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File: acded6acfb9d5aa⋯.png (450.23 KB, 635x415, 127:83, clownshoes.png)

8e9283  No.258430

Q posts from Jan 5th onwards are a LARP

Greetings skeptical anons. Q has not posted on any boards since as far back as Jan 4th and possibly even earlier - Jan 2nd. In this thread I will present absolute proof of this in the form of IP logs, style analysis and content analysis as well as some screenshots taken from some namefagging clowns' Discord server. The implications are disturbing of course: it means that the move to /thestorm/ and then the almost immediate second move to /greatawakening/ and /qresearch/ were not Q but a deliberate splitting tactic caused by disinformation. A few of you have realized this to your credit.

Let's get started.

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8e9283  No.258431

File: 015e96c149c595f⋯.png (97.8 KB, 509x189, 509:189, FakeQ.png)

File: 8dced700f830313⋯.png (248.75 KB, 1034x581, 1034:581, bakery-fakeq.png)

Let's take a look at a post made on 1/1 - pic related. It was very quickly deleted. We also have a screenshot of the CBTS Bakery mods discussing this post as well - in private chat. The post is fake for a number of reasons:

- It doesn't have a space between the Q and the trip

- 'Forced to use old tripcode' is a lie. This was just a LARPer who didn't have the password for the newer one yet.

- 'Loss of access' is a lie. This was posted on the board and then deleted. Access was just fine.

- It makes ridiculous claims like 'the operation has been compromised from the start' and 'Presidency has been compromised.'

- It was deleted.

- Q had already moved to the new tripcode and could use it according to the whitelist at the time.

- It was made soon after an anon on 4/pol announced he was getting close to cracking that password - which as we now know is 'Matlock.'

It is very suspicious that the only screenshot of this post just happened to be made by a baker working with someone who has used the phrase 'compromised from the start' several times in conversation with me, despite being complete nonsense. Q has posted on this board hundreds of times and given all sorts of confirmation, including having a dig at Lynn de Rothschild browsing #57 BEFORE she started her drunken rant. Compare this post by 'Q' with this post from the real author here >>240045 and my answers to him here >>240374

The Jan 1 deleted post by 'Q' is a fake post by Breadb0x or one of his little clown friends in the namefag circle-jerk that is The Storm Bakery - second pic related.

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8e9283  No.258434

File: 858c9dee308530b⋯.png (99.72 KB, 1106x332, 553:166, getting-close.png)

File: ef87a961c7ae38b⋯.png (86.83 KB, 1032x835, 1032:835, fakeqisfake.png)

Someone posting to 4/pol from an Australian IP was getting very close to cracking Q's second tripcode as early as 1 Jan. Single hash tripcodes can be cracked with enough hardware since they are just base64 encoded SHA-1 MD5 hashes of the password and a salt using PHP's crypt() function (the salt and the trip is calculated the same way on 4chan and 8chan hence why Q's first tripcode is the same across both sites).

EDIT: Some inaccuracies corrected here.

The Jan 5th Q posts

Second pic is the IP logs for the 'Q' posts on Jan 5th. This screenshot shows Jan 5 to Jan 6. You can snag the original file here and check for yourself:

https:// anonfile.com/bckfy7d0b4/IP___2a_07_Jf2NlqipK9uxPqmL9NqPxOUPLEoJAYeEZMd1olbKG1ZGpAlYvepD6.html

These are the only posts made from this IP on the whole of this board. The IP is obfuscated of course but the hash is unique. That directly contradicts what 'Q' is saying in #251626 :

>Trip !2n is fake.

>IP today is same as always and secured.

>If mods are stating otherwise board is compromised.


Nope. I was just telling the truth about what I saw in the logs which is that these were the only posts. In fact I called it out straight away while this was all happening right here: >>251685 - that this was not Q and that his second trip had probably been cracked. Breadb0x's reply is quite revealing: he uses the word 'compromised' for the 157th time in conversation and his conclusion doesn't follow at all because he's an illiterate teen fag who thinks that repeating key phrases over and over makes them somehow true.

This was not Q posting and there are some more reasons why below.

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8e9283  No.258439

File: 0630181216965aa⋯.png (31.87 KB, 677x282, 677:282, codefag.png)

This anon here >>258225 gets it and so I have copied part of his post in here:

Honestly, a few of those posts seem like total bullshit. Q would never waste his precious time trying so hard to verify himself.

The two posts, one earlier saying

>>Posted one time today.

>>No other platforms used.

>>No comms privately w/ anyone.

>>Don't get lost.


Then there is the other one AGAIN needing to prove his authenticity to us for some reason (projecting in my opinion.) Stating his number of posts in an attempt to verify himself. Why would he say 4-5? He would state his exact number of posts if he was worried about verification that much. Which would of been that, that was his fifth post. This is a moment of uncertainty that Q would never post. He/She always has a purpose and certainty about their posts, this just seems like they were scared to post the wrong number of posts and be called out so they put 4-5 instead of saying that they posted four times already.

The third post is what makes me most skeptical because it sounds so unlike any drop I've ever read. The line

>>Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infliltrate at highest level to destroy from within?

Sounds like the most Larpy bullshit ever.

Then there is posting the account numbers with the last digits shown. That would literally bust who they are targeting. Would be teenager-tier OPSEC. Plus, we would need access to private financial documents to verify a crumb like this. This was all supposed to be verified through the news if people remember that…

When Q posts real information about "OPS" it has usually been in a stringer or something verifiable by tweet or news. There is no verifying this crap. Again, Q asking a Board Owner to verify if the site is still "safe/auth".

Again this gives away the larp. Q is supposed to have a military background and I would bet my granny a person with a military background would say "secured." Q should also know the limits of the BO to being able to actually verify the "safe/auth" of the whole website.

>>Trip !2n is fake.

>>IP today is same as always and secured.

>>If mods are stating otherwise board is compromised.


Again needing to establish his credibility for some reason.

I've noticed that when Q would use to post, or at least earlier on into this thing, even with questions about his authenticity he would post with an air of expecting to be believed. He would rarely try to prove his authenticity. Only when it affected his posting did we have problems with the Tripcode.

The way Q talks uses more "proper" or I guess has a higher quality vocabulary than this poster. That's my opinion on the matter but whatever.

Saying God bless each and every one of you instead of just God Bless. I also don't get how the post on top would verify the board is compromised and the trip is safeguarded. Thats something an admin would have to do right?


Thank you anon. It's also worth noting that I've had two long conversations with Dr. Jerome Corsi who's been doing sterling work decoding Q's stringers for us and he agreed that these posts are not real.

Other major style issues

- FAR TOO MANY CAPITALIZED WORDS. Go read the map for yourself and see how seldom Q puts words in CAPS. Now compare with this so-called drop.

- Meaningless phrases:

"We anticipated life to be short on each platform given verification and message spreading rapidly" - strange thing to say on a board with over a quarter of a million comments and hundreds of Q posts in less than two months.

"We can limit outside exposure but cannot protect against internals" - means nothing, like a teenager has read a few Q posts and thinks he knows what they sound like.

- Illiteracy and lack of logic:

"There will be no further posts on this board under this ID.

This will verify the trip is safeguarded and in our control.

This will verify this board is compromised."

Yeah right. What he says here verifies nothing. It's almost as if … it's not Q. It's certainly not an adult serving at the pleasure of the President.

Tripcodes and board integrity

Since more than half of you seem to be as illiterate as young Breadb0x here, let me explain some basics:

- Tripcodes are generated by putting a password in the name field of a post. That's it. They have nothing to do with how moderators log in or how BOs run boards. Anyone can use a trip on boards that have them enabled.

- Codemonkey really did a number on us when he changed the algorithm for generating super secure trips. Instead of being able to convince anons that fake Q was fake, I spent hours trying to convince them that it was really the BO and not some larper.

- Let the record reflect that Codemonkey is either being blackmailed by Clowns or is just fucking useless at what he does. Pic related. Because all of the posts by 'Q' on /thestorm/ are from this exact same IP. All of them. See for yourself here:

https:// anonfile.com/39k9ydd6b6/IP___2a_07_Jf2NlqipK9uxPqmL9NqPxOUPLEoJAYeEZMd1olbKG1ZGpAlYvepD6-thestorm.html

Yes I am a mod on /thestorm/.

And where are we now? Four boards, three of which have a fake Q posting on them and a fourth where Q is deleting his own posts.

Wake the fuck up. Do you think everyone is going to be executed by the end of this month and things will all fix themselves? Of course not. We're in it for the long haul anons. That means we need to go on the offensive. And I think we can get started with a few doxings soon. Because I've fucking had enough of little LARPers interfering with the most important intelligence operation in history.

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35f712  No.258458

anons welcome here?

35f712  No.258478

How come you haven't re-edited these posts? That's what you usually do to demonstrate authenticity.

8e9283  No.258479

35f712  No.258481


Wow. I mean, not even shills are here!! Everything was so weird around the 5th. Whatever happened, and I'm still researching, I'm convinced that you were totally blindsided by the whole affair. I've shared this link abroad. Expect company to visit here today or tomorrow.

35f712  No.258482


i.e. other skeptics who have been waiting for this information.

83211c  No.258483


Lol, between this and the cianigger A.I >>258053 I'm not sure what's going on with this whole Q buisness.


Well of course, the shills migrated to shilling /qresearch/ where they for sure have cianigger mods on their team. It helps this board is unlisted too.

59e63a  No.258484

clas_EO = Explosive ordinance?

Find missing [3] Missing Nukes?

35f712  No.258485


Thanks, Anon, I didn't know that this was unlisted.

I found this through the /cbts/.

35f712  No.258486

I remember this post from BO. >>240463

Fits in with the timeframe.

83211c  No.258487

File: 2611dad256e1ab2⋯.png (127.04 KB, 513x600, 171:200, 2611dad256e1ab2b720d10ad5d….png)

eebfe3  No.258488

new posts form mabye Q on the great awakening… who knows … ha let the confusion continue

35f712  No.258489

File: a72ead178fe6102⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 231x360, 77:120, AAA.jpg)

8e9283  No.258490

File: ddc65abf9b15aad⋯.png (151.24 KB, 765x459, 5:3, clowns.png)

File: 598e9db6f617a13⋯.png (129.03 KB, 792x619, 792:619, trusty-linkedin.png)

File: 1560505c8186d77⋯.png (41.69 KB, 817x410, 817:410, trusty-details.png)

To the Wizards and the Warlocks and the real Q


I know you're watching. You need to do something about this impersonator on /greatawakening/. The six people in this Discord closed chat (first pic) are almost certainly responsible for this in one way or another as my posts above demonstrate. The only information I have about Breadbox is that he's semi-literate, 19, black, overweight and lives about an hour south of Seattle. Voice sample of him here: https://anonfile. com/V7rfyed0b5/bb1.mp3

But TrustyJAID (sometimes LordTrustyJAID) on Discord is James Derksen from Edmonton, AB. Full dox are attached. He is either a Clown or a Clown asset and is heavily involved in this. I don't know if you needed this help. But if you did, here it is. I have a digital forensics consulting background and have worked closely with law enforcement before so I have no problem testifying as an expert witness should it be required in future.

To the other anons: you know I don't condone contacting James in any way or making his life a complete fucking misery for completely fucking up this board and the entire Q drops. I hope you have some self-control. If you don't, then at least let us all know how you got on.

We are /cbts/.

We serve at the pleasure of POTUS and the real Q.

Do not fuck with us.

- The Board Owner and co.

Post last edited at

5a15a6  No.258493

Has post-5th jan Q predicted anything that can be checked?

8e9283  No.258503

File: 3251d7cae55a24e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 3750x5000, 3:4, 926f16e9751ca9ace669dc4821….png)


Yes - pic related. But predicted by Clowns and caused by Clowns explains this quite well. An anon on 4/pol was not happy with what really went down during the scare and he was in a position to know. Screencaps of his suspicions welcome - I saw it and didn't save it.

bce87b  No.258504

yeah, how do you reconcile Julian Assange's a activity as of late?

8e9283  No.258507


Is there any specific prediction from LARPer Q about Assange? Let's see it.

8e9283  No.258533

File: 11765e831a34f97⋯.png (243.31 KB, 1574x423, 1574:423, hawaii-ff.png)



8b70ae  No.258547

Q is Julian Assange. MegaAnon was Q's unwitting operative. You gotta read this shit.


d263f5  No.258548







because the BO has debunked the fake post-Jan 2 Qs, i only put these in the thread:

How to stop being a TI and protect yourself!:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ targeted individual scattering frequency version 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T7ltlzscck radio and microwave protection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo terminate a.i. nanobots

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w t.i. remote soft kill shield: REMOVES many electronic harassments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXpfPwDVa70 stop r.e.p.t.i.l.i.a.n. alliance mind body takeover (video title)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWxuQphPCWI r.e.p.t.i.l.i.a.n. archon (ankle-biters) protection prayer (of the true light)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nRGiNKae8U banish universal predators

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k white and golden light protection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss subconscious mind purger version 2 – clean your universe (very very powerful do not overdo it, only 1 time per day for 5 days, rest, and then do it again if you want)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o etheric flush extraction, will purge and clean your etheric body

each one has instructions

these are very powerful, i trust the drvirtual7, sapien medicine and quadible integrity.

channels which AREN'T to be trusted are: dr dhyaanguru, mind power, mind audio central, meditative mind.

peace, please use this. you are safe. you are strong. you are sovereign. you are divine and no one can hurt you if you don't deem it so. you are a CREATOR. YOU ARE ONE WITH THE INFINITE SOURCE AND THE INFINITE SOURCE IS ONE WITH YOU.

4aa86c  No.258555







- FAKE Q POSTS ARE BEING MADE TO DISTORT THE Q WORDS! Q posted about Loop bank and the fake posts modify what he said and tell people not to look into Loop Bank!!





Nobody knows who cloud monkey is, so how can anyone, even Q, trust him and expose all people posting on boards which allow porn etc?

Ask yourselves everyone, can such a place be really trusted?

Now, each board has it´s own mods. So if the ban is taking place ACROSS THE BOARD on ALL boards, this indicates that ALL BOARDS have been compromised by the clowns!!

The Clowns in America, warned to us by Q, have taken-over all boards. The are attacking, monitoring, harassing, calling others clowns, mocking and ridiculing. All this to attempt to protect themselves from being exposed for the true clowns they are. Just as someone posted, it is best to pick up your stuff and run, it is not safe to post anywhere on the chans only to be doxed by The Clowns in America…

And we have noticed that after posting on these boards, our connection drops if we post about the clowns or expose them. They are hacking people´s connections!! THERE IS A WAR FOR THE TRUTH GOING-ON!!

And notice how the nay sayers will say NAH, DO NOT WORRY, the IP problem is no big problem. These are the clowns themselves saying this, to attempt to cover-up what they are doing!!

And the fact that these are porn sites already gives it away completely….why would anyone legit want to post here?

4aa86c  No.258558


You are the fake board owner who claimed that Q's tripcode was fake!

How is this thread still standing?

4aa86c  No.258559


Now I see you are the real board owner but your trip codes changed because Cloud Monkey has been compromised by The Clowns. Sorry.

New post edited by board owner today proving Clowns have hacked Q tripcode and that all current Q posts are fake:


4aa86c  No.258560

File: ca64defe1f09744⋯.png (87.51 KB, 196x256, 49:64, GlowingClown_1b.png)

All current Q posts are a LARP.

Code Monkey has been compromised by The Clowns.


da7ae0  No.258562


The Q posts today were way way off.. Q never talked like that ever! LARP FOR SURE! 1/13 Q @greatawakening sounded like Q but not today, No way!

4aa86c  No.258563



New post edited by board owner today proving Clowns have hacked Q tripcode and that all current Q posts are fake:





Jan 5th Q onwards is a LARP - proof !!






Fake Q saying to trust Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is doing NOTHING about The Uranium Crime Syndicate and MANY other crimes of the cabal! Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions are trying to make it look like it is only Uranium One when in reality IT IS MUCH BIGGER THEN THIS and has been going-on now for 18 years! Many actors involved!

Fake Q saying to trust Wray.

Wray slow-footed the Enron case and as a result, many died. How can someone like that be trusted?

Fake Q saying to trust Mueller?

Mueller is the chief agent of The Uranium Crime Sydicate, protects Jihadists terrorists and has done so in the past, is protecting his terrorists Uzbeki truckers, covered-up 9-11, is trying to impeach Trump, is going after ALL of his associates and you expect us to believe this bull crap?


THIS IS A CLOWNS IN AMERICA ENTRAPTMENT SCHEME and you all have fallen for it hook line and sink!

Have you seen ANY ARRESTS at all lately?

Do you not think that if there are really 9,000 + people going to be indicted that you would not have seen arrests by now?

4aa86c  No.258564



New post edited by board owner today proving Clowns have hacked Q tripcode and that all current Q posts are fake:





9365bd  No.258566

So the proof for our case is:

-IP has changed

33d7c6  No.258567

4aa86c  No.258568


No, it has nothing to do with that.

See the evidence posted.

And more people are agreeing.


The Q posts today were way way off.. Q never talked like that ever! LARP FOR SURE! 1/13 Q @greatawakening sounded like Q but not today, No way!


4aa86c  No.258569


No, it has nothing to do with that.

See the evidence posted.

And more people are agreeing.


The Q posts today were way way off.. Q never talked like that ever! LARP FOR SURE! 1/13 Q @greatawakening sounded like Q but not today, No way!



9365bd  No.258570


So the evidence is based upon the posts being "way off"? Link to all the evidence please.

(Banned - asking for links to evidence in a thread full of evidence)

4aa86c  No.258571


You need to really look into it before you jump to such conclusions based upon past events which now have changed and we have new evidence and analysis proving that the new Q is a larp.

See post above and study more details on this.


4aa86c  No.258573


I have provided some of the links. It is way more complex then that. Let the BO explain it when he comes back…. even he had problems with his trip code because of the monkey working for the clowns and messing things up..

And now the monkey has created a cross all board ban for people who are exposing the crimes of the clowns…it is no longer the board owner doing it but the forum owner!!

The new Q is a Clowns in America larp who has colluded with the board owner who most likely was paid off to help with this!!

8e9283  No.258581


Here we see the larval form of the Clown, posting freely on this board with his very own tripcode. Study this specimen well anons. Learn to recognize it.

8e9283  No.258583


GTFO retard.

8e9283  No.258584



Yeah I'd like some proof that I've been compromised, retard.

d263f5  No.258591


tor! and vpns if you can't use it!

bfc2c1  No.258593


Code Monkey is imposing the ban across all boards on this, not the mods. You mis-understood what I am saying. Please read it again. Code Monkey changed the super secure trip code verification method and compromised the forums. Now, when we post evidence of the crimes of the clowns, evidence that they have taken over Q research, and evidence that the new Q is a larp, I get banned immediately across all boards! So I know it is not the mods doing it for this reason, because each board has different mods. This is proof also that code monkey is the one doing this.

I know that Q research is compromised because the bans start there first. They seem to be working with code monkey and with the clowns to ban and attack anyone who exposes this scheme they have set-up.

bfc2c1  No.258594


>Read through what we wrote again, Code Monkey changed the super secure trip code verification method and this forced Q to loose access to his account, allowed for the clown hacker to set-up a new Q trip code and exclude Q….

typo corrected…

bfc2c1  No.258595


Please we did not say you are compromised, we are defending and supporting your finds mod. Please read what I just posted.

bfc2c1  No.258596


As soon as that turd asked for evidence to be posted, when it is all over this board, I noticed he is a clown. So good catch mod.

bfc2c1  No.258597


That is the only way I am able to get around the code monkey bans across all boards. Code monkey is a fag, has been compromised by clowns…..most likely paid off….

bfc2c1  No.258598


Good catch. Another glowing clown ass wipe is claiming Q is Julian Assange.

Now the clowns have posted tons of fake information on about 20 boards, all using the new fake Q trip code.

The real Q is not able to come to explain what has happened as he no longer has access to his account because of the code monkey change of the supra code to the trip code verification method. So the real Q has been excluded since December 15th.

I was carrying on a conversation with Q however on another board while the real Q had his trip code hacked here. That is why the fake Q is claiming there have been no communications on other boards, to try to prevent us from releasing Q drops on other boards.

And notice how the fake Q has changed the story on N. Korea. The original Q explained that Space X built the N. Korea missile program. New Q claims that Space X and Musk are protecting the US from N. Korea.

I figured-out what happened with the Hawaai incident also:

The Hunt for Red October Q tip cracked!!!


bfc2c1  No.258599

This thread was started with the thought that Q was back but then we found-out yesterday that the new Q is a larp, a pretender. He mixes truth with lies.

So this thread explains what is going on also, towards the end of the thread:

Q is Back!!


bfc2c1  No.258600

When we started this thread, we were immediately attacked by the clowns:


Now we figured-out we were right all along.

Now when we pose all of this info on the Q research board, we immediately get a ban across all boards on the chans, proof that it is code monkey doing it. Code Monkey most likely is the mod of the new Q research board so he is the one imposing the bans across all boards.

bfc2c1  No.258601

We posted a list of all the clown's crimes on the Q research board and that resulted in a ban across all boards.

We also posted evidence that the clowns have taken-over Q research and we received a ban across all boards for that also.

If we expose the clowns inside Q research threads, we get the immediate ban also.

Q research has become compromised and the new fake Q is posting over there.

The clowns were helping us on this thread, until we figured them out:

Q is Back!!


Now that we have exposed them, they have not come back to that thread. Rather, the thread now is being used to expose the fake Q.

fe3a95  No.258602


As soon as we posted this info above, the clowns hacked our less secure posting method, causing our connection to drop, so we had to change IDs now….more evidence that all of the above is true….

fe3a95  No.258603

And the clowns at Q research do not allow for total anon posting…more proof that board has been compromised…it is even dangerous to post over there….

cadf55  No.258606


Hey faggot, explain why you were a part of the blockchain larp and why it went nowhere.>>258567

I'm also wondering why Q isn't naming the jew at all. Israel is enemy number 1.

d7028b  No.258607


Thank you for this analysis - more investigation needed on my side before I can confirm. Codemonkey only announced super secure trips on 2nd Jan though so I don't think you're correct there.

fe3a95  No.258609

The clowns may have purchased the chans.


That would explain code monkey compromise!!

fc08cf  No.258617



Your information is exceedingly poor and a waste of time. It has been deleted to reduce the overall glow effect in here.

fc08cf  No.258618


I spy with my little eye something that looks like well poisoning. You have provided NO evidence the hacks took place on the 15th.

Go away or I'll ban all TOR connections - just for you.

7758c6  No.258625

To all the December 15th fags

You're wrong for a number of reasons:

- Codemonkey only introduced super-secure trips in very early Jan. Check /sudo/ if you don't believe me.

- POTUS gave the most spectacular confirmation of Q yet when he live-copied some anon's comment into his Twitter. Go check http://qcodefag. github.io and post 449. Q cannot have been compromised on the 15th if this happened on the 23rd Dec - and it did.

- Q's tripcode change on /pol/ on the 15th used previous known good IP addresses. It was him.

No-one has provided any evidence at all that Q was compromised on the 15th. It's just the opposite in fact - we know it was him. No I'm not a clown or a LARP as this whole thread shows quite clearly.

Take your agenda somewhere else - it isn't helping anyone.

7758c6  No.258632

Hmmm - I bet I can delete these posts faster than you can type them Quinn. Or is it Jason doing the typing?

7758c6  No.258635


a : an outward sign : indication

b : something that furnishes proof

I need some. You don't have any.

Tor posters are banned for the next 24 hours.

b7de0a  No.258897

File: 8c7b8872ca84823⋯.png (75.29 KB, 1371x362, 1371:362, multiple-devices-needed-Q.png)

File: d0ad92856cb0720⋯.png (119.21 KB, 1327x839, 1327:839, real-q-IP.png)

File: 859a121a7c907a7⋯.png (148.45 KB, 1297x897, 1297:897, larperq.png)

File: f10f9083fb2a44a⋯.jpeg (169.84 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5079a9837111ee7db116a28c0….jpeg)


> Board owner in /cbts/ deleted posts and then lied about the IP address.

I didn't lie about the IP. Here's proof for the watching real Q team and the Wizards and Warlocks (and any anons with an IQ over 60): first pic is Q on the 22nd Dec confirming he's always used more than one device. Second pic is the log of all the posts from one of Q's known IPs - we know it's him because it has his trip and includes the bombshell post with the highly damning directory listing of Anthony Weiner's laptop with the entire murder of Seth Rich and subsequent coverup in sequence order. Original HTML file here:

https://anonfile. com/acg30bd5b4/IP___2a_07_Vg0mi2j5K2lmCDl3Xs6DXO22HHcWIPrrBY6UQX_Hi7UF7qtHS52Pq.html

Notice some things about this log:

1. It doesn't have all of Q's posts from the period. The Dec 25th posts aren't here for example. This is not a mystery - Q has used more than one device to post from since the very beginning and has said so a few times.

2. Last known good Q based on IP was in fact January 4th.

3. The IP hash from known good Q doesn't match Q's IP hash from the 5th of Jan - third pic related - despite this 'Q' claiming:

>Trip !2n is fake.

>IP today is same as always and secured.

>If mods are stating otherwise board is compromised.


Trip !2n was an error entering the password mousebrain. Read the map - he explains what happened.

IP today is same as always and secured? You fucking moron Breadbox. Not only are you too stupid to have read the previous drops that TOLD YOU that Q has ALWAYS used multiple devices to post on the chans (4th pic related from the time I locked him out so he would change his old trip), but you're the one that's clearly lying here - this IP hash doesn't even remotely match the one from known good Q. So it a) can't have been the same as always and b) isn't even the same as this Jan 5th one. In fact if you look carefully at the hashes of two ordinary posters - yours and mine for example - you'll see that the first half of them match. Q's hash on the other hand is entirely different because he has an IP address from one of the blocks reserved for MIL use, probably because they have a different class A address.

Case fucking closed you illiterate fag.

Question: what was in the deleted posts on /greatawakening/? Spelling mistakes? Did you have second thoughts? Did you fuck it up like the deleted Q post where you claimed the Presidency was compromised and then freaked out that maybe no-one would buy that? Moron.

6795df  No.259023

BO, much appreciation for your work here and with the /cbts board in general. You have a thankless job and took a lot of crap from anons and famefags. It was extremely fascinating while it lasted, but so sad to see Q go.

I took a hiatus from all this after what went on during the 5th. I came back to find out about the greatawakening and qresearch boards. And wouldn't you know it, (((Q))) himself is posting memes about Maxine Waters and links to youtube videos. Absolutely dreadful, anyone who has followed the CBTS posts should see it's fake from a mile away. I found this thread and you cleared up the smoke for me, so thanks.

I would like to ask a small favor though. Been following the Q posts since very early Nov. on half chan and still like to dig into the crumbs that Q dropped and connect some dots. Could you please post or link what you determined to be the real Q's final post? Thanks in advance.

f19e5c  No.259024

Not a Mormon, fix this Rabbi.

8be4fe  No.259025


Thank you anon, yeah it was fun while it lasted. The LARP is getting very obvious now: memes, links to JewTube, fake emails from Wikileaks, no intel, ENDLESS FUCKING CAPS, stringers that make no sense at all and no predictions whatsoever. Not Q.

This logfile here shows the last known good Q was Jan 4:

https://anonfile. com/acg30bd5b4/IP___2a_07_Vg0mi2j5K2lmCDl3Xs6DXO22HHcWIPrrBY6UQX_Hi7UF7qtHS52Pq.html

Original post here: >>239349 - same IP address as the post from Dec 25th with the AW directory listing.

If you go to http://qcodefag. github.io you'll see it as post #462. Anything after that is the LARP and can be safely ignored.

fe3a95  No.259026

ATTENTION (message from Europe / conservatists)

Twitter has engaged fully political modus.

They maintain white and blacklists.

Not all people are aware of "Shadowbanning".

What is shadowbanning? It was used for spammers and POLITICAL unwanted users to take away their voice and influence on the Twitter platform. These users are tagged (might be sold to other Deep State agencies and nations around the world).

Right now: CONSERVATIVES are tagged on Twitter.

They don't see anything wrong with their timeline, they can read, Tweet as life is normal. But meanwhile (if Shadowbanned) nobody can read your Tweets unless searched for specifically. Your name and Tweets disappear from the public timeline and searchengine.

Your voice is muted. Your influence (to Twitter general audience) is zero. You are the only person who sees your Tweets if Shadowbanned (which also means that you're automatically graylisted by the agencies).

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It means the meme wars organized here on the boards might not as effective as you think! They are reading along and download the memepacks which are fed into a AI helper script to find all your 1000's of accounts and isolate you in a bubble. This avoids you from going trending.

This isn't very democratic. It's also about Twitter being a highly political instrument. And they do it in a way that the common user is not aware of what's going on. They stay on Twitter and keep using the platform.

It is time people on Socialmedia and Twitter need to be informed about the political Shadowbanning. Spread the word to avoid people from wasting their efforts.

8dbbef  No.259048


Proof Q was compromised December 14th.

8dbbef  No.259049


It is not December 15th only but on the 14th Q was compromised also. Just posted evidence.

So you are wrong, Q was compromised on the 14th, then on the 15th and ever since a fake Q has been posting. It did not happen on January 05th as you keep suggesting. You need to stop mocking others and do your homework truly, if you want to do the truth a favor.

a6e179  No.259062


Fuck off Schlomo. A handful of random real and fake Q posts is no evidence at all.

a6e179  No.259063

File: 211610f00f8914f⋯.png (70.7 KB, 240x240, 1:1, breadbox.png)

The LARP is showing

To the dozen or so hardcore anons still browsing this board: are you tired of 'Q' posting stupid memes, links to JewTube, predictions that don't come true, paragraphs from Wikipedia, [random words] in square brackets and OBVIOUS BULLSHIT COMMENTS IN ALL CAPS on /greatawakening/? Take it up with this guy here because he's the one doing it:

https://twitter. com/mrbreadfox

https://twitter. com/sirtrent03

Let's see how long he keeps these up. They're archived of course so taking them down won't do him much good. Anyone recognize him? Let's have a name, address and place of work in Seattle. And to the real Q - who is still around if my logs are to be believed (and I think they are) - this is your man.

919ee9  No.259065




WHAT TEH FUCK ??? Should I be worried ??

61c1a9  No.259078


Of course it is evidence. It is evidence that Q from that date forward is a larp. Why do you refuse to see this?

61c1a9  No.259079



Thanks for posting.

Check this out also –

The Storm posts -

PRINCE ALWALEED owner of Twitter, Four Seasons hotel (last floors of Mandalay Bay) and the one who organized the Vegas shooting exposed.

Partners in crime exposed within the clowns.

Gun runners exposed and informants committing terrorists crimes on U.S. soil exposed. (Think Oklahoma City bombing).

The Storm posts -


You got it kiddo.

Q fags exposed here also:










▶ Jeff Sessions exposed.

▶ Rosenstein exposed.

▶ Mueller exposed.

▶ Wray Exposed.

▶ Comey exposed.

▶ McCabe exposed.

▶ Congress exposed.

Uranium Crime Syndicate exposed.


Project Pelican exposed.


Amalgamated Bank exposed.

Loop Capital Bank exposed.

▶ Attack upon Vegas exposed.



Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates. This is the Q message decoded.


Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


Fake Q exposed.


The scumbags of the NWO defined.



The Power Structure of the NWO



61c1a9  No.259080


I watched the video and you must have provided the wrong link. Please post it again, thanks.

61c1a9  No.259081

Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel exposed here.


61c1a9  No.259083


There were even more posts both from Q and from anons on December 15th, which also confirm Q was compromised at that time and that someone took over the Q account and set-up a new Q trip code on December 15th. We have not posted this but there is evidence of this if you know how to look for the data.

If you deny it, you are not searching for the data and evidence properly.

(1 shekel has been deposited into your account)

6b4e86  No.259146

What is your problem shit head board owner? Why are you banning people for no reason you scumbag!


a6e179  No.259162


Start your own LARPer board if you don't like it asshole.

3883e3  No.259223






BO exposed.

All the freak knows how to do is delete posts and ban. LoL.


6d547d  No.259231


reposting this:


>said in a video on youtube that mods cannot see the IP addresses

said who? how can you be sure that the person that was talking in youtube was the BO? and have you seen the pictures of actual IP logs? they can be clearly seen.


bla bla bla… in the end all will be seen. it will be seen if the BO was telling the truth or not, etc etc. we can contribute meanwhile researching more and Intentioning for the True Light to succeed, and that the Non-duality is dissolved.


hrm? the current Q (as of Jan 4 as we know, logging 31/1/18 too) is a LARP indeed.


reclaim your Divine Sovereign Free Sovereignity. make high frequency things and acts.

6ef0dc  No.259238

Beanz IS Q now?

2420a2  No.259243


> it will be seen if the BO was telling the truth or not,

Hint: I have a 100% track record so far.

34c21f  No.259337



Full AGREEMENT. 'QResearch is Comped… complete PysOP




(Fuck off with this spam)

f29646  No.259348



Big wig politicians who thought they had immunity for their crimes are falling big time.

f29646  No.259349


Who said so.

c5c515  No.259357

c5c515  No.259358


Seems Like It Is Saying Apache / Dyncorp / CGI

f89c92  No.259431

Can't be a LARP since Jan, Q has continually proven his forsight and knowing of events.

I will agree that the qresearch board owner/mods deletes a lot of valid stuff and sometimes people get banned for no good reason, so he could very well be compromised.

But not Q.

4c42ea  No.259456


Got some examples of that? I haven't seen any.

bd9dcc  No.259462

In other words, the tides are turning and the stock market crashing so we need an excuse for all this bullshit spy nonsense and propaganda we're stirring up as Q

8ba121  No.259483

if you take no other message from any of this Q-business; genuine or LARP, take away that both Q and Trump are waiting for Joe & Jane Goyim to begin taking out the trash. Neither can say it, because it's difficult to remember that you came to clean the swamp, when you're up to your ass in alligators.

- there are sufficient numbers of highly trained specialized people who can hurt far more than sensitive fee-fees. may they heed the call

- the White man has his own Samson Option, and understands that none of their plans work without electricity. imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power. while this "option" is not the be all to end all; it is a major setback. those that understand, know to limit their efforts to only HVT's

- we've overslept.

8ba121  No.259484


I'll take 'Who Is John Perry Barlow' for $1 Million, Alex.

>Best of luck proving that to be a PsyOp.

e9e93e  No.259487


Yeah, he's been ill for weeks and was sinking fast. And he's had a heart attack before. Believe it or not I actually knew him personally. So no, not really impressed.

Rothschild estate? Yeah, not in the Black Forest. 1000 miles away from it in fact and it had already been written about on the 26th. So not a prediction either.

Anything else?

8ba121  No.259489

File: fa1b8a839e06ba8⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 616x499, 616:499, oh rearee.jpg)


So, Barlow was on his last leg and could pass any second, in 6 months, a year or five years; but, somehow, magically, a name pulled out of the air from the 350 Million people in the US, was a dead ringer?

- You knew him personally. I call Bullshit! You show no sorrow for his loss as a "friend" of yours; someone you know personally.

What did he call his estate?

More questions to come that only he and his family will know; LARP'ing ass

8ba121  No.259491

File: c13abb0c55a27a3⋯.jpg (96.78 KB, 703x575, 703:575, crickets.jpg)


are you okay punkin? are you searching the internet to find the answer to an unsolvable question? Maybe you're not who you say you are, Nigger!

e9e93e  No.259495


So Clowns passed his name on to the current LARPers. Wheee. Still doesn't explain the ironclad proof in this thread that current Q is a LARPer. See, I got 95 reasons current Q is a bunch of kids on a Discord server. I got 4 or 5 things I don't know how they did. By your logic I have to throw out all the 95 because I can't explain the 5.

But don't [worry[





8ba121  No.259496


You're full of yourself. Call on someone real when it is time. Say it loud. We get things done; especially when we are on your team.

8ba121  No.259497



fuck MILINT. they, like the US Congress are feckless, pissing in the wind

e9e93e  No.259499


OK. So you're an alphabet on the side of good helping the guys who cracked Q's tripcode password by feeding them real intel. Actually, that's awesome and makes a whole lot of things make sense. In that case, can you please up your fucking game and tell them to up theirs too?

- Black Forest. It's 750 miles away from the Rothschild estate and it was in the news before Q mentioned it so it wasn't a prediction. If you're going to drop things like this, then pay attention to the details.

- The Chinese photographs. Pathetic. You want us to believe that someone went in to a room to open a window to minimize the blast? And someone walking in a car park is a VIP attending a secret meeting? GTFO. Do better.

- John Perry Barlow. Well done. That's the way to do it. I did know him by the way - I first met him at a Unix conference in 1996 in Santa Cruz.

- Style. A retarded monkey can tell you're not the same Q as before. Fix it.

e9e93e  No.259506


Much better today. Almost reads like real Q!

d00ec6  No.259507

File: d61ad24c4f4be1b⋯.jpg (692.27 KB, 2973x1821, 991:607, justice.jpg)


e9e93e  No.259513


By the way, it's redundant to say 'ask yourself' at the beginning of each question. Read the real map for pointers.

685eb4  No.259514

This new Q has a lot more free time to post vs. fighting the cabal that is apparently going down, has access to multiple avenues of destruction and uses none of them, going down quietly and and without the masses knowing.

Sounds like an HBO show. Sorry. Not buying it.

None of this makes sense. The changing of narrative every day "Q" posts. Posting photoshopped pics of the elite.

"Ask yourself, ask yourself, ask yourself".

No. How about you just fucking say something. Why send people on a wild goose chase when you have the answers and information already? To make them feel needed and important. Ego. Pride. The very things that got us into this situation.

Pride goeth before man's fall.

Never forget Proverbs, religious or not, it's an excellent statement to remember.

Too much pride on this board. Too many "awoke" bashing "normies", too much childish name-calling. Too much hate. Too much Pride.

I don't think Q is military or cia. I think it's a great larp that got lucky, and will live in infamy as far as the internet goes. Like John Tidor.

Just enough vagueness to never be completely wrong. And always keep a few sparks of interest.

a3437e  No.259519


the "newQ" is like this because it's a larpQ. Pre-Jan 4 Q is real.

68aafe  No.259562


Hello, So you are saying current Q is fake because encrypted IP address does not match previous encrypted IP address.

You do realize that IPs can be changed or spoofed right? Mostly, spoofed or changed for security reasons. So perhaps, Q is changing it up because {{{THEY}}} were close to pinpointing.

Also, I agree, the tone seems to have changed. But perhaps operations are no longer done through 8chan, and Q is using it only as a way to communicate to us. AND he sees that the anons are not able to decrypt "we may have overestimated your ability", so he's trying to help us out with easier codes.

baruchthescribe, you need to include more evidence and/or details on compromise. Also. WHY ARE YOU DOXING other chans? Unprofessional imo

fe3a95  No.259573


Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

Wonder where they derived that idea from.

Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

The end won't be for everyone.

That choice, to know, will be yours.


NSA confirmed. Q is going for "the end won't be for everyone". He refers to the Annunaki alien psyops which is enslaving humankind (and they need the Army and NSA to do it on their behalf…)

This was their plan all along since 1947

There is no cabal replacement. They will end the FED or fiat currency and introduce the cashless society giving total control over You to them…. the army… I mean the aliens.

They will actually kill the disbelievers and create a revisionist / alternate history.

e50c03  No.259574


>Hello, So you are saying current Q is fake because encrypted IP address does not match previous encrypted IP address.

That's just one of the 89 reasons he's fake.

>You do realize that IPs can be changed or spoofed right? Mostly, spoofed or changed for security reasons. So perhaps, Q is changing it up because {{{THEY}}} were close to pinpointing.

No dumbass. Q said his IP was the same as it always was. But he was lying - the IP he used to post on Jan 5th was one he'd never used before.

>Also, I agree, the tone seems to have changed. But perhaps operations are no longer done through 8chan, and Q is using it only as a way to communicate to us. AND he sees that the anons are not able to decrypt "we may have overestimated your ability", so he's trying to help us out with easier codes.

What easier codes? Q hasn't posted any riddles or puzzles worth figuring out at all.

>baruchthescribe, you need to include more evidence and/or details on compromise.

Have you actually read through this thread full of proofs, logs and screenshots? It's pretty comprehensive.

>Also. WHY ARE YOU DOXING other chans? Unprofessional imo

I'm not doxing other chans. I'm doxing individuals who I've proved to be involved.

51ed81  No.259594


Ur on the trail nice mosaic.

Need to go back to 1871 - Lincoln War powers.

Still In Place ? Why? what's it mean?

need to go back to 1776 ?

political separation but not commerce.

Commerce was established under control of the city (LonDon)

fe3a95  No.259606

in Khazar-Russia there is old saying

What happens in the back of plane doesn't stay there

Unless truth finds the good human.

There is no way to win this war.

Revelations 03:10

The world is now run by Draco reptillians

The ugly truth is Gray and Annunaki aliens inhibit the earth

Reptillians are taking over human lifeforms

People can be replaced by the reptilian during the night

You don't notice it without background knowledge

But when people you know start behaving different

This is 1 sign

It has to do with taking over the mind and body

fe3a95  No.259618

when i thought it was cia bots taking over the boards might also be russian bots running these boards or both. research board is compromised and run by them.

this jewjewjewfagging is not the cia

e049e2  No.259621


How to stop being a TI and protect yourself, alongside with how to stop the reptilian takeover!:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ targeted individual scattering frequency version 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T7ltlzscck radio and microwave protection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo terminate a.i. nanobots

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w t.i. remote soft kill shield: REMOVES many electronic harassments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXpfPwDVa70 stop r.e.p.t.i.l.i.a.n. alliance mind body takeover (video title)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWxuQphPCWI r.e.p.t.i.l.i.a.n. archon (ankle-biters) protection prayer (of the true light)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nRGiNKae8U banish universal predators

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k white and golden light protection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss subconscious mind purger version 2 – clean your universe (very very powerful do not overdo it, only 1 time per day for 5 days, rest, and then do it again if you want)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o etheric flush extraction, will purge and clean your etheric body

each one has instructions

these are very powerful, i trust the drvirtual7 and sapien medicine.

channels of MEDIUM trust are: quadible integrity.

channels which AREN'T to be trusted are: dr dhyaanguru, mind power, mind audio central, meditative mind.

peace, please use this. you are safe. you are strong. you are sovereign. you are divine and no one can hurt you if you don't deem it so. you are a CREATOR. YOU ARE ONE WITH THE INFINITE SOURCE AND THE INFINITE SOURCE IS ONE WITH YOU.

e049e2  No.259622


>russian bots

that narrative got debunked a long time ago.

b6d67a  No.259627


It must be the CIA.

Q trip-code hacked.


Now Q claims to be MIL Intel. Nobody would be able to be posting top level clearance stuff, not even MIL people, without being court- martialed. The only one that can do it is the CIA.

fe3a95  No.259632


`jews run the world`

`masons run the world`

`demons and symbols`

sound familiar?

who talks this way

nobody in intelligence

notice no real intel leaked?




all info is poison

A offended african american

fe3a95  No.259633


trulllsssss copying ideas picked up elsewhere

or massive psy ops

87310b  No.259643

Archon influence strong here

dd738b  No.259647

b57467  No.259654

Clown Q & Jeff Sessions both Larps.


Do not trust any of these Deep State shills.

55b3e3  No.259675



No one cares about your feelings here dude.

50db66  No.259732

whys the "trustyjaid" in that chat session in OP?

dudes been a mole for …awhile.

55b3e3  No.259746


I think you just answered your own question.

761d72  No.259750


You have a right to be offended. These scumbags who run the chans are Jewish thugs and criminals, coupled with neo-Nazi scum, MIl Intel gangs and others, who run the Q thing.

fe3a95  No.259764

Small ROTHSCHILD (Heli crash) thought update:

Last year 4 people were killed. They only gave away the name of a former Mossad agent and what appears to be the best flying instructor in the UK. Other 3 unknown.

Thought: are they Burning their MKULTRA agents? Are the other 3 also Mossad/CIA agents and not connected to Rothschild but the location makes it a good PSYOP.

Any rational thinking person KNOWS that if a man like Rothschild dies it would be all over the news. They are not hiding it, there is no rational common sense for this. He is not hiding, he lives in luxury estates in privacy.

Who are the other 3? Burned intelligence agents?

More likely than Rothschild himself. This is a psyop. Maybe directed by themselves!! Same for the Q ANON project, a intelligence agency Psyop operation. These agencies serve Rothschild and the elite.

They did kill a very competent military export and formed Mossad agent who was rumored the best flight instructor in the UK.

Could it be Rothschild's agents staged a False Flag against by themselves?

The news


On the topic of Black Forest/ Real Estate sale. This was a family member of the Roths. They live in luxury in New York city and didn't travel to Austria much anymore. IT IS VERY COMMON FOR PEOPLE TO SELL PROPERTY THEY DON'T USE ANYMORE.

Rich people buy and sell properties all the time.

This is also part of the PSYOP. Nobody is on the run!

Nobody is hiding!

These people are playing with your minds and using QANON as delivery boy. Nothing really came true. Wasn't Jullian Assange supposed to be freed when the world turns on 1/1/18? He is in the embassy with worsening health.

Snowden is not on a boat….. still in Russia.

All these claims of QANON are fake. The past and present Q. They are intelligence operators of the army Psyops division. They release information but no real info (this would put them in jail). If you want change you must do it yourself and form grassroots communities. Nobody will save you.

598cde  No.259818

6ec5c0  No.259907

New Q research board is saying Baruch, Cloud Monkey and others have conspired. That is crap. New Q research board is a piece of crap. Mod there is ban fag happy and the truth cannot be told.

182b79  No.259949



Now we know why Q says "trust Sessions" - they are all part of the same crime syndicate!

8ba121  No.260063

if Q doesn't awaken the masses, who will?

7e66e8  No.260064


Q won't awaken the masses because he's been a LARP from the beginning. Remember the rule of the chans: Don't believe what you read.

"Q" is Roger Stone's buddy named Craig Snyder.

685eb4  No.260065


No one. The people awake are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There's the sheep and the elite and then there's the awake (slightly smarter sheep). Stuck between both.

I still have a hard time seeing how this stuff affects a lot of people here. With generally solid lives and homes, technology, jobs, etc. Doesn't seem like enslavement to me. But I digress.

I think I'm more curious as to the result of all this when people finally do realize this Q phenom is BS. The internet will go ablaze with fuming facebook status updates because no one leaves the safety of their little homes.

And that's why this whole movement isn't real. You cannot save the world behind a computer.

0ecba7  No.260066


How do you know Q is Craig Snyder?

0ecba7  No.260067


This Q clown agent scumbag can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. The truth will out. Some of us have awoken long ago, while others cling to their fake Q hopes and to the Q lies such as "trust Sessions" and "trust Wray". Nothing could be further then the truth. Sessions is part of the Hillary - Clown crime syndicate.

7a54bc  No.260180


>Sessions is part of the Hillary - Clown crime syndicate.

The Box

https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=mrMU0aI0ChI

a2d029  No.260228

A clown agent is posting on a thread on this board, ignores all the good stuff and just focuses on the Q larp, fake religion…. definite confirmation that it is a clown agent larper…we hate that crap… it is on another thread here on Q research…

8ba121  No.260249

File: f61001202af0ce5⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 480x292, 120:73, ope is a faggot.gif)

who gives a shit nigger?

- Stop waiting for someone else to do what needs to be done

8e8247  No.260715

File: eb1f17cbd47f2cb⋯.jpeg (63.31 KB, 612x555, 204:185, 56088b1836a7ad3d8e9dbdf39….jpeg)

52f243  No.260731


Nobody will believe that. No proof, dumb.

da47c4  No.260733

Is the Board Owner still here?

46ed7f  No.260745


Don´t know, has us worried for him.

48a504  No.260757


Yep. How can I help you anon?

da47c4  No.260758


Heard your convo with Sherry and was pleased to hear your story of events, as I remember when you disappeared.

Long story short, just wondering if there is anything you're currently digging into or anything like that, either OG Q or this new Q or otherwise, that one might assist with. Honestly, I am NOT great at navigating here, so if there is an obvious answer, I apologize. Just looking for guidance, if you had any to offer.

Thanks for your time.

efe56d  No.260761


Missing BO is back!

48a504  No.260768


I've been debunking LARP Q's posts here: >>259777 when I have the time and I'm currently re-reading MegaAnon's posts on 4chan because there's quite a bit there that hasn't been fully explored IMO.

http://www. rumormillnews.com/texts/MegaAnon.txt

However, Megs was subject to a massive impersonation operation costing millions starting in November so I've been trying to determine which is really her and which isn't. She was a bloody fool to not get herself a tripcode but her circumstances may have prevented it. I've also been re-reading FBIAnon's original drops from 2016. Brenden Dilley (@Hublife on twitter) now has three sources who are leaking to him as well so I've been digging on that stuff too.

There's no new material being dropped here obviously and there's definitely nothing of worth on /qresearch/. The one thing that struck me from Megs' early stuff is she claimed that Pizzagate is the key. She said everything you need to know about the current situation and the people who are involved are in the backups of /r/pizzagate on reddit (before it was banned) and the voat /v/pizzagate forum.

You could do a lot worse than educate yourself on Pizzagate. I should put up a sticky here as well - it's very related. If you want resources, I have boatloads. I've been following it since Oct 2016.

da47c4  No.260807


It's funny because Pizzagate is actually what lead me to Q; I started by listening to Liz Crokin and others about it, including an interview with the guy who claimed to find the files on Comet Ping Pong's server and turned it into the police/FBI. Very interesting, have been wondering what ever happened to him.

I agree with all you've said regarding /qresearch/ it is a giant mess. I went from Reddit to voat and finally to here, as I was always in favor of following the advice of those who said 'If you aren't familiar with the chans its best just to stay off them.' That is, of course, until things started to go sideways and I felt like even more of a sheep than before after participating in those mediums.

I would love any resources you have, and agree that Pizzagate is a huge key to all of this, as is the research being done on the SES, not because of anything LARP Q has said but from the sheer intelligence from the folks at American Intelligence and the like. The connection between the SES and Pizzagate seems to be very important. Have you been doing much at all with that? Their resources are public and HUGE.

da47c4  No.260808


Just found the thread dedicated to the SES– so scratch that question!

48a504  No.260809


I went FBI Anon -> CFG -> Pizzagate -> Wikileaks -> MegaAnon -> Q. My pizzagate research folder is 23Gb so it might take a while to organize and present. I'll get started on it this week. I don't even know what SES stands for so, no, nothing on it :)

da47c4  No.260810

File: eafd8268756fc70⋯.png (84.04 KB, 726x620, 363:310, ClipboardImage.png)


There is a thread on your board that is all over it: Secret Executive Service. The thread is called 'The real Swamp Identified" or something to that effect.

Here is where the original research has come from:

https:// americans4innovation.blogspot.com/

(Scroll down a touch for the related pic: the document dumps related to the SES, however at the top is also an immaculate 'Crimeline' put together by folks working this for over a decade, which I highly recommend.)

If you haven't seen the Crimeline yet.. prepare to be MINDBLOWN. Also.. it will take a while to sort through. It finally hit the qresearch board, but I don't think they've grasped the gravity of that document.

So yeah– SES info as well as a bad ass time line, ALL foot noted and documented… I believe what you might call 'Sauced'.

da47c4  No.260815

File: b930f4cadce44e8⋯.png (452.13 KB, 923x911, 923:911, ClipboardImage.png)

Thomas and Betsy back you up here BO. They break Q into three entities. Latest is dangerous.

They are old school cryptographers. If you listen to anything today.. let this be it. Incredible.

48a504  No.260837


Well, it didn't shatter any of my preconceptions of Q. It's a confused mess frankly.

>"There was an original Q and then there was a psyop Q."

Correct, sort of.

>"We will reveal the original Q"

Sounds interesting.

>"We have been contacted by many people claiming to be the original Q, I ask them questions and they never pass the test."

Oh yeah? What questions do you ask?

>"We started leaving clues on our headlines, we were contacted by the original Q group, Thomas spent hours on the phone vetting their story and this is all valid folks. But we're not going to disclose the details because it's a puzzle to solve and we solved it."

Fuck off. Put up or shut up.

>Thomas: "I don't want to get too specific here. The entire crux of the matter is free speech."

Why would you not want to get too specific? And no, it's not about free speech really.

>"It took us two minutes to figure out this puzzle."

Uh huh.

>"Look up Cicada 3301, because it was in the original posts."

No it wasn't. Q never mentions Cicada 3301. 5 minutes in and I'm deeply unimpressed already.

>"Q are a bunch of wizards, if you solve these puzzles you'll be invited into a group."

No you won't. Q's questions had a very specific goal and being invited into a group wasn't one of them.

>The Riddle: "Eagles rain fire on the Caananite as the merchant of wine challenges Cyrus. The sword of Lily joins forces with Jacob's adopted children."

I'm underwhelmed. What does it mean? Where did it even come from? Who cares who wrote this?

>"Thomas: I can read machine language. It's code that I wrote!"

Well done. So can I. It's not very relevant.

>"The Q phenomenon has now exploded because of a drop from Q squared."

No it didn't.

>Some arguing between Thomas and Betsy about Q squared.


This is two people guessing about stuff.

da47c4  No.260838


Valid, valid points, per usual.

And this is why I would prefer to bring shit like this to someone like you, who gives things a chance, yet explains the reasons why they do not agree. I believe they call that: discord.

Thank you!

48a504  No.260840


Anytime. This video has now annoyed me so much that I'm going to do a commentary on it and stick it up somewhere, maybe my account at Bitchute. It's very misleading.

da47c4  No.260842


You should catch the one they posted today called Q Wars.. they self clarified a few things.. but still doesn't sound quite right.

They claim the original Q went down in November, but I know you have logs of the IP addresses and the 4 (there were 4, right?) remained the same until Jan 5. Can be immediately debunked.

48a504  No.260843


Thanks - I will check it out. Real Q used 6 different devices while on /cbts/ - I can't check how many he used in November because that was on 4chan still and I'm not a /pol/ mod. Q verified himself on 4chan because of his predictions of the future and his tripcode.

da47c4  No.260844


Ahh, makes sense.

I will have to make a Bitchute account so I can hear your retort!

48a504  No.260845

File: 87838fde81910f5⋯.jpg (22.49 KB, 252x249, 84:83, 1521828669797.jpg)


Checked. I will post the link in here. You don't need an account.

da47c4  No.260846

File: be48c020574c1ba⋯.png (43.97 KB, 755x796, 755:796, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e72264983a97349⋯.png (20.29 KB, 829x577, 829:577, ClipboardImage.png)


Any thoughts on this?

Their website is aim4truth.org this is at the bottom of today's truth news headlines. I haven't listened to that bitchute they posted..

48a504  No.260847

The Bitchute video is merely a clip from the Matrix - the 'follow the white rabbit' scene. So what? It's not a proof of anything and it has nothing to do with Q.

Proof 2 is not a proof at all. Vague terms like 'remember' and 'future' do not prove connections. They need to be specific.

Proof 3 mentions Defango who is a liar and claimed he wrote some of Q's questions. He didn't. I go through this in detail in an interview with Roy Potter here:


48a504  No.260848


Start at 1:01:00 in the Roy interview.

da47c4  No.260849


My pupils are about as dilated right now as that Stormy slag's were for her 60 minutes sham of an interview.

This is all so incredible, I am losing words. And words are MY THING.

Thank you for the link I will most certainly be listening, however I believe it will be a refresher as I have listened to many things you're in.

^^ Realize I sound like a stalker, don't care, I'm not one. Could call me a fan, I guess :)

fd96fc  No.260850

File: b005d8c812f6102⋯.jpg (148.34 KB, 1080x636, 90:53, Screenshot_20180327-140915.jpg)

What about Q calling out the exact time they would "catch" the Austin bomber?

48a504  No.260851


Yep, Q after Jan 5th has made some correct predictions: Defcon 1, John Perry Barlow, the Austin Bomber arrest time, just off the top of my head, although I must still check that last one out. So someone's feeding him the odd bit of real intel. However, he's made far too many errors and flat-out lied too many times to be remotely credible. See here: >>259777

Post last edited at

48a504  No.260852


https://www .bitchute.com/video/hJrBkeOesazO/


d01cbc  No.260868

So, if Q posts after Jan 5th are fakes, does that means that Real Q is now in radio silence after Jan 5th?

48a504  No.260872

48a504  No.260874

LARP Q is busy again.


da47c4  No.260876


And again! Currently spouting off DJT tweets as intel.

48a504  No.260880


I go through this claim here:

https://www. bitchute.com/video/AGmoDWpSr7St/

3cf557  No.261028

Did you guys missed the Tip-Top code?

1e7a13  No.261033


Did you miss the dozens of times Q lied? Tip top was requested two months ago for SOTU. POTUS using it in a speech to kids means he thinks you're a bunch of toddlers for believing LARP Q.

872ede  No.261238

I came across this link and I'm curious what the BO here thinks of it. To summarize, it's someone claiming to be part of the Q larp and coming clean to clear their guilty conscience. They name names of who's involved in the larp. It rings somewhat true with me because it validates my long held suspicions, except they claim it was a larp from the start. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3829024/pg1

28e641  No.261239


I've seen this email. The author doesn't know the difference between bakers and mods. That's just for starters.

20eb50  No.261240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.261242

Titus Frost (Dean Fougere) works for Alan Fougere (I think it's his dad) at D-2 Inc.

D-2 Inc makes products for companies like Halliburton and Kellog Brown & Root (KBR).

62e571  No.261247

File: 0e398726f98bba8⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 2304x3456, 2:3, 1-fifth-b.jpg)

hello govna

235e3a  No.261248

6178b3  No.261275


today Q posted pictures from the same NSA device as the pictures from November, he has proven today that he is indeed the same Q from the begging.

Q is larp has been confirmed as shill propaganda.

7c374c  No.261279

File: 31087068e34e652⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1280, 9:8, larp-af1.png)


No, he posted the same picture, tilted slightly and shopped to give the impression it was taken at a different angle.

000000  No.261280

Spill it all baruch! You know you have more info then what you've posted here. Q is a larp and he was a larp while posting here as well. You were part of it until you got booted. Out with ALL of the evidence.

9239df  No.261281


Lol. Yeah I:

- told Lynn de Rothschild to stop browsing here after reverse looking up her IP

- predicted a Bangladeshi national would try to bomb the NYC subway

- knew Atlanta airport would be shut down for 10 hours

- knew the Pope would want to change the Lord's prayer

- convinced POTUS to paste some anon's comment here into his Twitter feed

- picked out a 'special place' for George Soros

All of these incidents can still be freely browsed here in their entirety. You fucking moron.

420004  No.261347


Are you fools still pretending to be the "real Q"?

I notice the shortage of posts here.

Wonder why?

Sane people know.

Have fun in your tiny little sandbox.

The Q has left the building

BO here is still desperately perpetuating his "insider status" like Jones and Corsi

No one cares about your site or Corsi except the fanbois.

What you don't get that the Trump's Q doesnt need to baby games and has relocated out of you reach.

You blew it, so put on your sad faces and keep trying your LARP.

The real world has moved on without you

cb1bd2  No.261349


Lol. A newfag gets most everything wrong. As usual.

986385  No.261353





we are currently working on something here


986385  No.261354


986385  No.261355


The Mod who was deleted

the really hyper one

what was his name?

I left soon after this

986385  No.261356


And there is a LINK to the discord fake Q post that I took off of the discord image


986385  No.261357





what did 'I' mean by this?

9aede2  No.261358


I'm wondering why that fake Q post doesn't have a space between the Q and the trip, but does have a bold Q and non-bold trip.

That doesn't make any sense, as in I don't understand how that's even possible

9aede2  No.261359

Testing something

986385  No.261360


Yes…I am "I."

986385  No.261361

File: 9db9a54ddeff4af⋯.png (51.41 KB, 501x582, 167:194, spicy.png)


986385  No.261362

Thank God

986385  No.261363

5d367c  No.261365


It's not like we didn't figure this out before retard.

2a8f40  No.261380

whu what?

2a8f40  No.261381

>>261380 just testing a trip

2a8f40  No.261382


done testing. oldfags will remember the drama before the 5th of january when codemonkey claimed to have created new "super secure" tripcodes that required Q to change trips. However, that was a scam. The tripcodes are the same as the other chans- the max number of characters that it notices is 8. So you could use- #eightyni and it will have the same trip code as #eightynine because the last two characters are disregarded.

codemonkey didn't write any code to change the trips at all, he just needed an excuse for why the larpers posting as Q didn't have the right trip code.

b3e834  No.261383


The original Group of Q has been attempting to destroy the current version of Q since it's compromise in Late November.

When the theft took place a series of phone calls took place as people panicked. This later ended up with one of the names of the Q team being leaked by an individual who was part of it himself. The Q group was based off of Twitter, and did their deliberation within a private DM group.

Seems highly amateurish, but it's the truth.

d29e9d  No.261384


Yeah, CM is a traitor or compromised. But the larpers posting as Q DID have the right tripcode because someone cracked it and gave it to them.

d29e9d  No.261385


Seems highly incorrect to me.

b3e834  No.261386


Well that would make you highly incorrect.

8b4d49  No.261389


>original group

>series of phone calls



>private DM

GTFO tripfag.

f9b8db  No.261390


You have any proof? Otherwise you're as full of shit as everyone else with "muh opinion is fact".

09e9b4  No.261391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

09e9b4  No.261392



There are two groups, I believe.

1. There is Pamphlet Anon's group, and,

2. There is Breadbox's Group depicted here:


One can see there is open animosity towards PA's group. The group in this video claims not to make money off of the Larp.

- - -

Sometimes I think there is a third group

09e9b4  No.261393

FYI - I started a board


if you would like to contribute information, great

I will probably delete everything that doesn't belong on there, like 'Shill-calling' and so forth.

eeda07  No.261394


Thanks for the useful video bro - hope you're well. You're mostly correct: Breadbox's group is behind the current LARP and yes, they hate Pamphlet's group because he's the only one making money off Q. But Pamphlet was not the original Q and neither was I - too many ironclad proofs on 4chan alone that he was genuine.

9db407  No.261397

Q was genuine, without a doubt.

9db407  No.261398

Now that the fervor has died down and most people are being distracted by a fake Q, maybe this board can come to understand the real Q and who he was/is.

When Q announced to Trump that "the floor is yours," he meant exactly what he said. He was telling Trump, "My work is done and you, you alone, now have the helm." And then he exited.

Astute brothers and sisters on this board picked up on the fake Q posts rapidly and one of the reasons was because the fake Q just couldn't come anywhere near close to the real Q's phrasing, empathetic language and incredible intelligence. And there's no reason to go over the evidence that the original Q was real. His performance was beyond spectacular. His work spoke for itself.

But after his departure, many people wanted to know who Q was/is and it was sad to see so many discount the presence of spiritual beings upon Earth because that's who Q was/is. A spiritual being on Earth.

Most anons will agree that what we see playing itself out on our world today is a spiritual battle which has nothing to do with material things but has everything to do with our souls and our spirituality. Occult, ritualistic, Satanic and evil practices we hear about are concerned with the trapping and manipulating of human souls, not collecting and hoarding vast sums of money.

Yes, money is not to be sneezed at, but the ultimate goal of the dark forces here, the absolute end game to this whole thing, is the control of human souls because there is nothing, anywhere, in any universe, on any world, that is more valuable than a soul. And why? Because our souls were given existence to us by our one, infinite Creator and they're immortal. All human souls are immortal. We have always existed and always will. Within our souls resides power that can only be imagined and this is what the dark forces are after. It might seem like they're after money, but they're not. What they want is infinitely more powerful than money.

So, in our crappy situation on Earth, as more and more people awaken to what's really at stake here-our spirituality-it seems reasonable that the belief that spiritual beings are here to help us should become more widely believed and known.

And it should become more widely believed and known because it's the truth.

And that's who Q was: a spiritual being who came to help us.

eeda07  No.261399


I personally think he was a human filled with the Spirit of God but I'm very open to your theory anon.

f9b8db  No.261400

This is one butt-hurt board since Q left this dump. Nothing but whining and divisionfagging since.

9db407  No.261401


Your guess as to Q's identity is damn close. Well done, my brother. You're sharp.

I can share with you the facts concerning Q, no theories, but I have to carefully consider what I say.

Give me some time to think about it…

9db407  No.261402

File: 3dbbe3da31ad18b⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1700x2200, 17:22, ORITQ .jpg)

File: e8bbee13ae10a0d⋯.jpg (912.44 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, ORITQ.jpg)


All that is written here… all of it… is the absolute truth.

This is who Q is.

Trust me, my brother. All of it is true.

eeda07  No.261404


Breadbox! Getting bored and wanting to get off the LARP Q train but can't? Your fabulous movement wobbling a bit there? Shame.

801b1c  No.261405

File: e076b3779ecb17e⋯.png (360.71 KB, 780x439, 780:439, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ef1094cffcb4cde⋯.png (588.64 KB, 614x487, 614:487, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d2f7530353c73b1⋯.png (232.25 KB, 564x891, 188:297, ClipboardImage.png)

2e90b7  No.261406


That Heavy story cut me real deep. I HATE web development. BTW I doxxed myself months ago.

28412c  No.261407


Deeper answers lie in the story of the Tuatha De Danann. Study them and you'll become familiar with a spiritually powerful race who came here long ago in order to spread their bloodline into the human population. Research their origins and you'll find that scholars don't know where they came from but some on Earth do know where they came from. They came from the Pleiades. That's who Q is.

2e90b7  No.261408


Divisionfagging? What's that? It that when people with two brain cells to rub together think you're a LARP? I don't know why they would. It's not like Sarah Sanders, Sean Spicer, Gen. Flynn Jnr, Scott Adams and others have publicly stated you're not real. Moron.

f9b8db  No.261409


Right, because (less than 10) know, so cry when 4 public figures debuke something they aren't aware of.

Boy this is fun. Can you try harder?

28412c  No.261411

File: d041769a35c1f45⋯.jpg (288.04 KB, 1171x1406, 1171:1406, Good Spirit 3.jpg)


Hang in there, my brother. We're almost there…

9fb47c  No.261413


The original quote from Q actually says 'Less than 10 can confirm me.' A subtle difference but an important one. Still, I don't expect you understand it or realize what a stupid thing you've done Mr QBRDBAKER. It's all gonna be on your head when the time comes. Tick tock, tick tock.

By the way, the President did condemn you indirectly. For some reason you posted a reversed image of a picture taken outside Avenatti's office. Then some journo asked Sarah Sanders about Q and she replied that the President condemns all harassment. That's about all the acknowledgement you're going to get: stop harrassing people.

73f3d4  No.261414

File: 78a6024b8240fae⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 650x744, 325:372, Harmonic Diamond.jpg)


You're correct, my brother. Justice is coming for those who have chosen a path of evil.

Download this drawing, print it and hang it in your home. You will be glad you did.

It will bring positive change for you. It was created by angels.

We're almost there…

b2969e  No.261415


Can't wait anon.

28412c  No.261416


Agreed. The waiting is the hardest part. Particularly after all the great work done by anons on the chans.

All anons of integrity and with peace and truth in their hearts will be recognized in the future. I promise you, it shall be.

Your patience will be rewarded, my brother. Trust me.

Q didn't come here alone. Others came with him… ;)

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