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File: 207ae496474e511⋯.png (283.22 KB, 940x1450, 94:145, 001_d1450.png)

File: f87b45cbcd8a930⋯.png (63.34 KB, 2376x864, 11:4, argos.png)

File: caa6aedbe526d57⋯.png (34.58 KB, 1533x401, 1533:401, IBAN Details.png)

File: c512ec2fdbc4522⋯.png (619.54 KB, 1977x819, 659:273, sortcodescouk.png)

c6d34a No.31510

1. Go here: https://www.gov.uk/pay-self-assessment-tax-bill/bank-details

As you can see the Sort Code for paying self assessment taxes is: 08 32 10

The claim is this is part of Barclays Bank.

HMRC’s banking address is:

Barclays Bank PLC

1 Churchill Place


United Kingdom

E14 5HP

2. Now go here: https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp

And type in any company. Let's take a UK company for example. I typed in Argos, got ARGOS LIMITED which is in the UK. The LEI for this company is: 2138002C57UH77UL1B54

Now go to sortcodes.co.uk and type in the sort code & LEI. You will get the Validation Details and also the IBAN details.

Notice the Validation Details say:

Bank Government Banking

Branch Hmrc Direct Taxes

Notice the IBAN details say:

Sort code / Account - 083210 / 21380025

IBAN - GB17CITI08321021380025


3. Now go to IBAN.com and type in that IBAN (GB17CITI08321021380025).

Look what comes up:




ADDRESS - c/o Citi CitiGroup Centre Canada Square Canary Wharf

CITY - London

So the IBAN blatantly states Citibank, not Barclays.

4. So now lets look at the UK Sort Code Directory.

Go here & Click CITIBANK NA: http://findsortcodes.co.uk/sort-by-bank-name.php?alphabet=C

Or here's the Direct Link: http://findsortcodes.co.uk/s.php?bankname=CITIBANK+NA

Notice how the sort code is 08-60-71

For the Address:


Citigroup Centre,, Canada Square,, Canary Wharf,, E14 5LB,



5. Now look for BARCLAYS BANK PLC: http://findsortcodes.co.uk/sort-by-bank-name.php?alphabet=B

Or here's the Direct Link: http://findsortcodes.co.uk/s.php?bankname=BARCLAYS+BANK+PLC

If you go through all 45 pages, and search in your browser (CTRL + F) for the HMRC sort code 083210, which HMRC claim is BARCLAYS BANK PLC, you won't find it!

Also notice BARCLAYS BANK PLC have exactly 666 sort codes!

6. To leave no stone unturned, let's just type in the 083210 or 08-32-10 directly to see who's Sort Code it is.

What's this? Couldn't find a sort code with your criteria. Please try again by changing search terms.

So HMRC (UK Taxman) is blatantly lying. The sort code they provide isn't part of BARCLAYS BANK PLC. However the IBAN goes directly to CITIBANK NA in Canary Wharf, London!

Will add more pics in next post, didn't realize the limit was 4.

c6d34a No.31519

File: 6d9ff3f49dcca89⋯.png (61.2 KB, 1538x1291, 1538:1291, validation details.png)

File: aa5956c86410456⋯.png (269.64 KB, 916x1388, 229:347, 007.png)

File: fe19e3f8eed992a⋯.png (76.19 KB, 717x1134, 239:378, 010.png)

File: 955f2a41a7f828f⋯.png (285.12 KB, 637x1450, 637:1450, 012_d1450.png)

c6d34a No.31527

File: e1396736db874dd⋯.png (27.91 KB, 723x621, 241:207, 013.png)

c2204d No.31556

The reason I post this, is I'm sure I read there is a connection to Citibank & Prince Al Waleed somewhere.

Does UK taxpayers help fund wars in the middle east through Citibank/Saudi Arabia?

35f912 No.32287


Nice find!

a47537 No.32871

32feaf No.33071

To sum it up for people:

1. The sort code the UK Taxman (HMRC) asks you to pay your taxes to, is not part of Barclays Bank Plc as they claim.

2. In fact the sort code doesn't even exist in the UK sort code directory at all (findsortcodes.co.uk).

3. However there is an IBAN number associated with that sort code, which is the IBAN for CitiBank in Canary Wharf, London.

But the sort code itself is not part of the sort codes for Citibank, Canary Wharf, London (because it doesn't officially exist).

i.e. UK Tax goes straight to Citibank

32feaf No.33088

From various sources I've read, the UK Taxman raises around £700 billion ($943 billion) in tax a year. That's nearly a trillion dollars a year!

Assuming it's like that report that was commissioned by one of the Presidents in the USA on the IRS. None of the taxes taken by the IRS fund anything within the USA at all. (There is a real report out there, forgot what it was called, maybe Iron Eagle or something, and I think it was commissioned by Nixon).

So nearly a trillion dollars a year is going to Citibank from the UK.

If Citibank is connected to Prince Al Waleed/Saudi Arabia, we can assume this trillion dollars a year helps fund wars, human trafficking, terrorists, organ harvesting, buying weapons, buying politicians, funding agencies, funding political campaigns (Hillary for example) & whatever else Prince Al Waleed/Saudi Arabia did with the money.

2f41c0 No.33144


First: OP - Awesome work!

Second: What in the ever-loving-fuck have we let our "leaders" do to us? Seriously, this kind of sellout to corporations/lobbyists/orgs of any kind is corruption taken to its most extreme. I'm starting to think that draining of the swamp is going to require the use of firearms. These fucking crooks need to be in jail or in the ground.

7b2d35 No.36305

Is this the reason why Saudi Arabia is +++ while Rothschilds are ++ ?

Maybe these Saudi princes had more money coming in then we realized, taxes from multiple countries?

Or maybe the deal between Rothschilds & Saudi's was, we'll steal the money from nations we own the national banks in, and give it to you to do the dirty work/help push our agenda in the World.

To me I find it astonishing Saudis are +++

You would think the Rothschilds would be +++ because they own most of the national banks in the world.

465406 No.36445

Well done anon.

Expand thinking.

Remember Saudi money has been cut

Why is Apple being forced by EU to pay 15B in taxes that Ireland doesn't even want.

They are getting desperate. They need money

acbb8b No.37798

File: 3fb6b0a293355b2⋯.png (196.01 KB, 1871x1043, 1871:1043, 2017-12-05 18_51_38-To the….png)

Just found this: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/gds/payinghmrc/payeCumbernauld.pdf

A PDF with the non existent sort code in, but in this PDF it actually says Citibank!

Added pic.

acbb8b No.37824

File: d6aba492f63b35f⋯.png (190.06 KB, 1823x924, 1823:924, 2017-12-05 18_55_52-List o….png)

Text from here: https://www.sortcodes.co.uk/list-of-sort-codes.html

Maybe not so much of a conspiracy? Some banks can be a clearing bank for others.

Still doesn't make sense by the sort code doesn't exist for any bank though.

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