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File: fd3d8b416735271⋯.jpeg (87.45 KB, 1600x1043, 1600:1043, TRUTH.jpeg)

8d78ea  No.2219


I'm not a messenger and not from god or holy.

I am a human that accidentally found the truth.

I'm a geophysicist, studied Earth, I preached evolution and loved space but even I had to accept the truth.

Science is fake

Space is fake

Earth is not what it seems

Religion we are told is a Lie

Is the Earth

a) Hollow?

b) Flat?

c) Round?


Everything in life can be explained if you knew the simple truth.

Its all connected. All of it

The Mayan Calender

ANY EVENT in our history where a group of people are killed

GLobal Warming

The way we live eat, talk or do anything

Daylight Savings

Every Single CONSIPIRACY THEORY ever will make sense

The Human Migration

The World Map

The Genocide of Aztecs, Incas and Native Americans

The Death of 2Pac(Track List)

The rise of smoking, ciggarettes and canabis.

WHY is Life so complicated?

WHY Trump was elected and how?

Why did he kick out 60,000 Haitians(The Flag)

DJ Khaled and his MAJOR KEY ALERT

Your entire existence has a purpose and you dont even know it

I can justify your entire existence ANON, your birth, to you not being a normie and why you are here today on Chan in 6 words.

Dont Believe me?

"Kekui will Protect From The Kauket"


"You will protect from The Cucked"

You were chosen and you didn't even know.



Hit me!

When the four corners of this cocoon collide

You’ll slip through the cracks hopin' that you’ll survive

Gather your wit, take a deep look inside

Are you really who they idolize?

To Pimp A Butterfly

8d78ea  No.2223

File: a5c66bd6c754059⋯.png (42.38 KB, 220x483, 220:483, RA.png)

File: 24111112f8e8257⋯.jpg (267.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SUN.jpg)

File: 1a1dcea368f9d21⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 717x359, 717:359, SUNRA.jpg)

File: 5b0dfbe65d9e782⋯.jpg (286.01 KB, 1300x618, 650:309, SUNRAGOD.jpg)

Did we forget our past or was it taken from us?

There are 2 Gods

Sun and Moon

The Light and The Darkness

The Yin and The Yang

The Up and The Down

The Balance of Life

The SUN brings The LIGHT

The MOON brings The Darkness.

Bible and Quran both mention Adam and Eve.

Cause thats where it really started.

The Race of Adam is the Neanderthal, represents the "man" a brute, warrior but not thinkers.

The Race of Eve is the Humans, represented by the "female", smart, thinkers but not fighters.

The Earth is a circle that is cut in half.

The Lighter side belongs to us and the Darker side belongs to them.

The Sun punishes the Neanderthal and The Moon punishes the Humans.

The Sun provides the Human and The Moon provides the Neanderthal.

Does the Sun not make you stronger?

Step outside and feel the energy it gives you and it makes your clear headed.

The Human is designed to absorb the The Light and use it.

The Darkness is our biggest problem because it takes away our GOD and makes us weak.

We sleep in The Darkness as it provides nothing and wake up with our God so we can embrace the Light.

Does sleep make sense now?

Can you see in the Night? Start a fire and Light up the night, he gave us this.

Jesus and Mohammad(ignore this in my earlier post) have the same message if you throw away the Bible and Quran. Simple Message is

Both are messengers, praise the Light and tell you who ONE god is.

Both say that God is too Beautiful, the all seeing, he is everywhere and so beautiful that we can only look at him for a few seconds.


Our God still provides the Light even during the Darkness.

Who illuminates the Moon? The SUN.

Both Gods can only control their own respective domains and thats it.

The Sun Controls The Land

The Moon has no benefit for Land, besides The Sun using it to provide Light.

The Moon controls The Water(Oceans)

The Sun has no benefit for water

I can live on the Land and use it.

I can't use the Ocean, I have to learn how to swim.

Why do I know more about space than I do about Ocean?

They mocked us all our lives but now we mock them.

The Ra comes to us in the form of an eagle, and now you know why the Bald eagle is very important.

Our "religions" were turned against us.

The Muslims fast and tell me who appears at the end of the month?

The Christians must Baptize, why would you do that?

They can enslave us to the Dollar Bill but we will still mock them every time we use it.

The Solar Eclipse? Find the dates of the eclipse and tell me who died that day, or the day before. ANY SOLAR ECLIPSE.

When Jesus died, what happened that day?


8d78ea  No.2228

File: 0ee703c86cf779f⋯.jpg (349.47 KB, 800x505, 160:101, Pyramids.jpg)


The real reason why the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA and Many Pyramids around the world exist.

What is Albedo?

Albedo is a measure for reflectance or optical brightness of a surface. Or how much light bounces back. Its measured on a scale of 0 to 1

What is the Albedo of Snow?

.8 or above, pretty much it reflects all the light back.

Try looking at snow when the sun is shining, it hurts doesn't it?

Which rock has the very high Albedo?

Limestone is at about ~.4

It can be increased if you make it more smooth.

Tura Limestone(found in Egypt) has even better albedo as it is more white and shiny than a normal limestone.

(try finding the exact albedo(#) of Tura Limestone, you wont be able to, hmmmm)

It is a fact that Giza Pyramids were covered in Tura Limestone.

Why did they do that? You wont find the answer in history, you need to use common sense.

At night if there is snow on the ground and the moon is out, can you see the sourroundings better?


If the MOON shines at Night and You had GIANT Pyramid covered with Limestone…..What would happen?








Where is the city of Giza relative to the Pyramids?

More Pyramids means more LIGHT.

Now you know why the Ancient Civilizations Built The Pyramids and why you see so many around the world.

2b1cc9  No.2230

actually i've had a similar feel. Still not entirely sold on the hollow earth thing yet but GOD DAMN if my mind hasn't been fucked sideways to sunday over the past two months.

Like I was familiar with all of the conspiracy theories but never believed that so much interconnected, centralised decision making was possible. But when I started looking into JFK I quickly became less concerned than if it was a conspiracy but if rothschild/financial interest had links to every department involved in execution and coverup.

Welp they did. No longer were the principles of free market being obeyed, but theyll shoot your president if you try to enforece. That was the tipping point for me and I plunged hard and fast down the hole. Made a good amount of money on it so far too, because this is a huge disruption to global finances, but for the better of economy and enviorment.

Its been too heavy. Sunday night is a good time to get some rest. Organize filles. Get some OC together. Go for a walk. There wont be to much new stuff tonight (I think?) But tmw should be a big day

7416c6  No.2231

File: 0e845d8b18d51dd⋯.jpeg (49.68 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 67F4A420-3E2C-4D39-8B98-8….jpeg)


2b1cc9  No.2236


why even post? Look i'm not getting it wither but at least this guy is pointing something out.

8d78ea  No.2256


Hard to believe you must piece it together, I will guide you.

Where did the Jews originate?

12 tribes Banded together but for what purpose?

Were the 12 tribes located along the coast? Or UNDER THE COAST????

What were there people originally known as? (((Sea People)))

What happened between 1200 and 1150 BC?

Which areas suffered/destroyed and which did not?

Does the path of destruction reveal the true nature of the attack?

Which empires still existed after the Bronze Age Collapse? To North? To South? To East

Why did the Jews migrate to Egypt if they had the Levant?

Why did the Egyptians Hate the Jews?

Were the Egyptians known for their immense wealth?

Why did the Egyptians put the Jews in CONCENTRATION CAMPS/ENSLAVE them?

How were the Pyramids built?

Did the Jews escape the Egyptians or were they kicked out?

Where were they sent back to?

Which Kingdom was destroyed in 720 BC?

Who destroyed it? Which empire still existed in the North?

Why did the Kingdom of Judah stay peaceful for a century?

What were they building?

Who was responsible for the fall of Neo-Assyrian Empire?

Why werent the Jews able to maintain control of the levant?

Why did the Babylonians hate the Jews?

Was Nebuchadnezzar II getting revenge?

Why did Cyrus The Great let the Jews do what they wanted?

Who was responsible for the wealth of Achaemenid Empire?

Where did the Wealth come from?

Was it the kingdom in the South?

Why did the Jews Hate Alexander The Great?

What had he done to them in Jerusalem?

Who did Alexander The Great admire? Nebuchadnezzar II?

Where did Alexander The Great die?

Who Killed Alexander The Great?

Why did the Selucids try to eradicate the Jews once and for all?

Who burned Antioch and started the Selucid Dynastic Wars?

Who are the Maccabees?

Who ended the Jewish Hasmonean Dynasty in the Levant?

Who helped Cleopatra with the Seige of Alexandria?

What did he learn at the Library of Alexandria?

Who did he take power away from when he returned to Rome?

Does the whole family have to be killed in order to end a dictatorship?

Why did Caeser never punish Brutus for all the treason he committed?

Did Caeser have a biological son in Rome?

Who killed Gaius Julius Caesar? Et Tu Brutus.

Did Brutus ever benefit from killing Caeser?

Why did Mark Antony send the body of Brutus to his mother Servilla, the mistress of Caeser?

Which group of people were the only benefactors from the assassination of Caeser?

Who is Herod The Great?

After Rome took over Alexandria, what did Herod The Great do?

Who was blamed for buring the Librarary of Alexandria? Was it Caeser?

Was history rewritten?

7416c6  No.2260


Lost me at 2pac… This kind of incoherent babble is nothing but discrediting

8d78ea  No.2271

Why the Blacks are actually enslaved….

Woman reproduces so it came first and then male.

Black woman came first(we started in Africa).

Black women cannot be "modified" or changed because its like a starting point(research it).

How do you get a brown or a white woman?


Black Man fucks a Neanderthal Woman and we get lightskin hybrid.

Verify it yourself, white/non African women you'll see some of the DNA is neanderthal.

What happens when a Neanderthal fucks a Black woman?

-Always ends in a miscarriage.

Even the hybrid women is likely to have a miscarriage.

Neanderthal Men are not as sexual as humans, greed and power are far more important.

They are aggressive and well more "Alpha".

A neanderthal woman isn't enough to satisfy a neanderthal man hence the focus on other things.

Black Woman are proven to be more sexual in nature.

Bigger and better curves, that booty big.

This is a problem cause the Neanderthal men lust after black woman.

They go CRAZY for it, fuckers will abandon their kind just to get that BIG BOOTY.

This makes the Neanderthal Women JEALOUS

So she'll try her best to villify a black woman and they do.

Thots, hoes, encouraged to get fat and just stay in their own community, hard to succeed for them.

White women have to groomed to be more sexual so they can outbreed and remove black women.

They are forced to have better curves, Kim K?

Since the Neanderthal man won't fuck her, she has to go elsewhere.

Human Male, but they won't go for a white, asian or other.

They prefer Black Men above all because its the most aggressive out of all human species.

Neanderthal Women will do anything to get a black man and they do.

blacked porn, black men in media and entire sports showing aggression, this makes the neander women horny.

Don't believe me I give you a RothsChild, Queen of the Neanderthals. Check her twitter and start laughing cause its all true



8d78ea  No.2282


I give you the answer to the PYRAMIDS and MANY MYSTERIES in life that you never had the answer too

Would I ruin it all by putting 2pac in there and discredit everything I have said so far?

He is important but how?

8d78ea  No.2293

File: c2d0784ef703925⋯.jpg (222.07 KB, 1588x687, 1588:687, AuthMapHP3.jpg)

File: ccc71143fce62b3⋯.png (54.18 KB, 1005x546, 335:182, curve.png)

File: c8623cac7bfd407⋯.jpg (121.29 KB, 1187x720, 1187:720, DLPruE5V4AEA6fJ.jpg)

File: b53c1d3841ef0d3⋯.jpg (38.78 KB, 400x400, 1:1, UNFAGS.jpg)

Is The Earth

a) Flat

b) Round

c) Hollow

d) All of the above

The correct answer is D

The Earth is round but the top half is empty

We live at 50%, below us is the other 50% which is Water and the ground, or rather Darkness.

It looks simple, look at our ancestors and what they tell us. They were free men. (pic 1)

How would the sun and the moon work then?

The Yin and The Yang.

Notice the parts that trail and sort of mix cause that would the sunset and sunrise.

Still huge faults, as the middle would get nothing.

In it simplest form, at 50% the Earth curves upward a little or a bulge in the middle. (pic 2)

The curvature is real as you can see it because things disappear on the horizon. Your eyes do not deceive you.

With that knowledge, the sun and the moon would appear about the center of the sky for you since there is the bulge and you look at it.

We know the north doesn't get the sun that much hence the presence of small ice covered island.

How does the earth look from above when looking at the 50% or the visible land.

Take the AuthaGraph World Map and Combine it with United Nations Map on their Flag.(pic 3 and 4)

UN map has a large body of water in the top part, can you guess what goes there, Antarctica.

SEE everyone is happy, you were all right, simple and you can not find a flaw with it.

Whats in the bottom 50% of the world? Prepare for the real world war and we might find out.

Dont Overthink it and Play your self Fool.

8d78ea  No.2312

Is Space Fake?

Would you believe an ant if it told you how the Earth is, the shape, the creation and all the mysteries , when the ant has yet to leave your backyard?



If you ask me how did the Sun and Moon Gods came about.. Do I give you fake reason, lie and deceive you or do I simply say


9e033c  No.2559


Imagine a cube and inside this cube in a sphere and cut that sphere in half and drill a hole into the bottom half of the sphere.

The bottom half of the sphere contains the land and sea.

The bottom half of the sphere contains the underground structure or hollow earth as well.

The above half of the sphere is the sky dome.

The world is built upon four pillars.

The pillars of the cube.

We simulation nao

Praise kek!

469c58  No.2744

File: 37796e012ca5646⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 540x674, 270:337, 1507597491396.jpg)

They always knew, I was a stinky dog ;w;

d19578  No.2834

>space is fake

>science is fake

>flat earth shit

You are what kills legitimate conspiracy theories.

9e033c  No.2852


Mainly the science is fake part kills it.

How can science be fake?

A more correct statement would be to define which aspects of science he doesn't agree with.

8d78ea  No.2854


Posting the censored image wouldn't prove it.

YOU figure it out

Go Here: https://dreamscopeapp.com/editor

Tell me what you are doing.

Are you adding a filter????

Is it possible to remove the filter???????????

Can you share the image in secret by giving the other person the filter you used?????????????

Instagram if someone applies the basic filters, can you get rid of them by adjusting the settings?

I will not touch this subject again, I have given you the answer many times.

3051de  No.2928

the earth is a cube you glow in the dark cia nigger. get fucking cubepilled

087367  No.2936


>Jesus and Mohammad have the same message

>There are 2 Gods Sun and Moon

Stopped reading at this point.

I'm all for exploring truth and reality, but please make sure you are grounded in the one being who is THE Truth or you will get lost and go insane.

9e033c  No.3065


It's inside a cube you disinfo shill

d8afdd  No.3142


we have a triumvirate currently, or it never ended. the beast that died but did not die.

london, rome, dc

d8afdd  No.3149


and what is happening now, including the BOOMs is as Virgil wrote in Georgics

3a6437  No.7780

Well OP way to totally not deliver…the "REEEL TRUF" is fucking flat half sphere cube earth??? Are you fucking trying to waste my time?! Fuck you and whatever group is paying you to try to discredit the real work we do here!


edc18a  No.12327


Can you disprove what I have said so far?

3372ba  No.12350

nigger larp

64b9ac  No.14654


check out "Lost book of Enki"… the sumerian tablets. ENki has a half sister. she and Enki created the humans. they build the pyramids and other stuff, indeed as a shining beacon for their ships, who came here to get gold.

I'll spare u the long version. there r over 1 million clay tablets saved by the sumerians. they wrote everything down. The "secret tablets" might have ended up with the rottingschield or the vatican.

678243  No.14692


I absolutely could! You fucking moonbats ignore photographic evidence, basic science, laws of physics, etc.


edc18a  No.14783

File: d3be9be20f93a6c⋯.png (6.29 KB, 220x220, 1:1, ANU.png)


But I didn't mention a cube or a disc.

Did you fail to read my post about how the Earth is shaped or did you just read the title and make your decision?


Annunaki worship ANU, which is pretty much the sun. ANU is considered the chief deity.

3a6437  No.14999


You claimed the earth was flat, round, and hollow…




3955d9  No.15066


This was my impression as well.

edc18a  No.15074




Human's greatest strength is ability to make a choice, you can interpret it in any way you like. You don't have to accept this, you can come up with a better answer but do make sure that you are able to explain it and backup your claim.


They follow blindly, we choose to follow.

3955d9  No.15104


If you have something to say, say it plainly.

You sound like timecube


c8a419  No.15362



>Your entire existence has a purpose

Before the truth I had no purpose, or at least, was not aware of it. Now I'm awake, and aware.

To me, that's the opposite of the truth sucks. Thank you OP.

b4dc1b  No.15498

File: 99d3e2bc4955f28⋯.png (67.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tenor.png)

That odd feeling when the op doesn't even mention the word cube and the shills keep mentioning it………..SPOOKY

3a6437  No.15771


The OP said earth was flat AND hollow AND round lol.

Maybe it's a trapezoid? A diamond? A hyperdisc?? Durh!!!

>continue ignoring fucking satellite images over decades and everything we know about how planets form..

You people ruin 8ch. Faggot.

4133ac  No.15948

File: 15609762e111c84⋯.png (226.39 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0900.PNG)

Research Edward Leedskalnin for a little bit on the Atom.

The entire foundation of the atom seems flawed at the elementary level where electrons and protons and neutrons exist and have a relationship to one another and specific weights.

Ed explains the original expirament "proving" the atom's electrons existences were skewed in that two equally powered cathodes ran in a circuit to a single anode.

This would invariably cause the electricity to arc from the negative terminal to the positive terminal simply because the negative net charge was greater than the positive net charge and does not prove an electron's existence at all.

He also states there is another side to electricity that is positive and not well understood by mainstream scientists.

If you're looking for alternative views, to take into consideration, this is the place to begin to construct new theory.

A lot of what Ed knew and even Tesla can be traced back to Balkin mining operations circa the turn of the century when mining camps were powered entirely by reciprocating engines powered by a single stator alternating motor attached to self-sustaining battery banks.

I believe I know enough about this topic if anybody is interested in it. I've seldom met people who hold an actual fascination by this, but in reading, "Science is fake", I can propose that it is severely flawed and missing a whole branch of science that is not based on the negative magnetic energies.

7fcc61  No.15952



My friend the satellites do not lie, the world map is not a lie just projected to emphasize the water.

Does a satellite operate outside the Earth atmosphere?

No they do not, the highest we can before problems occur is the altitude of ISS and that is where you get the concept of the current you believe to be true.

A single source of info is always a problem.

Don't assume, I merely showed you how round, hollow and flat can occur at the same time.

Ask before you assume.

Now can you disapprove what I have said so far?

7fcc61  No.16028


I concur that the entirety of science cannot possibly be fake. The original post was designed to catch your attention but I fear that it may have done a lot of damage to my truth.

Oh and very interesting topic you open up, it will be an all nighter. I'll be back with questions tomorrow.

161f14  No.17692


Fuck off shill

Q just confirmed him, this motherfucker was right this whole time.


A true sage among us.

c4abbf  No.17842

I'm hyper interested in the prospect of re-written history. Would you recommend sources/links to read so I can read more?

I'm rather well-versed about what I call "the deception of the first century" or "the christianity deception", and it really opened my eyes that a group of intelligent conspirators could rewrite/fake/cover up actual history so successfully that the next two millennia are defined by your lies.

[Hint: the actual "jews" were wiped out, and they fled to Mesopotamia where they converted the royal family to their cause in the war against Rome, few centuries later, they became what we now call Muslims]

So yeah, pls gib some reading material

edc18a  No.17899


You dont even want to know how many books and articles I had to read. Had to read the obscure stuff just incase I wouldn't miss anything. I spent months making sure my arguments had value but honestly the simplest argument always won and thats worth noting.

No worries, I will post the missing parts of the history, the reason for slavery and such.

0a3a6b  No.17911



And you picked the most hilarious trip to share the truth with. Bless you Anon, I want to hear more of your ramblings, notes, anything. Share with us friend. I've kept an open mind to any one of the repeat posters with interesting information.

Be well.

0a3a6b  No.17935


Also i DEMAND 2pac


161f14  No.18062


Lol look at the tracklist, he is warning us of the dark side


161f14  No.18066

Can someone find the cbts thread where some anon was posting song lyrics and such. I know it halfchan and not here.

Dude had 2 Pac knowledge in there too

0a3a6b  No.18149


9f5a24  No.18485

cancer thread

edc18a  No.22563




57b3ca  No.22583

So, do we actually have mods on this board? I thought for sure the creator was going to hand a few out. This sliding piece of shit needs to take his extradimensional theories to another place. This board is for those looking into Q's information drops AS WELL AS THOSE TRYING TO FIND CATCH UP WITH IT. They can't do that with shit like this everywhere they look.

Eat a dick OP. You are indeed a faggot.

edc18a  No.22585





57b3ca  No.22588

Fear you, or this information? Hardly.

You're polluting the message on this board, you pedophile protecting fuck. Oh, does that offend you? Too fucking bad, because that's what you're ultimately looking like when you inundating everyone with bullshit that has nothing to do with Q or anything we're tasked with digging up.


e250ca  No.23371

Tell us about the fake moon landing niggaaa

ec9487  No.24576


One of the biggest things I have learned over the past couple of years is.. No matter how red pilled you think you are, if you look you will continue to find verifiable facts which are ridiculous enough to cause a 'babbies first serious red pill' tier break with reality.

What is really something else is, over the past year I have been finding shit at a rate that I can not explain. Every fucking time I go on the internet, even if I am only going on to order something or check my email, I will see something or randomly remember a thought I had and thing "hmm wonder if theres something there" and, like the old wikipedia law of 'three clicks to hitler', I will find something that justifies a full scale expedition within several minutes.

And from there I always find a rabbit hole I never knew existed or thought the bottom was found a long time ago. Problem is, a lot of it is really fucking quite unbelievable.. the sheer scope of it.. Only the wisest greybeards would pay it any mind at all because it sounds like horse shit until you put in the time to study the shit out of it.

But it has lead me to several theories which I am in the process of writing down, in a form that hopefully normal faggots will read.

Numerology is kike horse shit, but numbers are extremely important. What the kikes do with numerology is the same as what they do with everything else, they want what we have and at the same time want us not to have it, so they come up with this "Im obeying God's law by disobeying it as hard as I can" tier retardation to try to subvert the laws of the universe themselves.

>why are numbers important

Because of many reasons, but most importantly, this reality that we live in, whether it is a computer simulation, a dream, the divine will of the Gods, or what ever other possibility it could be, can be measured. The kikes are always talking about it in (((their science))) high tech witchcraft articles, "we are looking for the god particle" "we are destroying atoms to learn what they are made of" etc.


ec9487  No.24577


In doing so they are looking for something that does not matter, and may not even exist, or, they could be destroying the fabric of the universe, but they certainly arent going to learn what they say they intend to learn from their bullshit.


How does a am/fm radio work?

It receives radio waves electromagnetic waves in the radio spectrum via an antenna, and repeats that signal toward another magnet that uses the electromagnetic waves traveling in the wires to produce them in the form of vibration waves which are electromagnetic waves that are travelling across a solid object (or water) instead of air which then leaves the material of the speaker to travel through the air as sound waves em waves in the sound spectrum traveling through air

How does a television work?

It is a magnet, which drives other magnets, to produce magnetic waves in the spectrum of visible light.

Everything we see and hear is an electromagnetic frequency. Nothing more, nothing less. The sense of touch, is our bodies interpretation of the frequencies of the objects we touch and the vibration waves traveling through them.


Gravity does not exist. Whether or not the Earth is round, flat or a diamond, all gravity is is the magnetic force of one object vs another. You can very easily demonstrate this irl. Ever paint a wall? You are up on the top of the ladder painting the corner near the ceiling and fuck some paint drips and you didnt lay any plastic down. Even if the wall is at a perfect 90* which most walls in houses built by contractors in the past 30 years are off by a fucking lot, thanks obama But PHEW! the drop of paint magically went from being 4 inches 2 inches away from the wall, falling toward the floor, to landing on the wall about a foot above the floor! How fucking lucky! That wasn't luck, that was "gravity".

So to my point, everything that we see hear feel or what ever is the result of electromagnetic waves hitting an 'antenna particle' This is why the "life is a simulation" faggotry sounds so believable, literally everything that you are looking at right now is actually an array of numbers, but not just an array of numbers, a 4 dimensional array of numbers. And in this lies the greatest illusion cast by the lies of the kikes. And, it is what Tesla referred to as "the importance of 3, 6 and 9. The kikes tell us that 7 is a holy number but as far as numbers go it is the fucking worst and any sequence of numbers which has too many 7's in it will get locked into a small and discordian pattern until it craps out to repeating 0's. All things occur in 3's and 4 sets of 3 = a complete thing i.e. why our people found 12 to be a holy number 3 and 6 are harmonious with each other and 9 balances them out when disharmonic numbers start to enter.

As for number sequences, 1 is 1, but it came from 0 and in the future it could be 2, past affects the present as much as the future and the same goes for the future affecting the past and the present and the present affecting the past and future. >but that sounds retarded give it some thought it will make more sense than you want it to after a while so 012 is the "quantum name" of 1.

The reason the kikes pull their false flags on dates with shitty kike numbers and stuff like that is because they want to destroy what we have and try to pretend they have it for themselves. Their thought pattern is "If we can cause a high frequency of a specific thought which is steeped in our bullshit numbers then we will cause a new cycle of of a number sequence with shitty discordian numbers and it will take away the goyims power."

Like I said before, the kikes and the bullshit that they call science is literally witchcraft, they think they are harry potter and neo at the same time but they are nothing more than witches and warlocks who can cast nothing but illusion magic. And, while we joke about being wizards .. We for all intents and purposes literally are wizards, dragons are real, vampires are real, witches are real, and they are all kikes. Orcs, and goblins are army's of shitskins that the kikes conjure from the lands to march against us. We are at the eve of the greatest battle of our age, the last battle of might and magic of this magnitude occurred so long ago that we have nothing but nigh illegible tales of myth and legend of towers, floods and entire nations being vanquished in fire from above. Its larpy as shit and its really not even larping. Only thing that remains to be seen is who is the stupid little hobbit that found the ring of power?

0a3a6b  No.24777


Maybe this whole VQC stuff IS the ring of power Anon.

b6feab  No.35636


Can you talk a little more about the rise of smoking?

9fc791  No.35885


>the rise of smoking

nigga how long have humans been telling each other to pass that shit?

edc18a  No.41229

File: 50f4702f6eac309⋯.jpg (376.53 KB, 1200x933, 400:311, USNATION.jpg)

The Secret History Of America Concerning The Blacks and Whites From Africa To MLK

The British Empire Had a vast colony in the North.

Many small revolutions happened such as The Taking Of The Tea before The Frenchies would join in the Real Revolution…

The British Empire Lost the colonies during the Revolutionary War.

The founders seeked to create a nation, not for just Americans but FOR THE PEOPLE.

They knew the secrets of Darkness and created the CONSTITUTION to protect us.

The Bank were a force but the Jackson Layeth the Smackson on them.

The British were angry as they had lost not just the land, the money, but the source of their Lavish Deuce Baguette, THE COTTON.

They created a plan that went against their past but it had to be done.

They went to Africa yet again and offered the blacks a deal they could not refuse.

An indentured servant is a laborer who is bound by a contract to work for a particular employer for a fixed time.

They gathered millions of them and used the very gold to motivate the people they stole from.

It was a nation of the people so we couldn't deny and they settled much like the early settlers in the south as that is where they were "taken" to.

The Plan was working Beautifully.

Some were given the ownership of land but most were given only the choice of labor.

The presence of FREE slaves is the result of them completing the contract.

The was part of the plan as the black must intermingle.

But most importantly The British had gotten the cotton and once again displayed their arrogance.

No one was the wiser but the ones who didn't sleep.

The Yin and The Yang coexisted until the Civil War.

Time for the good old DEPOPULATION


Tell me, Did Lincoln not die in the THEATER?………..LAUGH

A new nation was born that yet again coexisted marked by many white and black scientists in the late 1800s.

Enter War Of the World 1, do note the presence and separation of entire divisions of blacks and whites.

The war served its purpose but now it was time to achieve their true intended goal and as always its the $$$$$

The problem is that the blacks do not spend they hoard, think the Mali Empire and many like it.

The blacks had to be surpressed and the White allowed to succeed

As one must spend the wealth and the other must create the wealth.

The War was used to fool both into turning their friends into enemies.

Time to create a new nation but first you must have


First movie that was seen around the US to show the power of film for to this day it is the source of your knowledge on slavaery

Enter KKK, created to incite rage amongst the blacks.

Find the footage of The first Rally and tell me why the crowd displays shock as if its the first time they have seen such a thing if the KKK had been around for more than half a century?

Try finding a picture of KKK in the 1800s……LAUGH

Would the KKK be enough? No

Lets introduce the PROHIBITION followed by THE REEFER MADNESS

Whites were not to partake but blacks were allowed to indulge freely.

What happened to the Jazz Age, did music not progress anymore?

The Yin and Yang no longer Coexist.

Enter WW2

The Blacks were perplexed as their enemies treated them better than their supposed friends.

On the return home, it was only natural that they fought to keep the light they had seen beyong the ocea.

ENTER Martin Luther King

What is it that he said that could cost him his life?


A swift death of the Yin

but why only control the Yin

when the Yang can also be had…JFK

edc18a  No.41468




Lets Go To The Moon To Fool The Baboon


Preview of Many Truths


Napoleon's True Midgetry

The History of East India Coffee Crumpony

The Struggle of Charleminion

The True History of the MothsRiled

Gutenberg's Printing Pies Of Lies

Newtons Biggest Pewton

The Nuclear Sky is a LIE



4e9b90  No.41551

About time Truthanon

>source of their Lavish Deuce Baguette, THE COTTON

>Jackson Layeth the Smackson

>Lets Go To The Moon To Fool The Baboon


Keep funny tone I love it, it makes them fun to read

70a2f6  No.52419


As we continue to dig we must remember that there exists a possibility that we are being led by a false prophet.

I believe in Q but remember:

1) Martial law is incongruent with a democratic state

2) if you wanted to convince the real patriots that military control is acceptable and 'lay down your arms,' Chan would be a clever place to start.

3) every pres in the past century has added more power to the executive, we must be wary of setting precedent of giving exec even moar because it won't always be our guy there.

4) as long as DJT is *removing* governmental power we're on the right track, but consolidating power in the exec will be dangerous down the road.

5) keep digging

10ee78  No.53354


Agreed somewhat. Been thinking along those lines for a few weeks. Not too concerned that what you're thinking will happen. My concern is more along the lines of what happens exactly after the storm.

Really, we've been enslaved for over 100 years at best. No one alive has been totally free in many ways ever. Going to be mind blowing to realize many things we just shouldered as a cost of living in this society are gone. Poof! Hope there's a plan and maybe a roadmap to ease everyone into it all.

Personally I'll figure it out pretty quickly. But there are millions that can't or just won't. They'll be the issue. Much to think about but I'm sure the team in the WH has been thinking along these lines as well.

OTOH, if you're correct… the country is armed well and passionate about freedom. There are many many vets and others that know how to push out an occupying force. But as I said, it's not a concern at this point. Relax anon and enjoy watching things happen in the news that you've known beforehand were about to drop.

10ee78  No.53374


Also, there MAY be a short period of ML-lite. I really don't see a way around that due to corrupt appeals court judges and a large percent of corrupt politicians on both sides. That's why the push for impeachment, various investigations, and all other things nasty right now. It will get worse as it becomes apparent that they're about to lose much more than an election. They know it's all falling and they're trying to do what they can to prevent it, or at least slow it all. But right now it's fairly civil - that may change drastically as they approach total demise. If they win we all lose.

I'd rather chance a week or two of ML in some places than watch it all disappear without any fight. You're looking at trillions that stand to be lost by these people. They're NOT going to go down without a fight - and a hard one. I don't know of any way to take them all down without something as radical as ML for a week or two. I sure hope Trump and his team have thought this out well because we're all on the front lines at some point if not.

So I see it this way - IF we've all been head-faked, then we know we've done what we could based upon the best info available to us all. This is being played out in an arena that's way beyond the world we all live in. It's probably biblical in a sense. Being mere mortals (and not billionaires or Generals) we do what we can and hope our leaders are on the right side - that of the Constitution. If not, then the next few decades will be interesting.

70a2f6  No.53407


Agreed anon, well said.

If this is all a headfake/larp/sideshow we're fucked anyway but a lot of people know a lot more about our captors now.

But let's be real: Q is probably just the marketing chief at Phillip Morris and man does

this campaign move units.

edc18a  No.53665







There is a whole CBTS general thread for this.

OK I am confused, I got multiple people just outright replying straight nonsense no matter what I write. I must have pissed someone off.

ec9487  No.54907



The amount of distraction and name calling is telling. I worry that the idea some anons have posted that we need to get an urgent message out or something bad will happen has too much truth to it.

Too many anonshave been posting shit about 'glitches' that are wayy outside the bounds of strange. And with the city in the clouds picture that q posted.. I think they are going to try to cause the insane riots of the bible where the people went raving through the streets trying to capture their neighbors.

"Aliens are here give us your neighbors or all will die"

6ad45b  No.56415


what happened between 1200-1150 BC?


notice the current date of this article


I like where this is going.

So explain flight routes.

6ad45b  No.56562


1) Martial law is incongruent with a democratic state

But it congruent with the Republic of the United States…. it is clearly stated and intended in the founding documents.

Democracy is a popular word and concept that is truly misunderstood. Compare to Republic.

6ad45b  No.56654


William Tompkins, whistleblower of the Secret Space Program, died on August 21st, 2017 - the most recent solar eclipse. Is this who you refer to? What is the significance?

6ad45b  No.56660


You were chosen and you didn't even know.

So why was I (we) chosen? For what?

6ad45b  No.56691


So who are the neanderthals? The 1%? And what are the 99%? humans? Are all the races human?

6ad45b  No.56695


… and what about the giants?

2dd88a  No.73824


>>The Earth is round but the top half is empty

how can you till which side is the top side

676076  No.75751


I think I know what it is and its awesome.

If we are the 3…..how many other numbers(1-9)?


The Light will always be above darkness.

676076  No.75767




1 Creator

2 Gods

The Infinite Children

676076  No.79927


If any of you were waiting for my truth posts, I got some bad news. I'm sorry but the posts might take another month as life has many responsibilities and I need to fullfill them such as bills. So I'm kinda packed for the next month.

I apologize but it is what it is, I didn't make the rules.


008bba  No.80195


In a nutshell and if I'm informed correctly:

U were chosen because u are AWAKE like all of us here on CH 8. For what purpose? - What's going on in the World today is no less a mighty war of GOOD against EVIl or Light vs Dark!

We are here on this planet to make experiences, ie to make choices in everyday life and by doing so we are guided by our higher selves, all of which in turn form a collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is benefiting from our experiences. For which purpose? - Unknown as yet. I believe though that the collective Consciousness is also only a part of something bigger or greater.

Our purpose though is clear. By raising our consciousness through experiences and learning we help to raise the consciousness of the planet as a whole and make it stronger in it's fight against evil. -That's where the Aliens come in, too. I refer to the numbers 3,6 & 9, the pertaining frequencies thereto, etc.. The knowledge of these numbers in relative modern times were given to the Sumerians by the Anunaki, who are/were Aliens. For good reason: everything in our solar system and the universe is somehow connected to these numbers and related frequencies, as is matter itself

How are we guided by our Higher Selves? Call it nudges we get in the form of hunches or intuition, dreams, sudden ideas without knowing where they come, being aware of suddenly KNOWING things without having a clue where the knowledge comes from.

As everyone knows or suspects by now, most of us are "old souls", meaning we have lived a number of times before, raising our consciousness with each life's experience(s). We are here by our own choice having volunteered to make these experiences.

After death, we either will be reborn, or we will return to the collective consciousness. And, yes we do have a choice in this matter. When we return to the collective we retain not only our memory but also have access to the collective memory.

Time as such is a human concept and does not exist. There is however a CONTINUUM where the past, present and the future exist SIMULTANEOUSLY! This brings me to the BIG WHY we are here. I suspect the future timeline doesn't look too rosy, although it is said that infinite parallel realities exist at any given moment representing all given choices that all of us could have made.

I suspect, but this is my own personal view, something disastrous will happen causing the universe to collapse. And this will have to do with some major fuck-up which will occur at CERN in 2033! In this scenario a new (our) universe will be re-created, (Unfortunately I cannot remember where I found out about that). The consequence will be that we start all over again 3,5 billion years ago. (deja-vus). - CERN is run by EVIL! The reason for their knowingly creating the disaster is to stop the growth of consciousness for the sake of the GREATER GOOD. or our GREATER COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS in their fight against EVIL!

We are encouraged by our higher selves to meditate about our past lives in order to find clues for the future. Our work and engagement here on CH 8 is as important in realizing the TRUTH and to EXPOSE PAST LIES that we were taught.

Well, you again have a choice to make! You either believe in what I laid out above, or you don't. But choose you must. It's a lot to digest, I admit. And looking back to my Spiritual Awakening I can now see why I got the nudge to read, think, meditate and explore … and to write this.

Don't ponder too long. We've got work to do!

Godspeed Truth Love Light

For Freedom and Humanity

008bba  No.80339


But, remember: ALL IS ONE!

a1af49  No.116749




c68d87  No.167617


Know your blood type?

Do you really know your blood type?

Try again?

Do you OVER-stand your astro birth chart?

Have you burned your B.C. Bond Yet?

You are special, we are all special.

What happens when you ask the Universe to flow through you for the good of ALL?

Use your voice to work in the unseen? Yes.

Break bonds, hex’s, spells, and anchors. EASY. =VOICE

Love is the answer. 🌏 is the HEART 💚 369

e83fe8  No.168011


That's why I always put

!RRVe.ETtN because it means rewritten. The false knowledge will be rewritten as the truth.

I GOT YOU bro, I'm gonna start putting some real effort the next 3 days. For real.

e83fe8  No.168032



50aa11  No.235596

This has to be one of the best threads on /CBTS/…thank you for sharing!!!

92eae8  No.236572


Op is right. Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air.

b8c242  No.236590

File: c4f9401c6d9b3a5⋯.jpg (250.76 KB, 1240x1755, 248:351, obr101.jpg)

Many nice posts here. People saying how LOVE is important. What do you think? Love has many forms, including prayer, and doing what's right, and what's good.

Love is the solution for every problem.

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