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File: 1106b4e49da2824⋯.png (583.56 KB, 800x473, 800:473, cbts.png)

e41d80  No.243430

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.



Please read the "About Shills" section below.

e41d80  No.243431




TODAY 01/04/18 (EST)


>>239015 rt >>>/pol/11115887


>>239692 -> Graphic

>>239222 -> C!Odemonkey (8ch Admin) Confirmation

>>239917 -> Confirmation The Second

>>239968 -> BO Confirms




The Board Owner Q IS BACK Tripcode Update


Board Owner's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Update


C!Odemonkey's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Announcement


Board Owner's emergency announcement


>>224690 <-- Modanon explains




Direct links offsite to current graphic compilation of Q's posts (12-26-17)

1: s20.postimg.org/q4v4p0wr1/12.26.2017_1of3.jpg

2: s20.postimg.org/4ig482qhp/12.26.2017_2of3.jpg

3: s20.postimg.org/488loswgt/12.26.2017_3of3.jpg

4: s20.postimg.org/52o97urul/Q_posts_1-4-18_pre_and_post_verification_with_new_tripcode.png

Graphic Comps of Q posts: postimg.org/gallery/29wdmgyze/

NOTE: All included graphic compilations are based on the one that Q posted on 11-10-17 the day he first used a tripcode on 4/pol/


This gallery is being kept due to the fact that 8ch archive function does not actually archive the images.

Q said that the graphic is "critical" so this is a way to maintain the integrity of his posts in a visual format.

e41d80  No.243433





Q Posts 2017 (meta, txt & html): 460 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/b93ccf2f2476b34fff65be9f0ad4e75a

Interactive: qcodefag.github.io

Text: [4chan] pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY

Raw Text Q Dump anonfile.com/U1maubd5b9/q_raw.txt

Updated QMap PDF: anonfile.com/a0a6uaddb4/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_4.2.0.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping: dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

Dataset: Dataset of Q's posts: anonfile.com/mei9s5d9ba/q_data_set_1.5.zip, >>219579

The Book of Q: pastebin.com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: db-q.com (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Spreadsheet: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444 (Q & A, guidelines >>213146)

Q turned A: anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf (Last Q post on this is from 12 NOV 2017 - It's getting stale)

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: ufile.io/nmyy0

News Search Many News articles posted on /cbts/ (2000+) searchable -> qcodefag.github.io/news.html

Wiki: Need a proper wiki.




CBTS 4chan & 8chan Threads Archive list: qarchives.ml/qarchives.html (updated 01/04/18)

Archive of all 8chan Research & Topic Threads 12.29.17: pastebin.com/bzKgFDwC

CBTS 8chan Board Archive: 8ch.net/cbts/archive/index.html

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Pastebin of Links Posted to 4pol: pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


Side by Side of Q/POTUS as Q requested:


All DJT's filtered tweets (only date and ref #, Tab delimited): pastebin.com/BCzjTNdK

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Planefag Tools

Public Flight Tracking: flightradar24.com

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Aircraft Incidents: aviation.globalincidentmap.com

e41d80  No.243435






>>240992 Another one bites the dust , CBS News employee , inappropriate behavior

>>240917 DoD Tweet - National Slavery and #HumanTrafficking Prevention Month

>>240771 POTUS Tweet on - Voter Identification - Coincidence?

>>240756 4.5 Earthquake San Francisco Bay - Yahoo

>>240675 Mike Tyson's new Weed Farm ->WashPost

>>240571 POTUS tweet -> NK , SK talks

>>240539 POTUS tweet -> Democratic States hand refused to hand over data from 2016 Election

>>239749 Deep State's Plan 'C' -ZeroHedge

>>239666 Rosenstein loses game of chicken vs Nunes House Intelligence will get documents ->TruePundit

>>239556 , >>239570 Mt. St. Helens 40 Eqrthquakes since New Years' Day

>>239554 Bump for Visibility and Relevance , EO_Proclaimation_EO

>>238914 1st 2018 Verified Q Post ->suggest read from here , some anons started digging immediately

>>238784 , >>238796 Pilot of missing plane identified , connections?


>>238738 , >>238740 Amtrak Train Derails in Savannah ,GA

>>238517 France to crack down on Fake News -> Fox6now

>>238481 Sad Aviation Story Tonight , Plane out of Oklahoma dissapered over Gulf of Mexico

>>238392 , >>238406 POTUS Signs H.R. 4661, S. 1536, and S. 2273 into Law

>>238371 Press Secretary Statement -> Presidential advisory commission election integrity

>>238538 Voter fraud commission being handed off to dhs will no longer be stonewalled by dems , Breitbart

>>238303 , >>238366 Anniversary of The Battle of Princeton 01/03/1777

>>238137 Timeline of Treason HRC DNC FBI , sourced , dated

^^needs independant verification -> /cbts/

>>238026 Plane Disappears from Radar

>>238003 Sexual abuse of Disabled Veteran , DailyCaller

>>237721 DJT Tweets , Tax Cuts , Stock Market , MAGA!

>>237121 Trump Admin announce Cuts in security assistance for Pakistan

>>236990 , >>237000 Trump signs order dissolving controversial election fraud commission

>>236926 , >>238046 Turkish banker convicted , 5 counts of conspiracy and bank fraud , Iranian ties

>>236917 Anti-Trump media blitz -> DailyMail

>>236844 Managing Director of Och-Ziff Cap.Mgmt. Indicted for Defrauding Client and Ob.of Justice-> unsealed indictment

>>236793 , >>237395 AG Sessions appotints 17 interim prosecutors , 30-50 Flights to GITMO since Dec. 18

>>266655 C Clinton denies worshipping satan - TheHill

>>236584 , >>236649 , >>236698 Mark Cuban Underage Girl , related to Bannon news?

>>236525 , >>238438 Rosenstein into Speakers Office - tweet , importance TheHill

>>236523 report states started in SS facitily?

>>236237 , >>236331 SS narrative fishy?

>>236175 , >>236180 , >>236182 Fire was in the SS facitity , FoxNews


>>235693 Planefags Update

>>235581 , >>236215 Manafort files Civil Lawsuit against Mueller , Dep. AG Rosenstein and US DoJ , reuters

>>235568 , >>235590 , >>235652 Report of Fire in Chappaqua , Clinton's home , Confirmed

>>235518 Houthi rebels 'sieze' unmaned passive UUV , claimed to be operated by SA

>>235284 Planefags notice lots of choppers in the air

>>235217 Don Jr. Packs a Punch - twitter

>>235076 , >>235107 , >>235420 , >>235559 Trump slams Bannon - FoxNews , bloomberg , WH , Amazon

>>235043 , >>236532 When a NK missile his a NK city



e41d80  No.243438

Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)

>>241811 Autism Fully Kicked In

>>241806 THIS

>>241702 NeXXXxt Levvvvel

>>241012 Next Level Memeology

>>240277 Endgame Shattered NWO? Winning Bigly

>>240244 , >>240279 Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot

>>240814 Revamp of .txt files , with updates , Thoughts??

>>240717 , >>240725 Planefags Missing Plane Pilot Update

>>239547 A Theory on Why North Korea is Entering Talks With South Korea

>>238218 More thoughts on Dissolution of Voter Fraud Commission

>>238046 Turkish Banker Digging

>>237093 Thoery of (some of) today's events

>>237023 , >>237057 Thoughts on Dissolution of Voter Fraud Commission

>>236879 Extra digging on Clinton house Fire , bought house next door , Excavation Compliaint?

>>240374 BO (Board Owner) Answers some (questions?)

>>236825 Why Alabama Election swearing-in not interrupted? -> Steve Bannon

>>236768 , >>236781 Bannon and Trump Art of War , 7d chess?

>>236717 Bill said Godspeed , Hillary said Enough is Enough

>>234810 Where are the Children Memes

>>234753 Archives of latest threads (273-277)


>>234586 Keep Fighting Anons

>>234227 3 City States that Rule the World

>>234143 , >>234143 /cbts/ the place that finds the ties that puts the pieces together

Notable Posts Continued


Ordered by date. Possible crumbs highlighted with bold.

To bakers: limit to 30. FIFO.


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:


Executive Order: Serious Human Rights Abuse - National Emergency


More info: >>140461

>>120430 (Petition)

e41d80  No.243442




Research Resources >>211983 (for findings that do not fit into threads below)

A peek into (((they))) >>2422

Alien / Disclosure Related >>26613

Asia Foundation >>15984

Bloodlines and Y >>7705

British Connections >>117841

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>140461

FLIGHT TRACKING (PlaneFaggotry) >>195194

Godfather III >>2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>3952

Hunt For Red October >>3102

Indictments & Arrests >>3163

Israel & Zionism >>1398

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>147334

North Korea >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>4249

Plane Crashes Thread >>56075

Q Signatures >>2198

Q Stringer Central >>2300

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>114171

Red Cross >>40157

Rothschild Family >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>1327

Sealed Indictments >>4409

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Snow White and AI Science >>123576

Soros & NGOs >>1367

Stringers, military courts >>189447

Titanic >>106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>1346

Who is P? >>202645

**List is in alphabetical order. Findings/files should go to >>211983.

e41d80  No.243453




Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1: >>2

Memes #2: >>61078

Memes #3: >>107604

Memes #4: >>142207

Infographs: >>10

Infograph Central Inc. The RULE OF LAW Series: postimg.org/gallery/fy8cpdzu

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads: >>189875




→ Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance (>>134272). Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

Additional Redpill Tactics in Three Parts

Part 1: >>189448

Part 2: >>189460

Part 3: >>189467

Derived from this source file: pastebin.com/mYN5J74B

The source of this pastebin is here: pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe (Contains additional links not retrieved from the archives and contains enough redpill tactics for new meme-droppers to learn the skill…)

Further Additional RedPill Tactics

From Meme Library #5 >>189835




also here -> pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe

Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Your call, Anons. But don't mention 8chan, please.


Prayer Requests: >>55606

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

e41d80  No.243454





(UPDATED) Before posting links, REMOVE the 'http://www' part.

e.g. twitter.com , en.wikipedia.org

When you want to access the site simply copy & paste it at the URL bar and remove the space.

This is done because of how web/http works. If you click the link directly, the

destination site can see which site you are coming from, and that is not desirable.

Use hooktube.com instead of youtube.com

You can anonymously watch youtube videos using the above site.

It has a clean interface and it allows you to download youtube videos easily.

If you use Firefox you can install an addon called Hooktubeify which auto-redirects youtube links to hooktube.

Use duckduckgo.com instead of google.com

You can anonymously search web using this site.

It also has a cool feature called "bangs", which allows you to directly

go to and search within websites using aliases. For example, if you make

duckduckgo your default web search engine, you can type "!wiki POTUS"

directly at the URL bar and it will take you to POTUS' wikipedia page.

Although it is allowed, do not provide a valid email address for your comments.

There is very little (if any) reason to do so. This is an anonymous board, and for good reason.


About Shills

Read >>226201


Often anons call each other cancers, but truly, shills are THE true cancer of the internet.

They don't care about you, or the subject at hand, or the general worsening situation of the world.

Their interests are either money or delusions of grandeur, or "divide and conquer" ideologies.

So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

mountains of rage and sadness gush out from the darkest and deepest pits of your heart:


Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

and they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing. The only winning move with them, is to not play.

Remember, they are utterly worthless as human beings. If you truly get angry, imagine that you are talking to a bot.


Dough & Baking Instructions


If a baker is needed and you decide to be one:

Read the instructions at the top of the dough and below.

Do not forget to update the link, which contains the dough used for this bread.

Last dough: pastebin.com/nJRX2QTm

12d42c  No.243478


c2bf3f  No.243479

File: e63830504bcf893⋯.jpg (461.9 KB, 1440x842, 720:421, Screenshot_20180104-121032.jpg)

Just cuz

f09d0b  No.243480

10e551  No.243481

File: 14a27591473dd24⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1518x1494, 253:249, Schumer_Gillibrand_nxivm.png)


445 massachusetts Ave

Sharia Blue


Hey the Hillary Email has this in it

W e w ill o p e n t h e d o o r s t o o u r n e w 2 4 , 0 0 0 - s q u a r e - f o o t headquarters a t 4 4 5 P a r k

A v e n u e ( o u r p r iv a t e e n t r a n c e is o n 5 6 t h S t r e e t )


Similar address btw


445 Park Avenue owned by Bronfman - Seagram's

Andrea Bronfman killed by car as she walks her dog on 65th avenue

http:// www.nysun.com/obituaries/andrea-bronfman-is-killed-by-a-car-as-she-walks/26358/

>>242963 (You) - Bill Clinton give Bronfman Medal of Freedom

>>243008 Maybe his wife discovered something about her husband and poof.


Bronfman Philanthropies NOT invested with MADOFF


One of the foundations NOT INVESTED WITH MADOFF

Jeffrey Solomon, president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies — one of the foundations not invested with Madoff — says every phone call and meeting these days starts with a conversation about who got hit.

https:// www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98348258


$33 million, $33 million, $33 million

bought mansion from Bronfman

Investor burned by Madoff leaps to death from luxury hotel balcony


The Bronfman's daughter belonged to the NXIVM cult

[same one that Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillbrand's father worked for

Gillibrand appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat by Governor David Patterson]

The pair remain staunchly loyal to NXIVM and Mr. Raniere, who appears to have curtailed his most profligate spending habits. 









510e4d  No.243482


The logo for CPS comes up on in a google image search for pegasus museum dc

4b434e  No.243483


Genius anon!

Why is BO missing this?!

We had our differences but this looks like the ten days of darkness is going into ten days of darkness for the Dems.


Anons, where the Hell are the Dems?

b0a624  No.243484

Who doesn't agree

This board

Is the most amazing thing ever!

Better than porn!

Better than…better than…other stuff too!

I honestly LOVE THIS SHIT!

I was made for this shit!

Wish I could do this for a living.

How long have I been here now?

When did we abandon 4chn? It was weeks prior to that I think.

But it's been an amazing learning experience really.

4b434e  No.243485

Thank you baker, mods and BO.

And every GLORIOUS anon.

e41d80  No.243486


^^^^^ pastebin is current


this one is done

>in@ 19:00 PST 01/03/18

601429  No.243487


Not convinced. My mons used to stick out like that when I was young and thin.

4cf96c  No.243488

Thank you baker for this delicious bread, sad to see that it will be your last one until you get some rest.

4cf96c  No.243489


sounds good SS, just a heads up, no one that is here should go to reddit with a set account, make a new one that has no personal info. Q said we are safe, here, not there. I am not making another reddit account to just go to reddit, ill stay here and on the SS until this is over.

4b434e  No.243490



Best with a sprinkling of humour amongst the diligence.

Well put anon.

6511e0  No.243491


Thank you, will update and bake

b0a624  No.243492



Oh Amazing research Anon!

Bravo Bravo!

3517d9  No.243493


Not like that. Never seen a cameltoe stick thru a loose dress like that. Swimsuit yes, dress no.

3517d9  No.243494


And she's not young and thin either!

13cec7  No.243495


>But it's been an amazing learning experience really.

You might even say it was an awakening ….

e41d80  No.243496



new baker 6511e0

601429  No.243497


Mine did.

2c44d1  No.243498

aim4truth .org/2018/01/03/deep-state-shadow-government-revealed-senior-executive-service/

Worth looking into. SES structure allegedly has 8,156 appointed executives that ham-string 70+ agencies? Anyone with more experience have comments on this?

41 minute talk video on the subject: www.you tube.com/watch?v=ajMRNSsvUPc

312bf3  No.243499

File: 7a711fad232d019⋯.png (588.93 KB, 1310x1350, 131:135, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at ….png)

File: 6ea90c0047dafb1⋯.png (200.58 KB, 1500x662, 750:331, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at ….png)


More "6713a" theories:

6-7-13 or June 7, 2013 – some very interesting and relevant news on that day, including:

NORTH KOREA – "Pyongyang said early on Friday it would reopen a RED CROSS line cut in March." bbc.com/news/world-asia-22809622



The National Security Agency and FBI are tapping into the servers of nine U.S. internet giants — including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple — to access foreign users' emails, pictures, and other information, according to secret documents obtained by The Washington Post and The Guardian. The program, code-named PRISM, was started in 2007. The revelation came just hours after the government acknowledged a separate collection of phone-call records in the U.S. [Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times]

9a2218  No.243500

File: 8d3e8fec42a1f73⋯.png (364.02 KB, 590x661, 590:661, Comey Memos.png)

'Report: Memos that ex-FBI Director Comey leaked to a professor to defend Comey in the press are so sensitive, lead Senator was only allowed to view them in secret room SCIF. Some of leaked info was classified.'

bb0a9b  No.243502


There was an ISIS selfie taken from a rooftop that had the clock tower and chase building in the frame. it was posted on twitter and there was some discussion of it in earlier threads, maybe around christmas. twitter account was quickly suspended. trying to dig out details. the location of the isis selfie is about a quarter mile from the capitol grounds….

i am multitasking with RL at the moment…any way to search back thru those earlier threads for the isis selfie that was reposted here? high caliber rifle with bullets in the frame, clock tower, chase building, etc.

08c698  No.243503


Hi Michelle

13cec7  No.243504


>making another reddit account to just go to reddit

What's reddit?

8396f8  No.243505

File: 0e65ba26d951799⋯.jpg (763.27 KB, 2256x1480, 282:185, French_bread_DSC09293.jpg)

601429  No.243506


You wish!

3b8100  No.243507

File: 1b77ed60816dd29⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 600x351, 200:117, justgirlythings.jpg)

4cf96c  No.243508


old news come back around for a second go at it, hopefully there is movement so it does not get buried again.

7dfaae  No.243509

File: 837a64b2610e5be⋯.png (394.57 KB, 640x395, 128:79, order 777.png)


>Treason Awards

ed034b  No.243510



Its not a camel toe

Thats a camel NOSE

4cf96c  No.243511


good question anon, good question

13cec7  No.243512


>when I was young and thin

Michael is neither.

It's a dick.

7e1fa7  No.243513

601429  No.243514


Besides, I don't think this is particularly actionable. Best to move on to something else.

109e4b  No.243515



Proposed modification:

News Search: qcodefag.github.io/news 2000+ News articles from /cbts/ searchable ← "News unlocks map." -Q, 11/23/2017

Also, per last bread, add to Spreadsheet line:

Undergoing maintenance - awaiting update

312bf3  No.243516


The more I think about this, it's actually a valid theory given the fact that communications just resumed yesterday between North & South Korea

– and –

the last time that happened was 6-7-2013 [6713] after a Red Cross line was supposedly cut.

Big Question – Why would the Red Cross have comm lines between North & South Korea??

5ecec0  No.243517



You seriously just blew my mind. Enlighten me further.

ec424d  No.243518

Crystal City VA TAKE DOWN 1/4/2017

>so far I have not found any other news on this.

[VIDEO] www.pscp.tv/w/1vAxRMBXkDYJl

3b8100  No.243519


That's funny


I know, just did it for lulz

a325a1  No.243520


Anon stated they sent it to the FBI.

0f0e51  No.243521


Been with a few skinny girls, and VERY skinny girl padding can push a bump, but NOT the same imprint as a shlongish bump does… It wont go up your belly or something is wrong.

(If it stays down when you are excited it's not what we are talking about!)

4cf6d7  No.243522


Chelsea Clinton Tweeted a Happy New Year to the Church of Satan. (Old new i know) They have 150k followers.

Could this have been a trigger or warning to others following? Who is following the Church of Satan and why the fuck would you?

Seems really odd, and she is taking heat for it as one would expect.

8fa594  No.243523

Helo in the air over Arlington -TRP3, general direction of Andrews. Target transfer?

b016b8  No.243524

File: a462579fb4969af⋯.png (362.27 KB, 577x511, 577:511, ClipboardImage.png)

https://e.vne xpress.net/news/news/vietnam-cops-seize-3-mln-heroin-hidden-in-tea-packets-3694232.html

Golden Triangle

117a50  No.243525


That's big Mike's 8" clit sticking out. Obama likes to sit on it.

8fa594  No.243526

File: 549fc1a9c73700b⋯.jpg (569.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, arlington2.jpg)

Forgot the screenshot

7c71bb  No.243527


Most rank and file shitlibs and fedora atheists would probably follow the Church of Satan to be edgy, otherwise no real reason for normies.

7e1fa7  No.243528

abfa40  No.243529


Joan Rivers was the first to mention Michelle was a tranny and she was dead not too long after. So many celebrities killed by the deep state. I want that information to be released. Chester Bennington J.Podestas son?

15428d  No.243530


Because historically the Red Cross was a neutral organisation/ the only way they could rescue and help injured persons from both sides of a war(front).

7c3eb4  No.243531


as i recall, anons said the pic was taken from Denver, a rooftop; anon sent it to the FBI. if you can pinpoint the day the photo showed up on twitter, it will make your cbts much easier, as i believe we picked up on it that same day.

13cec7  No.243532


>Why would the Red Cross have comm lines between North & South Korea??

The Red Cross isn't what it purports to be.

0f0e51  No.243533


I don't think Libtards would disagree about the fact.

It may not be useful.

But you could meme words "It's irrelevant, except for the lies behind it."

b016b8  No.243534

File: ae43a3abde39478⋯.png (119.29 KB, 391x440, 391:440, ClipboardImage.png)

http://www.fo xnews.com/us/2018/01/04/foreign-fishermen-settle-human-trafficking-suit.html

7dfaae  No.243535

File: f67bda98b3c110e⋯.png (362.31 KB, 751x556, 751:556, stay on target.png)

ec8536  No.243536

Ok, I think my wife is coming around! I told her about Chelsea's tweet with the Church of S. At first she didn't believe me, then she found the tweet herself. I gave her the rundown on how this stuff goes back thousands of years and how its all related to bloodlines. She finally coming around! YES!!!

8fa594  No.243537

File: dde597b2b5c8333⋯.jpg (245.85 KB, 1015x863, 1015:863, arlington3.jpg)

Appears to be in a hover or landing.

2f22e5  No.243538


listen fuckers. I have zero problem with recreational marijuana and I (not to doxx myself too badly) own my own IT/Security LLC. Reefer madness is like a documentary to sessions is seems. CO and WA bring in millions is state revenue with the legalization. the stores are charged a 50% tax and also have to pay huge amounts to have everything tested at labs. It is great for revenue on all levels, stocks, employees, owners, everything. It is less dangerous than alcohol. And we see how well prohibition worked. Also CBD strains are extremely helpful, esp. to people like me with chronic back pain. It also is bullshit for locking up and charging people for possession. Its like locking up people for advil. Municipalities love it because they can profit heavily off the arrests.

b0a624  No.243539


There's that fake supoena that some nutter down in Nevada put out who mentions Bronfman and then mentions Peter Munk/Kevin Spacey/George Soros as having laundered money together.

Now I'm pretty sure that Bronfman past away already did he not? But still.

I find this fony warrant popping up all over the place now

http:// arrestwarrantsatanicritual.blogspot.com/2017/12/edgar-bronfman-sr-he-is-to-be-executed.html

7c3eb4  No.243540


show her a pic of chelsea wearing the upside cross

601429  No.243541


If they weren't killing people and breaking the law that way, we couldn't do much about them. But their practices open them up to do something.

330133  No.243542


I doubt your mom had a package flopping about when dancing on Ellen DeGenres show running down stairs (with full Alex Jones commentary).

Women don't have thing flop around in the crotch.

13cec7  No.243544


>I don't think this is particularly actionable

It shows deception, and normies hate to be lied to … especially for 8 years. Who doesn't, tbh.

I'll allow it.

7dfaae  No.243546


>stop derailing

Take it to the weed board, this discussion doesn't advance the Storm project goals at all

601429  No.243547


She was wearing pleated pants. They fold funny.

f09d0b  No.243548

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b016b8  No.243549

File: f9a3d150eb92bb8⋯.png (56.56 KB, 597x539, 597:539, ClipboardImage.png)

9c278f  No.243550


One of the coders behind that (I am not the maintainer, but someone who wants to help).

Just wanted to clarify that only Board Owner's trip was added due to anticipated announcement. In hindsight, should have included a filtered view to keep separate from Q posts. Maintainer removed BO's posts. No hard feelings and apologies for confusion. I think I will be less involved with updating that going forward.

8fa594  No.243551

TRP3 off the scope at park View - must have landed.

d5c46d  No.243552

4bc67e  No.243553



b016b8  No.243554


shit i forgot to break the link i got so exicted

forgive me

ec8536  No.243555


I did a few weeks ago. She thought it was photoshopped. She thinking not so much now!

09b1da  No.243556


Errrr Muh Gawwwwd!! Stawwwwppp!!

3b4f9e  No.243557

I find the SR22 Plane interresting that went missing in the Gulf of Mexico. It has a Parachute mounted in the roof. So you can basically go down safely anywere with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBCUQlF3MMU

7c3eb4  No.243558

File: 280ec3230d21ea7⋯.png (216.93 KB, 414x322, 9:7, 3.png)

File: 4c61ba395fecb02⋯.png (494.85 KB, 458x611, 458:611, 2.png)

File: 4bf39e573ea4323⋯.png (644.19 KB, 643x612, 643:612, 1.png)


here you go

0f0e51  No.243559


Dude. I'm sorry you married a Liberal. I couldn't do it, even if they are crazier in the sack… Just couldn't do it… My respects!

7e1fa7  No.243560


It's coming fast.

b6d63f  No.243561


http: //breaking911.com/state-department-designates-3-al-qaeda-figures-global-terrorists/

8fa594  No.243562


It's not automatic - the pilot has to activate it. No good if pilot incapacitated.

601429  No.243563


Red pilling anyone we know?

7e1fa7  No.243564


Says she's "Methodist" too ha.

5b98aa  No.243565

File: 1d96207091a6b42⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 500x273, 500:273, weed-5a4e9f.jpg)

weedfags gtfo

4bc67e  No.243566


why do we do that anyway?

330133  No.243567


Not like that they don't. And if they did, women wouldn't wear them.

b016b8  No.243568

File: 8f5651412a450b6⋯.png (72.92 KB, 635x543, 635:543, ClipboardImage.png)


7dfaae  No.243569





>Fire Watch from previous bread (#288)

7e1fa7  No.243572


Thank you.

8fa594  No.243573


^^ That times eleventy millionty

7dfaae  No.243574


>Derail shills perhaps?

601429  No.243575


They sell them to us, but I don't like them. They can make belly look poofy.

b6d63f  No.243577

http: //dailycaller.com/2018/01/04/report-trump-org-gave-mueller-a-slew-of-documents-some-regarding-an-alleged-dossier-source/?utm_source=site-share

sergei millian

b016b8  No.243578


something to do with tracking when you share links or some shit idk

i read the reason why and thought to myself "hmm..makes sense.."

now i cant remember but it definitely made sense

2f22e5  No.243579

File: 2f7aa5664bc917f⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 400x300, 4:3, weed-emergency.gif)

7dfaae  No.243580





and weedfags ==> soybois

a5f08e  No.243581


Everything has meaning.

Who is AMB Matlock?







Everything has meaning.

Who is AMB Matlock?






Sometimes, square brackets are used to make a piece of text clearer.1 Remove the square bracket and read down the 1st letter of each line. “JEWY/ESQ”. Subject in crumb appears to be a Jewish Attorney. “Esq. Used as an honorific usually in its abbreviated form, especially after the name of an attorney or a consular officer….”2 This may mean to distinguish between two possible RR’s that are related in the same message.

Reading across 1st line, J appears to be in reference to JA in an order to “go” with delivery3 of documents3 perhaps on Feb 8. Codefags need to dig further in this reference.

Line 2 confirms itself, so don’t ignore what may be smacking you in the face, it’s relevant; i.e. JEWY/ESQ?

Line 3, AMB appears to be an emphasis on Ambassador Jack Matlock (Q’ recent password for 8chan?). Amb Matlock was appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991 by President Ronald Reagan (RR? Crumb for later).6 In 1976, the State Department accused the Soviet Union of beaming microwaves at the Moscow Embassy (recent similar ongoings at embassy in Havana, Cuba). In 1977, there was a major fire at the embassy that former KGB agent Victor Sheymov testified before Congress in 1998 that the fire was deliberately set by the Soviets as a means of gaining access to sensitive areas of the embassy posing as firefighters (Clinton fire?). Perhaps the documents to be delivered are from the Clinton property?

Line 4 also appears to be a confirmation line. Perhaps to confirm the associations with Amb Matlock and recent events. And also as confirmation of the “Go” order.

Line 5 also begins with an unusual punctuation that appears to be a separator for both the JEWY ESQ and the second part of the message. Remove the square brackets and give emphasis to “RR-out”. Not Ronald Reagan, but Rod Rosenstein, a Jewish attorney (earlier crumbs) is out (will be fired). Rosenstein appears to be a hold-out of the deep-state. He recently met with Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressman Nunes with FBI Director Wray. CNN reports a deal was made for the DOJ to deliver previously requested documents in the “coming days.” The deal may be for Rosenstein to deliver classified material requested by other deep-state politicians including Speaker Paul Ryan that are unknown to the public at this time. But Wray is “our guy” according to Q, so we’ll have to wait out this 4D chess game to see the reveal. The future will confirm the past.

Line 6, at first glance, it appears EO may be an Executive Order, but another anon made the assertion that it may mean Eyes Only. This is because 26 U.S. Code 6713A - Disclosure Or Use Of Information By Preparers Of Returns means your tax preparer cannot disclose any of your tax return information. So this doesn’t really apply to government officials, but may allude to the POTUS’s tax returns being turned over to political enemies. The information is Classified, as Confidential is a security classification, and it deals with the resident of the WH (White House), POTUS, and may be the documents discussed in the meeting. But the codefags will be able to dig further into this since there are a couple of features on this line as well as lines 1, 5 and 7 that appear to have some built-in code for the map.

Line 7, this appears to be almost entirely code.

7e1fa7  No.243582


What was "not the same model" pertaining to?

31e7c2  No.243583


I think it was discussed it possibly being Denver

7c3eb4  No.243584


Clintons never claimed to be Methodist, did they?

Also, listen to some of the youtubes before the election 2016 w/ Larry Nichols – he says he'd drive Hillary to satanic churches . . . like mother, like daughter.

a5f08e  No.243586

Interesting note for line 1 is that there is a company called GoDx Inc. (GoDiagnostic) whose contact is a Dr. Chang Hee Kim. “GoDx is working with the NIH in creating impactful global solutions.”4 Currently they appear to be developing paper based diagnostics that don’t require a laboratory or a professional to interpret the results. But the oddest part is that researching Dr. Chang Hee Kim led me to another Dr. Chang Hee Kim who has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and happens to specialize in Satellite Communications Systems specifically in the area of control and navigation systems. He also Worked from Jan 1995-Aug 2000 for the Korean Information and Communications Ministry. Sense then he has worked for NASA, the Air Force, and the National Science Foundation working on projects in micro-navigation sensors and laser alignment in space and hybrid systems for multiple satellite control.

Interesting note for line 7. Research for CFR 3665 continuously circled me back to 14 CFR 399.101

Public Release Of Board Decisions In Cases Where The Action Of The Board Is Subject To The Review Or Approval Of The President. It appears that in June 1976, by Executive Order 11920, 41 FR 23665, President Ford issued an EO that would prohibit the FAA from releasing any information if any report, or portions of a report, by the FAA is redacted by the President of the United States for National Security. I searched for any National Security issues in 1976 and the very first one that popped up had to do with North Korea. An incident occurred during a tree pruning when North Korean soldiers attacked the working party and brutally killed 2 American soldiers under the UN banner. President Ford ordered Operation Paul Bunyan in retaliation, “a convoy of 23 American and South Korean trucks commanded by U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Victor Verra rolled unannounced into the JSA. Each truck carried a team of military engineers equipped with chain saws. Accompanying the latter day Paul Bunyans were two 30-man security platoons from the JSC armed with pistols and ax handles. South Korean special forces were deployed as well. (Interestingly, one of the South Korean troops who participated in the joint operation was current South Korean President Moon Jae-in.) Circling behind the assemblage were 27 American helicopters carrying U.S. and South Korean troops. The gunships in turn were backed up by a number of B-52 bombers launched from Guam, along with several dozen U.S. F-4 Phantom II jets and South Korean F-5 and F-86 fighters. In addition, an aircraft carrier battle group was dispatched to the East Sea, the Korean name for the Sea of Japan.

Other detachments of U.S. and South Korean infantry and artillery gathered near the DMZ. All of the 41,000 U.S. troops in Korea were put on DEFCON 3, the third highest state of military readiness—one of only three times that has taken place since the DEFCON system was put in place in 1959. The most recent time was September 11, 2001.

At first it seemed possible that war might break out, as several hundred North Korean troops, dispatched by their gobsmacked superiors, poured into the JSA and began setting up machine gun positions. Upon their arrival, Verra, the convoy commander, got on his radio. On cue, dozens of American and South Korean helicopters and fighter jets appeared over the horizon.

That was sufficient to persuade the KPA force to stand down. The tree cutting teams commenced their work. To make things official, several minutes after they began their sawing, the U.N. Command duly notified its North Korean counterpart that a work party had entered the JSA “in order to peacefully finish the work left unfinished.” 7

1 scribendi.com/advice/square_brackets_curly_brackets_angle_brackets.en.html

2 americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/publications/solosez/esq_2005_05.authcheckdam.pdf

3 “DX plc is a British mail, courier and logistics company, with operations throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.” - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DX_Group. “DX provides proven next day delivery services for mail, parcels and 2-Man deliveries to both residential and business addresses.” - dxdelivery.com.

4 godiagnostic.com/#what-section

5 temple.edu/csnap/Chang.htm

6 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_F._Matlock_Jr.

7 politico.com/magazine/story/2017/09/14/north-korea-1976-axe-murder-incident-215605

8a7d75  No.243587

a request to planefags from a fellow planefag. Observe, capture, compile, & report. We don't need drip info on flights. The live data does nothing but fuel slides and shills. Origination, destination, owner, tail#, aircraft type are important and will paint a better picture than rando screen caps.

Also we have our own thread: https://8ch.net/cbts/res/195194.html

f09d0b  No.243588

File: 2a47466be909bc1⋯.png (40.16 KB, 624x282, 104:47, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

twitter.com /Journo_Christal/status/949033558118686720

601429  No.243590


People with tracking on their websites can see where browsers are coming from. 8ch wants to keep a low profile.

b016b8  No.243591


just because somebody doesnt believe in the evil cabal doesnt mean theyre a liberal lmao

just means they have been properly conditioned to categorize things that threatens their cushy false reality as a crazy 'conspiracy theory'

d2b368  No.243592

File: e7a0822998721f5⋯.png (850.18 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9709.PNG)

Lookie LOOKIE at who they pulled out of vehicle in VA by pentagon. Who could this be?

020a44  No.243593

File: 53ced5b1b6cd42f⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 589x526, 589:526, guyarrested - Copy.jpg)

31e7c2  No.243594



b016b8  No.243595


yea. makes sense.

f09d0b  No.243596


wow, good pic

ac295d  No.243597

File: 1eba5d612ba866c⋯.png (86.54 KB, 897x911, 897:911, 1-4-18 threats 1.png)

File: 8300787d7a19664⋯.png (97.23 KB, 1374x897, 458:299, 1-4-18 threats 2.png)

File: bf5257a56632d23⋯.png (64.86 KB, 1353x909, 451:303, 1-4-18 threats 3.png)

File: 5d261d7f7be73af⋯.png (66.18 KB, 1356x618, 226:103, 1-4-18 to reddit.png)


Attached are images of posts on the spreadsheet in the last 2 days and today.

This is a genuine situation, lads.

This is the reason I have taken the spreadsheet of public editing. You can still see the spreadsheet but the link is different now:

http:// publish.smartsheet.com/ed32338507bd401789d24e7df45d1e33

I had a feeling this would occur at some point, and that time is now. Supposedly this is from some part of a group who were posting on a forum "Fringe" following the Qanon saga. They had multiple threads shut down, believe that Q was communicating there and had gathered some info.

As you can see, they were kindly directed tot he reddit for cbts. Some took that opportunity, others have turned ugly. Whether the ugly ones are from that group or are random or even clowns it is impossible to say.

The threats made to delete all answers in the open column and news column, I believe are serious. The threat extends to any/all spreadsheets created in the future. In order to halt this, the public editing feature was disabled, to protect all the hard work that anons have done to find and post answers and news items - to respect every one of you.

Frankly, I am not sure how to proceed.

7dfaae  No.243598


FW was referring to the anon's postulation that the 4 SUVs were the same model, so they must be from the same agency (naive assumption anyway)

84e92f  No.243599


>old news come back around for a second go at it, hopefully there is movement so it does not get buried again.

Old news that MSM never covered in the first place. The takedown needs to be understood, otherwise it's political theatre, and it sure as hell is not.

4c5c4b  No.243600


I remember the ISIS selfie taken near the 16ht Street Mall in Denver, Anon. It was posted in a thread on the morning of December 26th. That's the same day we discussed the tweeted threats about possible nukes being transported to both Denver and Vegas (via Houston). I will try to find the thread for you. I think it was around #221 or something. Hang on, Anon. . . .

c2bf3f  No.243601


They severed Joan Rivers wind pipe. I'm positive that was "eye for an eye" crap. You vocalize the truth about the FIRST MATEY, you get your pipes cut for good.

9c278f  No.243602


In case anyone gives a shit that is….

b0a624  No.243605

On the Subject of the Clintons



Do we need to drone on and on about HRC non fucking stop all day every day?

All we seem to talk about anymore.

She guilty - he guilty - fuckit - lets work on who else be guilty.

That's my 2 cents.

I'm Anon…and I'm just sayin

7dfaae  No.243606


Nice find, too bad resolution isn't higher

601429  No.243607

I'll be emptying 8ch from hrefs on my site when I build that part of my site out of respect for that desire.

870c9a  No.243608

File: 9036c3222d4e7d0⋯.png (64.11 KB, 1089x312, 363:104, Monday5pm.png)


Tune in.

7c3eb4  No.243609


appears to be in camo? interesting.

ec424d  No.243610

File: 7cf8d0591b2ee61⋯.jpg (124.04 KB, 992x744, 4:3, hillary_chelsea_bill_clint….jpg)


Yes they are part of the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C.

a86e8e  No.243611


Yes you potfags; get back to posting about Michael's penis! Cause that's relevant..

0f0e51  No.243612


Damn long breath there.

But a healthy dose of what we needed to know.

Great research Anon!

This smells right.

839361  No.243613

Why is my ban appeal still pending?

22e78c  No.243614


Holding a camera?

6a4f43  No.243616


Do they retrieve something from the back of the silver suv?

1:05 - 1:08

Sync hand movements?

Is there a longer video?

7dfaae  No.243617


Did you see FW referring to this in the last bread?


c9462c  No.243618



b016b8  No.243619

File: 350e822b60e5848⋯.png (46.93 KB, 501x499, 501:499, ClipboardImage.png)



look at this dudes fuckin name…

look at where this dude is fuckin from…

uhhhhhhhh…reminds me of a fuckin guy we know and hate……

f65cec  No.243620


EO= executive order?

4b434e  No.243621


Could the "sv" be mirrored and be "vs" like others meaning reverse the stringer?

09b1da  No.243623


Of SUV's in the take down in Crystal City, VA

2c44d1  No.243624


Would be a positive thing.

9b01e4  No.243625

467f78  No.243626

File: f58986f70e269ed⋯.jpg (83.3 KB, 559x500, 559:500, 2251br.jpg)

330b45  No.243627


another guy in the car? Officer is not aiming at the guy

4c5c4b  No.243628


Well, bummer Anons. I tried looking for posts we posted on December 26th (and earlier) and realized, just now, that the older posts aren't showing up in the catalog (split link to catalog - https://8ch. net/cbts/catalog.html). Forgive me if I'm just obtuse, but do we not have Archives here? I have not had to look through them before now, but I'm not finding older threads. . . . Thank you.

7dfaae  No.243629


Link to bread? Missed that post

4cf96c  No.243630


looks Mexican

9c278f  No.243631

2c44d1  No.243632


Watch the video. No other guy in the car.

601429  No.243633


He almost looks military.

1cb181  No.243634



>>243616 - there is another video here of him walking away in cuffs


(this guy has a few - I think he's the original poster)

Derek Caelin


1h1 hour ago

Context, about 15 minutes ago there were two big 'booms'. My colleague said she saw a flash. We look out the window to see military/swat taking a man out of his vehicle and driving off with him. Vehicle is still there and being looked over by plain clothes people.


109e4b  No.243635


Well done, anon!


Please add post above to dough.

abfa40  No.243636


Smuggling drugs, guns, or children

bb0a9b  No.243637


it was confirmed in Denver, taken from one of the nearby building rooftops with the clocktower and chase building in the background, about 8-10 blocks from capitol

f09d0b  No.243639


WTF that almost says George fucking Soros

((( Gyorgy Orsos )))

9546a1  No.243640


>>rank and file shitlibs and fedora atheists

Thank you for this.

bb0a9b  No.243641


or ME


b0a624  No.243642


Is that a head cover?

Possibly Muslim shooter deal

7c3eb4  No.243643


k thx

bet Chelsea hid her upside-down cross for the pic.

woman on the left has a proper crucifix.

never heard that Methodists sport the upside down version . . .

b016b8  No.243644




what a Q-incidence!

8fa594  No.243645

File: 9301c96150f11d2⋯.jpg (387.49 KB, 1399x868, 1399:868, N332AM.jpg)

Another helo in the area (news crew)?

3eef8a  No.243646


They are fucking with our SA and I'm not happy about it. What a bunch of fucking assholes.

c4daf0  No.243647

He looks like that guy from The Church of S atan

4cf96c  No.243648


i totally agree, hopefully the other pieces on the board move in unison so this time it has the needed power to stay relevant

735f99  No.243650

9c278f  No.243651


impressive answer

839361  No.243652


No. We just have perma-bans without appeal.

4b434e  No.243653


How about GitHub?

15428d  No.243654



13cec7  No.243655


>What did POTUS really imply when he said he would hand out awards MONDAY?

Trump set a leakers' trap in the msm.

Monday he strikes. We find out who the msm assholes are that are printing leaks.

0f0e51  No.243656


Being sick today and blurry eyed with strepthroat makes one less of an autist.


^^^^^^ This anon is smoking the good shit!


4cf96c  No.243657


im just talking about the face, not what the dude is wearing.

7dfaae  No.243658

File: ca8636688a1c3f5⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 559x500, 559:500, JBLARP0.jpg)

5cf8ac  No.243659


Sauce? Alefantis used to have this listed as a museum on Google and now it has been taken off. Also, someone had taken a pic of a Dept. Of Energy car parked in his fenced in enclosure. I think this could be shows going on there of nefarious nature. I saw pics of the place before Alefantis bought it and it had a second floor. Then he bought it and it was gutted. After remodel I saw pics of a partial second floor with a massive iron O ring had been placed in the ceiling. You could push this 2nd floor over to the other side of the room because gliders had been installed on tracks for that very purpose.and someone could have easily been suspended from the ring. The second floor makes a nice viewing area. Why would you put this massive ring in the ceiling

c2bf3f  No.243660

File: 72375d6b9abe9cd⋯.png (551.91 KB, 1440x1681, 1440:1681, 20161119_180912.png)


When SHE was "young & thin" or you? As a woman I can assure you, nothing protrudes on the female body like Michael Obama's genitalia

Pic related. Look what the Google search rendered in Fall 2016. That is until I uploaded it to Facebook. It was gone within hours. But a couple hundred people had already viewed it.

Michelle is Michael. Google confirm.

a5f08e  No.243661



DCEB5663 vs 93RAM_noc_GIS

8fa594  No.243662

File: b2e8b0d8e0deb6c⋯.jpg (373 KB, 1489x800, 1489:800, RR Airport.jpg)

Some No Callsign planes At Ronald Reagan airport.

f65cec  No.243663


Ignore the / and it is RESQ

rescue…Palm beach Rescue

Not sure what it means?

b0a624  No.243664

4cf96c  No.243665


see if you can corroborate what YES is in the stringer. There are a couple ideas and it would be nice to pin that down.

601429  No.243666


If he's paramilitary or something, clothes are relevant. Alludes to line of work.

343f17  No.243667

File: 20b72089fbc1ef1⋯.png (83.64 KB, 763x453, 763:453, screenshotAtUploadCC_15151….png)

eb69ce  No.243668


That is just the outline of Crystal City which is what I searched for in goog

ec72b1  No.243669


Can start spreadsheet answer thread here.

Have people who want to put answers into the spreadsheet post there, and then once every couple days you update the answers.

A possible simple solution for your consideration.

f113b5  No.243670

Jack F. Matlock

President George Bush despatched Ambassador Matlock to the Kremlin to warn Mr. Gorbachev that further violence would affect US-Soviet relations.

https://wikileaks. org/gifiles/docs/40/4056333_-os-2011-149-johnson-s-russia-list-.html

More here: https://www.cia. gov/library/readingroom/search/site/Ambassador%20Matlock

U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991.

0f0e51  No.243671


without doxxing yourself - where was this seen?

8de9cb  No.243672



Firstly, thanks for bringing this to our attention, SA. We appreciate you keeping up the good work on this.

Secondly, it would be in all anons' best interest to have a copy of the spreadsheet on their device(s) in case worse things happen.

Thirdly, assume any and all fuckweasels attempting to fuck with you are Clowns of the highest order. It doesn't matter if they're just dicking around; as of now, they are enemies and should be treated accordingly.



We need a solution/new venue for the Spreadsheet.

601429  No.243673


And you would use this in a prosecution how? It's a distraction.

15428d  No.243674


This guy is 32 years old and his name is Gyorgy Orsos, he's Hungarian. How in the world has this anything to do with Soros?

745f43  No.243675


ok, i don't know what the fuck i just found. I tried breaking down the last line. I searched sv3665 and came up with an ip address to a guy named Sergey Verievskiy in the Ukraine.

maybe nothing, but can someone look at this please?

sauce: http:// ipaddress.is/

309302  No.243676

File: 23b6b97623acbd3⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 605x871, 605:871, 1514337779969.jpg)


Can someone give me a qrd on this video, I can't watch it myself right now.

1cb181  No.243677

7c3eb4  No.243678


i remember the shtf after a youtuber traced some of the pedo pics to the Pegasus Museum. he did a really good job lining up the bricks, etc. check youtube

4b434e  No.243680

ec72b1  No.243681





34ad56  No.243682



You or anyone got a local copy from before the hostile edits ?

One solution might be to ahead with it, and disable public editing, but allow saving anons to make local copies.

Anons could submit edits via pastebins for example posted in the batter.

4cf96c  No.243683


or he was heading out to go "hunting", never said the clothes were not relevant, just seems that it would just open a debate that will have no answer until we find out his name in the public database…. if it ever shows up there

7c71bb  No.243684

File: f7838b7790db3e6⋯.jpg (28.28 KB, 500x376, 125:94, Snrub.jpg)


Is that like Mr. Snrub?

0f0e51  No.243685


It's a fairly common last name in Hung.

But it's kinda cool!

601429  No.243686



7e1fa7  No.243687


Nice work.

f113b5  No.243688


This too Crystal City:

https://twitter.com/ derekpost/status/949016023897919488

ac295d  No.243689


Can I put a spreadsheet there? I'm not a codefag :/


Most importantly, they are fucking with YOU and every anon who has contributed worldwide (it's not only anons here who have contributed!).


>Can start spreadsheet answer thread here.

>Have people who want to put answers into the spreadsheet post there, and then once every couple days you update the answers.

There is so much information that gets posted here it is impossible for me to keep up with it all. It's highly doubtful that anons will be disciplined enough to put answers in that thread.

b016b8  No.243690

File: 2be790df1fe2c78⋯.png (13.54 KB, 635x98, 635:98, ClipboardImage.png)


damn its really movin' now

abe6e7  No.243691

There is a hidden message to NXIVM. It means number 7 in astrology and people that belong to this secret society worship the planet Saturn aka Satan.



d8368b  No.243692


Yep. I discovered /pol/ the summer before the 2016 election. I thought I was obsessed then…

/cbts/ cranked my interest up to a gear I didn't know I had.

9c278f  No.243693


Satanists also worship a hermaphrodite, so transvestites and transsexuals are to be expected members. Also why they tried putting trans in mil positions.

ec8536  No.243694


I hope you don't know my wife!

8fa594  No.243695

I'm covering air traffic around Ronald Reagan and Edwards. Any other planefags monitoring?

510e4d  No.243696

File: dbd5ecee0fba5cf⋯.jpeg (1012.28 KB, 2332x1614, 1166:807, cpsongoogleimagesearch.jpeg)


Just do a google image search for "pegasus museum dc"

after scrolling down, found this

4b434e  No.243697


Yep, comes with versioning and branching.

Handing for deltas or incremental changes if you prefer.

0f0e51  No.243698


That explains a lot…

ec72b1  No.243699


You lack faith in the diligent question answer-ers

I say start the thread up at least as a temporary solution and if you find it is not working satisfactorily then we can continue to look for a solution.

You might also, if possible, allow more than one person the ability to update the questions, but not full public

8fa594  No.243700

Andrews, not Edwards. Focus!!

4b434e  No.243701


Handy even

ec8536  No.243702

a5f08e  No.243703


It's not uncommon for the police to send criminals letters saying they've won something when it's really a sting. When they show up, they get arrested. Usually some sort of lottery setup, but I like the award show better :)

31e7c2  No.243704


I’m sorry to hear that. I suggested a structured time where we can go over and come to a consensus on answers based on previous day news, but didn’t go over too well at the beginning lol. But, if y’all are open to creating a structured discussion time/thread to approach it more like a project, let me know.

a325a1  No.243705



Gold Exchange Feb. 8th ?

Square brackets ([ ]) are used inside of parentheses to denote something subordinate to the subordinate clause.

abfa40  No.243706

I believe Bannon is the Great actor used to distract from Clintons new DOJ investigation into her emails

7c3eb4  No.243707


here's the youtube vid i saw on pegasus and "the kill room"

the guy talking "ryan" was threatened big time by alafantis. i think ryan filed a police report - he was scared to death.

https: //www.youtube.co/watch?v=PYBU08FhIfY

3eef8a  No.243708


What's the J, then?

8016be  No.243709


IRS tactic too

8971d7  No.243710


Perhaps some reported events will be “corrected.”

1cb181  No.243711


Obama Refers to His Wife as "Michael"

“Secretary Panetta, thank you for your introduction and for your extraordinary leadership. Members of Congress, Vice President Biden, members of the Joint Chiefs, service secretaries, distinguished guests, and men and women of the finest military in the world. Most of all, Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael and I also want to also acknowledge your son Jack, who’s deployed today. All of you have performed extraordinary service to our country.”


4b434e  No.243712

7dfaae  No.243713



ec424d  No.243714


Yeah, I've read through his and @NoelDickover

twit. Guess they work in the building near and took the pix.

>it really looks like a training operation. Future news should clear this up.

f47455  No.243715


Thank you! I made two posts about that crap yesterday and some of it was edited but much left in, as of this morning.

That dude is seriously having a bad med day. He posted as Q at at least two forums which he listed in the Spreadsheet. It was beyond ridiculous and any normie seeing that would have rejected the whole Q scene.

All the horseshit with the links to other forums needs to be removed ~ ALL the NON-Q crap.

THANKS for addressing this fuckery.

601429  No.243716


Downloading and using search helps. Or following links on relevant stuff. This site is not designed for good searching, unfortunately.

93e306  No.243717

File: 326bcb710d33c42⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 320x240, 4:3, methodists.webm)


>Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C.

9a2218  No.243718


"Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions."


09b1da  No.243719


That was my guess.

343f17  No.243720


It's on two different twitter feeds including @thomaspaine and its on a periscope video. The screenshots have the names of the two posting it.

f65cec  No.243721

Missing plane from Oklahoma

https://www.msn. com/en-us/news/us/faa-plane-that-left-wiley-post-airport-last-seen-on-radar-heading-into-gulf-of-mexico/ar-BBHQwG6?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

b016b8  No.243722


its just ODD! I'm NOT saying "ITS GEORGE! THEY GOT HIM"

but im over here researching human trafficking and I find this

"Hungarian man.."

peeked my interest

clicked on it..

the name made me feel like I needed to share it

lighten up

510e4d  No.243723


It really creeps me out that the CP is in the logo. It bugs me. Coincidence? I don't know

0f0e51  No.243724


Janet (Reno)?

ec424d  No.243725


TOP Kek!

>can you repeat that sir?

7dfaae  No.243726


In camo though? Seems unnecessarily suspicious and though the pic is low res, that guy looks more like ex. mil than a gangfag

3eef8a  No.243727


In anon's context? What does Julian have to do with gold exchange?

c2bf3f  No.243728


It's easy to misspeak THE TRUTH

109e4b  No.243729



Another for the dough.

601429  No.243730


Still working on my own spouse. He refuses to believe anyone is getting arrested. Not of like mind.

0f0e51  No.243731


I see it was the same event. I thought another takedown.

(getting antsy!)

13cec7  No.243732


Boy, that Chelsea is a looker, isn't she?

b74ea2  No.243733


Michael can be a girl's name, too. Example: Michael Burnham in the new sci-fi dystopian violent disctraction series.

309302  No.243734


It's piqued.

7dfaae  No.243735


Nothing, but I don't think this has anything to do with a gold exchange

4b434e  No.243736


Has one of the Clintons died?

Bill, I mean…

Something feels massively off, like they are about to announce something but they're scheming to fix the right narrative…

7e1fa7  No.243737

It's the 4th. Lots going down but the masses are antsy for arrests.

343f17  No.243738


I have an XLS export from 2 days ago.

8fa594  No.243739

File: f6fcb3d0e29cc14⋯.jpg (282.15 KB, 1122x852, 187:142, 737.jpg)

Blocked 737 headed NW - track suggests it may have left RR or Andrews.

3eef8a  No.243740


Me either, but I'd like for anon to answer. I think it's a go message for Julian. We'll see, I suppose.

08c698  No.243741


Can't you lock the spreadsheet down, if not your asking for trouble. He. Just have a submissions area, which can be then vetted, and if necessary added to the master? Personally not seen the spreadsheet, so not sure if this would work.

7880d2  No.243742

File: 22f15768e40b2f8⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 525x530, 105:106, f589c7484b18963fa739190d7e….jpg)

File: ac5242bdcacf48f⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 736x828, 8:9, c23baa9b733eadf302146b8a61….jpg)

File: 0a53c5e55b1df17⋯.jpg (7.17 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images-4.jpg)

File: 45f0c345f1dc82d⋯.jpg (56 KB, 600x1043, 600:1043, i-think-its-time-for-a-new….jpg)


(pic 1 related)


(pic 2 related)


(pic 3 related)


(pic4 related)


7dfaae  No.243744

File: 3cdacad2c863dd2⋯.jpg (193.18 KB, 640x960, 2:3, shrek donkey.jpg)


>implying you wouldn't

ff2ba3  No.243745

File: 6f78adf23ff2ffb⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1752x2910, 292:485, Scan 1.jpeg)

Here is the Peter Benchley novel cover. He wrote JAWS, THE DEEP and was speech writer for Lyndon Johnson. Suspect he knew a lot about the deep state.

In the book Q is singled out by POTUS as the one man who speaks The Truth.

I would suggest to you that someone at Q has at least read the book. Intend to do the same. Have a copy if anyone wants specific dig or reference on it.

Is hard to keep up with the threads. WeatherFags be needed next. Await POTUS the calm is upon us tweet in reference to the current weather conditions.

4cf96c  No.243746


maybe start a rolling question section and we fill the lines in as anons get close to what the answer is, maybe the baker can help and put a section in and they help move it along as the bread rolls?

7e1fa7  No.243747


Who is going to announce?

7dfaae  No.243748


Same here. hard to know now; future proves past and all

09b1da  No.243749


You can buy that stuff at any Army/Navy store, or even online. I was just saying it was my "guess". That was literally based on his face - what I could make out of it. On the other hand, no visible tattoos - so it was probably a BAD "guess"!

7dfaae  No.243750


Any news you're referring to in particular?

b74ea2  No.243751


Hello again dear rewritten! Can you explain a bit more on your solution of the QMap? I think it lacks merit among us anons. Please spoonfeed a bit, you are a bit hard to follow (I tried).

cbc0fe  No.243752


It wasn’t stupid. I just discovered this myself after digging into it further.

964352  No.243753

Pretty sure it was reposted yesterday 281 or 282 >>243502

ec72b1  No.243754


Good find anon



might be bread worthy

ac295d  No.243755


You're welcome. It's how I can contribute.

>it would be in all anons' best interest to have a copy of the spreadsheet on their device(s) in case worse things happen.



https:// app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=526615d9859649bbb85460c498bab296>You or anyone got a local copy from before the hostile edits ?

Yes, I have a downloaded .xls from today.

I want to stress that no one has erased all the answers from the open columns, that was just their threat to do so.

>ahead with it, and disable public editing, but allow saving anons to make local copies.

Yes. I just changed it to public, ability to download file and see (but not make) comments.


https:// app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=526615d9859649bbb85460c498bab296



re: github

ok I will look into that.


Not lack of faith, based on observation. Some will, most won't. That's not to disparage anyone, just how it has played out so far.


Will consider that, thank you.

abfa40  No.243756

What time is the Assange interview, can't find links

601429  No.243757


When I was working on the tagging of my website, that helped a lot.

8f3767  No.243758

File: 0af7c4a8cf6bfdc⋯.png (1014.42 KB, 889x668, 889:668, Pizzagate Bill Clinton.png)

3eef8a  No.243759


8pm Eastern

f47455  No.243760


No, The Fringe forum (where anon posting is allowed) did NOT originate this ~ an anon poster named Qanon put up a thread there and when he got rolling he posted some unbelievable tripe. The thread was requested CLOSED and then DELETED by by request. The Fringe was embarrassed by that anon. There are many Q minded patriots at the Fringe. That Qanon space case is not among them.

6d0d2b  No.243761

File: 98da23fa17175cd⋯.png (52.44 KB, 522x393, 174:131, b5f4e03de1e7d01b431f16b4be….png)


here you go buddy

4cf96c  No.243762


you are most welcomed SS

> samurai.jpg

8fa594  No.243763

File: c0a7acb8fc02281⋯.jpg (609.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Embraer.jpg)

Got a blocked Embraer with a GLF5 in trail (also blocked)

15428d  No.243764


No, it isn't odd. Just in your mind. You made connections without any proof.

5ecec0  No.243765


I took note of your last sentence, which has been my point all along.

b63be6  No.243766

c4daf0  No.243767

8pm EST interview with Julian's mom


9b01e4  No.243768


lay off that anon, its a nice little "coincidence" and light humor keeps us healthy and sane

a325a1  No.243770


still working that part….

Sometimes the bracket is used to highlight a letter. J = JUSTICE?

13cec7  No.243771


I wouldn't even fuck Chelsea with Michael 0's dick.

0f0e51  No.243772


Is that tonite? Or Monday?

And I'm trying to put this together on a timeline.

What time is the Fakenews awards

And will this correlate with goldenglobes or any other event at the same timeslot?

(I do not watch TV- But monday will find one to watch!)

9b01e4  No.243773


any word on where MOM will be for the interview?

also could an anon upload it to youtube after it finishes, i work until 940 pm est

7dfaae  No.243774



c2bf3f  No.243775

File: d2027fd80d3cdcf⋯.jpg (906.71 KB, 1440x2456, 180:307, Screenshot_20180104-171052.jpg)


That's a fictional character. Find me a baby girl named Michael 53 years ago

There's ample evidence Michael Lavaughn Robinson was born a man

There's no Michelle Lavaughn Robinson in "her" high school's records



964352  No.243776

Matlock was an attorney in the tv show. Amb is related to bitcoin. Jews might mean something other than Jew . Where does this post come from tho? >>243581

7e1fa7  No.243777

0b9002  No.243778

File: 589c1721f082a48⋯.jpg (719.34 KB, 1012x4030, 506:2015, fw4012018021256.jpg)

deleted og lost to include relative info

ac295d  No.243779




Yes, it's now public view but not edit.


I have one from this morning. Always good to have back ups!!


Ok, so who is it that is so assmad and making such threats then? It's not the same group but a different one?

601429  No.243780


>https:// app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=526615d9859649bbb85460c498bab296

Thank you. Do you know where they hide the download link?

abfa40  No.243781

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL6PJRh39YI

Interview with a former captive of human trafficking. They use a drug called 'Devils Breath', mind control drug blown into your face. While under its affects you believe anything they tell you. Scary.

dd207a  No.243783


Sounds like haitian zombie powder.

a325a1  No.243784


my first thought was Assange, but does not fit the puzzle.


3bd60a  No.243785



Attention All Meme Makers


A meme-dropper has posted in >>243380

If you use the F word, I cannot repost it without getting banned.

So if we want our memes to see the light of day, we must limit our vocabulary to what is generally-acceptable to normies of all ages.

b016b8  No.243786

File: fa8eb3676484664⋯.png (292.92 KB, 688x560, 43:35, ClipboardImage.png)


343f17  No.243787


@derekpost on twitter shot that video. Maybe you can ask him if he can send you the original. Probably loses some quality when uploaded to periscope.

9b01e4  No.243788


anyone have model info?

i see a couple chevys but my eyesight is not great

d94561  No.243789

://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,155760,00.html Interesting article. I remember hearing about James Bath and ties to the Bush/Saudi families.

2f22e5  No.243790


last line. SIG (State Inspector General) ? Theres been a lot of articles recently about Inspector General investigations into mueller probe…

109e4b  No.243791


It's actually in one of Q's posts prior to signing off as Q and getting the tripcode. Notice first line.

Anonymous Tue 31 Oct 2017 23:00:15 No.147433975 >Bread Crumbs - Q Clearance Patriot


Military Intelligence.

What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?

What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

What must occur to allow for civilian trials?

Why is this relevant?

What was Flynn's background?

Why is this relevant?

Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?

Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?

Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?

Was TRUMP asked to run for President?


By Who?

Was HRC next in line?

Was the election suppose to be rigged?

Did good people prevent the rigging?

Why did POTUS form a panel to investigate?

Has POTUS *ever* made a statement that did not become proven as true/fact?

What is POTUS in control of?

What is the one organization left that isn't corrupt?

Why does the military play such a vital role?

Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?

Who guards former Presidents?

Why is that relevant?

Who guards HRC?

Why is ANTIFA allowed to operate?

Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?

What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

What happens if mayors/ police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?

What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?

Why is this important?

What is Mueller's background? Military?

Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering?

How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?

Who is helping POTUS?

4b434e  No.243792



Nothing I can put my finger on just a MASSIVE deafening silence from the Left on Bannon and on anything. This is definitely not normal.

This would only preceded a massive announcement such as the death of someone super important on the left so that they had to get behind a highly organised narrative.

Its spoopy quiet right?

9b01e4  No.243793


is there an ebook of Q CLEARANCE



1e0ce4  No.243795


Scarecrow Batman

a325a1  No.243796


RR? as in Q post?


9b01e4  No.243797


isk MSM had a fucking field day yesterday as far as i could tell, if they ignored it then i would call it spooky.

59b4ba  No.243798

File: 2f8b1a6341e3857⋯.jpg (133.81 KB, 1503x685, 1503:685, menatap limited.JPG)

File: 43af338d8a74e50⋯.jpg (7.19 KB, 200x200, 1:1, images.jpg)

File: fc9706bdc4bd5a9⋯.jpg (226.42 KB, 998x792, 499:396, margery kraus.JPG)


that's interesting. After searching more, I think the woman in the photo is Maria Amaya. the home at that address is owned by Pedro Amaya. I don't think the woman has any relation to this, and I think the kid was just her daughter.

The Close-up foundation was founded by Margery Kraus, who also founded a PR firm called APCO. The Close-up foundation is partially sponsored by congress and it essentially brings children to meet politicians and power brokers in Washington. Kraus a member of the advisory board of group menatep, which was created by Putin rival Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Menatep is a 29 billion dollar company and has been implicated in money laundering.

Close up is housed in a building owned by the Rothschild's Vanguard group and FMC, and it's supported by a Rockefeller social science proxy in Chicago, and it's mission statement is to introduce children to satanic pedophiles in Washington.

It appears that Margery Krause, who's well connected, began Close-up foundation as a way to produce children for powerful satanists as a way to offer fully rounded services to attract clientelle to her PR firm.

I searched logo's for the Close-up foundation and never found any that looked like the image which google image search associated with their.

Why did google image search hit on the close-up foundation? Do you think it's a coincidence? There's No Such Animal as a coincidence.

thanks guys!

309302  No.243799


Good good so many human trafficking articles today.

This month is off to a great start

05bb7d  No.243800


AMB Matlock argued per YT video that WW3 nuclear war with Russia must never be fought. Opposite to cabal reasoning. Relationship with Russia needs to improve enough to avoid WW3.

https:// youtu.be/aMJkgSPSb0o

b74ea2  No.243801


Spread Truth not hate.

dd207a  No.243802


How transphobic of you :^)

c2bf3f  No.243803


What's with the jumpsuit? Was he ready to parachute somewhere today?

7e1fa7  No.243804


Just noticed to, Bill still hasn't tweeted since Dec 30. Not even when his house caught fire. No statement from Hill either, or Chelsea.

b4280c  No.243805

RIGGED: Awan Judge Appointed by Obama Delays High-Profile Imran Trial Yet Again; Swamp Running Scared


4f4b53  No.243806

Not really relevant, but found it ironic.

Clam Before the Storm

Massive Storm brewing off the East Coast

dd207a  No.243807


Hate is the emotion of getting shit done.

649f19  No.243808

Anyone got a link to q of years passed where q talks about where he works and morale being low and surrounded by corruption and doesn't know what to do. It's an interesting read.

0f0e51  No.243809


DO WE NEED TO START A DEDICATED THREAD about the reports of child trafficking?

There are going to be plenty, and I know it is the "endgame result", but if anyone wants to document the details for reference at future date, it would be worthy for that.

ac295d  No.243810


>Do you know where they hide the download link?

Refresh that page - it is now attached to the very first row, you can download the file from this morning there.

cfeab2  No.243811


Fuck I hope not! I hope those cunts are strung up on the lamp post. He doesn’t deserve the ‘presidential’ fanfare after he dies from aids he got from a 10 year old nigger

13cec7  No.243812


>Not even when his house caught fire. No statement from Hill either, or Chelsea.

Is it too much to ask that those two crooks were in the bedroom when it lit up?

4cf96c  No.243813


just ordered a copy, kek

b74ea2  No.243814


That would be Love.

Love can move mountains. Hate can destroy them.

Of course, nothing is black and white in life - but observe your actual feelings that "get sh*t done". It's the desire to get away from negativity.

d5c46d  No.243815


ms13 are often ex-Mexican military

abfa40  No.243816


Bombogenesis. Precursors for mini ice-age coming. The Sun controls the weather, the Earth is resisting the Change/Ascension. Low vibration beings can't survive new Earth

1cb181  No.243817


Did you read his last tweet?

RIP Sue Grafton. Hillary and I loved all your novels from “A is for Alibi” to “Y is for Yesterday.” We’ll miss Kinsey and you. Godspeed.

11:33 AM - 30 Dec 2017


f113b5  No.243818



dX : the Derivative of X

mathematics : the limit of the ratio of the change in a function to the corresponding change in its independent variable as the latter change approaches zero

0, 2, 8, 16 → 1^2 - 1, 2^2 - 2, 3^2 - 1, 4^2 - 2…

a stretch but makes you think…maths

4b434e  No.243819


Nothing on the main players on the left about Bannon. That makes zero sense.

ac295d  No.243820




>DO WE NEED TO START A DEDICATED THREAD about the reports of child trafficking?

That is a very good idea!

2c44d1  No.243821

File: 825ea4914f5ad6d⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1565x886, 1565:886, hil.png)

FOX reporting on reopening of Hillary's email investigation now.

9c278f  No.243822


trips cheqd

what is this unbroken link?

0f0e51  No.243823


The fact they have remained silent on twitter is very telling… Can't tweet in handcuffs behind your back…

cfeab2  No.243824



>ex MEXICAN military

Pick one faggot

601429  No.243825


How so? Just saying it doesn't do anything to advance things here.

7e1fa7  No.243826



8fa594  No.243827

File: 070528328f82b73⋯.jpg (387.85 KB, 1687x867, 1687:867, Andrews.jpg)

Blocked Learjet headed West, height indicates that it left Andrews.

13cec7  No.243828


>Hate is the emotion of getting shit done.

You're thinking of thirst for JUSTICE.

Thirst for JUSTICE is the emotion of getting shit done.

8016be  No.243829


Trump clears path for Assange to Leave London

https ://www.infowars.com/trump-clears-path-for-assange-to-leave-london/

d17967  No.243830


Because everything they say can and will be used in the court of law.

7e1fa7  No.243831

Agreed, where are the cheerleaders on the left going after POTUS for his twitter rant over the button?! They would've been calling for his head not so very long ago!

b74ea2  No.243832


The Earth actually wants to go forward with the ascension. She purifies the surface as she sees fit with natural disasters. Anons doing positive energy-work reduce this impact.

cfeab2  No.243833


He gone brah

c2bf3f  No.243834



I do believe the revelation that we were ALL DUPED for 8 years is a good start at waking people up

Not only do we have zero proof Obama is a citizen, they also propped up a gay man in a relationship with a transsexual.

So many people voted for Obama because he was black. Would they have if they knew he was married to a man in a dress?

Live and let live but that doesn't mean lie!

13cec7  No.243835


I didn't realize there was a difference in corrupt mejico.

8090f9  No.243837


Two are ford flexes, including perp. I think one is a bronco, and the bottom one is a ford Excursion

305795  No.243838


Keep spreadsheet locked. Users submit replies to you for vetting first>>243741

This. Would it work?

b016b8  No.243839


been gone

7880d2  No.243840

File: 415c30c04692223⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 620x414, 310:207, airnewzealand-201410291116….jpg)


DONT EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO FIND THE KEY TO UNLOCK THE ASSANGE FILE. Save your sanity cause this shit is unfucking real……inception inside another inception. Jasonbourne of all dreams just wtf. its fucking unreal. Ima run out of spoons.

just solve the country codes and other layers and enjoy those.

To get the key you gonna have to become Frodo and fight smeagels deceptions to finally ride the eagle. goodluck bro.

1e4e3c  No.243841


they have dudes in mexico who ensure the right people pass, and the wrong ones stay out. don't act like a know it all.

abfa40  No.243842

Geraldo Rivera is a cuck, he's defending Hillary on her emails

1715c8  No.243843

Geraldo's on FOX, saying how sick and tired he is of hearing about Hillary's emails; is he afraid that they might find him on the weiner computer?

c3a5cc  No.243844



and anyone else, go on voat/pizzagate

there is a years worth of research on there about ALL of this, links etc. keep digging of course but you can get most any information you need in that research.

9a2218  No.243845


6:00 mark

"DWS used Awan Brothers to blackmail Congress…"

-Timothy Holmseth


c4cd3c  No.243846


"The Learjet Model 35 … military transport aircraft … used by the United States Air Force they carry the designation C-21A."

8f2264  No.243847

2c44d1  No.243848


Host said Geraldo said "lock her up" in the green room. I don't think their own shills believe any of their own bullshit.

e558ee  No.243849


I think it was "save the cheerleader save the world."

ac295d  No.243850


I am going to look into github though I'm not a codefag. If that doesn't seem viable, I will definitely consider doing it that way. I've tried twice to create a new smartsheet and not gotten a confirmation email yet, don't know what the delay is, and I don't like people not having the ability to see the questions and answers.

964352  No.243851

Castrated hermaphrodite at that! >>243693

b6d63f  No.243852


i believe the source for that article was from the 28th… and it seems like it was mostly about visa fraud and whatnot. i didn't dive too deep into it though

f3c393  No.243853


housed in a building owned by the Rothschild's Vanguard group and FMC, and it's supported by a Rockefeller social science proxy in Chicago, and it's mission statement is to introduce children to satanic pedophiles in Washington.

a0a04f  No.243854


I'm guessing Geraldo has lots to hide, consider his resume. He basically had a show equivalent to Springer.

b0a624  No.243855

Anyone heard from Obamy in a while? His twatter nothing

7dfaae  No.243856


Nice work anon. BTW, are these untripped Q posts getting cataloged anywhere?

13cec7  No.243857


>Schumer was seeing an underage cheerleader.

Didn't upChucky knock up that cheerleader and have to pay for a hangar to get out of it?

180589  No.243858


and when you click it its a link in reddit relating to the picture we are discussing. Circular logic. Try Harder

b016b8  No.243859


yea they probably would because theyve spent the past 8 fucking years normalizing it and forcing acceptance of gender dysforia down our throats as ifs it not a mental disorder

as if its the genitals that are fucked and and not the persons brain

"my dick doesnt match my brain..im gunna chop off my dick because THATS my real problem..my brain is fine!"

c46249  No.243860


That was a troll post, ffs.

295359  No.243861

File: 2a71755ffef38d6⋯.png (165.31 KB, 1906x770, 953:385, marvista.png)

Q has sent us zipcodes before right? When I searched "MAR39sv3665BECD" it came up with Mar Vista in California…Jimmy Fallon lives there.

Google gives 0 results, vs DuckDuckGo. Which may be interesting.

1e4e3c  No.243862


but does it work?

7e1fa7  No.243863


They aren't listening. A few of us saw

him though.




6c9590  No.243865


you might need to have a special chat with your mom

a5f08e  No.243866


it's in the bread

f3c393  No.243867


the weiner computer?


4cf96c  No.243868


long time

cfeab2  No.243869




pick one faggot

Protip: MaraSalvatruchas are from El Salvador. The Mexican paramilitary (You) are trying to sound so intelligent about are Los Zetas. Try to research the shit you are spewing

538655  No.243870


They wanted to humiliate the serfs. Give them a President who is the opposite of everything he should be. FUCKING SCUM.

31c2e1  No.243871

Biden Quotes as saying, "words matter. This is not a game."

Ohhhh, Mister Biden, we know. man, do we know.

601429  No.243873


Got it. Thanks. Wish I was better able to work on it right now. Surgery has me too gimped for that. Plus, still might be fuzzy headed from anesthesia to concentrate on anything substantial.

I'll tell you this, though. It's very important that use of columns be regular and tagging of referring to etc. be consistent to be able to parse it. So far, you're doing great with that.

ec72b1  No.243874




fake q post

get your shit straight people, check the map, this was around the time the trip was cracked and people were trolling.

305795  No.243875



What did POTUS really imply when he said he would hand out awards MONDAY?




Timing is everything.

I am not important. Just standing Fire Watch.

"Timing is everything" At 5:05pm DJT twatted "Monday at 5:00 o'clock" Difference of 5 mins. Significant?

34ad56  No.243876

File: a07d9f4cf00f7dc⋯.png (260.71 KB, 1899x877, 1899:877, sheetActions.png)


You can also download the spreadsheet by clicking the upper left "new document" symbol "Export -> to Excel"

The lower left arrow toggles that menu.

ac295d  No.243877


>are these untripped Q posts getting cataloged anywhere?

Yes. Spreadsheet, pastebin, github, and some text files as well.


Where did the one in the middle come from?

First one is from low-key Fire Watch bro, third is from Q (logged).

7dfaae  No.243878

File: cfcd298e0162f21⋯.jpg (83.99 KB, 673x500, 673:500, athfotocaat.jpg)


can't wait for his turn

2c44d1  No.243879

Biden: "This is not a game." on FOX.

4cf96c  No.243880


Firewatch is just like Meg, not needed here and if wants some relevance, go to 4 and prove that we should give a fuck about what they are saying.

8fa594  No.243881

File: 4b46facd67f5efc⋯.jpg (702.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TRP7.jpg)

Incoming to Andrews - TRP7 with a helo as cover.

13cec7  No.243882


>is he afraid that they might find him on the weiner computer?

Mot certainly.

Jerry Rivers is a scumbag from waaaaay back.

Jerry has some serious skeletons in his closet. And I bet not all of them are over 18.

f47455  No.243883


>Ok, so who is it that is so assmad and making such threats then? It's not the same group but a different one?

The Fringe is a CT forum that allows anon posting ~ some anon called himself Qanon and at first baited people and then the next day unloaded a barrage of garbage. No forum member bought into his screed and I requested the thread be locked/nuked. I do not know who he/she/it was ~ just a famefag looking for 15 minutes, or possible a bad med day or at worst a paid shill looking to discredit the Q phenomenon.

I later posted at CBTS to call attention to the bad edits to the spreadsheet. This morning, some portions were removed, but the majority remained.

I'm thankful it's being addressed, but am pissed off that this is why we can't have nice things.

312bf3  No.243884


The upside down cross (inverted cross) is a widely misinterpreted symbol. It's origin begins with Saint Simon Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Saint Peter was crucified upside down as a sign of humility that he was not worthy of the same death as Jesus.

ec72b1  No.243885


Firewatch is not Meg and not even close to the same thing.

Uttering them in the same sentence is blasphemous almost.

please catch up./

01591d  No.243886

Anyone feel like we are literally living out The Book of Revelations?

And we are writing the next chapter. The Book of Q

601429  No.243887


Not sure that shows on a mere viewer's page. I was able to download the attachment.

a5f08e  No.243888


"…but am pissed off that this is why we can't have nice things."

That's how it is when you have children/pets.

f3c393  No.243889


What we’re Joes words to his grandson at the funeral? Kind? Comforting? Body language.

b63be6  No.243890


http:// beta.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-donie-vanitzian-death-20180104-story.html

cfeab2  No.243891


>this exactly

How he ever recovered from the fraud reporting he did in the 80s/ 90s is truly unbelievable

745f43  No.243892

File: d71a9a7b731aaa1⋯.pdf (48.7 KB, Interest in the Chinese F-….pdf)


This might be nothing, but EVERYTHING has meaning, right?


Everything has meaning.

Who is AMB Matlock?






I'm focusing on the last line, and decided to break it down.

SIG_con: Signature confirmed

Then I searched MAR39 and came up with this crazy document from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Searching sv3665 pulled up the IP address of Sergey Verievsky in the Ukraine.

http:// ipaddress.is/

and BECD led me to this:

Beijing EWT-CASC DIRECTWIND Marketing and Sales Co. Ltd. ("BECD")

I have no idea if any of these things is connected, but it kinda weirded me out.

8fa594  No.243893

File: 41e8242c718959a⋯.jpg (413.57 KB, 1533x1019, 1533:1019, TRP7_2.jpg)

Confirmed - N381MD and TRP7 headed towards Arlington.

7dfaae  No.243894

File: 9b86012ae75b322⋯.png (265.55 KB, 504x627, 168:209, Destruction_of_Leviathan.png)


>Leviathan = Cabal

839361  No.243895


He played the race card

7e1fa7  No.243896



Fire Watch has repeatedly said he is not important and just here to help.


Some days, yes.

4cf96c  No.243897


never said it was meg, dont even try that shit with me. we all are on firewatch when Q is not around, that dude is just another anon that pinned a saying to himself in a way that makes him a namefag now. Not Q, dont give a shit about his drops.

b63be6  No.243899


http:// abc7.com/news/2836403/

0b9002  No.243900




i think he's referring to gov vechs.. lic plates, etc.. not make/model

as 4 FW, idk who he is.. maybe nothing idk.. just putting this out there in case sumthing later

… just cuz not q doesnt mean not revelant

10e551  No.243901

File: 4946eb479eec412⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1482x820, 741:410, Lufthansa_Heist_JFK_Goodfe….png)

Why are the all getting killed, dying, committing suicide, having plane/train crashes, etc?


That face you make when you just scored $6 million ($22 in today's $$$) on the Lufthansa Heist…..

and then start planning the murder of anyone who knew anything

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Technically at that point, it wasn't Henry that was planning it….. Jimmy Burke technically made that call and started it….

But I'm sure deep down Henry already knew at that point what needed to be done

https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/24/goodfella-trial-lufthansa-heist-testimony-new-york


^ ^ ^

why did she get hit by the cab? she knew about Madoff



a5f08e  No.243902


Trump 737 maybe?

305795  No.243903


All your efforts are appreciated by many of us

22d3ba  No.243904


Mons pubis is a bone.

295359  No.243905


hmm, the names don't ring any immediate bells for me unfortunately. Will have to look into more detail

d17967  No.243906

File: 9a645ee3c91a88d⋯.jpg (136.87 KB, 888x499, 888:499, r0435709439efe7g9874939345….jpg)

Should we start making bets about Monday? Who is gonna fly the coup early? Who is gonna lose it on twitter this weekend?

2c44d1  No.243907


>http:// abc7.com/news/2836403/

Who is "Tom"?

09b1da  No.243908


He's referring to something different. Fake story. Not from Q. Not worth the retelling.

9a2218  No.243909



7c38f9  No.243910


Good work Anon

cfeab2  No.243911


>race card

Only got you so far during those times m8. Gotta be more to it. The race card being played for gain became big in the last 9 years

7e1fa7  No.243912


Dismissing info that can be checked out just bc Q didn'tpost it is getting old. But, I don't feel like getting banned again today, so I will leave it there.

9b01e4  No.243913

i dont think trump would tease/ tweet if people were getting jailed….it would be interfeerence in investigation

8fa594  No.243914


Not sure. Plots froze just South of Andrews. They may have landed there.

601429  No.243915


>http:// abc7.com/news/2836403/

Found by someone conducting welfare check? Not exactly elite.

392916  No.243916

File: 8eff2c472d17a80⋯.png (271.33 KB, 974x497, 974:497, twitrends.png)

I'm amazed at the relevancy of todays twitter trends!

ad57c1  No.243917


Where's the logic?

7e1fa7  No.243918


>Who is gonna fly the coup early?

Fly the coup! I love it!

601429  No.243919


Yes, it is.

745f43  No.243920


thanks. I just want to try and connect all that into something that makes sense.

cfeab2  No.243921


Mons Venus is a strip club

4cf96c  No.243922


Jorge Ramos :)

15428d  No.243923



467f78  No.243924

File: edce833c4006e2a⋯.jpg (79.88 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2254ih.jpg)

8090f9  No.243925


2 Ford flex, including perp vehicle, a ford Bronco i think, bottom vehicle is a Ford Excursion

ac295d  No.243926


So is it one of those followers that has made the threats?

From the comments at the bottom, it seemed at least some of them were open to going to reddit. Then the weird strawmanning about free/paid smartsheet and threats started this morning.

>I later posted at CBTS to call attention to the bad edits to the spreadsheet.

You posted that here? I didn't see it.

What bad edits are you referring to? I need to know please.


>Not sure that shows on a mere viewer's page.

You are referring to the "toolbar"? There is a little arrow pointing left at the bottom left of the sheet, if you click that it toggles the toolbar. I just changed the settings to now it will automatically show. Link is the same though (didn't change).

ff2ba3  No.243927

By the way POTUS follows QAnon on twatter. Someone sent my a screen capture of their search and I did my own to confirm.

Can't post here (different system). If someone else could post this sauce would be great.

And there is someone who claims to be an insider on Team Q who tweets regularly (this is not the kill_rogue previously discussed). They apply the same Socratic Method as Q here. Leading questions, crumbs, hints, etc.

Also active tweeters who claim to be part of the operation (but not part of team Q) who have good stuff (some of them here as well).

Twatter shadow bans all the best stuff. You know something is on target because hardly anyone gets to see it.

a325a1  No.243928


no coincidences.

10e551  No.243929

File: c56667a60c1b616⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1480x860, 74:43, Michael_Obama_Totally_Look….png)


fucking top kek….

we all gotta take that meme-it-for-yourself and the board break


bb3a64  No.243930

even if you don't care, the joan rivers disclosure and her subsequent death is huge red flag on this, and allegedly other witnesses were wacked, so its about deceit and murder

8fa594  No.243931

File: c9b057c0cb4de43⋯.jpg (389.97 KB, 1625x1009, 1625:1009, LJ35_And.jpg)

Another blocked Learjet headed East. Could be another Andrews departure.

7e1fa7  No.243933


I so want to believe that he is really just that dumb that he doesn't know how to hold a baby.

9b01e4  No.243934


there we go.

thanks anon

1715c8  No.243936


They also directed a lot of "off-shirt" jokes and references at him, it was funny

7e1fa7  No.243937


Qanon doesn't have twitter. Do you mean the I AM Q guy?

746e1e  No.243938

Hey Fire Watch anon – congrats on today's operation on such a cold day. You guys all looked safe & like all went well.

You guys have to be so invisible that I (and probably lots of others) do have some concern that you & your work is unappreciated.

Please know that there are plenty of fellow Americans who appreciate you all every day, and pray for your safety just as much as for active duty military and gov't intel operators who put themselves at risk.

Let's keep these guys and gals in mind, anons. They're doing the heavy lifting these days and in the months to come.

601429  No.243939


Oh! That! Yes, they really did hide it. Thanks. Ive got it now.

330133  No.243940


No. Q is not a god. You sound like you're idolizing some deity. Stop it.

1715c8  No.243941


Thought you'd like that; it's all about how you word it!

98a67e  No.243942

Redpilling a norm, sent them the following:

Who is Q?

https:// >www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqExi6bOoyA


https:// >www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/wiki/faq

Q Proof

https:// >www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/wiki/proof

Normie responds "Why is this not more publicly known"

What do you recommend to help gently redpill

cfeab2  No.243943


Op link?

649f19  No.243944


Oops, didn't recall it was fake q which is why I asked. Deleted my two posts. Lurking….

10e551  No.243945


There is a picture - can't remember if it real, or "art" of someone in a room

It is the inside of the side of Pegasus that has the white garage door and gray door - and the window with bars

When you find that picture and compare it to the exterior of Pegasus - it is very creepy

Will look for it….. real life keep getting in the way though

I'll meme it good and hard if anyone can find it

73e3ae  No.243946



5566ac  No.243947

For those lurking and following up on what gets posted, talking about M Obama and weed is a waste of our time.

e41d80  No.243948


wtc 7 seems to be the most recommended place to start

d17967  No.243949


So @kabamur made this comment about the fire:

>I will tell You Now that boxes of material and photos of children, babies and sacrifices were sealed in boxes in the ceiling of the Secret Service building on the property behind the Clinton home.

601429  No.243950


Of course, there will be a new one by the time I'm really able to work with it. You're doing a great job.

1715c8  No.243951


He probably also possesses other hidden talents away from the camera

746e1e  No.243952

98a67e  No.243953


got a meme?

cfeab2  No.243954



Since (((bible))) was written over a couple hundred years, why can’t we add this fan fiction 1000 years later

c2bf3f  No.243955


Is that a real pic? Biden isn't holding that baby so why is he cupping his crotch?

Creepiest uncle Joe pic ever

0b9002  No.243956


i get u anon. i just mean theres other good actors in here… and bad. hard to distinguish whos who.

b63be6  No.243957


it is interesting because he tried to "overdose" as the "police" found him unconscious and claimed he shot his wife. Also when things proceeded he plead not guilty. The police would not comment on the matter at the time when they first "found them".

wife also wrote for ny times i believe

6b2e30  No.243958


Exactly which account is POTUS following.

0a43c3  No.243959


negative on the follow -

$ t followings POTUS

Cabinet CommerceGov DanScavino DeptofDefense DeptVetAffairs DHSgov ENERGY

EPA EPAScottPruitt ericbolling FLOTUS foxandfriends HHSGov Interior

KellyannePolls NASA nikkihaley PressSec realDonaldTrump Reince45 SBAgov

Scavino45 SecElaineChao SecondLady SecretaryCarson SecretaryPerry SecretaryRoss SecretaryZinke

SecShulkin StateDept stevenmnuchin1 TheJusticeDept USDA USDOL USDOT

usedgov USTradeRep44 USTreasury USUN VP WhiteHouse

$ t followings realdonaldtrump

AnnCoulter BillOReilly CLewandowski_ DanScavino DiamondandSilk DonaldJTrumpJr DRUDGE_REPORT

ericbolling EricTrump foxandfriends foxnation garyplayer GeraldoRivera greta

IngrahamAngle IvankaTrump JesseBWatters KatrinaCampins KatrinaPierson KellyannePolls LaraLeaTrump

MarkBurnettTV MELANIATRUMP MichaelCohen212 mike_pence MrsVanessaTrump piersmorgan PressSec

RealRomaDowney Reince Scavino45 seanhannity TeamTrump TiffanyATrump Trump

TrumpCharlotte TrumpChicago TrumpDoral TrumpGolf TrumpGolfDC TrumpGolfLA TrumpLasVegas

TuckerCarlson VinceMcMahon WhiteHouse

cfeab2  No.243960



208e7c  No.243961


Let me echo this anon's comment. You Fire Watch guys are the gold nuggets I search as I sift through all the clutter. Your work doesn't go unnoticed by me. Thank you.

9d0c0b  No.243962

File: 2a2ca59dbd7aa9c⋯.png (144.47 KB, 499x378, 499:378, ClipboardImage.png)

305795  No.243963


Proof of pic needed. DJT follows 45, and not one of them is QAnon

ad57c1  No.243964

Even more email are found now!


7e1fa7  No.243965


Seems like more than a narcotics bust when he is in camo and there are GSW to the car.

870c9a  No.243966

File: 75d7ecdd57893ec⋯.png (16.47 KB, 974x278, 487:139, QuestionMark.png)


a6513e  No.243967

During the financial collapse of 2007/2008, I remember a coworker that had a TS/SCI and he was bragging about how he stiffed his mortgage lender. He was under water on his home loan, and decided to just walk away. I don't know how he kept his clearance. It seems that the issuance of security clearances is a tool of the deep state to keep the deck stacked with PC assholes. Also, there's a circle jerk that's occurring within the LDS church where they vet each other to get high clearances with the nuclear weapons complex and intelligence agencies. Most hiring within the government require a current security clearance. Too bad most of the clearances are held by PC douchbags.

b0a624  No.243968


you mean this account?

https:// twitter.com/kabamur_taygeta

c46249  No.243969


"Proof of Q" doesn't include the foreknowledge of the purges in SA, which is BY FAR the largest and most significant proof to date.

e41d80  No.243970


^not without large quantities of hdd digging

anons , help a brother out?

>alternatively you could try the memes threads and search the page for wtc 7 , or 9/11

6b2e30  No.243971


If that were true they would have burned them in a fire pit outside. There was no need to set them on fire inside the house.

601429  No.243972


Her being a reporter would bw relevant. I wonder what these people were told….

f3c393  No.243973




ac295d  No.243974


I know and we're all just working together on a gigantic puzzle with worldwide ramifications, which is very serious. I appreciate every anons efforts, so many putting so much time into it and for love and patriotism only.

What a time to be alive!


So the question really is: which agencies use which ones?


>there will be a new one by the time I'm really able to work with it

Man I hope so.

0a43c3  No.243975

e0ee60  No.243976


ok art imitating life…denzel w. book of eli?

8f2264  No.243977


Thanks glad I’m not the only one taking note of these. Have followed and engaged in some of FW’s crumbs here and prior breads. FW contextualizes current relevant happenings in articles posted here and leads you onto related Q drops. Q said follow then news, doesn’t hurt for our autists to spend a few minutes reading into these for relevance.

31c2e1  No.243978


I named my pit bull after her. Crooked teeth brindle. Liked to shake hands, bout the only trick she had besides standing on her back legs and dancing. Her back end was as ugly as her front and it was the only name I could think of when I looked at her.

392916  No.243979

File: 690c93432fd672f⋯.jpg (625.52 KB, 2040x1499, 2040:1499, bengarr010418.jpg)

3eef8a  No.243980


Yep. These disinfo whores just want to be that smug asshole who knows more than the rest of us, but won't say what they know or show their work.

8090f9  No.243981



Yes, Excursions are very expensive

9d0c0b  No.243982

8fa594  No.243983

File: cb5b402c30a07e0⋯.jpg (439.78 KB, 1613x1023, 1613:1023, TRP7_3.jpg)

TRP& and helo now headed SE, possibly Fort Lauderdale..?

3eef8a  No.243984


Savage Garrison.Debbie with a gun. Podesta with a pizza. HRC and Huma holding hands. Jesus.

d17967  No.243985


True I still believe this could be something used by MSM. But as Q stated light a fire- just pulling thoughts in to the think tank so we can make sense of it all.

0a43c3  No.243986


seems to be a bump(er) crop of them in the last 18h.

330133  No.243987


Yes. We worked that out nearly a week ago.

7e1fa7  No.243988



8f3767  No.243989


Garrison went full tilt boogie on this one :)

a13dfb  No.243990

File: dfda9ec1e01f0e8⋯.png (5.15 MB, 2092x1330, 1046:665, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at ….png)

can I get a plane fag?

Is this mile high club material?

f3c393  No.243991


Priceless KEK

746e1e  No.243992


>Seems like more than a narcotics bust when he is in camo and there are GSW to the car.

My local PD wouldn't send all that muscle to bust one guy who had weed in his car.

Their story is too facile to be an effective cover.

392916  No.243993


I feel like he's right here with us. Hi!

All lined up. Great work!

7e1fa7  No.243994


Yes. He's helpful. Not everybody is paying attn. to him.

abfa40  No.243995

(AMB) could be Ambrosus an under the radar cryptocurrency invested in food and medicine.

CEO is Angel Versetti, Angel previously worked at the United Nations, World Resources Forum, Bloomberg and was trained at Google. He was the youngest project leader and lead published author at the UN. Through his partnership Versetti & Co he led investments in startups, social projects and early cryptocurrencies. Angel is a recognised expert and frequent speaker on innovation, technology and economic development (Davos, Vatican, UNESCO, COP21).

e1de08  No.243996




312bf3  No.243997


Gang leaders…they've already released the names. Research.

e41d80  No.243998

File: 35b17e368e760cc⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 591x512, 591:512, wtc_7-only 5% know.jpg)



>btw just ducked (searched) 'wtc 7 meme' , cause easier

>and some words too


2b42f3  No.243999


Thank you famalam

26199d  No.244000


is it just me or is the video stupidly choppy/borderline .ppt

2b42f3  No.244001

601429  No.244002

File: 9f08e6344205271⋯.jpg (274.95 KB, 1637x907, 1637:907, SheetParse.jpg)

File: d98da1dafb23f09⋯.jpg (458.99 KB, 1675x863, 1675:863, q-questions.jpg)


This is the start of what it looks like when I parse your sheet. Plan is to merge it per post into the site. I'd have that part knocked out in a day or two if not for the surgery.

7b3f34  No.244003

Check the schedule for tomorrow - Monday … @potus_schedule

ac295d  No.244004


Who is the red head on the right with the smoking gun? Samantha Powers?



>Excursions are very expensive

It looked to me like everyone coming out of those SUVs was in camo (I might have missed something, I was working on the spreadsheet if so). So, if that is the case, which branch of military would issue those vehicles?


What agency would have officers/agents in camo, empowered to make a bust/arrest/apprehension (of whatever) like that? That would be using those vehicles?

If it was for gang leaders as >>243997 says, what would be the agency/branch that would apprehend them? And would they use those vehicles? And be wearing camo?

9d0c0b  No.244005


It will be a fuck fest if 9/11 conspiracy theorists turn out to be right.

10e551  No.244006

File: 24084a61576adb0⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1484x826, 106:59, Lufthansa_Goodfellas_1.png)

File: 1ab9661c6c20b68⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1482x826, 741:413, Lufthansa_Goodfellas_2.png)




thanks anon

Fixed "muder"… and expanded

it's been a long day

735f99  No.244007


excellent work

31c2e1  No.244008


The Booooooots. LOL

d94561  No.244009

Researching this James Bath guy. The one with ties to Bush/Saudi/Banking/CIA/Aircraft and whatever else. Like film making… http://w ww.imdb.com/title/tt1692271/?ref_=nm_flmg_cam_1


566de2  No.244010



746e1e  No.244011


>So @kabamur made this comment about the fire:


>>I will tell You Now that boxes of material and photos of children, babies and sacrifices were sealed in boxes in the ceiling of the Secret Service building on the property behind the Clinton home.

I said yesterday that if I was going to search that place, I'd use a reciprocating saw to do it.

That said, am kind of "ehhh?" on @kabamur's account. He plays really deep in the outfield, but I reckon anything's possible.

6b2e30  No.244012


He's talking about obama following that alien guy who calls himelf Q. But obama follows a fuckton of accounts so it really isnt significant by itself.

8fa594  No.244013


No, I think it's 'Stay the fuck out of the way while we get TRP7 out of the airspace'. Holding patterns.

392916  No.244014

File: db880f7f6c35ada⋯.png (238.28 KB, 352x363, 32:33, couldntbe.png)

35b0dd  No.244015

I can no longer access this spreadsheet it is my favorite

Spreadsheet: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

d17967  No.244016


Is the far right not Debbie? Remember anon Debbie Does DC?!


330b45  No.244017


JA/JK Jakarta gold exchange

2b42f3  No.244018


Also, witness states they hurried him into a car, whisked him away then searched car. Doesn’t happen like that. Typically one is cuffed then watches as car is searched, not whisked off instantly

a8ebc6  No.244019

15428d  No.244020


This looks great!

06e8c3  No.244021


Exactly. Expand your thinking.

612ee4  No.244022


Holding pattern you dumb fuck

Captcha: gbruoQ

6b2e30  No.244023


>hey we need to get rid of this evidence quietly

>ok set the house on fire and get national attention


Conversation that never happened.

ffea6f  No.244024


scuzy muzzie .

b0a624  No.244026


What does @KabaMur have to do with any of this?

All I see is a teen age girl here? WTF?

f47455  No.244027


It was some anon poster who linked to the spreadsheet in his fake Qanon thread at The Fringe. It was NOT a regular member of that forum.

As he posted the link, I checked it to see if it was the real Spreadsheet, and it was and I also noticed his many 'edits', (in the comments section, rows# 3798, 3799 & 3800 ~ possibly more now) which included the link to The Fringe forum, which I found objectionable. Also included were his drivel/rant.

I posted at the top of CBTS #284 (iirc) and the Baker deleted my post, but mentioned that he was just the baker and the spreadsheet owner would fix it.

I checked later and some of the references to The Fringe were removed, but not all. (He was pissed the forum deleted his thread.) I do not know if the sheet was edited by the fake poster or the spreadsheet owner. (?)

Regardless, only bonafide Q related items need to be displayed, imo. This dude is a Class-A Asshat and could potentially derail much.

4bc67e  No.244028


strange ones though

754e90  No.244029

Anyone notice how every single major AIRLINE has given employees bonuses?

f3c393  No.244030


Sessions put out APB for MS-13 so could be any agency

612ee4  No.244031


Holding patterns are weird all around, pilots are usually drunk.

80e47e  No.244032


Drug related, why is the guy wearing camo?

ff2ba3  No.244033



I editted the "Q sent us pic" to remove the F bomb and it got real traction in the twatter sphere. Saw it on some popular twatter accounts and I bet tens of thousands of people ended up seeing it.

Now there is a target audience for the stronger stuff and it can have a positive impact on the right crowd. May Meme Bakers can keep in mind doing a "family friendly" version of their Memes as well.

Remember goal is mild cognitive dissonance. Some religious patriots (and a lot of them are) will reject profanity outright.

08c698  No.244034


She maybe a victim?

dbb063  No.244035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So many people have given their lives in the silent battle against the global secret order in the hope that one day all men would be free of the chains imposed on us by the worst of our species. Don't lose faith as that day of victory is nearing our grasp. It is important that we see this to its end so that we may honor and avenge those who may not avenge themselves. WRWY WRWQ

ad57c1  No.244036


Towers on coffee break.

98417f  No.244037

File: 19a848c8c1e34ef⋯.png (515.89 KB, 1045x643, 1045:643, 446964-1.png)


← Al Sisi

Egypt works with Palantir too…

Shills want to make you believe Palantir and AI's are evil.

Of course… It now works against (((them)))

6552aa  No.244038

File: c68ea86239952fd⋯.png (15.76 KB, 402x227, 402:227, ClipboardImage.png)

The best movies are the ones where you figure it out just before it's revealed. Think "The Others" or "Sixth Sense".

That's what this Team Q is all about… we figure it out before it's revealed.

601429  No.244039


Yes, I think the "final" product will make info more accessible.

f3c393  No.244040


Incentives to work holidays? This one particularly?

8fa594  No.244042

TRP7 appears to have landed at Patuxtent Naval Air Station. it's off the scope and was at less than 100ft when last seen. Helo is also low over Patuxtent.

38e7f2  No.244043


Most US president's wives are Trannies. Take the trannie pill. It's a shitty pill, but it proves the luciferian agenda is strong with these freaks.

3 pillars:


Man & Woman

Man & Machine

Man & God

3 perfect abominations.

7e1fa7  No.244044

File: cbbb7f78bb3095e⋯.jpg (62.01 KB, 574x458, 287:229, DSuaQtaWsAQczdt.jpg)

44c906  No.244045


Circling Al Gory's home town

d94561  No.244047


Best movies always have great plots.

746e1e  No.244048


>Gang leaders…they've already released the names. Research.

Thanks for the better info - have been making feeble attempt at doing IRL work this afternoon, so kind of distracted.

Gang leader roundup, good stuff.

So the camo guys with the super-sized SUVs are - Homeland Security? FBI? Or a Virginia law enforcement agency? Can't think offhand which agency would handle gang stuff.

1dfc6a  No.244049

File: a548e20b0b73f6a⋯.jpg (121.73 KB, 1550x913, 1550:913, 20141219_joejihadi.jpg)

b7200e  No.244050


I didn't figure out those movies before the end of them revealing the truth.

Maybe that is what it is. You are thinking it is one thing and don't realize it is another.

That makes a really good movie, the surprise at the end and you feel you need to watch it again to look at all the clues given throughout the film.

8fa594  No.244051

I need a planefag to take over - this Britplanefag is off to bed - early start tomorrow.

9d0c0b  No.244052

754e90  No.244053


Well it's due to the new tax code.

e558ee  No.244054


took place in crystal city…might be meaningful

15428d  No.244055


Yes. And bear in mind that in Europe are stricter laws on what you can post (not only for social media). Many commenter's sections are under moderation. "Memeable" memes should be a goal.

ff2ba3  No.244056


You have to search for the hashtag #QAnon then click on the people tab.

Follows was a bad choice of words because it implies something else. It doesn't appear on his list of followers but he does pay attention to what is happening.

Thanks for clarifying.

109e4b  No.244057


There are aircraft taking off and landing from there all the time. Since they're military, you won't often see them on the regular flight tracking tools.

b74ea2  No.244058


I don't need science fiction movies anymore. Reality is much better.

601429  No.244059


Yeah, well, maybe I'd believe it better if I didn't look like that when I was young. They duped us on a lot without having to go with that.

8fa594  No.244060


^^ That. Keeping others out of the way while they extract the target they arrested earlier.

44c906  No.244061


not sure.just know he has a home around Sparta. He was high enough up to have been in some of this shit.

b7200e  No.244062


No Gore lives in middle Tennessee by Nashville. These planes are circling North East Tennessee, which by the way is where that one guy was arrested the day after Vegas with all those guns in his car.

412b9d  No.244063



Coming in for landing

7e1fa7  No.244064



8095af  No.244065


well, I got this as well, when searching on sv3665

SWB/SV/3665/G/2, 14 October, 1999. 16. Phil Williams, “Drug Trafficking and Organised Crime in Central Asia. The. Encounter, Social and Political Consequences”, 1996 a report prepared for the UNDCP regional office for Central Asia; p. 20, cited in Sumita Kumar, “Narcotics Trafficking in Central Asia” in Jashjit Singh


772548  No.244066


On an unrelated note. I changed 'the mile high club' to now be called 'cum-planing' kek

98417f  No.244067


Unpredictability and of course a happy ending… No spoilers!

52e889  No.244068


Company on door is from Texas City, Texas. How did this truck get shipped overseas??

13cec7  No.244069


Reading Q crumbs as taught:

GREAT actors make GOOD movies [GOOD moves].

→ Trump and Bannon.

6b2e30  No.244070


He might be showing up there because so many people tag him and the q hashtag into their posts.

8fa594  No.244071

Need to watch Patuxtent Naval Air Station for a flight out to FLL. That would indicate a Gitmo guest.

109e4b  No.244072


What is the >>>/tg/ in this post? Is it something that gets added by the board? This is the first Q post I've seen with it.

Q !UW.yye1fxo Thu 04 Jan 2018 00:54:28 ID: aaefa5 No.11115887

What makes a movie GOOD?

GREAT actors?



1dfc6a  No.244073


sorry for double posting, forgot to mention another ford…

i bet this was taken in America, lol

8f3767  No.244074

File: 3613925de9624af⋯.png (37.82 KB, 700x319, 700:319, screenshot_05.png)

7e1fa7  No.244075


Where does Al Gore live? Al Gore owns a 4,040 square foot brick-faced Tudor home in the Arlington Ridge neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia in 1977, a 10,070 square foot Greek Revivial home on 2.09 acres in the Belle Meade area of Nashville, Tennessee, and the family farm in rural Carthage, Tennessee.

ad57c1  No.244076


Cargo containers.

0b9002  No.244077

b63be6  No.244078


this is old stuff about AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway dealership lawsuit

e116ec  No.244079


I'm thinking Jeff Sessions is due an Academy Award then!

ddd230  No.244080


Owner when on record stating truck was sold at auction, then a company shipped it overseas. Dig a bit more and you will find it.

d17967  No.244081


To me- and with qcode also being down. We need hard sources. We have enough information to make a more updated map maybe? I have been scratching my head as to how- we need less reading. The sheet served its purpose. I say we archive. The breads all contain it. When the new Qcode site is up- that should just remain our source. With maybe clones? Ionno- but it is always darkest before the dawn. I for one agree- take it out of Edit mode. We have worked too hard for asshat late comers who are just waking up. Great they want to help but with them- our efforts should be a work together conversation. We MUST encourage that. We need each other. We need the normies. We need to all be friends. And spread info- not arguments.

2b42f3  No.244082


>3 year old pic

Come on mods, ban these slide cunts

f3c393  No.244083


Thought that was TX tag!

6b2e30  No.244084


Mod telling him to leave and take it to a gaming forum with ban message. Its an insult, calling this all a larp.

9d0c0b  No.244085




Can somebody do comparison?

8095af  No.244086


Company owner sued for that usage, and I think settled out…


8f3767  No.244088


Free advertising :)

2c9f75  No.244089

File: 332aed19f55f1a7⋯.jpeg (316.46 KB, 750x718, 375:359, 594EFFB2-5BFF-47FE-92DD-C….jpeg)


Did anyone give any explanations to what the /tg/ means? Topo had it on their post as well…

15428d  No.244090


I really appreciate what you are doing.

c9462c  No.244092

EO_CLASSIFIED_WH[ -6713A] R.A 6713A Republic act Code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and Employees

Summary of such Act http:// officialnotes.blogspot.com/2014/08/summary-of-ra-no-6713.html

This is a philippines act seems most relevant to the recent news drops and other goings on

1) Halt to bannon book release

http://www. bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42570555

2) Ban on phones in the west wing

http://www. foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/04/white-house-bars-employees-from-using-personal-cell-phones-in-west-wing.html

109e4b  No.244093


Thank you. I will remove it from my raw text dump then.

2b42f3  No.244094


Drove across the ice bridge faggot

10e551  No.244095

They bugged the shit out of Sheryl Atkisson's house….

unless it was all a show….. they wanted her out

312bf3  No.244096


It's linked several times on the previous board.

6b2e30  No.244097

109e4b  No.244098

e41d80  No.244099

9d0c0b  No.244100

9b7d6c  No.244101


light a fire to smoke out rats (paraphrased) is qhat Q said. easy secret access to the property when staging a fire… no searchwarrant needed yo check the hpuse. once u find something, call to DA 4 warrent and DONE.

2b42f3  No.244102


>topo mention

Fuck off. That bitch is a whacked out dickriding cunt. Sage in all fields lads

b0a624  No.244103

About time for Lynn to show up?

Anyone heard from her today?

Lynn!? Ly nnn! Where are you!

a39f64  No.244104


Missing the [i] Relevant.?

6b2e30  No.244105

e41d80  No.244107


in triplicate

601429  No.244108


Maybe I should see if I can get the half chan part merged in at least. updating my thread scraper for 8ch is a bit too much right now.

a8ebc6  No.244109


I doubt it's just her lurking..

6b2e30  No.244110


Lighting a fire to attract feds makes much more sense than burning evidence imo.

c3a5cc  No.244111


Not if u cross state lines then we are right back to where people get arrested again

Change federal law. I say this as a pothead in a non legal state! Now focus

2b42f3  No.244112


>implying ANY productive member of society has time to look through 749 shitposts/ thread

Fuuuuug. I’ll wait

58f60b  No.244113


Use the two LARGEST tools available.

Start with SA > Connect Alaweed to Podest/Clinton/Obama/HUMA/MB…

Then EO > Connect list of frozen assests to Clinton, Soros, etc.

Gentile nudges. Just these two well documented and easy find crumbs/happenings connect the darkest elements and you can take them as deep as you both can handle.

Pray. Dig. Meme

412b9d  No.244115

File: 87218f3db3f6732⋯.png (603.54 KB, 1022x372, 511:186, solowandslow.png)

it missed the airport.. then just sat in midair (see pic) for a few minutes then vanished

ba55bb  No.244116


yeah, like we didn't ALL get it. Joan Rivers did not deserve to die for simply stating the truth. and if you listen to her stmt on steps going in, she says, "so what, no big deal" or so. For that alone, MO deserves a life sentence no possibility of parole and no pardon

27fec9  No.244117

File: 167a0c74c20c555⋯.jpg (213.05 KB, 1273x861, 1273:861, Shaf Patel.jpg)

Trump Hater:

Lib caught SENDING HATE MESSAGES TO HIMSELF after he forgets to switch accounts!

b0a624  No.244118

File: a9729f28df1aeb1⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 626x354, 313:177, DSqmtPrV4AI3HoH.jpg large.jpg)


601429  No.244119


I scraped over 238,000 posts from the half chan alone. This is a massive data organization project.

b74ea2  No.244120


My guess this /tg/ tag is hotwheels' doing.

Forgive him, the years at wizardchan have not been kind to him.

dbb063  No.244121


Back in #269 someone an anon was talking about the shipping company ARC a ship of theirs the M/V endurance and Summit Point Training Center in South Carolina. Summit Point is a tactical driving and weapons training center that was purchased by the State Department. Haven't found ties between ARC and the State Dept or Summit Point but still digging. Could be connected to Fast & Furious, the Awans and their car business, etc.

fff51d  No.244122

Not sure if this has been posted yet. Too bust IRL to get to the end of the thread!


8f3767  No.244123



9d0c0b  No.244124


Gps is rarely 100% acurate

4cf6d7  No.244125


He Trolls the Trump twatter account hard, seen him many times.

772548  No.244126

Not a total newfag. Been digging. Was also a PG digger on Voat.

What I wanna know is how does this play out. What is the end game. Can it happen without crashing the apparatus of government and withput civil uprising. What is the course it follows thru courts? Is there a lawyer anon online who could map out the route this follows?

540b49  No.244127

testing to try and learn chan

312bf3  No.244128



Filter these fags that keep bringing up the Philippines Act and have not read many boards of digging here >>241811 or even the 6-7-13 theory of comms restored between N & S Korea

15428d  No.244129


I don't believe that Trump's base would love to learn sometimes later that Trump lied to them for tactical reasons. Therefore I don't believe that Trump plays a game here or theatre.

bbc145  No.244130


How the Fuck is Spacey everywhere???

2b42f3  No.244131


I commend you sir

412b9d  No.244132


im a low level planefag, so i havent watched many land.

you are probably correct

a8ebc6  No.244133


I knew these/this people/shit was doing this.

On trumps tweets, you see all these weird botted like replies, normally anti-trump crap right at the top.

9d0c0b  No.244134



not really surprised

08c698  No.244135


Blind hacker, he probably means with an axe.

10e551  No.244136


christ… plane fagging is a bottomless pit of time!!!!

but would like to see see

will open on another computer and watch,


2b42f3  No.244137


Go back to plebbit! Or stay and become a redpilled nazi

ff2ba3  No.244138


I couldn't find one but the he was a popular author. Local library or used book store is a good chance of finding.

Was a signed copy on line for under $100. Might be the best souvenir ever.

e5c959  No.244139



I cant see him doing this

4bb89b  No.244140

Mark Levin has a great rant going atm.

ce8159  No.244141


No shit, Anon. Wowza is fucking confirmed! When fort McMurray AB went up in flames Trudeau said any money donated to Red Cross will be matched by the canuck governemnt. About 30 million raised and unaccounted for.

b74ea2  No.244142


>Can it happen without crashing the apparatus of government and withput civil uprising

Of course, if you do your part to keep you and your loved ones calm, sane and in the know, this will be a smooth transition.

As for what will exactly happen, again depends on all of us - therefore we don't know, because we all have a freewill choice to boot.

3d99ab  No.244143


Keep up the good work, SA.

(A)lways with you, man.

a8ebc6  No.244144


both accounts, including his muslim twatter is fake. He probs has a ton of fake ones, libtard strats.

519e02  No.244145






Please stop with this nonsense. The decal on the car is not for Child Protective Services.




b7200e  No.244146


TG is arts and entertainment, gaming…. storytimes.

Reminds me of North Korea and them being all 'actors' as Q says.

Is he saying North Korea is one big movie?

Remember North Korea Y-11 gaming code in front of the hotel.

Could the post all relate to North Korea, Good actors… good movie

and what makes a movie good?

You think you are living it. You don't know there is a surprise ending. The movie as an unexpected twist and then nothing is what it seemed.

Like an anon said previously… think Sixth Sense, The others..

A few other movies I can think of are 'The Game', Primal Fear, The Village.

All with endings where you have to watch the movie again to see the hints during it… that were not understood at the time.

b0a624  No.244147

File: 710f78b1cbdfa7f⋯.jpg (124.32 KB, 1404x656, 351:164, DSupNypXUAIXgbU.jpg large.jpg)

2a3cc6  No.244148


Fuck the Nazis.

ac295d  No.244149



How did you do that?!?

I'm flabberghasted and in awe.


>Is the far right not Debbie?

Could be but she has yellow ramen-noodle hair. Sammy Powers had _red_ hair.


Alright, but to determine which one was active in this bust:

>wearing camo

>has Ford Excursions



That's what I thought too. I followed the link, and it went to the real spreadsheet. I think I went to sleep and didn't see thread #284, so I didn't see that message.

As for the spreadsheet itself, I run it and I did delete some of the drivel, and that's when he went apeshit and started making threats.

I didn't want to say it there, but I did not believe for a New York minute that actual Q posted there. I was being kind and sent them to reddit, I didn't want to be a dick and crush their hopes and dreams.

Some people want/need attention and become violent when they don't get it. I think that's what happened. Thank you for answering and clearing that up.


>May Meme Bakers can keep in mind doing a "family friendly" version of their Memes as well.


>Remember goal is mild cognitive dissonance. Some religious patriots (and a lot of them are) will reject profanity outright.

Excellent advice!

6b2e30  No.244150


He might have him confused with that IAMQ twitter.

0d37d6  No.244151

File: 327fc17c3337155⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 881x449, 881:449, mike-obama_collection.jpg)

4cf6d7  No.244152

BREAKING: Judicial Watch Finds at Least 18 Classified Emails On Pervert Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/breaking-judicial-watch-finds-least-18-classified-emails-pervert-anthony-weiners-laptop/

5bcd23  No.244153


They all look they they are making the letter Q :)

745f43  No.244154


Damn! Good find! That seems more relevant than my Ukrainian!

09b1da  No.244155


And Bono

2b42f3  No.244156


Fuck (You)

13cec7  No.244157


Read Art of War.

Trump's base knows exactly what is going on, because Trump's base knows Trump.

Why don't you know this?

The Trump - Bannon "fallout" is a play.

10e551  No.244158


I believe it…. I see birds in the sky all the way down…

still looking for the plane(s)

bbc145  No.244159


Haha classic stupid lib

e5c959  No.244160


i dont think you see what im saying

8f2264  No.244161


My first linked FW post ( >>243072) in my comment had the next two linked in it

e558ee  No.244162


must be theatre

6b2e30  No.244163


That pic on the left is a very obvious photoshop. Everything blurry except face.

cdd0cf  No.244164



New here? Lurk and learn.

1cb181  No.244165


"Fire & Fury" people

Who else says WAR all the time?

16e88e  No.244166




Everything has meaning. → notice the difference in the brackets [ vs ) in first sentence.. we need to figure that meaning too find a ] bracket alone and find a (beginning one in priors notes.

Who is AMB Matlock?




540b49  No.244167


Never been there. Normie lurking for 6-8 wks. I don't get HOW we know this is Q or how we find him from 1 bread to the next. You satisfied with the new verification. I want to be.

8f3767  No.244168


Ambassador Jack F. Matlock

b0a624  No.244169

We're being watched LOLS

Look what Nathan Rothschild posted in response to some of our findings on Qdrop

https: //twitter.com/NatRothschild1

http: //www.openculture.com/2016/05/winston-churchill-gets-a-doctors-note-to-drink-unlimited-alcohol-in-prohibition-america-1932.html

312bf3  No.244170


Then why are you here if you can't do a SIMPLE RESEARCH for a fucking link:


bbc145  No.244171



Bannon fallout-FAKE

Sessions working on Weed law-Distraction

2a3cc6  No.244172


Nazis aren't redpilled, there are only useful idiots of fascism.

601429  No.244173

OK, I'm going to go see if I can at least get the half chan part of the sheet rolled in. It's databased already, at least. 8ch will have to wait about a week or so.

901be4  No.244174


Great movies are made by great directors and producers.

540b49  No.244175


Hisory person w/ high IQ. I've been seeing the troubles coming for at least 15 years. knowledge of the past.

b74ea2  No.244176



The account referenced is @kabamur_taygeta.

It checks out. I asked him some questions and while he is not 100% in my book - he can be trusted, if you have the awareness. If not it all looks like new age woo (it's not, especially not the spiritual advices). He also claims to have real connection to Q.

22d916  No.244177


Stephen Bannon.

109e4b  No.244178


>>244163 ← Correct

Do not use this meme.

9b7d6c  No.244179


its FAKE. isis is faked and scripted.

clowns fucked up. they r sloppy and stupid,

budget cuts??

735f99  No.244180


650912  No.244181


Big Mike…. It may be a distraction but it's funny!

15428d  No.244183


Trump's base are people who are sick of being lied to and being played. They won't forgive Trump for doing the same to them. You may. But most won't.

This is about being trustworthy. Not about some movie plot. Real live, real people, real emotions.

Trump knows this.

4bb89b  No.244184

"I don't care what you say. Just get on 8chan and post a lot of crap. Bury those fuckers."

ac295d  No.244188


Conflict, tension and resolution

Characters that are close, then have conflict, redemption arc → resolution


2b42f3  No.244189


Unfortunately, due to all the shit posting on this thread, valuable information such as how q was verified gets slid faster than a pair of panties prom night… supposedly, (((BO))) has some back channel comms with Q. Personally have my doubts

109e4b  No.244190


Smells good! Godspeed, anon.

6b2e30  No.244193


>if you have the awareness

So i gotta believe in aliens to be considered aware now? Neat.

13cec7  No.244195


Lurk moar.

58a43e  No.244196

https: //youtu.be/ajMRNSsvUPc

Obama's Army found 8000 SEC appointed.

15428d  No.244197


Must be? Why?

7c38f9  No.244198

Agreed! >>243961

b74ea2  No.244200


>Trump's base are people who are sick of being lied to and being played.

>This is about being trustworthy.

A thousand times THIS.

We are here to make REAL CHANGE, Mr. President. Are you with us? If so, we stand ready!

b0a624  No.244201

And here is why you don't take shit out of here

and just run with it on your own blog.

You can just end up telling it dead ass wrong.

This is a work room.

Not a finished product room.

These bloggers are coming here for free source work and don't want to do any follow up.

This isn't a cottage industry for your clicks!

Horrible Blog Follows:

http: //sunnyclo.ipower.com/pearlsofliberty/?p=8119&utm_content=buffer63cb8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

ff2ba3  No.244202


I did not know that. Thanks for clarifying this possible explanation. Wasn't trying to confuse people.

There is a lot of QAnon stuff on twitter and they actively supress, shadow ban, and scrub things. That is a front line with the normies though. POTUS uses it like a master.

9b7d6c  No.244203



BTW Dont leave out Mooch. he's been playing an excellent role. STAR! he's everywhere on the news to distract the msm

22d916  No.244204


Trump's base knows war is ugly but victory is sweet. You do what you have to do to win.

735f99  No.244205

16e88e  No.244206


Is the one with Michael (Michelle) in the white yoga pants still on internet. that was some trauma to the eyes to see.

e6a765  No.244207


Grape Smuggler

28aaf5  No.244208

109e4b  No.244211

Fill this bread, anons.

59b4ba  No.244213


The meme with the st peter's crucifix is counter propaganda meant to cover for chelsea. It just introduces confusion by framing a nonsensical false dichotomy. Most people don't know that it's a symbol of the pope and that the pope has always been a satanist, and that it means the exact same thing as any other upside down cross.

ad57c1  No.244214



15428d  No.244215


Trump is with his base. I'm sure of that. He won't play games with the people, because he needs their trust. Without their support, he won't achieve much.

8f3767  No.244216


Unless this crackpot Calamine lotion or parks his UFO on the White House lawn then he's not on my radar….

8f2264  No.244217


Helluva turnout for a narcotics search warrant.

3b9527  No.244218


that accounts for the discharge

abfa40  No.244219

We're not here to hold peoples hands, more than likely its been covered. Go back and read old threads. Lurk before you speak

e1c757  No.244220


Wasn't there some speculation several weeks back about a "compressed air system sabatoge"? At the time, there was disccusion about A/C systems (in buildings) be compromised….It was some company found to be affiliated with Clintoncartel busted for something. Maybe their EO stepped down…something…

CRS anymore. I picked a bad week to stop doing drugs….

98417f  No.244221


>Clam Before the Storm


5ecec0  No.244223



You've been cucked by a plant.

e7c540  No.244225


He interviewed with that MSM prick extremely, with style.

e41d80  No.244226

File: b83ed4c1c1582a2⋯.png (23.44 KB, 1820x260, 7:1, q_post_11-12-17_for god an….png)



how bout this one , it that what you mean ?

>pic related

9ab839  No.244227

Did anyone ever dig into the questions from Q about where the plane loads of cash sent to Iran actually landed?

Any planefags know how to research that?

10e551  No.244228


I say you are on it anon

I always say when the plane fags are looking - look for the helicopters… they are always there when shit really goes down

0982fb  No.244229

What more do we know about the plane down over Tx/Gulf?

Pilot an anesthetist, with an animal charity. Linked through the son of CEO of Arkansas co. that was big contrib to CF.

Some suggestion of possible link to nefarious arrangement with pilot.

Anons discussed Florida case of death of reporter investigating CIA body parts op. out of Fl.

Looking at Costa Rico crash, Steinberg was focus of pos target with link to Comey. What if there was another target on that flight?

E.g: Mitchell and Leslie Weiss – Leslie; neonatal (pediatrician), Mitchell; head of interventional radiology, both at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida.

9b7d6c  No.244230


her lawyer keeps twatting me. that its al; urban myths and lies. so i posted him some Rotchit memes and asked him to point out the errors so that we could correct them and now he is quiet.

3b9527  No.244231


crystal city is beyond creepy with all of the tunnels

ac295d  No.244232


I know, I got the first and third, was asking about the 2nd. So it was linked to your comment? Just trying to understand.


I'm in from the very beginning to the end, if this body holds up and all goes well!


Agree - we need teamwork and working together in a positive way with momentum. The spreadsheet is out of edit mode right now, but view/download are able.

Some nutcase went nuts, but he's also never dealt with weaponized autism: >>244002

It.. it's so beautiful

6b3278  No.244233

File: 61f02d586d8576c⋯.jpg (115.02 KB, 1073x743, 1073:743, Capture.JPG)



2a3cc6  No.244235


What the Trumplings won't accept is that Trump is just another Zog whore. Remember how Trump said he supported the Iranians and wanted regime change? These same Iranian people for the most part support their government.

https:// www.tasnimnews.com/fa/media/1396/10/13/1618978

09b1da  No.244236


The means to an end. The results are what is important. People will be very forgiving.

886637  No.244237

pro- and anti-potfags are a distraction at this point

the op worked too well LOL

13cec7  No.244238


>"Fire & Fury"

Why would I promote a douchebag's bullshit book?

I don't get paid for that and I'm certainly not gonna make that asshole rich, even if I was getting paid.

What's your motive for using that term?

e7c540  No.244240


Affirmative. Means to disperse bio agents.

7f8712  No.244241


no freaking way

he fled to Canada?

>In an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press, the Irish rock star praises Canada for showing an openness to the world at a time when many countries have been retreating deeper into isolation.



2b42f3  No.244242


Cool story faggot

b74ea2  No.244243

File: 16ede9332a1c521⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1683x1213, 1683:1213, obr799.jpg)


Aliens are not very important here, because we have more pressing matters as you know. As you know the cabal can spin this narrative against us through the false disclosure. This will not go easy due to the amount of informed people. In fact all you need is already on this board.

But the topics of spirituality is what I point out and what should at least be considered. This is the key to freedom. The cabal goes all-in to discredit and distract from true spirituality based on Love.

This is the "awareness" you need. It's not religion, not new age, not woo. Just plain old common sense with purity of thought and spirit.

9b7d6c  No.244244


its a great way to search for stuff without a warrant… i mean.. a fire… has to be investigated right> u have to check if pppl or pets r in the house etc.

15428d  No.244245


I see your point. But I believe Trump cannot do this without losing many people of his base. And therefore I think that Bannon and Trump are just going separate ways.

2b42f3  No.244247


Thanks cunt

b5a632  No.244248

File: 17782f46dc2fff9⋯.jpg (406 KB, 1105x1500, 221:300, 69dde2b69ffc3867bd1bf533c5….jpg)

File: 9cb8228b55ceb62⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 535x401, 535:401, kswlg4-b78571181z.12009111….jpg)

File: 7dbdcd2c0c49e6c⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 340x270, 34:27, il_340x270.1284469470_91ab.jpg)


We know they ( The Cabal)use the vatican/ catholic church to hide their religion within it, and as a form of spritual control.

We know they play both sides of the coin.

The church of england started Protestantism.

We know how evil the Royal family is( their family started it, pretty much)

Protestantism is the foundation of methodism, branched off from there.

I noticed the methodist ministers vestiment/ vestal scarf,, looked like fire, hell, or something bad.

I then looked at other vestal scarves.

They have alot of female ministers, and a huge variety of scarfs,, like rainbow ones, Templer cross,celtic cross, etc

We know Hillary and Chelsea belong to Satantic church,, but publically they attend "Methodist.

Knowing how corrupted the catholic church is,, and how widespread they are( they would need other churches close to them( where they can pray, do their rituals) ( right under people's noses)

I think some of these "Protestant( church of england) and then some of the methodist churchs are under their control, and being used for possible other purposes.

I think it would be worth digging into,, the connections between the methodist church, and members of congress, government, business/ corporations.

Their scarfs are SUSPECT,lol And having Clintons be a part of their church, is really suspect,lol

13cec7  No.244249


You can spot the libtards in here a mile away.

Claiming to know Trump's base …. smh.

They still don't get it.

ad57c1  No.244250


You have been reading to much MSM.

3577c1  No.244251

NK- we have nuclear button

Trump- Mine is bigger

NK- please pick up phone

Trump today- told y’all lil kim was a lil bitch

enjoying the show?

I am.

1dfc6a  No.244252

File: fe18b8f91f2e67d⋯.jpg (209.38 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, BITCH - Copy.jpg)

b0a624  No.244253


Oh oh. Don't get served!

540b49  No.244255


I saw graphic of the 2nd trip on /pol then also highlighted from cbts. Not sure how to limit across boards or how that shows it's really Q. Thought might cross highlight. Posted here and on "Who's P". didn't highlight across based on MY IP. Diff ID's on diff boards.

2b42f3  No.244256


Wew lad

6c4020  No.244257

File: f3d5ea1f3de0327⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 243x156, 81:52, th.jpg)

Q-do you have any concerns regarding the Argentine Sub that went missing?

13cec7  No.244258


Plus it pisses off all the right people.

I don't see a downside to this pic.

2a3cc6  No.244259


How unusual, some dumb cunt can't argue the point and only has "faggot" as a comeback.

508f06  No.244260


They sound just like the liberal governors and mayors having meltdowns today.

fb8741  No.244261

This pot issue is divisive. I worry that it may cause a civil war since race doesn't seem to be working.

b74ea2  No.244262


That is true. But the means never justify the ends - we must not end up promoting yet another cabal.

Q has pointed this out before - they do not harm innocent people in any way. We can't lose our humanity in the quest to regain it.


It's the anons. There are many drug smokers here and some feel the need to push it for others. At this point they should just accept the facts and blaze in silence until they cast the addiction out.

b5a632  No.244263


http://www.umc.org/news-and-media /114th-congress-has-43-united-methodists

16e88e  No.244264


https://fellowshipoftheminds. com/2015/03/14/is-this-michelle-obamas-weenie/

e7c540  No.244265

6a866d  No.244266


I have one argument against Michelle being a man. Haven't seen it addressed. She has really thick, womanish thighs, wide hips, and a big butt. In her days they didn't give hormones to young children. I can't see a young man developing such a wide derriere and large hips.

c2ec13  No.244267


Are you saying might happen, did happen, or what?

ad57c1  No.244268



This dolt went FULL MONTY!!!

2b42f3  No.244272


Just not worth my time you bluepilled faggot. Come back when you can talk with the big boys

c3a5cc  No.244273



Molly Makauley (sp?) was working with DNC

Did research on her while back she worked with satellites and was concerned about voter fraud. Was killed and tied to DNC

Possible connection?

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