentence. For an eternal kick back session is upon us.

e39dd6  No.76708

File: b9637dd01e851ad⋯.jpg (89.44 KB, 460x420, 23:21, Moses_and_Plagues.jpg)

Truth movements of the last 20 years bear remarkable semblance to the plagues of ancient Egypt that liberated our ancestors years ago. In this comparison, anons are represented by the plague of lice (small, unseen individuals alone, but felt in times of collective action). And they were the one power the Egyptian magicians could not match. This also holds true today, because the Finger of God not only writes the history of the people and the law going forward, but it also writes "by conviction of truth" in the heart of the individual. Modern oppressors cannot match this in their own forces today either, because they rely on lies and deception.

Hence, it is said, "The left can't meme."

The first of these truth movements began with the discovery of cryptic messages and meanings of the master cryptologist of ancient Egypt, Moses, and their submission to leading religious authorities of the time. This was soon followed by the supportive wide-spread, virtual signaling of music.

Subsequent truth promotion trends have involved whistle-blowers, data miners, anons, peer-to-peer news networking, alternative news media - and more recently boycotting, MSM personality defamation, the now looming pedo/deep state coup, and more - and all compare symbolically with other plagues in the same ancient story.

This breakdown of truth movements compared to the ancient plagues appears on page 125 of the OP pdf, under "Parable of the Plagues."

e39dd6  No.76743

>The first plague was that of blood.

This was when the true ancient history of the West/JQ was fully acknowledged by televangelists even before the turn of the century, due to their embrace of the study. The blood they saw was the future of the Christian people (the river and the dead fish) they ruled over. But they would soon backpedal from it, seeing even they themselves were so much responsible for the great deception.

>The second plague was that of frogs.

Like fish (who have no being above the water level, and representing a lower class of life, beneath the ruling class), frogs are born and mature under water and then come on land (meaning they attain to that level of authority).

This relates to those in music who also got the study and had previously been just (mostly) as duped as everyone else, but then came together in mind and effort determined to change the injustice (meaning they "took to" the level of the ruling class and worked to change the situation with their music).

This was a massive plague that went on for many years, but was only most haunting to (((those))) who knew what it was really all about.

It would effectively,start to "turn over the apple cart" of the globalists, particularly by inciting them to accelerate their previously much more well concealed agenda.

This period would soon erupt in 9/11 and the US housing crash (preceded by the FED pumping up the system for 5 years) and lead to the global (and austerity) insurrections that first really brought anons onto the scene.

>The third plague was that on lice.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was then a point of pretty full maturity in the anon movement, although it had already been around a while. And it was soon found to be a viable force against corruption as every major corporation was realizing their online vulnerabilities to it.

These anons were the plague of lice, having been born and come together in the "above water" sphere of influence, where they were "plaguing" various forms of injustice in leading influences "over life" (again, above the water line).

>The fourth plague was that of flies.

After the Occupy movement, when many were inspired by the idea of going up against financial deception (and particularly because of the housing scam) a great many new initiates took to social media and pioneered peer-to-peer news networking which soon matured into a whole plethora of alternative news media outlets for all kinds of truth (websites, FB, Youtubers, Twitter personalities, etc.).

These new truth promotions entities, now much bigger and more influential than individuals, were the fourth plague, and it was a key element in the 2016 election, along with all these other previously formed truth promoting forces.

e39dd6  No.76777

>The fifth plague is that of beasts (livestock animals).

These are properties that produce something, such as businesses or industries.

We have already seen this plague force too, and it is still going on now. It is the actions of boycotting businesses that express unfavorable views.

>The sixth plague is that of boils.

This is the notable appearance of a painful attribute of the skin (personhood). And it seems best to relate to the defamation of publicly visible characters (MSM, politicians, Hollywood figures, etc.)

>The seventh plague is that of hail.

This would seem to be the political storm now brewing in the political underground - particularly within the deep state, but also in the pedo/control element, which is world wide.

Many suspect this is what is behind all the sealed indictments across the land, and the reason the CBTS initiative was launched to help negotiate public information even further, as an assembled effort of all these other forces of truth promotion.

Most amazingly, this is the only one plague where Moses notes "all the plagues" come to bear at the same time. Hence the need for CBTS to help bring them all together.

e39dd6  No.76880

>The eighth plagues is that of locusts.

The plague of locusts seems to have a parallel in a prophecy given by a man named Agabus (which means "locust") that a day would come when anyone "wearing his mantle" (symbolic for preaching him), would be "cast unto the Gentiles."

Paul has been the dominant leader of the Protestant church for several recent centuries, so this casting out would be casting out based Protestantism.

This is entirely consistent with the real "Israelite" identity of Westerners becoming known, and the subsequent realization that the only proper place for Paul is in foreign nations instead.

This allows the dozen or so Israel West nations to take up the next generation of Christian leadership instead.

We can all expect this to somewhat follow suit accordingly, because the CBTS thing is about exposing Satanism and the pedo market, which will certainly cause everybody who (((really))) knows to take a closer look at the church. That is where all this trouble started 20 years ago.

e39dd6  No.76937

This religious revolution would not take place overnight, but the beginning of it at least, appears right here in the plagues of the effects of real truth in the world.

Another note about the plague of flies is this is when the land was divided, and the sides of the real battle made evident. We all now know this was when this distinction became well known as being between global elitism and the national and sovereignty concerns of every nation.

So each of the plagues since the plague of flies work only on the behalf of (not against) those "in Goshen," which means those that have separated themselves from the globalist trance of the rest.

More details on all of this is in the pdf

e39dd6  No.77055

>The ninth plague is that of darkness.

The plague of darkness again, is only against the followers and promoters of globalism in whatever manner, and it works for those of freedom. It is when "they" lose the ability to see (vision is always associated with the future or the path, in Scripture).

>The tenth plague is death of the firstborn at night.

This tenth and final plague is when globalists "wake up" to the fact that all their plans for and investments in (their pet progeny, or firstborn) their own control of the future are now dead and are never going to "build their empires" for them (the meaning of a son is as "builder of the house").

136e9f  No.89014


Snow White drank the potion that made her shrink and become small, falling down the rabbit hole to see a lot of things. She got big again when she woke up. Maybe it's time we wake up bigly

45eb70  No.93243

File: 2e190e15b6ae124⋯.jpg (559.15 KB, 1474x1506, 737:753, Yahwist1.jpg)

File: 8ec0e5d6630b1dd⋯.jpg (671.85 KB, 1512x2016, 3:4, Yahwist2.jpg)

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle

>There are three classes of people:

>Those who see.

>Those who see when they are shown.

>Those who do not see.

― Leonardo da Vinci

>>28785 The Christ Mythos is the Foundation upon which of Western Culture rests.

>>28899 Christ’s Path to the Truth was through Quiet Discernment.

My posts linked above were/are not intended to be religious nourishment for the faithful, but rather simply about the importance of the Christ Mythos to Western culture. The fact that Christ's teachings reflect much earlier philosophies (Zoroastrian, Judaism, Pagan, Greek, Confucius, etc.) doesn't in any way invalidate the importance of these teachings. It only strengthens it - Christ is the composite hero of the West as the Truthful individual who acts for and upon the Truth.

This is particularly important to understand for those who may be turned off by the hypocrisy exhibited by many churches and thus fail to understand the importance of the Christ Mythos to Western culture, particularly now that it is being systematically attacked from various secular and religious positions all around the world.

Like Martin Luther, I am not fond of the book of Revelations and see it as nothing more than apocalyptic playbook to be used by the elite to control the future of humanity. In my opinion, it is religious malware that needs to be disinfected from our culture once and for all.

The attached excerpts are from

Yahweh The Two-Faced God By Joseph P Farrell & Scott D de Hart


I will be posting other evidence showing the role of the Rothschild Banker family in trying to fulfill these apocalyptic end time sceneries for their own material gain.

>>Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

>>None but ourselves can free our minds…

>>How long shall they kill our prophets?

>>While we stand aside and look, ooh

>>Some say it's just a part of it

>>We've got to fulfil the book

~Bob Marley

5a9229  No.98771


>Like Martin Luther, I am not fond of the book of Revelations and see it as nothing more than apocalyptic playbook to be used by the elite to control the future of humanity. In my opinion, it is religious malware that needs to be disinfected from our culture once and for all.

I entirely agree with you about how "Revelation" is used. I would place however, more of the blame with the doom-sayer / fear-monger element of traditional preaching that has always thrived on oversimplified interpretation of sacred texts in order to remain close to what the layman will "buy" from him. This keeps both of them entirely apart from the ultimate "spiritual" (symbolic and typological) context of Scripture that teaches much different things. They refuse to let the Word live (in present meaning and value), and we all suffer from that.

In the first typograph you posted, Luther is quoted, "…Christ is neither taught in it nor recognized." This tells me even he did not understand the book, probably for the same reason.

Few people even know the title of this book anymore, because of commercial theologians. It is not "Revelations." It is called "The Revelation of Jesus Christ." And they hate that because they can't sell it.

It is about the events and processes of spiritual (not carnal) warfare that take place in ideology and in politics and in the vital interactive relationships of the time to which it pertains - in the perception of only the most genuinely watchman-like pursuer of truth and justice - those that know why, what and where the most important battles of our time are taking place, and engage them there. In him and with him is the true nature and mind of Christ (ancient wisdom in spiritual men) "revealed," which is the Second Advent.

Revelation is also the only book of the Bible that curses anyone who adds to or takes from it (such as by twisting its meaning or causing others to miss progress in the things that are important).

In the same spirit, all the traditional "disillusions" of commercial theology - indeed…

>need to be disinfected from our culture once and for all.

47cede  No.104189


I really appreciate your response for it is a perspective that I have not heard previously.

>It is about the events and processes of spiritual (not carnal) warfare that take place in ideology and in politics and in the vital interactive relationships of the time to which it pertains

Can you recommend a reading which speaks to this interpretation?


47cede  No.104237


you wrote:

>"the doom-sayer / fear-monger element of traditional preaching that has always thrived on oversimplified interpretation of sacred texts in order to remain close to what the layman will "buy" from him."

While I agree you here regarding the doom-sayer / fear-monger element of traditional preaching and its modern commercial incentive, but one goes deeper, we find evidence for a more methodical scheme to deceive the masses in an effort to control the future.

Most believe that the Zionist idea of a Jewish homeland in Israel came out of Budapest from Theodor Hertzl who organized a conference in Basel in 1897 (120 years ago) held by Zionists who wanted to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

This is inaccurate as there is ample proof that the Zionist plot was hatched even earlier. While I knew the Rothschild's were behind the concocted false rapture prophecy in the 1908 Scofield Bible, I had no idea until recently that they had already set 20 million aside in 1851 to rebuild the Temple in Israel.

>>56283 1851 Rothschild multi-generational plan for world domination

>>93471 1844 Rothschild name to be known as THE FIRST KING OF THE JEWS (SEE ATTACHED)

5a9229  No.104451


> a more methodical scheme to deceive the masses in an effort to control the future.

Yeah, this shows the earlier pretense for WWI, which enabled the Rothschilds to subsequently overthrow the Czar in Russia, dichotomizing the global Jewish threat between there and Germany. Hitler would subsequently respond with a national boycott of Jewish services, which incited the subsequent propaganda and war effort against him, and WWII.

The significance of Herzl is that was when Jewish elitism went global. And the 120 years since then is the feature scope of history we now need to understand everything. The continuance of Bolshevism into soviet power and from there into western-undermining social forces (of MSM, Hollywood, DC, universities) now constitutes exactly the 120 year building of the "ideological ark" (in Jesus' Noah metaphor) preceding the "overflowing storm" of righteousness this board is about.

f7eaa3  No.104487

MAPs or Minor Attracted People rise to greater power BECAUSE they are perverted.

The Elites (FreeMasons) learned a leveraged person is your Puppet. The bigger the "secret" the more loyal they are.

Therefore the Elites LOOK for abnormal behavior. They use Fraternities to this end.

If an already Powerful Family has a wonky kid to leverage - all the better.

If not Powerful - move him on up!

Bush 41: Hero? Camera happened to be there as he gets plucked out of water '41.

Immediately runs for Senate after War. Losses.

Elites send him back for a lowly Congress spot. He wins. Money helps.

Then he's GIVEN Ambassador to China - then tapped for CIA Director.

Now who goes from Ambassador to China to running the foremost Soy Agency? A Pawn of the Elites.

They make Reagan pick him as VP next.

Becomes President and get America INTO the War in the Middle East as planned.

Bush 41 will have lots of spooky proclivities. He's not banging Barbara.

f10ab5  No.105382

A while back Q asked about Trump dining in the Forbidden City and I never saw an answer on it. My theory is that he is being helped by the Dragon Families (Asian illuminati) to dismantle the Rothschild branch. The endgame is to usher in Gesara, cloaked in New Age fuckery people will flock to it but it is really trading one form of control for another. I believe we will be forced to take the Mark to participate in it. This war Trump is fighting is already won. Q dropping crumbs and redpilling the normies is just mental prep. End times is coming. Don't take the Mark!

5a9229  No.105730


It seems a little far-fetched to think Trump has foreign ulterior motives when there is already such a well-entrenched and forceful domestic division, both seen and unseen, he can only cater to. It would seem he has been doing very well to organize the right side of it (with mainly the public opinion help now the most needed, hence CBTS). And the Chinese are also allies in the global sphere, as you describe.

Aside from the matter of global economic reset however, you seem to be implying the Mark has something to do with buying and selling of commercial goods, when it does not.

The "Mark" is an "imperfection," a "flaw," or a "wound" - specifically, in the head or hand. Were it an implant, as the doom-sayers have long SOLD IT to be, it could be anywhere in the body. But that is not what is relevant. What is relevant is the political divide in our land today, which is no more completely and perfectly described as flaws in the head (belief or self-will) or hand (activity occupation, commitment). These are what deter the ability of people to BUY reality and truth.

Just look at the actions of Hollywood and the MSM for examples of the BEAST causing men to be wounded in one of these aspects so they are no longer perfect (open-minded and unbiased in their ideology and intent) enough to manifest their true nature with the name of the Father (righteousness, justice, truth, mercy) in their beliefs (heads) instead.

5a9229  No.105781


This is also another example of the doom-sayers becoming the doom-makers by putting the easily marketed and profitable, carnal, lettered law in place of the spiritual (symbolic parallel) law, and causing people to miss the present reality of what is important by substituting it with futuristic falsehoods of times that have never and will never come.

Again, they have "added to" and "taken away from" the book for which that was forbidden.

And they are cursed because of it.

5a9229  No.144016

File: 3865e895753c99d⋯.png (3.84 MB, 3261x2179, 3261:2179, Jacobs_Ladder.png)

CBTS is Jacob's Ladder in Scripture.

It is a prophecied time of unique communication between the highest level of authority and the common man that restructures society and changes the existence of man from the "church age" to the "kingdom age."

1884a3  No.144448


I kinda figured the horsemen were European conquest, communism, globalization / central banking, and Islam. And the scroll which tastes sweet but turns bitter is Cultural Marxism.

5a9229  No.144611


No, we know what each of the horsemen are.

It is very clear once all of the who, what, when, why, and where are established. All of that is also what has engendered CBTS.

The EU conquest is one of the most graphic and easy to understand prophecies. It's amazing, really. Look for it under "Beasts of Religion" p123 of the pdf, taken from Daniel 7.

e481e7  No.164220


Its a matter of knowing the times of ancient ordination (which are very well established in Scripture) for changes to take place in what society (which is the US and in the present), and realizing the only battle of our time that makes all the difference between life and death is over truth (information). Just knowing this establishes the context to which a tremendous amount of Scripture now speaks to the same processes (call them natural or divine), and makes all the symbolic connections not too hard to figure out.

e481e7  No.205082

The Work at Hand


From p15 of the study, under Law of Angels

The battle with Amalek was only won by Israel (western nations, today) while Moses' arms and rod were upheld. Also, Moses said: The Lord has sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

Moses was also told to write this event down because, as He said, I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.

So this seems to mean:

1) The people will war with Amalek throughout the ages;

2) Only upholding Moses will save the people; and

3) The whole world (under heaven) would keep forgetting about this ageless, recurring battle between Israel and this innate adversary. Amalek would not be remembered, yet the Lord swore He would continue to war with Amalek from generation to generation (seemingly, between each age, in national regeneration).

This lesson was so important it was given even before the tablets of Moses and it had to be recorded first. No doubt this was so the people would later be able to win certain, future battles (by knowing to sustain Moses) against their adversary, each time a new generation of Israelites (while beginning to "put down" Moses’ law) recognizes the new face of Amalek.


From p69 of the study, in the section, Saul

The age of Saul is the age of the impulsive desires of the people. The carnal desire of the people is "king" in this time.

Many matters unique in the first age to the time of Saul also compare uniquely to the general nature of society in the third age. For one, under Saul, it was illegal to raise the dead in a séance. Similarly, in the third age, it is not accepted (prohibited by religious leaders) for people to bring the characters of ancient Scripture back to life in social affairs (recognize the same characters of force in the world - the figurative similitude of raising the dead), and even though Jesus commanded it of His disciples. Recognizing the relationships between the ancients and the comparable, modern forces of being in the present is one of the most powerful fundamentals in returning Christian doctrine to competent and timely Scriptural validity. But it cannot be done under Saul.

Saul also polluted the nation with the beasts (industries) of Amalek, and even against the express commandment of God not to do so. This is why the lowing and bleating of all the political and social chaos prevails in the land again today, just as back then. It also calls for the same condemnation by prophet of the rule of Saul.


The age of Saul is the third age, from 1607 to 1997 (as per Ezekiel).

Saul represents free world leadership in this period, which came into U.S. hands.

This major mistake by Saul seems to have been since WWII, ever since which leadership in the land has been 'tainted' with the presence of "Amalekite struggles."

One of the sons of Esau (Jacob's brother) would have a son called Amalek.

This seems to be the origin of the present incarnation of Amalek in the West, as Esau has long been the figurative father of the Pharisees and Orthodox Judaism.

The root term for Amalekite means "wearisome toil." It is the means of defeating the people by wearing them out. And they have no defense against it until and unless they "uphold" Moses - because that is the only way they can recognize the reasons for it and the solutions of ancient intent.

Saul also preserved even the king of the Amalekites, Agag, whom God commanded to be slain.

The prophet would confront Saul about his disobedience to God, amid the "lowing and bleating" of the people in their struggle with the political chaos this tainting would cause. And he would subsequently slay Agag.

e481e7  No.205577


The defeat of the Amalekites comes in the time of the subsequent leadership, that of David. This appears in Chapter 30 of I Samuel.

This may sound confusing, but it is understandable when we realize the times of these two leadership overlap. This is also one of the ways we learn time is just a metaphor for processes of change, according to the authors of sacred texts.

A great number of changes in social development take place in the current age, which is the 40 years from 1997 to 2037 (again, as per Ezikiel). And most of the Bible is written in ways that not only speak to the time certain events took place, but they are also cryptically recorded in ways that speak to this unique "focal point" 40 year period for all prophecy - that of the time after the time of man, which is the time of the son of man, or the "Children of Light" (per Jesus).


The more immediate context of CBTS is found in the very first battle David and his men engaged, which was against those who were robbing the threshing floors (stealing the grain) of Kielah (I Samuel 23). The people had no bread, just as Americans today, because the vital information they need is not being supplied by the most prominent forces of the land commonly most responsible for doing so.

This is true not only of news information sources, but also thought inspiration sources - music, film, religion and of course, memes. The latter is the more personal and flexible, and together with a number of other modern trends, has the ability to help change these others at length, as well as those of information.

c0f564  No.258354


>Am I wrong?!


916d87  No.258957

The Whore of Babylon is Jerusalem/Judea as a whole. MB is referred to as a city, and as a place where saints are massacred by the Beast. Jerusalem is named several times in the Bible as the only place where saints can be killed.

The Beast is the empire of nations servile to the Jews, a well-known idea on these forums. The Beast turns against the Whore, meaning that America, the EU, Russia et al will converge on Israel and maybe the Jewish diaspora and destroy it.

The 7th head of the Beast is the king who rules them all. 45 is the number of Saturn, and it is also the number of our president. DJT is the 7th head of the beast and the one who will lead the Beast's armies into Israel.

Up to this point the prophecy in the BOR is basically identical to prophecies of the destruction of Judea all throughout the Old Testament, but unlike in the Old Testament, this is viewed as something somewhat tragic, whereas in the Old Testament it is viewed as divine retribution for Judea's misdeeds and disobedience. This is only my interpretation, but I think that the "apocalypse" named in the BOR isn't some extinction event for humanity, but a re-interpretation of Judea's destruction. It is not something that really needs to concern anyone who isn't a Jew or a member of the Beast's army, and in the latter case, you'll have God, force of numbers, and force of arms on your side, you don't really have that much to worry about in all probability.

If you think about it this all makes sense given the way all political movements seem to turn recently. Bolshevism was started as a Jewish golem but ended with Stalinist purges of Jews. If you go to Berkeley now there's a 75% chance that the only protest signs are ones that concern Trump or Israel. Libertarianism back in 2009-2016 hated Ben Bernanke, a Jewish central banker. And anti-capitalist press seemed to home in on Goldman Sachs, the most Jewish financial institution that isn't openly owned by the Rothschilds. Point is that everything at this point eventually reduces to hatred of the Jews no matter what their race or creed. This points either to a vast conspiracy or a divine force moving the empire of the Beast against Judea.

916d87  No.258959


Alternatively, the 7th head might be Mattis. He's the first SOD who was nominated without having spent 7 years outside the military, and the legislature adores him and seems to despise DJT. He's also on record as having criticized Congress for failing to pass a budget that will support his military plans. This is basically unheard of for a military officer of any rank, and yet you'll barely hear a word of this in the media. If anything's a sign of a turn towards military government then it's that.

Also, DJT isn't the 45th person to rule this country, he's the 44th. There was a president whose time in office was split in two, so DJT's presidency is the 45th presidency but he's only president #44. If Mattis takes over, he's 45, a numerological marker for the 7th head of the Beast.

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