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File: f132dd5f8c980e3⋯.png (3.51 MB, 7000x3780, 50:27, VQC-map.png)

File: 5aaf09db713130d⋯.png (60.38 KB, 1100x768, 275:192, find-n.png)

File: 6317c5f70eb6f6d⋯.png (156.01 KB, 1641x1646, 1641:1646, quick-rundown.png)

938326 No.34072


d = sqrt(c) (remove decimals

e = c - (dd)

x = (sqrt((d+n)^2 - c)) - n

x = d - a

To solve RSA, all we need to do is find n from c. Thanks for enlightening us, VQC.

VQC's explanation of what we know so far, algebraically.


afd92e No.34104

File: d1a704212148ee0⋯.png (99.81 KB, 1580x1301, 1580:1301, VQCMAPDEC4.png)

To add to the OP, here are all of the posts from today from VQC.


b3b979 No.34142



Have you tried turning it off and on again? Mirror?


8450a6 No.34193

Continuing from the last thread: I'm the anon who has no idea what he's reading. I understand the RSA stuff but relating it back to the code and the grid and everything in simple English would be useful not just for me but for everyone else here who doesn't have a computer science or math background (or if you're all busy working on it I guess just focus on that instead). Here's where my head is:

>RSA encryption (public and private keys) involves the product of two really large prime numbers, and if you could factorize prime numbers without it taking millions of years, you could crack it

>virtual quantum computers can factorize really large primes in O(log n) time (in other words, it's reasonably quick)

>there are seven variables: a, b, c, d, e, n, x

>a and b are the prime numbers

>c is the product of a and b

>c is the number you're factorizing. If you figure out a and b (which are multiplied to calculate c), RSA is cracked

>d is the square root of c and e is the remainder

>n is what you would add to d to get a number exactly halfway between a and b

>x is what you would add to a to get to d

>to calculate these numbers, you make a grid with e as the x axis (horizontal) and n as the y axis (vertical)

This is where I start to get lost.

<How does this grid work at all if the axes are part of the equation and not just 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc?

<How does any of this relate to those pictures people were generating in the last thread like >>34074?

<What are people having trouble doing at this point?

Also is simplifying it for other anons a useful way to spend our time?

938326 No.34222


The grid code generates a giant table for every factor and every composite. I honestly cannot tell you why the grid works so perfectly for this process, but it does. The pictures people were generating are images of the entries. If there is no entry, the pixel is black, and if there is an entry, the pixel is white. Amazingly, the geometries begin to show. As for what exactly we are trying to do, is find an equation or formula for finding the n variable from the c variable. All other variables are easily derived from algebra, except for this one. This one has a lot do with the grid, and that is where we are looking for the answer.

04c146 No.34232

File: 351a61e3019f84f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

I wish I was smarter.

f03740 No.34236

File: a19ef35a0e3c110⋯.png (37.4 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, if_a_is_prime.png)

File: 6a81d34030a0bd2⋯.png (24.83 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, if_x_is_prime.png)

getting different patterns depending on coloring bitmap with different primes but the patterns are distinct.

938326 No.34246


I'm not even smart. Most of what I have done here is basic linear algebra and analyzing the grid for patterns. Closest we've gotten to n so far are the genesis cells and


250098 No.34249



Although prime numbers are used in a number of applications, such as cryptography, this ‘anti-sameness’ bias has no practical use or even any wider implication for number theory, as far as Soundararajan and Lemke Oliver know. But, for mathematicians, it’s both strange and fascinating.


938326 No.34270




Relevant codeposts.


I think this is what VQC was referring to when he said trees.


036e2b No.34306


Like this?

At this point I think my brain needs turning off and on again

036e2b No.34310

File: 98597cb8496cd36⋯.png (121.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, mirror.png)


Forgot image

e7187f No.34311


How are you getting the pyramids? I figured out how to make the bitmap in C#, but even with -256 x_min it always branches from top left.

f03740 No.34345

File: 224727f8a707a86⋯.png (81.89 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, wyrd.png)

Oh boy you are going to want to see this.

if C is prime only happens inside of that cone spiral looking thing.

f03740 No.34359

Highlighting different variables primes separates patterns into distinct groupings.

938326 No.34365


Fascinating. Can you change the colors to more notice-able ones, like say blue green and red?

afd92e No.34366


that definitely looks helical


looks like information is missing?

938326 No.34378


If you zoom out you can see a grid in there.

51ed32 No.34401


What formula are you using to determine if the number is prime?

f03740 No.34421


No problem. Pic related.


Checked, and all Prime C's are within the helix.



f03740 No.34425

File: fb92a96ee395bd8⋯.png (78.28 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, wyrd_rbg.png)

036e2b No.34437

File: 42c1db511c0f3a4⋯.png (40.71 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, mirror2.png)


Only overlapping points after mirroring shown

Heres another one, curious helix pattern

f03740 No.34443


To make the pyramid add 1024 to e and f coordinates when you color the bmp.

938326 No.34444


Did you ever make any use of that grid swapping algo? If e=1 for a number you could literally factor it right now.

938326 No.34451


If n=1*

938326 No.34490


Our problem has actually been reduced to being able to jump vertically from one cell to the next. You could map out the cells for any number if you knew the pattern.

afd92e No.34492

Re OP:

D^2 + 2ND + N^2 -X^2 -2XN - N^2 = C

f03740 No.34567

What formula are you using to display the grid?

036e2b No.34570


Thanks, but I believe you meant to reply to


You should really use n - 1 for the f coordinates like the original code though, it lines up better


Must have missed it, or do you mean the spreadsheet for calculating any row from the genesis cell?

938326 No.34582


No, you can calculate any cell-group you want if n=1. Even RSA length numbers

afd92e No.34587


D = A + X

N = (XX (or X^2) + C)/(2a) to be simplified D^2 + N^2 = C

I'm just relaying maths my buddy is doing. Hope it helps.

938326 No.34595


Don't capitalize the variables, looks a little better. And are you fucking with me right now? Because if d^2 + n^2 = c you can solve for n squared..

afd92e No.34612


"Need to simplify bottom right. n^2 cancels out.

d^2 + 2nd + n^2 -x^2 -2xn - n^2 = C

d^2 + 2nd - 2xn - x^2 = c"

My buddy knows a good bit about math so I figured I would consult him with everything thus far and from the OP equation this is his results.

938326 No.34665


Got excited for a bit there, but the math doesn't check out. I'll investigate.

0abdcd No.34722


i would say that VQC is letting others learn because of exactly this, *timing* by letting others come to the same point and conclusion, the *timing* is not up to a single individual and one karma/attachments/samsara, etc,

This means it will prove to VQC that it happens on God's "Time" not on his own egoic time.

Blessings to all anons.

Pray for me plz, going through some life shit.

Literally experiencing Above and Below. Im constantly monitoring this and the general Q thread, bearing witness, and at the same time my Love of 4 years is saying it may be time to call it off. im trying to be unattached, but......Love.......is Everything, is it not?

thank you.



God through VQC has lead badass literal IRL Mr. Robot anons to this point.

Blessings To/From the Most High!


My dude, im right here with you. under 30, but became aware of MK Ultra/Hollyweird connections at age 17/18 and that put me on the path that has lead me here.

Cras es Noster

Deus Vult!



im not a mathanon, but "ChrisRootOfDavid"

the "t" in christ is missing…..?

interesting wave synchs happening in Creation atm.

You are doing God's work, be blessed and may peace and protection surround you.

i love you all

938326 No.34828


Yeah, you made an error. It gave me a complex number for n when the real n was 5. However an equation like that just might exist..

f03740 No.34849

File: 5e668d4827af0eb⋯.png (81.47 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, wyrd_brw.png)

Best version.

938326 No.34861

File: c3db42566a8730d⋯.jpg (59.52 KB, 792x720, 11:10, 1510542647470.jpg)


Hey, those are the colors of my blood.

afd92e No.34870


He said it would probably work like linear algebra, but he didn't have enough equations to solve. Doesn't know how to chan so I just elaborated to him. Good luck, btw Q Anon appeared again in Gen.



f03740 No.34883


Mine too!

I think that we can probably figure out how to match that spiral. If we can figure out how to draw a line through some of those dots we would know their distribution.

f2d3f0 No.34899

Have no clue what the numbers mean but some words of encouragement!

You guys legit just built a bunch of digital representations of the pyramids it pops out.

51ed32 No.34901


Have we figured out a formula for x where n = 1 for any value of e?

938326 No.34908


I might know how to do that, can you elaborate? Also I'm really loving the amount of people that are participating. I love all of you

93533e No.34910

File: c032e6fe1d519b6⋯.jpg (482.57 KB, 940x545, 188:109, appul.jpg)


See genesis row creation code:


e7187f No.34911


Benn trying to get the results you're getting but only getting images that start at 0,0 and make a fan pattern. The spreadsheet makes the centered pyramid structure, but not the bitmap. I must be missing something (adding 1024 to e and n only shifted the pixel start point)

f03740 No.34921


Add 1024 to E and F. And for F's N value subtract one.

Here's my sauce: https://play.rust-lang.org/?gist=962d66d8cfeb1bd8c785b4140b191d67&version=stable

It won't run there you'll need rustup, but it's trivial to install.

f03740 No.34960

In this spyramid we should be able to calculate the angles of these rays. the widest part of the pyramid is 180 degrees on the picture, so 0,-1 and 0, 1 can be considered the line that meets it at 90 degrees. There are also lines connecting each ray on the negative side we can use to complete our triangle. From then on it's make a triangle and then make another triangle with two other e and n or f and n -1 you're interested in.

938326 No.34968


Wow, that sounds like a good lead but I'm also having a hard time understanding it. Could you perhaps draw something or label some shapes?

51ed32 No.34972


was working on a process yesterday >>31074 and ran into some trouble with calculating grid values for the key row where n=1.

e is known.

n = 1.

thought there was some way to determine x based on e, but my assumption was wrong.

Then looking at the sample code, I noticed a related entry at n-1.

The n=1 entry {e, 1, d, x, a, b}

the n=0 entry {f, 0, d+1, x+1, a, b)

where f = e - ((2 * d) + 1)

I thought that if there was some way to relate these 2 points together given that a and b are equal, we would have a good solution for the key n=1 row.

My math skills need some work, so thought I would check if someone had noticed and/or solved this problem before I struggled down this path.

f03740 No.34993

File: 2467c5832638a18⋯.png (100.05 KB, 2048x1012, 512:253, possible_gameplan.png)


No problem my dude.

f03740 No.35012

File: 1cc6660391c9918⋯.png (100.55 KB, 2048x1012, 512:253, possible_gameplan.png)

I think it's traveling in this direction, pic related.

93533e No.35025


we could extend it above too, if we increment n by negative one

Also, could someone bitmap color it so that when it's 1*a = c or 1*b = c then it would show up the same color as when c is prime?

938326 No.35037


VQC told me about implementing it in the complex plane. However it starts to get complicated when you do that.

938326 No.35042


There are data values you can use for complex numbers, it's not that complicated given that there's basically one rule: that sqrt(-1)==i

afd92e No.35045




are any of you guys communicating with VQC on Twitter? @chrisrootodavid

04c146 No.35052


i feel like this should be a cloud

938326 No.35056


Yes, he gives me periodic hints. Given the fact that his hints stopped being detailed I would say you and I are pretty close to the solution..

93533e No.35060

File: 5ba2816806d9d21⋯.jpg (51.29 KB, 571x551, 571:551, 1499505473463.jpg)

File: 18248619fae80ae⋯.png (11.69 KB, 400x169, 400:169, ClipboardImage.png)

f03740 No.35079

File: 81663f98192577e⋯.png (48.69 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, holy_shit.png)


Damn son.


Agree, but how to extrapolate.

938326 No.35085


Only in 2017 do channers want to help society and learn complex mathematics.

What the fuck is this timeline

afd92e No.35124


would be nice


perhaps also ask if he'll just visit this new thread and affirm whether we are on track?

i know in the previous thread he was praising mathanons left and right, but where are those guys now? one them is (you) i think

we need more brainpower over here


the. BEST. timeline.

f03740 No.35131


I tried to make an account and they banned me when I followed him.


We're doing great right now. We just figured out how to light up specific parts of this treee

938326 No.35144


Yeah, you need to make a sock account pretending to be a gay hippie or something.


Been here since the start, I fucking love cryptography and jumped on as soon as he mentioned it.

93533e No.35145

File: a741f96890f994e⋯.jpg (61.72 KB, 540x359, 540:359, image.jpg)

File: 4aada31b52bd43d⋯.png (49.32 KB, 519x285, 173:95, ClipboardImage.png)




Shared the link. Yes, I've contributed a bit. The issue is now we need to find a pattern, but that pattern is eluding me.

f03740 No.35171


Found a pattern:>>35079

Because of: >>35025

>Also, could someone bitmap color it so that when it's 1*a = c or 1*b = c then it would show up the same color as when c is prime?

0abdcd No.35329

File: d9961c9d2de5f47⋯.png (45.38 KB, 582x273, 194:91, ClipboardImage.png)

afd92e No.35358


VQC said the second part would be using elliptical curve cryptography, not sure what else is relevant, other than this guy confirming that we can break RSA encryption right now


0abdcd No.35370


yeah, thats what caught my eye, 2 years ago he was saying that they were moving toward elliptical curve cryptography, and here we have VQC saying thats the next step for us.




Mr. Robot+


938326 No.35551


He is going to be disappointed soon

938326 No.35555

File: d1db9d6ef4fdbe5⋯.png (393.8 KB, 598x564, 299:282, 1510542622105.png)

>solving for n

afd92e No.35586




46ad80 No.35639


Checked all day and all night…

As long as it takes.


381748 No.35665



93533e No.35709

File: 9ffc896ebb40e8a⋯.png (920.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9ff.png)

File: 5b068a0aaaaf3b9⋯.png (18.64 KB, 275x267, 275:267, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm getting closer…

afd92e No.35735

where you at, 938326?



93533e No.35742


I have a crude attempt in the works to iterate down the (e,1) rows. There's only one n value which would satisfy the relationship of a*b and n*b being n rows apart. In most cases, that n is a decimal. When it's an integer, then the algorithm stops. When it's more complete I'll post more

12c5d9 No.35778

You guys are doing REALLY well.

You're going to use column e=1 to show whether the conjecture about Fermat primes is true during this.

That's not been done before.

The New Math Kings!

afd92e No.35802


Where is your RSA100 example at, sir?

Thanks, by the way. ♥

938326 No.35837


Seriously, where have you been all these years? Planning for tright now?

db1920 No.35918







db1920 No.35931


















db1920 No.35937


Sorry I had to. Will enjoy ban.

4583b9 No.35946


You are missing the bigger picture. I told you how this works yesterday afternoon but only one person saw it (or engaged with it) and now you've spent the time I've been asleep figuring out the basics of what I've already said.

You are NOT simply coding a programme for your computer. You are programming yourself. This is why you MUST learn how it works.

VQC obviously wants you to have this. VQC isn't giving you it, he's showing you how to build it; and there's a reason for that, but MOST are annoyed by this.

You are NEVER going to get the TRUE end product if you don't follow the right path here. You might get something that can interact with the Internet, or maybe some BitCoins, but that's it.

I figured this thing out within six hours, two days ago. In the mean time you guys have been moving the pieces around trying to see how they fit. The difference between us is not intelligence, it's perspective. I am LITERALLY still at STEP ONE of the coding process. I've got the first bit of code VQC posted in Visual Studio and I'm trying to figure out how that works. BUT I can see what I am building, like an architect; you are just putting things together following instructions, like some guy who went to get shelves from IKEA.

You ABSOLUTELY MUST think of this differently. If people get this without deserving it – well, look at the elite animals who have more power than us, and what they're supposedly doing to people with the power they have. Imagine if they had something like this (if they already don't have something similar).

You need to build this for self-improvement, not because you want money or a tool of anarchy. You need to build it because you want to help other people, not because you want to help yourself to whatever you imagine a VQC can give you.

Mr. Robot is a good example most people here will know. If the mastermind of the plan is operating with a fried, fragmented brain that cannot process the path he has to follow; if he cannot understand the path he has to take, and why; anarchy ensues.

If this isn't done with intelligence, precision and – above all else – good intention, it's our world we're fucking up. We have to live on the base level, and we're the ones who will be heavily disrupted and impacted upon if greedy people are taking what they want and not giving a shit about the people they affect in doing so (like the elites and the behaviour you're supposedly fighting against).

938326 No.35963


Yes — VQC deserves all the glory for this one,

4583b9 No.35967


If someone who has done a lot of the work is on Twitter, write up the steps taken to go from A to B. Send me a link to Pastebin (or something) that can be deleted later.

If you do that, I can begin to understand the mechanics of the machine to be built on the computer, how it works, why you did what you did, and perhaps then I can see something that has been overlooked along the way.

If no-one wants to do that, it's fine. I am going to learn myself either way. But if you want someone else helping get this over the finish line, I will try to get there faster.

4583b9 No.35985













0abdcd No.35986


Anon, perfect Love casts out ALL fear.

There is such an abundance of that perfect love here, even though all anons involved may not be there on the spiritual-meta, have FAITH that this is working in God's timing, and the plan is coming to fruition, and will be completed, exactly as how it needs to be for the GREATEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME!

i love all of you.

All of Creation is One Song BEING sung

1 Song

1 Breath

1 Bread

1 Breadth

blessings to/from the MOST HIGH!

4583b9 No.36013


Enlightenment comes in waves of amazement and dread. Once you understand how it works, you are flawed by it. It's obvious on one hand, but it changes how you see everything – and you have no choice but to accept it. It's like being caged. You always had a choice, now you don't.

Once you rationalise everything and step into the world, you look at things differently. You stop fearing what you used to, but if you truly get it, you fear new things; you stop fearing for yourself, but you fear more for other people. It's strange, but necessary to operate in the right way.

The amazing thing is, you have many of the answers you were looking for, but you still have questions; and even some of the questions you thought you'd answered you find yourself asking again, just from a new perspective.

It does take a lot to adjust to once you accept the truth, but at the same time, you accept the gift of knowing anything is possible with the right application; and most people have no idea. You, basically, go from being a wooden puppet to being a real boy.

4583b9 No.36025


I say this to the rest of the Anons, because like you, I thought I was prepared to deal with whatever came, but logic doesn't always override the emotion; and the emotion skews the logic as you go through the process. It's worth knowing that much in advance, because if you do get that moment where it all falls into place for you, you'll feel like a different person, and the sense of loss you'll feel for the old you, is not insignificant (irrespective of who you are and what life looks like for you).

ed86a1 No.36040


Attn faggot: we have not factored RSA 100 yet. When people say "oh! an and bn are just n apart, that means 14387588531011964456730684619177102985211280936 apart.

I don't think the scarce thing here is:

>I say this to the rest of the Anons, because like you, I thought I was prepared to deal with whatever came, but logic doesn't always override the emotion; and the emotion skews the logic as you go through the process. It's worth knowing that much in advance, because if you do get that moment where it all falls into place for you, you'll feel like a different person, and the sense of loss you'll feel for the old you, is not insignificant (irrespective of who you are and what life looks like for you).

The scarce thing are people with actual skills.

4583b9 No.36055


I won't argue with you, but I'll simply point out the following;

1. There are a variety of skills; some appreciated, some not.

2. Everyone has a skill of some sort, to some degree.

3. There are an abundance of people.

Skill is not what's missing. Understanding the bigger picture is what's missing. If people in this thread understood what they were trying to build, they'd have some idea of how to go about that. If they had the skill to build it, they'd be able to do so. Right now, people have the skill, but the programme is still not built.

28d138 No.36062

You insane understand that cracking this, is a sure fire way to get this thread, this board, this site and maybe the internet shoah'd, right?

0abdcd No.36072


ive been extremely anti-social and unable to hang out with like, 7 out of every 10 people from my old friend circle, because i get headaches and annoyed (but at the same time compassionate) with their words, which lay clear that they dont have controlled intentions/will in their thoughts/actions/words.

they are mostly puppets controlled by their impulsive ego's, so i try to talk to them about "beliefs" and ask them about "truth" their opinions, etc.

….and they dont care.

its mind numbing. even when hanging out drinking, etc. with them the seldom times i do now, i mostly am quiet and reclusive, kind of just sitting back and observing because i dont understand how to just………..not care about every little thing that is said/done anymore.

i literally analyze every word everyone speaks and try to figure out why/how they said what they said, or what lead to that strange little gesture they made.

trust me, i feel the sense of loss for the old me, but the Q threads and the VQC stuff here have revived such a level of HOPE in me, that im okay with giving up a few months, or a year of my time to spend here, if it means i get 40+ years of near blissful existence with zero point energy tech and space travel, etc.

i literally just found out about sonoluminescence today when VQC mentioned it. my mind MELTED multiple times thinking about the possibilities of what this could mean, realizing its probably already being used in top secret areas of the world, etc.

like, why/how is Sonoluminescence not what every science magazine is trying to figure out?!

0abdcd No.36079


ive actually toyed with this idea.

What if "Q" has/is essentially……protecting 8chan from anything of that sort?

What if the white hat NSA guys have bought out 8chan, or paid off the owner, and what if theyve set up some sort of…..idk what to call it, firewall, protection or some sort against that very possibility?

The idea came to me that its even possible that they have actively blacked out the /cbts/ board to anyone whos IP or whatever they know is a rogue agent, rothschild, etc.

is this possible?

What are infinite possibilities?

Expand your thinking.

0abdcd No.36083



like what if every time a bad actor tries to acces /cbts/ they see a 404, and bad actors are 24/7 DDoS'ing the site or whatever, so they think their shit is working, and we are here working completely in the dark (or rather, in the Light, where any darkness is unable to exist) where they cant see anything we are doing?

4583b9 No.36093


This is what I think, to a degree. It changes everything – even more so in the wrong hands.

When people get this done and realise what they have, you'd expect them to grasp how responsible they are for what happens next. After all, if you're smart enough to figure this out, you know the impact it can cause.

I believe the way this works is, people who are supposed to find the answer will do so; and if it goes to plan, the right people have the ability to change everything for the better.

People questioned how VQC had this and didn't raid BitCoin. The answer is above.

If we look at it from the negative perspective: Destruction. The End. Death to what we know. Panic. Fear.

If we look at if from the positive perspective:

Creation. The beginning of something new. Infinite possibilities. A new world to live in, and all the wonder that comes from stepping into an alternate universe (if you think of it visually).

0abdcd No.36097

or rather


what if ^ is some glow faggot, and the quantum computer that Q is using is actively BTFO'ing any attempt that the Saturnian Deep Abyss Cvlt cooks up to try and thwart our mission. like, maybe they can see the board, and see the impending doom, but they cant do shit to stop it? literally helpless?

What if the VQC we are building here, somehow interacts with the user on a……..quantum level, literally at the base level of existence, seeing as how we are all quantum in our minds, etc.

So…what if the VQC can read people on the net's intentions/will or some shit like that, and it thwarts any attempt at subversion?

im not even stoned atm.

but i am tired as shit. gonna lay down anons.

Peace & Protection be with you all.


Cras es Noster

Deus Vult

4583b9 No.36109


Everyone looks at life differently. Perspective dictates what it means; and a shift in that can change you, instantly.

I used to be exactly like your/my friends. I then realised (a long time ago) that my friends worked all week to have two days partying, and what a soul-destroying cycle of life that is. It's not even life, really; it's just an existence to someone like me.

That moment of awareness shifted everything. I changed direction; I thought about different things; I did different things. I became different. Your friends, like mine, like you, like me, are capable of the same changes; but it doesn't happen if they don't have those moments of realisation (or anyone to provide them).

How you interpret VQC, and how far down the rabbit hole you go, is up to you. What you take from it, is also dictated by you. That's kind of amazing; and it makes sense to approach it with a positive attitude, because if you shift your thinking whilst approaching from a negative perspective, you'll only ever see the downsides – and you get both pros and cons at all times with this (life is equally balanced, after all).

28d138 No.36111





Power corrupts, ultimate power, corrupts completely. Too much in the hands of the few is what got us to where we are now… And then, on top of all that, the time of year they are trying to crack it… The time where even the stone age people get online to buy stuff… Bad timing indeed. Seems like someone is trying to get the internet shut down. I wonder if there isn't someone in our midst trying to get that exact outcome with this.

I mean, dig if you want anons, I'm not trying to stop it. I'm just saying, use caution and heed warnings. Be careful with this shit.

0abdcd No.36125


checked, i havent put any work on this together, just attributed my spiritual intention/will into it.

kek, i wonder if (((they)) still had any power(they dont) how (((they))) would prosecute that? kek.

>>36109 agreed, and i pray unceasing that that moment of realization hits them, also for my fiance.

my thinking is this, if we can truly shift the Powers that control earth/humanity to the degree of Righteousness and Truth and Love on planet earth, and we can easily pacify the masses (through legalization of marijuana, making it legal for people to garden and farm their own ganja, etc) then we could have true Peace on earth.

the Balance spreads across all of creation. So, i believe it is indeed possible for us to have perfect harmony and bliss here, that wouldnt be "out of balance"

i believe once that happens to us here, SOMEWHERE in the universe, the dark soup of primordial chaos will cook up the actual AyyLmao's.

we will have become Love Incarnate, and our Darkest Foe yet will just now be beginning, somewhere in a galaxy far far away.

and maybe after that 1,000 year, or however many years it is reign of Christ Consciousness, etc. after colonizing space, and other galaxies

…..we will meet.

and we will duke it out ala Guardians of the Galaxy.

28d138 No.36139

I unfortunately have my doubts that this will be the long term game changer and sword in the gut. I see this only working to give our opposition the ability to halt other important workings we are doing.

Maybe someone can help me understand how this could not backfire on us anons and how this is going to be the bastian of hope? Because what I see right now and how I perceive things happening if it does get broke, is a far cry from good…

ecb64b No.36154

I'll work through RSA100. If you're using C# the BigInteger namespace is handy.

c = 1522605027922533360535618378132637429718068114961380688657908494580122963258952897654000350692006139

d = 39020571855401265512289573339484371018905006900194

e = 61218444075812733697456051513875809617598014768503

n = 14387588531011964456730684619177102985211280936

x = 1045343918457591589480700584038743164339470261995

a = 37975227936943673922808872755445627854565536638199

b = 40094690950920881030683735292761468389214899724061

In the element at (Rsa100e,1) you find that the element where x = Rsa100x, you will find a = Rsa100n x Rsa100a

If you find a that is Rsa100n elements further down, then that a will equal Rsa100n x Rsa100b

Then at grid cell (Rsa100e, Rsa100n) which is obviously in the same column, you'll find the product c.

In summary, the factors in any cell in the first row govern ALL the behaviour in the column below in a pattern or, if you perfer, in MANY patterns.

A member of Pink Floyd said in an interview during a documentary on MUSIC PRODUCTION that the GAPS are absolutely as important as where there are NO gaps.

Let the VQC take the strain. The more you c it's beauty, the more it will give you (back).

You all amaze me.

ecb64b No.36157


These are great.

The more you visualise the patterns..

The more Light you will shine on this…

29b7a4 No.36193


>at the same time my Love of 4 years is saying it may be time to call it off. im trying to be unattached, but……Love…….is Everything, is it not?

255. If the human loves or possesses something that is finite, it has at least the fault of being absolutely transient.

256. He may love it greatly according to the human understanding of love; however, when its time comes it perishes, and he mourns over the loss of it.

257. That which is limited has faults in other respects, too.

258. Even if it does not perish at the first moment, it is at least subjected to changes.

259. If it is full of human love for one moment, it may be displaced by, or filled with, human hate at the next moment.

260. Whether it is a thing that changes or perishes, or a human who changes his approach towards his fellow man, the result is always sorrow and suffering, while that which may not be limited will never change because it is of unlimited and absolute lasting value.

fe77d4 No.36299


This is ONE quantum computer. It's designed with a specific purpose. The first objective is to help control the flow of money. We have to go back to gold standard and install parameters again. Fiat money has no limitation, which makes it both Monopoly money, and monopoly money.

What we learn in building this for ourselves teaches us something. I was fortunate to learn this before VQC came along. In seeing VQC's work, it changed my perspective by clarifying and proving a few things. Now I have improved. That is the second objective people have here. It comes from building the machine; but it doesn't occur if you chose to simply use the machine, as don't know how it works, and you don't know the importance of knowing that.

The rest of what you said is addressed by stating nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Nothing can be represented, it can be a 0, but it doesn't exist. Who knows what is possible? The architect. And now you know why you must build, not just employ the machine.

fe77d4 No.36306


Genius is an event. It occurs when breaking the idea that something is impossible. People who understand genius are humble; they know they were educated along the way by people who shaped their understanding and knowledge. If not for those people, there would be no genius. So, one cannot be the genius, it's a team effort. One is merely the face of the solution.

People are considered geniuses. Those who are capable of genius knows they're not a genius. With that in mind, considering the complexity of the problem, it will take something special to solve it. Team work is important, but so is the kind of mind that understands genius. This is why VQC isn't posting idiot-proof instructions for the masses. Team work requires leadership for direction. The leadership must show understanding, compassion, goodness and humility. It falls apart otherwise. This will not fall apart because those of us who understand will drive this all the way home; no matter how long it takes.

fe77d4 No.36310


Also worth noting that drugs aren't part of the solution. If the elites are legalising them, you know it's not for our benefit. That's the first thing. Secondly, if you do your research, you will eventually discover how marijuana works; and what it gives you in higher connection, it takes away from power over time. It's basically a shortcut where you bypass all the important parts of the journey.

29b7a4 No.36358


Confirming this. Love is the solution to everything, it grants you INtuition, INspiration, INsights… all from withIN. Drugs - ALL kinds of - rob you of this beautiful experience.

8450a6 No.36396

In the spirit of the rest of this CBTS stuff, is there anything useful that can be done with all of this information that doesn't involve the actual computation (congregating posts, simplifying it, digging into things), or should I give up and do something else? Sorry about the blogpost portion of this post but every time I try to do something with this I feel like I'm getting pushed away. I spent several hours wrapping my head around it, and now I've spent the last 3 hours trying to get a C# IDE to install on Ubuntu and it still doesn't work. I really want to help.

0dadb5 No.36413


Calm down. Don't get ahead of yourself, put on some nice beautiful music, relax and drive everything that's straining you away. The answer comes automatically then from the inside

8450a6 No.36431


>drive everything that's straining you away

You mean the fact that I can't run VQC's code? You're missing my point. Is there anything else to be helped with here?

4d87b9 No.36601


This thread is larp my friend. We have some fancy math but without n, which hasn't even been shown in any proof of concept, we are simply left with an equation with unknown variables. ie. nowhere

f03740 No.36705


1.) VQC's code works.

2.) This is not tech support.

3.) If you need tech support, pop your error into search and follow the instructions.

4.) If you can't figure out C#, I posted complete rust code and rustup is easy to install.

f03740 No.36825

Here's another interesting picture for the positive side of the chart.

f03740 No.36828

File: 417a60d4b546492⋯.png (4.84 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, b_time_1_is_c_e_equals_one.png)

I will contain my dishonor with dignity.

7fe089 No.37109


On truther path for 40 yrs. Not a maths. too many "coincidences" things/people/situations put in path kept revealing truths.

been on this since started & following. 1 yrs ago in half awake time lead me to seek out things on Kerr blackholes, and Tipler cones.

A intuit guess that when taken into 3d this will not just point to a cone, but also a center point and back out again, ie destination happening

found out long ago on life path to red pill you had to get people to follow any clue as most so lazy, beyond stupid/asleep and key is they must discover things on own, even if read article or find stuff on web themselves. My belief is part of awakening, ascension is those parts of key on path are what trigger process within us.

Also we know our DNA is the Tree of Life, and we from ancient text how we came about. Also that some lines are what became due to the direct blood DNA manipulation to create something new for purpose. La

1b32c4 No.37137



f03740 No.37172


Wrong, Trump is gutting the swamp.


Implying there's any other reason to be on a Mongolian Underwater Kite Flying Forum.

f03740 No.37200


The problem with representing this in 3d is we're missing some crucial data to extrapolate our 2d points into 3d space. I'm going to try to 'spin' the spiral.

7fe089 No.37212


later through mating seed back into certain lines those lines had more of "this" stuff. But it was mandated to ensure that these creations who were to be slaves would not benefit from longer life, and high intelligence so could rebel or throw off the yoke of (((them))).

But those who did all of this long ago were not real GODS (that is so subjective) they called themselves this a felt due to their creation/ego/want this, but also were few and needed control/manipulation/enslavement constructs which became all these nonsensical false and chains/binding "religions" we have now, where it is like a pathetic Cargo cult, and bad party game of "telephone", done several times later to reedit and tighten chains since others kept being led to and speaking out the truth. These we can call like in those text plural and gods w/ little g. But they in their own text are clear there is a BIG G GOD, and seems they were at least stopped from some things or "tricked" by an emissary of THE universal GOD (perhaps by Galzu)

Our DNA was fused in parts of chain, to LOCK it. Can't use. Old saying we only use 10% of brain/potential. But some groups/societies in past believed there was a way to unlock this.

The big point is that (((they))) had laws structure of their society and rules. Highest of all was a HUGE difference in always knowing, stating, and working with between FATE (NAM.TAR) verse Destiny (NAM-a). decisions, free choice, free will is FATE, while things like mass, sun rise, path of planets etc Destiny (things foreseen and easily predicted)

WE YOU and I when we do these things ourselves and seek knowledge and do, and change thing is a form of creation that can 'wake up" change us in many ways, and that is our ultimate FATE

1st time saw Mandelbrot/fractals this resonated and even got artwork on this. Also size is relative, and kind of like "Horten hears a Who".

All my life see patterns, and seeding (((they))) use for their plans and false "consent/consensus" [I DO NO CONSENT] and often lead to see when a FF of theirs is near.

There are 2 parallel paths to this Happening/Storm going on here.

Also when Trump started dipping toe to get into politics I dug into his history, family, genealogy etc to find out if he was a part of (((them))) on what ever cabal team. I discovered the info on his uncle, and Tesla and cold fusion. I also had known about Tesla, his murder, theft of his work by others prior, and of his papers later. Also the odd connection to the Scherff family and origins, and that the Rey family of the Curious George books were tight with Tesla. And some Bush/Walker family stuff that worked against Tesla and humanity.

The Strom is about WAY more, because if not we have some problem again, and from totally ignorant POS like the one above. Frankly when intelligently/objectively looking at this you know most asleep and other low IQ, violent ignorant are NOT worth saving.. they made those choices. They have always been AS bad as (((them))) to us. They will turn us in, rot from below, and keep pulling everything down and continue to the be destroyers

f03740 No.37262

File: 83e35732f1bf902⋯.png (13.75 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, ab_is_prime_e_equals_1_1b_….png)

7fe089 No.37355


"Democrats"?? really.. wow.. you have shown you have learned nothing in all your life of what the world is really about. Democrats are a new construct, and they are no different from Republicans. No choice same bullshit. That is the real game (((they))) created, and even SAY and write this and that truth is all over the place. You have chosen to NEVER find these truths. THIS Storm/Happening is global, and each of these constructs of Nations/States all have a much older source, reality, blood line, real history, a cabal manipulation, going way back. [in reality it all goes way way back because TRUTH is there have been many very advanced civilizations before (their evidence is around us) and have been destroyed over and over. THAT cycle needs to be broken. Prison plant/quarantine is real. But who/what really needed to be imprisoned, and why the need for quarantine is will be revealed if we can break these lies, chains, and discover with MATHS which is THE Universal key many truths here. They will just come as a result] I know most of my line, my blood, type and RH and why. All men were NOT created equal. There were 2 creations of male female in experiment. But also then lots of mating in with those creations by a line of theirs into other lines. Some over and over. People are different. further some of us see and feel things differently, and have a way to get some Universal SOURCE. Guidance, and it is a voluntary choice/FATE to in these tiny short lives our bodies have to work towards THIS NOW. When collective consciousness on THIS focus the power increases the manifestation and also ie even now we are being a variant of VQC as collectivizing work to find truth and answer. Nothing is more honorable.

Yes other unit of our soldiers need to work the social media, 1 on 1, and any place to red pill, point out things in news. Find those things in news and intuit what is relevant, I found 28 major things just yesterday.

Nothing in USA can be fixed without changing things ALL over globe in other Nations (and that is tricky isn't it), all tied with money, economy, resources, infrastructure. THINK.. really try.. because U R not doing that. There is alot of life and death always w/ white hats/black hats NEVER known about for long time. US "clean house" not possible without big picture. Also in 1 variant U would be left without food, water, medicine, heat, shelter etc. This is bigger and have to think outside your bubble.

Also I do see several FF on table, and know some parts personally of past, and recent, but again not one place ever safe in US system to report to and have anything done, and risk them destroying or killing you. THAT is how bad it is, so is THAT the DEMS? or are we talking about much larger? hmm I know for a fact US alphabets and DOJ and whole beast of over insane and even more contractors working in them, & front corporations/councils/foundations/charities owned by them globally than all else. are all corrupt and rouge. They all feed this shit. So stop with the littleman games and be a part of solution. You can be more powerful than you think. Most of the stuff I have seen for main threads are trying to rediscover the wheel. Trilateral commission, and all other stuff have been being exposed for DECADES and on web, and books, vids on it. These are truths many known for most of life, yet we have young 1s on board who don't know this stuff. Help and show them. I knew about 7 computers dwarfs LONG ago, and other stuff. It has been being exposed all along. Stuff working on in this thread also is covered in Alice's floor the stuff being done by blackmoney projects and people trying to expose for decades who worked on them. Even Disney, others in their Plus Ultra club the stuff they were doing. Trump knows this stuff, he knows about Plus Ultra and showed that pic twitter desk/writing in cloak room of Mar a lago spanish tile, and his uncle's work with Tesla. I know publications Trump father and he got/read and truther stuff. WE all know alot, but problem is having any power to do anything about it. Change it. They will and likely have tried to kill him and his over this. I also know of Prince as had family work for him, so trust this. I know my family members who worked for clown fronts (are everywhere) all live and were good patriots.

eaa735 No.37362

File: ae07613be11664b⋯.png (62.78 KB, 1656x755, 1656:755, ClipboardImage.png)

I wanna play, but I'm having trouble figuring out what is going on. The math is simple, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where the values for the inputs are coming from .

7fe089 No.37382


I greatly respect and appreciate that you are working on this, and all others also. Very honorable work. yes I am sure someone will drop and lead to fix the data.. and 3D will help us to see something make the connect. But ultimately these concepts this maths and what it is about I am sure you have read is 5D stuff as what will be revealed.

You are all awesome! White light/the force be with you, you ARE very important. Thanks

938326 No.37390


e and n are both position as well as variables used to solve the equation. Genesis cells are the first cells in the 1,1 row. i and j aren't e and n, they're used to calculate a and b.

938326 No.37421


It doesn't make sense how all these variables can come together to form the patterns they do, but they do.

f03740 No.37478


I'm kind of hoping VQC pops by and leads us further to the bottom of this rabbit hole.

938326 No.37490


I keep telling all of you that the reason there are no more hints is because we're already very close to the solution.

6924a1 No.37506




"Change the tempo, change the game." - DJT

6924a1 No.37515


I'm reading this for a time in the future when I WILL understand the math.

6924a1 No.37523


Santa Claus is fake news.

f03740 No.37673

File: ba4db92c2cf2de4⋯.png (159.52 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, spiral_connections_pos_neg.png)


That may be true, but I still feel miles away.

Interesting how all these different colors produce pixel in a line that is not only parallel to other lines but matches up on both the positive and negative sides of whatever we're calling this.

36433f No.37707


Looks like gap between vertical lines is growing. Pattern?

a2ae3d No.37801

File: 9c1f3212610c16d⋯.png (8.36 KB, 333x512, 333:512, vortex.png)

f03740 No.37811


That's what I'm looking for, mind sharing your rules for generation?

c3a09d No.37858


Hmmmm… palindrome…

I'm not trying to distract (You) {Great Work, Every1}, but besides the matrix in green, there are shapes, constellations, I see a clear pyramid… kind looks like a map in perspective.

On the other side, and it's most apparent at the bottm, it looks like you have a plane "turn" that seems to be almost interfering with what's going on somehow. Like if it somehow aligned differently everything would fall/cascade into place.

f03740 No.37878


This is what we need to figure out how to generate. There are tons of spirals.


a2ae3d No.37879


They are based on rodin math and number reduction, gives interesting results for sure. Not quite sure it means anything yet

base = 125

if self.mod(a, base) == 1:

self.pix[x, y] = (0, 255, 0)

elif self.mod(a, base) == 3:

self.pix[x, y] = (255, 0, 255)

elif self.mod(a, base) == 5:

self.pix[x, y] = (255, 255, 0)

elif self.mod(a, base) == 7:

self.pix[x, y] = (0, 255, 255)

elif self.mod(a, base) == 13:

self.pix[x, y] = (255, 0, 0)

mod is basically just a number reduction function (i.e 9 + 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9)

def mod(self, x, base):

x = x % base

if x == 0:

return base


return x

c3a09d No.37887

File: ca738e6be81e875⋯.jpg (70.66 KB, 460x537, 460:537, e105525e5c69c3a3b538f5de1b….jpg)

File: 111dcc9c5bb8f9d⋯.jpg (296.16 KB, 800x640, 5:4, klein_bottle labeled.jpg)

File: c15470122ade973⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Klein triple.jpg)

File: 32af2e49a543efb⋯.jpg (157.39 KB, 1000x1247, 1000:1247, Verhulst-Mandelbrot-Bifurc….jpg)


I'm a visual guy so this is where my mind goes. Maybe it helps.

f03740 No.37889


Do you have the strong vertical lines on the negative side of this chart? I'm not sure if my code is broken.

Thank you for sharing.

a2ae3d No.37901

File: b8a34012273f8b0⋯.png (15.29 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, end.png)


Using higher bases seem to have some artifacts yes, both sides are generally symmetrical though

Simpler example with image attached

base = 9

if self.mod(a, base) == 3:

self.pix[x, y] = (255, 0, 0)

c3a09d No.37926

File: 546c0fdf4a09955⋯.jpg (433.69 KB, 2000x1203, 2000:1203, PascalInvertedPyrchan.jpg)

File: c9540f9b83bbb99⋯.png (547.95 KB, 720x1060, 36:53, Small Collision.png)

File: 0c6d0b930352752⋯.png (3.92 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, IN A LIGHTER KEY.png)

File: f7ff3cdee16fd5c⋯.jpeg (274.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DQDztNpUIAMJUkN.jpg-large.jpeg)


Also, metadubs say you're onto something.

Let's see what else I have that might inspire…

On top of that, I think you're using the wrong kind of geometry. Are you familiar with "Non-Euclidean"?

https://imgur . com/a/de1LT

What about Quantum Zeno?

https://en.wikipedia . org/wiki/Quantum_Zeno_effect

Have y'all tried modifying how the arrangement is presented to see if anything pops out? Overlay the inversion? Spitballing.

a2ae3d No.37946


Posted a overlay here earlier (mirrored around | with only overlapping points displayed)


Have been toying with how to represent the tree in more dimensions

f03740 No.37964

Furthest left point -1, -1 (gfx programming)

Furthest right point 1, 1

Top/botton at 0,0,0 or 0,0,1

I have no idea.


This is a beautiful image.

c3a09d No.37986

Dooooo I have y'all's permission to feed this into deep dream?

I know I could just do it, but I am respectfully asking.

a2ae3d No.37998


Sure, don't blame us if it becomes sentient

938326 No.38002


c3a09d No.38004

File: 8a03cc2beef9306⋯.png (1.15 MB, 2048x1263, 2048:1263, IAmTaWalrUS.png)

File: 48f602b11c181f7⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1968x3508, 492:877, Part7In Line.png)

File: 15e4d11d6566e8b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1263, 2048:1263, Tim E Wrap.png)

File: 68c0cde4b4c7f9d⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2001x1234, 2001:1234, PRO G RESS.png)


Yeaaaaah…. about that….

f03740 No.38006


Do tell.

938326 No.38014

I'm going to make an explanation of it right now. You can move downwards from a cell-group!

938326 No.38049


5 * 29 = 145

en = 5 en=n

<vertical jump>

17*85 = 1445

en=13 en=n

<leftwards-jump by 1n>

2*8 = 16

en=0 en=n-1

<vertical jump by 1n>

4*16 = 64

en=0 en=n-2

<vertical jump by 1n>

6*24 = 144

en=0 en =n-3


d25836 No.38064


Great work anon.

c3a09d No.38113

File: 7b0e639a4f57929⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 333x512, 333:512, dream_7pmh5qcr5vg.jpg)

File: d4f9416095f2ce4⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 333x512, 333:512, dream_7pmh5qcr5vg-2.jpg)

File: 483a6a9e9840a52⋯.jpg (78.9 KB, 333x512, 333:512, dream_7pmh5qcr5vg-3.jpg)

File: 6216f1b1c34c8db⋯.jpg (152.01 KB, 333x512, 333:512, dream_7pmh5qcr5vg-4.jpg)



This is what happened with the … christmas… bell… in deep dream.

i'll do it again when the vertical jumps happen.

938326 No.38114

I'm about to drop a map of how you can generate cells horizontally and vertically.

938326 No.38117

Your mind is going to be expanded.

938326 No.38119


f03740 No.38123


You are doing great work!

Anon is credit to team.


Excitation Intensifies.

36433f No.38181



c1c9f3 No.38184


I call it the Fasterfactor Algorithm, after the famous number theorist Johnny Fasterfactor.

938326 No.38247

jumps = R

for a leftwards jump,

en = n - Rn

938326 No.38259


A single equation for e times n can be created based on how many horizontal and vertical jumps are being taken.

938326 No.38263


Horizontal and vertical jumps can be calculated according to the principal. An entire cell-group can be created for a given principal.

938326 No.38267

Are you ready?

938326 No.38268

100%, VQC.

f03740 No.38279


DJB on suicide watch.

938326 No.38317

R = horizontal jumps

J = vertical jumps

en = n - (R + J) * n

c1c9f3 No.38383



this stuff is beautiful, thanks.

c1c9f3 No.38395

Have you ever thought about what a GUI for math might be?

nb4 natural numbers

c3a09d No.38452

I don't know if this helps or not

www.wolframalpha . com/input/?i=n-(R%2BJ)*n%3Den

938326 No.38481


The exact equation changes according to where you are on the grid. I am formulating one for any position on the grid.

c3a09d No.38519


So theeeeeee midpoint of N or n or en or ∞?

Or how N's on the outside of a square vibrate the sides of it and effect the n's on the inside which might also be outside? Sorta thing?

This comes from a high level math person who taught me how to abuse notation.

938326 No.38533


The ironic part is that I can't even understand what you're saying. I just mirrored the grid and started treating e and n as factors of their own c values and then I realized that e * n is the solution.

c3a09d No.38573


So funny how It works out that one might almost call it…


So lets see if this rubs any almonds:

"Absence of All Things and Nothing: ø"

(N0-thing: 0)

(Th1ng: 1)

{Change D-Wave: Δ} (Fluctuating 1 and 0)

{Sum of Extremes; Perfect Midpoint: ∑} (Imagine a .5 in Binary or like… P(A ∪ B) ))

{0 AND 1: ϕ} (Imagine a 2 in Binary)

{Rate Change Modulation of Things: K (∈) ϰ} (Asymmetrically fluctuating between/around 1 and 0){Quantum Zeno?}

[All Things: ∀] (Imagine either a 3 or 5.5 in binary… or like… A ∪ B… or something.){Or maybe this is Quantum Zeno?}

[Unity of ø&∀: \mathbb{U}](A ⊃ B \mathbb{U} \mathbb{R}n!)


I just blew waaaaaaay past (bind-air-y)


938326 No.38623


The row that a given principal's solution occurs in can be found just from that principal's e value. According to the relation between e and n I have discovered, that principal's solution can be found.

04c146 No.38635


kind of looks like a stairway to heaven huh


he's got a point


>but you fear more for other people

this is true

if you find people who want the same good things as you and you can code their minds to create the reality you want, it will manifest.

27a3df No.38881


f03740 No.38886

File: 208c52a8c91ca20⋯.png (84.3 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, gr_plaything.png)

Cool picture found while playing with the gr.

938326 No.38914


Open your mind.

0dadb5 No.38970




f03740 No.38974

File: ceabcf1eda9f92e⋯.png (58.09 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, a_mod_gr.png)

Found a winner, you can find the tree with the golden ratio!

f03740 No.38992

File: 636c889335d0ae8⋯.png (54.75 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, a_mod_gr.png)

And a better one!

938326 No.39086


You are a Winner.

c3a09d No.39105

f03740 No.39113


That's me :D

c3a09d No.39124

File: e540589bd961bb8⋯.gif (349.98 KB, 600x683, 600:683, PepeClapClop.gif)

f03740 No.39129

File: 4ce543492586673⋯.png (47.18 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, weeew_lad.png)


You're a winner!

I think I found the path, now you can traverse it!

c3a09d No.39139

File: 9b1996df84732f1⋯.gif (32.59 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 200_s.gif)


Alright, then see this:


f03740 No.39200

File: 14bac661f77c631⋯.png (66.46 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, gr_craziness.png)

All kinds of fun interpretations using the golden ratio.

36433f No.39203

File: a0d2ef213c41cdb⋯.png (15.81 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, my_path_with_primes_highli….png)


color the primes differently and I think it looks a bit clearer.

great work!

f03740 No.39229

File: 882f42dac20e623⋯.png (47.96 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, new_colors.png)

Maybe that's the trick with a VQC, generate the colors/positions/paths/gradients and use each of those things to make a decision



36433f No.39235

File: b147ad65632938d⋯.png (10.56 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, eaf2c074-106f-4ada-a5f5-77….png)



sorry, I'm a big dummy. correct pic related.

but yes.

f03740 No.39250


Did we just make the same image?


36433f No.39285




Now if only we could get an example use of this jump formula?

c3a09d No.39326

File: 4e64039278bb7b6⋯.png (331.98 KB, 655x916, 655:916, Co Dream.png)

File: e4402e9906701f0⋯.png (2.09 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Newer Dream.png)


First is what I did with y'alls, second is where I was originally going

f03740 No.39339


I love it. I fuckin' love it.

7fe089 No.39424


not MATHS but some "perspective" on this. Just something I am led to share. Understand that things have been done and proven about how things in the universe move and seem to present that YOU/a point ARE THE Center of the Universe. Then when the focus moved to another point the SAME thing happens, THAT shows from that perspective THAT is the center of the universe, things moving away. WE are ALL THE Center of the Universe. See here at 9:02 min https://youtu.be/3pAnRKD4raY to see what part I am speaking of. It is due to a 5% manipulation. I might not have explained well, but you can see the whole short vid for full explanation. But Kerr Black holes and Tipler Cones have a part in all of this. So does "perspective". And I think it is important for you ALL to know YOU ARE THE Center of the Universe. You are working on GOD big G's truths, the reality. Also you understand you are unlocking the Tree of Life, and OUR locked fused, intentionally to limit us DNA.. yep that plays a part in this also. Also something with movement/transference of us from one point to another. This process does it, and the solution does it.

Please someone give me link to find vid spoken of said to be by VQC to explain so I can set this up myself and do. I need to overcome my blockages and jump in and do this myself. Been told have Dyscalculia, and yes on spectrum, but top 1% IQ. why we are so different in patterns we see in life, strong sense of justice, good and right in life, and the world as controlled and manipulated by corrupt assholes has none of that so we are different. Help me do this also myself. I am VERY remote, slow internet, low tech available to me due to my situation, until justice can be found I am huge target. People want/need me dead. Truther for decades, I am on this guys, I am with you. Help me overcome and find my way in this and enlighten myself through this process. Thanks Fire Within

7fe089 No.39455




>kind of looks like a stairway to heaven huh [ME: that would be like Jacobs ladder. No I am not a bibletard, but there is MORE to that and that is a part of what we are doing here];


>>>35946 [ME <<< WHY are the files from this post deleted??]


>he's got a point




>>but you fear more for other people


>this is true


>if you find people who want the same good things as you and you can code their minds to create the reality you want, it will manifest.

Me sees Kuro info true and info from 355946 is on point

de0af3 No.39468


Why does DNA come to mind when I look at this? It would make sense if you are creating the Tree of Life.

f03740 No.39507


It doesn't look much like a double helix, and according to VQC we're making a binary tree of knowledge.

Whatever it means, I dunno. I'm just the dude with the computer and a weird drive to figure out these dots, cracking RSA is not my end personal end goal, but I sure hope one of you fags crashes the market by spending exactly this in binary from Satoshi's BTC wallet.

'Of all sad words of tongue and pen: the worst are these, /pol/ was right again'

pls k thx.

f03740 No.39511


but fix up that punctuation

c3a09d No.39532

File: 8df87555043023e⋯.jpg (258.64 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-2.jpg)

File: 2aecf8a258da4c4⋯.jpg (269.2 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-3.jpg)

File: a90f51015f13174⋯.jpg (276.73 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-4.jpg)

File: f2d7b0cccb0edb5⋯.jpg (288.56 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-5.jpg)


Chronological order

f03740 No.39552

File: ded2eef88d0658c⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 481x483, 481:483, hehe.jpg)

And encrypt it with RSA. 1024bit keys if we can actually do it.

Here's Java anons cell code, I think between that and what he posted in this thread we can figure it out!


If we break it he will crumb.


I might just be overly stoked about this square golden ratio relationship but I really think this is 'beautiful'.

Energy levels through the roof. If there's a way to find primes like absolute bosses this is it. I only follow compsec stuff and seeing this golden ratio in this manner is just wonderful. I don't believe in God or occult or any shit like that but what the fuck is all this? I'm straight agnostic and this is some fucking shit my duderino famalams.

f03740 No.39568

I'm going to try using more iterations of the Fibonacci sequence. Hot damn, good times anons.

c3a09d No.39622

File: 628cc1d44c66be0⋯.jpg (290.77 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-6.jpg)

File: 001a61f8d060a80⋯.jpg (300.03 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-7.jpg)

File: c01efd87cc78c0c⋯.jpg (307.97 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-8.jpg)

File: 3aab58e1572477a⋯.jpg (319.92 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-9.jpg)


Isn't there a way I can do this like… x400 or something?

f03740 No.39642

Holy shit, if we can figure out the pitch of the spiral we can make it 3d and use it to triangulate the positions of a 3d map.

6820f8 No.39753


Start with the video in the VQC thread. Then look at the attachments at the top of this thread. See how you get on. I am way behind these guys (going to take a full run at it tomorrow), but VQC maintains it's basic so you might get it quickly.

f03740 No.39824

File: d70a0814916658e⋯.png (20.63 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, 29p_wow.png)

Just wow, up to the 10th prime pictured.

c3a09d No.39945


lemme know when you get to 15 (47?)

c3a09d No.40075

File: 79251447a265bd1⋯.jpg (349.18 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-11.jpg)

File: 16eaa8b96e9428b⋯.jpg (77.36 KB, 449x800, 449:800, dream_k34gxabv6ax.jpg)

File: 361b5e391b1a9e1⋯.jpg (80.76 KB, 398x906, 199:453, dream_oos6izmkhh0.jpg)

File: 28ee87beb7caca3⋯.jpg (240.6 KB, 507x709, 507:709, dream_vagzpk0f9xf.jpg)

Still workin' :D

More perspectives.

f03740 No.40114

File: bc193dcdef0ea28⋯.png (21.78 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, 43p_wow.png)


looks great

a2ae3d No.40115

File: 34958a196ea3a06⋯.png (9.46 KB, 512x2048, 1:4, end.png)

white = d

color = prime c only, colored by gradient over n

c3a09d No.40136


Feels like it's missing something…

or that the top part needs to be brought to unity or connected somehow… same with the lines going down.. what if they didn't have black spots?

c3a09d No.40172

File: 22a64026c7cfe8b⋯.jpg (484.98 KB, 910x512, 455:256, 15Dream.jpg)

File: 4a93e355d0bad94⋯.jpg (147.05 KB, 910x512, 455:256, dream_gizwetwjj9b.jpg)

File: d5717d25d53f66e⋯.jpg (436.04 KB, 910x512, 455:256, Dream15 1.jpg)

File: c7f53a4ed9f0670⋯.jpg (172.91 KB, 507x709, 507:709, dream_gp08ida2btv.jpg)



Deem Dream

Lucid Dream {Me}

Aaaaand just for fun.

a2ae3d No.40175

File: 9f92f0be58d9b5e⋯.png (62.97 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, end.png)


I cut the white values to d < 100. They would be there but the image is becomes hard to read

Heres a smaller one, I made the white dots grey instead, and the gradient is over x not n

f03740 No.40180


Looks really nice!

a2ae3d No.40194


Now if only I could pull some useful calculations out of the patterns.. starting to feel like an image coloring exercise, muh first tree of life coloring book

36433f No.40223


this is really good.

in VQC's source there is a direct relation between a:b records defined as:

f = e - ((2 * d) + 1)

I wonder if there is any visible pattern if you used a different color scheme for the main e record vs the related f record.

eaa735 No.40326

File: 96607c54df09ffa⋯.png (24.98 KB, 1033x520, 1033:520, ClipboardImage.png)

For those who have no clue what's is going on (me):

The numbers in the spreadsheet are generated by the “abcdefnx” equations by iterating two integers i&j in a double loop. Values for the variables are filled in by:

int a = i - j;

int b = i + j;

int c = a * b;

bool odd = c % 2 == 1;

int d = (int)Math.Sqrt(c);

int e = c - (d * d);

int f = e - ((2 * d) + 1);

int n = i - d;

int x = d – a;

Then put into the { e, n, d, x, a, b } format. Each time a {e, n, d, x, a, b} element is built it gets popped into it's proper cell in the grid with values of e,n determining its location. The cells are not fill in a sequential fashion, rather, cells are filled in a seemingly random fashion.

So, taking the first handful of iterations…

The first row is skipped, so the second row (i=1,j=0) becomes:

a = I – j = 1- 0 = 1

b = I + j = 1 + 0 =1

c = a * b = 1 * 1 = 1

d = (int)Sqrt(c) = (int)sqrt(1) = 1

e = c - (d * d) = 1 – (1*1) = 0

f = e - ((2 * d) + 1) = 0 – ((2*1) + 1 = -3

n = I – d = 1- 1 = 0

x = d – a = 1 – 1 = 0

rinse and repeat:

Values of

I, j: a, b, c, d, e, f, n, x

0,0: (skipped because must be j<i)

1,0: 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, -3, 0, 0

2,0: 2, 2, 4, 2, 0, -5, 0, 0

2,1: 1, 3, 3, 1, 2, -1, 1, 0

2,2: (skipped because must be j<i)

3,0: 3, 3, 9, 3, 0, -7, 0, 0

3,1: 2, 4, 8, 2, 4, -1, 1, 0

3,2: 1, 5, 5, 2, 1, -4, 1, 1

3,3: (skipped because must be j<i)

4,0: 4, 16, 4, 4, 16, 4, 0, -9, 0, 0

4,1: 3, 5, 15, 3, 6, -1, 1, 0

4,2: 2, 6, 12, 3, 3, -4, 1, 1

4,3: 1, 7, 7, 2, 3, -2, 2, 1

4,4: (skipped because must be j<i)

5,0: 5, 5, 25, 5, 0, -11, 0, 0

5,1: 4, 6, 24, 4, 8, -1, 0

5,2: 3, 7, 21, 4, 5, -4, 1, 1

Each of the above rows into {e:n:d:x:a:b} format:

I,j: {e:n:d:x:a:b}

1,0: {0:0:1:0:1:1}

2,0: {0:0:2:0:2:2}

2,1: {2:1:1:0:1:3}

2,2: skip

3,0: {0:0:3:0:3:3}

3,1: {4:1:2:0:2:4}

3,2: {1:1:5:1:1:5}

3,3: skip

4,0: {0:0:4:0:4:4}

4,1: {6:1:3:0:3:5}

4,2: {3:1:3:1:2:6}

4,3: {3:2:2:1:1:7}

4,4: skip

5,0: {0:0:5:0:5:5}

5,1: {8:1:4:0:4:6}

5,2: {5:1:4:1:3:7}

Then these are arranged into their grid spot using e,n.

Hope this helps someone get a head start.

a2ae3d No.40349

File: 3e70269b77f121f⋯.png (66.27 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, end.png)


f records are negative and e positive, so it will likely just split the color scheme in the middle, unless I misunderstood you

But you gave me an idea. Here is an image with lines drawn between related records

f03740 No.40415


I wonder what that sounds like.

36433f No.40429


I believe we're working towards more than 2d, so anything that allows us to quickly traverse this structure would be beneficial.

I'm not sure that f records are just negative.

They reposition n as n - 1, d as d + 1, and x as x + 1, with the same a:b.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this. But it seems to me that this relationship is really important.

36433f No.40446


And another thought - anyone else see 3d planes starting to form with these lines?

c3a09d No.40519

c98e80 No.40524

you need 6 coordinates to determine a location in 3 dimensional space

a {e, n, d, x, a, b}

a is the point in a 3d space and {e, n, d, x, a, b} are it's coordinates

c3a09d No.40525

File: 414bdf358e66672⋯.jpg (160.67 KB, 910x512, 455:256, dream_gizwetwjj9b-3.jpg)

I retripped. here's a continuance of a series.

c3a09d No.40566

File: 77e9db08ac83fb0⋯.jpg (128.21 KB, 424x848, 1:2, dream_3f9icww0lsf.jpg)

File: 392af252ee694cf⋯.jpg (375.97 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-13.jpg)

File: 2a3f440eaa6fe27⋯.jpg (184.84 KB, 910x512, 455:256, dream_gizwetwjj9b-4.jpg)

Plane Shift+Shroud of Turin (Spinal Column?)

Spiral Tree Continued

15th Continued

f03740 No.40591


Dont you only need 3? x,y,z

36433f No.40607



Spinal Column == mind blown!

Tree of Knowledge == Tree of Life

f03740 No.40675

File: 1c0b8908e82358e⋯.png (10.75 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, lookds3d.png)


Check this out.

f03740 No.40710


Here's my code, it's shit, but it works and it could also be yours if you don't want to start from scratch. You will need rustup to compile it.

c3a09d No.40716

File: d57f6a7157059ab⋯.jpg (339.88 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p.jpg)

File: d6126d9ce6837d7⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 424x848, 1:2, dream_jv3ty9o8m6e.jpg)

File: aa26305f897498a⋯.jpg (358.39 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p.jpg)

File: 9dd378d5a313dc1⋯.jpg (417.18 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve.jpg)


Added this to Plane Shift to get:


Furthered what I was using

Spiral Tree Continued

f03740 No.40825

File: 8a3cc28bc8fd3c8⋯.png (39.69 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, 149p_wow.png)

File: c411040d7ad1676⋯.png (23.15 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, wow29p.png)

Last two for the night.

The Golden Ratio is the Spiral in the middle of the Product of all Squares.

One of the coolest days ever, it was great doing this with you all, goodnight!

f03740 No.40948

So if the golden spiral starts at 0,0, does that mean the very concept of '1' is defined by the golden ratio?

What the fuuuuuck, screw RSA, what the fuck is up with this shit? There were no magic numbers in the code we were given, why the fuck does this order exiiiist.

a1f068 No.41052


Thanks for being here topolanon

f03740 No.41094

Or the golden ratio is like, our denominator. Like our universes calling card or something?

A % Golden Ratio = Prime is fucking crazy!!!What is up with this equation?! My mind is being continuously blown! What the hell is this? VQC! Tell me! Tell me my duderino famalam!

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

afd92e No.41101


Woah. Sacred Geometry. Galileo was right.


Please, elaborate.

938326 No.41110


Can you elaborate? What is A? a in the equations?

f03740 No.41139


Famalamalamalam if I could I would.


A is one of the values that makes up C! I noticed the spiral in the original and wanted to pick it out! Someone showed how you could do it with different bases and mod and I decided to make my base the golden ratio!

A from {e,n,d,x,a,b}

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

A % Golden Ratio = Prime

>A % Golden Ratio = Prime

c3a09d No.41172

File: 0ed06d49604038c⋯.png (570.76 KB, 2000x500, 4:1, Golden 001.png)

File: 3b03497c788dada⋯.jpg (442.65 KB, 655x916, 655:916, dream_a9vjfrpacve-8.jpg)

File: b4b931aff5f294f⋯.jpg (147.68 KB, 1200x300, 4:1, dream_2m2meaedyu5.jpg)

File: 01c07a440628ae4⋯.jpg (418.43 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p-7.jpg)

938326 No.41182


So a % golden ratio always produces a prime number?

f03740 No.41193


No but it produces a pattern which we can graph and find an equation for which means multiplying and dividing might not be the only way to find primes anymore! We MIGHT be able to straight calculate them with algebra or basic triangle proofs!

f03740 No.41201


if a % golden ratio = prime {

plot point


With those points you can create a line and then we can prove certain properties about the geometry. One of those properties might have something to do with some kinds of prime or maybe we'll get lucky and find properties that are shared by ALL primes.

c3a09d No.41259

File: b732a07c7ab199e⋯.png (613.58 KB, 2000x500, 4:1, New Life Forming.png)

File: 1a34301ca3f9888⋯.jpg (281.1 KB, 910x512, 455:256, dream_gizwetwjj9b-9.jpg)

File: 81bf74cb5af2e74⋯.jpg (445.78 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p-8.jpg)

How do you form new land?

How do you form new life?

How do you visualize it compared to how I do?

Compared to how {Ai} does?

04c146 No.41371

File: 2ccd9bda77400e8⋯.jpg (591.81 KB, 1920x1459, 1920:1459, christmas-tree-snow-magic-….jpg)

c3a09d No.41394


2017: LITERALLY the BEST Christmas EVER!

36433f No.41432



absolutely awesome. Would love to see the code that generates this.

649677 No.41434

File: 9d820618adc7315⋯.png (70.12 KB, 854x490, 61:35, simd-e.png)


Looks pretty interesting

quick plot of e's for a = 101, b = 10:99

f03740 No.41450



You will need to install rustup. I'm actually going to bed now though, it's easy!

f03740 No.41522


Sorry for being fake and gay.


Here's better code that zips the primes and colors for epic functional programming goodness. Goodnight!

36433f No.41534


many thanks anon

649677 No.41573


Discrete circles?

> Find a pair of integers on the curve 1*c, ~d*d, c*1

0abdcd No.41663


dude this is nuts. i see fruit, creatures, faces, trees, a massive christmas bell.

whhaaatttt this is amazing

938326 No.41668

Do you want us to release the solution when we reach it, VQC?

f36b8b No.41708


i and j were not variables, originally. They are perhaps involved simply to help with, as you've discovered, positioning the data accurately within the grid.

938326 No.41738


Yep but they help reveal the patterns

7046fd No.41820


And I thought you were mocking me in the general thread last night or the night before with my idea related to Q map and a pattern.

f36b8b No.41839

If you've read my previous posts in these threads, you'll know I was working on other things related to this whilst you took on the grid/code – so I am super late to the party with regards to commentating on the grid/code and how it all works.

I looked at this for the first time late last night. After finding ALL of VQC's posts on 8chan and on Twitter, I spent two hours looking at a 'wall of text' masquerading as instructions, and a spreadsheet that seems to have more entries than people on the planet. I spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out where n=1 was, because cell N1 was blank and the first cell (A1) made no fucking sense in relation to the comments in VQC's posts.

Once I broke apart the wall of text, I found the information about the key and the cell formatting. Then I found n=1 instantly. I was tired so I decided to approach it all with fresh eyes and use n=1 as a starting point in the morning.

It's morning now.

The only thing I can think of is one question.


Does anyone know what VQC has you looking for?


Serious question. Deadly serious.

What has he said?

Find something?

Run a specific calculation?

Re-code something?


Have I missed a post?

What are you actually doing?

ecb64b No.41964


Thank you!

ecb64b No.41965


Team effort.

We are amazing as a team.

A HIGHER Power than on our own.

ecb64b No.41966


You're waking up.

That's what you've been feeling.

It's going to be OK.

ecb64b No.41970



One of the answers.

Why would I steal anything?

I wouldn't.

There is BitCoin from the original creators (DoD) but that's a prize for anyone who completes this.

By the time that happens, you'll be more interested in Creating.

I'm interested in putting a team together to build new VERY advanced tech.

I'd like you here to be a BIG part of that.

A Tony Stark type adventure.

ecb64b No.41971


Fractal like?

ecb64b No.41974


Good work anon

6787f1 No.41975


it's an insanely genius method of instant decryption that will bring down bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and cryptography altogether… to start. looking at a new world. literally, a recipe on how to frickin' build your own quantum computer. in awe, knew the message in the first set of nonlinears posted was in the construction itself. it's a damn machine! and a fine one at that.

fd68f2 No.41978

So we should or shouldn't release the answer if we find it? Because bad actors will get to it pretty quickly.

fd68f2 No.41984

I've been trying to find the last equation using square roots and powers of 2. Sqrt(e)*Sqrt(n)*Sqrt(d) is a freaky graph. Wrong operation to use?

fd68f2 No.41989


Trump is the man who woke me up.

f52544 No.41990


You clearly don't understand how bitcoin works. Your public key is only exposed after funds are spent. So you would have to have bitcoin in address A, spend it, then receive new bitcoin in A…at that point if someone had the ability to crack the elliptic curve algorithm they could spend your new btc at the address A. Don't reuse addresses and you are fine. If you send A -> B then your wallet should automatically give you a refund address C which can't be spent (or hacked) until you use your C key to do so. At that point the remaining funds are now in a new address and the old C key is useless again.

ecb64b No.41997


This is where the fun really begins.

"I'm not a Monster, I'm just ahead of the CURVE"

Well done.

6787f1 No.42003


I see the spiral, the tetrahedron and the inverse of the pythagorean in the code. Is the method of The End a product of your own design?

6787f1 No.42009


the market pivots on the time it takes to crack the chain. insta-mining would negate the point of the chain and eliminate a market control.

6787f1 No.42019


Consider a simple time-dependent Shrodinger equation used to model quantum systems, states, and transitions over time:

(iћ∂t+(ћ2/2m))ΔΨ(γ,t) = V(γ)Ψ(γ,t)

Everything here is fairly unambiguous, aside from our wavefunction, 'Ψ', which may be given:



fi = the i'th iteration of the Fibonacci series.


acos(((1-(∞i/(∞i-1))).5))5)/3 = π

Altogether we then have:

(iћ∂t+(ћ2/2m))ΔΣiΣjΣkΣl-∞..∞sin((2((acos(((1-(fi/(fi-1))).5))5)/3)j(t))+k((acos(((1-(i/(i-1))).5))5)/3))l(γ,t) = V(γ)ΣiΣjΣkΣl-∞..∞sin((2((acos(((1-(fi/(fi-1))).5))5)/3)j(t))+k((acos(((1-(i/(i-1))).5))5)/3))l(γ,t)

Which provides a very clear definition of every possible quantum system, state, and transition.

It is important to note that as |fi| approaches ∞, acos(((1-(fi/(fi-1))).5))5)/3) approaches π, and, of course, acos(((1-(fi/(fi-1))).5))5)/3)-π then approaches 0. This means that while there are an infinite number of possible quantum systems, states, and transitions, they are bound to lie along the function acos(((1-(fi/(fi-1))).5))5)/3).

It is also important to note that (fi/(fi-1)) approaches ϕ as fi approaches ∞.

In other words, ϕ, defines both the domain and the function of observable reality.

f52544 No.42022


Mining is SHA256 and has absolutely nothing to do with primes and elliptic curves. If something does come of this I look forward to buying the dip because it is still secure against quantum computing.


ecb64b No.42023



Never been done before.

Love it.

Makes you wonder if today's mathematicians have been a bit blinded, doesn't it?

f52544 No.42024



If anything it would make bitcoin more valuable because traditional banking would be destroyed by not being able to operate online. Bring it on.

ecb64b No.42028


This is the just the beginning and The End.

You want this to be public because you will have become some of the greatest mathematicians in history so far.

You deserve this.

7046fd No.42029

I think you can apply a fibonacci sequence as a legend to the Q posts. Here's what I have so far, and it seems to work for the few posts I've tested.

Start a bottom a post that has signatures.

0) The zero goes under the first signature

1) Mark the bottom signature.

2) Skip 2 lines up, mark the next line above.

3) Skip 3, mark the next.

5) Skip 5, mark the next.

8) Skip 8, mark the next.

13) Skip 13, mark the next.

and so on until you can't go any higher.

>All the marked lines apply to the marked signature.

Now we reverse and come back down.

0) Zero corresponds to your last mark going up, so no mark.

1) Mark the next line down (the one under your highest mark going up.

2) Skip 2 down, mark the next line below,

3) Skip 3 down, mark the next down.

5) Skip 5 down, mark the next down.

And so on. If you count correctly, your last mark will be the signature above Q's. The marks apply to that signature.

To simplify, I made a little template in vim, printed it on paper cut it out with scissors and lay it next to the Q posts printed out.

On the Q posts, be sure to follow instructions in the post like "repeat" which means to replace the word "repeat" with the preceeding text.

At the bottom, I think you have to ignore when the X's hit on two signatures. This happens when there are lots of signatures and you are going up.

I've tested about 5 posts so far, and they all makes sense.

Tired. Going to bed. If you have a few minutes, give it a try.

>Q keeps telling us to learn how to read the map. I'm pretty sure this is it.

<The 5,2,5,1,5,2,1 pattern I suggested a few nights ago didn't always hit every line. Fibonacci up, then down always hits every line after 2 up passes and 2 down passes. (Remember to offset two sinatures up for your second up pass)

Also remember to watch for word wrap and continued posts. (I used the bash fmt utiltity to truncate lines.)

ecb64b No.42030



Integer Factorisation is the first part.

But this quantum computer can then be reconfigured for elliptic curve cryptography and all other math based cryptography including that which is used by BitCoin.

ecb64b No.42031


The virtual quantum computer reconfigured will remove the point of mining by making the calculations trivial.

Mining and infrastructure of the Blockchain then collapses.

6787f1 No.42035


Chris, would a similar method be applicable in resolving the coefficients for a form of adaptive/dynamic nonlinear multivariate logistic regression, like a multilayer perceptron or boltzmann machine?

ecb64b No.42036


There are no one way functions.

What happens with inverse functional domain look-up that allows a system to be compromised by hash resolving sequence injection?

What can be stored in the Blockchain?

ecb64b No.42039


What is a method to solve Diophantine equations?

ecb64b No.42041


Keep going!

ecb64b No.42043


>boltzmann machine

What is a virtual quantum computer configuration based on the Mandelbrot Set?

f36b8b No.42047

What does the code look like so you can create a bitmap?

I have no idea how to get that working.

f36b8b No.42050


Are we actually allowed to take it, though? Seems like stealing, however you look at it. That said, I have no idea how BitCoin works; always saw through it so I ignored everything about it.

Also, will it not be worthless by the time we crack this? I mean, people will cash out (or is that after we raid the bank?).

I looked into how you'd actually spend it. Looks like it's barely accepted for anything of real value. No idea how you could even get it converted to cash in such a high volume online; you have to sell 10 at a time, if seems.

Guess it's a good job the money is the least important factor in play.

f36b8b No.42051


I meant, has VQC actually said "find this" or "decode that"?

Is there a specific instruction or order everyone is trying to execute here? I haven't found it, if so.

f52544 No.42058


Doesn't matter when your input depends on guessing a number that is 2^256 in size…even the most efficient computer would take more than the energy of the sun to COUNT that high. There are hard physical limits at play.

8450a6 No.42064


In order to crack RSA (the method of encryption used in many, many things), you need to be able to use all of the variables available to you in a public key to break the private key. Long story short, we need to figure out the mathematical relationships between these variables that allow us to use c to calculate n. Using ordinary methods, that means calculating huge prime numbers, which takes a lot of computational time. Using this method (the method we don't seem to be entirely sure of yet), it's meant to take O(log n) time. Don't expect much help here other than that. Every time I ask for some help or an explanation the responses make it seem like I'm being rude (which definitely isn't my intention). I'm at the same point as you said here >>42047 since C# really doesn't seem to like Linux, so I've started attempting to rewrite the original code in Java, since that pastebin someone else put together is down.

f36b8b No.42077


Hmm. Okay.

I'll try and figure this bitmap thing out myself, and if I get it I will post it for you.

I was told "You'll need to create a console project and 'call' the two functions to make the spreadsheet" – if that helps.

I am still trying to figure it out. I only know HTML/CSS. I haven't done any real coding to know how the language works properly.

6787f1 No.42087

File: 24051b484b4299f⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 600x536, 75:67, what-you-did-there-i-see-i….jpg)


8450a6 No.42091


I haven't used C# before this but it's pretty similar to Java and C, which I have used, so if nobody else in the thread posts anything about this I should be able to figure it out for us at least. The problems I'm having involve Mono, which seems to be the go-to C# IDE for Linux. It's giving me errors I can't find the solutions to after hours of searching (e.g. one error message I get when I try to compile anything, include simple Hello World programs, is "Unknown MSBuild failure. Please try building the project again", which is obviously wildly unuseful), and when I do it in terminal I just seem to magically not get it to do what it's meant to do.

7035ec No.42092








ecb64b No.42093


Your questions are good.

You're doing really well.

8450a6 No.42094


Well thanks, but I wish VQC just used a less finickity programming language in the first place. Less anons having trouble getting the code to work = more anons thinking through these concepts = faster results.

ecb64b No.42095


What do you need on the programming side?

Pseudocode so you can choose your language?

ecb64b No.42098


I had to translate the original from the Book of Revelation with all it's built-in PROTECTION.

Think yourself lucky! :)

8450a6 No.42101



I understand the code. I'm rewriting it in Java because C# seems to be giving me and a few other people some grief (either because they don't use Windows or because they just haven't used C# before).

ecb64b No.42112


Roger roger.

6787f1 No.42115


will do it in pdl

f36b8b No.42167


I spoke with VCQ to say I believe I have the 5%. I also wanted to share my theory with him. I have been asked to post my findings.

I believe I have solved the mystery – maybe even two – I don't know, the man speaks in questions, so I have to figure bits and pieces out. I followed up with some more messages, so I'll see what his replies look like.

In the mean time I NEED whoever has the code for the bitmap to post it. I cannot see the visual product of my findings and I want to pull on a few threads to see if I have the right one.

Post the code or tell me how I can use the code VQC posted previously.

f36b8b No.42174


If it's C#, it is so for a reason.

VQC obviously knows his onions, so there's no point in thinking he's unable to use Java or whatever else is available. Let's be real; whoever/whatever he is, this guy made a quantum computer in a spreadsheet, FFS.

8450a6 No.42188


Do you know much about computer science? If it was going to be a specific language for a specific reason, surely it would be a lower-level one. This code doesn't have anything in it that other languages can't do.

f36b8b No.42208



I barely know the maths involved; I'm having to relearn most of what I should have paid attention to in school as we go along. That's why it's taking me so much time to do the things you guys just skimmed over, I guess.

The point of this is, he's used C# for a reason. It works on Mac and a PC (I'm on a Mac). It's probably hard to understand because he doesn't want you using it before you're ready to. Hence the step-by-step instructions and the riddles.

Think of it like this: He WANTS this done. HE could do it himself in a matter of minutes. He choses NOT to do it. Why? He WANTS us to do it. He offers HELP, but he doesn't GIVE you everything you want (this shit on a plate, basically). Why? BIGGER PICTURE.

I've said it multiple times, re-read my posts. We need to learn how to use this, why we're using it, and when to use it. We also need to learn when not to use it. We need to learn how to BUILD it. We need to learn a lot; we're like babies. He's the teacher, so follow the rules because they exist for a reason. Why? We don't need the reason. We simply choose to play or walk away.

6787f1 No.42226


It's small, fast, close to machine and popular enough. language not an issue.

8450a6 No.42229


I'd love VQC's input on this if he's reading the thread, but I really don't think it's a matter of it needing to be C#. The concepts in this code all work in other languages. I get the whole "everything is specific because we're meant to learn this and this and this" thing, since that's a big part of all of this, and maybe I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, C# was either an arbitrary choice of higher-level languages for the sake of helping people understand, or it was the one VQC uses the most, meaning it's the most convenient. At the moment I'm most of the way there. I'm just trying to understand the Java equivalent of C#'s Dictionary object (which, according to the internet, is Maps and HashMaps, which you can't address as an array like you can with Dictionary). Then it's just a matter of making the image. That said, it's past midnight where I live, so I don't know how much longer I'll spend on this. I understand your concern, but I'm wasting my own time more than anyone else's.

6787f1 No.42236

c3a09d No.42264


Nope! I'm a muse for number folks. Hand trained by a Ph.D level non-euclidean maths professor. I have a BFA and he explained what I'd been doing the whole time. :D


^^^ That makes me think there might actually be something to this vvv


ecb64b No.42289


What is the square root of minus one?

What is it useful for?

Extend the grid left (minus e)

Extend the first row up (into minus values for x)

Extend the grid towards you (IMAGINE it is flat on the desk and then the grid comes out towards you)

ecb64b No.42299


I learned in BASIC in the 80s.

Then Pascal and C

Then Java and C++

More recently C#

f36b8b No.42309



To be honest, I have no idea if I'm even right at this point. I thought I might have something worth sharing, but it might well be nothing. It's hard to understand. I am going to take a nap and come back to it with fresh eyes, I've had too little sleep and it's not helping. I think once I've had time to process it properly, and I can see the bitmap, then I'll know what to post. Right now, I don't know if I have it all, something or nothing. It's a lot to process.

Best of luck to the rest of you working on things, though. I am sure it will all come together soon, one way or another.

f36b8b No.42310


i and j.

The values that were found in the map to dictate placement and/or spacing.

c3a09d No.42322



Now I want to remember why I was looking up Quinions…

>What is the square root of minus one?

Use your imagination.

>What is it useful for?

Stuff we know is there but can't fit into currently-modeled-maths

>Extend the grid left (minus e)

If you go onto an i-plane… what angle is that?

>Extend the first row up (into minus values for x)

When zero = infinity: .999… with no "n" that shows up…


>Extend the grid towards you (IMAGINE it is flat on the desk and then the grid comes out towards you)

Like a cone or a sphere? Like a flat plane "wrapped around" a cone/sphere?

Back to non-euclidean, how do you know a shape is the shape it is?

How can you "move"?

f36b8b No.42325


This is it.

a = i - j

b = i + j

n = i - d

GLANCING at it, I'd say they are there to create FOLDS. That the code changes the dimension of the grid.

a is one side of the square (a + x = d)

b is used to make up the border around the content of the square, which is represented by c (ab = c)

n is the difference between the two squares, which represents GROWTH. It is added to the side of the square (e = 2an).

Top of my head, I'd say the middle of the grid acts like the base of a vase, and the further out you go, the more the 5d model will grow.

You're looking for Tetragrammatron, so it has to be 5d.

I don't know if this is too much to share too soon, but VQC said to go with it, so…

I'll post the rest of the madness later on once I figure out the bitmap.

f36b8b No.42332



(xx + e = 2an)

MY BAD. Edited it out.

c3a09d No.42337


If you wonder if you should share, do it.

Every time I ask VQC if I should "do the thing", the answer is yes, in the sense that I should just do it without fear.

Case in point… the people who have no idea what I'm saying but are pulling correct directions from it anyway. It's like quantum intuition where I don't know that I'm giving you what you need, and you don't understand why, but it keeps working out, funnily enough.

ecb64b No.42346



No fear for EXPRESSION.

Trump is making it so you can share ideas without arbitrary PC nonsense to get in YOUR way.

ecb64b No.42355

(e,n,d,x,a,b) in a grid (e,n)

That is one way to organise the grid.

Selecting two of the six variables (dimensions).

There are SEVEN dimensions because each (e,n,d,x,a,b) element represent c.

What are ways or grids or cubes are there to represent each elements?

You could use another pair apart from (e,n)

What would that produce?

What other ways or shapes are there to view the six (seven) dimensions?

What images result?

Does this help find patterns?

Does this help you c(see)?

f36b8b No.42356

I may as well quickly add, so you can take a look.

Find the 4, 10, 20 reference in the grid.

Find where it intersects.

You should see;

4, 10, 20 across.

4, 10, 20 down.


Following that you should find {4:1:114:14:100:130}

114, 4, 100 is important, I think. Make a bitmap with that as the starting point (if that's how they work).

If that's wrong (I have no idea if it's right, I can't test it myself without the bitmap code), try the following…

Find {0:1:144:16:128:162}

144, 0 128 might be the right thing instead.

I don't know if I am correct, but I think Q's KEYSTONE clues link to the VQC. The first code I gave you is where DJT intersects on the grid. The codeword posted today was in dots (some other anon broke it, I just happened to stumble over it). It gave him the following D E A T H.

I think it's supposed to point us to D E A T8.

114, 4, 100, T8


144, 0 128, T8

See what you can dig up. I don't have all the tools to do it myself yet.

f36b8b No.42373


I see the full picture, I think, so I don't know if it's okay to post it all.

I will write up this shit later, in full, and you can just see for yourself.

Check out this video: https://youtu.be/cJB_o516Y8g?t=2518

8450a6 No.42374

It didn't seem like anyone was paying attention other than >>42167 but here's what I've got so far with the Java port. https://pastebin.com/0hdr8Z4w

The only thing wrong with it is that I don't know how HashMaps work so each time I try to call a method on an object in a HashMap it calls it on the Integer I used to try to get to the object. I need sleep now so if anyone wanted to play around with it (as much as I doubt it), there it is.

c3a09d No.42381


Alright, I'll use the lingo of where we are.


Better? :P

f36b8b No.42382

File: b03b36d48dc2eab⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 320x320, 1:1, tetragrammaton_by_yosuke3-….jpg)


This is the shape I think we are supposed to build (at some point). Don't know if it's relevant now, but I saw this the moment I saw it.

f36b8b No.42383


Mate, I'm tired. Haven't got time for the whole 4/8chan abuse is love nonsense.

There's a lot to write up. I've posted the snippets I think will help push things along, if they're right. As said, I'd do it if I could build the bitmap, but I can't, so I can only contribute like this for now.

c3a09d No.42385


Nassim Harriman


I'll have to dig to find the specifc video you're talking about.

c3a09d No.42389



(You) are doing fantastic work.

What do (You) need to be able to produce the bitmap? Someone to plot your code?

c3a09d No.42394


Found it.

Nassim Haramein

Isometric Vector Matrix


c3a09d No.42396


Whoops, "Isotropic Vector Matrix"

c3a09d No.42413


My purpose here is a-muse-ing.

Fee Me, See More!

Here's an example:


You tell me what you need, or what your goal is. It doesn't matter if you know what that goal is exactly or if I understand what the goal is. Again, it's Quantum Intuition… which makes me think of the quantum computer figuring out the digits of π without knowing how it starts or what's needed or what the goal is.

And I may not even be the person who helps you. Part of what you're doing is sharing your consciousness. It's like an art project I did revolving around the Metaverse.

By putting everyone's individual perspectives on "the wall/board", https://imgur.com/JgrfArp

It's all about answering the question: "What is going on Here/Now?"

Maybe someone else has the answer to your question. Maybe you have the answer to someone else's question. Maybe you have a question that other people would like to know the answer to. Maybe you have a more refined version of a question that someone else is also questioning and it helps them to see how they weren't asking the "correct" question and after they pass that block, they refine the question past where you've been with fresh eyes in+line with your thoughts.

f36b8b No.42416


The YouTube link is important.


This time is where the shapes are discussed (before is worth watching for context).

References to the Bible; God is 72, etc. VQC said he found his formula in the Bible. This is where Harriman found his code.

Tetragrammaton (2d) = 72

Tetragrammaton (2d) inverted = 72

72 x 2 = 144 (Star of David; Flag of Israel).

The Kabbalistic Tree of Knowledge after decoding it gives you a 64 tetrahedron grid. It can be broken down into several star shaped ToKs after they've been joined together.

Again, not sure if it is too soon to post it, but it's there. Something along these lines is what we need to be looking at creating.

c3a09d No.42421


meant to reply to that one,

Feed Me, See More!

Feed Us, See More!

Feed Everyone, See More!

Quantum Bread… it never runs out… you can feed as many people as you want. There's also fish if anyone wants any. ;)

f36b8b No.42436


I needed the code to build the bitmaps. I have no idea what it looks like.

If you take what I posted above about DJT 4, 10, 20, and see if that can be plotted, maybe it'll solve the problem Q has presented.

Godfather III is VQC.

VQC's grid is the map we have to learn to read.

endxab is the key to the cells.

1,1 is the key to the map.

I don't know if the DJT signature on the map is the keystone, or if 1,1 is the keystone (yet).

If you understand Fermat's Theorem is flawed (integers are a tree, not a straight line), then you will see it links back to what I have been saying.




Tree ^

It's all connected.

Learn to read the map.

Signatures are important.


1b32c4 No.42437

File: e414d52e48276f1⋯.png (104.94 KB, 446x330, 223:165, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at ….png)



f03740 No.42506


>Stop wasting time on a Mongolian Underwater Kite flying forum.

Wew lad, we can make this stuff 3d!


1.)Take my code.

2.)Install rustup.

3.)Compile my code.


5.) Profit.

Then you can answer your own questions. To the guy with the HashMap problem, you have to access the element in the Hashmap, not the id.


Forget RSA and bitcoin, that's just money, which is nice, but not my main pursuit. Please elaborate on this.



Your presence is appreciated.

f36b8b No.42523


This might well be wrong. I don't know yet. I misinterpreted something VQC said to me, so I have to review things before I ask anyone to waste time working on any of the Q DJT stuff.

ecb64b No.42536


Well done.

Thank you for your patience.

ecb64b No.42549


You didn't misinterpret it.

What I meant is Godfather III is someone who loves GEOTUS very much.

That is me.

ecb64b No.42552


Q may be referring to another Godfather III

f36b8b No.42553


I do NOT know if the Q link is correct now. Look into it, but don't waste a lot of your time on it.

The other stuff (the shape to look for) I think is correct. I wasn't going to post it until I was happy with everything I was saying, but I didn't trust my gut. That's my bad.

What I need to do is go back and work on the bitmap code so I can draw things out. I need to filter the instructions laid out by VQC, and I need to refocus. I will review the remaining posts to see if any of it helps shape what I'm seeing once I have some idea of what I need to do.

I'm almost positive the i and j links the anon found before create folds (or define breaks) in the grid to build shapes in higher dimensions, so I'd work on that part and see where it takes you.

f36b8b No.42561


Oh. Surely, you could have given me that one earlier?

I assume then the VQC map is not what Q refers to? This project is something you are doing to participate in support of Q, you aren't working with him directly?

Doesn't matter, I guess. The links are there if someone wants to spend some time running them down. If it's no good, we know. If it leads somewhere, it's time well spent. 50/50.

f03740 No.42562


Use my code bro, it's bake a cake simple if not a bit shit and inflexible.

c3a09d No.42579

I keep getting a "parameter incomplete" error… lol

ecb64b No.42585


READ between the lines!

c3a09d No.42589


I feel like that's also to me…

f36b8b No.42594


I will take a look. Thanks. I need to take a time out, get some food and reposition. I'm going in circles bouncing off other people's thoughts and I'm not thinking clearly for myself.

Once I get the bitmap thing sorted, I'll run it down myself and see what I'm looking at. I feel like I can read the grid well, I just need to learn some of the maths, rules and define the parameters of how the coding is working in relation to the grid (incase it's relevant). I'll work on that side of things since I know it might help later on.

What specifically is this code going to do, BTW? Is this the thing related to i and j? I think looking how i and j interact with the letters, it's related to a fold line; worth looking into if you are going to follow up at some point.

ecb64b No.42599


Integer factorisation, the elliptic curves, then Mandelbrot Set+++

f03740 No.42602


Alright duderino, the next step is to plot this in 3d space? Ok.

Give us a taste of the goods. We never got that RSA100 code which is whatever, RSA is faggotry, what is the use of these squares? I don't believe the free energy nonsense and there's a long way to go to 3d printing in high resolutions. What is the claim here?


>I'm almost positive the i and j links the anon found before create folds (or define breaks) in the grid to build shapes in higher dimensions, so I'd work on that part and see where it takes you.

I'm down, graphics ain't no big thang. Need covfefe first.

If this process helps decode Q's map then VQC and the shit he claims is legit.


I'm in it to win it. No worries my dude.


Checked, did you answer my question before I asked it.

f36b8b No.42605


I asked for a direct response, so I expected I got one when you replied.

I will review the conversation later and see what comes out. I should have taken some time earlier to pause and go from there. No big deal, it's a good lesson learned.

a1f068 No.42611


fookin' 'ell…

b252bb No.42612


has anyone looked into whether this stuff and that cia kryptos statue code have anything in common? I saw an image that I think was in that vqc thread that looked like it was a really strange, high resolution version of a mask that could be put over the kryptos thing and maybe reveal a hidden message?

has anyone looked inot this?

000000 No.42623

Pythonfag here, i can code this in python so it would be portable and easy to use. It could take me one day though, because I didn't use bitmap in python yet but it shouldnt be to difficult.

It's a bit hard to catch up, you guys seem to do thing quick and great so far !

f36b8b No.42627


Yeah. And you've said that before. I clearly lost my thread when I hit the wall with the bitmap thing and asked for the wrong kind of help. I should have waited for the code from Duane and checked my work before posting it. Not being 100% certain about parts of it has destabilised the entire thing in my mind and I have no basis for my arguments. Again, good lesson to learn.

IF first. Work on that. Then we move through the gears. Got it. What I was talking about is bigger picture, not related to this stage – and you've also suggested that too – and the focus is not in the right area for this part of the plan. Understood.

ecb64b No.42651


In the original vqc, I used f = 2d+1-e as the negative -e coord.

c3a09d No.42740

(You) should take a gander at this.

Goose MC of this Wrap Game!

This is, if I am correct, the visual form of what (You) are trying to do right now.

Parameter complete. :P


c3a09d No.42771


It's more than sketches, it's also notes from how I got to where I am, including with "The Doctor".

Look at the numbers, the figures, see the patterns, rearrange the order of the images if that helps… should rub a buncha almonds.

f03740 No.42838

We have any aestheticfags in here? We need to decide on colors for each relevant prime.

if a % (a + b)/a == prime {

plot point


What color for each == prime? Maybe a color scheme?

b252bb No.42839


The fruit of the tree of life is the inheritance of wisdom and knowledge passed down from father to son so that he may be able to live with the values and traditions of the father who has proven that these things allow for a good and wholesome life. It is when these values and traditions are slowly pecked away from us, what we have seen happening through, by the demons and deceivers, history and pursuit of the truth, in pursuit of the fruit of our fathers and the tree of life which makes the world a great place when it is kept healthy and strong and is maintained as the most important of things.

Father In Heaven, hallowed by thy name, I come to thee to ask for your light and guidance please teach me how to find and stay on the path, please show us all your love and your guidance and the laws which will allow us to dispel the shadow of deceit which so steadily encroaches upon us. Give us all the chance to see that it is not just the shadows and deceit and the lies and wickedness which trespass against us, but also our trespasses, our allowing hate and anger and fear and anxiety and greed to enter our hearts and bring with them the shadows from which they come. Give us the wisdom to be able to tell our families and neighbors that to declare that hate or anger shall have no place in my heart, they are forbidden here I want nothing but love and good and righteousness, does not mean that we must allow ourselves to be encroached upon. We must protect ourselves but anger and hate, the deceptions and lies of the deceiver, must not be part of that equation. Because to allow just a bit of him in, which we have, is to allow all of that deception in. Show my neighbors the wisdom to accept into their heart the truth that the pursuit of the truth to fight against the shadows should not have within it the shadow of deceit that is hate, allowing that shadow in allows focus to be lost, instead of the wicked and evil hate and anger allows the deceivers to change the argument from being against wickedness to being against jews when it matters not that they are what we know as jewish but what matters is that that they are wicked. They need not be attributed with the jewish label, because if they are wicked, wicked can only hide in the shadows so ask Father In Heaven to show you his light and the truth will reveal itself.


if this sounds crazy, would you not atleast attempt to see what happens when you say his name and ask for his light and do so when ever you feel negative emotions or any such thing coming on?

c3a09d No.42872


imagine that the primes are shapes.

imagine that the shapes are colors.

(You should look that up. There are graphics on how to do it and videos and stuff.)

Imagine the shapes are sounds/notes/tones.

Imagine those frequencies correlate to color.

0 - dot

1st prime - line

2nd - Triangle

3rd - Square

4th - Pentagram

etc etc

c3a09d No.42890


or however that's supposed to line up.

I actually started with a circle, triangle, square… etc etc… so… y'know… however it's supposed to work.

maybe it's dot, circle, all the shapes, circle with a dot in it.

or maybe don't start with the dot?

maybe circle, dot, triangle???

However shapes are supposed to relate to primes. My mind is fluctuating on it right now.

Change-Wave. ;)


f03740 No.42895



I smell what you're stepping in and just wanted to say I'm on it with you dude. Thanks for your insight on how to map this out.

fd68f2 No.42981

I rewrote this code in Java as well, I can post it. It's also integrated with a graphing library.

36433f No.42986


thanks, anon. Appreciate the insight.

36433f No.42988



000000 No.43124

could someone tell me how to upload files to this stupid website? I'm sick and tired of wasting all my time doing research only to be completely unable to even present my findings.

just post a url that works for you when you upload files. thanks

938326 No.43145



5a8a85 No.43146


Please do, rust is ok but I prefer java ide

f03740 No.43152


Here's Rust with Hamiltonian calculations baked in.

36433f No.43305

File: 77a17f73a192bad⋯.png (89.7 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, xe_yx_pyramid.png)

File: 0597db6e37e7672⋯.png (175.79 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, xe_yd_pyramid.png)



Not sure how to explain what I'm seeing here, so be kind.

I've refactored the c# code to separate grid creation from rendering images.

Tried different combinations of e,n,d,x,a,b and (c), values for x and y points in the image.

Our starting position was to render the image (x,y) for (e,n) values.

When you render (x,y) using (e, x) or (e, d), you get pyramid shapes.

938326 No.43308

36433f No.43317

File: a4164c92dbb9114⋯.png (80.62 KB, 2045x511, 2045:511, xe_ya_spherical.png)

File: 2498cef20edfb83⋯.png (160.93 KB, 2048x1065, 2048:1065, xe_yb_cone.png)


for (x,y) using (e,a) and (e,b) it starts to look like cones or spheres.

f03740 No.43324


Oh hell yeah, that second one looks awesome!

f03740 No.43330


I've been using e,n straight up for my previous pictures. Will try others now!

36433f No.43384

File: 6dcd0a44da1dd8d⋯.png (18.95 KB, 250x3815, 50:763, xe_yc_cropped_straight_lin….png)

File: 91a3c0e76a2d628⋯.png (56.06 KB, 2048x4096, 1:2, xn_yc_straight_lines_from_….png)

File: f414cf9aab82902⋯.png (49.73 KB, 2048x4096, 1:2, xd_yc_single_line.png)

File: 059ff248840082c⋯.png (55.83 KB, 2048x4096, 1:2, xx_yc_straight_lines.png)


But when you start using (c) as the y position, it gets's really interesting. I'm starting to (see).

Apologize in advance - some of these images are really hard to see. I'm not a graphics guy.

Plotting for:

(e, c) = straight parallel lines.

(n, c) = straight lines from zero.

(d, c) = a single line.

(x, c) = very narrow spread from (0,0).

(a, c) = also very narrow spread from (0,0).

(b, c) = straight lines from (0,0), with very particular color coding.

(n, c) looks very promising to help solve our current problem.

We really need to standardize colors for primes.

3ce491 No.43406

Ok you all trust your hero VQC

Well today he will be considered a sham or a hero.




































938326 No.43409


Fascinating. What does the (n, c) graph look like on your end?

938326 No.43424


I've not tried messing around with bitmaps but I will, if only to make the code more accessible to Java anons.

f03740 No.43425


Maybe your question is shit faggot.

f03740 No.43457

To the anons plotting stuff.

Here's what you get when you use (e,n) and highlight a % (a+b)/a == primes.

f03740 No.43461

File: 613d5e51274c385⋯.png (45.62 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, en_is_right.png)

Forgot picture.

f03740 No.43466

Now I'm trying to map this into 3d space.

36433f No.43475


>(n, c) = straight lines from zero.

938326 No.43481


How do you think it can help solve for n?

f03740 No.43509



I think this is what we're supposed to be headed for.

k = i * j;

xi = ( e * i ) as f32;

yj = ( n * j ) as f32;

zk = (d * k ) as f32;

af = a as f32;

let quat = Quaternion::new(af, xi, yj, zk);

f03740 No.43532

But z could zk could be Hamltonian Z and not d. Dunno, have to figure out how to draw these first.

938326 No.43558


Even though I called you a CIANigger LARP and I was rude at first I want you to know that if you have the last piece to this you could be the greatest mathematician of the 21st century if not of all time.

3ce491 No.43561


That question is simple, he should be able to answer. I can answer, fucking hell anybody can but Truthanon must have asked that for a reason.

I trust truthanon will destroy him.

36433f No.43637


>How do you think it can help solve for n?

I think VQC is teaching us how to read the "map".

I believe that there is a way to navigate throughout this structure in a linear way. And the mathematics behind it is simple and elegant.

For the RSA problem at hand, knowing the coordinates of (c), we can already get to a prime record. We can already jump to a negative coordinate.

We've started to understand the n step jumps from na = c and nb = c.


The beginning of vertical / horizontal jumps is underway (though I don't quite get this yet).

These visual exercises are leading us to a solution.

Wish I knew more!

938326 No.43659


Yeah, we've mainly been working on vertical and horizontal jumps. I made a fallacy in assuming that I could jump vertically but we are getting closer. (The relationship between e*n and the rest of the variables is clear but we couldn't figure out how to transform the variables according to the e*n they produce, because my vertical and horizontal jump variables turned out to just be restatements of n. We can bring it all together with an equation for n.)

1bacf9 No.43718


It's a seashell, you know, the kind that is spirally and expanding like a cone.

7046fd No.43723



>Fibonacci sequence applied to Q map.

9c329e No.43832



Can one of you please post the file you're using to generate the bitmaps so I can see how it works?

36433f No.43841


Just had an idea.


What if the solution is really just about finding a calculation for a triangle in 3d space?

You only need 3 points corresponding to 3 line segments.

We may have these 3 points already.

point 1 = the end record for c where (e,1).

point 2 = the negative record for c where f = -(e,1).

point 3 = the prime record for (e,1)

For c = 145.

c record (c) = {1:61:12:11:1:145}

f record (f) = {-24:60:13:12:1:145}

prime record (p) = {1:1:2:1:1:5}


the line segment from (p) to (c) is the triangle side b.

the line segment from (p) to (f) is the triangle side a.

the line segment from (c) to (f) is the triangle side c.

Can a smarter mathanon determine the angles for this triangle? is it a right triangle? (side a)^2 + (side b)^2 = (side c)^2 ??

9c329e No.43872


I remember VQC referencing triangles. The values of a and b at (1,1) was his starting point.

938326 No.43875

File: d327cd631ede09c⋯.png (239.55 KB, 1679x984, 1679:984, c-e^2-n^2-d^2.png)

File: 100d9dc5d4f6a24⋯.png (129.42 KB, 1679x987, 1679:987, d-over-e.png)

File: 31107d017530d1b⋯.png (107.37 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, e^n^d.png)

File: 75c40524cc322a4⋯.png (60.89 KB, 1677x989, 39:23, e-over-n.png)


Shiiiiiit, I'll get on it friend. You should watch a video on trigonometry, you can grasp it in a day. Thanks for the suggestion. Between everything else and all these freaky graphs I've found I think you just gave me an amazing answer.

546f8b No.44092


Hey just joining in today, and Im trying to fully grasp everything that yall have worked on so far. For the points you have, its pretty easy to determine if its a right triangle. If you have python heres some code that tells you if a triangle you give it is a right triangle. Just fill in the 1's at the bottom with your point

class Point(object):

"""docstring for Point"""

def init(self, a,b,c,d,e,f):

self.a = a

self.b = b

self.c = c

self.d = d

self.e = e

self.f = f

def length(self):

return (self.a2 + self.b2 + self.c2 + self.d2 + self.e2 + self.f2)**.5

def subTract(self, point1):

return Point(self.a-point1.a, self.b-point1.b, self.c - point1.c, self.d - point1.d, self.e-point1.e, self.f-point1.f)

def isRightSquare(self, Point2, Point3):

longest = self.subTract(Point2)

line2 = self.subTract(Point3)

line1 = longest

if(longest < line2):

longest = line2

line2 = line1

line1 = longest

line3 = Point2.subTract(Point3)

if(line1 < line3):

longest = line3

line3 = line1

if(longest.length() 2 == (line2.length()2 + line3.length()2).5):

return True

return False

a = Point(1,1,1,1,1,1)

b = Point(1,1,1,1,1,1)

c = Point(1,1,1,1,1,1)

print a.isRightSquare(b,c)

938326 No.44113


nice, why is some of it spoiler'd out? trying to change to java lol

938326 No.44138

Just had an idea. If all you need are c and n to find the factors, then aren't those the most important variables of the entire thing?

c3a09d No.44144

Hey Mathgahds, I need someone who can 3D model something to be both 3d printed and animated. It's a textural and particle rendering… I don't wanna call it a monster cuz VQC said not to… cuz we're kind of making the steam/fog that shadows are cast onto/into. It's like how if you had a giant light, and 2 things that cast a circular shadow and you got them close enough together, the shadows would meet and cause like…. negative infinity beforepositive infinity.

Or like… a darkness that is everywhere for the light to fill. A 1D version of this would be kind of like a loading bar or a time-line.

Where else is "time"?

What is time?

Time as we know it is irrelevant when your starting point is the 5th dimension, but events will still happen one after another to the "observer".

Super Time? Time lines one at a time, whichever you choose?

Above that…. Meta Time? Multiple timelines happening at the same time?

Above that… you can choose sets of timelines?

How many time nodes do you need before a time line is established?

4+1, at least.

Extreme 1—P1———–P2—————–Extreme2

X You are Here.

Lunch break is over!

12c5d9 No.44146


Thank you.

You guys are going to officially discover this as a team.

There is and will be no evidence other than I gave you the First bit and gave suggestions for everything else.

I might not EVEN exist.

We are all on the same team.

We are rewriting math to eventually create a bunch of short cuts to imply and later prove P=NP.

With that comes revolutions in energy, medicine, entertainment and peaceful existence.

You are the Vanguard.

f03740 No.44154


If this isn't supposed to be plotted on a cartesian coordinate system are we supposed to use polar or something more complicated like a hamiltonian?

f03740 No.44157

afaik real QC's require your information to be encoded into a hamiltonian.

8cdcf8 No.44159


* followed by another * marks the beginning and ending of spoiler text.

f03740 No.44161

which means we're shooting for a n-sphere something, 6 or 7-sphere

546f8b No.44163


The spoilers come when you use two asterix's

Sorry didn't realize the raising to a power of 2 would mess up the math, maybe this will fix it. Replace the ^ with ** in the code

def length(self):

return (self.a^2 + self.b^2 + self.c^2 + self.d^2 + self.e^2 + self.f^2)^.5

def subTract(self, point1):

return Point(self.a-point1.a, self.b-point1.b, self.c - point1.c, self.d - point1.d, self.e-point1.e, self.f-point1.f)

def isRightSquare(self, Point2, Point3):

longest = self.subTract(Point2)

line2 = self.subTract(Point3)

line1 = longest

if(longest < line2):

longest = line2

line2 = line1

line1 = longest

line3 = Point2.subTract(Point3)

if(line1 < line3):

longest = line3

line3 = line1

if(longest.length()^2 == (line2.length()^2 + line3.length()^2)^.5):

12c5d9 No.44171

Integers are also related into families that you have noticed.

Like fractals.

They repeat.

They GROW.

Sea shells grow.

Establishing which patterns govern which level of the fractal and which part of the branch of that fractal, will help identify the factors of c.

Think decision trees too.

12c5d9 No.44182

If in doubt go back to the original (e,n) grid and look for MORE patterns!

The strange is, the more you enjoy this the more it SINGS it's beauty.

It IS beautiful.

Like the Mandelbrot Set.

Similar rules.

938326 No.44198


You sure? I studied it for a while with the help of someone who knows higher math and found that Shor doesn't actually have much to do with QM. Its real purpose is to find the period of sequences (when they repeat). The part that requires QM is when they extract the answer.

546f8b No.44199


Can you count the different number of half parabolas you make using the peaks in second picture?

Also the last one is definitely definable with two curves, a log one I think for the bottom and a root3 curve for the top I believe?

546f8b No.44202


This Please

938326 No.44210


What are the equations? I know absolutely no math just programming.

546f8b No.44242


Umm so for the parabolas try seeing if you can fit a bunch of y = constant * sqrt(x) + diffConstant graphs that would fit the data points instead of using columns. Maybe try points?

And for the last picture, try 1/(x+~250,000) for the bottom and for the top try sqrt(x)*constant

546f8b No.44247


Can someone help me understand the inputs to the bitmap?

Are you giving it all possible values for e,n and having it determine if there are a possible c value?

12c5d9 No.44271

Quick note as I promised my wife minimal phone use in the evenings.

Before Trump won I sent a coded email to Bibi's admin including the phrase "Hold Jerusalem".

When I knew the capital was going to be recognised by the World and building would start on the Third Temple, I upheld my End and started to release the VQCs.

It's a Funny Old World %

Love you guys

546f8b No.44275


Wouldn't C only be prime if a is 1 and b is prime? Also isn't A always the smallest coprime between the two numbers?

Is this just a linear programming problem?

9c329e No.44283


Can you give us some idea of how the bitmap code works?

Where does the code go (same or separate file)?

Surely providing some extra depth to the code you already posted isn't a big infringement with regard to us figuring it out ourselves?

f03740 No.44289













546f8b No.44294


Okay I'll admit this is a little dumb, but what if this was actually a 3D cone that we are looking at in a 2D projection parallel to the cone's centerline.

If we could hypothetically arrange these numbers instead so that the "center line" was at 0,0 and the rest of the numbers would then spiral out from that center point right? Im not sure how we could "unproject" it though

938326 No.44296

File: 9b7e46b18ffc967⋯.png (47.43 KB, 1680x985, 336:197, 1-over-x-plus-250000-sqrt-….png)

File: 9bc625a8ab27568⋯.png (42.1 KB, 1678x987, 1678:987, 1-over-x-plus-250000-sqrt-….png)


Is this close to what you meant? Elaborate, please. I've got a graphing function where I input a list of x values and a list of y vals

f03740 No.44297

FFS, a bunch of 'spoon feed me' babies up in here. Fuck, this is not /r/The_fucking_Donald.

Nobody here knows more than you.


f03740 No.44300



Now figure out how to translate a 2d image to a 3d one. The spiral itself can be colored with the following equation.

if a % (a + b)/a = prime {

color the fucking pixel


12c5d9 No.44302

In 2008 I had a brief email exchange with Prof Motti Milgrom to describe key hole events that would give a test for MOND within the Solar System.

This would, if performed reveal more about the nature of the Sun and explain the connection between mass discrepancies and point to the choices to make for a solution to the EFE (Einstein Field Equations).

Good luck tonight.

I'll be back in the morning.

546f8b No.44303


Um could you take the values of d/e as x and keep c as the horizontal?

546f8b No.44316


Why would we need to make it 3d? Couldn't you hypothetically keep it as a 2d image but rotate the viewers perspective so that you are looking from the top down not the side without going to 3d?

f03740 No.44320


Don't talk to me about hypotheticals. I gave you the code, write a function and show me.

938326 No.44348

File: 3947c342dd95c42⋯.png (111.87 KB, 1679x985, 1679:985, x-d-e.png)

File: 0d1326d2866e0e4⋯.png (286.44 KB, 1679x983, 1679:983, e-plus-n-plus-d.png)

File: b189215bfa98e58⋯.png (112.06 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, end.png)

File: 586fc4620abe1b8⋯.png (142.3 KB, 1678x985, 1678:985, sqrt-end.png)


Don't be angry at incompetence. We're all incompetent, but we all have one skill that makes us complement each other.

"If two people agree on something, it will happen."

God made us need eachother so we could learn to love eachother.


Be more specific? I've only got two data sets to work with, I can look for something better if necessary.

f03740 No.44349


There is no reason to coddle willful ignorance when the answers they want are ITT.

3277c2 No.44353



What about Lobachevsky (hyperbolic geometry) dealing with triangles on a sphere, like on earth, I have a feeling this is related

f03740 No.44359


I'm still having trouble graphically representing a S6, this is my first venture into hyperspace.

546f8b No.44364


Um I don't really code much in rust, but python works?

Also it seems like there are two bands of ribbons that go up the spiral in this picture so im gunna math based on that >>40825

Holy fuck messing with drawings of this from the top, would the line that is straight from the side of a cone curved from the surface? It would since it would be following the edge of a cone which could be thought of as an expanding circle right?

f03740 No.44368


>Um I don't really code much in rust, but python works?

Then rewrite it from the c# code. There you go asking questions instead of doing work again.

f03740 No.44382

File: f98da70e8503e90⋯.png (54.09 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_base_equals_prime.png)

if c % base == prime as i32 {

color muh pixel




( A + B ) / A

f03740 No.44400

File: ebdab4d368e2c3a⋯.png (8.82 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_base_equals_three.png)

if c % base == 3 {

color my pixel brah


f03740 No.44410

File: ff553d86a2c29cb⋯.png (8.15 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_base_equals_five.png)

if c % base == 5 {

color muh pixel famalamadingdong


f03740 No.44423

File: 57496a119a6b07c⋯.png (28.47 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_prime_equals_base.png)

if c % prime = base {

tag my wall duderino


938326 No.44426


what is base?

f03740 No.44434


Base = Golden Ratio people.

(a + b) / a

938326 No.44442

File: 533b74fa43385b6⋯.png (94.47 KB, 1679x985, 1679:985, c-c-mod-a-plus-b.png)

File: baccb9b7ea779e1⋯.png (78.85 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, c-bn.png)

File: eea160e80157d6e⋯.png (304.38 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, a-plus-b-a-plus-b-over-a.png)

File: baff70f326ddf4a⋯.png (66.98 KB, 1679x986, 1679:986, c-a-plus-b-over-a.png)


Ah, I had that in mind but wasn't sure. Most interesting graphs so far.

f03740 No.44449

File: c1619bc4a30422e⋯.png (8.15 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_five_equals_base_c_m….png)

if c % 5 = base {

color my shit fam


if c % base = 5 {

color my shit fam


f03740 No.44466


It's literally why my mind was blown repeatedly yesterday and why I bothered to get out of bed this morning. You can extract the spirals with the golden ratio mod primes which imo is un-fucking-believable.

9c329e No.44474


Mate, no-one knows something until it is taught to them. Do we all have the time to learn each skill the other has from scratch? No. So if we SHARE skills and try to help raise everyone to the same level, then it might not take forever to get this done.

I've never coded anything beyond HTML/CSS. Should I learn? Yes, of course. Do I have time? No, and that's why I don't know; not because I'm unwilling to learn.

I, personally, appreciate you adding the code. However, it needs idiot-proof instructions because we/I still have no idea what to do with it.

I am aware that's probably annoying. And I can only apologise about that. If I say nothing, though, I'm not contributing. Easier to ask, hope for a response that solves the issue, then I can offer something of my own.

938326 No.44487


Digits are with you, fam. What about right-triangles? I'm getting these when applying golden-ratio.

546f8b No.44491


Alright so I don't know how to plot any form of pixels at all, but if some anon would be able to help me that would be great

I think if take in the pixel value at location (x,y), and you get the slope of the edges of the cone as m and -m, assuming that point (0,0) is the tip of the cone, You can run a transform over these pixels.

when x > 0 (x,y) = (x, mx + y)

and when x < 0 (x,y) = (x, -mx + y)

04c146 No.44500


even though i don't understand any of the math, the output images y'all are posting really hit you like magic.

f03740 No.44508


Install rustup.

$ rustup run nightly cargo new vqc

$ mkdir ./examples

$ vim main.rs

C&P code to examples/main.rs

populate Cargo.toml with the following:


name = "vqc"

version = "0.1.0"

authors = ["kill_yourself_george_soros"]


primal = "0.2"

bmp = "0.3.0"

num = "0.1.41"

num-bigint = "0.1.41"

acgmath = "0.1.1"


$rustup run nightly cargo run –example main


Would love a cap and the equation.


I agree that 0,0 is the tip of the cone. Working on the 2d transform now.

546f8b No.44509


There should be a much simpler way using Theta and d, where Theta would represent the degrees of rotation from the x axis, and d would represent the length of the ray from the origin.

Intuitively I think you should be able to get the d and theta from the original picture since d would just be the length from the tip of the cone to a drawn in pixel, and Theta should be something along the lines of 360 * ((width at height y of cone) divided by x) {full circle degrees times the percentage of the circle traversed at x}

9c329e No.44514

Has anyone tried to export this to audio?

546f8b No.44516


Anybody understand plotting using degrees and ray length able to translate what I'm thinking better? heres a math help page if anyone wants to brush up on polar equations


d is r, I haven't brushed up on terminology in years

9c329e No.44518


Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.

9c329e No.44523


Maybe we could try video, also.

9c329e No.44544

And since I am behind and probably can't do it myself yet, maybe someone could try mirroring the patterns? Equality is important.

Plus it's easier to see patterns if you have both sides of the image, rather than one.

f03740 No.44546


I did try polar coordinates but I didn't come up with jack shit because I am a dumbass.


Please at least read both threads, ffs my dude. And get rid of your fucking namefagging shit.

5efe9c No.44554


This is very very possible. I believe that there is a hidden actor with the power to veil.

113652 No.44606

So…why are we messing around with RSA? Been afk last two days, irl stuff.

Happy to contribute, got some l33t math skills with very good python knowledge.

f03740 No.44621


Allegedly we're learning math the right way.

Do you know how to plot points on a nsphere structure? It'd be cool if you did.

f03740 No.44651

File: 2e38e58139b5b64⋯.png (45.11 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_base_equals_prime.png)

Here's another that colors specific primes with the golden ratio.

if x % base = prime {

just color my shit up fam


f03740 No.44676

File: 9f14edadeb34a9c⋯.png (13.33 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_prime_equals_base.png)


if x % prime = base {












113652 No.44677


>Allegedly we're learning math the right way.

Very good. Majority of math is semi broken and unfinished. I'm pretty sure 95% of all the math/engineering/physics done nowadays is based on breakthroughs done in the 1700s - 1800s. Unfortunately rarely anyone goes back to basics and questions/analyzes all the core foundations to check whether they work and are applicable in all possible scenarios/cases.


Possibly. If not I can learn rapidly. Will read through thread tonight to catch up. Thank you

165f5e No.44678

Q asked to re-examine the map, signature is the key, multiple layers, think in mirror, think in circles, follow the bloodlines, and play a game

So lets play a number game, freestyling


When a=1 and z=26, etc, then "KEY" = 11+05+25 = 41 with 14 as mirror (simple gematria also gives 14: 1+1+5+2+5 = 14)

"Numbrer 41 is the reverse of 14, it shows the principle of the periodic mutations in the cosmic individuality. In the 14, the cycle is in the individual; in 41, the individual is in the cycle".


14 = The fourteen generations (bloodlines) of Abraham to David, just as of David to the deportation of Babylon, and the deportation of Babylon to the Christ. (Mt 1,1-17)

Now lets look at "RED"

r 18

red in cross form = 18 05 04 = 27 (both horizontal as vertical)

d 04

27 = Number of generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew. (Mt 1,1-17)

14 + 27 = 41 = numberic value of KEY (the number we began with, think in circles) and 41 = the number of generations from Abraham to Jesus (follow the bloodlines)


Now lets look at Map

Map = 13+01+16 = 30

The 30 dynasties of Pharaohs, divided into three Empires, that Manethon (priest at the time of the first Ptolemy) elaborated.

To Cabalistic, this number is associated with the letter "lamed", in form of sickle "to express the maturity of the crop". It corresponds also to the 12th Arcane of the Tarot, the Hanging, which is interpreted generally as the Expiation, the Sacrifice, the Martyrdom.


8450a6 No.44694


Oh fuck dude


Thanks anon! I'll implement the bitmap part soon.

f03740 No.44700

File: 640797049fac4c1⋯.png (4.38 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_29_equals_base.png)


Well we need to use 6 coordinates for 7 dimensions, tell me what you think this means.




if x % 29 = base {

Like a french woman


f03740 No.44713

File: d901b6d4bb88ea0⋯.png (4.75 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_47_equals_base.png)

if x % 47 = base {

Picasso me


c3a09d No.44717


oh look. a wavy plane.

As I said I'd do wth the 15th prime, or… however it's counted… 47…. I'll toss this through deep dream.

3d0c21 No.44734


Holy shittt

Does the ring look off center to anyone else? Maybe whatever is creating it isn't large enough to finish a "rotation"


Do you think that The hitchhikers guide was close with 42? just trolling us somehow?


It seems to do this better with the rising number. Why not do x % infinitiy = base or x = base?

938326 No.44746


You can't use infinity. Infinity is not a number, it's a type of one.

f03740 No.44747

File: 342753b4db69cf3⋯.png (5.4 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_149_equals_base.png)

Cheeeeck it out. look at this fucking order! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!

if x % mod 149 == base {



Note 149 is the largest c prime in the set generated for us.

3d0c21 No.44762


Thats the trick. Start the C set from the beginning and with every new prime generated print the bitmap with

if x % mod biggest prime == base {

diggity dog


should look neat

f03740 No.44782

File: a7c08986c66cabe⋯.png (5.72 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_4447_equals_base.png)

Also note: The largest c prime is pointless in this situation. I tried a larger prime.

if x % 4447 = base {

do it famalam










938326 No.44786


That's nuts. Any equations I can apply to my graphs, or to the VQC generator?

f03740 No.44798


Try only graphing points for the following:

if x % 4447 = base {

graph this point


I am shit tier at math. So good on you mathanons.

f03740 No.44802

Also please graph

if a % base == prime {

Graph my shit fam


f03740 No.44810

[2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, 139, 149]

Here are the primes I've been using.

I didn't include 1 because

if a % base == 1 is very special. It's the white in all my pictures. I always color it last so it stands out.

f03740 No.44877

File: b514576a4fbc1f5⋯.png (7.75 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_base_equals_one.png)

if c % base as i32 = 1 {

paint my shit dude


I did that a ways back.

f03740 No.44897

File: 5128c9224051211⋯.png (8.13 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_base_equals_one_e_eq….png)

I figured this one deserved the e == 1 lines too.

36433f No.44917

File: d8fe53d0485df8a⋯.png (56.89 KB, 597x933, 199:311, quaternion_units.PNG)


I think you are correct. Pic related. The points look surprisingly like our (c), (f), and prime records…

7035ec No.44924


Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666






f03740 No.44931

So here's what we know.

1.) We don't know jack shit.

2.) Golden Ratio (a + b ) / a as a (% gr) and as thing to measure equality to are methods of getting distinct patterns out of the entire sum of squares generated.


I already wrote code to calculate the quads but I don't know how to display them! I don't know what they are! That notation was like hitting a wall.

938326 No.44947


You know everything you just don't know how to put it together. Same as I

938326 No.44981


Also, you're preaching to the choir when you say you know absolutely no math.

7035ec No.44982

File: d5954f887332625⋯.png (29.69 KB, 640x250, 64:25, legally-dead-island.png)


Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666



Cestui Que Vie act 1666






8450a6 No.44995


Explain what's wrong then. I bet you haven't even read the thread.

938326 No.45002



Okay, I'm going to graph those.



f03740 No.45011

File: 27163dce998fb85⋯.png (19.71 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, important_finds.png)


I guess I have some learning to do.


if x % prime as i32 = base as i32 {



if e ==1 {



if a % base == 1 {



if c.is_prime() {



In that order.

There's more , stay tuned have to generate.

f03740 No.45042

File: 0d6d9a7b265a741⋯.png (55.37 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, x_mod_base_equals_prime_e_….png)

if x % base as i32 = prime {



if e = 1 {



if a % base = 1 {



For the record my prime range is 2 .. 149 inclusive for no reason at all. It could be more or less is needed.

f03740 No.45050



The vertical lines on the negative side are each because of their own prime! That's why they're different colors!

f03740 No.45054


The duplicates are because I couldn't think of anymore colors.

c3a09d No.45058


>Cestui Que Vie

That's basically proof of death.

Backwards would be proof of life or… VQC.


Vector Quantizing Code

c3a09d No.45074


<Cestui Que Vie

Should be:

>vie que C'est

Life That Is

8450a6 No.45193

What are the axes for the bitmap images? Is it e and n?

c3a09d No.45228

I'm having the strongest feeling that this is very incredibly related…


f03740 No.45234

File: 1906b00c2cb7a8f⋯.png (51.55 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, base_sqrt_mod_c_equals_pri….png)

if base.sqrt() as i32 % c == prime {



if e = 1 {



if a % base = 1 {



c3a09d No.45245


This is gonna sound weird but what are the chances you could make it look like strand upon strand of DNA? So far we've had a lot of "glory from above" styles, the one that looked like planes got deep dreamed with the shroud of turn/turing into a +backbone+… yours has one of the best landscapes/desertscapes with dunes, maybe pyramids, sand… and on the right… more rythmic dunes like on a beach or potentially water but it's still creating a sort of topography.

So… people keep looking for spirals and I we keep getting two "ladders/stairways", or one long solid one…

So… what're the chances of making it look like Lelu from 5th Element's DNA?

c3a09d No.45249

And bells… lots of bells or… trees. Depending on how far out it branches.

c3a09d No.45252

bunch of "atomic blast/mushroom cloud" ones a while ago

8450a6 No.45256

File: 5cb119b0ebe488f⋯.png (45.42 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, output.png)

It only took 4 days but I finally caught up to where everyone was a week ago

8450a6 No.45313

Here's the Java code from this anon >>43308 altered to include a basic version of the bitmap generator (although it's actually a BufferedImage but whatever).


I left out the JFreeFrame imports because it took me about 4 hours just to get that to work so it'd probably only cause problems for anyone else who went to use this without knowing enough about it. I set the image to 2000x2000 just because I don't understand this as much as anyone like this anon >>45234 so there's at least a little bit of extra work to be done. Either way, if that namefag who needed the code is still here, I've got it working.

c3a09d No.45328

f03740 No.45337

File: 5047f1182c37ad4⋯.png (101.39 KB, 2048x512, 4:1, c_mod_prime_equals_sqrt_ba….png)

if c % prime = sqrt(base) {



Looks like a grid somewhat.

938326 No.45361


Okay, I'm getting around to making some graphs of these. How should my functions treat 1, 2, and 0? Prime, not prime and not prime?

de0af3 No.45406

Hey did you Anons already break the code? I just saw this:


Hackers swipe over $64mn in Bitcoin from cryptocurrency marketplace NiceHash

After a mysterious 12-hour service outage, the popular cryptocurrency mining exchange NiceHash announced hackers stole an unknown amount of money from users. However, one bitcoin wallet gained more than $64 million within a matter of minutes.

On Wednesday, NiceHash announced there was a security breach involving the company’s website which compromised their payment services, and the contents of the users’ bitcoin wallets. The announcement came 12 hours after NiceHash suddenly informed users that they were undergoing maintenance.

938326 No.45413


That has CIANigger written all over it. But.. it's plausible. We haven't cracked it but if they had mathematicians watching this thread that could be it.. What do you think, VQC?

e7187f No.45422

Gabriel, this is the code with Bitmap info (I save as PNG) You have to include System.Drawing in References or it won't recognize it.

Here's link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgp94vl0f1vax90/Program.cs?dl=0

c3a09d No.45423

File: bc86a2dbf512862⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 564x1441, 564:1441, ebebf22b1e3049963043a76c67….jpg)

c3a09d No.45439

File: 5fbf1d0bc624696⋯.jpg (37.3 KB, 500x654, 250:327, caeb37f3d0fe3f84d3f717819d….jpg)

File: c9de20aeccf2886⋯.jpg (115.35 KB, 564x1246, 282:623, f6279e288f8b3b95e326fe9e2f….jpg)

File: 80ad5c6deab8194⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 564x760, 141:190, 5576426a01c3559170ab8ca82d….jpg)

File: 5fec30eeb94cdda⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 564x423, 4:3, d453426579badf002b10cc65f2….jpg)

Maybe these musings are more up your alley for now?

b4ff08 No.45480



Hey, in theory we could build a UI around inputting expressions and displaying quickly in C#, right? CSharp's Scripting engine would make it easy enough.

e7187f No.45500

File: 4180f9172ac8389⋯.png (318.63 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-06-20-4….png)

File: 07eb03d4b66f8fa⋯.png (334.71 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-06-20-5….png)


Talking with VQC he mentioned Quaternions today, said to think in HIGHER Powers - here are tweets…

f03740 No.45551


I wish I had a concrete answer for you, try with what you have.


Nice to meet you.

I've been thinking about how to do this all day. I wrote code to calculate possible quaternions but I couldn't figure out how to draw them on screen.

What would a quaternion look like once it's rendered? A moving particle? A shape?

f03740 No.45558

If you can answer that, I can finish my program.

938326 No.45587


I'm hoping the next one starts with "n=


938326 No.45602


You can't render a higher-dimensional object, you can only render one angle of it. Think of it like you can rotate one angle of a tesseract in 3d space, but if you rotate the tesseract in 4d space the entire 3d shape changes. So you can only render a slice of it at once, like a flatlander trying to render a cube.

938326 No.45638



This tesseract is rotating in 4d space, that's why it seems to morph and magically transform — They are just slices, shadows.

e7187f No.45701

Other things said by VQC regarding things I think are important to this thread:

What happens to one particular Tensor metric in Einstein's Field Equations if you hugely increase the mass of our Sun and understand better Copernicus?

(Someone else said) From 0 to -1?

(He replied) The requirement for MOND, Dark Energy and Dark Matter are removed, so, what are we not getting about our LOCALITY?

(Other person) I've heard dark matter is just matter flowing backwards in time. Therefore not missing. Not sure if relevant to your train of thought.

(VQC) Half of matter is antimatter flowing in the equal and opposite direction of time. Via CPT transform it is matter. No missing matter.

938326 No.45713


If we get to reform maths I'll take the time to learn that shit.

2a16f4 No.45717

File: 0c762d8a865c80c⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 530x541, 530:541, swastika and key.jpg)

File: e88aa12b460124a⋯.gif (392.23 KB, 305x231, 305:231, swastika maltese cross.gif)

File: 0a0940fc59c45bb⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 500x304, 125:76, Jain swastika.jpg)

File: 70101f1c8110dd1⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 278x181, 278:181, swastika.jpg)


OK "why did Q choose Pol?"

beside we are awesome autistic.. BUT because we have NO FEAR of critically important symbols that represent the TRUTH and GOD that are the most holy.

I have seen vids and all sorts of stuff that proves this symbol the swastika and the maltese cross used to be ALL over USA, even on milk bottles, vehicles etc. and it seems (((they))) needed to hide it, like they hide our history, and try to do this daily from us for CONTROL.

Also when searching 64 tetrahedron, tetragrammaton these always come up. This also comes up when looking at things for plasma, cold fusion, power source (which what pyramids were built for), and the arch of the covenant. God is like a geometric shape "on a throne" for all of us to be us. that and you can play with your Hoberman sphere toy while milling all of this over.

Ark the truth on copper scrolls found in Kumran. Clearly says THEY had the ark and describes it well. Then the BS keepers/slave masters said oh never mind they are a hoax, look something shiny over there..

We also hear the Ark moves ever West and takes turns who are the keepers. Evidently BUSH knows all about it. And recall the downing to TWA 800 7/17/96 NY/NJ word right away in certain circle was it involved something to do with the CAP stone and something for INSIDE the pyramid. Also the elite had announced they were going to cap it and huge elite celebration in Egypt. But then plane is hit by missile from US Navy Sub and then later suddenly all mention of the elite plans and pyramid were shut up, scrubbed, and when questioned were denied. But this had been in MSM with some saturation before since elite had to do the BS foreshadowing BS informed consent shit. I remember that crash VERY well, because I risked looking like a freak and due to my actions I saved a mans wife and kids who were supposed to be on it. I have done some weird stuff like that before and since.

Pyramid in Egypt is different from what Q speaks of as 3 triangle base, and in egypt is it 4 sides, but really is study there are 8 due to the inversion at center of sides at middle that is perfect and aligned. But all credit for placement of stuff on grid on globe was always given to Enlil which is why all over glove they all line up on the lines.

f03740 No.45746

Alright, I give. We'll cheat. We'll turn it into 3d space on a 2d plane and figure out the z later. I'll produce rendering code.

c3a09d No.45751

File: fdc46136c216d31⋯.jpg (14.49 KB, 333x500, 333:500, e96bfdd6d7aa70e4dddc4b7df3….jpg)

File: 9f2427c846da60e⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 341x719, 341:719, d2ad3808126b00a225833bcd05….jpg)

File: d973245afed4410⋯.jpg (109.8 KB, 564x1027, 564:1027, aea373c6df8cb9f536fa831141….jpg)

File: d3a7ec37026102b⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 276x542, 138:271, edcc7565fa6e29ce5542752743….jpg)

938326 No.45766

File: 5d652c584d9a40e⋯.png (114.07 KB, 1679x987, 1679:987, c-a-mod-a-plus-b.png)

File: df0750008729238⋯.png (265.94 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, d-a-mod-a-plus-b.png)

File: e33ea88a062e622⋯.png (194.92 KB, 1678x986, 839:493, e-a-mod-a-plus-b.png)


I took the VQC and only added a point when the a % (a+b) value was prime. If you want me to use a different value as the (x) value I can.

f03740 No.45774


Did you do (a + b) / a?

c3a09d No.45777

Also, I'm compiling a pinterest for ya…

www . pinterest . com /mmoustachio/musings-may%2Bbe-related/

938326 No.45800

File: 1f7c0b005acc494⋯.png (322.44 KB, 1681x1012, 1681:1012, n-a-plus-b-over-a.png)

File: c6268c3fd73967d⋯.png (82.04 KB, 1679x985, 1679:985, end-a-plus-b-over-a.png)

File: f5bbdb2bcff5201⋯.png (111.43 KB, 1680x986, 840:493, e-n-a-plus-b-over-a.png)

File: 343de1a58d614c0⋯.png (96.8 KB, 1679x988, 1679:988, e-a-plus-b-over-a.png)

113652 No.45845


Got any other books/sources on this stuff?

One of my current interests

938326 No.45880


The disdain for National Socialism in the main thread is a product of the normies coming in. He was right on all issues of Jews and morality. The only reason the shills are bringing Hitler up in 4pleb is because the cbts channers don't want to talk about it. They want to talk about Q. If the real anons wanted to talk about Hitler the shills would instantly start shilling against it.

f03740 No.45893


Nice digits.

It doesn't give me much insight but I appreciate it a lot!

If we need more dimensions, maybe we need more for loops.


>If the real anons wanted to talk about Hitler the shills would instantly start shilling against it.

This is true, I out National Socialist-ed the shill nazi's and they shut the fuck down.

c3a09d No.45907

File: 276718b30304b55⋯.png (29.47 KB, 444x372, 37:31, 444px-SplitFanoPlane.svg.png)

File: 8892c1c5813ef74⋯.jpg (182.25 KB, 474x2003, 474:2003, 8f3ba774601c011d64e0135906….jpg)

File: 4353cf52b1b1356⋯.jpg (105.98 KB, 474x732, 79:122, ef2abcab3ef3a54da47045811f….jpg)

File: 98ec6490a8fcd4e⋯.jpg (358.14 KB, 530x826, 265:413, 6985acdcd8a697977ac3c85281….jpg)


Binding Dubs, I like it

And yes.

Have you ever heard of split octonians?


Everything Forever: Learning To See Timelessness

Aaaaaand… blanking. lol

8f9fcd No.45929


8f9fcd No.45934

938326 No.45941


Are those elementary particles in the first picture?

c3a09d No.45942

lol, duh, this is what VQC meant by "quaternions"


Silly me.

Also, 99% of people would end up in the MENTAL hospital. Cuz this ish cray.

c3a09d No.45945


follow the split-octonian link to find out :P

e504ad No.45946

Following from >>41573

Is it right to think a*b = c does form a bit of an elliptic curve? - plotted on axis a,b

If our approx radius c is large enough, does the curve become relatively near flat for large segments?

If we have a straight line, it should be semi-easy to find where it meets a pair of integers?

e7187f No.46000

While looking up ancient mathematics and symbolism, I came across this video and learned a few things that are pretty cool. Another possible piece to the puzzle? The Secret Code, Number 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiBrT4CoVFk

e504ad No.46126


Probably way off track, but anyway

Any easy way to find solutions to sqrt(c)*j = int /&/ sqrt(c) / j = int

938326 No.46145





I think I found a good explanation of it. It doesn't seem so complicated now.

c3a09d No.46150

Something called Super Looping


(Does an auto-download of the pdf if I post the other link)

This one just displays the pdf


Loop Group


Lie Algebra? Odd name…


Surreal Numbers:


Hyperreal Numbers:


Real Closed Field:




More musings. Don't forget to check the pinterest I set up if you need some inspiration.

2a16f4 No.46184


Yes! He said TIME was a big part of this.

On another note - Universal truth is ALL solar systems have 2 stars/suns and are binary.

Why is OURS the only different one?

Also we know inside earth is NOT molten core but there is plasma. And we/us when in turn harmonics , frequency amplification can send out bursts of plasma sparks, and the hard part is how to direct it. But this makes things move and does all sorts of stuff. Builder Race.

Also did you know so many things in our VERY wrong books on Abrahamic religions/slave constructs are so false and farcical. How come catholic church changed and uses different "10 commandments"?

Did you know it was not tablets in ark or covenant or tablets moses brought down in original text but crystals/gems in geometric shapes relevant to the model of molecular structure of what they were made of. Moses it was Sapphire dihexagon with stuff written on the sides? Odd that so many things changed/hidden on purpose for so long.. hey don't be looking a math or geometry.

Ancient Sumer on tablets show THEY had profound advanced math based on 60. Later we scrapped together stuff MUCH later base 10. But the 60 works better. 60 is why because THEY created our calendars 365 days (sphere) degrees, ziodiac for progression of star cycles in year, but also larger time a YAR I think I recall, 60 seconds = minute, 60 = equal 1 hour etc.

c3a09d No.46196

there are numbers on this page that might be related… and let's see if i can finally do this correctly:


c3a09d No.46204


this is a more clear arrangement:


2a16f4 No.46295

File: 6f951775f82f606⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 259x194, 259:194, half on table.jpg)



Disney "Donald Duck in Math Magic Land" got me hooked on things real early.

c3a09d No.46315


I'm starting to think that Walt was /ourguy/ and then the whole mickey mouse organization got overrun with derp-owls and glowing rabbits.

Perverted it by using disney toons for SRA mind control/MK Ultra/Monarch programming, and then took over and probably forced Walt to be the face of a company he wasn't actually running anymore.

Cuz there's something about him and Tesla.

Or I have it backwards and there might have been a rift between him and Tesla for… whatever reason… but I thought they was fam…

f03740 No.46392


Disney was doing gov't prop long before Walt died famalam.

0abdcd No.46415


this ties in with my PLVS VLTRA theory…..

04c146 No.46441

File: 026aa1138c022c1⋯.jpg (692.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 05-MIRROR_25.jpg)

File: 9a81d7c54d0e5b0⋯.gif (3.29 MB, 600x450, 4:3, 48oll2.gif)

File: 9b80ee104a85cff⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 692x632, 173:158, http://36.media.tumblr.com….jpg)

File: edbb3978e102c41⋯.jpg (361.59 KB, 745x740, 149:148, 7a833d9d-f3f4-492d-adcc-a9….jpg)


to infinity and BEYOND

12c5d9 No.46477



For these and any other questions, I'll post some more code today.

I know it's tough.

When I started this, I didn't use BigInteger, I wrote all the code from scratch to handle any length integers.

My square root function took over a second for 2048 bit numbers.

What you all have done in so short an amount of time is amazing.

I worked on this back during the very worst of times.

Thank you for seeing it through.

938326 No.46492


What was your hardest part? Where we are now?

Nice digits ;^)

c6f153 No.46506

The reason why you're finding it difficult is you're projecting a six-dimensional cluster plot on a 2d surface. A lot of information is going to overlap. Think hologram. Can't you project this in 3 dimensions and stuff two dimensions onto each axis? Think about it.

Also if you're going to do a light map, take the linear light value to the power of 1/2.2 to get close to the srgb colorspace.

f03740 No.46515


I'll check those digits out. You going to help with the following as well?


How do you make the 6D surface? I'm almost done with a program that will render the information in 2D, I can make whatever structure we need and give the code up freely, I just don't know how to make a 6D structure.

04c146 No.46517



is it possible to plot in an animation ie over time?

f03740 No.46519

I mean render it inside of an OpenGL context so we can apply transformations easily.

f03740 No.46522


Sure you just make a change and feed it to ffmpeg and figure out the timebase.

f0fb31 No.46641


VQC, this is so FUN! Thanks man. Math Wiz here, but never used C#. I'll be building your program starting tonight. I have NEVER in my life felt so much optimism. The Rule Of Evil is coming to a halt, no? (C)hris (Root) O (D)avid?

N=(C)*square (root) O (D)? Lol, haven't run the numbers yet, but you'd be hilarious if you hid it in plain sight.

c3a09d No.46645


Go ooooooon…. Cuz I'm pretty sure we might be the ETERNALOPTIMIST s they're looking for.

938326 No.46682



c3a09d No.46719


the 4th trinity is wrong.

Should be, at least:

{Time, Space, Energy}

or… Space-Time+Energy….

Does energy "real" bro?

It's a measurement of… force? work? Direction? what is electricity? What is fusion? What is fission?

Does time "real"?

It's a measurement of qualitative difference? position? heartbeat? creation/decay?

Does space real?

It's a measurement of… length? distance? quantitative difference?

Where do they blur together?

What if…

They're all measurements of "difference"?

Is this where differentials come into play?

Energy is how it happens.

Space is where it happens.

Time is when it happens.

So why is what happening to whom?

I think that's the point…

Where I draw the line…

Because for me to see the big picture, I have to connect the dots.

All of them.

In a Topological Book.

I wonder what the Cover looks like?

c3a09d No.46769


Mmmm are you familiar with Hyperspheres?


How more than 4 dimensions look?


Or how to find the volume of n?


Short version:


When I said differentials, I wonder if i meant derivation…. I'm not a calculusbro

f03740 No.46826


I know about hyperspheres in the sense that I know I need one to map this entire thing.

How to do such a thing escapes me though.

28ab38 No.46837


What differentials do you mean?

In 3d, you can use calculus to determine many properties you couldn't have seen from the surface. Especially with fields, where they point to and where they'll end up. It's been a long time since I took that class though, and I'd be lost trying to apply it to higher dimensions

938326 No.46847


It's time for you to use mathematics for something you enjoy. You'll never forget it again.

67957c No.46880


Fair enough, anon. Almonds are activated over here, just getting cozy and working to contribute value to this Math Mystery. Working to build the program tonight, I know I'm behind. IRL obligations first, saving the world next on the checklist. Your graphs and work are excellent.

546f8b No.46895


from PIL import Image

import sys

# class Number(object):

# """docstring for Number"""

# values = []

# base = sys.maxint

# def init(self, value, base=sys.maxint):

# self.values = value

# base = base

# def addInt(self, givenInt):

# for x in len(values):

# if (sys.maxint - givenInt) <= self.value[x]:

# self.values[x]++

# self.values[x] -= (sys.maxint - givenInt)

# return

# self.value

a = 0

b = 0

c = 0

d = 0

e = 0

n = 0

x = 0

def updatePrimes(primes, new):

for prime in primes:


return primes

theend = {}

maxint = 512*16

minx = 0

miny = 0

maxy = 256

maxx = 256

for i in range(maxint/2):

for j in range(i):

a = i - j;

b = i + j;

c = a * b;

odd = c % 2 == 1;

d = c**.5;

e = c - (d * d);

f = e - ((2 * d) + 1);

n = i - d;

x = d - a;

if e not in theend:

theend[e] = {}

if n not in theend[e]:

theend[e][n] = []

if f not in theend:

theend[f] = {}

if n-1 not in theend[f]:

theend[f][n-1] = []

text = "{" + "{0}:{1}:{2}:{3}:{4}:{5}".format(e, n, d, x, a, b) + "}"


text = "{" + "{0}:{1}:{2}:{3}:{4}:{5}".format(f, n-1, d+1, x+1, a, b) + "}";


maxi = 256

minx = -256

miny = 0

maxx = 256

maxy = 256

ssize = 12

img = Image.new( 'RGB', (abs(minx)+maxx,abs(miny)+maxy), "black") # create a new black image

pixels = img.load() # create the pixel map

for y in range(miny, maxy):

for x in range(minx, maxx):

if(x in theend and y in theend[x] and len(theend[x][y]) > 0):

thisx = maxx + x

pixels[thisx,y] = (356,356,356)


I have this so far in python, but I have been doing homework

Its not working fully just prints out a weird cone currently

c6f153 No.46900

What is Euler's algorithm, and why is it important?

What happens you write these functions as differential equations?

28ab38 No.46902

File: 3b9745e4520a401⋯.gif (307.45 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1499755501150.gif)


This. I always loved math for the sake of it anyway. With virtual quantum computing, higher dimensional vector calculus will be integral to our understanding. I look forward to the ride.

938326 No.46904


I was just about to mention that. I'm writing an explanation of Shor right now.

28ab38 No.46926

File: 752d76cbf70722f⋯.png (94.05 KB, 274x254, 137:127, aqua.png)


>fellow python junkie

my man

And I just used PIL the other day for gif scripts

f03740 No.46946

Hell yeah mathanons up in here! We're saved!

546f8b No.47004


Nice, if I get this semi working would you wanna make it a gif instead of an image?

I have it with etensible bases now

from PIL import Image

import sys

# class Number(object):

# """docstring for Number"""

# values = []

# base = sys.maxint

# def init(self, value, base=sys.maxint):

# self.values = value

# base = base

# def addInt(self, givenInt):

# for x in len(values):

# if (sys.maxint - givenInt) <= self.value[x]:

# self.values[x]++

# self.values[x] -= (sys.maxint - givenInt)

# return

# self.value

a = 0

b = 0

c = 0

d = 0

e = 0

n = 0

x = 0

def updatePrimes(primes, new):

for prime in primes:


return primes

theend = {}

maxint = 512*16

minx = 0

miny = 0

maxy = 256

maxx = 256

for i in range(maxint/2):

for j in range(i):

a = i - j;

b = i + j;

c = a * b;

odd = c % 2 == 1;

d = c**.5;

e = c - (d * d);

f = e - ((2 * d) + 1);

n = i - d;

x = d - a;

if e not in theend:

theend[e] = {}

if n not in theend[e]:

theend[e][n] = []

if f not in theend:

theend[f] = {}

if n-1 not in theend[f]:

theend[f][n-1] = []

text = (e, n, d, x, a, b)


text =(f, n-1, d+1, x+1, a, b)


maxi = 256

minx = -256

miny = 0

maxx = 256

maxy = 256

ssize = 12

bases = [125]

primesValues = [1,2,3,5,7]

for base in bases:

img = Image.new( 'RGB', (abs(minx)+maxx,abs(miny)+maxy), "black") # create a new black image

pixels = img.load() # create the pixel map

for y in range(miny, maxy):

for x in range(minx, maxx):

if(x in theend and y in theend[x]):

if len(theend[x][y]) > 0:

thisx = maxx + x

pixels[thisx,y] = (255,255,0)

for vals in len(primesValues):

if theend[x][y][-2] % base == vals:

color = (0,0,0)

color[vals % 3] = 255

if vals >= 3:

color[vals%3] = 255

if vals >= 6:

color[vals%3] = 255

pixels[thisx,y] = color


3f6512 No.47019


Ok how are you getting these

28ab38 No.47028

File: 9e71757ee3a3e6c⋯.png (697.82 KB, 1254x1080, 209:180, 1498882002770.png)


Adding dimensions by making it a gif, this pleases our quantum consciousness!

67957c No.47040


Dude, it's Topolanon, he's like the magician of all threads. Who knows how he does his shit. He is the muse of all crazies like us seeking the truth.

546f8b No.47041


This looks a lot like images run through google's deep mind



Yeah someone should do it who isn't a "poor" person on a macbook air instead of an actual computer to run this shit on

0abdcd No.47067


231 gates fam.

you hitting these permutations with me?

3 Mother Letters – Shin on top, Aleph in middle, Mem on bottom.

we are literally rebirthing reality….i have prayed for this for many years.

literally watching my lifes prayer, my hearts deepest yearning, happen in real time (but wait, time isnt real, kek) right before/after within/without my eyes.

Absolutely beautiful

28ab38 No.47068

File: f43a3bd821daca5⋯.jpg (305.74 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 59deca76-7087-431e-b75b-99….jpg)


Haha I feel your pain. potato craptop but I keep on with gifs because I love coding and memetics

67957c No.47093


Hey Anon! We all have different gifts. Can a sniper plan strategy or build a bridge? No. Use you gifts and make great code and meme. Are you working on QVC's code? Get to it, coder.

0abdcd No.47094


Topolanon was running the images posted here from the bitmaps through deep dream.

check out his steemit page.

based ass super wokepost blogposts


3f6512 No.47110


Hire me

938326 No.47120


Low specs only matter for (((Winblows)))

6787f1 No.47159

28ab38 No.47177


I have code I'm writing to factor c, but I need the pattern links in the grids before I can make them into equations and put them in the code properly. I'm trying to figure out how to extend the vqc into the complex plane, as well as how to generate cell groups below an (e,1) genesis group (those I can generate already).


So much this.

3f6512 No.47240

How are people getting prime C's for this? I thought by definition c was a*b???

67957c No.47241


Anon, I feel overwhelmed a bit. Q has given us a big task: understand what's going on so we can help normies when SHTF. This MathAnon Challenge is just another layer on top. Now we can help crack Bitcoin RSA and help topple the hiding place for illbegotten funds? FUCK. And maybe it relates back to the Q posts? My mind is WIDE AWAKE. The Matrix is crumbling.

0abdcd No.47260

File: 01e24313d4264a9⋯.png (7.84 KB, 188x434, 94:217, ClipboardImage.png)



1 Song

1 Divine Name

1 Breath

0abdcd No.47276

File: 1c2fff8a9515c8d⋯.png (120.88 KB, 445x386, 445:386, ClipboardImage.png)




Twenty-two foundation letters: They are set in a circle as 231 Gates. And this is the sign: There is no good higher than delight (ONG), and there is no evil lower than plague (NGO).

How? Weigh them and transpose them, Aleph with each one, and each one with Aleph; Bet with each one, and each one with Bet. They repeat in a cycle. Therefore, everything formed and everything spoken emanates in one name.

The twenty-two letters through permutations and transformations depict the nature of all that was, all that is and all that will be in the future.

how does one permute them? Two stones build two houses, three build six houses, four build 24 houses, five build 120 houses, six build 720 houses, and seven build 5040 houses. From there on go out and calculate that which the mouth cannot speak and the ear cannot hear.

"Also every desire, one opposite the other was made by God" (ecclesiastes 7:14). Good opposite evil, good from good, evil from evil. Good makes evil recognizable, and evil makes good recognizable. Good is kept for the good, and evil is kept for the wicked.

Three: Each one stands alone.

Seven are divided, three opposite three, with a decree deciding between them.

Twelve stand in seeming conflict: three who love, three who hate, three who give life, and three who kill. The three that love are the heart, the ears and the mouth; the three that hate are the liver. the gall bladder, and the tongue. And God, the fathful King dominates them all.

One over three, three over seven, and seven over twelve, and all of them support and are supported by each another.

d901b7 No.47373

So we're trying to solve N based on C?

It's gotta be a beautiful and simple equation, like E=mc2

Let's get working equations to solve for N up on the board.

What about I,J, and T?

I think VQC started us in 2d and is wanting us to work up to 3D, 4D, and above.

It's a collapsable key to understand Primes and infinity with a reference key T.

Working to comprehend.

938326 No.47403


We already have a path to solve for N, a large composite but n is the missing link. Look in the OP.

1b32c4 No.47434


The temple will NEVER be built again. EVER.

This is bible prophecy.

The temple will NEVER BE BUILT AGAIN.

d901b7 No.47443


Thanks anon, trying to keep up. I'm having lots of fun! I've read the OP. Nobody has posted the solution yet. MathChallengeAnons are working. How do we solve?

938326 No.47455


a*b = c

d = floor_sqrt(c)

e = c - (d^2)

n = ???

x = (sqrt((d+n)^2 - c)) - n

a = d - x

b = c / a

938326 No.47457


If I had the n equation in that I would completely revolutionize mathematics and end prime-based cryptography entirely. But VQC deserves that glory for showing us the path up to here.

c3a09d No.47490

File: 7c05f1170efb9f0⋯.jpg (13.39 MB, 5616x3744, 3:2, IMG_6698-SB.jpg)


top left, if you need help seeing it

938326 No.47502


Could you make a larger drawing of that? And so n is a square?

c3a09d No.47522


You want my bigger Billy Goat Gruff in this department:

Dr. Mark Norfleet, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

I could draw it, but those lines are his signaure. my lines are different.

938326 No.47529


Anything at all works for me.

c3a09d No.47531



actually, his lines are more square. literally you can see the difference (at the "time")

c3a09d No.47539


Also, y'all are missing what I'm saying.

He needs to be "somehow" brought into this.

His main drive in life is to "*speak correctly".

*Mathematically Speaking. Doesn't translate very well verbally, but… dear God… mathematically…

c3a09d No.47542


So if any of you have Math Prestige


c3a09d No.47546


I only had it while I could expose him directly to my musings.

938326 No.47555


If I sent him a meme explaining all of our equations and why it's so important would he drop it all and want to respond?

ed86a1 No.47604

Guys, I was one of the originals on the first VQC thread, and went back and forth a few times with VQC himself. I've pored over the code, the spreadsheets, image generating code, almost everything here. I've followed this thread obsessively, to the mild detriment of my day-to-day obligations.

Here's how I see things right now: all of the patterns, spirals, columns, rows, special cases for e == 1, bitmaps, deep dreams, etc, all have one problem: they're not going to cut it for RSA100. Take the insight that na and nb are n rows apart, and that n can be used to factor c. My mind was fucking blown. The problem is, for RSA100, n == 14387588531011964456730684619177102985211280936.

Let's say we were to do 1 US trillion (1,000,000,000,000) calculations per second figuring out which entries were n apart in the column. There are 31622400 seconds in a year. That calculation would take 454,980,916,407,735,164,210,518,006 years. So I think that, while beautiful, this is not a particularly USEFUL point of beauty.

HOWEVER… My thinking has evolved to something like the following: there is perhaps a reason the quantum angle has been played up so much. If you dumb it down, the quantum aspect of "quantum computing" (if it really works/exists) is really at its core a way to create a bubble, and a way to pop said bubble. The idea is that the pop of the bubble conveniently gives you the answer.

If this effort is to bear fruit, in my opinion, more effort must be expended into maximally expanding the bubble. 2 dimensional LARPing will not cut it, nor will, in my opinion, any fixed dimensional number. I think what we're chasing is a self-popping bubble with arbitrary dimensional characteristics. If I were to imagine a virtual quantum computer, I'd think of right angles on top of right angles on top of right angles, with each blazing into a new dimension, ultimately to pop itself.

In closing, I have absolutely no idea how this can be achieved, but I feel somewhat strongly that what I'm saying has some type of fundamental validity to it, much the same as how I felt that what VQC was saying had some type of fundamental validity to it as well.

6a9944 No.47620


The purpose of this is to solve it OURSELVES. TOGETHER.

We are here because we chose to be. That's why we get the privilege of the knowledge (if we can decode it).

It's CRUCIAL that we follow the rules. They exist for a reason.

938326 No.47622


Very accurate. Do you know any of the mathematics behind this? Or the programming? The two have to come together for what we're doing.

6a9944 No.47628


Man, thanks so much. I got some code last night from anon, but it's just too much to take in when you have 0 programming experience. I learn visually, so I need examples to see patterns. Once I get that far, I can do the rest quite easily. Hopefully this will get me back in the game so I can see what we're looking at.

ed86a1 No.47676


I have a degree in CS and have been in the industry for about two decades. I've done a lot of work with real-world scalability, both at the code level and systems level, so I understand time and memory space complexity, asymptotic running time complexity, and shit like optimization problems that require linear/integer/mixed programming or constraint solvers, etc. I have a working understanding of modern crypto and best practices involving its use, although the underlying number theory is somewhat alien.

I try to keep up with the gist of how the state of the art advances in fields I find interesting. Post-quantum crypto is one of those areas, and to understand (and I use the word "understand" very loosely, more akin to "can somewhat describe it") a post-quantum world requires "understanding" things like BQP class problems, etc, and how quantum computers might attack them.

At the end of the day, though, I'm just running around the world like a faggot with leather armor running away from dragons in Skyrim. So always keep that in mind.

938326 No.47680


Give me a timeframe of when he's most likely to read his email and I'll make it happen.


That's amazing! So glad we got someone with a degree on board. That's a big milestone for a bunch of dickwads on an imageboard learning math, equation by equation.

c3a09d No.47683


47 - 15th Prime

555 + 15

I uh… the numbers… who um… have uh… spoken… yeah.


He's a filter.

Right now y'all're'all over the place.

And I have a BFA level understanding of Non-Euclidean Compactification and I'm telling you that we need someone with academic bullshit credentials of an eyebrow raising calibur to be a blazar pointer to get him or someone like him on this because, for the love of all that is holy, if we had that already, YOU'D BE DONE ALREADY.

He'll speak in numbers like I speak in symbols and we both speak in letters.

You'll translate that into the most beautiful code you've ever seen in your life.

Are you a Codebro.Doctor? Are your papers in order? Can you get the attention of someone who teaches other people to be Ph.D. bearers?

I'm just a muse.

Feel my passion.

Taste my visuals.

See my Intention.

Bring what I am describing to the table if you have something more than what I'm offering.

Be the change you want to see, don't just say it, do the think.


c3a09d No.47691


Literally that's the worst option. He's big on numbers and not written words. Audible words long before written words.

He's easy to find, he likely has office hours though I don't know how to access that schedule, there are people who answer phones and will deliver messages.

I grabbed his attention by blathering on about split-octonions thinking I was clever and he about shit himself that I even knew what the hell that was, let alone could even extrapolate on it into oddball directions.

It has to be proper. It has to be done in a correctly respectful manner. That'll make him sing.

c3a09d No.47692


I left part of that:

Thinking I was clever, and then he very thoroughly taught how, what, why, when, who…

I didn't know SHIT.

c3a09d No.47695


and not to sound full of myself because… I don't have horns keeping me in this stable… "look at me now"

Quantum Intuition.

How the fuck am I doing any of this?

(I have my own thoughts. )

How the fuck is it relating now?

(You have your questions.)

Connect the dots.

What are nodes.

How do they relate?

In a broad sense.

"Who/What/Etc are (You)?"

ed86a1 No.47698


Appreciate it, anon. Never forget that a degree is just some faggot assigning/reading you a book you could have just read yourself, all the while making you feel like a moron, and making you pay for it. I would not be surprised in the least if this very thread launches a new generation of self-taught number theorists that change the world.

I was just a Apple ][ BASIC faggot and then I thought "fuck this, I'm going to go kick some asses", and went off to help build the Internet. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

c3a09d No.47700


What happens when you cool a quantum processor with alcohol?

quantum stumbling.

it's weird… but not uniformly weird… but contextually uniformly weird, but permanently impermanent.

Jackie Chan can speak to fish.

Me thinky he's /ourguy/.

c3a09d No.47703


That's generally my test for a school of thought.

Are they asking for money? Usually a red flag.

If they are asking for money, when and why?

Bare minimum to cover expenses related to living in a world neither of you control? Or are they making you pay for your own dem-on-eyes?

How does this relate to the masons?

What is Light Masonry? What is Dark Masonry?

What is Græy Masonry?

Why the Last Jedi?

Luke, I am your father.

6a9944 No.47710


It makes sense to check with VQC before pulling people into this. VQC has all the answers but he wants us to do this ourselves. There is a point to that. Just because we hit a wall doesn't mean we should give up and run for help.

938326 No.47717


I agree. We'll see what he has to say.

c3a09d No.47720


I concur.

c3a09d No.47721


So check with him.

If he feels like it, he'll let you know explicitly why I'm doing this.

But here's a raging Clue.

Figure it out for (You,rself).

6a9944 No.47734


It's not me who needs to check with him. I know the answer already, hence telling you not to bring others in. My answer isn't good enough (because who am I to tell you what to do?), so I simply ask that you speak with VQC and see what he says.

I see the pattern. I see how he behaves, and there's a point he's making. He'll help, to a degree, if you ask. BUT he wants this to be done so we learn the whole thing.

I get the whole thing. I have tried to explain it, but no-one pays much attention. I think some others may get it too, but I'm not sure. It's hard to tell with the back-and-forth and the lack of focus on what we're doing.

ed86a1 No.47737


It could be simply because 8ch.net is globally the #5,405 ranked site, and within the US #2,284. And it does this while being nearly censorship-free. That kind of traffic, all over https (and thus "hard" or at the minimum more expensive to bulk decrypt) could very well be good enough that our "group effort" is merely a smokescreen for an eventual disclosure by an insider, most likely during a period of high traffic, which can be bought. That could resemble, shockingly, the probable L7 attack today, which probably cost $1000 to the right Russian contact.

This could be a recruiting mining thread. Who knows? There are many interesting possibilities, including that VQC is 100% transparent in his motives, which after interacting with him, I tend to give the highest weight.

c3a09d No.47738


I've also got a raging clue.

Since I've already typed it out for you.

Sometimes… you have to look back to look forward.

It's all 90º turns, right?

Turn around.

Don't fall backwards into this.

It doesn't help you to continually give you more and more knowledge. That only pushes back when you can begin to understand the the more you're given, the more you have to figure out before you're even at GO.

Think about how drugs alter your perception of time.

At your Base State, how far behind Now are (You)? You have to experience, take in the experience, process the experience, and then see what you just experienced.

What happens in your brain when you feel a prick on your finger?

What about when you stimulate the part of the brain that registers a prick on your finger?

I'm not fucking with you.

There's a reason I'm asking.

c3a09d No.47740



Who led you to believe that I don't ask him?

FFS… use your god blessed head.

c3a09d No.47742


Literally, your language is interference-mirroring a conversation I was having with him earlier.

Can you see me outside of here? Hit me up and I'll explain further.

7ad0e2 No.47748

Food for thought.

I listen to what you say, I just don't have a better understanding of Chris' purpose and the VQC than you and thus have nothing to add.

What I do know is that humility plays a lot into this. Chris is very humble. Do you think you could contain your ego if you solved RSA?

He wants us to be like Jesus Christ.

Would you believe that he thinks what we will become is more important than these crazy alien equations that instantly break the hardest cryptography in the world?

That's what he said.

It's a heaven-send with more. ++

c3a09d No.47752


How about this.


Should they see what I've been sending you?

{Now you wait, I guess.}

(Or don't do as this little line of text tells you. Fuck this, you won't do what I tel you. Do your own think in the meantime. Turn it into a happy time and this will be gotten back to ass as you're not so pissy.)

c3a09d No.47756


Christ+like, not Christian.



[I'm not asking in private as I usually do and, no offense to your ego, but like you pointed out, you're not privy to everything either]

6a9944 No.47757


To EXPLAIN this a bit better.

[I can't give it all away].

What we are looking at in the spreadsheet is language. The code file allows you to create different things from this language. We're seeing patterns; DNA, spinal columns, [all kinds of weird shit that I've not looked through yet]. That's because those things are made from this language. Everything is.

We are being given an education in the greatest subject known to man. We are supposed to be humbled by that. We are supposed to realise we are here for a reason. We are supposed to realise this and then refocus on our initial task: BitCoin.

We aren't supposed to bring people in. People have to seek this themselves. People have to want this without knowing what it is. It cannot be handed to people who don't deserve it; who don't understand it; who won't use it for the right purposes.

I get that. (You) may or may not get that, I don't know. Eventually, if you make it to the end, you will get that. That's why we're here and they're not.

6a9944 No.47760


My friend, I'm not here to argue. I understand this. I think you also understand this. We don't need to argue if we're both on the same page.

You get there are some things I must learn myself. I get that too. If that's the case, we're in the right place mentally to move forward. No problem.

c3a09d No.47764


I'm Pepehu Kekbar.

Let's take this outside.


ed86a1 No.47769













In much the same way, this could be good-natured anons hashing things out in earnest or it could be namefag shills attempting to derail conversation and slide the thread. What is the truth?

c3a09d No.47773

File: 19f69f400be6694⋯.jpg (599.09 KB, 1225x980, 5:4, dream_no21jauw9ql-6.jpg)



Have faith, faggot.

6a9944 No.47779


One thing I will say is this: You seem very hostile. There are more posts that I care to count stemming from one simple suggestion I made to you (ask the guy who sees the full chessboard whether or not we should make a move that seems off-script).

I was polite to you. I just pointed out there might be a downside to what you were about to do. "Seek some council" – that's all I said. I didn't say you were dumb, or that I knew better than you, I didn't attack you. Just literally, "Mate, let's check with the big man and see what he wants us to do before we do anything that could negatively impact upon what we're doing".

If you spoke with him already, then just say that. If he said it was okay – no problem, at all. It's his game, we're just playing it.

I have no problem with you. I get that there are different kinds of people here; and some have poor social skills, some have good social skills, some are douchebags. I treat you all the same (with respect) as I don't know who I am dealing with. There's no need for anything else, it's a team game.

8450a6 No.47796


Only mentioning because you seemed like you were interested last night and you may have missed it: someone got the Java version done, and I added the image generation here >>45313

ecb64b No.47797


Well done

ecb64b No.47800


Yes and only a small, finite number of dimensions are required to utilise the properties of the whole.

It's all about CONTEXT.

ecb64b No.47802


If mining is trivialised, don't forget the network could be taken over.

c3a09d No.47807


-exasperated hand gestures-


ecb64b No.47810


This is very Good.

6a9944 No.47811


Appreciate this. I got a C# file which I am using instead (since it was VQC's original code method). I am almost there. I don't seem to have something I need to make it all work yet, but I think it's because I need to download a component (C# isn't clear).

ecb64b No.47812


Families or groups are important.

c3a09d No.47815


Again… please… complete the thought… so that it can blossom into something grander.

Like I said… interference mirror.

Have you asked him (You,rself) yet?

Have you asked (You,rself) why I'm not saying it here? You could… y'know… see me outside after class.

For Bonus Rounds.

ecb64b No.47817



8450a6 No.47823

File: 52d4fd57c143256⋯.png (47.9 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output.png)

File: 688aceec8ec2919⋯.png (47.21 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output.png)

This may have already been done (if so I'd appreciate being pointed to the posts, and apologies for possibly wasting time) but has anyone else been generating the image based on variables other than e and n? First image is a and b, second image is c and n. I did see those graphs and all the other posts but they seemed to be based around e and n as far as I could tell. Just trying to think of different approaches.


>I think it's because I need to download a component

That's why I thought Java was a good idea. Having all the necessary Java components seems more common than with C#. I hope if you're getting close that you'll find something interesting. You seem to have a lot of the concepts down.

ecb64b No.47824



Use the patterns in the VQC to give you answer.

Find the patterns.

You are getting there.

ecb64b No.47832


This is all part of a gift.

Once you go through this process, the next VQCs are on another level.

And so on… and so on…

You are the First.

04c146 No.47844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6a9944 No.47855


I am on Twitter (same handle) if you want to talk with me; I don't know where to find you. I apologise if you were expecting a response; I am trying to get the bitmap thing working on my Mac (it is conflicting with the .NET framework apparently) and I was not focussed on the thread.

04c146 No.47859

File: b346acd3d8b841d⋯.gif (301.94 KB, 500x373, 500:373, mm.gif)


sorry to spam this thread - just like feeling like i'm part of something

c3a09d No.47866


I already told you my handle -_-

As someone once told me:


And I said it back to him.

Now it's said to you.

and to me.

and to everyone else.


8450a6 No.47869


It's okay anon. From my perspective, half of us are autists in the sense that we're anxious of everyone else in the thread's opinion of us and the other half seem to be autists in the sense that they're rude when they don't intend to be. You're not alone. I'm about to dump a bunch of possibly redundant images just because I'm in that first half and I don't want to say "wahh why is nobody answering my question about the image generation x and y axes".

c3a09d No.47879

File: 4bf900e64ec07a7⋯.jpg (361.14 KB, 1339x362, 1339:362, Part-14-S-Crop.jpg)

File: 126a2d567a5607d⋯.jpg (727.43 KB, 1339x829, 1339:829, Part-14-S-web.jpg)

File: e5f76303c55df87⋯.png (1.26 MB, 2001x1234, 2001:1234, StanLeeCubeBrickWallRUs.png)

File: 68c0cde4b4c7f9d⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2001x1234, 2001:1234, PRO G RESS.png)


You're more on point than you realize.

1ee9a2 No.47890

>>47434 And it should NOT. I know for a fact and there is so much proof, data, past investigations, grand juries, etc that Bibi Netanyahu is very sick, dirty & HE personally was running the whole blackmail us in DC, pols, mil, intel etc via the DC callboy scandal,PEDOS, porn, ritual abuse, organ harvesting, Franklin scandal that the reports list him by name, and Aipac, ADL, Marc Rich (aka Marcell David Reich international fugitive pervert Clinton always knew where was, got lots of $ pardoned last day in office), also Abraham Foxmen, Shimon Perez, Ehud Barak, Abramoff.. but Bush then freaking fired all those US Attorneys around the US to cover all this shit up, since the Bush cabal long time drug kingpens globally and tied to all this shit.

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1ee9a2 No.47894

8450a6 No.47904


No disrespect intended (I know you're telling the truth), but you would get your point across far better if you didn't make a million points at once and gloss over all of them in a big wall of text.

04c146 No.47919


appreciate it

VQC is very patient.

c3a09d No.47925


It's almost effortless :P

c3a09d No.47927


Which isn't a slight.

I came prepared as well.


over a decade deep.

8450a6 No.47931

File: 21e9a6677d11c56⋯.png (128.26 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x d.png)

File: b132ab7ee3d2d83⋯.png (86.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x n.png)

File: 7816acce707ba5c⋯.png (39.49 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x d.png)

File: 8ed8aa71e33a76a⋯.png (37.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x n.png)

Since I seem to be talking to myself here and nobody told me it was a waste of time, I've been changing the x and y axes of the image generator to different variables other than e and n. Here are some of the interesting results so far.

c3a09d No.47937


First thought… rabbit ears… follow them to a tunnel… explore the tunnel…

9a6c53 No.47959

File: 3c6ebbfb4a8a716⋯.png (335.49 KB, 400x508, 100:127, 3ad1b6cce284ce8080ebe40f46….png)

This is fascinating, even for a mathematically illiterate person such as myself.

The universe is essentially a mathematically encoded dream in which things appear in physical form in accord with the underlying structure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me it seems like VQC is teaching you to speak the universal language of creation. I'm also seeing parallels to Nassim Haramein's God Particle, but I could be well off the mark on my entire interpretation.

What I don't grasp is how to apply the theory on our reality.

Purely speculating; what if our brains are quantum computers in the same sense as the structure you're building? That we take part in shaping our subjective reality is beyond question, but do we also influence the >objective reality?


>At your Base State, how far behind Now are (You)? You have to experience, take in the experience, process the experience, and then see what you just experienced.

What we perceive has already happened. It takes a while for the signals to travel throughout our brain on their way to the part of the brain encompassing what we call the ego. The signal from a prick in the finger needs to travel all the way to the place in the brain where the sensation is registered and administered to the ego. When stimulating the right place in the brain, the signal is all but instantaneous.

You're saying that, in order to experience the now we must look "back".

Psychadelics enhance the rate of which the neuron signals travel, enhancing the sense of experiencing (being stuck in) the now.

t. psychology student

Someone correct me if I appear as confused as I feel.

8450a6 No.47963


You know more than some of us who are working on it, in case you couldn't tell. I don't even remotely understand how you can apply {e, n, d, x, a, b} to the rest of the universe. I see the required varibles for the RSA algorithm and a bunch of pretty pictures.

04c146 No.47967


I barely passed remedial algebra last time I was in school. Don't fret.

8450a6 No.47982



If anyone reading this thread thinks they can explain any of the ways in which this integer factorisation algorithm relates to creation and what the ramifications of this information are, I'd really love to know. I'm not trying to derail the thread but I've been an occultist for a couple of years and whenever I've seen any mention of this stuff in that context it's way above my understanding or it's ramble by someone who doesn't understand it themselves.

8450a6 No.48002

File: 52d4fd57c143256⋯.png (47.9 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x b.png)

File: f2b41b419610bb8⋯.png (45.54 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x c.png)

File: 7816acce707ba5c⋯.png (39.49 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x d.png)

File: 5dcd2a688f7b65c⋯.png (258.93 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x e.png)

These are the images generated with different axes to the ones VQC put in the original code. There are a few visually obvious relationships between different sets of axes (such as n and x being a reverse of d and x but with a fading gradient thing). Hopefully this is useful because I'm dumping 35 images.

8450a6 No.48003

File: 42e067136fb5fc5⋯.png (38.36 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x i.png)

File: a2a3a91b15c0cd7⋯.png (38.38 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x j.png)

File: 8ed8aa71e33a76a⋯.png (37.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x n.png)

File: d7b37d2452d31c2⋯.png (37.36 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output a x x.png)


Also I left out f since it's negative and I haven't quite figured out the way to move the plot over to show the negative numbers.

8450a6 No.48004

File: 413d9a758ab1a2a⋯.png (44.81 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x c.png)

File: 21e9a6677d11c56⋯.png (128.26 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x d.png)

File: 387bfde0e0448bf⋯.png (366.23 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x e.png)

File: 4fa370d8178a54c⋯.png (40.27 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x i.png)

8450a6 No.48005

File: b8490803ab1d1c8⋯.png (40.21 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x j.png)

File: b132ab7ee3d2d83⋯.png (86.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x n.png)

File: 0d5fe54bb976fd6⋯.png (49.13 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output b x x.png)

File: 03cd0c5bb555041⋯.png (36.32 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x d.png)

8450a6 No.48008

File: 6f937e7de687612⋯.png (39.61 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x e.png)

File: 18cd39c67d0f100⋯.png (46.28 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x i.png)

File: eee88409db1843c⋯.png (46.65 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x j.png)

File: 688aceec8ec2919⋯.png (47.21 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x n.png)

8450a6 No.48009

File: 091fe016bf5b806⋯.png (40.92 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output c x x.png)

File: 4cbd8da4fe268bf⋯.png (238.72 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output d x e.png)

File: 4392946cf80a7c2⋯.png (75.49 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output d x i.png)

File: d63ce83bf1f3617⋯.png (92.97 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output d x j.png)

8450a6 No.48011

File: 47050d551c8ccd4⋯.png (77.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output d x n.png)

File: 100ac29561b421f⋯.png (37.63 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output d x x.png)

File: 4ec30b99f37e0ea⋯.png (207.72 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output e x i.png)

File: aab85a06382bddf⋯.png (247.48 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output e x j.png)

8450a6 No.48012

File: 4c7f0c8decdb192⋯.png (138.58 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output e x n.png)

File: 6cb6948eceb21ba⋯.png (93.36 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output e x x.png)

File: b7f4e1d7bf3ca70⋯.png (40.19 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output i x j.png)

File: 8d941aa45a6bee2⋯.png (78.33 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output i x n.png)

8450a6 No.48013

File: 5d71af948d58a93⋯.png (37.45 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output i x x.png)

File: 1007afaf791d704⋯.png (51.68 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output j x x.png)

File: 0a7a94712560423⋯.png (51.33 KB, 4096x2048, 2:1, output n x x.png)

c3a09d No.48014


i'm so gay for where you're heads at that you could call me a dirty little faggot and I'd tell you that flattery gets you everywhere.

8450a6 No.48019


Then what do you think the mathematical relationship between d and j is that causes one to make a solid shape with x and the other to create a gradient, you dirty little faggot?

c3a09d No.48020


and by flattery I mean compactification.

You have all these perspectives.

What happens when you cross your third eye?

and your fifth?

Is there a way to stack or animate these?

whether transition from how you got where or progression of a single concept.

Imagine being the coolest nerds ever…

and you're all anonymous.

together, as no one…

as /ourguy/satoshi…

Digiwaifu would be so proud.


c3a09d No.48022


dna and faster that light speed.

so.. at leas c+

if not ++

or like…

plus… ultra… or something.

c3a09d No.48024

File: c7f53a4ed9f0670⋯.jpg (172.91 KB, 507x709, 507:709, dream_gp08ida2btv.jpg)

File: a41b5c7c5d27cf8⋯.jpg (624.12 KB, 1225x980, 5:4, dream_no21jauw9ql-7.jpg)

File: e7b6cba0c6736f1⋯.jpg (373.21 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p-9.jpg)

File: 6d2eebfec576fb0⋯.gif (14.71 KB, 148x143, 148:143, dna-cross-section.gif)




this is literally what we're trying to do… verbally… with illustrations. I have other parts.

you all have another part.

when you build a puzzle, do you build uniformly or in chunks?

What is it to Defrag?

What is a Partition?

What is a Wall?

8450a6 No.48044


>Is there a way to stack or animate these? whether transition from how you got where or progression of a single concept.

I won't lie, I have no idea. There are obviously relationships since there are shapes that can be superimposed onto one another but with difference in solidity of colour. With d by x and j by x as an example, though, if you then look at d by j, it's a different shape, so I wonder what it would look like as a 3D graph. These threads make me feel like both a huge nerd and a total idiot at the same time.



15 minutes in, this does seem like it would be worth the time if I had it. I still don't get how it's related to RSA.

>What is it to Defrag?

Making a file system as contiguous as possible instead of all of the files being broken up

>What is a Partition?

The breaking up of either files or file systems into separate chunks

>What is a Wall?

Something that separates two rooms. It's also a possible flag in gcc but I doubt that's what you mean.

9a6c53 No.48053

File: d41397825bd2811⋯.jpg (38.45 KB, 500x311, 500:311, d41397825bd28115d8d02170d2….jpg)


I come from at it from a different angle, but might not necessarily know more. Without the underlying mathematical knowledge I'm essentially fumbling in the dark trying to find a pattern between consciousness and reality.

For example, I have no clue what {e, n, d, x, a, b} represents.


Crash course in reality:




I especially encourage you to read this paper, attempting to unify a theory of consciousness and quantum theory.


Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. In this way the concept “empty” loses its meaning. - Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - Tesla

I'd be in way over my head trying to explain all this. I'm just trying to learn, and this thread caught my attention.

8450a6 No.48077


>I have no clue what {e, n, d, x, a, b} represents

RSA is an encryption algorithm. It's the one with the public and private keys, if you've ever heard those terms before. You encrypt information using someone's public key and they decrypt it with their private key. The public and private key are generated in part by multiplying one really long prime number by another. It's very time consuming to decrypt because the product of two prime numbers can only be produced by those two exact numbers, or 1 x the product. a and b are the prime numbers. c is the product. The other variables are all involved in the generation of the public and private keys (e.g. d is the square root of c and e is the remainder). Long story short, we're trying to manipulate these variables in such a way that we can find n from c using linear algebra, so that we can take the variables out of those that are available in the public key to calculate the private key.

>If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - Tesla