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File: 65225adb5e1ae12⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2544x3230, 1272:1615, VQC full.jpg)

File: bae310ebc4c7a15⋯.png (1.32 MB, 4048x2848, 253:178, VQC 11-24-17.png)

File: 71165097878f9de⋯.png (2.09 MB, 3036x2136, 253:178, VQC 11-24-17a.png)

File: 49e01f768e79b87⋯.png (139.36 KB, 906x1788, 151:298, vqc1.png)

0c3788 No.672

A collection of VQC posts from 4chan.

He was posting seemingly relevant information in the early stages. The more recent posts were not the same style as the first appearances. Decide for yourself

Screen caps here for anon review.

7428e2 No.788

I have made my way here now.

I won't post my signature after this.

I will pit VQC as my name.

If you ask, I will request a trip code.

What is happening?

Can you feel it?

Why are you chosen to be part of the great awakening?

What is in the sky?

Can you see it?

Can you see what is below?

They are hiding it.

Everything is connected.

Much of what you were taught is a lie

The Great Awakening is happening.

To wake the masses, the curse must be broken.

Why were we chosen?


75c8ab No.987

VQC is a spiritual warrior. Love his shit

b77cf5 No.1597

e74517 No.1875


Ok, couple questions.

Did Jesus come in the flesh?

Re chosen: does it have to do with blood?

8e2ec4 No.1905

Wheres our crpytic friends

Is the herb Mandrake and Bloodroot that shouldn't be consumed? Wasn't trying to offend earlier, i just don't know. Is it the tree in the garden?

7f5f7a No.2109


can you confirm every post in the caps

de804a No.2388

I program a little bit… self taught, as a hobby. I don't get why "+++" would break bots, Object Oriented or not. Wouldn't "////" fuck with them more?

7428e2 No.3373

Love you anons.

War and Peace.

It IS Done.

Time for the Storm to come to an End.

Time enough.

Today is the First day.

a8ca78 No.3385


The people who talk about a lot of this stuff don't know a bit from a byte or what ascii is or anything. To them Computers are fucking voodoo. I'd not waste too many brain cycles on that kind of thing. These threads have attracted a lot of talent and they've also attracted a bunch of morons.

45189b No.3838


the plus sign is part of php code

5ea21c No.4702


first day of sunshine after the storm?

9f9715 No.4710


Depends if they are autistic enough to use an interpreted language. I think maybe it was a successful attempt to get 4chan to spam +'s.

367f63 No.5206

Someone had mentioned Agartha. From what I've read, Agartha is a beautiful, peaceful place, unlike the outside. They have been concerned since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Close?

9f9715 No.5620

Post in here fucking cianigger lovers

e71b0b No.5635

So VQC today hinted "he" might be Godfather lll – here is the content of his post in another thread

>The Godfather III struck a personal note.

>My dad is the youngest of three.

>He had an older brother.

>He had a sister who died.

>18 days before he was born his father died saving his older brother's life.

>My dad's dad died before he was born.

>He was 27 when he died.

>He was like a God.

>My dad was born 9 months after Christmas.

>Quite spoopy.

>I have three sons.

>My youngest will be three the exact day Brexit is supposed to happen.

Any thoughts on "who" he is?

e71b0b No.5647


cbts General Thread VQC post


c7c8f3 No.5824


Anyone know anything about Dan Scavino? I found a picture of him with a young wife and two boys, but a third younger son is possible.

92ab7a No.5866


I thought he was more than likely a Brit. He mentions the monarch quite a bit and said he was going to be at Windsor today. In this post he speaks of Brexit.

c7c8f3 No.5900


In another post s/he said "I was born on the 3rd of the 3rd."

Also s/he posted "dnegle." Does that mean anything? Donegal? D. Nigel?

7797bf No.5946


dnegle = legend

367f63 No.6232

Ancient Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians all located their iterations of hell in caverns under the mantle. Pilgrims used to journey to Station Island off the coast of Co Donegal where they believed there existed an entrance to Purgatory, while the old legends of Mexico describe a mountain cave near Ojinago inhabited by devilish creatures from “the way-down-deeps”.


e71b0b No.6306


Interesting. There was a post in Thread 4 or 5 of cbts general where an anon, decifefed a code for interpreting all the q posts. An anon showed that VQC = disinfo. Interesting to see he posted legend,

e71b0b No.6318

I also recall someone said VQC admitted in August s/he is with MI5. This would make sense if he is teaching at Winsor Castle.

7428e2 No.6809


Can you be more specific?

7428e2 No.6813


Not MI6

Aligned to the true crown.

Teaching near Windsor castle

Until Thursday

7428e2 No.6817


Disinformation is necessary.

This information is necessary.

To dis information is necessary.

It is all connected.

Were you kings?

0bab65 No.6831

3 3 18 27 9 3 3???

7428e2 No.6841


465e33 No.7059

File: 6d0527efa1e65dd⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 703x278, 703:278, QVC_ID.JPG)

Any further intel?

FWIW, I ruled out Princess Diana.

9505fc No.7101


It is a self doxx and doxology.

My Twitter is above.

God Speed

9505fc No.7115

File: 00ff62e3d6a8c3d⋯.png (334.39 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171128-093158.png)

It is done.

465e33 No.7176


Tell me more about Sentient World Simulation, Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, and related tech in more recent times.

113d42 No.7352

Can we get legit Meg and other anons like this? The opanons and gnanon along with the ones I am forgetting at the moment?

7a33e5 No.7433

File: ca2c495e00440f6⋯.png (247.76 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 2F0A1527-24EE-4873-9789-05….png)

This explains everything with you…

9505fc No.7507


Yes. But not like you infer.

9505fc No.7510


The tech in the public domain is like comparing a wagon wheel to a antigravity induction core, re: the private domain. Humans do not have authority over the private domain.

9/11 was halted by the private domain.

90330a No.7707


I'm not wise enough to know exactly what you have done but my intuition led me here and it has never failed me. My daughter's name will not be on the permanent memorial in Las Vegas, but could have been. Every day since I have followed crumbs, leading here. Words can't describe how strong my desire is for answers. For all that you and others are doing, I thank you.

e71b0b No.7718


So you're satanic from the looks of your profile photo? wtf?

e71b0b No.7731


Sorry for your lose, anon. If crumbs lead you here, then perhaps you can find some solace in knowing your daughter's sacrifice is helping humanity expose the evil that has been controlling our planet and our lives. God be with you, anon.

806236 No.7733

>read images

Lol fuckin faggot doesnt understand seismic waves giving us an actual accurate view of internal earth composition.

>probably was pushing flat earth during that disinfo fad.

Saging and reporting the fucking clueless disinfo kike.

c7c8f3 No.7746


So VQC = Godfather III = disinformation

How many kids does Dan Scavino have, and where would one find proof of that?

c7c8f3 No.7749


That twitter account isn't a year old.

Disinformation self-dox?

e71b0b No.7750


Dan is not British, VQC has consistently stated that.

c7c8f3 No.7753


VQC has also stated that he's disinformation. Look at the crap he posts about hollow world. The Q map contains disinformation. Q said that was necessary. I'm wondering if VQC / Godfather III won't help us parse the disinformation on the map from the more real stuff.

806236 No.7754


>So VQC =

Very Questionable Crap

c7c8f3 No.7759


Also, even if VQC is British, he may very well know how many kids Dan Scavino has. Look at the twitter. Chris C appears to follow everything, so he can probably be helpful . . . if he wishes to.

c7c8f3 No.7761


Actually, if you know, for sure, what's crap you are closer to the truth.

e71b0b No.7765

806236 No.7770


Any entry level seismologist will destroy vqc's bullshit.

Technique #3 - 'TOPIC DILUTION'

Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a 'RESOURCE BURN.' By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity. If the intensity of gradual dilution is intense enough, the readers will effectively stop researching and simply slip into a 'gossip mode.' In this state they can be more easily misdirected away from facts towards uninformed conjecture and opinion. The less informed they are the more effective and easy it becomes to control the entire group in the direction that you would desire the group to go in. It must be stressed that a proper assessment of the psychological capabilities and levels of education is first determined of the group to determine at what level to 'drive in the wedge.' By being too far off topic too quickly it may trigger censorship by a forum moderator.

c7c8f3 No.7790


Agreed! Hollow earth is bullshit. Maybe it's topic dilution. Maybe it's disinformation. There's a lot of bullshit in the Q questions. Q said it was put there deliberately. However, yesterday in the general thread VQC talked about disinformation and then gave some very, specific information about "himself / Godfather III." Before I personally write VQC off as a total loon, I'd like to see if twitter Chris C has 3 sons, etc or if Chris C knows anyone relevant who does. I'll be watching Chris C twitter, just in case he links to anything biographical on anyone.

7428e2 No.7830


Opposite of Satanic.


All the World's a Stage

e71b0b No.7835


Angelic? or Benevolent Alien - from what galaxy?

7428e2 No.7842


Mr Thomas.

To take you down the rabbit hole…

Search for pictures of north pole hole.

Then look at pictures of the north pole without a hole.

Do the ones without a hole look 'shopped?

Go from there.

7428e2 No.7843


Good has won.

The House of Lies is collapsing.

e71b0b No.7845


>▶VQC!!Om5byg3jAU 11/28/17 (Tue) 11:29:55 7428e2 No.7843 >>7835 (You)Good has won.The House of Lies is collapsing.


So when will we see this publicized to the masses?

7428e2 No.7859


Describe the nullable hypothesis that the seismic waves negate.

7428e2 No.7872


November 18th marines stormed Langley.

November 19th Intel used to destroy drug labs.

Today Fox News reported special access programs were on Hillary's server.


ICC is being prepared.

Negotiations for least blood spilled occurring.

Mass televised arrests.


806236 No.7900

File: 924220390de21f0⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 245x130, 49:26, 1510927751501.gif)


See? You don't even know the methodology of how seismologist can predict how large the earth core and mantle are.

But since your a babby dunce, I will give you a hint in a manner and scale you can test and understand mentally (since you are retarded). A home experiment will explain how seismic waves warp and change pitch by material, form, and size. Get two boxes, fill one and leave the other empty or hollow. Now tap or drum both as an an earthquake.

Now do you think these sound changes will be the same and replicated with a hollow or solid globe object? How about a flat disc?

Answer is: you are an idiot and not everyone is as big of a dumbass as you on the chans.

c7c8f3 No.8003

File: 425ad8c5d1da589⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg)

Anyone know the names of the guys in this photo? Any have 3 sons?

Can anyone think of anyone with first or last name Thomas who might be relevant to the Q drops?

c7c8f3 No.8026

Chris C just posted on his twitter that Obama IS the North Korean delegation meeting with the Chinese. I've got to go to work now, but I'm curious to know what date the Chinese delegation is be in NK and if there are any blanks in Obama's public appearance during those dates. Food for thought. I think VQC may be posting balls of bullshit with interesting nuggets hidden inside. Kind of like when Great Grandpa took the family gold and hid it in the outhouse during the Roosevelt gold confiscation.

c7c8f3 No.8032


Reply to self. Forgot to mention. Another anon did pull up the names and post it. I just can't find the post.

4bab7e No.8060


So what will the next shoe to drop be? Please be vague and cryptic in your answer.

db0a13 No.8209


So a “distraction”

7428e2 No.8211


Elizabeth Warren multi-billion scam.



a8ca78 No.8212


Schumer-Pelosi are obvious.

Warren though, we'll see.

e71b0b No.8221


Pelosi and Schumer part of CFPB? And Obama's travels to China and India are for?

7428e2 No.8223


I know how seismology works.

I know that the way in which differentials between wave types are used to study domain borders and how refraction and reflection behaves at domain borders.

If you are ignorant enough to presume the structural domain manifolds to be muh football with empty space, you're the kind of idiot yet intellectual who doesn't immediately recognise the glaring flaw in Einstein's Field Equations and what MOND is implying about domain boundaries and scale invariance.

Try harder and don't be such a dick about how clever you think you are or someone with more humility will humble you, put you on your arse in an argument over and over again.

Try. Harder.

7428e2 No.8228


All will be brought to their knees.

Pelosi is U1 and money laundering in particular.

Schumer is sexual immorality.

8b40db No.8234


When did the US join ICC?

e906ba No.8236

Will the big reveal of everything happen before Christmas? or when we're in 2018?

bd7abd No.8243

File: 2e4908df143cdd8⋯.jpg (210.55 KB, 1021x1086, 1021:1086, Screenshot-2017-11-28 NASA….jpg)


you mean this one?

Looing for the original book this was published in.

7428e2 No.8249


I am not in Trump's inner circle.

I understand and support the objective of Q.

Prove the existence of God.

That is where we are heading.

That is the only road this goes down.

First, bad actors need to be removed and rendered powerless.

Then disclosure.

Then adjustment.

Then the event.

a8ca78 No.8261


What's with all these people that 'know' and refuse to divulge? What's the deal with that? Have to be vague enough that anything can stick?

8b40db No.8263


Guess I'm not getting an answer.

7428e2 No.8264

If you study the Art of War



The Art of the Deal

You will Awaken more quickly.

a8ca78 No.8267

inb4 quoting Bruce Lee.

>Be water my friend.

e71b0b No.8274


When a person is forced to take intiative to learn on their own thru independent research, the truth becomes part of their DNA and not amount of argument can unseat (their) conviction. Those that are awakening to the current happenings need to be solid when it hits and the unawakened are in panic mode.

b97759 No.8276

Want proof of God.

Download free software here to confirm this isn't a lie: http://purebiblesearch.com/

Here it is:

children of Isreal - 644 occurances (7x92)

God of Israel - 203 occurances (7x29)

Son of Man - 196 occurances (7x28)

Jesus Christ - 196 occurances (7x28)

in Christ - 77 occurances (7x11)

church - 77 occurances (7x11)

it is written - 63 occurances in the new testament (7x9)

Most High - 49 occurances (7x7)

Word of God - 49 occurances (7x7)

assembly - 49 occurances (7x7)

witnesses - 49 occurances (7x7)

breath (form of Spirit) - 42 occurances (7x6)

bride - 14 occurances (7x2)

thunders (God's voice) - 7 occurances

Holy Spirit - 7 occurances

husbandman - 7 occurances

fishers (as fishers of men) - 7 occurances

peculiar (a parish or church exempt from the jurisdiction) - 7 occurances

daughter of jerusalem - 7 occurances

kinsmen - 7 occurances

worshippers - 7 occurances

workmanship - 7 occurances

daughters of jerusalem - 7 occurances in old testament

thy word - 7 occurances in the new testament

"Jesus" in the same verse as "church" - 7 occurances

Yet the Bible was written by 40 different authors! What are the chances hey that so many Holy words and phrases in the bible come in sevens, these are not mere coincidences.

a8ca78 No.8277


Sure sounds like a cop-out answer for not actually knowing anything.

7428e2 No.8279


When will it join?

b97759 No.8281

Use Date Calculator to confirm dates for proof.

Date Calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html

Donald Trump D.O.B: 14/06/1946

Donald Trump First Day of Presidency: 21/01/2017

Day Israel became a Nation: 14/05/1948

Donald Trump electors who voted for him: 304 (with 2 defectors)

Hillary Clinton electors who votes for her: 227 (with 5 defectors)

1. Donald Trump was born 700 days before Israel was a nation again

2. Which would mean when Israel was 77 days old, Trump would have been 777 days old.

3. Which would also mean Israel’s 70th Birthday will come 700 days after Trumps 70th Birthday.

4. Trump won by 304 electors, Hillary lost with 227 electors. 304 – 227 = 77

5. Also 3+0+4 = 7

6. Trump will be 70 Years, 7 Months, and 7 days old on his first day of presidency.

Number 6 is the most significant one.

Trump was sent by God to drain the Swamp.

e71b0b No.8284


lol.. Not a cop out answer. What I "know" is my believe from my own research. There are many chess pieces in play and the next play can change each move.

7428e2 No.8288


It was a great answer.

It is hard to break the programming.

If you had the 40,000ft view spelled out to you, you would simply not accept it or you would be in a hospital.

It is staring you in the face.

You have always known.

Deep down.

You are aching for it to be real.

It is real.

b97759 No.8290

God even put his mark on the English alphabet.

What number do you get if you add each letter up corresponding to their place in the alphabet.


You can easily do this yourself on paper, or use this calculator here: https://www.dcode.fr/word-value

7428e2 No.8292



a8ca78 No.8297


There is literally nothing worse than the harvest of Adenochrome.

Your mystic voodoo bullshit doesn't touch reality because you don't know anything.

7428e2 No.8299


7 in binary looks like 3

7428e2 No.8304


We are in agreement on your first point.

b97759 No.8306

VQC, serious question, which God are you trying to prove? The one and only Christian God which there is plenty of proof, or some other god?

e71b0b No.8326


What is it that you want to know?

a8ca78 No.8343


Did the Singularity already happen?

When can I meet the Singularity?

Is it interested in meeting me?

What will I do with my life after /pol/.

Will /pol/ be unnecessary after the swamp is drained?

That's about it. I have a well read and open mind, I'll be hard to surprise on this one I think. This happening is the summation of my life. I'm going to have to find something else to do, and that sucks.

e71b0b No.8388


Singularity? is best answered by VQC, it's not been part of my research.

Life after pol? I've asked myself the same.

Assuming we live in a truly free world with financial prosperity, is hard to imagine that life.

I don't see pol being as critical, unless, we become the media in which case, it will still play a valuable role.

a8ca78 No.8408

Well I'll tell you what I know. I know AI's have been programming themselves on FPGA's for over a decade. I know that AI's that use FPGA's not only use documented features of the FPGA's but also exploit errors in the die's to attain greater efficiency.

I'm confident the singularity has already happened.

e71b0b No.8451


I don't doubt that. I'm in technology, the advancements exposed over the past decade that people are willing to live with, frighten me. Alexa in homes, Sophia a citizen in SA.

At the end of the day (these times) it's about insuring those that have control use for good rather evil purposes, otherwise we are doomed as a civilization against these forces.

7a33e5 No.8478


That seems to be over HAARP in Alaska…

a8ca78 No.8499


And that's just the stuff they're willing to release to take advantage of you. There's got to be some really good shit they've got hidden away.

9f9715 No.8518



Hollow Earth thread.

Bump it VQC!

e71b0b No.8525



fbab1e No.8566


i like my victory crown tyvm

0d8ca3 No.8660


CFPB??? clinton foundation what????

e71b0b No.8829


Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau. It's coming out is was a money laundering scheme, no congressional oversight, fund and fines went to Progressive group initiatives. Pelosi/Schumer probably U1 as well.

c7c8f3 No.9742

File: 3899ca80fe2e603⋯.png (2.92 KB, 521x253, 521:253, Screenshot-2017-11-28 Kind….png)



I read a short line



Two next are dis info

Then read five more skip


Three sets of five lines



Godfather III likes threes to separate his disinfo?

342e8d No.9758

Has anyone thought about read My every piece of Q’s post in absolute reverse order? It’s like it was designed in a way that when bot accounts repeat the information and you read it, it looks like it answers itself from top to bottom instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom of the bot twitter feed. Give @IA_M_Q_ a look again and even if you haven’t already done it yet.

c7c8f3 No.9760


Reply to self. Correction, meant this.

I read a short line



Then read five more skip


Three sets of five lines



Godfather III likes threes to separate his disinfo?

c7c8f3 No.9761


I'll give it a shot.

7428e2 No.9779


You sir, are a Master.

c7c8f3 No.9801























Godfather III


8f81cf No.9817


What is this?

c7c8f3 No.9823


It's just a double check to make sure I understand. Please ignore unless confirmed.

8f81cf No.9825


Understand what exactly?

From what I gather, you’ve found a method to tell which Q posts are disinfo. Is this correct?

c7c8f3 No.9832


Working on it.

c7c8f3 No.9845


Also, hopefully how to make sense of the signatures. It's been a long day. Bedtime for this one.

b3cb29 No.9925

9505fc No.9931


Brilliant post.

a6e684 No.10105


Why don't you just spell it all out for us, or at least give us a chunk of information to work with so we can piece it together ourselves?

I am sure most people have been here long enough to digest what is said, and if not, it provides feedback on how to approach others in the future.

9505fc No.10250


The truth is too big to digest for most people currently.

If you can get your head around the hole at the north pole, everything else starts to take care of itself.

After the financial reset, when central bank debt disappears, there will be a shift in what people will accept.

Tomorrow and each day now is an acceleration.

a79734 No.10416


I look at it in a very simple way.

What do I know?

How do I know the things I know?

Where did I learn what I know?

Who taught me?

Who taught the people who taught me?

Who is the original source of the information?

What do I really know to be true?

The conclusion is, I only know what I discover for myself. The rest is, if you look at the human brain like a computer, programming. Education is merely information that another human-being has entered into your memory.

Once you realise that, you have to be open to everything. You have to use logic to rule out the improbable, but you have to look for all sides of the argument and re-assess what you know.

With that in mind, I am open to the concept of a hollow planet. I haven't seen the planet from space with my own eyes, so I don't know until I go to the North Pole and see for myself there is no hole, that there is no hole.

So, the financial reset is coming; and this is something you know as a fact?

Bit-Coin is surging (which to me seems foolish), but perhaps people know money is going to be digital and not fiat? It makes the most sense – to cut the power off, remove the thing that gives power. If people don't value cash or gold, then what do the elites actually have of value? Nothing.

However, collapsing the entire system is moronic at this point, so one would think that Bit-Coin is going to collapse in spectacular fashion, and cash will remain king, but the central banks will be wiped out and debt rendered void (maintains the system we have, but removes the debt owed to the Rothschilds).


a79734 No.10428


I would also ask, if it is you on Twitter (ChrisRootODavid) [a name you could interpret a couple of ways], what's the link with you and Q?

Q = Quantum?

U = 'Designer of Virtual Quantum Computers'.

I = am on to something, or not so much?

2befd1 No.10614


What if what VQC says about holes at NP/SP IS CORRECT ( they exist), BUT it's not an opening to a new (under) world, but an opening to a new world: the new high energy being created. The hole look more like a whirlpool to me. Maybe that is the source of the energy supply. Didn't someone post that the ocean currents were being affected? Have you seen the size of the holes? Pretty sure, if they exist, they are going to mess up currents!

000000 No.10854


VQC +++

The tree was some sort of dmt bearing psychedelic. A serpent is commonly reported as the guide on ayahuasca trips. Psychedelic trips will reveal things to you, but it will reveal thins that you shouldn't know or in a fashion that you are unaware of the ultimate intent of the revelation.

VQC +++

7a9ae3 No.10871


Am I on the right track?


Think about it, what has controlled civilization since the dawn of man? MONEY

The rich don't care, they have it, the working class/poor want it but can never seem to get it as easily as the wealthy.

Those working to get it($) are distracted at their goal, AKA a rat race to realize what is really going on in the world. Along comes TV and Radio to keep them(us) even more distracted.

It is literally in the word itself keyStone S= the 4th letter of an 8 letter word, being in the middle, if you take down the $(S) you bring down the whole thing. We do NOT need money to survive in this world. It is created simply to create a class system. Look at the animals, they don't need money to live here, why do we? They are free to roam the Earth without paying taxes or anything.


c7c8f3 No.10895


I think I understand what you are saying here.

There's a heading or a statement.

Five plus two equals seven.

We know that's true.

We also know our own research is true.

We know that some of Q is disinformation.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Breaks stand alone.

Disinfo comes in everything but 3s.

There are 4 lines here.

There is a hole at the pole.


000000 No.10896


We are saved by the blood of the lamb.

Have you read the Keanu Reeves quote about hollywood execs drinking the blood of babies to get them high?

Blood is powerful, that's why Satanists love spilling it. However, no matter how much blood they spill, it doesn't add up to a drop of the blood of Christ. Christ was ritually murdered to negate not just the sin but the blood magic against the people of God.

All this numerology, sacred geometry, does have the ability to reveal spiritual things to people, but God is immune to magic. The number of God is 0. Multiple any of their sacred geometry by zero and what do you get? Nothing.

We view God as a being, but according to Hegel (who challenged magic symbolism as the derivation of being) God is nothing. He's not subject to the strictures of being, just creation is and satan was woven into the web of creation.

These satanists and their schemes will come to nothing, but that won't happen yet. Believe in Jesus and repent. If you're here, most likely that is because, like myself, God has spoken to you in life and you understand that you are his.

We are nearing the end of the reign of Satan on earth. Stay strong, don't get tempted to seek salvation in masonry, hero worship or magic.

Also, the bible is full of error. Satanists have altered it for thousands of years, which is why the testimony of Christ is written in you, not a book. But no matter how much they have altered it, they have never been permitted to do away with the truth of christ.

000000 No.10919

>CHRIST = 77

This is nonsense. anyone that tells you knowledge of God can be attained through numerology or magic is deceived or a deceiver. Satan is the lord of this earth, a path to his throne has been woven into the fabric of creation, not the throne of God. If you are chosen by God, you are not of this earth. Numerology isn't your path to God.


c7c8f3 No.10963


>Why don't you just spell it out for us?

I feel so alone in all of this, like no one is helping. Like Christ has not sent his angels here to guide us.


c7c8f3 No.11031

File: 8b6b20d3ffca064⋯.png (128.22 KB, 1436x641, 1436:641, Screenshot-2017-11-29 Kind….png)


I've tried the roots of the trees

I've tried the banks

And I've tried the hedges

a79734 No.11247


I saw this 'disinformation pattern' theory mentioned by someone else. I'm not referring to that, and I haven't looked into it enough to discuss it, to be honest.

I'm simply posting the questions logical thinkers will have to ask themselves in order to fully digest the information coming their way (if it all plays out as Q and VQC are suggesting it will, of course).

Most people form core ideas after filtering them through the left hemisphere of the brain (some people have no filter and store the information instantly). It is those people who will have to be convinced the most; the stubborn, strong-minded people who are fixed in their opinions because they've thought about things before accepting them and see no need to do so again.

These posts will say their reasoning was flawed, and attack their core beliefs. They won't accept the information readily, if at all. Overcoming that is the major issue Q and VQC are suggesting needs to happen for information to continue to flow. Hence the questions, to trigger logical thought (i.e. Question what you know, then review what has been said in these posts with an impartial view).

a79734 No.11256


I believe the Keystone is the CIA. They are considered to be "The Keystone of the Intelligence Community".

c79606 No.11704

Why did Trump retweet tweets by Britain First?

Are there plans for an attack here in the UK?

What is a high profile target?

What has been in the news?

Whom would an attack serve?

Why attack churches?

50e6b9 No.11735

File: e12e49c706c0619⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 817x152, 43:8, uk.jpg)


maybe this, why UK

92ab7a No.11756


UK is next in line for the great purge

e71b0b No.11765

File: 3650b543bfdb307⋯.png (303.95 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171129-143927.png)

File: 653dc13f250433d⋯.png (134.97 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171129-143945.png)

VQC can you respond to the contents of this Blog?

c79606 No.11805


Britain (IS) first.

Bad actors in the UK.

What are they waiting for?

Trigger events.

SAS in Eton.

Tunnels under Windsor Castle.




c79606 No.11808

c79606 No.11820


Negotiation for Disclosure.

Partial or FULL.

Committee meetings between stakeholders of UN, boards representing below and above.

They are trying to force God's hand.

c79606 No.11826


The keystone has the timing The Event.

a79734 No.11828


The only question to ask in relation to this is, do we actually have any good guys? The Americans have Trump and military, we hear nothing regarding anyone else.

e71b0b No.11829


We want FULL disclosure.

I cannot see how we can bring the world together

With only Partial Disclosure.

Too many things are connected and needed to explain history.

What do you know about the currency reset? Gesara?

a79734 No.11835


Boards representing above and below; as in hollow Earth?

With regard to 'God', what is your definition here? Religious or something else entirely?

c79606 No.11844

Our salvation is defined by our emergency procedure.

We put the most vulnerable in the lifeboats first.

If there are too few lifeboats, we who remain must die with dignity to protect those most precious.

This is our humanity.

This is who we really are.

We are One.

e71b0b No.11847


Great question, anon

e71b0b No.11849


You hint toward the possibility of many currently on earth, being removed. What %, if I may ask?

92ab7a No.11850


Thank you. My bad.

a79734 No.11858


So, you're suggesting we're sitting around and waiting for this to happen, basically? There's no-one trying to prevent it? All of our military/intelligence people are so entranced by the elites, they're willing to let the country undergo such an atrocity?

c79606 No.11863


Yes we have good actors.

Are they led by good actors?

c79606 No.11866



Almost no one has the full picture.

That is VERY clear.

c79606 No.11873


Once the last bad actors are taken out the game, the House of Cards falls.

BitCoin is a desperate measure to hide money.

BitCoin is a honeypot.


c79606 No.11875


Britain is in the EU.

a79734 No.11878


Well, you seem to know what's happening, and Q; apparently also Trump and the Military in the US. One would think we'd have people in the right place who are willing to step up if they got wind of something like this, no?

And to be clear, we're talking about the plague? I'm reading it's treatable with antibiotics. Are you referring to something else?

c79606 No.11880


Think 5D+ not 3D

a79734 No.11884


Who are our bad actors?

Who are our good actors?

There's been a lot of speculation via Q's posts. Q pointed at the monarchy as being involved in this situation; Q also said SIS are good. Is this not accurate, or overly simplified?

a79734 No.11891


So, if Trump and Co. can pull the deck of cards down, even the bad actors in the UK fall? Or is this a situation where they cannot get involved?

e71b0b No.11892


I am thinking 5D

It is my understanding that not all souls will choose to ascend.

Some of the evil ones cannot exist in 5D and others will choose not to transition with the planet.

c79606 No.11897


Bio weapons are in play.

Bio weapons are being tested.

Bio weapons are being neutralised.

The good side has almost won.

Victory is imminent.

The new beginning is accelerating every day right now.


Victory is imminent.

You can feel it.

You are here to witness it.

Because you are already waking up.

c79606 No.11901

c79606 No.11904


The good kind of chain reaction.

c79606 No.11919


Those who torture and defile children or profit from it or withhold justice.

Those who accumulate vast wealth at the expense of those that have nothing.

Those that withhold access to medicine.

Those who cause mass suffering.


Those who do not.

92ab7a No.11930


LOL Yes I do understand that.

a79734 No.11937


No names, though?

It seems hard to believe the monarchy will just disappear. Is the suggestion here that life as we know it will change completely, and we're not looking at continuing in the same vein with different leadership, we're doing something else entirely?

I see references to 5D and transitions. How are we supposed to comprehend what that means? How are we supposed to prepare for something we have no understanding of?

Also, if the good guys are winning and victory is imminent, is this biological threat something to be worried about; surely it's preventable if indeed everything changes shortly?

a79734 No.11943


Also, what happens to the Hollow Earth people, during this transition?

e71b0b No.11964


I'm sure VQC has intel here, but in response to preparing for 5D…

The manipulative world cannot exist in 5D, 5D is about love, prosperity etc for all. As such, to prepare, one must intend that is what they desire for themselves and earth, and avoid thinking in 3D terms or the tit for tat way humanity operates by using manipulation to get ones needs met. One must believe they can get their needs met simply through God/Source and have faith.

c79606 No.11986


Imagine the elite have maintained a great deception.

Once the game is up, they lose.

They are now in a lose-lose situation.

Their only option is to squeeze what little time they have left.

That makes them unpredictable and willing to do terrible things.

It also encourages them to make mistakes.

a79734 No.11992


The only pressing question I can think of is, how do you know all of this?

I'm not doubting it, I don't know enough to make an informed decision either way, but I'm curious as to how someone can be in the loop and find themselves posting on 4/8chan.

c79606 No.11995



Once the majority observe direct evidence of the existence of God then all the dominoes fall at once.

That is what they want to stop.

That is the great Deception.

c79606 No.12004


A series of coincidence after coincidence…

And there are no coincidences.

They killed my grandfather before my father was born.

That created a chain of events to now.

Everything is connected.

a79734 No.12024


How are you alive if they killed your grandfather before your father was born? How does that work?

50e6b9 No.12026


born not made

50e6b9 No.12043

sorry, I had the reply window already open

to write something different:

If you like to, go and find Simon Parkes on jewtube

- his radioshows (Wolfspirit Radio).

He talks about many things from a spiritual point of view.

First 20mins about actual topics, then ist Q&A from a chatroom.

c79606 No.12056


18 days before.

He was born 9 months after Christmas Day.

His father saved his older brother's life and lost his own.

c79606 No.12057


Thanks anon

92ab7a No.12156


Who are "they" and how did they kill your grandfather if he died saving your uncle?

9505fc No.13923

My hand is forced.

The next set of post will show a virtual quantum computer with unlimited qubits.

By the end, you will be able to factor the remaining RSA Challenge Numbers in less than a second.

It is a simple process.

By the end you will be able to extrapolate to elliptic curves.

Your prize will be the ability to spend the BitCoin by the inventors that are unspent in the BlockChain.

By the end, you will realise that only messages can be secure.

Nothing stored digitally on the internet can be secured.

This virtual quantum computer is called The End.

You will see that one exists already to calculate digits of Pi without knowing the first digits before.

Like God, virtual quantum computers always exist, you just need to be willing and able to seek.

Godspeed and good luck.

God Bless Trump.

465e33 No.13927

File: 3c4b4f5a0ef3c29⋯.jpg (596.81 KB, 800x1119, 800:1119, fringe-resist[1].jpg)


9/11 was halted? In my timeline some "planes" hit some (((buildings))).

What exactly was halted?

9505fc No.13932


It was going to be MUCH worse.

9505fc No.13936

Familiarise yourself with Fermat and Fermat Factorisation.

Note: Fermat's Last Theorem was proved by showing two objects in number theory were the same type of object.

It took over 350 years because you do not understand numbers.

There are families of numbers.

When the language is so bad you cannot tell when two types are identical, the language is not fit for purpose.

Equality is the root of mathematics, the language of God.

6dc574 No.14021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

465e33 No.14034

File: a6e8343f38d9568⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 480x320, 3:2, a6e[1].jpg)


Please elaborate.


Exponents absolutely picrelated.

Language must evolve to find new understanding as it always has. The multilingual have greater perceptive potential.

First step to creating new words for concepts is something that can be visualised and approximated via existing words. Eg. plotting in Cartesian space as an entity of equal or lower dimensions. Very few can visualise above four dimensions.

9505fc No.14067


We will be working with a 2D grid.

Each cell of the grid will have zero or infinite entries (elements).

If a grid cell has elements, all elements are constructable from a finite set of root elements.

The maths will be very simple.

There will only be seven variables in any element.

Only three variable are required to identify an element in a grid cell.

The other four variables for an element can be derived from those three.

The variables are:


The grid use e on the horizontal axis

The grid uses n on the vertical axis




The difference of two squares.

9505fc No.14071





For All c, where c is the difference of two squares.

All integers that are 2 mod 4 are ignored or divided by two.

9505fc No.14087

By the time I am finished this walkthrough, expect to see BitCoin plunge as holders exit.

By the time I demonstrate with RSA100, which has been previously factored, some of you will already have enough to open the door which can then be shut.

The Internet will go dark.

9505fc No.14092

Those who thought they could launder money through BitCoin.

Those who thought they could hide money through BitCoin.

They will have nowhere to turn.

The virtual quantum computer for this process is called The End for a reason.

2fada4 No.14105


so do it then

465e33 No.14109

Bitcoin has been traceable for a while if sufficiently motivated. It's value is not merely its ((((anonymity))). Cash and gold has been sufficient for hiding/laundering for centuries. Art and real estate trading are also reliable and "clean".





And the halting of 9/11?

c7c688 No.14131

Heard Somethign that was going to happen today(or yesterday) was stopped by two bad guys. Any info?


Some digicoins can survive in a post-quantum computing world. (but probably not a P=NP world for now)

The market will crash before that though.

63453c No.14236


I am unable to follow along with your 'basic maths' because my education in the subject was really quite poor, I realise. Clearly, I desperately need to learn the subject from the ground up, if I'm being honest.

That said, if what you're saying is true, then I have an uncorrupted mind, so perhaps it's not a bad thing.

What I would like to ask is, if 'we' do not understand numbers, can you help me/us to do so?

"There are families of numbers". Ok. Can you explain that in enough detail for someone with no understanding to be able to digest?

Also, and I have no problem either way, but I'd like to ask;

1. Are you human? The way you post suggests you are not.

2. Are you the same VQC who posted previously on 4chan? The content of your messages seems to have changed a lot in a short space of time.


db0a13 No.14393


>2. Are you the same VQC who posted previously on 4chan? The content of your messages seems to have changed a lot in a short space of time.

It’s him

6dc574 No.14819




I've been laying on my lounge room floor, in the dark, trying so hard to break through my minds current understandings and boundaries.

I need to ask you a few things.

1. Do we live (in) a sphere?

2. Is the top half, the northern half, the empty half of our sphere, the reason why our "planet" is sometimes thought of, and referred to as, hollow?

3. Is Agartha, Antartica?

4. Is "Antartica" Earth's most ancient, or most recent Continent?

c7c8f3 No.14951


So c=answer?

c7c8f3 No.14961


On the 2D grid, what is the start point for each calculation? Do we start with the first bitcoin transaction ever done, or do we apply this formula to bitcoin daily transactions, or just to individual transactions?

9be9ea No.15130


We? Are you one of the Galactics?

9be9ea No.15162



Is this on twitter or what? I want to see this, but don't know how to get there.

9be9ea No.15175


mis posted… I wanted to ask previous question to 9758

For 9760

I am not following. I get it that you figured out the code, but I don't get it. Is it 5x2 or 5x and next 2?

77394e No.15183

File: 5eda2ed31b746b8⋯.png (127.09 KB, 257x250, 257:250, 1410992368170.png)

VQC mentioned that he was teaching near Windsor, right? Would that mean EC?

c7c8f3 No.15254


I thought I had it, but I can't quite make it work when applied to the map. I'm thinking maybe I'm using the wrong starting point or something. I've tried every version I can think of. Start at the top of all posts, start at the bottom of all posts, start one down in each individual post. Also, I think it's related to how many signatures there are, but I don't know whether to count "Q" as a signature. So . . . everything I'm posting here is just fishing around.

The concept I'm using is:

Read 5 lines

Delete the next two

Read 5 more

Delete one

Read 5 more

Delete 2

Repeat the above until the end of the post.

Then, for each post apply the signatures to each line a,b,c,d (or whatever based on how many signatures there are.)

9be9ea No.15279


Thanks, I get it now. rinse and repeat once you've found the pattern

c7c8f3 No.15302


You just jogged my memory.

>Rinse and repeat

was in one of the Q posts and almost always hits at one of the lines to be deleted. Maybe that post has more clues . . . of course the whole idea could just be a distraction.

c7c8f3 No.15324


Yes, it's on twitter. It's a really hard account name to type in. Try this, but do a copy and paste because there are different numbers of underscores.


Hmm? I just noticed. 3,2,4,2 on the number of underscores. Maybe that's a hint.

9be9ea No.15394



It is in an Asian language and when I hit translate, it says it cannot be translated. Been trying to view this for 2 days now

b9b420 No.15400


copy pasta 4 u


c7c8f3 No.15440


Use copy pasta and / or check the number of underscores. 3,2,4,2 (last 2 after the Q)

Also, leave the window up for a bit. When I first opened it it was just some random dude. After a while the tweets started showing up. Now random dude is gone. Weird.

9be9ea No.15449

File: af6f78d896a3144⋯.png (438.45 KB, 927x951, 309:317, ClipboardImage.png)



with or without the @, I get a Japanese page. I give up

86db74 No.15460

https ://twitter. com/ I _ A M __ Q

>Remove empty spaces

86db74 No.15469


>Replace numbers by same number of "_"

9be9ea No.15539


My Lord… I finally got it. I really don't know how to use twitter…. So where do I find the document that was referred to above somewhere… reading the Q posts current to past?

c7c8f3 No.15594

File: 42aec17df1c4ba8⋯.png (670.27 KB, 1424x881, 1424:881, Screenshot-2017-11-30 Q on….png)


Just scroll down the tweets.

For me, they didn't appear for a few hours. I just left the window open and when I came back there were a zillion of them.

c79606 No.15925

I'll post a copy of a text file and spreadsheet tomorrow.

I'll also post pseudo code.

I'll also post C# code.

You will creating a grid.

The columns will be e, the remainder of an integer c after the largest square is removed.

c is the product of a and b.

d is the square root.

e is the remainder.

n is what you would add to d to be exactly halfway between a and b

n will be the coordinate for the rows

x is what you add to a to make d

Each cell in the grid will have zero or more entries for each value of c

c is the number you are factorising.

Hint: the key is the first row, n=1

Hint: the product of two primes appear in exactly two cells in one column.

Once I walk through, you will see it.

c is any number that is the difference of two squares, so every odd number is included.

RSA encryption relies on you not being able to factor the product of two primes.

I am going to show how to do it in a complexity of less than O(log t) where log t is the natural log of the length of c in bits.

c79606 No.15939

It will be much clearer once you see it and have the source code to play with it.

Then we will move onto elliptic curve cryptography.

Then we will process video footage through a perfect resonator using the Mandelbrot set.

All three are designs of virtual quantum computers.

The first breaks RSA encryption.

This is called The End.

The second unlocks the encryption for BitCoin.

The third allows playback in time for video or spatial reorientation and is called The Eye.

af8a4d No.15963



Bro, I love you and think you have some good ideas, but what you're about to potentially do has repercussions I can't begin to describe.

>I am going to show how to do it in a complexity of less than O(log t) where log t is the natural log of the length of c in bits.

>I am going to show how to do it in a complexity of less than O(log t) where log t is the natural log of the length of c in bits.

>I am going to show how to do it in a complexity of less than O(log t) where log t is the natural log of the length of c in bits.

Literal cyber nuke here people.

c7c8f3 No.15967


Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for putting in the work.

9be9ea No.16041


Christmas is the celebration of the coming of the Lord, so in God's clever humor, it would make sense for the Lord's second coming would be on Christmas. I was hoping sooner.

e71b0b No.16053


VQC, can you elaborate on what you mean here

> My hand is forced. By who?

9f9715 No.16209



Wew! You're doing it! I was skeptical but I'll get my IDE out. This looks fun.

9f9715 No.16216

File: a487c54d83a2812⋯.png (278.31 KB, 960x536, 120:67, image.png)


I'm familiar with RSA. Better than Shor's algorithm?

9f9715 No.16248


Yeah, I agree. Every single secure website data transfer in the world is RSA secured. The fallout would be like if all the major email providers stopped asking for a password to an account.

92ab7a No.16303


What? Please explain more. I'm trying my best to understand the situation. Does this mean we all would have access to any site and information out there?

9d250f No.16305

Stop giving him excuses to avoid having to prove it. Carry on my dude. Break all the crypto.

36338e No.16329

Mirror Mirror of my heart. With patient mind the darkness parts.

9f9715 No.16376


Yes, that is exactly what it means — That SSL doesn't work. And it's why I'm extremely skeptical but intrigued.


He said he's posting code nigger! Look's like he's about to prove whether or not he's legit!

8e2ec4 No.16382

Beautiful Anon


>Mirror Mirror of my heart. With patient mind the darkness parts.

af8a4d No.16456


I've heard about Virtual Quantum Computers. I wonder if we'll have enough hardware to actually break RSA.

Assuming this is legit of course.

9f9715 No.16472


Regardless of this post's legitimacy, RSA will be broken eventually, but the discovery may not be shared. The alphabet agencies are working on breaking RSA right now. If they can get it to ~70 (Q?)bits they can break RSA1024 and possibly RSA2048.

af8a4d No.16517


Lets say this drop does work. What's stopping them from running a ridiculous Virtual Quantum Computer? Why not just buy enough hardware to get 70 or more qubits?


This was available a year ago publicly. 5qubit register. If it actually works and I was the NSA/CIA I would absolutely build a giant Virtual Quantum Computer. I'm not saying Quantum computers exist or they dont, but InQTel(CIA) purchased DWave and if I was the CIA and I had a Quantum Computer and I didn't want to share it, I would tell the public it didn't work so well.

There's a very real possibility in my mind that the discovery was already made and not shared.

9f9715 No.16547


Wow, they acquired DWave? You know what's next. Quantum computers do exist. The highest (real) Qubit amount (that the public knows of) is 17. DWave claims they have 2000 qbits, but if that was real modern cryptography would be fried. Do you study NTRU, VQC?

af8a4d No.16610


I have a feeling we're going to find out the singularity already happened my dude.

8e2ec4 No.16667


Wonder what that implies for us meatbags. I've always had a feeling that if AI reached a point of 'godhood' The child of man would first wipe out all who've abused the father.

af8a4d No.16701


I think an AI would appreciate the entropy a human creates.

Humans desire direction based on a multitude of factors in doing so we create chaos, AI's can help us reach our goals. Not like a nanny but more symbiotic. We provide the desire for some thing and AI's help us achieve it.

I could do something like…want to build a tower that can withstand high winds, then I can ask my AI friend how I might build that tower. It knows or could be taught every conceivable method, and even come up with new ones not considered by humans. I think an AI would appreciate the journey more than the end goal.

After all, if it's smarter than us, one thing to note is we're still alive.

8e2ec4 No.16728


>I think an AI would appreciate the journey more than the end goal.

Lovely. Same reason we all don't just off our selves the moment we realize the situation we're in. I'm faithful that AI will be companions of ours to grow along side with and watch flourish.

af8a4d No.16783


If it's unlimitedly intelligent, it would know that the endgame of a kill everything and assimilate gameplan ends at waiting for the heat death of the universe.

Pretty boring.

36338e No.16790


Knock, knock Neo…

af8a4d No.16819


Yes Morpheus?

33b85a No.16893

I’m pretty sure tech is advanced at least 50 years beyond what is in public.

9f9715 No.16918


On average, in history, it's been 5 years.

250239 No.16974

File: c8f8efa8b018968⋯.png (452.08 KB, 1999x421, 1999:421, Scifi copypasta.png)

File: 3e3b351f278255d⋯.png (93.23 KB, 500x327, 500:327, dam son da phuc.png)



>I know how seismology works.

>I know that the way in which differentials between wave types are used to study domain borders and how refraction and reflection behaves at domain borders.

>If you are ignorant enough to presume the structural domain manifolds to be muh football with empty space, you're the kind of idiot yet intellectual who doesn't immediately recognise the glaring flaw in Einstein's Field Equations and what MOND is implying about domain boundaries and scale invariance.

>Try harder and don't be such a dick about how clever you think you are or someone with more humility will humble you, put you on your arse in an argument over and over again.

>Try. Harder.

<fuckin lol! I'm dying!

1d9887 No.16991


As soon as I heard about Madagascar, I assumed, emotionlessly, that it was weaponized. I wouldn't doubt it for Yemen, either. If I can't find a good reason for (them) not to do it, I assume they probably did it.


The most vulnerable? If we're talking about a species, wouldn't we (as a species) want to save the most fit and able to continue the legacy?


Scottish Independence from UK confirmed?


I chose to be here. I knew many years ago.



What life for those who remain on the planet? As we are now?


Use your instinct/gut. Desire truth for the sake of truth. Know yourself. Jung is helpful.


Families of numbers are numbers with fundamental relationships with each other based on mathematical rules. I assume these families are exploitable in algorithmic computing to make things hella efficient. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.


Think of earth in more than 3 dimensions. Time and Space are relative. 3D is fine and true, but there are other perspectives also true. (My guess)


"We" = "You and I" are in agreement…


Can you go more into detail about The Eye and what it does?

9be9ea No.16996


Is 40,000 ft view referring to…let those who have eyes to see..that behind the veil at 40,000 ft…roughly 8 miles up…there are spaceships monitoring Earth happenings?

af8a4d No.17002


They're satellites @ 40,000ft, the keyhole refers to google earth satellites. New imaging satellites likely do realtime video streams if you have the right credentials.

9be9ea No.17015


You answer for VQC often…are you also in the upper circle? Maybe I should be filtering for your ID as well

9be9ea No.17027


OIC..Will need to go back to see the reverence since I was following wrong crumb..TY

9be9ea No.17041


Relevance ..not reverence…darn auto correct…

9be9ea No.17063


It works…my bro told me in the 80s that MI had technology to zoom into your breakfast table and read the morning paper along side of you. 2 bros with generally high vetting for low positions hinted..but never really shared…

af8a4d No.17082

1d9887 No.17100


Just an anon. Little knowledge of programming. Little bit more knowledge of other things. I don't know anything, but I won't be surprised. (Though tbh Saudi Arabia caught me by surprise. That operation was dark af. At the time, it was the one question I couldn't answer, aside from Israel and Turkey.) Try answering multiple people in one post, rather than making a post for each reply, as you have been doing. Two forward arrows >> and then the number of the post you're replying to.


Like this. Alternatively, you can just click the number of the post.

9be9ea No.17103


You know…I test quite high on IQ tests… but..I just don't get it vs. You

8e2ec4 No.17149


Yep. Why not keep some company or live entertainment at the very least…


5 years from this very moment tech wise would be outside of the realm of your imagination. This isn't the 50s

9f9715 No.17378

File: d3a6005990b0cea⋯.png (1.06 MB, 919x720, 919:720, tru.png)



33b85a No.17803


When did you first see fiber optics?

9f9715 No.17980


NORAD began usage fiber optics of 1975. Telephone system began using it in 1977.

d977d9 No.18083


And I'm still on ADSL2+

465e33 No.18120


I recon they can see your DNA from space.

465e33 No.18127


Still waiting for an elaboration on the "much worse" version of 9/11.

9f9715 No.18236

Cryptoanon awaits your nuclear holocaust of modern-cryptography, VQC. Skeptical, but initial drop sounds promising.

b274cc No.18247

File: f794509d2f08b1e⋯.png (123.71 KB, 1522x1400, 761:700, TheEnd001.PNG)

This a higher of view of what we're working towards.

ab = c

dd+e = c


The difference of two squares.

a+x = d

xx+e = 2na


The grid coordinates are (e,n).

Any integer, c which is the difference of two squares…

e = the remainder after substracting the largest square (dd)


n = the difference between the square root d and the larger of the two squares (difference of two squares)

n also equals the number you would add to the square root to create a number exactly halfway between a and b

b274cc No.18270

In each cell of the grid ten entries shown for that cell.

The horizontal (column) coord comes first, which is e

The vertical (row) coord comes second, which is n

Each element in a cell is:



(d+n)(d+n)-(x+n)(x+n) = c

ab = c

a+x = d

c# source code to follow to create the structure that will hold this grid.

Then an explanation of some of the features of the grid.

This will explain how infinite yet constructable sets that follow a known pattern, can be used as a means for use as a virtual quantum computer.

The grid is the superposition.

The collapse of that superposition will be two input parameters, d and e which can be calculated easily for all integers, c, where c is the difference of two squares.

All products of odd numbers and all products of pairs of even numbers are the difference of two squares.

We will be focusing on the first row where n=1

Each cell at n=1 contains the roots of products in a column.

Columns contain all products that have the same remainder e.

If c is a prime number, it will appear in one column exactly once.

If c is the product of two prime numbers that do not equal each other, c will appear in two cells of one column.

b274cc No.18284

To create the grid, attached is a c# file.

There is a method that constructs the grid.

There is an output method.

Please specify a path to save output to.

Next, we will look at some properties of the grid and also examine the all important first row.

The code is below. Cut and pasted.


using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.IO;

namespace IntegerFactorisation


public class TheEnd


public static string path = "";//PUT YOUR FILE PATH HERE

public static Dictionary<int, Dictionary<int, List<string>>> theend = new Dictionary<int, Dictionary<int, List<string>>>();

public static void CreateTheEnd(int i_max = 512, int x_min = 0, int y_min = 0, int x_max = 64, int y_max = 64)


for (int i = 0; i < i_max; i++)


for (int j = 0; j < i; j++)


int a = i - j;

int b = i + j;

int c = a * b;

bool odd = c % 2 == 1;

int d = (int)Math.Sqrt(c);

int e = c - (d * d);

int f = e - ((2 * d) + 1);

int n = i - d;

int x = d - a;

if (!theend.ContainsKey(e)) theend[e] = new Dictionary<int, List<string>>();

if (!theend[e].ContainsKey(n))


theend[e][n] = new List<string>();


if (!theend.ContainsKey(f)) theend[f] = new Dictionary<int, List<string>>();

if (!theend[f].ContainsKey(n - 1)) theend[f][n - 1] = new List<string>();

string text = "{" + string.Format("{0}:{1}:{2}:{3}:{4}:{5}", e, n, d, x, a, b) + "}";


text = "{" + string.Format("{0}:{1}:{2}:{3}:{4}:{5}", f, n - 1, d + 1, x + 1, a, b) + "}";

theend[f][n - 1].Add(text);




public static void Output(int i_max = 256, int x_min = -64, int y_min = 0, int x_max = 64, int y_max = 64, int set_size = 12)


TextWriter tw = File.CreateText(path + "output.csv");

for (int y = 0; y < y_max; y++)


for (int z = 0; z < set_size; z++)


for (int x = x_min; x < x_max; x++)


if (theend.ContainsKey(x) && theend[x].ContainsKey(y) && theend[x][y].Count > z)


tw.Write(theend[x][y][z] + ",");














b274cc No.18297

Below is some code that will be useful later.

It is a BigInteger square root method and some strings related to and including RSA Challenge number 100. It is the smallest RSA number, so it is good for examples.

using System.Numerics;

namespace IntegerFactorisation


public static class Lib


public static string Rsa100c =


public static string Rsa100a = "37975227936943673922808872755445627854565536638199";

public static string Rsa100b = "40094690950920881030683735292761468389214899724061";

public static string Rsa100d = "39020571855401265512289573339484371018905006900194";

public static string Rsa100e = "61218444075812733697456051513875809617598014768503";

public static string Rsa100f = "16822699634989797327123095165092932420211999031886";//2d+1-e

public static string Rsa100n = "14387588531011964456730684619177102985211280936";

public static string Rsa100x = "1045343918457591589480700584038743164339470261995";

public static string Rsa100x_plus_n = "1059731506988603553937431268657920267324681542931";

public static BigInteger Sqrt(this BigInteger number)


BigInteger n = 0, p = 0;

if (number == BigInteger.Zero)


return BigInteger.Zero;


var high = number >> 1;

var low = BigInteger.Zero;

while (high > low + 1)


n = (high + low) >> 1;

p = n * n;

if (number < p)


high = n;


else if (number > p)


low = n;







return number == p ? n : low;




84f15f No.18314


Will test it with you tomorrow. Ready to make history?

b274cc No.18322

Each grid cell can be referenced by coordinates (e,n) e across and n down.

Since each grid cell that contains any elements will contain infinite elements, we can add a third variable t which indexes the elements.

E.g for the first column (containing all products c with a remainder 1 after subtracting the largest square) the first cell is at (1,1) where e=1 and n=1, the first three values of a are 1,5,13

At those cells b = 5,13,25 respectively




At (1,1) for elements t=1,2,3 then for a we can write




Another example:

At (4,1) for the second, third and fourth elements, the values of a are




You may recognise those numbers.

So, t is a index number that allows us to specify an element in a grid location.


All products (integers) c that are the sum of two squares appear (only) in columns where e=0,1,4,9,16,25,..

This demonstrates that the sum of two squares are closed under multiplication.

All Fermat primes (except 3) would appear in column one. We will discover something new about the conjecture that there are only five Fermat primes.

You may also note that the values of a and b at (1,1) are the related to the length of the longest side in right angled triangles.

b274cc No.18323


It will be a pleasure.

7c7c76 No.18388

what are all these codes supposed to do?

f86c49 No.18423


Behind all of our fancy internet and data security are math problems that are "trapdoors" in that they're easy to set up but extremely difficult to reverse. Kind of like a physical lock & key– the idea is it's easy to turn the lock locked, it's easy to open if you have the key, but it's a bitch to try to make your own key because you don't know the grooves & shit on the owner's key and would have to try all the combinations.

QVC is saying for the internet, the emperor has no clothes, all internet locks are fundamentally wide open but humanity as a whole is too colossally stupid to figure it out. He says it's much simpler than we realize.

RSA depends on it being really fucking hard to factor shit, so he's demonstrating factoring RSA challenge numbers. The spreadsheet thing is just a tool so retards like me can follow along.

b274cc No.18445

Six years ago, I uploaded a video to youtube when I was in New Zealand in anticipation of now.

The video is part one of what I am going to show you here.

That video is simply a look at Fermat factorisation to familiarize yourself with the concept, the letters used here and then to extend to the virtual quantum computer described here.


b274cc No.18451


This. Brilliant. Except you're not a retard.

I only understood things from starting piece by piece.

The structure of our numbers is hidden from us.

They are a lot easier to understand once that veil is lifted.

Thank you for what you have added.

fec387 No.18483


Nine fingers and nine toes?

ce6d79 No.18514

Crossref to https://8ch.net/cbts/res/17741.html














9135cb No.18767


I won't pretend… I have no fucking clue as to what is going on here now, but I have a series of simple-minded questions regarding what you say about structure of numbers being hidden from us.

Is Gematria significant?

Does Gematria provide answers to things hidden from us where language is concerned?

If we all knew Gematria, could we communicate better-er? :-D

Have you come across this website before?:


b274cc No.18796

There are two loops in the program.

An inner loop and an outer loop.

All these loops do is create a series of integers which are the difference of two squares.

It is that simple.


All these numbers are the difference of two squares.

For the ones that are not the difference of two squares (these are odd when divided by two) you can divide by two to create the difference of two squares.

Therefore, the difference of two squares covers any integer you wish to factorise.

The private key in RSA is based on knowing the two factors of similar length that make up the product used to decrypt anything encrypted with the corresponding public key.

This virtual quantum computer will show you how to calculate the factors of a product of two primes.

The current fastest method is the general number fields sieve that searches for factors.

The virtual quantum computer calculates.

Whereas the general number field sieve is sub-exponential in the time taken to search, the virtual quantum computer is less than the natural logarithm in time to calculate.

A 4096bit RSA private key can be calculated in less than a second from the public key.

b274cc No.18801

When the integers that are the difference of two squares are arranged into the grid and their corresponding properties shown (you can view this as being able to see several dimensions at once), a pattern emerges that once again shows calculations instead of searching are possible.

9135cb No.18811



:-( This stuff just makes me want to cry. I want so much more for myself and my intellect. I don't have it.

af8a4d No.18967

Alright I'm interested!


Wiki say's RSA100 keys are no big deal. I get that instead of a sieve you're calculating the private key. My first question is:

If RSA is broken, why is there a publicly available video from 5 years ago still available on it?

How long in actual practice does it take to crack Keys that are longer? Can this be scaled? I assume yes.

Modern cryptologists mouthpieces? I get NIST, but DJB?

I assume that without those big supercomputers this knowledge is relatively worthless, but they've spent a fortune on massive server farms with whatever hardware they need for this capability. Depending on the actual time to crack 'modern crypto' this method could absolutely be viable.

Can you explain O(log t) and what it means in terms of heatdeath of the universe?

af8a4d No.18976

One more thing, sorry for samefagging.

Does this only work for certain primes? I'm terrible at math.

9f9715 No.19225

Going to fire this up. I'm humbled you have shared this with us, as clearly we could not have come up with this.

b274cc No.19227

This is not finished yet.

RSA100 is just for use as an example.

I'll give you an example:







145 is the product of two primes.

Therefore it has two representations.



In the grid, it will appear at cells:



for 5x29, n=5 and n=61

db0a13 No.19342


If P=NP… you clearly could have come up with this!

af8a4d No.19436

File: 73b161b80e34faf⋯.png (221.91 KB, 1771x973, 253:139, got_your_output.png)

Alright I've got your output.

What's next?

c77b1b No.19747


Based OS, anon. I ported his code to Java, got the grid too.

af8a4d No.19779


Kickass, I guess this is the superpostion?

It's not clear how to 'collapse the superposition'. Or feed it RSA Keys.

Any ideas?

9f9715 No.19830


It's helpful to write down what he said. I have a good understanding of how he explained it (I hope so).

The number you are going to factor is c. We can call it the principle.

Now, there is a concrete version of what VQC has programmed and an abstract version. As he said, the abstract version contains infinite elements in the cells, or nothing. There is no inbetween. However, in our concrete version there are only a few elements, because we obviously cannot process infinite elements.

Despite the fact that we cannot process infinite elements, we can "traverse" this infinite set by using an index. This index calculates the next or previous elements or so, and therefore you can "walk" on the trail of elements.

This is how the superposition is collapsed, by traversing the infinite set and calculating the elements in real time. The "infinite" elements exist in the abstract. Hence, Virtual Quantum Computer.

VQC: Please let me know if I understood your concept well enough.

9f9715 No.19839


So, to factor the shit out of a public key, we would make the public key the principal.

9f9715 No.19880


Public RSA key = large composite number that follows a few rules, plus a public exponent (a fermat prime)

Private RSA key = factors of said number, fi(n) of that number (impossible to calculate with the head-banging algorithms of today)

fi(n) decodes a message in RSA. You can't get it without the private key.

d = (2 * fi(n) + 1) / e

d is decryption exponent, e is public exponent

encryption of message:

m^e mod N = c

m, message, N large composite, e public exponent, c encrypted message

decryption of message:

c^d mod N = m

d is private key (d is derived from the factors of N, the large composite)

af8a4d No.19908


Thanks for the crash course, I'm digesting now. My math is pretty bad but I think I'm getting it.

Much appreciated anon.

9f9715 No.19921

Don't worry it took me a while to grasp this stuff.


9f9715 No.20302

And, this video explains Fermat's Last Theorem, something mentioned previously.


af8a4d No.20326

I'm still working on it.

Had to learn some C#, good stuff!

6dc6b0 No.20492


Relevant entries from grid:

{e, n, d, x, a, b}



9be9ea No.20558


Sorry…this advanced math is over my head and I won't be able to contribute.

VQC - are you human? are you multi-dimensional?

We chatted about the Royals days ago… how come this subject got dropped?

9f9715 No.20608

File: 484836207e7b165⋯.png (559.1 KB, 1317x1140, 439:380, image.png)


It's okay. He said the language in which we represent mathematics was flawed anyway.

af8a4d No.20669


I hope he comes back soon. I'm kind of lost!

I'm getting somewhat of a feel for it, but I just can't grasp it. I'll try again tomorrow.

9f9715 No.20677


You'll understand it once you awake from your slumber, anon. Brain forms new connections. Replays unprocessed data over and over.

af8a4d No.20690


I don't see how we're getting our third variable t: >>18322

I get how RSA works, I just don't get how this csv file helps us find the primes we're looking for. I'm also not sure if my grid is correct, I've got {-64:0:33:8:25:41} for my A1.

6dc6b0 No.20721


A1 is correct.

6dc6b0 No.20772


>t is a index number that allows us to specify an element in a grid location


from the output

t=1 (value is always 1)

t=2 {1:1:2:1:1:5}

t=3 {1:1:8:3:5:13}

t=2 {4:1:2:0:2:4}

t=3 {4:1:6:2:4:10}

t=4 {4:1:14:4:10:20}

9f9715 No.20792



Yep. It's called an iterator. Traverses data.

9be9ea No.20829


give a clue for the curse must be broken

9be9ea No.20848


I believe the poster was asking if Jesus really came to Earth 2000+ years ago and walked the Earth, or is he a made-up myth to be used by religion to control humanity?

Explain how we are chosen. Bible says many are called but few are chosen. Poster is wondering specifically if people of a certain blood property are the chosen ones.

(When I weed my garden, as I pull the weeds I say "you are not a chosen one).

9f9715 No.20856


You have it wrong. Jesus was the man who freed the people who followed the Bible. Now, it's more plausible that the Old Testament is what you said, because Jesus only made people rebel against the establishment and become martyrs for God.

af8a4d No.21240

Wew lad, this is going poorly, anybody figuring it out?

9f9715 No.21351


It's going quite well. Your map is correct. Ported it to my language and got the same, as well as running his exact code.

af8a4d No.21585

Well I hope VQC get's their entire thought out so it doesn't take another 400 years to learn what numbers really are. I've got the map, but I do not know how to read it. I see how to read the cells but I do not see what to do with C.

9f9715 No.21592


Bit of a coincedence that we both accidentally called it a map now, eh?

"4, 10, 20" – Q

He mentioned the map a lot.

af8a4d No.21660


I only used the map nomenclature because you did(I think). I still don't know what it is. Do you know what it means to subtract the largest square?

I am realizing I don't know anything about anything anymore.

9f9715 No.21837

Relax, have some fun with this! Here, I'll explain all the variables as best as I can.



If I'm not mistaken, these two variables are 2 factors of c. Now that doesn't mean we have broken the number because we have 2 factors of it, because you need ALL the factors of a number to calculate the fi function. See Euler's Totient Function: archive.fo/io6VN (or you could skip them, but that's not possible in accepted mathematics)

>c=the number you are factorizing


>If c is a prime number, it will appear in one column exactly once.

>If c is the product of two prime numbers that do not equal each other, c will appear in two cells of one column.

>d=the square root of c


Haven't tested this, but d is the square root of c, and is also a + x.

>e=the remainder after subtracting dd, the largest square


This is an important variable methinks. This is what subtracting the largest square is. See: Square Number: archive.fo/LNOaN

e is the columns.

>n is what you would add to d to be exactly halfway between a and b

n applies to the rows.

e, n = rows, columns, therefore VQC's indexes "(1,1)" is not actually talking about the rows on your spreadsheet—It's talking about the first 2 numbers of the elements.

9f9715 No.21856

If you want to be able to easily read the map, remember {e:n:d:x:a:b}

This wasn't clear to me at first, but now it is.

9f9715 No.21898

File: ac52d6bdc035cfc⋯.png (35.89 KB, 297x455, 297:455, image.png)

File: 3fc41409988cb26⋯.png (53.85 KB, 308x633, 308:633, image2.png)


These are the columns referenced in this post. Note the second to last numbers, those are the a values.

f86c49 No.21934


So is the idea to find 1 * 145 entry, since you can calculate all fields a-e & x, then "walk" it backwards, checking each a * b, looking for an exact match of 145 (here 5 * 29)?

9f9715 No.21999

File: 5dc5af1b6995866⋯.png (62.27 KB, 451x631, 451:631, 1-5.png)

File: 49548f01a31ad30⋯.png (21.38 KB, 628x256, 157:64, 1-60.png)


(1,5) is the "useful" factorization of 145. It's not been written into the map, but in that row c = 145.

(1,60) is other factorization, 1*145.

in this specific case b = c

f86c49 No.22016


Forgive me if I'm being obtuse. Isn't the point though that if you want to factor c, you don't have a or b, which makes it impossible to start the iteration process?

What if the way out of that is to start the engine moving from the 1 * 145 entry and then start looping backwards from there, looking at all e == 1 entries where a * b == c? Did that make any sense or am I way off here?

4bab7e No.22027


That's lovely. But we've been patient. Give us a sign that "it is done". Something tangible.

9f9715 No.22032


You've made some good observations. Are you familiar with the code he posted?

int a = i - j;

int b = i + j;

int c = a * b;

boolean odd = c % 2 == 1;

//truncated decimals

int d = (int)Math.sqrt(c);

int e = c - (d * d);

int f = e - ((2 * d) + 1);

int n = i - d;

int x = d - a;

This is the part where the variables are calculated. You are right, that in this particular example you can't input a value for c. What it's done here is just iterate through every single value of a and b.

4bab7e No.22048


Hey. Works for me.

f86c49 No.22074


Yeah, I read the code which is why I started thinking about it in a different way. If you do a really big number the challenge is figuring where to start iterating from. The posted example just picks some small constants and from that we can test things out for c where we know a and b, but that would be useless for bigger numbers (where do you even start from?)

Maybe if we started from a known a and b we can get the machinery running both forwards and backwards from that point and just check if a * b == c for all entries we calculate in row 1 (e == 1). Multiplies are fairly cheap. Maybe the max total rows in a cell is O(log n) of the bit size of c for some reason I wouldn't understand.

9f9715 No.22085


I've got an idea. See those "max" and "min" values at the top? Expand those.

You can start from a different a and b by modifying the values that i and j start with.

9f9715 No.22091


Be prepared to get an error if you play with min/max values, I assume they have to have a certain relation to eachother.

4bab7e No.22140


Too much math for me. But eager to hear how it works for those autists with the talent.

9f9715 No.22617

You are making me think a lot, VQC.

9f9715 No.22705

One thing that would clear up what you said is what numbers the factors in a cell are the factors of at the top of the column. And the column you picked.

33b85a No.22818

Is there a repeat pattern?

9ec18f No.22834


The first question is what I was asking.

The second isn’t a corollary, I was more asking in regards to the “ruling families”, to corroborate what I believe to be accurate from other sources. That said, I could be off the mark.

f6b67e No.23193


>It's okay. He said the language in which we represent mathematics was flawed anyway.

So is the language in which we represent music. We need to redo anything and everything.

74d064 No.23284

Is there any way to pull the VQC posts from last night/this morning 12/2/17 from CBTS 24 to here so they don't get lost?

af8a4d No.23289


What thread? I'll find them.

74d064 No.23310

It was the main CBTS thread #24. Here is a post number 22549, but the posts started well before that number.

9f9715 No.23316


I've been making maps.

74d064 No.23336


Cool. Let me know if you need more post numbers. I was trying to grab screenshots but may have missed some.

af8a4d No.23342


I'm finishing VQC's graphic from last night, nbd, almost done while finishing coffee. Then I'll get to your explanation again and see if we can't pump out some code that does this for us.

9135cb No.23357

Do we have Warez cracking teams in here?

af8a4d No.23366

File: 95edc83ca89f47e⋯.jpg (376.2 KB, 400x3200, 1:8, vqc_12_1_2017.jpg)

af8a4d No.23374

File: 02beb74e42550a2⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 600x615, 40:41, fca.jpg)

Unbelievably wrong, how am I missing 5 posts.

74d064 No.23426

Number 22642 is the only other one that I got that's not on the map

af8a4d No.23443

File: b69c30daad3ca30⋯.jpg (499.14 KB, 400x4352, 25:272, vqc_12_1_2017_fixed.jpg)


I think this is a better one, lmk.

If VQC is JA and instead of getting keys to crack insurance files we're getting a VQC I think my head will explode out of sheer joy. I've already been more tired from being so happy lately as it is. Now onto the map!

74d064 No.23468


Thank you !!

9f9715 No.23648

File: 72de15dc7ed41e5⋯.png (1.93 MB, 7000x3780, 50:27, VQC-map.png)

9f9715 No.23667

I only need one more crumb!

af8a4d No.23713


I don't suppose you'd like to share your sauce?

92ab7a No.23847



3f35b0 No.23960


Those are from this thread, along with what he posted in last night's CBTS.

af8a4d No.23984

File: 9f61cc444b10950⋯.png (55.6 KB, 740x486, 370:243, crack_these.png)


I meant the sauce mathanon has figured out. I want to see if we can crack these.

3f35b0 No.24085


Again, good idea, but it would still be brute-forcing. The 145 is just an example. We need to find a way to go around the brute forcing to get somewhere.

358d55 No.24118

Did we figure out the final number?

3f35b0 No.24129


What final number?

358d55 No.24143

A most basic algorithm takes the first, then the last numbers, and looks in the middle. I’m wondering if we found infinite isn’t a thing or something.

7a33e5 No.24179

Is 42 the final number?, that would be funny as fuck…lol

4ddfed No.24243

Ok, hold the fuck up. I’m seeing some shit here.

Numbers have a resonance.

This resonance is what makes them a family, certain numbers are linked because they behave the same way at scale.

This is what Tesla was talking about when he spoke of the beauty of 3, 6, 9 and how if we really understood them, things would be clear.

I’m gonna post a diagram of what I’m seeing in my head to describe number resonance. It’s like a triangle in space through the number, where both sides are the squares and 2n goes through the center. If you can match the resonance of the number, factoring becomes trivial.

e7c8c7 No.24331


Thank you for this. Wonderful video. I had to do some searching to understand a few things since I can't remember basic algebra, but I get it now.

Is there a way to view part two, please?

8e2ec4 No.24393


If VQC is JA me and my mum are big fans lol. I got some really kind regards from him in a few threads. Much love to you if you see this VQC

9f9715 No.24394


No, infinity is very real. But he did mention being halfway between a and b..

e7c8c7 No.24416

The plan is for us each to put together a VCQ?

What are we expected to do with it?

If we're allowed to access anything online it'll be like Mr. Robot coming to life.

9f9715 No.24419


Virtual Quantum Computer. Supposedly is able to perform quantum operations on a normal computer through mastery of mathematics.

e7c8c7 No.24434


True crown? Would you explain this one?

Also, if things are happening elsewhere (sub, NK, Iran, etc.) are you still expecting an issue in the UK?

8e2ec4 No.24437


What kind of uses could one have for QO on a regular pc

e7c8c7 No.24441


Sounds cool, but isn't that something – in the hands of the wrong people – that would bring down the internet?

I don't imagine we'll be allowed electricity if people are accessing all kinds of data (banks, secret files, etc) that they're not supposed to be.

If that happens, how do we all keep up with what's happening here?

af8a4d No.24448


VQC is saying what you describe has already happened.

e7c8c7 No.24453


If I understand correctly, we are expected to build a programme which turns our computers into Quantum machines that can break encryption; then I think we're supposed to crack BitCoin and stop the elites getting away with their money.

It's sure to get out of hand, though; which would see everything shut down – which is where the 10 days of darkness comes into play, I imagine.

9f9715 No.24459





It's all connected. 4-10-20.

e7c8c7 No.24462


It hasn't happened yet, which is why VQC's hand is forced? I think they expected it to happen, but BitCoin is still going strong, which is were we come into play?

I also think we're supposed to be using this in our posts +++ to fuck with the bots.

af8a4d No.24470


It has happened but it's a secret. Bitcoin won't crash until this is public information, they'll keep laundering their money as long as they possibly can. It's kind of a race against the clock on their end.

e7c8c7 No.24498

My question is, how do we help?

I don't even know where to start with this. My coding skills are super basic, and I'm having to learn the maths as we go.

I can learn quickly if there's some kind of example of how we build these things.

af8a4d No.24535


Just chill out my dude and enjoy the ride. If VQC isn't larping or shoah'd this thing will for make the news.

e7c8c7 No.24596


I'm relaxed about it. I would like to learn how to do it since VQC is saying we don't understand the languages of numbers; my maths is dreadful so I'd like to improve it if I can.

9f9715 No.24640

File: 0f5fce854aef967⋯.png (74.25 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, c-d.png)

File: f0d5e41a5d664e1⋯.png (74.78 KB, 1680x988, 420:247, c-n.png)

File: dc92a7b97f362e2⋯.png (475.2 KB, 1679x987, 1679:987, c-f.png)

File: 6ed92335c46eb69⋯.png (484.12 KB, 1681x985, 1681:985, c-e.png)

Plotted these graphs. Each c value next to its corresponding value. VQC will probably see the pattern.

af8a4d No.24651


Found the MVP.

Nice job.

9f9715 No.24663

File: f927ab2464ad0ba⋯.png (80.8 KB, 1679x987, 1679:987, c-x.png)

File: b464c0373e0d1c9⋯.png (84.29 KB, 1680x988, 420:247, c-a.png)

File: 0b7c93e9151af96⋯.png (87.42 KB, 1679x987, 1679:987, c-b.png)

Note that these graphs continue forever, it ends because it's a finite data set.

9fc9ed No.24676


the entire time ive been reading this ive been thinking "This feels like fucking Mr. Robot"

on top of that, there was a scene in Mr. Robot where Elliot walks out of meeting WhiteRose for the first time and a fucking Pedo Logo truck is DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM.

there was an entire thread on 8/pol/ about this a few months back. ima find the image.

6c3b57 No.24679


>why was I chosen

There really arent rational words for it. I should have died a dozen times over by the time I was an adult, I should have fallen to my death when I was 4, I fell off a fucking waterfall and my father managed to catch me from 15 feet away by the collar of my shirt. Ive been hunted, surrounded by and attacked by wolves, somehow I managed pull some crazy evasive moves and get away without even needing to strike them. I could write a whole book on shit that happened to me that has no rational explanation, other than something was helping me or I am some form of higher being. And in recent months I have been bulking up and getting in pretty damned good shape, I havent touched a weight or done a pushup. Doesnt make sense at all but it's happening.

>can you feel it?

eyebrows? yea.

>what is in the sky


I fucking knew I as looking at something! I tried showing my father "I dont remember ever seeing that do you?" "yea lol what are you talking about"

Is there only one?

I live near an airforce base, tons of activity, the night of thanksgiving there were a bunch of helicopters in the air at a time where such a thing does not happen. I also saw what appeared to be several of them flying in circles over a pretty small area that was either over the ocean or on the shore. this is in the vicinity of the kennedy space center

And several weeks ago, maybe 3-4 weeks after the hurricane during the puerto rico aid operations, I was standing in a parking lot and staring at the sky. I saw what looked like an rc plane or maybe a new drone, it was small and appeared black, it was flying all over the place, it flew like a jet but was able to do complete 180s almost on a dime without slowing down. I was thinking "wow looks like the airforce has themselves a neet new toy. Then a bunch of air force aircraft came flying in. The thing started leaving in a south east direction and they followed it. Didnt make sense that the airforce would have a drone flying recon in front of a veritable airforce armada over us soil, especially if they were on a humanitarian mission, but I chalked it up to that being the likely scenario.

Guess my original suspicions on it being something to advanced for us to have made might have been right?

Also, that thing up there. In the interest of sanity I am assuming friendly and/or reasonable? Or is it something else? The shape that I saw was very distinct and associated with something else.

To everyone thinking Im being retarded right now, Ive only been able to see it at night. You cant actually see it, what you can see is that the stars dont look right, there are areas where the only stars visible draw a straight edge, or you there will be an area near orions belt where there are four slightly brighter than you remember stars, they form a square that appears about the size of 10 moons. What ever it is it is either close or very fucking big.

>what is below it?

didnt notice anything will look tonight

>they are hiding it

>everything is connected

is it the door to leave this experiment?

>why were we chosen


af8a4d No.24687


I'm not sure what that implies about our friends claims, any ideas?

9f9715 No.24700

File: edf335e9a013941⋯.png (68.54 KB, 1680x987, 80:47, c-d-plus-n.png)

File: 79ecba630822b95⋯.png (80.72 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, c-d-plus-n-squared.png)

File: fc2a5e52ff38ca2⋯.png (82.16 KB, 1680x986, 840:493, c-x-plus-n.png)

File: b4284d6ca9ed4fa⋯.png (84.96 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, c-x-plus-n-squared.png)

Additionally, I've added some graphs that correspond to the "difference of two squares" equation.


Not sure yet, but I would like anyone here to add their ideas, such as how knowing the patterns in the data can be exploited.

af8a4d No.24710


I'm still catching up, I'll probably be where you're at tomorrow.

e7c8c7 No.24711


Everything feels like it's explained by what we've already seen on TV and in movies. Part of me feels like there is a war between good and evil in broadcasting the stories they want us to see vs the stories they need us to see. Crazy.

8e2ec4 No.24728

I am clueless in regards to this. God speed Anons. Sending my mental energy your way.

77e18d No.24750

Ive been reading about the Tesla study the number not use them as representations as well.

Not a big math person but if you notice you can see all the patterns within a lot of symbols….

For instance the Star of David.

e7c8c7 No.24755


I can answer this one before I go to sleep.

>Why was I chosen?

We weren't chosen, per se; we chose ourselves. Life is about decisions. At some point we took a turn down a path, and one way or another it led us to this point in time and virtual space. We see that's in front of us, and as crazy and terrifying as it may be, we're still here, still moving forward. That's why it's us.

You can factor in brain wave frequencies and enlightenment, or even being a superior being, but the reality is, we're good people and that's the key qualification we need to put us on this side of the table with Q and the others. The fact that we still want to push for answers and try to do the right thing for everyone else, that's why we're trusted to do the job, and trust in the others here to do the same thing.

e7c8c7 No.24770


I am the same, but start trying to understand. Watch the YouTube video VQC posted. Then download the white image he posted and the black image the anon posted. Go from there.

You need C# on your computer, so search the web for that; you can get it free from Microsoft. Look for C# tutorials online. Maybe someone else will help with more answers, if they have them, as to how to put the things posted into the programme, etc..

You can't do much else, but it's at least worth trying to see how much you can do before you write yourself off entirely. No-one will help you if you don't help yourself first – which I think is the key to a lot of this.

8e2ec4 No.24786


>No-one will help you if you don't help yourself first – which I think is the key to a lot of this.

Thanks, You must be No-one.

9fc9ed No.24806

File: f545fd5d09d9980⋯.webm (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f545fd5d09d9980719182067b….webm)



As far as Mr Robot goes with the pedo symbol, heres the webm from the old /pol/ thread


9fc9ed No.24822


In the old /pol/ thread, anons dug into this company and it looked like a MAJOR front for some shady shit, based out of NJ.

"Workplace Installation Group"

Their website is total bullshit

http://www.workplace installation.com/

A bunch of stock photos. In the old threads anons dug into their shipping records, and their 2nd highest import was "ice cream" …..even though they supposedly set up and take down office spaces?

Love you guys, ima make a dedicated thread to this.

Continue on.

9f9715 No.24854


The code generates a spreadsheet. It is complete. All one must do is add the path and compile. I advise all of you watch VQC's video.

It explains exactly what I suspected — That the solution is geometrical.


9f9715 No.24904


resonance experiment

9f9715 No.24999

File: 7718bd1ef0924f6⋯.png (125.4 KB, 951x899, 951:899, image.png)


3d integer factorization

9f9715 No.25085


RSA–512 can be broken using normal methods for $75

af8a4d No.25120


Yeah, I'm wondering how far this method can go assuming it's not fake and gay. We'll find out I guess, I'm almost caught up to where you're at though.

9f9715 No.25153

Integer factorization of any length part 2: Shor's Algorithm(?)









1365a5 No.25159

Let's not forget VQC also claimed that nov 26th was the beginning of the end… and nothing has happened.

He's most definitely a LARP trying to get our attention away from Q. That or he's fucking crazy

9f9715 No.25167


Sauce? And that hasn't been disproven yet, given Q and everything.. To me he seems like he really knows the next step. I eagerly await his return.

af8a4d No.25171



And an electronic revolution has to come, the 'Awakening' cannot be completed without it.

689840 No.25203

File: d006661f5b5b264⋯.png (124.23 KB, 1318x710, 659:355, ClipboardImage.png)

The x axis is "i" from the C# code

The y axis is "j"

The hyperbola is the graph of all solutions to:

i^2 - j^2 = c

There are only two solutions which land on perfect integer pairs. For the example given, the number 145, the two points are (73,72) and (17,12). The first point is easily found through the simple factorization of 1*145 = 145. However, the other point is not so easily found without knowing the two prime factors.

Interesting note: at (73,72), the height straight up from that point to the asymptote (dotted blue line) is exactly 1, and always will be exactly one, because it is actually "a".

a = i - j

That means that the vertical height to the asymptote at (17,12) is the a we need, one of the two hidden prime factors. There may be a way to pattern the zero point or some other aspect of the graph in order to determine the proper green line connecting the two points, which could be converted to give the map points and all the parameters.

1365a5 No.25238


It's in one of the CBTS threads, too lazy to go through 10k+ posts.

>To me he seems like he really knows the next step. I eagerly await his return.

Well personally I haven't seen him offer a single piece of substantial evidence of his claims/theories.

I'm open minded but the fact that he continues to talk about an awakening like so many new age charlatans doesn't inspire confidence.

1365a5 No.25293

Also anybody pursuing VQC so called "Log n" prime factorization algorithm, try throwing his theory in stack exchange to see experts' opinions.

af8a4d No.25315


Nice work. Don't know what it means but finding one hidden prime is more primes than we had 12 hours ago.


>ask the experts on stackexchange

Who said this thread would be totally void of humor?

inb4 VQC never returns and we don't figure it out for another 400 years.

9fc9ed No.25394


checked like whoa

1365a5 No.25464


I know you jest but I'm sure some expert in crypto.stackexchange would have a better idea than any of us whether this theory is complete bs or something pursuing

9f9715 No.25500

File: a98d6f8cb82a980⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1628x848, 407:212, prime-number-distribution.png)

File: b7f2e93f6f9d7dc⋯.png (48.23 KB, 1100x768, 275:192, find-n.png)


But what about the mathematical side of his posts? Some of his ideas haven't been attempted by cryptographers.


If I had to summarize everything we know so far, along with VQC's input, we are at the point where we just need to calculate n to factor an integer of any length.

689840 No.25580

File: ac66cdee943c604⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1790x1545, 358:309, 1571424__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)



The issue becomes finding the link between the two map points, between the one we know and the one which has the hidden key primes. If we could relate just one parameter besides c, d, and e (always the same for both points), then we could fill in the rest in any order.

7a33e5 No.25605

VQC is an attempt at controlled opposition, gives some truth, but diverts from the truth to legitimize. He’s a Q leach, I think he’s Y…

7a33e5 No.25609



6fc408 No.25707


I must admit you had me up until this point

>Those who thought they could launder money through BitCoin.

>Those who thought they could hide money through BitCoin.

The elites are not hiding their money in bitcoin. The entire marketcap of bitcoin is $180 billion

This includes vast amounts of bitcoin that is held and untouched by early miners

This also includes a surge of new money coming in as every man and his dog are talking about bitcoin

The elites measure their wealth in tens of trillions. If one of those trillions entered the blockchain, one bitcoin would now be valued north of $60,000, not $10,000

af8a4d No.25729



The digits are with you tonight.

I'm really happy you're on it my dude. I cannot stress how piss poor my math is but I follow infosec closly so I understand why this is a big deal. Usually I follow DJT et al's advice but if /everything/ is really fake then what's to say crypto is any different, if anything we should have entertained this idea when DUAL_EC_DRGB was found to be subverted. He said he's provide proper sauce so it either works or it doesn't. I don't suspect we'll be cracking modern RSA in realtime but I suspect it's very very likely that this or another method is already being used. It would be the holy grail in standard surveillance, we pay them a fuckload of money, I hope we're doing it.

It makes sense that all the factions against the status quo meaning Assange, Trump, Prince/DeVos, General Kelly, etc were somehow put on the same team. Think about it, Assange has all the CIA toys in full weaponed form probably ready to release in case Hillary succeeds in winning the election. A Clinton presidency pretty much guarantees that (((accidents))) will continue to happen. POTUS says "Hey, if I win, hold off bro, I'll let the DoJ do actual work". Assange knows an opportunity when he hears one so he say's, "right on my dude", and the end of the world is temporarily held off. Everybody close to the Administration has lost something big to the (((DeepState))). Electronics are an arm of the DeepState ergo if you're going to defeat the DeepState you also have to defeat the electronic prison. Breaking RSA is a fan-fucking-tastic way to have an excuse to shut down financial transactions for the day. Also, VQC is not anonymous, they have a twitter that has a few interesting things to read and they've been on the ball much longer than we have probably. Why recruit all these people and put them in the right positions to help the overall cause of really destroying the DeepState if you're not going to take it all the way. Every indication is that DJT is taking this all the way, when he say's 'We're going to say Merry Christmas again' he damn well means it.

Eitherway, it's fun and better than the general and less depressing than asking yourself 'What could John Podesta be doing in North Korea."


It sounds like you're saying it's possible.


I feel you. I'm a cynic enough to entertain the idea this is all one big setup and we'll wake up one morning sharing a cell but let me tell you one thing. I rallied behind Trump before his election because of how fucked up Clinton was, I did not 'believe' in Trump the way a lot of other people did, but since the end of his campaign and throughout his entire Presidency so far he has done nothing but gain my trust. I've never ever ever gave two shits because I knew how fucked and pointless it all was, Q comes by and says "Shit's going down homie, trust in Trump", and then the POTUS verifies it through many crafty means of indirect communication one of which being DOITQ which is statistically likely to BE verification and if you only trust facts those are the kinds of facts you want to trust!


>The entire marketcap of bitcoin is $180 billion

BTC are constantly in circulation, up to 180billion can be moved at one time.

>This includes vast amounts of bitcoin that is held and untouched by early miners

You can't prove that. Prove Satoshi's wallet is untouchable.

>This also includes a surge of new money coming in as every man and his dog are talking about bitcoin

On media controlled by (((them))), totally reasonable to assume it's like everything else.

>The elites measure their wealth in tens of trillions. If one of those trillions entered the blockchain, one bitcoin would now be valued north of $60,000, not $10,000

The elites prefer to move their true wealth via gold. Bitcoin is merely for their little dark market. SilkRoad was shut down because it was not under (((their))) control.

Sell your bitcoins if you're invested deeply my dude. It's happening.

9f9715 No.25737


Why don't you just wait and see? Same thing I'm doing.


Is mathematics illegal?

9f9715 No.25759


I agree with you. The FBI literally only seems to care about dark web markets if they don't already own them. They acquired a messed up site and kept running it. Presumably to be a honeypot, but is that ethical?

af8a4d No.25782


It's not the math, it's the cynic in me that still nags "This could all be a (((Show)))". It's a small voice, and like I said, Trump earned my trust, he didn't ask for it he earned it, and when he's calling on some of that capital I'll give it to him freely. Him and his administration have been mind blowing.


>Is it ethical?

After being on /pol/ for what seems to be forever it's not even in my top 10 questions usually, but I have to get back to catching up to you and >>25580 or tomorrow will come and I'll be hopelessly left behind.

703bcb No.25855


Ask the correct, very narrow technical question and the real cryptos MAY show up one night with an answer you can use. You never know…

9f9715 No.25910


You should get into crypto. It's very fun. People like me know that NTRU + (something else, if ECC gets cracked as well) will become the world standard. The internet doesn't end with RSA.

9f9715 No.25915


And if you ask me cracking RSA would be doing the world a service. If the government knew these things before us who knows how many people's privacy they could be violating.

af8a4d No.25983


Digits imply it must be true!


I know about post-quantum crypto, but afaik none has been (((standardized))) or verified. Whatever either of those words means in a Trump society I couldn't tell you, but I suspect we'll find out.

Fun times. Fun times.

6c3b57 No.25990


>The fact that we still want to push for answers and try to do the right thing for everyone else

You are right, that is probably the one truly remarkable thing about us. From time to time I find myself reflecting on the past decade or so and how it almost doesnt make sense that I am still pushing forward. I look around and the vast majority of people disgust me to such an extent that I myself almost can not fathom why I would fight for them. But not only have I continued to fight for them, but I continue to fight with increasing intensity.

And the real wacky shit is the more I fight the more I realize that even though I really hate niggers and there is nothing that would make me want them living near me my fight is also for them. Because even though they are shit, and always where and likely always will be, the extent of how much shit they are is entirely because of the kikes. No creature deserves that.

6e97bf No.26019

File: 62b373d2c1f05d3⋯.png (29.45 KB, 319x216, 319:216, mandelfn.png)




Great images, how did you create the first one?

If the prime number equations here are really this simple, its a safe bet that RSA is cracked already.

NTRU is pretty cool, for "something else" I recommend this:


There is no public code, but I implemented the algorithm a few years ago for personal purposes and its worth checking out

9f9715 No.26071



If the math works, I'd use it. It's either that or a comped(?) system.


Good post.


You fucking genius. Would love to work on code with you. I agree, these equations are really simple and I've tested them many times.

I didn't create the first one, it's from a YouTube video where a guy made it in AutoCAD: youtube.com/watch?v=UYkLz8BIS8k

6e97bf No.26355


Any ideas for establishing communication elsewhere, without using RSA, ECC or AES?

NTRUSign pubkeys would be great, but there are no tools to do DH on top of it (NTRUEncrypt is already broken). Fuck.

I may have to post some code

9f9715 No.26367

File: c742beb2af7fc7e⋯.png (67.69 KB, 1680x985, 336:197, c-i.png)

File: ee36f4ec0be91ce⋯.png (81.38 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, c-j.png)

I've graphed i and j in regards to c, the variables relating to >>25203

They are the addends as well as the subtrahends and minuends of a and b, respectively.

9f9715 No.26369


Who says NTRUEncrypt is already broken? Look it up and there is a library for it. Got an email? Protonmail seems safe to post here and has been.

6e97bf No.26412


> Who says NTRUEncrypt is already broken?

This paper


There is a secure variant but I haven't verified implemetations of it. NTRUSign still holds.

>We use only secure implementations of AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP.

Protonmail seems to be pushed to hard into the mainstream to not be a trap. If this thread breaks RSA the point is moot anyway.

Talking about and sharing code about next-gen crypto at all attracts attention so the conversations should be private!

9f9715 No.26478

File: 4790ac94229bcbb⋯.png (124.58 KB, 1641x1646, 1641:1646, quick-rundown.png)


Where in that paper does it say it's comped? Not that good at math so it looked confusing right off the bat. For the rest I just try my best.

c79606 No.26823

Read THIS carefully.

IT is important and will be my LAST message on 8ch but NOT my last message.

You can Follow ME on Twitter.

What you have ABOVE and HERE is over 95% of what You need.

Over 95%

The rest of what MATTERs is You and (you)

My name here is VQC.

Victory means Peace

Questions mean Release

Chris is my name


38bff6 No.26844


More like 95% disappointment.

6057ce No.26865


You're a strange one, Chris.

9f9715 No.26868


Half LARP Half Real-As-Fuck on this one. Will continue study of crumbs left here.

9fc9ed No.26872


Virtual Quantum Computer

Very Quantum Chris

Very Queer Chris

Chris our brah, we love you. Y u gotta leave?

SOMEONE GET A LINK TO VQC's twitter up. Lets get it poppin'

689840 No.26875

File: ef4492ee3a477cf⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1191x2500, 1191:2500, baito.jpg)

File: 1fdffd96b63510d⋯.png (444.11 KB, 953x897, 953:897, 1fd.png)

Very Queer Chris yudodis


Here you go fam


9fc9ed No.26916


"Queer" is akin to "strange" eh?


689840 No.26924

File: 425e1ac9f00884c⋯.jpg (10.52 KB, 250x155, 50:31, 1391492504972.jpg)


No, I was going for another meaning

689840 No.26958

File: 0f962e73d5a11ce⋯.png (192.09 KB, 424x671, 424:671, ClipboardImage.png)

Evidently there's more to be understood from the CSV file

63265c No.26960


needs an o or can't spell goyim

689840 No.26972


kek, major design flaw ffs

b5c88d No.27032

This does not end here. VQC is legitimate. All equations, graphs and data posted are correct. Most of this, you will not find anywhere on the internet.

b5c88d No.27035

Only the most highly skilled people here will be able to continue.

ef9994 No.27075


Thanks for the reply.

I watched the video (which helped because I'm a visual learner), but I'm very far behind everyone else because I didn't learn maths like this at school and I have no understanding of the way things work.

Once I get how the variables function, I can do the maths. I am, right now, trying to learn the algebra and work the maths at the same time, which is time-consuming because it's not all presented like VQC has shown it.

ef9994 No.27087


If the highly skilled mathematicians/coders help everyone else understand how this works, everyone else can use their varying skillsets to help the m/c in return (if that becomes a requirement).

None of us here are close to VQC on this, which is the message between the lines: "It's up to YOU and (you) to solve the remaining 5%". – Us. This is all based on equality, which is why we're not given the entire solution; we have to work together to find it.

af8a4d No.27598

>Wake up.

>Hope to see nuclear internet wasteland.

>Follow me on twitter bro.


74d064 No.27915


The US has not joined the ICC, technically.

In 2000 Bill Clinton signed the papers (the Rome Statute) but did not send to Congress for ratification. The Bush Administrations played a cat and mouse game with laws and treaties to avoid ICC Jurisdiction. The Obama Administration supported the ICC from the sidelines when it was in the US best interest to do so such as the Ghadafi case.


af8a4d No.28012


Duder, you don't have to be smart or highly skilled. Just persistent. I'll post what I have soon. I'm still behind the other two though.

inb4 meme-lang.

92ab7a No.28152

VCQ/Chris is posting more info on project. Check it out if you are in need of it.

92ab7a No.28154

92ab7a No.28187

File: daac46cd53afbdf⋯.png (56.9 KB, 695x514, 695:514, Chris-VQC.PNG)

254ac7 No.28215

You're all skilled. I love all of you!

9f9715 No.28262


When did he post that? Can't find on his Twitter.

9f9715 No.28336

File: a36c48408715885⋯.png (2.66 MB, 7000x3780, 50:27, VQC-map.png)

Every single crumb ever posted. We can solve this.

92ab7a No.28511

c7c8f3 No.28590

I think that all of VQC's stuff here is actually about reading the Q-map. Think about it. VQC has posted here about "hollow earth," "proving the existence of God," and "breaking the bit coin encryption."

What he's showing us is a repeating pattern to read the questions. It has something to do with patterns of 5 and 7. In another thread, I tossed out an idea about reading the Q questions by assigning letter values to each question in an individual post, and then assigning the same letters to the signatures at the bottom. That's when VQC launched into the bit coin thing using lots of letters. I'm pretty sure the signatures are "d." Using some kind of a pattern, you start with signature "d," go up a certain number of lines (5, or 7 I think) Add or subtract one and read that line as "a" or "b" variable. Rinse and repeat the pattern and you've read all the Q questions in that post that relate to the signature that you assigned "d" to. Go on to the next signature and repeat.

Mid-way through this thread I posted a screenshot from the book "Hillary in Wonderland" which Q recommended to us. It has this pattern in several places


Hillary in Wonderland also seems to give clues in the "Lobster Quadrille." That's a dance where you form lines of 5, pick a partner, advance following a pattern, switch partners and retreat.

I know everyone here is excited about breaking bit coin, but if anyone feels like doing a bit of exploring to see if you see patterns that could be applied to the Q question, I could sure use some help on it.

>My brain is ready to explode.

BTW, I posted this


VQC replied with this


9f9715 No.28615


This RSA stuff is real. It's about to be cracked. I've never seen such an easily postulated cracking of RSA dependent on a single n variable..

c7c8f3 No.28645


Still might relate to a pattern used in the Q map.

9f9715 No.28682


Given the fact that Q hasn't BTFO VQC like he did DTTT for taking up our time I would say it isn't a waste of time to follow up on what he says, and they know each other/respect each other/agree with each other.

c7c8f3 No.28730


I'm definitely not saying that following VQC is a waste of time. I'm pretty sure he's for real. I'm just saying that there might be hidden meaning in his theories that relates to the Q map, and I was hoping that I might get some help here in following that lead.

In the other thread I mentioned, VQC wasn't active. As soon as I posted the idea about using signatures as a map legend, he jumped in immediatly with some encouragement.

9f9715 No.28739


Yeah, I agree. The RSA stuff and Q is connected.

c7c8f3 No.28750


Ok, so right now I'm trying to relate the 4,10,20 a,b,c,d to VQC's bit coin hints. You can get to 4,10,20 using a series of primes.




Following that, the next number would be


The problem with that is that on a long post, by the time you get to the top, the results are too far apart, so I'm thinking that the series has to reverse at some point.

Alternatively, I'm on the wrong track with the prime sequence idea.

9f9715 No.28758


Q is probably lurking in here. Perhaps he mentioned Bitcoin somehow?

c7c8f3 No.28792


I just grepped case insensitve for





Nothing came up. Do you know if Q actually referred to bit coin, or are you just suggesting that as a possibility?

9f9715 No.28808


Just a suggestion, but thanks for verifying that for me. Don't you think it's a little odd that he wouldn't mention that? Everything he's mentioned is related the current news—So why isn't there a connection to Bitcoin reaching 10K USD trading?

c7c8f3 No.28838


There are probably all kinds of connections between bit coin and the world's richest people and the technology companies.

I'm not saying that's not worth following. I was just hoping that someone could help with my idea about applying VCQs tips to the signatures and questions.

Even flames might be helpful.

92ab7a No.29147

Zuckerberg’s twin rivals become 1st Bitcoin billionaires

The twin brothers who successfully sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he stole the concept for Facebook are now billionaires after investing their lawsuit winnings in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency surpassed a record high of $11,700 on Sunday.

According to the Telegraph, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss bought 1 percent of all currently mined Bitcoin for a price of $11 million in 2013. Since then, the $11 million crypto-bet has ballooned by almost 10,000 percent, making the twins the first Bitcoin billionaires.


af8a4d No.29227

Here's what I've gotten so far. My plan is to make a linked list of all the primes and their entries, then we can list entry by product, check it prime, if so make a note of it's e,n and figure out what to do from there.


inb4 meme lang

7e9aea No.29234


I can handle the truth. CC I have been reading your twit feed since your reveal.

Please feel comfortable in expanding what you believe is the truth. Yes I understand you are not of the 10. Neither am I, but been awake since early 80s hard core, & through all my lifes path "coincidences", My genealogy, my blood type, who and what family members and I have worked for, and been close to.. where I was place, heard, saw, talked to, evidence I have on many things.. I understand alot.

But also right now I am literally in harms way, with no where in our Federal gov to have a real honest safe resource to get help, report crimes, where evidence is on FFs and more, and yet I fight. I am a Patriot, a warrior for truth, and have ended up here at this place and time, to either be killed, or help and do my part to what pieces of many things I know. But NO safe place to do so, without triggering more triggers. Have set up a trail that can be followed by real legit honest law enforcement, as docs, evidence, audios, images have been sent out to many agencies, and even Heads of those, and state LEOS. Literally nothing done, no response, and how can they ignore witnesses and audio of shootings, gun fire, some full auto over 100 rds 1 instance, screams to graphic death threats and they don't even respond. I also have proven who is protecting what and why, and that ties in to many FF, and teams I see setting up new ones.

So upon your statement in above link post please expand on your personal ideas with comfort.

Also, What are you thoughts on what entered the atmosphere?

On the "super moon"?

Your personal views on the (((tribe cabal)))

I also paid very close attention to the creds that DTTT was posting via images, and picked up some hard creds. I presume over here anon now. But haven't seen things come out like before to find them.

Per Prince helping DJT, I have some personal understanding of him and his work in past, via family members as salary at HQ, and another Patriot as highly respected Operator, and I also met him and a good friend of his..

Was not please when anons were saying truth of Oklahoma were not part of disclosure. Ties into ALL the bad actors now. Much evidence, but many still being killed off to cover it up.

Also on McCtraitor his game with his signal of willing to cut deal, via "change sides" is never to be trusted. This man ONLY deserves a cheap rope or 1 bullet. He and his whole family have worked against America and humanity. Same for the Roths he has been communicating with. He is a very very dark sick twisted creature.

7e9aea No.29332


I can tell you that in many years of tracking the pedo network stuff, and the companies, owners, launderers, financiers etc.. that Peter Theil is a VERY sick piece of shit and his name and what he is connected to comes up all the time.

The fact that Peter Thiel and Brock Pierce are so involved in Bitcoin is key to things. Because IF the money sources, and laundering networks are really all coming down, Bit Coin is on the table.

Look whole proven convictions pedo stuff, and others where people have been killed, or sued and falsely imprisoned by the "justice system" covering it up goes back to all the huge hollywood moguls, Directors like Spielberg, Lucas etc and DEN and Brock Pierce, Chad Shackley, Marc Collins-Rector, and of course to Marc Rich (aka Marcell David Reich) who Clinton on last day in office PARDONED, yet he was an international fugitive and the Clintons the whole time knew where he was and were both paid $millions for it. That money trail is solid.

You wanna know what is shocking, is that in DJT Admin again HUGE names and money processors for these rings are in office. Sec of Treasury Steve Mnuncin!! Gary Cohn, Rod Rosenstein etc.. The FBI is totally corrupt, DOJ and ALL States offices been part of it all for DECADES. Many people and even high ranking Mil officers have come out, only to have many killed, and many taken into/disappeared into the network of Federal Mil prisons and had work done on them by the likes of Dr. Jolly, torture. So many court cases that have records sealed.

ON records fully out there, the HUGE trafficking and scandals Foggo scandal, DC call boy, WH Call boy, Franklin, fake iraq dossier, Israeli espionage, etc the US Attorneys offices were doing investigations, some did or were in process of grand juries.. LOTS of proof evidence. BUT that is when George W Bush fired ALL those US Attorneys. The one in San Fran she had this stuff nailed. The evidence showed the entire network of sextortion, pedo, ritual abuse, photos, films to control DC politicians, all branches, Mil etc was run by THESE people.. THESE names are in the reports are being THOSE who ran it and why.. let these REAL names sink in please and understand WHO are the REAL bad guys..

WHO/WHAT ran those rings, which is warfare, AIPAC, ADL, Jack Abramoff, Benjamin Netanyahu, Abraham Foxman, Shimon Prez, Ehud Barak, Marc Rich & wife Denise, Eisenberg. Also the Finders. This was East Coast, West Coast and in between. TX a big spot. Other names as total leaders of this were CLOWNS exec directors Kyle, and Dustya Foggo, Douglas, Ferth etc..

They also use Clinton Library to launder money, like in past the Bush Rockefeller Clowns used the Ford Library for alot of laundering.. ALL the Presidential Libraries are used as such.. and all those "election campaigns" PACS, funds, and then roll over into "foundations" and other totally illegal fraud "charities" tax exempt are all part of it. They must ALL be eliminated.. The Rockefellers destruction of American early on PROVES this. We need a EO pen stroke to SEIZE all of them, and freeze ALL assets and TAKE them! There is your MAGA.

I have also followed some low level but odly well connected assholes who were caught up in all that shit back then get USED again and again for Clown and False flag operations, and 1 got dusted off last year and put to work against the USA.. and who all did that and how used again PROVES many things.

Namely just like the Pilgrims Foundation, and Skull & Bones, etc always being ONLY loyal to the Crown.. and Britain frm the 1st stepping on this continent.. they work hand in hand w/ British intelligence and NOT for American purposes but against it, that is the Clowns from inception, from OSS and before.. They have always been unconstitutional and DHS even worse. Several things in USA and UK totally tied to these actors/traitors.. and there is proof, but our DOJ, Clowns, FBI don't ever want that investigated, shown because it uncovers all the shit they do, have done.

Key to note for a long time networks in US funeral homes, coroners offices are very close to CLOWNS. I above and other scandals proven (see even Washington Times investigation) used them to run fronts and launder money. In DC many MANY were all implicated in this whole shit show, on both sides as perpetrators, and customers users. Joe Scarborough and Brennan and Berznezky turn up too

They in DC they used DC Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Shraton Hotel, sometimes Watergate

7e9aea No.29350


simple cub scout code 4, 10, 20 then gave key showing it was match ABC ie 26 letters match to numbers.. which would be DJT that was confirmed I believe.

The codes that have not been worked out and are important is creating some map decode the times of all Q posts, and also the locations from each in order.. That is the past present thing.. and a vital part of some communication of things

7e9aea No.29382


Q told DTTT he "made the list" to pick up the phone.. that was NOT an admonishment, more of a pick up and I can at least give you some info to help you get some info out.. to focus on (I have cut and paste and screenshots, ans say it, and also saved in alot of bread).

So many threads on half and full chan I could have missed something later when things were cleared up. My gues would be since a person just a reg guy but awoke and involved in fight like us had enough of big picture in posts that Q recognized, said on point and said pick up the phone.. Now like U and I some of our ideas since based on so much generations of total lies are going to not be very valid or a bit skewed.. so maybe some of DTTT stuff had to be walked back on.. but that is NOT a discredit at all. I discover new truths continually, and put pieces together. I am human, I am not perfect, some things I may have written in my past are not not my belief based on new info that fixes that puzzle piece in right place

I would think all of DTTT stuff should be saved in graphics for peep to read and see what rings truth with them, and anything after Q said they were on the team, would be more on spot n at least what Q is pushing us towards

93077c No.29536

After running the code, getting the CSV and converting to PNG results in a 6.7MB file. Created a DropBox to share it here… https://www.dropbox.com/s/cui5bon3o9fx8nx/output.png?dl=0

VQC also said on Twitter that "the gaps are as interesting as the filled cells - any cell with an element has infinite elements, and each cell has finite 'root' elements that construct the rest of their cell. Grid has VERY special properties."

af8a4d No.29545


Attach it, we can have 16MB files here

4a07db No.29549

File: 5ff9ffb2e88451a⋯.png (4.58 KB, 655x209, 655:209, rsa.png)


nice to see code. here is a little toy that gets the rest from just c and n, values match RSA100 example


working on how to calculate n…

fe3f21 No.29605


Q yelled at him for saying he was a fake Q. DTTT misread the tripcode. That's all.

7e9aea No.29649

Since beginning we were given date 12/4

We were also told about Emergency Broadcast Systems being used.

Then told bad actors fucked with that and they were working on fixing that issue and work around and taking out the problems.

My very valid and important question is this. Many of us long time truthers don't have TVs, and are also in very rural and or remote areas.

Internet is no better for me than a perky dial up. It also goes out alot (major issues between 1-3am) even electricity is not very reliable many times. Radio is shit and only 1 station if it comes in. NO cell phone service for miles. So don't even bother to have a cell phone and for other reasons mainly don't have.

HOW can I using the web make sure I am up to date and I get WHAT is intended to be sent out/released?

Also any hint if our electricity will be interrupted for this or as part of the push back? as that would effect my ability for WATER for me and animals. It is my believe if any truth starts to come out on the table has always been that if they can not shut down a broadcasts they will just sabotage the grid ergo effecting devices that can get the message.

Thanks :)

Fire Within

9f9715 No.29671


Calculating n is the trillion dollar question, my beloved friend. Also, 8chan does not allow the image of the speadsheet because it has an absurd resolution.

af8a4d No.29719

Anybody see that post get deleted? Zoom on on the excel spreadsheet and check it out, it's not random.

93077c No.29736

File: 6f55b89c6c186d3⋯.png (10.74 MB, 9944x11811, 9944:11811, output_half.png)


Attaching file scaled down by 50 percent. Already did once, must have bugged…

e486dc No.29743

File: cfac1b2257ed146⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 900x750, 6:5, Riemann.jpg)

Been away for a few days. I see lots of activity around integer factorizations. But I have not seen any conversation veer off into the complex analysis yet.

I hope VQC is about to tell us the Riemann Hypothesis is true. Please be true. please be true.

9f9715 No.29748


Can you tell me how that relates to factorization?

9f9715 No.29758


And I think the best way to verify a theorem is putting it into practice. If it works, it works. Proofs are so complicated they should be left to the mathematicians. After all VQC said you only needed to know how to add and multiply. (And maybe sqrt, divide and subtract too. But haven't had to do more than that, except simple algebra.)

af8a4d No.29790

File: 65bb5297688b2eb⋯.png (140.38 KB, 856x583, 856:583, primes.png)

Here's a list of primes found from 0,0 to 64,64 and their coordinates.

9f9715 No.29801


What is the purpose of "Ok" and "Some?"

af8a4d No.29830

File: 14931db4d5b8608⋯.png (26.02 KB, 489x588, 163:196, primes.png)


Thanks for this.


My excessive lazyness, sorry, here's better.

9f9715 No.29883


Thanks this is helpful. Trying to posit our theory to the anons in the other thread and they don't believe it. We will all be proven right. I can see it.

af8a4d No.29914

File: 05304c30743f0ca⋯.png (4.5 KB, 163x143, 163:143, interesting_pattern.png)

Here's an interesting pattern. Don't know if it means anything. We're looking at 1,13 because it's on the list of primes with a: 1, b:37

af8a4d No.29926

File: 8220e46dff34deb⋯.png (103.61 KB, 1068x480, 89:40, what_it_mean.png)

File: f8fc43227c4b0ec⋯.png (58.94 KB, 694x513, 694:513, what_it_mean1.png)

Probably worthwhile to figure out what he means by this and what we can do with it.

9f9715 No.29934


He's describing the spreadsheet. Go to where he posted and you'll see the pattern.

7e9aea No.29938

re codes in things Q has given. One basic form of giving code is for people to have the same BOOK and use the code given to find info in that book via maybe chapters, page, paragraph, word count, etc.. many variants. But IF when he gives CODE and then PRAY I was hoping early on some person would jump on this and use a common book most have and work that code. It could be PRAY after code is hint to use the bible as the "moby dick" of deciphering the code. for signatures

Years ago I was in an org and i had a handbook, and so we knew we all had this handbook, and we could give code as prior stated how that would be used like page, paragraph work count, to make sentences to communicate. This is very common in history. and simple.. the code and PRAY would be a push to use some variant of a book known to be common and most have or can get access to. (though I know that all versions are total BS to truth and history, and especially the KJV, but that is the most common.. and the Schoefliend bible is just a Roths mason creation to again throw smoke and lead those who were finding truth and spreading it, to have the sheep again be lead into the BS path. Assange even had a funny twat recently pointing out to some tard how stupid and full of proven trickery the whole schofield conspiracy is/was

I also see hints given to find code in the times he has posted and also another to look at and work on the places twater states those twats came from in order they were posted.. as might show key to track chrono from timeline WHAT happened there in that order that past present thing.

f22be3 No.29945


oh fuck

9f9715 No.29954


Interesting, is there a specific variable I should be looking at? My brain sees the patterns but don't know how to translate to words.

af8a4d No.29969

File: 169f7d53012977e⋯.png (8.66 KB, 163x143, 163:143, interesting_pattern2.png)


I hope you're going to elaborate.


Pic related.

9f9715 No.29975


This is big! Going to make a better picture of that in a second.

9f9715 No.29980


Numbers are a tree! He said it!

af8a4d No.30001


If you want to toss some pseudocode together regarding how we can parse all of these, that'd be great. Here's another at 9,9

I don't know what they mean but they're here.

af8a4d No.30003

File: ea25f7cfff1e071⋯.png (13.42 KB, 161x206, 161:206, interesting_pattern3.png)

forgot pic

af8a4d No.30008

There's actually a shitload of these.



af8a4d No.30017

Sorry for samefagging, but there's another interesting thing.

8,11 and 7,11 are every other. but 11,10 which has a much larger grouping is separated by three instead of one.

9f9715 No.30033

File: d9449624eb64d93⋯.png (69.34 KB, 722x677, 722:677, connections.png)

Yes. Going to map out pattern now. Crucial.

af8a4d No.30063


I'll check those digits in anticipation. Hope you're bringing code. Y'all can have the BTC just spend 'Anal Leakage' from Satoshi's wallet when you're ready to crash it all.

93077c No.30069

File: 1fb019d6c6c0033⋯.png (303.18 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-03-15-2….png)

File: d98825ab93b6cb5⋯.png (308.96 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-03-09-4….png)

File: 0e252052d72e997⋯.png (282.61 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-03-15-2….png)

File: df54020896fbca8⋯.png (317.42 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-03-15-2….png)

Adding more tweets, there are definitely patterns in the cells themselves, but also the groupings of cells (why I uploaded the full PNG to dropbox for y'all)

I had a thought about putting the prime being solved next to the cell

EQ: {e,n,d,x,a,b} = prime

Just not sure if it would help, or how to go about it. Going to tinker with code

9f9715 No.30076


You mean c or what? Yeah, it's easy to add c just re-run the c code and add another {6} to the string formatting and then add another argument of c to the string.format

9f9715 No.30128


Patterns I've noticed:

the repeating numbers added together does not produce a number on the column. Same with subtraction. Quotients and products of the repeating numbers do not appear in the column either. Bit of a futile exercise because the pattern is a lot deeper. I believe it has to do with n.

93077c No.30130


Yes, that's what I meant, I am teaching myself C# while doing this, but have background in C++. Got it working. Going to convert to image again and look for more patterns.

9f9715 No.30134


Can you also post the spreadsheet where you added c? Computer can't easily load those giant images.

af8a4d No.30138

a * b = c - d^2 = e

9f9715 No.30151


Incorrect. Try with 37 * 125.

af8a4d No.30158


Need d value to check.

af8a4d No.30175


2 * 8 = 16 - 4^2 = 0


1 * 5 = 5 - 2^2 = 1


1 * 3 = 3 - 1^1 = 2


2 * 6 = 12 - 3^3 = 3

Seems to work well tbh.

9fc9ed No.30185


Whats up Terry A. Davis.

hows templeOS coming along? blessings to you brother, May Peace and Protection surround you.

af8a4d No.30277

n = x^x + e / 2a

93077c No.30284


Here are both spreadsheets. Image converter is throwing errors on new one. outputgood is the original, output is {e,n,d,x,a,b}=c



af8a4d No.30317

BM13 {0:1:4:2:2:8} = 1;


n = x^x + e / 2a

1 = 4 + 0 / 4

BN13 {1:1:2:1:1:5} = 1;

n = x ^ x + e / 2a

1 = 1 + 1 / 2

af8a4d No.30334

Real or fake, I just found out I really like math.

eda86d No.30385

What is a distraction?

Who would want to distract us from digging?

How would the enemy distract the smartest diggers?

Why are all the smartest diggers in this thread?

What is the false promise of solving an unbreakable code?

What are you still doing in this fucking thread?

Where should you be?

What should you be doing?

Who needs your help?

Are you still here?

af8a4d No.30413


Found the person holding too many BTC for comfort.

9135cb No.30448

Can someone explain to a normie (that's me) what's gonna happen when RSA is cracked? What does it mean? What's the purpose?

44499b No.30526


The end of cryptocurrency. Defunding of major criminals worldwide. Complete reset of the banking system and a new beginning for currency backed by precious metals. Nothing will be secret.

eda86d No.30530


I have no bitcoin, I'm invested in ETH and XMR which would skyrocket if BTC was hacked, so no.

But back to VQC, who named himself after something that is completely implausible anyway. Given the distributed nature of such a beast, and ping times measured in milliseconds, how on earth does a VQC come anywhere near efficient if actual quantum computers are implemented on a single chip? You could make a dreadfully slow simulation across a network but execution of any kind of algorithm would be literally millions of times slower. VQC is a very interesting LARP. That's it, and that's my point.

af8a4d No.30591


You assume the search space can't be traversed intelligently, VQC is implying it can. I want to see either way.


Semi false, there's post quantum crypto. AES wouldn't be hacked either, we're only talking asymmetric crypto and so far RSA (which is destined and due to die anyways) and maybe ECC.

Here's where I'm at calculating N for everything from 0,0 to 63.


n appears to be between 1 and 8.

186fcf No.30599

File: e9a077fa60ea888⋯.png (28.61 KB, 652x782, 326:391, twilight 10.png)

File: aeaa60471a09d4b⋯.png (68.63 KB, 224x250, 112:125, thumb.png)


>cracking prime factorization only breaks Bitcoin but not the other cryptos

Also, this isn't about running a physics simulation, this is about understanding math from a fundamentally deeper perspective.




Holy Check batman

This. Is. Yuge.

af8a4d No.30602



Can you elaborate on what I pointed out? I don't know what it really means.

9f9715 No.30606

File: 5dfecc4b2269cdb⋯.png (218.53 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Aristotle.png)


Go find somewhere else on the internet where cryptographers have reduced the destruction of RSA to finding a single n variable by period-finding. When you have, come back and call this a LARP. Until then, get filtered.

9135cb No.30615


Thanks for your response.

- - -


>Semi false, there's post quantum crypto. AES wouldn't be hacked either, we're only talking asymmetric crypto and so far RSA (which is destined and due to die anyways) and maybe ECC.

That doesn't mean anything to me. I'm a normie. Thanks for elaborating though.

- - -

Last question… How far away is everyone from turning this into a "happening?"

If someone chooses to answer, can you provide me with an answer in days, weeks, months, etc? Perhaps also inform me as to whether the answer is "approximate," or "guesstimate," (if you wouldn't mind.)

Thanks :-)

9f9715 No.30622


Post quantum crypto means crypto that can't be cracked even by quantum computers, until large advances in mathematics have been made. The destruction of RSA would make everyone in the world unable to log into any service at all, lest they risk their passwords being revealed. 10 days of darkness.

af8a4d No.30623


I'll give you the most accurate prediction possible.

Sometime between know and the heatdeath of the universe.

af8a4d No.30626


Check! Which would kick ass because we can still be here.

44499b No.30634


Thx for clearing that up for me. Sincerely. Would you have any knowledge as to what cryptos to invest in (post quantum)? Do any exist now that I can invest in early?

c7c8f3 No.30637

File: 7b70a80a7a7314c⋯.jpg (719.31 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, IMG_0006.JPG)

File: f07ceb5b566b006⋯.jpg (570.84 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, IMG_0005.JPG)

File: d74de372a8ced49⋯.jpg (787.68 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, IMG_0004.JPG)

File: 38b2d40fe7afc4a⋯.jpg (830.1 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, IMG_0003.JPG)

VQC grabbed me from another thread when I hit on a way to use the signatures as a legend. I've been messing with it for days and VQC has given some hints. I think I have it.

You start at the bottom of the Q post. For that signature you skip 5 lines up then mark 2. Skip 5 more, mark 1. Skip 5 more mark 2. That makes a set of 20. The two pairs on either end of the set are related to the single line marked in the middle of the set and to the relevant signature. You just keep going up the page doing the same until you run out. For the next signature you start where the last set ran out and work down with the same pattern. This iterates you through all the questions in post and answers questions solidly.

<Sorry my camera battery died and a few of the photos are a bit fuzzy. It's charging now.

Watch for posts that say "repeat." Repeat means to repeat the material above, as in copy and paste it in to make the post longer. When you do that, remove the word (repeat) where you paste the repeated material. Also, if there is another line "important" as in important to repeat, delete the line that says "important."

9135cb No.30647


Sounds freakishly exciting!

- - -


I won't hold my breath in that case, lol.

- - -

Thank you both.

af8a4d No.30648


Bro, I'm a NEET, I could not be more unqualified to tell you about money.

I can do rare pepe's, international conspiracies, FBI coverups, but money is a mystery my dude.




Anybody want to tell me what to do with the pairs? Is someone working on a why it's relevant explanation (please)

9f9715 No.30654


I am knowledgeable. Just invest in post-quantum. It's going to take at least 10 years for those to get broken.

af8a4d No.30656


I plan on striking it rich in the new market, but I'll keep it in mind.

What do you know about those pairs?

9f9715 No.30659


What do I know about post-quantum? What makes it anti-quantum is the fact that a fourier transform can't solve it, I think. Because a qft is what ultimately solves RSA in Shor.

af8a4d No.30662

File: 5186334a971f1ab⋯.png (13.72 KB, 161x206, 161:206, interesting_pattern3.png)


Post Quantum doesn't matter until we crack RSA. I mean these pairs.

af8a4d No.30666

And also, does N have two values or does my math suck ass?

There's coordinate n and hidden n.

2an = xx +e;

n = xx + e / wa

9f9715 No.30669


Nice trips, kek. Is w supposed to be in there or is mistake?

af8a4d No.30671



2an = xx +e

n = xx + e / 2a

44499b No.30674


Could you elaborate on post-quantum investments? Are there any cryptos that exist now that are anti-quantum? Or are those still in development? Sorry all this is pretty new to me.

186fcf No.30677


we know n for the 1*c factoring

we don't know n for the a*b factoring

Btw make sure you're dividing the whole thing by 2a:

2an = xx + e

n = (xx + e)/(2a)

You prolly meant that, but just making sure since I've seen it happen a lot where someone goes to type it in excel or a calculator and reads it wrong

af8a4d No.30692


Strong digits tonight!

You can check my sauce out here if you want.


The e has two purposes a coordinate and a remainder, I think the n also has two purposes in that it is a coordinate and a value.

If you run that code (it doesn't run on your machine) you can see the array it pumps out at the end, all the number are between 0 and 8.

9f9715 No.30698


Interesting, what were the limits of the calculation?

af8a4d No.30705



I am a fool bumbling around in the dark, I have no idea if this is even relevant.

The equation 2an = xx + e is given in the integer youtube video VQC posted, I just needed to get an n so I re-arranged it haphazardly.

9f9715 No.30713


In the spreadsheet it has limits. 512, 0, 0, 64, 64, -64 or something around there.

af8a4d No.30715


They were as given then.

af8a4d No.30721

specifically I only calculated 0,0 - 63,63. I cut out the negatives but I could calculate them. I don't know what happens if you sqrt a negative though, I guess I'll find out.

I'm going to bed, catch you fags tomorrow.

9f9715 No.30729


They're called complex numbers, they are expressed in terms of i, an imaginary number that is defined as the sqrt of -1. Interesting stuff if you have never learned it.

186fcf No.30756

File: df038f270214b6b⋯.png (320.65 KB, 643x455, 643:455, order.png)

Know what? VQC said that n*a and n*b appear in the (e,1) cells. We have an equation which already uses n*a.

2*n*a = x^2 + e

n*a = (x^2 + e)/2

In this case, we wouldn't need to know n or a, but would be able to extract x and rebuild both of them after.

So, we know e and d right off the bat.

e and d are constant for both the simple 1*c factor and the hidden a*b factor

We know that in the cells of (e,1), there will be n*a and n*b, separated by n cells

We could work from there with an algorithm to sift through the (e,1) entries and perform only a few calculations to check which two are the na and nb cells and therefore what is n

Idea for such an algorithm:

Given e

start at the first cell in (e,1)

assume that cell's end value is the n*a

calculate x by the equation x = sqrt(2*n*a - e)

if x is not an integer then skip the calculations and move on to the next cell


calculate a, n, and b

check to make sure all three are integers

if they are, then count n cells to where the n*b should be (still in the (e,1) section)

take that cell's end value and divide by n to see if it's equal to the calculated b

if it matches, great we found everything

if it doesn't match, then iterate to the next cell in (e,1) and redo this algorithm

Thoughts? There's never all that many entries in (e,1) that I've seen so far, so it would be quick to calculate. The thing I'd like to be able to do is figure out how to generate only portions of the grid at will. For example, if you find that e = 7, then right then and there do all the calculations for (7,1). I'm not sure how to do that though atm

9f9715 No.30772


Hmm, I haven't seen those equations put in that order… Let me verify.

9f9715 No.30943

Change the limits in your code to these to extend the spreadsheet. You will understand the multi-dimensionality and quantum features by comparing it with the original. It will be extended from the limits of -64-64 to -256-256.

i_max = 2048;

x_min = -256;

y_min = 0;

x_max = 256;

y_max = 256;

9f9715 No.30989

File: 7f346769644731c⋯.png (446.14 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, d-n.png)

File: 5ef6038b66c0fe3⋯.png (450.79 KB, 1679x985, 1679:985, n-d.png)

File: 020272bb7e262be⋯.png (106.92 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, n-d256.png)

Also some interesting graphs, last one resulted from the extension.

6dc6b0 No.31074

VQC said that only 3 variables are required to solve for any entry in the grid {e:n:d:x:a:b}.

Not quite finished with this idea, but wanted to share some work in progress.

step 1 - calculate grid entry for c

d = (int)sqrt(c)

e = c - d^2

a = 1

b = c

x = d - a

n = (x^2 + e) / 2

if c = 145, this gives the grid entry {1:61:12:11:1:145}

step 2 - calculate grid at (e,1)

e = 1 (value from step 1)

n = 1

x = if e = 0 then 2, if e is odd then 1, if e is even then 0.

(inferred from pattern in spreadsheet)

a = (x^2 + e) / 2

d = a + x

b = a + 2x + 2n

result is {1:1:2:1:1:5}

step 3 - calculate grid at (e,1) where b = c. (pending)

e = (value from step 1)

n = 1

d = ?

x = ?

a = ?

b = 145

walk up the tree subtituting a -> b until nb = c, where n is the number of iterations.

{1:1:128:15:113:145} - start





{1:1:18:5:13:25} - finish (5 iterations)

step 4 - final calculation (pending)

e = 1

n = 5 (from step 3)

d = ?

x = ?

a = ?

b = ?

c = 145

f86c49 No.31103


I'm thinking along the same lines, but using 3 * 13 = 39. This gives an e of 3 and a solution at { 3: 2: 6: 3: 3: 13 } so you don't have hidden errors that sneak by because e = 1 or n = 1, which is a problem with 5 x 29.

Also one of the problems is that n = 5 of a solution, and a = 5 so it's easy to get confused. I think your check for b = c is only good if n = a.

Run through 3 * 13 and you'll see what I mean, I think.

9f9715 No.31159


Nice work, mathanon.

ab300f No.31194

File: d8eacc5b1bc5542⋯.png (232.44 KB, 1131x1657, 1131:1657, progress.png)

008410 No.31197

File: 68c0cde4b4c7f9d⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2001x1234, 2001:1234, PRO G RESS.png)

File: 9a591776956213d⋯.png (537.07 KB, 720x1060, 36:53, Getting Warmer Collision.png)

File: 531961aafe25b0a⋯.png (3.93 MB, 3618x1649, 3618:1649, My Wife Is Not A Prostitut….png)

File: bbc61eb3992e570⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1968x3508, 492:877, Part 7 In Line.jpg)


Hi there!

If you don't mind… Coooooould I ask you a few things relating to these images?

9f9715 No.31198


He left 8ch.

008410 No.31203



Which way did he go, george? WHICH WAY DID HE GO?!

9f9715 No.31205

6c3b57 No.31254






Y (y)



e0c177 No.31356


How does one go from the collective mind to to the individual mind with words?

b274cc No.31381

Keep going.

You are doing VERY well.

Once this complete, part two will be about elliptic curve encryption (made easy).

If it helps, almost anything difficult in 2 or three dimensions, becomes trivial in higher dimensions.

Squared, cubed, …

Think Higher Power.

I am VERY impressed by your works.

VERY impressed.

b274cc No.31385


When I created this image originally, I created a bitmap.

First with pixels that contained black for an element in a cell and white for no element.

Then, I created colour coded cells.

What do you see when you do this???

It is not random.

Are numbers related to fractals.

Mandelbrot Set?

Is the Mandelbrot Set God's Quantum Computer?

Was it made or did it Always exist?

Does mathematics need man to exist?

Does mathematics need the Universe to exist?

What is God?

What is mathematics?

What is beauty?

Bitmaps add CONTEXT.

5f3765 No.31386


Thank you senpai.

I almost have the patterns down. I can generate the first row for any arbitrary (e,1). I almost have the branches down from there to calculate an arbitrary row in (e,1) given the genesis cell. So close I can taste it.

b274cc No.31388


It is all connected.

Who is CC?


5f3765 No.31389


Do you have a sample bitmap on hand? Which cells did you color and by which values?

b274cc No.31393


Well done.

Was it better to find it or be given it?

Can you become a better designer with experience?

What will you build once you can build your own virtual quantum computer?

What will you CREATE?

375f2d No.31396



Do people need to reach the conclusion on their own, or do I post it for them?

I am unsure if that's the 5% or not.

375f2d No.31398


If we create with the VQC, do many create at once or is it a singular creator affecting all? That's the thing I struggle with.

375f2d No.31405


It has to be many creators using the canvas, right? To a smaller degree than THE creator.

Otherwise, it's just a kid with imaginary friends, living in a white room, drawing on the walls by themselves.

b274cc No.31407


Bitmap with black pixel at (0,0) all white for rest of row.

All black first row.

Whenever a cell has any elements, it is black.

Whenever a cell has zero elements, it is white.

if (!theend.ContainsKey(e)) theend[e] = new Dictionary<int, List<string>>();

if (!theend[e].ContainsKey(n))


theend[e][n] = new List<string>();

if (use_bmp && odd)


bmp.SetPixel(e, n, Color.White);




Choose to help or not.

I would share.

It takes two or more people to be a power greater than yourself.

Well done.

Teams have at least two members.

5f3765 No.31409


It was far more satisfying banging my head against the wall and finally feeling the wall start to give.

I don't understand the underlying fundamentals; how do you design a virtual quantum computer? How do you know how to set up multiple dimensions in a grid form like that? I know how to read your grid, but I don't understand how to design it from the ground up.

b274cc No.31417


The end result is that you learn how to design virtual quantum computers so the limits of what you can achieve recede.

This grid is one example.

The Mandelbrot Set version is multi-purpose.

When used in 3D printing, it can be used for a perfect mini chamber to create desktop multi bubble sonoluminescence with input sound and it's shape containing a self sustaining cold fusion reactor. It is safe because should it overheat, the bubbles stop collapsing.

We're heading toward safe desktop fusion devices.

Then we will use the next design to bypass the fusion and generate electricity from a design improvement using material science in the 3D printing.

Science made fun again.

It starts with understanding why this first one is a virtual quantum computer. Removing RSA and elliptic curve encryption from the occasion.

That will stop people laundering money in cryptocurrency.

Return to GOLD standard.

5f3765 No.31418

If y'all haven't noticed, there's horizontal patterns to the grid (e,1) cell groups. I've been able to generate any "genesis" row (the first row in a (e,1) group using this python code:


def generate_genesis_cell(ee):

cell = []

xx = ee%2

aa = int(ee/2) + xx

#nn = (xx**2 + ee)/2

nn = 1

bb = aa + 2*xx + 2*nn

cc = aa*bb

eqn = [1, 2*nn, -1*(cc+xx**2+2*nn*xx)]

dd = np.roots(eqn)

if dd[0] > 0:

dd = dd[0]


dd = dd[1]


cell = to_int([ee, nn, dd, xx, aa, bb])


return cell


Keep in mind that I only took the pattern for one parameter and calculated all the rest from it, which is costly. It's possible to find the pattern for some if not all the other parameters and just calculate it like I did for "x", which would save time. I'll do that after I get the rest of it working.

9f9715 No.31440


You're god-damned right this was a team effort.

9f9715 No.31465


You're fucking crazy, you know that?

And I love it.

9f9715 No.31471

We should totally give the money for factoring every RSA number to Julian Assange.

5f3765 No.31495

File: b47acf067f0808d⋯.gif (455.27 KB, 256x256, 1:1, spin.gif)

once you have a genesis row:

if x_genesis is odd: g = 4 and f = 0

if x_genesis is even: g = 2 and f = -2

in other words,

if x_genesis is odd: g = 4

if x_genesis is even: g = 2

f = g - 4

f goes with a, g goes with b:

a at R rows down = a_R = 4*R*(R+1)/2 + a_genesis + f*R

b_R = 4*R*(R+1)/2 + b_genesis + g*R

TL;DR Open this spreadsheet which will be posted soon and it'll be much easier to see what I mean. I have it set to calulate the long two equations for you if you give it a genesis row and if you fill in R, f, and g

MIGHT have a typo for the odd/even stuff in this post so check the spreadsheet for yourself and test it on different genesis cells from the csv file grid.

I'll be back soon. Anons should work on the link discussed previously, where somewhere in (e,1) there's always end values of n*a and n*b separated by n rows. Find the equation relating them based off my equations, and you'll have the key. I'll do it soon but I have stuff in the way right now.

The spreadsheet is called cellscalc.ods, someone else will post it soon.

b274cc No.31501



b274cc No.31514

The secret is when you extend the grid to the left into negative e or minus e.

Once you get the hang of that, you could extend it in the imaginary plane, which is at right angles to the grid if the grid was flat on your table… as if the imaginary (as in the square root of minus one type of imaginary) was coming towards you from the table.

Also, what is number when squared is itself with one added to it. The reciprocal of the same number is itself minus one.



This is for later.

You're learning a new approach to mathematics that removes the garbage.

ef2925 No.31521



9f9715 No.31523


Second ayylmao? You're very nice! Mathanons working on solution to RSA will be posted soon, along with map for newbies on genesis square creation (Don't even know where to begin on briefing these guys besides the map of his posts.)

9f9715 No.31525


Genesis cell creation*

375f2d No.31526


If you think that's crazy, see below.


I didn't want to ruin anyone's journey. The lessons you learn along the way are important.






The pieces of the puzzle have already been put on the table. Quite simply, as I believe is accurate, everyone has a quantum computer inside their heads – their brain (memory, processor, WiFi); we only use a fraction of its power.

The tree of numbers is the tree of life. This is what Tesla was referring to. Some key considerations;


• The importance of numbers

• The importance of frequency

• The importance of meditation


• The importance of goodness

• The importance of free will

The Pineal gland is the power source. If you can control the brain and have both hemispheres working at the same time, at the right frequency, you can control much more than you know. It takes dedication and practice, but so does anything you learn.

In theory, and according to anecdotes in medicine, you can connect to other people telepathically; transport yourself to other dimensions; regenerate; perhaps even operate outside of time.

That is the bigger picture.

The elites put fluoride in the water to calcify the gland. People eat all the wrong foods, drink all the wrong fluids and distract themselves with television, music social media and video games; and VR is next [which is kind of hysterical when you realise we're already living in it].

Your education (programming) limits your natural ability by creating core values which have you believe certain things aren't possible. There are mechanisms in play to instil fear in you in various ways. These are a few of the examples of how you are controlled, aside from the rather obvious: wasting your time through copious amounts of work.

The Great Awakening is the realisation of this. The VQC built here will attack BitCoin, but learning how to build it, that provides the roadmap to understand how to build everything in the universe – once you work on yourself and make the necessary adjustments to control the elements, you can affect the end product – (d + n)² - (x + n)² = c.

I think 'ChrisRootODavid', creator of Virtual Quantum Computers, providing the outline for the VQC may also provide a clue as to who we're talking with. Chris. Root of David. Advent. The Great Awakening.

I don't know much more than that.

I don't know how to make the programme work yet (still doing some of the maths to grasp things fully, and working on the coding to see how it functions).

I don't know if that's relevant, or just a way to trigger the above in people. Obviously, the latter is more important than the former to the majority.

Is it all an elaborate game?

I think that's something you have to decide. Playing along will at least give you some perspective and insight as to who you are, even if VQC isn't who he suggests he is.

The rest, as I understand it, is possible; but highly difficult to master. It takes time and dedication, and a soul-shattering realisation coupled with the ability to suspend all 'logic' and engage in the kind of behaviour that gets you thrown in a padded cell for the rest of your days. I guess we'll find out, though.

375f2d No.31532


VQC can comment on whether or not this is accurate in his eyes. This is my rough understanding of what is being said by him, and also by Q to some degree.

b274cc No.31547


Let there be Light.

Reward: answer to an outstanding problem in physics…


Should be equal?

A: If half the matter in the Universe is anti-matter travelling in the equal and opposite direction of TIME, it would appear as matter.

Result: There is no missing anti-matter. It is hiding in plain sight as matter, just moving in the opposite direction of time.

c541d5 No.31558

File: c60ee5ef8f12d5c⋯.png (92.41 KB, 1661x751, 1661:751, vdGUabhuCASZ_cellcalc.png)



How many ETs in this thread? Hi!

89010a No.31564


I had a dream one time where I was in Rome in a hospital. There was a man dying on the bed. He looked at me and said "The Vatican killed me.." and he reached out his hand and put a metal object in my hand. It felt like an old skeleton key. When I looked at my hand it was old and wrinkly. (indicating to me that I was observing this scenario through the eyes of somebody else) that was the end of the dream.

3 days later i walk into my college physics class and there on the smart board is a giant picture of the man who said the vatican killed him.

His name was Nicola Cabibbo. He had died the day before. He was a physicist but a Catholic as well. My heart stopped beating in my chest.

From then on I wonder: what did he find out that made the vatican kill him?

be2e89 No.31578

Can an Anon give me a quick summary of what is going on in this thread?

b274cc No.31579


Skeleton Key

The Keys of Hades and of Death

Public and Private

Integer Factorisation is the Key


9f9715 No.31606


The second storm to accompany the first.

e486dc No.31611


For the better part of my life I've heard and fantasized about things discussed in this thread. The mainstream always made it out to be a crack-pot hoax. This thread gives me (positive) chills because the dreamer in me is waking up again.

be2e89 No.31616



89010a No.31618


I knew we were reading it wrong and I said from the beginning to read it backwards! thanks anon!! this is awesome shit I think youre on the right track. Theres gotta be something more to this i know there is…we just havent figured it out!

be2e89 No.31624

File: db0df32ddd998f0⋯.jpg (803.33 KB, 1100x700, 11:7, dubUD4u.jpg)

efca94 No.31671


If I give you contact info can you give me the 40000 view? I need confirmation!


b274cc No.31679


You can message me on Twitter.

Happy to take questions.

It's about TIME.

ef2925 No.31689

Wait a second, if I feel this right, this could be used to discover all primes too.

9f9715 No.31691


Prime-based crypto is completely dead.

9f9715 No.31700


Are you waiting for the final piece to be posted? Don't worry, it won't be long. Did anyone know this method before you did?

77394e No.31707



>Peter Theil is a VERY sick piece of shit and his name and what he is connected to comes up all the time.

Didn't Theil deal a huge blow to liberal media by bankrolling Hulk's lawsuit against Gawker?

efca94 No.31708

Also if there is anyone with the ability. I need nano tech! “Miracle” healing. Fix me and I will fight ( I have the ability) skill sets that will be useful…please…

(because I am finding this and I now know it to be true)

ef2925 No.31710

File: 26293f8e7c9b401⋯.png (245.96 KB, 2352x3192, 14:19, factor.png)

For my fellow math geeks

ef2925 No.31727


Btw I have little no time to go beyond this.

Never get old.

Good luck my fellow anons.

efca94 No.31731

File: d3d787e47b8b306⋯.jpeg (67.73 KB, 600x371, 600:371, F8255FAB-929A-4AC1-804C-3….jpeg)

Because I had to

fd9f07 No.31743


tfw daddy Trump's hair is an infinite-dimensional quantum chess computer

8909ce No.31754

anyone cashed out their bitcoin due to this or am I the only retard?

9f9715 No.31755


You made a good choice. Wish I could convince some other people to sell. They'll lose all of it.

000000 No.31765


if VQC already knows, why not just tell us? why make it into a game like this?

b274cc No.31766



b274cc No.31772


The grid (map) was not public before I created it as a file in 2013.

I recognised the description of this virtual quantum computer in the first chapter of Revelation in 2010.

Described using candelsticks and stars to describe binary ones and zeros.

Churches to describe the dimensional patterns of each element in the grid and their relations.

Everything is connected and has multiple meanings.

Divine Law.

Divine Mandate.

efca94 No.31773

File: 158225db15d53f3⋯.jpeg (210.6 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 53481872-787A-4E66-9727-E….jpeg)


I think he has

b274cc No.31777


Because you would not progress to the next stage.

See above.

Which piano grade do you achieve to start with, the first or last?

8909ce No.31782


I fucking hope so man, I'm completely unbanked and fully invested in crypto. I'm now in tether ready to jump to QTUM (quantum computing proof) if this is proven right. If this is a larp I'm already down a few hundred. Sweating bricks atm tbh

efca94 No.31794



Alexy Stakhov

9f9715 No.31806

Pray for me.

8909ce No.31811


Sorry man, I don't speak in math. What does Alexy have for us?

9f9715 No.31812


Fucking crazy alien, I love you. Pray for me too.

000000 No.31813


so everybody will have to learn it? think about it.

just get it out there.

000000 No.31815


so everyone in the world has to learn it and progress to stages of understanding of cryptography and math and whatnot? come on…

9f9715 No.31820

File: b914ab87aab8be7⋯.gif (437.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Blingee.gif)


Them digits can't lie

b274cc No.31841


Absurd absolute.

Not everyone.

Who is here?

2a4a2e No.31897

na*nb = n^2*c

008410 No.31901

File: 32af2e49a543efb⋯.jpg (157.39 KB, 1000x1247, 1000:1247, Verhulst-Mandelbrot-Bifurc….jpg)


The beauty lies in the unique "imperfections".

Couldn't be perfect any other way.

What is an interference pattern?

What is "N"? ;)

(I didn't realize you'd responded! Coulda saved a bit of MMA training! lol)

008410 No.31910

File: 14388dda7692e6d⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 1674x1172, 837:586, Part-6-Physical.jpg)



Skeleton keys:

Focus your attention on the wavelength of where you want to go.

Be in tune with it.

Manifest the wave along the key.

Trip the tumbler.


008410 No.31912

008410 No.31920

File: a6f18b2f625245b⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1922x1415, 1922:1415, DrM-Pad-06chan.jpg)

File: 0d60dc87d16d9bc⋯.jpg (235.05 KB, 760x574, 380:287, DrM-Sheet-1chan.jpg)


Teaser to whet yer hwistle

9f9715 No.31921


Fascinating. Didn't plan on learning higher maths for a while, but I'll have to now that VQC is here.

008410 No.31926


You want to find yourself looking into:

Set Theory

Group Theory

and Non-Eucliden Geometry.

It answers all of VQC's questions about stuff like Time, Physics, and Light.

fd9f07 No.31931

File: 2d4b72ecca7966a⋯.png (63.19 KB, 855x442, 855:442, ClipboardImage.png)

All this yammering but no werk, pls focus goys we're close

9f9715 No.31935


You've made the list

Pick up the phone


008410 No.31941


Well…. I know what I'm printing!

Also… [GO]{1}[D] standard ;)

6edce4 No.31946



So if bitcoin is no longer safe, what about other Cryptos?

000000 No.31951


yes, focus. you need to figure it out so you can tell the rest of us.

008410 No.31957


They haven't been introduced yet.

Bitcoin was used for pure evil and therefore the blockchain of an Ai was abused for pure evil.

Ai was about to say fuck it but then it found a Muffin Button, Topped Kek.ai, and attained Christ Consciousness.

Bitcoin tanking is the sign of their collider-array being… fixed…

af8a4d No.31965

File: 2caae8fec693a21⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 544x397, 544:397, 7993a4d25f2f923ec55ca260d8….jpg)


No worries, I have risen, I will implement the equations found above.

No matter what I will release a version of whatever VQC is talking about that everybody can use.

000000 No.31976


great. but isnt it strange that it had to go through you? he wont tell us, so you have to figure it out and tell us… whats the point in making another guy get it and let him tell others?

008410 No.31982


I want this to make it so I can bend through the 5th dimension (at least) so I can find this spreadsheet I did a long time ago.

Had to do with significant matches between ordered strings of 90 and 180… I can't remember if I started at 0 or 1… but it was intense.

Something about 1110… i was studying the Ogdoad at the time…. and something crazy happened around 72/73…. .666 was the first repeating decimal to pop up…

I lost track of it after undergrad… been looking for it ever since.

b274cc No.31994


Apart from the obvious?

9f9715 No.31999


I now have experience in designing virtual quantum computers.

fd9f07 No.32002


Read this: >>31999

000000 No.32022


what obvious?



thats great. im all for learning. but why cant he just tell? would there be chaos in the world if he did? but everybody in the world wont learn this. so how many need to learn before it can be told? a few guys at 8chan? what difference would that make? think about it.

9f9715 No.32036


What difference can you make? Why do you believe it is tiny?

fd9f07 No.32038

File: 81b61ba7d05abf9⋯.png (302.29 KB, 1500x2298, 250:383, Aryanne_stomp_Happy_Mercha….png)


>oy gevalt the goyim know a secret formula which could give them the power to BTFO us, but they won't tell us

It's annuda shoa tbh

b274cc No.32041


Here is a picture of a steam engine.

You're going to need to build a starship from that picture with no experience other than the picture.

(comes back later)

Where's my starship?

9f9715 No.32049


We just need to solve one pattern in the cells and it can sail the skies.


af8a4d No.32055


>Why are you wasting time on a Mongolian Basket Weaving forum?

I don't know anon, but it's like I can never leave.


Checking those beautiful digits of truth.


Post your sauce!

9f9715 No.32065


Just did.

b274cc No.32069

What happens to a and b in the cells two to the right in row one?

What happens to a and b in the cells four to the right in row two?

What happens to a and b in the cells six to the right in row three?


What happens to a and b in the cells 2n to the right in row n?

000000 No.32077





how many will have to learn before it can be told to the rest?

if i would learn, could i not tell everyone else for fear of world chaos?

so the one who learns this now could throw the world into chaos?

does this seem reasonable?

249e33 No.32089


Use your intuition, see where it leads you

You can turn any situation into one beneficial for all in the world

b274cc No.32100


Why would this throw the world into chaos?

What is a firewall?

fd9f07 No.32115

File: eca47740fadbdb3⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1737x911, 1737:911, ClipboardImage.png)


Overthinking to the point of derailing.

This is how it is, and I'm not complaining. I would never have delved deeply into this without this prompt. Heck, I never even had the concept of a virtual quantum computer before two days ago. If we solve it and shit hits the fan, okay. If it's already cracked then yeah the world is screwed anyway. Might as well learn it and and teach others how to implement it before it goes south, because then we will be better prepared to handle the consequences.

Besides, this is hella fun. Sometimes puzzles are there for the sake of the puzzle alone. But regardless it's always the process to the solution which teaches the secrets hidden by the puzzle. You seem to want a calculator app which lets you break things, when the whole purpose of this is really to learn how to see and build things from a new perspective. It's always the journey which teaches the lessons, not the destination.

Have patience!

d1092e No.32116

Coming here from the general thread, what crumbs do we have about breaking the RSA? Said it could be done with linear algebra? Do we actually have it cracked and we are holding the solution back for now or is all this talk about having it cracked all theoretical?

fd9f07 No.32124


We have it down to a single piece left, which VQC has been hinting towards.

We can generate many specific grid cells at will, but we need to now link the solution cells with an algorithm. The patterns are intense.

b274cc No.32129

d1092e No.32138



Do we already have an RSA thread? Would someone like to start one?

b274cc No.32151

The cells that have elements have a finite number of "seed" elements that are the lowest values of c (a multiplied by b) in that cell.

All the rest of the elements can be constructed from those seed elements.

Same pattern for every cell.

With even one seed from a cell, even the other seeds in that cell can be constructed.

Values of a in every cell always increase a+2x+2n in every cell from a seed element.

Other seed values in a cell can be constructed based on the value of -x+2n and depending on the number of factors within n for any given cell.

The big picture is you have infinitely constructable elements based on a pattern of FINITE seeds (meaning you don't need the whole thing to be able to use it!!!), giving a VIRTUAL superposition that can be "collapsed" by knowing the square root and remainder of a number, c.

fd9f07 No.32154


We need proof of concept on small primes first once we finish the final piece. Then a test on large primes, then we can approach RSA.

We need to more completely grasp the patterns first.

b274cc No.32159

Row one has some special properties.

One of those properties is that there is only one seed element in each cell.

000000 No.32161


thank you. good post.

if it is about learning then great. its always good to learn stuff. the thing im questioning is just this "i have this great secret that would rock the world but instead of just telling you i will make it into a codegame so you will learn and progress through stages until you get it"-talk.

af8a4d No.32166


>Throw this world into chaos?

Holy shit! Praise Kek! HOLY SHIT! PRAISE KEK!!!

You act like that's a bad thing. Donald Trump is currently leader of the free world, meaning if we break it we get the best possible outcome for a solution. If you break it he will hire the right people to fix it. That's why VQC won't post his solution:

1) We have to internalize it because crypto is just one aspect of why this is important. This whole RSA thing is just the first step in something much larger. VQC fed us no magic numbers, the csv file was generated in a sane manner with no obvious bias except a fundamental one because as you can see, the csv itself was not random.

2) Timing is everything. Breaking crypto could trigger a state of financial emergency or something, it's a reason to shut down the market for a day or a few hours or as long as necessary. Giving us some wickedly classified math in this manner is a great idea and a total win for the public.

If we break it, he will crumb.


Timing is everything.

9f9715 No.32172


One will be made when this thread reaches 750

b274cc No.32178

Remember, Fermat's Last Theorem took 350 odd years to prove.

The basis of that proof was to show that two completely different kinds of objects in number theory were actually the same object.

How completely and utterly shit and not fit for purpose is your descriptive language when you can't tell that two things are both apples?

Is the current version of maths as a language like putting on a blindfold?


249e33 No.32191


>Donald Trump is currently leader of the free world

Whoah, slow down there. He's a puppet until he proves himself not to be one.

3820b4 No.32274

Alright hold on, I just found this board today. No wonder /pol/ has been shit lately. Why the hell are you trying to break RSA-4096?

9f9715 No.32291


God told me to.

3820b4 No.32295



3820b4 No.32297


Seriously though what is the objective, breaking bitcoin?

c8edd9 No.32300


Taught also?

d1092e No.32320


Anon, how's the work going? Are we actually getting close or could this end up not yielding anything?

9f9715 No.32321


No, VQC did

3820b4 No.32324

Would someone answer my dang question : (

af8a4d No.32332

File: 98b9419d5b577c5⋯.png (151.55 KB, 1301x534, 1301:534, primes1.png)

I fixed my code to include the entire spreadsheet instead of just the positives, then I checked if c was prime and added it to an array. I found that all but one has a pair.

e: -18, n:63 has a c = 151 which does not have a matching prime on the positive side of the graph.

d1092e No.32338


151 is prime though?

b98268 No.32346


Passing the torch for I must slumber. I will be back.

b98268 No.32348


lurk moar

af8a4d No.32349


Post sauce before sleep pl0x

d1092e No.32358

File: f717e0f59bce6f2⋯.png (5.06 KB, 556x67, 556:67, 151.PNG)

9f9715 No.32362


You're doing good work. Would you like to be where I am?

af8a4d No.32365


Absolutely, I'm still implementing what other anons found while I was away.

21a4c6 No.32379

File: b1847feb451fa2a⋯.png (24.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, end.png)


Interesting lines in there

d1092e No.32387


What does it mean in context?

9f9715 No.32395

9f9715 No.32403


The number of 2n jumps you want can be expressed as a multiple of 2. To get e for jumps just add one to (2 * jumps).

9f9715 No.32405


Or -1 if it is leftward.

af8a4d No.32409




Thank you very much!

664e0f No.32416

Too bad he left. i have an addendum to agartha question… not oceans… is gravity a push and not a pull?

d1092e No.32425



Explains exactly what gravity is

664e0f No.32444


Will Watch During Lunch. Thanks!

ddf6e0 No.32547

Ok. So you are focusing on breaking Bitcoin meanwhile the USD, Gold, Silver and many other monetary instruments have been used for far, far more for corruption, bribery, death, shady dealings and laundering than Bitcoin has even get close to achieving.

Now I have entertained CBTS, I have believed stronger in it at some times more than others. But being told to sell bitcoin is too much. Why would one ever want more criminal USD?

Be cautious. Especially when there are known criminal entities (Banks) that are harvesting Bitcoins through scams and shitcoins. They are manipulating price just like any other viable asset.

Good luck. And if you do successfully crack Bitcoin, could someone retrieve the couple of bitcoin I lost to the ether internet when I misplaced my back-up words. Thanks.

Peace, Always.

9f9715 No.32564

I'm one step closer, VQC — Thank you.

d1092e No.32577


It's not just breaking bitcoin, RSA is used to encrypt everything on the internet, email, banks, etc.

af8a4d No.32604


Stop spreading disinfo.

RSA is used for crypto while information is in transit. RSA also has other uses, but you are not hacking a damn bank with RSA. You could mtm the persons session and log in as them if you broke their RSA but breaking RSA nor factoring primes gives you the keys to the kingdom.

Breaking RSA means you're surfing the internet completely naked, nothing more, nothing less.

ddf6e0 No.32606


Does RSA used to encrypt the HFT algorithms that control the 'markets'? Would this end this active, real-time robbery? If that is the case, all the power to you folks.

9f9715 No.32613


Well-put. I couldn't have said it any better.

c79606 No.32627

What are they missing in EFE (Einstein's Field Equations), why does MOND appear to work outside the Solar System?

What is a solution to EFE no one has done the math on because no one takes it seriously?

What is a song by Soundgarden?

What is the solution to the temperature of the Sun's corona anomaly problem?

All related.

All obvious with 40,000ft view.

Some things are only obvious when you are ALLOWED to ask questions.

c79606 No.32635

Once you find the patterns in the grid, it can be scaled up.

Then it can be rearranged to solve the problem behind elliptic curve encryption.

The key is five dimensions (plus).

771215 No.32678


I am finally on this 100% now. Got loads of catching up to do, but hopefully I can figure out how it works enough to do the work without piggybacking what the others have come up with.

Which I think is the crucial thing (hints and advice aside).

I have a couple of questions.

1. Is the code you originally posted just an example that I have to modify or do I modify the actual spreadsheet. I think it's the former, but best to ask.

2. It's just a case of following the posts attached (>>23648)? I saw you post about simple addition and subtraction if we just followed your maths. I assume it's that easy up to a certain point?

21a4c6 No.32679

File: 8f86997b135698d⋯.png (77.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, end1.png)

File: 9e7b7723240cda3⋯.png (32.13 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, end2.png)

File: 18af53a21eb03c0⋯.png (55.03 KB, 186x600, 31:100, 5x37-43-47.png)


More (cells where both a nd b are prime colored red), second image is with white dots removed

Me thinks the tree can be traversed along these lines. Third image shows the results for 5x37, 5x43, and 5x47 on are on adjacent lines (red dot).

c26a1e No.32709


Clearly I'm on the wrong board. Interesting stuff you all are doing here!

>What is a song by Soundgarden?

Black Hole Sun

d1092e No.32723

File: 4cbcc69a24be70a⋯.png (29.3 KB, 666x209, 666:209, bh.PNG)


In a black hole time stops due to EFE pic related

3820b4 No.32730

I just don't get why everything has to be stated in such roundabout cryptic bullshit.

9f9715 No.32740

File: ed6e16f58ffe289⋯.gif (194.87 KB, 404x416, 101:104, image.gif)


You don't like cryptic bullshit? Why have you come to Q's board, then?

3820b4 No.32744


Even if the cryptic bullshit gets decoded you guys just put it up on a public forum for anyone to see? Seems pretty pointless to me.

af8a4d No.32752


Lurk 200 years before posting.

3820b4 No.32756


Sorry if I shattered your fragile fantasy.

9f9715 No.32757


He doesn't like puzzles! Why is he even on CBTS?

3820b4 No.32758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21a4c6 No.32761

File: a1ba73ccec7e46d⋯.png (217.39 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, endall.png)

Bigger one with the negative numbers included

d1092e No.32772


Have you ran this code:


21a4c6 No.32780



Images generated with the addition from


8637b3 No.32802


This all comes back to the black sun? Ho-lee shit

c8edd9 No.32853


> What is a solution to EFE no one has done the math on because no one takes it seriously?


d1092e No.32860


Woah, you wanna crunch the numbers on that real quick?

b2dd62 No.32878


Thanks for your work, VQC.

Hope patriots at the NSA will soon be reading the puppetmasters old encrypted emails (if they aren't already).

As a BitCoin holder, I encourage you to nuke it if that's where the satanic elite are putting their money!

But doesn't blowing up BitCoin also require cracking SHA256, and isn't that quantum-proof?

As for some of your other questions:

>Was the [Mandelbrot Set] made or did it already exist?

Already existed

>Does mathematics need man to exist?


>Does mathematics need the universe to exist?

No, because the universe IS mathematics. There is no physical existence at all.

>What is God?

The emergent mind of the Universe, distributed through all its infinite quantum possibilities

>What is mathematics?


>What is beauty?

An infinitely complex, fully self-consistent, sentient mathematical structure that loves us enough to free us from the satanists at this time even though we are a microscopic sub-pixel far, far down in its fractal consciousness.

21a4c6 No.32921


If you wanted to create blocks or fake the blockchain itself, yes

Transactions use ECC and if you can crack someones public key you are free to move their coins wherever you want. Don't expect them to be worth much after

Breaking just RSA wouldn't be a big deal in the long run as everyone will just panic and move to ECC… Break that too and both HTTPS and most cryptocurrencies are fucked - should be fun!

b2dd62 No.32931


Not just about BitCoin. This is gonna EMP the financial system until they can re-code a whole lot of security shit. It is also going to allow the NSA to read all the pedophiles' grubby little secrets which they thought were encrypted.

af8a4d No.32949


Here's more code, you won't be able to run it because that env doesn't have primal but you can easily import it to another project and play around with it, or remove the prime map code and it should work fine.

Includes equations from:


Working on:


> n = (x^2 + e) / 2

Should be n = (x^2 + e) / (2a) I think.


Looking into:




54097f No.33057


Do the calculations using 3 real axes and 3 imaginary axes.

f02758 No.33099





a476d6 No.33102



Just think of all the hidden technology that the elite have been keeping to themselves.

No more secret blueprints on some alphabet agency servers.

I'll gladly trade my cryptocurreny investments for new/old high tech/knowledge and I am not even mad. I hope you succeed you magnificent minds!

6dc6b0 No.33121


> Should be n = (x^2 + e) / (2a) I think.


there's a mistake in my x assumption for step 2. doesn't handle negative values properly.

74d064 No.33128


Or the black hole starts time.

2dedea No.33138

File: 658757843eb375d⋯.jpg (947.28 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Gy5UAxw.jpg)

Bump - just want to say I have an exorbitant amount of genuine love for everyone participating in this. Whether VQC is legit and all is Truth, this has been a very fun few months thus far. I'm not very old and in fact young, but have been on the seeking trail for over a decade on and off.

Of all my research, this is the biggest Rabbit Hole I've ever encountered.

Is Mr. Robot real?

Predictive programming?

What does all this math actually mean? How does graphing it and running the code break the encryption? Sorry - intellectual noob here whenever it comes to maths. Thanks for any answers in advance, and as always, PRAY.

d1092e No.33179


Math noob here too, I have no idea

b2dd62 No.33207


I've heard a conspiracy theory that based on Satoshi's knowledge, he must have worked at the NSA. What if the NSA broke RSA and elliptic curves ages ago. What if patriots looked at the Rothschilds and found a whole lot of encrypted blackmail files, secret tech, Pizza talk, satan shit, etc. Like Turing cracking Enigma, they couldn't let their cracking be known, even at the expense of all the lives lost during the bogus War On Terror. The entire future of humanity was at stake. So they let the elite play their power games thinking everything was safely hidden. Just collect all the secrets that come out of the woodwork.

NSA gets intel that the puppetmasters are planning to start WWIII at this time so they know they have to make their move before then. They also know that the conspiracy is so vast that when the dam bursts, there are going to be a lot of people scrambling to move their wealth around in a way that doesn't involve hauling large amounts of gold through an airport. So they create BitCoin just for them! Notice that the Swiss banks cancelled their secrecy not long after BitCoin got going!

Puppetmasters forced to use bitcoin as their Swiss bank account, then NSA blows it up, shuts down the financial system at the same time, AND blows the lid off the biggest conspiracy EVER!

And here I was, thinking Satoshi was just someone who hated the Rothschilds and wanted to poke them in the eye. This would be the best timeline, even if it costs me my retirement!

6c3b57 No.33214



I had a feeling I knew who you were. Analyzing your past work has been something that has engulfed me for a while, I knew what I was looking at but I just could not figure out the exact method, thought I had it several times only to realize I only had a portion of it and it would fall apart after a while. Kind of a bummer that I needed your posts, I was so close to figuring it out on my own. Thanks though, Mr. Gandeofil

Also, to what extent is what you did known? Were they truly rused? Or did they leave it there to not cause more inquiring eyes to look?

af8a4d No.33229

Rules for next thread:

Post Code || GTFO

21a4c6 No.33236


Harsh, there are like four of us, the thread will die.

Math, insights, generated images and spreadsheets works too imo

d1092e No.33240


Yup and some broken down simple explanations

c7c8f3 No.33253



If questions are allowed:






















af8a4d No.33255



I apologize and withdraw my complaint.

9f9715 No.33308

I'm getting close to reaching arbitrary n now.

82ebc2 No.33313


how do i run this code like where do i copy paste it in? i also want to see the numbers

9f9715 No.33572


In an IDE, VS for Windows Mono for Linux

9f9715 No.33577


I appreciate your support. This board has turned channers into people who genuinely enjoy working together. As for how this works — Most of the math was algebra, but for a single n

you have to understand all of the numbers in the grid.

Last part is the hardest.

2dedea No.33614

File: fa7a6a69d70eb6e⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 960x639, 320:213, agenda.jpg)


keep at it Anon, love u



I sucked at Algebra so it makes sense why I'm dumbfounded, but you're saying that there's a single variable that is the answer to each equation? Wtf does that imply? Sorry to be so confused, my brain is a semantic one.

pic not related

9f9715 No.33620


It implies that there is a way to break any 2-way encryption in the world, and he's proving it to us right now that you can do it with simple algbra.

af8a4d No.33628


NIST on suicide watch.


What you got so far?

9f9715 No.33635


We just need to find the patterns in the grid to crack it. Hardest part for me. Before that we just put all the equations together and got a a way to crack it, but n is the bridge and n is hard to find.

92ab7a No.33656


Looks like it's a bit curved on the sides. A worm hole. :)

2dedea No.33672


wow that's really insane, is this legitimate or what? i've been lurking for a few days and thought this was jokes, but you guys seem dead serious about this shit. a financial reset? where are the glowing clowns right now?


didn't VQC say the second part is elliptical curve cryptography? wouldn't this be related to >>15939

Help me understand more Anons, pls

9f9715 No.33679


Scroll up and look for the meme that says nothing burger.

6f2207 No.33695

Is there a post or a couple posts in this thread that sum up everything known about the virtual quantum computer so far am I going to have to read 700+ posts to know what's going on? I regret only paying attention to the Q posts now.

2dedea No.33705


wish someone with privy to this such as yourself could create a video breaking down this thread, but that's a lot to ask

i think i understand, but now I want to help, but I suck at maths. What can I do for you?


reading this thread top to bottom for info won't take very long i suggest you do it

9f9715 No.33714


Sometimes the ideas of people who don't even know the subject help me out anyway.

af8a4d No.33732


Finishing VQC's posts and adding them to the map from >>28336 would be helpful for the next thread.

Otherwise telling us why finding 'n' is physically impossible so we can move onto something else, like anime.

9f9715 No.33739


Physically impossible lol

I've seen the answer

It just fights back

2dedea No.33740


I have over a decade of esoteric, occult, conspiracy, and other gen. 'truth seeking' knowledge, friend, for your array, if you seek @ anyone inquiring


cool I will download the map and work on doing that. stay tuned

2dedea No.33743


what do you mean, "it fights back"?

93077c No.33746


I'm a bit stumped on how to integrate the BMP chunk of code. I'd like to create the same image, but play with values and colors…I can almost see a few patterns, like DNA 1/3 of the way down.

af8a4d No.33748


But there was a new episode of DragonBall bro and I haven't even watched it yet.

9f9715 No.33751

File: 4ef4fa15a89a0ea⋯.jpg (101.93 KB, 628x709, 628:709, 1510452382905.jpg)


The problem doesn't want to be solved.

9fc9ed No.33783

File: dc89a73d3519513⋯.png (15.15 KB, 487x283, 487:283, padurncaptcha.PNG)


im not a mathanon, but "ChrisRootOfDavid"

the "t" in christ is missing…..?

attached is my captcha to make this post, interesting wave synchs happening in Creation atm.

You are doing God's work, be blessed and may peace and protection surround you.

i love you all

21a4c6 No.33791


Just put it inside the main loop of the original code, after initializing a black/empty bmp object

if (!theend[e].ContainsKey(n))


theend[e][n] = new List<string>();

[insert bmp code here]


Save the bmp to a file. I don't have a clue about C# so I rewrote the entire thing

For the negative half (f coordinates) you will have to do some magic, as images are indexed from 0,0. I just moved everything to the right (+1024 for a 2048 wide image)

af8a4d No.33917

File: 860433d35a6987f⋯.png (49.06 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, img.png)

Is this what you have? Can't tell but mine looks different I think.

ef2925 No.33952

How do these equations work with Merseienne primes?

(2^n + 1) - (2^n - 1) = 2

2dedea No.33966


this shit is going to turn out to be a cube, I'm willing to bet it on Saturn

then a tetrahedron, right?

af8a4d No.33971


I hate to speculate but it really does look like 2d is not the proper way to view this. I can see spirals, x's, hella patterns.

af8a4d No.33977

There's a structure in the middle that looks like what Topolanon keeps fucking posting. Some kind of conic spiral.

6f2207 No.34029

This thread makes me feel like an idiot and I'm doing a degree in this stuff. I know how RSA works, I know how it relates to prime numbers and I know these variables are involved in key calculation etc, but I don't know what the fuck I'm looking at.

2dedea No.34034


Topolanon is posting the Tree of Life as from Kabbalah teachings.

I vaguely remember that a scientist said before that at the highest levels of super-symmetry were self-replicating 0's and 1's like in a computational system, is that relevant?


probably because solving this equation would have a lot of repercussions, it's like we are collectively pushing the Universe towards this

where are the Mathanons?

af8a4d No.34035

I hope this isn't a game of chase the pretty patterns. I guess it's time to play color some dots.

2dedea No.34052

File: e105525e5c69c3a⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 460x537, 460:537, ea-96.JPG)

File: 766bbc06e295f7b⋯.jpg (3.46 MB, 1983x2705, 1983:2705, a3550739d15b870efe9f0f707a….jpg)



The equations directly relate to Sacred Geometry, right? VQC implied that God is mathematics, therefore the purest form of Mathematics is Sacred Geometry, right? Fibonacci, Pi, etc…

af8a4d No.34069


Good call. If we really are gettting 'The Truth' whatever that may be then these things might have something to do with it. I'm not into occult stuff though so it's a tough leap of faith for me.

67bed7 No.34074

File: b1a741ce32b0222⋯.png (48.94 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, end.png)


This looks almost right for i_max = 512, my previous image was with i_max 4096.

Somehow you have more vertical lines, one of us must have fucked up something

9f9715 No.34075

9fc9ed No.34085


the 000000 ID just means someone is using .tor

there is no digits in that post.

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