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File: fe17c5cc669c14f⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbts-header.jpg)

abf03c No.71941

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads' conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

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<And PRAY!

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abf03c No.71944

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81a1ce No.71952

4816a3 No.71954

Anyone have predictions regarding the possible false flag(s) or Schiffs future?

81a1ce No.71958


Nothingburgers on the menu.

21912f No.71960

Still worried about how this could be taken by the lefties… these happenings could set a civil war in the USA

4816a3 No.71963


That'd damage Qs credibility

21ce65 No.71965

Is there more proof on Q's posts having certain words highlighted? I saw 1-2 screenshots but it was just the one post, and easily faked.

0c9920 No.71966

>>71954 What's the penalty for treason? I think Trump is out for the maximum penalty.

"On March 21, 2017, the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff spoke to an audience at the Brookings Institute in which he commented on an intelligence community intercept of a December 29, 2016 conversation between Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislayak and retired U.S. Army General Michael Flynn, who had been selected by then-President Elect Donald Trump to serve as National Security Advisor. Both the fact of the conversation and the conversation’s contents were leaked to the news media and reported widely."

88abfc No.71968


Missing latest Q posts

>>63599, >>63628, >>63644, >>70055, >>70088

abf03c No.71970


Fixed. Thank you.

b940cf No.71971



12/8/17 Mattis said to West Point cadets prior to Army/Navy game:

Integrity being foremost...You will remember this game forever

We need every one of you. Keep each other in the program.

Trouble’s brewing; I want to see you show that you can take a little blood, a little hit and still go back swinging.

12/9/17 True Pundit comments

We are making history folks. ALL of us

#MichaelHastings Day of Reckoning...True Pundit’s Christmas present to the world

Only the Left can label you a traitor for exposing the corrupt FBI. The real Paine was labeled the same. Just makes us more determined to print truth. Don’t like it? Too bad

No one can stop it. We launched a runaway freight train

I was up through the night tweaking the servers

12/10/17 True Pundit comments

Psalm 121 7-8

Psalm 144 1-2

Does it seem like the website is loading quicker in the last day or so?

12/11/7 True Pundit comments

How long until the Schiff hits the fan?

Where’s Chuck?

Andy working on his resume

Wray of sunshine?

Cook cooked

Flynn bad shape. They almost broke him with this nonsense. Almost. Phoenix

Cash, prizes for Trump saboteurs #FBI

Let’s NOT make a deal #MichaelHastings

The Intel has been infallible. They know that we know. All of it. “Heavyweight source”

Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light.



abf03c No.71973


No Q posts are highlighted because you can't post like that on either 4chan and 8chan. Ignore.

4816a3 No.71974


That's interesting stuff thanks for sharing

ce86e4 No.71976

Not sure if this is affecting anyone else, but every thread posted on this board is "auto hiding" the OP. In addition to that, none of the replies listed under the authenticated "Q !itpb.qbhqo" are displaying, just a post ID and date.

Can't read replies, can't see much of anything.

Help please Anons.

ccf650 No.71978


look here for help


for q post with responses use this;


ce86e4 No.71979


Fixed the problem via your help, thanks man.

Also, apologies for cluttering the thread–I assumed there was something more nefarious going on.

Happy Monday, god bless.

abf03c No.71980


To clear up this fucking bullshit: Q's POSTS ARE NOT CHANGED. The archives of the original 4chan threads will show that. This is a formatting error caused by the 4plebs archiving service. Do NOT claim Q's posts are being changed without knowing a fucking thing about 4chan or 8chan.

abf03c No.71981


You don't need a trip.

1d6406 No.71983

File: 288eee614a957a5⋯.png (80.63 KB, 457x970, 457:970, Q 11-12-17 [s] [i] fromatt….png)


<THIS is the reason

>move along

18f6eb No.71984

Love is the solution for everything. Hate is wasteful.

a6177b No.71985


Pattern recognition is your forte right?

What do you think about the Rothchild plane crash and the Argentina submarine missing situation?

1d6406 No.71986









>move along

1d6406 No.71987


sorry didn't mean to include (you)

ccf650 No.71988

File: a1d22526078ccc1⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2544x1079, 2544:1079, Lifeline2.png)

File: 690f1ea5adac3d3⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2225x942, 2225:942, notsimple.png)

File: b02726cd0cc7c33⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2215x948, 2215:948, notsimple2.png)

b1ffec No.71989


You didn't reply to me [z]. I had to VPN to allow me to post again. The RC plane crash, to me, was a brave patriot(s) who took one for the team to attempt to take off the head of the snake. Maybe they did? Sub crash - I know what MSM reports, but I have not delved into that. Duterte seems rather nice though, despite insulting Trump a lot in the past?

083a66 No.71990

Woo juat saw the newest Q posts. First thing that comes to mind is JUSTICE for 9/11 (Iraq Afghanistan etc) and VIETNAM which were false flags, Vegas too.

And then B&DT leads me to BTDT - BTDT Global


HOME · LOGIN · ABOUT US · [email protected]. The World's Best Thinkers Working. on the World's Biggest Problems.

And I feel a great optimism and relief! Fireworks for celebration not for fear!!!

Have a lovely day everyone :)

abf03c No.71991


This is a war room not a sewing circle. Do some useful work or be banned.

8f00cd No.71992


Oh sweetie, you're the one doing it wrong…We are in a war of good vs evil, which side are you on?

b940cf No.71993


perhaps research:

Michael Hastings

Adam Schiff

Chuck Schumer

Andrew McCabe…

Be guided by latest Q posts

b1ffec No.71994


Vegas was a battle. Video evidence of choppers shooting at MB, or at least not at the crowd. Research will reveal eyewitness accounts of people shooting in the crowd (as well as defectors who tried to warn the crowd), people shooting from the pyramid hotel thing, as well as evidence of choppers firing rounds from trajectories that wouldn't make sense except for shooting at the hotel.

fbf0a3 No.71995


lol did you sleep? This movie is actually so deep most people don't even KNOW!!! Are you trying to hint at the Trump time traveler thing tho?

abf03c No.71996


STFU or get banned as well. I didn't create this board so you could spew shit in the main thread. GET TO FUCKING WORK.

- Board Owner in case you didn't notice.

a6177b No.71998




Thank you for your response, but I did not know Duterte was insulting Trump…

But he did call Hussein Son of a whore…

ccf650 No.71999


other timezone, i did sleep

im trying to battle against stupidity

also its more about different timestrings changing than actually going back in time like you suggest (if im getting you right)

496cdf No.72000

File: be57019aa652c02⋯.jpg (80.46 KB, 419x526, 419:526, medium_cam30_lionspath_ful….jpg)


It is *kinda* like a sewing circle.

It's a *digging bee*

God bless youse all anons.

Anyone have info on the attached possibly relevant pic?

b940cf No.72001

6be9d6 No.72002

File: a82ce0921da2abd⋯.jpg (141.1 KB, 1030x499, 1030:499, Schniffed you out.jpg)

39989d No.72003


It's a vagina.

b940cf No.72004


Wonder who he sold them to…any intel on that?

a6177b No.72005


Something about his eyes makes me hate him with a passion….

Eyes of a coward and devil possession…

b1ffec No.72006


I will have to check to ensure I'm correct, but I have a strong memory of the leader of the Philippines talking mad smack to Trump. It may have been Obama, but even if I'm wrong. The weird coziness to the US immediately after that is still something worth noticing.

This video explains a lot, in detail, surprisingly accurately, about MB.

v=6xfrxoGvWRU - utube post?

1d6406 No.72008

File: 9cd345e0ed06842⋯.png (274.18 KB, 1912x1286, 956:643, Different Colour Monday LW….png)

my compilation of the MONDAY and different colour Q posts

Nb. there are posts inbetween the first and second MONDAY posts

>for clarity

b1ffec No.72009


Marawi was recently carpet bombed in the Philippines to counter ISIS.

b940cf No.72010


Why is this relevant this morning?


abf03c No.72011


Yes I have info. It's a painting by Nicole Klags Brun. And it has FUCK ALL TO DO WITH /cbts/! What the fuck is going on in here? Why the fuck are you posting this shit? What connection does it have with Q?

a2b9c7 No.72012


Hey anons! I'm back.

Needed more rest than I guess I thought I needed.

Anyhow, I'm good to take over for 83 if need be.

b940cf No.72013


Welcome Back - >>71971

31a634 No.72014

this is a transcript of Erik Prince testifying before some Congressional committee on November 30th, 2017. worth reading just for the entertainment value, honestly. I didn't see anything mind-blowing, but I also don't think I know enough to be able to pick up on any and everything that may or may not be a crumb.

I think Schiff and the others' questioning is more than just a desperate attempt to link Trump to Russia. It seems like he's actively trying to find connections between people who are working against the deep state. maybe they're hoping they can use this information to start that war they want so badly.


a6177b No.72015


Thanks, its weird when Duterte sang when Trump commanded him to, when Duterte is known as a no nonsense guy maybe becos Trump send Spec Ops to help them with the ISIS problem…

eff5b3 No.72016


Michael hastings - journo killed while investig BHO and Brennan -

nymag. com/news/features/michael-hastings-2013-11/

abf03c No.72017


Thank you PA. Please do. I am about to go on a board hunt for people wasting our fucking time posting their own paintings and spewing entirely useless boomer spinster shit all over the main threads.

- amazingly pissed BO

b940cf No.72018


yup…more coming out on it. Possibly today

b1ffec No.72019


That would definitely be a deal worth making. Rid ISIS out of Philippines in exchange for good PR. (pub rel). Cheap for US, strong for Duterte and Trump.

6fc92a No.72020


Hammer those spirit and bible fags in the last thread.

b1ffec No.72021


ISIS only had 1 city and some backwoods areas. Relatively cheap operation to carpet bomb and take some pictures.

0c9920 No.72022


http://w ww.theblaze.com/news/2017/04/15/adam-schiff-gets-brutal-reality-check-when-top-government-watchdog-files-ethics-complain-against-him Typical globalist. Everything he acused others of he was doing himself.

https://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/ Adam-Schiff-CIA-leak-Tucker-Carlson-Tonight/2017/03/16/id/779147/

https://ww w.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/02/schiff-flynn-trump/516741/

This kind of traitorous scum needs the maximum. What he has done to a brave patriot like Gen Flynn deserves the gallows. Interesting that the first real actual intel about Schiffs crimes was considered less important than how the link was posted. Is that a live link I see posted in this thread? Wonder where Nimrod is on that one? Only actual intel about Schiff posted since Q's post about Schiff 8 HOURS AGO but someones egotistical micro management showing off got that intel ignored for 8 hours. Glad MY life isn't depending on you. Very disappointing!

496cdf No.72024


The *sweetie* call out is a tell.

eb02fe No.72025


Q said to PRAY and that was the only direct order he gave. I am following orders, are you?

"Game Theory.


Why is this relevant?

Moves and countermoves.

Who is the enemy?

False flags."


Good v. Evil." - Q >>148139234

Your post shows that you are angry and afraid and that's OK. When fear turns into hate you are losing the battle. I urge you to get to work, change your game plan, b/c the blueprints you are using are (((theirs))).

(BANNED: Follow orders in here please. Sun Tzu concubine story relates.)

2ffd61 No.72026


US risk this week. False Flag?

77ca28 No.72027

thank for a great Schiff meme. for retweets


BTW schiff is trending on twitter but they won't show it.

aww it won't let me post the meme here, oh well, look at the tweet

b1ffec No.72028


Subtle warning. ISIS active in all 50 states, we don't know which ones are smart enough to catch on here.

a6177b No.72029


What is your opinion about Muellur with his investigation about Russia and having his team full of Dem lawyers and corrupt FBI agent.

Do you think Muellur is working with Trump??

b940cf No.72030



No evidence that Mueller is working with Trump

eb02fe No.72031


Most of the posts deal with past events, not future…Future paints past. So JUSTICE for PAST false flags makes more sense to me. I sure hope so at least.

b1ffec No.72032


CA is no accident.>>72029

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. If they were truly on top of this, were actually 5 steps ahead, then they would set the enemy up for their own downfall. IE, pretend your on their side (mueller), have them tell you how you can win (from the enemies point of view), then .. counter attack at the last minute to ensure maximum effectiveness?

Just a thought.

b1ffec No.72033


CA is retaliation. A lot of the masters have been cut off from their puppets. They don't know how to function without orders.

496cdf No.72034


I thought Marjorie Cameron?

I believe it is possibly connected.

That's why I asked.

Some occult connect to "JPL Jack*

Marjorie Cameron.

Babylon working

Man machine synthesis?

Do you know?

a6177b No.72035


Of course, Hussein let them in as refugees program and some came in through mexico..

c2293f No.72036

Just catching up

"Blunt and Direct Time"


b1ffec No.72037


If my memory serves me correctly, Kaine (VP nom), was head of some committee for allowing refugees into his state. Again, can't say 100% off top of my head, but I believe an audit of some kind found he didn't even so much as document 1 page on a large, large number of them.

18f6eb No.72038


You are doing harm to Q and to us if you scream with hate. Prayer with Love does not mean inaction; on the contrary - it means focused, direct action for the benefit of everyone, with the protection against the dark side's hate, distractions and negativity.

a6177b No.72040


crikey, if true then this could become a dangerous situation for Trump and his team….

a2b9c7 No.72041


Anytime anon. Glad to serve as always.

Is there an updated pastebin for me to work off of for 83?

And btw. Holy fuck @ Q's new posts.

b1ffec No.72042


I agree, the public has no hard proof Mueller is working for Trump. But, if Mueller were ever to get out of the pit he's in, how would he do it?

427b42 No.72044


I would not be surprised if some of them came through that sham immigration lottery he implemented, like the rental truck prick who attacked the pedestrians in NYC a couple months ago. Some food for thought.

a6177b No.72045


thank you something new for me to think about…

b940cf No.72046


See bottom of my message.

I linked latest Q posts.

POTUS 100% insulated.

He's being protected.

b1ffec No.72047


That was one of many vessels used to get into the country. A large problem in the past was that we couldn't read Syrian, or other languages, with our power super CIA scrapers. Snowden fixed that, then realized what he did.

b1ffec No.72048


There were 10's of thousands before 9/11. Just saying.

9b1599 No.72049


Thrty years from now when you're sitting by your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks, 'What did you do in the Great Meme War?'

You won't have to cough and say, 'Well, your granddaddy was leveling up in The Witcher.'

c9fddd No.72050

>>72023 (You)



Decoding Q - Nov 25 - stringer fully deciphered.

84fb7e No.72051


The goal of the posts is for us to SEE the truth with our own eyes, to connect the dots ourselves to see how we are being manipulated and controlled. No one is going to uncover top secret game plans or anything. You are just supposed to see the lies so that you can be the truth. The intended conclusion is that Love is the answer. That is why we are here.

2be971 No.72052

File: abac847c2ea939f⋯.png (257.8 KB, 654x329, 654:329, schifftraitor.PNG)

a6177b No.72053


by investigating the real enemy in secrecy in return for leniency for past crimes he may have committed…

otherwise Trump has no choice but martial law and innocent lives will be lost no matter what..

The CIA would have their own Simpson option/NK….you can see how bleak the situation is?

b940cf No.72054


We will all be proud of how we served our country in these trying times. We were close to falling off the cliff. But all will be well…once the storm passes. We will have a Great Awakening and strengthening of the people. The storm will unfold over time, as will the healing. But in the end. Necessary suffering.

c6a27c No.72055

File: 8a9862ac83ae81c⋯.jpg (74.2 KB, 883x499, 883:499, 20v6tc.jpg)

Forgive the previous. Phone fagging on the way to work.

b940cf No.72056


"Love" for you.

"Justice" for me.

59aee0 No.72057

In the Pelosi video she talks about POTUS having full control in the event of an attack.

Now talk of false flags.

Will a false flag be used to take out the garbage?

84fb7e No.72058


So when BO says get to work that is all fine and dandy but Q doesn't need our help answering the questions b/c he doesn't know the answers. He already knows the answers. He wants us to realize who and what we are battling, evil. You can not win a war against evil with hate and negativity board owner…please direct your anger at those who have wronged you, not those who wish you peace and love.

b1ffec No.72059


You can either uncover history in real time, or you can be behind the pack. >>72053

The situation is not good no matter which side is winning. I'm trying to be aware of current events, sort out what is really happening from what is not, and make sure I know where to be and when I need to be there.

We are definitely at war, and from what I can see (can't prove), there are enemy operatives in all 50 states ready to burn our wild lands. As can be seen in CA. This is phase 1 of scored earth warfare. Flight radar has also now somewhat confirmed we are shooting down planes from defectors.

b940cf No.72060


POTUS WILL NOT do a false flag.

Those who oppose him WILL.

b1ffec No.72061


I believe this, as the battle in LV demonstrates he ordered defense.

8214cc No.72062

Here Is A Big Red Pill!

Mary was a hermaphrodite who impregnated herself, hence a virgin birth. Would then not the male aspect of herself be Jesus father? Is this why the catholic church idolizes Mary? Mary had Jesus who was also a hermaphrodite. He was both male as in Jesus and female.

Jesus shared both his/her flesh and blood at the last supper with his/her students/apostles. This was menstral blood known as mensis or mensa as in the mensa society High IQ. This was a sacred/sacrificial/sacrum/sacral feast which is eaten upon an altar/sacrificial table. The ingestion of menstrual blood gives you knowledge like the tree of knowledge in the Bible. Revelation 22.2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river(water of life,Pee), was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded HER fruit every month (this is a woman's period blood) In the Bible it says to KNOW your wife(consume menstrual blood, cum and pee.) The Menstrual blood and urine raises knowledge and extends life. This is how Jesus turned water into wine, Menstrual blood mixed with water. This is why the satanists call young blood from victims that they drink red wine. Jesus also shared his semen which is his flesh. Look up seminary in the etomology dictionary online. It is for students to gain KNOWLEDGE and means seed or semen. This is why Jesus was called the bridegroom because Jesus was both male and female and shared his male and female bodily fluids with his/her disciples to give them life and knowledge. The Jesus fish represents the vesica pisces, which also can represent the vaginal opening. Jesus was dismembered and then only left Mary Magdalene. Jesus had impregnated him/herself. This is what the Da Vinci code was about. A woman raised her IQ 65 points by ingesting her boyfriends sperm for a year. She is a member of the Mensa/mensis/menstrual society. When 1 sex ingests the secretions of the opposite sex it raises your intelligence and life expectancy called the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The symbol for this union/marriage/wedLOCK, wet lock is a sacred/sacral/sacrum feast of the Yin and yang which also represents the 69. When a man and a woman engage in a 69 and partake of each others fluids they create a flow of positive and negative energy like a battery. Here is a link to the woman who raised her IQ 65 points by ingesting her boyfriends semen for a year. http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-develops-iq-of-220-after-drinking-sperm-everyday-for-a-year/

When you KNOW (ingest the secretions) of the opposite sex you understand each other and become balanced as in Yin and Yang.

Hermes and aphrodite had a hermaphrodite. One who was both male and female. Men and women can balance each other through their secretions. This will extend life and raise know-ledge.In the Bible often times men wanted to drink of a fair young maidens pitcher, which is also known as then water of life. The water of life is urine which is your blood plasma that is usually sterile. Wealthy people are getting young peoples blood infused into them and reversing the aging process but the urine/blood plasma of someone young still has all the youthful hormones in it and then some plus it's sterile. Pee is a natural biological function that if retrieved from someone is non-invasive where as drawing blood is.

(BANNED: my IQ dropped 65 points reading this)

6fc92a No.72063


You hate some people because you love everybody else, faggot. You don't have all the answers. Get banned.

9b1599 No.72064


There is also value in AARs. See: >>51726

84fb7e No.72065


Isis is the Cult of Saturn also known as the Cult of Satan. Pray. Be the change you want to see in the world. Garbage in garbage out. Suck on some love homie.

7250eb No.72066


>ns) of the opposite sex you understand each other and become balanced as in Yin and Yang.

>Hermes and aphrodite had a hermaphrodite. One who was both male and female. Men and women can balance each other through their secretions. This

LOL Nice luciferian philospophy. Enjoy.

cbcb83 No.72067


Ah, no.

18f6eb No.72068


Be careful of hate and revenge-negativity included in the mix. You can direct all your hate towards murdering some puppet while others continue scheming behind our backs, and then we lose focus and turn into 4pol where everything is hate towards minorities and no work can be done.

b1ffec No.72069


What do you mean by AARs.

I've read those posts, should I be aware of more?

Anyone quoting pure 'scripture' will be sheep led to the slaughter. And trust me, you will me led.

74b77b No.72070

What connections have people found for Schiff and $7.8mil? The only one I can find from digging at that moment is the Select Committee on Benghazi cost $7.8mil.

b940cf No.72071


Whiile all of this talk of LOVE is interesting it is not relevant to the moment at hand.

Courage and Justice ARE. See >>71971 and do research on the topics - please.

a6177b No.72072


Thank you..

Yes I forgot about that, it does gives me hope…

9b1599 No.72074


I find them helpful.

Too many shills & h8ters on this board.

b940cf No.72075


Yes. Hope. Reassurance

So the task right now seems to be to research on what has been released in the last 8 hours from Q and TP. Let's stay focused and ignore the 'love shills'. >>71971

b1ffec No.72076


Without faith there is no reason to wake up tomorrow. Good night everyone, I enjoyed my first night here.

fcab40 No.72077

File: 1bc809375178867⋯.png (906.67 KB, 1900x740, 95:37, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

interesting? he's never tweeted have a great 'ANY'day

fbf0a3 No.72078

File: 93168cca1717e61⋯.jpg (154.77 KB, 767x729, 767:729, C5o_LkYU8AAoaI4.jpg)

File: ed4a9a79d6a8345⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 720x411, 240:137, mccain-and-fsa.jpg)

File: becba737c085426⋯.jpg (285.42 KB, 1236x2048, 309:512, the-doctors.jpg)

File: 3f4acec1c91435d⋯.jpg (223.07 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, white-helmets-1000.jpg)


Boomers have more of a reason to be here than anyone, they have lived through the lies even longer than you, they deserve truth and justice too. They lost family members and friends in senseless manufactured wars too.

If anyone wants to see something damning to help paint the big picture about ISIS and how deep the roots are, and WHO manufactured it, what TRAITORS look like here is a very relevant link…


427b42 No.72079


Not sure if it's related to the payout, but there was that surprise attack in Sanaa, Yemen that claimed the life of servicemen William Owens. Schiff had a hand in that when Trump started off his presidency.

e76bcb No.72080


This could be the case with all those Roy Moore "victims" too. Elaborate fake news sting operation.

9b1599 No.72081


>Boomers have more of a reason to be here than anyone, they have lived through the lies even longer than you, they deserve truth and justice too.

Amen, anon.

753d60 No.72082


eh? Take that shit somewhere else

c9fddd No.72083


Full Stringer Decoded: See link -


============================== Nov 25 STRINGER

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:3LaVfhm8 Sat 25 Nov 2017 10:30:47 No.150870083 ViewReport












































_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y




7250eb No.72084


This is complete hogwash, the exact enemy's story. Don't buy into this horse shit.

e76bcb No.72085

File: 61ae14e83b119b3⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 460x623, 460:623, 460x1240.jpg)



a6177b No.72086


Thank you, hope you will return….

e76bcb No.72087

File: 910f703a9e6b4b5⋯.png (153.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, latest.png)



The masons suck each other off thinking this. It's really just a prank by some sick and twisted faggot. Pic related.

ccf650 No.72089


" Q intentionally missspelled […]"

>aaaand your out

8214cc No.72091

China owns Ca that is why the fires are raging? Does Trump know about Agenda 21? Here is a video about the destruction of CA by fire to bring about agenda 21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G6mTX07I1M

b940cf No.72092


right there with you!

18f6eb No.72093


Love has many forms - it is the blueprint for courage and justice, and the litmus paper for a distracting entity. If it works for the benefit of ALL, it is LOVE.

a6177b No.72094


Great, another signal to Monday..

8c8108 No.72096


Fairly sure this is the monday announcement, they're bringing back all of the previous Trump accusers who all suddenly dissapeared at the same time to bring up accusations as a group


fbf0a3 No.72097


Oh Bored Owner…I'll pray for you a little extra.

6fc92a No.72099


He said "useless boomer spinster shit", specifically. Was not referring to boomers in general.

b940cf No.72100

fbf0a3 No.72102


Do you know the meaning of history? Hint: it doesn't involve the future…

I have put in MORE THAN ENOUGH work here.

9b1599 No.72103


There's been more than enough anti-boomer h8 posted here already.

Not helpful.

c9fddd No.72104


"Decider" intended to be "Decypher". This is a pattern Q has used to identify characters of importance. In this case it is the "Y" and the "Ph". (Y = Goat Head symbol tied to Satanic) and (Ph = Blood type). Learn how to decode Q. This information is critical in the implications to the Stringer code results.

2be971 No.72105


now that is some serious autism.

god bless the anon to cracked that shit lmao

b940cf No.72106


useless chit chat

Going to take my skills over to the other researchers who will be breaking news today.

Best of Luck to the rest of you

753d60 No.72107


Don't think anything was cracked, but ok

e76bcb No.72108


Wonder what the reaction from those dogfuckers on /r/gamerghazi will be when the truth comes out?

fbf0a3 No.72109

File: 6e32add65de7ebd⋯.jpg (616.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, war-Bible.jpg)


What emotion drives courage and justice? Here's an idea, if someone posts something positive try to find the courage in your heart to understand they seek justice and want peace just as much as you do and have just as much of a right to post here as you do. Try to be brave enough to not respond to love with your hate.

Forgive them father for they know not what they do…

1bb75a No.72112


Don't let the door hit you in the ass.


6fc92a No.72113


Long walk over to the other thread is it?

3a8987 No.72114

Food for thought:

1. We could see more than 1 false flag today. Is this first one the women who were supposedly assaulted by Trump coming out of the woodwork today?

2. The news will break about Schiff. It will be followed by a terror attack of some nature to drown out the schiffy news.

3. Q has repeated assured us that POTUS is 100% protected. Possible assassination attempt? Or is Q reassuring us because the left is going to be slinging everything AND the kitchen sink at Trump to try to take him down but it's not gonna work?

c1fe64 No.72116


I moved the closing act message to another forum same day of posting and it did this crap , gumming up my copy paste. Very odd. Tenacious, had to exert a bit of effort to make it clear. There is definitely something to this, I have never seen the likes of what I saw that day. Clowns be clowning. Good catch.

2be971 No.72117


Q said in the beginning that everytime damning news about the D's come out, theres a false flag

18f6eb No.72118

When you pray to God-Source, the answer comes before you finish stating your question, and you feel it in your Heart. That is how intuition works. This is useful for the times when you are unsure about something, but it has to be backed by a positive, loving life.

5e00e4 No.72119

File: df24e546683ddc5⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_2017-12-11-04-4….png)

Lots of businesses experiences internet outages right now.

f8ee95 No.72120

Could the book "1900" be right?

"the capitol dome will blow up, with dynamite, and many politicians will die…."

a6177b No.72121


Listen I do appreciate you bringing that to our attention, thanks

d95ed7 No.72122


Very good work anon.

Blood is HUGE in this. Ph - phosphorus - light - Jupiter - Horus (enemy of Set/Saturn/Satan)

The Y is the mtDNA

Y is this relevant?

6fc92a No.72123


>namefagging as "lurker"

Words cannot describe…

fcab40 No.72125

on fox news right now!!!!

they found a bomb in NYC!!!!

1bf824 No.72126


I think the mass shooting possibility is the less likely event (unless staged as a means to enact martial law). This is due that people are beginning to become numb to it and it keeps backfiring on the DEMs attempts at "gun reform."

I think the more likely possibility is that the MSM and all lefty internet sites are literally going to light themselves on fire with calls for both Trump and Roy Moores removal by and and all means necessary. If this option takes place, it will be the most feral and unhinged thing we have seen to date (yea think about that).

Why? Its desperation. They are out of options/time/money/influence. They have to get rid of him now! There could be a assassination attempt by a "lone wolf" but I doubt it will be successful.

We will just have to wait and see.

f4c00b No.72127


so we think the 8k sealed are going to be the FEMA operatives, and white hats and politicians who were going to kill off reeducate the population in america?

wonder if our decoder guy can cross reference this with the 43 confirmed connections one the date that stringer hit.

4fe701 No.72128

File: 6b12644ac49447b⋯.png (25.82 KB, 559x213, 559:213, add-to-batter.png)


Thanks baker.

Please add this Q Map back to the batter. It got dropped from the top of the page a few bakes ago for some reason. First the link to file, then the description were dropped. The link below is the most up-to-date.

List of all Q posts in order, screen grabs + text, date stamps, links to original posts, searchable, good for printing and sharing:


4780d9 No.72129

File: f55bec8ba64d5c3⋯.png (1.33 MB, 455x1017, 455:1017, shillplinking.png)

a2b9c7 No.72130

Hi anons.

Returning to baking for #83.

Please (you) me with anything in OP that needs updating.

a6d351 No.72131


FBI AGENT KILLED 1 DAY AGO. This is fbi twitter account. Anyone know if this is related to the op Q mentioned?

ab8ccd No.72132

File: c1a3a452bbcd354⋯.png (34.36 KB, 638x228, 319:114, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

Is this the start of things to come?

570b26 No.72134

File: 789e63ea6ec5aeb⋯.png (298.19 KB, 522x540, 29:30, ww3.png)

fcab40 No.72136


https:// twitter.com/xLucidHurricane/status/940053058796449794

55c004 No.72137


That's just what I posted this morning.


At least 2 posts are changed. All of Q posts should be compared and examined.

You have to go back, is what he stated multiple times...

eb1f81 No.72138


Ph is NOT blood type.

Blood type is Rh.

33623f No.72139

MSM (Fox )

reporting a bomb at NY Port Authority but no further details

4fe701 No.72140


Morning anon. Please see:


Thank you and rock on.

3a8987 No.72141


Ha! Hollyweird can't pay for their mansions w/o SA. So burn 'em down and let insurance pay the bills

fcab40 No.72142

1ff58c No.72143

Explosion in NYC, less than half an hour ago.

74b77b No.72144


not entirely sure how Schiff would get his hands on the whole amount?

Or could Q have been saying Benghazi was a setup by Schiff et al (probably with Clinton involved) and that he hopes the staged attack was worth it because the truth is about to be exposed?

1bf824 No.72145


AAaaand there we have it! Bomb. Glad to see the Sanctuary City status is working out so nicely for them. I love how they are already downplaying the policy of a terror attack before they even begin to gather evidence. Because we all know, how that might be "problematic."

6fc92a No.72146


Port Authority bus terminal.

a2b9c7 No.72147


Thanks. Noticed that OP has a few outdated links.

Gonna need an updated 'Book of Q PDF' part IV.

dc86da No.72149

File: e5dbaf5df16c65e⋯.png (25.66 KB, 583x214, 583:214, 9112.PNG)

734329 No.72150



18f6eb No.72151



Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother.

Y is also the shape of the antibody, the most important immune system molecule that can possibly bind to anything.

It is important to make the connection between children, blood and the positive and negative spirituality. Dark side have a lot to do with blood "purity" to keep engineered traits in their family, and use children in satanic rituals because of high vibratory properties of children (beauty, love, health, innocence etc.). They do not use REAL spirituality with LOVE but have to steal it from others. This also tells why LOVE and spiritual development is so important to use in everyday life. Without the many forms of LOVE you are nothing more than a puppet, be it a depressed worker drone or a hateful isis militant not seeing the big picture.

953f0b No.72153


Holy Shit. Is this legit? First False Flag already?

fcab40 No.72154


please everyone watch this. it happened just yesterday. while being arrested he yells "DONALD TRUMP!!! 45th President!! engine engine #9….Allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar!!!!

5e00e4 No.72155


Down detector dot com

734329 No.72156


Is this the false flag?

404b14 No.72157


It's legit, pipe bomb suspected. One injured I think, nothing major by the sounds of it

0ec9e4 No.72158

4fe701 No.72159

File: 3c61241c91b2543⋯.jpeg (36.95 KB, 236x404, 59:101, wat.jpeg)

953f0b No.72160


Different from the port authority? So 2 in NYC already?

78ee4e No.72161


Fox News Bombing Manhatten NY

404b14 No.72162


Same one, somebody in custody apparently

953f0b No.72163



Nvm same story. Coming out in msm now.

35287b No.72164


Totally agree. Schiff is a creeper.

You can always tell who's on the dark side. Their eyes give them away.

Tune-in to subtle signals in your physical body when you look at these people. Hone your gift of discernment. Light will always illuminate the darkness.

cbcb83 No.72165


Explosion near Times Square on Fox News

968b5b No.72166

Slow the fuck down anons!

Q has said o get comfy, so get there.

Let the information come in and be disseminated properly before running around like chicken little "THE SKY IS FALLING"

c3e731 No.72167


>Q said to PRAY and that was the only direct order he gave.


"Expand your thinking."

"Re-read crumbs"

"Connect the markers"

"Learn to read the map"

>I am following orders, are you?

Oh I don't know, let's see: I created /cbts/ here because LONG experience showed me cuckchan would get compromised, I've baked a bunch of threads and I'm working on some code to turn the map into a diagram. And there's this:

>Reached est 1.2mm, Patriots.

>You are reaching more than you know.

>Your post shows that you are angry and afraid and that's OK.

Amused more than anything.

>When fear turns into hate you are losing the battle.

Yeah, your approach is why the world IS RUN BY EVIL. Haven't you noticed? It hasn't worked. So it's left up to us.

>I urge you to get to work

Good idea! Have a ban. Snipers don't do their jobs better when women are wittering on in the background.

35287b No.72168


You're a lying shill.

57de1d No.72169

File: 65c6fd63278a845⋯.jpg (126.45 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, skyking-ep3-2.jpg)



Shills are actively spreading disinfo and confusion! Compare all sources of research yourself and consider that plebs data may already been comped.

953f0b No.72170


or just wrong..it's not the shilliest theory I've ever seen.

c4de53 No.72171



a2b9c7 No.72172



81a051 No.72173


Disinfo is necessary…

fcab40 No.72175

ISIS released propaganda last week ordering their followers to strike Times Square — Today NYPD officials are responding to a reported bombing in the 42 St/Port Authority

https:// twitter.com/JacobAWohl/status/940206234954637314

a6177b No.72176


exactly, why would India help NK when relationship with Trump admin has been improving?

a6177b No.72177


meaning CIA operation….

ISIS >> CIA proxy

f34edd No.72178

f4c00b No.72179


I dunno but they are still hell bent on taking the gun, so the bad actors have not yet admitted defeat. Regardless of any progress we may "THINK" we have made

make no mistake they still WANT (You) in a martial law fema camp.

They did not buy all that ammo and coffins and do all those shady ass deals with foreign interest to simply surrender and let DT toss em all in jail.

I view these people no different then Hitler or stalin.

look at there plans for us,look at the displacement in the middle east,

look at 9-11,sandyhook,vegas.

Q should take the Stage in a remote location and dump the goods on all Americans, and call to arms!

This plan MUST be unearthed! The people MUST be red pilled.

1bb75a No.72180


>ISIS released propaganda last week…

You spelled CIA wrong.

a6d351 No.72181


This is a map of the snowflakes battle plan. They are actively setting up across the country for “demonstrations” who knows how that could escalate.

I’m guessing these bombs are a distraction for a bigger event as a whole. Like in Vegas they tied the pd up to try and allow longer duration.

Get comfy I AM

953f0b No.72182


Never forget ISIS is roughly 50/50 spooks / cavemen that worship a kid fucker.

1d6406 No.72183





i was pointing out that transference to 4plebs caused a formatting error

[s] before text = strikethrough

[i] before text = italics

go back and look and the original captured posts

the formatting has changed in 4plebs

>after the [i] (which is missing, because it is the command for italic) the text is italic

>after the [s] (which is missing, because it is the command for strikethrough) the text is strikethrough

cbcb83 No.72184

File: c28535d248d0991⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, schifty.jpg)

File: 62e5fbe6a906ba8⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 1024x701, 1024:701, DAL8lUGVYAIu78B.jpg)

File: f4125893e8201d3⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Adam-Schiff.jpg)

File: 238a272bd2fb9da⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 800px-Adam_Schiff,_Maria_K….jpg)


such a sleaze –

He introduced a bill called the “Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act” that made gun “manufacturers, sellers and interest groups” liable for gun violence. Yes, you read it right.

In Schiff’s bizarre far left universe, victims of gun shootings should have the right to sue the gun seller, the manufacturer, and, for good measure, any group that promotes gun rights like the NRA. Not only was the measure insane and unconstitutional, but the precedent it set would have been horrendous.


Shifty hangs with the Podestas

(Heather is on the right in photo).

35287b No.72185

NYC Port Authority incident is a pipe bomb. Suspect in custody.

Relatively minor incidents like this always make me think about what might be transpiring concurrently. Easy to accomplish nefarious acts when law enforcement are responding to a bomb in a major transit hub.

16a948 No.72186


"False flag(s)." - Manhattan, reported blast…


"Expect fireworks." - "…New York Fire Department said it was responding…"

Q, able to confirm, please?

fcab40 No.72187

File: e698827a022cd3b⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 405x252, 45:28, DQxILsuU8AEH17o.jpg-large.jpg)

21912f No.72188

Oh my god I can't believe it is happening…

May God be with those who died in this deep state false flag… sons of a bitch.

1d6406 No.72189


sry, should have been


3a8987 No.72190

Suspect in custody. Reports of pipebomb

81a051 No.72191


It's all connected anon.



99% in the Hospital for blood treatments?

"2017: the year the population is set to decrease by tens of millions (deaths) in United States

The abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through the prophet Daniel"

Only 1% are Rh-

55c004 No.72192




Ok. Re-read Q's map with only using the ITALIC parts with characters between the [ ] markers.


d8efb4 No.72193



Dubbity Dubbity Dubbs KEK

a8f39f No.72195


This, bombing is a smokescreen for something else. What else is going on scour news

c9fddd No.72196


re: post 72138

This is the Reason why Q is focusing on "pH":

What happens to a person's blood pH when they are terrorized? Why is pH being pointed out (instead of rH)?


2c665f No.72197

File: 6b9444dfeecce1d⋯.png (73.04 KB, 770x351, 770:351, blackout.png)

please pardon my wall of text

something tells me this is important

>The investigative mission of the US Secret Service is to safeguard the payment and financial systems of the United States from a wide range of financial and electronic-based crimes. Financial investigations include counterfeit U.S. currency, bank & financial institution fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, illicit financing operations, and major conspiracies. Electronic investigations include cybercrime, network intrusions, identity theft, access device fraud, credit card fraud, and intellectual property crimes.

>The Secret Service is a key member of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) which investigates and combats terrorism on a national and international scale, as well as of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) task force which seeks to reduce and eliminate drug trafficking in critical regions of the United States. The Service also investigates missing and exploited children and is a core partner of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

>Protective Mission – The protective mission of the USSS is to ensure the safety of the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the President’s and Vice President’s immediate families, former presidents, their spouses, and their minor children under the age of 16, major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses, and foreign heads of state.


>SS can protect those investigating financial crime including the use of computers such as cryptocurrency.

When they buy they are caught.

If they find out they can be caught they either take the money out and can be caught or they leave the coins alone and lose it.

Perfect trap.

No way out.

DJT 101

Good thread to go back and read up on: >>47314

953f0b No.72198

CNN covers NYC pipe bombing during christmas season for 3 whole minutes before going back to bashing Roy Moore…why are they still allowed in the white house?

cbce2c No.72199

Posts that include the word "sweetie" should be read as if they said "thweetie".

I know who you are fattie.

98c982 No.72200


Q said 90% moron, calm down

1bb75a No.72201


Not a good idea to put your email when posting here.

753d60 No.72202


nah you're just wrong.. that's not how to read his stringers

a6d351 No.72204

File: 7dc47cba926ec1c⋯.jpeg (29.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 80F7C45E-1774-452A-BBAA-B….jpeg)

eb7b44 No.72205

c3e731 No.72206


>The abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through the prophet Daniel"

Please take this nonsense out of here. The abomination that causes desolation - or the desolating sacrilege - refers to the mock sacrifice in the Temple in the mid 60s AD performed by the Zealots. It's the clear warning to get out of Dodge - i.e. Jerusalem - which of course fell three and a half years later to the Romans.

828b93 No.72207

899e1d No.72208

File: 393292fbf7ba2f2⋯.jpg (96.77 KB, 555x650, 111:130, gengsp.jpg)


We see what you did there. Well done.

1bf824 No.72209


High grade Grey Matter you have there Anon!

953f0b No.72210


Intelligence Leaks?

Trust me there's no Intelligence around here.

Now children, that I can get you.

too much text? lol

a2b9c7 No.72211


Thanks. Just what I was waiting for.

Getting this bread repaired. (wasnt bakers fault, he took over temporarily while I slept after baking for like 30 hours)

e76bcb No.72212


You'd be surprised at what we can find, Sgt. Bilko.

1d6406 No.72213


"According to CBS News . . . . . "


3a8987 No.72214

suspect and one other person hurt. (Whew - could have been so much worse.) Reports that bomber had on a suicide vest

c3e731 No.72215


Thank you BA. Please also ensure that all references to irrelevant tripfags are removed.

69d65d No.72216


>So burn 'em down and let insurance pay the bills

Yeah, and once again innocent Americans get to pay for it as the insurance companies will just distribute the losses to the rest of us.

d08f02 No.72218


Seriously. You have no idea what you missed P.

Remove irrelevant tripfag information immediately.

2c665f No.72219


this board is the most action any of that grey matter has ever gotten lmao

4fe701 No.72220

File: 9ba6f6217da467d⋯.jpeg (103.97 KB, 600x829, 600:829, hussar2.jpeg)


What's that I hear?


>after the [i] (which is missing, because it is the command for italic) the text is italic

>after the [s] (which is missing, because it is the command for strikethrough) the text is strikethrough



God's work. Thanks for your service.

a2b9c7 No.72221



Fill me in nigga

What happened? What needs removal?

1bf824 No.72222


Gawd, this is going to be one of the most pathetic displays we have seen in a long time. The sex allegations card has been so overplayed! This is going to so blow back hard on them! The uniparty must really be panicking, if this is their new stellar move!

d08f02 No.72223


Biggest influx of namefag shills i've ever fucking seen. Recent confirmation on majority of namefags bieng confirmed shills. BO went on mild ban spree. Mild for my taste, anyway. Hopefully more to come. Lots of encouragement today towards tripfags to drop trips. As far as you're concerned, you have such a heavy history with baking and CBTS, and bieng a neutral source of information, I don't particularly mind about you. Not that my opinion holds any heavyweight.

2c665f No.72225


this also ties to Obama - if he was trying to find financing from East Asia, he's SOL because they all just dumped everything to launder in BitCoin thus -> RedCross financing

953f0b No.72226

NYPD confirming one person in custody. Confusion still over whether it was a pipe bomb or attempted suicide bombing.

f9b07e No.72227

explosion in NYC, Port Authority reports possible pipe bomb

a2b9c7 No.72228


yeah, noticed the namefaggotry picking up before passing out last night. sounds like it got out of control, jeeze.

Okay, so what all needs to be removed from batter re: namefaggotry

966d16 No.72229


False flag? “Fireworks”?

a8f39f No.72230


fox news is reporting that the pipe bomb went off prematurely bomber was wearing a suicide vest

33623f No.72231

File: 5ff0de2a498149b⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 666x589, 666:589, schiff.jpg)

saw this and had a laugh

4fe701 No.72232


From >>71944

>Anon bringing things around -> >>15208

>Light Bodied Aliens tell all -> >>15350

>The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

4f3724 No.72233


Most california kida brainwashed since birth not they fault

The programing doesnt affect about 10% of us

d08f02 No.72234


If not removed already; anything R, VQC, Topolanon related, and anything silly like that. If not directly from Q, or pertaining to Q, should probably be removed. Perhaps more of the community can offer insight into this. If you're to be baking in the future (I personally, hope you are) please be wary of what you add to the batter, to keep it pure. I've noticed an influx of requests for personal contributions to be added to batter. Don't kill yourself over, but try to cross-verify as much information as you possibly can before you -do- add it to prevent contamination. You're doing a stand-up job, and i'm proud to call you a kinsman.

3a8987 No.72236

ISIS inspired attack – official

35287b No.72237


Hilarious, though his name is misspelled.

35287b No.72238


Official psy-op

570b26 No.72239

Assistance please -

This was my post over on the Tech thread -

Can someone please help with this - Pic. I have deleted and re installed on numerous occasions , however, the problem remains. Cursor also skips back , and it is quite a nuisance.

Secondly , i am unable to use Tor to post on 8chan, so i am left with windows/chrome only. Since i started posting on 8 chan i have also notice lagging on a serious level - i have reset etc - no help.

Responses -

Using tor on windows is suicide. Windows will literally force something to crash to get crashdumps which are then reported once your windows device is completely idle (preventing you from knowing about it although your router will show a huge UL). Disabling telemetry for that "feature" is near impossible. Crashdump telemetry is a hidden trigger and you're being watched I'm seriousm8

have a high performance hardware, you should just KVM for windows use cases or virtual machine everything else. You can then bridge your connections to some firewall distro like alpine for extended netsec and encrypt all your drives and phones.

Still non the fucking wiser - do i just give up with 8 chan?

1d6406 No.72240

File: d0a8c4b054371ee⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 598x478, 299:239, pointing gymnast.jpg)

2be971 No.72241

False Flag in NYC..be safe anons

6fc92a No.72242


If there's no real victims it may have literally been fireworks.

968b5b No.72243


Keep in mind, ISIS and Antifa along with BLM have reported started working together.

4fe701 No.72244



Agree with everything.

It may be good to leave directions to distracting but not insane/discrediting topics, such as bitcons, etc. Let's people know where to go, even if they don't read it, others can point them to it.

3a8987 No.72245

They had reopened the Port Authority. Now they have closed it again. What does this mean? Another threat?

e76bcb No.72247



f47646 No.72248

Well,(Q) warned us about false flags.. New York so far. Already.. I have a feeling ‘Monday’ is going to be a busy day.

1bb75a No.72249



In other words, total bs.

False Flag.


c9fddd No.72250


re: pH vs Rh discussion: Adrenaline and Adrenochrome Study:


The Adrenal Glands’ Importance to Blood and pH Balance


4f3724 No.72251


Wait till blm find out they been working for john mccain

9748fd No.72252

File: fcc4461a17fcad9⋯.png (211.27 KB, 519x295, 519:295, schiff11.png)

2be971 No.72253


honestly, I dont even give a fuck about the CIA niggers watching what I do. I want them to see my research. I dont fear them anymore. I used to during obama. But that was lifted from me literally overnight.

I know that no matter what, you guys will continue doing what we do. I'd give my life for this country. But i'm not going overseas for it.

Ill defend this soil on this soil

f47646 No.72254


I think Isis attacks are clowns pushing for them.

1bf824 No.72255

File: cc9d4069937bf56⋯.jpg (18.41 KB, 300x230, 30:23, gook.jpg)


If only those dirty conservatives would stop provoking the religion of peace!!!

310dd1 No.72256


that has the ring of truth!

a2b9c7 No.72257


K, removed those 3 you mentioned, and VQC.


Gotcha. Did a quick pass through but not sure if I removed everything, so if you guys catch anything next bread let me know so I can nix it.

I've noticed the same shit…bunch of people (You)ing baker asking for their pet theories and whatnot to be added into batter. Generally avoid these unless it's an update to something already in batter.

Appreciate the compliments, and right back at you!

If you two, and any other anons, are around:

I could certainly use help verifying any info/links/infographics/pdfs/etc. people are requesting be added to batter, whether brand new stuff or updates to old. Would make things much easier for me as far as keeping everything up-to-date and sanitized.

1bb75a No.72258


Yeah, except it's not Islam. It's the CIA.

Please re-take the course on False Flags.

4e5637 No.72259


I don't understand can you just tell us what it is?

c88c14 No.72260

5c0a8e No.72261

310dd1 No.72262


that mens mcstain is involved with it

69d65d No.72263

File: 5c29fdd6670f7df⋯.jpg (142.51 KB, 710x1023, 710:1023, foto_no_exif-2.jpg)


I Trump your Patton.

d08f02 No.72264


I'm going on 13 hours straight, and i've got work in 4 hours. Otherwise, i'd be here in the trenches with you, anon. I wish you, and anyone willing to dedicate some time to this endeavor the best of luck. Perhaps i'll try and hop on while i'm on lunchbreak and after work, for a bit of digging. Time to get comfy for this anon.

f8ee95 No.72265

Saw a post about not linking websites to post, but just an FYI

Obama has an organization, OFA, some have heard about it, but thru their FB page, a post for "National Vigil to end gun violence". states it starts/ ends Dec. 6-17

76ff8d No.72266


QUESTION: I want to post pics here. I stripped off the metadata through Windows. The pics are JPGs. If I post them from my computer here, will there be any identifying metadata? I haven't ever done this before but I think the photos are well worth posting. I just need to know I can post securely. If I convert JPG to PNG, will any of my data get into the pic? Thanks in advance for your help. You will like the info I want to post today…..

1bf824 No.72267

File: d936536d0115d77⋯.jpg (44.4 KB, 492x407, 492:407, 5d33aa915en-pose.jpg.jpg)


Nice! We will have to send James Woods a thank you note!

953f0b No.72268

SUPPOSEDLY this is brand new footage of the port authority explosion from CCTV.


35287b No.72269


Agree, this what concerns me most, quite frankly.

This is one of the motivations behind the pamphlet endeavor currently in progress. Please check out the "What if comms go down" thread.

899e1d No.72270


Hell, Trump looks like Patton.

4e5637 No.72271


"They are trying to force God's hand" - Q

1bf824 No.72272


How dare you attempt to educate me while I am memeing! REEeeeeee! …..point taken.

e76bcb No.72273

File: 372611e0dd3c88a⋯.jpg (61 KB, 900x900, 1:1, hms.jpg)


>False Flags

a2b9c7 No.72274



Anyone have an answer for this gentleanon?

7250eb No.72275

a8f39f No.72276

d08f02 No.72277


Try and get in touch with BO. That'd be the safest course of this. Perhaps you can give them to him, and he can upload the, after offering you opsec advice.

c3e731 No.72278


You should be good. Let's see them. The only problem with JPGs is the EXIF data that cameras stick in. If that's all gone then go for it.

6fc92a No.72279

Suspect in custody… any bodies at all?

35287b No.72280



Perhaps BO can provide this info. I would like to know, also.

c3e731 No.72281


Checked! yes, mail them to [email protected] and explain.

9d4c5c No.72283


1 injured. It was a major fail thankfully. Rush job

4fe701 No.72284

File: 8bb72d61ef298c7⋯.png (226.75 KB, 640x364, 160:91, lectricmike.png)


Roger that. I'm here all day and into the night. At your service. God bless you fucking beautiful bastard pamphletbro.

Still regaining consciousness. Covfefe working. Pence levels gaining.

Dr. Gorka on F&F right now telling people to fight with their hands against bitches with bombs.

76ff8d No.72285


Thanks, Baker. I am so new to this chan stuff ut I have some brand new info that I haven't seen posted anywhere and it will open up a new pathway to investigate, with a nice, big, fat, juicy Omaha connection.

cbce2c No.72286



8ch strips metadata when file uploaded so as to be anon.

c3e731 No.72288

General opsec thread would be good too.

69d65d No.72289


>will any of my data get into the pic?

Try this, http://www.verexif.com/en/

For double protection, open in paint and convert to png.

a8f39f No.72290


That would be good

5c0a8e No.72291


If you need command line instructions for the exiftool to clear the metadata and query the remaining data let us know.

d08f02 No.72292


Lose the trip. Like, now. Or yesterday.

9748fd No.72293

When Q says JUSTICE, he means U.S. Military is involved.

35287b No.72294


Thank you for this info, anon.

91150a No.72295


>these happenings could set a civil war in the USA

Yes, big issue. Review Hussain's speech from Saturday. Huge red flag.

c3e731 No.72296


Baker, how about a single pastebin that is shared among a bunch of bakers? I think if you sign up you can give permission to edit/share with others who have an account. That way we can keep the batter mold-free.

a2b9c7 No.72297


Thanks thought so. Knew cuckchan did that but wasn't sure about here.

328337 No.72298

Good morning Anons! Hoping that we all stay safe today once the storm appears and the flags start waving in the false wind…Pray for all those Patriots who are put in harms way! Semper Fi

a8f39f No.72299


do not use email, name, or trips

a2b9c7 No.72300


Good thinking.

Will sign up on pastebin and set something like that up when I have a few minutes.

d08f02 No.72301


How about you keep your mildly retarded suggestions to yourself, so we can keep the bread safe.

CBTS has had over 650 threads. I don't think it's course needs to change because you suddenly had a bright idea. Perhaps lurk before spewing garbage out of your mouth. Thanks.

f04261 No.72302


false flag in the Port Authority Bus Station in NYC..


the Port Authority Bus Station is right across from the Bank of American

Rothschild related, anyone? ++? Q, can you confirm?

5c0a8e No.72303


Maybe you should also think about using tor.

c3e731 No.72304


How about you STFU before insulting the BO?

328337 No.72305

a2b9c7 No.72306


Thanks for mentioning that. That would be my thread.

Link here:


a8f39f No.72307


welcome to 30 minutes ago anon, try to keep up

2708d8 No.72308

d08f02 No.72310


Giving multiple people permission to edit bread batter is a bad idea. Should belong to BO and that's it. Should be distributed/updated daily Anything else is ridiculous, and is asking for a repeated 'Baker's Union' from halfchan.

c3e731 No.72311


BO may be an incurable fag but he's YOUR incurable fag :)

c3e731 No.72312


Fuck - you're right of course. I'll keep my bright ideas to myself.

6fc92a No.72314


Baker's Union. Hmm…. who bangs on about the Baker's Union all the time? Some faggot I think.

829909 No.72315

File: 47f173daa84dff5⋯.jpg (202.93 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, ivankaiceskating.jpg)

Ivanka Trump tweeted this out this morning.

Notice the numbers behind her?

38+ 2 45+

is that some type of message?

2708d8 No.72316

This board uses hyperlinks?

Should be scrubbed to inhibit referral data. BO if you're reading this, drop the auto link generation.

f04261 No.72317



- 1199SEIU Funds Headquarters

- New York Times Building

- Microsoft Technology Center

- Proskauer (some sort of hedge fund manager, very lefty shit on their website. This is my prime suspect)

- United States Postal Service.

ff3618 No.72318

c3e731 No.72319


OK, so I got the batter. I will update it in my copious free time before each new bread.

9748fd No.72320

Any anons digging into Schiff's financials? 7.8mm does not sound like a lot of money for what he's been doing. Also, what year did his income start spiking? Where's it coming from, media, SA, etc??? dig, dig, dig, anons

we need meme material and it needs to be accurate.

829909 No.72321


34 + not 38+

76ff8d No.72323


True Story: I downloaded TOR to my home computer about a year ago, around Inauguration time. Within ONE DAY I had a call from 202 area code. I reverse-googled the number and it came back to the FBI. I never returned the call and I removed TOR immediately. Been scared of TOR ever since, even though I would never use it for illegal purposes….

f04261 No.72324


Look if Schiff is related to any mentioned here >>72317

7f928c No.72325

Not everything is a message…. >>72315

9748fd No.72326

does Schiff show up in Wikileaks? anyone checked yet???

968b5b No.72327


Jeeze, you all could find a message in a toilet bowl after taking a diarrhea induced shit!

7250eb No.72328


HAHAHAHAHA So it's that easy to put slaves down. LOL

4e5637 No.72329


34=7 the number of Revelation

45=Potus # =9 -satanic number which is the opposite of peaceful 9 which means eternal life.

829909 No.72330


I thought it could be since POTUS is number 45

d08f02 No.72331


Great job understanding what im putting down hoss.

If you guys really need a repeat incident to show you the method we have now, works, that's fine.

Have the fuck at it.

Don't say I didn't say this was a bad idea.

1d6406 No.72334

has anyone else tried to d/l this bulk memes .zip and had an error?


829909 No.72335


NO 4+5 = 9 is not a satanic 9 don't even try going there. It is a power 9 no matter how you look at it.

2708d8 No.72336


You gotta stop being a little bitch, anon. I don't even use a VPN. If the kikes come for me then so be it.

4fe701 No.72337



I haven't been contributing to any baking or batter activity, etc. up to now. I have noticed how the quality of the front matter has varied over time and across chans. Haven't turned my attention to that, but I'm happy to do a beginning-to-end audit of all post in order to discern what works best. Or simply work with you retards to crank out a new template. My two cents is that it should go like:

>Link to last bread

>Links to latest Q

>High level overviews, includes all graphics, spreadsheets, maps, databases, and verified tools

>Index of all topics in order, or link to such

>Links to other topic threads with descriptions of thread goals

>Terms and conditions on the thread, newb help, cautions, warning

Dude in NY who set the bomb is captured alive, btw. From Brooklyn. Police know who he is. Dr. Gorka called him a 'gold mine' of information. Has a 'foreign name'.

3a8987 No.72338

File: cd7f09154d9ec5d⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 276x183, 92:61, 01laugh.jpg)

74b77b No.72339


Yes I've been digging but very little help on the boards today unfortunately


All I've got so far

f04261 No.72341




Proskauer is close to bombing site

Proskauer funded Schiff




Proskauer also funded Hillary Clinton, Todd, the DNC, Jeb Bush, Rubio, Schumer and Van Hollen.


a8f39f No.72342


anyone comes for me they best bring body bags

328337 No.72343


Just got on Anon…have to work for a living.

59aee0 No.72344


>Sports Stadiums

55c004 No.72345





Autists needed!!!

I'm stuck in it... can't work it out.

Try different methods.

Re-read the crumbs. Q changed his posts for purpose of message.

Now some parts are italic, striked out, characters removed, etc.

a2b9c7 No.72347



You actually have a fair point.

Still, I'll do the pastebin thing.

Don't worry about bread getting contaminated: I'm pretty much available to bake all day and night, just need a break for 1-2 threads a day for some sleep. I'll be saving a known-good copy of batter locally so if it ever gets fucked with I'll take care of it. I work with my local fiile when I bake, so whatever is on the pastebin is just there for a temp-baker to make use of when I'm on break.

a8f39f No.72348


apologies, shills and retards abound

f4c00b No.72349


Thats kinda where im at with the shit anymore!

now that data is worth more than oil or gold. you can give yourself a full time job plugging leaks and your still fucked.

the only way to secure your data in 2017 is throw all your tech in the trash can.

76ff8d No.72350


Hii BaruchTheScribe,

Sorryy I'm so dumb on this stuff. I have a Protonmail account, too. I scrubbed the photos of metadata using the Windows option. It seems to me that all the metadata is removed, although I notice there's still info about the "FILE." That appears to be local to where the actual photo is stored on my netbook.

Anyway, if I were to send you all my research, including the narrative, the embedded links to archived web pages, and the 3 photos (stripped of metadata, I think), then would you be able to help me spread the word?

None of it is illegal in any way. I just think it's info that certain (bad) people wouldn't want out there. Therefore, I think the info should be out there.

So I'll email you via Protonmail later today, okay? I'm still archiving stuff. Thank you.

6de1b4 No.72351

Bomb in NYC subway.

Was this what we were warned about?

a8f39f No.72352


Good find anon, dig anons dig!

a6d351 No.72353

Q said “blunt and direct time”

Previously said “couldn’t understand why the crumbs weren’t being put together”

Also “why weren’t we paint8ng the picture”

So…what the hell are we missing? And his drop Re shciff after stating time to be direct…

Were there crumbs leading to Schiff before? If so maybe we can break them down to help future map reading…

OR was he just dropping Schiff without any “puzzles” so to speak?

c3e731 No.72354


Thank you - look forward to your mail. If it's good stuff then we'll make a new thread in here for it.

6fc92a No.72355


Perhaps read the thread before posting?

a2b9c7 No.72356



Some anon verify this is an issue and get on fixing it for me? I'll bake fix into next bread

2c665f No.72357


he's getting into position

f04261 No.72358




>Proskauer Rose is a New York-based law firm. The earliest predecessor of the firm was established by William Rose in 1875. Proskauer Roses labor law practice represents the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and Major League Soccer. The firms real estate practice was the fourth largest in New York City, according to The Real Deals 2015 ranking by number of attorneys. Clients of the real estate practice, nicknamed the dirt practice, have included Vornado Realty Trust and Hines Interests Limited Partnership. MK

7250eb No.72359


>e hell are we missing? And his drop Re shciff after stating time to be direct…

>Were there crumbs leading to Schiff before? If so maybe we can break them down to help future map reading…

>OR was he just dropping Schiff without any “puzzles” so to speak?

Just post them here publicly, attached to the forum Done.

69d65d No.72360


>Semper Fi

Cleaning the Garand today. Semper Fi.

76ff8d No.72361


Hahaha. I know, I know. They can't kill us all. And if they tried they'd have to get past all the lawfully owned firearms that we have, all legal and perfectly legit. I'll get stronger. I definitely want to help. Y'all are doing a great job and I want to share some obscure facts that I think will widen the scope and fill in some blanks on the whole illegal scheme that we are watching implode…. Thank you for the encouragement.

4f3724 No.72363


Didn't CIA make the TOR browser?

No thanks ill chance it

7250eb No.72364



d194ce No.72365

It's killing me how inflammatory even Faux is regarding this morning's incident. They have used so many adjectives and adverbs that are "scary" rather than just reporting. Disgusting.

ccf650 No.72366


your on the wrong path. let it go and refocus

the answer;


7250eb No.72367


Also, who's afraid of death? Only those who don't walk with God. I promise, death is not a fear for me. Ya'll need some Jesus in your lives, so you can stop being scared fucking children.

6fc92a No.72368


Namefag. Obscure facts. Are you sure you want that?

c1fdb6 No.72369


From Wiki:

>Proskauer represents almost every major US sports organization, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, MLB, Pac-12, Big East, Association of Tennis Professionals, and Premier League, as well as entertainment players and organizations, including Madonna, U2, Kanye West, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Matisyahu, Lady Gaga, Alex Vigilante, RCA Records, Creative Artists Agency, Sony Music Entertainment, The Recording Academy, and MGM.

Bread for circuses. Mockingbird reps/organizers/talent seekers?

7250eb No.72370


I want all info. I can decide if it's good.

2c665f No.72371


why don't more people understand this mindset??

f04261 No.72372




>Steven Lichtenfeld is a real estate and finance lawyer based in New York City. As of 2016, he was a partner at Proskauer Rose and the co-head of the firm’s real estate capital markets and real estate finance groups. His clients include sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, real estate funds, hedge funds, and REITs, including Fortress Investment Group, Lloyds Banking Group, UBS Real Estate Securities, Soros Strategic Partners

7250eb No.72373


Because almost everyone is still broken in their minds. It's a process to break their control, and once you do, and can actually think free, Good luck stopping me now.

c3e731 No.72374


Yeah, connected to 'organzing outdoor events' that's for sure.

734329 No.72375


Thank you, for all that you do! We (who don't know how to bake) truly, truly appreciate you.

000000 No.72377


Tor in a linux gateway VM

Torbrowser in linux workstation VM configured to go through linux gateway

bcf7cd No.72378


I don't know about the Schiff thing. People on twatter knew hours before it was posted here.

a2b9c7 No.72379



Assistance in auditing much appreciated anons.

Help with content creation/collation also appreciated.

I think creating a section in batter for "Related/Notable Habbenings currently in the News" with links to articles/videos/whatever, would be a good addition.

4fe701 No.72380


Suggest to remove? Risky linking to .zips and archive files to begin with, plus let's let others worry about bulk meme. If we keep the options focused we'll see improvements.

f4c00b No.72381


irrelevant, any Q's left to speculation, will result in a lesser % of meme's hitting the sleeping masses.

I am sure Q knows this by now, and I hope that our mini attack as a result of Q's bluntness will help to strengthen this idea.

If we are to be effective we can be doing 10,000 hrs of research while being attacked by botnet and everything left to speculation, and still hope to come out the other side with an effective message for the normies.

If Q wants us waking up the masses Bluntness will be the most effective way to get this done.

use a straw man like a burner phone!

there are plenty who would sacrifice there very life if need be to get the message to anon so we can get it out.

but we need the real deal.

not speculation.

91c39a No.72382


possible symbolic meaning of the numbers with references.Categories: Symbolism, Bible, General, Gematria and Occurrence;







55c004 No.72383


Fuck off, Sayanim!

Today is your last day!

3a8987 No.72384

My gut tells me that this is a incidental plain vanilla ISIS nutcase. Also that this is not the false flag that Q is referring to. I think there is something much bigger yet to come.

883374 No.72385

Shit! 40,000 ft is NOT referring to height! It’s about seeing the whole picture! Like some can’t see the Forrest for the trees? We have to look at the entirety of all the info.

cbce2c No.72386


At this point in my life, I even tell my fam, I ain't afraid of death. If I'm dead, I'm dead and you have to sort all this crap out.

9c0078 No.72387



They know that we know

and have had crumbs for awhile.

4f70b1 No.72388

I read earlier in the day an anon said Bengahzi cost American taxpayers $7.8 million?

Thats bs bc on May 08, 2016 the reported cost of the investigation was $20 million and Schiffhead released this statement.

"It has been apparent since the beginning that the Select Committee on Benghazi would be little more than a politically-motivated fishing expedition. Now two years later – with no new evidence to alter the core conclusions of the other congressional investigations and the nonpartisan Accountability Review Board report – the Committee has reached a new level of desperation. Even the Defense Department can no longer remain silent in the face of this tax-payer funded farce.

"The cost for investigating the attack in Benghazi, including the Committee's own expense coupled with that imposed on the Departments of State, Defense and other agencies, is now over $20 million. As we get even closer to the 2016 general election, all but the most dedicated partisans have written off the Committee and its tremendous cost as one of the worst investigative abuses in congressional history."


d194ce No.72390


We had this on half but it was part of why the thread was a crazy bake. It's own thread would possible be better. Is there not already a habbenings thread? Surprised.

d795cc No.72391

So will this NYC false flag affect the timing of MONDAY and bombs dropping?

7250eb No.72392


So, you're suggesting this is a coincidence. Not a fucking chance. NOT A FUCKING CHANCE.

a8f39f No.72393


Bombing may have been patriots painting a fucking bullseye for us

2c665f No.72395

File: 2c80e5e96ea97fc⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 380x380, 1:1, DOUBiIiXUAAF3ad.jpg)

c8edbc No.72396

I am spitting nails right now!

Megan Kelly is on her show and talking about President sexual harassment with the women on that Bitch. We need to hit back!

26ddf4 No.72397

According to Gorka on Fox, suspect survived, Bangladeshi

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/10/17 (Sun) 22:29:56 be6798 No.70055

Blunt & Direct Time.

Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.

Refer to BDT, the currency of Bangladesh??

7250eb No.72398


> 40,000 ft is NOT referring to height! It’s about seeing the whole picture!

40,000 ft view does indeed talk about height, but it's a turn of phrase, for the whole picture. Of course it references height, that is how you get the FULL PICTURE. LOL.

421083 No.72399


Woah anon! This link is great thank you so much! It links the fear, trauma, albino melanin depleted propensity towards schizophrenia, AIDS, Malaria, Red Cross, LSD experiments, Cocaine, Rh- blood, Africans, Tesla, blood as a conductor of electricity, gold, phosphorus, DNA, and so much more…wow is some entity really harvesting our pain for their own pleasure? wow fugggg wow

58a893 No.72400


Yeah, a bomb goes off, no ones killed.. "Fireworks"

c3e731 No.72401


Of course not. It's Q being blunt and direct.

c1fdb6 No.72402

Seems like these fuckers are linked to damn near everything.


>The firm's Boston office was also noted for representing Facebook, Inc. and Mark Zuckerberg during his company's legal fight with ConnectU.

They're also snowflake enablers, and with the + connection, that's no surprise.

>Proskauer's pro bono clients include community groups, Iraqi and other refugees seeking asylum, domestic violence victims, artists and musicians, Holocaust survivors, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and the MINDS Foundation, among many others. The firm claims that their attorneys typically spend between 35,000 and 40,000 hours a year working on pro bono matters.

7250eb No.72403


Giving credit now to the DECODED STRINGERS.

a6d351 No.72404


We speculated it days before… however there is something we are missing!

Q…time for some more “blunt and direct time” we can disseminate the info and dig regardless. Too much subversion and digging isn’t a good thing and the normies will “blank slate”

cbce2c No.72405


Bombing doesn't seem very patriotic.

7250eb No.72406


Literally after our personal TOP LEVEL INTEL SOURCE tells us shit like that is about to happen, then does.

7250eb No.72407


LOL WUT? Why is everyone mentally deficient? I mean, why can't people think well?

f34edd No.72408

I love Q don't get me wrong, but he needs to build his narrative based on layman terms. HE has the info, HE needs to figure out how to present it to us so we can digest it. Not get all pissy because we can't piece together his puzzle.

I get the need for code speak but we aren't in the military and shouldn't be expected to piece together the information as quickly as he has. He has the answers, we need simplified question!

a2b9c7 No.72409


Jealous. Wants me a Garand so hard.

Oiling up the AR this morning with my 5 year old daughter. She learns fast.

f47646 No.72410


Soros needs to be taken down

f04261 No.72411






most important: ==THEY FUNDED SCHIFF==

Proskauer may warrant its own thread.

7250eb No.72413


Trust me, this shit ain't for you. Many of us have no problem with this. ANy less technical is an insult. Why don't you go wait til the big boys/girls finish working? Thanks.

a2b9c7 No.72414

Negative, it was Naval Intelligence IIRC.

a8f39f No.72415


some people can't see the big picture

c88c14 No.72416


What about this guy? He was a top donor to the Dems and leading a charge against Trump with a petition to have him impeached, ads, etc? Any importance to dig into him?

46daad No.72417

We should all stay calm and do research

DJT will not let our $$ be devalued or allow us to be attacked

That would not be good for MAGA and his goal is to drain the swamp

There are no coincidences, this attack where only 2 are involved sounds controlled

A message is being sent

Not as worried, maybe because only 2 involved or my faith in DJT is so much stronger

I will standby for now but be prepared

7250eb No.72418


Correctly, nearly NOBODY can see the big picture. It's so fucking clear right now, it's scary.

3a8987 No.72419


OMG – yes!! This guy is from Bangledesh!!

d194ce No.72420


GTFO. If he wanted to buy an ad in the USA today for you to read he would have. Are you a shill? Or just a whiner?

354cae No.72421


Is it just me or does anyone else find this guy looks like Comey in certain pictures?

f47646 No.72422


Agreed. It was a late post on (q) post. But I wonder if that has meaning

a6d351 No.72423


Welcome to the party…

7250eb No.72425


Trump has no control on the devalue of the USD. it's well underway, and not stopping. Sorry, get your cash into metals/cryptos temporarily, then metals. THE US DOLLAR IS GOING TO COLLAPSE IN IT'S CURRENT FORM. 100%

496cdf No.72426


The internet is information transparent. I have an intel processor with a sever on ring - 3

why should I use a CIA funded and maintained mix net?

You want to be anonymous we need a new kind of network.

94ddf5 No.72427

File: 58fd60b670a30c9⋯.jpeg (113.62 KB, 820x925, 164:185, download.jpeg)

What the hell is going on at 4chan?

Thread from last night is gone.

Nothing on Q. Have shills totally taken over?

4fe701 No.72428


>"Related/Notable Habbenings currently in the News" with links to articles/videos/whatever, would be a good addition.

^^ critical! critical! critical!


This has been answered. The archive translates escape characters into formatting. [i] = italic [s] = strike through. Escape characters mean they are escaped, dropped

Suggestion for front matter. Does it make sense to add some rarely changing parts of the front matter as posts in a new dedicated batter thread? Keeps them centralized on-site and then the front matter can just link to them. As we need to update front matter, add new posts to the dedicated thread and update the links?

4fd04b No.72429

Take the time to watch this. Spot on. But should be made into a series of videos. Too much info to fit into one presentation.


a8f39f No.72430


Yup clearly this bomb was 'fireworks' drawing our attention to PROSKAUER.

69d65d No.72431


>Wants me a Garand so hard.

Easy peasy: http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/

f34edd No.72432


Not a shill, just frustrated. I am and have contributed to this thread. Thanks though

c3e731 No.72433


Lol. Hello?

7250eb No.72434


Trump has no control on the devalue of the USD. it's well underway, and not stopping. Sorry, get your cash into metals/cryptos temporarily, then metals. THE US DOLLAR IS GOING TO COLLAPSE IN IT'S CURRENT FORM. 100%>>72429

>n answered. The archive translates escape characters into formatting. [i] = italic [s] = strike through. Escape

I'm watching now.

421083 No.72435

File: 15ef943d0219909⋯.jpg (88.32 KB, 500x632, 125:158, 8d4795eb037b471a2d238332c0….jpg)

File: 04453016125f68c⋯.jpg (150.15 KB, 1428x1641, 476:547, 702bc95cbca17955ee5ff57344….jpg)


It is Satanic to (((them)))

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

We are using (((their))) symbolism against them. That is what I was trying to point out.

(((They))) try to take everything Good and make it Evil.

Q is putting codes on purpose. Look at how much Hillary hated Pepe, bc Satanism's power comes from Magic which is really just mind control via hypnotism brainwashing and the used of Sigils aka Symbols. And she lost!

ff3618 No.72437

7250eb No.72439


So just a whiner. Look, this shit has to be tough. Life is hard. If you want shit that's easy, you best change your attitude, since life is fucking hard, the truth is hard, and leaving out facts is in fact lying. We've had enough of that thanks.

883374 No.72440

Would explain why someone spoke that gold would increase to $3000 by next yr

c3e731 No.72441


>Trump has no control on the devalue of the USD. it's well underway, and not stopping.

Sure he does. He just tortures Lynn some more until she stops devaluing it.

7250eb No.72442


Gold must be revalued to back the new Yaun.

7250eb No.72443


You're really that dumb? The story is far more complex, my guess is you don't understand international finance.. No worries, I do. The USD is out of Trumps control, and LdR ain't in charge either.

46daad No.72445


Correction, I know the dollar is down

I meant stock market devalued or crash

I do not believe he would let America suffer in such a way.

734329 No.72446


Its clients include participants in many industries, including chemicals, entertainment, financial services, health care, hospitality, information technology, insurance, internet, manufacturing, media and communications, pharmaceuticals, real estate investment, sports, and transportation.

(Internet, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, entertainment, chemicals, all jump out to me.)

76ff8d No.72447


Okay. Sorry.

f59594 No.72448



7250eb No.72449



c3e731 No.72450


It was a joke dumbass.

2c665f No.72451

File: 56e663fd29ae5b2⋯.jpg (80.72 KB, 750x410, 75:41, Tree scene one half Winter….jpg)

File: 0ceaa86aad02d7c⋯.jpg (75.12 KB, 1101x1300, 1101:1300, 8128850-Business-failure-a….jpg)

>for green

eternal optimism

a8f39f No.72452

7250eb No.72453


LOL Well, OK THEN. fair enough :)

Those that don't get this finance shit, realize TRUMP CAN'T FIX IT. He has to roll out a new currency. That's what's up.

c4de53 No.72454


If anything NFL/Superbowl related is going down, this may have been an attempt to clean house beforehand. I wonder who the real target was?

25466e No.72455


They'll be added next bake, Pending baker competency ofc.

883374 No.72456

The suspected bomber was a 27-year-old man from Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told Fox News. Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC his sources in the department said the explosion was an "ISIS-inspired attack." Bratton said the suspect was a man from Bangladesh who had been living in the U.S. for about seven years.

88f2b1 No.72457


http: //www.mintpressnews.com/michael-hastings-targeted-cia-wikileaks-reveals-agencys-covert-carjacking-ability/225738/

Wikileaks has made the possibility of remotely hijacking vehicles for covert assassinations easier to prove, thanks to its recent release of the “largest ever publication of confidential documents” related to the CIA. On Tuesday, Wikileaks released a trove of documents code-named “Vault 7” that contain details regarding the CIA’s global covert hacking program. Within its press release, Wikileaks noted that “as of October 2014, the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

No wonder Obama wanted to get all older cars off the road. There was no way to highjack them with remote operations. This gives the Clowns In America carte blanche to assainate whomever they like!

69d65d No.72458



>OMG – yes!! This guy is from Bangledesh!!

And Q knew at:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/10/17 (Sun) 22:29:56 be6798 No.70055

He's sending a message, "We've got you by the balls".

1f3dc6 No.72459

c3e731 No.72460


I think so. New Seal for National Federal Credit Union related.

9b1599 No.72462


He suffered "premature detonation."

Allahu Akboshit

f34edd No.72463


Yea, I'm sure it is for you, seeing as you never leave your moms basement. Others like myself have to be big boys and actually go to work to make money to pay the bills.


f47646 No.72464



7250eb No.72465


Look, this part of the story, I know well. The current Federal Reserve note is GOING DOWN. Get your money OUT OF THE US DOLLAR. ASAP. You're almost out of time.

968b5b No.72466


Don't worry about the ctypto currencies, they will crash as hard as the market will.

Instead, go to your local bullion dealer and purchase the small ingots of silver.

Silver will be a very strong purchasing power.

Gold is to valuable and is more likely to get you hurt carrying it.

774634 No.72467



11 Times Square gets a new name and new occupants

Proskauer Moves to Eleven Times Square in New York City

What's today? the 11th!

f04261 No.72468



Let's do what >>72459 suggests and follow the money; who in that company high up is interested in dealing with + (soros), ++(rothschild) or +++ (arabs), dealt with Schiff, loves the DNC and Hillary and is a deep state ally?

829909 No.72469


OMG I just realized because of 9 (Tesla said highest powerful number) that is why Hillary Clinton and her Cabal let Obama be 44 and she absolutely expected to be 9.

They can't handle that Trump is 9 - he has the power behind him. No wonder she won't give it up and no wonder the media and so many others constantly work against Trump, they are working to dilute the power of the number too.

328337 No.72470


No problemo…we are here to work together to take down these fags!!!

Let there be JUSTICE for all those who were killed and abused by these 'elite' fkrs!! We are ANON and we will help spread the REAL news about these nasty, evil fkrs! Take em all down, pass them around, and put em in the ground!

55c004 No.72471

File: 56f7656fdcfa271⋯.jpg (371.74 KB, 1315x897, 1315:897, highlights.jpg)




This morning, around 9am (GMT+1) Q team highlighted words in different colors in all posts of thread #78 which contained the words:





Directly after I posted screenshots, the highlights were removed.

Unfortunaly I did not save the full thread to jpg.

This is a confirmation of an incident taking place tonight at the Patriots vs Dolphin NFL game at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida.

Probably a Nuclear False Flag attack (planted device), which will be averted and exposed.

SUM OF ALL FEARS (crumb) is about a nuclear attack on a stadium. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0164184/

Keep your families save!


7250eb No.72472


I am a software engineer. I made more money before breakfast than you did, and can afford to help free the world from tyranny in my free time.

a6d351 No.72473


I heard the NG was taking over security on the Super Bowl away from G4S

Wasn’t g4s the PMC that was working in Vegas during the 10/1 shooting?

If so, prevent8ng a false flag at the super bowl….

c3e731 No.72474


Blunt and Direct Time. BDT. False flag. Bangladeshi tries to commit false flag. Now there's a crumb.

69d65d No.72476



No, he warned (((them))) a day in advance.


7250eb No.72478


Very good. Nice work.

d194ce No.72481

>>72432 glad to hear it. I stand by my sentence. Tell your therapist, not the board. That isn't how this works here.


See above


Confirmed here to slide and shill. Bye bye Take it to your therapist.


They actually said it with a straight face. Cannot believe that.

774634 No.72483


This is from 1934 (?!) but has an ominous tone to it…

March 21, 1934

The following is the statement made by Judge Joseph M. Proskauer at the board meeting of the Federation for the Support of Jewish. Philanthropic Societies.

The Board of Trustees has voted a budget for the year 1934 of $3,500,000. In order that you may understand the significance of this figure, let me say that in 1929 the ninety-one institutions which represent, as you know, all the chief orphan asylums, old folks homes, hospitals, community centers and in general, most of the important Jewish philanthropic institutions, received from Federation a budget of $5,200,000.


c3e731 No.72485


>Q team highlighted words in different colors in all posts of thread #78 which contained the words:

No they didn't. Someone posted that pic with the words highlighted. Not Q.

4d4f3c No.72486

I may be confused, but how is this a false flag?

Terrorist tries to blow himself up in the name of Islam. Isn't that what they do? What's false about it?

9b1599 No.72487


Agreed. One idea on the "stringers": they might be intercepted commands.

f47646 No.72489


We should definitely pay attention to this. I wonder what is going to go on with the game tonight.

9d4c5c No.72490


ISIS was created and trained by Clowns. So any ISIS attack is a clown ordered attack. How are you here and this naive?

a2b9c7 No.72491


Yeah gonna sign up for cmp soon.

Heard tell some months ago about them getting a bunch of surplus WWII-era GI 1911s from the Phillipines or somewhere.

Really want.

46daad No.72493


Than explain why the market is at an all time high

The market revolves around who is in office

Explain how bit coin dropped $4k mins after AF gave resignation speech

Or how BR Misreporting Flynn timeline made market drop 350 puts

Yes, DJT has control think abstract

DJT Is hitting back and it shows

We can agree to disagree

26ddf4 No.72494


false flag = covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by individual entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

2c665f No.72495


it wasn't a warning, it was shaking the hive so the bees come out.

f47646 No.72496


Look up the definition of false flags

c3e731 No.72497


'Terrorist' is not real - he works for the Deep State.

40b544 No.72498

"Blunt & Direct Time"-> BD Time-> Bangladesh

The suspect of the bombing is Bangladeshi

"Enjoy the show" ->Schiff may have known about the attack ahead of time.

Fasle flag(s)-> It's a false flag. There may be others today. Lot's of speculation Monday Night Football may be a target.

"fireworks"-> It was a bomb that started a fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zwHCx54mIM

*Crumbs for reference* https://i.redd.it/hsymriuea8301.jpg

9b1599 No.72499



>Anonymous ID:zGyR4tyi Thu 02 Nov 2017 13:08:46 No.147636035

>You can paint the picture based solely on the questions asked.

>Be vigilant today and expect a major false flag.

>Does anyone find it to be a coincidence there is always a terrorist attack when bad news breaks for the D's?

>What is that called?

4d4f3c No.72500


We know this how?

328337 No.72501


No damn wonder

1bb75a No.72502


Q told us that 4Chan is compromised which is why they moved here.

4fe701 No.72503

File: e13d2d2dfd262c4⋯.jpeg (64.5 KB, 276x200, 69:50, feeelsbad.jpeg)



^^ implies this isn't globally distributed full stack, devops, opsec, BI, PR shop

3adf4f No.72504

Appears the good guys fucked with the bomb. Whether that be other worldly intervention or an insider to the plot.

ccf650 No.72505


lurk MOAR or KYS

to many stupid lazyfucks

c3e731 No.72506


Q predicted it. he said 'fireworks' yesterday - large bang, no casualities. Join the dots.

7bcd18 No.72507



Van Ann Bui | Professional Profile - LinkedIn


Greater New York City Area - ‎Director, Law Program - ‎Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Van Ann is a former corporate attorney at Proskauer Rose LLP where she specialized in leveraged finance. During her time at … Volunteered on a missions trip to help with pre-school children at the Lily of the Valley Children's Village, an orphanage where many of the children are affected with HIV. One young lady that I …

94ddf5 No.72508


I didn't realize it was that bad.

9d4c5c No.72509


oh ffs. You should just stop embarrassing yourself

d95ff3 No.72510

FOX is reporting that this explosion probably would have been worse than it is.

Seems as though the guys bomb didn't go off as intended.

328337 No.72511


No damn wonder Q kept telling us to reread the maps…How long have they been doing this…how long have they been highlighting the posts in the Map?! We must read every day!

f8ee95 No.72512

Schiff had a donation by MZA,


Their clients and partners are an interesting bunch

f04261 No.72513



great find anon.

So… they're interrupted right in the middle of moving house? Why? To intercept documents in the middle of the confusion?

f47646 No.72514


We should still take it into thought and watch out. A (q) team member could have posted that anonymously. Or someone who is close to that.

4816a3 No.72515



9d4c5c No.72516


name a terrorist attack that wasn't a false flag to you

7250eb No.72517


> Is hitting back and it sho

No, that's not what is up. They can't just drop the economy, they ahve been trying to blame Trump, but have been unable to start a war, or blame him. So they have held it up using digital manipulation in order to wait for the perfect time. Trump is not in charge of

everything Sorry.

This is VERY CLEAR from the evidence, and since I watch financials like a boss for over 2 years now, unless you are doing that as well, I suggest I know more about this topic than you.

734329 No.72518



Brendan O'Rourke-Brendan is a renowned, first-chair trial litigator who has represented a diverse array of well-known clients in state and federal courts throughout the United States. His clients include pharmaceutical companies, consumer products companies, sports governing bodies, teams and leagues, as well as some of the world’s most well-recognized celebrities. (SPORTS GOV. BODIES, TEAMS, LEAGUES)

Another lawyer at the group: Lawrence Weinstein…related to Harvey? digging….

55c004 No.72519



Thanks. Shills attack after I posted this this morning…

I will be here tonight.

Patriots game is 8.30pm ET = 2.30am (GMT+1) here.

bcf7cd No.72520


Reading. Researching. Digging.

9b1599 No.72521



>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:Dx5TPc5d Thu 09 Nov 2017 23:07:15 No.148779656

>Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

ccf650 No.72522


we know before this highlighted bullshit that a FF at the Game is highly possible


968b5b No.72523


I still do not agree with this assessment.

d95ff3 No.72524

File: e9bcd654f8d352a⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 900x763, 900:763, schiff.jpg)


Whats all this talk about Adam Schiff?

Is something happening with him? Is he finally going down?

55c004 No.72525


That was me this morning, Sayanim.

Fuck off. Your last day!

(No, YOUR last day)

a2b9c7 No.72526

Hmmmm. Trying to think of name for next Bread Edition.

f04261 No.72527


The NFL was mentioned earlier.

Is this a move to remove an important shackle right from under the illuminati's noses?

4d4f3c No.72528


Fuck you.

So who is the terrorist trying to frame for the attack? Isis? That's what they do.

All I am saying is that this is a fairly lame false flag.

9d4c5c No.72529


The schiff is about to hit the fan

c3e731 No.72530


I saw a Q post that highlighted both your ID and the word 'fag'.

4fe701 No.72531


Hey man, qmapanon here, browser crashed and lost my (you)s. Just seconding that the pamphlet links need to be front matter in all bread. Goes with 'how to read map', 'rules for newbs', 'skykangz' stuff that should always be there.

55c004 No.72532


What you think doesn't really matter.

The Storm starts tonight.

ff3618 No.72533

File: 11c554f535b8b24⋯.png (259.9 KB, 356x559, 356:559, nycflag1.PNG)


>Premature detonation

And it's been captured

f47646 No.72534



09e83b No.72535

File: 692e64faba30e99⋯.png (12.72 KB, 255x146, 255:146, kev.png)

2c665f No.72536

File: 85e61b71e1e4977⋯.jpg (263.49 KB, 764x551, 764:551, 1481934551574.jpg)

806176 No.72537

f47646 No.72538


Monday Fireworks

0cc030 No.72539


Daniel Forman | Professional Profile - LinkedIn


Greater New York City Area - ‎Senior Counsel - ‎Proskauer Rose LLP

Proskauer Rose LLP. November 2017 – Present (2 months). Daniel Forman is a Senior Counsel in the Capital Markets Group of our Corporate Department. … Program Assistant and Associate backstopping and providing assistance in the field to USAID Education Programs including: BEPS, CHANGES, RISE and APEP.

Jonathan Ng | Professional Profile - LinkedIn


Jonathan has experience working in the private, NGO, academic and government sectors. He is currently the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) attorney for Power Africa, the U.S. Government's response for alleviating energy poverty with the goal of doubling electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa through …

968b5b No.72540


Storm has already started.

EBS and EWS will be activated during the game notifying us.

Storm front will have passed over by then.

4fe701 No.72541


POTUS 100% Insulated edition

Expect Fireworks edition

JUSTICE edition

9efd74 No.72542


> This morning, around 9am (GMT+1) Q team highlighted words in different colors in all posts of thread #78 which contained the words: Patriots Dolphins vs NFL

It's your browser highlighting words you searched for. Google Cache will do that too. It is highly unlikely that Q has the technical ability to change HTML+CSS on 8chan.

953764 No.72543


Conc. camps are old stratr. While I think it's possible, it doesn't seem likely. Too many people are able to communicate in real time, and the disappearance of large populations all at once would be too much to conceal. Open genocide didn't work well last 2 times and would be less effective in digital age.

9b1599 No.72544


Storm is in the 4th quarter …

a6d351 No.72545


Blunt and direct edition

953764 No.72546


Only strat this would work for, which is possible, is riddance of illegals with no record of being here.

a2b9c7 No.72547


I like. Possible gonna do some variation of this.

c3e731 No.72548


Lol. Oops.

f47646 No.72549


Do you have proof of that. Cause what I have seen and followed is it hasent started yet.

9b1599 No.72551


I like #2 for the immediate next thread, but also like the others for future threads.

968b5b No.72552


Announcement of storm may be 4th quarter, but the storm is already happening.

883374 No.72554

Why has McMaster been left out of all this? He’s being paid to spy by BHO.

ff3618 No.72555

File: 6d53318700c25a5⋯.png (358.9 KB, 429x657, 143:219, nycflag2.PNG)

968b5b No.72556


Do you really think they are going to announce shit BEFORE they do it?

You a special kind of stupid, aren't ya.

9efd74 No.72557

> POTUS 100% Insulated

I hope they didn't use fibreglass or he'll be itching for a month.

f47646 No.72558


We haven’t gotten the tweet from Trump, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us..” Until that tweet happens, storm hasent started.

a2b9c7 No.72559



Agreed. will incorporate this.

Okay, I've got it. You'll all see in a bit ;)

46daad No.72560


You probably do.

But I bet DJT knows more

This is RISK at its best

Move counter move

The purpose of the board is to spread the word to normies.

If normies can't participate without being ridiculed then the purpose is nothing more than for a select group to get together and play super sleuth and laugh at the rest of us. This I don't believe. There are too many intelligent people people here that have a handle on Q.

Remember normies are coming here for answers and guidance

Don't push us away, we are on the same side.

953764 No.72561


Bomb blast in Times Square. Moments ago. Don't get distracted from reality too hard, it is their plan.

9748fd No.72562


why do you say Ph = Blood Type?

isn't Ph base vs. alkaline?

968b5b No.72563


You missed his tweet, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, didn't ya?

d194ce No.72564


I think that is the point. It wasn't really bad, so they are ramping out how bad it COULD have been. They want you to see all the horrific possibilities. This is a real false flag with a purpose. This is to make it look like ISIS is still alive and cooking. Which sadly, they may be. This is a reminder that 702 is so very important so that they can keep scanning the net, etc ahead of time. How could we have stopped this? thank goodness it wasn't terrible. Listen to FOX right now!!!

I doubt there will be anything tonight at that game. The reason is, that if Q knows, then Q and crew would STOP it. Not let it go forward and tell us ahead of time. That is what bad guys do. Not good guys. You guys make some great leaps in logic that finds real stuff, but this… You are looking at with fear in your hearts and not sense.

The same thing with this guy this AM. This is the thing they tell NYPD ahead of time when they have the intel when we are good guys. Maybe they did? and the Mayor (lame ass that he is) did nothing with the information? That seems more likely.

f47646 No.72565


No, I don’t. But where is the tweet (Q) stayed of “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us” that is when (Q) states storm will begin. Go back and read the drops.

953764 No.72567


No one dead or harmed. Good guy false flag?

f47646 No.72568


The one from Dan last night, no, I caught it. Still not the tweet (Q) warned us of.

26ddf4 No.72569


You didn't get Q's post yet, did ya?

25466e No.72570



7250eb No.72571


This looks to be an intercepted false flag, or cover for a raid.

9d4c5c No.72572


No, failed rush job. Their top bomb makers are dead.

f47646 No.72573


Agree. It’s definitely apart of all of this.

af2d98 No.72574

File: 59d9ceef14ae42a⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1246x1376, 623:688, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)


This is going to be a major attack against POTUS today. It's been coordinated.

Look back at Bill O'Reilly's tape that he's sitting on that reveals these Trump accusers were paid as much as $200,000 to make false statements.

Bill needs to release this tape ASAP.

806176 No.72575


Call it Stormy Monday…T Bone Walker reference

953764 No.72576





All possible and relevant paths to follow.

af2d98 No.72577

File: 85431f64c9adbbc⋯.jpg (45.48 KB, 600x314, 300:157, DQxXyTuVAAIwhQw.jpg)


Bomber is alive. Dumb fuck.

3c78dc No.72578

Anons, I am blown away by all the excellent Traitor Schiff and Sleazy Schiff memes you made while harvesterAnon was AFK. So proud of you Patriots.

Looking for Schiff memes? Visit Memes #2 starting at


Plaster the Internet with this fuck-head's image and hashtag the crap out of him.

7250eb No.72579


>Look back at Bill O'Reilly's tape that he's sitting on that reveals these Trump accusers were paid as much as $200,000 to make false statements.

>Bill needs to release this tape ASAP.

Focus on the link to Bangladesh. It's gonna be tied in.

f04261 No.72580


Can't find much on either of them. The Dutch banker said these people don't leave much of a digital blueprint.

Maybe look for news articles about them?

117506 No.72581


Thanks for this – what Mattis said – WHOA

Schiff is only one part of this puzzle - no one works in a vacuum.

Q was right when he said they are stupid - why would someone do this and NOT think someone is watching them - very stupid indeed

a8f39f No.72582

anons look at list of top recipients from Proskauer Rose. Most of these people are retiring / resigning from congress.


a6d351 No.72583

Sauce on the Bangladesh connection

f0bafa No.72584

File: 77a2a24452eeb26⋯.jpeg (102.87 KB, 664x441, 664:441, 31DE0400-72A3-4654-9611-7….jpeg)

4d4f3c No.72586


Maybe this is semantic to me, but to me a false flag is something like:

USG behind 9/11

USG knew about Pearl Harbor in advance.

USG faked the Gulf of Tonkin

USG behind the sinking of the Lusitania

These false flags had a purpose to start a war under false pretenses. This attack is and ISIS fag trying to blow himself up in the name of ISIS. Ostenisbly in response to the can of whoop ass that POTUS has opened and admininstered on ISIS in the ME.

So to me, this is not a false flag at all. Just a response from ISIS to what we are doing.

9748fd No.72587


definitely! he's a patriot, he'll recognize and appreciate his ideas being memed:)

9d4c5c No.72588


Exactly you dumb fuck. A good bomb and you have a bomber in pieces. Don't embarrass yourself here

4fe701 No.72589

File: d5fcafb586ad286⋯.jpeg (86.62 KB, 867x576, 289:192, insulated.jpeg)

f47646 No.72590


You would think the dumbass would be smart enough to get away from the explosion…but then too hoping for many wife’s on the other side..

50660e No.72591


It captures the news cycle

09e83b No.72593

File: 95a1c9bc6a16c56⋯.png (103.96 KB, 707x520, 707:520, potus.png)

no comment yet on NY

9748fd No.72594


AMEN, Patriot Anon!

f04261 No.72595


Jonathan Ng is related to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. It's clients include…. TRUMP!?


40b544 No.72596


Why do we think 4th quarter?

052abf No.72597



a8f39f No.72598


then you fail to understand

7250eb No.72599


Only those without God in their life live in fear. True fact.

09e83b No.72600


Patsy ? what else is going on?

a478ed No.72601

File: 4d13b07d5f6b91f⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 607x446, 607:446, Pig.JPG)

Bomber in NY yelled Trump 45th president Engine Engine #9

Code for another false flag?

7bcd18 No.72602


waaaaaaaaaaat????? spoopy


United States: Charitable Giving and Disaster Relief Efforts in Response to the Haitian and Chilean Earthquakes

The FBI also issued a press release urging donors to be careful when responding to requests for aid, as individuals with criminal intent frequently use natural disasters to solicit contributions for a fake charity or cause.2 The IRS routinely encourages donors to verify whether a recipient charity is qualified as a tax-exempt organization.

Of this amount, individuals and NGOs have given more than 40 percent of the total contributions. In a sign of the times, contributions made through cellphones, such as those made through the American Red Cross's (←——!)cellphone texting program during the NFL (←——-!)playoffs, raised an estimated $30 million in 10 days for relief efforts.

The U.S. government is by far the biggest contributor, accounting for approximately 35 percent of contributions to date, with an additional 35 percent of all contributions coming from private individuals and organizations. The next largest government contributors were Canada, Saudi Arabia, France, and Spain. It remains to be seen whether the total contributions to the Haitian relief efforts will come close to equaling the estimated $8 billion in aid given in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

After the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, Congress passed legislation to allow taxpayers to accelerate deductions for donations to relief efforts.

(WHERE DID THE MONEY GO ANONS? look at Haiti now ffs…ew)

Just as donors to charitable organizations must properly document their contributions in order to claim an income tax deduction, charities providing disaster relief must properly document their distributions and. expenditures in order to maintain their exempt status.

The IRS requires similar but less detailed documentation from charities providing short-term aid (such as distribution of meals or individual articles of clothing).(←——–! how convenient!)

Also, a charity that does not provide disaster relief may make contributions directly to a charity engaged in disaster relief efforts. (←——ooh money laundering!)


9748fd No.72604


it's CIA-hijacked-Islam

c1fdb6 No.72605

There isn't any.

Quit entertaining the shills/retards.

7250eb No.72606


How deluded are you? Shill is how. SHill level MAX. All terror is false flags. stop conversation.

883374 No.72607

4d4f3c No.72608


>It captures the news cycle

So better described as a disinfo event?

74b77b No.72609

Glad the true diggers are finally awake, first thing in the morning GMT these threads are filled with garbage!

We were trying to look into Schiffs $7.8mil and find that connection.

Blunt & Direct Time also discussed.

Hopefully we can get a few more minds on this, especially if this false flag was committed by Bangladeshi and Q was giving us crumbs regarding BDT being Bangladeshi related.



af2d98 No.72610


was calling the bomber a dumb fuck…not you bud.

another radical islamic that's going to get free medical treatment on our tax dollars.

968b5b No.72611


Because they watched a movie call "Sum of all Fears"

1bb75a No.72612


⬆︎Still thinks it's "Islamic."

Has no idea what "false flag" means.

9c0078 No.72613



How does $7b sound 2012

How Allen Stanford’s SEC Connections Enabled His $7 Billion Ponzi-Scheme


Among those Stanford sought help from was famed securities lawyer Thomas Sjoblom . Then a partner at the international law firm of Proskauer Rose and chair of its securities practice, Sjoblom also was a former 20-year veteran of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division.

Sjoblom is one of the most senior attorneys ever to be investigated for allegedly crossing the line from legal advocacy on behalf of a client to violating the law. He hasn’t been charged, however, and it is possible he never will be.

Certainly this suggests shenannigans.

052abf No.72614

Interesting how New York ‘officials’ right away claim “terror attack” this time.



What else is going on right now?

a8f39f No.72615


You fail to understand when a decoy op is disguised as a terror attack. Q told us there would be fireworks and false flags by all appearances this was a marker for us to look across the street not at the bombing itself.

9748fd No.72616


based on movies and u.s. currency clues: nyc/nuclear event/causing damage by water

9d4c5c No.72617


oops sorry. Shills have me frustrated. My fault for reading too fast

734329 No.72619


Couldn't have been much of a bomb to begin with, if he had it physically on him when it detonated. Def a FF.

09e83b No.72620


Because you are a scholar and a Schiffy shill

7250eb No.72622



I am well aware. I am stating it's not just 'ISIS retaliating' that's absurd. I concur with your assesment.

7250eb No.72623


LOL You're not qualified for this level of thinking, or are a shill. My guess: Shill.

1bb75a No.72624


It has NOTHING to do with Islam.

You need to re-take the course as well.

69d65d No.72625



>Why do we think 4th quarter?

I'm certain there was a Q post where he referenced

>4th quarter

Why can't I find it?

a8f39f No.72626


ah apologies too much noise to signal ratio in here today. Thought you were disputing me.

1d6406 No.72627

7250eb No.72628



953764 No.72629


They are trying to get us off Adam Schiff. Either to save him, or, because news we hear about on TV is old to them. I choose the latter.

7250eb No.72630


No problem. I get it, and approve of valid points no matter how they come.

16a948 No.72631



"Local media is reporting that the man is from Bangladesh but has been living in the US for seven years."

Sleeper assassin - CIA asset.

1bb75a No.72632


You just blew your own cover. Bye.

4fe701 No.72633

File: 10f9c35311313ba⋯.png (249.75 KB, 320x320, 1:1, frustrating.png)

>If you see a terrorist, say something to the police [fuckedhead commie mayor this morning]

>Americans, if you see a terrorist, you must fight them with your bare hands [Patriot Dr. Seb Gorka this morning]

f04261 No.72634



Hopefully Q can confirm or deny if Proskauer was the target. If/when (s)he comes online, barge it with this question.

ff3618 No.72635

File: 217401c701f5cc9⋯.jpg (289.84 KB, 549x538, 549:538, alpaca.jpg)


insulated with hand-woven Nepalese Alpaca virgin wool onesies and a shitload of patriot Marines ready to fuck up any jihadi kebab's fantasies- he's good Anon

f47646 No.72636


I think it’s a ((c I a)) begins it. Along with deep state. And who invented Isis… oh that’s right (( c I a)). So fuck off! I got the picture! Do you?? Probably not. Too busy shilling instead of bringing research and info

7250eb No.72637


HAHAHA thank you. I'm glad you feel I speak like a professional. WOoooo. :)

7bcd18 No.72638




The plan for ACORN’s reorganization after the management review conducted by Scott Harshbarger of the Proskauer Rose law firm (full disclosure, Harshbarger is on NPQ’s board of directors) called for local ACORN operations to incorporate as 501(c)(3)s, but not like the California chapter has done. California ACORN has not only separately incorporated, but has left the ACORN family all together. The new organization—Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)—will basically have the old California ACORN staff and funders, according to California ACORN’s now former head organizer, Amy Schur.

d95ff3 No.72640


he blew up his dick

09e83b No.72641


Deep state cunts need to fall. For those idiots who ar calling this 'Islamic, Moslem' etc. Research moar.

Rots are under pressure. Schiff has hit the fan

50660e No.72642


disinfo distract advance an agenda there's never one set in stone reason, they are usually layered

9748fd No.72643


can you plz link the intel that was ignored?

1bb75a No.72644


All this information spoon-fed to you and you still don't have a clue.

Waste of time. Bye.

f04261 No.72645


Remember the Dutch banker guy and how he talked about the money streams?

Proskauer Rose may be a key. >>72638

When Q comes online, hopefully Q can verify it.

2e3f9c No.72646

Note: trump said “false” story and not “fake news”. Crumbs.

d95ff3 No.72647

File: efa80905a7b0806⋯.png (34.9 KB, 620x358, 310:179, krassenstein.png)


(((Krassenstein))) at it again

1d6406 No.72648



84fb7e No.72649

Celebrate Red! was possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, especially Disaster Sponsor Proskauer,


3a8987 No.72650


Well, we have to get him healthy enough to survive the upside down questioning. Wouldn't want him to die before the pertinent information is extracted from him

05158b No.72651

AP: NYPD sources identify Port Authority bombing suspect as 27-year old Ullah Akayed

1bb75a No.72653


Still haven't learned anything.

Bye-bye scat farmer.

a6d351 No.72654

f47646 No.72655


He is a fucking idiot

7250eb No.72656


Fucking right good job.

2be971 No.72657

Wow I just read that the only person who died in NYC is the bomber

HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER - submarine fires missile only to have the missile blow up its own sub



09e83b No.72658


I truly believe that this thieving fuck is a closet Trump groupie.

7250eb No.72659


MOAR good work.

f04261 No.72660

734329 No.72661

1bb75a No.72662


Agreed. First thing I thought when I saw his tweet.

953764 No.72663


Meme war Schiff is good idea. Delving deeper doesn't seem productive. He's corrupt to the core. Take your pick and run with it on why.

9c0078 No.72664


If it's a lead international tax law is their specialty. Pretty deep rabbit hole. Schiff it is.

fe54af No.72665


Megyn Kelly, that will draw in the viewers!

2be971 No.72666


On it, capt'n ! been tweetin schiff memes all morning

9748fd No.72667


do you think Schiff was the one who leaked the Seal raid early on in Trump's presidency that got so many of them killed? Remember, reports were that the enemy seemed to be ready and waiting for our forces?

a478ed No.72668

af2d98 No.72669


The crash was 54 miles away from the Estate. verified with CTU friend in UK.

However, at the crash site is the Royal National Rose Society Gardens - a 27-acre flower/butterfly garden homage to Dame Miriam Lane (Rothschild), so possibly related.

953764 No.72670


Criminals are often repeat offenders. Who are the oldest criminals we can prove?

f04261 No.72671


Schiff is related. They funded him - also funding the DNC, Rubio, Hillary, Jeb Bush, Schumer and so on.

968b5b No.72672


So they think patriots are nothing more than a football team in the nfl.

Not a chance in hell he's using football lingo to tell patriots across this great nation where we are on getting BHO locked up.

Like I was saying lastnight, this theory of theirs does not hold water, holes can be punched in it left and right.

883374 No.72674


Hope so

46f69a No.72675

File: 0e761bef39a762f⋯.jpg (155.35 KB, 1000x575, 40:23, bea540a448601c35e931669d97….jpg)

Bangladesh! Bangladesh! Bangladesh!

(Is David McMillan originally/partially from Bangladesh as well? Article refers to him as a "Black kid from Inglewood")

953764 No.72676


I don't think it was a reference to the Patriot's game. I think it was in reference to the stage of completion they are in. With Saud down and many other stings in place they are more able to make moves on the puppets.

883374 No.72677

Watching the crypto boards as well, info going on there as here….

9748fd No.72678


so true. plus, anons remember: many shills are here and they'll send you responses to try to derail your thought and research. Think for yourselves!

9e252a No.72679


Beware Stores, Restaurants and Sports Stadiums

You know, false flags.

a6d351 No.72680

Another link about Mccstain visiting Bangladesh to oversee a “fair election” and visiting the inerm military government

So most likely some clown backed military coup and a rigged election to get a Puppet leader installed.


9748fd No.72681


and the Alabama special election is tomorrow, right? could be something attempted to derail a Moore victory.

968b5b No.72682


Exactly, but those following their theory, started in about a movie called the sum of all fears….they ran with that instead of cross checking other crumbs which another anon was posting for their review and ignored it.

69d65d No.72683


>>>63599 4th quarter

ty anon. Anyone know where they put /cbts/ #71?

FYI >>72397

a8f39f No.72684


yup election tomorrow

af2d98 No.72685


I agree. Bangladesh seems a stretch too, but it's worth investigating. I believe Q was being direct and up-front, telling us that he was being direct. Notice there were no typical question marks. It was all statements with a period.

16a948 No.72686


Notice JPMorgan Chase Bank is situated. Hmmm…involved?

3e44d3 No.72687


> Delving deeper doesn't seem productive.

The truth ALWAYS matters

I understand the impatience but spreading false information serves to discredit and dilute the truth

a6d351 No.72688


My first thought was that the Op was leaked…someone leaked it!

1b8f89 No.72689

File: 8e42700c61a306e⋯.png (79.92 KB, 1076x591, 1076:591, banned.png)



Kirk W. Johnson worked for USAID as regional coordinator for reconstruction in Fallujah in 2005 and has since become a leading public advocate for Iraqis who assisted the U.S. Government.

"I launched the List Project on World Refugee Day in June 2007 with an incredible group of lawyers from the country’s top law firms: Holland and Knight, Mayer Brown, and Proskauer Rose."
















I posted all of that Board Owner then banned me for a post I made hours ago about love and prayer????


9e252a No.72690


BanglaDeshi Taka

nice work anon

7250eb No.72691


> Op was leaked…someone leaked it!

LOL They're involved in EVERYTHING.

9efd74 No.72692


> it's CIA-hijacked-Islam

Or it could be Islam-hijacked-CIA.

7250eb No.72693


Sigh. It's just the CIA. strait up. If you can't get your head around the fact your own government is your enemy, time to wake up.

0ec16b No.72694

Trump attacks report that he watches up to 8 hours of TV a day, calls Don Lemon “dumbest man on television!” 9 minutes ago

9c0078 No.72695

16a948 No.72696


Yip! Was being suggestive ;)

7250eb No.72697


This is the Blunt as Fuck edition now. NO need to be coy.

d95ff3 No.72698

File: adb6f1bb340ef35⋯.jpg (47.04 KB, 750x420, 25:14, 1491117755802.jpg)

f8ee95 No.72699

Hezbullah just reached out to ALL FACTIONS of Resistance, World wide. source, aljazeera english live on ytube.

4fe701 No.72700

File: 65cc93af49e4f59⋯.jpeg (127.01 KB, 602x749, 86:107, b&dthor.jpeg)

d95ff3 No.72701

File: f4125893e8201d3⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Adam-Schiff.jpg)

09e83b No.72702

File: 11e5a3615f861b0⋯.png (406.64 KB, 684x535, 684:535, de.png)

To put it bluntly!

351bf2 No.72703


"Another false story"….is that his code for false flag?!!

af2d98 No.72705

File: b5ec329008a6aee⋯.png (2.27 MB, 2880x1580, 144:79, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

IMPORTANT - check your 6 / areas:

ANTIFA planned event for tomorrow dressed in Handmaids Tales costumes:



Michael Moore launches 'Resistance Calendar' to track anti-Trump


70a5b1 No.72706

b3918f No.72707

File: d0dff8e166ef5fe⋯.jpg (221.81 KB, 757x1200, 757:1200, IMG_2333.JPG)

Pic related showing up on twitter in the last hour or so, in our circles. Haven't seen it before.

Here's the Johnny Depp Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Adrenochrome clip, worth a watch. 3m.


9748fd No.72708


bless you, anon – thanks for all your hard work here!

4fe701 No.72709

File: 14ec73f4b14abf7⋯.jpeg (139.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, thehangman.jpeg)


125754 No.72711

Maybe Schiff was fingered by one of the arrested SA princes for leaking about the Yemen OP that got our guy killed. It would make sense and would be traitorous. I don't see that leaking Don Jr/WL would be significant enough for the death penalty.

fd8897 No.72712


Monday, Monday.

1d6406 No.72713

File: dc096a68a3f1eb6⋯.png (683.73 KB, 1772x844, 443:211, untitled.png)


>6.58pm 10 Dec 2017

09e83b No.72714

File: 7c8ab73ba55a14e⋯.png (869.48 KB, 1014x522, 169:87, v.png)

bd1094 No.72716


Someone posted this earlier - related?

http://www.dummies.com/ health/diseases/adrenal-fatigue/the-adrenal-glands-importance-to-blood-and-ph-balance/

e76bcb No.72717

File: 460cedfd013e33f⋯.jpg (14.45 KB, 339x149, 339:149, images.jpg)



81a062 No.72719

Drudge Report is reporting a ISIS attack in NYC this morning.

Was Q right false flag attacks started

125754 No.72720


Logical, yes.

Schiff would be a real traitor for that

a2b9c7 No.72722

Baking 83.

fce126 No.72724



The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is once again at the center of controversy. This time the group is in hot water over videos that show employees telling two conservative activists masquerading as a pimp and prostitute how to trick federal tax authorities.

In 2003, Manhattan Institute scholar Sol Stern described ACORN as promoting "a 1960s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism, central planning, victimology, and government handouts to the poor."

These days, Republicans are accusing ACORN of committing widespread voter-registration fraud.

In Florida, a former ACORN employee accused the group, in a lawsuit, of removing Republican registration cards and paying workers for each card collected—a felony under state law.

David Iglesias, one of the U.S. attorneys whose firing precipitated an investigation of the Justice Department, claims he was removed for declining to prosecute the ACORN employee in New Mexico—and also failing to respond to other fraud accusations made by state Republicans. The Minnesota man, on the other hand, pled guilty to two felonies.)

Barack Obama was part of a legal team that represented ACORN in a voting-rights case in the 1990s; his campaign has denied claims that he ever worked for the group in another capacity or trained its employees.

I can DIG and PRAY BO! Cut out the BULLSHIT

953764 No.72725


They just announced BitCoin futures will be halted. Called it. Total wealth extraction ploy. They going to push total value of BTC sky high, then delete/make it illegal.

968b5b No.72728


Bet Soros is going to be pissed! LOL

0f2c13 No.72730


Lion Path

e76bcb No.72731



Stop it. Smileys are for teenage girls.

9748fd No.72732


know what you mean – not many anon diggers here lately

968b5b No.72733


Also saw an article over on Foxnews about how Little Rocket Man was manipulating bitcoin as well.

Wonder if it's tied to that as well?

953764 No.72734



e76bcb No.72736



>We Communists have every respect for the religious convictions of people professing Islam or any other religion. The main thing is what aims are pursued by the forces proclaiming various slogans. The banner of Islam may lead into [the] struggle for liberation.

>Leonid Brezhnev

Islam is goatfucking for Marx.

d795cc No.72737

i need some PEDOS EXPOSED

2be971 No.72738

File: d785221be1ff811⋯.png (565.6 KB, 655x342, 655:342, schiffpelosi.PNG)


adam schiff coming forth with info saying he has "proof" of russia collusion is disinfo.

we have PROOF that it was the democrats.

we need to seed this info into the normies conscious and we need to do it now.

a478ed No.72740

Shiff #QAnon 7.8mm = .308 rifle shot. Assassination?

f04261 No.72741





6053b1 No.72743


Michael Hastings wrote an article for buzzfeed titled “Why Democrats Love Spying On Americans” on 6/7/13.


Then on 6/18/13 his car exploded

fe54af No.72745


7.62 goof

527bfc No.72746



LSCR: (League of Red Cross and Red Crescent)

TRCAAM = tarmac?

e76bcb No.72747


>Michael Hastings wrote an article for buzzfeed


You know, maybe he really was just drunk driving.

f76a71 No.72748


This. You could be onto something. Maybe an assassination attempt involving Shiff.

Hence why Q said POTUS is insulated!

4fe701 No.72749

Lin Graham rn:

Hold him as enemy combatant. No Miranda. Interrogated under law of war.

Welcome to Gitmo!

b3918f No.72750


Possibly anon. Indarasding. There have been a few hints towards Adrenochrome here on the board over the past weeks. April La June also did a video on it the other week. She's redpilling normies / her generation. Could this be the 'put 99% in hospital' shit being leaked?

April La June vid

https://youtube.com /watch?v=jqmpfjnCxvw

a2b9c7 No.72751









Migrate at 750 posts!

09e83b No.72753

File: c5246b5773d20e6⋯.png (392.28 KB, 778x520, 389:260, cr.png)

d95ff3 No.72757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9748fd No.72759


is this the meaning of Q's "bomb away"?

09e83b No.72760


That idiot of a thing? Stop promoting idiocy!! send her over to Redd.

52a263 No.72764


That's one. Where's the 2nd?

fce126 No.72765


YES anon! Muahahahahaha it's glorious! :D

3e44d3 No.72767


>adam schiff coming forth with info saying he has "proof" of russia collusion is disinfo.

agreed, however…

since when did we stoop to (((their))) level?

are you aware that there seems to be a dedicated effort to plant false information in our memes to discredit the whole lot?

f1e30b No.72770

9b1599 No.72771


Could be. Like he's challenging (((them))) to do their worst: we're prepared.

9748fd No.72772


trying to connect dots - P in close prox. to bombing . . . trying to intentionally destroy something like they did in 9/11?

what's the purpose of this bombing???

08049c No.72776

This is probably nothing but here goes for what it's worth:

Found Proskauer Rose twitter.


Did a cursory search for Schiff. Only thing that popped up was a couple of tweets by a twitter acct @AmericanLawyer and @abalel tagging @Proskauer and a law firm named @Schiff_Hardin.

Cursory digging shows name of this law firm changed to Schiff Hardin around 2004 and wikipedia references the Schiff Hardin webpage with a link for info regarding the name change, but that info is no longer contained in the referenced About Us page.

I could not link Adam Schiff to Schiff Hardin in a shallow dig, but I just find these name correlations odd.

The acct @AmericanLawyer who tagged Proskauer and SchiffHardin has much on it's twitter page about a RICO case involving pervert Weinstein.

Schiff Hardin was named “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” for Eight Years in a Row. They have several offices around the nation but only one in Ca, in San Francisco.


From Wikipedia regarding Adam Schiff - read the last line:

"In 2010, his district was re-districted to include new areas including La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta-Montrose and Sunland-Tujunga, as well as large slices of central Los Angeles including Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz, in addition to areas he represented before like Burbank, Glendale, and the western part of Pasadena. He is a reliable information provider to the media."


Not much, but off name connections and may be totally off-base.

7250eb No.72777


>. Called it. Total wealth extra

No, what you are seeing is a technical failure of a market that no-one knew how it would work anyhow. I wish people understood things.

94ddf5 No.72778

File: ecdc630cd29fcf5⋯.png (86.84 KB, 810x352, 405:176, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ news/article-5167737/Trio-Trumps-accusers-reemerge-call-pervert.html

4dc4e3 No.72779


Some people want everything handed to them on a silver platter. That’s why lmgtfy.com was created. People are just lazy/ignorant. The shills and clowns LOVE to pose as these kinds of people, to deliberately waste your time, energy, and focus.

7250eb No.72780


To clarify, the volatility of BTC causes circuit breakers on their system. It's never going to work, never was. Google it, there's lots of articles on how this was never going to work.

9748fd No.72781


a warning?

to Proskauer??

953764 No.72782


Venezuela claims they are switching to BTC. Market surges. Few days later, trading delayed. Okay.

09e83b No.72784


that is some astute observations right there dumbfag. I will of course look into your theory more, and i promise to get back to you on this. More debate to be had. I love your fresh thinking that you bring to the table.

7250eb No.72786


They already move the price of BTC. The futures were an attempt to control., a la gold and silver, but it won't work due to the number of markets, and 24 hour trading. They are manipulating prices with news, 100% but BTC futures was an attempt to lower price. Prices are up 25% on the futures, so that is NOT WORKING hence they shut it down. All this is very easy to see if you actaully were following all this in detail. ,due to your job, well in advance.

1d6406 No.72787


digits confirm,

volatility halt is nothing spectacular

>happens all the time

16a948 No.72788


Venezuela has the most oil in the world - though it remains underground. So, they get to keep the oil AND the money? …while ours runs dry?

734329 No.72789

File: 8ff952b61ff2d7c⋯.png (104.8 KB, 413x421, 413:421, iifbyland2ifbysea.png)




LSCR: (League of Red Cross and Red Crescent)

TRCAAM = tarmac?

33623f No.72790


I have been playing with the theory FREEDOM v. stand is freedom of speech vs. stand for the anthem.So this could be a legal action involving NFL

968b5b No.72791


After all the BS between Megyn Kelly and Trump, I really don't see how anybody could give this any credibility.

Yes, I know, the evil left will, but not anybody with a little bit of brain power.

953764 No.72792


My theory is that they've gained control of the mining and duping investors. They will get the majority of new coins, collect free cash from mining. Crash market in big sell then make illegal. Just my theory, trying to substantiate it or discredit it. Input is great, thank you!

2be971 No.72794


This is what Q wants. we will never stoop to their level. We dont have the means. We wont sell our souls and we dont worship the almighty dollar.

We are LIVING in a false reality and everything we think we know is a lie. Our info may not be 100% but its on the right track. Somebody is paying schiff. Hes not doing it because he believes he being righteous and true.

They are all in big trouble and our duty isn't make shit up out of thin air.

our duty is to relay the information that Q has provided. thats it.

7250eb No.72795


do you know how long it takes to scale up large scale crypto mining?? I do. It's not easy, nor cheap.

953764 No.72801


They have infinite 'money' and have been at this a long, long time. Nothing is out of reach.

09e83b No.72805


Desperation, Distractions; to Disillusion , to Dread and Drudge. The Deadlock is Dire; but Defeat then we shall.


9783d1 No.72806

File: 92dcc6c46da884b⋯.png (537.53 KB, 719x466, 719:466, DNCDONORS.png)


using Megyn Kelly to cry wolf, Allred must of gotten the hint with Roy Moore; honestly if they want to push this let them, but I am not hearing any of it until there are serious public airtime about Strzok, McCabe, social media astroturfing, Clinton, PISS DOSSIER/FISA court, Obama, Lynch, Uranium-1, Visa Lotteries, Pedogate, Podesta, Podesta Group, Lolita Express, sexual assault slush fund to pay off victims, Holder, Bill Clinton, Seth Rich, MS13, McCain, ISIS, and Mandalay Bay

d95ff3 No.72811

Tons of videos of the women that are accusing Trump on here with Megyn Kelly.


So laughable.

1d6406 No.72812


why do you discount the 'W' of who x2

>but include the 'T' of they?

5ad51a No.72813

File: 4be795ae0e81531⋯.jpg (126.99 KB, 1200x1172, 300:293, SchiffUkraine.jpg)


How's this:

d95ff3 No.72815


At least now we know the Russia narrative is dead.

3e44d3 No.72817


> Our info may not be 100% but its on the right track.

and your feelings tell you this is the right path?

dear anon, you are either an unwitting accomplice or an instigator of this false narrative that 100% accuracy does not matter… it does!

This is a long term war against the (((merchant meme))) programming we've all known. Rome was not built in a day and will not be destroyed overnight with substandard weaponry.

9748fd No.72823


BDT = the currency for Bangladesh

so we have the Bang. perpetrator; now we need the currency link

4dc4e3 No.72825



f0337d No.72826

File: 50551e3121cd954⋯.jpg (81.15 KB, 749x725, 749:725, image003-736751.jpg)

Here's a map. PATRIOTS DO NOT "take a knee" EVER. Get it? Our country has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, they've been working on destroying the United States for years, from the inside out.

a2b9c7 No.72831

08049c No.72845

Aw, the NFL

"Joseph M. Leccese is the Chairman of Proskauer. In that capacity, he is responsible for leading the Firm’s global operations across its 13 offices.

Joe also is an extremely active practitioner and the co-head of Proskauer’s renowned Sports Law Group. He has a broad-based corporate practice with particular emphasis on the representation of professional sports leagues, teams and owners; college conferences; media and marketing companies; and private equity firms and financial institutions that provide capital to the broad array of transactions that occur in the sports industry. Joe is the only transactional lawyer in the nation rated “Band 1” in Sports by Chambers.

Leagues, Teams and Owners

Joe's sports experience includes numerous matters for the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, PAC-12 Conference, Big East Conference, ATP World Tour, WTA Tour, USGA and NASCAR, as well as for a number of teams, owners and media entities that he advises on a continuing basis.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Joe regularly handles matters relating to the acquisition, financing, operation and equity funding of professional sports teams, including the sale of the Buffalo Bills and the acquisition of the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and Chivas USA. He also has represented bidders for many other teams across a broad variety of sports, both in privately negotiated sales and in auctions, and has advised leagues and governing bodies on scores of M&A transactions over the past 25 years, including advising the NBA on the recent $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. "


16a948 No.72846


Being very anti-Trump, Venezuela could be playing a bigger role than the small, poor country portrays itself as!?

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