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File: 8c5157f1c8a81d8⋯.jpg (211.72 KB, 800x473, 800:473, CBTSn36.jpg)

886712 No.32244

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads' conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Recent Past Threads' Archive Links

31. >>>/cbts/27795 -> https://archive.fo/ytFEq

32. >>>/cbts/28665 -> https://archive.fo/4V1bu

33. >>>/cbts/29570 -> https://archive.fo/VnOOw

34. >>>/cbts/30459 -> https://archive.fo/OVxWk

35. >>>/cbts/31335 -> coming soon

!!!Latest Q!!! -> >>10925, >>12916, >>13092, >>13215, >>13282, >>13601, >>17283, >>17290, >>17359, >>17474, >>17546, >>17586

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Original links do not cross-post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find Qs.

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Q-Text on 4chan : -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text on 8ch : -> https://pastebin.com/45r1FK9q

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile.com/0c85hcd5bc/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712011300.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Really Cool Videos

I, Pet goat 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Another almond-activating tripfag's archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Please use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!

<And PRAY!

886712 No.32245

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, etc: >>423

The FAQ of Q: >>18427

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, OpSec: >>629

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

Who is Y?: >>19041

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666 (thanks satan)

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>11979

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

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'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Underground massive data center?: >>20714

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++: >>672

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA

886712 No.32246



The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked, Post Here):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

886712 No.32248

How to get a tripcode?

In the Name field in the reply dialog box -

if you put name#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !, with no space in between the name and tripcode

if you put name[space]#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by a space and then your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !.

Also the #password on 4chan yields the same result on 8ch.

So in conclusion ->

Q used Q#password and got Q!ITPb.qbhqo when not using space in between, and

Q used Q #password and got Q !ITPb.qbhqo when using space.

So, no matter how you look at it - !ITPb.qbhqo is the real Q!'''

>tl;dr -

Both Q!ITPb.qbhqo and Q !ITPb.qbhqo are Q.



It is a unique string of characters that distinguishes your post from everyone else's. They are used when the poster does not wish to remain anonymous.

>How does it work?

Your password does some magical code-mating with the website's salt, as they call it, and the result of that union is your tripcode

>secure tripcodes?

There's 2 kinds of salt, apparently.

The salt used for single # is common for most [all?] chan like websites, called imageboards, and hence back-engineerable. Easy to break and duplicate, I'd suggest you refrain from using it.

The second kind of salt is unique to each imageboard. It can't be back-engineered, broken, duplicated. Using a secure tripcode is recommended.

To make your password code-mate with the unique salt, simply use ## instead of #.

886712 No.32249

I probably won't be here for baking next few breads.

Someone please claim baking responsibility.

>Dough -


bakes 2 slices

>Spreadsheet Guidelines -


>Q's tripcode explained -


Don't worry about archiving threads, I will be back later as always.

All the best.



f2d491 No.32258

UK Tax goes straight to Citibank

Evidence here: https://8ch.net/cbts/res/31510.html

c6f512 No.32263


Depending on timing, I can bake the next one. I have to leave in 4.5 hours, however, and I won't be back on until after that. If I'm gone before the next bread needs to be made, I'll say so. Anyone with a more dedicated timeframe who wants to bake, by all means, let me know.

ba5b8d No.32279

File: d8491e41d092ee2⋯.jpg (131.62 KB, 1200x835, 240:167, Meganon.jpg)

Message from Meg yesterday

60ea07 No.32283


Which thread?

eac170 No.32288

File: 34ac854db3c8a37⋯.png (2.19 MB, 962x962, 1:1, 9e0d7a0067aa20006f3ad9e355….png)

So, after much ado over supposed impending happenings today, what am I to believe if there aren't any happenings today?

Literally all of yesterday was "wait til tomorrow," "the storm has begun," "you shall see"

When is it gonna happen?

(BANNED - Criminal waste of digits and being a shill)

078964 No.32290


Go post all that negativity and stuff in the last thread to close it out if you want to be helpful! Have a great day!

ba5b8d No.32294



eac170 No.32296


Not being negative, just wondering where the cutoff for credulity might reasonably be drawn. We've been told that things were going to happen. I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about the current state of affairs

6b3ac8 No.32298

File: ce81b737c54ec7e⋯.png (20.13 KB, 731x282, 731:282, huma-hebrew.png)

File: ce81b737c54ec7e⋯.png (20.13 KB, 731x282, 731:282, huma-hebrew.png)

someone asked me to do "HUMA" in Hebrew over the weekend after I had done it in Greek, revealing "loose"

translates better to hebrew according to this exercise

someone who knows hebrew (i don't) - please take a look at this

078964 No.32299


I don't filter, but I will not engage. Have fun!

e974de No.32301


If you havent noticed, MANY things are happening! Dec. 5th is going to be another bug day.

a18e9f No.32303

Inspector General Probe Focuses on FBI’s McCabe; Findings Could Warrant Criminal Referral to DOJ or Mueller


The United States Office of the Inspector General’s probe of FBI brass is yielding investigative fruits that may warrant a referral for criminal charges related to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according the FBI and DOJ sources.


8b0946 No.32304


Are you not paying attention to the news going on around you outside of the internet?

eac170 No.32306


This is the mindset of a cultist. If you've completely forgone any pretense of skepticism you have ceased to think rationally

e974de No.32307

Where is Huma Abedin right now? Where has she been the last while.


32e620 No.32310


Baked 34 last night, I am available for backup baking.

eac170 No.32312


What kind of happenings?


What is set to happen tomorrow?

fc5b57 No.32315

Trump is in Utah today. Q's last post was about underground computers.

6f798f No.32316


>Where is Huma Abedin right now?

In her cell.

>Where has she been the last while.

In her cell.


To unlock her cell? Not coming anytime soon.

e974de No.32317


Hutlery cultist you say?

Read the fucking news for once! Look at the linjs above. Oh, boy.

Sorry, you are wrong. You are in denial. You probabky believed she had a 96% chance too.

ba5b8d No.32318

Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas ordered police to stand down at the "Unite the Right" rally in August because he said it would "make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly."


e974de No.32319


Read the news links on here. Read the fucking news.

8b0946 No.32322


Go turn on your TV, radio, or get a newspaper and read some, because if you really expect me to believe you have been and you can not see the things going on, your either not wanting to pay attention, or (forgive this) not smart enough to realize what's going on in your surroundings, or you must be a bot.

078964 No.32328






He notices. It's a trap. One of the many . See what I mean? Get you spun up answering an extremely stupid question then call you a name. Basic fuck with your head stuff. Ask yourself why someone would even come to the board and bother to ask the question… Nuff said.

Just don't do it.

a18e9f No.32329

Just ignore eac170 yet another concern troll out of many. Don't give him his (You)s

d66935 No.32330

File: 22ad0e5f6a9c551⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 3494x2487, 3494:2487, After 4 Coups, It's Time F….jpg)

Here's a new infographic: “After Four Coups, It's Time for a Second American Revolution”. This is my fourth infographic after THE SWAMP, the Uranium One timeline and Deep State Ratlines.

Please give me feedback on content and I'll revise it if needed. I hope it's another helpful red pill for your grandmothers. (Tell 'em I'm a grandfather! Actually not. Grandfather age, 73, but no kids.)

8b0946 No.32333

f2af60 No.32334

File: 05e8fe16959af9d⋯.png (63.34 KB, 577x246, 577:246, as1.png)

ae9edc No.32335


Bears Ears monument? There's news about him trying to shrink the federal border of that land space.

e974de No.32337


Sad attempt at some reverse psychology, I guess. Wont work on here. The guy will go away.

3115f0 No.32340

File: 1405b4b67918f34⋯.png (810.47 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, storm2.png)

File: c98bb7276e1a0b5⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, storm1.png)

I'll drop copies in memes thread.

d8ab24 No.32342



How do we actually know she is in a cell….isn't there a way to look up people who have been arrested to confirm this?

Also, how is it Key?

60ea07 No.32343


Arrested? Or out of country? SA?

e974de No.32344


They are trying but their attemots seem even sadder by the day. I think they are realize everything is going to be turned upside down in their world soon and really dont know what to do.


82be49 No.32345


Tru dat.

I've got screens up here, on various (trusted) TWTR feeds, and on non-crazy Web sites.

Telly on in b/g, but they're so far behind events, they're useless …

c6f512 No.32347


I already filtered the little moron.


Plebbit faggotry at its most pathetic.

144272 No.32351

Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance.

82be49 No.32352


Anyone pursuing this angle?

Several "Q" posts indicated the downstream "listeners" to these boards are very important.

Would be cool if we could figure out what the commands to them mean.

6b8472 No.32353

File: eef75a978211841⋯.jpg (181.31 KB, 1090x1950, 109:195, dcapt2.838n..JPG)

b+ for VPN and Tor too big a hassle for encryption built and maintained by glowin' bozos.

33351c No.32354

>>32313 Didn't we read earlier that the gold sent to the Chinese during Clinton Era was tested and found to be NOT GOLD?

8b0946 No.32355



If you will notice, they have their own bank that houses their own gold.

e974de No.32356


Didnt say she was or wasnt in a cell. She could be other places. But she is definitely not in public ever.

94198b No.32357

794933 No.32359


so fucking generic. she is a poseur, not a real insider. disregard MegAnon.

886712 No.32360


also remember NK has said if the drill happens it will nuclear war for them.

078964 No.32361


verbatim posted back on half when the questions came up.

Followed by photos of Roths at their '72 party that got released and back into the Lucifarian stuff. What's your point?

8b0946 No.32363


Yep, don't ya just love having a president as ballsy as ours? :D

c4b498 No.32364

File: a2c418632374055⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 480x640, 3:4, fake-gold-bar.jpg)


correct, the bars were filled with tungsten

And they started coming back to the US in 2012


c31070 No.32366

078964 No.32367


Source? Would be interesting to read.

f2af60 No.32368


Agree…Has spent weeks posting on cuckchan about Q's cred instead of posting new info.

b411ef No.32369



33351c No.32370


It was posted in a thread by another ANON.. I just recall reading the post about it.

c4b498 No.32371


>Roughly 15 years ago – during the Clinton Administration [think Robert Rubin, Sir Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers] – between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz tungsten blanks were allegedly manufactured by a very high-end, sophisticated refiner in the USA [more than 16 Thousand metric tonnes]. Subsequently, 640,000 of these tungsten blanks received their gold plating and WERE shipped to Ft. Knox and remain there to this day. I know folks who have copies of the original shipping docs with dates and exact weights of “tungsten” bars shipped to Ft. Knox.


0500a5 No.32372


I believe the picture was key in the form that it was meant to show that these people are slaves to their rituals. The ritual being put in the public realm was the key. From the picture we can infer and point towards the particular belief system (((they))) believe in.

It doesn’t matter if the public believes it or not…(((they))) believe it and are running things accordingly.

The 40k view

794933 No.32373


>Where is Huma Abedin right now?

House arrest?

Why not get a NY anon to scope out her Manhattan apartment?

She's got a young kid, so she's got to pop up for air at some point.

She was last seen the day Weiner was incarcerated (06 Nov 2017 if memory serves)

078964 No.32374



6b3ac8 No.32375




"she" never used a tripcode

making her easy to co-opt

i believe meganon originally to have been legit

but shilling against Q is so obviously fakery

32e620 No.32376




cant find anything else after that

bc6f8f No.32377


Are you sure… I thought she was a book signing not too long ago with Hilary. looking for article now

6f798f No.32378


Megs is the real deal. The fake Megs isn't.

a5dfb4 No.32380

For all you guys that are waiting for aliens from outer space to be revealed by the government, you're wasting your time because they don't exist.

If you understand God's plan for humanity in the scriptures, you'll understand that aliens CAN'T exist.

God's plan for this universe is with mankind at its center, where mankind has free will to decide right/wrong, mankind fails/sins, and God reveals His Love to mankind through Jesus dying on the cross for us, rising from the grave, preparing a home for those who repent of the previous sinful life, believe God (faith), love God and others like ourselves, and obey God's commandments (sent to us through Jesus/the apostles), and ultimately Jesus returns to judge the living/dead based upon how we used the free will given to us to choose right/wrong.

Aliens from another planet, with higher intelligence, greater technology, etc do NOT fit into this story.


8b0946 No.32381


Well now, that really clears up the air, eh? lol

c9fda5 No.32382

Trump is in Utah today.

What else is in Utah?


f2af60 No.32383


>i believe meganon originally to have been legit

That's possible.

>but shilling against Q is so obviously fakery

but now its just a disinfo agent getting in the way.

078964 No.32384


I completely agree. Hiding it all in plain sight to a point so that they can claim it's one thing while thumbing their elitist noses at the common man while stealing his kids. Helps label people as conspiracy nuts. And shows a growing confidence in their power, which I hope to hell turned into over confidence.

8b0946 No.32385


There's a high security military base in southern Utah.

f2af60 No.32386

Any underground facilities there?

ba5b8d No.32388

Inspector General Probe Focuses on FBI’s McCabe; Findings Could Warrant Criminal Referral to DOJ or Mueller


6f798f No.32389


Only the …. NSA HQ.

33351c No.32390



The thread I read was about the bars being verified by China, who was ticked that they were not solid gold, but tungsten. I think I found it… http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/19050-Clinton-Linked-to-Fake-Ft-Knox-Gold

0500a5 No.32391


Oh good Mueller could investigate McCabe… I wonder what kind of findings that would reveal

d3e961 No.32392


>Last public sighting was Nov 13th

Witness protection program?

0b2145 No.32393



I have a suspicion they're doing something more sinister with it, like everything else.

f2af60 No.32394


Oh.. so nothing that important ;)

bc6f8f No.32396

File: 00a8c7c37b2c846⋯.png (83.2 KB, 572x303, 572:303, ClipboardImage.png)

ummm guys…

6f798f No.32397


POTUS is there both to encourage his troops on the infowar front and tell them the next step - my guess.

d76361 No.32398


Protected by the Swiss Guard?

078964 No.32399


No, just every word we have ever written, spoken or transmitted electronically forever to any and everyone, in case they want to dig through it. You know, get a beefed up 702 or something and letter' rip. LOL

33351c No.32400


DOUBTFUL! She is just as, if not more guilty than Hellery.

6b3ac8 No.32401


she'd be in protective custody to testify prior to entering witness protection

23467c No.32402


Ah yes, everything old is new again. Someone with an aussie VPN would post these little snippets off some website talking about cults in every thread, implying that participating in this investigation is a cult. It didn't work then because it's a silly assertion and dumb tactic, won't work now.

f42284 No.32404


What is God? What are angels? What are demons? The Bible says they are real. They come from the heavens. They ride in chariots of fire. The chariots look like a wheel within a wheel.

What does that sound like to you?


3c5840 No.32406

Since normies love their television, I was thinking a good way to wake some up might be to highlight some of the crime shows that have been done on various govt corruption. Cops protecting drug dealers, corrupt mayors, etc. I could compile a few if it sounds helpful.

73171b No.32407

Ex President of Yemin dies. Had connections to Saudi and Iranian Rebel forces. Explosion at family compound.

https://mobile.nytimes. com/2017/12/04/world/middleeast/saleh-yemen-houthis.html?referer=https://news.google.ca/

33351c No.32408


Got it. That doesn't explain thought how the gold in our Fed Res came to be filled with tungsten or where the real gold disappeared to.

078964 No.32410


Does everyone here think that they should just open the doors to all of these secret squirrel places and let us see very last stinking word on every dirty deed they have ever done so we can actually, ACTUALLY get a reset?

you know, apologize to all the other governments for being assholes, and all that, but the past is the past and lets move on… ?

94198b No.32411


fuck no. she works for the enemy. she goes straight to gitmo.

d3e961 No.32412

File: 5f3b806287da874⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1023x812, 1023:812, conf_bcact_gal.png)

File: 140fb9bf99f716b⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1020x784, 255:196, conf_bcact_gal3.png)

File: e6db42ec8c89ba1⋯.png (1.89 MB, 990x795, 66:53, conf_bcact_gal2.png)


>There's a high security military base in southern Utah.



>Any underground facilities there?

There is a lot of stuff. The aboveground official NSA Data center near Bluffdale.

Then there is also this large site by a geothermal plant. This site also happens to be on the line of sight or straightest line path between the Utah NSA Data center and Las Vegas.

32e620 No.32413


The Wire

33351c No.32414


Any info on when those depts. were created? Enacted? Year?

82be49 No.32415



>Please give me feedback

Makes sense to autists here, but will probably be lost on normies.

You left out 1932, which is probably 2nd only to 1913 in significance for the end of the Republic.

Might be interesting to run another timeline, in parallel:

~90BC - 43BC - 14AD (Augustus' death), alongside:

~1860 - 1913 - 1945 (FDR's death)

Ties in with generational cycles (which, surprisingly, aren't discussed on these boards).

a74b45 No.32417


People are waking up right here and now. I presume that's cause for celebration.


c4b498 No.32418


Had to use archive.org to see the original story:


001546 No.32419



75b045 No.32420


You are alive are you not? Rejoice :)

Life is beautiful.

94198b No.32421


Any reports of loud booms near there?

f2af60 No.32422

File: c1537eefb24fce6⋯.png (47.67 KB, 689x358, 689:358, Utah_Data_Center_of_the_NS….png)

67ef17 No.32423


Well done Grampanon


Checked. Digits do not favour McCabe

e974de No.32424

Thanks for cleaning up the shills, BO.

ba5b8d No.32426

Who or What is Q Anon?


"Cryptic and intriguing to say the least. Any readers of Gumshoe must have joined a few dots and perhaps are suspecting by now that, whoever Agent Q is, he/she seems to have a deep understanding of the way the world really works. He/she has found an interesting means and method of disseminating copious amounts of background information, hitherto suspected but as yet not common knowledge amongst the public."

23467c No.32427


If you think about that it's not really something out of the ordinary. .gov has all sorts of contingency plans and CoG because it has to. I doubt that is unique to Utah.

d3e961 No.32428


>Any reports of loud booms near there?

Great question and a suggestion. I have no idea, never thought about that angle to cross check the info.

82be49 No.32429


Actually, it's the DOJ's IG that's done the investigating:


Results could be made public as early as this week.

144272 No.32430

I have rheumatoid and its curios that Gold is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and has also been used for the treatment of other rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, including psoriatic arthritis and pemphigus vulgaris. Its use is limited by a high incidence of side effects, a requirement for close clinical and laboratory monitoring, and the need for gold sodium thiomalate (GST), the more efficacious form of gold, to be administered by periodic intramuscular injection.

3c5840 No.32431


The Wire has so many episodes- I was thinking of some of the FBI Files which are only an hour each. Attention span and all…

82be49 No.32432


Yeah, this was pretty entertaining (at the time):


(Carbon-based units need H2O)

4ec9ae No.32433

File: 7bb4802b9d1e1e7⋯.png (147.6 KB, 545x180, 109:36, Both.png)


f02f7a No.32434

Has anyone tackled this yet?

Soros/House of Saud/Rothschild

The Keystone being Britian?

The Rothschild funded a British war to build up the the British Empire

The House of Saud turned to the British for aid with the promise of land for British and Jews

The George Soros, a Jewish-Hungarian Holocaust survivor, who obtained his education in Britian. Made money in both Black Wednesday and Brexit.

And is now pushing for more Jews in Hungary using the Open Society Foundations the first proponent for this was Sir Karl Popper, his teacher from London.

Seriously? You go to the London School Of Economics and walk out with a Masters in philosophy?

75b045 No.32435


I thought the storm was supposed to be a joyous occasion, think summer thunder storm, powerful and destructive yet with positive purpose and resulting in growth. These pics read more like doomsday scenario. Perhaps show a storm and then show a happy spring meadow next to it? This might scare people. Q said we will be safe. Let's think positive, no?


b411ef No.32436



ae9edc No.32437


Those sites wouldn't happen to be close to the Bears Ears national monument or its protected territory, would they? That place was designated a national monument during Obeezy's presidency, but I'm willing to bet they could have something hidden within that federally-protected land (which DJT is planning to shrink back upon.) Just another lead to consider given the timing of that news.

6f798f No.32438

Uh oh. Someone mentioned the k word

e974de No.32439


Yes, something going on for POTUS to make a special trip there now. It normally would not be important.

6f798f No.32440


a search for 'utah nsa hq' will do it.

f63fa3 No.32441


also missing 1812

ea4aa0 No.32442

Media going crazy right now with obstruction of justice. Even right with media seems worried. If this is real, they better gain control of the narrative fast. Not comfy at all right now tbh

886712 No.32443


you mean… kek?


we also have CATS for the after.

82be49 No.32445


Also highlighted by "Q" when stating their need for symbolism would be their downfall.

078964 No.32446


That was actually a pretty decent article.

And in other news, Shia is a very ugly person. Just throwing it out there. Was he molested? Is that why he's so fucked up?


b411ef No.32447


Ok thanks

d76361 No.32448


The way I see it is this…

The banks of London still have to go through BIS

BIS is in Switzerland

The catholic church holds massive global influence and it is protected by Swiss guard. there has been news of banking issues with Vatican telling me that they are subject to banks under BIS

The Swiss are "Neutral" If I was driving war, overseeing the money, and controlling religion, I'd appear "neutral," too.

Am I missing something?

6f798f No.32449


the kekstone

078964 No.32450


Well done! (notso much) Yawn

4ec9ae No.32451

File: c6e701b362fc99a⋯.png (363.74 KB, 575x383, 575:383, Dali Lama Schools Criminal….png)

b411ef No.32452


Haha. V nice.

d1bbf6 No.32453

File: 70aa827c2b63160⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 207x306, 23:34, prt_207x306_1480710607.jpg)



Way to add to the negativity. This is a perfect example of how we got where we are today. be the change you want to see in the world (hopefully negativity isn't on the menu).


e974de No.32454


Love the memes. Keep them coming.

d66935 No.32456


Thanks for the interesting feedback. Synchronicity with Roman Empire events. Makes sense. We're repeating the school plays. Hopefully, we get it right this time.

82be49 No.32458


Doubt he would reveal anything significant to a large audience.

However, it's a secure facility, and they may be sharing with him some of the latest gatherings.

e974de No.32459

f2af60 No.32460

File: 697c6e0569ce063⋯.png (49.09 KB, 299x608, 299:608, feye.png)

File: 57d4d84d9c3041c⋯.png (152.19 KB, 818x682, 409:341, five-eyes.png)

>Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

>Underground massive data center


ae9edc No.32461


I agree. We'll know we're on to something once the MSM latches onto Trump's news that he wants to shrink the territory back. They'll probably spin it like it's another act of environmental disrespect a-la Keystone.

144272 No.32463

File: 2cc056e2336d6aa⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 713x223, 713:223, Gold.JPG)

File: 56f33a52c15870f⋯.jpg (388.94 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Gold-injections.jpg)


Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance.

Why is this relevant?


34ce87 No.32464

File: 1ec3d90fb0749d6⋯.gif (334.16 KB, 454x388, 227:194, IaLG69W.gif)


So is the storm really upon us now or what

794933 No.32465


#MuhObstruction is the new #MuhRussia.

794933 No.32466


topkekekek of this thread

16a085 No.32467


here is a different take on it.

She was tapped to spread purposeful disinfo to keep people on their toes. If i was Q i would have done the same thing.

f2af60 No.32468


Main stream RW media is no different than the left. Both garbage.

639f52 No.32469


thanks for baking!


what i have noticed with many Q posts, is multi-level meanings. similar to the way that sacred texts are written/read: literal, moral, allegorical, and anagogical. (Hermeneutics)

9af932 No.32471


Where did Angels come from friend? The Heavens? Is Heaven on Earth? Celestial? Extra Terrestrial? Not from Earth? I think you will find that Alien is just a silly word for Angels. I prefer Angels as it's just nice to look at.

So if you would like to tailor the truth to suit you, just calmly replace Alien with Angel any time you see it and it happens to make you feel uncomfortable. Kind of like Eggplant or Aubergine. Both are the same.

And then, don't forget, the Bible says some Angels fell from heaven and were very naughty and procreated with the wives and daughters of Men, the Nephilim.

And don't forget the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, so many names but you surely know his story right? An Angel from the Heavens who fell to Earth. So he was not originally from Earth hence the term Extra Terrestrial being.

There are good and bad Angels/Aliens in the Bible. So if you are Christian, which I believe you implied you are, then you ALREADY BELIEVE.

God bless :)


82be49 No.32472


Want to know why No Such Agency picked UT, of all places, for their big data center?

It's because they have a large talent pool of computer folks w/expertise in such.


The LDS Church runs what was, at the time, the world's largest database there.

In a mountain, like NORAD.

About everyone who was ever born.

Makes perfect sense.

c31070 No.32473




A pathetic last ditch narrative because they've got nothing else.

8b0946 No.32474


The site I'm referring to is supposedly doing testing for deadly bio and chemical agents.

It is located some where along the southern border of Utah and is supposedly the "new" area 51 according some things I've read about it.

As far as coordinates I don't have any for it.

3f3e3a No.32475

File: 69c114e53733f50⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, robert-mercers-house.jpg)

"Owl's Nest" is a Long Island mansion, who is the Owl? Also owns The Sea Owl. This photo of the owl's nest from the front looks like an owl (eyes on roof, beak above entrance?

6b3ac8 No.32476


dugway proving grounds?

ba5b8d No.32477

Interesting thread from @rising_serpent

1. To open a door one may occasionally need to use the keyhole to unlock the threshold. A small opening that opens a very large one. Peter Strzok is one such keyhole. The facts of the case and timeline are most fascinating.

read more


8b0946 No.32478

8b0946 No.32480



ec0842 No.32481

File: 5005c402a1b5fbf⋯.png (85.43 KB, 902x476, 451:238, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

Google…..Weird when you click play it's a game about 'codes'

794933 No.32482

Old article from 2015 with new relevance to recent happenings:

Argentinian President Claims Former Obama Official Asked The Country To Provide Iran With Nuclear Fuel


bc6f8f No.32483

>>32475 Robert Mercer… I know I know, why is this relevant. continues to dig

82be49 No.32484


>Snow White utilized/activated to silence.

>This was not anticipated.

This one has been bouncing around my skull the last day or so.

Relates to AI as shill bots, as well as "Q" comments that the work on these boards is so important to "those listening."

4ec9ae No.32485

File: 2f395c81aa18140⋯.png (121.46 KB, 386x476, 193:238, what if i told you hillary.png)

09025a No.32486



Expect a massive PR effort for impeachment, dementia, disapproval polls, and whatever else the MSM can conjure up to distract the public and demoralize Trump supporters.

Just before the frog marches begin.

4ec9ae No.32487

File: f9e6dd8dabad341⋯.png (310.22 KB, 527x503, 527:503, KNOW.png)

ec0842 No.32488

President Donald Trump is reportedly giving his staffers secret assignments by calling them to his private residence in the evening and telling them to hide his orders from chief-of-staff John Kelly.

Kelly can only keep tabs on Trump during working hours, and the president has often gone rogue when left alone.

Although Kelly tells aides to stop putting through calls from Trump’s friends outside the administration who are trying to influence him, the president makes unscheduled and unapproved calls to his confidantes outside the White House so Kelly can’t monitor them, according to the report.


078964 No.32489


Anyone who knows anything about genealogy goes to the Mormons. Ancestry.com is garbage comparatively.


ba5b8d No.32490

Is twitter recommending I follow John Podesta because they know his twitter feed is going to get really interesting going forward.

76a90b No.32491


Folks - It's happening and happening FAST…

True Pundit is usually first to report on Q-related statements coming into reality.

Good folks to follow. So much…

And it's only MONDAY!

This Granny is going to strap in and PREP for the ride…

Bound to get bumpy when the enemy catches on.

They WILL react.


PREP: Guns, Gold, Grub plus H20, Meds, key documents, COMMS, bug out bags for EVAC.

Not imminent…but prep now is important because this will get stormy over MONTHS….

National, but also GLOBAL impact.

Stay strong, Be safe.



6f798f No.32492


A game about child programming with a white rabbit and an owl. Not creepy at all

ff8d9a No.32493

File: f8fdc3a6b86ac4c⋯.png (133.05 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, 1310428654001.png)

File: 74fff19aa31429a⋯.png (148.57 KB, 1146x671, 1146:671, bannned.png)


I think in the end you will find each and every one of us holds the keys to the Door of Doors, the Gate of Heaven, and you will find the gift of everlasting life.

The terms all have multiple meanings depending on that which you seek. The more you seek the truth, the clearer the real answer will be.

Cheers :)

We are getting close to the truth. Pic related.



ba5b8d No.32494

File: 9047d4c27e0d16c⋯.png (32.28 KB, 297x290, 297:290, 3mZ8p6B.png)


Pictures are worth a 1000 words

a18e9f No.32495

File: 7da34f0dc558617⋯.png (10.93 KB, 469x288, 469:288, thestorm.PNG)

File: 977640526d5ea5f⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 600x700, 6:7, keep-calm-while-the-storm-….jpg)


so your faux positivity negates the negativity spread by eac170? Who is the peacemaker? the one who exposes the negativity and helps bring people together in the truth, or someone spouting fatuous slogans how we should "all get along" Reflect on this.


See the attached. If you are just wondering if things are really happening read the news. But I have seen several posts like yours trying to stoke up fears. There is nothing to fear. The storm is it's own entity, and it is as soft as the summer rain to the just.

To others. watch out for tactics like this, even if done by those innocent. The shills exploit as well as sow FUD. just ignore and the innocent won't get caught in the flack.

71508c No.32496

https://8ch.net/cbts/res/31335.html#q31869 It also made me think Q's are in the air. Put Q in wingdings;-)

82be49 No.32497


It also relates to comments on 4chan (before the move) that the shill bots seem to have distinct styles/"personalities."

(e.g. infogalactic.com/info/Snow_White_and_the_Seven_Dwarfs_(1937_film)#Story_development)

A UKanon agreed with the idea that the bot types could be mapped to each of "the 7 dwarfs."

ff8d9a No.32498



Or should we discuss what is being spoon fed to us via fake news?

e974de No.32499


90% of the media is left wing. So it doesnt compare.

c31070 No.32500


>Just before the frog marches begin.

At which point, the 'dictator' hysteria goes to 11.

It's why he needs the OIG or Mueller to present all the evidence and arresting people.

Its why the Mueller team had to be filled with Democratic donors and partisans.

09025a No.32501


This actually seems like sensible approach by POTUS, to keep his own schedule for certain contacts.

But who the fuck with any inside knowledge would talk to Newsweek except to troll them. It was sold for $1 and is just an MSM blog site.

82be49 No.32502


So, that's the idea of AI / bots sperging inputs to 4chan.

What if those "listening" included training AI(s) to learn from how autists solve problems?

71508c No.32503

https://8ch.net/cbts/res/29570.html#q29893 I am sorry for this post. It was late here. I searched and Q never mentioned it.

76a90b No.32504


Do have done good work.

Take Care.



fa840a No.32505

Did you know that China and Russia are doing drills at North Korea border right now? The US is doing drills with South Korea with 12000 military personnel.

Russia and China say their's are individual. But I have to wonder if this isn't really a show of force by all 3 countries and was agreed upon after DJT Asia trip.



Russia and China are covering the northern borders of the country.


09025a No.32506



And it's why we are here today.

e974de No.32507


Yes, the left-wing fake news. Like the MSM that tried to tell us Hitlery had a 96% chance of winning and anyone not with her should give up.

Fight the left-wing globalist MSM!

82be49 No.32508


And, if that system ("Alice") was re-purposed from that job, to co-ordinate the "7 dwarfs" to overwhelm 4chan …

that would certainly be "unexpected."

d07c46 No.32509



Someone once wrote that if we had been alive when earth was forming with lava flows and mountains heaving we would conclude it was the end of the world, but it was actually the beginning. Whats coming will be scary for many, but dealing with it is the only way to life in a better world for us and those that come after us.

09025a No.32511


BO is doing a GREAT job keeping the board on track.

This is so much better than that other place.

f2af60 No.32512


Strzok = K..stone

Sound argument anon. I like it.

e974de No.32513


I am honestly starting to think their might be an attack on NK. Especially if it is a Clowns puppet.

bc6f8f No.32514


Cannot be a coincidence.

e974de No.32515


Thanks for the bans on shills, BO.

d3e961 No.32516

File: a4369a1b02fdb0a⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1510779744511.jpg)


>The site I'm referring to is supposedly doing testing for deadly bio and chemical agents.

>It is located some where along the southern border of Utah and is supposedly the "new" area 51 according some things I've read about it.

No idea. Even if -1/0/1 I wouldn't post it here anyways because why the fuck. I already posted the other location before so that info is out in the open.


>It also relates to comments on 4chan (before the move) that the shill bots seem to have distinct styles/"personalities."

>(e.g. infogalactic.com/info/Snow_White_and_the_Seven_Dwarfs_(1937_film)#Story_development)

>A UKanon agreed with the idea that the bot types could be mapped to each of "the 7 dwarfs."

Are you saying that CIA used its seven supercomputers to neural net/deep learn how to shit post on 4chan as part of their global media control/influence agenda?

Now that is some funny 1+ shit

3c5840 No.32517


Probably a lot of caves and such..exact location may even be over the tunnel system that is said to link bases and other place of importance like Los Alamos.

33351c No.32518


The needle in the belly triggered pregnancy questions. Why would one use/not use gold during pregnancy… Found this… could they be working on a way to induce autism?


Pregnancy Category C.

Gold Sodium Thiomalate has been shown to be teratogenic during the organogenetic period in rats and rabbits when given in doses, respectively, of 140 and 175 times the usual human dose. Hydrocephaly and microphthalmia were the malformations observed in rats when Gold Sodium Thiomalate was administered subcutaneously at a dose of 25 mg/kg/day from day 6 through day 15 of gestation. In rabbits, limb malformations and gastroschisis were the malformations observed when Gold Sodium Thiomalate was administered subcutaneously at doses of 20 - 45 mg/kg/day from day 6 through day 18 of gestation.

There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Gold Sodium Thiomalate should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit to the mother justifies the potential risk to the fetus.


c31070 No.32519


>Trump’s friends outside the administration who are trying to influence him


Disinfo to support the narrative that Trump is a crazy hothead who is being manipulated by outside conspiracy theorists to believe the deep state exists and is after him

061b50 No.32520


Might we have a list of topics that are allowed?

Did Q not say Door of all Doors? Are we not allowed to speculate on that?

Did Q not mention Satan, who happened to be a fallen Angel? Are we not allowed to speculate on that?

Did Q not mention that everything is connected?

What is your agenda?

f2af60 No.32521


Doesn't compare but all of them are horrible. Always completely cuck to the establishment.

e974de No.32522

Tracked a couple of shills to Canada. They are in for a big surprise. Hope they keep their phones and computers on long enough. Lol

4af82f No.32523


It is important to Mormons to prove the purity of their bloodlines, hence the Ancestry fixation. They keep a backup in Indiana.

a8c4c5 No.32524

File: 9f1e9fe04641323⋯.jpg (94.23 KB, 567x651, 27:31, obr2601.jpg)


If you are for peace, you cannot propagate war.

The Truth will come out eventually.

Please remember that, and don't swear, infight, or blindly believe something. Dig, dig dig, and put everything to the test. Everything is connected.

8dafc5 No.32525



Ever since watching the doc "Symbols of an Alien Sky" I have begun to think of mythology/symbolism on the planetary scale. The synchronicities felt when thinking in this way have been incredible - I've noticed key psychological insights once I began reading Velikovsky and the like, reading about the planetary battle between Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus. Really, really interesting shit.

82be49 No.32526


> learn how to shit post

It seems they've already got that.

What if "someone" is trying to train problem-solving AI(s) to match what can be done by the HiveMind on chan?

e34da7 No.32527


Based on conversations I've had with the blue-pilled set I think some of them are not likely to wake up until they see their 'leaders' getting arrested for something. They think Hillary is a victim. She's never been charged with anything so she's committed no crimes. The law hasn't been explained to them in 'their' media and they haven't paid enough attention to Hillary's actions to see her guilt.

I remember when Bill Clinton had been impeached, I was too young to pay that much attention to what was going on and I was actually really worried he'd get impeached and kicked out of office. That was a scary idea and I of course didn't see all the other shady crap that he was up to at the same time. I only saw what ((they)) wanted me to see.

For some people the memes and attempts at gentle information will not be enough. They will have to take the red pill on a dry throat and they will most likely fight it tooth and nail.

fa840a No.32528


I don't believe it is either. China and Russia are covering the northern borders, to make sure certain people don't escape? As Q says nothing is coincidence.

Does anyone here remember Q mentioning the Red Sea in a post? I have been trying to find it.

2d67fa No.32529

Rush Limbaugh just said that the deep state is undertaking a silent coup against Trump. Of course we knew that but interesting to hear Rush come out and say it. "I'm frosted over this and everyone ought to be!" he said.

01a230 No.32530


I get your point, but he's a massive tool.

32e620 No.32531


been going on since before he was elected…

d07c46 No.32532



"Of course China like other countries does not want large numbers of refugees or migrants crossing its borders, and it fears the destabilization of North Korea…" https://www.brookings.edu/on-the-record/refugee-issues-relating-to-china/

"What China does not want is the balance of political power amongst its ethnic Koreans and ethnic Chinese in its Northeast provinces to become unstable. " https://www.quora.com/Does-China-want-the-Korean-peninsula-North-and-South-Korea-to-be-reunified

16a085 No.32533


so is your mother but that didnt stop your dad

f63fa3 No.32534


yep, i have a test case dem i keep track of …since all this started he's almost got his shoulders in his ass and he just keeps jamming his head farther up there

39e25d No.32535


Does your dick feel bigger? ;)

The watchers are being watched - Q

3c5840 No.32536


When I was on twitter there were numerous canadians attacking Trump, all also vehemently denying the child trafficking revelations. It was a pleasure to crush them into a fine powder.

e974de No.32537


They are the same people who thought Hitlery would win…96%+ chance. No logic, no fact…just cultism.

They will never accept it like 99% of cult members. But it sure will be fun watching them implode…scream at the sky! Lol. No more safe spaces for them.

078964 No.32538


Sadly, it's because he is mostly right. He found his calling finally, but he does have a pretty good understanding of what's going on, and has for a long time. I can take him in small doses. Like him better than Hannity. Rush is logical and sticks to actual politics and their machinations. Doesn't get too bent. When he says he's pissed, he means it.

e7bb54 No.32539

Q said 12/3 was the start. Yesterday we learned FBI news about Clinton Email Investigation, Nunes was kept in the dark by RR deliberately despite being asked. True pundit says Comey has lost his immunity deal. And Trump’s evening tweets were pointed towards the FBI. The Comey obstruction of justice trap, as planned by Hillary/Obama to ensnare Flynn and Trump has failed, and the counter-action is proceeding as planned. Flynn quoted as saying he felt betrayed by the President, and the President on 12/12/16 was Obama’s….not Trump. Chris Wray testimony and OIG report are other dominoes to fall very soon.

6b3ac8 No.32540

File: 34883d4ff2b76f7⋯.png (24.85 KB, 933x286, 933:286, q-last-4c-post.png)

`Found something

last Q post to 4chan using tripcode

speaks of 89074

d8ab24 No.32541


Will JT be stepping down…hmmm?

6f2055 No.32542

Kek, BO is playing whack-a-shill.

f02f7a No.32544


At the Rothschilds were in Germany when they funded Britian war. The Swiss weren't involved.

"The Rothschilds already possessed a significant fortune before the start of the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815), and the family had gained preeminence in the bullion trade by this time.[21] From London in 1813 to 1815, Nathan Mayer Rothschild was instrumental in almost single-handedly financing the British war effort, organising the shipment of bullion to the Duke of Wellington's armies across Europe, as well as arranging the payment of British financial subsidies to their continental allies. In 1815 alone, the Rothschilds provided £9.8 million (in 1815 currency, about £566 million, €717 million or US$869 million today, when using the retail price index, and £6.58 billion, €8,34 billion or US$10.1 billion when using average earnings) in subsidy loans to Britain's continental allies.[22]" -Wiki

c31070 No.32545



He misses the fact the FBI Vault also dropped more HIllary papers on Friday, with Strzok's name all over them - NOT redacted like they usually do.

>Why would they do that? Is he now a target, or a witness?

The affair and texting were leaked on Saturday

>Possibly not Flynn related, but to discredit Strzok. Black hats or white hats?

tl;dr - I think they flipped Strzok to go after McCabe et al

d3e961 No.32548


>What if "someone" is trying to train problem-solving AI(s) to match what can be done by the HiveMind on chan?

They can try and I can see why someone would undertake such a difficult task if given enough cpu power.

essentially the problem is to try/replicate the problem solving and creative skills of 1 individual or a group of individuals. Which is where the tricky part comes up.


>Based on conversations I've had with the blue-pilled set I think some of them are not likely to wake up until they see their 'leaders' getting arrested for something. They think Hillary is a victim. She's never been charged with anything so she's committed no crimes. The law hasn't been explained to them in 'their' media and they haven't paid enough attention to Hillary's actions to see her guilt.

There is also the psychological problem where many folks when confronted with drastic, life altering evidence that their long held personal beliefs were completely wrong the entire time these people actually double down mentally and cling to their old beliefs even harder.

Some people will never be red pilled and will fight to preserve their own personal matrix that exists solely in their heads.

e974de No.32550


Wait until the U1 CA connection comes out.

POTUS always gets the last laugh.

d0f682 No.32551



It appears the self proclaimed board elite here have decided to be the MSM they admonish.

d8ab24 No.32552


Oh snit don't start down that path again! kek, my sides!

639f52 No.32553


personally, LOVE IT. but….not sure most peeps will

1. read it all tl;dr

2. understand the meaning of coup (x 4) as it relates to historical power/paradigm shifts

and 3. many WANT a socialist revolution (#Resist), and will only see the "revolution" word, not hearing the deeper/totality of the message (my 2 cents).

Great job tho!!! Im passing it on to the III%s i know

e974de No.32554


Yes on everything. Good summary.

And Dec. 5th was the other date.

6b3ac8 No.32555


speaking of uranium

i think this is why bears ears monument is being given back to the People today by Trump

Obama had seized the land for feds in his last days

Had HRC won, it would have been another deposit

Today, instead, it goes back to the People

60ea07 No.32556


Similarly, being born is traumatic and painful. But from there we take our first breath.

e974de No.32557


It just keeps getting better.

d0f682 No.32558



What was yesterday?

078964 No.32559


Got the link via Craig Sawyer. It's making it's way around. He said the Podestas are going down… I hope so.

c528dd No.32560

did someone research the 2nd Wikileaks drop? it was a picture of a map of NIGER and it was Uranium related.

2d67fa No.32561


Sounds like an anon just got through to him – saying that he believes that Mueller might be conspiring with Trump to expose the corrupt FBI. Rush said that was the first time he had heard that theory. Rush will discuss that point of view after the break.

3f3e3a No.32562

Today's google header has a white rabbit, an owl, pyramids, I didn't solve the code, maybe someone here can

e974de No.32563


Speech at 3:30 today. Must listen to what he says carefully.

01a230 No.32565


Just reading it … good stuff, connects many dots

32e620 No.32566

3655fb No.32567


I actually feel your pain, because I am you. (you)

6b3ac8 No.32568


the speech is coming pretty quickly live from UT here:


The 1600 Daily is put out by Eric's wife as WH news

e974de No.32569


Your answer here:


16a085 No.32570


Rush is no dummy, it is most def not the first time he has heard the theory.

069bdb No.32571


This new Mega doesn't even sound right. No "boss", or "bruh", or "y'all", smilies where they shouldn't be, etc. It's obviously been co-opted.

82be49 No.32572


Gonna take my meds early.

Now, where did I leave that strap-on …

bf8912 No.32573


Already solved:


Then Q post 89074 being a location data center...


'No nets' seems to mean its internet has been taken down...


d8ab24 No.32574


Watched it happen last night as well…maybe warning people would help instead of banning them so that they can't ever voice themselves is pretty harsh…kinda hard to red pill people if they don't feel like they are a part of find the truth. (please don't ban me BO…just giving opinion…appreciate your hard work!)

39e25d No.32575



I hope you realize that the Q team is keeping close tabs on your IP as well my friend. The watchers are being watched. What is your agenda?

d0f682 No.32576


That’s not the answer.

What was yesterday?

ba5b8d No.32578

FAIL: Eric Holder gets laughed off the Twitter stage during lecture about ‘integrity and honesty’


ec0842 No.32579


'Bears' Ears, wonder if a wink and a nod to Pedo Bear and his takedown of these sick fucks?

c426a8 No.32580

Soros Army in Alabama to Register Convicted Felons to Vote Against Roy Moore


bf8912 No.32581



According to Lt.Col. Roy Potter some messages are to be decoded with hebrew language… so I did.



d8ab24 No.32582

Trump is visiting the Church of Jesus Chris t of Latter day Saints…interesting to see what he will say.

bc094c No.32583


Is there any information hidden in these threads about the data center that we can transfer over to the Data center thread? I went there to look at what has been found so far and there was nothing there ;o

c8da2a No.32584

Googleshit is spamming me every time I go to Fox news to read articles. It freezes the site and pops up a virus warning or walmart gift card contest. Can't back out of either only have to shut down and restart app. This only happens while I go to Fox. It started about 15 days ago and was only once a week. Yesterday it was 6 times. FYI, I use another platform for my digging, but check in on breaking stories on goog. It's now happening to my SO too. Anyone else? Posting this because it's relevant to MSM brainwashing/censorship.

09d851 No.32585


Does a script blocker help?

4ec9ae No.32586

File: 6415dddc92f79a9⋯.png (384.53 KB, 579x317, 579:317, Pay to Publish.png)

e974de No.32587


Someone triggered that his shill buddies got banned and cant get back on here? Notice the board is much cleaner now. Coincidence?

Dont try to play the poor little kitten tactic when you were one of them.

Thanks, BO, for cleaning things up.

09d851 No.32588

3f3e3a No.32589


Q asks "who is Y?", maybe he is also implying who is owl?

e974de No.32590


Not afraid one bit.

And it is not my IP. LOL

c8da2a No.32591


Will try. Thx

ff8d9a No.32592


Yes and it's incredibly revealing. I'm glad others are taking notice. For what is expected to yield a joyous, positive result, they are being very negative, not following Q's directives, and have a very clear evil agenda. Perhaps this is necessary to prove a point?

The revelation will be that you all will be freed from the chains that bind you. As of now we are slaves. Soon the finacial reset will free you all from that bondage, and you will truly be free, as God intended. This will happen with and/or without Aliens/Angels.

Hope that helps :)

64272b No.32593

File: 04a45241e13bb0f⋯.png (731.48 KB, 1841x917, 263:131, elon.png)

e974de No.32594

Had to repost cuz soo god:

Q said 12/3 was the start. Yesterday we learned FBI news about Clinton Email Investigation, Nunes was kept in the dark by RR deliberately despite being asked. True pundit says Comey has lost his immunity deal. And Trump’s evening tweets were pointed towards the FBI. The Comey obstruction of justice trap, as planned by Hillary/Obama to ensnare Flynn and Trump has failed, and the counter-action is proceeding as planned. Flynn quoted as saying he felt betrayed by the President, and the President on 12/12/16 was Obama’s….not Trump. Chris Wray testimony and OIG report are other dominoes to fall very soon.

794933 No.32595


(((old news)))

(((fake news)))


try to keep up or GTFO.

16a085 No.32596


fake and gay. keep up princess.

e7bb54 No.32597


The day Q’s countdown ended. As you recall “8,7,6,5….”

d0f682 No.32598


Ancestry dot com

d0f682 No.32599


Nope. What day?

e974de No.32600


Dec 5th

9d7340 No.32601


6f2055 No.32602


How can that be? — "Only 10 can confirm me."

794933 No.32603

@GalacticRedPill twat-storm. relevant.


Premise: Are Flynn's network of spooks taking down corruption in the DOJ and FBI?

c528dd No.32605




but anyways fellow anons, what are we digging into today? i havent been on so much :/

ff8d9a No.32608

File: a5581ce8f6925c9⋯.png (146.85 KB, 1053x665, 1053:665, bannned.png)


I tried and got banned indefinitly. Luckily I have a work around. That GAY guy who spammed entire threads with rubbish and NAZI stuff got banned for 7 days. I sense the board operators are part of the evil we are trying to fight so I just laced up my boots a little tighter.

Can you believe it? I get banned for eternity for this innocent post with the best intentions. Yet look at all the other filth they let through. Paints a very clear picture. >>32293

794933 No.32609

@rising_serpent astutely notes that "Lobotomized Hansel and Gretel of US Politics, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi" have agreed to meet with Trump and McConnell on Thursday.


bf9318 No.32610


Excellent work anon

bc6f8f No.32611

>>32605 I watched a pretty entertaining anon video on youtube that claims Jones works for the Mossad and evidence was found by the Marines at Langley on the 18th… hilarious if true.

d0f682 No.32612


Ask the elite.

e974de No.32614


Looking for plea deals?

ff8d9a No.32615


Oh jeez it autocorrects X X X to GAY, I did not write that. Sorry. The hate of the board owner is leaking.

Q - said we would be in a battle of good vs evil. C'est la vie.


6b3ac8 No.32616


so the second result in google for "89074-b" turns out to be 54 n pecos road

it's 2000 feet from the claim jumpers restaurant i pointed out here >>22393

dual meaning with court martial law being 89074-b?

c528dd No.32617


Thats why im saying fuck alex jones. i lost all respect for him after that pizzagate shit.

first he was digging into it.

then he apologized, then he went back talkin shit.. no no no, he's just a CIA shill.

d9974c No.32618


Agree that many blue pills are trying hard not to change their belief system.

e974de No.32619


Shill is back.

BO, get after him.

Stopped others which are thankful for.

c528dd No.32620


where do i find the elite?

ba5b8d No.32621

File: e8351f2e74db387⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, X8pP9cL.jpg)

3655fb No.32622


Were you on VPN?

e974de No.32623

2d67fa No.32625


If we haven't learned anything else, we have most certainly learned that we're being watched and tracked. Whether we're on 8ch or on facebook or twitter or in the same room as our television or our phone. We're not breaking any laws here. Is telling us we're being tracked supposed to frighten us? Big brother, sadly, is a fact of life. If stating our opinion is enough to get us "offed" - we were doomed years ago

82be49 No.32628


>replicate the problem solving and creative skills

The former should be reasonably straightforward, given current AI and NLP tech.

The latter is not.

Even the 1st-order filtering of chan traffic (slang, codewords, etc) semantics would be complex.

But the esoteric associations and creative insight …

if that could be trained into an AI, it would be impressive, indeed.

9d7340 No.32629

Go watch it for yourselves. He says Q wouldn't want to go on air…hmmmm. He then goes into basically all of the shit we go into. Oh and he has a personal relationship with trump… but he's totally a shill, got it.

3655fb No.32630


We're working. this is not a chat room.

d0f682 No.32631


Easily found here.

c4b498 No.32632

File: a03162d961ae727⋯.png (136.31 KB, 964x544, 241:136, Endgame.png)


This is what I got

ba5b8d No.32636

Great thread from @GalacticRedPill on Flynn's Leak Killers, should convince you that it's all real.

1) Long read forthcoming. (85 tweets)

Topic: Are Flynn's network of spooks taking down corruption in the DOJ and FBI? Much credit to @Thomaswictor for his brilliant work. This is an analysis of what he proposes - which lines up nicely with what we discovered with our own work.


c528dd No.32637


well, i asked what we are digging into today.

you couldnt answer that. but you can say that youre working? fucking idiot.

d0f682 No.32638


What are you working on? A self imposed list that you devised?

82be49 No.32639


She's just being a single mom, at this point.

Recall that "Q" said her options were: kid, MB, or HRC.

Looks like she picked door #1.

e7bb54 No.32641


Q started countdown at 8 on 11/25. So I saw that as counting down to 0 on 12/3. I could be wrong.

3655fb No.32643

All information is available to everyone, as a result none of it can be trusted.

(we haven't figured that out yet)

So who do you trust in an information Armageddon?

32e620 No.32644


Good for her I suppose, I feel for that poor kid.

061b50 No.32646


Board Owner is the one who bans and is also one who spews hate on the threads and plays thought police whenever something that isn't on his agenda of evil isn't discussed. Seems like he just wants to watch the world burn. Then I see people yelping shill every chance they get, with the irony being they are the shills, wasting valuable space where they could be spreading positivist instead of hate. Useful idiots to prove a point I suppose.

Some posters are doxxing people and making veiled threats. All of this b/c someone shitposts on the Internet? What a waste of time. And shitposting is subjective. So, there's that.

e974de No.32650


Triggered much? Good.

82be49 No.32652


Interesting tie-in there would be who handled the finances for the Louisiana Purchase?

(from Napoleon, since his wars had left him a bit short on cash …)

061b50 No.32653


I am actually watching them in a chat about trying to doxx someone, an anon from this thread, and expose their private life online. I hope they know this will not be tolerated. What a poor choice.

e974de No.32654


But the board is getting cleaned up. Dont cry now. No safespaces left for you.

f63fa3 No.32655



3655fb No.32656


BO always civil and justified in my experience.

e974de No.32657


Sounds right.

e974de No.32658


Yes. Very patient too.

17a818 No.32660

File: e28c80529a5a9ea⋯.jpg (317.47 KB, 1200x1568, 75:98, TESLA.JPG)

File: 9c2f6432cf8b9e6⋯.png (9.57 KB, 460x232, 115:58, CLUE.PNG)


ANON I will never lie to you…HONESTY IS KING.


this post is not a megapill of my truth series but rather a speculation/theory because I am not able to confirm it and never will I be able to. Worry not as I will provide a compelling argument. The only person that can confirm this is the King DJT himself.

I first thought of this years ago but I decided to not focus on it as I couldn't find the proof but do you remember the post where Q "confirms" me.

"Less than 10 can confirm me"

I truly appreciate the 10 however the sentence is odd. I could be wrong but I think this statement has a different meaning than you think.

You see way more than 10 people would be able to confirm Q, the generals, his staff, family and friends. The number is not below 10. ?????

I believe that post was truly meant for me and me only.

I'm honestly in shock that the King himself trusted me and Gave me a clue that he knew would be instantly noticed by me.

I understand the narcissism but then again did you see the clue? did you get to Lichtenstein? Pyramids?

Even if the assumption is wrong, the theory will make you question a lot.


1943 Tesla dies in NY

The contents of his trunk/storage box still remain unknown.

Before his death, Tesla sent many letters to various people/government telling them to not allow his relatives to access the trunk.

To me this is odd, what about other people, like the scientists that might steal his ideas(edison), the government agencies….Why would he not let his own family have the trunk?

What would his family do that others wouldn't? Why din't he destroy the trunk, he would be dead what would it matter?

Enter John G Trump, the only person to see the contents of the trunk.

He was tasked with investigating to see if Tesla's work contained a hidden weapon or something.

I believe that Tesla may have intentionally placed himself in NY so John G Trump would be the one chosen to investigate his work.

I believe he chose him due to him being associated with MIT, perhaps the family wealth, his work on x-rays and his association with Van De Graaff.

Tesla based the "death ray" on De Graaff's work so he would want it to end in his possession so De Graaff could continue to work on it.

John G claims that he found nothing bad in Tesla's trunk but what did he find?

I can confirm one thing for sure and that he found the Tesla's so called cancer healing method, which he did use.

He invented a way to heal/cure cancer by Radiation and remove deep tumors without harming the tissue.

What else was in the Trunk???


The very thing he claimed he would never do………CONTINUE HIS BLOODLINE……

The Trunk contained his frozen sperm….




A relative of Tesla would lay claim and ignore the sperm or possibly destroy it but

A Man of Science like John G Trump would gladly fulfill Tesla's dying wish to use the sperm and would have loved to continue the work of Tesla.



So Where is the Bloodline?

Take a deep, very deep breath……








Evidence Ahead

16a085 No.32661


what were the colors for the pedo portion of the rainbow flag?

d0f682 No.32663


No. >>32646 speaks truthfully.

This board has become the MSM.

17a818 No.32664

File: 9019a5e7ac39466⋯.jpg (27.31 KB, 460x460, 1:1, DJTESLA.jpg)

File: 3933e3df3101ffc⋯.jpeg (474.05 KB, 940x1260, 47:63, DJTTESLA.jpeg)

File: bd3957e521ba639⋯.jpg (63.63 KB, 1240x744, 5:3, FREDANDTRUMP.jpg)

File: c4ef4ff01e8b732⋯.png (161.32 KB, 524x389, 524:389, THEYOUNGKING.png)

I know its wild but let me provide the evidence anon.

A secret like that would be very well hidden and definitely be known by less than 10 people

…Perhaps 3, or it might be 6, or it could be 9…..HAHAHA…U C IT?

-In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s scientists found that sperm could survive freezing lower than -3210 F (-1600 C).

-Tesla realized that he could successfully have a child without breaking his own rule.

-1945 Mary Barton successfully inseminates over a 1000 women but not by a frozen sperm.

-Infact no one has the accurate date of when the first successful frozen sperm insemination occurred and to whom, no citation exists at all.

-During Vietname War Draft, Trump recieved a medical deferment. Trump claims it due to Heel Spurs, Oh no.

-Tesla gave the secrets of cancer healing/Cure Tumors to John G Trump to protect his own child because he knew the dangers of frozen sperm and wanted to ensure his legacy would stay on.

-The only reason DJT has married multiple times to make sure he does not commit the same fate as his Father.

DJT has made many public statements where he praises his uncle John G Trump

“My father’s brother was a brilliant man . . . We have very good genetics.”

“My uncle used to tell me about nuclear before nuclear was nuclear,”

-So clearly John G told Trump everything about Tesla.

What does Trump say about his presumed father Fred

“I was never intimidated by my father, the way most people were,” Trump wrote in The Art of the Deal.

“I stood up to him, and he respected that.” It probably says something that, in Trump’s world, this amounted to a close relationship.

Other friends, to Blair, described the pair as friendly but not precisely working together.

“The two of them together in the same room was very strange,” she quotes one of them saying.

“They were both talking, supposedly to each other, but I was sure neither heard what the other was saying. They talked right past each other.”

Donald Trump gave a cheerful quote for his father’s New York Times obituary,

focusing on the way his dad had never wanted to expand into Manhattan.

“It was good for me,” he said. “You know, being the son of somebody, it could have been competition to me.

This way, I got Manhattan all to myself!”

and you know the famous one: "

“My father gave me a very small loan in 1975, and I built it into a company that’s worth many, many billions of dollars.”

-Its clear they dont like each other. Fred clearly treated him differently, almost like he wasn't his own son. Why would a multi-millionaire give his own son money on a loan?

Once he mentioned:

“I mean it’s a good gene pool right there” - [Trump pointed to his head] - “I have to do what I have to do.”



You need to have mind that can rival the greatest minds in history, and no one was smarter than Tesla except his own son, DJT.







6-TRUTH but Flawed Explanation



8a4536 No.32665


Not sure that buying gold from some Russian trader' is a good idea. There are reputable traders out there . But point taken on awareness.

c31070 No.32667


>her options were: kid, MB, or HRC.

Guessing they've had her on a short leash. And why they took down SA first - cut off the escape routes for her and HRC.

bf8912 No.32669


'Jumpers' has nothing to do with this (I actually saw it too on the map), but it's referred to electronic switches. >>15613

The 'b' attachment refers to, imo, underground level or secondary address.

I also look at the south-west section of Henderson when I added the b in Google maps , but found nothing specific there.

A liberal synagogue on the other hand, hiding a (rogue)CIA/Mossad data center is more than plausible for typical false flag operations like fake Nazi/ISIS shilling. There are many cases known that jews themselves paint swastikas on their property and going behind ISIS propaganda websites, like Joshua Goldberg.

3655fb No.32672


Tesla was castrated by Serb secret police.

He didn't father Trump. Go for a walk.

c7e6ea No.32673

on joe rogan experience w/ alex jones, the topic goes to eric prince

joe asks about eric being involved with saudi Arabia with black water

alex says i don't know (point off camera) and says ask Q

70d4b4 No.32674




you have to remember that bo doesn't work on behalf of the board but for his own interest and confirmation bias.

he will ban anyone that isnt following his narrative of CBTS

it what happens to kids who lurk 8ch for a year and think they are internet badasses

any real oldfag wouldn't care two shits about shitposting

82be49 No.32675

File: 563b80dd32b7fdd⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 200x200, 1:1, spyVspy.jpg)


>network of spooks

So much fun to watch …

Long popcorn.

97adb4 No.32677


To be fair. I think he was forced to backtrack due to legal pressure rather than actual belief. As he does regularly insist that elite satanist pedos are real and active.

How accurate he is on other things in between selling water filters, ehh. Probably a limited hangout. But he does talk about shit CNN or Wapo, or NYT wont, so I'll give credit where it's due.

ad8edf No.32680


No need

d0f682 No.32681


The one repeating common denominator from Q…


39e25d No.32682

File: 1c82bffab001d34⋯.png (149.01 KB, 1346x726, 673:363, kekwtf.png)


Let's just say I use protection ;)

Pic related :)

82be49 No.32683


Careful citing ZH. Many agendas there.

c4b498 No.32684


i have no idea, going to look now


Please follow the link in this post


It's an archive of a now scrubbed article, the source was from the US and done during the Clinton administration

32e620 No.32685


He seems very reasonable to me tbh not sure what youre all butthurt about

3c5840 No.32686


Years ago AJ did good work on Franklin; difference was that it wasn't an ongoing operation.

39e25d No.32687


Yes the Owl and Y are the male/female representations of evil. Evil is a two faced demon. Minerva/Marduk etc.

639f52 No.32688


good article on obama's nat monument land grabs (written prior to Bears Ears which was Dec 2016)


82be49 No.32690


23 and me

Seems so X-Files, but corporate …

8a4536 No.32692

File: ac93c00c7c3b8b4⋯.png (191.63 KB, 838x501, 838:501, dse.png)




09d851 No.32693


It's a computer stuck on a shelf. It isn't going anywhere.

c528dd No.32694


then let me ask you this.

if pizzagate is so fake, why havent podesta sued anyone? not even breitbart? i think thats very odd.

9407fd No.32696

THIS IS HUGE (saw it posted on /pol/)

>Tony Podesta hung out with known child pornographers and pedophiles

lots of other big DNC (including a chair) and NBC people named too


d0f682 No.32697


Nice to know the genetics of possible donors.

bf9318 No.32700


this is great. can you try it with slightly smaller, or spread, text at the top? If you clear T's face the impact of the real loathing in his expression packs a real punch, and shouldn't be distracted from or obscured.

bf6495 No.32703


Internet cable from UK go to here?

14055a No.32704

File: fbb3357f211bbf2⋯.jpg (184.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3-6-9.jpg)

File: 300be8f91605583⋯.jpg (119.37 KB, 620x546, 310:273, Screengrab-665010.jpg)


Less than 10 is 9

Precisely what I got banned for pointing out :)


ba5b8d No.32706

It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation,

Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation

The smoke is clearing from an explosive Mueller investigation weekend of charges, chattering, and tweets. Before the next aftershock, it might be helpful to make three points about where things stand. In ascending order of importance, they are:

1.) There is a great deal of misinformation in the commentariat about how prosecutors build cases.

2.) For all practical purposes, the collusion probe is over. While the “counterintelligence” cover will continue to be exploited so that no jurisdictional limits are placed on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, this is now an obstruction investigation.

3.) That means it is, as it has always been, an impeachment investigation.

Read more at: nationalreview.com/article/454311/mueller-strategy-obstruction-justice-investigation-leading-impeachment

c4b498 No.32708


Black and brown?? ugh

learn something new every day

82be49 No.32710


Why is that surprising?

Of course he's reading these boards.

Even folks on TWTR are yakking about "Q."

AJ will probably hire an actor, and do the whole "undercover" bit:

dark silhouette, voice scrambler, all the trimmings.

Just more clickbait and sideshow, really.

ba5b8d No.32712


exactly, they fear the discovery process

6f798f No.32717


That is childish. I will ask him to take it off.

01a043 No.32718

File: d379d0e206eb270⋯.png (382.68 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, chu.png)

bf6495 No.32719

9407fd No.32720

File: f971a12bc48d5c3⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 9aomlu1vpskz.jpg)

82be49 No.32721


NR are #NeverTrump, so articles there should be read as opposition.

73c19e No.32722


What's TWTR? You mean twitter?

c8da2a No.32724

File: fe1319c930c9b7b⋯.png (915.98 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-13-2….png)

File: cdfd56549c2924c⋯.png (452.31 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-13-2….png)

File: c6305e809994b1e⋯.png (637.91 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-13-2….png)

Obummer still at it

4ad4ca No.32725

File: 17ad711c9a5de2a⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 525x615, 35:41, 8b4da4ed88f7154d499adab03e….jpg)

File: e6efb2c068aba40⋯.jpg (480.81 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, Nikola-Tesla-Wallpapers-00….jpg)

File: e2d505ce96c2337⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 450x318, 75:53, webprime-number-sequence.jpg)



https://at37.word press.com/2012/04/04/tesla-the-magician-and-the-sator-magic-square/

a6ae33 No.32726

A quick scan and I didn't see anything about this:


The word's getting out. Baby steps in the right direction. Making the red pills easier to swallow a little at a time.

>Tip of the iceberg.

Someone has been visiting one of those, like, chan sites.

c554ed No.32727


correct in that

c8da2a No.32728

Obummer and "Red Line"


My father, an anti-communist, liked to tell this joke from the 1930s:

Why is Earl Browder (head of the American communist party) like the Brooklyn Bridge?

Because both are suspended by a cable.

For Browder, the cable came from Moscow. It told American communists what to think and what to say.

To cite the most memorable example, one cable would tell them that Germany is an enemy. Later, another would say that Germany is an ally in the fight against American and British imperialism. But then, a third cable would instruct that Germany is the enemy and must be destroyed at all cost.

Today, Democrats are suspended by a tweet. Their media wing and their rank-and-file rely on signals from leadership about what to think and say about world affairs. (I must add that some supporters of President Trump are similarly suspended.)

Putin’s Russia invaded Georgia? No big deal. It was probably President Bush’s fault. President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to end the mistreatment of Russia by Bush and put relations on a friendly basis through a “reset” (complete with button).

Mitt Romney explains why Putin’s Russia is the major geopolitical threat to the U.S.? He can’t be right. After all, Obama has dismissed this claim with a joke and promised Russia’s president, off mic, to be more “flexible” in accommodating Putin after the election.

Putin’s Russia moves into the vacuum in Syria with the intention of brutally propping up the murderous Assad regime, which has crossed Obama’s “red line” by using chemical weapons on civilians? No worries. Russia can be a force for good in Syria. After all, Obama has enlisted Putin to make sure Assad gets rid of his chemical weapons.

But: Putin’s Russia gets on the bad side of Hillary Clinton during the presidential election? Russia is evil. It’s the main geopolitical threat to the U.S.

Claudia Rosett is as clear-eyed as anyone I know who writes about foreign policy. In addition, she used to report from Russia for the Wall Street Journal and served for a time as its Moscow bureau chief.

In an excellent interview with Ginni Thomas for the Daily Caller, Rosett explains why Russia does, indeed, pose a serious threat to the U.S. and to world order. She also reminds us of the enthusiasm and flexibility Obama displayed toward Russia until near the end of his two terms, when Russia needed to be viewed differently to serve his Party’s interest.

Rosett cites Obama the hot mic promise of flexibility towards Putin; the shelving of missile defense for Europe in the name of that phony “reset”; the inadequate pursuit of Edward Snowden, who is still hiding in Russia; Obama’s fecklessness regarding the “red line” that opened the door to Russia’s dominance in Syria; the Iran deal that advantaged Russia and its allies; and the weak response of the U.S. when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Compared to this, says Rosett, Trump’s occasional unfortunate comments about Russia and Putin pale. She is right. A few conciliatory comments can’t match nearly eight years of appeasement — a policy Democrats, including those in the media, would still be defending had they not gotten the “cable” sent when top Democrats decided to blame Russia for Hillary’s electoral woes.

There’s plenty more worth hearing in the interview with Rosett, which runs for about half an hour.

17a818 No.32729

File: 9c2f6432cf8b9e6⋯.png (9.57 KB, 460x232, 115:58, LOOOKATIT.PNG)


Less than 10: Tesla's numbers 3 6 and 9







Deoxythymidine triphosphate (dTTP): one of the four nucleoside triphosphates that are used in the in vivo synthesis of DNA.

ba5b8d No.32731


I know, but it's useful in understanding their ever shifting strategy.

536d13 No.32732


Why don't we just call the Board Owner the Dungeon Master (DM)?

82be49 No.32733


One reason folks talking "muh ahbbening" up/down are a bit … misguided.

Whether 11/3, or 12/3, or 1/3/2018, the point is not the exact dates.

This stuff is going to take months and months to unfold.

The only date that makes sense, from the point of "Q"s urgency, is 18 Dec 2017.

At that point, TWTR will be cutting off the accounts of anyone trying to relay the info being discussed here.

bf9318 No.32734


99% of the media is authoritarian. the only media that isn't authoritarian is found in the alt media.this is not left-right, and those anons still stuck in that polarisation would be well advised to stop leaping to judgement and just take data fact by verifiable fact, wherever it is sourced.

73171b No.32735

Question: I keep seeing people reference 1,800 indictments. Last image I saw touted 4k+ which number is correct?

fdc913 No.32736


2nd revolution to free us from Great Britain and the traitors that rule us.

Wonder how many countries have these carve outs: Britain: City of London USA: District of Columbia (and United Nations?). Wonder if swamp would be cleaner if DC was a state rather than a colony of the City of London?

171ddd No.32737



82be49 No.32738


Probably best to take that post at face value.

The folks feeding info here (as "Q") are part of a very small group, any only they could doxx the "real Q."

Pointing out the other items as coincidence is probably meant to keep autists here from wandering down blind alleys.

e34da7 No.32739


Poor kid has Weiner for a dad… strike against him in so many ways…

82be49 No.32741


Check the CBTS catalog. The "Sealed Indictments" thread has the latest.

01a230 No.32742

File: 4701c5c64fd6b04⋯.png (211.14 KB, 1194x640, 597:320, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

c4b498 No.32743


>Americans pay a percentage of their taxes to the Queen of England via the IRS. The IRS is not an agency of the Federal Government.

>It is an agency of the International Monetary Fund which is an agency of the United Nations. No law has ever been passed legalizing the charging of income tax. The 1040 tax form is the payment of a foreign tax to the King/Queen of England.

>American citizens have been in financial servitude to the British Monarch since the Treaty of 1783 and the War of Dependence.

>All tax payers have an Individual Master File and are held liable for a tax via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K. and payable to the U.K. Prior to 1991, the Business Master File in 6209 was U.S.-U.K.

ba5b8d No.32746

‘Who’s Next?’: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media




e974de No.32747


99% of the MSM is left wing globalist. Period.

a6ae33 No.32748

82be49 No.32749


Kids have not been "coding" (programming) for 50 years.

However, I bet the cabal have been coding kids for that long, or longer.

9711ba No.32750


I'm sure Q would not be happy about that nor would they put up with it. we are all supposed to be here to help each other out and help Q to help the normies….not eat each other alive…that is what evil wants us to do!!!!

4ec9ae No.32751

File: b3bf86c7afbb670⋯.png (546.42 KB, 577x548, 577:548, Know what you did.png)

17a818 No.32753

File: 14e6a5bf89d911b⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 640x320, 2:1, tim-burton-alice-in-wonder….jpg)




794933 No.32754

The Thomas Wictor / GalacticRedPill theory that Flynn hired a bunch of Leak Hunters now has direct ties to /Q/uestions:

>proof leak killers are on the job

>text messages are being given to IG (see news articles)

>text messages are raw SIGINT

>Only Director of NSA Adm Rogers can provide raw SIGINT

>leaks are illegal.

>Flynn's hires were all given TS/SCI clearance

>When Flynn was fired, McMaster reassigned his hires, but didn't revoke their access

>Leak hunters were activated when this went down

>AR didn't need court to provide raw SIGINT to people with TS/SCI (bona fide need to know)








Remember Q's early questions about the significance of Military Intelligence (MI)?

MI *is* DIA

Future reveals the past.

Q confirmred, motherfuckers.

Have faith.

It is happening before our very eyes.

Watch what happens in the coming days and weeks.

When you hear news of phone calls, emails, and text messages in stories about the IG report, REMEMBER THIS POST.




LEAK HUNTERS on the loose.

525a1a No.32760


the video link in your base document to "the ground is a shakin" has been removed by the user

this one


10912e No.32762



Nice! And meant only for you is telling as well. As in they need to get their grubby hands out of your DNA! It is being used for very nefarious purposes.

6f798f No.32763


Exactly - Google celebrates programming kids with a game where you follow the white rabbit. Not a coincidence.

82be49 No.32764


>What's TWTR

It's the NASDAQ ticker symbol for Twitter, Inc.

Also, it's common to see s/w folk refer to their companies by their symbol (GOOG, MSFT, etc).

3c5840 No.32765


Zero love for Dershowitz, but he has repeatedly stated that the president can't obstruct justice re: Comey firing. I think he was implicated along with Prince Andrew and Epstein and now gives honest opinions despite being no fan of Trump.

87f928 No.32766


Do you know what is was about?

82be49 No.32767


>easier to swallow

Honestly, I think most folks are going to gag on all the pedo trafficking stuff.

Even if they could get the point of the elites' trying to extend their lives via adrenochrome, etc.

It's such a deeply embedded taboo. Rational thinking won't apply.

10912e No.32768

Important to note CERN invented the Internet and they also use the White Rabbit.


c528dd No.32769

File: 177c8aff7e44550⋯.jpg (118.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DQOk1R4XcAE4U-6.jpg)

found this on twitter

bc6f8f No.32770


whaaaaattttt bahahahaha

aa40c9 No.32771


Never forget:

Jerry Sandusky

Who knew about it

Who lied about it

For how long it was covered up

What donors and charities were involved

>But muh defensive coordinator

de7eaa No.32773


Just want to thank you and all your colleagues for your patriotism and willingness to put your efforts and accumulated knowledge to work for our great nation. Words cannot express my own gratitude.

Wishing you all every happiness.

01a230 No.32774

File: 1310e7ad3497188⋯.png (303.37 KB, 1355x435, 271:87, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

c4b498 No.32775


Tim Berners-Lee founded W3C (www consortium) after leaving CERN in 1994.

ARPANET was the packet switching transport layer (TCP/IP) developed by the DoD in 1969

1661bd No.32776


That… Has to be an attempt to discredit the man by calling him insane.

fdc913 No.32777


>"Obama's fecklessness"

What a wonderful word: Obama The Feckless–so many possible examples, so many blue triggers.

c528dd No.32778


i have no idea. im gonna dig into that xD

171ddd No.32779


Thanks for the update from 4, I've been stuck on 8

e974de No.32781


The President was Graham Spanier, who lied and covrred it up. Also friends with BHO and a Demoncrap. Coincidence?

6f798f No.32782

Hopefully a real happening in the next two hours…

9711ba No.32783

File: 2bb8228ad0c9498⋯.png (108.7 KB, 750x712, 375:356, IMG_8760.PNG)


I got banned last night for talking about that on another general! Watch me get banned again!

ba5b8d No.32784

FBI supervisor removed from Special Counsel’s Office had interviewed Michael Flynn


FBI agent Peter Strzok was one of two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn, which took place on Jan. 24, at the White House, said several sources. The other FBI special agent, who interviewed Flynn, is described by sources as a field supervisor in the “Russian Squad, at the FBI’s Washington Field Office,” according to a former intelligence official, with knowledge of the interview.

6f798f No.32785

My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…

3655fb No.32786

Does it have to be the damn owl? Athena's bird with the owl, she was grey eyed and wise.

01a230 No.32787

File: c2559591bfc05a4⋯.png (296.51 KB, 639x493, 639:493, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

171ddd No.32788


Sauce it up

6f798f No.32789


If you push Soros-funded Net Neutrality stuff on here, you will probably be banned.

525a1a No.32790

OK, so GWebb puts out a video about how McCabe's house is strange and just down the street from HRC in Chappequa, showing a small old bungalow house at 135 Castle Rd and a map. So went to do a factcheck on addresses, etc. A suggested video was about this Rosewood mansion making me think maybe it was McCabes. Not that I could tell, it wasn't. Can't find his address.


I got to searching the word "Rosewood" which is interesting in several ways.

1. The name of ONE of the many cemeteries in that area

2. a very bad fairy tale comedy musical from 1975

3. rosewood comes from a tree not known for wood

4. The Rosewood Files or Rosenholz Files

These files are the record of all the people who worked with East Germany

during the cold war and consist of 6 miles of records.

Over the years there has been negotiations back and forth

about who has possession of them. Britain at one point (still?) refused to give their files back.

The files were being put in a library open to the public and the theory is

that Britain wants to conceal high ranking names.

This dispute has been going on since 1989.


Britain has been accused of "sheltering communists" after refusing to hand over a cache

of Stasi files revealing the names of British spies who worked for the East German secret

intelligence agency during the cold war.

The Rosewood Files


And then I thought about Tony Podesta's dang red shoes. Red Red Red whatupwidat???

6f798f No.32791


A Q post long ago. I am hoping to hear it again this evening from POTUS.

d3e961 No.32792



>This is what I got

That doesn't make any sense.


>Kids have not been "coding" (programming) for 50 years.

>However, I bet the cabal have been coding kids for that long, or longer.

Agreed. Now >3>they<3< are just rubbing it into our face in the open.

b33139 No.32793

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz claims the President can't obstruct justice because he has the constitutional authority to direct the DOJ who to investigate or not investigate. If true, this totally undermines the media's "obstruction" narrative.


6f2055 No.32794


NN is shilling, fag.

01a230 No.32795

File: 07959b7f9c250d9⋯.png (281.59 KB, 639x486, 71:54, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

e34da7 No.32796


Ewww. She's gotta be older than he is… Kissing her would be like kissing a mannequin she's got so much plastic in her body.

e974de No.32797


The leftwing, deep state, globalist Times will never give it up. They are only in operation for one reason.

Thank God for Alpha male DJT!

a6ae33 No.32798


>It's such a deeply embedded taboo. Rational thinking won't apply.

I agree. They won't admit to the possibility, much less the reality until big names start going down for rape and murder. It's going to rock the world.

3c5840 No.32799

Here are some cases that may help break the ice for normies who are oblivious to state corruption. Maybe someone can stick on FB:

Above the Law [CHP Officer rapes & kills woman]


Dixie mafia [Judge and wife murdered; casinos and implicated mayor result] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6TWpeGOk1E

Shattered Shield [Police protect drug shipments]


Master Plan [Corrupt Police Chief; murder, protect mafia-run strip clubs] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlfUualN7jk

Deadly Influence [Corruption deep in Puerto Rico police] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-PcDWDP_7I

Casolaro/Octopus Unsolved Mysteries


Interesting in the Casolaro segment is that an unknown military officer appeared at his funeral and placed a medal on Danny's casket.

87f928 No.32800

File: 7ba501effa83e7a⋯.png (355.19 KB, 598x826, 299:413, image.png)

File: c15a2aabee8ebcc⋯.jpeg (21.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, image.jpeg)

File: b75eadfa2b8270d⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, image.jpeg)

File: dfaef8b5f3925f6⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, image.jpeg)

I'll shit you not, the other day was a strange one. Been listening to 963 hertz for activication of the peneal gland.

Went out, had a weird one some lads were jumping about and falling over!, had a word with them. Can't tell u what happened next but was Kama. Went out the next day, had a few drinks saw someone who's brother had died recently and another weird experience with a mate, his missus and her mentioning about auras.

Went home fell asleep. Then, I get hit on the head with a coin (50p) no one was about to throw the coin: pic related. Now keeping this coin as a lucky charm. Follow the fuckin rabbit, how random - still can't get my head round it. Did post the coin at the time of it happening, but my post was a little freaked out and short.

Programming of kids for 50 years?

01a043 No.32801


Thats his big news? Kek

794933 No.32803


nothingburger? confirmed larp.

fdc183 No.32804


Someone yesterday said BO was /ourguy/ and that Comey was also /ourguy/ and that they actually helped set up the dominoes to drain the swamp, and asked Trump to run. It's all starting to make so much sense now isn't it?

You guys are gonna love this…


82be49 No.32805


> loud booms

Probably. Check out Hill AFB.

Sonic booms are pretty common around such places …

419th flies Falcons, 388th flies new Lightnings.

6f798f No.32806


The person who said BHO was our guy was mentally ill.

3c5840 No.32807



Early reports said they were 'pimping' the kids to, I think the phrase was 'wealthy donors. That angle quickly vanished.

e974de No.32808


Stop trying to push that BHO is somehow our guy. You tried to push that before and it failed. It is failing again.

c528dd No.32811


Sorry. i cant belive that. its very hard for me to believe that BO and fucking comey are our guys.. no way

bf9318 No.32813


you have demonstrated your comprehension. well done.

fdc183 No.32814


The Keystone is your mind. If you lose your mind, if they steal it and manipulate it and control it via the information the hide from you, via obstruction and twisting and lying, you lose everything that is good and true.

If you lose your mind you have nothing. If you remove a keystone the whole structures crumbles to a pile of useless rubble.

They are trying to control us. We are winning bigly.

3655fb No.32815

The McCarthy hearing left more than a thousand identified commies in place in government, regulatory agencies and Universities.

I bet the cancerous bastards had no trouble bringing in new blood either.

They're still there.


bc6f8f No.32816

I think she's saying that person is about to be proved wrong.

30b3be No.32817


Um is that even possible? I think steamy affair and that woman are a contradiction in terms.

1661bd No.32819


I think Q agrees with you.


>Hussein is evil and a real loser.

fdc183 No.32820


Not gonna lie, as far as old ladies go, she's kinda hot lolol. But I still despise her actions.


c528dd No.32822


I Have no idea honestly. im trying to keep up but its impossible :D

794933 No.32823


Actually, it is pretty big news. And here's why:

The former U.S. intelligence official told this reporter, “with the recent revelation that Strzok was removed from the Special Counsel investigation for making anti-Trump text messages it seems likely that the accuracy and veracity of the 302 of Flynn’s interview as a whole should be reviewed and called into question.”

“The most logical thing to happen would be to call the other FBI Special Agent present during Flynn’s interview before the Grand Jury to recount his version,” the former intelligence official added.

c528dd No.32824


i dont think he's referring to Obama there to be honest. i posted something about a certain hussein @ HUMA but no one seemed to care

e974de No.32825


Commies are vile scum.

4af82f No.32826


Now I see why he wants to atone.

c426a8 No.32827


GEOTUS speech in 3…

794933 No.32828


This in and of itself could give Trump all he needs to pardon Flynn.


e34da7 No.32829


I'm not into ladies old or otherwise hehe I can't imagine Pelosi being 'hot'. I suppose I would have to be male.

10912e No.32830




That's exactly what they wanted you tho think hahaha. Brilliant!

e974de No.32831



Watch closely. And watch the MSM have another meltdown.

c528dd No.32832


LOL then explain to me why Flynn blasted Comey on twitter when he said comey read 1 email/ minute? smh

3655fb No.32833


You might post it again. People get light headed after several days.

1661bd No.32834


Talking about him shopping around for new puppetmasters kinda fits some of the earlier stuff Q was saying about BO tho. Not to mention


Which matches a -lot- of BO stuff to the new Hussein moniker. Going places before and after POTUS, being tied to DNC HRC and Mccain...

794933 No.32835

File: 18ee647ac6ed3ce⋯.jpg (25.1 KB, 226x266, 113:133, projectile.jpg)


>Not gonna lie, as far as old ladies go, she's kinda hot

not sure if troll or shill, but you should kys anyway for allowing your fingers to type such vileness

e34da7 No.32836


I love watching MSM meltdowns. Before all this Q stuff started I found myself musing on more than one occasion who the hell is writing the script these clowns follow? They're all on the same note and always seem to get it wrong with the same propaganda.

Who does write the script? Media matters? Is there someone above them? Rhodes?

2d67fa No.32837

Go to youtube and search "72 hour alert". Lots of military personnel saying they have been put on alert. It's happening!

e974de No.32838

bf9318 No.32839


ad hominem attack. no data. maybe right, maybe wrong. waste of space.

c528dd No.32840



3655fb No.32841


Used to be Rhoads not sure now

10912e No.32842


I heard ya. Just goes to show how deep the brainwashing goes. It's very hard for people to fancy the notion that everything they were ever told was a lie. Even when Geotus basically told them, everything MSM has told you is a lie, fake news.

I have a feeling many lessons will be learned soon. Good feelings.

82be49 No.32843


Oh, c'mon. That poster is a deliberate pun on da Vinci's painting.

There have been others. No deeper symbology.

e974de No.32844

5ab347 No.32845


>72 hour alert

North Korea

40737d No.32846


See pic. Canadian bank also sold fake gold.

c528dd No.32847


i read on a swedish newspaper that they already sent planes there.

40737d No.32848

File: 5746ff0162ebe87⋯.jpg (509.39 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)


92c9b4 No.32849



5ad65e No.32851

where has q been? has he been around since last week at all? getting worried.

c7cc95 No.32852


>The Keystone is your mind.

We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind

6f798f No.32854


>ad hominem attack.


>no data.

Loads of data.

>maybe right,

Definitely right.

>maybe wrong.


>waste of space.

She was, yes.

c528dd No.32855


Interesting, dont know if she's a good source though

a020f9 No.32856

Perhaps NK is a nation of real cloned humans

078964 No.32857


This article addressed a few topics that relate to Q questions I do not know if we solved adequately.

Who gives security clearances

There were some other pieces. I'll not be lazy, I'll go put them together and come back. If someone else grasps all that I am thinking in this for that chunk of questions and gets back first, cool beans.

6f1274 No.32858


I sometimes joke around with my Mom and tell her to kiss my ass. We have a cool relationship now that I'm older. Does that mean I really want her to kiss my ass?

c528dd No.32859

File: eda00af6624b4ee⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 351x143, 27:11, flynn.jpg)


i dont know, thats something completly different. that doesnt put your life in danger ;)

c4b498 No.32861


First thing that came to mind was that the Roastchild's own the Bank of Canada and they sure do love gold

6f798f No.32862

Please can the anons in here who aren't wasting everybody's time with BHO and kekstone theorizing, keep an ear for keywords in POTUS's speech.

- plus (obviously)

- clown

- uranium

- NK

e974de No.32863



40737d No.32864


Naaah… tesla castrated himself around 40 bcause he found that females distracted him from his work. No joke.. Its in his bio. So… POOF no tesla kid after Tesla getting 40 ish

10912e No.32865


Yea well why would Geotus call Kim Rocket Man if he actually felt being nuked was an option?

Thinking caps…

c4b498 No.32866


Would that be the destination for North American taxes collected as well (ie the IMF)?

171ddd No.32867


Tesla freezes sperm before 40?

e974de No.32868


Haha! Love POTUS!

87f928 No.32869


I still think Korea is the 'fake news is necessary' look at Korea everyone, what's the other hand doing (obviously I could be wrong)

17a818 No.32870

File: d057f6867c084d5⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 750x395, 150:79, f9f439db578e42254f0f982f6c….jpg)



What no ignore how the poster looks.

The table dinner scene seen in the Google's doodle is a direct reference to Alice in the Wonderland.

c528dd No.32872

File: 5e063a624a560a9⋯.png (55.03 KB, 875x270, 175:54, OnPaste.20171204-214011.png)


honestly, i dont think anyone would attack the united states like that. thats just suicide IMO

bc6f8f No.32873

I swear I saw someone post an article referring to musk as rocket man

c4b498 No.32874


It's the CIA for sure, they've run Google completely since the "don't be evil" was dropped as their company motto

92c9b4 No.32875


6f798f No.32876


It's on Forbes.com

078964 No.32877

2223d2 No.32879

File: 8e7447fc28c9eb7⋯.jpg (235.21 KB, 1350x2100, 9:14, 71BrdnupUcL.jpg)


There are many media articles refering to Musk as "Rocket Man" and it's also the name of his book.

bf9318 No.32880


if you got data, you give it, if you call names, you're revealed

92c9b4 No.32881



ed633e No.32882


>Rush will discuss that point of view after the break

We know he needs to skip this break because it's so important!

144272 No.32883


Did they even fire that rocket? would they say hey we didnt fire it? I dont think so

10912e No.32885

File: 4d78f9f3953e2bf⋯.jpg (81.12 KB, 800x258, 400:129, JewishFreemasonAntipopePiu….jpg)

File: e82fe06c84748f8⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 468x619, 468:619, article-2010309-0CD245FA00….jpg)

File: 9a70ff82a668e3e⋯.jpg (284 KB, 625x902, 625:902, f9ad7df38a4f4808884e6fc023….jpg)

b33139 No.32886

This news report indicates that Flynn was ambushed - he didn't know ahead of time he was being formally interviewed by the FBI. Strzok was one of the FBI agents that interviewed Flynn. He was sent there by Andrew McCabe. The indications are that both agents are part of a corrupt network within the FBI. Flynn smelled a rat. That's why he lied.


bf8912 No.32887

File: 952838c5ab5381d⋯.jpg (130.74 KB, 767x1024, 767:1024, Kamehameha Trump.jpg)

Trump is a master chess player!!!

See how he grabbed the attention to point out how fake anti muslim group propagate their dirt.

This is how you deal with that. He kicks their lying Sayanim asses.

For that is what they are: SAYANIM !

And the media now claims Trump is stupid for falling for it.

It's the other way around. Media is failing because of their own arrogance!


9407fd No.32888

File: 730cf791538a971⋯.png (53.65 KB, 603x313, 603:313, 1512419904585.png)


I dont understand whats going on…

We know Mueller is supposed to be our guy, and he just revoked Comey's immunity yesterday, but wtf is going on with the people around him?

92c9b4 No.32889


NA to UK to Citigroup?

794933 No.32890

well well well, look who conducted Hillary's FBI interview:


79e07f No.32891


Yep. If they hadn't been such asshats, that woman would likely not be dead.

They kicked the nazis out of the park, but drove them right into a crowd of angry antifa. Mayhem ensued, which is what they wanted.

Don't know if you've seen video of the car accident, but there were no cops anywhere *near* there. That street should have been closed to traffic.

Total irresponsibility for which you can thank that fucking asshat Terry McAuliffe.

c4b498 No.32892


Followed the link from the other thread, saved the pic too

Thank you!

3c5840 No.32893


We all need to flood the White House with Christmas cards! [and the Flynn defense fund address]

92c9b4 No.32894


My pleasure ♥

f11fa1 No.32896


Wait til you find out the C eye arseholes control NK and are (were) Kim's handler and NK is where they have free reign away from prying eyes to do all their experiments and house data and test biological weapons and mind control and mine minerals and launder money and all that fun evil stuff.

Making sense yet?

b33139 No.32897


General Flynn's son just retweeted Sara Carter's news article! Holy shit! Confirmed!


92c9b4 No.32898


like q says… follow the money……

794933 No.32899


>I dont understand whats going on

digitz confirm, that sucking sound you hear is the draining of the swamp.

40737d No.32900


💯💯💯💯👍👍👍. Bravo.

Praise Kek & GEOTUS

Ps: breitbart headlines mention "a storm" earlier today

144272 No.32901


I have heard that other recovered NK rockets were marked made in china

Is NK Puppet for China? or Russia

f11fa1 No.32902


That was no coincidence. His hands are VERY dirty.


c4b498 No.32903


Sure does look like it, which would imply that all commonwealth nations' taxes would be going to Citigroup, and they fund terrorists…. my God

b33139 No.32904

0ab136 No.32905


GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BR3AD

82be49 No.32906


Hope Mel has extra-good security:


d076d8 No.32907

In addition to tweets against Trump, alledged gf FBI Lisa Page, involved with HRC email & Russia collusion investigations, crafting HRC memo to exonerate her, and dossier, went to WH to interview Flynn without his lawyer present.

c528dd No.32908


wouldnt surprise me to be honest.

i think there is more to this than nukes maybe other projects time will tell

0ab136 No.32909


GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BR3AD

d3e961 No.32910


>That was no coincidence. His hands are VERY dirty.


>I swear I saw someone post an article referring to musk as rocket man

Musk did 'blow up' really big during Obama years. Will be sad to hear that he compromised his beliefs for a dirty handout from O's and the Cabalcrew.

40737d No.32911


He aint pushing it, he's warning that with the new twatter rules Dec 18, we cant do anymore redpilling. So we best start red pilling the shit out of everyone with what we have so far, few hrs a day

f11fa1 No.32912

File: f9a656906cff4c8⋯.jpg (151.56 KB, 628x500, 157:125, 1510083934712.jpg)


Comey, Flynn, BO /ourguys/

Mueller def not /ourguy/

Hillary made more decisions in the previous presidency than BO even came close to making. He was their black messiah b/c they knew they could not get her elected just yet. Not a woman. And the black president helped them in their divisive agenda, to draw attention away from the fact that they are the ones actually promoting racism, covertly, through media and entertainment.

Not all dems are bad tho. We will see very soon.

6f798f No.32913


If Jack thinks he just start arbitrarily censoring POTUS, he will have another think coming.

3655fb No.32914


Weapon grade anon, that is Frank Guistra's business.

Information/mind control and gold.

Lionsgate/Sea to Sky Films and Mining cos.

They are apparently synergistic.

Mind control and gold.

Gold and mind control.

d076d8 No.32915

0ab136 No.32916


GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

GTF over there… A whole shitload of new BREAD

001546 No.32917


Jack will find some Marines visiting him

453437 No.32918


That is some loopy stuff.

cd69ea No.32919


stop spamming your crap

d3914b No.32920


Go away.

bf8912 No.32922

File: c0745a9e877b8a3⋯.png (351.17 KB, 384x560, 24:35, 1511132484473.png)


The MSM is only so focussed on attacking Trump, they try to twist their stories to their favor by demeaning Trump, but actually telling the awful truth.

Fuckin' MAGA Mindgame Chess!



794933 No.32923

Is there any connection between the federal lands Trump just gave back to Utah and Uranium One, which operated in Utah???

0ab136 No.32924




n what has been surfacing in the quest for crumbs by our friend Q, I have a strong feeling that this info is spot on with what is behind the esoteric of some of the latest drops which relate with the "Y heads", "owl", and other Meta-type data drops. There are things that are hidden and not so hidden, and most are in plain sight, but until you have the keys to see what is behind the curtain of OZ, a lot of the time these things can be passed up. Have a look at this info and you'll be able to see what Q has been driving us to look for…

6f798f No.32925


Yeah we think so.

f01da2 No.32926

c8da2a No.32927


I'll check, but I think this has more to do with NWO land grabbing for their Agenda

d076d8 No.32928

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg's husband Bryon Hefner earlier this year sent a text message with a picture of male genitalia to someone who works in Massachusetts state politics. 4 counts of sexual harassment.

5ab347 No.32929


>he's warning that with the new twatter rules Dec 18, we cant do anymore redpilling.

Instead it should be ramped up with every effort to subvert their muh anti nazi rules.

3655fb No.32930

File: d392186b8599b28⋯.pdf (6.17 MB, soviet theory of reflexcon….pdf)


q is not the only player.

GRU and FSB are running psyops. presumably others. They're using reflexive control theory and demographic targeting to instigate civil war.

They have infiltrated US extremist movements, they're certainly here.

q knows this.

92c9b4 No.32932


he's fighting for the patriots..

3655fb No.32933


People knew shit back in the 80s

33351c No.32934


So many questions… too few answers…

-Tungsten replaced the gold in our Fed Res

-Where is the gold now?

-Who authorized it's movement?

-Gold injected into newly pregnant women (early pregnancy) CAN INDUCE HYROCEPHALUS (cerebral spinal fluid build up on the brain) of a developing fetus.

-"Some modern day researchers believe the pineal gland is the antennae to the soul, and may also hold the key for opening a hidden pathway to incredible multi-dimensional communication and psychic abilities."

-The human pineal gland is visible in a developing fetus at seven weeks, or 49 days, after conception.This is when male and female gender is determined in the embryo. An interesting correlation is Tibetan Buddhists believe 49 days is the time required for a soul to reincarnate to the next life.




I fell down a rabbit hole,that answered a few questions, but prompted a few more. Apparently I have been living under a rock. Taking blue water ormus or new aeon awakening ormus or some other version of gold greatly enhances your awareness of self, color, experiences (sounds like LSD), while purging flouride and/or aluminum from your pineal gland. This is a watered down verstion.

-Does anyone know ANYTHING about the satanic rituals? What is involved? what happens if you take a purer version of gold(somehow)? What Experience would you have?

Is this worth investigating? Or starting a thread? I know Q said follow the money, but would this have anything to do with that? Do any of these Nitwit Satanics need pure gold for their rituals? I'm kinda floundering here….(and the last thing I want to do is research cult activitiy). Note to self: tie a rope around your waist before jumping in….

82be49 No.32935



String of tweets not the most effective way to do this kind of analysis.

For example, that thread misses the most important point:

Flynn set up the counter-leakers, then passed to baton to McMaster for execution.

(DJT's "columns" comments were funny. If you watch the video of his speech, you can see columns all through the room, blocking views. A real estate guy would never design a big conference room like that.)

3bf384 No.32936


Lionsgate owns SUMMIT entertainment which is partially funded by RIZVI

c31070 No.32937


We know the crackdown on the Bundy and Hammond ranches started just after the U1 deal was approved… likely all related.

3655fb No.32939


They have been putting the breaks hard on *all* US economic development. Biotech, extraction industries, manufacturing. This is not done by accident, it is to create failure cause despair and impose a totalitarian Marxist "just" authoritarian state like the one the Russians just flushed.

It's a mind virus.


525a1a No.32940

not 89074

is 89074-b

which means it is more likely to be a catalog number of some sort

need to look in a law library

in archives of events etc

92c9b4 No.32941





231b43 No.32942

File: e22f1de8fa43f15⋯.png (514.14 KB, 661x478, 661:478, trumpfoodpantry.png)

794933 No.32943

>>32923 >>32925 >>32927 >>32932 >>32937

digworthy…(pardon the pun).

f63fa3 No.32944


it's definitely worth jumping in … it leads to Egypt , Exodus, Alchemy, Thoth etc,

58a171 No.32945


That was my question when reading all of those theories about the spook team.

Did he pass the baton to McMaster? If so why did McMaster remove them from their positions. One in particular when back to the DIA.

3bf384 No.32946


Wow, the picture gets clearer every day. THank you for sharing anon. Very powerful info.

aeea5d No.32947

File: f3d04410c2620ba⋯.png (83.36 KB, 992x500, 248:125, rots3.png)

File: b898555e081db37⋯.png (170.22 KB, 1027x508, 1027:508, rotsw.png)

File: 1355b22af7520d7⋯.png (190.14 KB, 1195x508, 1195:508, rots1.png)

Like rabbits trapped in the storm - They sure are vocal .

The female threats to the POTUS was very revealing also,

87f928 No.32948


There's a reason this order was made


Frozen pineal glands from penguins

f01da2 No.32950

ba5b8d No.32952

Putin is ready to negotiate on everything but Russia’s national interests - Oliver Stone


3bf384 No.32953


Incredible. The same guy, Was present for HRC interview. Another anon shared the link from fbi vault.

3655fb No.32954


Film business is ideal for money laundering.

Large sums routinely transferred, endless proprietary and holding cos.

bf9318 No.32955


If this picture isn't ironic, it is nuts. It is putting individuals on pedestals that got us into this mess. Tell me it is irony.

001546 No.32956


Good point, large sums, armies of accountants to hide, no responsibility

3bf384 No.32957


Makes sense. Point being. Rivzi is tied to Giustra. Why is Giustras name on everything that looks like a money laundering scheme? That includes CF.

33351c No.32958


Last ditch effort to save their collective asses.

f417a9 No.32959



Television is propaganda. The news obviously is propaganda. And the ads are propaganda.

There is nothing on tv that is NOT blue pill.

Word of mouth works better.

5ab347 No.32961


Hilarious to see an offspring reduced to a twitter troll.

c528dd No.32962


92c9b4 No.32963


fits their classic hegalian dialect / cognitive dissidence playbook

3bf384 No.32964


anything is possible. These threads here are much more productive. But if Q had dropped the codes without MEga shitting on him, we still would have moved here. “8ch_y 4ch_n”- I am here because Q has moved here. Whether she is part of the plan or not, i dont know, but my guess would be no.

c8da2a No.32965

File: b9628734d9f1603⋯.png (351.5 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-15-1….png)

File: fbbc6cc74ce7bfe⋯.png (394.13 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-15-1….png)

File: 658b66ce072d076⋯.png (427.02 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-15-1….png)

File: 4c7c421ee273d89⋯.png (433.08 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-04-15-1….png)

Gold min pdf of study by DOE 2014

5d96d7 No.32966

U1 is related to the Bundy ranch

bf8912 No.32967

File: 439db15a60e98ff⋯.png (109.89 KB, 917x759, 917:759, Trump retweet Jayda Sayani….png)



All Trump had to do was retweet these 3 fake news stories from Sayanim Jayda Fransen, who got exposed by his enemies, the Mockingbird Media.

Master Trump Mindfucked the Media!

f01da2 No.32968

LDS church isn't clean. need anons help digging deeper pls.


c4b498 No.32969


Ok I fell into a hole with this one:


Was the spelling mistake intentional?

>2657 windmill parkway henderson, nv 89074 (b)(7)(f)

>69 pigs being tested for pain and require analgesics, anesthetics and/or tranquilizers



>2SRG is a military and civilian medical training company owned and operated by former Special Operations Forces personnel. We focus on training Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) skills for the Non-Medic, Combat Life Saver, and Medical Provider.

President of 2SRG:

>David Morehouse Program Manager (Subcontractor) for Field Medical Director At NNSA DOE OST


<From:[email protected] To: <[email protected]

79e07f No.32970


you are pathetically far behind here.

POTUS tweeted and said not true last week, for god's sake.

f359c4 No.32971




One day I can tell the story of how I went into Library and Archives and made them collectively shit themselves with my questions about uranium…

33351c No.32972



3655fb No.32974

f417a9 No.32975



6d620b No.32977

When you play the game the scene changes.


3655fb No.32979

He's close to a dwarf. Napoleon complex?

9407fd No.32981

File: ee453464fb7f6c6⋯.png (96.16 KB, 603x593, 603:593, 1512421728402.png)

001546 No.32982


You cannot charge a sitting President with a crime. Any crime. They are the Executive and they are EQUAL to the other branch. The Constitution permits only that a President may be impeached.

3655fb No.32983


Well, well.

c4b498 No.32984


I was wrong, the David Morehouse in wikileaks is not the same one listed

a5a2c1 No.32985


>part of a plan???

yes a plan to subvert Q. If she/he is in the know then its time to start its own truth dropping, otherwise its no different than any random lib.

525a1a No.32986

how to find the google page with their front page memes???

I know it's there

is it easter eggs?

also, today google is all about a tea part

from alice in wonderland

ears look like cpu databases

everyone gets a piece of napolean ice cream cake

follow the carrots and flowers to home

stepping stones spell out google

big round glasses on rabbbit – these large eyeglasses people wear intrigue me, HRC used to wear them

01a230 No.32987

File: 9ba8ee79da2e6a0⋯.jpeg (128.86 KB, 792x597, 264:199, download.jpeg)

Charlene Downes' mum Karen has taken legal action after detectives released the previously unseen footage of her daughter 13 years on from her disappearance – after it was discovered 'hidden' in their own archives all this time.

Kebab shop boss Ilyad Albattikhi was acquitted of Charlene’s murder and his co-defendant was acquitted of helping to dispose of her body after a trial in 2007.

The jury failed to reach a verdict and a later retrial was planned but the CPS dropped this due to lack of evidence.


f417a9 No.32989


GEOTUS WILL r pill the reset. Sec made first indictment today.

Say goodbye, shill

794933 No.32991


Supreme Court allows President Trump's travel ban to go fully into effect


9407fd No.32992

File: 5961221f9cfe556⋯.jpg (451.73 KB, 1200x1520, 15:19, 1200px-Official_Portrait_o….jpg)

How does he do it?

How does he remain to be unstumpable despite the entire cabal going after him?

188921 No.32993


I wonder what she would think about the 40k view after rolling through a Rube Goldberg guillotine & Trebuise

6d620b No.32995


large glasses are a looking glass…looking glass looks like Q

078964 No.32996


I'm going to gag. Can you imagine someone finding out that super tasty kebab with their naan and palau was a girl from down the street???

I'd never eat meat again and have PTSD from it.

188921 No.32997


Geez, first captcha of the day ruins every post… Trebuchet… t would be epic

c4b498 No.32998


Because we are the storm and they can't stop this hurricane

3c5840 No.32999


WIN X 1000

f01da2 No.33000




bf8912 No.33001

7b1d64 No.33002


The grace of God.

00c986 No.33003




4af82f No.33004


Because Anons everywhere have his back.

078964 No.33005



36c05e No.33006

Sometimes I wonder if the bloodline has not something to do with ancient DNA. Keeping the blood as pure as possible for centuries untill the science make possible to pick up all these ancient DNA pieces and put them all together to rebirth something or someone ?

3115f0 No.33007

>>32435 Appreciate the feedback. I have 4 new ones at >>>32994, emphasizing the joyous/cleansing aspect of the storm. Feedback for further improvement invited.

3655fb No.33009


Now you can buy CRISPR for $144.00 on Indiegogo

92c9b4 No.33010


Yes! Related to ancient history ( gods were giants) & mythology "fe fi fo fum" but not Q related…

794933 No.33011


Good stuff. Bookmarking for later research / comparison to POTUS's actions in UT today.

3115f0 No.33012

>>33007 In the meme thread at 8ch.net/cbts/res/2.html#q32994

I forgot how to specify a link to another thread, sorry :-(

188921 No.33013


No you fucking idiot, lurk more! Ban these fags... I’m giving myself a timeout for replying...

6f798f No.33014


three arrows, /cbts/, thread #


001546 No.33015


Angelic DNA. Nephelim descendants. I'm sure they are related. Spawn of the dark angels has ruled the Earth for 5,000 years. Their time is up!

6f798f No.33016


To link straight to a post, two arrows and the number:


9e7f47 No.33017


The cabal is weak when consciousness is raised to a point where they can longer harvest low frequency vibrations. Everything is vibrations: love and fear. We manifest our own realities. You could say that we chose to be a part of this timeline.

a5a2c1 No.33018

File: ae2be46e83661c2⋯.png (130.46 KB, 588x858, 98:143, press.png)



6f798f No.33019


checked full house.

082399 No.33020


remember, the swamp doesnt take up the majority of DC, Trump has the support of his military generals and all of those who arent corrupt. The swamp was simply allowed to live for so long because presidents that were in office during the growing of the swamp were in on it and would not cooperate to take down the swamp, now that trump is there, hes cooperating and the swamp is fucked. We are lucky too, some really bad shit would have happened if Hillary actually got elected.

de7eaa No.33021


The Mormons have been storing genealogy data in a cave for a very long time. It's a whole lot of info, even if a lot of it is about dead people ;)

Speaking of caves, important to remember that some of the German scientists/engineers that we scooped up in Operation Paperclip were tunnelling experts. The US body of knowledge about tunnelling and other fields of study expanded steeply and quickly following the end of WWII. (Book recommendation: Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen, for its readability and basis of surprisingly expansive background research, including declassified US military files & personal interviews with now-dead intel & science luminaries)

Apparently the intel agencies recruit heavily from BYU; the Mormon faith forbids drinking & drug use, making members a "fit" for the agencies.

Interesting article showing who-owns-what in the genealogy world, and they have been consolidating aggressively in recent years: https://www.gouldgenealogy.com/2014/12/who-owns-what-in-the-genealogy-world/

b33139 No.33022


…and it was Strzok who changed the "gross negligence" charge in Comey's statement to "extreme carelessness"!


87f928 No.33023


The connected minds.

+'the time machine Helps.

794933 No.33024



>That was my question when reading all of those theories about the spook team.

>Did he pass the baton to McMaster? If so why did McMaster remove them from their positions. One in particular when back to the DIA.

Of course. Note the use of the quotation marks in the phrase

>when McMaster "fired" Flynn's appointees.

They weren't fired. They were set loose. WITH their full security clearance NOW intact that they didn't previously have.

Flynn appointed them, and deputized / weaponized them.

McMaster set them loose.

The (((enemy))) was so focused on Flynn and Trump they had no idea what was going on.

The significance of most of these appointees being from the DIA should not be lost on anons who have followed Q's drops from the beginning.

c528dd No.33025

Wikileaks chrismtas 3 :


Christmas 4: Syria files?


36c05e No.33026


>CRISPR for $144.00 on Indiegogo

Not for me I'm just a monkey Rh+ !

1054fa No.33028

File: c0ea6d709380e15⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1511132245214.jpg)


Stop using this platform to shill your own agenda….

<A whole shitload of new BREAD

>Could you be less of a newfag and lurk more?

01a230 No.33029

File: 40f08f3e6471f2c⋯.jpeg (104.9 KB, 634x994, 317:497, rodriguez.jpeg)

FBI vault record release on Epstein's butler (who died mysteriously)


0db72d No.33030

File: 5f7f232991d2493⋯.jpeg (89.05 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Gab.jpeg)

Is this Justice?

c31070 No.33031

File: db8ff2207abc6e1⋯.png (158.47 KB, 1004x279, 1004:279, comeyspin.png)


I think we should consider this information suspect… like they are trying to make Strzok the fall guy. Comey couldn't change the language himself as the head of the FBI?

>The article is by Valerie Jarrett's daughter…

a5a2c1 No.33032


Because he has an entire army (mil + americans) behind him who can see through (((their))) bullshit. Once you know their end game, all narratives intended to fool us are destroyed within minutes.

1dcc8b No.33033


>even if a lot of it is about dead people

Dead people are important though, remember they can vote!

c6f512 No.33034

Leaving in the next 20 and will not be able to bake by the time we hit 700.

>>32310, if you're still here, by all means go for it.

Happy digging everyone.

bf8912 No.33035

File: 9318fa58bc48f6d⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1918x1034, 959:517, henderson beltway 89074b s….png)

0db72d No.33036

File: f35d99ea3976700⋯.jpeg (112.94 KB, 575x836, 575:836, Shittalkers.jpeg)

Too funny

f417a9 No.33037



d076d8 No.33039

It’s not seeds either.

Anyone have to to track company ownership down.

Watch video.


3700c8 No.33040


The Walking Dead metaphors

dce63e No.33041



Holy shit how does this even remotely factor in to ol' Bob being /ourguy/? It adds a whole new element of timeline disruption.

de7eaa No.33043


The hysteria is reaching a fever pitch. It's a little embarrassing to read.

3c5840 No.33044


Donald Trump is the light. We are the lightworkers. The dirtbag minions of the dark have no chance.

c528dd No.33045

File: eb91b142c5a0fa2⋯.png (203.47 KB, 1140x302, 570:151, OnPaste.20171204-224344.png)

that weird logo again that someone found on that building in las vegas. wtf?

1b7c2e No.33046

well well well

The report states that “DOJ sources” reveal Robert Mueller has abolished James Comey’s previous “immunity” deal, which sheltered him from prosecution and allowed him to be a key witness and songbird.


92c9b4 No.33048


that's an awful lot of panels for a synagogue

01a230 No.33049


I despise Catholic church and their pedo-satanic ways, but no one calls me Catholophobic

d076d8 No.33050

File: 48e519284ed5767⋯.jpeg (1009.18 KB, 1668x1670, 834:835, C0E38D2B-D643-4775-B83E-B….jpeg)

This broke last night. Rumored. Confirmed now.

Houthis killed ex-pres Saleh

2ba3bd No.33051

88af97 No.33052


weird hollow looking tower too…might be a disguised exhaust stack for a big underground structure

01a230 No.33053

a5a2c1 No.33054


Dont trust McMaster at all.

64272b No.33055

Why Are They Obsessed With Bloodline And Ritual

By David Icke


I witnessed a "channeling" session this week in England, performed by a channel/medium I was very impressed with. As readers of my books will know, I am extremely wary of channeled information because while on occasions it can come from a high and enlightened source, much of it is very low level or, frankly, a sham.

However, I felt that this channel was one of those who is truly gifted and a wealth of detailed information emerged that confirmed and added to my own research, which has been very much gathered in this dimension and not through channeled messages.

Anyway, here is some of the information that came through relating to the relationship between the reptilian bloodline and the Illuminati obsession with ritual. As always, the choice of what feels right is yours and yours alone:


d076d8 No.33056

fdc913 No.33058



Note HC provided info after being informed of who the interviewers would be. Names of folks from DOJ are redacted. FBI Section Chief was there "as well as David Laufman" Maybe there is an FBI David Laufman, but my initial search shows a David Laufman was and is Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section of DOJ. Strange person to choose for an interview on misuse of a server. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-laufman-9a96277

b33139 No.33059


Significant, if authentic.

2ba3bd No.33060


Just posted that lol

ec0842 No.33061


Actually TRUMP took away lands, did NOT give back!!! RESEARCH IT!!!!

794933 No.33062

File: 456f5d26294ea04⋯.jpg (102.73 KB, 750x797, 750:797, trumpKEK.jpg)

Trump KEK is topKEK?

92c9b4 No.33063


good call… weird location plus not enclosed.. see the gaps?

231b43 No.33064

File: dedfd4ad854629f⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1102x878, 551:439, verdesymbol.png)

File: f4119736a178741⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1390x762, 695:381, verde.png)

88af97 No.33066


if you pull it up on google maps or earth you can pan around and see down into that tower a little bit. Looks like nothing is really down there aside from a few tables or something. The whole place coupled with that borderline pedo logo is odd to say the least.

36bf60 No.33067


Crimes that are on federal lands are conveniently federally prosecuted.

1d481b No.33068

Please, KEK?

92c9b4 No.33069


yup noticed pedo logo right away… www.google.nl/maps/place/Congregation+Ner+Tamid/@36.0291202,-115.0631323,3a,88.5y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1shttp:%2F%2Fdigital.library.unlv.edu%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fimages%2Ftopics%2FMS-00717_scnrtn_003-001.jpg!2e7!3e27!6s%2F%2Flh6.googleusercontent.com%2Fproxy%2FxIz3p-7G_bXnZ4_1c9TbTAfEXsBJd6pgAfA2TZa1PhYL10ibVuSzCUCeDRhj4h6pUu5VDId5RMNY0Nn2XbbRr-kGsN90ClO-bS0O12O-zRRcZeQQRN00elaRlaVzsMKfb_DFBgxVBliLNaAUX_f65YnhIOg-6wk%3Dw203-h152-k-no!7i800!8i600!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80c8c3e8aeddfe69:0xa101fa8f4f2c7d3a!2sBruce+Woodbury+Beltway,+Nevada!3b1!8m2!3d36.02837!4d-115.0628152!3m4!1s0x80c8d1bc222e0699:0x57820efda1aecd7b!8m2!3d36.0289452!4d-115.0640631?hl=nl

c528dd No.33070


ba5b8d No.33072

Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban. Never had a chance, the President of the United States has plenary power to control immigration policy.


Hysterical liberals will probably now demand an appeal to the UNHRC.

078964 No.33073


I spit my soda out over that one. Thanks!

f417a9 No.33074


-1600 Celsius is below absolute zero= –273.15 degrees Celsius.

Forbidden by physics

ec0842 No.33075


Der disregard, yes he gave back to the state my bad….I misread OP

4923c0 No.33076

File: 222f7e24a19c4ca⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 633x478, 633:478, Command_Center.jpg)



power rangers

1d481b No.33077


Beautiful - I said it !!!

92c9b4 No.33079

>>33066 building plans


95ace6 No.33081

Could it be Agharta?

"The road that leads to this Blessed Land, this Invisible World, this Esoteric and Occult Domain, constitutes the central quest and master key of all mystery teachings and systems of initiation in the past, present and future. This magic key is the `Open Sesame’ that unlocks the door to a new and marvelous world. The old Rosicrucians designated it by the French word VITRIOL, which is a combination of the first letters of the sentence: `VISTA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INYENES OMNIA LAPIDEM,’ to indicate that `in the interior of the earth is hidden the true MYSTERY ’ The path that leads to this Hidden World is the Way of Initiation.


9407fd No.33082

File: 2e0d59b30d94219⋯.png (86.78 KB, 678x454, 339:227, 1512422949007.png)

985c0d No.33083

File: 088559024d84390⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1280x824, 160:103, ClipboardImage.png)


Because he has the weight of the US Military behind him as no other President in my lifetime has had. This pic woke up my normie sister -

d076d8 No.33084

Dems won this round over renewable energy, just not in my back yard. Mass. wind farm that Teddy fought against finally died.


bf8912 No.33085


Last friday I (and some other guy) found this location and both of us were directly drawn to the solar panels...

>>18557 (You)


>>18467 (You)

>>18267 (You)



When I posted the picture of the Synagogue on 4ch, which was then overtaken by sayanim fake nazis, all of a sudden they stopped posting... strange, right? :)

4af82f No.33086


Nice wallpaper.

4ec9ae No.33087

File: 790e41656e7a676⋯.png (313.28 KB, 576x351, 64:39, parole.png)

1d481b No.33090

We should all keep in mind, a decade at least for this to be corrected, we have brain washed ppl everywhere, systems in place that have deep corruption! Ppl that will escape from the radar!

171ddd No.33091

File: d5cdcf486e08086⋯.png (13.95 KB, 704x163, 704:163, temp.PNG)


I think he had the temperature wrong, google-fu it for yourself

1d481b No.33092

Global Reset, if all goes well

ec0842 No.33093


Stop with the (you) bullshiite, thanks in advance

188921 No.33094



Did McCmaster knowingly let the loose?

0862cc No.33095


I noticed she used the hash tag resist.LMAO they overtook that word, which was against people like her, bankers and elites. Like she's a rebel, or going to go protest against the establishment,lol Hypocrites until the very end.

36bf60 No.33096


I thought it was because the Annunaki were said to have gold hair and skin and blue eyes. I think they might have just been white and blonde and blue eyed but at that time most people were dark complexion and brown hair. Red and Blonde hair blue/green eyes are a vary new phenomenon in the genetic tree of man.

This is also where we get the mysterious rH- blood type. Which is also related to the Dragon Blood, Merovignians, Holy Grail, King Arthu and the sorcercers stone, the Stone of Destiny, Queen Scota, King Tut (had red hair) Templars, Knights of Malta etc etc Its all connected!

Royal Bloodlines

1af75f No.33097


>bears ear

>our great country

Didn’t know kikeland had a ‘bears ear’

bf8912 No.33100


You Sananim are the bullshitters.

Not for long, though.

64272b No.33103

File: 2be89e6d3868ec1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1602x964, 801:482, pope-yuk.png)

Prime Mover In Child Trafficking Ring Revealed


f417a9 No.33104


Makes sense… missed decimal or the extra zero was actually degree symbol.


5d96d7 No.33105

These people will be put to death under Military Law. Hillary, BO, McCain are not going to prison.

Martial Law will need to be implemented when the left see's 4 previous presidents along with Hillary and many others put to death for their evil deeds.

Many of you are down playing the seriousness of this by claiming any of these will go to prison.

Hillary knew her fate when she sent that email to Donna Brazile telling her to fix this or we all hang from nooses.

They will all die. Make memes about their deaths, not prison time

c528dd No.33106


135a90 No.33107

2d67fa No.33108

File: e9f037fda4a5f95⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 600x314, 300:157, screaming.jpg)

Where is QQQQQQQQQ???????

Whew! I feel better now

033151 No.33109

File: b259d29740bdf7a⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Smug_abe.jpg)


Look at the painting behind him. Look familar?

ba5b8d No.33110

File: ac1d856f9b27d3d⋯.jpg (127.92 KB, 1086x485, 1086:485, DQO7y2hV4AAlhbv.jpg)

2 names from this list have already been removed from Mueller's investigation.

Pure speculation, but how many more will find themselves on wrong side of history.

3115f0 No.33111

>>33016 Both ways are good. OK, thanks.

82be49 No.33112



That's still at Ft Meade, MD.


is just that: a data center. A really big one, though.

3115f0 No.33113

File: 0e1f286326e09fb⋯.jpeg (11.58 KB, 255x196, 255:196, Smug Pepe.jpeg)

>>33111 Checked full house

ec0842 No.33114

File: 641914a08f3a547⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1162x1144, 581:572, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)

5f128d No.33115

File: 6bc4b8884a4be2e⋯.png (3.97 MB, 696x6336, 29:264, DataCenter.png)

6f798f No.33116


yeah I'm a dipshit - it is just the data center.

d8ab24 No.33117


OMG! I just got through the first video and I'm in shock! Could this actually be true?

794933 No.33118


>Did McCmaster knowingly let the loose?

My gut says yes, as he's still around, and he didn't revoke their clearances.

b33139 No.33119


Speculation - Mueller's team is comprised of corrupt FBI agents who have been flipped. They will be progressively outed in coming hours/days/weeks.

078964 No.33120


I like how they call his mistress is a colleague. LOL. SO PC!!!

48c45a No.33122


I recall listening to a 3 hr long interview on C2CAM, the guy went on and on about anunaki, etc…BUT spent about 30 mins on how the elite burn gold and eat it becasue it super activates the pinal gland…

This was like 5 years ago and i totally blew it off as interesting, but now that i know almost everything I've been taught is BS, i don't know anymore…maybe this is what we're looking at.

7bd4d9 No.33123

File: a63e86420439501⋯.jpg (109.32 KB, 800x531, 800:531, 800x-1.jpg)

File: c838b5ff7591438⋯.jpg (166.46 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, Valkenborch_babel-tower-10….jpg)


ya know something has been bugging me about the pedo logo.

Look at the tower of babel, one of humanities greatest sins.

In some depictions its square with flat walls, but in others its a spiral….maybe its got flat walls that spiral up? Maybe that's what the logo is? the ground schematics for babel?

92c9b4 No.33124




a360c8 No.33125

File: 1c88b64d427f73f⋯.jpg (80.7 KB, 650x636, 325:318, 0189205dd9a027b065fe1e82bf….jpg)


Obama - Project Vote - Mike Kruglik - Building One America - Developing Communities Project - BILL AYERS - Bernardine Dohrn - WEATHER UNDERGROUND - From 1984 to 1988, Dohrn was employed by the prestigious Chicago law firm Sidley Austin

>Ayers & Obama first met in 1995 through the education project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and have encountered each other occasionally in public life or in the neighborhood. He said they have not spoken by phone or exchanged e-mail messages since Mr. Obama began serving in the United States Senate in January 2005 and last met more than a year ago (2004) when they bumped into each other on the street in Hyde Park. - DIG, HYDE PARK, BILL AYERS + OBAMA

Chicago Annenberg Challenge

>That project was part of a national school reform effort financed with $500 million from Walter H. Annenberg, the billionaire publisher and philanthropist and President Richard M. Nixon’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

>Mr. Ayers joined two other local education activists to lead a broad, citywide effort that won nearly $50 million for Chicago.

>In March 1995, Mr. Obama became chairman of the six-member board that oversaw the distribution of grants in Chicago.

>Some bloggers have recently speculated that Mr. Ayers had engineered that post for him.

>It was suggested by Deborah Leff, then president of the Joyce Foundation, a Chicago-based group whose board Mr. Obama, a young lawyer, had joined the previous year.

>Walter H annenberg - where did he get this money?

Need diggers to dig into:

>Chicago Annenberg Challenge

>Joyce Foundation

>Walter H annenberg - billionaire publisher and philanthropist and President Richard M. Nixon’s ambassador to the United Kingdom

>Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. - Obamas longtime pastor, whose black liberation theology and “God damn America” sermon became notorious

>Newton Minow - senior counsel of Sidley & Austin, chairman of the Carnegie Corporation

And any money or personal ties to be found connecting them to Obama

794933 No.33126


>I like how they call his fuckbudy is a colleague

There. FTFY.

c31070 No.33127



This. Strzok wasn't moved to HR because he was partisan or conflicted… they knew that from the beginning. He was moved because he's now a witness.

1d481b No.33129



Please ppl take some time to read this, this is another small l piece in the puzzle.

92c9b4 No.33130

89074 = BOth data center & bundy release? (possible uranium)

231b43 No.33131

File: 0303d6f6aa5f3fe⋯.png (3.43 MB, 2324x1466, 1162:733, houseofthebook.png)

35df41 No.33132

Might be useful.

1) Long read forthcoming. Topic: Are Flynn's network of spooks taking down corruption in the DOJ and FBI? Much credit to @Thomaswictor for his brilliant work. This is an analysis of what he proposes - which lines up nicely with what we discovered with our own work.



64272b No.33133

Read Full Article:


A BBC documentary exposed a fifty-year scandal of child trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain. Over 300,000 babies were stolen from their parents up to the 1990s. Mothers were told their babies died and were buried in mass graves. The Catholic Church was said to have made $20 billion dollars on the adoptions.

Another witness testified that they were present during Pope Francis’ meetings with the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Pope Francis helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into an international child exploitation ring run by an office at the Vatican.

An ABC News special hinted that the devil resided at the Vatican. “Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,” the ICLCJ Court Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. “The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”


1dcc8b No.33134


>Hillary, BO, McCain are not going to prison.

You mean BHO, I can't see putting BO to death, after all, BO = Board Owner.

3c5840 No.33135


Probably not hospital worthy, but 99% would sure be pissed to know they have stolen our gold and eaten it. :p

04208d No.33136


I dug into the Roth history a bit and it wasn't just funding a (single) war to empower Britain- it went all the way back to Cromwell (readmitting Jews to England) and getting William and Mary placed on the throne to reinforce the sovereignty of "The Crown" (Jewish Vatican). It just continues on through the Napoleonic Wars, French Revolution, World Wars, etc. where they financed both sides then chose the winner that most suited their purposes.

Britain, but more specifically "The Crown," may be a keystone- it is the nexus of central banks residing within its own little kingdom. The Queen of England has to ask permission to enter there.

I posted similar info under the BIS channel, just focusing on the banking shenanigans between BIS, IMF, World Bank, etc.

f63fa3 No.33137

File: c3344a09f9e0259⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 445x319, 445:319, 0f4a45cb6300e348d27186eea5….jpg)


gingers are not new… giants nephelim whatever word you want to use were ginger

duckduckgo. com/?q=giant+mummys&ia=images&iax=images

31879e No.33139

File: f2cb20c36b9ecc9⋯.jpeg (395.67 KB, 611x1200, 611:1200, E483B1EE-78CB-4480-ACED-1….jpeg)

File: d88402dc368b43d⋯.jpeg (68.31 KB, 546x708, 91:118, E34D5FA5-0719-488C-9B3D-B….jpeg)

File: 5c157423cdbadd0⋯.png (364.63 KB, 1400x819, 200:117, AE4107C8-25A2-499E-BA7A-E7….png)

File: 6daccfd510a24b6⋯.jpeg (121.34 KB, 505x331, 505:331, 8B9A005F-15FE-4818-A7C4-F….jpeg)

I hesitate to post this as I’m still unsure how this will unfold, but the end game will reveal a desperate attempt to control resources in preparation for an apocalyptic event; that event is Nibiru. Follow Planet 9, follow the Nibiru tabloid articles, go back to 1995 ZetaTalk.

c528dd No.33140


b33139 No.33141


That's my working theory.

188921 No.33142


Where’s that original pic, I wanna make one that says, “let’s just play golf to see who goes t jail”…lol

2d67fa No.33143

File: 6162c9230edf59f⋯.jpg (167.28 KB, 931x374, 931:374, eu-parliament-tower-of-bab….jpg)


Look at the similarity to the EU Parliament

f417a9 No.33145


Since he is Tesla, he simply reinvented a time machine.

He is always 5 steps ahead

aeea5d No.33146

File: 3c098e7df19809a⋯.png (464.07 KB, 814x539, 74:49, dddd.png)

JP Morgan - Reliable ?

188921 No.33147


I’m wondering if they have ALL the Dick pics I’ve sent past GF’s….

ec0842 No.33148


Yep is a short chuckle for them. Pun intended

3c5840 No.33149


This was odd and I don't think ever explained…couple years ago at Ft. Meade- attempt to ram gate: http://6abc.com/news/police-investigating-incident-at-nsa-gate-at-fort-meade/587531/

4960f3 No.33150


I've heard that they do, but no one was upset by a little thing like that. . . .

7b1d64 No.33151


Think about this: the US government hung four people (one was a woman) said to be involved with aiding and abetting John Wilkes Booth. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for transmitting nuclear weapon designs to the Soviet Union. Just two examples off the top of my head.

Now how do the crimes of the Clintons, Obama, et al. stack up to these? Are they as bad, are they lesser, or are they worse? What should the punishment for these crimes be? What does justice demand?

7bd4d9 No.33152

File: 0487258843fd2b5⋯.jpg (106.06 KB, 350x409, 350:409, Panic.jpg)


O lawd

b1f471 No.33153


Someone is triggered. Hee hee

493703 No.33154


I would say they're just as bad.

6b8472 No.33155

File: 3bca43a0ee8cef2⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 799x951, 799:951, Capture4.JPG)


1dcc8b No.33156


I would agree with:


6f798f No.33157


Panicked messages to other members of the family will do her no good :)

a360c8 No.33158

You guys are all such fucking dickheads. Stop fucking throwing around BASELESS SPECULATION and start digging into FACTS.

Stop using your god given autism to create imaginary scenarios and actually learn some fucking history and read some fucking shit based in REALITY.

We are getting ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE when you're all just mindlessly blabbering about fucking aliens or tesla or ANYTHING to do with IMAGINARY SPECULATION.










b1f471 No.33159

6d40c2 No.33160

File: e7873b92d860f64⋯.jpeg (6.36 KB, 206x245, 206:245, download (3).jpeg)

b1f471 No.33161


Special powers. He truly was meant to save us.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

c528dd No.33162

House panel interviews Podesta after Trump dossier revelation


188921 No.33163


You’ve been targeted by an Obama CIA TAF MkUltra Mockingbird sex change operation, you’d better pray for a Full Trump Victory…

6f798f No.33164


thanks for the ass-kicking anon - we do need to get to work

92c9b4 No.33165





>>33035 89074 = data center AND bundys??? ( uranium/land grab) could they possibly be related/same thing?

c4b498 No.33166


I'm calling the National Burn Hotline


64272b No.33167

Apr 19, 2014

The song which was sung in st. peters basilica

“Flammas eius Lúcifer matutínus invéniat:

ille, inquam, Lúcifer, qui nescit occásum.

Christus Fílius tuus,

qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit,

et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.”

Which translates:

“Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind, I say:

Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,

Christ your son

who came back from the grave, shed his peaceful light

and is alive and reigns in the world without end.”

You can verify all of this.


ba5b8d No.33168

57a907 No.33169


Locked up for a poorly worded twat?

This stupid Rothschild cunt, as well as all the other lefties, is grasping at straws. They're all unhinged.

It's fun to watch.

c426a8 No.33170


I thought I heard that Strzok interviewed Clinton regarding her email issue. Was Hannity and Sara Carter. Anyone else hear that?

3115f0 No.33171

>>33048 Maybe so. There are churches in Nevada with backyard of solar panels. Also state office buildings, prisons, etc. with large solar farms. It may be a reasonable way to deploy excess funds and reap near-term lower energy bills as well as being able to help neighbors in a future time of need. Nevada is blessed with a greal deal of sunshine. It may be nefarious but not necessarily so.

6f798f No.33172

I can bake if no-one else is up to it.

283a18 No.33173

File: c4471587e36ae4c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1361x594, 1361:594, pem_severe.PNG)


>pemphigus vulgaris

A severe case. poor woman lookks painful AF

a360c8 No.33174


Luv u all, friends.

May I direct your attention here:


Need diggers to dig into:

>Chicago Annenberg Challenge

>Joyce Foundation

>Walter H annenberg - billionaire publisher and philanthropist and President Richard M. Nixon’s ambassador to the United Kingdom

>Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. - Obamas longtime pastor, whose black liberation theology and “God damn America” sermon became notorious

>Newton Minow - senior counsel of Sidley & Austin, chairman of the Carnegie Corporation

Here are articles + links, all real shit, friends:

breitbart. com/big-government/2012/08/12/scrubbed-photo-of-president-obama-removed-just-days-after-book-exposes-agenda-to-eliminate-suburbs/

howdypodna. com/dcp.html

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Bill_Ayers

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Weather_Underground

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Bernardine_Dohrn

youtube. com/watch?v=-2WC-Ckl2IQ

archive. fo/Y6Cc

c4b498 No.33176


She's all yours!

b1f471 No.33177


Triggered, little lefty? Ahhh, your whole world is crashing around you. Boohoo.


2ff1d8 No.33178


He was the lead investigator

b1f471 No.33180


Someone didnt get her morning serving of child's blood…

c426a8 No.33181


I would say unbelievable, but not at this point.

710d89 No.33182

Jesus and Lucifer were originally the same person. The morning star. Lots of stuff has been lost in translation, intentionally.


a360c8 No.33183



64272b No.33184


this was at Easter mass

c4b498 No.33187





57a907 No.33189


>>The article is by Valerie Jarrett's daughter…

Then the article is worth less than the shit I just took.

ec0842 No.33190


Ur mom is a whore

64272b No.33191


try Reishi mushroom it cured my joint pain in 24 hrs, amazing stuff

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