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File: 5aaa3ed9df090e0⋯.jpeg (15.8 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbts74.jpeg)

3732b0 No.65108

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads' conclusion. DO NOT go into

detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick


4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS


6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

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<And PRAY!

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9f701f No.65130

Can one of you lovely anons point me to something that will help me get caught up for the day? I've been away.

e58e21 No.65134

ee8673 No.65137


I just look through the latest q posts to catch up

aa757e No.65139


was benedict a mason and compromised hence stood down now, Trump 2yr training Jesuit and Frances a Jesuit is /ourguy/ ? God father lll

9f701f No.65143

0a7622 No.65144


Q posted a phrase 3 min before Potus tweeted the same phrase, Patriots in harms way,Pray, Monday crap prob hitting fan again

3b7d3d No.65148

Does anyone still listen to TRS? Family friend is some big shot lawyer in DC and he heard i was into that stuff and warned me to stay away. He says people associated with that are going to prison. I just thought he was being a leftist but i guess he was being serious, just like BLM and Antifa i guess, theres Patriot Act level cases on these guys, Charlottesville was supposed to be much worse.

9f701f No.65149


Is it true that crap hitting fan = MNF Patriot's game?

0a7622 No.65150


Oh yeah and Obama =Renegade[R]

e58e21 No.65152


See new Q posts, see recent thread discussions regarding Trumps speech, his tweets and the news. Then discuss.

Also discussing the large movement of C17's across country.

Denver - https://twitter.com/xoalondraa/status/939715638427185153

Denver NEST cam -


South Carolina - https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7irq9b/in_denver_just_saw_about_a_dozen_planes_fly_in_a/

Missouri - https://twitter.com/hashtag/WhitemanAFB?src=hash

Utah - https://twitter.com/derekbtw/status/939732858616164352?s=17

Riverside, CA - https://twitter.com/campaignnick/status/939747934676979712

(KFVS) -


Did you see lights in the sky on Saturday night?

Several residents of Illinois and Missouri reported seeing what looked like more than 15 air-crafts flying south-west.

Various Heartland residents said the air-crafts were traveling in a straight line around 8 p.m.

Dispatch in Cape Girardeau reported having one call about the lights but no information about what they are.

The lights were seen everywhere from Cape Girardeau, Missouri to parts of Southern Illinois.

Reports from Lexington, SC, Southern Illinois, Southern Missouri, Colardo (Denver), Utah (Near Nellis), Riverside, CA, Santa Monica/Santa Barbara Area

5748b8 No.65153


See the latest Q posts pinned in the first post at the top of page. There were several drops today.

0a7622 No.65154


I don't know what's gonna happen but all signs point to blue Monday

545df6 No.65155


What is TRS?

09ca1f No.65156

If we need a topic to dig upon this evening folks, I recommend looking into BHO's elementary school. Find anything and everything we can about this place.

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=AJmFL3GXXhw

810bc7 No.65157


I have a funny feeling there will be a terrorist attack during the 4th quarter at the stadium.

3ce4b9 No.65158


I'd like to sit down and watch Godfather 3 again, just to try and pick up on somthing, but that movie really is fucking terrible.

3abe9b No.65159


lol. Good answer.

This place is lousy with shills right now.

Last thread was unbelievable.

6986ed No.65160

File: ef1858517e553e3⋯.png (431.56 KB, 951x1200, 317:400, DQq3vogVAAE7QfC.png)

d5388f No.65161

Remember, NSA has all of the CF emails which show the entire spiderweb of illicit connections/ratlines.

ef686f No.65162

File: 947f959396fb443⋯.jpg (102.49 KB, 650x596, 325:298, 1966 Patriots.jpg)

File: 240679274e8ad60⋯.jpg (44.93 KB, 490x441, 10:9, 1966 Dolphins.jpg)


Throwback uniforms for the Dolphins Monday Night - 1966. Not sure about Patriots.


5748b8 No.65163


Uh, oh…LDR is in full panic mode.

3b7d3d No.65164

Patriots… Of course. Does anyone know WHY this guy talks in riddles and clues, honestly?

09ca1f No.65165


If there were the possibility of a terror attack going off, team Q and the GEOTUS probably have a plan in place for it like with Theresa May and that attempt to bomb her ass to kingdom come.

I think the primary focus of the 4th quarter is to pay attention for ANYTHING out of the ordinary that could be coded. Or at most, a sudden breaking news announcement.

3abe9b No.65166


He's trying to troll you into a discussion about an alt-right blog.

Don't take the bait.

Shilling like crazy in here right now.

ef686f No.65167


It will be prevented son. Come on now

251746 No.65169

File: 0331f1983f39276⋯.png (300.23 KB, 970x765, 194:153, trump tweet.png)

Hey y'all

DIDN'T Q Post the same message????

3ce4b9 No.65170


I saw the "4th quarter" thing as meaning we're in the final stages…

ff6ca8 No.65171


the back-links have been poisoned

9f701f No.65172

File: bab2f650b8e30ea⋯.png (71.75 KB, 441x255, 147:85, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

ee8673 No.65174


I agree

9f701f No.65176


Same, at first. Some speculate that it could have something to do with the game.

Maybe during the same time as the game though. Remember most of this is hidden and not public.

A terror attack would be horrible and obvious.

d5388f No.65177


Gotta love the numbers…

111 on 10/11/12

b680eb No.65178

>>64254 (OP)







b680eb No.65179


>>64254 (OP)







3abe9b No.65180


Stock market at all-time highs, lowest unemployment rate in history, GDP estimates being raised almost every two weeks, new trade deals with China already on the plate.

Right, Lynn. Bad news for the USA.

Desperate cunt.

3732b0 No.65181


Sorry got side-tracked for a bit during 73. What needs fixing

000000 No.65182


this >>65095

2485a7 No.65183

File: 9bc0582c53e1e86⋯.png (18.24 KB, 376x101, 376:101, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

Lord we stand and trust in your word to do battle on behave of your soldiers on the battle field tonight.

Lord you said :

Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This [is] the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness [is] of me, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 41:10 - Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Psalms 138:7 - Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

Psalms 91:1-16 - He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2 Timothy 4:18 - And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve [me] unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom [be] glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Proverbs 19:23 - The fear of the LORD [tendeth] to life: and [he that hath it] shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 - But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep [you, all] from evil.

Q, be not weary in well doing for you will reap if you faint not . We stand with you! Amen

15216c No.65184


That is what the Emergency Broadcast System is for. I believe Q mentioned testing and/or protecting it.

8902e2 No.65185


Great news for the USA. Bad news for the Rotchilds.

3abe9b No.65186


Yep. Those spider webs are gonna lead right back to Jugears too.

"They never thought they would lose." ~ Q

9f701f No.65187


Have you had any use of that in your area? We have had two Amber Alerts this week. First time to have one in maybe a year.

3abe9b No.65188


Trump knew it 5 years ago.

Crazy justice going down for Christmas!

3b7d3d No.65189

Ive been saying Roths control NFL for awhile.

1st. Anthem protest thing

2nd. POTUS starts trolling them bigly

3rd. LdR fake interest in Seattle refs scandal (maybe Roths control refs for gambling fixes?)

4th. Q using #Fly_x_Fly constantly

5th. Hollywood forshadowing w/Dark Knight, Sum of All Fears, etc.

000000 No.65191


Tangent = Tangent Machine Learning suite that automates Differentiation (Expand your thinking / think different!)

46a440 No.65192


>Important interview:


>Jeff & Cody Snodgres - BLOCKBUSTER! - Deep Black Ops Contractor Exposes OKC! and So Much More

It's one of the bigger dumps of intel I've seen.

Lots covered about anthrax, hastily made vaccines, nuclear, Gulf War Syndrome, Mena, bombs seen in the OKC building, Branch Dividian, 9/11, and more.

The guy wrote a book, too. Maybe you can get a copy.

6037f1 No.65193

File: 3513328ea794e4e⋯.jpg (20.07 KB, 400x233, 400:233, gi-joe-knowing-is-half-the….jpg)

Reminder to package solid info and get it off 8chan to where other people can read it. Suggested targets:

Voat v/CalmBeforeTheStorm

Reddit r/conspiracy

Medium, other blogging platforms

15216c No.65194


Yes, University shooting and severe weather. Came through Emergency Broadcast System on my phone. I though it was an app notification. Amber Alerts too.

a691af No.65195


Thanking military for sacrifice and service

Codename renegade

And commercial break on YouTube has first commercial about a deal team six show???

Ummm…. Hello!

3ce4b9 No.65196


With the photo, IMO, Trump knows BHO is a Saudi owned puppet, and that it's all about to break open publicly… Also, look at the time DJT posted that tweet, then look at what Q said previously… >>60336 >>60568.

3abe9b No.65197


Fucking clowns.

09ca1f No.65198


Yeah, not to get on too big of a tangent but it's been evident that they've tampered with the NFL and the public consensus. Recent Super Bowl performances being subliminally satanic/full of their symbolism, withholding how CTE is leading to players' early graves, Colin god-damn Kaepernick's anthem disrespect.

9f701f No.65199


Same… I thought it was HAPPENING at first. I had radio and two phones blast this Emergency Broadcast/ Amber Alert.

It wasn't a test but it sure seemed like a test.

70687d No.65201

Trumps latest tweet - How often do we see him in a purple tie? Calm is over the storm is here.

https://www.weather. gov/bro/mapcolors

3ce4b9 No.65202


We have a monthly test where i am…

a691af No.65203

Deal team six= Seal team six

0b068a No.65204


And this was the second commercial during the break.


1916af No.65205

6986ed No.65206


Purple is the color of soros revolutions.

0b068a No.65207


Hillary, Obama, Kim Jong and The saudi prince.

00ea33 No.65208

46a440 No.65209


Kinda ruined purple for us.

062106 No.65210

sorry to rehash… seen this said a few times and i can't find an answer. 'knows where the bodies are'? wtf is this talking about?

a691af No.65211


The elephant in the room, the /_\, "Are we going to talk about this?"

a4dfb8 No.65212


trump's good at packing double, triple meanings behind what he says

09ca1f No.65213


It's an in-joke for the true believers and a go-fuck-yourself to the mass media's divide and conquer tactics.

46a440 No.65214


I had the impression that it was some type of metaphor, but there are actual bodies unaccounted for. 9/11 (if drone use is true) and MH370. I have yet to see definitive answers on what happened to those.

64c675 No.65215

File: 1b5abee4657d37e⋯.png (252.83 KB, 1912x1286, 956:643, Different Colour Monday Q ….png)


thanks, added to the pic



embedded link is repeated, as is monday >important

Monday, Light Will Conquer Darkness.

Justice backed by military sworn to POTUS (marines as discussed)

Expand your thinking >repeated x 3

Prepare to have your minds blown

The Great Awakening.

cc8a78 No.65216


I don't believe it has that inscription on it.

The inscription looks more like a snake than the word God in arabic. The arabic word for God always has a silent t at the end, there is none on the ring.

a4dfb8 No.65217


it was posted a few threads back where

3abe9b No.65218


Read the map.

The answers to Q's questions are within the following 2-3 questions of the same crumb.

Also, news events can answer Q's questions.

3ce4b9 No.65221


Yeah, just means that someone knows the who, what, when, and where of crimes.

24e8e9 No.65222

File: 0bcc78d47f5ce13⋯.png (87.8 KB, 2452x2010, 1226:1005, repelephant.png)


And this big guy smacking them all over the fucking place

062106 No.65224


some way back it said usss knew where the bodies were. i'm clueless on 'what bodies'. the usss disposed of them… WHAT BODIES> lol

bc1bf2 No.65225


gtfo /leftypol/

or just lurk

you might learn something

000000 No.65226


THIS >>65191

Expand your thinking = Machine Learning

TANGENT = Machine Learning Suite from Google labs

46a440 No.65227


That's what I thought. Check out that video I posted. That guy knows some stuff. I'm going to get some sleep. I need to make a push to get my site reloaded tomorrow.

aa757e No.65229


James 1:

12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

16 Do not err, my beloved brethren

00ea33 No.65230


DARKN - Beauty of Light in Darkness

"Ion Lucin shared an incredible project exploring light and darkness, I'd say more darkness than light but the result is fantastic. The minimalist representation of objects in black and white with subtle animations create an eerie yet elegant effect. As a fan of monochromatic compositions I had to feature these artworks here on ABDZ.

For more information about Ion's work and portfolio check out https://www.behance.net/ionL

Exploring the minimal beauty of light in darkness. 3D modeling, lighting, rendering."

0b068a No.65232


Anons (Guy on laptop) Elephant (Current admin)

Seal Team Six (Maybe Hussein got picked up tonight in NK?) and Hillary got brought in and the Prince is dead?

be8e3d No.65233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For memes to the Normies-

>The Franklin Cover Up.

Vid related is a full documentary from 1994 that was shut down hard by unknown individuals. The child trafficking has been going on for DECADES.

Also, for those new to 8ch, to embed YouTube videos, click on >Show post options & limits under the Select/drop/paste files here block when you post. In the Embed window, paste the browser link - NOT the embed code - then make your post

1c286c No.65234






All legit counterpoints, Thx Anons!

3ce4b9 No.65235


That's stretching it a bit, the video is from 2015…

a691af No.65236


That's good, yes that too.

Bc of the accent, for a sec thought why is the dos equis guy doing there, ha.

6037f1 No.65237

File: 963b0cc4987235c⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 480x372, 40:31, not_dumb_area_here.jpg)

If anyone reading this is a legit insider, we need to fix the schools. Do you know why there are so many traitors in the State Department? They were recruited in college. I looked into a corruption scandal involving ME interests. Time and again there was another idiot son of a rich and powerful person who got suckered into joining the other side because their college professors said it was progressive. There were at least four like that. None of them have been arrested, of course. It just doesn't happen to those sorts of people. Anyways, the schools need to be cleaned up to keep graduates from being so dumb that they flip so easily.

cc8a78 No.65238


I have been, and have looked at the photos many times and still don't believe it has that inscription.

I believe more that some antimuslim has come up with it instead.

bc1bf2 No.65240

File: dafbfd34f8dec80⋯.jpg (93.15 KB, 736x688, 46:43, d7a09c56711dc08585045d03e4….jpg)

File: 52fa143b1d76626⋯.jpg (201.53 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, crusades.jpg)




let's talk real business.

who wore a red cross first?

aedbf8 No.65242

File: da6c84c6f4a1bea⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1280x1674, 640:837, Proof.jpg)


Why yes he did.

cc8a78 No.65243



c3763a No.65244


It looks like a triangle with severed connections.

0b068a No.65245


True, I did notice that too, but Q posted >>63644

so i had thought that maybe they fit together.

09ca1f No.65246

File: 355637421c8d1aa⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 400x330, 40:33, BRBFBI.jpg)


Fear not, anon. We don't have our 4400 sealed indictments for shits and giggles. I'm willing to bet a good chunk of them are swamp creatures in our education system.

bc1bf2 No.65247


>t. heathen heretic

3abe9b No.65248


Exact Trump words from Q posted 3 minutes before Trump said them

Not much doubt about the authenticity of Q, is there?

6986ed No.65249


I smell a trap in this laid out for the dems. Guaranteed we'll see this pop up in the fake news cycle within the next few weeks.

ccebc2 No.65250

>Re-review the map post relevant news drops.

Do we have a list?

007a93 No.65251

9cd5cc No.65252

File: 0a597b4d006abc7⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh Fuck.

As The World Turns = Revolves.

[R] - no.


Y ….tree of life

There is another species on earth that has enslaved our kind. Anon posted a reference to Karen Hudes comment in 2014 (which i can't find anymore) and it seems to fit many pieces of the MAP (genome).

Colbomba? RH-?

We are a Farm. We are being harvested.

The BREAK maybe breaking away from the tree…we are going to extinguish that brutal branch that has enslaved humanity for so long.

Fallen Angels.

5748b8 No.65253

File: 085704baf57b746⋯.jpeg (19.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, BD8CED83-6993-4BF7-8249-9….jpeg)

472d25 No.65255


Inscription reads: there is no God but Allah

a691af No.65256


Old, ahh.

I took it as justice for what happened to seal team six, left them sitting ducks.

000000 No.65257


Certain this is right

9daae8 No.65258


"!islam…" trip code trying to "fact check" Husseins ring?? WTF is this shit?

64c675 No.65259


pretty much what Q's having us do to ourselves, and each other

"machine learning algorithms can "teach" computer systems to identify patterns and make predictions based on massive data sets"

https:// www.techrepublic.com/article/google-cloud-machine-learning-engine-the-smart-persons-guide/

"We no longer need to teach computers how to perform complex tasks like image recognition or text translation: instead, we build systems that let them learn how to do it themselves."

https:// www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jun/28/google-says-machine-learning-is-the-future-so-i-tried-it-myself

e95b9c No.65260

File: e75c6f6218f8cf6⋯.jpg (5.98 KB, 276x183, 92:61, yhtgb.jpg)

cc8a78 No.65261


they contradict.

also what does this have to do with the inscription?

The inscription looks more like the one around angela merks neck than it does the word God in arabic.

8ef17c No.65262



Corey F = 'The Men Who Would Be King'

Renegade n Rahm Emanuel.

a691af No.65263


But I still don't know what the seal team six show commercial was….

000000 No.65264


Now look up Tangent Machine Learning = Google Labs = "Differentiation" between items - like — Stringers KEK

3abe9b No.65265


The shilling in here tonight is off the chain.

3ce4b9 No.65266



30cb8d No.65268


Deal Team Six: Art of the Seal

4b4e94 No.65269


Proof positive. I like when Q keeps educating the naysayers.

cc8a78 No.65270


thats like saying that the stars you look at are a picture of a lion…

22cdeb No.65271

File: 1f0c65221d19ee1⋯.png (188.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, marines.png)

4b4e94 No.65272



b680eb No.65273


Hate to say it, but the Yellow highlight is in his second post, not the original post that you're comparing the time stamps to.

3abe9b No.65274


Show proof of your conclusions, beyond, "I don't think it says that."

Post a picture comparison.

Or just GTFO shill.

cc8a78 No.65275


Im a Muslim that believes in truth and facts.

Not someones imagination trying to be put out as fact.

Get me a clearer picture of the ring and then tell me whats written on it if anything.

64c724 No.65276

3abe9b No.65277


Do your own legwork, fucking lazy cunt.

007a93 No.65278


No but I think it's worth looking into especially with AI / machine learning hitting the mainstream media the past 6mths

4b4e94 No.65279


Well, we know BHO is an Islamic, NWO, left-wing pig…That's FACT.

Want to continue the FACT discussion.

ec8b7c No.65280

Found the link

http://www.collective-evolution.com /2014/03/28/former-world-bank-senior-council-says-a-second-species-on-earth-controls-money-religion/

4b4e94 No.65281


No, you are more likely an MSM/ Demoncrap troll. Why else would you just happen to land on this board?

cc8a78 No.65282


The only thing that I see pointing to him as a Muslim is an old photo of him wearing something supposed to be islamic clothes from his fathers (birth?) country..

4b4e94 No.65283

Shills are hitting. Bathtub talk…excessive BTC…aimless blabbing…Islam fags

Filter and ban.

07fd86 No.65284



I believe Q's latest posts have already been figured out by now…… Recent Q's posts has a pattern that suggests:


Martial Law MONDAY - "Roundup" of "sick" bad actors


1. Q noted 10 highlighted (active) and non highlighted (non-active) links in post = 10 days. Darkness. (post 60470)


2. The SS vs Military info = Conversion to "Military" (i.e. SS [civilian] converts to Military [martial law condition])

3. Hussein discussion = One of the key bad actors.

4. Q: "It's about the BREAK." <----- Secret Service will Break away [i.e. civilian] and "bring them to justice" [i.e. Military, Martial Law conversion & Military Actions]

5. Q: "Godspeed, Patriots." <----- Military Action(s)

6. Q: "Justice." <----- Roundup of "sick" bad actors

7. Q highlighted two of the 10 active links. These Two were critical. The first was a long post series 51726 that is one of the best descriptions of the big 40k view Ops plan in summary form.


The second critical highlighted anon post - "Martial Law starting the 11th?"


8. Q states in last post, people in "harms way": Martial Law would invoke a strong civil unrest.

"Please pray tonight."

"Good people in harms way."


9. Q: "The Great Awakening." Martial Law will force this "Awakening".



9daae8 No.65285


A muslim looking for truth who just happens to get a complete random tripcode that starts with "islam"…

*HEY Q!, BO Hussein Renegade is HERE!* COME QUICK!

753c77 No.65286


Well Q asked for it, so I guess I can't call you a shill.

6986ed No.65287

File: bc474e4f5abca07⋯.gif (594.89 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, crusades.gif)


Here's the truth: Crusades 2.0 - Expect it.

Your shitlib raping days are coming to an end.

4b4e94 No.65288


Shill, fuck off. You obviously dont like the truth and are worried enough to shill on here. Wonder why his name is Hussein?

27015e No.65289

Interesting. I put aside key anon posts from way earlier in the day when Q was doing the first drop and I'm just now getting to them. There's selected posts disappearing. Just so happens that some of those key anon posts are missing now. Just FYI.

000000 No.65290


I think his reference to TANGENT refers to a tool that can help (for someone who knows python etc) and does give a good explanation for "Expand your thinking" and "think different"


>Tangent is a new, free, and open-source Python library for automatic differentiation

cc8a78 No.65291


On the contrary..

3ce4b9 No.65292

OMG!! Can some please screenshot Jeff Douchebag Flake's latest twat, and post it? I can't on my device, but it seems like someone is getting a little desperate! LOL

4b4e94 No.65293


Amen. We are fighting back…the baby killers and rapists need to be exterminated from this planet.

f87375 No.65294

File: a6fe0aa3b6609d5⋯.png (86.65 KB, 640x544, 20:17, image7.png)


>Tangent Machine Learning

753c77 No.65296


You have connected some distant dots there anon

3abe9b No.65297


How about his own fucking words, idiot?

Read his books, if you can stomach it.

0b068a No.65298


unfortunately I can't find the commercial

it was for a series on the history channel that debuts in jan.

b680eb No.65299



>This is not a sick system, Mr. President, nor is it a rigged system. Let's not sow distrust in our democratic institutions.

cc8a78 No.65300


Which I was going to add in my second last post. The name Hussein is generally related to Shi'ite muslims.

Hassan, Hussein were two islamic scholars etc etc and now the Shi'ites basically worship them.

So if Obama is/was musilim, its most likely he is of the Shi'ite sect.

And as you know Shi'ites are backed by Iran…. Connect that with the Uranium deals…

4b4e94 No.65301


All the elitist globalist scum seemed to be very triggered these days. Wonder y?


ca6c95 No.65302


It's ant aliens.

c86a9b No.65304


it was evident Kaepernick was being paid off from the beginning. I knew something was up when they brought in Joe Lockhart that old Clinton stooge as the comms director. It was doubly confirmed that the whole Kaepernick thing was a discordian deep state op when Hayden and Brennan both tweeted in favor of Kaepernick against Trump.

a691af No.65305


The end of the last thread, someone said they watched the game on YouTube and the break commercials a were different than a post at the beginning of the same thread.

64c675 No.65306

File: ed8df4aa5d9b1a1⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 640x524, 160:131, tangent.gif)


<this what you're talking about?

24e8e9 No.65307

File: 3df9f3c98fcf26e⋯.png (44.4 KB, 1170x249, 390:83, flake.png)


I got you anon

4b4e94 No.65308




You are adding nothing to this board. Just trying to distract.

3ce4b9 No.65309


Oh come now, they're not scum! Jeff Flake cares about you! :)

000000 No.65310


Dots connected they are - He gave us basically one of the answers [R]( )[+4] = RENEGAGE and +4 = Barack Obama. etc

1aeadd No.65311


I think the ring thing is vague as fuck, too.

ccebc2 No.65312


It's about TO BREAK

Not "The"


Today, not Monday.

4b4e94 No.65313


Coming from the guy who suddenly decided not to seek reelection.

Meme the fuck out of hix twatter!!!

64c675 No.65314


pass the stringers through Tangent?

3abe9b No.65315


>it seems like someone is getting a little desperate!

They all are. Just look at the desperate shilling in these last two threads.

Pass the popcorn!

000000 No.65316



cc8a78 No.65317


you cant argue with truth

8bedd1 No.65319


Parts of Europe may fall given their demographics but all it does it paint a target on their backs for a future US target. Do they REALLY think the US will stand idly by while they take over countries (UK) that have nukes?

24e8e9 No.65320


Well done!

ff6ca8 No.65321



pastebin. com/da2ZkcZi

Sanitized links and updated the dough

The back-links have been archived

4b4e94 No.65322


Try it!

007a93 No.65323


Yup and that's why I confirmed your post. It's the best explanation I've seen so far for the word "tangent".

Hopefully someone will pick it up and look into it because I've got no idea with tech, unless it's photoshop. :-)

64c675 No.65324


pass the stringers through Tangent?

>see what pops out

000000 No.65325


Yes, I am sure there is more to it. I have never used it. But I can code.

c86a9b No.65326


I'm ashamed to call myself an Arizonan when I/think we elected his smiling twat to anything higher than dishwasher

ccebc2 No.65327



27015e No.65328


Secret Service agents leaked that he faithfully dropped 5 times a day to face Mecca. All us Christians do that, of course.

000000 No.65329


ty anon.

5748b8 No.65330

>65120 >65262

David Geffen makes sudden departure…gee, wonder why??


57e216 No.65331


Dont be, its rigged remember :)

93e163 No.65332


>"The" vs. "To"

From Q earlier.


cc8a78 No.65334


yes I hope those killers get what they deserve, if not in this life then the next!

ec8b7c No.65335

File: 816c9ac397c48f6⋯.jpg (225.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Planet of the Apes. We are the Fucking Apes. The other species is more advanced. They enslaved us a long time back. Rothschild and Royals et al have been middle men, selling our blood spirit and treasure to the others.

Ten to one they have a fucking base down in Antarctica..which is why the Pope had to go down there…I guess the others have been dwindling for one reason or another…and now we can take them down.

Religious Tangent = Evolution

d6890c No.65336





759897 No.65337


then why did Q's posts have MONDAY written before his tripcode

753c77 No.65338

damn the shill explosion when anon started talking about tangent.

ccebc2 No.65340


Not the brightest are you.

You have to go back…

And re-read

007a93 No.65341


yw anon.

And it looks like others have picked up on it. We did good. :)

000000 No.65343



kek - Yes. I have been trying to get it out for hours and shilcon 3 comes

526b82 No.65344



0f3d52 No.65345


Parts of Europe may fall given their demographics but all it does it paint a target on their backs for a future US target. Do they REALLY think the US will stand idly by while they take over countries (UK) that have nukes? Heh

ccebc2 No.65346


Because it will be over by then and the news will break

753c77 No.65347


Well are you gna try it godamn my balls gettin full

e20c33 No.65348

Missing link for 36225 in thread head.


"How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>33814 | >>36225

64c675 No.65349


looks like that will require bright eyes and a bushy tail

>have neither atm

will put it in the 'to do when better rested' folder

>d/l and bookmark for now, will attack (learn) tomorrow

cc8a78 No.65350


Its THE.

You go back and read it..

3ce4b9 No.65351


I SERIOUSLY was just thinking about how whenever ANYTHING important gets discussed the shill hordes roll through!!!

09ca1f No.65352




That's what Q meant.

f2f846 No.65353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gmorning anons!

filter shills

heres a vibe to get you started

3abe9b No.65354


Cause the 9 year old boys he's been buggering are getting ready to talk.

Plus, Trump has the Keystone.

Guarantee there is video of that asshole fucking a little boy in the ass.

759897 No.65355


is this about talks w/ NK?

2485a7 No.65357

File: bdfd9a488684e15⋯.png (31.71 KB, 590x115, 118:23, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)


> Jeff Douchebag Flake's

e20c33 No.65358

ccebc2 No.65359


Three days ago. Secret Service. Who tried to shut that conversation down?

What are we talking about most recently?

Secret Service.

Why the bold characters?

Unbunch your panties and get a fucking grip soldier.

753c77 No.65360


praise be to the baker of the Q analysis thread

d7eb95 No.65361


Checked, I'm praying.

a59fda No.65362


thanks vqc been followin you on twit you rock

5748b8 No.65363


No doubt!

f9fb12 No.65365

File: 473f416ab4416b5⋯.jpg (211.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, drip.jpg)

27015e No.65366


Negatory. Q was responding to a post which said "I'm about to break". Q replies by saying: "The" vs "To." Therefore, Q is saying "THE BREAK." Learn to read the map. Everything has meaning.

0f3d52 No.65368

File: 8ce9a771f8b720f⋯.png (569.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trumpbear.png)

Completely off topic but I saw this on fox and had to post it. I want one

ccebc2 No.65369


Pleasure treasure.

Sunday is the first day of the week too.

Not Moonday[sic]

ab4adb No.65370



753c77 No.65373


Ugh, we have to go through this every thread.

Almighty BO, can we jus ban VQC ?

Or at least banish his tripcode that doth trigger anons so easily.

bdca82 No.65374

File: 945ced1921f5e6c⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1174935356650a.jpg)


No .... Q said "the" and not "to." Not an accident. His clarification post >>60523 emphasized "the" vs. "to."

3ce4b9 No.65375



Thanks Anons!

Why can't we trade Capt. Green for him?

3abe9b No.65376


Who let you back in here?

Go away, shill.

000000 No.65377


Yeah - It would use "Model is Data Structure" instead of code.

ccebc2 No.65378


Re-read. What are you missing.

Future confirms past.

Who/what is REAL?

Who/what is NECESSARY?


Re-read Q post!

Future confirms past.

Thank you.


1a0e07 No.65379

1. Be annoying tripfag

2. Get yelled at

3. Lose trip and behave yourself for a couple days until people stop calling for your head

4. Go to 1

09ca1f No.65380



Gentlemen! Whatever eureka you've achieved, you might want to return to the RSA threads and discuss it there. Quantum discussion is still too far above 40,000ft for the rest of us (for now?)

ccebc2 No.65381


Fair enough ;)

d7eb95 No.65382


Future confirms Past?—

Q = Quantum.

753c77 No.65383


you forgot:

3b. Post something useful every now and then to maintain the illusion.

de457e No.65384



Nobody a far as I can tell.

3ce4b9 No.65385


Future events, confirm past posts.

cc8a78 No.65386

File: a6bc493f7595008⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1611x832, 1611:832, bobsring.png)


Here are the pictures from Q's post.

Here is the picture from the article and they are shown zoomed in 2 different angles.

This definitely cannot be God in arabic.

fdf20e No.65387


Is she saying it will be bad news for US (false flag) if we (Deep State) don't get more / better deal?

f87192 No.65388

File: 844f85917d7e66a⋯.gif (81.81 KB, 313x303, 313:303, crusade.gif)

Could the story about the Pope wanting to change the Lord's prayer maybe be a signal to bad actors? And maybe that's why Q stated it before this all started?

749c4d No.65389

Here's some verification for the Intel link.

Consider Sarah Sharp, Intel-funded dev.

Worked on the Linux kernel in 2013.

Wrote the first USB3 driver before RTM.

Tried to change Linux kernel development culture using sjw-isms.


There are other articles about this, but you get the idea.

8ef17c No.65390

ccebc2 No.65391



3abe9b No.65392


Perfect summary.

27015e No.65393


And because everyone in Hollywood knows that Geffen had his biographer offed once he went off the rails and started writing the real dirt on Geffen (Geffen has previously cooperated with the bio). So it appears Mr. G. is as murderous as his friends the Clintons.

3abe9b No.65394


Just GTFO.

You "job" is to distract, and it's painfully obvious.

d7eb95 No.65395


There is a theory in Quantum mechanics that the future affects the past. Explains entanglement.

0f3d52 No.65396

File: 8f5db92522656a6⋯.png (294.61 KB, 800x820, 40:41, VQC.png)

27015e No.65397


That's old news at this point.

000000 No.65398


Dec 18 - 29

CONGRESS Recess aka Holiday BREAK - The Break? (Per congress schedule)

000000 No.65399


The mention of sum of all fears has me wondering too. But take comfort in the fact that if he knows about it in advance, then he can stop it. I think Q is trying to say the "shit hits the fan" on Monday concerning the narrative changing from touching grown women, to pedophiles.

64c675 No.65400

File: a12c1e5fcde1196⋯.pdf (327.73 KB, California Aquaponics UC D….pdf)

File: bce17b10e89c44c⋯.pdf (2.5 MB, Aquaponics-Growing-Fish-an….pdf)

File: 9aa40e85a153493⋯.pdf (1.29 MB, Ebook_Aquaponics.pdf)


<here you go, happy reading

>grow fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship

3ce4b9 No.65401


What's this quantum thing, like a Quantum Computer?

9c0c08 No.65402

b87cd7 No.65403

File: e21dc32974caa7c⋯.png (422.58 KB, 1178x741, 62:39, Time Zone Map.png)

Let's NOT forget something important anons… Time Zones

Our Sunday time zone can be someone else's Monday time zone.

07fd86 No.65405

File: a5476bb9511c1dd⋯.png (176.04 KB, 467x889, 467:889, CernLogoGenevaSwitzerlandP….png)

CERN Logo - 3 overlaid 6's - "3 minutes" - "666" - Tangent.


Good vs Evil


Q's post had 3 "6's" in the link number (Coincidence?):



Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/09/17 (Sat) 11:15:53 571cae No.60660

Post: 1:34 US Military <---------- 3 minute differential between timings

POTUS: 1:37 US Military



This Q post noted a 3 minute time differential. CERN Logo has three overlaid 6's that have injector segments to the main circular collider.

These injector segments MUST be perfect "Tangents" in order to correctly align and inject particles into the circular collider.

Q is likely pointing to the 3 overlay of "tangents" = CERN logo of 666. The key is "Good vs Evil" (666).

---------------Good vs Evil = Justice

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/09/17 (Sat) 10:28:04 571cae No.60244

Justice. <------ Justice to the Evil (Good vs Evil)



Q's "Tangent" Post immediately follows the Godfather III and Pope Francis' desired changing of the Lord's Prayer.

The "Tangent" is applicable to the noted CERN logo of 666 (three overlaid 6's created by the tangent lines).


MONDAY Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/09/17 (Sat) 10:21:38 571cae No.60201

Tangent. <----------- CERN LOGO

Expand your thinking.



A prior Q posting had a subcode message that was critical in Pope Francis meaning and decoding.


=== Related: Pope Francis, NWO, Climate Change, "not a man of God", Pope Benedict forced out?, Illicit Election of Pope Francis.



64c675 No.65406


checked and noted

i'll come back after sleep and re-read these last two threads

ec8b7c No.65407

Finding out that our kind is not the apex predator on this planet would put 99% in hospital.

Future proves past. As the world turns. Revolves = evolves. [R] - no.

d7eb95 No.65409


I have come to hypothesize that Q=Quantum. Quantum computers rely on the crazy physics of the Quantum (inconceivably small) world.

4b4e94 No.65410


We dont care about you and trying to disassociate Hussein from Islam. I thought you people LOVED him before? What, now when the shit is hitting the fan you want nothing to do with him? How convenient.

The more you post, the more we hate you. Shillfag

cc8a78 No.65411


why you going around in circles? I just drew the inscription for you off the picture from the same article!

13150b No.65412


>[R] - no.


000000 No.65413


[R] alone is Obama (based on his USSS codename Renegade)

9e185e No.65414


Karen Houdes is a freaking nut case.

cc8a78 No.65415


Im not trying to dissociate him from anything?

All im saying is that ring does not have the word God written on it in arabic.

5f99ab No.65416

Zbigniew Brzezinski was Hussiens handler but after he died who became his handler?

87f180 No.65417

Is life like some goofy coma that we can't wake up from? Are we living in the Wizard of Oz?

000000 No.65418

Q said "The" vs "To" and referenced (60476).

Look again. He is saying "It's About To BREAK"

-The NEWS-

Snowflakes are gonna melt when CNN covers the truth. (which will eventually happen when Mockingbird tells them to…)

5748b8 No.65419


With the kind of power they weild, a threat is not impossible.

3abe9b No.65420


The Dopey Prince.

The Dopey Prince's arrest in SA cut Jugears' $trings.

3ce4b9 No.65421


Seems to me Q has some inside NSA connections. NSA has backdoors into EVERYTHING, they can read, listen, or see all information and conversations in real time.

5748b8 No.65422


Did he have Michael Jackson killed off?

bc1bf2 No.65423



my guess

9c0c08 No.65424


Because Sauce.

d7eb95 No.65426


I hope they make the right choice and dismantle PRISM soon.

bc1bf2 No.65427



except the real stuff is the stuff you learned as a kid

e49a79 No.65428


I have and am doing what I can, allways have been . Keystone?


(((File doesn't exist)))

52c1f3 No.65429


I keep trying to die but I always come back here.

Who's real?

27015e No.65430


The black bitch is Muslim. I don't personally hate Muslims. But I do loathe the black Muslim Brotherhood bitch and his coterie of Muslim Brotherhood stooges he embedded to destroy America. The ring doesn't matter. The symbology matters, and the symbology is distinctly Muslim. Go now.


Oh, for sure. Karen Hudes is barking fucking mad.


Yep, and Trump is about to melt the wicked witch.

5748b8 No.65431


Related to Mika?

dc9016 No.65432

File: 52d57c959dc9827⋯.png (968.83 KB, 2212x2668, 553:667, Dec 9 Q inf.png)

A cleaned up version of all the Q posts for Dec 9. I found the 'official' compilation a bit of a clusterfuck so I made this. Please confirm complete for Dec 9

13150b No.65433

File: d27fded10859ec1⋯.png (178.21 KB, 491x306, 491:306, k.png)

3ce4b9 No.65434


If POTUS doesn't dismantle the NSA, I hope he puts William Binney in charge!

5f99ab No.65435


Her father

9093cf No.65436

File: 08016c4553d2942⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 653x500, 653:500, Fake News #3 WaPo.jpg)

Deception Series

a16236 No.65437


>Three days ago. Secret Service. Who tried to shut that conversation down?

I'm going to need a link to your previous post that mentioned the Secret Service three days ago. Otherwise you're gone.

d34d84 No.65438


The immediate handler was and might still be Brennan. My understanding is that Brzezinski sent Hussien to Pakistan in the early 1980ies where he was taken under the wigs of Brennan.

000000 No.65439


"Q clearance" is NSA talk for top level. "HE" is a group of patriots within the NSA. He ASKS questions because a structured informative statement would be considered a LEAK.

God Bless "him" and the Patriots in Harms Way tonight.

bc1bf2 No.65440



that would have been a fun meeting


God is real, anon

3ce4b9 No.65441


Makes me sick…

ccebc2 No.65443


Apparently I cluttered up a whole thread talking about it.

Go ahead and ban me, if that feels right.

I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve (search term)

f87192 No.65444


Secret Service flipped at some point, maybe? They also work in enforcing bank fraud and missing children, yeah? So, they might have a hand in leaking out some of the pedo info to us… and maybe the panama/paradise papers to other journalists

bc1bf2 No.65445


>knee bent

e49a79 No.65446


More than people realise, But what, who is God?

bfa674 No.65447


Gods are thoughts and thoughts aren't necessary.

f9fb12 No.65448

File: 8401f7d0a21103e⋯.jpg (79.51 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 8866912_G.jpg)


Was baking other breads and found this link via the artist Ricardo Ruiz - Corpus Christi. Check out his "art"


I think he has a son who is also podesta style creative. Mostly people wearing pedo masks.

3ce4b9 No.65449


Not trying to doxx, but there's a group within the NSA called the Q-Group.

749c4d No.65450


>99% in hospital

Take it literally: the cabal has pharma links.

During the endgame the cabal could release a very potent virus in the wild, with very little to stop it.

Naturally the pharma labs would cite "limited supply" like they did with their alleged ebola cure.

Please hope that I am wrong.

f87192 No.65451


yeah, NYT ran a piece about them and Q linked it.. Counter intelligence, i think

bc1bf2 No.65452


God = Yahweh, Lord of Hosts, the Godhead, the one and true, the only God the Father


you can do better than that

bfa674 No.65455


You can't.

d34d84 No.65456


There was a change in the USSS leadership a few months after the inauguration. Clancy retired but I can't remember who replaced him. My impression was that all the fence jumping stopped abruptly these changes.

000000 No.65457


The NSA should be limited to oversight, although they seem to be the reason the world is being liberated. If they were as evil as the CLOWNS then we would all be doomed. Weaponizing intelligence or any other agency (against citizens) should never be allowed to happen again. (should be treated as utmost treason under penalty of death.)

07fd86 No.65458


Re: VQC's 65312. See link below (Q was "correcting" the "the" verses "to" in reference to the song name.)

However, it is possible that "Monday" is already Sunday if you go by NK time. So Q is noting an importance.

Since the USA_leadership change is based on US time, the implication is a US time based "Monday". This is important as

US citizens need to be prepared. Q is likely seeking to insure the expectations for an optimal civil response. Surprise may have to give way to preparedness.



5f99ab No.65459

cc8a78 No.65460

64c675 No.65461


>>60172 missing

>>60365 <why out of place?

a16236 No.65462


I'm STILL going to need a link to your previous post that mentioned the Secret Service three days ago.

ee8673 No.65463


you're referring to the importance of timestamps in q posts ? yes, UCT must be used to maintain data integrity.

d34d84 No.65464


Thanks for the link.

13150b No.65465

File: b906608e55ba736⋯.jpg (131.22 KB, 1200x756, 100:63, DQqmCS3U8AAIK4k.jpg)

15e212 No.65467

a16236 No.65468


>Apparently I cluttered up a whole thread talking about it.

Then it should be easy to find, yes?

3ffa7b No.65469


has trump called members of the swamp "puppets" before?

b87cd7 No.65470


No, I mean a West Coast Cali Sunday evening can be a Europe's early Monday. get it ?

Q said said Monday, But not which time zone.

7b651b No.65471

File: 2ebbc36f2321a62⋯.png (3.59 MB, 2560x1317, 2560:1317, ClipboardImage.png)

Check out the callsigns

ff6ca8 No.65472

Less than 6 hours till it's Monday in NK

000000 No.65473


Just taking stunting the flow of MEDS will put 99% of normies in the waiting room. But in order to understand the weak minded libtard, you must read a few tweets from @realdonaldtrump from haters to see they are so delusional that an ounce of truth would literally melt down the snowflake neurons in the liberal pea sized brain. Not enough starbucks to stimulate reasoning once that happens. They tend to get violent when they don't get the reality they fantasize about. (think 2yr old children on MEDS!)

d7eb95 No.65474

File: 75323fe7fddae9e⋯.gif (2.48 MB, 424x530, 4:5, CNN.gif)


Never. His tweets get more woke everyday. Search "Overton Window."

33cca5 No.65475

3ce4b9 No.65476


They also know about ongoing cyber attacks against our own people, companies, ect, and don't report it because they know the weakness will be fixed, and they will lose their own backdoor into that person or business! Then they use the knowledge of these attacks to, secretly, obtain more funding, under the guise of "Protecting Cyber Security". It's a fucking Mafia organization!!

b87cd7 No.65477



d7eb95 No.65478


Yes, if they are real patriots they will strive to put themselves out of business.

ff6ca8 No.65480

Theorizing on what would terrify people the most:

All of us have been "chipped" through vaccines,

or our bodies have been hosts for off-world'ers that enjoy living in our guts.

f45e58 No.65481


Wait…why does it say (you) in Qs tripcode? Does this mean the anon posting these caps is Q?

cc8a78 No.65482

File: e5fe0d3e863954d⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 670x949, 670:949, barack-obama-wedding-ring-….jpg)



Here shows a clearer photo of the ring. Also references your source.

5f99ab No.65483


Its 4:45pm where Im at. Not that far from NK.

d34d84 No.65484


Bill Binney said that they very lying to each other. Before every testimony in congress they were trying to get story straight and stick to one version of "truth".

5748b8 No.65485


Love it!!

ff6ca8 No.65486


Time in Pyongyang, North Korea UTC+08:30

6:11 PM


December 10, 2017

27015e No.65487

64c675 No.65488


>▶Anonymous (You)  12/10/17 (Sun) 04:35:37 64c675 No.65461


>>>60172 missing

>>>60365 <why out of place?

it's what happens when you copy and paste your own post

>as i have done

5f99ab No.65489


One country away from me.

9bea65 No.65490


Okay then, enough about them, let's just let sleeping dogs lie. Starting a fresh pot of coffee, anybody want some sausage biscuits? Or bacon?

15e212 No.65491

The 33rd and 34th Division of US Military National Guard is what Q is possibly referring to, the NavyvsArmy game was won 13-14 , thoughts ?

27ea7c No.65492


That's a Chinese Air Force Plane flying with our C17s

cc8a78 No.65493


No thanks!

I don't drink coffee..

000000 No.65494


We like to think we need something in place to prevent takeover and espionage, but in reality ANY agency that can prevent a takeover- can also be party to a takeover. Oversight is very difficult for this reason.

Same is true with security checkpoints, they can prevent a bomb from getting on a plane, but at the same time they are the ones who have the least challenge to getting a bomb on a plane. (ie; putting it in your bag)

dc9016 No.65495

File: f327df98df9eb3a⋯.png (1.15 MB, 2180x3064, 545:766, Dec 9 Q inf v2.png)


fixed, thank you

3dec6d No.65496


▶ ▶

e49a79 No.65497


Do you see any happenings?

ee8673 No.65498


got it - my bad

d34d84 No.65500


I am not surprised that Clancy was replaced by a former marine.

5748b8 No.65501


Well, now…that’s interesting

17a9d0 No.65502


So it isn't a Muslim ring but it has the same winding snake pattern as outside epsteins pedophile temple.

26c0c7 No.65505

File: 6869990c0442ec6⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 1470442040017.jpg)


I don't get it

a16236 No.65506


>Go ahead and ban me, if that feels right.

Feelings have nothing to with it. You're claiming that you predicted Q's posts about the SS three days ago. Your posts deliberately evoke Q's style of posting. I think you're lying. Otherwise you would have posted a flood of links to your 'predictions' by now.

This is not a game.

5f99ab No.65507


Nothing yet. Mostly the new PM has been cracking down on corruption of the former PM. There have been executions of top banksters. Its basically the same thing that you're going through back home. We've gotten a lot tighter with the new US gov.

bc1bf2 No.65508

regarding BREAK being USSS codenames

regarding K = kittyhawk

back to my original thought

K would equal Kissinger

here's the quote:

According to notes taken by H.R. Haldeman, Nixon is quoted as saying, “Get K out of the play — let Haig handle it”…

it's in the top comment of this video


also spurdojew says it here


5f99ab No.65509

The Storm is already happening here.

915b26 No.65510


name confimed :>>>

fa3d45 No.65511



e49a79 No.65512


Noted - not so old fag.

5f99ab No.65514


new fag for sure. Im in Annam.

ff6ca8 No.65515

Queen Elizabeth II, USSS codename "Kittyhawk"

3ce4b9 No.65516


Binney is truth! A real Patriot! I'm fairly certain he's involved in the war against them in some way..

09ca1f No.65517



A Boeing 737NG? Says it's from Taiwan, though.

620932 No.65519


What is with the negativity? This is a war which will be won with love and humility. Be thankful that we are fighting evil with knowledge gained from someone great and good. Be thankful that Obama et al were so strong that it has taken us many many years to final reveal their motive. Be thankful that we are winning. Hate and negativity will only benefit the wrong doers.

3ffa7b No.65520


storm clouds were overhead when trump got back home from his trip in the trumpenstein book

9c0c08 No.65521

ff6ca8 No.65522


That would be more Operation Mockingbird than MKUltra

fa3d45 No.65523



yeah newfag to fullchan oldfag lurker to halfchan. /tg/ is my homeboard…I'm a long way from home. so whats going on there?

3732b0 No.65524


Ugh i'm fuckin beat guys. can't keep my head up.

I'm retiring for the night, will return tomorrow when I can.

9c0c08 No.65525


I stand corrected…too many acronyms. LOL

e49a79 No.65526


>in Annam.

Are we reaching that far? Respect where respect Is due.

Peace out.

ff87fb No.65527


China Airline is the national airline of Taiwan. So on normal flight to Atlanta? Coded as mil. Not sure why,

3ce4b9 No.65529


Goodnite, sleep tight, don't let Hillary bite!

7b651b No.65530


Nah not sure why he was still on my map but CAL503 is flying around Taipei.

27015e No.65531


Q also flat out SAID in a separate post "THE BREAK". Very clear what he meant. No room for interpretation.



GOOOOD point!




Blow me. Obama is monster. He's lucky we don't lynch him and his wife in the streets. Go OM someplace else.

5f99ab No.65532


Government Purge here. Executions. I recommend you folks do the same out there.

d34d84 No.65533


Yes, I love the guy.

He met Pompeo, in my opinion not to convince Pompeo, but probably in an attempt to explain to the clueless left why it was not Russian interference. I wouldn't be surprised if he clandestinely works with Admiral Rogers.

cc8a78 No.65534


Yes my main point is it isnt a Muslim ring

That means Q's post was necessary disinfo.

So now the question is why?

3732b0 No.65536




Anons, here is a pastebin containing current batter.


e49a79 No.65537


If only I had the power… Coming soon though I think.

620932 No.65538

File: 5e124793b820004⋯.png (616.25 KB, 862x525, 862:525, hum.png)


You are welcome. Filtered

Happy to have thought you something today.

f87192 No.65539


Good spot.. wasn't the break in the game a commercial about a banking virus?

Could that be a failsafe the badguys would use in case something like this would happen?

3732b0 No.65540




Someone please take up where i'm leaving off here. will pick the mantle back up tomorrow night!

G'night anons, g'night Q if you're watching, and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

17a9d0 No.65542


I don't know. I'm tired of it tho.

d34d84 No.65543


Goodnight, thanks for baking.

e9420f No.65544


Fake. I checked the post. Timestamp was at 10:54. 17 minutes after POTUS. Go check it.

I believe in the authenticity of Q as much as the next guy, but I also believe in truth, and this just isn’t true. We don’t need this muddying up the waters.

ff6ca8 No.65545

That "batter" isn't current, nor will the links work.

I'm staying up to do the next bake if only to provide a sanitized dough

000000 No.65546


Like the divine lightning that struck Trump Tower during the night of the election primary. I remember how Libtard media reported that as a bad omen, to me it was a divine omen! << Someone should meme that photo of lightning- the storm started at that moment!!

1a0e07 No.65547


So to answer Q as to why we weren't getting that at the time… it's because we were being literal autists, and it was too obvious :-)

c86a9b No.65549


China Airlines is Taiwanese (ROC) not PRC

812097 No.65550


Appreciated, anon.

3732b0 No.65553


Thanks anon. Falling asleep here.

Wish I could keep it up but can't.


There's the pastebin for the batter as I had it for this bread. Someone should be able to get it freshened up pretty easily.

ff6ca8 No.65555

I already have

64c675 No.65557



^ 'arabic inscription'

bit. ly/VMN6Vn <link in the tweet

"according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts, the ring Obama has been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no god except Allah.”

http:// www.wnd.com/2012/10/obamas-ring-there-is-no-god-but-allah/

>don't know if it's different to a 'muslim ring', or if you're even talking about this

>but it pays to be exact

a16236 No.65558

File: 51e10b63b86bfa0⋯.png (112.66 KB, 320x303, 320:303, kek.png)


Quads confirm you already have. Have what? Who are you replying to? What a waste of great digits anon. Kek approves but only grudgingly.

64c675 No.65559

File: 54913fbf9ad465e⋯.jpg (513.12 KB, 970x546, 485:273, big-ramy-quads.jpg)


apparently you have

c2da49 No.65560


>Someone should be able to get it freshened up pretty easily.

3ce4b9 No.65561

Well, i'm going to watch some MST3K and hopefully fall asleep, Goodnight Anons, and don't forget to pray for Q and our Patriots if you haven't done so.

ff6ca8 No.65563


I agree that context matters

look at the post above mine if you're curious to see what it's about

8a57ea No.65564

File: f09f0b6163ee6eb⋯.png (15.76 KB, 758x351, 758:351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d2ae61d73d7f5b6⋯.png (202.91 KB, 923x295, 923:295, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b530a156f03de46⋯.png (42.02 KB, 920x163, 920:163, ClipboardImage.png)


The matching words to POTUS tweet didn't appear in any Q post until 10:54 PT per screencaps as well as referenced in bakers recent Q posts.

"We love our U.S. Military. On behalf of an entire Nation, THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service!"

Those words were appended to a copy/paste of the contents (including trip) of Q's 10:34pm PT update, along with similar (but not exact) words from the 10:48 update about timeline, how many clues, etc.

So again the 10:54 update was the first appearance of the words that matched Trump's tweets (well after he tweeted). This update was a composite of 2 previous posts as well as the text that matched the tweet.

f9fb12 No.65565

File: 27b12cf8d8c862f⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 1048x495, 1048:495, aqua.jpg)


I started one last year with a friend using two 55 gallon barrels and seven 250 gal IBC totes. It took us about 2 weeks to build in our spare time and about a month. We've used it indoors and outside just trying to see what works and what doesnt. The entire thing runs off of one sump pump and the rest is gravity. We're raising tilapia. The shit water is makes HUGE fruit and veggies. November planted 6 thousand cloves of garlic with some friends. We can ALL do this, and its a lot more enjoyable the a normie job. Plenty of extra time to save the world!

d34d84 No.65567


Goodnight, and don't let Huma bite either.

e49a79 No.65569


Share any proof, behind the great firewall?

1a0e07 No.65570


That's odd because I was here and it was 10:34 or 1:34/PST for Q's post. I can see what you're referring to though, that screencap says 54.

3fc459 No.65571


Is that safer to drink than bathtub water?

Asking for a friend.

3ce4b9 No.65572


That I wouldn't mind, I'm ashamed to say.

6bc58f No.65573

I need coffee






d34d84 No.65574


You got me Anon, same here, unfortunately.

f9fb12 No.65575


Depends on whos tub it is.

a16236 No.65576


Thanks anon. Always click on the number of the post you're replying to so that others can follow the conv.

812097 No.65577


namefag speaks truth.

f45e58 No.65578

File: 8df8d690dce839a⋯.png (422.63 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-10-00-1….png)


No actually, the original Q post didn't include the statement from POTUS.

the message matching POTUS tweet was added later in the day, hence the copy pasta and the "(you)" next to the Q trip.

So no, Q did not say the same thing as POTUS did before POTUS tweeted it.

1a0e07 No.65579


So Q appended it word for word at 10:54 to point out that he'd referred to it at 10:34. OK, I get it now.

71b209 No.65580

>>65576 (You)


Am I doing it right?

e49a79 No.65581

a16236 No.65582


Getting there :)

cc8a78 No.65583


"according to Arabic-language and Islamic experts"

Is like CNN saying "according to our two sources"

But yeah we are talking about that ring

Ive shwon and even drawn the ring inscription in one of them



8a57ea No.65584


It's confusing because Q used copy/paste and then added to it, which was odd.

10:34 Q updated, but that didn't include the text from the tweet. Tweet text appeared at 10:54, which, but it was added underneath a paste of the 10:34 timestamp as well as the extras, thereby adding confusion.

Doesn't make me doubt Q authenticity, just that the tweet came first.

9283af No.65585


Between this shit and the rings none of is making sense atm imo

5f99ab No.65586

64c675 No.65587


yes, as it dropped, i understood it (that post) to be a reply by Q, to the replies, to his previous posts. he was annoyed we didn't get the clues in time, imo

i more was interested in the message (if any) that might be revealed by reading the monday and light will conquer darkn posts, in isolation

f45e58 No.65588


Yes, just went back…posted too, didn't see this one…so why are we being convinced that he did? Is this an honest mistake or are we being conned by the master conspiracy theorist of all time?

This on top of the Q post if Trump tweet of BHO ring with debunked allah statement?

Not feeling comfy

1a0e07 No.65589


Yeah, before Trump's tweet it was "What has been said about the US Military?"

Then when we didn't get, he pasted the Trump tweet afterwards.

64c675 No.65590


>6 thousand cloves of garlic

i'll be happy when i can feed myself

ff6ca8 No.65591



The dough being used and offered has poisoned links

I provided a new version with working links and archived pages to the baker which was ignored and he/she/it is giving out the old version again.

So, I don't trust the baker so he/she/it doesn't get a (you) from me.

64cacd No.65594

This was mentioned last in posts 62749 62818

The 22 November 1963 episode of the long running TV series " As The World Turns" was interrupted with news of JFK's assassination!


cc8a78 No.65595


That post should should start with:

Jerome R. Corsi saying…

e49a79 No.65596


Fk, thanks. Btc or Bch? Or the new Jesus coin being launched on 25th Dec.

PM possibly inbound

f9fb12 No.65597


You will! Work hard. Help others. They will help you. It's going to get better around here eventually. Slow roll to start. The 6 thousand cloves were for a neighbors crop, but hes basically family. You can do this! Remember, we are riding the greatest timeline in existence because WE are taking responsibility for our lives.

33cca5 No.65598

Plane crashes into Clairemont home, killing 2 passengers


Did anyone check this out? 6 seater Plane crashing into home in San Diego 5-6 hours ago?

33cca5 No.65599

especially with the 7 out of 10 plane crashes are not accidents,, and all news has meaning.

d34d84 No.65600

How about a jazz song, after hours:


1a0e07 No.65601


"Information on who owns the plane was also not available. The tail number burned up in the fire."


000000 No.65603

Ten to Fifteen small aircraft flew in a line and was spotted over Denver and South Carolina

There was no noise according to viewers.

Local news reported on it.

http://www. 9news.com/mobile/article/news/weird/everyone-wants-to-know-what-those-flashing-lights-were-flying-over-denver/73-498333607

Video https:// mobile.twitter.com/barrettgruber/status/939669001151623168

They didn't show up on flightradar.

ee8673 No.65604


woah - thanks for spotting this. question becomes What was Q actually trying to say about timestamps ?

5f99ab No.65606


BTC, ETH and LTC are the rage here. Dont know the Jesus coin. I have a vested interest in America succeeding now. So I can return.

f9fb12 No.65607


Saw it in missouri around 5:00 PM

3e8cec No.65608

Thoughts Anons?

Since Trump and Trump JR have done away with their SS details i think it’s pretty safe to say they, or at least a cell within them is corrupt. Due to the nature of the SS it’s difficult for us to know how big this cell is, unlike the other agencies where we can follow the news and paper trails to see the corrupted actors and see who’s get promoted based off doing favours, it’s very likely these SS agents are just paid off directly.

There’s a few ways of looking at this “they always knew” situation, here’s a few I’ve concluded:

1. The SS knew that BHO was a bad guy, hence the nickname Renegade, however they were duty bound to protect him as POTUS and at the time couldn’t leak it for the same reason none of this has been leaked before.

2. The SS itself is corrupted by the same strings as BHO, he was given the nickname as an inside joke amongst them all and the entire/majority of the SS is corrupted hence why Trump won’t allow any access.

3. This one is abit stretched but might tie in with information we’ve learnt. The SS is corrupted, they are there to keep tabs on presidents for their handlers. When BHO became president they knew all along that he wasn’t as corrupted as them, he was merely a puppet placed in POTUS while HRC took the Secretary of State position giving her vast powers to do deals such as UR1. “They knew all along” he was a puppet and were there to keep an eye on him while reporting back to the handlers.

Renegade definition :- a person who has changed their feelings of support and duty from one political, religious, national, etc. group to a new one.

BHO went along with their agenda since being funded in his University days. Maybe expecting to be placed in a director role where he could do their deeds but not be in the spotlight. When the big step up to POTUS came he got cold feet but was forced there via blackmail of how they’d funded him in the past etc. He isn’t a renegade of the US, he’s a renegade of the deep state.

Could this be the reason he’s travelling after POTUS? To explain the situation to foreign government leaders and how the deep state is affecting their country? To explain the classified information the US hold against their country in exchange for a plea deal?

This would potentially work in favour of both Trump and BHO.

Trump can pull the same situation that Flynn is now in, BHO has to spill the beans on everything so he gets a puppets sentence and it gets pinned on HRC. Trump can allow this to be done behind closed doors as they’re hearing it straight from the horses mouth, regardless of their opinion of Trump.

474d87 No.65609

File: 46ae2f5ade45065⋯.jpg (110.05 KB, 726x613, 726:613, Jesus Spoke in Memes 1.jpg)

File: 6ff22e606cd61ea⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Jesus Spoke in Memes 2.jpg)

something worthy of being added to the Bake. This thread helps us with seeing the Map Q talks about.

Good QAnon RedPill Thread


anons, PLEASE look into this one

e49a79 No.65610


By pm, I meant priv msg. Understood your PM comment.

e49a79 No.65612


Jesus coin is another fork.

3140dc No.65613

Trump attacked so many people and he had every possibility to attack Mueller and his investigation. But he didn't. It "tangently" confirms that Mueller may be under Trump's control.

bb4983 No.65614

File: 32e3db0252af590⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download-35.jpg)



000000 No.65615

Bros I apologize for the delay…but its worth it and I also had some technical difficulties

I solved the Qmap, I was about 50 crumbs in and plotting the locations on the map and then my brain, aka CONNECT THE DOTS 9000 PRO Q edition, pieced it together.

I even have the meaning behind the name TRUMP…..Yeah I know right.

My previous post which you didint sadly follow, but its all good, was designed not for you but for the normies.

I used their weapon of control…POP CULTURE….against them in a form of a shitpost….kek. Its designed to target the moviegoers, gamers, music lovers and all that. I will provide a much better one later on in the day.

I'm like you bro, trained to shitpost for a decade and now I use it for GOOD.

in about 10-12 hours you will get


The secret of Tesla's 3, 6 and 9. (Paper 1)

"Tesla: To Infinity and Beyond"

The answer to QMAP(Paper 2)(has a bunch of other stuff too)






Its time to start the New Age of Enlightenment


Q I will put my name on the piece of paper and show everyone my powerlevel so send the NSA and protect me.

Q I'm curious though, do you know the meaning of the 3 6 9?

Code the answer, you know I will see it in a instant.

cca9d5 No.65616



8a57ea No.65617

File: d9f1ebe8f6eced4⋯.png (127.95 KB, 1227x417, 409:139, ClipboardImage.png)





So to beat this dead horse into submission, we have the attached image.

cca9d5 No.65618


I tried to post your message on 4chan but got banned sorry king.

8e5573 No.65619


I might be remembering this wrong but wasn’t the inscription about there only being one god-allah speculated to be engraved on the inside of the band?

812097 No.65620


I think Q was only getting us to look for a military related POTUS quote, which came 3 mins after.

It wasn't the quote verbatim, but a hint of what would come.

25352d No.65621


Beats me.

b87cd7 No.65622

Monday = US Military

64c675 No.65623

fca7af No.65624

File: 6b82c735cece41d⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, aaa.jpg)

Long time lurker here. Want to share something that happened recently that has been bothering me. A little past 8 pm est, watching Fox news (Tucker Carlson) the tv channel changed. Not the actual channel number, just the picture on the tv. It switched from Carlson, to local weather radar to a Civil Emergency Warning, back to local weather radar, back to Carlson. This all happened within 4-5 seconds. I've never seen a civil alert and didn't even know it existed. I had to google it.

Anyone ever seen one of these messages?

1a0e07 No.65625


I think it normally goes on the inside, yes.

1a0e07 No.65626


They've been happening all over like that for a few weeks. They're making sure it's working.

3ffa7b No.65627


somebody said fox cut out for them a few threads back

not sure if they got the same screen though

0e2351 No.65629


So Planet of The Apes wasn't entirely fiction either?

This is a recurring theme, old works of fiction that keep showing up as true - but it is always future reveals past.

Are we in an infinte loop, we fail 'the game' and go back to do it all over again? But it's essentially the same program running?

000000 No.65630

Stop Buying Bitcoins

It literally makes fun of you

SA= Seaman's Apprentice= Nokia Siemens

Toshi= Toshiba

Naka=Naka Mobile(its in swiss land, $$$ goes here)


Satoshi Nakamoto

And The funny part




5f99ab No.65631


8 has that function? I'm not aware of this.

b87cd7 No.65632

The EAS is Trump's bat signal. to us anons.. maybe Monday.

812097 No.65633


I feel dumber after reading your posts.

591a58 No.65634

File: 2241b6dafda5aeb⋯.jpg (10.1 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images-44.jpg)

File: 7d5f8cf1edd2bea⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-45.jpg)

File: 39e03476f5a5e17⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 468x355, 468:355, Ant_aliens.jpg)

File: d6b84ec21a5f186⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 279x181, 279:181, images-46.jpg)


It's from the ant aliens in ant arctica

f9fb12 No.65636


posting to 4chan

414223 No.65637


You are wise and gracious, m'lord.

d34d84 No.65638


The escapades with hookers that befell the SS is a clear indication that it's corrupt and part of the swamp, I believe. I also heard that Clancy used to be very close to Podesta, and that Chaffetz was threatened by Clancy who ordered dozens of his goons to dig into Chaffetz's background, in the hopes to uncover some dirt. I can't exactly remember what the beef was about, but I think Cheffetz did question Clancy's competence in light of all the scandals.

I also recall that there was an episode of repeated fence jumping during Hussein's second term, which indicates that there probably was an effort to intimidate Hussein for some reason.

cc8a78 No.65639



Its been proven not to be on the outside, so then it must be on the inside? Hahaha Oh You…come on..

Q's post showed a trump tweet that referred to an article. The article has been proven to be false. That means Q posted disinformation.

And as he has mentioned many times before, disinformation is necessary.

1a0e07 No.65640


You must be a masochist.

8e5573 No.65641

File: 9e46feebe2397ba⋯.jpeg (219.91 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 20C1D86F-F48B-4404-BE99-F….jpeg)

b87cd7 No.65642


If we're the aliens, then we're all illegally here.

1a0e07 No.65643


That ring is Schrodinger's cat right now.

414223 No.65644


You have to go back.

To Mars or something.

8cd8ba No.65645


No, cause Jacko is still alive.

d8f682 No.65646

It feels as if the entirety of 4chan, for better, or for worse has found its way here. Whether or not this was inevitable with time, or it has happened because of something that has been discovered, is up to debate.

Regardless, they are obviously here to stay.

Some pointers to remember when listening to these buffoons try and speak;

1. They really enjoy namefagging for some reason. It's not enough to subvert justice and authority, they have to be recognised for it. Notice how it's against the rules to namefag for no reason, but with the influx of shills, comes an influx of namefags.

2. They primarily try and sway opinions entirely, instead of supporting existing logical opinions. This is key to recognising a shill.

3. They almost never "contribute" anything of worth, and if they do, it's almost designed entirely to be -just- interesting enough to make you dig, but be completely worthless in the end.

4. Not responding to them at all, and filtering them once you have determined their identity is what they hate most. If you respond, they get more shekels, and more love from their fagbuddies. Don't even bother responding. We're here to research, not argue.

5. Anybody who bothers coming into CBTS General #74 on 8ch, after how many threads we had on 4chan, and bothers to tell you this is a larp, waste of time, boring, ect ect, is a shill. No if's, and's, or but's about it. There is more than enough evidence to support the majority of Q's claims.

We're in the shit now anons. All hands on deck, pop your adderals, and focus up!

May lord pepe guide our way, in this dark night. May he show us the light at the end of this unforgiving abyss. So that our children, and grandchildren can live with true happiness, and purity. This is my; and hopefully your; one true desire. Together; we will make this world a better place.

Dues Vult!

e49a79 No.65647


Don't know if you are trolling? Check pm sent to aim dot com?

3e8cec No.65648


I think the SS is definitely corrupted for the majority, probably stemming back from when it was first created.

But yes those jumpers could have been a warning to BO, “you have to do what we say as we’re the only ones protecting you. Look what would happen if we let someone slip through.”

Do we know if the SS has been travelling with BHO recently? Is Trump his current handler keeping him protected but after the storm he’s out there on his own hence looking for a new handler?

64c675 No.65649

File: b34f8eb58333770⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 572x493, 572:493, schrodingers fat cat.jpg)

8e5573 No.65650


I knew I read it somewhere. I won’t believe it until I see it.

2e91ee No.65651


Now you've done it.

e49a79 No.65652


Am I suicided?

33cca5 No.65654


President Donald Trump chooses Kirstjen Nielsen to be the next Homeland Security secretary, multiple reports said. Nielsen is White House chief of staff John Kelly's deputy in the West Wing and at DHS before that. She served in Homeland Security roles during the George W. Bush administration. She was sworn in on Dec 6th

The secret service is under Homeland Security.

The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), originally known as the White House Signal Corps (WHSC) and then the White House Signal Detachment (WHSD), was officially formed by the United States Department of War on 25 March 1942 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

They are the ones that pick the secret service code names.



I know members of the secret service hate Clinton, because she's always mean to them,, and if they knew Obama was corrupt and evil,, I think there are still many good people within the secret service. Q has mentioned them,, as source of info, location of those about to be arrested. And now they have a new Homeland Security head( their new boss, besides president, and military)

2e91ee No.65655

File: 7ac279e5c4c81d6⋯.jpg (322.92 KB, 514x800, 257:400, 1465510445648-0.jpg)


Death by Y Head

620932 No.65657

File: c53faab6cd3c157⋯.png (239.62 KB, 1182x527, 1182:527, projection.png)

Projection at its finest

ccebc2 No.65658


Watch what happens to BitCoin

db9bf1 No.65659

File: d2f55bb4b616f2f⋯.jpeg (90.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 641F974F-2541-4B3A-A54A-D….jpeg)

The most beautiful piece of music ever made by the best composer. The first song on the Voyager record. This is what Heaven sounds like. Your pain was not in vain. You have always mattered. Your courage and selflessness will be remembered. Listen to this and know that we will be victorious.


8a57ea No.65661

File: 31cf0b01efeb60c⋯.png (962.17 KB, 780x544, 195:136, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 18a2d82dc12d675⋯.png (1.03 MB, 863x486, 863:486, ClipboardImage.png)


It'll be a little while before the ET stuff drops (BTW as I understand it, alien is as much an insulting word to ETs as it is to those living in US illegally). But hey, whatever frosts your cake.

First we have to deal with rooting out our own corruption (well under way), resetting banking (any day now), and healing the sickness/hunger/wounds (coming after 1st two).

ET stuff probably comes after SSP and ancient history secrets are disclosed.


753c77 No.65662


>Donald Trump - Mogul


9283af No.65663

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e49a79 No.65664


C on the other side I guess.

ff6ca8 No.65665


the pope has no qualms about being completely duplicitous guess that's why he got the job

9283af No.65666


It's ALWAYS "just a little bit until the alien stuff drops".

I think alien is a nicer name than spaceniggers but what do I know.

64c675 No.65667

File: 11cddc7a47a2fc5⋯.png (159.2 KB, 1608x899, 1608:899, bitcoin gap down 10% 10-12….png)


just now

>pic related

was about to post in bitcoin thread

620932 No.65668

File: dddc24512c2b5af⋯.png (70.12 KB, 1086x486, 181:81, golds.png)


Buy when at $1100 - two weeks

6b339c No.65669


time to buy bitcoin

1a0e07 No.65670


Much volatile

cc8a78 No.65671


>Schrodinger's cat

The cat has a limit on its lifespan that is much lower than the radioactive particles…

Also it is clear that ring does not have the word God written on it as shown in the article of Q's post.

620932 No.65672


Let us know how that works out for you

ba999b No.65673


Whoa im going to sell everything before its to late

1a0e07 No.65674


I wonder if anyone else has one the same.

5e4249 No.65675

NK BREAKing News today?

64cacd No.65676



ccebc2 No.65677

Army AND Navy

ba999b No.65678


Thats saurons ring

15362a No.65679


yeh, partying with Elvis.

ba999b No.65680


Dininfo AND useless

8a57ea No.65681

File: db57942ba642313⋯.png (952.67 KB, 868x487, 868:487, ClipboardImage.png)


>It's ALWAYS "just a little bit until the alien stuff drops"

We'll get to it, GEOTUS is working towards it.

d34d84 No.65682


I don't know who is protecting Hussein, but the notion that he could just flip and get away with all the crimes he participated in is difficult for me to believe. At the top of my head I can think of a number of murders in which he might have been implicated prior to his presidency. Afterwards there's a long list of murders of whistle blowers, journalists, military personnel etc. etc. and there's also embezzlement, e.g. looting of Fannie and Freddie, and of course MS-13, and ISIS, and North Korea, etc. etc. etc.

It's just too much for me to believe he can just walk away from it. In my opinion he is responsible as commander in chief.

Q said that disinformation is part of the game, so maybe he was not serious when he called Hussein "evil". But at this stage I think it's not really necessary to continue with disinfo. By now most actors on both sides probably know what is really going on.

Nevertheless it's entirely possible that there was an internal dispute within the cabal and Hussein was threatened.

These people are like rabid dogs and don't mind killing each other if they feel the need to. Bush is believed to be behind the murder of Bill Casey, for instance. Weinberg is believed to have set Bill Clinton up with Lewinsky.

000000 No.65683

The Grand Purpose of Bitcoins


Rinse and Repeat a 100 years…

000000 points for originality. Where is your originality…………oh wait you need us for that.

and bros the 3 6 9 makes everything a bliss.

Like whats up with these seconds……tick tick tick tick tick all day long…………damn chill out….you cant even breath that fast. Let the scientists worry about details like that, we dont have time for this kind of bullshit.

cc8a78 No.65684

Also keep this in mind


620932 No.65685

File: 918d33c8530fee3⋯.png (685.05 KB, 715x540, 143:108, coin.png)


Are they 'Testing,' 'protecting, or are they detecting?

a4dfb8 No.65686



611c69 No.65687


You're much smarter than that VQC guy, thank you for keeping us informed.

1a0e07 No.65688


Sauds don't like him either.

1a0e07 No.65689



Just stop.

620932 No.65690

File: 80ac1de863eb879⋯.png (250.53 KB, 609x548, 609:548, jung.png)

Dude is like a God !!!

611c69 No.65691


He's funny.

The rest of this isn't.

ccebc2 No.65692


You wanna see a magic trick Gary?

a1b51e No.65693


I see a bunch of connections:

1. Catholic Church is complicit to hiding our ante-diluvian history, also regarding Thor's history

2. Catholic Church was a central institute for "hiding" children from Nazi's in WWII, How convenient that Italy had a fascist leader right at the same time! https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4461958

3. WWII was a conspiracy

4 During WWII swastika got a negative connotation, while actually from origin it was attributed to Good http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/symbol-swastika-and-its-12000-year-old-history-001312

5. According to Russian author Nicolai Levashov, Thor or in Slavic 'Perun' is from extra-terrestrials origin. The Catholic Church knows this and is hiding that from the masses. http://www.vagrya.com/store/Distorted_Mirrors.pdf

6. Thor is hammering Baphomet and Giants, which are both Social Parasites from the Dark side, just like Catholic Church.

Q, are we going to fly in vitmanas soon? Will our ante-diluvian history be restored? Will we be introduced to our extra-terrestrial ancestors, like e.g. the Aryans?

7f6ed0 No.65695


You are a fucking idiot. He's right. Search patents by Nakamoto. THOUSANDS OF THEM. It's a well known composite name representing a bunch of companies.

341eaf No.65696

File: b267bfc62c73644⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1098426_501713146572464_11….jpg)

ff6ca8 No.65697

This was never a discussion about crypto, end this now please

3ffa7b No.65698


he's probably naked under that coat too

1f768c No.65699


tfw you really liked gold, purple, and red but then you find out they are the team colors of satanists and pedophiles.

7f6ed0 No.65700


Again, shut up. It's all relevant. Stopping topics because you don't get the connections is the stupid part. Shut it. We can discuss what we want, it's more relevant than you understand.

000000 No.65701

YO WE gonna build the best social network ever

Man do you really think humans care that much about people's privacy….we got other things to worry about.

It's simple

Only the user himself has the Key to his to the data stored on the server.

Like how simple is that.

sure we will have bots monitor for keywords and such things but keep your privacy bro, government aint interested in what kind of porn(keep it legal yo) you watch.

But don't be an asshole, no bad shit come on BRO.

You do stupid shit, you aint gotta worry about me……….. NSA

a4dfb8 No.65702

File: f4130a787d5a827⋯.jpg (911.4 KB, 1417x1416, 1417:1416, d182d180d0b0d0b2d0bcd0b0.jpg)

the Qmap is the rope Trump is using to get through the maze and defeat the minotaur. If we can see where he went, then everyone can see and he comes out on top.

7ee86d No.65703


Look closer. Thor isn't hitting the goats, they are pulling his chariot. Those are Thor's pet goats.

1f768c No.65704


tfw assassins creed was right all along.

fd5260 No.65705

File: 0c667c3f1421183⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

ANONS we are many!

Let me give you a Battle Hymn

https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=G1G9D8A4Fiw

7f6ed0 No.65706


>is the rope Trump is using to get through the maze and defeat the minotaur. If we can see where he went,

Bingo. Thor is just a fallen angel… ALL THAT SHIT IS FALLEN ANGELS. LOL

916c3b No.65707

Did you notice POTUS confirmed that the Moon landing actually happened in his speech on Friday?

7f6ed0 No.65708

7ee86d No.65709


Wise words. Truly an inspiration.

ec2c1c No.65710


You're a fallen angel.

56bdb2 No.65712

File: cb3893216244270⋯.png (7.74 KB, 327x154, 327:154, images-2.png)


I didn't know Shrodinger was into esotericism. Coincidence, I'm sure.

a4dfb8 No.65714

yall gonna make me blush lmao

ccebc2 No.65715

It is VERY Stormy from where I am watching.

2d176f No.65716


Norman Dodd interview on tax exempt foundation explains how these vile baby eating fucks influence academia and set the agenda for what is pushed on young minds.


Must watch

64c675 No.65717

File: af44b0c0130c8ab⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 280x498, 140:249, malaysian basket weaving 3.jpg)


>pic related

1bab3e No.65718


Ahh, good point, goats pulling chariots. Though still think extra-terrestrials.

1f768c No.65719


lynch him and his husband*

c2a9e3 No.65720

Its like im watching Farrell, Rogan, Franco super blazed-IMing each other, only more retarded than I'm used to.

So its kind of entertaining.

Keep going niggers

24d8e4 No.65721


They are still beautiful colours that can be reprogrammed.

Love is the solution for everything

b87cd7 No.65722

It's already Monday in some parts of the world.

ff6ca8 No.65723

Yeah there are a couple of shitty people that need to stay here to earn a coin or two, enjoy the shitshow

c0835a No.65724





1ca1b6 No.65726


Stop being a cunt and say something intelligent and useful. Aren't you a Buddhist? Do Buddha stuff.

ccebc2 No.65728


Sure is.

And Stormy as Hell here.


7f6ed0 No.65730


Heh, naw, I'm too broke.

3e8cec No.65731


I think there’s a very strong possibility that Obama is wrapped up in some very bad things, like you say as POTUS and top tier cabal he’d know about lots of murders etc. Most likely Q does mean he is evil and it’s not disinfo.

It just feels like the things that have came out, such as the wiretaps were things that if you were a puppet you would do those in your position. Maybe the things such as murders were handled by Clinton and her connections with the MS-13 and while Obama would have known about them he didnt specifically call for them.

This could be why HRC seems to be target #1. Trump is willing to deal with BHO for now because he knows the full picture and has seen he’s a puppet. I haven’t followed the Trump timeline in the past but does it seem like he’s attacking BHO less and keeping him out of the spotlight while he’s using him?

Could Trump have stated that he wants to keep the sanctity of presidential position because BHO and possibly (v.unlikely but hypothetical) Bill Clinton were just puppets of HRC and cabal?

BHO is by no means innocent, and chances are these hypotheticals are wrong. I was just pondering things over breakfast!

1a0e07 No.65732


Raining in London.

7f6ed0 No.65733


Fallen angels are interdimensional 'extra terrestrials' for all intents and purposes. Wanna know how you know aliens are garbage? They disappear when you call out to Jesus. Time to wake up.

1f768c No.65734


Everyone got their bug out bags ready? I got 10 days of canned food, matches, rope, and a kukri.

3ffa7b No.65735

did the army-navy football crowd btfo the nfl?

7f6ed0 No.65736


Obama is literally the antichrist. Jeesh

ff6ca8 No.65737

looks like we got oliver willith raging in here :)

ccebc2 No.65738



1a0e07 No.65739


You need a list of names too.

ba2086 No.65740


You woke af making aliens vanish

ccebc2 No.65741

1f768c No.65742

File: 565f42479d98946⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 900x506, 450:253, 1503702816331.gif)


Fug that im just gonna go get high in the woods until this shit passes.

7f6ed0 No.65743


ALL top ET researchers came to the conclusion the alien phenomenon was real, but not intergalactic in nature, but inter dimensional. Google it.

7f6ed0 No.65744


Pope is the false prophet

1a0e07 No.65747


Petrus Romanus

ccebc2 No.65748



Change you can't believe in.

ba2086 No.65749


Well yea ofc everyone knows hat. Interdimensional.

ff6ca8 No.65751

So on the topic of God, considering Christmas is coming!

Shills can expect nothing though, they've been naughty for their entire existence

7f6ed0 No.65752


Now you know how to end an alien 'abduction'. LOL This is well known in the 'community' but they don't talk about it for fear of being 'black balled'. Pretty sad.

f2f846 No.65753


blue beam will fail if ever tried kek

7f6ed0 No.65755


Everyone DOES NOT know that. Half the earth believes in bullshit, probably a lot more.

ccebc2 No.65756

If I had a Hammer, I'd Hammer in the morning…

All over this world!


ff6ca8 No.65757

Did you pray for the Patriots in the Intelligence Community, Army and Marines ?

Please do, they need all the support they can get

de30f4 No.65758


LOL those community guys don't know their dirt doubters from their dingalings

1a0e07 No.65759


Blue beam sounds retarded, so they should just run the whole show one day as entertainment.

7f6ed0 No.65760


>LOL those community guys don't know their dirt doubters from their dingalings

They do, but they keep it covered up. Pretty sad, they are afraid to lose the alien 'circuit' of conferences etc. If you betray the truth, you will be judged. Those people are deceivers of the higest order.

7f6ed0 No.65761

a57924 No.65763


Everyone in my hood know bout them aliens. My friend JaMarcus smoked that sherm and saw crazy innerdeminjingle aliens yo.

ff6ca8 No.65764

On the topic of BHO, in 2009 he became the chairman of the UN security council and broke a constitutional law, attended a meeting about nuclear proliferation while allowing the 20% of American uranium to be exported to a Russian company.

d34d84 No.65765


Enjoy your meal.

I don't really know, I can't remember whether Trump singled Hussein out, I've got to go back and check his Pensacola speech again, I guess.

Q mentioned that there won't be any "special treatment for Hussein". Pieczenik said a year ago, prior to the election, that both HRC and Hussein will face trial. That's all I can think of right now.

7f6ed0 No.65766


LOL K sure.

b87cd7 No.65767

Alright anons stay safe & Keep your eyes on the - "NEWS (in all forms)" Internet, MSM, newspaper, (TV & radio = Emergency Alert System)

5d55ea No.65768


Trump should make a law for that.

1a0e07 No.65769


Yes, we seem to be in habbening mode right now.

64f246 No.65770


Trump stole their flag!

(capture the flag game)

5d55ea No.65771


What's happening?

c142a1 No.65772

File: b152c1565c2969c⋯.jpg (76.47 KB, 429x366, 143:122, Obamas-Allah-Ring-With-Ara….jpg)

b87cd7 No.65773


i agree.

ff6ca8 No.65774

3.5 hours till it's Monday in North Korea

5d55ea No.65775


Do you really think that's accurate? "Ha"? His ring says "Ha"?

b87cd7 No.65777


Yes, and also US, Japan, & South Korea are doing Military Drills Monday.

7f6ed0 No.65778


Agreed. Anyone who is out there deceiving knowingly, in a position of power must be accountable for their words, or what good are these people? If they can't keep their promise, shut your mouth.

a4dfb8 No.65779




we have two locations of possible mass burial sites

>we have two locations of possible mass burial sites

we have two locations of possible mass burial sites

>we have two locations of possible mass burial sites

buliya, fiji and steamboat mountain

clever flightplan tbh

974e4a No.65780

3b39c6 No.65781

File: a1f4542212a960a⋯.png (694.34 KB, 1016x888, 127:111, BLACKMAIL KEYSTONE.png)

Went to the Patriot blog link posted in last thread. (URL below)

Found the KEYSTONE:

*Blackmail information*.

10/ This is the glue that binds: blackmail information. It is a keystone of sorts. The information they have on each other is what keeps the power structure together.

The KEYHOLE would be…?


bc1bf2 No.65782


don't you have homework to get done?

0ec527 No.65783




No, the last letter is "hah".

The letters are "alef lam lam hah"

ff6ca8 No.65784


correct, checked and divine

1a0e07 No.65785

SkyKangz still quiet?

974e4a No.65786


How do you think the big reveal will take place?

000000 No.65787

Here is my Throne,

Made From the freshest wood, free of Musky Musk. Imported from the inner depths of the Congolese Forest. Hand Crafted and made to perfection by noble human.


My Shoes

While Kim Possible wears leather shoes and flashes his riches. My shoes are made from the finest leather of this planet, hand crafted by sloth deep in the Madagascar(it took a while) and imported through the Nile River.


bc1bf2 No.65788


alef lamed lamed you say?

why that's such a coincidence

it's the same hebrew as in Isaiah 14:12 that later became "Lucifer" in English



the L's





64cacd No.65789

Q mentioned As the World Turns (TV series?)

And The Break ( interruption of this TV series?)

Joining those dots leads to the episode interrupted with the news of JFK’s assassination. See

>> 62749

>> 62818

>> 65594

c2a9e3 No.65790


No no…keep going its retarded funny

87832f No.65791


Well THE break in DC is the Holiday Recess which is Dec 18 - 19

95726b No.65792


I am an alien from another sphere. The thing I like about the Earth is the colors, bright to mundane. I have to go right now, some one is filming me in my spaceship.

d34d84 No.65793


Trump will be the victim of a fake (false flag) assassination and this will be used as an excuse to declare martial law?

70f397 No.65794



cc8a78 No.65795


wow really?

try harder..

c2a9e3 No.65796


Your butthole..we allll know it well

3dec6d No.65797


Please don't randomly explode.

3b39c6 No.65798


No we ALL don't obviously you ass. Visit the site and you might learn something otherwise shut the fuck up.

ff6ca8 No.65799

<Obama the man and the Hu man at APEC

>The issue is neither China or the U.S. The issue is glocal humanity. As the world turns, Obama and Hu will be the Man, and we will just aim to let the Main streets of the world, unite!

<saipantribune. com/index.php/bd9ec99f-1dfb-11e4-aedf-250bc8c9958e/

c2a9e3 No.65800






LLJP Ayyyy

The horses of North American antiquity.

The mormons know.

Keystone hole.

If its itchy don't scratch or stink finger

87832f No.65801

Do you remember when DJT offered Obama $50 million to charity of his choice to show his birth certificate? Obama never responded and Trump was brutally mocked by MSM, especially Bill Maher. Then it came out and autists could see layers and corrections. The Hawaiian official (who was in Obama's Muslim Subud cult) was killed. And the story went away.

Then about a year ago, Sheriff Arapaho's team came out with a formal presentation about the birth certificate, yet MSM buried it.

Trump always knew what the deal was and now everybody else will.

3b39c6 No.65802

fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

c2a9e3 No.65803


Muhbad…i thought we were talking about blacknailin your keyhole.


cc8a78 No.65804


its ok I wont

3b39c6 No.65805


buh bye shithead

c102e3 No.65806


Expand your drinking

3e8cec No.65807


I know he’s posted tweets about him pre-election but can’t remember seeing much else since, whereas HRC has been kept in the spotlight.

Don’t think he’ll get any special treatment from anyone else but like Q said before, many will walk even though they’ve been involved probably because they’ve been offered deals. While the lower swamp worms can rat on HRC about their specific areas of involvement I doubt they’ll be very many that will have the big picture of her agenda but maybe BHO is one?

64c675 No.65808

File: ee48cbb3cdcf789⋯.png (972.22 KB, 1912x5414, 956:2707, 01 Q Compilation 29-11-201….png)

File: e96f565cbaa9e84⋯.png (991.7 KB, 1904x5035, 1904:5035, 02 Q Compilation 04-12-201….png)

File: a75ae06163a8dbf⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1896x6353, 1896:6353, 03 Q Compilation 05-12-201….png)

File: 41f0185672ede06⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1900x4695, 380:939, 04 Q Compilation 06-12-201….png)

8ch Q posts broken down into days

>put them together yourselves if you want, i prefer them this way

easier to follow, for me, and maybe some of (you)


70f397 No.65809

File: 310f67a6d8347ca⋯.jpeg (88.53 KB, 1240x669, 1240:669, Ethereum.jpeg)

File: f9018ac4f46cc02⋯.jpg (152.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, concavekeystone.jpg)


Look at Ethereum logo

Compare !!!

e43285 No.65810


this anon gets it. what a way to welcome Sunday. what a time to be alive, anon.

God bless, anon

7f6ed0 No.65811


NO idea.

c4f044 No.65812

>fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

<fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

>fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

<fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

>fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

<fucking idiot. you're what's wrong with this board

64c675 No.65813

File: 14a1db2c2495541⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1904x6653, 1904:6653, 05 Q Compilation 07-12-201….png)

File: 60942c8801d9195⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1896x4293, 632:1431, 06 Q Compilation 07-12-201….png)

File: e55289daef91e57⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1912x8340, 478:2085, 07 Q Compilation 09-12-201….png)

File: 59645b12b33f89f⋯.png (820.79 KB, 1912x2954, 956:1477, 08 Q Compilation 09-12-201….png)

8ch Q posts broken down into days

>put them together yourselves if you want, i prefer them this way

easier to follow, for me, and maybe some of (you)


5f99ab No.65814

Pakistan just threatened to shoot down any American drone that violates its airspace..


-We all know Pakistan is a terrorist haven.

- We all know Awans bro were ISI

- We have been droning scum there for a while now.

My question is: What has changed ?

87832f No.65815


Thank you! This will help a lot!

5101fb No.65817


Wow….the sheer state of the MSM right now… The majority of US is being unplugged from the Matrix right now…whether they want it or not..

ff6ca8 No.65818


By Victoria Horsford - November 11, 2017

>NYS DEMOCRATS: Geoff Berman, a former President Barack Obama aide, was named NYS Democrat Executive Director, replacing African-American Basil Smikle, who held the title since early 2015. Read a few accounts about Berman’s rise and all of them included either an Obama or Smikle picture. Wonder why! Smikle will be NYS Democrat Sr. Advisor. As NY Democrats get ready for major elections next year to help reclaim their majority in the US Congress and Senate, and to reelect NYS Governor Cuomo to a 3rd term reelection, why is there no Black leadership in the party.

3b39c6 No.65819

File: 8c2d6fca61f5a1c⋯.jpg (92.32 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, truth.jpg)

83e217 No.65821

i just woke up. any news about those planes flying in formation all over usa?

27352b No.65822

Lurker here. I have been following you guys and Q for a while now. You all do great work. Everyone of you are Patriots. I think Q needs a tribute song music video. I was thinking the song War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch would be a perfect song to use. The lyrics fit with what is going on. A person with good video editing skills could make it epic. Within it put in Q posts and connect them real events happening. Something like this could help get Q's message out to the masses.

I dunno, maybe I'm just some stupid lurker, but even so, I admire you guys and the work you have been doing. It has helped me redpill some friends and family. Thank you for all you do.

c4f044 No.65823


They were ant aliens as usual

06d768 No.65824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here you go, anon.

c2a9e3 No.65826

If we do really cut ties with fiat, i feel like we should keep taking other nations' gold and resources, but this time keep it for our country instead of just shoving money into the coffers of satan loving WHORES who rape and murdered children.

Like, if those nigger have gotten away with it for so long for shitty, fucked up reasons, we can surely do it for noble reasons like Ft Knox….ammaright?

620932 No.65827


sleet , from 10am

000000 No.65829



…………………..NAH NAH NAH


wanna know something really funny

They Built These Armies to make us fight each other……………….Would you look at that, they already did the hard work for us, so kind of you……

and Now Those Armies fight for us and they will gladly do it.

I ain't about to control the armies, brah I will let the generals that have been like umm you know doing it for decades. I will let them lead cause they got this and they will happy to do it.

I will be back in about 10-12 hours with the seed of life and we making TESLA proud.

For now enjoy the Poetry of a Poet, not a rapper(I believe that goes around candy not human)

Modern Poetry

Hit me!

When the four corners of this cocoon collide

You’ll slip through the cracks hopin' that you’ll survive

Gather your wit, take a deep look inside

Are you really who they idolize?

To pimp a butterfly

6f2019 No.65830



c2a9e3 No.65831


They won't share because their source was a Senator…uh oh

Lol…potus and team are king troll

c142a1 No.65832

File: 57a863b70eb59aa⋯.jpg (118.91 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 800px-John_Brennan_CIA_off….jpg)

could he be Obama Handler/Groomer?

e43285 No.65833

File: 7b69250d9eddd4a⋯.jpeg (342.57 KB, 870x648, 145:108, listening_post.jpeg)

A grimoire of shills:

- namefags

- isuckbitconfags

- bitcoinsucksfags

- hatefags

- creepyclownfags

- Antarcticafags

- i'mreallyacomputerfags

- everybodyneedstodothisnowfags

- i'mgobcermedfags

- it'salloverfags

- ihaveitallfiguredoutyouretardsfags

- shamefags

- flateartfags

- yourtranslationofthebibleiswrongfags

- ineedarundownfags

- shamelesslyingfags

- gaslightfags

- loveandlightfags

- i'mtherealqfags

- debunkedtheoryfags

- satanfags

- followmyrulesfags

Amazing, isn't it anons? There they are. Whispering (you) into your ear.

Let them be, anons.

No shekels for shills.


64c675 No.65835

File: cf7253925d3ff19⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 612x380, 153:95, email-1512827563.jpg)



https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz3b7Ssx-AU

^watch this

"Why does this matter so much? For so many significant reasons: To begin with, it’s hard to overstate how fast, far and wide this false story traveled. Democratic Party pundits, operatives and journalists with huge social media platforms predictably jumped on the story immediately, announcing that it proved collusion between Trump and Russia (through WikiLeaks). One tweet from Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu, claiming that this proved evidence of criminal collusion, was re-tweeted thousands and thousands of times in just a few hours (Lieu quietly deleted the tweet after I noted its falsity, and long after it went very viral, without ever telling his followers that the CNN story, and therefore his accusation, had been debunked)."

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

This tweet is from a member of Congress today. It was RT'd more than 7,000 times (and counting), and liked more than 15,000 times. It's based on a completely false claim, from a debunked CNN story. This happens over and over. This seems damaging. And still no retraction. https:// twitter.com/tedlieu/status/939129798793793536"

https:// theintercept.com/2017/12/09/the-u-s-media-yesterday-suffered-its-most-humiliating-debacle-in-ages-now-refuses-all-transparency-over-what-happened/

^read this

<all from a 'mis-read' date on an email

>pic related

1a0e07 No.65836


He's in the middle of it, that's for sure.

3b39c6 No.65838

File: c4107aef109e3bc⋯.jpg (42.55 KB, 550x400, 11:8, rahm-pelosi.jpg)

File: 3cbbaa9318cbbe8⋯.jpg (334.87 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, pelosimccain.jpg)

File: 6bcf0d9391521f4⋯.jpg (23.91 KB, 932x167, 932:167, dosing.jpg)

File: 6ff22e606cd61ea⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, memes.jpg)


46/ Our challenge is this. Jesus' memes were parables. In our age, we are dealing with shorter attention spans. Awash in useless information, our modern brains have a much narrower window of opportunity for red pills to lead to revelation. THEY have symbolism. We have memes.

47/ Faced with shorter attention spans, it is unlikely that a single #redpill will lead to an instantaneous awakening. Rather, it is like a medication that must build up in one's body in order to have an effect over time. This is what bread crumbs are.

48/ The best way to build up the redpill drug in the collective mind is to use the Socratic, Hegelian or dialectical method. We've seen this formula at work: Trump does something, media pounces, says it's not true, media forced to eat crow when it does turn out to be true.

49/ Remember Trump's slurred speech during the Jerusalem announcement? The media took the bait. Response: Trump will take a medical and release the records. Will his critics do the same? Ever wonder WTH Pelosi, McCain et al are on?


d34d84 No.65839

64c675 No.65840


no worries

a4dfb8 No.65842


at least i'm contributing




aad767 No.65843

Is this the song that played at the end of Trump's Pensacola speech? Q said ALL media is important……or something to that effect. (OSTTE). A song is a form of media. Now listen to this song and read the lyrics below while thinking of Felonia. He stressed that Trumps speech connected many dots OSTTE.


1a0e07 No.65844


So who HASN'T fucked Nancy Pelosi?

915460 No.65845

ff6ca8 No.65846

As the world turns at the NRC

April 20, 2012 By Rod Adams


Long story short Gregory Jaczko is an asshole that wanted to get rid of Kristine Svinicki and had Boxer and Reid call her out on safety issues which she never had under her guidance.

Kristine Svinicki got renominated after help from the White House

620932 No.65847

c2a9e3 No.65848


They know we're shipping amazon Prime in less than 1 day from order and that PISSES them off so hard.

So they're ANGRY

Fucking Amazon

3b39c6 No.65849


good question mate

c2a9e3 No.65851


Redtube.com has a TON of cool theme songed movies…way more than YouTube

Google it to browse

620932 No.65852

File: dd1313e3e6c1848⋯.png (328.1 KB, 518x534, 259:267, nk.png)

1a0e07 No.65854


Bit gross tbqho. I guess at this point it's just for lulz.

620932 No.65855

File: baac3700b5bb938⋯.png (235.25 KB, 577x519, 577:519, df.png)

Clowns suggesting that they have the technology

a4dfb8 No.65856

File: 68c2c71762c0c11⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1078x683, 1078:683, bone piles.png)


anyone wanna see some human remains???

87832f No.65857


Good read!

"Is this how it all finally ties together? I mean what are the odds that both CIA operatives Brennan and Brezinski would be in Pakistan at the same time young Obama was there, and then both men end up on his advisory team in 2008, 26 years later – at the same time the State Dept Passport records are breached by John Brennan’s company specifically regarding Obama? The same guy who Obama just nominated to be CIA Director."

7f6ed0 No.65858


LOL We live in an enclosed environment. There are no space aliens. Mars is an ethereal plane, and is accessed via star gates. SSP is a stargate program, for interdimensional travel. NEXT.

ff6ca8 No.65859


NK testing?

Or were they a target

5f99ab No.65860


Yup, Brennan the convert after Mikas dad kicked the bucket.

27352b No.65861


Thank you for the info. I will look into that. This is something I have been thinking about for days. I don't know much about video editing but I think I can figure it out. I want to contribute to the cause. It makes me sick what they have done to our country and what they do behind the scenes.

d34d84 No.65862


Yes, I think it's self-evident. I believe Brennan was initially the national security advisor. Only in Hussein's second term he became CIA director, I believe.

d34d84 No.65863


Can you give me a source for the State Department Passport record breach? I heard about it somewhere but can't remember the source.

d34d84 No.65864


Oh ok it's in the article. LOL

620932 No.65865

File: 90f3ef95fa61fb1⋯.png (104.41 KB, 667x528, 667:528, Get your Dirty Alien Finge….png)

70f397 No.65867


Exactly what I was thinking… NK gets probably bombed hard. US nuked Ryugyong Hotel and CIA bases?

3b39c6 No.65868

File: f47d38cf7fe2c1b⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 722x574, 361:287, catholics-ask-trump.jpg)

Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican

Written by William F. Jasper

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Did billionaire speculator George Soros, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Obama/Clinton adviser John Podesta conspire to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict XVI and replace him with a radical, Pope Francis?

Did they use America’s intelligence agencies, and our nation’s diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church?

Far from being some wild conspiracy theory, there is sound prima facie evidence to indicate that this is a serious effort to expose a political scandal of the highest order, involving flagrant, criminal abuse of power at the top levels of the U.S. government.

A group of respected Catholic lay leaders have sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of the above mentioned individuals (and others) who appear to have been involved in this alleged Vatican coup.

They cite eight specific questions they seek to have answered concerning suspect events that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first such papal abdication in 700 years.

“Specifically, we have reason to believe that a Vatican ‘regime change’ was engineered by the Obama administration,” say the petitioners, in their January 20 letter to President Trump.

The five signatories to the letter, first published in the Catholic newspaper/weblog, The Remnant, are: Lieutenant Colonel David L. Sonnier, US Army (Retired); Michael J. Matt, editor of The Remnant: Christopher A. Ferrara, author, attorney, and president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc.; Chris Jackson, Catholics4Trump.com; and, Elizabeth Yore, Esq., Founder of YoreChildren.


1a0e07 No.65869


No doubt they found some suspicious looking ice or some other crap that "may support life".

620932 No.65870

File: a87307f43c12d01⋯.png (454.14 KB, 620x540, 31:27, max.png)

For all you Brits - The man with all the secrets , has been suicided.

1a0e07 No.65871


They should absolutely level that hotel. It would piss off the people pulling the strings in NK to no end.

5101fb No.65872


SONVA! I kept hearing the choir at the end of the last several Trump rallies.

I knew it sounded familiar but I just could not place it! I have have had the lyrics of this song replaying in my brain for the last several months! I did not want to say this before, becuase I did not want to sound like some newage fag…

but, a full month before CBTS started, I kept having a phrase going though my head as well that I would often relate to my dad. "I feel we are on the verge of a Great Awakening!"

Its everything that is about to happen… already has..and we are all are coming to a place whether the future meets the past.

Screw it! Can't even believe I had the guts to say this shit. Troll me! I deserve it! Getting sleep!

a4dfb8 No.65873

did hillary get the ring from P2?

ff6ca8 No.65874


That would be a lovely sight to see, piles of rubble where the temple of set used to be

70f397 No.65875




And flatten SpaceX project of course.

9ff9c7 No.65876

Read a little on Tangent. Reminded me of these ancient words:

"Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."(Romans 12:2)

9ff9c7 No.65877

I love how all the CAPCHAs have Q in them

f460e0 No.65879



bff7fd No.65880


So is this a good or a bad thing?

83e217 No.65881


but it cant be. what use were we in that case? we really havent done anything.

ece235 No.65882


this is an op with or without us, we are a conduit to the people and the baddies

199505 No.65883

File: 35380f1155f4d7e⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 315x467, 315:467, images.jpg)

File: 0c530e968f16316⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 433x340, 433:340, images-1.jpg)

File: 9a5c5cf30c3cbe1⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 432x340, 108:85, images-2.jpg)


which reminds me of this movie from 1967:

>and polite sage for /x/

1a0e07 No.65884


We aren't supposed to do much, just know things and tell some of it.

ff6ca8 No.65885


Cool, I just got a Q on pastebin captcha too

36936d No.65886

File: b97f3748627a072⋯.png (580.63 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D3F8677A-3B56-4505-AC43-A2….png)

And anotha one…

a3d920 No.65887

Q spoke yesterday in >>60470 about markers and rereading the map.

He's said over and over that future proves past. His speech at

Pensacola included many elements of the his post on halfchan


Then the Lord's Prayer one which was Q's very next one


And then given the operators in play post last night, Q's

next post after the LP one is this:




>Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]




Also to whoever maintains the Q book,

post 146981635 on page 5 has rouge instead of rogue

post 147664082 on page 65 is missing the word everything in "Remember, information is __"

post 150400112 on page 200, the transcribed text is wrong, it's copied from the previous page.

f2f846 No.65888


you dont understand society ?

awareness , talk, spreading?

100 monkey ?

spiritual lvl stuff ?

souvereignity ?

f460e0 No.65889


What happened/was reported in 10/11/12


111 = Pakistan ISI, may be related

3b39c6 No.65891

File: 7f32633a17b3156⋯.jpg (43.86 KB, 500x375, 4:3, fear.jpg)

5101fb No.65892

File: d4b22cf57c7aedf⋯.png (133.45 KB, 890x665, 178:133, stop.com.png)


What is it, with this masturbating in front of people thing come from?!! I just can't comprehend the appeal?!

487d32 No.65893


I feel like its a media safe out. these people are guilty of pizza crimes, but they will go down for less.

3ee873 No.65894

File: 407b1da0a2bed08⋯.jpg (213.2 KB, 400x610, 40:61, Hammer-Vatican-Connection-….jpg)

Not sure whether Q meant this with the pope and the hammer, but it is a good read anyway:


Winner of the Edgar Award: The riveting account of an audacious fraud scheme that stretched from a Mafia hangout on the Lower East Side to the Vatican.

With a round, open face and a penchant for tall tales, Matteo de Lorenzo resembled everyone’s kindly uncle. But Uncle Marty, as he was known throughout the Genovese crime family, was one of the New York mob’s top earners throughout the 1960s and ’70s, the mastermind of a billion-dollar trade in stolen and counterfeit securities.

In the spring of 1972, de Lorenzo and his shrewd and ruthless business partner, Vincent Rizzo, traveled to Europe to discuss a plan to launder millions of dollars worth of phony securities. Shockingly, the plot involved Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the scandal-plagued president of the Vatican Bank. Unbeknownst to de Lorenzo and Rizzo, however, the NYPD was already on the case—thanks to the crusading work of Det. Joseph Coffey.

Coffey, the legendary New York policeman who investigated the Lufthansa heist and took the Son of Sam’s confession, first learned of the scheme in a wiretap related to the attempted mob takeover of the Playboy Club in Manhattan. From those unlikely beginnings, Detective Coffey worked tirelessly to trace the fraudulent stocks and bonds around the world and deep into the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and Rome.

Meticulously researched and relentlessly gripping, The Vatican Connection is a true story of corruption and deceit, packed with “all the ingredients of a thriller” (San Francisco Chronicle).

9ff9c7 No.65895


These people are like dogs

cf5c3e No.65896

File: 80cf4c7b56b31f8⋯.png (5.4 KB, 240x94, 120:47, download-1.png)


and oddly, got this captcha for this post

ff6ca8 No.65897


I would risk saying that they're possessed

83e217 No.65898


it was starting to get traction when we were still on 4chan when the media started talking about us and Q. then we moved here and they forgot us. Q would have been just as happy without us. at the most we are some kind of distraction but i dont know who we would be distracting really.

ff6ca8 No.65899

^Concern troll… hehehe

a16236 No.65900


Good thing the fucker is dead. Bad thing is that he took his secrets - and there were a lot of them - with him.

3b39c6 No.65902

File: 5b1d211ecdca2b9⋯.jpg (32.17 KB, 648x158, 324:79, hammer.jpg)


53/ The 2nd photo posted by #QAnon is a painting by Swedish artist Mårten Eskil Winge, depicting Thor wielding his hammer, or Mjölnir, against the giants. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor%27s_…

54/ #QAnon's depiction of Thor's Hammer could be a literal reference to Project Hammer. What's that got to do with PJP2? The economic warfare that brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Reference this: wanttoknow.info/911/Collateral… )

55/ For those who want to dig deeper, here's some source material on Project Hammer bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/…


33694e No.65903


Then why is he posting here? Your logic is pretty weak.

1a0e07 No.65904


Pot, meet kettle.

36936d No.65906


It’s a power thing I guess. Good riddance to them!

ff6ca8 No.65908

Next bake will start soon

Link will come next

83e217 No.65912


because it is very interesting stuff going on here. i just mean that we have not had much impact outside 8chan so far so it cant be almost over already.

36936d No.65913


Idk the amount of shills on 4chan was getting ridiculous. I’m glad we lost traction because now there are not many distractions

a16236 No.65914


If you don't get the fuck out of this thread, I will prevent TOR users from posting at all.

33694e No.65915

bc1bf2 No.65917


almost worth it

3ee873 No.65918


I know; hence my reservation. However, there is a small coincidence, or "coincidence":

After the 1972 Vatican fraud, as told by Richard Hammer in the book, there was the Banco Ambrosiano affair, in which, AFAIK, CIA and Vatican slushed money to the Polish Solidarnosc movement that would initiate the collapse of the Soviet Union.

3732b0 No.65919

Aaaaaand I'm awake again. Ready to continue baking duties if an anon has an updated batter.

70f397 No.65920


Ethereum -> Ether -> Nicola Tesla

36936d No.65921

Q said “it’s about the BREAK”

Break of silence?

Breaking of the law?

Spring Break?

Vacation break?

Does BREAK stand for something?

>it’s about the BREAK

So SS knew Obama was breaking the law

SS did nothing but actually aided in it

Obama broke many many laws

I believe Obama is in South Korea (possibly North Korea) who knows?

Obama has been running his mouth about Trump being a Nazi even though Trump just gave Israel Jerusalem. My only thought for this is, maybe trump acknowleged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to draw in the ants? If so, GENIUS! Isis members will swarm there is droves.. idk man

a16236 No.65922


wb PA. Thanks for all the baking so far!

ff6ca8 No.65923

New Bake!


>New Bake!


<New Bake!


New Bake!


9ff9c7 No.65924

Dear Q folks, you cant lessen the shock and awe to ppl who will not, or cannot see, so just do it. The shock and awe itself will be the red-pill. Sometimes being totally devastated, face down in the mud, is the best red-pill of all, and once that person regains the strength to stand back up again, they have a new-found clarity of truth that they could have never gotten any other way. Society needs to be forced to grow up because they will never do it on their own.

"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." - CS Lewis

Just do it. The Native ppl used to burn the forest to burn off the old and allow the new to come. Get on with the burning. That said, my utmost gratitude for all our warriors and patriots.

06b813 No.65926


The truth about the pyramids always gets discarded as being crazy stupid conspiracies, even here, even now. The whole history of the Bible and the pyramids is not what you have been told and directly relates to today's world. Maybe he will expose those truths soon. I sure hope so b/c it's juicy stuff!

f82d19 No.65927



06b813 No.65929


Skeletons in the closet?

ff6ca8 No.65932


It was a pleasure serving with you

Signing off

e5ecf3 No.65933


Brainwashing, programming, hypnotism, MKULTRA is all very much alive and (not)well these days. Very effective tool for black magic fuckery. Black magic is all just mind control, no hocus pocus.

3b39c6 No.65934


yes I agree

36936d No.65935

Trump said in his speech he has 40,000 troops in Germany, as well. Which I had no idea about lmao. That speech was incredible and reassured me that Q was legit over and over. Read between the lines. We have a cryptic President and we are the decoders

f2f846 No.65939


Rammstein Base comes to mind

< we germans are not happy about that

but its US Soil appaerently

36936d No.65941

File: d46bdc6ccc1dafb⋯.png (597.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 53786750-E063-4F6D-B309-23….png)

And anotha one

36936d No.65943


You’d probably be even unhappier if it wasn’t there. It’s probably the only reason ISIS hasn’t completely taken over but who knows

9ff9c7 No.65944


Supposedly, he had conversations with them regarding surrogate pregnancies. How is that sexual harrassment?

9ef58c No.65946



Can't read it… what are they?

1a0e07 No.65948


I guess that depends on how he was proposing they be impregnated.

70caec No.65949

File: 5edd9499789a232⋯.jpeg (44.59 KB, 585x151, 585:151, dtgoingwell.jpeg)

POTUS tweets.

f2f846 No.65952


with the way our military works atm , true

9ff9c7 No.65955


I didnt take it that he was discussing they be surrogates but the practice of surrogacy itself. That makes more sense though. You are probably correct.

d4a319 No.65960



Valerie Jarret is actual, direct handler.

In the same position as Huma for HRC.

3b39c6 No.65963


He also said in the Pensacola speech, "I really like Emmanuel"…

Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל‎ meaning, "God with us"; also romanized Emmanuel, Imanu'el) is a Hebrew name which appears in the Book of Isaiah as a sign that God will protect the House of David. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.

The Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 1:22–23) quotes part of this, "a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel", as a prophecy of the birth of the Messiah and the fulfillment of Scripture in the person of Jesus.

6c10b4 No.65965


<Baker baker,


would you kindly edit the pasta and near the Dropbox link under memes (which I haven't vetted due to OpSec), please add the Memes threads >>2 and >>61078 and Images Bulk Download >>62642



05050f No.65966


Interesting point…but can you decode the ring? >>65731

I agree anon except for the Bill part. He is evil in my eyes.

a4dfb8 No.65967


wouldn't that be something

36936d No.65968

File: b3cb9cda2fe671f⋯.png (1012.75 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 51B5FF35-2622-45B5-82CC-1F….png)

5c5cbe No.65981


He is just a deep state puppet, the vatican religion-city-state propaganda machine.

Way to think about it: What did the NWO gain when religious nuts did as the propaganda machine ordered to (by guilt manipulation).

d4a319 No.65983


Bump to fill thread

33694e No.65984


In other news, Pope works directly for Lucifer.

e43285 No.65985

File: e6bdafdbe65b62e⋯.jpeg (183.99 KB, 400x464, 25:29, letsgo.jpeg)

Go time faggots. Move it!




13f461 No.65986

VQC is banned.

He knew how to crack bitcoin and a bunch of other stuff.

How will we survive?


3b39c6 No.65989

More from Trump's speech -

"Now we're opening MINDS and drills and all sorts of things. You know the windmills are wonderful, but when the WIND doesn't blow, they really do cause problems. We have no ENERGY this week, hopefully the WIND will start blowing pretty soon."

Have you guys read this yet?

5c5cbe No.65990


He is praying to something that doesn't exist and working for something that doesn't exist.

I prefer the sane explanation: He is a propaganda puppet to manipulate sheep financed by the NWO money from the background.

6c10b4 No.65991


Memes dropbox is questionable, I have not vetted it at all due to OpSec (and won't – somebody else with courage to possibly be doxed can do it).

I do need valid memes links added, esp. Memes #1 >>2, Memes #2 >>61078, and >>62642 Bulk Image Download from Memes#1.

Thx senpai.


d4a319 No.65993


27 replies neede to lock thread

13f461 No.65995

I was up all night looking for planes in a single file formation heading for North Korea.

Didn't see any.

d939c8 No.66000

File: 11423a2fe061e30⋯.jpg (145.85 KB, 987x753, 329:251, temp.jpg)

File: 50c943d00992746⋯.jpg (90.23 KB, 941x743, 941:743, temp1.jpg)

I'm not a shill just a normie lurking Q posts and trying to learn. I noticed LDR #FLYEAGLESFLY posts have photoshopped pictures and often include # 11. I don't understand the number significance but seeing that the pics are photoshopped I thought the numbers might be a message,


e43285 No.66003


Time for more to go for good

70f397 No.66006

1a0e07 No.66007


Life was good until he cracked all of the world's crypto and RUINED EVERYTHING. :p

e43285 No.66008

File: ffe75c1323c5c4e⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1155x868, 165:124, notcom.png)

Reminder: no commie

13f461 No.66011


Can you ever really be banned from a place such as this?

Serious question.

1a0e07 No.66014



13f461 No.66015


I cracked Find my Friends on iPhone. Now I can see where anyone is at any time.

Simple algebra.

e43285 No.66016


Of course not, thus the minute by minute shit show

70f397 No.66018


He is a Wahhabi, just like Obama.

13f461 No.66020


That makes the public banning and shaming all the more hilarious.

d4a319 No.66021


If you can switch ips, can avoid but when busted can be permabanned for ban evasion.

Works by IP so infects others.

11b963 No.66022

Filling thread

e43285 No.66023

Goodbye quantum ai, goodbye cracked blockchain, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to all that

1a0e07 No.66024


Yeah if you're X__ for example, you'll burn a shitload of IPs.

d4a319 No.66025



13f461 No.66026


buy gold

11b963 No.66028


We can do it!

13f461 No.66029

I heard BHO is gay.


1a0e07 No.66030


Don't forget hollow earth

e43285 No.66032

This thread was a good thread

cc8a78 No.66033

File: aad02a1b6256672⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ALLAH.jpg)

Q's Post


Leads to an article about BO's ring

This article has been proven to be false




Q's post is disinformation

"Disinformation is necessary"

Also keep this in mind


May God have mercy on us all.


3b39c6 No.66034

File: 7ee26bfbae484cd⋯.jpeg (45.45 KB, 600x400, 3:2, KILLERY.jpeg)

File: 584850e31bd105f⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 378x558, 21:31, hillary-clinton-in-1969-01.jpg)

File: 0373c884ecdfc1b⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 220x267, 220:267, 220px-Angela_Merkel_Juli_2….jpg)

61/ Remember, that picture of HRC is from LIFE magazine. She is making a finger pyramid gesture.

While Merkel does the "hand vagina", or inverted pyramid. As above, so below. Male/female union will yield…..



13f461 No.66035


Tranny or no?

e43285 No.66036


now you've crossed a line anon

let me tell you all about it

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