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File: fa8ab8b17d02e73⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 415x420, 83:84, keystone.jpg)

c127bb No.28513

This was the first question Q asked. Everything is intentional with Q. Note the precision of Q’s post. Original format is italics. Look at the fonts.

Q’s first tripcode mention of “keystone” is here.-> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

What is a keystone?

Find the ke[y]stone.

Lowercase keystone – common noun.

Instructions in #148779656

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to contnue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Answer: Money is a keystone. Buy attention to “Future provides past.”

c127bb No.28518

Q’s second mention of “keystone”. Link-> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149061733/#149063235

Q answers his own question. What is a keystone?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).

Public wealth disclosures – False.

Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

Think slush funds (feeder).

Think war (feeder).

Think environmental pacts (feeder).

Then Q adds a concept.

Triangle has (3) sides.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

And asks again. What is the keystone?

Notice the change in pronoun. “a” becomes “the”. What is the specific keystone in reference to the new concept added?

>a triangle is the strongest of geometric shapes. Look around you. Look at construction of bridges, cell towers, building frames. Always triangles.

A triangle has 3 sides. What happens to the remaining sides if you remove 1 side? They collapse in a pile.

c127bb No.28522

Q identifies sides of a triangle.

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Q tells us how a side was removed. -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149061733/#149063644

Strings cut (+++).

Puppets (+++) in shadows.

Does Q tell us who? -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149139896/#149140639

+++Adm R+++ Adm. Mike Rogers is Director of NSA 2014-current

Next obvious question is “Why”.

c127bb No.28642

MbS removed the +++ of the triangle from the inside. He is part of that side of the triangle, yet he dismantled it by arresting princes and business people who control the money. What happened to the other two sides of the triangle? Look at + first. George Soros.

George Soros sold some of his stocks 11/10/17. He transferred $18 billion to Open Society Foundation.


1. He’s protecting the money. NGOs. If Soros personal assets are frozen, it would be difficult to chase all of his sources of money. To do so would require cooperation from the other side of the triangle. This ties into the “feeders” mentioned in # 149063235.

2. He anticipates global market chaos. Is the stock market going to crash? Is US going to war with NK? Is Mueller’s special investigation changing course?

What is George Soros good at? He’s good at creating social discord. He’s very good at bringing people together for a common cause. He’s very good at controlling the message. We’ve seen this in the BLM, counter-protesters, Antifa. How you ever seen the high level of animosity towards President Trump? #Resist #TheResistence #NotMyPresident

What’s his goal? Socialism is short answer.

How does he reach his goal? Controlling the message. Controlling the masses. Research net neutrality, section 702 of FISA, twitter new banning policy, Facebook’s ban policy. These conduits of information restricting free speech and/or creating a method to control the type, amount and source of information.

How does (did) other sides of triangle help Soros?

dc9a37 No.28669


>Eye of Providence.

Also the symbol on Federal Reserve Notes

>Follow the bloodlines.

Could go down the "Titanic" rabbit hole, but TL;DR version leads to Rothchilds controlling global financial system.

>And asks again. What is the keystone?

Keystone of fiat money is BIS, w/HQ in Bern CH.

Other threads also have found Swiss tie-in, including ceremonial Swiss Guard in Vatican.

Vatican also ties in w/"Godfather III" reference.

All seem to indicate plan to take down the fiat (Petro)$$$ system.

dc9a37 No.28676


Sorry. Basel CH.

c127bb No.28688

See >>1367 for details on Soros.

The last side of triangle (++) is relatively quiet since 11/4 SA arrests. They believe their wealth and power will insulate them. See >>1362 for details on Rothschild family.

dc9a37 No.28698


Well, they did just suffer a near miss:


Anyone would keep a low profile after that …

c127bb No.28716

What do the sides of triangle represent?

Q answers in ->http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149061733/#q149063235

Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

Think slush funds (feeder).

Think war (feeder).

Think environmental pacts (feeder).

Triangle has (3) sides.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

+++ SA as a gov't funds war.

+++ SA as princes have slush funds (NGOs, hedge funds, stocks)

+++ SA's environmental pacts with whom? Let's see. SA is going green. Who are they partnering with on plants, transportation, infrastructure?

c127bb No.28745


The first attack on Rothschilds 11/18 Q posted a succulent message to us.


a01dce No.28761

Keystone bridges the gap between the left and the right structurally.

The purpose of Q dropping is to meme and prepare society for what is to come.

Are we the keystone?

Are memes the keystone?

Is a flipped asset the keystone?

A platform like twitter?

I’m not asking this to mirror Q, I’m just bringing up this concept. That keystone is meant to fulfill the main request in the early drops.

I’m just a lurker but I consistently see people over complicate everything. Let’s not over complicate this until we at least know if it is even the right direction.

000000 No.28786

To answer the question "what is the keystone?", you have to ask "what is A keystone?"

As the pic to the right illustrates, it's the stone that holds an arch together, the stone that will cause the collapse of that structure if removed. The keystone is the issue that can start the dominoes tumbling.

Just like following the white rabbit, there's more than one keystone.

The keystone of the satanic NWO is a scripted apocalypse.

The keystone of the opposition to those satanists is uranium one. Uranium one is the best way to lead the public into the quagmire of what is currently occurring. Most of the other things being made public are so salacious and terrifying that the public would run to the democrats just to hear a comforting lie.

This question was resolved weeks ago. There are many other issues that haven't been resolved.

000000 No.28801

To answer the question "what is the keystone?", you have to ask "what is A keystone?"

As the pic to the right illustrates, it's the stone that holds an arch together, the stone that will cause the collapse of that structure if removed. The keystone is the issue that can start the dominoes tumbling.

Then you have to ask "The keystone of what?".

Just like following the white rabbit, there's more than one keystone.

The keystone of the satanic NWO is a scripted apocalypse. They are satanists that believe a sacrifice is necessary to bring satan through a dimensional portal (what a truly astounding time to live in when something like that is actually occurring! We're going to see Jesus in the clouds. It'll suck moose balls, but it'll be great!).

The keystone of the opposition to those satanists is uranium one.

Uranium one is the best way to lead the public into the quagmire of what is currently occurring. Most of the other things being made public are so salacious and terrifying that the public would run to the democrats just to hear a comforting lie.

This question was resolved weeks ago. There are many other issues that haven't been resolved. Worry about your soul, and once you've worked that out (hint-repent. born again, etc) peter monk could use some more fleshing out

c127bb No.28842

What does ++ side of triangle represent?

Historically the Rothschilds were bankers. Their power is derived by ability to control money (another keystone). The global economy is built on providing goods and services. Companies need financing. They need a way to process transactions.

Expand Thinking Time

If we redefined “the keystone” to be +++ ++ + triangle, then the first keystone (money) changes into a side of a new triangle.

In today’s world the concept of “money” can also be viewed as data. Everything is transmitted electronically. In addition to old bankers’ wealth, the Rothchilds create power on methods data is circulated. See >>15577 >>1362 >>1335 among others.

A side of the triangle is data. Who controls data? How is it transmitted? How does it convert to information? Who converts it to information?

What’s the third side of this triangle? Money-data-????

Is it people? Is it the companies that create data transfer? Is it MSM? Is it public figures/leaders?

Is it possible that a side to the triangle touches another triangle or keystone?

Q told us “the” keystone was +++ ++ +

c127bb No.28846

What holds up the keystone?

A triangle is used to support a structure. Many smaller triangles will create a larger one. Triangles will also create a square or pillar/vertical support.

What holds up the keystone? Pic says voussoirs. What are groups or individuals who aren’t as big as Soros, Rothschilds, or SA royalty?

Voussoirs are Clinton, Obama, Bush, Kennedy, Astor, Capetian, JP Morgan, Queen Eliz II, Liechtenstein, and so on. Each voussoir is built with triangles to give it strength.

The point is there are many keystones which have many triangles. Triangles will always have 3 sides.

6166c4 No.28889


>What is the keystone?

>What Nation dominates all others?

>What Nation has influence over most others?

>What is the keystone?

Why is "Nation" capitalized? http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/capital.asp

Races, nationalities, and tribes

Religions and names of deities

Out of respect, some writers and publishers choose to capitalize the highest ranks in government, royalty, religion, etc.

An anon over in the Antarctica thread was referencing a truly bizarre visit of the Orthodox Pope to Antarctica bringing some sort of artifact from Saudi Arabia reported in an article from a sketchy website: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2002.htm

In quoting the article, he misspells the word "ark" (of Gabriel) in the article as "arch". Don't know if this was accidental or may be trolling us. Given that this is all I've done for the last month it occurred to me that arches have keystones. I started working through my library of (paper) dictionaries with definitions of ark and arch. Ark is mentioned as an early form of arch (the word) and given the antiquity of the word, might be interchanged with Arch.

Seems that the word arch is indicating "above others", "arch enemy", "archbishop", "archangel, hmmm. Archangel.

Let's revisit this:

>What is the keystone?

Something above all others

>What Nation dominates all others?

Kingdom of Heaven

>What Nation has influence over most others?


>What is the keystone?

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, whose name means 'he who is as God', is most often thought of as the angel of protection and the most powerful of all the angels. He is considered a leader within the angelic realm and a patron angel of righteousness, mercy and justice. As such, scriptural artwork depicts him as a warrior most often carrying a sword. Archangel Michael assists situations where you are afraid, confused or concerned for your safety. He helps to release fear and doubt, and supports us in making life changes and is often said to work closely with those who perform healing work or provide spiritual teaching.


c127bb No.28894

Q redirected us to the keystone. -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150209720/#150214731

POTUS opened the door of all doors.

Expand your thinking.

What is the keystone?

Q gave us another concept. the door of all doors.

What does a door do? It opens and closes. Reveals and protects.

What did Trump do on 11/20? Helo crash on Rothschilds lawn.

Think back to the triangle +++ ++ +.

The +++ side collasped by an insider (MbS).

Was there a person on the property that may have needed extraction? Was the helo there for a transfer of data or information?

c127bb No.28909

Who brings Soros down then?

He's the weakest side. His power is in money, organized groups of people, and socialism.

Who could be used to topple Soros?

Expand thinking

Think about voussoirs. Who or what supports Soros? Does he have a weakness in his triangle?

1ac02d No.28931

Posting here to note disinfo faggot XXX won't come to this thread despite his obsessive assertions about MUH KEYSTONE that he feels have to flood every single general thread he participates in, to the point he is now listing several keystones and claiming "this is what Q wants" when Q wants us on Hussein and Asia Foundation.

Have a great day and thanks for not being faggots and developing the concept here

c127bb No.28961


Did Trump open a different door of all doors?

a door of all doors could be Flynn plea.

986af1 No.28974

File: b1dae201724df9d⋯.png (64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jesuit-order-logo.png)


The Keystone could be the Jesuits. Here are some sources for your consideration. Look at these quotes from historical figures regarding the Jesuits throughout history. https://www.worldslastchance.com/end-time-prophecy/who-are-the-jesuits.html


A lot of people who have been talking about mass arrests and the downfall of the cabal for years, such as David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, always tie in the Jesuits in some form or fashion. Whether you think they are legit or not should not preclude you from looking into this very real possibility.

Is the last pope prophecy true, which claims that the current pope Francis is the last pope? Francis also happens to be the 1st Jesuit pope. When it comes to pedophilia, the catholic church is the pinnacle of pedophiles. The scandals are too numerous to even count.

There is so much information about them it is overwhelming. Definitely requires more research.

d6bdba No.29005


The most sense I've seen so far.

Though, I'm not convinced QEII is subordinate to Rothschilds. They own the Bank of England, but that doesn't mean her. It means they own us, and possibly that they do her dirty work of population control with war/s. Prince Phillip is quoted as calling us all "useless eaters".

I can't help but wonder whether she's the keystone - held up by the 3-sided triangle of SA (who never fucks with her!), Rothschild/s (who never fuck/s with her!), and Soros (who never fucks with her!).

SA +++ (one side of the triangle) falls - "dark to LIGHT" - Q

Rothschild ++ attempt (plane vs. helicopter)

Soros + "is targeted" - Q

Then, all of a sudden, a mixed-race American is to marry into the weakened British Royal family. Totally out of character. The British Royal family owned a lot of the world (think empire). They still managed to be fed by the world. Diana said "they're not human". Q asks us about Diana - "what did she know?" etc. Egyptian Mohamed Al-Fayed was helping her escape but they took Diana and his son out.

c127bb No.29028



Trump leaves for Asia trip

SA arrests happen

Helo mission failure

Trump returns

counterpunch - Hollywood elites are called out, then congress elites, then MSM elites

Obama travels as reassurance and reminder to others. Who paid for his trip? Soros most likely. Who would be Soros' puppets? EU leaders? Remember SA-US-Asia-EU

Can Trump find someone to topple Soros' side of the triangle? The names are limitless almost.

c127bb No.29042


QE II might be a keystone too. Her triangle would be family, money, and legacy, right?

Princess Di? Who was she with in the car? Would the Rothschilds or SA fuck with the Queen Mother?

c127bb No.29063


Where does QEII get money? From taxes. Are citizens of UK tired of paying taxes so royals can spend it? Who would Soros try to control in UK if he wanted to removed QEII? What would SA do? Why is British Navy on grounds now? Is it possible 2 prong attack on QE II?

Expanded Thinking

a keystone is only as strong as its voussoirs. A triangle is only as strong as all three sides.

It must be security nightmare with upcoming wedding and all.

c127bb No.29087

+ Soros slush fund is his NGO

+ Soros war is against democracy

+ Soros environmental pacts are ???

See >>1367

c127bb No.29168


Q's reference to "Nation" has to be UN. Rothschilds control it for the most part.

The Global Security Fund is a huge slush fund for Rothschilds. see -> https://dastych.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/the-wanta-plan-the-global-security-fund/

It is a rabbithole with surprise twists and turns. I'm rather curious about how cypercurrencies fit in. Are they vehicle for a larger keystone?

6166c4 No.29263


>Q's reference to "Nation" has to be UN.

O. K. How 'bout this:

The International Criminal Court is the keystone of a growing system of global justice that includes mixed international-national courts, international tribunals, and domestic prosecutions.


6166c4 No.29267

492729 No.29302

File: 1c770cf3be584b0⋯.png (350.3 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 9F726F0F-8C88-495D-A42C-51….png)

As Q stated Ke[y]stone with Y in brackets. He is referring to to map and the decipher key. Which is Y.

6f80ff No.29314

So Keystone is Israel, or it could also be USA

I'm torn between the two.

But if we take into consideration the NWO

then that Keystone must be the Zionist State of Israel.

6f80ff No.29319

File: ffe8da24dd88f8a⋯.png (37.9 KB, 488x592, 61:74, Qstone.png)

This Q posting is what brings into question that Keystone is a Nation.

As the questions regarding Nation are flanked by what is a keystone

592dc4 No.29328


ive been thinking





Something to do with a dock/small island?

6f80ff No.29335

Not sure anon, but you will never escape your gay thoughts. better to learn to accept them.

bbdb7a No.29365


It says Nation, not state or nation state. I say the keystone is the Jews, both in Israel and elsewhere. Israel wouldn't be nearly as powerful if it wasn't for the international Jews.

6f80ff No.29388


You can't be serious anon.

Israel is most definitely a Nation.

However, USA being the keystone is also a good one.

deae87 No.29461


You can be onto something here.

(Notice how trolls flock after your post…)

bbdb7a No.29468


No, I'm serious. It has to do with the definition of the word "nation". A nation is a distinct people. The word nation state becomes from the relatively modern idea that different nations should live in their own states and rule over themselves instead of being parts of empires.

Israel is a nation state for the Jewish nation.

6f80ff No.29481


Mmm, I dunno senpai.

Because everytime I bring up Israel some anon appears from the shadows claiming eternal jew.

So I will have to disagree because I am in attempt to define Zionism not Judaism.

492729 No.29506

File: 0e8f09defa1c1c9⋯.png (323.68 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 0C4F6AB8-E2B8-4A50-B295-B6….png)


I think the ID: Q uses and the time he post are important. The pic is a SS of Clown website where they sow you how to decipher. They use Z=A and if you letter the alphabet backwards A=Z, B=Y; C=X etc it deciphers there example. Just need to know what key is needed because I think it changes depending on Q’s ID and or Time. His ID could be 8 Keys needed. I have been trying so many variations but still having prob.

aa3c14 No.29521

File: e06476664c73179⋯.png (43.47 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, fake jews.png)


The "State of Israel" is a stone frigate of the UK Royal Navy in Mandatory Palestine. Created as a bone to the Stern Gang and associated Khazhar terrorists, who are


Nation does n

aa3c14 No.29528



Nation does not equal state. "State" is the legal entity for commerce, nation is the tribe of people or a family.

bbdb7a No.29593


I figure Q is well versed in political science and knows what words mean. If he didn't mean for the "Nation" to be the keystone, it might as well be the global monetary system or something. Israel would be nothing without international support. All those UN resolutions would have passed if not for the US veto, and the US veto and military aid are only there for Israel because of the powerful Jewish lobby in America.

I suppose mentioning a Tribe with a capital T would have been too obvious. Nation with a capital N could be seen as an intentional allusion, but one you need to think about first.

6f80ff No.29600


a-anon posted this in general thread and it seemed interesting..



6f80ff No.29669


moar from anons




492729 No.29773

File: 2b765a980f529e1⋯.png (378.31 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 7391BFC8-8399-4C71-AF79-8C….png)



Q said Money is a Keystone. Follow the money refers to Uranium one. I believe that the Letters in Uranium One are to be used as Keys. All the Leters of Money Are in uraNiuMONE except for y. A thought I have is that the first Letter in the ID that is a Keystone letter like M might determine the Order of the Keys. Any thoughts?

60d745 No.29787

File: cd0705d2f7906d7⋯.jpg (340.96 KB, 760x1020, 38:51, IMG_1003.JPG)

Is anyone else noticing that the constellation that includes the Blazing Star and Pleiades looks exactly like Q's pyramid in pic related? Q typed it as /_\. So if constellation Orion looks like the handle of a key, and the Blazing Star/Pleiades 'pyramid' resembles the tip of an old-timey key (like a skeleton key) that actually goes into the lock, then the capstone is the Pleiades. The Eye of Providence is the Pleiades. So who, or what, lies in the Pleiades that are watching everything (a la Eye of Providence)? If it is 'God,' then who, or what, is 'God' given that the Pleiades (and Orion) are constantly referenced in esoteric shit and even at Giza? What do these fuckers know? Is what would put 99% of humanity in the hospital the fact that we are from another planet? Or that some races are from another planet? I have some ideas, but it sounds too crazy.

507b80 No.29842

File: f88ff93f07b74a8⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 512x512, 1:1, eye_of_providence_with a g….jpg)

File: 959e67ed8229b8f⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Eye-of-Horus.jpg)

File: 2e663520c8be677⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Novus Ordo Seclorum.jpg)

File: 15db9b5e96868a5⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 185x300, 37:60, Eye of Providence on US Gr….jpg)

>>28513 that concept is the keystone of specifically an arch construction. Q asked the question in the context of a three sided structure - i.e. a triangle or tetrahedron. The deystone of such a structure is a smaller tetrahedron that fits on top of the structure. We are familiar with its use in illuminati and free masonry imagery.

7a9f6b No.29846

File: 505db048715144f⋯.png (61.12 KB, 250x278, 125:139, Coat_of_arms_of_Tonga.svg.png)

Tonga. An island right next to FIJI, remember the Fiji water bottle trump deliberately called attention to? Remember the picture from the airplane Q posted? Look at the coat of Arms for Tonga. Recognize the symbols?+, ++, +++, star of David, what else? Leichtenstein means stone of light

99ebd2 No.30111

99ebd2 No.30121


Comey tweet all about the fall of Israel


Thousands protest corruption in Israel (on Rothschild Blvd KEK)


6c1561 No.30198

DJT opened the (biggest) door on the evil, corruption, pedophilia, etc. which functions in the dark. The keystone is the Public Knowledge of all. All of it falls apart when all people are aware of the deeds and the people doing the deeds. No closing the door to hide it anymore.>>28513

82ca82 No.30694

the keystone is the CIA if you take out the cia everything falls apart you are all dong vaccumers

29c495 No.31313


>Original format is italics. Look at the fonts.

The post is in italics, because 4chins parsed the bracket-enclosed "i" as markup.

[I]'m not sure if 8ch does the same or not.

ebc380 No.33047


anyone calling tubbs disinfo is an obvious goon and should be avoided

673d62 No.36148

Again today Q asked what the keystone was. Affirmed we had what we needed in the map to paint the full picture. Reaffirmed the storm has gone public.





My take on the Keystone which is still reiterated. Black pill.

>"The Truth would put 99% in the hospital."

ab9f09 No.36302

This? >>36192

5c8aee No.36531

File: e9daf94e90c91af⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1544x5280, 193:660, ZionistElephant.png)

File: d3b7a15de15075d⋯.png (1.71 MB, 864x6896, 54:431, ZionistRothschild.png)

http:// www.rense.com/general86/zelephant.htm



More evidence that the Zionist State of Israel is key to the NWO agenda.

5c8aee No.36547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is a nice little bideo for TL;DR

Zionist State of Israel is a front for the Rothschild Crime Family

I strongly support the claim that the Keystone is Zionism and the State of Israel

317fcd No.36555

What keeps the world together?

Liberal politics keeps the current world together ideologically. Conservative politics kept the old world together ideologically.

Financially: it's currency. Old as time and not going to go anywhere. Roth money is a new abomination. Rothschilds work closely with DNC fwiw.

Saud keeps roth money relevant. Otherwise we'd be trading in yuan.

Soros manipulates governments to be more suitable for the NWO's agenda… left-leaning politics easily manipulated in the name of muh feels. For the purpose of openness in the same way your arse is open when you lean over.

How would you describe the map in one word? NWO.

What is the NWO? Total ideological, financial, and governmental control.

What keeps the NWO active? Quite simply, everything else.

What are the NWO's motive? Power. For some, the misguided belief that as Satan worshipers they are better than the sheep and deserve it all. For others, it's love of influence or greed.

acfe16 No.36568

The keystone is a technology that allows a door to be opened by touching a stone.

f6a9db No.36648

Any connections to THIS Keystone - Board of Trustees? https://www.keystone.org/about/board-of-trustees/

7bd4b6 No.36651

File: bcd927f1a62c5a1⋯.jpeg (2.34 MB, 1657x2116, 1657:2116, 8E6703C6-C460-4EEF-9BA8-9….jpeg)

See >>30637

And https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

Keystone is Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

27c813 No.36667

File: 185d3a99a2ce397⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 350x273, 50:39, Communicationstone.jpg)

98dee2 No.36683


This is the guy I was talking about last night! Thank you for finding these. Now what the hell does it mean? Still tired. Help a girl out.

5c8aee No.36703


Sorry anon, I'm obligated..

Tits or GTFO


(y) is Rothschild

Rothschild Zionism?

Zionist State of Israel, WE BACK BABY

Keystone is Zionist State of Israel, YET AGAIN

e78aa9 No.36709

Ponder this.

A Keystone is the thing that holds everything in place. The element that without it, the rest fail.

Money (what it represents and the power it holds over mankind) is the keystone. It enslaves 99.999999% of the human race.

Think it through. . . money (and include currency, wealth, investment, debt etc) has been a part of mankind's heritage since modern history began. It is the glue that holds our civilisation together.

I can think of nothing else that could possibly be the true Keystone of humanity, which is what Q is implying.


5c8aee No.36710

File: 37f3a4fbb35a9eb⋯.jpg (220.62 KB, 1232x552, 154:69, Rothschild-wearing-mask1.jpg)


This is in relation to family (y) = Rothschild

It's a fucking masterpiece

7bd4b6 No.36712


My interpretation is answers are within. Number lines. 1-20. Lines 6&7, 13, 19-20 are main points of post. 6/7. & 19/20 are associated. Q tell us which way to read post.

Clues, disinformation, answers are in other lines. Could be as simple as line 9 answers line 6 & sets a pattern of 3 lines between Q&As.

7a9f87 No.36731


Yes. Money is THE keystone, because every structure (organisations, foundations) is upheld trough money. If you would take out the

money-keystone, all the power-structures of the bad actors would crumble. People are working for bad actors for money. Bad actors use money for influence. No money = no influence. If you wish to cut off their influence, you'd have to cut off the streams of money. If you would wish to disrupt their influence, you would need to de-valuate all currencies and to to replace them with new currencies. These new currencies cannot be 1:1, because then the Rothschilds (for example) would be as influential as they were before a reset.

7a9f87 No.36743


Money is the keystone. Take out the Jesuits and only the structures held together by them would crumble.

But if you take out the money(-keystone) EVERY power-structure crumbles. Every bad actor is powerless without money. Money gains influence and power.

5e0a6d No.36744

The keystone ties everything together. Well the Fed reserve or the dollar holds it all together. The Fed was created and then every conspiracy in the last century follows. World Wars have been fought to keep the fed alive. What is the one thing that keeps men killing each other over? Money

7a9f87 No.36764



Money is the thing that holds EVERY structure upright. Money buys power and influence.

No foundation, o organisation, o influence, no power without money.

Take out the money: and watch all these structures crumbling. Therefore MONEY is the KEYSTONE.

447961 No.36783

in keeping with their pyramid theme

Religious Keystone = The Eye of Providence -> The All Seeing Eye

Bloodline Keystone = The Rothschilds Family -> Jacob & Evelyn

Operational Keystone = Banking -> The Bank of International Settlements

7b8f82 No.36809

I keep seeing all this bullshit…

The keystone is

Muh Jews

Eek owls

Gasp blood…

Y's it's the ys


Hillary is a priestess


Q said Nation

With a capital N

That means a Nation


Switzerland where all the families have castles

The Vatican which is guarded by above, controlled by zionists around the globe


The united Nation(s)

ea9045 No.36826


What about Zionist State of Israel?

A literal Zionist Nation…

9d4224 No.36835


repeating the same thing all over again, doesnt make it right

e78aa9 No.36844


Indeed. Money is the glue of physical reality. A Keystone is the metaphorical glue of the stone arch.

d329ba No.36864

Fraudulent Bond Debt is the keystone

Adnan Sakli tried to pull it out with his "Prime directive by Adnan Sakli and 8217" letter on February 14 2013.

A year after that letter he died of suspicious causes in Spain and his body was kept at the American embassy.

Following are messages from an investors hub thread made in 2010 that relate to Adnan Sakli:

Humanitarian & Scientific World Foundation, Ltd.

__ ____

400 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1500, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Phone: (404)791-5490/ fax: (404)759-2298

Email: [email protected]


August 31, 2006

Mr. Rufus Paul Harris

President & CEO

Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp

125 Town Park Drive Suite 300

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Dear Mr. Harris:

Please be advised that due to the severe lack of communication, failure to provided the Credit Facilities as outlined in the Global Funding Agreement 252455770-08122006-LBH and Annex in a timely manner after the delivery of the necessary documents, which contained sensitive information regarding the assets for the respective transactions, and the potential attempt to deceive our organization, Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp and/or assigns is hereby issued this Cease & Desist Order, as per the request of Mr. Adnan Sakli, Trustee

of Humanitarian & Scientific World Foundation, Ltd. and Owner of the below mentioned assets. Please discontinue all attempts to block the instrument with ISIN REGISTRATION NUMBER(S): FI0001004558 issued by

Republic of Finland and instrument with ISIN REGISTRATION NUMBER(S): XS0109242510 issued by Lehman Brothers Holdings Plc. Please return or discard all confidential information forwarded to you regarding the

proposed funding opportunity. Failure to comply with this order will result in legal actions being taken.



Craig M. Cason


Craig Cason Trustee on this bond? And Craig Cason founder id of Furia? Never caught that before.




Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

Item 1.01 Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

Effective August 18, 2006, Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp. has entered into a Global Funding Agreement

# 252455779-08122006-LBH with the Humanitarian & Scientific World Foundation, LTD., a Georgia LTD Foundation.

The Foundation's Co-Operators are Adnan Sakli FD# 8216 and 8217, Craig M. Cason and Steven Canady.

The funding agreement brings a 450 Million Euro ($579,149,833 USD converted) denominated Note on Lehman Brothers Holdings PLC with a 6 1/8% coupon to CSHD's Asset Back Management facility. (The MTN holds an S&P, Fitch, and Composite A+ rating with a Moody's A1 rating).

The bond is loaded in the systems with the following codes:

Lehman Brothers Holdings PLC 6 1/8 A+

Common Code: 010924251

ISIN: XS0109242510

BB Number: EC2377199

Effective August 22, 2006, Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp. and the Humanitarian & Scientific World Foundation, LTD., a Georgia LTD Foundation increased the Deposit under Global Funding Agreement # 252455779-08122006-LBH with the addition of the following Bonds;

Republic of Finland

$749,000,000 Million Euro

6 % coupon

The bond is loaded in the systems with the following codes:

Republic of Finland 6 AAA Common Code: 001004558

ISIN: FI 0001004558


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

Date: August 18, 2006 Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp.

a Delaware corporation

By: /s/ Rufus Paul Harris

Rufus Paul Harris, Chief Executive Officer

As i have stated before is that i find it interesting that it states in the court records from November 7th, page 37 of the transcripts that the bond is “potentially fraudulent”. There is obvious documentation of the agreement between the Humanitarian Foundation and RPH as of the 8k. It would seem to me that if the bond is fraudulent, the issuer of the bond committed fraud. Give Adnan Sakli (FED i.d. #8216 and? 8217) a call and ask him if the bond is fraudulent. Better yet, why don’t The SEC subpoena Mr. Sakli, (apparently one of the largest bond issuer in the world), and have him explain it to a judge????

7b8f82 No.36970


Will turning the state (note, the use of the word STATE) into a glass puddle in the desert, cause the arch to collapse?

No, because the zionist structure is not in the State of Israel.

The zionists may control Israel, the place we acknowledge as a "nation", but that isn't where they really "are". Israel is a puppet.

The "Nation" of Israel is NOT the same as the State of Israel.

The Nation of Israel is the families which are in fucking Switzerland, controlling the Vatican, the UN, WHO, world peace, the banking system, the pissant state of Israel…and whether or not Meghan Markel can marry the red-headed scoundrel.

I know you have a hardon for Israel, but it ain't in the desert.

Only a dumbass would stay in the wasteland, when they could feast in…anywhere that wasn't 115 degrees and full of fucking sand.

The keystone is not next to Gaza.

d1671e No.36976



3f7381 No.36988



Explains a lot when you consider that Lehman Brothers CEASED to exist the following year. The only institution permitted to fail during the banking crisis of 2007. Many describe what took place with the congressional authorization of the TARP bailout as a literal coup d'etat by the Fed. It was as close to full-scale economic armageddon as we had seen in our lifetimes.

Alas, it's only just begun. We ain't seen nothing yet.

These people are not going to leave, or die, quietly, folks. Expect the unimaginable to occur in the coming weeks.

c4379a No.36989


>Find the keystone.

>What holds everything together?


Fear. Their (dirty bastards') shared belief in the need to harvest/sacrifice/etc. is based on fear. Fear holds the entire shabbang together. Thus, I'm thinking fear is the keystone.

If WE no longer fear them, they fall apart. The arch collapses. We keep our energy to ourselves and improve our, not their, lives with our energy by not making rash decisions because we aren't fearful.

Q, is fear the keystone?

...but then Q has asked about a "Nation". Suggesting a "Nation" is the keystone.

When bringing fear into this, Syria is currently the most dangerous, thus feared country in the world - https://www.atlasandboots.com/most-dangerous-countries-in-the-world-ranked/

Q, is Syria the keystone?

3f7381 No.37009


Syria is a puppet. Ask Putin how dangerous he thinks Syria is and he will laugh.

d329ba No.37014


please keep a personal archive of this, all previous CBTS threads have been sanitized of my posts dealing with 4 D n 4N (name obfuscated) and an image of his Prime Directive

This is gas-lighting 101 ffs

c4379a No.37038


Good argument. I'm clutching at straws, here. We've got people insisting it's the Rothschilds (actually Bauer, seeing as Rothschild was invented by Bauer in the 1700s), it's the BIS, etc. Obviously, none of the above applies seeing as Q has not confirmed and Q continues to ask "What is the keystone?"

It's driving me nuts :/

…or, maybe it's Poland? Q? …urgh :/

c71469 No.37091

Hey guys, Keystone is the Presidency of the Unites States. Really think about it.

If you remove it from the NWO/Illuminati system everything collapses.


>What Nation dominates all others?

>What Nation has influence over most others?

The US

>POTUS opened the door of all doors.

3f7381 No.37107


Asserted this last night on the main thread.

Executive branch of United States is the keystone. Everything emanates from and is held up by the president.

Perhaps what would/will put 99% of people in the hospital is the realization that every president before Trump has been an entirely corrupt puppet master.

c71469 No.37117

With the POTUS they control the whole world, without him they will be destroyed.


99% in the hospital may have no direct link to the keystone. Satanism, pedophilia, ritual sacrifices would shock many.

Another variant is aliens and alternative history of humanity.

c4379a No.37162


The majority know about it. To continue living without having breakdowns, people put it to the back of their minds and hope someone will sort it out one day.

d329ba No.37163


adding this picture


as proof of intent to pull the debt keystone

c4379a No.37168


United States is not a nation, it's a corporation that answers to HRH.

5c8aee No.37178


Sure it will JIDF

Keystone is Nation of Israel.

The Zionist State.

5c8aee No.37187

File: 92ce3eb3c054b37⋯.png (1.38 MB, 3752x2600, 469:325, SamsonOption.png)


That's just what (((they))) would want you to think.

Have you read this?

c71469 No.37193


I don't think you really understand normies, a lot of them are dumb, shallow. Realization that evil people control the world and can organize such crimes as 911 would shake their whole worldview, as it did mine. It's like what if you were told that Jesus is the real satan, or that your mother was a whore. Some things are so traumatizing that many people will refuse to accept them.

c4379a No.37265


Here's the difference between a country, a state, a nation, a nation state, and a sovereign state:


"A nation, … , is a cultural entity. It is a large, impersonal grouping of people (much larger than a well connected community or tribe) which shares common traits like a common consciousness, language, ethnicity, ethos, mores and sometimes religion."

The religion/common consciousness with the largest amount of followers is … wait for it… Christianity!


A predominant part of Christianity is the belief that God punishes. When someone does something wrong they'll feel God's wrath, etc. This leaves a gap in the market for opportunists who know that that's bullshit.

Hence, the sides of the triangle prop up the leading religion (which is Christianity, atm) - they feed that as it feeds them. Meaning, they do bad shit to us and we think God's punishing us, etc. and they live on. They evolve, we don't! Without a leading religion to control us (using fear tactics) with, they're fucked!

So, atm, Christianity could be the keystone!?

Q able to confirm?

P.S. Is this why the CIA have been dirtying Islam by brainwashing & mind-controlling clerics with an edited version of the Qur'an? Another way to gain control of the ENTIRE population?! Islam is about to overtake Christianity. It used to be a peaceful religion until western interference and re-writing of the books. Btw, I've no religion - I'm not trying to bash anyone with any book, OK!?

c4379a No.37274


It's not like that so much here in the UK, and other European countries. USA has been Christianity-ised to the freakin' hilt! We can't believe how fanatical a lot of Americans are about their faith/s. They don't question their leaders. Though, due to the mind control factor/s, it's not that surprising really.

bbdb7a No.37281


Their hold on American presidency was earlier lost with JFK, and it didn't cause the system to collapse.


Every nuclear power is in principle capable of acting like that, and launching the entire arsenal at the face of final defeat is in fact the expected thing. North Korea is full into nuclear blackmail. What makes Israel different is that it wants to have the benefits of MAD while publicly denying that it has nuclear weapons.

c4379a No.37291





Q, confirmation required, please?

c71469 No.37305


They shot JFK, because otherwise the system would collapse. He was going to dismantle CIA, FedRes and others.

5c8aee No.37361


It's a battle of words yet again, senpai

>war never changes

bbdb7a No.37399


>Future provides past.

Future. Futures. All the complex interlinked derivatives that are well known for their potential to cause a huge contagious financial crash.

I think financial derivatives are a good candidate for the keystone. It wouldn't even be conspiracy-tier.

There may be multiple keystones with Q though.

d329ba No.37403

The US is 20+ trillion in debt:

To whom do they owe this debt to?

What if that debt is fraudulent?

If the man who owned the BIS record is told us that it's all fraudulent then died a year later would that not raise suspicions ?

Why hasn't it?

7811d4 No.37418

The saudis are descendants of Ishmael I believe the Rothschilds and Soros are the decentents of the Edomites that became Jews as king Harod was Q says look at the bloodlines Q also uses John M and says he doesn’t say his full last name Cain

Cain offering rejected by God

Ishmael was not what God intended Isaac was

Esau had his birthright taken by Jacob

Is what holds the synagogue of Satan together the bloodlines of the rejected older brothers of genesis?

3f7381 No.37446


Astute observation.

Timing of the financial crisis during Obama's first run for POTUS as the first black man certainly helped obfuscate the facts. Congress was held at gunpoint (as it was figuratively described) by the Fed to support TARP bailout.

Which is why this is such a big deal:


0cd41d No.37447


Keystone = Jesuits






they run schools, secret societies, red cross, pope is a Jesuit, queen is a jesuit , Soros is a jesuit , rothchilds are jesuits, etc etc etc


3f7381 No.37452


Checked and screencapped.

c71469 No.37477

File: 285eae7d59e1925⋯.png (469.68 KB, 2136x1252, 534:313, keystone.png)

File: a3d99a697112ea5⋯.png (106.53 KB, 438x743, 438:743, RED.PNG)

Here are all the pics about the keystone.

The 1st pic suggests that it is connected to the map. Map - legend - sequence - guide - keystone.

My interpretation is that there is a map and it can tell us what will happen and in what order (sequence) and where it is going (guide) the final point being the keystone. Because it is supposed to be SA-US-Asia-EU we can guess that the keystone has something to do with the EU, maybe Vatican, UK or - less likely - Switzerland (because it's not in the EU).

The 2nd pic talks about the puppet masters, wealth, the eye of providence, governments, wars, environmental pacts feeding the "eye", bloodlines. It makes me think either about the Vatican or the European elite dynasties.

3rd pic is also about wealth, power, families and also about a powerful nation. Among the dominant and influential nations there are the US, Israel, Switzerland, Vatican, EU.

4th pic - opened the door of all doors. Either it is about having all the information, power, money being the head of the US.

5. Red cross, blood, Switzerland, information, church.

6. Q implied that the Red Cross is dirty. It is based in Switzerland.

>What holds everything together?

Good question

3f7381 No.37483



Consider the timing of DJT ordering the release of thousands of docs related to JFK's murder right when all of dees habbenings started to go down. It was an effort to redpill the masses to question what they thought they'd known about the event (e.g. lone gunman) and signal that this POTUS is also not owned.

Though he still may be taken out. Praying every day for his safety.

d329ba No.37499


Religions are the cornerstone, the Babylonian Talmud founded all religions related to abraham (Judaism, Catholocism, Islam)

Debt is the keystone, BIS being the holder of all records of debt, and all wars are instigated by banks through debt

Capstone is the Christ-blood Khazar (Black Nobility/13 Families) bloodline that the Vatican keeps record of

1613f6 No.37503


I think you might be correct. The fact that he wrote 'Nation' rather than 'nation' seems to indicate that he is not referring to a country. The Jews have dispersed to many different nations, and everywhere they land they tend to become dominant, at least in terms of business, media, entertainment, and academia. As a result of this success their culture and values tend to become dominant as well. Regardless of where they live the Jewish Nation exerts a disproportionate influence.

0cd41d No.37504


Keystone = Jesuits



^ BONO is a Jesuit… (Georgetown is a Jesuit school)

Red Cross = Jesuits


^ The Vatican controls nearly everything through the Jesuit order. Do NOT give your blood or your money to the Red Cross!

c4379a No.37507


Q would have confirmed that if it were true.

0cd41d No.37514


Yes but I haven't seen this theory in 18, 39, 40 etc.. where he has been..

c71469 No.37560


In the 3rd pic it says

>Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

>Inner TRI families will collapse.

What is TRI?

Maybe "Trilateral Commission"?

>The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller[1] in July 1973, to foster closer cooperation among North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

>While the Trilateral Commission is only one of many think tanks on the political left and right, conspiracy theorists believe the organization to be a central plotter of a world government or synarchy.

c0c65f No.37574

"future provides past"

This is a description of what we have done with the debt money system. We have taken the wealth from the future to provide to the past.

True money is a store of wealth. We have ,in our lives, created wealth from our labors, and have exchanged this real wealth for a what is represented as a store of wealth, the U.S. Dollar. We put this into savings, seeing the notational value in 401K plans, bank accounts, and equity valuations as our preserved wealth. But these "dollars" are all forgeries, representations of wealth traded for our real wealth. We traded something for nothing. Even those who invested in gold. They only have a promise of gold if they don't hold it, and very few do. Therefore, the wealth we think we have in the future has already been taken. Future provides the past. The elite are rich because they have stolen it from the most vulnerable, those who will live in the future. Future provides past. The only thing that can carry real wealth into the future is gold, and control of the gold has been a goal of the elites for many centuries. Gold is all. Gold is the keystone. He who controls it controls the wealth of both now and in the future. The gold must be found.

0cd41d No.37579




TRIFECTA youtube.com/watch?v=9d-kYGsvDws

c4379a No.37625


What a pile of shite that was! Naf all to do with what Q's saying.

3aa91c No.37643


I like banking as an answer, but i think we can drill down to an aspect of banking– debt – as the true keystone.

It is society playing by the "rules" in recognizing the debt that gives the Roths and hence the whole filthy collection of "them" their power.

We are fighting to "bring down" their structure and it is founded on a concept– debt. No standing armies or weaponry as we have on our side, only the civil compact to recognize the debt keeps them in power.

If that crumbles, the whole temple will collapse

7a9f87 No.37749



c0c65f No.37779


Exactly. We in the present created wealth far in excess of what we consumed. The Roths took that extra wealth as their own, and issued debt notes against it. All of the wealth that we in the future want to redeem with our "wealth debt notes" will not be honored. They never were intended to be. This is what has been hidden from us. Expose this, and everything collapses. Unfortunately, those who are holding the debt notes will be as screwed as the people finding they have gold plated tungsten in their safes.

d329ba No.37830


Thing is Adnan Sakli's owned the ledger so the money wasn't even the Rothschild's instead they used his accounts fraudulently and he wanted to cancel the system with his Prime Directive


f2b8d9 No.37859

Keystone is the Constitution?

673d62 No.37899

Is the Keystone the destabilization of the Matrix via. Global Disclosure and take-down of the world's most Elite, evil, and Draconian Bloodlines?

Q SAID to expand our thinking. Think big, fellas. We are living in the fucking Matrix. Lucifer is the demiurge and they harvest the sexual and etheric energy from kids through rape and trauma acts. In Freemason rituals, they often present a black cube. This metaphysically is the [I'm blanking the word but it's a specific spiritual conduit] for harness their fear and negative energy which feed the Cube at the North Pole of Saturn which projects the metaphysical Matrix onto our Planet.

Destabilize the triangle, eliminate the Rothschilds, eviscerate the ideologies of organized religion through arresting of Pope himself for all of the child abuse committed at the Vatican, along with all major Religious institutions shut down.

Upon Full Disclosure, the benevolent ETs like Pleadians and the sort will help form a perfect living way after the global financial reset once the virtual quantum computer is constructed, eliminating Bitcoin and thus crypto-currency?Blockchain/(demiurgic AI?) as as a result by turning to elliptical curve cryptography.

CERN will be exposed for the nefarious, otherworldly experiments that go on there.

>"Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it," said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN." What the fuck kind of world are we living in?

Are we really some solipsists stuck inside of our own reality, or is the universe a simulation? Black pill.

>"The Truth would put 99% in the hospital." Think BIGGER. Re-read the map, he emphasizes.

What do you think, anons?

fcbd2a No.37978

My apologies if this has been said already, but has anybody mentioned Egypt yet?

858058 No.38013

Once we understand the function of the Constitution’s architecture, we can appreciate how an independent judiciary serves as its keystone. The lack of a “known and indifferent judge” to give effect to “an established, settled, known law” was among the principal defects that John Locke identified in the “state of nature” absent government. People in the state of nature act as judges in their own cause—and because people are “biassed [sic] by their interest[s],” the danger that one’s life, liberty or property might be taken away through force backed only by will leaves individual freedom “very unsafe, very unsecure [sic].” Far from being an “afterthought,” the establishment of an independent judiciary was prompted by a perceived imperative to ensure that a “known, indifferent judge” stood ready to (as Alexander Hamilton put it) “guard the Constitution and the rights of individuals.”

858058 No.38043


theusconstitution .org/think-tank/narrative/keystone-arch-text-and-history-article-iii-and-constitutions-promise-access

1e051a No.38054


Keystone is pedophile/blackmail

ba884e No.38065


All this talk of bloodlines makes me think about our orgins…..EVE is keystone?.

e283e8 No.38074

The keystone is the Red cross because its the one organization that ties all 3 famalies together and ever since Q started posting he Has been using + when talking about all 3 famalies and he said there are no coincidences and everything has meaning. whats interesting too is the red cross started recently putting out commercials begging people for money wich shows their money is drying up. why now of all times.

fb3283 No.38111


This is going to sound stupid, but last night I downloaded Trumenstein, it's like hillary in wonderland. Letters from Barrack to his sister Hillary and he is traveling to Archangel, Russia.

I'm still reading, quit where they are in Switzerland. They being Melania, Elin Musk, and the mystery guy who's telling his life story to Barrack.

ba884e No.38143

Think about this…….the Queen of England is the KEYSTONE…others might know her as Lilith

ba884e No.38146


Can you connect the Queen of England to the Red Cross?

efc412 No.38161

File: 98c93b684084353⋯.jpg (216.1 KB, 1037x1589, 1037:1589, Screenshot_20171205-150440.jpg)



I posted in CBTS thread but bringing here to the diggers more qualified than I am.

ba884e No.38174


Is BLOOD the Keystone? OMG I'm pulling my freaking hair out! Think…think…think…I haven't been able to sleep good for days b/c of this damn Keystone!

cd2332 No.38191


nice work here anon! keep it up go deeper.

6c1561 No.38200

The Keystone is in the Center of each of the Q posts. The answers are in the center of each post. The questions to be answered are at the beginning of the post and the future events or questions to be answered are at the bottom of each Q post.

068d93 No.38241


Instead of just pointing that out you think you could create an array of that with at least one full KEY's worth? Or are we supposed to do that

1e051a No.38309

IDK why this just occurred to me!

Matthew 16:18

Peter (first pope) is the keystone


c331ba No.38362



I originally thought perhaps the keystone was USURY (not just money, but the enslavement of "magick" money);

however, after most recent Q posts, leaning toward BLOOD being the ke[y]stone. [y]=why, keystone=y. why this is ALL being perpetrated by the "evil" ones. Its all about blood.


Blood bourne diseases

Blood foundations (Red Cross, et al)

Blood $$

Have you ever wondered why not ALL the children are killed in SRA?

Have you ever wondered why there has been "Royal" marriages among blood relations or 2 "royal" bloodlines?

Have you read into what is the theory behind Rh - and Rh+ genetics?

Have you read any stories about people for whom AIDs or Cancer, just "disappeared"?

Have you thought about why some people do not develop an immune response to vaccines?

Do you remember Star Wars and the living organism that was supposed to be in the blood of the Jedi? vs "normal" creatures?

Do you know why SRA involves drinking blood and eating certain parts of the victim?

Do you know why there is such a proliferation of DNA testing companies? and what IS the Genome project?

c331ba No.38376



see this !!

1e051a No.38390


Curious to know the data. How many people have gotten Ancestry.com or other DNA results and had abductions in their family?

aa148e No.38416

i think you guys are way overthinking this keystone issue.

it is not a deciphering code for the stringers.

it is not one single item or person or program or document or country.

Q means keystone literally - "what holds everything together?"

what piece, if removed, would cause the rest of the system to come crashing down all on its own? what gets the ball started moving downhill?

how do you bring down the MSM and force them to start covering the truth instead of just pushing their own agendas?

what do people need in the MSM in order for them to force their agendas successfully?


how do you erode the trust people have in the MSM?

>expose and label them constantly as 'fake news'

how do you bring down the SA funders of terror, globalism, and human trafficking?

who's protection do they enjoy in order to get away with these things?

>Muhammad bin Nayef and the previous string of corrupt rulers

who is the most non-corrupt leader or at least one you can control and influence?

>install MSB via carrot/stick and purge

how do you bring down hollywood with their donations and their influence over the mindless?

what collective sin do they share?

>casting couch style sexual abuse and straight up rape

who is the most powerful and protected offender?

>harvey weinstein

the keystone is not a one size fits all solution. the keystone will vary depending on who the enemy is - but it is always that which must be removed before the system can fail.

what is the keystone for the swamp?

>corrupt FBI exposure, corrupt CIA exposure, pedo blackmail, FISA spying?

what is the keystone for the bush/obama/clinton ring?

>missing emails, U1, haiti, insurance files?

what is the keystone for the nation wrecking globalist criminals?

>central banking, rothschild, soros, pedo blackmail, genocide plans?

i dont know what the keystone is for each enemy, but think of it as the head target/goal to take out/achieve after which the rest of it takes care of itself.

c331ba No.38422


also RED shield, BLOOD shield. Have you read any of the posts from 2011 from the Anon who id'd as a Rofchild? https://ia802300.us.archive.org/8/items/rofschildv1/IAmARofschildAxeMeAQuestion.html

1e051a No.38466


WOW. so much of this, I have been saying for so long. I think the Mandela Effect has something to do with where we are after a harvest. Our "Honey" has been extracted and we are back in the hive starting over.

b4ae9c No.38469

Well according to all what I have red, the keystone could be the cult, because everything is done in its name, remove the cult and they will loose all their motivation.

The cult unify and enslave them all in the same dark project, because it gives them a goal. Rituals are so horrible that they become all partners in crime, and they have to remain silent to save their lives.

When Philippe Le Bel destroyed the Templars in 1307, he had a good reason that could not be revealed.

Selfishness and megalomania, as strong as they can be are not enough to reach a such horrifying reality. There must be something else.

Many common point with the movie "the 13th warrior". The witch said : to destroy the wendels, kill their mother. I watched again this movie recently and I saw some messages in it.

All the stories about blood, children, money, it's just the external visible effect of the cult, but not the cult in itself.

Like addictment to drug make a person a robber or a criminal, the keystone is the drug, not the fact that the person is a robber or a criminal.

c331ba No.38528

Obama AB -


Former U.S Presidents

Former President Eisenhower Type O-Neg

Former President John F. Kennedy Type AB-Neg

Former President Richard Nixon Type O-Neg

Former President Bill Clinton AB-Neg

Former President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-Neg


Pharaoh Ramses II Type B-Neg

Shroud Of Turin was AB-Neg

Prince Charles Type O-Neg and his late Grandmother

Queen Elizabeth Type O-Neg

Prince William is also negative

73431f No.38549


it's actually the final question

c331ba No.38564


blood though PREDATES the SA, Roths, Soros "cult".

the knowledge around which the cult is based relates to the mystery of life force/soul/God/spirit BLOOD (imho)

c0c65f No.38570


I think the extraction comes with the boom/bust economic cycle. Boom it and we all create vast wealth. Bust it, and the Roths get it all because we mortgaged ourselves in the process.

1e051a No.38584


True, but I am talking about the nature of our reality. I am leaning toward simulation, where our energy is harvested. I think this is all an illusion and the key is to realize that "there is no spoon"

c331ba No.38621



you know how in The Matrix, people are "batteries", energy source being mined. We are the energy source, electromagnetic energy. EVERYTHING is/has electromagnetic energy. Tesla was definitely onto this. All that needs to be done is to know how to manipulate the electromagnetic resonance of everything to utilize it. possibly some bloodlines can do that more readily than others.

Rh - people have an unusual impact on electromagnetic fields. Overall 15% globally are Rh -, some areas 25% some 5%. the rest of the population (Rh+), ? farm animals? (I don't feel that way, but perhaps they DO)

c331ba No.38628

c331ba No.38645


some interesting reads re: Rh bloodlines, genetics, abilities, theroies, etc

b4ae9c No.38652


Yes but they are a minority and they harvest quite a lot, do they feed only themselves or something else ?

b4ae9c No.38678


Ok but on an evolutional point of view if Rh- had any advantage on Rh+ they would be the majority instead of a few %, no ?

c0c65f No.38757


I am open to that possibility. If there is no spoon, then finding the doorway out for me is still elusive. But I at this point I am looking.

1e051a No.38775


We are at the same place. I imagine that answers are within. Silence would help, but the worries of this reality and the noise around are HUGE distractions!

c331ba No.38809


Rh factor has not been shown to be an "evolutionary" development. I know this sounds "crazy" (but think of the board we are on and the things we have learned!)

Theories suggest 2 separate species: homo sapiens and neanderthal.

have you read any of the newspaper articles from early 1900s regarding the multiple burial mounds found in West Virginia? women >6ft and men >7ft.

297243 No.38847


it's obviously Israel. The "keystone" itself is the temple mount (well, its rock)

ddf110 No.38868


The italics was a mistake.

In the word: cont"nue"

Probably was trying type: cont[i]nue

CA is here > CIA is here

297243 No.38922

ddf110 No.39277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YES!! I believe CERN is the Keystone that connects all things together.

c331ba No.39687



c331ba No.39726


1 of the creepiest/interesting things that was posted on that board (GLP i think it was) that "rofchild" was:

Why do you think you like the taste of meat so much? You taste the PAIN

perhaps some blood lines feed their "eye" on "negative" energy (what we as culture have defined as negative: pain, fear, rage, etc)

and some feed their "eye" on "positive" energy (what we as a culture have defined as Love, Charity, Hope, etc)

remember Maria Abramovic painting, a spirit cooking recipe: With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain,”

just a thou

c4379a No.39885


Q confirmed the keystone today


94736b No.40072


Have been looking at this angle

"Keystone", a descriptive reference to the Book of Mormon.


There are many kinds of keys in the world. Keys to houses, cars, buildings, diaries—just to name a few. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—sometimes inadvertently called the Mormon Church—there are sacred, invisible keys: the keys to the priesthood of God. The priesthood is the authority and power that God gives to man to act in all things for the salvation of His children. The keys of the priesthood are the rights of presidency, or the power given to man by God to direct, control and govern His priesthood on earth—in other words, the right to organize and direct the work of God in His kingdom, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The priesthood keys separate The Church of Jesus Christ from all of the other churches on the earth today—only His Church will have His priesthood keys.

In Mormonism, revelation is not limited to church members. For instance, Latter Day Saints believe that the United States Constitution is a divinely inspired document.

The prophecy further predicts that the United States Constitution will one day "hang like a thread" and will be saved "by the efforts of the White Horse".

The prophecy further predicts that the United States Constitution will one day "hang like a thread" and will be saved "by the efforts of the White Horse".

Smith and his followers "considered themselves the last Real Americans" and "the legitimate heirs of the pilgrims and Founding Fathers ", who would be called upon one day to save the U.S. Constitution. [6] [7] Smith is believed to have then said, in 1840, that when the Constitution hung by a thread, Latter Day Saint elders would step in on the white horse to save the country.

d329ba No.41727

File: ef1897bbf1f1cc9⋯.png (34.51 KB, 793x617, 793:617, Cap-Key-Corner-stone.png)

7dd1cc No.42254

>>28513, >>41727



>Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key

POTUS and Patriots = stone

Q References



71ada5 No.42442

Hi, I'm a newbie some1 requ. my input on tWit. Here my thoughts:

Background: https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-ddc-linuxmint&hsimp=yhs-linuxmint&hspart=ddc&p=evelyn+de+rothschild#id=74&vid=cbdee4b4f6c746355292636ee57b750c&action=view

in particula JfK kill bec.wanted to print boodle thru treasuri

My specs

1. Red1 = Red Chine or Eve de fRoth?

2. Red2 = NK or Jacob frOth (alive or d?)

or R_R as u spec X my heart

bell tower = Big Ben LDN - ok chime

DC = Washi not considered yet

10 days of darkn = falseflag emp att Us? or bombs on Persia? or Kim Country

Cornerstone could be anything - rothch., uk royal fam, pOtus, Shlomo country

#Truth #Love #Light

71ada5 No.42458

File: afd2a6312e8cbe8⋯.png (53.89 KB, 153x160, 153:160, ClipboardImage.png)

The upside down pyramid of the Illumis is also called a cornerstone

1b50b3 No.42479


You were right, but I was close too.

>Executive branch of United States is the keystone.

71ada5 No.42481

10 days of d possibly $ collapse as money makes the world go round = cornerst. ?

71ada5 No.42493

eye opener as to whats really going on


d329ba No.42609


Yah, I'm the one who posted


The image here refers to the world power dynamic concluding that debt holds up the arches.

Came to this conclusion after learning about Adnan Sakli, the once owner of the BIS record who died suspiciously a year after posting his Prime Directive (Feb 2013) and his body was kept in an American embassy in Spain during BHO's reign.

71ada5 No.44142


It's MONEY > $$ Collapse > Everything Goes down

2d4939 No.47593

I guessed it was the UN

I think the UN wiki has the exact line in it, maybe "someone" put it there?

UN holds all countries together, and creates agreements keeping everyone in line.

A lot of money is funneled through it

Everyone assume UN is "good" and never questions their actions.

They push for world equality through wealth re-distribution and migration (refugees)

60c10a No.48090

Truth requires context. Facts with no context can create deception. That is the main weapon in politics, marketing, and the court room.

What is "being ALIVE" in the sense of we warm blooded creatures with a frontal lobe?

Once we get past keeping our host animal body being consciously productive, we choose to be self centered or not… social, or not.

Many other unseen realities are available to help with choices. I prefer one referenced as a diety, or God. The opposing force is often referenced as Satan.

There exists much more to "reality" than just our physical science (consciousness and emotions for example.)

God is a keystone, as is Satan. One is socially constructive, the other destructive. Those traits also apply to the very environment that supports the animal part of who/what we are, and that includes the spiritual side that completes the definition of us as a "completed individual" that can recognize when our ego misbehaves.

16ab35 No.48119


Good thoughts!

Expanding this, I think a keystone of society has 4 sides to it, which are: Religion, Law, Morals, & Ehics …

60c10a No.48158


Soros is guilty of SEDITION, pretty much the same as treason.

16ab35 No.48914


Its time for him to go to nirvana … he's holding EU to ransom - refugees - diluting local population - otherwise redx spilling beans

MAGA Truth Love Light Godspeed

Any Signs of J Froth? or dod?

07778c No.50944

Trump can declare $20 trillion in debt as null/void since it's the fruit of a criminal conspriacy started by the Rothschild's, old money US dynastic families and a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910. Trump can shut down the Federal Reserve, charge the whole gang under RICO, seize all their assets, distribute it to all impoverished nations around the world and still be called a racist.

6491db No.56842

File: ce630732a4b8e72⋯.jpg (93.69 KB, 881x624, 881:624, NY installs Temple of Baal.JPG)

File: f4314d38946e864⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 876x231, 292:77, Temple of Baal.JPG)

File: 45e6be749627fac⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 862x387, 862:387, Ny Baal.JPG)

KEYSTONE…"Nation" that influences many…It's the damn UNITED NATIONS…KEYSTONE is Temple of Baal…Portal for Satan…

9a96e9 No.57087


OK anons - time to speak up now about the keystone. Q asked that same question repeatedly ++++ in the context of what he was talking about in each post ++++. NOT the overarching universal meaning of the word.

What is the keystone of a crime family - what is the keystone of a money laundering scheme - what is the keystone of a human trafficking ring. He's asking what the keystone is for the issue in the post itself - in isolation.

I'd not be surprised if when you find the keystone to one set of lines in a post, you might then find that the next keystone (in a post a few days later) is the same. Or not, doesn't matter. He asks about the keystone for the issue being discussed in a post - not the existential keystone of existence.

Just wanted to get that out there so we can spend time answering still unanswered questions. Take each reference to the keystone in the context of what is being discussed in the lines before the question.

6491db No.57304

Everything Q talks about has multiple meanings…this isn't "new" news. This "specific" Keystone relates to Christianity and child sacrifice. I could see all the "struggling" with "Nation"…"arch"…"Jesus"…the fact that the UN seems to be concerned about the Temple of Baal being destroyed…it's all relative…like it or not.

6491db No.57372

Money Laundering Schemes- I don't know how this is possible but here's a situation I have with a client…Works at a Casino…makes about $50K per yr…former military…does "day trading" on the side…prepared his taxes which haven't been filed in 6 yrs…2012- $110M worth of trades…Gain of $20M…I don't have Gain/Loss reports yet however, don't you need the $110M to be able to trade? I'm not accusing anyone of anything…but would this be possible if it was "specific" stock?

6491db No.57628

Remember in the beginning there was 4, 10, 20 and a, b, c, d, e….Read this and be "sure" to click the link in the link…

https://www.irs.gov/irm/part4/irm_04-010-020 and the link in the link…go to Q11 where it references…destroying documents and foreign individuals.

6ecf91 No.58090


My husband showed me a video regarding a conspiracy about an arch that represents the future or something to these evil fucks. There's one that was built in NYC that framed the Twin Towers. The video was upsetting.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and what those arches are called? Key something?

6ecf91 No.58116


YES! This shit! There's one in NYC. Where else are they?!

Also the Spiders. There's a mobile one baring an uncanny resemblance to the nuclear spider statues located all over the world. Its how they hold us all hostage. The Spider exhibit is at the MOMA and the artist is suspicious.


e30876 No.58347


Muh literal hisler.

e30876 No.58357


I once read a theory about underground nukes under all major western cities, used to hold us hostage. but knew it had to be bull, (((psyop))) to scare commoners. We have numerous technologies which can see the isotopes even in small doses.

6491db No.59296


e0be0f No.59480


>>>28513 (OP), >>41727



>>Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key


>POTUS and Patriots = stone


>Q References



Come on anons . . this is beyond beating a dead horse. There are other things to do.

6491db No.59694

That's FINE if the Keystone has been confirmed. Did you also confirm Money Laundering Schemes I mentioned regarding day trading and "read" the entire tax link posted? I have the capacity to help, in a BIG WAY. You need to give me "specifics" of what you need answers for. Not trying to make this a chat room.

f89de6 No.59845

File: 2f8f295e110e935⋯.jpeg (197.39 KB, 897x646, 897:646, EB844AC1-6CB0-40AB-A770-F….jpeg)

6491db No.59860

5579c5 No.66463

Keystone is money, but more specifically privately owned central banks owned by the families combined with the preventing of sovereign countries from printing their own currency. This keystone can be removed simply by changing the legislation of each country to nationalise their central bank and allowing them to print their own currency debt free. One of the Rothschilds said (something like) "I care not who makes the laws of a country so long as I have control of the currency" Qaddafi was aware of this (and implemented this, and paid the price) and so is the PM of Malaysia, Mahathir, who turned down IMF assistance during the Asian (manufactured) crisis years ago. Doing this is THE thing that will cause them to destabilise your country. If all nations of the world do this at once the "keystone" of their power is removed.

0a844e No.68666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So jewish stereotyping aside….



>A literal gold digger


Munk is a major donor to the University of Toronto.

For those not on the loop on the recent Toronto University controversy here is a video that i think will explain better than I ever will [Embeded]

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