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File: 0d431a7e4c10b2c⋯.jpg (564.82 KB, 1103x675, 1103:675, CBTS_290.jpg)

2cab6f No.13366

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Posts of interest

!!!Latest Q!!! >>10925, >>12916

Goals/Motivation >>10207

WH Recon Anon https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

Anon that digs >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole >>11979

Updated Legend >>12014

Reality of Booksigning today >>12408

Past Threads -> Archive

10. >>>/cbts/9957 -> https://archive.fo/gdiVg

11. >>>/cbts/10820 -> https://archive.fo/4yLDa

12. >>>/cbts/11654 -> https://archive.fo/jTXJd

13. >>>/cbts/12535 -> coming soon

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s

Original links do not cross post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find old Qs.

Q Trip Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

How to spot FAKE Trip Q -> >>1005

Other almond-activating tripfags' archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Q-Text -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Collection of ALL (1000s) of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/j41qm1d0


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Please Use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

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2cab6f No.13370

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy' >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy' >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, Etc: >>423

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec: >>629

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++: >>672

The News List: https://pastbin.com/h8aUyMhA



<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!


2cab6f No.13374


The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked, Post Here):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

ba2181 No.13385

File: df143492b0c33b9⋯.jpg (8.1 MB, 7790x7180, 779:718, Q_comp_correct_11.22.2017_….jpg)

File: 8e07904d7d02407⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 3870x7270, 387:727, Q_comp_correct_11.29.2017_….jpg)


Here are the Qmaps

Should all be there

2cab6f No.13386



My apologies.

this is CBTS General #14

c7efd4 No.13393

Q asked to define proxy war 3x

must be important

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

"A proxy war is two opposing countries avoiding direct war, and instead supporting combatants that serve their interests. In some occasions, one country is a direct combatant whilst the other supporting its enemy."

can anyone else expand on this?

2abab1 No.13395

File: 622de3a8d585944⋯.jpg (477.4 KB, 732x851, 732:851, 4568.jpg)

2cab6f No.13401

Get your daily Q post fix here guys





29ed0a No.13403


<Define proxy war

Syrian conflict

<Define proxy war

NK v Japan/China

<Define proxy war

Increased terror attacks across United States?



8a8a73 No.13404


the cia has been running transparent operations to constantly undermine russian allies, in a permanent effort to stage for wwiii. it's still war, just simulated through other parties

b007c1 No.13405

785b6b No.13406

proxy war

proxy war

proxy war

Princeton's WordNet

proxy war(noun)

a war instigated by a major power that does not itself participate


proxy war(Noun)

A war where two powers use third parties as a supplement to, or a substitute for fighting each other directly.


Proxy war

A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly. While powers have sometimes used governments as proxies, violent non-state actors, mercenaries, or other third parties are more often employed. It is hoped that these groups can strike an opponent without leading to full-scale war. Proxy wars have also been fought alongside full-scale conflicts. It is almost impossible to have a pure proxy war, as the groups fighting for a certain nation usually have their own interests, which can diverge from those of their patron. Typically proxy wars function best during cold wars, as they become a necessity in conducting armed conflict between at least two belligerents while continuing cold warfare

29ed0a No.13407

File: 8503bbf66e84f44⋯.png (185.54 KB, 1784x1752, 223:219, 8chQposts.png)


Here is a file with all Q posts from 8ch so far.

075bb1 No.13408

>Define proxy war 3x

My understanding of a proxy war is fighting someone via someone else.

i.e. If A wants to fight B, A will employ/use C, who will then employ use D, who will then employ/use E to fight B.


A > C > D > E to fight B

2cab6f No.13409



will include this in the next bread

c7efd4 No.13410

9713fd No.13411


The book is about the change from UN to IL

That change already happened.. I don't know if we really can learn anything from that book.

62824a No.13412

HLR = Harvard Law Review

f1221c No.13413

Everyone needs to dig on Sidley Austin. It's our only new entity from Q.

2694ad No.13414


I thought it was Hillary Loses Race

ba2181 No.13415


See here


All known Q posts to date.

c7efd4 No.13416

What was told re: NK during the past 8 years?

Had nukes

Hates America

Hacked Sony

2abab1 No.13417

Distorsion of truth is a specialty of the dark side. But vibrational level cannot be faked.

It is my high hope that Q is of the Light. Whether you are or not, depends only on your actions dear Q. Know that you are supported when your actions are positive - it's that warm feeling from the inside.

62824a No.13418


That too

228958 No.13419


who is the target tho?

38f225 No.13420


i get that, its just interesting that the CFR was using it is all

e33bcf No.13421

So, NK will nuke Russia/China/US (all) to start WW3. Must have been the plan if they have it all.

What stopped them?

9713fd No.13422


Russia… The biggest obstacle for the NWO… except mb trump ;)

38f225 No.13423

228958 No.13424

Dammit now im gonna be up all night

5bd22a No.13425

Okay, I've missed so fuckin much on here. 8ch general is really hard to phone fag and deal with. I am seriously struggling just to note anything. Sorry anons

768080 No.13426



c7efd4 No.13427


Theres gotta be a double or triple meaning with "The Sum of all Fears" … Q didn't capitalize "all" like it is in the official movie title


9713fd No.13428


already been, it's 07:41 here

ed5a1a No.13429

File: 548a29b103b8f9a⋯.jpg (284.08 KB, 971x977, 971:977, martin-luther.jpg)





I don't think enough people are realizing what this link means. THIS IS HUGE. This is literally connecting the research we've made in CBTS to LITERAL REALITY. This is the war. If we could topple a POPE and EXPOSE THIS DRAGON CABAL for what it is, we'd win. Or, at least, we'd expose the beast, and they'd lose. At least initiate them into open warfare, in which they'd lose [facing a determined world coalition of US/SA/CHINA/RUSSIA as sovereign defenders/goodguys].

Our fucking faces when Martin Luther smiling down at us. Don't even care about your religion, we are literally confronting the dragon irl. HEROES. MANIFEST. REALITY.

414b6f No.13430

I wish the Sidley drop was to blow the lid off what we know 9/11>Iraq>destabilize ME all while nuclear arms race among Russia/asia. Damn it.

785b6b No.13431

Inspired by last thread:

Define proxy war:


Define proxy war:


Define proxy war:


c7efd4 No.13432


oooooh i like that

414b6f No.13433


Me too brother

009098 No.13434

File: 20776d0a40fd971⋯.png (183.12 KB, 535x842, 535:842, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

File: 5a8bd2d4b3df5d3⋯.png (113.46 KB, 531x497, 531:497, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

File: 5e5d3538d947d0a⋯.png (111.38 KB, 536x469, 8:7, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)


>Of course, we have terrific >bet-the-company practices, which I refer to as our “tower” practices. These include trial and appellate litigation, M&A and private equity, capital markets, life sciences, investment funds, insurance, bankruptcy and restructuring, global finance, tax, and real estate.

>Nothing is more rewarding than being able to provide strategic counseling to clients, but regulatory capability is something that stretches across our practice areas and, particularly, in relation to our “tower” practices.

Hahahaha fuuuckkk

2abab1 No.13435


Same here, but I woke up early and did a meditation.

Don't waste yourself on external pursuits. Your integrity is more important. You can't waste your life in front of a screen.

9713fd No.13436


WW2 does not fit the definition of a proxy war.., WW1 mb.. since it was a family dispute that got out of hand

785b6b No.13438


Thanks me too, no idea what it means though lol.

d2e0ff No.13440


At least you've got a reasonable explanation, and were previously helpful.

Apolagies for ragging on you last thread.

But the space in Q trip wasn't relevant, and the questions about it, especially that late into the thread- were irksome to say the least.

Good luck with your phonefagging adventures.

f13204 No.13441


Could be.

But the face value seems very relevant.

Plot of the film: When the president of Russia suddenly dies… the change in political leaders sparks paranoia among American CIA officials… Then the unthinkable happens: a nuclear bomb explodes in a U.S. city and America is quick to blame the Russians.

9713fd No.13442


I can waste my life how ever I wish.. I'm soon dead anyhow

785b6b No.13443


If I were Q I'd say think bigger.

a5bbe0 No.13444


Dragons are coming and we can win

768080 No.13445


Hitler was funded by illuminati/deep state bankers and was used to launch the world into WW2 on purpose.

He made "them" a ton of money.

9713fd No.13446


Can't really help it, Cancer

f9a727 No.13447


Harvard law Review - Jugears was first black president but didn't do a fucking thing to get it or while he was there.

Civil Rights Attorney - Alan Dershowitz of Harvard.

He's been very supportive of Trump, even though he's a huge lefty.

Dershowitz might know a fuckton about Jugears and how he got into and through college, especially Harvard.

Remember HUMA. Dopey Saudi prince paid Jugears' way through Harvard.

c98351 No.13448


thank you anon for keeping it up to date


More questions have been answered, Q's posts are up to date and am working on some formatting as well as moving the answers between the columns. Copy and paste away.

Hope your issues in meatspace work out, anon.

b45164 No.13449


This is awesome man, excellent digging. Her presence in Africa already had suspect written all over it. Oprah also throws big ass parties, I cant remember where I read it though

2694ad No.13450



The Secret Files?

2abab1 No.13451


This is of course your choice but you are not helping yourself or anyone dear to you like that… if you want to make a REAL change you have to start within. Go make yourself the best man possible and it will spread to others.

9713fd No.13452


hmm… I do believe they played a part.. but I cannot purely call it a proxy war.. that is WAAAY to simplification of WW2

c7efd4 No.13453


noo problem, this is fun

d2e0ff No.13454


Hey MasterDipshit, this is thread #14. Can you really not even count to fucking 20? Or are you purposefully bieng a fuckup faggot? Fix your fucking shit or go to sleep.

4810b3 No.13455

File: ac4a951f644fb73⋯.jpg (977.91 KB, 4061x2247, 4061:2247, JusticeSequenceGraph.jpg)

Did I see that Obama is in Singapore now? He's sure hanging out on that side of the globe a lot these days, isn't he? Busy, busy, busy.


Turned up this article about Sidley Austin in the Chicago Tribune from 11/25.


Looks like a big law firm has a whole bunch of lobbyist clients, and now those lobbyists are freaking out because they need FARA registrations, and yesterday. Well, not so much yesterday; actually they need them several years ago. Too late for that. How many of them have already been notified that they're already well into the judicial process? Pic definitely related.

Be interesting/amusing to know how many of the lawyers on Mueller's team and the lawyers at Sidley Austin (and who knows how many other firms) all know each other. Even Washington DC can seem like a small town.

b45164 No.13456

Sum of all Fears is I think they were going to nuke the planet and run off to somewhere else

9f8594 No.13457


Russia, Russia, Russia

9713fd No.13458


Trust me.. I am good with myself.. it's all you other asses I have problems with :)

f13204 No.13459


> the change in political leaders sparks paranoia among American CIA officials… Then the unthinkable happens: a nuclear bomb explodes in a U.S. city and America is quick to blame the Russians.

228958 No.13460


I understood that it was a false flag

962900 No.13461


Thanks for your hard work MA - fixed the title for you.

ba2181 No.13462

>>Biggest coverup in history.

>>U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK.

>>Iran deal.

>>Russian reset.

Is [Uranium One] more or less a global scandal with all the guilty parties listed?

9713fd No.13463


Well.. it could be. COULD BE.. that the families USED the countries to get their will.. then it isn't a false flag, it is a proxy

5bd22a No.13464


Appreciated anon. I will be on it a lot tomorrow during the day to get things updated. If you have any prevalent things you think need added send them my way via the wiki thread here. I'm on discord so if you want to swap info there, it may be a good idea too. Keep up the solid work broanon

075bb1 No.13465


It depends which side you are looking at.

From the bad guys' point of view their proxy war probably looks like this:

Committee of 300 >

Clowns in America >

MSM/Fake News >

POTUS/All Americans/People of Earth (in that order)

From our (good guys') point of view:

People of America (who voted Trump in) >


Military >

Twitter (to get to the masses) >

8chan (since Q is posting here) >

People of America

Its interesting that the second option starts with the people and ends with the people - as it should in a Republic (not a democracy - there's a difference).

8efb5c No.13466


Not for long…And yes ET as in extra terrestrial as in angel as in celestial being as in from the heavens as in ayyyy lmao as in messengers as in Nephilim as in Satan as in fallen angels as in good angels like Gabe and Mike n dem. We got good angels and bad angels in every legend ever told. Probably a reason for those stories to live on til today. Just sayin. Alien and Angel are the same term. Angel is just easier for some to swallow b/c conditioning. Q has never once said ayyys were a distraction….

>>13388 I 100% think this idea is real and wondering if BO is on his way home yet or home yet? Anyone know? Perhaps the jig is up and his assignment is now done? Getting closer? Pretty sure the proxy war involved RedShields and their cronies, perhaps Is-rael? I never got war vibes from Russia, funny as that may sound. I'm a hippie who relies on vibes. I always got the vibe that Russia and China are /ourguys/ and always tried their hardest to avoid conflict with US even tho US was being controlled by dark forces.

c7efd4 No.13467



also Transaction Service Fee?

414b6f No.13468


seems to be

7d1bfe No.13469


Well, I actually think you've got it backwards. Luther was with the "dragon." The RCC is /ourChurch/. But, since V2 has been infiltrated. JP2 and B16 broke the conditioning, but the St. Gallen Mafia took control back and put in their own to try to reestablish control. Problem is, JP2 and B16 woke too many people for the lid to be shut again.

2abab1 No.13470


Every external problem is merely a reflection of an internal one. Make a choice, you don't want to be a sheep, especially not with what's coming.

62824a No.13471


Libya is a proxy war

a5bbe0 No.13472


Not really the Deutsche bank took over all the banks and the Black Sun found all the Jesus bloodline and secret occult knowledge.

Hitler was literally given the exact plan before the war by the Society of the Elect.

627367 No.13473


Expanding several levels of proxy, from countries a,b to countries c,d to transnational bodies vs ??? (Perhaps other transnational or classes of populations?)

9713fd No.13474


>Every external problem is merely a reflection of an internal one. Make a choice, yo

no it isn't.. it's A HELLUVALOT more complicated than that. From my perspective, you know nothing about me and what I have to deal with, you sound like an ignorant -high-horse- asshole… deceases exists and your body sometimes can't handle it.. no matter what

but that's me..

4810b3 No.13475

Question for law anons: Does the US District Court system post a calendar/schedule for arraignments? Followup question: When an arraignment is put on the court calendar for a sealed indictment, at what point is that indictment unsealed?

I suspect we may have been waiting for dramatic arrests, when maybe we should have been stalking arraignments that would somewhat easier for the system to keep quiet.

075bb1 No.13476

Sorry, there's an error in my post. It should read:



It depends which side you are looking at.

From the bad guys' point of view their proxy war probably looks like this:

Committee of 300 >

Clowns in America >

MSM/Fake News >

POTUS/All Americans/People of Earth (in that order)

From our (good guys') point of view:

People of America (who voted Trump in) >


Military >

Twitter (to get to the masses) >

8chan (since Q is posting here) >

People >

MSM/Fake news >

Clowns in America >

Committee of 300 (loss of CONTROL and power)

785b6b No.13477

The only thing of interest that we didn't know before that Q just dropped was the Sidley thing. We should trace that as far back and as far forward as possible.

9713fd No.13478


Yes lybia was a proxy war with ISIS working for sec state Hillary (mb obama also)

f13204 No.13479

File: d5759a12a39c472⋯.png (323.95 KB, 294x375, 98:125, sumfears.png)


"27000 nuclear weapons. ONE IS MISSING."

228958 No.13480

could it be china that is the target?

f1221c No.13481

8efb5c No.13482

The way I'm reading this (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_reset) is neither side really got rid of their nukes they just moved them to Pakistan and NK. Proxy war x 2. And I think Iran and Israel are nuke bros. Proxy war x1 = 3 proxies.

768080 No.13483

What about war on Christianity/God/Jesus Christ?

ISIS being used as a proxy in one of the largest persecution of Christians?

785b6b No.13484



Sidley. Focus on that.

ed5a1a No.13485


Luther was not with the dragon. The True Catholic Church, the RCC, yes, I agree, it is /ourguys/, and that's why we'll win in the end. But the dragon and Church have been quite relational for many… many years, off and on. Mostly on. Luther is still our guy. So we OUST this black pope fraud and sit a TRUE ROMAN CATHOLIC POPE. Not a leftist claw of the dragon, a fucking pope. Preferably one who will take on the mantle of KNIGHT and actually FIGHT FOR CHRISTENDOM.

a842f5 No.13486


The triple emphasis on proxy wars isn't, I believe, merely a geopolitical observation. While wars happen between states, they also happen between states and NGOs, states and criminal organizations, states and other non-state entities. In each of these cases proxies can be used to execute policy or operations.

In this case, we are not only seeing actual proxy wars (Syria, Yemen, Lebanon), but also intrastate proxy wars between agencies (CIA vs. NSA/MI) and proxy wars between NGOS and states (CIA vs. SA).

It is important to remember that in a proxy war, not only are the players not necessarily representative of the actual powers at play, but that the goals and outcomes of those players may be very different from what they seem.

2cab6f No.13487


see >>13386

If you think you can bake better - Here's the updated batter - https://pastebin.com/Xn4sKrDe


haha, yeah, Q posting excited me a bit.

38f225 No.13488


Proxy War

> Lybia

Proxy War

> Iraq

Proxy War

> Afghanistan


b45164 No.13489


Do you really know who all the players are, though?

075bb1 No.13491

The Sum of All Fears could also mean DEATH.

All fears have at their root the fear of Death.

It doesn't have to reference a movie, although it very well could.

2abab1 No.13492


>A HELLUVALOT more complicated

This phrase, look at it.

See how you felt the need to emphasize on that when you were writing it in all caps. Like that would make it more true.

Truth is always very simple.

positive choice = positive life

negative choice = negative life

It applies absolutely everywhere, as above - so below. Everything is connected.

9713fd No.13493


I have researched post WW2 scenarioes all over the world. The information is shady, hard to verify a lot. But ye.. I know.. most of the players

4810b3 No.13494


Errggghh, how to find out whether a Sidley Austin lawyer has experience in setting up offshore corporations. With that many lawyers, surely at least half a dozen of them would. Combine those lawyers with the ones who are representing the lobbyists/Russian agents, and *poof*. Plenty for a prosecutor to chew on.

9713fd No.13495


No it is the way I speak.. I emphasize a LOT when I speak

62824a No.13496


How about war on drugs…guns…etc? Trump has been going after opioid problem.

785b6b No.13497


We already knew all that before. The only actual clue was Sidley. And BOs trip, but we all know there was something up with that and we can just guess as to what it is. Sidley is solid and we can trace it.

a5bbe0 No.13498

9713fd No.13499


My eyes get sooo big when I say A LOT.. :)

768080 No.13500


Didn't Bill Cooper tie all of Catholicism to freemasonry and say there was no real 'true church' besides the small pockets of people who just follow the words of Christ?


2abab1 No.13501

File: 9bb33007f86b189⋯.jpg (502.58 KB, 1240x1755, 248:351, obr3808.jpg)


Be careful of cults. True spirituality is individual, needs no organization, and cannot be controlled.

All religions are cults - stay away!

228958 No.13502

For a long time I thought they were setting up Iran for the next war they were next on the list

plus Israell hates Iran

768080 No.13503


No, the church is controlled… Jesus is not.

9713fd No.13504


You should watch Dirk Gently.. maybe you will get your fill of the whole everything is connected thing.. which actually isn't a thing… everything isn't connected.. only when you want it to be

b007c1 No.13505

414b6f No.13506

Obama kills Nasa…removes it from sight.

Gulftainer out of Canaveral Port

https://pamelageller.com /2017/10/isna-uranium-sale-uae-port-deal.html/

Uranium Transported

b45164 No.13507


Yeah, got a little ahead of myself. thank you kind anon

c7efd4 No.13508


TSF also came up with this

Télécoms Sans Frontières

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Redirected from Télécoms sans frontières)

Télécoms Sans Frontières or TSF (English: Telecoms Without Borders) is a humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization specialised in telecommunications in emergency situations.[1]

The emergency telecommunication means provided benefit to the victims of natural disasters and of conflicts, and to the other humanitarian aid organisations.[2]

1ad4be No.13509



this is out there.. but looking at it this way might help illuminate something sorry for poor construction… don't have a lot of time

this seems to be saying NK has a lot to do with presidential elections.

mini nuke payload delivery in 2004…

bush made this happen to ensure he gets reelection

icbm capability in 2009…

achieved by obama and his SA allies asap to ensure their agenda and reelection happen

staged failed tests… so the public doesn't know what is really going on (NK and whoever controls it is actually treating the US politicians as puppets)


why is NK all of the sudden showing their abilities? because trump isn't a pussy and didn't cave to the threats and refuses to be a puppet/hostage

785b6b No.13510


We have the internets and weaponized nerds.

ae4d50 No.13511


>Emptiness is form. -The Book of the Samurai

8efb5c No.13512

Someone last thread posted this (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryanggang_explosion) and it gave me the heebie jeebies….maybe the towns in NK all look like ghost towns b/c they tested nukes there and killed everyone and/or other weapons tests. I think NK is a giant testing ground for medical/mind control/torture/trans human experiments/biological weapons etc.

What if Japan controls NK. That would be something.

924b82 No.13513



a842f5 No.13514


Iran and SA are already fighting a regional proxy war. Now that Israel and SA are de facto allies, that's going to push direct conflict into the open eventually. It's also going to give the PA some impetus to settle with Israel, finally. The big problem is keeping Turkey and Russia out of the mix.

9713fd No.13515


You are right.. and wrong.. you can't kill all your people.. you only kill the percentage that you can get away with and still survive.. So I would guess that about 3% of the population are test subjects

ed5a1a No.13516


>there was no real true church

>besides the small pockets of people who just follow the words of Christ

Those two phrases erase each other. I'm not Catholic myself, but I won't condemn Catholics in general for the evil schemes of their puppet masters. Many devout, pious Catholics DO just follow the words of Christ. They'd tell you that's what makes them Catholic. The True Church involves all TRUE believers. The RCC COULD BE the true church, if they wanted to be. But they're just too infiltrated tbh, at least hierarchically and politically.

b007c1 No.13517

2abab1 No.13518

File: 55cf1d702c4f046⋯.jpg (391.55 KB, 1240x1755, 248:351, obr3018.jpg)


That's what I meant.


>basing your truth on (((television)))

Try realizing the sheer amount of junk you picked up from that sort of media.

8efb5c No.13519


I'm reading this as the Clowns got spooked when Trump won and are trying to cover their tracks. Maybe the explosions are DUMB destruction?

a5bbe0 No.13520

File: 91cd987dd74a1bd⋯.jpg (46.68 KB, 349x470, 349:470, enochufo.jpg)

Enoch was in fact an alien, or he couldn't have lived as long as he did - 366 years (3284-3017 BC.) - and impacted on the human consciousness hologram to help humanity evolve within that timeline. They had devices which gave the powers of communication, teleportation, and the understanding we seek today about the truth of our creation and where it is all headed now in the second decade of the 21st century. It's all myth, math, and metaphor, brought forth into our timeline to understand the nature of Reality.

Enoch is Thoth Hermes Zoroaster, Metatron, among others who wrote books about the Sacred Knowledge of Creation.

In the Qur'an, Enoch is called Idris.In the bible he is sometimes called Akhnookh.

As with all of these enigmatic teachers, the real truth remains hidden within the illusion of reality, soon to be discovered.

38f225 No.13521

924b82 No.13522


are you using an app?

b007c1 No.13523

Since ya all missing this

In 1988, Obama was a summer associate at the big Chicago firm now known as Sidley Austin.

a842f5 No.13524


Damn. That's big.

785b6b No.13525


And girls.

And cisgenderfluid queerkin.

Focus on Sidley Austin.

Research Sidley Austin.

Follow Sidley Austin.

Drop everything else until Q gives us another solid clue. Theorizing is theorizing.

8efb5c No.13526


The Vatican caused ww2 because they wanted to control the Catholic Church of Germany which at the time was under a different set of laws regarding the Papacy. Also had to do with wanting to control Russian and set up shop there for their church. Why? B/C Catholics pay 10% of their income every Sunday. Thats some big money for gold thrones for satanic kiddie diddlers.

2694ad No.13527


James L. Connaughton, chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) under President George W. Bush, was a partner in Sidley Austin's Environmental Practice Group, covering a wide range of environmental policy issues. Executive at Constellation Energy Group.

063c25 No.13528

TSF = The Sum of All Fears = The Sidley Austin Foundation

4810b3 No.13529

From Sidley Austin's Washington DC employee directory:

2 lawyers specializing in Global Finance:


15 lawyers specializing in Banking & Financial Services:


22 (!) specializing in "Government Stragies":


17 specializing in "International Arbitration"


33 in "International Trade"


1 guy who specializes in "Non Profit Institutions"


and a whopping 63 lawyers specializing in "White Collar: Gov't Litigation & Investigations"


075bb1 No.13530


I think >>13523 says it all!!

7c0eed No.13531

who is 13th district Sen. ???

2694ad No.13532


Prior to joining the Bush Administration, Connaughton was a partner in the law firm Sidley Austin, in its Environmental Practice Group, dealing with corporate environmental compliance.[3] From 1993 until 2001, Connaughton served as one of the lead U.S. negotiators of the ISO 14000 series of international environmental management and performance consensus standards, including standards on environmental labeling. Connaughton also worked with officials from U.S. EPA, California EPA, and the Environmental Law Institute to help form the Multi-State Work Group on Environmental Management Systems ("MSWG").

At Sidley Austin, Connaughton represented Superfund corporations including General Electric. Connaughton lobbied government on Superfund for organizations including Atlantic Richfield, the Chemical Manufacturers Association, the Aluminum Company of America.[

ae4d50 No.13533



2cab6f No.13534


>cisgenderfluid queerkin.


9713fd No.13535


Dito my light and vibration-obsessed new age friend

a842f5 No.13536


Shit! They're Wolfram & Hart!

38f225 No.13537



f9a727 No.13538

>>Civil Rights Attorney

Alan Dershowitz.

From Wiki: "In his 2015 book, The Case Against the Iran Deal, Dershowitz claims that the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei has urged the Iranian military "to have two nuclear bombs ready to go off in January 2005 or you're not Muslims".

0bama loves Iran. Did 0bama use the U1 uranium deal to supply Iran and NK with nukes in order to please his Iranian Supreme fuckboy and leverage China?

9f8594 No.13539


Seems like it could be a good lead.

9713fd No.13540


Obama was senator in the 13th district -94

5bba33 No.13541

Proxy war = chess = a contest that does not involve weapons of war but instead holds contests to determine the worthy champion

A proxy war could involve bragging rights, a monetary fund, an appointment of value or historical significance – for instance if someone solved the problem of providing water to a desert they would win acclaim, money, and bragging rights for their country.

ba2181 No.13543

File: f89ed4d3594530a⋯.png (106.78 KB, 1289x806, 1289:806, ClipboardImage.png)

See Image

Fairly damning of Clinton, Bush, Obama, and CIA, and many others.

29ed0a No.13544

File: 20db8f4f31368dd⋯.png (442.75 KB, 2112x2488, 264:311, NKdragUSCHINAwar.png)


Most certainly, Russia and China have put up with a lot of shit. However, they seem to have a very good opinion of Geotus; this is a great thing, a wonderful thing.

<Found an article that details a war between Japan and Korea could have been possible under the right conditions

Perhaps this would have been enough to unsettle relationships with China and Russia?

This would definitely be a proxy war, being that NK is under control by CIA. By the Atlantic, but it is a thought.

627367 No.13545


Obama's state Senate office I think.

Q just summarized Obama's bio leading up to POTUS and possible intersection with other actors.

9713fd No.13546


would that be TSAF

2abab1 No.13547


y-you too

8efb5c No.13548


Like maybe BO is a hostage b/c his family was threatened or else? I see that being possible.

9713fd No.13549


Umm.. no

a842f5 No.13550


The point of his questioning is that BO was fast-tracked to the presidency, supported and funded by foreign and domestic actors with an agenda.

9713fd No.13551


Hah.. you didn't react to new age? Thought you would since all people I hear speak like you do hate being called new age… nice no trigger new age friends are nice

9713fd No.13552


probably yes.. the "NWO" isn't a US phenomenon

8efb5c No.13553

It's a big obvious that NK and Pakistan and Iran are not the big players but have ability to make/launch nukes


So which countries would be controlling which nation? IMHO those are the 3 proxies.

b007c1 No.13554

97ddca No.13555

For someone who was extracted from Manila, Philippines a few weeks ago, this Hussein guy travels the world quite a bit! Can someone please put an orthopedic boot on him?!?

063c25 No.13556


Possibly. Just thought I would throw it out there since it seems relevant to last Q post.

9713fd No.13557


It's a stretch but I like the contribution

c7efd4 No.13558

http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5060735/Potential-buyer-pulls-Weinstein-Company-bid.html

http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5060735/Potential-buyer-pulls-Weinstein-Company-bid.html

http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5060735/Potential-buyer-pulls-Weinstein-Company-bid.html

Weinstein hired Sidley Austin for restructure

2abab1 No.13559


Eh, I'm used to it. There's nothing new in true spirituality. I'm not a new ager, I'm a spiritual person and wish there were more like me.

9713fd No.13560


Good one

7c0eed No.13561

So Conyers right now, and BO in 94


ddb634 No.13562

Newton N. Minow

Recruited Obama in 1988 to work for his law firm Sidley Austin

Former Chair of FCC under JFK

Two significant initiatives:

Mandated UHF reception capability for all television receivers

Persuading Congress to pass legislation clearing the way for communications satellites

Recent past-president of the Carnegie Corporation, an influential PBS sponsor

Trustee of the Mayo Foundation, which operates Mayo Clinic

Influential democratic attorney in private practice concerning telecommunications law

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_N._Minow

228958 No.13563


Talk about queer

8efb5c No.13564


Or do they? Things are not always what they seem. If ur gonna have a proxy war you pretend to hate the proxy to deflect blame.

b45164 No.13565


Yeah buddy! Thats why its been taken out of the good book

f9a727 No.13566


And 0bama was NOT eligible to be president. He's a foreign agent and always has been, supported and promoted by the Dopey Saudi prince, among others. 0bama was put in place to use the ClownsInAmerica to advance the NWO to the point of no-return. Hillslag was meant to finish off the USA as a sovereign nation.

9713fd No.13567


Then please.. learn to speak the language that everyone else speaks… don't do the new age bs propaganda thing where words don't mean what they really do mean anymore.

Please.. just stop with the archon/vibration/light bs.. it doesn't look good.. at all (when knowing where it comes from)

29ed0a No.13568


Possibly just one of those hot dog eating contest he seems to love to throw so often.


Perhaps a nuclear proxy war would only require being near other nations.

>NK v Japan >>13544

b45164 No.13569

7c0eed No.13570

Obama is now OUR puppet.

449152 No.13571

Sidley Austin and other law firms played a large role in the proliferation of tax shelters in the 1990s that cost the U.S. Treasury tens of billions of dollars.



ba2181 No.13572

File: ee3e01950e03057⋯.png (107.76 KB, 1290x781, 1290:781, ClipboardImage.png)

9713fd No.13573


look into the people who taught you this shit… they aren't talking about Dr. Judy Wood.. lets get that straight

38f225 No.13574

ed5a1a No.13575


He's OUR hostage. Trump's. Trump literally knows their every move. HE'S AT THE TOP, Q said.

9713fd No.13576


40$ million is small cash

284f6f No.13577

In 1988, Sidley helped fund Kanoon School's Friendship Tour to the USSR. #TBT to the kids in Moscow ???

27c202 No.13579

c7efd4 No.13580

Woah this seems big?

http://www.slate.com/ blogs/the_slatest/2017/11/20/today_in_conservative_media_more_goodbyes_to_bad_men.html

http://www.slate.com/ blogs/the_slatest/2017/11/20/today_in_conservative_media_more_goodbyes_to_bad_men.html

http://www.slate.com/ blogs/the_slatest/2017/11/20/today_in_conservative_media_more_goodbyes_to_bad_men.html

"Bernardine Dohrn, the champagne radical who, with her husband, Bill Ayers, participated in a campaign of domestic terrorism, including bombings, and later became cozy with Barack Obama, hosting events for the aspiring politician in her home. The “pigs” she referred to included Sharon Tate, an actress who was eight months pregnant at the time. She was murdered and mutilated. The word “PIG” was scrawled on the wall in her blood, and the father of her child, filmmaker Roman Polanski (to this day still on the run for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl), posed in front of that scene for a Life magazine photographer. Dohrn would later join a very prestigious Chicago law firm, Sidley Austin, and later worked as a professor of law at Northwestern University — remarkable accomplishments for a woman without a law license. She passed the bar, and Illinois was willing to overlook her criminal conviction, but she refused to apologize for her role in the terrorist campaign that resulted in several deaths."

7d1bfe No.13581




The Church is protected by the Holy Spirit and so cannot fall into error. (If you disagree, fine, just know you're wrong and if you want to discuss why we can do bible study on another thread.) Stop looking for papal bloodlines that don't exist and actually focus on the geocultural realities that have put bad actors inside the Church since V2. Trying to find political connections to St. Gallen Mafia is a good place to check.

Also, >>13526, literally everything you said is wrong.

But, we probably should pause this line of thinking for now and focus on Sidley since that was the last crumb, so this'll be my last post on this topic.

feaaf4 No.13582

"Our finance lawyers have worked on some of the most significant finance transactions in the industry."


ba2181 No.13583



Clinton et al

Congress who approved the deal

Bush et al

Obama et al


and pretty much everyone

2abab1 No.13584


I tried to "reduce" the truth to memespeak, but that just destroys the point. It is said how it is said, and I can't water it down so it sits better with people that don't vibrate with it.

I didn't make this up, it's a truth that I searched for and found. And it's true, and I post such things here because there are a lot of seekers and people in high places that will find it useful.

27c202 No.13585

5bba33 No.13586

Did anyone else get Donna Brazile's point that she was not paid because the DNC was broke? She even expanded this to say she had raised a lot of that money. Was she saying that HRC took all the money and left the party bankrupted? I think that was her whole point. The DNC had been hacked alright, hacked of all their money.

38f225 No.13587


didn't ask you faggot

9ef39d No.13588


Enoch was a human.

An evolved one. Evolved = operating at a higher level of consciousness. Consider he was grounding physically some of the capabilities you/I have experienced in dream/visionary states.

Aging turns off. Operating at a high capacity, we become entirely self sufficient, self healing, super strong, able to fly, teleport, telekinetic, manifestation etc etc. Our bodies last as long as we desire, and they look/feel exactly the 'age' we decide (think the depiction of Wonder Woman as being 'ageless'). 900 Year Olds will be 'normal' someday.

Humans, operating at a higher consciousness (such as Jesus, Enoch, Buddha and other 'diety'/saint figures), are capable of ANYTHING.

We are multidimensional portals, in and of ourselves. We simply need to experience/remember it.

Humans are SAID to have 23 chromosomes… this is not entirely true. We have 24, the 24th is multidimensional and cannot we 'seen with mere physical analytics. Think quantum.

Just as with Q drops and redpilling normies, if someone awoke with the ability to do 5% more than they are capable of now consciously, there would be a high chance they'd end up hurting themselves - mentally or physically.

This will be a slow roll out. The awake, aware, willing and open ones will be the ones paving the way.

Meditation, mindfullness, stillness (BE the calm in the midst of a storm).

Find/create a life that brings you JOY.

BE elevated. Increase vibrational frequency of your cells = create a capacity for higher consciousness.

785b6b No.13589

300428 No.13590


> SidA offering Edrogan Son-in-Law to get Turkey access to "Top US Officials" Son in law's name is Berat Albayrak. He is Turkey's Minister of Energy.

4810b3 No.13591

Seeing indications that Obama stays in close touch with his old firm.

Sidley Austin just cemented its corporate persona as a liberal/progressive organizations with me the second I saw this:


511b1f No.13592

99% of people are good people. That is why 99% of people would be in the hospital if they knew the truth. Most people are ASLEEP under a very contrived SPELL. 99% of Catholics, Jews and Muslims are GOOD PEOPLE.


2abab1 No.13593


This. You speak truth.

ed5a1a No.13594


Wow. You really don't belong here, and despite your posturing - you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

>please stop looking for Papal bloodlines that don't exist and focus on…

Wow. Get a fucking load of this guy. Peace be with you.

2abab1 No.13595


Something to consider.

785b6b No.13596


Guys get a room. Or research Sidley or something useful.

3cbea9 No.13597

File: a491009dab551ea⋯.png (774.14 KB, 597x1536, 199:512, utmostTruth2.png)


Heroes manifest reality indeed mynigga ;)

"God" is Truth through Love

Truth is Balance through Composure

"Love" is True Faith through True Hope.

Truth, defined is "The state or quality of being true" wow, sounds pretty circular?

Balance defined is "a condition in which different (All) elements are equal or in the correct proportions, enabling someone or something to stand on its own.

Composure is "the state or feeling of Being calm and in full control of oneself"

Truth is "That which is Balanced and able to stand on its own, while being Composed and in full control of ItSelf"

"True Hope" is a belief that THE GREATEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME is indeed possible, plausible even.

the GREATEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME is that we cleanse the world of darkness peacefully, that our internet stays on, and that our power stays on. that marshall law DOESNT HAVE to be instated, that normies EASILY ACCEPT the redpills, and that everyone comes to TRUTH and PEACE.

"True Faith" is Trust in the unseen, unknown/unknowable. aka "Kek", Kek is "primordial chaos" which is a principle found in every esoteric tradition. Primordial chaos can be described as "a quantum sea of infinite probability" & "infinite undifferentiated potential"

"God" is Truth through Love.

Moses supposedly asked God his name and God answered "EHYEH ASHER EHYEH" that is "I Am That I Am" which, simplified is just:


With a pure and selfless intention, ask "The Universe" ask "All Things" to reveal Truth to you, and to the whole world.

i love all of you guys here, be blessed.

Cras es Noster, Deus Vult!>>13429

>what many call "God" is merely "Truth", capital T, philosophical, Truth. Truth is "Order".

962900 No.13598


Checked and heiled. Not in this thread please.

f9a727 No.13599


I don't think so.

I think Q is trying to get us to see that 0bama fucked. 0bama is scared shitless and running around to former leaders trying to save his own ass. But Trump's got him. And Mueller is going to be the one who slips on the noose.

962900 No.13600


dude - not in the main digging thread please.

47b2cc No.13601

The Asia Foundation.


Happy hunting.


38f225 No.13602

Filter anyone not sticking to what Q is dropping, STOP REPLYING TO SPAMMERS

b4e627 No.13603

Who or what is HLR? What does (first) mean?

Is it Harvard Law Review?

Is it somehow connected to the 13th district attorney?

5bba33 No.13605

Enoch posts – you should understand that the "scriptures" have been translated over many hundreds of years from one obscure language to another, relying on the vocabulary and descriptive words available in the new translation. THUS trying to interpret such obscure translations might be too obsessive a task. The scriptures were often woven from fragments that contained notations on dried out and crinkled originals. Good luck prophesying from such things.

785b6b No.13606

Did y'all go ahead and check No on the Sidley.com cookies?

97ddca No.13607


Seriously… it's time for some mods to do some skull-cracking

511b1f No.13608

File: 69d1979ee944bda⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 01ApaaAASbdaSbBiiGeiiaaAjc….jpg)

File: 86f51fdf7b18ac7⋯.jpg (61.13 KB, 720x663, 240:221, 552082_4255489661216_70144….jpg)

File: 4d78f9f3953e2bf⋯.jpg (81.12 KB, 800x258, 400:129, JewishFreemasonAntipopePiu….jpg)

File: 3029e4287031344⋯.jpg (129.82 KB, 480x640, 3:4, wealth-vatican-religion-13….jpg)


The war on drugs was all on purpose, they forced the drugs and the cartels into the US b/c the Hispanic population is mostly Catholic…The Church was losing parishioners for a long time which is why we suddenly got an immigration invasion. It's well known the clowns started the whole drug problem in the US. Follow the money. What FAMILY helps out big time with the grunt work who also happens to be Catholic?

9ef39d No.13609

785b6b No.13610

Q is back

38f225 No.13611

2694ad No.13612

2abab1 No.13613



People must know how to reclaim their true power.

And we have to find the balance between letting it be known and not spamming the thread.

And we are not perfect. Oh well! Read what was written, and search within. This is important information, even moreso than digging - who do you dig for, if you are not a free man yourself.

feaaf4 No.13614



228958 No.13615


looks like an all nighter

bfeb38 No.13616



They've got one of them fancy 666 logos that seem so popular for some reason.

29ed0a No.13617

File: 8efe9cec34f5264⋯.png (277.29 KB, 2444x1164, 611:291, ChrisFonzoneJoinsSidleyDC.png)

<Made into image for anons who are allergic to clicking links>


First Article (left)


Second Article (right)


Has connections to Sidley, perhaps has knowledge of 9/11?

Compounded with hot dog addiction

A lot of dirt

Is this how they can keep him hostage?

62824a No.13618


Or was he a puppet and Saudi prince was his handler, but now he’s free since Saudi leader change and he’s going around trying to make amends for the bs he did during the last 8 years?

9713fd No.13619


No you didn't make it up.. you listened to people who are propaganda artists.. I have friends like yourself.. totally impossible to understand and impossible to reason with because you fall back to your propaganda language all the time.. it's pathetic

7c0eed No.13621

i agree he's running around scared shitless>>13599

ca1423 No.13622


The have beefed up chemtrails, not sure we are outta the woods just yet.

b4e627 No.13623

"The Asia Foundation (TAF), a Central Intelligence Agency proprietary, was established in 1954 to undertake cultural and educational activities on behalf of the United States Government in ways not open to official U.S. agencies."


9713fd No.13624


I didn't say you asked me.. but 40$ million is not something to get hung up on.. not in this context

0f5ed4 No.13625


Thanks Q!

Does this have meaning? https://pagesix.com/ 2017/11/29/pam-anderson-tries-to-flirt-her-way-past-secret-service/


2abab1 No.13626


Only thing that matters is to have Love in your Heart.

cc0bf9 No.13627


That could be it

bc7473 No.13628


Yep there's a man in China with 44 Chromosomes perfectly healthy. Neanderthals had 48. There is plenty of room for variations if the variables are right.

38f225 No.13629


This one is juicy Q…. def not getting any sleep tonight

97ddca No.13630


Haha! When it rains, it pours!!! WooHoo!!!

9713fd No.13631


I do.. but I have critical love…

798bf5 No.13632

File: 26a87b8748f67e6⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)



I dare you all to watch this.

This is a pill to large to swallow

Good luck to you all


4810b3 No.13633

Sidley Austin locations:

10 cities in the USA: DC, NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Century City, Palo Alto

6 in Asia/Pacific: Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney

4 in Europe: Brussels, London, Geneva, Munich

Look who else is in Palo Alto: http://www.lifewithfive.com/20-tech-companies-with-roots-in-palo-alto/

9713fd No.13634

9ef39d No.13635



FYI, in the CIA link TAF = The Asia Foundation

5bba33 No.13636

BINGO on the BO is scared theory. Maybe he is desperately seeking a meeting on the tarmac with DJT, and wants to be at the airport when the planes land and take off.

d8ff4e No.13637


Q is CERN with the magnetic technology conference, held by CERN and sponsored by Elon Musk of any further relevance? You dropped a crumb for it I guess

bfeb38 No.13638


There have got to be a billion better ways to redpill people to the book of enoch.

Such as just reading the fucking material for oneself.

b4e627 No.13639

Sildley Austin reference is likely pointing to Obama's internship since we are connecting to HUMA crumb.

Is HLR Harvard Law Review and how is that related if so?


ed202e No.13640

Usually just lurk but seems obv & no one is suggesting:

BO is in china

Kindergarten teacher working for RYB was 'fired.'

Purpose of trip… to reconcile?

NK obv proxy for someone else…

Plot of movie 'The Sum of All Fears' was using a proxy to launch nuke & start ww3 b/w US & Russia

ed5a1a No.13641




"The Future of the Asian Foundation"

>"TAF's Trustees, EA, HA, NEA, AID, and USICA consider TAF an asset warranting continued government support. It is a vital auxiliary to official foreign policy programs and activities, not a substitute for them.

OK, so it's conclusively a Clown front.

798bf5 No.13642


Dead sea scrolls? Well luckily the existence of Enoch, Hermes, and Thoth is well known.

be4a7d No.13643


If he is being literal, it would be a war instigated by a major power that does not itself become involved, which another way of saying what you said.

56301d No.13644

b45164 No.13645


We never did find out what was in that manila folder when Trump took office. Maybe that was the deal?

feaaf4 No.13646

those owls again…

“they dress up the whole sixth floor and there are owl rooms, reptile rooms, bouncy castles, and all the partners and associates bring their kids.”


29ed0a No.13647

File: 0a935be863a053b⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1504x2888, 188:361, DoSCIA.png)

38f225 No.13648


keep reading, its a juicy one. So now the question, can it be shut down?

2694ad No.13649


its a front to illegally make foreign aid

b007c1 No.13650





2abab1 No.13651


Purify it and question it until truth is found

then you will be strong and free

228958 No.13652


Interesting TAF

c7efd4 No.13653

Sidley Austin also hired a woman involved with the Charles Manson murders that was friends with Barack Obama

http://www.slate.com/ blogs/the_slatest/2017/11/20/today_in_conservative_media_more_goodbyes_to_bad_men.html

7d1bfe No.13654

File: 65f707e4a1c8522⋯.png (44.67 KB, 1092x113, 1092:113, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)


It was a movie, but before a movie, it was also a novel. Found this on the wikipedia page of the novel. Does this fit in with what we said about the significance of NK having nukes as early as the 90s.

785b6b No.13655

Rabbit trail:


4810b3 No.13656

Well, didn't take long for this country boy to figure out that Asia Foundation thing is just a shifty way to meddle in other countries' business and try to rip off other people for money.

Foundations tend to be big piles of horse droppings, if you ask me.

ba2181 No.13657

File: 3e7abcc536743ba⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 3860x7270, 386:727, Q_comp_correct_11.29.2017_….jpg)

Latest Qmap

56301d No.13658


I dunno what ur talking about but for everyone else digging into Sidley Austin this might be helpful to you. Just a hint when researching certain individuals try adding terms like fundraising, charity, overseas, offshore, foundation, controversy, federal, civil, corporation, conspiracy, investment.

Some are better at google-fu than others. Those often uncover the juicy stuff.

f9a727 No.13659


From The Asia Foundation histroy timelein:

"Media Reports Asia Foundation Received Covert Funding

In 1967, Ramparts, The New York Times, and other outlets report that the CIA has been covertly funding a number of universities, nonprofits and civic associations in the post-war era in an effort to advance democracy and counter the rise of communism, among them The Asia Foundation. After these revelations end such funding for all private organizations, a commission led by Secretary of State Rusk reaffirms that the Foundation’s nongovernmental status enables it to operate effectively and it should be preserved. The Board of Trustees remains committed to finding other sources of public and private support for the Foundation to continue its mission."

9713fd No.13660


I already am strong and free.. you don't know me friend

9713fd No.13661

51eaa6 No.13662

I think what Q is trying to tell us is that /ourguys/ are in charge of everything now. It's us launching the missiles to get Chuck and Nancy to play ball, and it's a fantastic distraction from…

Hussein v HRC v McCain

BO is in Shanghai rn get interrogated, HRC is being interrogated somewhere else, and McCain in a 3rd place. We're holding back c-level info until we get EVERYTHING.

29ed0a No.13663

Did anyone catch this from anon?


>WW3, that's why he said proxy war 3 times.

Perhaps we only have to identify and connection one proxy war that would start the fire?

NK v Japan? Would confirm to China and Russia that United States is compromised. They have to know about NK and CIA.

ae4d50 No.13664


>curved Y


9713fd No.13665


That wasn't about what we are researching here. I was just making a point.. that.. sadly went over the head of most here it seems, at least the guy I talked to.

btw.. google dr. Judy Wood, the tech exists, has existed since 1920's.. sad

2abab1 No.13666


>I'm soon dead anyhow

>I already am strong and free

Don't want to spam this thread, but you do make an example. Why lie to yourself? You are anonymous. The sooner you accept Love the easier it will be in every situation.


d8ff4e No.13667

CIA controls most of the Asia, therefore likely also controls North Korea, which is basically an instrument to start a war whenever you feel like or under pressure.

A war is a shock and after a shock you can build a nation just like you want. NWO

9713fd No.13668


As I said you don't know me,.. and all the assumptions you make about me are on your soft head, not mine. Stop making assumptions about people who you do not know.

0f5ed4 No.13669

Would proxy war have anything to do with

R vs D?

Christian v Muslim?

Black v White?

Divide conquer

b4e627 No.13670

Use advanced search operators to refine your search engine searches.

e.g. site:www.sidley.com Obama


9713fd No.13671


nice tripplets.. the 666 should tell you something about vibrations and archons and light… it's not what you are taught


bfeb38 No.13672

Some general things I've noticed upon reading through the recent Q posts.

1) We're not referring to BO as BO anymore, just by his middle name. Why the sudden switch?

2) He asks us to define "Proxy War" three times. Is he asking us to identify three specific proxy wars? Is this hinting at WW3?

3) Is https://www.sidley.com/en/us/ Spoopy?

9f8594 No.13673

In Opensecrets, under foreign lobby watch I see that Sidley Austin filed foreign registration in 2015 for VTB bank of Russia.

This may be the same VTB bank that was reportedly going to finance the Trump Tower in Russia per an article in Daily Beast. VTB denies this. That was also in late 2015.

45ad5e No.13674

File: 3822e110271a24c⋯.jpg (13.82 KB, 129x190, 129:190, RobertBlum.jpg)

(((Dr. Robert Blum)))

<https://asiafoundation .org/people/robert-blum/

<https://www.muckrock .com/news/archives/2017/aug/17/robert-blum-spy-who-shaped-world-part-1/

>>Among the original founding officers of the board, there were several presidents/chairmen of large companies including T.S. Peterson, CEO of Standard Oil of California (now Chevron), Brayton Wilbur, president of Wilbur-Ellis Co., and J.D. Zellerbach, chairman of the Crown Zellerbach Corporation; four university presidents including Grayson Kirk from Columbia, J.E. Wallace Sterling of Stanford, and Raymond Allen from UCLA; prominent attorneys including Turner McBaine and A. Crawford Greene; Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James Michener; Paul Hoffman, the first administrator of the Marshall Plan in Europe; and several major figures in foreign affairs.

ed5a1a No.13675

If anyone lurking (I understand we have quite a lot of new friends here) doesn't get it yet, because I keep seeing you fucking morons engaging with him.

But ID: 9713fd is how it starts. Just fucking filter. It doesn't matter what they are. SIGNAL TO NOISE. SIGNAL TO NOISE.

How many posts?

How argumentative?

Filter, move on.

a00319 No.13676

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, 1497021851029.png)


Q posting at night again, what's the significance of that? Why using Hussein now? Interesting. How's Admiral Rogers doing, need an update. Give me a call, I'm ready to work

If you bake it, he will crumb

b007c1 No.13677

Ya All Wanna see something really funny



bc7473 No.13679


Oooh oooh I saw The Asia Foundation in all the stuff I was reading about Andy Lack and the Broadcasting Board of Governors!!!

Recent strategic decisions by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) on Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts to China suggest that the time has come for Congress to take a serious look at the way the U.S. government manages its international broadcasting services. Even (((Secretary of State Hillary Clinton))), in her testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on March 1, expressed strong concern over the state of U.S. international broadcasting.[1] Of course, Clinton herself has a seat (usually deputized to Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Judith McHale) on the BBG, so she has the opportunity and responsibility to act on her concerns.

The fact is that, as currently constituted, the mostly unpaid, part-time BBG, which meets once a month and has no real CEO, is no way to run a complex media organization with over $750 million worth of broadcasting entities paid for by U.S. taxpayers. This is no reflection on the board members (four Democrats and four Republicans, in addition to the (((Secretary of State))) ) who volunteer their time, work hard to serve their country, and do so for idealistic reasons. Yet, with other responsibilities and day jobs, board members are not able to devote the time or resources to U.S. international broadcasting that it deserves. Congress should look at changing this situation.

http://www.herita ge.org/global-politics/report/time-rethink-the-broadcasting-board-governors

Andy Lack is now the head of the BBG!

See previous post >>11800

b4e627 No.13680


Maybe he is trying to connect the HUMA - SA - Harvard crumbs?

5bb27d No.13682

North Korea proxy chatter centered around China & US in the MSM a few months back.

A few articles of interest.



43d8f2 No.13684


Radio Free Asia was founded and funded in the 1950s by an organization called "Committee for Free Asia" as an anti-communist propaganda operation, broadcasting from RCA facilities in Manila, Philippines,[6] and Dacca and Karachi, Pakistan (there may be other sites) until 1961. Some offices were in Tokyo. The parent organization was given as the (((Asia Foundation))). In 1971 CIA involvement ended and all responsibilities were transferred to a presidentially appointed Board for International Broadcasting (BIB).[7][8][9]


228958 No.13685


1) I think because there is a muslim connection to BO and Hussian identifies it

785b6b No.13686

Q posting at night says more about you than him.

Think about it.

4810b3 No.13687

And of course, the Asia Foundation being a "foundation"/non-profit organization, it makes a very handy place to park big piles of money.

Dollars to donuts that some investigator has already got the tax filings, which are likely "false and materially misleading" (props to Charles Ortel), on their desk. They know who's been claiming exhorbitant expenses and who's been paying out big salaries and bonuses.

Follow the Foundation, FBI Anon said. He can't possibly have meant only the Clinton Foundation. We're all in the mood for RICO. Bring it on.

d89ee1 No.13688

Why did BO scuttle the shuttle program? Because he couldn't take it with him when he left office

Why does he travel before POTUS? To remind everyone that he's still the boss.

Why does he travel after POTUS? To remind everyone he's still the boss and apply appropriate pressure as needed.

Where is BO today? On his way to Japan.

The members of the Six-Party talks included United States, North Korea, China, Japan, Russia and, South Korea. The US refused bilateral talks with NK. Why? What show would there be in talking to yourself. Bring the hostages to the table.

feaaf4 No.13689

File: ccf3e25103977a9⋯.png (30.47 KB, 683x329, 683:329, cfr.org.png)

3cbea9 No.13690

File: fc6bf09e8c3af40⋯.png (497.37 KB, 1041x1004, 1041:1004, TrumpHeinzKerry.png)




people bash on someone putting their utmost positive and life giving intention & will into a thread, saying it clogs up threads/takes up posts, then they use a post to say not to do it.

>does not compute

ive been here with you guys since 10/29 dropping these nuggets and meditating and praying for protection for all anons the whole time.

i know factually there are anons who scroll through what you call the "main digging threads" and enjoy seeing the uplifting messages that myself and other anons post.

i wont post anymore explanatory/retalitory posts like this, but understand that there are some anons with very strong/powerful connections to Truth/"God" and that our blessing and watching is just as important as the autist digging.

heres my personal "digging" contribution that i noticed a while back, pic related.

peace be with all anons, godspeed.

Cras es Noster, Deus Vult!

03d41c No.13691


Latest Q


Sidley Austin.

Happy hunting.



9/11 lawsuit (suing SA)

Counsel for Petitioners = Carter G. Phillips, Sidley Austin LLP

“The suit targets those who use and operate the web of financial and operational networks that leading anti-US terrorist groups depend upon to develop their global strike capabilities, move money and personnel internationally, and shield their activities from counter-terrorism efforts,” wrote Washington lawyer Carter Phillips in his petition to the court.


d89ee1 No.13692


Barack Hussein Obama was the 44th President of the US.

ae7307 No.13693


Uranium One-Canada-European Union-Asia-North Korea

Canada is lead on the U1 scandal .

Is Canada the proxy manipulating NK? Who would suspect?

ed5a1a No.13694


I appreciate your posts - but if I may: they will flow into the stream of threads if you offer the same information but in a more cohesive way. People will read what you say if you drop KNOWLEDGE, rather than just strings of uplifting spiritual jargon.

Y'know? Keep posting brah

962900 No.13695


Thank you.

03d41c No.13696


No. 08-640


Federal Insurance Company, et al., Petitioners


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, et al.

Docketed: November 14, 2008

Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Case Nos.: (06-0319 (L))

Decision Date: August 14, 2008

~Date~ ~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~

Nov 12 2008 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due December 15, 2008)

Nov 12 2008 Appendix of Federal Insurance Company, et al. filed.

Dec 12 2008 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including December 30, 2008, for all respondents.

Dec 30 2008 Brief of respondent His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud in opposition filed.

Dec 30 2008 Brief of respondents Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi High Commission in opposition filed.

Dec 30 2008 Brief of respondent Prince Mohamed al Faisal al Saud in opposition filed.

Dec 30 2008 Brief of respondents Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, et al. in opposition filed.

Jan 12 2009 Supplemental brief of respondents HRH Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, HRH Prince Naif, HRH Prince Salman, and HRH Prince Turki. filed.

Jan 13 2009 Reply of petitioners Federal Insurance Company, et al. filed. (Distributed)

Jan 14 2009 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of February 20, 2009.

Jan 23 2009 Lodging of petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc in Yousuf v. Samantar received from respondent, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. (Distributed)

Feb 23 2009 The Acting Solicitor General is invited to file a brief in this case expressing the views of the United States.

May 29 2009 Brief amicus curiae of United States filed.

Jun 8 2009 Supplemental brief of petitioners Federal Insurance Company, et al. filed. (Distributed)

Jun 9 2009 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of June 25, 2009.

Jun 29 2009 Petition DENIED.


c7efd4 No.13697

No one suspects Canada…EVER

so they are perfect

29ed0a No.13698


Proxy war with China using NK, CIA arm?

>probably true tbh

785b6b No.13700

5bb27d No.13701


>Why did BO scuttle the shuttle program?

To force government space secrets into the private sector which would allow them to be transitioned easier via CIA and other intel assets for nefarious uses.

693893 No.13702


He knows the nocturnal patriot autists will never rest until the wrongs are made right! Amen!

Back to Sidley Austin and stuffs pertaining to BBG and TAF

Mr. Korman practices before the FCC and Federal and state courts in the media, common carrier, international and wireless fields. He represents broadcast television and radio stations, wireless operators and other telecommunications companies, equipment manufacturers and lending institutions regarding FCC regulations and related communications law issues.

Mr. Korman’s communications practice includes preparation and filing of applications comments, and other requests before the FCC, as well as litigation, counseling clients and corporate and transactional matters. He represents media and telecommunications companies in structuring transactions, in prosecuting applications for FCC authorizations, and in litigation matters before the FCC and courts. He prepares and files comments on behalf of communications companies in rulemaking proceedings, advises lending and investment institutions regarding the impact of FCC regulations, and counsels equipment manufacturers on the lawfulness of manufacture and sale of devices utilizing radio frequency.


MARK SCHNEIDER is senior counsel in Sidley’s Communications Regulatory group. He practices before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and federal and state courts in the broadcast, media, common carrier, international and wireless fields. Mark spent several years at the FCC. From September 1999 until June 2001, he served as Senior Legal Advisor to FCC Commissioner Susan Ness. From June 2001 until January 2002, he served as Associate General Counsel of the FCC.

Mark represents television and radio stations, wireless operators, telephone companies, equipment manufacturers, private radio operators and lending institutions regarding FCC regulations and other communications law issues. His practice includes litigation, counseling clients, and corporate and transactional matters, as well as preparation and prosecution of applications and other requests before the FCC. He represents media and wireless companies in structuring transactions, in prosecuting applications for FCC authorizations, and in litigation matters before the FCC and courts. He advises lending and investment institutions regarding the impact of FCC regulations, and counsels equipment manufacturers on the lawfulness of manufacture and sale of devices utilizing radio frequency.

Examples of Mark’s engagements include:

Defended multiple cases attacking basic qualifications of broadcast and wireless companies to be FCC licensees;

Advised on structures for ownership of media and telephone companies, given requirements of FCC media and foreign ownership rules;

Drafted and filed pleadings in rulemaking proceedings and litigation over adoption and application of media ownership rules and granting of waivers;

Advised on applications of Parts 2, 15 of FCC’s rules to manufacturing, marketing and distribution of equipment and radiofrequency devices;

Represented lenders, investors, buyers and sellers in transactions for purchase, sale and refinancing of FCC-licensed broadcast and wireless businesses;

Advised on process for government approvals for construction and operation of undersea cables;

Advised on FCC spectrum licensing requirements for manufacturers and utilities, including transfer and control and assignment of FCC authorizations;

Advised content providers on FCC rules governing broadcast content, and participated in litigation over FCC content regulation of media companies, including FCC enforcement proceedings on indecency regulations, sponsorship identification requirements, and political broadcasting rules; and

Litigated cases for wireless service providers on spectrum licensing rules.


d8ff4e No.13703


Dude, no need to quit. Your research is appreciated. It´s mostly on topic, so that´s good. Anons tend to rage if they don´t see a direct connection to the topic/Q Crumbs.

f8ba47 No.13705

We see the war happening.. so now what? Why dig? Why meme? Why pray? Because cleaning up government corruption doesn't address the root issue. When we have more freedom and less oppression what will we do with it?

Warfare is fought on the battlefield of our minds. What truth can you see? What heroes can you see? What can you say to effectively make a difference in the midst of warfare?

Thinking for yourself requires research, documentation, and peer-review. Dig to see the truth around you. Document to connect dots. Share what you have found for the peer review process to take place.

If you want to control a people break the bonds between father and mother, parent and child. This is where the civilian war is taking place. Why is single parenting praised and the nuclear family systematically removed from academia and society at large? Why are biological gender distinctions being destroyed?

A meme is only a bit of information that can replicate from mind to mind. Don't get frustrated with the people in our lives who do not base their thinking or actions in defending and enhancing life. Instead call forth the creative genius in you and be effective. ETERNAL VIGILANCE

f9a727 No.13706


From The Asian Foundation history timeline:

"The Asia Foundation Act

As the 70s give way to the 80s, The Asia Foundation focuses on nurturing democratic leadership and institutions in Asia. In 1983, Congress creates a line item for The Asia Foundation in the U.S. budget. The Asia Foundation Act, signed into law on November 22, 1983, formally recognizes the Foundation’s commitment to building open, just, and democratic societies in Asia."

Sec. 403. (a) The Secretary of State shall make an annual grant to The Asia Foundation with funds made available under section 404. Such grants shall be in general support of the Foundation's programs and operations. The terms and conditions of grants pursuant … [page cuts off]"

Was The Asian Foundation grant a slush fund for Hillary?

4810b3 No.13707


That one sentence sums it all up very neatly. It is the TL;DR for Sidley Austin and the Asia Foundation.

"those who use and operate the web of financial and operational networks that leading anti-US terrorist groups depend upon to develop their global strike capabilities, move money and personnel internationally, and shield their activities from counter-terrorism efforts"

ca1423 No.13708


How does that get Chuck and Nancy to play?

It also assumes we are controlling NK??

f9a727 No.13709


CA = Central America

43d8f2 No.13710

Kek look at this crumb http://www.nyu.edu/washington-dc/nyu-washington--dc-events/sidley-austin-forum-2017.html

NYU School of Law and Sidley Austin LLP, in cooperation with the NYU Brademas Center, are delighted to invite you to the 2nd Annual Sidley Austin Forum: Modern Executive Power and Sources of Constraint.

Questions on the boundaries of executive authority have been pressed with increasing intensity in recent years and over several Administrations. The debate has included disagreements about the constitutional limits, in both theory and practice, on presidential power, and the nature and viability of governing “norms.”

The 2017 Forum will address a range of issues, including:

Institutional sources of legal constraint, such as the Office of Legal Counsel and White House Counsel;

The use of executive orders and other presidential directives;

Rulemakings and presidential management of administrative agencies;

Executive claims of authority in national security and the congressional response;

The effects of public opinion and new media.

414b6f No.13711



e1a375 No.13712






feaaf4 No.13713

January 03, 2013:

But the Korea representative of the Asia Foundation is not surprised Schmidt would be willing to go to Pyongyang. Peter Beck says North Korea and Google have significant interest in each other.

“They've hosted a range of lectures and delegations by individuals and groups working on North Korea at their facility. And, in fact, my foundation – the Asia Foundation – was one of the co-sponsors of a group of ten North Korean officials who visited the United States in 2011 and one of the places that we took them to was Google,” he said.


785b6b No.13714


No, I meant if you say he's posting at night, that just means you live somewhere where it's night. It doesn't say anything about Q.

03d41c No.13715

File: 4d6b99562004a5a⋯.png (508.58 KB, 803x602, 803:602, Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at ….png)


McConnell alleges that Serco equipped Michelle Obama, a former Sidley Austin intellectual-property lawyer and Barack Obama, a former Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th district, with keys to Demon face recognition software embedded in the federal bridge certification authority to support the long-range blackmail of investees who may have attended, for example, cannibal feasts hosted at a BC. Pig farm (1996-2002).

McConnell alleges that Serco provided Special Investors in the CAI Private Equity Group including the former Canadian Governor General David Johnston with the keys to the federal bridge which they would have needed to launch coordinated “digital fires” attacks on the Pacific Rim Resort – a.k.a. the Cox Bay property – owned by the English Family and extort the transfer of title to bcIMC in the custody of Northern Trust.


ae7307 No.13716

Didn't Tom Clancy who wrote the Sum of all Fears die suddenly last fall? Was he getting too close to the truth and redpilling his readers too much?

4810b3 No.13717

I think we've got a pretty good bead on how Sidley Austin and the Asia Foundation figure into the giant web of corruption now.

What questions to ask about them now, though -

Are both already included in the sealed indictments?

Have their activities been stopped?

What other corporate entities are pieces of the puzzle?

c43ed4 No.13718

Sum of all fears= nuclear war. What better way to control the people? Fear mongering with nuclear war. NK does not have the abilities we are are told it has. It has been used to bring fear to all people so that they allow the nwo to take over and "protect" us. Nothing has happened with NK. How do we even know what the media says they are doing is really what they are doing? If they wanted to harm countries they would of done it already. Instead they launch missiles that hit nothing and pose constant "threats". But yet nothing has literally happened. The entire story is false. And backed and protected by none other than our glorious Deep State.

b4e627 No.13719

Anon posted about this earlier and it might be relevant.

Gulftainer, Rostec (Russian Fed) portable shipping container cruz missile systems Club-K, Jafar family (former Sadam Hussein Nuclear Scientist).

Haven't cross referenced names yet.

"We are now learning more about the serious security compromise at Port Canaveral and its adjacent military infrastructure.

The container port is not only close to U.S. Air Force facilities and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, but more importantly, it is adjacent to our strategic ballistic missile nuclear submarine base. A Nov. 2 Center for Security Policy updated “occasional paper” exposes this “perfect storm” of a threat tied to Russia’s Club-K container missile system.

Gulftainer is co-owned by Hamid Jafar and his brother Jafar Dhia Jofa, Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapon mastermind and the emir of Sharjah. By way of character reference, Mr. Jafar was on U.S. Central Command’s hit list and could be engaged at any time as a legitimate military target during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Working for Saddam Hussein and in close collaboration with the Russians, Mr. Jafar’s succeeded in designing the “Beach Ball,” a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit on the Club-K cruise missile."

29ed0a No.13720

File: d2e5b43679ea217⋯.png (196.19 KB, 1784x1872, 223:234, 8chQposts.png)


Q has been very generous tonight!

b45164 No.13721


Well said, anon. much love

9f8594 No.13722

File: a5aee21985ec32b⋯.png (44.46 KB, 671x85, 671:85, vtbbank.PNG)

It seems suspect that Sidley Austin would register to lobby on behalf of Russia w/ congress in regards to Hussains sanctions.

bfeb38 No.13723


>I think we've got a pretty good bead on how Sidley Austin and the Asia Foundation figure into the giant web of corruption now.

Awesome. Can I get a summary of that figuring? Just so we're all on the same page?

b4e627 No.13724


"Unbelievably, a 35-year lease was issued by the Obama administration to Gulftainer, a Middle East company co-owned by the Iraqi Jafar family and the emir of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Gulftainer not only is connected to the UAE but also to the Russian-controlled Rostec firm — all this with no security review. Key is the fact that Rostec owns 100 percent of Rosoboronexport, the exporter of the Club-K container cruise missile system."


745c7d No.13725

This cbts forum needs to read up on critical theory. Too many half baked theories in here that make 0 sense.

>>are they helping or hindering the 911 families.. Something tells me the second is true

c7efd4 No.13726


I dont live there anymore but im from Vancouver and there was always rumours of Politicians and elite going to parties at the Picton Pig farm…… weeeeird

414b6f No.13727


You beat me to it…solid work anon

62824a No.13728


Yes, it’s Harvard Law Review. Obama was the first black president to head the HLR.

4810b3 No.13729

God almighty.

Noko is an enormous New World Order fraud. It's all been faked, at great cost in lives and money, just to get their own perverted way. And THAT is what would put 99% of people in the hospital – we've all been had. Now that more people are figuring it out by the minute, it's time to turn the tables.

Bring back hangings. We can have them in pro football stadiums and sell tickets. Hell, they used to hang a man just for stealing a horse.

5bba33 No.13731

pig farm, brings us memories of a "criminal minds" episode where some donk fed his victims to his massive pigs who eat anything

4810b3 No.13732


Damn it to hell. Hang them all.

bfeb38 No.13733




Hold On. slow down. What am I missing here?

745c7d No.13734


Nah… Most people can handle a bad BO.. Almost everyone who is in anyway important hate BO and his bo

785b6b No.13735



NK is old news.

Sidley is new news.

61470f No.13736


this company is OLD as shit!

"Sidley Austin is one of the largest U.S. law firms and traces its roots back to the 1866 founding of predecessor firm Williams & Thompson in Chicago. Historical clients of the firm that later became known as Sidley & Austin include former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln and the Western Union Telegraph Company, which developed into AT&T"

also.. sounds like Pelican brief movie…

https://semspub.epa. gov/work/01/250678.pdf

" In Dedham Water Company v Cumberland Farms. Inc.. 689 F. Supp. 1223 (D. Mass.

1988), a

"two-site" CERCLA case involving facts very

similar to those at the Kellogg-Deering Site,

the court rejected a CERCLA cost recovery claim on the grounds that the plaintiffs

had failed to establish by a preponderance

of the evidence that releases from the defendant's site caused the contamination of

the plaintiffs' wells."

e1a375 No.13737


How do you find all his poststs?

d4b00d No.13738

File: 67d6cd9206167f9⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Humans are supposed to be.webm)


Seems so.

Good thing I have a roadtrip and im not driving tomorrow.

Don't falter now anons; Patriots don't sleep

c7efd4 No.13739

2 Things that would put 99% of people in hospital

Baby and human meat in fast food

Babies and children harvested for Elite and Aliens

b315d9 No.13740

Sidley Austin handles a mix of Hong Kong and China inbound/outbound transactions, where it acts for PRC-based companies (including those listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange), private equity funds, SOEs, Fortune 500 and other multinational companies, among others.

The firm is particularly well known as a market-leader in the hedge funds space; in 2016, a highlight saw Effie Vasilopoulos leading a team (including senior associate Michele Beck, and counsels Joy Lam and Felicity Wong) in the advice to Prime Capital Management on the formation of its $1bn Dragon Billion Select Fund

Sidley Austin is among the most active participants in the market for issuer-side China high-yield transactions, and has particularly strong client relationships with PRC real estate developers, with the firm recently undertaking mandates for clients such as Guangzhou R&F Properties and Fantasia Holdings, among others. In a groundbreaking highlight, Carrie Li led a team, which included Constance Choy and counsel Robert Mason,

The name Constance Choy rings a bell but can't remember why.

Dragon Billion China U.S. Feeder Fund is a Cayman Islands Hedge Fund located in Hong Kong.

03d41c No.13741


And alleged betting by the elite at said parties.

I wonder who found the snuff films:


9f8594 No.13742


Seems plausible. "Fired" was my first thought but I couldn't recall the teacher story.

5e91bb No.13743

File: e63efcfa369adb4⋯.jpg (391.64 KB, 1071x1476, 119:164, Screenshot_20171130-015146.jpg)

File: 3db87d96640b14a⋯.jpg (891.35 KB, 810x4575, 54:305, Screenshot_20171130-015247.jpg)

File: 12b61a2d13038bf⋯.jpg (265.67 KB, 1041x1825, 1041:1825, Screenshot_20171130-020046.jpg)

<http://www.eurongos .org/we-are/our-members.html


Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)

Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA)

Catholics for Choice

Center for Reproductive Rights

Central and Eastern European Women's Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health (ASTRA)

Family Care InternationalInternational Women's Health Coalition (IWHC)


Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network (LACWHN)

New Zealand Family PlanningPopulation Action International (PAI)

Women DeliverWomen's Global Network for Reproductive Rights  (WGNRR)


29ed0a No.13744


They were all witnessed

d8ff4e No.13745



CIA is an instrument of the NWO

NK is an instrument of the CIA

d4b00d No.13746

File: 4a99511c1acc2c9⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 440x850, 44:85, Spacefarers' Sacrament.jpg)

File: 21fc0c5c38540d9⋯.png (36.2 KB, 1203x706, 1203:706, We find you wanting.png)

File: 1b285b28d628eac⋯.png (16.32 KB, 1363x343, 1363:343, hfy.png)


in hindsight, Im going to change that filename to Manifest Destiny

e1a375 No.13747


[bold]search ITPb.qbhqo [bold]

/search ITPb.qbhqo

5bba33 No.13748

pizzagate stories tell of how the blood of young and terrified children is believed by these creeps to keep them young

009098 No.13750

File: 6ba725a4b0e96b2⋯.png (95.72 KB, 882x740, 441:370, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

51eaa6 No.13751

>Focus on Hussein.

>Revelations coming very very soon.

>HUMA - SA - Hussein.

>HLR (first).

>Civil rights attorney.

>13th District - Sen.


I think Q is telling us that before the BO/HUMA news is dropped, some news will drop about someone named HLR, who may be civil rights attorney and 13th District senator.

Any one figure any of this out? Specifically who HLR is?

2694ad No.13752


so if we get rid of the cia, nk's no longer a problem

7d1bfe No.13753

bfeb38 No.13754


YES! Okay. That is a logical reading of those papers. I'm sure there are many of us here who have known/strongly suspected those two things for quite some time.

These pieces are coming together.

3cbea9 No.13755


HLR is Harvard Law Review, someone mentioned earlier.

62824a No.13756


“Your approval of this option would require your request to Congress for establishment for a permanent new, independent, special purpose Goverment agency to operate TAF.”

Well, isn’t that interesting…

4810b3 No.13757


Go with me for a second -

Sidley Austin, Asia Foundation, North Korea, all the bullshit that's happened in the Middle East, Vietnam (probably), Panama Papers, every other scandal you can think of, all of the crumbs that Q said were "all connected"

It's all connected. They got away with it in the beginning, when the scope of it was limited, so they just kept feeding their globalization plan because they were all getting rich as hell off the criminal activity, and now it's 2017, and it's gargantuan. Finally got too big to hide anymore, and it was never going to last forever, anyway. Hillary was supposed to just be a bandaid to make it all last a few years more, until they figured out some other patsy to make the law keep looking the other way.

d8ff4e No.13758


Yeah, just… tell me how to get rid of the CIA in first place… They run more than you think apparently.

f8ba47 No.13759

File: 80738f9c3221887⋯.png (37.74 KB, 519x429, 173:143, digits.PNG)


This message has been blessed. Peep the digits

f9a727 No.13760


What's your hurry? Q just dropped those crumbs. Plenty more digging to do …

bfeb38 No.13761


Clowns in action were created by Congress, they can be un-created by congress.

5bba33 No.13762

DJT thanks the storm fighters at the Coast Guard with a picnic lunch


57548c No.13763


This happened in real life. Canadian serial killer fed the bodies to his pigs, who knows where the pigs ended up…fug

d8ff4e No.13764


Anyone ever read this book? it basically refers to ANYTHING we face in relation with CIA.

tl;dr: CIA creates a shock in a country to install a government to rule it later on, it is in colaboration with Milton Friedman, one of the founders of "School of Chicago", basically modern Kaptialism.

what this book doesn´t mention, is that the NWO might be behind this all in the first place.


962900 No.13765


>Hillary was supposed to just be a bandaid to make it all last a few years more

I think the elites wanted major global conflict before 2020.

3cbea9 No.13766


its gonna happen anon.

Cucks in Asshattery gonna get torn into 1,000 pieces, set afire, and their ashes will scatter into the wind.

Praises to Kek and the Truth which ushers forth!!!! BLESSINGS TO THE MOST HIGH!

c7efd4 No.13767

More on Vancouver pig farm article

https://www.scribd.com/ document/53878443/Piggy-s-Pig-Farm-and-Snuff-Films-Child-Traficking-in-Canada

https://www.scribd.com/ document/53878443/Piggy-s-Pig-Farm-and-Snuff-Films-Child-Traficking-in-Canada

https://www.scribd.com/ document/53878443/Piggy-s-Pig-Farm-and-Snuff-Films-Child-Traficking-in-Canada

4810b3 No.13768


I guess, for me at least, a few bites are enough for me to figure out if the steak is cooked alright.

Have been mulling over FBI Anon's posts for over a year now, and they seem to be a kind of preamble for what Q has been dropping. How many times have we seen "it's all connected"? They weren't kidding with us; every single disgusting little piece of the 1,000 piece puzzle is connected.

45ad5e No.13769

File: 01387d1336f2b7d⋯.jpg (984.09 KB, 1066x1838, 533:919, Screenshot_20171130-021141.jpg)

File: f2c77f93a0ec7eb⋯.jpg (580.47 KB, 1079x1714, 1079:1714, Screenshot_20171130-021456.jpg)

File: c5241aa67cc97d3⋯.jpg (155.85 KB, 1060x1341, 1060:1341, Screenshot_20171130-021609.jpg)

lotta baby parts

lotta friends

0f5ed4 No.13770

Slightly off of Q crumbs that were dropped tonight, but still relevant I believe…

Pam Anderson (former playboy bunny/maybe a white rabbit) has been visiting Assange regularly and yesterday tried to flirt her way past SS to get to Pence. Assange just recently twated to Pence that Pam should be in charge of the 82nd Airborne. Interesting.

https://pagesix.com/ 2017/11/29/pam-anderson-tries-to-flirt-her-way-past-secret-service/

785b6b No.13771

I don't know. We haven't busted a single person for eating kids. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, Hillary's got Kuru for sure, but till we see some prison time I'm not holding my breath.

d8ff4e No.13772


Summary of the book, read it and be astonished and terrified:

Part 1 begins with a chapter on psychiatric shock therapy and the covert experiments conducted by the psychiatrist Ewen Cameron in collusion with the Central Intelligence Agency. The second chapter introduces Milton Friedman and his Chicago school of economics, whom Klein describes as leading a laissez-faire capitalist movement committed to creating free markets that are even less regulated than those that existed before the Great Depression.

Part 2 discusses the use of "shock doctrine" to transform South American economies in the 1970s, focusing on the 1973 coup in Chile led by General Augusto Pinochet and influenced by a prominent group of Chilean economists who had been trained at the University of Chicago in the Economics department, funded by the CIA, and advised by Milton Friedman. Klein connects torture with economic shock therapy.

Part 3 covers attempts to apply the shock doctrine without the need for extreme violence against sections of the population. Klein says that Margaret Thatcher applied mild shock "therapy" facilitated by the Falklands War, while free market reform in Bolivia was possible due to a combination of pre-existing economic crises and the charisma of Jeffrey Sachs.

Part 4 reports on how Klein thinks the shock doctrine was applied in Poland, Russia, South Africa and to the tiger economies during the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Part 5 introduces the "Disaster Capitalism Complex", where the author claims that companies have learnt to profit from disasters.

Part 6 discusses the use of "Shock and awe" in the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation of Iraq, which Klein describes as the most comprehensive and full-scale implementation of the shock doctrine ever attempted.

Part 7 is about winners and losers of economic shock therapy – how small groups will often do very well by moving into luxurious gated communities while large sections of the population are left with decaying public infrastructure, declining incomes and increased unemployment.

The Conclusion details the backlash against the "shock doctrine" and economic institutions which, in Klein's view, encourage it – like the World Bank and IMF. South America and Lebanon post-2006 are shown in a positive light, where politicians are already rolling back free-market policies, with some mention of the increased campaigning by community-minded activists in South Africa and China.

781dd1 No.13773

http://sananda.website/operation-disclosure-gcrrv-intel-alert-for-november-28-2017/ this site is onto something. I keep reading shit about this gcr rv. Serious can someone else check this out

45ad5e No.13774

File: 27e23184f1dea08⋯.jpg (273 KB, 1062x644, 531:322, Screenshot_20171130-021304.jpg)

File: 34500f15fe6b527⋯.jpg (570.09 KB, 816x1802, 24:53, Screenshot_20171130-021332.jpg)

File: 37bf65bcce77187⋯.jpg (201.72 KB, 1056x664, 132:83, Screenshot_20171130-021402.jpg)

>more baby parts

<moar friends

57548c No.13775



On March 10, 2004, it was revealed that Pickton may have ground up human flesh and mixed it with pork that he sold to the public; the province's health authority later issued a warning.[11][12][13][14] Another claim was made that he fed the bodies directly to his pigs.[15]


Sorry if a little off topic but this is very possible and this would def put people in the hospital in shock and disgust and the bodies being kids would make it worse and I have a very sick feeling this is going to come to light. Fug!

There are millions of missing children…this is what we are fighting for in the end. Not to sound cliche but the children are our future.

962900 No.13777


Good CIA background reading on:


It is indeed all connected.

781dd1 No.13778

Disney bread crumb meaning star wars plot. With (cabal) take over republic and kill the good guys (jedi)

62824a No.13779


He was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review (HLR) > Civil Roghrs Attorney > 13th district is where he was elected to senate

745c7d No.13782


I know what you can say to make a difference; Dr. Judy Wood

51eaa6 No.13783


I think Q's just saying Hussein now to point out how obviously fucking muslim BO is.

b007c1 No.13784

File: f43bf9ea66b3dbd⋯.jpg (536.34 KB, 2510x1409, 2510:1409, KINGTRUMP.jpg)

Might as well ask since I have spent a lot of time on this even before Q showed up and would love some confirmation if I dont like it.


On a scale of 1(lies) to 10(truth),


781dd1 No.13785

03d41c No.13788

File: a0f9a9df4cd90b8⋯.png (173.9 KB, 650x572, 25:22, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)

f9a727 No.13789


All baby-killing operations, or trafficking. Evil sick fucks we're dealing with.

ca1423 No.13790

Focus on Hussein.

>Revelations coming very very soon.

>HUMA - SA - Hussein

Barrack funded by Talal via HUMA to get into Harvard

>HLR (first).

1st Black President of Harvard Law

>Civil rights attorney.

Obama arrived in Chicago in 1993 with a degree from Harvard Law School and was hired as a junior lawyer at the firm then known as Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard. He helped represent clients in civil and voting rights matters and wrongful firings, argued a case before a federal appellate court, and took the lead in writing a suit to expand voter registration http://articles.latimes.com/2008/apr/06/nation/na-obamalegal6

>13th District - Sen.

The Illinois Senate career of Barack Obama began in 1997 after his first election in 1996 to a two-year term in the Illinois Senate representing Illinois' 13th Legislative District in Chicago. He was re-elected in 1998 to a four-year term and re-elected again in 2002 to another four-year term. He resigned from the Illinois Senate in 2004 following his election to the U.S. Senate. He resigned from the U.S. Senate following his election in 2008 to become the 44th President of the United States in 2009.

03d41c No.13791


IMO, it's all related

03d41c No.13792


It's all related >>13788

45ad5e No.13793

File: e77e4c8e721a0c8⋯.jpg (706.63 KB, 1074x1360, 537:680, Screenshot_20171130-022421.jpg)

File: ec896f3950791b5⋯.jpg (372.76 KB, 1069x1645, 1069:1645, Screenshot_20171130-022549.jpg)

even more baby parts

even more friends

938830 No.13794


Yes she is actually very important! And vegan

She was in the cult and got out, bless her soul.

e1a375 No.13795

shill trying to shill >>13786


785b6b No.13796

Remember the lastest important clues:

Sidley Austin, and…


The Asia Foundation.


Keep digging and cross referencing.

Also, NK. NK, NK, NK.

938830 No.13799


He seems to have something to do with the BBG and Andy Lack. All I'm seeing is they are tied to fake news, money laundering, misuse of tax payer money, and hedge funds and then it starts to go over my head.

781dd1 No.13800

File: 18b1412f7721980⋯.png (306.95 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171130-033453.png)

File: 2db7f59306a03ab⋯.png (169.45 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171130-033511.png)

Literally ayyyys gave us tech to kill off the cabal via quantum computers

b45164 No.13801


Dude, why would you only sweep away this kind of evil, only to have it spread again in some other long awaited attempt to conquer? It needs to be eliminated outright

a3a39b No.13803

Regarding "HLR," did anyone Google it in all caps, (exactly as Q has written down?)

HLR - "The Home Location Register is a database from a mobile network in which information from all mobile subscribers is stored. The HLR contains information about the subscribers identity, his telephone number, the associated services and general information about the location of the subscriber. The exact location of the subscriber is kept in a Visitor Location Register."

Could this provide details of Hussein's whereabouts? His EXACT whereabouts being provided by the Visitor Location Register (VLR?)

64da7e No.13804




Asia foundation founder…

745c7d No.13805


Does anyone ever get out? Thats not what I've heard. This is for life until they don't need you (all MKultras I've listened too say this)

Take a look at Lady GaGa.. Said F music, F being famous… left the scene.. said she wouldn't come back… Came back and now it's like nothing happened.. she "broke out" was needed and brought back

745c7d No.13806


both are real

you can alter the name and add the space (that 4chan adds by default, 8ch does not)

d8ff4e No.13807


I just made the crossreference. It seems indeed all NWO related. Here we go:

Rockefeller is one of the founder of the "School of Chicago". -> NWO

CIA is in control of almost any country and NK is just one of it. NK to me seems to be the trigger for either a world war or another catastrophy in order to use the shock-doctrine.

>The book suggests that some man-made events, such as the Iraq War, were undertaken with the intention of pushing through such unpopular policies in their wake


After a shock has been planted you are in control of the population and the society. This is one of the main targets of the NWO.

Imagine what a war with NK would mean for the american population? It could mean the beginning of a third World War. And I don´t think it´s the elite that is going to be killed in it. Need confirmation by Q for any parts though.

b56621 No.13808

Test Post #4. Any no, I'm not a shill. I'll delete them.

ca1423 No.13810

Obama's career launched in Ayers home with his friend's $$$$.

Thomas Ayers=CEO of Commonwealth Edison.

Commonwealth Edison=big client of Sidney Austin Law Firm.

Sidney Austin=Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and William Ayer's wife, all employees.

Barack Obama=plucked from Harvard as a 30 yr old 2nd year to work Sidney Austin and to serve on CAC Board.

William Ayers=former Weatherman fugitive, liberal Hyde Park, Ill. unrepentant author of 2001 biography about fugitve days full of dislike for this country, son of Thomas Ayers (who supported him while he was a fugitive). Now an early education professor at Univ. of Illinois.

William Ayers and Barack Obama=members of group called the Collaborative (Collaboration?)that met for 5 years to exchange ideas with each other. Obama hand-picked by Ayers to serve on CAC Board, the 2 men were together for 6 years meeting 4 times a year formally, and closely collaborated on grant writing throughout tenure, also met for dinner parties with wives several times a year. Board granted $ 175K grant to former Weatherman member and another to Palestinian activist.

b45164 No.13811


Before the gates of pizza dropped last year, I accidentally stumbled onto something dealing with Sananda and Captain Ashtar and the Galactic Federation.

2cab6f No.13812


what are you trying to do?

ask and ye shall receive.

a3a39b No.13813


"ITPb.qbhqo" - this is the most important part, which is exactly the same as on 4ch. I wouldn't worry about the rest.

b45164 No.13814


I was captivated by the first sentence

1d0eb0 No.13815

Robert Blum

Founding President of the Foundation's Board of Trustees (1954-1962)

>>Founding President of the Asia Foundation

>Dr. Robert Blum, the Foundation’s first president (1954-1962), was a specialist in Asian affairs and former international relations instructor at Yale University.

<A veteran diplomat, Dr. Blum was assistant to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal; chief of the U.S. Special Technical and Economic Mission to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam; and assistant deputy for economic affairs to President Eisenhower’s special representative for the Mutual Security Administration in Europe.

>During World War II, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor and Croix de Guerre and the United States Medal for Freedom. <Dr. Blum was educated at the University of California and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.


844f36 No.13816

File: c0a184b4ce56350⋯.png (376.04 KB, 1272x930, 212:155, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at ….png)


Holy shit, pic related. So called "less than official" offerings in delicate matters. Including allowance from the US Government to conduct Islamic education programs in the USA!!!

b48f81 No.13817

HONOLULU (Jan. 10, 2012) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has appointed five new members to three-year terms on the East-West Center’s Board of Governors.

The new members are: UN Foundation CEO Kathy Bushkin Calvin, Clinton advisor and former USAID official Margaret Carpenter, Three Oaks Investments CEO and former White House National Economic Council senior counselor Ginger Lew, Mapleton Investments Chairman Marc Nathanson, and former U.S. Ambassador to Fiji and other Pacific island nations M. Osman Siddique.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is an independent federal agency that oversees civilian U.S. international media (USIM), including the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Radio Free Asia (RFA), and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks. The BBG is one of the world’s largest news-gathering and reporting enterprises, with 61 language services, 50 overseas news bureaus, 3,500 employees, and 1,500 stringers among the five media entities.

These networks are founded on the belief that it is in the interest of the United States to communicate directly with the people of the world and for the people of the world to have access to accurate information about local, regional, and global events, including in the United States.

so basically a propaganda arm to the whole world. fake news anyone?

I keep seeing USAID in my research and gives me bad vibes but don't know what to make of it.

e1a375 No.13818




adf21e No.13819


RIP Jeannie Allenbach from Magnolia in Seattle, killed by Pickton long ago :(

b56621 No.13820


I'm trying to figure out which one of these is real versus fake, and how they made the fake one:



Q !ITPb.qbhqo

8efb5c No.13821


Cybersecurity Act of 2015 Signed Into Law

Information Sharing Coordination. The Cybersecurity Act establishes a portal at DHS and its National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to facilitate private-public cyberthreat information sharing and clarifies NCCIC’s statutory role in evaluating and responding to cybersecurity risks and threat indicators. In a compromise between competing predecessor bills passed by the House and Senate, the Cybersecurity Act authorizes the president to transfer authority and responsibility to collect and disseminate cybersecurity threat information to an entity other than NCCIC (including outside DHS), except that this role may not be transferred to the Department of Defense.


775808 No.13822


Stop fontfagging with that unreadable shit.

785b6b No.13823


They are the same. The space is for your pretty eyes to enjoy.

c7efd4 No.13824


https://canadiansituations.wordpress.com /2016/11/12/clinton-satanic-pedophiles-linked-to-pig-farm-scandal-in-british-columbia/

https://canadiansituations.wordpress.com /2016/11/12/clinton-satanic-pedophiles-linked-to-pig-farm-scandal-in-british-columbia/

https://canadiansituations.wordpress.com /2016/11/12/clinton-satanic-pedophiles-linked-to-pig-farm-scandal-in-british-columbia/

2cab6f No.13826


see >>3789

the space comes when you put a space between your name and #

sometimes people post like this -


and sometimes like this -

>name #pass

in both the cases what matters is #pass,

as long as that is same, nothing else matters.

so space is irrelevant, it is the same person no matter what.

ca1423 No.13827


Focus on Hussein

Board Member for CAC in Chicago (Education)

"The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) was a Chicago public school reform project from 1995 to 2001 that worked with half of Chicago's public schools and was funded by a $49.2 million, 2-to-1 matching challenge grant over five years from the Annenberg Foundation."


8efb5c No.13828

I got out


3cba84 No.13829


The gcr/rv has been ongoing for a lllooooooonnnnnngggg time. Talking almost 40yrs for some. Most gcr 8nfo gets relayed thru inteldinarchronicles.

feaaf4 No.13830


TAF were invited to help organize seminars and that is put forth as an example of how reliable TAF seem to others.

785b6b No.13831


Of what?

2cab6f No.13832


you weren't important or high enough, then.

b45164 No.13833


Good for you. Glad you were able to. Welcome to the light

45ad5e No.13834

File: 8bc69adb2a3095d⋯.jpg (267.58 KB, 1163x372, 1163:372, worldwide.jpg)

>>Robert Blum, founder of the Asia foundation, created the blueprint for the modern day operation of

<Clowns In America

 >>theCongressional Research Service’s statement that the report’s “recommendations would become the blueprint for the future organization and operation of the present-day CIA” is hardly hyperbole. The report, which was largely directed, managed and written by Blum, served as the basis for a number of IC changes and reorganizations which were implemented and refined over the course of several years.

Spooky Mockingbird Shite…

b56621 No.13835


Thank You !!!

844f36 No.13836


TAF organized Islamic education practices in the USA with their approval

8efb5c No.13838


Hollywood Satanic cult. If gaga or whoever got out and went back in it's b/c they wanted to or lied to you.

This is why I am so passionate about this and spending valuable time trying to help the best I can. I KNOW this shit is real. I KNOW good people are being put under a SPELL. I know how DEEP it goes. I can't just sit around and not do anything about it.

feaaf4 No.13839


that is not how i read it.

can we get second opinion from other anon?

0aa8a0 No.13840

>When is it hard to swallow?

when it is bitter

d8ff4e No.13841


Opinion on what exactly?

ca1423 No.13842


Good for you. God bless you. What a journey you've had.

feaaf4 No.13843


the meaning of the text at the end of the document he posted.

61470f No.13844

… not sure what i'm looking for..

Asian Foundation: Private & public funds…

Granted $450,000

Grant Term 07/01/2015 - 12/31/2017

Grant Description

in support of a project to adapt, test and apply the Rockefeller Foundation-Arup City Resilience Framework and Index in 25 cities in Vietnam, for eventual application across additional cities nationally and globally

https://www.rockefellerfoundation. org/our-work/grants/asia-foundation/#grant-asia-foundation-2015

https://asiafoundation. org/2008/11/14/la-times-the-asia-foundation-quoted-on-north-korea/

https://asiafoundation. org/tag/north-korea/

O.M.G … it spends as much as it made in 2014:

Revenue (2014) $120,916,066[1]

Expenses (2014) $119,462,977[1]

caf593 No.13845


I was meant to be a blood sacrifice. I should be dead, according to them. Just know it's real, they are really worshipping SATAN they really follow Anton LaVey to a T they really study Thelema and Zersetzung to PhD level and beyond. They really study and use hypnotism, etc etc. It's fucked. That's all I'm going to say about it for now.

785b6b No.13846


Yeah that's what makes it a nonprofit.

844f36 No.13847

File: 52f39a0b1388ed9⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2500x5000, 1:2, pjimage.jpg)


more anons yes please

pic related

f8ba47 No.13848


So Hussein refers to BOs middle name perhaps?

feaaf4 No.13849


the last sentence.

2cab6f No.13851


>how DEEP it goes.

>I can't just sit around and not do anything about it.

the spill.

make a post an tell us tl;dr of what you know.

how DEEP are we talking? what is there at the DEEPEST?

3cbea9 No.13852


a pill is hardest to swallow when it is BIG

which is why we have to break this down into smaller, easier to swallow sections for normies, and go in a step by step process over the long haul.

love to all anons. peace be with you guys.

im outtie for tonight. send some prayers and vibes my way too, dealing with some personal shit.

d8ff4e No.13854


to me it got a bitter taste tbh..



>ostensibly independet agents

>delicate matters

8efb5c No.13857


Trust me, you're about to find out sooner than later.

785b6b No.13858


So bored of hints.

61470f No.13859


I was thinking the same thing.. as well as human traff/sex traff ring … but i can't find any evid of that .. there's plenty of stuff on Haiti and her foundation there .. but this one… need to try different terms

45ad5e No.13860


Asia Foundation related…

Bill Clinton’s dramatic mission to secure the release of two American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee following North Korea’s harsh verdict regarding their unauthorized entry into North Korea has succeeded on multiple fronts, based on criteria for success I offered yesterday: 1) the visit secured the release of the two journalists, 2) the visit has provided a first-hand opportunity for a direct assessment of Kim Jong Il’s health and the leadership’s decision-making capacity, 3) the visit provided an opportunity to convey directly to Kim Jong Il an American view of North Korea’s situation and the unacceptability of North Korea’s continued nuclear weapons pursuits. We do not know yet whether Kim Jong Il has been able to use the opportunity to make a new start in relations with the Obama administration.

The mission itself was reminiscent of the diplomacy of Japan’s Prime Minister Koizumi, who made a one-day trip to Pyongyang in September of 2002 and succeeded in securing the release of four Japanese abductees and a direct apology from Kim Jong Il. Although Clinton’s trip was private, it has become clear that the mission was a direct result of months of painstaking negotiations and an assessment by Pyongyang of the likely maximum benefit it could obtain for the release of the journalists. The issue increasingly was becoming a burden rather than a benefit to North Korea. The Obama administration efforts to utilize an envoy of lesser stature than Mr. Clinton were rejected by the North Koreans

http://sitrep .globalsecurity.org/articles/090805434-clinton-to-pyongyang-after-act.htm

ae4d50 No.13861


Getting tired of the mysterious crap.

2cab6f No.13862





either spill, or stop attention whoring.

785b6b No.13863


Dude same.

f8ba47 No.13864

Anyone read the Tom Clancy novel "Sum of All Fears"?

feaaf4 No.13865



yes but the last sentence he interpret as:

>TAF organized Islamic education practices in the USA with their approval

but i interpret it as:

TAF were invited to help organize seminars and that is put forth as an example of how reliable TAF seem to others.

d8ff4e No.13866


If you pretend to know something, than throw it out.


it helps nobody if you keep information to yourself

2cab6f No.13867


how about you?

https://cdn.preterhuman [dot] net/texts/literature/general/Tom%20Clancy%20-%20The%20Sum%20of%20All%20Fears.pdf

c973b1 No.13868


nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them"


d8ff4e No.13869


Not sure, but given the nature of the CIA and also given the background information about CIA I interpret it as following

CIA placed agents via TAF at these countries to radicalise people there

51eaa6 No.13870


100% yes.

f8ba47 No.13872


Haven't hoping an anon may have read it and already made some connections..

745c7d No.13873

All of you who think you're going to get some truth here.. you will only get part truth. Q has said this himself, 80% hidden 20% public for justice

785b6b No.13874


Good stuff.

Pure propoganda though. There useful parts aren't whether what they claim is true or not but why are they claiming it at that point?

caf593 No.13875



It's already been covered. They are literally raping and torturing and murdering children for sport. You don't get up in the rungs unless you have done one of those things.

d34128 No.13876

With all these Q posts we've been able to piece together how DS can literally accomplish any of their global goals, ex. Avenues, techniques, agency's, foreign financiers, media control, entertainment industry to distract and entrap those involved even a global law firm that date back to times of Lincoln. We can piece together how the DS can plan and execute their goals with the bread crumbs and how everything goes together. I still can't shake one question, what makes BO so special? Seems like he's been groomed since childhood to one day he a puppet for the DS to utilize. Everything was laid off for him. School paid for even Love interests appear to have been set up for him at the law firm with Michelle. Could BO be a Rothschild?

caf593 No.13877

785b6b No.13878


We are not the general public and we don't care about someone else's version of justice. We want the truth, as much as exists, as soon as humanly possible.

45ad5e No.13879

File: 34c17c07eec9a03⋯.jpg (799.42 KB, 1074x1544, 537:772, Screenshot_20171130-030058.jpg)

File: a11dafcd3ab0dcb⋯.jpg (585.65 KB, 978x1805, 978:1805, Screenshot_20171130-030547.jpg)

File: 1f13fff3cc1e753⋯.jpg (248.18 KB, 978x985, 978:985, Screenshot_20171130-030606.jpg)

File: 49c205b3d761ad7⋯.jpg (442.97 KB, 1080x1030, 108:103, Screenshot_20171130-030944.jpg)

Asia Foundation Related

http://sitrep .globalsecurity.org/articles/090805434-clinton-to-pyongyang-after-act.htm

feaaf4 No.13881


ok. interesting. we all read it differently.

45ad5e No.13882

Rolling forthe Asia Foundation as Keystone.

b45164 No.13883

99% of people in the hospital means you guys as well lol That is why its being drip fed to all of us. Even those of us that have been looking into this shit for years probably still cant comprehend the scope of this. So relax and hang around, its coming

745c7d No.13884


I agree. I'd say that you have to go all the way, or no way.

But i'm not the arbiter of this decision. Trump, state and DoD are. If they (Q) say that you'll get 20% deal with it…it's prob true

f8ba47 No.13885

>U1 - CA - EU - ASIA/NK

>Iran deal.

CA - Is this California/Zuckerberg?

5fd842 No.13886

Quick search reveals it was his paternal grandfather's first name

745c7d No.13887


I believe i understand it… but I have researched this since 2004 in many different forms and basically full time

I can ofc be wrong

785b6b No.13888


Send me to the hospital then I want a straight shot of the truth.

745c7d No.13889


No, I believe it's Canada

f8ba47 No.13890


CA - California: Zuckerberg's wife/Elon

5fd842 No.13891


Hunger Games book is said to be based on reports of those who survvived

3cba84 No.13892


No CA is Canada. Thats where U1 went from the US.

bd889d No.13893


proxy war: always implies at least one puppet-master, pulling the strings. This 'buffer' is defensive, the puppets do not have the whole picture, and can be a weak link. Red Shield - who do the red shields protect? We need to dig out the puppet-masters, layer by layer.

f8ba47 No.13894


Yes. U1 - CA.. got it

51eaa6 No.13895


Hillary probably went there to drop off the kids. The 2 journalists been held there was surely a front.

d9909d No.13896

i work in a hospital, so im part of the 1% that will not be affected.

745c7d No.13898



a3a39b No.13899


To some extent, it sounds as though the Clintons have been following the British Monarchy - Pedophilia/Satanism/Child Trafficking/Canada.

Check, Kevin Annett and witness testimonies of the Queen and Prince Phillip kidnapping 10 native children from Canada.

Clinton's also participating in creating their own Wars now. They are clearly looking to play with "the big boys," gain BIG $$$, and perhaps even have themselves a seat as an Elite few dominating the entire world, not just running a muck in D.C. and a handful of other places throughout the world. Who knows, but I don't see why not. If you're corrupt and power hungry, then why not? It's been done before by other families, ("Noble" families, "Royal" families.) Play big or go home!

c7efd4 No.13900

FEMA works with HAARP

They create hurricanes

b45164 No.13901



Im just anon who has researched, like yourselves. Enjoy the ride and stop thinking youre bigger than this, because youre not.

The 1% are the people who already know.

5bb27d No.13902

>What dramatic shift occurred re: NK post election of POTUS?


>Define hostage.

I know this is in regards to Clowns but…

Don't forget about Otto!


>They destroyed him': Otto Warmbier's parents reveal he was deaf,

>blind and howling in an 'inhuman' way after release from North Korean prison

>His teeth also looked like they had been rearranged with pliers, they said.

5fd842 No.13903


American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee

worked for Current TV–Al Gore Chairmain

745c7d No.13904


When did I claim to be bigger than anything? All I'm saying is that I'm not new to this shit

a3a39b No.13905


You should definitely create a thread and tell your story. Shit, you could even tell your identity. You're safe behind the fact that no one can prove it's whoever you say you are, and that most people probably will not even believe you in the first place.

b45164 No.13906


Not you man, sorry

That was meant for the other anon.

If youve done your research then you probably have a good general idea

785b6b No.13907


It's not about being bigger. It's about a life worth living. For some, that means the truth. For some it doesn't. I happen to be part of the first some. Some folks on here are that 1%.

45ad5e No.13909

File: 7a6775149675d44⋯.jpg (627.82 KB, 528x2349, 176:783, Screenshot_20171130-032351.jpg)

File: cdf84d52e0e45c6⋯.jpg (235.9 KB, 670x772, 335:386, Screenshot_20171130-032429.jpg)

Asia Foundation Blog on Clinton North Korea trip.

d9909d No.13910

of course we know, who do you think is going to treat you at the hospital?

do the math!

f8ba47 No.13911

File: 732665006ba2542⋯.png (457.31 KB, 2618x1212, 1309:606, CIA-TAF.png)

Why is this relevant?

The Asia Foundation (TAF), a Central Intelligence Agency proprietary, was established in 1954 to undertake cultural and educational activities on behalf of the United States Government in ways not open to official U.S. agencies. Over the past twelve years TAF has accomplished its assigned mission with increasing effectiveness and has, in the process, become a widely-known institution, in Asia and the United States. TAF is now experiencing inquiries regarding its sources of funds and connections with the U.S. Government from the aggressive leftist publication, Ramparts./2/ It is conceivable that such inquiries will lead to a published revelation of TAF's CIA connection.

745c7d No.13912


Please do tell, though expect to be scrutinized to the Max.. it's the only way

46a163 No.13913

File: 9f80ba5b2dc28db⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 1200x9750, 8:65, u1 receipt.jpg)


UF6 sold to Russia and eventually to North Korea.

Iran takes hostages. "Negotiates" for their release. Obama sends them billions in cash shrink wrapped on pallets. 2 planes in the air full of cash. Only one lands in Iran. The other NK? Cash is untraceable. Works to facilitate the U1 transfer.

b45164 No.13914


Its coming sooner than you think, said the other anon. See how fast things are moving? Your future isnt jeopardized. ENJOY. THE. RIDE.

785b6b No.13915


Yawn. So far so bored.

b45164 No.13917

File: fe8f4c2aee81f96⋯.jpg (159.01 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 208m0j.jpg)


Then leave, we dont need you here

745c7d No.13918


np m8 mistakes happen

d34128 No.13920

With all these Q posts we've been able to piece together how DS can literally accomplish any of their global goals, ex. Avenues, techniques, agency's, foreign financiers, media control, entertainment industry to distract and entrap those involved even a global law firm that date back to times of Lincoln. We can piece together how the DS can plan and execute their goals with the bread crumbs and how everything goes together. I still can't shake one question, what makes BO so special? Seems like he's been groomed since childhood to one day he a puppet for the DS to utilize. Everything was laid off for him. School paid for even Love interests appear to have been set up for him at the law firm with Michelle. Could BO be a Rothschild?

ad71c5 No.13921

Can someone tell me what RV and APTB stand for? I figured out the others.



Is it time to break out the popcorn yet?

745c7d No.13922

Yale seems to be a huge spiders nest for these socialists and alinskyists(antifa), MAO also received training here and also ran their newspapers and other services..

aka CIA puppet

f8ba47 No.13925


The Kuru though!!

If there is a way locate solid evidence for this…

57548c No.13928


If you all ever knew my Twitter handle you would all shit a brick hahaha. I have said enough. We are talking about very powerful wealthy people with connections. They already know I'm posting here as they have money for the best hackers around. I'll never have privacy. But I have faith. I will tell you that when I did ask for help people always told me I needed Jesus. I was never religious in my life. Grew up in a Catholic household. Rebelled the whole time. But one day I was at rock bottom and I went to the closest church and lit a candle and said a prayer out of complete desperation. I sat alone in a dark church and cried. And since that day I have been free. I honestly still don't know what my relationship is with Jesus as other people know him, but I know there is a God. And praying does work. Believe in a higher power. Just like they say in AA, doesn't have to be anyone else's God. You just have to surrender to the fact that there are forces more powerful than you in the world.

962900 No.13929


>I still can't shake one question, what makes BO so special? Seems like he's been groomed since childhood to one day he a puppet for the DS to utilize.

Quite correct. The children of the cults who accept the programming and obey the rules go very very far in the program. Some become assassins, some become sex kittens, some become world leaders. Project Monarch stuff.

46a163 No.13931

File: e1b91091c487237⋯.jpg (158.67 KB, 591x735, 197:245, trump knows hillary.jpg)


All evidence that I know of at this point is circumstantial. It could be related to why Trump kept pushing her to release her medical records. Her symptoms such as uncontrollable muscle spasms and emotional outbursts seem to fit.

7aabff No.13933

If NK received uranium through U1 for weapons, it could be identified as originating from the US.

"They are all losers" is how Trump referred to ISIS

ca1423 No.13934


Rosie? Ha. Okay, how do you think we are doing into taking this satanic stuff down/ they scared?

f8ba47 No.13935

46a163 No.13938


You could do an isotopic analysis to determine where the uranium came from if it were in metallic form or in a natural state. However UF6 is highly purified. Think distilled water… It would be very difficult to trace impurities, but if they are there in sufficient quantities, you may still be able to determine the mine the uranium came from.

b45164 No.13939


I could use a little more brick shitting in my daily activities :P

Seriously though, its good you were able to be saved or save yourself before you were sitting on the other side of this.

Maybe after its all over we can all celebrate, somehow, or something.

a3a39b No.13942


Well, thanks for sharing what you have. What a struggle it will be, not attempting to piece together who you are, lol :-)

0b3807 No.13943

On the dedicated thread between now and Saturday I am going to walk you through the design of a virtual quantum computer.

By the end of a simple process, you will be able to factor and size RSA number.

You will then be able to extrapolate to elliptic curves (AES).

Nothing on the internet will be secure after that.

Disclosure and unsealing will rapidly begin as the dominoes fall thick and fast as the Flood of secrets spills out.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Peace and Love

785b6b No.13944

Doesn't it feel like mysteries are so last year?

962900 No.13945


Thanks for sharing. Please be very careful about personally identifying information. You've probably already said too much.

938830 No.13946

Courtney Love is one of them. So is Rose McGowan and Julian Assange.


c973b1 No.13949

File: 1dfb582788daa8c⋯.png (5.35 MB, 2512x2038, 1256:1019, jtrump.PNG)

f8ba47 No.13950

File: fffc5180adaa95a⋯.png (499 KB, 1590x1302, 265:217, TAF-Pres-approval.png)

Help me understand how this old stuff connects Anons. Is TAF still active?

…as approved by the President of the United States,/2/ the Director of Central Intelligence has ordered that covert funding of The Asia Foundation (TAF) shall be terminated at the earliest practicable opportunity. In anticipation of TAF's disassociation from the Agency the Board of Trustees on March 21, 1967, released to the American and foreign press a carefully limited statement of admission of past CIA support

f1221c No.13951

"The legal teams for Imran Awan , and Hina Alvi are close to finalizing immunity deals with the Justice Department that could spare them jail time in exchange for testimony against sitting members of Congress, federal law enforcement sources said. court papers . FBI sources familiar with the case said late Friday that Imran Awan’s legal counsel was “deep in the process” of structuring an immunity deal for himself and his wife with Justice Department lawyers. The deal would allow the couple to freely testify against any or all Democratic lawmakers they worked for as IT specialists, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.But on Friday federal sources said those talks had progressed into a likely immunity deal for the duo."

938830 No.13952


I'm not famous at all. But if you want to know Thelema is tied to CERN and Freemasonry and all the black sun stuff people are spouting. That's something I was immersed in heavily. I might make a thread about that in the next few days.

5bb27d No.13953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SpaceX & NK

Started looking at the web they've weaved and considered a few public tidbits.

What is the failure rate of SpaceX rockets to NK rockets? Is there evidence of mechanical failure or sabotage?

Pictured is SpaceX failure with ayy lmaos - what was the payload?

>AMOS Satellite for Israeli based Spacecom.

Who else did it service?

>Facebook was a primary partner along with Eutelsat.

Has Spacecom had other failures?

>Yes another launched satellite went dark without known causes

Who would benefit from a connected Africa & Middle East? Why would the Clowns want this? What else was on

NOKO failures:

Has Trump alluded to sabotage publicly?

>Yes on face the nation.

Was today's ICBM successful?

>Publicly yes, but it was also reported to break into 3 parts unintended.

Other theories?

>Maybe we shot it down or maybe it's designed to disperse?

What else did Q say could have been sabotaged?

>Their Nuclear Testing Mountain

13e096 No.13954

File: 26092eb7ba51abe⋯.png (74.76 KB, 1698x88, 849:44, Tom Clancy.png)


Seems like all of Q's reference was towards works by Tom Clancy himself. Any Tom Clancy fans here? Perhaps there are some insights into his book for clues?

b45164 No.13955


Looking forward to this. Thanks V

Back at ya

d8be08 No.13956

A disturbingly low number of you are archiving your links.

f6accc No.13957

Nice to see you here this afternoon. Yes the Age of Aquarius is about mind over matter. WW3 is already happening right now. It's a war of the minds.

I look forward to the thread. Cheers!


d8ff4e No.13958

So what I find interesting:

- We have evidence that CIA controlled parts of the Asian World


- We have evidence that the CIA aims to control almost any country and does create chaos in these in order reach their target

>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shock_Doctrine (this book is based on facts and brilliant research)

- We have evidence that CIA controlls the media.


- We assume the CIA to be an instrument of the NWO

>of course, no Evidence but many crumbs and clues

now let´s reconcile Q´s Crumbs.

>Fantasy Land

>Godfather III

>The cult rans the world

>Who really controls NK?

The Kim dynasty is seen as godfathers by the north korean population. Kim Jong Un is the third of the dynasty that currently is in held of the dicatorship.

Here´s what I find interesting:

Kim Jong un went to school in Bern, switzerland and then only later on went to study in Pjongjang. Seems to me indeed like he was installed there. It sums up to some extent.

ca1423 No.13959


Would be great if you provided some education. It's fairly new for me, unlike many here. I'm trying to learn fast to be prepared for redpilling. Blessings anon to you, be safe!

7aabff No.13960


There are other forensics available.

It's a "good" way to start a major conflict though.

962900 No.13961



Look forward to it.

785b6b No.13963


Word's most boring war. Half of people don't even know it's happening.

f6accc No.13964


Most of Clancy's books are written by ghost writers. Many are theorized to be ex-intelligence officials.

c973b1 No.13965

Nah P!=NP it's about linear time, not parallel (quantum) algorithms

f6accc No.13966

7aabff No.13967

Now we just have to identify who really runs the CIA.

45ad5e No.13969

File: 87d4374e3a90472⋯.jpg (135.78 KB, 1024x733, 1024:733, 1511566209071m.jpg)

File: 19ef3bc1015f155⋯.jpg (185.52 KB, 1078x1350, 539:675, Screenshot_20171130-033712.jpg)


The Asia Foundation is a Keystone CIA Op.

https://asiafoundation .org/our-people/board-of-trustees/

https://asiafoundation .org/our-people/

https://asiafoundation .org/our-people/leadership-council/

https://asiafoundation .org/our-people/founders/

https://asiafoundation .org/our-people/founders/

f6accc No.13970


It's because they are under a SPELL. Just a simple word for hypnotized. Remember Q asked a few times What is a spell?

ca1423 No.13971


Many thanks, anon

ae4d50 No.13972



f6accc No.13973



962900 No.13974


None of what you just said has anything to do with P and NP.

c973b1 No.13975


To me it seems like people, generally not being that intelligent, fail to question why their leaders sink to their level of discourse/lack of forethought in reactions.

c973b1 No.13977


I don't know why you'd say that, P and NP refer to the classes of problems solvable in Polynomial and Non-Polynomial TIME respectively. Big-O analysis assumes that you can't perform multiple actions at the same time.

c973b1 No.13978


(Because they don't, it's a farce)

ca1423 No.13979


That's only part of it. Many I know, feel powerless to change it, so choose to focus on the positives of that which they can control.

f8ba47 No.13980


If CIA was founded by the Rothschild blood agent William Donovan working for a Banking Cartel led by Rothschilds, has anything changed? They are not working for the US Government or American people, so who?

785b6b No.13981

What if after all this, years of suspicions and research, this deep state cabal ended up being led by one person - your mom. And this whole thing - the conspiracies, the satanic sacrifices, North Korea, child rape and cannibalism - was just a Freudian dream about losing your childhood as you grow up and feeling like your mother is taking up too much of your children's time?

That'd be weird.

6bfc00 No.13982


Coming from someone who understands crypto, that's a lot to live up to.

962900 No.13983


Checked. When you're in a hole, stop digging.

e4afeb No.13984



bd889d No.13985


If you dig you are going to find a thousand plus 'causes' of ww2 - all reasonable, and traceable to 'groups' with selfish ambitions. These groups are made of individuals - most of whom are fragments of people, following leaders and other peoples ideas. That is the shift that is happening here - we are moving out of the Authoritarian Age, when people blindly follow some surrogate 'Daddy' (usually bully) in charge, and into an age of authentic personhood with sovereign individuals. To get there, by all means look in detail at the 'groups' and 'interests' that have got us here, strip down their flaws for all to see, and then we get the chance to help everyone wake up, realise what has happened, and begin to grow up. This is what we have to do - dig out the hidden truths of our past; we can let the future take care of itself, we have little chance of seeing it yet outside wild speculation.

ae4d50 No.13986


Life is a dream but not "just" a dream. It is very useful once you learn how it works.

962900 No.13987


The three families, +++, ++ and +. The Clowns are the keystone.

785b6b No.13989


True, but "just" a dream would be much sillier.

43d8f2 No.13990

The goal of evil is to create chaos. Our lives are incredibly chaotic. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, get up go to work come home watch mind numbing TV/Movies/Video Games and go to bed. People are literally hypnotized by glowing screens with flashing lights. It's not that people are stupid it's that they don't know any better. Ignorance is not a bad thing in regards to character or intelligence. It is simply not knowing something because you have not been taught. Instincts only go so far when one is trained like a Pavlovian dog they can go out of the window. The whole transgender agenda is part of the chaos. Why is a very small portion of the population getting so much press? Sure some people struggle with identity crisis but not nearly as many people are starving or suffering from curable diseases. All of this is orchestrated on purpose to create chaos and confusion. This goes all the way back to Babylon. The word comes from babel which means to deceive and confuse. It is also where we get the demonic Ba'al. This has been the method of control since evil existed. It's extremely effective.


f1221c No.13991



6678db No.13992

Q made suggestions that there was an internal coup and NK from 2008 - 2016 was likely run by shadow elements from US intelligence agencies (MSM screams China, Iran and Russia).

Q seems to hint that the CIA puppets NK, not China or Russia.

Kim Jong Il from 2008 onwards was a likely body double - the real one left an invalid (poisoned?).

There was also initial old guard resistance who opposed shadow influence from the Clowns as well as nuclear armament in 2006(1st nuke test) - 2009(2nd test).

Old guard who initially reached out to China for multi nation disarmanent talks, were purged gradually and talks stalled. Kim's elder son was also banished to Macau.

Kim Jong Il''s public appearances were also suspected to be faked since 2008 till his death in 2011.

Rocketman now though seems to be a puppet, and since his leadership, the nuke tech accelerated quickly. The remnants of the old guard, including family members were all subsequently purged.

Another mystery is NK's arm's trade which was previously dominated by small arms / infantry weapons but post 2008, these evolved into missile tech, jets and ballistic missile components - at least those who were caught.

Obama's last few months late 2016, NK nuke tech was supposedly "5-10 years away" from being able to reach USA. Now a year later, USA is appears to be in range with the tech greatly improved. How was this possible?

What Q alleges is very damning - that BO supplied nukes to NK, who already had a puppet in charge since a coup engineered by the clowns during the waning years of Kim Jong Il. This subversion also happened in Iran.

NK having Nukes serve as a counter to Chinese / Russian Hegemony as well as Japanese remilitarisation and emergence as a superpower.

Why NK? NK, among other geographical blocs planned as a peg against Russia and China hegemony against eurozone. The other key blocs were Poland and Ukraine.

Poland - subversion attempts in 2010 when their

prez was killed in a mysterious plane crash. Right wing elements fighting Eu plans for subversion.

Ukraine's orange revolution was sponsored by Soros. Expect more unrest to come.

Rus, Jap and China also happen to be fiercely nationalist and are resistant so far to efforts made to introduce "multiculturalism".

Since DJT messed up plans by become prez, the 5-10 year horizon for Nukes hitting USA was accelerated forward. Hence the Sum of all fears.

Its important to note the main Clown players involved from US make up the political and media establishment, and are either reps or dems.

c973b1 No.13993


Lol buddy you picked an argument with the wrong person

It's the same idea as (GP)GPU algorithms. Just because you can e.g. render NxM pixels simultaneously, provided enough compute units, does not mean that your algorithm is O(1) instead of O(NM). I'm not asserting that P!=NP, but I strongly suspect this to be the case based on experience with algorithm design.

c973b1 No.13995


Agree with everything you said, though I was trying to articulate that certain individuals simply lack the capacity to understand those way above them.

785b6b No.13996


Ha the age old "say the wrong thing so someone corrects you and gives you free info" trick. Works every time.

938830 No.13997


Well then you know the best crypto is hidden in plain sight. I have a hunch the numbers 3, 6, 9 will be a huge part of this exercise. Might be a biased hunch tho.

ad71c5 No.13999


dear god, where can I get what you're having?

f1221c No.14000

Just a thought here, but what are the chances that Q comes out in the end and explains all of the codes and answers all the questions? Are they a very unique celebrity in the end?

785b6b No.14001


Just don't sleep ever

5ce019 No.14002

File: b437f3ecd4e6fad⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 700x445, 140:89, thomas-paine.jpg)

ad71c5 No.14003


I'm already there m8, sleep is for the weak.

ae4d50 No.14005



Making it into a joke isn't going to help them realize it's true.

a3a39b No.14006

I have an annoying question. Can someone please answer it for me.

How do I make a hyperlink?

962900 No.14007


Trips say strong chances of it and yes.

e1a375 No.14009


del system32

785b6b No.14010


I have an annoying answer.


a3a39b No.14011


Hahaha, you're right! That is annoying.

2cab6f No.14012


>make a hyperlink

what are you trying to do? copy a website address here?

just… copy the website's address and paste here.

f1221c No.14013


oh yeah! the trips can be their proof.

caf593 No.14015



they're shilling me. ignore.

a3a39b No.14017


Thank you.

5bb27d No.14020

File: ce864c106779154⋯.png (58.42 KB, 631x505, 631:505, spacexufo.png)

File: 2b296dc5656050e⋯.jpg (125.12 KB, 767x1200, 767:1200, CsMrEXjWIAE8KlS.jpg)

866d75 No.14022

b22543 No.14023


>How was this possible?

The means: NK have the internet, anything could have gone over those tubes.

The method: "Tourist" visits, tells them to look at particular IP address full of manufacturing info.

Teach a man to fish…

ca1423 No.14025


Great work!

ac63f3 No.14027


Sooo, after all, the tripcode CAN be made with a space…

ac63f3 No.14030


Isn't that strange. You guys had ALL the proof it could not be done…


d8ff4e No.14031


What the actual fuck?

>space-based laser weapon

>incorporated into FACEBOOK [Satellite]

Rember the anons research about elon musk sponsoring the magentic technology conference, that was about "Beam Transmission", in CERN, sponsored by Tesla?

He found it by a Q drop about a Report of CERN on their homepage…


bd889d No.14032


agreed, jumping at Islamic bogey man - this is just a neutral claim of expertise

ac63f3 No.14033


Now then, off I go to the REAL battlefield again on 4 to fight the Sayanim nazis.

bf5a22 No.14035

File: 22f6d8798015ba7⋯.jpg (277.1 KB, 1057x1144, 1057:1144, Screenshot_20171130-043744.jpg)

More Asia Foundation.

Reagan funding fight.

<Assasination attempt connection? Unknown.

Reagan started the big hand-off to NGOs.

I think that TAF is the keystone.

Can Anon find any link to opium production/transport connected to TAF?

Just wondering.

>>https://www.truthdig .com/articles/reagan-documents-shed-light-u-s-meddling/

962900 No.14037


Haha I noticed that. I'm going to wager that it's a little private signal to us that reverse engineering the trip to be able to have a space in front is no big deal for our insider and his team.

6678db No.14039


Well… its probably less complicated.

NK coincidentally "opened" up 2007-8 onwards.

Check out this site which purports a entrepreneur program to NK. Sponsored by the usual suspects like WAPO, forbes, TEDx, the Guardian…


They are playing off like "business as usual in NK".


962900 No.14040


>the Guardian

too many fucking suspicious things lead back to the Guardian

10a7c5 No.14043


i think i solved "who owns NK" its in my post <<14038. On the NK thread.

Pls consider it and log it somewhere, before it gets shoad or something. Will try put all evidence in a map and post it later today. For now, just had to let u all know. If my theory is correct, well, its really so sickening that I understand why Q came here and asked us to softly redpill ppl.

Pls read my long explanation and get it to bookanon.



962900 No.14046


thank you - plz post correct link it's two arrows and the post #.

b03566 No.14047

He probably just added a blank unicode character after the Q so people would shut up about it.


000000 No.14048



Fucking this


10a7c5 No.14049


Sorry (oldfag)


This better?

962900 No.14050


That is indeed a simpler explanation - thx :)

962900 No.14053


yes - thx

b03566 No.14054


I agree 100%

2cab6f No.14055



for the last time an 'oldfag' is someone who's been on 8ch for a long time, think a decade.

if you are old in age, just say you are old in age and new to imageboard culture.

also, no shame in not knowing computers or internet or a certain website.

we all love to help each other out here. and we love quick learners.

10a7c5 No.14056


Thanks. I'm still barfing when it hit me.

It all fits. Even have more crumbs to add as proof. Sickening. Its SO sickening.

Makes me feel ashamed to belong to the same race as the ones who planned this.

Wud explain the courtmartials too.

Bring on nurnberg trials.

962900 No.14057



>>for the last time an 'oldfag' is someone who's been on 8ch for a long time, think a decade.

yeah that would be me :)

bd889d No.14058


Yes, and when the weak-willed have raped and killed the innocent once, their psyche has to split, through cognitive dissonance, and the portion of the personal energy field that is suppressed/horrified/distraught is syphoned off, it becomes a source of dark food/power for the puppet-masters. What remains is now a rationalised, fragment personality that still believes it is whole ( the personal 'I' always does, from babyhood to death) - and a deep drive arises to fill the loss/gap of self that isn't consciously understood. Because this yearning isn't understood, deep instinct recreates the conditions that caused the split/damage in the first place. This is repetition compulsion - recreating the horror and suffering outside the self (new victims), but without being able to identify with them/reclaim the self. We call this psychopathy. Over time, this develops its own culture and rationalisation with similar others. Over multiple generations, we end up where we are now - ruled by a vicious, devious, insane cabal of psychopathic fragments of people, who rely entirely on secrecy and darkness to keep themselves in power. Our job, anons, is to turn on the lights.

b22543 No.14059


Glen Greenwald was working for them when the Snowden story broke.

10a7c5 No.14061


LOL. Hey inwas old blood on discord. And everyone gets called fag-something.. Easy mistake., and thanks … Learning here.

3565f4 No.14062


with offices in Shanghai

962900 No.14063


the clowns played him like a fiddle. 200 000 documents in snowden's cache. how many released? 4000 maybe. total scam to discredit the NSA.

962900 No.14065


Welcome. Thanks for directing your autism in the service of POTUS and Q.

d8ff4e No.14069


as I wrote in that NK bread, I disagree.

POTUS fights the CIA, who owns NK.

POTUS does not give the CIA any orders.

8ad217 No.14075


looks like they were solidifying the China/Pakistan relationship. makes no sense for western interest, but neither does outsourcing your whole manufacturing base to them and giving them ICBM technology.


Both are nuclear nations and putting heat on India, which explains why POTUS was so warmly welcomed in India


maybe the Norks were supposed to trigger the war that was setup to happen. China/Russia/Pakistan advanced quite a bit from western influence and trade, despite being antagonists to NATO.

bd889d No.14076


It is more than 'hypnotises', but it is related. We spell words. Words spell out worldviews inside the personal self. If you control someone's worldview, you control the limits about what they will consider is real, unreal, likely, desireable, etc. because you control the limits of internal dialogue. Casting SPELLS is literal mind-control. We break spells by breaking open worldviews - memes, new views of reality.

29ed0a No.14077


Ya Norks was to be the nuclear terrorists in from the East to fuck all the Chinese and Japanese people over with horrible circumstance. Forcing Russia's hand to stop corrupted United States. Luckily the people's voice was heard and Geotus is summoned into office. Nao the good peoples of the world can unite and defeat the evil one!

567b26 No.14078

File: 978ef048f336df1⋯.png (2.47 MB, 952x952, 1:1, 4e10d7adfe87f90d9806fcfe3f….png)


This anon is functioning at high operant capacity.

8ad217 No.14080



and the Bin Laden raid where the stealth helicopter crashed and they just left it ended up being taken by Pakistan and given to China to reverse engineer.. I always thought it was fishy that the U.S. lost a top-of-the-line helicopter in a SpecOps raid and was just like "oops". Maybe they were MEANT to lose it

2cab6f No.14083


no coincidences

10a7c5 No.14090



dont u seee that we AGREE? I dont know how "far". The battle is, but judging by Q, we r winning BIGLY. They r dead in the water, still dangerous, and I think BO has (or HAD) a few codes and buttons he is pushing. But the worst is behind us. We r still here.

ddbc2c No.14091


I agree with this anon.

So how would you charge your words, and consequently your behavior? Positively or negatively?

For me, spellcasting is not unlike programming. It creates some behavioral patterns. So it's best to keep your 'spells' clear, so you can function well in these dire times!

f7547e No.14093


It really is sad that fetch will never be a thing.

8ad217 No.14097


CA = Central Asia

in 09 there was a coup attempt in Iran and BO and HRC didn't step up and support it, despite Iran being the biggest threat to the world (so they said).. if Pakistan is working with the Cabal (and with China, who the cabal empowered) that would link Iran/Pakistan together by Afghanistan… Which they toppled and turned into their Opium production.. So, let's look at the map -

Syria (attempted to be destroyed by ISIS)

Iraq (attempted to be destroyed by ISIS, parts of which are taken by Iran)

Afghanistan - Opium den

Pakistan - distributor/link to China

That's a good portion of central asia all the way up to India's doorstep. India being squeezed by Pakistan on one end and China (their ally) on the other. Both nuclear, WITH NK becoming a proxy state that's nuclear capable (and Iran also).. talk about hostage, they've got plausible deniability in nuking half the globe and they can pass it off on a rogue state (Iran or NK)

10a7c5 No.14099



BUT…. She lost…

And those marines… They DID go 2 langley. YT vids around

29ed0a No.14100

With powers of the east warring with the united states, the (((zionist agenda))) was set to unfold and bring Israel to the throne of world domination. The puppets of EU controlled by strict guidelines of the UN are helpless to defeat the iron grip of oppression from the (((zionist forces of evil)))

274d1d No.14102

2cab6f No.14106



0fd403 No.14112


Yes I completely agree which also conencts us with the previous topic of fake news, Andy Lack,and the BBG, a group that taxpayers pay for so they can cast spells of lies to the whole world. Oy vey.

4cfed2 No.14114


Slow down, Angelus.

0fd403 No.14115


A magicians power lies in the mind of his audience. You tell them the truth.

962900 No.14117


Are you watching closely?

8ad217 No.14118


Yeah, they're behind everything then.. think about it. BO's dollar depreciation led to rising food prices in 09. Those led to riots in Egypt which then turned into the Arab Spring (it started with getting Mubarak out) and then it spread west from there to Libya, Tunisia, and Alegeria.. That's all of North Africa and it led to the migration (remember, migrants are part of it too, they're assets). Go east from there all the way to India from the statements here…


So, BO and friends Subverted/flipped every nation from NW Africa to India without a war declaration… Who was the CIA spook that played the map like a chessboard? BO's foreign policy adviser, zbigniew brzezinski

4cfed2 No.14120



fa11b0 No.14121

Had some idle chatter during the insider drops from a Canadian ip address from ubisoft

>In October 2015, Yves Guillemot (french founder of ubisoft) denounced the entry of Vivendi into the capital of Ubisoft and the actions of Vincent Bolloré , which he described as "aggression" >, conducted with "activist methods"

ubisoft montreal, could be clown sanctuary

8ad217 No.14124

File: 92ce019b3a03a91⋯.jpg (40.9 KB, 500x375, 4:3, motivation.jpg)



d8ff4e No.14125

In regard to this, I posted my findings from previous halfchan here


rather interdasting I think!

bd889d No.14128


Agreed. I do see we're winning anon, and I don't need Q to show me that. S/he helps though, as do you.

d4b00d No.14133

File: 9e8fc5f91a1709a⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 42 - GJ1ivBi.jpg)



boi fuckinread up on neptune spear

>2 choppers land incourtyard in middleof the night

>one choppers tail boom hit the top of the like 15' wall

>Fucked both rotor and tail boom

>Operatives operate, then sanitize the copper, snag its black box, and blow the shit out of it

>fly out using other chopper

3434ee No.14134

File: 21c7abd2cc9ab6c⋯.jpg (97.17 KB, 747x488, 747:488, President #Trump quote fro….jpg)


Trump quote from speech yesterday

… but now comes the moment of truth in the coming days the American people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp. And which politicians want to drain the swamp.

8ad217 No.14137


Maybe they didn't sanitize it well.. or even, at all. Also, there was a drone that crashed in Iran that was valuable and CIA did nothing about it (basically giving it to the chinese/Iranians)


6678db No.14138


China was not pro cabal, however the cabal empowered China via crooked officials who were poised for a takeover before being cleared out.

In 2012 the disease was apparent but cut off by Xi Jinping who re-asserted centralisation of power vs the bad actors who were attempting to fragment China.

You can see some of the forecasts here from George Friedman, ex CIA director from Stratfor (implicated in Wikileaks). These has since been revised.

I would take this with a pinch of salt but the main takeaways are the geographical choke points highlighted which are likely to be planned puppet states like NK. Interesting how Russia China Japan are evolving to be key US allies.



bd889d No.14139


My answer is relax. We are here, now, of all times, for a reason. We are not doing this (me=ego), it is being done through us, with help all the way. Keep clear, mistrust wild fluctuating emotions, keep focused on truth, light, love, and trust yourself that what comes through all those filters is exactly what needs to be done. That's my take, and what I bring here now, that is what charges these words.

8ad217 No.14143


Like the arab spring, but in China..


yeah, i remember them catching a BO official in the middle of them egging the people on to protest. can't find a sauce, atm but i remember It was kind of sad, tbh. Only white dude in the bunch. easily spotted

9d928b No.14144

What should I be focusing on digging for right now?

Has everyone else also spread the word that we are on 8chan now? I'm glad we have our own board right now.

8ad217 No.14147


There's been plenty of word spread on 4. I think they're getting kind of pissed


Anons have been focusing on this

b22543 No.14148


>what makes BO so special?

His grandma worked at the Bank of Hawaii. CIA slush funds.

>Meanwhile, Dunham Soetoro’s mother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised young Obama when he returned to Hawaii in 1971 while his mother stayed in Indonesia, was the first female vice president at the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. Various CIA front entities used the bank. Madelyn Dunham handled escrow accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian dictators like Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, South Vietnamese President Nguyen van Thieu, and President Suharto in Indonesia. In effect, the bank was engaged in money laundering for the CIA to covertly prop up its favored leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.


9d928b No.14149


>There's been plenty of word spread on 4.

I thought people should have also gotten on the Youtubes and Twitters and spread the word too but I haven't seen it too much. I've been letting other trusted good guys know how to get here too since this place can't be Googled.

d4b00d No.14150

File: a35d51c634d7487⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, We could have stopped this.jpg)


Im willing to bet that the "deep state" wouldn't want another country to have their shit. They may want a war but they want to win it.

8ad217 No.14153


They gave a world's worth of wealth creation to China.. and missile tech


8ad217 No.14155


sorry, great find btw


was meant for >>14150

ff5b01 No.14157

File: 58618afadec211c⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 960x540, 16:9, taran.jpg)


This was a nice write-up, thanks!

10a7c5 No.14162


Ukraine, syria, nk, iran

b9feb4 No.14163

Anyone havea subscription to the Wall St Journal?

Campaign ’08: Michelle Obama’s Sidley Austin Years


8ad217 No.14167

467290 No.14168

Proxy war x3

We are at war with Russia.

Russia is using NK as a combatant.

We are at war with Iran.

We are using SA as combatant.

We are at war with Syria.

We are using Syrian rebels to oust legitimate government.

Russia is supplying legitimate government.

d851f2 No.14170

ac63f3 No.14172

So, why no Sayanim shills here it this is the real deal?

Explain away…

8ad217 No.14174


explains his $65K hotdogs… and Rahm Emmanuel, who's totally flaming. And his father was a member of the Irgun

ac63f3 No.14177


4chan CBTS still loaded with Sayanim nazi shills? Why?

Why put so much effort in something that is 'dead'…?

If this is the real Q station now, why don't the migrate here?

511b1f No.14179

>>14168 We are at war with EVIL. Russia and China are /ourguys/

d4b00d No.14180

File: ce2747c5a500f2c⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 496x700, 124:175, what the fuck is that what….jpg)


Well sure but that was back when bill was around

its generally accepted china has cheap immitations in aircraft.

Notice how the article says "give" and not "abandoned to the scavengers"

Really, if they wanted to give em a chopper they could and would have just sent it intact w/o tellying anyone.

Also, the "stealth" Blackhawks didn't have any super seeeeecret noise suppressor, or really much in the way of equipment that hadn't been available 10 years prior.




Not to say the whole raid wasn't fabricated to increase public support, and possibly misdirect from events elsewhere in the world.

511b1f No.14181


b/c they aren't patriots anon.duh

467290 No.14182


Why would we want their BS clustering up good works here?

No, leave them there and let them think what ever.

ac63f3 No.14184


If no credible answers given, I must go back fight those deep state lunatics to keep the threads running…

And why is Lt.Col. Potter still referring to 4chan?


511b1f No.14186


Oh my! Thats quite the find!

45ad5e No.14187


I concur. Systemic corruption worldwide has finally drawn a massive response.

Paradigm shift brought about by an cooperative assault on the NWO elite/cabal.

<i hope…

8ad217 No.14188


Maybe that was the case with the helicopter, sure. You think the missiles and manufacturing base (that grew them and crippled the west, btw) was the only things given to china?

ac63f3 No.14192



Two most dumb answers, yet.

If this is the mentality/intelligence here, I'm going back.

Nothing to learn here. Sleepers.

8ad217 No.14193

467290 No.14194


OK, Evil being hit on various fronts, meaning other countries in cooperation with US.

So where are the other 2 proxy wars?

You can't really name anything now due to evil being a world problem.

467290 No.14195


Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out then!

b310b6 No.14196

Trump Tweet a few minutes ago:

"The Chinese Envoy, who just returned from North Korea, seems to have had no impact on Little Rocket Man. Hard to believe his people, and the military, put up with living in such horrible conditions. Russia and China condemned the launch."

29ed0a No.14198




Just keep dropping them the link to CBTS board.

Also tell those youtubers that 8ch CBTS board is the Official now.

Have to continue to get the word out.

Have a ban from 4chan until 6th, so if you have a quick second to just drop a sentence and an image that would be helpful.

It seems that shilling has taken over the CBTS thread, but so long as there is a line that leads home the normiefags will catch on sooner or later.

43265b No.14199



Oh great. I go to bed, and now I don't know if I'm a good guy or bad guy. :(

I think I'm a good guy, who came from a bad family. I.e. I'm a complete asshole with almost zero feelings, but.. I DO NOT agree with what the rich sick pedo's are doing to people and the planet.

Not being super sensitive is an asset here. Maybe I'm just a normal dude, but I don't care much for regular people. I think they're kinda retarded.

8ad217 No.14201


just what we need.. 8pol coming over here and turning this into a shitshow the same way 4 did

467290 No.14202

ac63f3 No.14204


Q said distractions are necessary.

This looks like a distraction to me.

All go hunting for the Asia Foundation…

Why? Q team already knows what it's about.

They need you to be distracted… whoever this 'new' Q is…

467290 No.14205


Your the one that keeps inviting those Nazi scums into this board.

Leave them on 4ch, they are of no use here!

29ed0a No.14207


What? No no anon, I mean tell those heteronormiefags at 4chan CBTS thread. Just keep a line open so that honestly curious anons can come take a look.

8ad217 No.14208


>Qteam already knows what it's about

Q team knows everything that Q's eluded to. They're dumping what they already know, not asking us to find it all out for them.

ac63f3 No.14210


XXX Tubbaks comes along on 4chan a lot. Spamming 70 posts per page begging to come over to 8ch.


43265b No.14211


I still think it would be good to have a meme that has CNN on the top and says something like "If you want comforting lies, go here" and on the bottom (some picture, maybe a fucked up picture) and says "If you want the possible TRUTH (redPill), go here: https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

962900 No.14212


No. 4fags will cause shit here or worse, annoy 8/pol/ who will then come here.

29ed0a No.14215


Oh anon, I'm not asking to bring 4 fags overs I'm talking about 4chan silly

ac63f3 No.14216


Yep, YOU were all 4fags, remember?

643e3c No.14217

File: 8072979b0d77ca3⋯.jpeg (73.07 KB, 555x305, 111:61, DJTLRM.jpeg)

Tweet from POTUS

Notice how DJT calls KJU "Little Rocket Man" now.

BIG Rocket Man is Elon Musk.

ac63f3 No.14218


Why put so much of your precious time in that.

For that few souls. Sure.

8ad217 No.14219


i've been in the threads over there. If this chan gets the same type of traffic and attention as 4chan/pol did, it won't be pretty.

We don't need a huge influx of new people in here. The regs on this board will make our lives hell if we shine a huge spotlight from social media and half of youtube to THIS board the same way they did on 4. We can't get too much attention from normies about this kind of stuff otherwise people will turn it into reddit 2.0 and it'll lose it's purpose with these investigations.

f88eb3 No.14220

File: 952ee0dcf23c435⋯.jpg (312.32 KB, 680x260, 34:13, data privacy key.jpg)

Playing catchup here so please forgive me if old ground but

>Sidley Austin eh? They just hired an ex Obama security expert. Multiple tiers of Irony here given the leaky nature of Obama tenure and lack of security on part of his appointees.

Pic attached is the image on the following article which I find quite curious given some of the imagery we have thrown up for our search on the keystone way back.

http://archive.is/wQrnD / https://www.cdr-news.com


962900 No.14221


I wasn't - I lurked. I've been here for ages on other boards.

c362ad No.14222

Another idea for a meme (I'd make them, but I'm busy on other shit)

A picture of a crazy celebrity, maybe with an exert of BPD (which is pretty common I think in the entertainment industry) that says "We can't let insane people run our politics" or something of that nature.

d851f2 No.14223


I assumed it meant there were ongoing proxy wars that will be ending. Hence all the good news vibes Q is spewing.

29ed0a No.14226


Because idea is to spread the word isn't it? So let's spread the word T.T


You're acting like people will want to stay on 8ch, this place has a way of thinning out the newfags. Much stronger than that of 4chan.

too strong one could say

suspiciously strong

d4b00d No.14227

File: a618cabbfce2062⋯.png (37.64 KB, 670x287, 670:287, Not a very good ministry i….png)


>only things given

unlikely. The article says it right there, the Clinton accepted payment from intelligence agenciesand foreign actors, they gave uranium, so im sure if anyone asked for something, and they were able to get it under the table, the only object would be the price.

Bear in mind though its not uncommon for equipment be deliberately false or tampered before being allowed into enemy hands, thus sabotaging their reverse engineering endeavors.

My favorite (semi) related tactic used, was when ((they)) went out on the tarmac and painted huge silhouettes of ridiculous lookiking planes, in the hopes that Ivan saw it and started a project inspired by those plane-tings and waste all kinds of dough.

962900 No.14228


Stop asking 4chan people to come here. We don't need them. Final warning.

8ad217 No.14229


^^^ THIS. people here are really touchy and particular about these boards being known. especially when you name the board by name. that's why those youtubers are being so scrutinized particularly. It's bad enough when they say "People on 4chan" but when they name the board they invite thousands of new people there and it disrupts the board. That's what they mean by "Shitting up our board". If they don't know about this board or even how to get here, they won't be accepted by the regulars and it won't bode well.

People can go to plebbit/voat with the info and do whatever they want

c362ad No.14230

File: b703bc24e1667e6⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1166x936, 583:468, VaticanKey.png)


Holy shit! Yes.. that's the key that we thought was something else.

d851f2 No.14232


He glows in the dark. Remember the watchers are becoming the watched ;)

d851f2 No.14237



ac63f3 No.14238


Why no deep state Sayanim nazis here? Ban them more easily?

467290 No.14240


Could be…still slamming my first cup of coffee this morning.

Will go re-read Q's post.

d4b00d No.14242

File: 7b165ddb1b0486f⋯.png (38.28 KB, 1069x622, 1069:622, Bird Strike.png)



elude is to avoid capture or discovery

Allude is to make low key references to something or just mention offhand during a conversation.

>pic unrelated

467290 No.14243


Was BO with that envoy?

29ed0a No.14244

File: 1de1c499f9b47bf⋯.jpg (70 KB, 656x652, 164:163, 1511681925928.jpg)


Final warning

y-you sound s-serious anon, plz d-don't do anything drastic


Stop being retarded, inviting people to CBTS board isn't going to shit up anyones boards.

OG anon will probably tell them to kill themselves like 4 or 5 times and they will leave because muh feelings.

CBTS is about getting the message out to the people and what better way then letting them on their own accord look at the board.

Why not let them lurk a bit?

I really don't understand the logic.


ac63f3 No.14245


I'm keeping my both eyes wide open.

I've seen this shit before. Dealt a lot with Sayanim scum. Trust me, they're everywhere.

b22543 No.14247

With respect to the halfchan situation, recall that disinfo is not unexpected.

Leave them be. For now they serve our purposes like the schmucks they are while we fly under the radar in formation.

They even added us to their pasta le mayo. Don't bother them.

29b336 No.14248


The thing is, if Trump said today that the world is controlled by satanist cults, pedophile politicians, who participate in ritual sacrifices of children, many people wouldn't believe - it would be too hard to swallow. Another problem is - there are too many enemies who are very well coordinated. If Trump did that, then there would be huge resistance. MSM, facebook, twitter, google, phony fact checkers would coordinate efforts and discredit Trump, claiming that he is out of his mind, the swamp would try to impeach him, because there are too many corrupt politicians and too many weak politicians who would fold under pressure.

So the right approach is to reveal the truth to the public gradually, and to gradually take out enemies among reporters, politicians and deep state, as well as cut off their sources of finances.

The public already realizes that politicians, reporters and entertainers are pervs and rapey people.

Then they will find out about human trafficking and pedophile rings and then they will find out that politicians were involved in this.

ac63f3 No.14251

Most of the awakened peeps here cannot even comprehend what this world actually is and what's at stake.

EVERYTHING is turned upside-down and INside-out.

8ad217 No.14252


>don't understand

You don't have to understand. that's the way it is and it's always been that way. I know you won't stop barking everyone to come over like a carnival worker outside a game "Hey come on over to 8ch! let's bring all of twitter and youtube too!"

You piss off a lot of regulars with that. You may not "get it", but that's the way it is.

b03566 No.14253


Take a hike. I mean literally. Get in your black turbo charged vehicle. Drive to the nearest park. And have a nice rendezvous with nature.

6678db No.14254



The Asia Foundation is very much alive. It seems to be part of the Soros organ, The Open Society Foundation (OSF). Something else popped up when searching which is the International Republican Institute, chaired by US Senator John McCain.

"Two other organisations collaborated with OSF namely the International Republican Institute, chaired by US Senator John McCain, and the Asia Foundation.

A disturbing minutes of meeting containing foreign plans under a so-called ‘Malaysia Programme’ have surfaced on whistleblower site, DC Leaks.

Titled “Malaysia Programme — Portfolio Review Outcome Summary,” it outlined continued efforts by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to influence domestic politics through the polls.

OSF is chaired by the controversial billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, whom the document states has “a personal interest in elections”.


9d928b No.14256




6678db No.14257


damnn. Where does this key point to though? Not sure if it matters. But curious lol.

f88eb3 No.14258


Hopefully this is correct as the proxy wars have been getting pretty intense as of late.


8ch is everything 4chan isint and I love it. If you want a constructive conversation ( like what used to be doable on 4chins ) this is the place to be. You should have seen us forensically examine the audio from LV it was awesome. We still need to maintain a strong presence on 4chan all the same as the ecelebs are all pointing people to 4.

<Namefags time to give it a rest in general - Let your data speak for itself - pop up every now and then with fagnames if you need to identify but for general convo its distracting from the mission.

2cab6f No.14259


i got it.

962900 No.14260


Thanks MA.

d4b00d No.14261



>Snow White utilized/activated to silence.

So what did he mean by this?

I know alice and the dwarves are come kind of CIA supercomputer but other than that, no Idea.

8ad217 No.14262



The vatican would be a huge asset to the cabal. It's an international organization with assets all over the world and in many countries. It's also given leverage being a religious institution. It's literally the perfect entity for being a Church but also, if you plan on doing organized crime… It also looks like a lot of priests have been busted smuggling drugs

f12940 No.14263


I'm assuming it's got something to do with the Vatican.

I think we're going to find out that the Vatican is one of the key players in this whole debacle.. mostly because of history and the Vatican history with Europe as well as the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Queen/King, etc etc.. The church rules all in some places. Satanic church.

Like the bible says, there's gonna be false prophets.

b03566 No.14266


Oh wow wouldn't that be something ;)

8ad217 No.14268


Bangladesh cracked down on organ trafficking and sweatshops - Isis shows up

Philippines cracks down on drugs bigly - isis shows up

Vatican gets outed - Isis will show up. They've already say they plan on hitting it this Christmas season.. and with all the migrants in Rome (and in the vatican itself) it'd be easy for them to get people inside and create a hostage situation.

b03566 No.14269


The Holy Grail. Which happens to be a woman.

467290 No.14270


We know he was in China lastnight.

8ad217 No.14272


Not true. Jewish influence in Dan Brown's novel. Divine feminine is a Jewish concept carried over from the Shekinah. Feminine spirit they pray to in the wailing wall. Same with the Kabba stone in Mecca. Mediator. Shaped like a vagina. Divine feminine. Holy Grail theology is meant to spread the feminine theology to christian denominations

962900 No.14273

XXX has been banned.

8chan is not 4chan.

Do not invite cuckchanners in here.

Do not disturb 8/pol/ - ever.

Do not try BO's patience.

We serve at the pleasure of POTUS and Q. Posts from Q today confirm this. None of this is a game. Thank you for all your hard work and support - you're the best.

f12940 No.14274


Well, I wish people would listen more to skeptical people with no reason to lie, rather than those that stand to profit from the masses believing them. But no.. that's why I just think humans are, for the most part, retarded.

In any case, yeah, that might happen. We'll see and only time will tell. Everyone thinks 'their' religion is THE religion, it's like a giant dick measuring contest. Funny thing, God (if there is such an entity, and I think there might be) would not even LIKE religion.. because it takes away from him/her/it.

I know if _I_ created a bunch of people, I wouldn't want people worshiping people on the pulpit, I'd want giving thanks to ME!


f88eb3 No.14275

Banning Tubs is not a great idea - for all his namefaggery he's been working hard on keeping the community alive and threads flowing for some time now.

<Hate the namefag not the fag

b48f81 No.14276




Someone figured it out up thread. Can't find who started it. Gut says yes. Either he is helping voluntarily or being forced to. Voluntarily would be cooler.

5c2af2 No.14279


>Where is BO?

Supposedly China. Did photos prove his location or only that he was with identifiable Chinese officials? Some Chinese officials visited NK recently. Was the photo really taken in China or in NK?

>What is the purpose?

A) He's a prisoner, and these were proof of life photos, or

B) He's not a prisoner, and these were photos implying his cooperation with Chinese/US (meant for deep state targets to see).

>Who fired?

NK fired rocket …. diversion news story?

Matt Lauer fired …. diversion news story?


Since Chinese officials visited NK.

Since Trump is back in the USA.

Since public started questioning his lack of tweets and the reuse of an old Easter photo on his Thanksgiving tweet.

383d23 No.14281


inb4 mods = fags


the other alternative is NK holding countries near them hostage through their nuclear program (China especially comes to mind, they were set up to be the new "communism works u guise!" country and a nuclear patsy, but the Chinese didn't buy Cabal shit and exiled them)

8ad217 No.14282


TBH, he's good at spitting out answers quick to questions and giving direction.. But, people have been warning him for DAYS about doing what he's doing. He's acting like he's tagging people in facebook. I tried to tell him 5 or 6 times that what he was doing wouldn't be received well.. even in this post.

9d928b No.14284


Thank you based baker.

29b336 No.14288



North Korea is supposed to hold somebody hostage with their nukes. Most probably it is China or whoever becomes the enemy of the NWO. They may start nuclear WWIII, and the US wouldn't be responsible, only poor koreans would die. Imagine, if they nuked Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and several other cities, the consequences for China would be devastating. They would stop being competitors of the West.

As for BO. The most probable scenario is that the NWO is fighting a proxy war and he is their puppet, he tries to undo Trumps' achievements and create an international coalition against Trump. He conducts negotiations with foreign countries and probably offers them goods from the NWO in exchange for their "friendship".

The second scenario, is that Trump put him into submission and he is doing what Trump told him to do.

Why NK fired the missile? A signal, showing that they pose a threat.

ac63f3 No.14289


It's not about getting the message out.

It's about learning to deal with the workings of intertwined conspiracy and really grasp the machinations behind it.

Then when the GO is given, you're task is to explain to the normies why not to panic and what exactly is going on…

465695 No.14290


His mother was working for a CIA cut-out in Indonesia’s sabued “cult”

f88eb3 No.14291


Yeah I can see where you are coming from. Funny thing is if he didn't namefag it out constantly he could have gone on doing the same unnoticed. ex.namefag baker here its not hugely helpful at this point. It was great when we were getting ass blasted by David Brocks cronies but we have a whole board now.


The point of this whole exercise imo. is to not leave it until after shtf to start explaining this to normies. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a thing.

9d928b No.14292


>XXX has been banned.

wow, is that official? Are you the mod? Will listen to you, sorry.

8ad217 No.14293

ac63f3 No.14295


Indeed. Don't think lighty of this. It's a heavy burden.

962900 No.14297


He has a few days to reflect on the importance of following orders. BO's priority at all times is the board. And his 'hard work keeping the community alive' fills up the report queue on a daily basis with complaints about his toxic behavior.

None of this is a game. Focus. Research. Meme. Think. Pray.

8ad217 No.14298


totally.. TBH, i'm not totally against namefagging if you have redpills to drop.. mainly cause it gives people a point of reference to them if they don't screencap it. Ctrl+F <name> and find the posts. It's more convenient. Not for casual posts though. Honestly, i'm not that passionate about the workings, but i abide by them for the sake of the many people who are

467290 No.14300

And once again, XXX has manged to somehow sway line of thought in this board from research to internal conflict of sorts.

f7ced6 No.14301


Exactly, we are the proxies.

2cab6f No.14303




Here's CBTS General #15

Migrate when #14 reaches post limit.




567b26 No.14304


>Posts from Q today

link please

2cab6f No.14305

6678db No.14306


2008 was definitely a turning point where Kim Jong Il was reported to be on the verge of death. Based on the tweet, it seems China's influence over NK was lost since the six party talks and it seems the CIA was in power from 2007-2009 onwards or even earlier.


Here is a timeline I'm trying to sort out. Do fill it in for more clarity hopefully.

June 2006

Kim Jong Il Visits China. He was apparently poised to follow Chinese economic reforms.


October 9, 2006,

North Korea announced it had successfully conducted its first nuclear test. International condemnation of the tests by governments has been nearly unanimous, including from North Korea's close ally and benefactor, the People's Republic of China. (The test seemed to scuttle relations with China).

January 6, 2007,

the North Korean government further confirmed that it had nuclear weapons.

On March 17, 2007, North Korea told delegates at international nuclear talks that it was preparing to shut down its main nuclear facility.

The agreement was reached following a series of six-party talks, involving North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and the United States begun in 2003.

April 2007

This was delayed from April due to a dispute with the United States over Banco Delta Asia,

July 14 2007,

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors confirmed the shutdown of North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear reactor and consequently North Korea began to receive aid.

August 2008,

Japanese newsweekly Shūkan Gendai, Waseda University professor Toshimitsu Shigemura, an authority on the Korean Peninsula, claimed that Kim Jong-il died of diabetes in late 2003 and had been replaced in public appearances by one or more stand-ins previously employed to protect him from assassination attempts.

Public appearances showed anomalies since 2004.

9 September 2008,

United States intelligence agencies believed Kim might be "gravely ill" after having suffered a stroke.

A former CIA official said earlier reports of a health crisis were likely accurate. North Korean media remained silent on the issue. An Associated Press report said analysts believed Kim had been supporting moderates in the foreign ministry, while North Korea's powerful military was against so-called "Six-Party" negotiations with China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States aimed towards ridding North Korea of nuclear weapons.


This agreement fell apart in 2009, following a North Korean satellite launch.

April 2009,

reports surfaced that North Korea has become a "fully fledged nuclear power".

ac63f3 No.14307


Agreed. It was not my intention to get him banned. He did a good job.

My best guess is he was on 4chan doing that for a good reason…

He was spamming and begging us to come over to 8ch in such a overdone way… there must have been a meaning behind that…

b22543 No.14308

BO is brought up by CIA

The CIA funds the Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation funds the Taliban

Taliban is supported by SA

SA funds BO through harvard

BO works for Sidley Austin

??? (fill me in, not a murican, probably common knowledge)

BO approves U1

U1 ends up at NK

NK controlled by CIA

CIA holds world hostage

f7ced6 No.14309


This is why the U1 from the US and missile tech from Ukraine are not coincidences. Nor is the funneling of money/ Uranium through Iran to NK.

(((They ))) want WWIII with the US, Russia and maybe China as proxies.

b22543 No.14310


Of course, this is missing the parallel timeline for CIA's control of NK.

f7ced6 No.14312


Maybe that is the whole Dennis Rodman thing. It would be so bizarre to be true!!!

8ad217 No.14313


and with this


It looks like NK was trying to pull a vietnam and open their markets up until the interference

bd889d No.14314


You nailed it here. Our job is to dig out the facts; what has happened, who did it, how they have gotten away with it until now, and how we get rid of it and build a new world immune to it. Take all your medicine in one big draft, and you die. Careful prescription doses, and we have a chance to live.

6678db No.14321


More on The Asia Foundation! It seems to be also part of or at least partners of the Soros organ, The Open Society Foundation (OSF) which meddles in elections of many countries.

This popped up when searching TAF and OSF > International Republican Institute, chaired by US Senator John McCain.

>"Two other organisations collaborated with OSF namely the International Republican Institute, chaired by US Senator John McCain, and The Asia Foundation.

>A disturbing minutes of meeting containing foreign plans under a so-called ‘Malaysia Programme’ have surfaced on whistleblower site, DC Leaks.

>Titled “Malaysia Programme — Portfolio Review Outcome Summary,” it outlined continued efforts by the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to influence domestic politics through the polls.

>OSF is chaired by the controversial billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, whom the document states has “a personal interest in elections”.


2e1693 No.14322


wow you are literally garbage. Or a 12 year old angsty little shit. Lurk.

c362ad No.14323


I don't think getting the public to realize shit is that difficult. If their trusty rusty 'news' anchors came on tv, and said "Ladies and gentlemen, we sincerely apologize.. we've been wrong." and laid out the story.. there would be a breath of fresh air from the world's smart people who KNEW and have KNOWN about this shit for decades.. and the normies.. well.. it would just be another day.

It's not like the evidence isn't there.. it ALL points to shady shit, and I think even most normies are curious about 9/11 and the Vegas thing, seeing as how.. NO CAMERA FOOTAGE.

So.. yeah. That's just my .02

962900 No.14324


Great work!



+ <- are we here?

29b336 No.14325


No I was trying to explain Trumps' strategy.

Q asked these questions:

Why are sexual harassment claims all appearing suddenly?


What is a pill?

When is it hard to swallow?

How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and authority?

Define stages.

Define puppets.

Define puppet handlers.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Expand your thinking.

Why is Justice stalling release of c-level info?


Does POTUS control all matters classified?


f6accc No.14326

File: e186c7f24875232⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 599x392, 599:392, BPsDKOjCEAIdIjP.jpg)

File: 86935e12f0e1121⋯.png (129.29 KB, 500x522, 250:261, the-vatican-anonewv-owns-2….png)

File: 8150068b8e11b02⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 400x445, 80:89, wpid-wolf-in-sheeps-clothi….jpg)

File: d8562acf3b471d0⋯.jpg (931.24 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, rehost/2016/9/13/0f674177-….jpg)


The Anti-Christ

“The white horse . . . emerges as an emblem of righteousness, though there is no guarantee that the righteousness is more than apparent.”

The similarities between this rider and Christ are striking: Riding a White Horse - Wearing a Crown - Overcome - Both are “overcomers”—victorious in their pursuits

51ff36 No.14329

>Where is BO? -> puppet of deep state ( saudi arabia financed his study - rothshild or jesuit fraction.. )

>What is the purpose? -> to anger the humans + to push for a war

>Who fired? -> NK (kim studied in switzerland/ - town zug is heatquater of jesuits or rothshilds)

>When? -> after potos statement "deep state" via twitter

f7ced6 No.14331


They want to dissolve nation states or diminish their power and create Singapore style city states. Caste system with no civil rights.

All with debt slavery as the boot or UBI so they can cut off your sustenance if you fall out of line.

138974 No.14332


>Define proxy war:




>Define proxy war:




>Define proxy war:



" WAR is a racket. It always has been.

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives." Major General Smedley Butler called them out in 1935. Marines worship him, for good reason. Read this, it lays it out.


If Q is not a Marine or former Marine, he's certainly been exposed to this.

This anon gets it. They were proxy wars to enrich the financiers of both sides, the jews.

ce955b No.14333

Urban dictionary definition of Sum of All Fears: "When terrorists FRAME Russians for Nuking the US and then the Americans freak out and nuke the Russians"

I think this is IMPORTANT!

bd889d No.14335


Okay just an idea, throwing it out there. Many think snow white is clowns. I keep remembering ‘future answers past’. Some anon suggested reading the qs backwards, line by line. This q drop reads better this way, but this changes the emphasis on snow white. So – taking all that, what if snow white is Assange, and he is carefully dropping at the right time (timing is everything here, too much at once could trigger the 99% hospitalisation), and whatever is interfering with q this past few days meant instructing Assange to hold off a drop for now? Idk, by all means knock this down.

ce955b No.14337


What does the CA stand for?

f88eb3 No.14338


No Joke Assange is an asset of tavistock - checkout the docu on the Family Cult - you will see JA as a child in these videos. JA is a useful actor but has his own agenda.

bfb2c2 No.14341


Correct, my fellow anon.

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