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File: 66304aae04bd662⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 496x537, 496:537, 1511921976285.jpg)

2a9bb6 No.10556

Has anyone seen last night's 4Chan Pol thread?


1) Confirmed Q is real

2) Defends Mueller as a good guy

3) Moves around freely in WH and Posts to POL.

4) Admits that a LOT of staffers post to 4chan!!!

74ad5c No.10570


He pretty much made the point that Mueller is INDEPENDENT. That Mueller be going after Trump IF there was TrumpRussia. But there isn't.

2a9bb6 No.10571

File: ad0f5035e730836⋯.png (1.82 MB, 2998x4156, 1499:2078, 1511975951937.png)

62bdf0 No.10663

This was great. Link to posts by whanon:


766ed3 No.10914

i was there and i hope Q is real

a7b193 No.11066

aparantly there were over 400 guests, mostly WH volunteers.


c32650 No.13940

There were two wh anons on the thread, one, an older guy who started the thread and seemed more informed said q is legit…

The second claimed to be a girl and said q is a larp. she also claimed to be trying to meet the guy at the wh event, but wanted him to show himself first. not clear if they met.

466f72 No.15578

just posted this link in QTDDTOT


because I didint know there to post. But CBTS asked to use the word "axe" in tweet to confirm

2a9bb6 No.17885


Ha! Q posted about this topic tonight…

The madman!

Show off! :)

74ad5c No.18115


He BTFO this anon. V& when?

b2185c No.18162

>>10925 !?



4Chan activity!!! move to 8ch cofirmed by stringer!?!

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:W6dZplnF Fri 01 Dec 2017 05:42:25 No.151561953 {time stamp is GMT+1!!!}




Snow White Pounce.


No nets.



dae745 No.18245

File: a9016298e0c7475⋯.png (3.11 MB, 2522x2522, 1:1, 44a8fc1eb197f0c02a5c7b82e9….png)



Not Q, but willing to take a few.

It's comfy here at the house tonight, anons.

>>Status of 'the storm'?

Slowly rolling in.

>>why are there such a large number (4000+) of sealed indictments, and in D.C. particularly?

I'm not sure

>>When will the hammer drop on Uranium One?

Nobody could tell you this but a select few. My guess, four to six more weeks.

>>Is Flynn going to rat?

Already has, but not on who you think.

>>Over or under: 22 days until the swamp is DRAINED and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT

Unfortunately, over.

>>Are the podesta pedos & hillary going down?

>>s Mueller really on our side?

>>Or is he genuinely attempting to bring people down close to Trump? (as the media would have everyone believe)

>>If on our side, will HRC ever see justice?

Mueller is not on anyone's "side." He is just cracking down. Only those who have broken the law need be afraid. He will make a name for himself.

>>Is Q legit? It seems many of the things they said haven't happened or may be misdirection. Do you know who Q is, or have an idea of who they might be?

>>Is Mueller on Trump's side?

Q is a legit insider. So is the chef.

>>can you just please tell DJT we do this every day because we love the man and believe he has the ability to turn this thing around. All I could ever hope for is a return to righteousness this man can bring back

Will do.

>>Me too!!! Where should we meet?

At the fire place in five.

>>Is Trump safe from Mueller?

Until he breaks the law.

>>and OP just got CIA'd


pshh… those decorations are so last year.

>>second this. have him or or don jr give us an "axe"

I'll do my best, but it's not that easy. If you see it in the next week. You'll know. Otherwise, sorry.

>>Are you over or under 21 years of age

Well over.

>>Is trump planning to attack Iran?


>>>>another LARP thread full of idiots asking questions

What most anons don't understand is that one can't have information covering all sectors. There are DOJ anons, Press anons, FBI anons, SC anons, etc. I don't claim to know more than I state.

>>does nobody think anything of you walking around what I presume is a closed door private event taking photos?

Nope. Wonder why?

>>Tell FLOTUS the House looks great.


>>Burgers should feel proud.

Flotus didn't do it. It was a crew of light loafers.

>>>>Mueller is not on anyone's "side." He is just cracking down.

>>Ok but isn't he also involved in the mess? He was FBI director during the UraniumOne sale. Shouldn't he recuse himself and appoint a special counsel? He has to answer for why he either didn't know about this or chose to ignore it.

He was. Not anymore. Is anyone asking him to step down? He is.

>>Shot from the ornament scene in WH video

D sends love.

b269c7 No.19368

I suspected the female one to be who I like to refer to as optimistic rural folks and the male one was evidently outed by a reflection of his tie in an ornament. The remark about not recognizing her bc she was wearing shoes by the female one initially made me think of Kellyanne Conway, but she doesn’t have brown hair.

2a9bb6 No.73410

Since the creation of this thread, it looks as if Q shed some light into this "WH Anon"… a journalist and not an Insider, good closure:

Nov 30, 21:08:26




WH party w/ 400+ guests.

Whoever posted those insider pics did not take into account the many WH public and private sec cams which can triangulate and time log/IDEN the person responsible.

We will investigate.



Dec 9, 10:51:44



Q, where the "White House Anons" really the secret service? The ones who showed the WH Christmas photos? Secret Service watches everything and it was AFTER the party that night and no people were in the photos, which would be hard if 400+ guests where there. Were they showing they are on our side?

Dec 9, 10:59:21





Don't mistake journalists invited to parties as 'insiders'.


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