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File: 68d8b3d34327893⋯.png (814.48 KB, 1437x303, 479:101, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

File: 2b784fd654ec1f6⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1399x496, 1399:496, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

File: 841d3c485dfef5c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1291x683, 1291:683, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

File: 709f082ddb784a2⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1281x760, 1281:760, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

ce6047 No.20714


Cornerstone Park

Henderson, NV 89074

2 basketball courts

3 small 1-story buildings


450 parking spaces


dd9aca No.20769

File: 0994de0ddb736c4⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1800x1017, 200:113, 0994de0ddb736c4c00907195a0….png)


Underground Data Center?

Nazi - Reptilians. Time Travel Television Connected to Super Computer.

Ancient Alien Tunnels Deep Underground. They connect the continents.





0b4740 No.20883


>Nazi - Reptilians. Time Travel Television Connected to Super Computer.

>Ancient Alien Tunnels Deep Underground. They connect the continents.

Here we go again, retards coming in with nutcase theories trying to dillute and pollute the real work being done.


Literally a icicle made of shit, this is how low down the amoeba totem pole of life you have travelled. Next time you step back from your computer let that gestate for a moment in your rodent testicle sized brain.

82ff9b No.20962

This one is in Kent, England. Built specifically to be fail safe in the event of power loss / EMP / Nuke attack:


This one was opened in Norway VERY recently. Initial customers include Innovo Cloud, LocalHost AS and Fortuitus AG:


This one has been built in Finland, opened in 2011:


This one in Pennsylvania, for Iron Mountain. Connections to Marriott:


This is an article just published today, mentioning a $89m investment in Florida, by a company called Enemalta, which is these Maltese energy services company:


From July, this year. Iron Mountain acquires FORTRUST for $128m.


This one seems to be linked to the NSA, but unsure if any of it / much of it is underground:


A piece on Amazon's data centers, and how they're hidden in 'spy country'. Also claims that up to 70% on the world's internet traffic flows through the region:


We all know about Amazon's links to the CIA. And an awful lot of bot traffic going to Reddit specifically originates from Amazon's Web Service (AWS)

These are the obvious ones I could find without too much effort. Happy digging.

dd9aca No.20968


They are real. They can stop time and abduct you while removing your memories.

You are the the second and third stages of grief, anger, and denial.

dd9aca No.20985


The joke about America is that their films depict Americans fighting evil aliens but in reality the government allied with them and created the tyrannical system you live in today.


82ffcb No.21018


even if they are real, you can't just uncover something so mind-bending as instantly factual. no one is going to understand or believe. convince and influence by degrees.

dd9aca No.21046


People have tried to uncover them but they get murdered.

dd9aca No.21050

82ffcb No.21072

File: 9bd029483574ecb⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1413x574, 1413:574, farms.png)

just a heads up to anyone searching satellite imagery - chicken farms are not data centers

573e29 No.21199


nice cooling pond too.

171f75 No.21275

Are they data centers?


Brain to digital interfaces (tesla)

FBI raided Body parts distributer IVO data center


Self powered?


Connected to each other?

Thousands of missing children?

Put 99% in hospital




a83670 No.21279


That looks like a track used to test drive cars. There a lot in Michigan. They take new cars that arnt on the market yet and test drive them to see if everything is operational be for test driving them out in public.

37f31c No.21413

Is there a secured entry or is this just a park?

730ca2 No.22444

File: c98daed9ba5f744⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 958x714, 479:357, dataCenters.jpg)

File: aa36fa859d6334a⋯.jpg (257.41 KB, 1003x609, 1003:609, dataCenter7pic.jpg)

If you want to know what's involved in something like



has a great rundown

>Other SuperNap Facts:


> 407,000 square feet of data center space

> 7000+ cabinets

> 1500 watts/sf power density

> 250 MVA Switch owned substation

> 146 MVA of generator capacity

> 84 MVA of UPS supply

> 44,000 tons of system plus system cooling

> 5,400,000 CFM

> 30 cooling towers

> 100% heat containment using thermal-scif™

> T-scif™ designed for 1500 watts per sq. ft. density

> Armed 24/7/365 military trained

> Switch employed security staff

1a2ab4 No.22565

Fallout shelters.

those are the 'Vaults'

6210b2 No.22568



>>1500 watts/sf power density

<<probably glows in the dark

1a2ab4 No.22573

>Other SuperNap Facts:


> 407,000 square feet of data center space

> 7000+ cabinets

> 1500 watts/sf power density

> 250 MVA Switch owned substation

> 146 MVA of generator capacity

> 84 MVA of UPS supply

> 44,000 tons of system plus system cooling

> 5,400,000 CFM

> 30 cooling towers

> 100% heat containment using thermal-scif™

> T-scif™ designed for 1500 watts per sq. ft. density

> Armed 24/7/365 military trained

> Switch employed security staff

Are these not the very same requirements for a fallout shelter? Could this be the insiders home away from hell?

303cfe No.24545


>> Armed 24/7/365 military trained

We gotta hit them hard now. No safe places for the globalists or they'll behave too boldly.

b40881 No.24653


underground data center

Check Wiki leaks.

who did jon podesta meet at that zip code?

Where did he stay?

730ca2 No.24890


>>>1500 watts/sf power density


><<probably glows in the dark

it would most certainly show up on the infrared view if it were not for the

> T-scif™ designed for 1500 watts per sq. ft. density


> 100% heat containment using thermal-scif™

it's a sure thing all the cooling towers & external equipment will be stealth designs and camouflaged

e49009 No.25200

0ef24d No.25721


Tough thing about analyzing parking spaces. Some 3 letter agencies will have huge lots but only a few dozen permanent employees and cars that are actually use. At night a few forklifts go into the lots and move the "prop" cars. It's for disinformation so the satellites see a busy location but in reality it's only a stream of visitors getting training. They're bussed or otherwise given rides to the location.

0ef24d No.25723


My sauce is my own eyes, ears, and experience on this.

9ba06f No.28746


> literally harvesting hundreds upon hundreds of chicken brain power

210858 No.30086

File: 63e11f078b1d3f9⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 1080x619, 1080:619, Calportland.gif)

File: e2bcb536a3d6bf1⋯.jpg (67.58 KB, 678x436, 339:218, Calportland.jpg)

File: fd37710938dadeb⋯.jpg (380.86 KB, 1689x891, 563:297, Power Line.jpg)

File: eda8fb757d68850⋯.jpg (285.38 KB, 1096x890, 548:445, Measurment.jpg)

Coordinates: 35.9098822'N 114.9358649'W

>>18941 - Wikileaks Calportland VP - IS


>>19014 - There is no VP of IS position at Calportland

>>19054 - Site Over Query Limit, but only for this location

The GIF is a compilation of areal shots over time

82ffcb No.30952

more info:




thread archived here


2d0e28 No.31232

On top of finding the location of the "massive underground data centre", should we also try to find out why it is in Nevada.

To me, it appears very suspicious to choose such a dry and hot place to situate a data center - which needs waterfall or dam levels of water to cool it.

622fe2 No.31275


There are abandoned mines at Henderson LV.

Basic Magnesium Inc

Look it up

The henderson magnesium plant used to be guarded by the armed forces.

744aa6 No.32976

if the following info has already been posted, apologies, i did not see it.


switch company is the largest data center builder. it did Supernap (saw those posts)\

owner CEO Rob Roy has minimal public info, (similar to Rizvi). Here is an article


Larry Ellison of the sun company/oracle secured the Rob Roy interview for the Network world article. Larry Ellison


has similar set up to other billionaires with foundation, questionable donations

(Dem) Ellison Family Foundation

Sun (Stanford University Network) company was a software company that developed open source as well as many other programming stuff (not computer saavy, sorry if use wrong terms) https://en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sun_Microsystems purchased by oracle company


744aa6 No.32988


sorry, is called Lawrence Ellison Foundation


silicon valley foundation is a recipient of ellison foundation grants https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_Valley_Community_Foundation

744aa6 No.32990

744aa6 No.33008

an interesting blog that i found that discusses a variety of underground data centers globally, and generally increased interest and repurposing of underground bunkers. last entry however appears to be in 2014 http://undergrounddatacenters.blogspot.com/

744aa6 No.33038


found another article about rob roy. BOY LOOK at the pic on article. It sure looks familiar, doen't it? (NK)


f66c15 No.34761

File: fd14bb6df64f4cb⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 54394a01dfd778ffaba4eccc0d….jpg)

f66c15 No.34811

346f27 No.58024


>3 small 1-story buildings

Those are two shade structures (1 restroom) with park benches underneath and park grills for cookouts.


It's just a park.

I've been there many times.



Nah it's just a parking lot. Never seen any sort of testing there whatsoever. The cars I've seen there always belong to someone. Weather it's people walking their dog in the morning or teens smoking weed at night.

This is a public park open to everyone. If you guys are interested in anything about it, I'll try to find out.

bbde1c No.64684




>Any connection to the shitskin City of London mayor?

08e055 No.72935

>>20714 (OP)

"Cornerstone Park" ~ "Keystone">>20714

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