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File: 05d7dd53bb3433a⋯.png (895.85 KB, 1131x654, 377:218, Rothschild-Island.png)

286592 No.15577

A thread for compiling what we know about Antarctica / Rothschild Island

e245d8 No.15815

Was this their hide out all along instead of the Netherlands?

NK launches emp over the US, world financial market collapses, they resurface in a year once 90% of the pop is dead.

286592 No.15930

File: 63b50cdde2c75b8⋯.jpg (157.45 KB, 675x960, 45:64, Roth2.jpg)

286592 No.15940


I understand it's their science base, for all the Frankenstien inventions they want to keep the farthest away from prying eyes.

286592 No.15969

File: 804a842b1c1443a⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1211x3951, 1211:3951, Roth3.jpg)

286592 No.15979


This is that 45th person in the Argentina sub.

3950ec No.16141

File: 31bbbd129d3adcc⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 986x270, 493:135, Screenshot_20170910-230544….jpg)

File: ff20769f759fb18⋯.jpg (8.53 KB, 192x190, 96:95, sudpol.jpg)

Honorable mention:


'Tis a slow board, aye. But a good board.

c88439 No.16579

File: 92e3f260e18910e⋯.jpg (115.75 KB, 736x783, 736:783, Map-inner-earth.jpg)

c88439 No.16582

File: 872a2997e7e89ae⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 500x604, 125:151, pyramid-antarctica2.jpg)

c88439 No.16583

File: 06073142a195bb9⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 12049531_1048159711882564_….jpg)

c88439 No.16585

File: f660dd15b8815eb⋯.jpg (83.13 KB, 626x599, 626:599, nw4z20L.jpg)

c88439 No.16587

File: 191fd97e4d4896a⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, pyramid-antarctica.jpg)

c88439 No.16588

File: 487ff4cfe8bec95⋯.jpg (147.75 KB, 634x790, 317:395, 31570A7400000578-0-image-m….jpg)

c88439 No.16592

File: 4edcc1c3e6ffb3b⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 599x620, 599:620, cities-antarctica.jpg)

9514b8 No.16649

Anyone come up with a reason why they had to put it in Antarctica?

d23387 No.16662


Check it out: >>16447

Read Q questions in post above first.

d69128 No.16824

If total thermonuclear war were to occur, the only place left with any live births would be Antarctica, as most of the radiation would be spread from the North pole down to Australia.

d23387 No.16844


I doubt they'd use nukes, there's every indication theres a hidden NK space program and without oversight that likely means NK space weapons. The most advantageous being a space based EMP so that one could knock out all power/comms. Wait for the population to starve over the next few weeks, then spend the next few months watching the holdouts kill eachother from space.

d23387 No.16846


And by watch from space I mean they use the keyhole, aka google earth aka a bunch of satellites with likely live video capabilities.

ab7a63 No.17471

Very good video piece on the Human history of Antarctica from verified sources, news, official docs and footage, interviews.

No aliens of anythimg weird, but shows how much infrastructure has been buolt there and the types of tests that have been conducted there

Must watch to help crack the Antarctica story.

https://m.youtube.com/ watch?v=237F1_aLXZ8

ab7a63 No.17502

Must read to crack Antarctica story: article documents the visit of the Orthodox "pope" (or whatever he's called) to Antarctic.

Sorded story; orthodox pope meets with Catholic pope first time in 100+ years, is given an old old old document from archives.

Opope is then transported by Russian Navy, complete with destroyer to pick up the muslim "arch of Gabriel" then all transported to Antarctica where Opope performs some ritual, based on old document he was given by catholic pope, over the arch of gabriel IN ANTARCTICA.

Can it get any weirder?

http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/ index2002.htm

ab7a63 No.17592

Buzz Aldrin's tweet (from verified account) from Antarctica "We are all in danger. It is evil itself"

Immediately deletes tweet, then is aerovaced out of antarctica.

http: //silentcircle.co.uk/bizarre-astronaut-buzz-aldrin-apparently-tweets-danger-evil/

b7edcb No.18118


What the fuck is that? How does one make any sense of it?

c88439 No.27868

File: ae978213b167025⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 400x225, 16:9, betastargate.jpg)

In the last few months of 2016, news leaked of world political and religious leaders heading off to the Antarctica. According to Steve Quayle, author of Empire Beneath the Ice, people should take notice of what is really going on there, “What really is going on down there? Here is the billion dollar question, and probably the trillion dollar question: Why are the world’s religious leaders and the world’s most powerful leaders going to Antarctica? I don’t think the Russian Patriarch Kirill is going down there to meet penguins, with no disrespect meant. Someone or something has summoned the world’s leaders.”

Moreover, he adds, “Most people don’t understand, and this is critical, the United States, in 1947, sent a war flotilla to the Antarctic under Admiral Byrd and it was called ‘Operation Highjump’. It was to seek out and destroy the hidden Nazi bases that intelligence agencies provided them the documentation for. It wasn’t a small thing. There were 13 ships and 4,700 men and state of the art U.S. weaponry. The bad news is we got our rear ends kicked. Russians were spying on us, and they had a video of our aircraft encountering flying saucers.”

Quayle goes on to say “Black physics is beyond the PhD level, and we are seeing this with CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research). What is so critical for people to understand is, as more activity takes place at CERN, the occult rituals associated with it are so in your face you can’t dismiss this stuff anymore as being the ranting’s of this fringe or that fringe. Something is happening, and the Antarctic is critical. It’s my contention that because of the advanced technology of the Third Reich that they went under the ice, so to speak, and came into contact with beings, sentient beings that Wernher von Braun and others have made reference to many times before they passed away. So, all this is a matter of record. When you put all the records together, it points to this: There is some entity or group of entities that are thinking and have advanced technology and, basically, give orders to the religious and political leaders of our day.

The history of the world is not what it is. It is what the powers that be pretend it to be. For the record, all of the world’s leaders never believed that Hitler died in the bunker.”

Watch the video below featuring Greg Hunter’s interview with Steve Quayle.


af5acb No.28124

In the CBTS threads there's been some banter about Antarctica and some anon mentioned the "Rockefeller Plateau" (in Antarctica). So just for shits and giggles, I go to GE and query it. It zooms to a blank expanse of white. No detail. No detail of the Transantarctic Mountains. Giant pixels of nearly all of the continent except for some very dark images of McMurdo station. Wierd. Use time of day shadow slider, no detail. Use historical imagery slider, no detail and rather than have actual image captures like other areas covered by GE, this bar just shows evenly spaced increments. Not normal for GE.

Then I zoom out a little and see there are place names of lots of royals and famous people, such as Queen Elizabeth Range, Queen Alexandra Range, Queen Maude Mountains, Prince Olav Mountains, Grosvenor Range, Churchill Mountains, Victoria Land, Prince Harald, Princess Astrid, Princiss Ragnhid Coasts, and Bush Mountains.

Oh Goody! Bush Mountains. Search Bush Mountains (that don't show on GE). Named after financier of the Byrd expedition, James I. Bush. Bush Mountains, Antarctica - Geographical Names, map …

https://geographic.org/geographic_names/antname.php?u… Proxy Highlight. Named by US-SCAN, on the recommendation of R. Admiral Byrd, after James I. Bush, American financier and patron of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (ByrdAE), 1928-30.

So far so good. Search James I. Bush. Hmmm. Other than being mentioned in relation to the Byrd expedition, history is nearly silent on the man. Not one of Prescott Bush's, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prescott_Bush. Wiki references to the man are not highlighted.

Various sources have him as chairman of Bridgeport Leather, who donated to the expedition, and as chairman of the expedition itself. Reading several books on the expedition reveals nothing about him, but he was important enough to RA Byrd to name a prominent feature discovered during the expedition. I've hit an absolute dead end with any evidence of him being a "Patron" or "Financier" of the expedition. He doesn't appear to have been a trustee or director of either the Ford or Rockefeller foundations which are both mentioned in the literature about funding of the expedition.

He was, however, a "Bush", though every genealogy search I've attempted has been futile. Any anon's out there who are better at this than me?

b361d1 No.28235


Is this real?

d040df No.28673

File: a0c20843c2223d9⋯.gif (4.66 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Revelationsb.gif)



as I recall those are pictures from some kind of online /tg/ game.

47b33f No.28738



286592 No.41636

File: e5a165a37023ae3⋯.jpeg (41.6 KB, 650x366, 325:183, BloodFalls.jpeg)


Blood Falls, Antarctica

43aa26 No.41660

File: b85812d846466f9⋯.png (388.12 KB, 851x668, 851:668, Screenshot from 2017-12-05….png)


'very close to princess Elisibeth station' …

286592 No.41720

286592 No.41733

File: cd03a90a77ffd80⋯.jpg (61.95 KB, 255x220, 51:44, Off_Limits_Antarctica.jpg)

206e64 No.56463

File: 893fb124d6df661⋯.pdf (70.5 KB, DOC_0005515662.pdf)

CIA FOIA Antartica

5c511e No.57925

I can't believe no one has brought up "H.P. Lovecraft's "At The Mountains Of Madness" yet.

Antartic explorers find a buried Megolithic city going down into unknoiwn depths where the stumble upon the Shoggoths, the Old Ones, etc from Cthulu mythology.

Guess what these creatures are? Extradimensional being that the normal human cannot comprehend and sends them quickly insane (99% of the population into hospital?)

Yes it was a work of fiction, but so was 1984, Brave New World and some of HG Wells stuff and many Sci-Fi writers must have had some foreknowledge as they are definitely ca nbe seen as blueprints for what is now happening in the world.

More info on the mythos here:-

https://www.reddit. com/r/Lovecraft/comments/433cxr/how_do_the_beings_of_the_mythos_cause_insanity/

I'll reread the book and get back in a say or two.

fa4d94 No.60548


Yes, the fact that that thing hasnt been common knowledge in this whole q dig is worrying.

Q has alluded to so much about alice in wonderland, wizard of oz, what is gold etc. What is in the sky and below it

>Gold is AU

>Australia is AU and OZ

>the hole in the ozone layer is in the sky, australia and antarctica is below it

I think they found something in that pyramid and the push for ai and all that has been them pushing for a way to use it. And I think it has something to do with altering peoples perception.

Or… the nightmare mode that some anons thought they were looking at is right and this is much more serious than most anons are giving it credit for.



141526 No.62763



Global warming should make Antarctica new California and kill most poors on the planet.

960de2 No.63062



90cd1d No.64760


Steve Quail…many late nights listening to C2C AM. Good stuff

90cd1d No.64770


Im confused…what are posting?

6642f0 No.65907

Sub search update:

BUENOS AIRES, December 8. /TASS/. Russian research ship The Yantar and Russian naval specialists on board the Argentinian naval ship Islas Malvinas are exploring two objects in the area where the submarine The San Juan went missing in the middle of last month, the Navy’s spokesman Enrique Balbi said on Friday.

"The Yantar is currently examining an object lying at a depth of 940 meters," he said. The search began on Thursday in bad weather.


Russian rescuers resume search for missing Argentine submarine

Balbi said Islas Malvinas is now in a different area, where Russian specialists are trying to get an image of an object lying at a depth of 830 meters using a remote-controlled mini-submarine The Pantera Plus. The US ship The Atlantis, due to join the search today, will head for another object spotted at 770 meters below the surface ," he added.

On instructions from Russian President Vladimir Putin Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu on November 23 dispatched search and rescue specialists, the Pantera Plus mini-submarine and the ship The Yantar to help with the search for the submarine. The Pantera Plus performed the first dive on December 3.

The diesel-electric submarine The San Juan, which left Ushuaia with 44 crew on board, went missing on November 15. The search for the submarine began on November 16. On November 30, the Argentine Navy declare it had curtailed the rescue operation.



0dbf15 No.75468

File: 1ff64406011d06e⋯.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 496E8C8D-47A0-465E-86EA-E….jpeg)

Flat earth fallen angels (giants).

Thor’s hammer kills giants.

Snow White lightening. Thunder loud boom. Holy tool to bless births weddings etc

4e560a No.115939


EXCELLENT research/lesson there. FWIW Truthstream Media is ran by a couple that worked for shill alex Jewnes. They split from him admidst some turmoil. ( they signed NDAs but I'm betting they figured him out, everything they have put out is excellent and well studied, lots of old newspaper clippings and work put into their stuff. )

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=237F1_aLXZ8 here is the vid linked hooktube style.

b143e9 No.126562

File: 17b5950b9fe6922⋯.jpg (106.74 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 416f6018131c50d886618032e0….jpg)

Antarctica, like NK, is pretty interesting. There's definitely a lot more going on in these places than is let on to the public. They're kind of like modern versions of the mythical Atlantis… Anywho I just dropped in to submit that it seems a much more simple and likely explanation for the UFO phenomena within the last 50-100 years that, given the sheer vastness of space, they're man-made craft utilizing undisclosed tech that are mostly built/stored somewhere in Antarctica. Area 51 may have been a disinfo psyop to preempt people from thinking about UFOs in association with Antarctica…

ff853f No.133037


ever see the movie iron sky?


weren't there pentagonal sqids down there in the abyss. that's what lovekraft says. apsu. . .the abyss. levi atan . . .the elevated dragon. supposedly if it mates with behemoth, the world is destroyed. it needs a taniniver (surrogate presence) to breed with humans and produce a 'proxy' for itself in the human world. sounds crazy, i know but i am not making any of this up. . .old tech.

97c57d No.152757

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