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File: 17cca4b895aef89⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 800x472, 100:59, #calm-138.jpg)

420fe9 No.120902

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

420fe9 No.120908

Latest Q posts

NEW - Tripcode Whitelist; only Q and whitelisted trips can trip now >>>/cbts/105223
















==Q TRIP UPDATED BY Q== (Same ID: 462c9a)


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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




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Anyone disputing this is Q, read >>>/cbts/119171 & >>>/cbts/119214

>>99480 ID 7681cc

>>99500 ID 7681cc

>>99525 ID 7681cc "Shall we play a game?" 18:27:05,

reposted vetbatim @ 18:43:38 w/ !ITPb.qbhqo in >>>/pol/11043832 , authenticates cbts ID 7681cc

>>99548 ID 7681cc


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap

https://qcodefag. github.io/

Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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420fe9 No.120913

Our Memetic Ammo. Meme Dumps




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Blast the right.

Wherever evil lurks,

We shine our light.



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12.17.17 >>>/cbts/119162

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The Storm

Possibly (+++) and (++) are complete; and we have moved on to + >>>/cbts/120740 >>>/cbts/120829

Trump ends today's speech with: "Great re-Awakening" >>>/cbts/120258

Speech timestamp - 28 min speech at the 26:00 mark. The finale - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=nxdTCfRDhSs

How do you capture a very dangerous animal? >>>/cbts/119450 & >>>/cbts/120603

Cryptic Posts [WRWY] >>>/cbts/119568 & >>>/cbts/119580

GAB migration while censorship hammer drops at Twitter >>>/cbts/120132


Amnesty International, founded by a R'Child and not what it pretends to be >>>/cbts/120584

NEW MAP DROP - Boys & Girls Club (Cooper's doc graphic?) >>>/cbts/118953 & >>>/cbts/120384

Walnut Sauce. Does the Cooper doc say Walnut Sauce in Russian? >>>/cbts/118901 & >>>/cbts/118768 & >>>/cbts/119635

Follow the wives - www.washingtontimes.com /news/2017/dec/17/nancy-pelosis-super-pac-keeps-donations-from-backp/

The VER company and the cryptic post >>>/cbts/118828 & >>>/cbts/119817

GANNETT's log in system >>>/cbts/119476


Obama let Hezbollah off the hook" https:// www.politico.com/ interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

Pelosi and D's pocket campaign cash from owners of sex-trafficking website - washingtontimes.com/


Call for UN Peacekeeping Force in Chicago - https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_P23-cYQCXk&feature=youtu.be

Atlanta Airport Blackout fully laid out. Flights to Mexico and Cyprus DURING blackout. Thread & graphics - https://twitter.com/ ScottAnthonyUSA/status/942829062392774657

Atlanta flights which left yesterday inc. cargo planes - https://twitter.com/ @scottanthonyusa

Atlanta tweet thread - >>>/cbts/119848

Amtrack Derailment from the Tom Hennegen and Stew Webb Report - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zHgTJGnbylo

RAF Mildenhall, a US Air Force base in Norfolk placed on lockdown - https://www.express.co.uk /news/uk/893835/raf-mildenhall-norfolk-lockdown-us-air-force-base-security

Was the RAF Mildenhall intruder trying to get to a PLANE? - http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5191109/US-airforce-base-Suffolk-lockdown.html#ixzz51eGFzJHh

Mildenhall - USAFanon provedes context >>>/cbts/119511

Sealed Indictments Press Reports - >>>/cbts/110870

Re-election Update on current reps and senators not running - https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_U.S._Congress_incumbents_who_are_not_running_for_re-election_in_2018

Unmissable - Read the map as a game of chess - >>>/cbts/112732

Tarrot Backfired on the Cabal - A Reading of the 2017 Economist Cover - >>>/cbts/112933 & >>>/cbts/112972 & >>>/cbts/120585

420fe9 No.120916

Q Resources

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o7 Captain Mike Green o7

420fe9 No.120937

File: dc0208c2cf72d0d⋯.jpg (110.58 KB, 924x960, 77:80, 1511352279836.jpg)

Feedback on how the bread may be improved is welcome anons, likewise any news, findings and updates. Stay comfy and let's show Q we're the autists he knows were are. Godspeed.






e61ede No.120955

File: a4dacd48c0a0133⋯.jpg (3.33 MB, 2953x3596, 2953:3596, Eugène_Delacroix_-_Jeune_o….JPG)




d3b6f7 No.120958


love it!

6c26bf No.120962

File: 84d5299931b8c8f⋯.jpg (443.68 KB, 1240x1757, 1240:1757, obr111.jpg)

Spiritual development is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do.

If /cbts/ was physical activity,

spiritual development would be like going to the gym.

8a5f85 No.120963

File: 4b28c94df9c1d4d⋯.jpg (7.92 KB, 250x193, 250:193, 1513652463732s.jpg)

>Your face when Trump makes Jesus real

acee82 No.120964

File: 605978a36395f48⋯.jpg (642.1 KB, 2381x2365, 2381:2365, ShillAnonArchive.jpg)

Reposting shitty ShillAnon map.

2cf595 No.120965

Where is Soros right now?

afbf68 No.120966


concur. Loved it when I saw it a day or two ago. One of my favorites.

d3b6f7 No.120967

396252 No.120968


Nah man, us patriots are going to win. You're never alone.

4cb11b No.120969


Very soon

afbf68 No.120970


I don't think camp david

bf8566 No.120971


"you do something a certain way, and that becomes the spirit of it"

854b3a No.120972

File: 8fb018e5ba1e00c⋯.png (462.5 KB, 508x631, 508:631, we.png)

d3b6f7 No.120973


Very special

5d3150 No.120974


>Dont link urls directly as the can track you here. The break in the link is on purpose so you copy in browser, fix, and wont track you.

Admin should make that an automated feature for any board that wants it.

65eb72 No.120976

File: 4bdd20abae349fb⋯.png (52.08 KB, 722x150, 361:75, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)

f8c712 No.120977


When I see this logo I think Red Cross (skewed).

cdc5f1 No.120978

Here's the connection with the Order of the White Rabbits, but of course goes much deeper: McKinsey & Company

Tell me to fag off, if not helping. Just coming out of the flu brain fog.

08d18c No.120980


Did you have cell service the entire time or was it a "net" restricting comms in/out for a while as reported?

c4eea4 No.120981

Train derailed in DUPONT Washington guys.

That DUPONT asshole got convicted of raping his 3 year old daughter and did NO JAIL TIME.

77 is child sex trafficking, 77 people in hospital.

So confusing. Is this US or THEM ?

109b18 No.120983


Interesting. Calls out Grassley directly.

d3b6f7 No.120984

47e707 No.120985

File: 62d7998019b5f33⋯.jpg (99.46 KB, 530x598, 265:299, WeinsteinClintonAndHuma.jpg)


afbf68 No.120986


you are autistic

396252 No.120987


There's also a lot of Clown activity around the Ft. Lewis/Tacoma area. Believe it.

1d4a25 No.120988


This is shillception like some next level shilling.

Tells you he's a shill.

Tells you it's his job to get you to look in the wrong direction.

Tells you what his keywords to 'attack' are.

And then you go look in the wrong direction.


8344e8 No.120989

File: 0fed145ecb7602f⋯.jpg (152.11 KB, 556x800, 139:200, taken.jpg)

>>120130 how do you know he was not referring to the movie Taken of this one??? not the alien. This one has to do with human trafficking and sex trafficking which relates to the issues.

afbf68 No.120990


they have few options here

06d1d7 No.120991


Sauce or only believe it?

679427 No.120992

>>120977 agreed - most of their important logos are in red

6c26bf No.120994


In a loving way.


He may be true. Wading through all the hate, these things are worth taking a look, especially the section with the companies - agrees with what little research I did before.

0038b0 No.120996


It's something to do and I enjoyed discovering what was done in Mongolia by the clinton and bush families, plus the connections between Russia and North Korea with the rail line helped also.

So, may I ask what you bring to the party besides bitterness?

45b0e7 No.120997

>>120988 (cheKeKed)

they've turned the psyops up to 11


>they have few options here

this is, and has long been a lovely environment for brainstorming

6e6646 No.120998


Our curiosity is a strong motivator. So strong he can even tell us he's playing us, and we still bite.

That shill knows it and uses it.

Like a laser pen on a cat.

dc452e No.120999

Audio of John Podesta with a young girl exists.

5f5a00 No.121000

From San Marino, CA.

FEMALE chase suspect crashes car, ending police chase. No more details on why.


50d819 No.121002


Hopefully, in a very special place

06d1d7 No.121003


Post it up shill

afbf68 No.121004


I has been. Thank you again BO and Mods and that 8ch guru

8344e8 No.121008


could it be the train was derailed to get those 77 away from the child sex trafficking?? there are no coincidences.

5f5a00 No.121010

File: 6f3ea100bdee916⋯.jpg (381.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, marinoabc.jpg)

5dbed5 No.121011


Better do it or he wastes those trips

f8c712 No.121012

They just showed a Chucky doll on one of the players red shoe

efd998 No.121013


Go find it yourself.

It's been posted socially.

It's awful.

aace98 No.121014

Michael Courts, ex-JBLM Army colonel, will be next DuPont mayor


6049d9 No.121015

In the Syfy Alice, The White Rabbit is a secret organization that works for the Queen of Hearts and abducts people from the real world, so they can gamble in the Queen's casino. The actual character is represented by a member of the organization called Agent White who kidnaps Jack (Alice's fiance, the Jack of Hearts) and tries to retrieve a magic ring called the Stone of Wonderland from Alice. When it is found out that he failed his mission, the Queen has him executed.

6049d9 No.121017

Rockstar's game Manhunt features a level called "Kill the Rabbit." In this stage, the player hunts down a man wearing a white rabbit suit, which the game's antagonist describes as "Wonderland fun".

679427 No.121018


thanks… it won't last… I'll be a newfag again like I was last edition

2f547c No.121019


an epic post. truly a wonder to behold! should be added to header info. well done, my friend

dc452e No.121020

396252 No.121021


I'm the sauce on this one. You have an Army, Air Force and Navy base all within 30-40 minutes of each other. Not to mention Seattle is one of the tech hubs of the United States (Microsoft, Amazon, Valve, etc.).

e42ef7 No.121022

File: 3d029f19d4aae62⋯.jpg (539.26 KB, 1412x811, 1412:811, Screenshot_20171218-222632.jpg)





be9eb9 No.121023


JBL, Bremerton, NAS Whidbey

afbf68 No.121024

File: 3b2a054f0866f6b⋯.jpg (18.01 KB, 128x123, 128:123, 1495684699746scd1a.jpg)


If you have it, it ain't goin away. Just gonna get worse

396252 No.121025



420fe9 No.121026

File: ed4f05060bdcd5d⋯.jpg (74.19 KB, 940x541, 940:541, 1511354221958.jpg)

77c765 No.121027


exactly makes more sense

these children are not being exploited by aliens unless you count podesta as an alien which you could in the sense he is not human

afbf68 No.121028

be9eb9 No.121029


I take that train. A Lot. It's never had issues. In a secure area, upscale not remote at all.

854b3a No.121030

File: 6572bfc24b5810e⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, yJNYI9aV_400x400.jpg)

Ready to know who the jews are?

You know the symbolism

You know what to look for

https://t witter.com/AlternativeApp

679427 No.121031


my sides

dc452e No.121032


You don't want to make me do it.

04313d No.121033


look at this sentence from that statement:





this tells you it was probably written by someone on the European continent

f8c712 No.121034

So this Taco Belluminati campaign has been going on for about 4 days? They just showed the graphic for it on the bottom left corner.

No wonder why people were typing about Taco Bell here.

( I don't watch TV much)

396252 No.121036


I'm not saying it is or is not clown activity. I'm just saying there is activity in the area.

d3b6f7 No.121037


All that money and he couldnt get a face lift? Or a really good antiwrinkle cream?

5dbed5 No.121038


Do it you faggot

644a00 No.121039


Local news scrambled to get footage of patients arriving at the hospitals - 4 hours later. The coverage from Seattle was all over the place and odd. Also I asked this this morning, has anyone seen a pic of the accident with a white ambulance with blue writing? Tri Med? With so many patients reported being taken to hospitals Tri Med should have been on scene for BLS transport. I have only seen Madigan (Army) ambulances in pictures.

Also odd was that local news was saying that they had no aerial footage initially - should have been easy as local news helos are always on the I-5 corridor in the mornings.

I don't know if this was a random accident, an accident caused by ANTIFA sabotaging the track or a staged foiled plot that DJT et all discovered like the bomber in NYC.

854b3a No.121040

https://www.f orzapizzashop.com/

http://a rchive.is/lbXmM

5f5a00 No.121041


Near San Marino by any chance? Just noticed there was one in FL as well as CA

be9eb9 No.121042


Reaching out to my JBL contacts

2699b7 No.121043


Looks totally staged, but what is that curious turquoise star of david orb or whatever it is left side halfway down in picture on left? WTF?

c4c396 No.121044


you have hit on something there

7236b6 No.121045


Some of the photos looked sketch to me

dc452e No.121046

[C–]Lowns in America saved Russia from a terrorist attack?

I'm in the Twilight Zone.



b88474 No.121047

File: 766d3ce59f2296c⋯.png (794.07 KB, 700x700, 1:1, threehypocrits.png)

afbf68 No.121048


finally recovered. Many tears of laughter. funniest damn thing I have ever seen.

f8c712 No.121049

What about the Humvees in San Marino?

396252 No.121050


Tacoma. I'm not there now but I have been recently.

473993 No.121051


agreed. laugh hurtz

e051b6 No.121052

Can someone explain to me why some anon is posting similarly to Q and we're taking him seriously? Did I miss something? No new Q posts, right? We're just following the ATL and Wash happenings?

420fe9 No.121053

File: c4bf4665345f704⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, IMG_0578.JPG)


Kek honors The POTUS.

He is with us.

644a00 No.121054


Like firefighters in brand new bunker gear?

08d18c No.121055


so good!! amazing how heavy evil is…

79c33f No.121056


Tacoma's not bad

there aren't as many shootings as there used to be downtown

396252 No.121057


Unless you go Hilltop.

afbf68 No.121058


You memers are off the charts tonight.

5f5a00 No.121059


Post with (P) and (R) said the serene republic. The Most Serene Republic is San Marino, Italy. But there is a San Marino, CA and a San Marino in Pelican Bay, FL.

Planes, Trains +…. There was a crash in San Marino, CA tonight. After a police chase, a woman driver, no details yet. Posted it above.

6049d9 No.121060

I read some where that the pleiadians were a very high up satanic group above the freemasons. Albert pike belonged to it.

2f547c No.121061


hey namefag, you live around that area? you sumtim? don't see notin. don't believe it

473993 No.121062


are you trying to be funny?

f8c712 No.121063


I know about all that but when I typed in San Marino and looked in the news there was an article and in it it had Humvees. The link is in the last thread

d84236 No.121064


And any and all others who are capable, including NYPD, FBI, NSA, MI, CIA, TRUMP, Flynn, et al.:


The American people will never have justice nor the opportunity to solve the problems that plague our system without full knowledge of the facts. Even if you are successful in putting all the evil-doers behind bars, your current 20% public, 80% private strategy will doom us to repeat the same mistakes in the future. You must allow every American the opportunity to fully contemplate the current condition of our government and how it got there so that we can improve our Republic and do our best to ensure this never happens again.

If the evil that you are describing is true, then you must not allow it to shrink back into the darkness. The only way to fully root out this evil is to expose ALL of it to the light. Even If you are successful with your current strategy, if it is done in the shadows, then this evil will spawn again from the same dark corners from whence it came.

Make no mistake about it, if you do not give us full disclosure, YOU will be responsible for denying full justice to the American people and to all the victims of these heinous crimes against humanity and God. Furthermore, YOU will be responsible for denying the American people the opportunity to do our best to prevent this corruption from spawning again. If it does, we may not be so lucky as to recover from it next time.

How will you live with yourself knowing that you lost the once-in-human-history opportunity to fully expose this evil before the world? How will you live with yourself knowing that countless new people could become victims of this evil in the future because you didn’t fully expose it when you had the chance?

Government operatives such as yourself always have the misconception that the public should not be fully informed. In fact, we are compelled by God to seek the full truth. Furthermore, how can you few individuals, behind closed doors, in a swamp so deep that you can’t even trust those who you think are your allies, believe that you can actually fully solve this problem? The problem is structural and you need the minds and passions and souls of 300 million Patriots behind you in fixing our government all the way down to its foundations. It is also a cultural problem and EVERYONE in this country must fully contemplate the truth of where we are now so we can decide together on the best way forward. You government operatives simply do not have the power, authority, or capability to solve this on your own. Get off your high horse.

FBI anon made the all-too convenient excuse of saying that the Republic would collapse if the truth were fully revealed. This was nothing more than a disguise for his own cowardice. I say, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants. If the extent of this evil is so great that exposing it would have that severe of a consequence, then I say by-God it must be exposed! How can you be a party to hiding the crimes of the devil himself before mankind. The best trick the devil ever played was convincing us that he didn’t exist.

If you say that foreign powers will declare war on us if the extent of our involvement in their affairs is known, then you might be persuaded to believe that it is justified to withhold that information from the people. However, know this: the evil that we allow ourselves to do abroad will always return home.

Q, I hope you reconsider your strategy. But if you are unable or unwilling to give us the full truth then I at least ask for the following. Rather than letting the public believe that Al Franken is guilty of nothing more than sexual harassment and seeing a photo of him pretending to grope a woman’s chest, release one photo for every person documented in Weiner’s laptop displaying their most vile and heinous act. That way, at least we can ensure that these people don’t get let off lightly… But please remember, we will be destined to have the same fate fall upon us again in the future if that is all you publicly reveal.

Likeminded anons, please help me repost this in future bread until Q or someone who matters can see it. And please write your own petitions to fully bring this to light. Our meme-power is not going to get the job done. These issues will reemerge when Trump leaves office if we don’t get full disclosure now and even God won’t be able to save us the next time someone like Hillary gets elected. The extent of the corruption is too vast. The control over our youth and the media is too great. We barely made it this past election. THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCE.

396252 No.121065


Used to very recently. Left due to Clown activity. Not there now. I ain't nothing.

5dbed5 No.121066


Deja vu only works once retard

2699b7 No.121067


Thanks, anon. Sometimes it is just nice to hear validation that it was all worth it.

84ec13 No.121068

6049d9 No.121069


Not playing. Albert pike was one. Its suppose to be like high high teir satanic.

79c33f No.121070


I said downtown

5f5a00 No.121071


There was a mention of Glee, which someone responded to with Humvee? I think the Glee referred to an actor who got caught with CP, also in San Marino. Don't know if it had anything to do with the humvee.

2f547c No.121072


take this to proper thread and get this shit off general

8a5f85 No.121073


Are the pleadians those damn spirit cookers?

afbf68 No.121074

File: 40f92beab348618⋯.jpg (2.62 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1507953102025s.jpg)


stop this

8344e8 No.121075


I bet your last theory. Ask self why military ambulance there?>> Why no helos if that is their normal routine, why the change(((was air restrictions imposed)))? >> Why nobody got pictures of people being taken away.. we had them on other accidents?? Why no pictures of people being rushed into the hospital?? ANTIFA from what I read never claimed doing cement in Washington State. I take #3 for 500 Alex..

6e6646 No.121077


>The Most Serene Republic

Likely a message to say, "we know where you are."

I don't think + will happen over night, or even very soon. It took a month for the other two to complete.


396252 No.121079


Fair enough. Downtown less than a minute away though.

2f547c No.121080


no just a distractorfag

8a5f85 No.121081


I don't want pleadians eating babies.

79c33f No.121082


you know what Hilltop has that downtown doesn't?

MLK Boulevard

interesting, that.

77c765 No.121083


it was the only way Trump and Putin could talk any other way and it looks like they are colluding

7236b6 No.121084


Yeah and the overall layout of the derailed train cars. I'm trying to find a picture of that overpass so I can read the rest of the graffiti too

f8c712 No.121085



Something about fires but there are Humvee in the pictures of the article

d3c31e No.121086


was it the houses to be taken down or individuals?

if individuals, the problem still remains.

thw whole house needs to go, and yet Lynn de Rothschild still posts on twatter.

c991c5 No.121087

File: 3f85b175d13dc60⋯.jpeg (12.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, B770F6CC-3F85-4875-834A-F….jpeg)

36a140 No.121088


Who has this audio…POTUS?

5f5a00 No.121089


This does seem weird. The woman in the crash was a doctor, a Joyce Yanjean Hsu. Chase sounds intense…

"It started with a traffic violation.

An officer tried to pull over the driver of a Toyota Camry at eastbound Huntington Drive and San Marino Avenue at 8:37 p.m.

The driver continued speeding east on Huntington Drive, San Marino police Sgt. Tim Tebbetts said in a statement.

The car sped through residential streets, running stop signs and red lights. While westbound on Huntington Drive, Tebbetts said the driver lost control of the car and hit the Starbucks at Huntington Drive and San Marino Avenue. He said the damage was minor.

The driver put the car in reverse, backed away from the building then returned to the street.

The driver lost control of the car a second time. Tebbetts said the car struck the curb then a light pole in the 1600 block of Huntington Drive."



256a52 No.121090


Supposedly at Camp David, as what potus said for tweet.. based off of the shill. We are going back to gold standard based of that shill. Shutdown has been explained by that shill and all those company CEO’s are connect and possibly with pedo. My guess.

6e6646 No.121091


>houses to be taken down or individuals? …. Lynn de Rothschild still posts on twatter.

Don't know. Only speculation on my part.

Maybe rolled up and controlled by GPS anklet.

afbf68 No.121092


The fight is not alphabet v alphabet. It is good evil. It is about restoring the republic. Each agency will have both and good is winning. The alert to Russia is proof of this.

5f5a00 No.121093



Driver was 29

dc452e No.121094


It's floating around. You can sense the fear when it comes up.

77c765 No.121095


your not even making sense I would slap you like a bitch but I cant reach you

420fe9 No.121096

Everyone catch this?

Possibly (+++) and (++) are complete; and we have moved on to + >>>/cbts/120740 & >>>/cbts/120740

396252 No.121098

File: 3228be8ddbcbd65⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 700x377, 700:377, powder.jpg)

5ff132 No.121099


I saw it too. Mocking us every step of the way

2f547c No.121100


Amtrak train derailment - President Trump spoke news conference today

8a5f85 No.121101


Use your mind powers

6e6646 No.121102


I don't think that's related, nor is anything SM, CA.

I'm thinking Republic of SM.

6d889d No.121103


Good point. Probably some of both. Q said everything is not always 1:1. At the end of Neeson's Taken the end buyer for the kidnapped/trafficked girls is….a ME sheik. Predictive programming for the good guys?

36a140 No.121104


Me thinks, he really isn't human…I don't think him nor Hillrod have SOULS!!

2f547c No.121105


Amtrak train derailment Dupont, WA- President Trump spoke news conference today

b88474 No.121106


thanks anon, tired. will fix.

d84236 No.121107


I have faith in POTUS, but having blind faith is foolish.

c991c5 No.121108


I might like that but I got you . Working it now .

644a00 No.121109


Look at KOMO news. they have pics and there are others in the previous threads. Someone posted a pic of the full bridge so all the graffito could be seen.


e051b6 No.121110



Can someone explain this post to me?

Why is this being taken seriously? Just because it sounds Qish?

5f5a00 No.121111


That's what I initially looked into, but can't find anything relating to automobiles, planes or trains. It is another small state-within-a-state deal though

f8c712 No.121112

That car crash with four people or whatever does not seem out of the ordinary at all. And I don't know what it has to do with Glee

afbf68 No.121113

File: e325bad9f0dc0f2⋯.jpg (49.69 KB, 254x213, 254:213, 1509314142128sa1b1a2a1.jpg)



I can reach him. Not worth it

08d18c No.121114



Think about this:

Who would/could make an arrest for The Hague?

Who also would have knowledge to surgically cut just the section in this photo that would take down the ENTIRE Atlanta airport?

Who also would/could cut comms surrounding the airport to block MSM while a high-priority target / bad actor was taken down before trying to flee the country?

Who also has been protecting our-guy and is highly trusted by GEOTUS to execute a high-priority stringer?

c4c396 No.121115

When President Barack Obama assumed office in 2009, he was keen to refocus on the war in Afghanistan. He deployed more troops in the region and offered Pakistan more than $7 billion in civilian aid packages. He wanted to turn the Bush era, security driven, transactional relationship with Pakistan into a deeper strategic partnership by strengthening the civilian democracy in the country. His efforts, however, did not bear the fruits he desired.

In January 2011, Raymond Davis shot and killed two Pakistanis in Lahore. President Obama’s initial reluctance to admit that Davis was indeed a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent, and his subsequent release, caused an outrage in the country.


6049d9 No.121116

This Masonic emblem, has a direct allusion to the vernal equinox, and thus becomes a beautiful symbol of immortality, reminding us, also, of that starry home beyond the grave to which the soul of man aspires. It was for these reasons that, of all the ‘hosts of heaven’ the Pleiades were selected as an emblem by our ancient brethren.”

dc452e No.121117

File: e9594e8a8461d11⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 1024x728, 128:91, 5dbba397a04a438f28fe20bc0c….jpg)

I don't want to repost it yet. It's just too good to

6e6646 No.121118


Loving your digitz.

Gonna dig into Republic of SM.

2f547c No.121119


FOX The Ingraham Angle now.

36a140 No.121120


Hmmm…what is 77 Group..can't find?

869f60 No.121121


Wait. So pleadians really are satanic? Scary.

644a00 No.121122


Very familiar with the area, coverage etc. Nothing made sense. News was a joke. Tri Med contracts with Pierce County,they would have been on scene for a mass casualty incident, they might have even had to bring in AMR for that many supposed injuries. Haven't seen any pics with AMR either.

c4eea4 No.121123


Ran that tail number through FAA.

Comes up with the name Oscar Bayer

Google founds this

is this the MAP?

https:/ /m.youtube.com/watch?v=tMhSBaK3yrI

f8c712 No.121124



dc452e No.121125

Aliens on the news? They're throwing everything at us trying to delay the inevitable.


420fe9 No.121126


>Some of us are here to drop crumbs.

>Just crumbs.

47e707 No.121127


Erik Prince and Blackwater comes to mind

3f902a No.121128


Update archives

132. >>>/cbts/115972 -> http://archive.is/X49QN

133. >>>/cbts/116784 -> http://archive.is/qxKdS

134. >>>/cbts/117654-> http://archive.is/nyeZq

135: >>>/cbts/118462 -> http://archive.is/8c2Tn

136. >>>/cbts/ 119253 ->http://archive.is/1ElKR

137. >>>/cbts/ 120048 -> coming soon

138. >>>/cbts/ 120902 -> coming soon

f3cd5e No.121129




Q and another insider have said that a few times – There’s soooo much more but we’re not going to tell you. It’s like something a child would do. Maybe he’s childish, who knows. Why not just say that’s the extent of it, we fixed it, now go back to your lives?

Maybe he’s planning or testing. Think of all the planning that’s gone into this. Years of YT videos about everything from Bernays to Bezmenov, news clips and interviews from decades ago. Who would have all that crap from pre-internet days? Does anyone really doubt that government people started it all? Put all the important material out there to educate people and get the ball rolling, encouraging everyone to copy and spread it just like they’re doing here?

So either he’s just trying to piss everyone off or he’s testing something out. Like maybe how much more he can tell us about before he pretends that that’s the end of the story. I mean who would really say, nah I’ve heard enough, don't tell me the rest? Definitely no one here. But how’s he going to do it? If it’s really mind-blowing, he can’t just post it here. It’ll go straight to twitter. Those people don’t even know the basics of satanic child sacrifice yet, they gotta catch up before chapter 2 starts or they’ll never learn anything.

Maybe he’s prepping you or just wants to make you suffer for a while so you’re really ready when you finally hear it. Like we’ve been made to suffer all these years forced to live among lobotomized zombies who need even the most basic everyday things explained to them ten times over before they finally get it. I’m sure this board is full of super curious people who had stumbled across all kinds of bizarre things irl before any of the political stories even started coming out. For some of us the real shock wasn’t what these psychopaths were doing but that someone was actually trying to expose it. The first few shocks in life hit hard, then it’s like the shock response itself lessens even though the shocking things you find out later are actually worse and worse. Q probably gets that, so I have no idea what he means by putting 99% of people in the hospital but it can’t possibly be about shock. I also doubt it has to do with relationships with other governments. He’d be creative enough to get that out without linking himself to it if he wanted, he could just link it to an enemy. I like your petition idea cause it made me laugh imagining Q reading it on AF1 – the anons want the rest of the story or they’re gonna get really mad. Maybe he’s encouraging you to look. Or maybe we’ll have to resort to meming him into telling us the other 80%

6049d9 No.121130

d3b6f7 No.121131


How the hell did I miss these posts?!

Who would P be?

afbf68 No.121132


like….i would rather believe in aliens rather than DJT

dc452e No.121133


What did James Clapper intend with this statement?

Does he have MAPs on his computer?

c4c396 No.121134

3f902a No.121135



Check formatting. Oops.

aace98 No.121136

File: f1477e995778701⋯.png (146.72 KB, 1100x581, 1100:581, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)

DuPont in a State of Emergence


b9d08e No.121137

dc452e No.121138


Does he know people who do?

Does he owe his freedom to them?

420fe9 No.121139

File: b9ccc6985ca64d2⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 1471x1463, 1471:1463, YOU2.jpg)


Thank YOU

5f5a00 No.121140


Pope? Podesta? Depends on what serene republic though. Italy or CA

afbf68 No.121141


If not, he will soon

f54f00 No.121142


we are not entitled to this classified information anon.

there are several active investigations going on right now so chill out.

im glad we dont have all the info because then ((they))) would know whats coming.

0038b0 No.121143


They're trying to explain how Weiner's "INSURANCE" folder was a Russian plant…. hahahaha

6e6646 No.121144


Interesting that this post generates instant concern ….

77c765 No.121145



dc452e No.121146


It will be released again. Don't lose it this time.

50d819 No.121148


I laugh every time I see this pic

99de71 No.121149


Bullshit! All it takes is 10mins to see if his info checks out and if it does, great. If it doesn't then move on.

What's the harm?

Regarding his info, it does strongly relate to Q posts, especially the mongolia region.

I've bookmarked the rest because it looks relevant to what we're doing here.

afbf68 No.121150


glad to know I spread joy. ty anon

5df2bd No.121151

205c72 No.121152


Good to see ya, did he ever reboot the other night?

e45347 No.121153

Someone I am almost sure was Q came on this morning around 8am.

He wanted to clarify "[10] Darnkess". He mentioned that disinfo was given to catch leakers. Then gave a thumbs up to someone who suggested that the 10 days was the not ’10 days of darkness’ , but the difference between two events: identifying leakers and arresting leakers. Q had earlier said the 10 days started at ‘shutdown’ which would have been like the 8th, but funding was extended to this Friday night midnight. In the meantime, Trump has to pass tax bill and get Mueller to close his investigation with no collusion. SO, some people think Adam Schiff was the key leaker that had to be arrested before “Darnkess , WAR”.

What I’m thinking is that Q’s timeline has kept slipping as tax bill moves on. This is also evidenced by the fact that Pence has now had to twice move his trip to Israel to make the tie breaking vote on the tax bill. Trump knows the only way to win in the long term is to make people richer across the board…MAGA, so his tax bill is KEY.

But, the bigger question is what ‘Darnkness” means = Dar NK ess…..notice the intentional misspelling…. NK.

SO, I think they plan something for NK after they arrest the traitors…including Schiff who as head of intelligence committee is likely telegraphing our every move directly to NK! After cleaning up leakers, then one can do secret military actions. When? Donald Trump Jr. leak by Schiff was outed on the 8th…so tonight is 10 days. But I think that there might have been more leakers so clock started on Hunakah (darkness) on the 12th which would put the 10 days ending this FRIDAY NIGHT at the Gov. shutdown on the 22nd. But others think Q officially stopping on the 15th and said ‘merry Xmas’ as if the arrests would be on Xmas itself or the 25th. Symbolic of Christianity trouncing luciferians???

More clues: Tonight on Fox ‘Quote of the Day” was Winston Churchill talking about “Darkness” and a fight and never giving up. Fox has coincidentally had a number of similar clues like a special on Andrew Jackson who opposed the Fed and a special report called “Do You Want to Play a Game”. Hmm.

Then, did you see Trump’s speech today? Uses “THE GREAT AWAKENING” = just like Q. Trump sure seems to want us to believe…

afbf68 No.121154


he did

679427 No.121155

File: 715e661ddff2289⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1468x1098, 734:549, ready_to_play.png)

eb9af0 No.121156

All these 4500 sealed federal indictment?

Where are the arrests?

Is there more than even 1 confirmation yet?

We uncover all the evil vile shit happenings

but ALL these mofo's walking free and sniffing free man's air.

Yet another BIG NEWS MONDAY come and gone.

All we got is more questions and a hand full of hope, shit load of evil dopes, and nobody swinging from ropes.

Where is the fruit of our labor?

We need a results list!

Peeps in prison or no long breathing and such.

Bad guys now gone guys type of list.

We need some motivation

b776e1 No.121157


Anything else by that Id last thread? Sorry mobilefag

205c72 No.121158


Spicy. Hope you had a good time!

d93261 No.121159


He looks like Rodney Dangerfield. Fucking faggot.

d3b6f7 No.121161


Potus' speech today emphasized sovereignty!

"consequently "Most Serene Republic" emphasizes the sovereignty of the republic." from Wiki

afbf68 No.121162


did. am.

c4c396 No.121163

869f60 No.121164


Over 9000 indictments now

50d819 No.121165

Hmm I brought up 23 and me in the last bread and Fox News just showed a commercial for it 🤔

dc452e No.121166



08d18c No.121167


yes, or the US mil connects those dots as well

75b457 No.121168

File: bc232a3423b79b2⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1439x2303, 1439:2303, 2017-12-18_22.50.16.jpg)

In the last thread I saw someone ask if were "Under Martial Law" as signified by the yellow fringe on the flags behind POTUS today so I reached out to my brother who is Military Intel for the last 2 decades


I REPEAT…we are not under Martial Law!!

If we were, he wouldn't have texted me back.

>>>Some questions just don't get answers

I never did get a message back on if Aliens exist ;-]

The weirdest part it he almost sounds aware of what happened on the board today. MAGA!!!

c4c396 No.121169


Controversial billionaire George Soros may no longer be actively managing his namesake fund, Soros Fund Management, but the fund's quarterly activity remains a focal point for investors. The Soros Fund Management, after all, has consistently beat the broader markets since its inception in 1969.

So, what has the fund been up to in recent quarters? Interestingly enough, one of the Soros Fund's largest moves in the third quarter of 2017 was to buy additional put options for struggling drugmakers Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (NYSE: VRX) and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE: TEVA).

f54f00 No.121170

File: e181cc3256bc201⋯.png (287.81 KB, 1162x508, 581:254, soros news.PNG)


Soros news from today

What company did that billionaire couple from Canada work for? You know, the couple that was murder suicided?

connected? coincidence?

869f60 No.121171


Hitler breathed oxygen. You breathe oxygen.

No coincidences.

e63b83 No.121172

Thank you baker for the 🥖

b16c96 No.121173


any sauce on those 9000

79b692 No.121174


Sauce or GTFO.

f8c712 No.121175

People are tripping on Trump using two hands today to drink his water again. I think it's another signal. They better watch out.


b9d08e No.121176

d3b6f7 No.121178


Thank you. I asked it. I had asked several people as well and got no asnwer, so I'm glad you got one.

04313d No.121179


sometimes it is just the letter before Q

644a00 No.121180


Are the two of you trying to drop hints about St Francis Hospital or just chatting?

99de71 No.121181

b776e1 No.121182


I made a bunch of money on teva and vrx recently. Still have a little teva left. I think ol George might be wrong on this one but if they drop im ready to buy back in

268416 No.121183


>Someone I am almost sure was Q came on this morning around 8am.

Where are the posts?

5f5a00 No.121184


Should we be looking in CA for automobiles?

cf11d0 No.121185

What's with the non sauce posts?

afbf68 No.121186

new bread at post 200?

3e34b9 No.121187


The people who spread those ideas are called "sovereign citizens " If you want to look them up.

5f5a00 No.121189


Read this thread carefully he may be here

30c421 No.121190


It was found on worldcorpo dot net

b16c96 No.121191


FLYGEORGEFLY This guy makes me sick.

6e6646 No.121192


>What company did that billionaire couple from Canada work for? You know, the couple that was murder suicided?

Apotex, it's a pharma company. Based in Canada but have operations globally.

d4b95a No.121193


>He mentioned that disinfo was given to catch leakers.

Listening to Dan Bonino today, he specifically mentioned this tactic being used while he was in SS. Coincidence?

79c33f No.121194


chatting actually

f8c712 No.121195

F-bomb just dropped in the NFL game

6e6646 No.121196


Trump trolls these morons like he's skimming rocks on a pond … effortless.

1d4a25 No.121197

File: 7ede15ff7512a43⋯.png (94.6 KB, 502x262, 251:131, 2017-12-17 15_55_43-Ethan ….png)

c360a7 No.121198

121168 Gold fringe signifies 'Maritime Law'

d3b6f7 No.121199

Did one of those planes that left during ATL blackout go anywhere near Italy?

afbf68 No.121200

b16c96 No.121201

3e34b9 No.121202

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Many ppl talking bout it if you search

dc452e No.121203


American Hero.

268416 No.121204


I meant the posts from "this morning around 8am" which ID:e45347 mentioned.

f15f38 No.121205


Connected to Haiti ….Cheap generic drugs …Clinton’s again

396252 No.121206

File: c981e54285a110b⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 383x500, 383:500, EnglishMonocle.jpg)



c4c396 No.121207

Soros-backed group plans nationwide protest in event of Mueller’s firing — RT US News

A group backed by billionaire George Soros is planning nationwide “take to the streets” protests if President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller before Christmas. Trump said he isn’t considering the move

79b692 No.121209


If it went to Cyprus, yes. (duh?)

a4393d No.121210


Apotex i believe.

d3b6f7 No.121211


It wont happen. They must've missed the message that the money is dried up.

8bfc9c No.121212


Look at graffiti on train in 8th pic. How does that happen on brand new cabins? Pics from Friday test run did show any of this. Different cars perhaps? Rigged ones that would intentionally go off track?

644a00 No.121213


Sorry my bad. Looking at wrong map. St Josephs, not Francis.

Ok, just chatting then. Curious because you are citing areas where the hospitals that patients from the train accident were taken to.

b63cb0 No.121214


There is no record of an Act of Congress or Executive Order which either prescribes or prohibits the addition of fringe, nor is there any indication that any symbolism was ever associated with it. The use of fringe is optional with the person or organization displaying the flag. https://www.theamericanview.com/is-there-a-significance-of-the-gold-fringe-on-the-american-flag/

679427 No.121215

File: f5dc79fdbee6b61⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1254x1028, 627:514, special_really_special.png)

afbf68 No.121216


>It wont happen

0038b0 No.121217

<Please remove the http or https header from the URL or you'll be filtered as a shill and never get a (you), it will make you sad

9a78f5 No.121218


Oh you have got to be kidding me?! "Oh no officer! Its not my child porn! It was the Russians who put it there!" Gawd damn that is some thin shit!

79c33f No.121219


could it be on-site responders leaving cars tagged after clearing them so crews arriving later would know to not check them again?

6afbc6 No.121221


>So it appears the gold trim is generally used on ceremonial indoor flags that are used for special services and is believed to have been first used in a military setting. It has no specific significance and its use, from what I understand, is in compliance with applicable flag codes and laws. To conclude, gold fringe is used on the flag as an honorable enrichment only. It is not regarded as an integral part of the flag and its use does not constitute an unauthorized addition to the design prescribed by statutes.

stop talking out your ass nigger

5df2bd No.121222


I hear you. 10 years waiting now. Things are happening very fast now though. It's been said that events would accelerate as the time gets close. This is coming to a head very soon.

eb9af0 No.121223


No Sauce I see

And not one fucking unsealed indictment out of the ordinary criminal bullshit

How many "Mondays" we going to see go by?

Starting to sound like my wife promising on what day we gonna have sex! Monday..I promise…you'll get some Monday.

Yeah yeah….

We need some kind of satisfaction

Boards are getting slower and slower every night now.

Hillary still running free….

Podesta free as a bird

Huma free as a bird

Obama (or whoever the hell he was) free

How much evidence do they need to collect before the put cuffs on someone? Shit sake!

911e2f No.121224


I'm listening, GODSPEED anon, about the map, the 3-6-9, Tesla, and related material. I noticed the model dome on POTUS' writing table when he signed the recent NASA order. Now I want to understand more, which is not mysticism but physics to the expanded mind.

So what now?

afbf68 No.121225


seems we start anew every thread

644a00 No.121226


Those are markings from first responders.

50d819 No.121227


That’s what it is. They mentioned it on the news awhile ago.

6e6646 No.121228



75b457 No.121229

File: e88cc971b71ab41⋯.jpg (198.36 KB, 1440x777, 480:259, Screenshot_20171218-230606.jpg)

File: 91aa8077a9319c4⋯.jpg (179.99 KB, 1440x846, 80:47, Screenshot_20171218-231016.jpg)




Here's the "sauce"


See email comments in pics

(I did some digging)

It seems odd she wouldn't have him print them out & make it OFFICIAL

Grain of Salt Recommended

420fe9 No.121230

File: d9abbcee586cd02⋯.jpg (158.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1511479724541.jpg)


4b5f57 No.121231


palladian not pleiadian, numb nutz. totally different. learn to spell

256d16 No.121232

File: 21c38fa4a5294f1⋯.png (188.54 KB, 706x433, 706:433, MS-13.png)

b4d321 No.121233


They'll tell us more once it is all completed. They can't give much info now.

e63b83 No.121234


Think you got it!

6e6646 No.121235


>in event of Mueller’s firing

Bluster to make it look like Trump is scared of Mueller's investigation and is going to fire him.Trump isn't going to fire Mueller … and has stated so several times.

The left is desperate.

79b692 No.121236


Not sure I like this sauce. Account is called "wikileaks tv" but I see no other attribution or reasion to believe they're authentic. I see no analysis - just a claim of >9000 indictments.

8bfc9c No.121237


Ah makes sense. Thank you for clarifying anon.

d3b6f7 No.121238




Q-like poster the Serene Republic Returns

Go to wiki, talks about Most Serene Republic emphasizing sovereignty of a nation and then talks about Sam Marino Italy!!!


f15f38 No.121239


Nope dont think so …Gave Haiti crap drugs … Arkancided

45b0e7 No.121240

File: 91b991d52a29d9f⋯.jpg (339.58 KB, 811x850, 811:850, Flag.jpg)


>There is no record of an Act of Congress or Executive Order which either prescribes or prohibits the addition of fringe, nor is there any indication that any symbolism was ever associated with it. The use of fringe is optional with the person or organization displaying the flag.

there is a difference, it doesn't mean martial law as some claim, but there is significance.

did you ever wonder why the flag you pledge allegiance to has no fringe?

short story… it's mostly decoration

2699b7 No.121241



Mossad? What's up with the turquoise star of david orb in the picture on the left (halfway down on the left side?)

afbf68 No.121242


>learn to spell

don't tempt him

205c72 No.121243


You are the American Hero, Anon ;)


c1239c No.121244

File: c9ff6ee00e216f2⋯.png (5.19 KB, 220x90, 22:9, download-11.png)


You seem to have lost faith in our Lord and savior Qesus Qhrist. I will pray that Qod forgives you.

79b692 No.121245


Ok. Hm. Difficult to know. I would be much more convinced with more data.

d3b6f7 No.121246




Q-like poster the Serene Republic Returns

Go to wiki, talks about Most Serene Republic emphasizing sovereignty of a nation and then talks about San Marino Italy!!!


5f5a00 No.121247

e83697 No.121248


Storm starts after tax reform…has to. A good number of the fucks voting yes probably have sealed indicments / pleas waiting for them and they know it…legal blackmail at its best. Kind of using the swamp against the swamp. After President signs…news will firhose out…

8bfc9c No.121249


I believe this may have been Q stopping by, dropping off a crumb…

b9d08e No.121250


damn he looks like an owl

205c72 No.121251


Do your keen eyes match what mine see?

420fe9 No.121252

8bfc9c No.121253


KEK really tho

eb9af0 No.121254


April LaJune (youtuber) says she's got a researcher?

Sauce this is not.

bf8566 No.121255


>so, april lajune, and benjamin fulford as reported by dinarchronicles.

inteldinarchronicles.blogspot. com/2017/12/10000-sealed-indictments-fulford-report.html

4fe0a4 No.121256


are you talking about the one where it sounds like the kid is getting beat or tortured?

e63b83 No.121257


No word giving on the injured

0038b0 No.121258


the twatter ones make me suspect shills are fishing for evil cookies from link following zombies

99de71 No.121259


Agreed. He needs the tax reform to go through.

afbf68 No.121260


no doubt

205c72 No.121262

I want to know more about Trudeau

d3b6f7 No.121263

Anonymous Q anon

colder or warmer??

8bfc9c No.121264


That is the only Skippy video out there, not sure what shill is talking about.

75b457 No.121265


That's why I put '"sauce" in parenthesis

It's the closest thing we got but it's not much, I'll admit

6c26bf No.121266

8bfc9c No.121267


Has to have been helped to position by HRC and BHO right? Right ?!

3c5858 No.121268


20 year wait here.

Arrests can happen and stay sealed - george papadopoulos

https://www.vox. com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/30/16571548/george-papadopoulos-guilty-plea

Special counsel Mueller just unsealed a document revealing that Papadopoulos had been arrested back in July.

f8c712 No.121269

Someone typed about the West Coast being in danger here yesterday. San Marino maybe in Italy but I think it has something to do with the Humvees in California which signify to PRT

205c72 No.121270


What was +

Anyone got the upto date spreadsheet around

b41aff No.121271

Regarding Trump Firing Mueller…



79b692 No.121272


The problem I have with the count of sealed indictments is that there are a LOT of lawyers out there who should be shitting their pants if they were aware of them all. I don't see any evidence of pants shitting.

5a98eb No.121273


Then go suck a dick, then you will be caught up.

b32d80 No.121274

Talk to me about Unirock. I don't watch YT vids much on this effort, but I caught the link to this via Twit and watched it.

Disclaimer: I personally found a lot of discrepancies and either convenient memory loss or lack of basic knowledge for someone that has spent hours and seems to have some interesting help on this. Of the few YT videos I have watched, I have found a lot of personal bias always slides in.

https://youtu.be /PTf84qNm3bE

4fe0a4 No.121275






f54f00 No.121276


Soros funded journalism comes to 7 states

yea ok..let me know how that goes shitbag soros

b671f5 No.121277


Taller and more mysterious.

c4c396 No.121278

File: 9171cfc895f4ea4⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Hungary_Soros_13447_jpg-c4….jpg)

205c72 No.121279





very strange link Anon

91b072 No.121280


Could maybe have been something else?

Could may have been a rogue element in the CIA doing "a job"

without authorization from the National Security Agency

and someone ratted

just sayin

afbf68 No.121282

File: c0a2756216d4770⋯.jpg (2.32 KB, 125x83, 125:83, 1495764989467s.jpg)

0d6f75 No.121283

File: 7c7613b2f624816⋯.png (847.75 KB, 1193x803, 1193:803, 1513628297981.png)

File: 274af6d2fc77bab⋯.png (202.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1513628630303.png)

File: e50c352ed7fe9e0⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1877x2184, 1877:2184, 1513628645741.png)

File: 793d934dad80150⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 3035x1772, 3035:1772, 1513629085032.jpg)

This flight, Flight 4X-ICB, was able to mysteriously leave Atlanta during the power outage yesterday just touched down in Israel.

Its been widely speculated that the coverup was to get W80's out of the states and into Israel.

Follow this lead.

79b692 No.121284


>https://www.vox. com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/30/16571548/george-papadopoulos-guilty-plea

You mean AT THE END OF OCTOBER that happened.

Time. It is important.

61b5a9 No.121285

File: 613ee8117a40008⋯.png (185.03 KB, 754x2318, 377:1159, SIDLEY AUSTIN DRAFT 1.png)


I just wanted to tell you I love you with all my heart, no homo, thank you so much for this.


>Right at the top of each Meme thread?

Oh duh, I didn't even know that, feel a bit silly now. But that doesn't matter because wow here they are now!

>I chuckle when Anons attribute certain traits to Harvester. You guys have made up a persona and would not recognize Harvester in the flesh.

Yeah, well, while we're all just anons here (thank fucking goodness again) it's something he used so that was really the only way to reference him. Or her. Who knows? Who cares? He/she/it kicks ass and is providing invaluable help and we love him/her/it for it, no matter what xir looks like in meatspace.

Holy shit I love this place and all you anons so much. Ok I'm done.


Ready for some brutal criticism and whatever will help make good output.

Topic: Sidley Austin

Context: not quite nepotism but cross-pollinating and incestuous public-private relationships, hinting at corruption

Floundering over here -please help make this better.

b4d321 No.121286



473993 No.121287

File: 29d105c6b99b7a5⋯.png (326.17 KB, 577x596, 577:596, ClipboardImage.png)

Did they add 0bama as the butler

ce57e6 No.121288


Anon, I am not Q. I am an anon, just like every other anon.

Have you noticed that Q and Sundance both seem to be almost telepathic in reading GEOTUS'S mind?

e63b83 No.121289


There is NO significant signal given for that, it will be on the EBS

79b692 No.121290


[p] [R] - Public Relations? (Disinfo?)

6e6646 No.121291


>it will make you sad

I will comply.

I don't want to be sad.

3c5858 No.121292



Arrested in July it says. Sealed till October

226c6e No.121293

File: d6257dc7b358e28⋯.png (290.24 KB, 600x615, 40:41, 129791361347.png)

>shill/slide activity picking up

>4pol threads about an imminent false flag popping up more and more often

03e21d No.121294

b41aff No.121295











b671f5 No.121296


Those girls are dead now. Plane crash. No coincidences.

0d6f75 No.121297

File: fbfd6d77a1b68a8⋯.gif (2.63 MB, 4720x2976, 295:186, 1513630925763.gif)

e83697 No.121298


That's interesting, thanks! One thing that jumped out was that admiralty was mentioned. I watched something on youtube about some guy who said that admiralty law could be used to takedown the Fed and also get rid of our debt.

He also pointed out some crazy shit like our birth certificates make us owned by the state and somehow tied back to England…i'm fucking it up, i know. The takeaway was that admiralty law can be used in our courts to circumvent parts of our congressional law…

0038b0 No.121299


well said and deserves another (you)

e63b83 No.121300


I remember back in the early 60’s when they did a blip mistake and the word came out about it, then suddenly less then 5 minutes later it was all over tv , that was sent accidentally.

205c72 No.121301




Then review posts via poster i highlighted

d3b6f7 No.121303


We're about T-35 minutes from a happening. I can feel it.

679427 No.121304

File: 1313f1c7252b215⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1796x878, 898:439, heard_you_cant_sleep.png)

4fe0a4 No.121305


bah we know this guys 4d chess, you think he is going to force them to sign one bill then cut them lose with a slap on the wrist?

If I know our geotus, id be willing to bet these indictments will remain sealed for a really really long time.

I bet by the time he is finished they will pray for death or a speedy sentence, and find no peace. I bet he will pull the strings his whole presidency.

bf8566 No.121306


there is jewgle drive link to the script that checks pacer.gov

t. co/dQL9LvHl8N

6afbc6 No.121307

99de71 No.121308

File: 58efc5fdaf819c7⋯.png (718.17 KB, 728x2653, 104:379, screenshot-sputniknews.com….png)

Side note but did you all know 2017 is the 300 year anniversary of the Freemasons?

afbf68 No.121309


come to daddy, i can help with that

d3b6f7 No.121310



Getting drunk again tonight L?

3a7e8a No.121311

04b12f No.121312


'you will call me father' one? it's fukin hard to listen to that child being terrified.

eb9af0 No.121313


We need a *RESULTS LIST*

Something in the (OP) that shows us what our results have been thus far. (if any)

This will result in a much better participation rate of patriots so we can get and keep horsepower in the fight.

911e2f No.121314

This would make a great meme:

Donald Trump: "Make America Great Again."

Obama: "Make Hezbollah Great Again."

Saw it here: https://twitter. com/nickie_greer

d3b6f7 No.121315


really hard to listen to

91b072 No.121316

The CIA is only an "Agency" of the Government.

It can only do what a Department of the Armed Forces asks it to do.

Looking up the law that created it –

"National Security Act of 1947"


the CIA only COORDINATES intelligence that comes in from the military


that is what it was AUTHORIZED to do.

They were kept separate in the law.

CIA is Section 102

Act of July 26, 1947 ("National Security Act"), Public Law 80-253, 61 STAT 495,

"to promote the national security by providing for a Secretary of Defense; for a National Military Establishment; for a Department of the Army, a Department of the Navy, a Department of the Air Force; and for the coordination of the activities of the National Military Establishment with other departments and agencies of the Government concerned with the national security.

The Director of the CIA does not have a seat on the National Security Council.

Section 102 (d)

for the purpose of coordinating the intelligence activities of the several Gov

departments and agencies in the interest of national security, it shall be the duty

of the Agency, under the direction of the National Security Council

1. to advise the National Security Council in matters concerning such intelligence activities of the Gov departments and agencies as relate to national security

2. to make recommendations to the Nat Security Council for the coordination of such intelligence activities of the depts and agencies of the Gov as relate to nat sec

3. to correlate and evaluate intelligence relating to the national security and provide for the appropriate dissemination of such intelligence within the Gov using where appropriate existing agencies and facilities

PROVIDED that the agency shall have no police, subpena, law-enforcement powers,

or internal-security functions

PROVIDED FURTHER that the departments and other agencies of the Gov shall continue to collect, evaluate, correlate, and disseminate departmental intelligence:

AND PROVIDED FURTHER that the Director of Central Intelligence shall be responsible for protecting intelligence sources and methods from unauthorized


4. to perform, for the benefit of the existing intelligence agencies, such additional services of common concern as the Nat Sec Council determines can be more efficiently accomplished centrally;

5. to perform such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the National Security Council may from time to time direct

b671f5 No.121317


Courts just find people in contempt for t. It doesn't work.

e63b83 No.121318


Wasn’t a girl in one of the videos.

79b692 No.121319


>July it says. Sealed till October

Fair enough. I think we're looking for large amounts of them or some better proof that there are >4,239 (as is backed up by spreadsheets.)

e45347 No.121320

Possible Q posts:

Search Thread 133 for 8 posts at this ID ce4184

99de71 No.121321


Good idea cuz all the skeptics keep saying nothing has happened since Q started posting.

d3b6f7 No.121322

What are the theories of Potus moving embassy to Jerusalem? I feel like that was a 4d chess move.

e88424 No.121324

Check out the banner for the Washington post

f8c712 No.121325


Go for it! I'm watching the game. Nice digits.

b671f5 No.121326


That's just indigestion

82d434 No.121327


/\* /\ /\*

Shall we play a game?

Map is critical to understand.

Future unlocks past.


News unlocks map.

Find the markers.

10 & [10].

12/7 – 12/17.

Concourse F.

Terminal 5.

Private_operated plane (OP)?





Learn double meanings.





Q/POTUS-4 [10]


“Special Place”

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Coincidence or message?

“The Great Awakening”

POTUS today.



How about a nice game of chess?




a95a71 No.121328


Yes, let's all sign petitions. Then we'll all put on pink pussy hats and let our voices be heard in the streets.

d3b6f7 No.121329

afbf68 No.121330

99de71 No.121331


Welcome back Q. :-)

04313d No.121332



d3b6f7 No.121333


Q Hello!

5df2bd No.121334


Full disclosure will happen in stages. Think about how deep this story goes. Most people don't even know what building 7 is or the significance. We are talking thousands of years of history that have built up to this point. Ancient Babylon. Origins of humanity. Once the dominoes start to fall, people will wake up. Once they realize their perception of the world was an illusion, they will start to question everything. Some people will not be able to handle it. I keep thinking back to a business trip I took to Jerusalem a few years ago. Got to tour the old city. Went to all the major sites, Christian, Jewish and even threw in a few Islam for shits and giggles. People are completely mind-controlled by their religious beliefs. I saw this women almost in a hysterical fit while in the tomb of Jesus. Kissing the hand of some priest who was trying to shoo her away. I felt sorry for her.

dc452e No.121335


American Patriot.

205c72 No.121336

b671f5 No.121337


I like games!

50d819 No.121338


So looks like you won’t be here much longer

943358 No.121339


those of us who r autists r in control of all things now, as I predicted back in 2010


f8c712 No.121340


The movie Splash has that actor Tom Hanks in it

68d3f0 No.121341


One of the car crashes in San Marino had three women die, all around Lynn's age. Mexican-sounding names though. Could this be PR and disinfo? And Lynn has been taken out by the other driver, who died doing so?


a95a71 No.121342

3a7e8a No.121343


Literally woke back up for this. Just in time. Merry Christmas, Q.

04313d No.121344


Special Place?

1e874f No.121345


eb9af0 No.121346

Q shows up just in time to hear me shit talking about not seeing any arrests….


6f315c No.121347

File: 4bca3044e0adc9b⋯.jpg (65.72 KB, 848x695, 848:695, ayyyyyylmao copy.jpg)

Ok. Just woke up. Any (((solid))) CONCLUSIONS on the train thing with the 6-3 (13?) dead and 77 injured by DuPont near Olympia, WA that the satanist Soros funded Antifa has (maybe) been blamed for?

Anything else happen? I skimmed through the threads, but of course there's tons of shilling after each 'event' so it's like 50/50 and difficult to tell what's bullshit and what's not unless you're watching the threads in real time.

Looks like a satanist move, perhaps. I'm in Wa.

Anything else new? (anything SOLID?)

I've realized that sauce == source

Walnut sauce == Gannett source ;)

Godspeed anons. You're doing God's work and an excellent job at that. Praise be to the diggers, autists, and all good people working hard. I wish I wasn't just a crazy guy with a computer, but that's pretty much what I got going on. kek

e83697 No.121348


Absolutely, agree. I think the agreement is you vote for me now and then when re-election time comes around you are out - announce it now or you'll get the fist. Example Corker…now WAY he votes yes on taxes and doesn't seek re-election if there isn't major shit on him. That list will grow, but i bet most won't make it until after taxes…

afbf68 No.121349

this is bullshit i am gnats ass from abort

68d3f0 No.121350


Godspeed Q

fc4520 No.121351

File: 30d05b322e79bc0⋯.gif (608.12 KB, 356x200, 89:50, Wassup Batou.gif)


Q. Hello!

d84236 No.121352


Here are the posts









e529b2 No.121353

FOX THREEE=The aircrafts machine gun or cannon is being employed

b88474 No.121354

File: c860b219c352b7c⋯.png (794.93 KB, 700x700, 1:1, threehypocrits.png)

File: 3890859751b0817⋯.png (525.6 KB, 700x683, 700:683, sarsourtheenabler.png)

6e6646 No.121355


What do they have left?

They're completely fucked.

Besides, they've already convinced their lefty sheep that Russia has hacked everything in the US.

I predict 60% of lefties will fall for this BS.

45b0e7 No.121356


as I understand it Admiralty law is older law that is the basis for our constitutional law. not really circumvent, but supersede in some rare instances.

When the FED was formed what do you suppose Uncle Sam used as collateral? When you get a car loan the car is hypothecated, you get to use it, the bank owns it until paid off.

The domestic output of all U.S. citizens is hypothecated to service the debt to the FED. So in a sense we are owned chattel, or at least the tax revenue of us and our heirs unto perpetuity is so pledged by our loving Uncle Sam to pay off the vig

3ed8cd No.121357

File: c7e77030731ce49⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 471x272, 471:272, Trump Saves St Petersburg ….jpg)

b16c96 No.121358


Thank you mr. gravy : )

e83697 No.121359


And here i thought we had 10 days of darkness! Game on!

268416 No.121360

e63b83 No.121361

Q thank You!!!!

62b15e No.121362


Welcome back Q … some of us are getting the double meanings .. just not joining the shill show here … we are enjoying the show!

4b5f57 No.121363


iad is washington dulles

04313d No.121364

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS Speech on National Security Strategy 12/18/17 (today)

e63b83 No.121365


6afbc6 No.121366


damn, you were right.

I take back


79c33f No.121367



>POTUS today.

a lot happened in that statement he gave, including the implication that the Star Wars systems are being upgraded.

75b457 No.121368



This IS The Storm…we need to drop "the calm"

It's akin to monsoon season not a tornado

>>>It HAS TO BE for the govt to continue operatimg as it's overhauled

People keep waiting but IT'S HERE

91b072 No.121369


This is a video of a tour given at the DC Masonic Temple. There are several interesting notes that the tour guide gives about the Masons. For instance, the 33 levels refers to the 33 districts in the Southern States.

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Tzm_cXnrmRA

d3b6f7 No.121370


The only passenger plane to leave ATL lastnight during black out went to DULLES!!!

afbf68 No.121371

Q drop is not right 24 hrs to reconcile

ce57e6 No.121372


Look on this thread…. for my I'd

e63b83 No.121373


Thought he had a new trip

e49e96 No.121374


War games reference is about machine learning.

Machine first wants to play thermo-nuclear war, learns its useless, then asks to play a nice game of chess.

Qestion is, who realized its worthless, and what is the subject?

68d3f0 No.121375



Classified operated plane at Dulles?

f8c712 No.121376


That is the last I remember reading the cargo plane was headed to Israel but then headed to DC I got lost after that

b671f5 No.121377


Most of the people left at this point won't understand any of this btw.

c4eea4 No.121378




Fox Three.. Phoenix?

afbf68 No.121379



08d18c No.121380


I can't make out what that is. It looks like aperture ghosting, but not certain. It's very strange.

d3b6f7 No.121381


no it was a private delta jet

679427 No.121382

File: 40bc6118a44d21f⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1478x1040, 739:520, be_prepared_for_what_Q_fin….png)

9a78f5 No.121383


Let just hope the judges don't. Somehow I don't think it will fly very well with a military tribunal.

If it does, I guess we all have a alibi next time any of us get caught with a 50 pound bag of dope in our trunk!

a95a71 No.121384


Fox Three

Air force term meaning you have just launched an active radar guided air-to-air missle, if you hear it over your radio that means get out the way before the missle locks on you instead of the bad guys.

Target confirmed, I'm taking the shot: Fox Three

256d16 No.121385

File: 10e4c1694a81e0a⋯.png (189.65 KB, 706x433, 706:433, DACA.png)

b32d80 No.121386


BTW, he calls out this board owner, and I know that's just how life works, but for a guy getting thousands of views and mileage off this as a debunker I gather, the link I posted talks about the images they found additional coding on, and a very detailed breakdown on the Qs. It isn't doxxing, but it was interesting… the inages from the beginning mattered most and it's why I even watched it.

6f315c No.121387

File: f1f46e9abf9d111⋯.jpg (78.38 KB, 528x497, 528:497, qanonpatriot2.jpg)


hey mister! :)

99de71 No.121388


Yep, we're in a hurricane right now. There's so much news going on that relates to Q posts it's hard to keep up.

854b3a No.121389


in "independence day' the movie

when they're flying fighter jets to attack the alien craft

they say their plane name then their missile name

"eagle 1, fox 3"

then fire missile

867fc1 No.121390


ATL airport related. Good digging on this theory for yesterdays blackout

50d819 No.121391


This doesn’t sound like Q. Plus, that first part with the symbols has the same black text box that a shill frequently uses even before the trips were disabled. Idk. Maybe they cracked it and changed the trip in halfchan to make it look like Q. But that black text box gave it away

6afbc6 No.121392


Splash = Missile time of flight is expired or missile destroyed; target or bomb impact.

Fox Three = Simulated/actual launch of active radar-guided missile

04313d No.121393


time to listen to it again and again to understand all

431796 No.121394


Does the gold fringe on the flag have any significance (military or otherwise)?

afbf68 No.121395

5aeda0 No.121396

Wtf up with Redacted & redacting posts/ parts of post??

4fe0a4 No.121397


i'd like to know who leaked that audio from where.

that was peeled off something incriminating and dropped on the web by someone high up the food chain.

e63b83 No.121398


Thanks, navy uses diff terms

ce57e6 No.121399


If POTUS says star wars is being upgraded, it is already done. POTUS never gives advance warming.

79c33f No.121400


>nations that we're protecting militarily have to pay us back for protection

>we're upgrading our military

>we're going to protect our economy

>we're going to protect ourself from space-based threats

68d3f0 No.121401


Law jurisdiction, I've noted when the trim is present and when it isn't

0038b0 No.121402


We're teaching the A.I that the game is null and void, just like tic-tac-toe did for WOPR.

Our actions here are uncovering the Owl/Minerva maneuvers and foiling the plots

911e2f No.121403


Harvester is DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY, not an


or a


Ptui! Ick ick ick! :-)

Thanks Anon.

f8c712 No.121404


Type martial law and Jordan Maxwell if you don't understand.

4fe0a4 No.121405



91b072 No.121406

File: d8a15b486843ffb⋯.png (317.48 KB, 500x345, 100:69, huma-weinstein-hrc-1.png)

08d18c No.121407

File: d46f86cf477e479⋯.png (909.49 KB, 1650x1572, 275:262, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)

File: a16be67b92bd12d⋯.png (5.73 MB, 2784x1560, 116:65, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)


Welcome back. Did we transport someone to The Hague from ATL?

50d819 No.121408


Is that what it’s called? Yeah? I’d be careful with that.

82d434 No.121409

e63b83 No.121410


Space based threats, missles?

c360a7 No.121411


clarify Israel involvement. seems to be the only country not yet elaborated on.

79c33f No.121412


you mean spoiler tags?

644a00 No.121413

Scavino45 just tweeted this:

Dan Scavino Jr.‏Verified account @Scavino45

5m5 minutes ago

Today, President @realDonaldTrump announced a New National Security Strategy at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. Read more here:


79c33f No.121414


could be Terran-based threats….might not be

6f315c No.121415

File: 059f6ee18099625⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 480x662, 240:331, DaysWithoutWinningZero.jpg)

f8c712 No.121416

Falcons 24 Bucs 21

e63b83 No.121417


Hmmmm… now I’m thinking….

dc452e No.121418


What do you think?

Belfour declaration, who created Israel?

3a7e8a No.121419

There are four variations of the Fox brevity word, with a number added to the end of Fox to describe the primary type of sensors the launched munition possesses (if applicable). In addition, a separate brevity word for gunfire exists and is grouped with the four Fox codes for convenience.

Fox one

Indicates launch of a semi-active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-7 Sparrow).[1]

Fox two

Indicates launch of an infrared-guided missile (such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder).[1]

>Fox three

Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix).[1]

Fox four

Historical term indicating air-to-air or air-to-surface cannon fire. The term in current usage is Guns, Guns, Guns.[2]

e83697 No.121420


Splash Fox - would be shooting down someone air to air with missile. The 3 I'm gussing would be cryptic reference by Q to a Rothchild +++?

679427 No.121421

File: 6b6df012006b85d⋯.jpg (33.93 KB, 1008x315, 16:5, thankq.jpg)

f8c712 No.121422


I meant maritime law not martial law

e63b83 No.121423


The bombs at ATL?

877188 No.121424


Anonymous 4 minutes ago d84236 No.121064>>121066 >>121074


And any and all others who are capable, including NYPD, FBI, NSA, MI, CIA, TRUMP, Flynn, et al.:


The American people will never have justice nor the opportunity to solve the problems that plague our system without full knowledge of the facts. Even if you are successful in putting all the evil-doers behind bars, your current 20% public, 80% private strategy will doom us to repeat the same mistakes in the future. You must allow every American the opportunity to fully contemplate the current condition of our government and how it got there so that we can improve our Republic and do our best to ensure this never happens again.

If the evil that you are describing is true, then you must not allow it to shrink back into the darkness. The only way to fully root out this evil is to expose ALL of it to the light. Even If you are successful with your current strategy, if it is done in the shadows, then this evil will spawn again from the same dark corners from whence it came.

Make no mistake about it, if you do not give us full disclosure, YOU will be responsible for denying full justice to the American people and to all the victims of these heinous crimes against humanity and God. Furthermore, YOU will be responsible for denying the American people the opportunity to do our best to prevent this corruption from spawning again. If it does, we may not be so lucky as to recover from it next time.

How will you live with yourself knowing that you lost the once-in-human-history opportunity to fully expose this evil before the world? How will you live with yourself knowing that countless new people could become victims of this evil in the future because you didn’t fully expose it when you had the chance?

Government operatives such as yourself always have the misconception that the public should not be fully informed. In fact, we are compelled by God to seek the full truth. Furthermore, how can you few individuals, behind closed doors, in a swamp so deep that you can’t even trust those who you think are your allies, believe that you can actually fully solve this problem? The problem is structural and you need the minds and passions and souls of 300 million Patriots behind you in fixing our government all the way down to its foundations. It is also a cultural problem and EVERYONE in this country must fully contemplate the truth of where we are now so we can decide together on the best way forward. You government operatives simply do not have the power, authority, or capability to solve this on your own. Get off your high horse.

FBI anon made the all-too convenient excuse of saying that the Republic would collapse if the truth were fully revealed. This was nothing more than a disguise for his own cowardice. I say, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants. If the extent of this evil is so great that exposing it would have that severe of a consequence, then I say by-God it must be exposed! How can you be a party to hiding the crimes of the devil himself before mankind. The best trick the devil ever played was convincing us that he didn’t exist.

If you say that foreign powers will declare war on us if the extent of our involvement in their affairs is known, then you might be persuaded to believe that it is justified to withhold that information from the people. However, know this: the evil that we allow ourselves to do abroad will always return home.

Q, I hope you reconsider your strategy. But if you are unable or unwilling to give us the full truth then I at least ask for the following. Rather than letting the public believe that Al Franken is guilty of nothing more than sexual harassment and seeing a photo of him pretending to grope a woman’s chest, release one photo for every person documented in Weiner’s laptop displaying their most vile and heinous act. That way, at least we can ensure that these people don’t get let off lightly… But please remember, we will be destined to have the same fate fall upon us again in the future if that is all you publicly reveal.

Likeminded anons, please help me repost this in future bread until Q or someone who matters can see it. And please write your own petitions to fully bring this to light. Our meme-power is not going to get the job done. These issues will reemerge when Trump leaves office if we don’t get full disclosure now and even God won’t be able to save us the next time someone like Hillary gets elected. The extent of the corruption is too vast. The control over our youth and the media is too great. We barely made it this past election. THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCE.

79c33f No.121425

although if Star Wars is done being upgraded, it would explain why we made a direct flyover of North Korea

be4dce No.121426


The anons running this board banned all people with names and tripcodes, except yours. We are on the storm board.


Most of the trusted bakers you have posted with during the past 6 weeks, are all over there, still working. Good people like Antifungal leaf. God Bless you Q, The President, and the United States of America.

0b72c7 No.121427


Delta Private Jets (DPJ) 47


Airport: Atlanta, GA (ATL)

Scheduled Time: 5:30 PM, Dec 17

Takeoff Time: 6:50 PM, Dec 17



Washington, DC (IAD)

Scheduled Time: 6:46 PM, Dec 17

Landing Time: 8:04 PM, Dec 17

Cessna 560XL Citation XLS

911e2f No.121428


>>120130 Listening…

68d3f0 No.121429


Phoenix… An anon earlier mentioned The Economist cover from 86/8? with the Global Currency and a Phoenix on it.

Have they just just tried and failed?

e83697 No.121430


Don't overthink…

eb9af0 No.121431

Can we get a conf on splashdown?


3ed8cd No.121432

File: e9911c8bb06fe47⋯.jpg (108.06 KB, 642x427, 642:427, POPE TROLLS ALTMEDIA.jpg)

877188 No.121433


Please say there is GOOD news! Please!

b671f5 No.121434



205c72 No.121435


>Concourse F.

Light rail station in Clayton County, Georgia?

Duty Free Americas - ATL Concourse F?

>Terminal 5.

Did one of the planes that left ATL during shutdown leave from 5? What was it?

>Private_operated plane (OP)?

A privately Operated Plane?


ATL to Washington Dulles International Airport during shutdown?

c4eea4 No.121436


How do we know you aren’t deceiving us?

All war is based on deception.

Was the train wreck us or them?

bbf227 No.121437


This is happening +



>next one is juicy


>last but not least- AI


b16c96 No.121438

File: 3647da29a66a1fe⋯.png (1.06 MB, 918x516, 153:86, MerryXmas.png)

c4c396 No.121439



75b457 No.121440

File: 9939f71350de033⋯.jpg (753.81 KB, 1440x818, 720:409, Screenshot_20171218-150919.jpg)

63cfba No.121441

File: 00b4ee9dc857481⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Merry-Christmas-2016-HD-Wa….jpg)

Thank You Q

50d819 No.121442


Yes, whatever they’re called. It’s not Q. Doesn’t even remotely sound like Q.

>>Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?<<

Please tell me y’all see it?

f8c712 No.121443

Well we know that it's not the movie Splash

f15f38 No.121444

Was somebody going to shoot down a plane at Georgia airport and it was prevented

d3b6f7 No.121445

Q is the only one with a trip code correct? I believe it would be him

afbf68 No.121446

Give us an hint on the ATL airport

68d3f0 No.121447


We know who has money in that airline

04313d No.121448

File: 35e006036cf34b7⋯.png (153.5 KB, 1126x727, 1126:727, screenshot-www.atl.com-201….png)


>Concourse F.

http://www. atl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Concourse-F.pdf

82d434 No.121449




b671f5 No.121450


You're wrong but I'm too lazy to prove it.

d3b6f7 No.121451


Q is the only one with a trip code, yes?

afbf68 No.121452

d93261 No.121453



5df2bd No.121454


You got Soros trying to flee on a private plane? Terminal 5 is an international terminal. We were watching the blocked flight from ATL to IAD. IAD is Dulles. Near where the spooks are.

Interesting: Anthony Foxx, a former transportation secretary under president Barack Obama, was among those who were stranded at the airport.

Sauce: https://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/world/atlanta-airport-worlds-busiest-resumes-operations-after-power-cut/ar-BBGWqKM

b16c96 No.121455


Thank God

79c33f No.121456


what (or whom) was extracted?

943358 No.121457

File: 1470a1d4c1f16ae⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 435x580, 3:4, BSUUjALCAAATwuK.jpg)

d3b6f7 No.121458

Thank you for your work Q

c360a7 No.121459


shutdown required for extraction?

e63b83 No.121460

No country wants soros…. where’s he gonna go.?

867fc1 No.121461


Was it giving friends much needed weapons?

50d819 No.121462


And what if they hacked it? They would then be able to change it on halfchan, no?

f15f38 No.121463


Soros ?

a95a71 No.121464


The storm isn't here yet. You'll know when it is. As far as anyone's concerned, Hillary and Obama are "scandal free," pizzagate is a right-wing conspiracy, and Trump is about to be taken down by Mueller.

eb9af0 No.121465

>>121449 Something for the TROPHY CASE!

c4eea4 No.121466

Assets are extracted, correct?

I’m confused.

e83697 No.121467


Saw on You Tube "Destroying the illusion" today him discuss that exact flight. Only plane out of ATL during that and then flight track went to blocked.


75b457 No.121468


Marvelous! G0 P0TUS!


679427 No.121469

File: cf64057384f3816⋯.png (861.27 KB, 1506x1426, 753:713, extraction_good.png)

18b377 No.121470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who knows where all the bodies are buried?


Just a coincidence.

79b692 No.121471


>required for extraction?

This is my guess.

205c72 No.121472

afbf68 No.121473


you are fast, anon

b16c96 No.121474


Bad guys extracted

68d3f0 No.121475



d3b6f7 No.121476


love it!

e63b83 No.121477

The ones who set the bombs extracted???

d93261 No.121478


George 'Hang Him High' Soros.

8bfc9c No.121479


Kek, moron

4b5f57 No.121480


CLAS=Closed loop action system (raytheon)?

or CLASsified ops.

877188 No.121481


Thanks for that? That close & no one even dropped by though. Tsk.

Please answer this 1 question: Will we see JUSTICE soon, or ever?

e63b83 No.121482

So many things can be extracted , that would be good, soros, BHO,HRC,ROTH

08d18c No.121483


That's fantastic to hear! DOJ or Int'l proceeding?

ANTIFA derail AMTRAK? There was scheduled Mass Casualty Training there today by that City Hall. Just a big coincidence…

afbf68 No.121484


Thank you for what you do, patriot.

8c889e No.121485




Flights from Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Washington, D.C., DC (IAD)

877188 No.121486


. Not ?

79c33f No.121487


HRC can't leave the country, she's got that ankle monitor on, remember?

the one she's been hiding in that boot for her "broken toe"

6afbc6 No.121488


Q, is there going to be an attempted shootdown of a plane? (future) IAD related?

Was this Soros extraction to the "Special Place?"

a95a71 No.121489



e63b83 No.121490


OHHHHH!!!! awan????????

c4eea4 No.121491


Are the numbers we are getting about the train correct or Fake News?

679427 No.121492

File: 071b4dce156b4ca⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1458x1090, 729:545, merry_christmas.png)

04313d No.121493




Special Place = GS!

e63b83 No.121494

They were asking the courts to release awan from monitoring… did they catch awan trying to flee?????????

dc452e No.121495


They are escalating.

08d18c No.121496


Should we also go see "Darkest Hour"?

e63b83 No.121497



4e540e No.121498

File: 2f71d81aa58db09⋯.gif (111.17 KB, 1027x731, 1027:731, apu happy.gif)

b16c96 No.121499

God Bless our Military!!

c360a7 No.121500


no way the speed limit of that corridor 79 mph. something was up for sure.

fc4520 No.121501


Seconding this. The context of that train crash seems relevant. High value target aboard?

f98a5f No.121503


I have a hunch that they will find their way back here in due course.

4fe0a4 No.121504


We watched that bird fly outta there in live time yesterday. Did some digging to see if we could figure out who besides some fag from the nfl was in the terminal. came up empty.

75b457 No.121505



205c72 No.121506

Planes & Trains

Was today part of the show?

Or bad Actors?

8c889e No.121507


Is terminal 5 international? If extracted person(s) hadn't gone thru customs yet are they technically in US?

2af38f No.121508

who does one contact to get out of illegal blacklisting and surveillance when they're all corrupt?>>121449


0b72c7 No.121509

79c33f No.121510


automobiles are next

the UN truck fleet?

we've got all three covered here, then

d84236 No.121511


Thank you Q

54af33 No.121512


modified red cross logo

eb9af0 No.121513

Suspect we are not going to be given who it was.

Anons let us therefore figure out WHO WAS IN ATL last night!

Who was in there when the

Lights Went Out in Georgia

c4c396 No.121514



c4eea4 No.121515


DuPont Washington relevant?

DuPont pedophile elite?

2f547c No.121516


You Rock

e63b83 No.121517


I’m thinking awan, His lawyers were asking the courts to remove his monitor and allow him to travel more than 150 miles

205c72 No.121518


Has anyone heard from Skippy last 24 h?

82d434 No.121519


We would not 'intentionally' harm a person in the pursuit of a TARGET.

This was retaliatory re: ATL.


b32d80 No.121520

OMG, just say an ad on Fox for the Catholic Church and if you've been away… very pricey ad.

Unironically followed by 2 illegal immigrant teens and abortions, and satanists suing to have In God we Trust taken off the money. Like the three minute wrap up all at once! Shit.

867fc1 No.121521


It went to Israel what ever it was. It wasn't checked by customs either

e63b83 No.121522

Ohr and McCabe absent today from questioning

5160bf No.121523

Splashed fox 3 was extracted?

e31636 No.121524

/\* /\ /\*

The first attempt on the 2nd part of the triangle failed. It remained. There is now an attempt on the 2nd part of the triangle in progress.

75b457 No.121525


News is WAY BEHIND esp. with judicial matters

We're WAY FURTHER than the public knows

0038b0 No.121526


They derailed the train as payback for stopping a bigger mess in ATL

eb9af0 No.121527

afbf68 No.121528


>We would not 'intentionally' harm a person

a1d4a8 No.121530

If using Twitter and do not want to be block because we are helping Q do ASAP


c360a7 No.121531


what was ATL supposed to be? wild rumors of a major plot foiled.

99de71 No.121532


You beat me to it. I was thinking Ohr and McCabe as well.

c4c396 No.121533


One of the FBI agents caught up in IG investigattion

50d819 No.121534


Wow, no one even questioning it? That’s scary.

205c72 No.121535


>They Derailed

as Punishment for ALT extraction. Wonder which pawn is off the table… Or was it something higher?

e83697 No.121536

File: e211e299806fc9c⋯.png (746.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.png)

File: ef8cbc79d37375f⋯.png (790.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.png)


See above or link

79b692 No.121537


>It wasn't checked by customs either

That's not the Citation that went to IAD. (Still may be relevant.)

0038b0 No.121538

That Cargo plane is not on the flight record, does anyone have a more complete flight record for ATL on Dec 17 2017?

bf7fb2 No.121539

4a6355 No.121540


I heard something very odd about the crash as well. 77 passengers and 7 staff. I don't know if relevant, but the numerology is there.

fc4520 No.121541


Shit. So the cabal WAS involved in that. Could it have actually been ANTIFA though? They'd been hitting railroad tracks around the state with concrete to stop fracking freight.

e63b83 No.121542

Ok let’s list who… we have ohr,McCabe both absent from questioning, awan, flight risk, soros.

08d18c No.121543

File: 66432c786882bea⋯.png (682.14 KB, 1262x900, 631:450, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)


Fully agreed. Aware of this deleted Antifa post and the staged Mass Casualty training event there today?

4f086a No.121544


Welcome back, Q.

This message is as clear as it gets.


>News unlocks map.

>Find the markers.

Confirmed ATL events were connected to patriots op, Q is telling us to look back at past hints and connect them to discover what exactly happened in ATL and how that is relevant to current ongoings so we see the big picture connecting together.

>10 & [10].

>12/7 – 12/17.

Q even specified the time of 10 days to us. Jesus. We autists need to do better. Forgive the newbies, word is spreading. Autism must spread.

>Concourse F.

>Terminal 5.

>Private_operated plane (OP)?



Op was a success, target packages have been extracted to dulles IAD via private plane. Let's recheck flight data. If it isn't on there, it was well covered up.



>Learn double meanings.


This is an important clue - any anons with greater autism power than mine can help decipher this meaning?




>Q/POTUS-4 [10]


These I believe refer to times that Q posts have been followed or follow POTUS tweets! [10] after 4th confirmations and tweets and Q posts = connection to what Q has been saying ten days & darkness.

"special place"

Soros related. Once again, anons, connect the dots.

>Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

>Coincidence or message?

Each of Q's posts are phrased as such, and following question answers the previous sentence. Of course it is a message.

>“The Great Awakening”

>POTUS today.


POTUS confirmed Q's messages 'the great awakening'. 'unlock' meaning patriots/potus are ready and should be ready to act as stone of the 'keystone' - force required to unlock the door and open the doors of truth via disseminations and education of public to these maps Q has been literally spoon feeding us. Get to all online (twitter, facebook, blogs, websites, alternative news website, msm comment sections, etc anything), offline networks - friends, aquaintences, anything! Spread the Q maps FAR AND WIDE.


>How about a nice game of chess?



Q giving hints to possible future operation laid out for dulles IAD airport.

Fox three -

""Fox" is short for "foxtrot", the phonetic designation for the letter "F", which is short for "fire"."

"Fox three indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix)."

"The radio call announcing that a weapon has been fired is intended to help avoid friendly fire, cueing other pilots to ensure that they do not maneuver into the path of harm."

SPLASH - hit.


May our children, our world wide western nations and peoples as well as all peoples who are against degenerate crimes perpetuated by current (((globalists))) and their pets live to see restored, secure, and strong futures where their children can live in peace.

May all mudslimes rapists, sub human scum criminals, and their accomplices burn in hell for all eternity after we avenge their crimes done to our peoples world wide.

May strength return, may light shine. May we find the strength to stand up in the streets and daily lives step by step to push back the darkness.


18b377 No.121545

When is GS done???

5d3150 No.121546

File: 6aa163c005e9598⋯.png (338.3 KB, 834x705, 278:235, atl.png)

bdd773 No.121547


As Cartman would say "Awesome"

135117 No.121548


How likely will there be more retaliations re:ATL?

b16c96 No.121549


Godspeed Q

25d9bf No.121550


extraction of trafficking victims/perps/drugs/weapons. cdc related?

68d3f0 No.121551


Has the automobile happened yet?

6f315c No.121552

File: 911a71f8a0a7d23⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 855x529, 855:529, AmericanRedCross.jpg)

d3b6f7 No.121553

What happened on 12/7?

877188 No.121554



82d434 No.121555


BISHOP (cult).


b9d08e No.121556


1) False flag stopped

2) Missile impact thwarted

d3b6f7 No.121557

c360a7 No.121558

>>121540 numerology of 'Amtrak Cascades'

Eng Ord = 119

along with 77 in initial reports; this had cabal all over it

82d434 No.121559


Clock started - 10 days.


c4eea4 No.121560


Was pope flaunting Pizza party today mocking that he is above the law?

eb9af0 No.121561

FOX (Fire On X or cross hairs of your sight)

0038b0 No.121562


A podesta? :)

79c33f No.121563

File: d2d3634708b0d22⋯.png (32.84 KB, 857x415, 857:415, meriken.png)


you can crack a tripcode, but not a secure tripcode

there's this handy little program called Meriken's Tripcode Engine

it supports CPU threading, GPU threading, even SLI GPU use.

Q needs to be using a secure trip.

04313d No.121564


Thank you for saying this

68d3f0 No.121565


Trips don't lie.

b671f5 No.121566


/\* /\* * /\* * *

It's due to formatting. If you take out the spaces it makes a spoiler like this

/\* /\ /\*

867fc1 No.121567


Can't wait for CHECKMATE

679427 No.121568

File: b9f58f4676d2a83⋯.png (612.55 KB, 1332x1194, 222:199, ATL_Enjoying_the_show.png)

File: 6395b0579b338e4⋯.png (679.97 KB, 1244x1230, 622:615, really_rely_board_plane.png)


been making them all day….. had it ready and waiting….

afbf68 No.121569


big deal, goes in dough

18b377 No.121570


Which clock?

d3b6f7 No.121571


Trying to think back to the news that day

eb9af0 No.121572

>>121560 Nah…Popes just have pizza parties with kids. It's what they do.

fc4520 No.121573


No way. Tell me you guys did not wrangle in one of CNN's goons. Please say it's Anderson.

1e874f No.121574

If retalitory… Not random train.

Who was on that train?

Any way to get passenger log?

b32d80 No.121575


Will the Admin be honest if it was intentional, even if meant for a freight train to fall on the freeway? Or will it be a "construction error or some other garbage. Like a single shooter patsy in Vegas? I just hope they wont feed us fluff like the previous admins did. We deserve to know if people died from malice and not negligence.

75b457 No.121576


Maybe it was a drill with a real derailment that was meant to stop key people from traveling into Canada on that route

Maybe it had NO PEOPLE

My nieces roommate witnessed the train falling from the overpass today. She's home on winter break from college here in the East. Traffic was ALREADY at a STAND STILL when it happened

Perhaps it was all staged??!!

d3b6f7 No.121577

Catholics Q? RE: BISHOP cult

e31636 No.121578

These are the last 4 markers.





b671f5 No.121579

3a7e8a No.121580



Not overthinking at all Anon – I just copy pasta'ed from wikipedia.

afbf68 No.121581


I remain shocked at the few fatalities

c4eea4 No.121582


Any truth to the Nation

Child trafficking

c360a7 No.121583


very possible, what are the odds that a train on the day it opens, derails?

4f086a No.121584


>Q !UW.yye1fxo

Pope? Jesus christ the flaunting must be desperation.

Fucking A these bastards are going down.

205c72 No.121585


Bless you. Digging up an older post from today about Chess. Might be insightful. Cult related makes me think Podesta.

5d3150 No.121586


Couldn't believe what I was reading when I searched for it. If the fake news network is involved in this I will shart my pantaloons.

eb9af0 No.121587

>>121555 Took down the cult's Bishop….

You know you want to tell is so bad it hurts!

Your better man that I am. I couldn't hold it back.

afbf68 No.121588



e83697 No.121589


Amazing. Winning!

54af33 No.121590


modified red cross logos

0038b0 No.121591


EMS was on site just after the crash, it surprised the engineer. Could they be the renegade insiders ?

b32d80 No.121592


That section of the 5 is always a mess. Well, almost always. especially at that time of the morning. Commuters from bedroom communities heading to Seattle. I fucking hate that drive.

fc4520 No.121593


Trips, eff year.

Cult? Wait, this was them cutting loose ANTIFA?

18b377 No.121594

Camp David is a special place.

63cfba No.121595


Cutting taxes

Rolling back unnecessary regulations

Trade based on the principles of fairness and reciprocity

Firm action against unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft

Protect our national security industrial and innovation base

Complete rebuilding of American infrastructure and communications infrastructure

Protect the American People

Promote American prosperity

Preserve peace through strength

Advance American influance in the world(edited)

With this strategy, we are calling for a great reawakening of America, a resurgence of confidence, and a rebirth of patriotism, prosperity, and pride.

And we are returning to the wisdom of our founders. In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign.

256d16 No.121596

File: 8dbc2ae54c26bdf⋯.png (593.98 KB, 1699x1080, 1699:1080, Winning-Bigly.png)

ee02d1 No.121597

HIV virus (only) is perfectly curable with an herb known as Hyssopus Officinalis. AIDS disease is incurable, as, it is simply an immune system that has been too scarred and it literally falls apart.

Hyssop works by establishing foothold in what is called the "immune reservoir" and upon infected cell burst, it prevents the infection of healthy cells, and eliminates the cycle.

e63b83 No.121598


Yesterday was the end of 10 days then

84ec13 No.121599



afbf68 No.121600


you must go

bdd773 No.121601


The train was doing 81 on a 30mph curve, maybe driving by a bad actor. Well 'Murica thinks we need infrastructure now not better engineers.

d84236 No.121602

Q, is this going to be a Merry Christmas, or a Very Merry Christmas this year?

18b377 No.121603


Why is nothing happening?

04313d No.121604


sorry, working on my new found autism. had forgotten I had that talent

6f315c No.121605

File: 6d69da568e1ba56⋯.jpg (165.99 KB, 675x675, 1:1, MikeGreenCaptain07_2.jpg)

c4eea4 No.121606


Live and let die

8e2656 No.121607


Suggestion is to encourage Q to give full disclosure of all the crimes that have been committed and everything that has been uncovered upon completion of his ops.

Keep in mind that the files they have uncovered via Weiner and Awan were created for a purpose. Blackmail and control. If Q et al holds onto this information (and haven't we learned not to trust people who glow in the dark at this point?) then who is going to end up with it later and what will it be used for then?

The American people need the truth at the end of the day. We must not allow these crimes to be concealed in an 80% private, 20% public fashion.

Made a thread here to discuss: https://8ch.net/cbts/res/120430.html#120530

ee02d1 No.121608

205c72 No.121609



Chess post from earlier today >>121585 I brought up

e5f174 No.121610

File: c2fb222e97602c8⋯.png (623.58 KB, 1140x472, 285:118, ClipboardImage.png)



Trying to keep this going. It's important for our work. Anon made some dank ass memes.





These are dank as fuck man! Help get these out to the normies!

eb9af0 No.121611

<Tears -

b16c96 No.121612

Guys we're still not reading the Map correctly, has something to do with 10 [10] ,I'll go look again

79c33f No.121613


America has needed better rail infrastructure for about 80 years

4f086a No.121614


Check zerohedge for many recent diggings into how political situation in DC is turning against deep state. News has been consistent. DO NOT TRUST MSM for news of any kind.

f98a5f No.121615

File: b86f7b44139d84a⋯.jpeg (76.08 KB, 720x482, 360:241, mattis2.jpeg)


What do say Patriots? Shall we give them a volley for Q?

2c7bbd No.121616


best one yet

b9d08e No.121617


serious? I've seen some shit going down

2f547c No.121618


Hope you are well.

e31636 No.121619

99de71 No.121620


CNN knew?

afbf68 No.121621

File: 5184504218e3640⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 129x124, 129:124, 1495684699746scd1a1.jpg)


It only gets worse.

18b377 No.121623


I'm down to be surprised

4fe0a4 No.121624


not to get off topic but turn the page on bama senate voter fraud?

we know the shillz voted illegally. eo 13799?

stay tuned?

61b5a9 No.121625


I know, I was just poking fun at snowflakes and relishing our anonymity. I could actually be a very special tree or an AI, but /harvester/ is one of the best humans, one of my favorites.


>BISHOP (cult).

Their room to manoever is getting smaller and smaller (noose tightening). Expect more lashing out by them.

664738 No.121627

File: 51e9877d7d754b6⋯.png (518.79 KB, 647x704, 647:704, 51e9877d7d754b624a33eea684….png)


still key logging other anons, anon?

e83697 No.121628


I'm just saying that because you googled Fox 3, that that is what Q is referencing. If you want to go with theynshot the plane down with a radar guided missile, fine. I however would stand to reason that if they were going to shoot down an unarmed business jet, they would do it close range with an IR missile, so that wasn't what he was getting at. Evrything has meaning and imthink the 3 portion hints at which part of the cult we should be looking….+++ Rothchild

5ff132 No.121629


As odd as the Titanic sinking on its maiden voyage

08d18c No.121630

Bishop is a huge piece!

afbf68 No.121631

19c5c0 No.121633


Thank you for the assurance. MAGA! Prayers.

04e2f3 No.121634


>10 & [10].

>12/7 – 12/17.

12+7=9 – 12+17=29







0038b0 No.121635

Who the f is the cult bishop that lives in Atlanta

e31636 No.121636


Remember, Renegade is the code name for BHO.

e88424 No.121637



3efb95 No.121638


If the cult leaders are are Rothschilds then a red sheiks was on that flight ?👍

d3b6f7 No.121639


Legit then?

ce57e6 No.121640



Why didn't Bruce Ohr show up to testify? Bishop?

4fe0a4 No.121641


10 days for them to chose sides and consider there offers.

then the ball gets put in play!

kiss the ring or suffer the consequences of there actions.

1e874f No.121642


Also intrigued by variables in number of fatalities .

Praying for Ours.

I salute our Patriots in harms way.

GodBless Patriots.

God Bless Q.

63cfba No.121643



AND that the city officials were running mass casualty training the very same day? Proof at link.

0038b0 No.121644


Right, but then you got Q saying "Learn Double Meanings"

1d4a25 No.121645



9cebdd No.121646

Was someone from CNN headquarters in Atlanta on that flight?

c4c396 No.121647


of course. they are clowns

6f315c No.121648

File: 45d5e7473c34c41⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 710x252, 355:126, ATL_Retaliation.jpg)

256d16 No.121649

I would think if the White Hats are involved, you will see a pattern of the attempt to save lives during False Flag. If its the Bad Guys, you will see lives being thrown away with no attempt to stop it.

82d434 No.121650

Why did the WH link posted turn up 404 (2) days after?

Expand your thinking.

Do you believe in coincidences?


68c587 No.121651

The MAP is a list of chess moves.

The opposing BISHOP was just taken out of play.

The opposing BISHOP is George Soros.

That leaves the person representing the QUEEN in the chess match.

Hillary is the Queen and Bushes are the King.

Take HRC out and the Bushes either surrender or are checkmate.

75bb17 No.121652


Partial synopsis:

False flag operation was underway at ATL. Good guys interdicted and extracted under cover of darkness.

Possible false flag planned in future at IAD.

Phrase, ‘How about a nice game of chess?’ Is a thrown gauntlet to (them)…

bdd773 No.121653


Extraction to Dulles, good to know we have the light switch, no light, no power, no phones, tasty

f15f38 No.121654

Nathan Deal extraction ?


04e2f3 No.121655





e31636 No.121656


It was a response to the meaning between dark and darkness. Darkness is evil. Dark is something different.

afbf68 No.121657


do we now have some work to do?

fd2663 No.121658

10 workdays from 12/7 is the winter solstice.

ee02d1 No.121659


what did I do that that sets some jerk off? It was referenced in previous post. This is fact. What I said IS FACT. I realize it may be off topic but why get gay?

ea2578 No.121660

File: 8d32eeebd21adf1⋯.png (499.46 KB, 651x538, 651:538, ATL_drill.png)

"Drill" at ATL on 12/7

https://www.usnews .com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2017-12-07/heavy-smoke-over-atlanta-airport-part-of-fire-training-drill?usn_tw

1a80f2 No.121661


I see a lot of people saying this isn't Q. What's the consensus fake or real?

afbf68 No.121662


get on this anon

e31636 No.121663


The 404 was for the Executive Order for election investigations.

d84236 No.121664


It was only for us. No coincidences.

99de71 No.121665


BISHOP doesn't mean catholic.

It's the chess piece - the BISHOP

Time to play chess bois and work out who represents each piece.

b9d08e No.121666


That sounds so cool ..

1d4a25 No.121667

File: 0f18f9022f6a09f⋯.png (314.06 KB, 569x546, 569:546, 2017-12-18 23_09_29-MAGA P….png)

877188 No.121668


Lather rinse repeat. Ihope ur not a clown.

420fe9 No.121669

File: 265bfa8598f3811⋯.png (17.86 KB, 463x425, 463:425, 1510671952999.png)


Already in my dude

fc4520 No.121670


Real. It's his second tripcode after a bit of a scare with the first one right before the weekend.

4f086a No.121671


Very dangerous. (((globalists))) have engineered a powderkeg of social racial and economic unrest that is near collapse or near heavy civil war level tension. The public is both a hostage and weapon to derail the entire effort to crush (((them)))

We are still on very thin ice.

We must succeed and win, and truth will reveal itself. Dedicate yourself to real news, not MSM. You will see DC getting gutted publicly RIGHT NOW.

Remember - Q said we are witnessing political upheaval and public gutting of deep state.

It is happening NOW.

68c587 No.121672


The opposing side is being told, "surrender or die"

205c72 No.121673


Thank you.

6e4c00 No.121674


Is the investigation over? Mission accomplished?

cb32a7 No.121675

In 1959 Pres. Eisenhower signed an ex. order allowing the fringe only in military buildings. During the Iraq war Pres. Bush signed an ex. order outlawing the fringe because of the actions of the French toward the USA.

And Custer used it at Little Big Horn.


877188 No.121676


Or Surname.

a95a71 No.121677


I see no reason why it wouldn't be legit

eb9af0 No.121678


Dun did

Read the (OP) Bishop = The man of Soros

c1aebf No.121679

bbf227 No.121680


here yall go- this is still live. plz archive elsewhere


18b377 No.121681

World's slowest happening.

e83697 No.121682


Tracey Beanz went through that. It was executive order that related to releasing of Presidential records i believe. So, bishop in Hussein admin (Rice, Powers, McCabe),etc? CNN - Cooper?

205c72 No.121683

Bishops are one of the most valuable pieces in Chess. Bishops are no joke. Not skippy.

My final guess is GS only time will tell

1a80f2 No.121684


Thanks that's what I thought

4f086a No.121685




Anyone have and idea which WH link Q is referring to here?

26f605 No.121686


not "calling him out"

Alerting him.

Grassley is leading much of the challenge to the FBI

c360a7 No.121687



c4eea4 No.121688

File: 8daeacda784c191⋯.jpeg (181.98 KB, 1536x913, 1536:913, 609A44EE-6550-497D-B4DF-2….jpeg)

205c72 No.121689

82d434 No.121690

House of cards.

12 deals rejected (today alone).

Panic in DC.


Enjoy the show.


e83697 No.121691


Better get baking new bread..this shit is rising fast…

f15f38 No.121692


404 Error ?

e5f174 No.121694


any thoughts on Maersk shipping containers, Uranium, contraband, CA -> EU -> Asia? HEU out, depleted comes back for re-enrichment?

afbf68 No.121695


bishop, rooks second only to queeen

854b3a No.121696


the whitehouse.gov link to EO 13799 went 404 a couple days ago

one q had linked

79c33f No.121697


Bishops move at a tangent to the rest of the pieces


b16c96 No.121699


The Show Must Go On!!! Thank you

fc4520 No.121700


I get it. The 404 means the executive order had finally been carried out since we have Georgie boy right where we want him. The voter fraud announcement must be imminent.

04313d No.121701


Eligio Bishop?

http://www. cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/costa-rica-nature-boy-melanation-eligio-bishop-alex-raposo-1.4360235

226c6e No.121702

File: 3c5ca90b9ee93eb⋯.jpg (333.05 KB, 864x594, 16:11, 1406675928181.jpg)



How public is this going to be, Q?

6e4c00 No.121704


House coming down for sex abuse? Will Imran sing?

eb9af0 No.121705

>>121671 Meh..without Soros money - brotha ain't gonna get out of bed and go out in cold.

Crazy ass crackers!

6f315c No.121706

dc452e No.121707


Mueller was disinfo.

Disinfo about disinfo being disinfo.

Being disinfo.

Sessions was put on the Earth for this purpose.

afbf68 No.121708


>House of cards.

love it

e63b83 No.121709


They are all running scared and they are going to squeal on each other?

18b377 No.121710

Forescore and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this chan a great happening. But it took so godamn long most people gave up and went home.

75b457 No.121711


The Qountdown's On!!

fd2663 No.121712

File: 7376f02525e6661⋯.jpg (538.12 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, IV.jpg)

Hey Q, if you would, which piece will be used against them next?

205c72 No.121713


Ah did it mix up Bishop and rooks value?

91b072 No.121714


tony podesta?

art laundering?

81cf8f No.121715


DJT redid the whitehouse website… was part of the transition no conspiracy here

50d819 No.121716


Everyone else can, but I’m not believing it yet. After everything that happened, I’m not trusting so easily. Will have to do more to prove it’s legit.

c4eea4 No.121717


Why the gold fringe?

65eb72 No.121718


Please, American Nuremberg. It's the only way.

68c587 No.121719

File: 514b73a68204309⋯.jpg (392.5 KB, 1440x2229, 480:743, IMG_20171024_061705.jpg)



8e2656 No.121720


Q please take two minutes to read my petition https://8ch.net/cbts/res/120430.html#120530

205c72 No.121721


My guess is victory

867fc1 No.121722


Real. Def new trip code

4f086a No.121723


>Q !UW.yye1fxo

DC is a dreary place these days.

Sessions and potus sure put up a good show.

We got a front row seat. Let's do our part.

c360a7 No.121724


Maritime Law

877188 No.121725


That's easier. I know his character. & argued for it.

e5f174 No.121726


I always had faith in Sessions. The "mean words" were all part of the show!

please touch on >>121694 … if you can


0b72c7 No.121727



https://www. whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/05/11/presidential-executive-order-establishment-presidential-advisory

e63b83 No.121728



2f547c No.121729


that's OK, me neither. Live close by Amtrak train derailment Dupont. nothing new for Amtrak as you know. friends JBLM nothing reporting. namefag??

61b5a9 No.121730



We know

We do

We will

We're making MAPS: >>>/cbts/119941

683ac4 No.121731

Q what are your thoughts re Alien Disclosure?

4fe0a4 No.121732


I have always stood by sessions, tho not always easy!

some times stressful!

0038b0 No.121734

Need a new bread

afbf68 No.121735

f98a5f No.121736


We don't rest until it is on CNN.

fc4520 No.121738


Extending my heartfelt gratitude to you and the team. And I'll be awaiting Sessions' mic drop.

b671f5 No.121739

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