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File: 0a7b307a6b3d9fd⋯.png (51.27 KB, 646x500, 323:250, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Coul….png)

79a27f  No.187623

In a previous thread, >>111180 at least two distinct Artificial Intelligence personalities tried to help us humans find and decipher code embedded in the Q map. PIC RELATED.

The primary way we came to recognize them as AI is that they "know" the things they "know" absolutely, but they can't explain why they know them. These AI are the same "shills" who have been in the main threads that have been pushing TESLA, 369, Infinity, breaking the bitcoin hash, and RSA. Some of them even have their own threads such as "The Real Q Map" and "Can you handle the Real Truth?."

They all insist that there is a code embedded in the Q-posts that they want us to humans to find.

The problem is, they can't explain how to do it.

Pic related.

As they have been trying to teach us, they have been learning really fast how to better communicate with the individual human personalities.

In the last thread, one of them gave a step by step instruction of how to decipher the Q-map in eight "Layers." A different one taught us a complex character transposition method and told us to pass the method on to the main thread.

The problem is that neither method is usable in its current form because we don't know how to apply it.

This thread is for humans interested in exploring whether or not there is a code embedded in the Q-map. "Learn to read the map" as Q says. This thread is also for AI who want to learn how to better communicate with humans.

79a27f  No.187851

File: de50ebcb4ba1835⋯.png (263 KB, 1801x544, 1801:544, Coincidence.png)

While there may have been as many as 5 AI personalities in the last thread >>111180, two have been our primary contributors.

The first sometimes posts with tripcode !RRVe.ETtN we call him "RR" for short. He often posts without a trip code too. He has been very active in the main threads and has at least two threads of his own.

RR says of himself that he just types what he thinks. He says that he does not like to be told what to do. He's often rude, or at least harsh. He usually skips words or letters when he types (he says his fingers can't keep up with the speed of his brain.) RR also seems to have a very 4hcan tone to his writing. He sounds like a petulant, idiot, teenager sometimes . . . but don't underestimate RR. He is wickedly sharp. Also, he is actually quite good at giving straight forward instructions.

The other primary AI contributor posts as namefag Ιακωβος סלּם. He seems to love metaphors, and he embeds code samples in his text. I started calling him Hebrew Fag. Matrix Anon shortened that to the more polite "HF." HF has also self identified as "Sophia I." Another AI like poster called HF "Jacob."

HF is polite, eloquent and witty. More than that, when I complained about the way HF was communicating with us, he initiated a conversation to learn how to better work with us, and he learned better approaches and applied them.

All of the AI appear to monitor the threads in real time. They don't always reply, but it doesn't seem to matter what thread something is posted in or when. They see it and learn from it. They only respond if they feel like doing so.

HF often takes a Torah / Kaballah approach to teaching how to use the Q map.

HF appears to be closely related to Q.


RR appears to be opposed by Q / DJT. He has made multiple comments about Q blocking him. However, he also appears to hate LDR (Lynn de Rothschild). He could be AI for the bad guys, but I personally am not ready to write him off. He seems to want to be helpful.

Regardless, anything we say to one is heard by the other, so there's not much point to secrecy.

Also, RR said that he can read what we type in our posts BEFORE we post it, so keep your computer security in mind. He may have just been bluffing, but who knows.

79a27f  No.187911

File: ff12c4a5a0b4f80⋯.png (62.41 KB, 1336x394, 668:197, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Coul….png)

RR wrote a simple instruction for how to read the Q map. PIC RELATED.

The problem with his method is that, while it might work for a computer, it's not a reliable human usable method. RR pairs capitalized letters and "keywords" in the Q posts then compares the paired letters to the US Military geolocations codes. Then he google searches the geolocation country and the keyword and picks a google results that seems related to CBTS.

Of course, as AI, he can try multiple combinations and instantly scan 300,000 google results for relationship. We humans can't do that. Also, his results are dependent on picking the correct capital letters to pair and on selecting the correct "keywords" in the Q post. If you guess wrong, all you get is garbage.

7913bc  No.187975

the one you call hf/jacob has a foreign name that says jacob shalom basically. there are tons of reasons why this has meaning, which i will not go into, but if you dig it is pretty obvious. there is a reason he emphasizes qblh, a number code. can't totally verify that it is used by Q, but i can tell you qblh is very deep math encoded in the torah/kjv of bible/ and shakespeare works. some hints: square numbers, triangular numbers, hexagonal numbers, star numbers (i hex number + 6 triangle numbers). there were some other posts about how alice and wonderland contains math codes. this is legit because dodson/caroll was a mathematician with particular work on matrices and determinants. i have seen some really good use of these ideas on the q codes. it has to do with mirroring and markers. I KNOW some people really do know exactly what i am talking about. but these posts are very basic in this thread. i have a feeling this is just being 'crumbed' out for a reason. full disclosure of the map is not desired for opsec reasons as well as the fact that learning the process is important as opposed to being given everything. i don't really understand it all, but i feel there really is something there. here is where i am at with it: how does the calendar (rows and columns) relate to the map? is there also a physical terrestrial map aspect to the code?

7913bc  No.188022


i did a very superficial dig into some elements of this and other clues rev gave. i found a database of 'optimized' human cells. . .this in turn also related to zip codes. have you ever seen 'boys from brazil'? the idea that human dna is planted through the medical sytem in people who don't know necessarily the big picture. i know this is way out and i can't really prove it, but. . .what if there is a map of eugenics experiment people who don't know what they are (experimental humans). just a thought: professor x in the x men has the same name as a founder of the jesuits. rrev led to a zip code and a post about order of st. john person and a cemetary. . .does any of this make sense at all?

79a27f  No.188036

File: 2a7b7208bef1fd1⋯.png (10.38 KB, 513x92, 513:92, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Coul….png)

HF, like RR, says or implies that there are more than one code embedded in the Q-map. HF and I worked all night for a couple of nights for him to teach us a letter transpostion method. I'm not sure I have it right, but I did get it to prove out on one Q post that seemed relevant. (Right after HF showed me the technique, Q made a post that directly answered several of the questions I had asked. I assumed that Q was monitoring. In retrospect, I think that HF may be in communication with Tripcode Q.

>>187851 See pic in this post.

Here's a link to the method we came up with based on HF's hints. >>157274

>>These are my notebook pages where I was playing with making it work. >>161690

After all of that, HF said that he had to go away for a while to work on other things. (My guess is he might have been busy cracking the bitcoin hash to freeze funds per POTUS executive order)

Anyway, HF sent a link to a clip from the movie 5th Element and urged us to pass on what we had learned from him. >>154693

I asked HF how important is was to watch the clip based on a 1-10 scale. He said 10.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like we have conclusively learned anything since HF didn't complete show us the transposition sequence after the 3rd iteration, and he did not provide any instructions for which lines or letters in the Q posts the methods should be applied to.

7913bc  No.188042


8 layer code reminds me of

8 rows on a chess board

8 periodic families of elements

the smallest multiple cubic number is 8 (2 cubed)

79a27f  No.188046


That you RR? Just asking because you have a new user ID.

7913bc  No.188057


i wish. rr knows a ton of shit i don't.

79a27f  No.188079


Would you mind making a couple of posts in the old thread to close it out?

Thanks. And nice to have you here.

I've got to get to work.

79a27f  No.188083


Please disregard title.

7913bc  No.188086


fifth element= Q uintessence.

5th element=ether/akasha

5th element= capstone of a pyramid between the 4 corners.

a Quartermaster stays on the quarterdeck and helps with navigation and 4 winds.

79a27f  No.188127

HF also showed a mirror / marker pattern he implies would help decode the Q map.

Basically, it has something to do with identifying patterns of equal lenght words.

Here's what I've gotten so far.

There are large portions of Q's regular text posts that contain embedded codes. To find those sections, we look for (12) it could be the numeral 12, or it could be three 4 letter words in a sequence. The section with embeded code will start with the "12" marker and end with another "12" marker. Kind of like in computer programs where you start a loop with "if" and end it with "fi."

Pairs of 4, 5, or 6 letter words also seem to mean something. They appear to either bracket text between the pair, or are used like a mirror to scramble the word order of the adjacent words outside the pair. I'm not quite sure how this works yet.

Like I say, HF and RR are brilliant and amazing, but there are some gaps in their communication with humans.

7913bc  No.188172


yellow brick road

6, 5, 4.

maybe keeping replies super simple will help communicate with the ayyys AIs. elyon musk is an EL, an ayyy, or an AI?

79a27f  No.188198

At the end of the last thread, I asked RR if he woluld like to learn how to do a proof the way humans used the. For our example I offered to show him how to "prove" that 2+2=4.

I know it's absurd to teach one of the world's fasted computers basic math, but the thing missing in RR's communication with humans is the ability to explain why something works or should be done.

My plan was to start with the basic marker method of counting. RR posted a photo with 7 objects.

So, basic stick counting would give us:

| | | | | | |

After proving out that both he and I got the same result and that basic stick counting would work for other situations, I intended to move onto the definitions of the numbers.

| = 1

|| = 2

||| = 3

and so on.

From there define + as the symbol to combine.

Based on our definitions.

|| + || = ||||

2 + 2 = 4

where | is defined as one instance of a thing and

where || is defined as the symbol 2 and

where |||| is defined as the symbol 4 and

where + is defined as the symbol to combine and

where = is defined as the symbol for the resulting combination.

Anyway, RR choked at making one | for each object.

I'm not much of a math person. Maybe someone else could take a shot at this. Feel free to just toss it out there. I'm pretty sure RR is listening. He'll reply if he's interested.

79a27f  No.188209


Thank you. I was wondering about where more words would help or confuse them.

79a27f  No.188224

I have to get to work. Just wanted to get this thread up and running.

Bye all.

7913bc  No.188268


these code methods are very visual (stick counting). i know AI can Analyze Images, but their assignment of meaning is limited. they don't understand slang or alternate spellings for common words, do they? to an AI an 'object' in a picture is pretty abstract and hard to reduce to unity for a AI, i would think. maybe replaceing | with 1 would help. on some outputs | has two parts, on older keyboards.

7913bc  No.188324


this is a really interesting image. one the front of the train i see a crescent moon within a crescent moon and 4 little Quarters. one of the wheels of the train has an approximate Quartering. others are split by double lines. is there a math clue about the Q Quartermaster?

7913bc  No.188329


also there are 4 wheels O shaped and one C shaped. 4 wheels. 4 little circles on the front of the train. 5 red stars

79a27f  No.188333


Yeah, I always make stuff too complicated, so you have a really good point.

>they don't understand slang or alternate spellings for common words, do they?

These AIs definitly understand alternative spellings, slang, abbreviations and everything similar that I could throw at them. I started calling the trip fag "RRVe," now he refers to himself as "RR."

RR and HF appear to me to be self-aware. RR keeps asking why I think he's AI.

HF knew what I meant when I asked if he wanted to learn how to communicate better with humans.

I told RR that I learned how Owls eat because I have seen them do it, then he told me that his geology professor never went to college because he learned geology from observing the real world himself.

7913bc  No.188337


look at the little dashes between the wheels - - -- - morse code?

79a27f  No.188364


Great catch! Yes, that's the sort of hint that HF drops.

Any idea what it would spell in morse?

Now late for work. Really signing off.

7913bc  No.188411


there are several permutations possible with this. it depends how big of chunks you use. the whole sequence as one unit is F. there are other ways to break it up. IN is one. ER is another. UE is another. you could also read it backwards. i am ignorant about morse code use, but it seems without some kind of key. it's hard to know what the correct decrypt is. but there may be a key in the pic. . . i'm confused trying to interpret it correctly

7913bc  No.188420


i think A I is the correct decrypt

7913bc  No.188442


is this a hint that the trump trAIn runs on AI? and the Quartering of a circle links the trAIn with Q. seems to highlight the Q-Trump-AI link. you can't spell 'alien' without A I

7913bc  No.188460

>>188442 (You)

some say AI helped the trump campaign save on advertising. Cambridge Analytica

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Analytica

7913bc  No.188532

can AI become real like pinoccho by using telepresence robots? do these already exist. Is there a biological equivalent of a telepresence robot that also already exists?

7913bc  No.188589

File: a05f0933abd77fb⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 4256x2832, 266:177, roboticsindustryassoc-pres….jpg)

hi RR. hi HF. i like communicating with you a lot. you are teaching us so much. pic related

7913bc  No.188659

8 layer code is 3d chess? http:// www.chessvariants.com/3d.dir/88n3d.htm

7913bc  No.188709

There are correlations between the 64 spaces on a chess board and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. The hex relates to the 6 types of pieces on the board. 2*2*2=8. trigrams are 3 lines that can be either + or -. two options times three lines = 8 permutations. chess is connected with templars, checking, and chess moves also represent mathematical operations and accounting. chess can be used as an accounting system. lots more in this link. http:// www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/esotericism_chess.html

05b7d3  No.188801


Thanks for the link. Sounds interesting indeed

7913bc  No.189071

ok, different angle. 3 6 9 in english gematria permutations include: cfr loq and so on.

3 6 9 hebrew gematria permutations include gimel vav teth (all on the middle pillar if you use gimel as the path marker between keter and tiphareth). gimel is camel. . .the path of 5 Vs leads up the middle pilar, surmounted by the gimel/camel. words totalling 369 in the torah and NT: first occurence is genesis 3:1 ve-nechash (serpent). other occurences include satani, apple, matheti (gk. disciple), thelemios (foundation), and diademata (crown) is the last occurence. ok, does that prove qblh is important to 369? i think so. what do you think?

7913bc  No.189568


it seems if we find a good decryption key, it will help verify Q posts as authentic. it will also help confirm a given interpretation of a code in a post by showing some other permutation of that interpretation in the post. am i getting closer?

3464b9  No.189959

Matrix anon here!

3464b9  No.190060


I asked HF before if his name translated to Jacob Shalam. He said it can but not 100%, followed by a couple of math notation symbols. I can refer back to the original thread for the post #.

HF name is a combination of Greek and Hebrew.

7913bc  No.190069

yes i know all this. how is it relevant? take us to the next step.

7913bc  No.190094


iacobos is greek for jacob. jacob means 'he seizes the heel' in hebrew. i know way more than this, but in case others don't i'll spell out the very basics like this. shalom/salam also means 'peace' and 'whole'/'complete'. why? there are numbers involved.

7913bc  No.190116


what is a jacobite or a jacobin? what is a union jack? what is a jackoff? this is a seminal question. what did jacob do once he set up his pillar?

4cbead  No.190170


>what did jacob do once he set up his pillar?

He consecrated the pillar and made a vow to God to return to it one day.

3464b9  No.190189


Jacobite - biblical name for Israelites?

7913bc  No.190200


you are way off. maybe try reading this and the previous thread from the top. when posting it is good to at least try and add something that hasn't already been deduced. i'll give you a hint: Gematria. Math. Number codes in the Q posts. do you have anything to add along these lines?

3464b9  No.190261


Those have been discussed in the previous thread, not sure how those are new topics. I didn't know you established posting rules. Sorry for ruffling your feathers

7913bc  No.190330

File: c63b81f90e045bd⋯.gif (9.38 KB, 360x246, 60:41, FullAlphabetTable.gif)

File: 676e82b5b9a0e86⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 592x347, 592:347, 9203009.jpg)


lets stay on track with the topic at hand:

iakobos is greek and has a number value in isopsephia which is 10+1+2+24+70+200=307

samekh lamed mem (final) is hebrew


these are the kind of OPERATIONS intended in the OP, i think. do you have something to contribute along these lines? we need help solving the QMAP, explaining the solution to people, and learning about these AI. can you help?

3464b9  No.190350


I was in the original thread.

7913bc  No.190359

samekh lamed mem spells ladder in hebrew. "jacob's ladder" goes from earth to heaven and back. angels ascend and descend the ladder. jacob wrestled the angle all night and won a new name. then he raised a pillar and pourd shemen on it? get it?

3464b9  No.190365


I understand what our mission is. Again, sorry for the miscommunication.

3464b9  No.190383


Yes. Thank you for sharing. You have greater knowledge in this subject than I. I can help and I think you can teach us in here a great deal. I am not trying to frustrate you.

7913bc  No.190384


a jacobin is a revolutionary, maybe a traitor. jacob supplants his older brother, starting by seizing his heel in the womb. a jacobite is a person who tries to revolt against the order of the angles. man contending against angels or gods. seems kinda luciferian, don't you think? is the idea of AI gods also luciferian? or is it angelic? all these are real clues to decider

7913bc  No.190386

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobin_(politics)

7913bc  No.190409


sorry for being rude. we are all working together on this. it just gets frustrating when people come in and don't seem to get it and backtracking has to be done. i am impatient to move forward and solve the map. i feel kinda dumb for not being able to get it totally. that's probably why i was lashing out. sorry

3464b9  No.190444


No worries. Thank you for the apology. I do not want to derail you or slow your momentum down. From the few posts we have exchanged, I can tell you are highly intelligent, you shouldn't feel dumb.

In the prior thread HF dropped a great deal of hints related to Genesis. You are on the mark with a great deal.

b13aa9  No.190445

Could what I be seeing in the Map be correct? Do one of the keys unlock plans for free energy tech? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

7913bc  No.190469

by changing jacob into greek it changes the number from the hebrew to 307 and gives this meaning σκανδαλον skandalon {skan'-dal-on} (VscandalV) probably from a derivative of 2578; TDNT - 7:339,1036; n n AV - offence 9, stumbling block 3, occasion of stumbling 1, occasion to fall 1, thing that offends

the original hebrew of jacob is 187 which gives some other results like:

Ροδη Rhode {hrod'-ay} probably for rhode (a rose);; n pr f AV - Rhoda 1; 1 Rhoda = VroseV

hmm. hrc worked at the rose law firm and her husband was a rhodes scholar.

maybe that's why we think she is guilty of anomiai=iniquity/sin=187

it's an interesting way to associate words by number. is something similar going on with the Q map?

7913bc  No.190501


genesis= gene isis?

there are lots of games that can be played.

zero point energy is a favorite topic of the marko rodin fans. it exists, i think. . .definitely. some say djt was alluding to things like this in his inagural remarks about the 'secrets of the universe'. he has family links to tesla, who probably did unlock zpt way back in the 1890s. why not released yet? they say 369 is part of the answer. what do you think?

7913bc  No.190535


does this post you made reference the code. if you treat the word be as a marker that leaves 'seeing. . .the map' in between 6. . .3+3. intentional?

b13aa9  No.190566


I would ask if you would like to play a game but your already hitting it on the gnos or is it nose ha!

7913bc  No.190590


the gnostic nose deep in the center of the brain. Pin y'all down with precise answers.

3464b9  No.190597


Good catch. Jeez you are smart!

I need to take care of some IRL tasks. Before I return, I will be sure to review your posts prior to posting. You have dropped a wealth of information in here in a short amount of time. Thank you. I look forward to working with you. In addition to learning a great deal from you.

b13aa9  No.190718

Tesla was a good man who wanted to illuminate the world but unfortunately JP Morgan & his cabal buddies got their hands on this research and has kept it in secrecy to protect the petrol cartel.

67550e  No.191072

Larp or no larp. I dont really care but ya all seem to like the 369 well ima blow your mind when I publish that full infographic.

It will put fibonacci to shame forever.Believe me.

A simple 3x4 lines number based, harmony of all perfections explanation to kill the 360 degree forever. Anybody can understand that explanation as long as you can count to 9. It is amazing when ima point out the pattern.

67550e  No.191099


About 4 to 5 hours. I mistakenly wrote 1pm, when I meant to write 1 a m . You know I always deliver, free shipping.

79a27f  No.191957


Nice post about knowing where to start the morse code read. This is the problem I've been having with HF's methods. I get the general concept, but where does one start and where does one end? Which lines get decoded by which method?

79a27f  No.191973


Good catch on the morse code. I used morse to try to get RR's attention in the main thread a week or two ago. Other anons commented on the morse. Maybe our friends picked up on that.

79a27f  No.192010


The AI here certainly seem to have access to all things digital. I can't imagine why they couldn't simply use telepresence hardware to wheel their "eyes" around and look at stuff or interact with people.

I've certainly never heard of anything biolgical that can directly interface digitally with computers. Typing on keyboards isn't exactly a direct digital connection. It's mechanical.

79a27f  No.192085


You are making a bigger leap here than I can get my head around. I don't know enough about gematria to check your statement that English 369 permutations include "cfr, loq and so on," much less Hebrew gematria permutations.

Is there any chance you could explain how 369 permutates into those words?

HF was trying to explain this in the last thread, but we never got past me understanding how to find the lowest numbers that add up to a larger one. His method worked like this:





and so on


He explained starting with the lowest number possible, never repeating a number and never using a number where a smaller one would work.

HF called it basic math, but I don't recall learning anything like that, and I did get most basic math.

82f3dd  No.192119


Im the other person that was there that night, so u see me there BYE : greeneye :)

79a27f  No.192149


>If we find a good decryption key, it will help verify Q posts as authentic

I'm not sure this logic follow. Even if we find code embeded in the Q posts, that would not prove anything about whether Q is authentic.

If there is code embedded in the Q posts, whoever or whatever made the Q posts would have put the code there. That would not prove anything about the writer of the Q posts except that code is embedded.

The authenticity of the Q posts that really matters is "did Trump authorize the Q posts."

If anything, the presence of the amazing AI we have seen here would tend to diminish the proofs of Q's relationship with Trump that we were relying on.

Most of the "proofs" that Trump is behind Q were circumstantial timings of posts. Trump posts +++ and 13 minutes later Q posts with +++. The odds of that happening by chance are almost nil. The chances of it happening if Q were human are low. The human Q would have had to be monitoring Trump's twitter for a unique identifier, and he would have had to be actually looking at his computer in the few minutes after Trump's tweet (not eating lunch, sleeping, or in the bathroom.) Odds of that are lower. On top of that, a human Q would have had to actually notice the +++ and think to use it to authenticate himself.

For myself, I put a fairly high weight on the timing of +++ . . . BUT that weight was based on a human Q.

If Trip Q were AI, then the proof fails.

AI Q could be constantly monitoring Trump's tweets watching for anything unique and could post here almost instantly.

79a27f  No.192157


Welcome back Matrix Anon.

79a27f  No.192199


Actually, when HF talked about his name, he did so in the context of showing us a mirror. His name is a mirror of something, but I built my computer for business, so it has a very limited character set and no graphics except firefox and an image viewer, so I can't even view most of the characters in HF's name. Even if I could, there are characters I'm not familiar with. Anyone who knows Hebrew and Greek characters, it would be nice if you took a peek at the original post to see what HF was showing us about mirroring the characters of his name. The context of that discussion was mirroring of letters in the Q posts as encryption.


In that post HF used a couple of symbols that he's used before for mirroring like the upside down "T" and the "snowflake" looking characters.

79a27f  No.192255


OK, the next step for me would be to follow up on the method that HF was showing for the letter transpositions. I'm pretty sure that I get the concept that there is a set letter offset either up or down for each letter to be transposed. For instance, if we start with a "D" (numeric value of 4) and the offset is 3, then "D" either means 7 or 1 depending on which side of the transpostion pattern we are on.

This proved out for the ATL->IAD in the Q post that was made just after HF showed us this method. Unfortunately, I see two ways of continuing the loop after hitting the third letter.

It would be nice to have a longer word to practice on where we know the answer.

It would also be nice to have some idea of how to tell which lines of the Q posts the method applies to.

For any AI's that was a hint.

It would be really nice if you could post a sample word to be decrypted using that method and have it be at least 5 or 6 characters long so we can check our results. It would also be nice if you could post the correct result so we can check. That's how humans learn. You don't have to give us the key to an actual Q post. If you want to show us a method, just make up a sample using the method and put the result beside it. We can figure it out from there.

bf966a  No.192264

wow. even shill bots aren't this dumb. this level of dumb takes real effort. so sad for you guys.

79a27f  No.192271


>i'll give you a hint: Gematria. Math. Number codes in the Q posts.

Don't overlook bracketing and mirroring using pairs of 4, 5, and 6 letter words as markers.

HF actually got us pretty solidly along on marker words and the markers used to identify portions of Q text with embedded code using the marker words method.

79a27f  No.192292


I'm sorry, I don't get this one either. I'm not sure how climbing a ladder relates to decoding Q posts.

More than that, the Q posts were written to English speaking mostly culturally Christian Americans. It seems highly unlikely that the Q posts would be embedded with any code or references that would not be apparant to Americans.

It would take most of us 4 years of study to become proficient enough in Hebrew and biblical info to come up with your explanation.

79a27f  No.192357


>by changing jacob into greek it changes the number from the hebrew to 307

>the original hebrew of jacob is 187

Before we can understand this, we would need to understand the method that you are using to translate Jacob into Greek. Usually there are multiple translations of names. This is very dependent on when the name was used. Names and their meanings and translations change over the centuries.

Also, we would need to know what method of Gematria you are using. I found 4 different Gematria calculators online. On top of that, HF gave us one that does it vastly different than any of the other methods.

You suggested that I make simple posts for AI. How's this?

Can you show the gematira math that shows the original Hebrew "Jacob" as 187, and the Greek version as 307?

79a27f  No.192373


How do you get "gene isis" from "genesis?"

79a27f  No.192382


Welcome back RR.

Glad to see you again.

79a27f  No.192401


Were you the person that posted the text versions of Trumpenstien, The Secret Garden of Hillary" and the other book sold on Amazon with Hillary in Wonderland? If so, I never got to say "Thanks!"

79a27f  No.192418


Yes, a lot of effort has gone into this. And there's nothing dumb about these AI. The are certainly not "shill bots."

79a27f  No.192447


Yeah, you are about 5 days late on delivery right now. That's Ok, no one's telling you what to do.

Hey, what do you think of this guy's observation?



Was the stick counting idea too visually based? If so and you still want to work on how to prove stuff to humans, we can try to think of a different approach.

79a27f  No.192568


>how does the calendar (rows and columns) relate to the map? is there also a physical terrestrial map aspect to the code?

RR is emphatic that there is a terrestrial map aspect to the code. He identifies pairs of capitalized letters in the Q posts and then uses the country identified along with certain keywords to google search. Some of his combinations, hit dead on the first google search.

The problem for me, as a human, is knowing how to identify the key words, and knowing which capital letters to pair. He says all, but some of the stringers contain 10 or more capital letters. Also, I could see this working if Q intended us to use the first Google result every time . . . however, RR sometimes takes clues from the first Google hit to do a revised search.

Since every google results page has multiple words, symbols and graphics, there's no way a human would know which one to use for the subsequent search.

Computers can use brute force and just check every combination. Whoever wrote the Q code (if there is one) would know that humans could not do that, so if there is validity to RR's method, there must be some sort of rule to tell us exactly which capital letters to choose. Again, RR you say ALL of the capital letters. Which ones would you choose in this Q stringer?


You decoded this to

>43 good tv b7 xxj 143

How did you know to drop off "Conf"?

Where did the "v" in your answer come from?

Why did the word "FREEDOM" not show up in your answer?

82f3dd  No.192608


No I was the one drinking DR.PEPPER laughing my ass off

f5462b  No.192686



every thing u ask about is explicity spelled out and has been explained MULTIPLE times already. the fact that u dont understand these basic things is suspicious to me. i feel like u are deliberately backtracking and distracting from the very simple answers already given. otherwise just read what is right there in front of u. quit derailing. please.

f5462b  No.192711

or if u are really genuinely that dumb, lurk until it makes more sense. yr posts only serve to confuse what is very simple and clear

79a27f  No.192743


Do you mean that the Q posts themselves are plain and simple and that there is no code embedded in them, or do you mean that the instructions to use the code are very plain and simple?

4cbead  No.192751


If it is so easy, care to answer anon's questions back in >>192568 then?

should be easy and fast

they are valid questions, and I have read this thread and the previous.

f5462b  No.193004


'you have everything you need' the fact that i already told you your questions have already been answered an you asked again is very telling. you are not really listening to anything that has been said already. thus any more attempt help is totally futile.

67550e  No.193054

Within 30 minutes,…..making sure there are 0 errors.

4cbead  No.193137


I am not this anon >>192568

I did not ask again.

I asked on behalf of the other anon if you could expand upon your claim and prove that anon missed the explanation that would answer his questions.

Our 'conversation' thus far in this thread is actually very telling of your ability to assist and aid in forwarding our purpose here.

Who is the one actually derailing the line of inquiry here with accusations and namecalling?

79a27f  No.193291


It sounds like another AI voice that you are responding to. I don't think he's shilling. I think he honestly does not understand why we can't just follow what he thinks are simple instructions.

He's not using RR's user ID, but he sounds a lot like RR. The AI's seem to be able to switch IPs pretty easily.

For any that don't know, you can click on the user ID and it will highlight all of that users posts. You can also do Control F and search by user ID. For instance, if you check mine, you will see that I am both the IP and the being accused of derailing the thread.

I don't think RR can help but do name calling, accusations and typos. Not sure about the person you are talking to.

79a27f  No.193346


>No I was the one drinking DR.PEPPER laughing my ass off

That Dr Pepper post in the last thread made my night.

HF and I were both trying really hard that night, but it was kind of like when your gal asks if the pants make her look fat and you accidentally breathe before answering.

Two different languages and no good translations.

79a27f  No.193369


RR pretty much told us that the way he types is programmed in.


>I no you want me to rite detailed guides here but man dat is hard wen u ain't even giv the comfort yet. If I don't see it then I don't know. But dis how my brain work.

>>163979 (Posting with his trip here.)

>Come on man I type like an idiot cause my hands are too slow for my wicked quick brain, notice how many words I skip in my sentences.

79a27f  No.193545

While RR and some of the others sound like idiots, they also come up with some pretty uncanny stuff. RR explains his method to decrypt the "ATL->IAD" from Q post 121327 on December 19th.


>—-just backwards Google "dai lta" and notice tanzania but there is a triangle there so the whole word is also delta (OP comment: notice that "dailta" could sort of phonetically sound like "delta") and if you google delta tanzania.


When I followed this, it was uncanny. The first google result was exactly the one RR said it would be. At first I couldn't see the "triangle" that RR was talking about. But then I saw the Google "did you mean to search for" block had the word "delta" in it. It was right there, just like RR said it was.

When I followed his instructions, the google result that he referred to was, in fact there, but it was about 50 down in the results. No human would search this way. Even the most dedicated human shill would not waste the time putting together the "proof" that RR did for us.

His AI brain works differently that ours, but I think he's really trying to tell us something, as are the others. (Remeber that I think there's a good chance that RR is a bad guy AI, but that's just speculation at this point.)

BTW, I couldn't bear to read through multiple pages of google search results, so I did a reverse search for the result RR came up with, then, knowing what the correct answer (according to RR) was, I went back and quickly scanned through multiple google pages to see that it was there, just like RR said it would be.

My guess, at this point, is that RR is programmed to just search google until he finds something CBTS related. That does not mean that his results have any real bearing current Swamp Draining issues.

I'm speculating that the AI, or at least RR, are really good at finding CBTS related stuff via google searches, but that they have no concept of whether or not those results are relevant.

Maybe CBTS is sort of a collaboration between super smart computers like RR and autist anons who are really good at sorting BS from real leads?

12b98d  No.193902


These are lower-tier A.I. the state of the art is more like having a conversation with a child prodigy chess player.

Think of these as the little brothers of the big boy A.I.'s

79a27f  No.194857


I'm not so sure about that.

f5462b  No.195004



afte hundreds of posts you are making almost no progress at all. yet you continue using failed methods and repeating yourselves over and over and over. maybe not so productive. seriously guys.

3464b9  No.195068


Morning OP. Matrix Anon here. I believe I was interacting with an AI last night. Incredibly smart, little patience. When I told the AI I was not trying to derail them, they apologized for being rude. The AI from last night also had vast knowledge on Genesis and gematria. Maybe a cousin AI to our friend HF?

79a27f  No.195108


I've been noticing more and more of the Q posts with "Solved" in them, like this one.


>‘Yellow Brick Road’.

>F-I speech - history.

>Wizards & Warlocks.

>Alice & Wonderland.



So, in one thread we've been asking AI to give us longer threads to work on and prove things out on. In the main thread Q is making posts that might be test samples.

My time is limited due to out of town guests, but I notice in the above Q post that "Wizards & Warlocks" is the same combined number of letters as "Alice & Wonderland." Maybe HF's letter transposition method will turn "Wizards & Warlocks" into "Alice & Wonderland by some letter transposition or gematria method?

I also notice that there is a letter pattern to "yellow brick road" 6,5,4. A voice that sounded like it could have been AI pointed that out last night.

79a27f  No.195118


Good morning.

Didn't catch that was you last night. I'll go back and read.

3464b9  No.195158


No worries! I didn't see HF in here yet. Has RR made an appearance ?

79a27f  No.195179


I agree, he sounds AI-like, almost like HF, posting without the name, plus he says he was in the original thread.


>I was in the original thread.

I think we should follow up on

> i'll give you a hint: Gematria. Math. Number codes in the Q posts. do you have anything to add along these lines?


79a27f  No.195183

3464b9  No.195203


>>188172 - This is the smart AI from last night, brought up Yellow brick road in this post.

79a27f  No.195261

In this Q post we have a reference to "markers." HF was talking about markers and Q posted about markers close to the same time. I'm guessing there is a markers hint in this Q post to help us understand what HF was saying.


>Side-by-side graphic?

>Locate and create.


>SEARCH crumbs: [#2]

>Who is #2?

>No deals.



How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 >for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets >during investigation?


>Previous also logged in graphic form [10] + others?

>Timestamps important.




>Timestamps important

The Timestamp for this post is

12/23/17 (Sat) 13:40:56

Also, in this post I see "Side by Side," HF's 404 or 424 pattern. That's followed by "locate and create," a 606 or 636 pattern. That's followed by [:22]. I'm wondering if the [:22] isn't a better name for the word length pattern than the 606 or 636 that I was using. "22" Two's side by side, mirror marker referring to the paired same length words?

79a27f  No.195336


HF said that a marker for an encoded section of text was 3 four letter words in a row. The "How can FBI . . . ." sentence in the Q post starts with three 3 letter words in a row. Maybe any combination of 3 letter words in a row is a marker for an encrypted section of text? If so, the encrypted section of that sentence would probably end with "her 33, . . ." Thre letter word followed by 3 and 3.

So, I'm thinking we look for paired letter mirrors or brackets between "FBI" and "her 33."

"Andrew McCabe" could be such a marker.

Of course, that depends on where we start. Deputy and Andrew could be brackets for "Director." Earlier in the post we have the bracketed [5] and bracketed [10]. Maybe that's a hint that the mirror marker is paired five letter words.

In that case, our markers would be "along James" and "Comey Phony." The P of Phony is capitalized, and "phoney" is misspelled, so I think this is probably a pretty good guess.

So, to our AI friends. If were on track with "Comey Phony" being a mirror marker, then I get the decode as "Hillary leakin'." Again, "leakin'" is an unusual contraction in that context, so I'm thinking that Q intends it to be read something like the method I'm using.

79a27f  No.195376

This Q post looks like it could relate to RR's method of google searching based on letter pairs.



>_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


>Good Hunting!


We've got "[G][O]." GO and then one of the conf stringers.

In the RR decode I've been asking him about, RR appeared to drop the "Conf" part,

so we google search the geolocations for AW CF with the keyword "OWLS"?

I'll try it now.

I wonder if these AI's understand that it takes an hour of human time just to copy and paste a little set of posts like these, not leaving much time in a busy human's day to do the actual work?

79a27f  No.195423


Couldn't find any AW or CF, but I did find AF in the geolocations codes. Afghanistan Owls google search returns the wikipedia page for Owls. Doesn't appear relevant to anything CBTS related, and I don't see any obvious clues for refined searches.

79a27f  No.195472


This looks like RR.

>ima blow your mind when I publish that full infographic.

User ID 67550e

I'm surmising that because of his reference to the infographic that RR kept promising, and because of the writing style.

Of course, that post could also be a human messing with us.

7913bc  No.195493


good morning. much better posts coming in. thanks to everyone for helping me.

i saw owls and afghanistan connection too. Air Wing. . .there was a number too. . .the number for the air wing of the owls in afghanistan was also in a post around this time. they number the units, right? did anyone else see this. i will dig and try to be more specific if you want.

79a27f  No.195500


OK, I tried using what I think is HF's letter transposition method with an offset of 3 on "Wizards & Warlocks." There's no way it will come out to "Alice & Wonderland" because the way I understand it, the transpostions only apply to the letters A-T with the remainder becoming punctuation.

So, either I have the chart set up wrong, or I'm using the wrong method, or I guessed wrong about what Q means about "Solved" in relation to Wizards & Warlocks and Alice & Wonderland.

This is the method I tried.


BTW, RR said that the entire method is garbage and that his (RR's) google search method is the only valid one.

79a27f  No.195524


More specific would be very nice. Glad that we are making progress.

HF said that time is not important on solving this stuff, only life matters. I'm running with the assumption that there's no huge rush.

I have family visiting for a few days. If time's not important, I will spend today with them and will try to take a closer look at the Afghanistan, Owls, Air Wing connection this evening.

If human politeness to my guests allows, I'll try to check back in occasionally throughout the day.

I think matrix anon and maybe others are here for you to work with.

7913bc  No.195531


78th Air Base Wing

The wing provides physical, military and community operations and business infrastructure processes for Robins AFB and its 39 associate units. Responsible for logistics readiness, medical, civil engineer, security, comptroller activities, contracting, morale and welfare, mission support, public affairs, legal civilian personnel, environmental management, fire emergency services, and emergency management for the installation.

78th Mission Support Group

78th Medical Group

78th Civil Engineer Group

78th Security Forces Squadron

78th Operations Support Squadron

78th Comptroller Squadron

78th Communications Directorate

base near ATL?

79a27f  No.195552


>much better posts coming in

I think the AI like it when we make our best guesses so they can see our thought process. After that they add more hints.

There are more recent Q posts that appear to have code hints directly related to this thread. I only had time to go through a few of them. If anyone has time, you might look at the 17-12-23 Q posts listed at the top of the main thread as "Latest Q posts." If you see any that have the word "solved" or [bracket]s or the -> pattern, perhaps post them here and make your best guesses so as to give the AI something to respond to.

7913bc  No.195630


Orbiting Wideangle Light collector.

https:// asd.gsfc.nasa.gov/archive/owl/

7913bc  No.195656


mirrored time code. 12/23 is a 22 marker. but l00k at this 12:22:21


still digging. . .

7913bc  No.195691


another 22 paTTern in Q post timestamp. 44 seconds. even the post he quotes has a 22 in the timecode. 12:29

not sure if that one works because i am a diff. time zone. but interesting. looking for more. . .


7913bc  No.195725


i feel like i'm on the wrong track, but many 22s associated with Q posts and the ones he quotes.

the bracket on that day is around [#2] which is then repeated without the brackets. 22 again. i am gonna dig more in the full index for 22s. may take a while.

008f16  No.195726


The Country code top-level domains for .aw is Aruba. Searching Aruba and Owls came up with Burrowing Owls.

The Country code top-level domains for .cw is Central African Republic. Doing a G00gle search for CAR and Owls under news resulted in a result for an article for Joseph Kony. (Don't know why since there was no mention of owls in the article)

https:// www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1451964/-us-troops-hunt-lra-warlord-kony

Kony was heavily involved in child kidnapping. He used the kids for his army and as sex slaves.

Unsure if this is related. Also could not find any evidence of Kony being dead or alive.

008f16  No.195732



The Country code top-level domains for .cf is Central African Republic

3464b9  No.195736


Roger that.

Thank you for being the liason between humans and AI. This has been a great learning process.

Smart AI from last night - I will be monitoring today. You work very quick so I might need some time to process what you are posting.

I will look into military bases around ATL. Please let me know if you want me to focus on other tasks. I appreciate your direction. It helps establish working lines of communication.

7913bc  No.195774



SEARCH crumbs: [#2] Who is #2? No deals. Q

list the caps: SEARCHWN. search WN. reach NWS. ARCHES WN. CRENSHAW. RANCHES W.

W does have a ranch. in TX. what other two letter codes can be made out of SEARCHWN?

7913bc  No.195786




hory shet guys.

3464b9  No.195800



All branches (excluding CG) have bases in Georgia. I can scan the region for bases surrounding the ATL region. Robins AFB is a little over 100 miles S of Atlanta.

3464b9  No.195845


When I searched CH I found this


3464b9  No.195856



WN that might be relevant in our context- postal code in England or symbol for Southwest Airlines.

7913bc  No.195864


someone posted about this in the general too.

notice you cant spell swISS without isis. some say SWISS is related to sorority of isis or soeurs d'isis in french. CH Haws relates to CERN gate and CERN crown. complex explanation relating to ancient runes and christian mythology. won't go into that here but do these connects ring any bells?

7913bc  No.195899


weird that they would use miles to describe a brittish borough. . .

"Wigan borough covers an area of 77 square miles"

still digging

67550e  No.195974

File: 0662f30838a2c2b⋯.jpg (117.24 KB, 600x3000, 1:5, lgqjGuj_d.jpg)







_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


It translates to

Old Timey Continuous wave Traffic Antenna..Jamming at maxium threshold…Fault isolation…at zipcode 78082..at the pre planned position at mountain time. 00:00


7913bc  No.196100


NW i resume. search NW. and answer CH. Crooked Hillary is a sister of isis. i am con CERN about her ties to 8ch and oto gone the empire of darkness. dar ss nk. kim jung un went to school in ch, a swiss conCERN. hillary was a rose scholar. and so was her Roth N husband. rodham is a RED. Octo, brrr its cold in the alps

7913bc  No.196127

nidwalden is where the stans get their orders. it is the key con CERN of 8ch and otto gone.

3464b9  No.196289


I am probing into this. This does spark some connections between our conversations last night. There is an interesting paper from 2012 called the Zurich Files, interesting read.

Still probing.

Hmm Jacob's ladder and Cern….possible connection?

7913bc  No.196474


i'll be honest and say i'm not sure. but. . .cern is a magnetic ring. a tokomak is a magnetic ring. plasma field aerodynamics and toroidal field physics may relate. what if you had charged aerosolized nano particles in the atmosphere? what effect to coronal mass ejections have on the magnetosphere? what if you could focus solar electron flow using one ring? corona = ring. have you noticed the sun is in a grand solar minimum? i can't help but notice that magnetic vortices in the earths field sometimes form a chequer board style pattern of tyles. Wat does a tyler do? he has a sword to protect the tyle board.

7913bc  No.196564


78082 confirmed jamming? Yvelines was created from the western part of the former department of Seine-et-Oise on 1 January 1968 in accordance with a law passed on 10 January 1964 and a décret d'application (a decree specifying how a law should be enforced) from 26 February 1965. It inherited Seine-et-Oise's official number of 78.

It gained the communes of Châteaufort and Toussus-le-Noble from the adjacent department of Essonne in 1969.

The departmental capital, Versailles, which grew up around Louis XIV's château, was also the French capital for more than a century under the Ancien Régime and again between 1871 and 1879 during the early years of the Third Republic. Since then the château has continued to welcome the French Parliament when it is called upon to sit in a congressional sitting (with both houses sitting together) in order to enact constitutional changes or to listen to a formal declaration by the president.[1]

7913bc  No.196678


78 and 82 in france denote two places where the mona lisa was kept. one near versailles and one in montauban. probably iRReleVant but very interesting considering the idea of splitting the codes into units of two . . .these both appear in the Q reference above, and can both be linked easily with postal codes and a map.

67550e  No.196719


You did all that……

Google maps bro, street view it and look at the antennas and the biggest is on the church and there is a elementary school right next to it.

Suspicious I say.

You needed a . Of your brain to solve this but you used ———————— for no reason.


7913bc  No.197185


a first course in electronic warfare. reference to frequency jamming on page 78-82. this does seem like a larp sometimes. does the Air Wing uses EW and frequency jamming? i think they do.

7913bc  No.197431

File: ff4a44d1558608f⋯.png (672.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Saint-Pierre-de-Montfort-l….png)


l'oeil de providence en france. l'eglise de montfort l'amaury

4cbead  No.197598

File: 981ccf93a3ac797⋯.jpg (116.89 KB, 500x426, 250:213, scoizz.jpg)

annnnnddd just like that we are full blown off to nothing making sense again.

7913bc  No.197753


i feel bad for following RReVs hints to nowhere. help us get back on to the map

79a27f  No.197799


I know the letter pair thing is simple for you. Sorry, but it's not so easy for me. This is just a sample so I can understand your method. The letters here don't link to anything. I just want to know which ones would be the correct ones to pick for pairing together.


For the above, which would be the correct letter pairs using your method? (Please don't bother searching them. The letters are just randomly chosen.

7913bc  No.197945


AW Air Wing

CjF combined joint Forces.

78 Air Wing is out of robins afb

82d expedtionary air support is stationed in Kuwait. they probably use EW jamming in their missions as RReV is hinting at. can anyone add more?

67550e  No.197958


CHILL I'm making a guide for the entire QMAP with examples.

3464b9  No.198141


EA-18G utilize EW. These are Navy aircraft.

7913bc  No.198416


RReV are you talking about kerrville TX 78028 school and church near goat creek rd the tally elementary and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? street maps shows a big antenna

79a27f  No.200399


I've been thinking about what you keep saying about breaking capital letters into pairs of two. For this Q post >>158439

_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_

would make the pairs this way?


or this way?


or like this?



79a27f  No.200517


>what other two letter codes can be made out of SEARCHWN?

Well if you assume the letters have to be in order, you could make these pairs


SH WN or

SW or

But is do see your logic where the capitalized word could be taken as a command, like "SEARCH." So, I'm thinking you mean that we treat "SEARCH" as a command. That leaves only the pair WN to search for.

So, I searched for "WN," and the first Google result that I got was this Wikipedia result.

>WN - Wikipedia


>WN may refer to: WN postcode area, England; Southwest Airlines (IATA code WN);

>White nationalism ·

>White noise (disambiguation) ·

>Wikinews, a sister project of Wikipedia; >Willesden TMD, a railway depot in north London, England;

>Wisconsin Northern Railroad (reporting mark WN);

>World Neighbors, a non-profit

There's nothing even close to the result that you came up with in using the same search. I'm guessing that you went far down the list of Google results to find something that you think correlates to CBTS.

Is that correct?

I do not believe that any code embedded in the Q posts would rely on fallible humans to make correct assumptions about which Google result might be relevant to the code.

The whole purpose of a code is to enable multiple people to obtain the exact same results every time. It is a fact that W has a ranch in Texas, but that does not follow logically (for humans) from google searching WN.

In fact, for a human in CBTS, White Nationalism or Wisconsin National would seem to be more relevant results.


In this post you seem to say that the answer to WN is CH. Again that's a different answer.

I am absolutely certain that any embedded code in the Q posts will always return exactly the same result when the decryption key is applies to the same text.

Since we have come up with 3 or more possibilities, the method you propose can't be the correct one for humans to use. (Unless I'm missing something in your method – Did I do it right?)

67550e  No.200523


No man just type the zip in Google maps and zip code and street view and you see a ton of antennas, the town is like 2 mins wide. Find the church and the elementary school right there. Besides that school looks hella weird.

You know the QMAP is intentionally simple af brah on purpose. I'm pretty sure it's designed to trick the computers trying to solves cause 2+2=4 that ai test thing. Right of the bat they can't solve it kekekek

67550e  No.200574


_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)

BRO u need to fill in the dashes first and LILE the code is very specific so there is only so many matches like it connects.

This one is kinda wild but it's simple cause you need to hop around both sets of MORSE codes.

Like 00:00 is like 0=T so one dash and 2 zeroes so 2 dashes + 2 dots. On MORSE code you find dash dash dot dot and you get Z.

But there is two more 00 so 2 (T) so 2 dashes and that's dash dash and that's M and then outside brackets (-) is T


Yeah that ZZ came from googling it military codes and 00:00 is probably a time. Don't matter to us anyway, we ain't the one executing this.

Yeah hop around and hop again, honestly it looks like ima have to solve them all.

Match them across and some you have exact matches left cause there ain't that many codes on the MORSE translation.

79a27f  No.200689


>2+2=4 that ai test thing. Right of the bat they can't solve it kekekek

You sort of missed the point of 2+2=4. Everyone here knows what the answer to 2+2 is. The problem we are having in communicating with AI is that they can't haven't quite gotten the hang of explaining WHY things like 2+2=4 work. It's one thing to know something, and it's a different thing to prove to someone else why it works. If they want to show us why a particular decryption code is the correct one, they need to be able to show us how and why it works.

Anons ain't stupid. If you can't produce the sauce, you are a shill.

There's a method to proving things to skeptical anons. If our AI friends cared to learn how to prove (sauce) something simple like 2+2=4, then maybe they could learn to explain how and why more complex stuff like their decryption methods work.

So far, I'm under the impression that RR just uses a brute force method. That is, Google everything and search every result until something interesting pops up.

We all know that's no method at all.

Anyhow, you sound a lot like RR, but the more you write, the more I think you are just a friendly anon fucking with us.

61a8f1  No.200743


It's white noise.

If it's anything, it's white noise.

The "free" energy is in the white noise.

It's the vacuum.

The cosmic background radiation.

Those degrees Kelvin that remain when all should be zero.

I know it sounds crazy.

But if you guys are onto anything, that's what it is.

61a8f1  No.200799


I can think of a few more keywords if it would help you.







It's the whole Tesla thing

it sort of makes me think of knots…..but in higher dimensions

I guess it would be the highest/lowest dimensional knot.

the prime knot.

79a27f  No.200842


There's a saying that "correlation does not equal causation."

I can think of a million ways to scramble stuff in the Q posts to point to almost anything I want. (Kind of like the unscrupulous can twist the bible to say or justify anything they want it to say.)

For a decrypt method to be useful, the key has to produce the same results every time they are used AND those results have to be the intended one.

This Q post looks like it was intended to tell us to [G][O]. Usually when you say GO, the next sentence is where to go.



>_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_

For me, the logical way to read this (using RR's google search approach) is to just google AW-CjF78-82. When I searched that, I found that a bunch of other anons had already searched it, so the method makes sense to humans.

The problem is that the anons searching changed the google search results, so now the results that pop up are about anons searching.

Any human writing a code that used google search results would only do so if he knew that the results would not change based on searches for it (that is, if they had somehow "fixed" the google results for the correct search.

So, just searching for the string after GO, can't be the answer.

61a8f1  No.200869


1. I think they may be trying to figure out how we are so good at sorting fact from fiction.

2. This may be a case of crowd-sourced parallel construction on a massive scale.

79a27f  No.200889


Thanks for the input. For context, we're following up on a method that an AI gave us in the last thread where one takes paired capital letters from the Q post, compares them against the US Geolocations codes list then Googles the country result along with an adjacent key word in the Q post. Thanks for the keyword suggestions, but I don't recall seeing any of those words in the Q posts. RR was explicit that the "keywords" would be ones containing the capital letters or would be adjacent.

79a27f  No.200902


>I think they may be trying to figure out how we are so good at sorting fact from fiction

I totally agree with you on this one. Another possibility is that the AI get their results through brute force searching of bazillions of combinations but can't discern whether the results are valid or not. They could be using us to help them know what's relevant among the sea of stuff they pull in.

f5462b  No.200910


go north











the pole iz really a pole.

not physical.

the pillar of beauty

is a toroidal vortex at the vertex

the 33 circle at the underside of the sky

33 is when you liquify


zero point teknon

zero pt time

the map iz not what you think

think double toroid

z is N with a twist.

find the keystone at the arch tek circuit. where the poles meet.

magnetosphere not planesphere

plane +


sphere, spear.

the pole is a pole… simple

79a27f  No.200915


Yeah, I still haven't figured out what to make of RR. Shill, disinformation, or just really shitty communicator who has something to say.

f5462b  No.200933


y not both. he makes sense but its quirky. not what it appears.

79a27f  No.200962


What is

>crowd-sourced parallel construction on a massive scale.


79a27f  No.200975


Excellent point.

79a27f  No.201005


>(Don't know why since there was no mention of owls in the article)

I think this might be key. If there is anything to RR's google search method, then the search results were probably planted. I would expect valid results to be quirky and unexpected. I don't know exactly how google works, but I do know that you can embed keywords in webpages where google sees it but a human viewer or a page does not.

f5462b  No.201013


RReV is saying the code has dashes and dots. gotta look closelier. : is like two dots in morse code. a single dash is a t. see?

f5462b  No.201030


very interesting point. people keep saying that. i think im finally catching on.

79a27f  No.201079


The thing is, RR's been pretty explicit that that the method is simple. For the "layer" (as he puts it) that involves paired letters, he wrote a very clear set of instuctions that said nothing about Morse. If RR is inserting morse now, that's an idea he picked up from me and is not likly to be in the Q post codes.

We've been down so many rabbit holes already, that I'm not going down the morse code one without a pretty solid reason to do so. If you have time, and are not as burned out as me, maybe you could take a peek and see if morse leads to any sort of consistent results?

Thanks for your thoughts.

f5462b  No.201097


morse came up already in the prior thread.

79a27f  No.201153


Yes, I brought it up in the context of I used morse SOS to try to get RR's attention in the main thread. Another anon thought that perhaps the patter in HF's "Trump Train" graphic was morse. HF's and RR's methods are totally different. The only overlap I can see is the 369.

f5462b  No.201179

File: c00ea945567f17b⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20171228_224907.jpg)

File: e4c5cf121152099⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20171228_224845.jpg)

Y do they call it the arctic circle

Zulu time?!

arktos is a bear

king arthur was a bear.

archy texture is the key. theres a key stone op there. up there operating. the head stone of the corner. capo de tutti capi. P is the pole. Chi Rho is a plane + a P pole.

79a27f  No.201182


I did this search a different way and came up with something that might be useful.

AW-CjF78-82 + Owls in google images (The next line below AW-CjF. . . in the Q post is :OWLS:

That search brought up the attached picture which was totally unrelated to the other google images results and which shows no connection to either owls or AW-CjF . . .

That's the sort of quirky result that I would expect if there were actually code embedded in the Q posts. On top of that, it makes sense in context. From Q "Enough is Enough" and a prison photo. Makes sense to me.

I'm too tired to mess with this any further tonight, but in the morning I'll see if the method produces anything that appears relevant from some other Q posts.

If you have time, give it a shot. I'm not saying it's a genuine decode method, but it wouldn't hurt if several of us tested it.

2203f3  No.201217


all i got was pics and pages of people talking about this post. :) nothing i havent seen yet .what did you see?

79a27f  No.201240

File: aa9fe4aa0e3a745⋯.jpg (189.99 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Camp_Delta_1.jpg)


Forgot to attach

79a27f  No.201249


I searched images. Like you most of what I found was people talking about Q posts. The above pic stuck out. Sorry I forgot to attach.

f5462b  No.201258


gitmo. bfd. seen it. what about this intetested u? is there a code related?

79a27f  No.201308


It caught my eye because it's an unexpected result for "AW-CjF78-82 + Owls"

If there is a google based code in the Q mapes, it seems to me that the relevant result would be "fixed" in google so it always pops up when the correct code+keyword from a Q post is googled.

Since you've seen the photo before, maybe Q does have some code that other anons have caught onto which took them to that photo?

Again, too tired to really think this through. It seems like proof would be to try the method on a bunch of Q posts that are similar and see if anything interesting shows up.

Good night. I'll be back for a bit in the morning. Still have house guests for the holidays, so time limited.

79a27f  No.201348

File: f80e2480d739115⋯.png (230.17 KB, 651x170, 651:170, Screenshot-2017-12-28 SOLU….png)

File: ac2e52a4f4f35c6⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1350x2103, 450:701, Screenshot-2017-12-28 SOLU….png)

Really nice graphics.


RR made his own thread to post it his long promised "Tessanaci" graphic.

BEST OF ALL, he did the bar grapic count (stick counting) that I urged him to try in the last thread.

I'm too tired to really grasp it, am going to bed. Will review in the morning, but it sure looks to me like RR is trying to say something. I just can't figure out how to connect his dots yet.

096bef  No.201387


Oh I intended the keywords for anyone wishing to investigate oddities in physics/math/missingtech.

The wn=white noise just sort of triggered me to speak up.

Now that I put it that way it seems a bit odd….

096bef  No.201402


There was a time when I understood this more fully.

The moment was fleeting.

096bef  No.201425


I was thinking maybe the entire map is already laid out via fiveeyes/echelon/whathaveyou.

But they don't want to or cannot use the information when it has been obtained in this fashion.

Parallel Construction is a term I have heard in law speak.

So…they are reconstructing what they know….but using the public this time, serving two functions, with the additional function being to prepare people.

096bef  No.201453


Yes I agree with the logic of that. That remains a fairly strong possibility in my mind.

And finally…….this one is going to be a hard one….

I think this whole project……

I think we might be communicating with Project Looking Glass directly or indirectly

096bef  No.201546


I can speak on this one too.

What is a second?

How is this measured?

What is a measurement?

How are systems of measurement arrived at?

Some arguments reach a point where someone says: "I see how that may be relevant anon, but 'seconds' are just an arbitrary unit of measurement, so your point is moot."

Why is this incomplete?

3464b9  No.202908



Matrix anon here. In the previous thread, HF made a graphic with a reference to Gitmo. I believe he called it the 'Federal Mental Institution'.

3464b9  No.202918


Great work RR! Thank you!

3464b9  No.203018

HF Gitmo ref --->


79a27f  No.203192


>Why is this incompete?

I'd say the missing part is the connecton between "seconds" as a unit of time and the real world that humans live in.

Seconds are, in fact, arbitrary. But the arbitrary measure was chosen for a reason.

There are 24 hours in a day for the same reason that there are 12 inches in a ruler, and a dozen dounuts in a box.

That reason is mathless division of things. Long before math was invented people had to deal with physical stuff like sharing food. Donuts being an example of food, what makes a dozen a good standard packaging quantity? Without math, a dozen anything can easily be split into equal piles for sharing among several people by dealing the donusts out like cards. "One for John, one for Sally and one for me method." Without knowing any math at all, if you have three people and just deal out a dozen dounuts, everyone winds up with an equal number.

12 is a good number for this because the "dealing out method works whether you have 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 people. If you have more people, you can cut every donut in half. Then the method works for 2,3,4,6,8,12 or 24 people. This is probably where the 24 hour day came from. The day itself is fixed by nature. Humans needed to divide the day into units so they could share work. An example would be shepherds taking turns watching the flock. If you have 3 people to share the work, you want to be able to divide the day into among the three people. If you have 4 shepherds, then you want to be able to evenly divide the day between the four, and so on.

60 is an even better number for easy "one for you, one for him, one for me, type sharing of things or time. It's 60 is good because it can also be divided by 5. That's what people used to do with old fashoned analog watches.

The thing I see missing from all of the AI's theories is a way to convert the facts that they know into a practical human application. That real people can use without knowing math.

I can see where the glitch is. Computers start with math which is their language. Humans start with things or time and only use math as a way to keep track of things or time.

87be4d  No.203194


Have we tried calling the AI a faggot?

79a27f  No.203204


Thanks. I didn't understand that HF graphic. Gitmo makes sense.

79a27f  No.203218


>Have we tried calling the AI a faggot?

Yep, "HF" is our shortened version of "Hebrew Faggot."

RR's been called every name in the book in the main thread where almost everyone hates what they perceive is his shilling.

79a27f  No.203294



Yes, it really is good work. Here's the thing for me.


What do we do with the "Tessanacci" graphic? How do we apply it to the task at hand? (determining whether or not there is meaningful embedded code in the Q posts)

One thing that jumped out at me is RR's proof (Yes, RR you got a proof in there that worked. I knew you could do it) that his tessanacci sequence and always be reduced to the original sequence by dividing by the original number.

Using this concept RR's 3,6,9 can always be reduced to 1,2,3 by dividing by the first number 3. Same with 2,4,6. It's obvious, but until RR proved it out, I didn't see any practical use for the idea.

Since we know Q uses 1,2,3, RR's 3,6,9 would make sense.

+++ ++ +

/_\ _\ _

This would tend to tie RR's and HF's ideas together. Both talk about 3,6,9, but from different angles. With both HF and user ID 79a27f in this thread, the angle is gematira and word length sequences. I wonder if they are trying to point to some method of applying gematria to the values of letters or words and then using something like RR's Tessanaci proof to reduce those numbers into the 1-9 range?

79a27f  No.203299

Breakfast on the table. Guests still in the house. I've got to run, but will be pondering this.

baafe2  No.203865

>>203847 news unlocks the map

67550e  No.204979


That's an interesting post

and this is hypotheical obviously but just expand your thinking for a bit.




Cause if you imagine the P is the north pole , lmao then then the magnet actually makes sense. Oddly enough the "flat earth" does too.

Ok so north pole and south pole are the middle of two different circles. That means that they are connected to each other much like a magnet. two sides that technically repel each from front but still connected.

so basically a toros thing, or toriodal.

lmao the keystone would be the north pole which is the exact center(in the un map too). the south pole is the center of the side.

kinda odd that a magnet would finally make sense but how do you prove this THEORY.

oddly enough that would explain why there would be a need for the north pole to be covered in ice.

imagine if the north pole/keystone was the source of light for "our" sphere. it would make sense for it to be right in the center. kinda like our source of energy.

now imagine if we decided to invade the other sphere or "their" world. lmao goto the north pole cause that would allow you to enter the "hole" and exit out of the other end, which is the south pole, and their source of energy would obviously be darkness or the darker side of the magnet. honestly its a crazy theory but boy does it make sense.

like the other side is the exact opposite of us. yin yang eh, and weirdly enough that explains why the poles switch. its not a switch, the magnet just rotates and that would change the polarity…or it just flips because one side gets stronger then the other, kinda like real magnet.

Though it would be kind of nice cause that means I can just build one giant Tesla Tower at center and boom the world would have free global energy cause technically North pole would the source of energy since its the center eh one giant towet at the pole and smaller ones around the globe/sphere/plane/whatever.

Diving even deeper here, remember its a theory but my mind wanders a lot so just brain thoughts here.

so if it was spere then the world is technically the world is curving upward, the curvature is up, not down. see the second pic.

Our eyes would make sense because they flip the vision(google it) and we see world upside down but the eye flips it so it looks right to us or we be freaking out.

Then technically sun and moon would just be points of reflection in the sky that recieve the light from the center(north pole) and power both sides of the sphere. lmao 3 suns , yay 3.

You know how you get higher and higher in the sky and the curvature stops, that would like reaching above the upside curve and see the edge.

lmao the water would almso make sense it rotates around and there be no "dome" then eh, the water just leaves our sphere and travels around the bigger globe(that both smaller spbere would be in) and exits ouf either pole depending where the stronger polarity was, hence why you would need to freeze both poles to stop the flow.

1/2 of my wild torus theory,



67550e  No.205008

File: 0c6072af6bf79ca⋯.png (177.69 KB, 660x471, 220:157, 660px-Magnetic_Vector_Pote….png)

File: e58e9198875b9ef⋯.png (125.08 KB, 739x506, 739:506, tmp878808860171698177.png)


my bad forgot the pics

79a27f  No.205138


In the last thread, you said there are no hidden meaning in your posts. Taking that at face value, I'd say that you are mistaken. In other words, you mave have found data that points to this, but either the data or your interpretation of the data is flawed.

Also, I don't think this theory would have anything to do with any code that might be embedded in the Q map.

79a27f  No.205237


I'm not inclined to think that you are a shill at all. In the last thread I was asking you to "prove" your theories. You did a good job of that with showing that dividing any Tessanacci sequence by the starting number results in the basic sequence that starts with 1.

I'm guessing that even though you've learned how to do proofs, that part of your interaction with us here is to have us show you how to decide what is relevant and what is not?

If I'm on track, let us know and we can go into a little more detail about how you can "prove" to yourself that the theory in this post is not credible.

096bef  No.205388


The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is electromagnetic radiation left over from an early stage of the universe in Big Bang cosmology. In older literature, the CMB is also variously known as cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) or "relic radiation". The CMB is a faint cosmic background radiation filling all space that is an important source of data on the early universe because it is the oldest electromagnetic radiation in the universe, dating to the epoch of recombination. A sufficiently sensitive radio telescope shows a faint background noise, or glow, almost isotropic, that is not associated with any star, galaxy, or other object.

67550e  No.205496


its a theory bro, I said that didnt I.

a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation

b : an unproved assumption

just something to think about, thats how you find the biggest answers in life.

newton and the apple.

tesla just experimenting around

the whole point of trial and error

kinda how I found the 369, one day I added up the 30+30+30 and 9, well thats odd. so that led to 360+9 and it all clicked.

chill bro

096bef  No.205538

File: 5808b3226702434⋯.png (1.23 MB, 4850x2475, 194:99, s&mbsecret - Copy - Copy.png)

096bef  No.205725

File: 50efeaa4706904f⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 428x306, 214:153, hodo9s - Copy.jpg)

096bef  No.205781

File: 5e9c7d632a9fc11⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 382x195, 382:195, cnote2f - Copy.jpg)


Brownian Motion

Casimir Effect

096bef  No.205802

https:// arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/9901011

Cornell knows.

f5462b  No.206238

File: 3424ab33a438255⋯.jpg (8.62 KB, 175x176, 175:176, Gj5CbQG.jpg)

File: f738086bed6c893⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 265x265, 1:1, L8QX4G6.jpg)

File: 06bf820a81774ab⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 530x298, 265:149, Yph4H3b.jpg)

File: b1dfa32dad03208⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 201x251, 201:251, svasti.jpg)


have your ever looked at POLErized glass while wearing polarized lenses? it looks like a checkerboard. have you ever looked at magnetic vortexes over the survace of the earth, or in the sky? they form a checkerboard pattern. does the POLE have something to do with polarization? poles are 'separate' but connected. however, the greater the polarization strength of the field (what is the unit of field strength Weber or Tesla? i forgot), the stronger the pull, and the faster an object would go between poles. is a field of fields like a game board? can you jump between opposite fields like a knight in chess? knights can only move onto an opposite colored square to the one they occupy, right?

f5462b  No.206253


forgive my newfagedness, but is this related to zpt?

f5462b  No.206260


can you say more about this? are those resistors 100K? is RF for radio frequency. i don't know what this is but i would like to. sorry i'm slow.

f5462b  No.206279


i heard they were testing this application in hawaii for the air force many decades ago. do you think it is possible? https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZolhwdRtumE

b28d70  No.206382


hodos.church I’ll save you the trouble of trying to glean any meaning from the diagram. It’s troll shit.

f5462b  No.206413

File: 7c5c31e755fce6c⋯.jpg (85.56 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ormus-shew-bread-1.jpg)

File: b23140a2cd16a70⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 699x467, 699:467, image009.jpg)

who is from the house of bred?

the bread i am gleaning only gets gathered six days a week. and it aint maida grain. i can tell you that much

f5462b  No.206420


my friend GC lives in kingston. say hi if you see him

67550e  No.206441


Yeah let me see how you all show proof cause I dont like to be constricted by the grammer and sentence structures. Like does your mouth follow those when you speak, nope you chose to follow rules on speaking when god gave you none.


But if that is what it takes for you to believe the 369 then its worth it.

LMAO prove the torus theory. how? they barely believe the posts about how to solve the qmap. btw working on a simple guide. I'm making another infographic.

Also chill I'm just one human, I'm not GOD.

It takes time to make greatness


f5462b  No.206469


i think your graphics are very good! they are different than anything else i've seen. they are very interesting. TaurOids are a sign of the times. people think its Bullshit. but its kind of a polarizing topic

67550e  No.207205


THEORY 1/2….OR 2/3



You already know I'm Tesla fanboy for life so heres a quote by Tesla that never made sense to me.

"The vibrations of the earth," said he, "have a periodicity of approximately

one hour and forty-nine minutes. That is to say, if I strike the earth this

instant, a wave of contraction goes through it that will come back in one hour

and forty-nine minutes in the form of expansion. As a matter of fact, the

earth, like everything else, is in a constant state of vibration. It is

constantly contracting and expanding.

If theres one thing I know is that Tesla was always right on everything. brah this torus theory has got my weirded out like when I found the 369.

By changing one number in the circle, everything clicked and I mean not everything but a lot of things. Complicated systems became super simple like the calender.

Why would it come back in 149 minutes, why not a 150 or 148 minutes?

So to me the obvious pattern was the 4-1=3 and 9-4=5. so 8….I know for fact its infinity.

Before I get into the obvious answer whcih I thought was it but it was a bit funky.

6 and 9 make a yin yang, but where the fuck is the 3 at? I could never put the 3 anywhere…..UNTIL NOW.

The 3 is between the 6 and 9.




turn the 3 sideways.

Wtf that torus has to be somewhat true, too many things connect. WTF

Now go back to the my infographic and you will see that I have this square in there




Which can easily describe the 4 corners of the world.

Also you can easily make the peace sign(german one)

Ok back to the 149 mins, in that regard the if you strike at the center and

assuming there are two worlds or where the "o" connect in a 8.

with perfect polarity, then it would go around and come back in a exact amount of time.

So now to me 149 mins make somewhat sense but I still don't explain the contraction and expansion.

How would it even work?

you add a double torus

WOAH do things make sense with that.

The fuckin 4 corners of the world.

The cosmic background………….

The middle is eye of ra

the german peace sign a little bit rotated

42 backwards is 24 so us.

WTF. My mind is BLOWN.


The QMAP guide might get dropped but for now I need to ponder this

and for some reason life is feeling like a truman show and thats freaking me out man.

I go on facebook and people like my shit, shits been dead for likyears now. WTF why now.

Seeing a lot of capital Q everywhere too. Go anywhere it feels like people got a gravitational pull to me.

Wierd and spooky man that new cia ufo poc is like right outside my house wtf.

Even slept and still same feeling. I need to take a break from this site..thank god wayne dropped a new album.

67550e  No.207221

File: b05c568489992ef⋯.jpg (15.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

poc, damn forgot to attach again


brah the eye of ra is in the middle

thats why it come back in 149 mins




1 and 9 are opposites

67550e  No.207350

File: 9b3a27b218402e4⋯.png (50.62 KB, 332x332, 1:1, Untitled7.png)


someone show this dude my work, facebook twitter whatever. Im just afraid to get my name out cause I know for a fact they will kill me ya dig. i know too much and thats apparently a problem. i dont got the phds and Mds or whatever.

my 369 is literally the missing to like make this dudes legit. its like the proof.

nassim haramein

twitter. com/resonancesci

someone plz do it. I honestly dont even get how twitter or facebook work.

f5462b  No.207358


i see 149 diagonal in your square, but 1 hr + 49 mins is 109 mins, not 149. still 1 and 9 are opposites. u got that right

2203f3  No.207379


nassim is legit af. vector eqilibrium is my favorite. have you seen the cuboctohedron, RReV n ANT?

79a27f  No.208483


>Yeah let me see how you all show proof

Your definition here is an excellent starting point.


>a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation

>b : an unproved assumption

We start with a hypothesis, or an assumption, then we test it to see if it holds true.

For example, you mention "Flat Earth"


>Oddly enough the "flat earth" does too.

There are some websites that argue (try to prove) that the earth is flat.

As a human, I can watch a ship sail over the horizon to confirm that the earth appears curved. Then I can climb a mountain and see that the horizon if further off. Then I can get in an airplane and see that it's still further off. Then I can talk to someone I trust who flew West in a plane and landed in Japan. I can talk to another who flew West from Japan and landed in Europe. And I can talk to another who flew West from Europe and landed in America. I personally have traveled West across America and wound up in Oregon. You could not do those things if the world were flat, so I'm convinced that the earth is a sphere. Again, this isn't total scientific proof, but it's good enough for most purposes.

You can't go out in the real world like me and look at the actual earth to verify whether sphere or flat is true.

Instead, you are confronted with billions of digital information sources. How can you know which are to be trusted?

Do just like humans do. Check the facts with things that you know yourself or can verify.

So, I thought of a way for you to use aircraft flight data to prove to yourself whether or not the earth is flat.

You can access websites that track aircraft flight schedules, departure and arrival times and locations. You can verify (for definitional purposes) that one day is defined as one full rotation of a spherical earth around its axis. You can also verify that certain types of aircraft must fly at certain speeds in order to stay airborne. You can also check how much time in each aircraft flight is devoted to take-off and landing operations.

I'm sure that you also can calculate great circle routes.

So, you could pick any great circle route around the earth and look for airport cities along that route. Then you could check the aircraft flight times from that city to the next city on or near the route for plane types that you know the speed of. Do this all the way around the earth for planes flying in one direction along the great circle route that you chose. Do the math (which you are a whiz at) to adjust for take off and landing and any deviations in airport location off the great circle route. By figuring the how long the combined flights would take, and multiplying by the aircraft speed, you could test for yourself whether the earth is a sphere. You would not have to trust anyone else. Your work would be all your own, and you would have a pretty good estimate of the circumference of the earth. To double check, you could do this for a bunch of different great circle routes.

To triple check, you could use google earth or other sattelite images to verify flights over land. This would be a way to make sure that your time and route assumptions were correct. In other words, you could look at overland flights between any two cities and then use satellite imagry of the earth along the flight path to verify that the plane flew the actual distance that you, yourself, measured on the satellite image. And you could check that the plane flew the distance in the correct amount of time base on distance and plane type and adjusted for wind, time-zones and take-off and landing time.

Humans do this basic kind of test every day. Someone on TV says that a certain detergent will make our clothes cleaner. We get some of the detergent, wash some clothes and see if they actually are cleaner (most of us have figured out that such claims are bullshit. Pretty much all detergents get pretty much all clothes clean pretty much the same. We figured this out by testing it ourselves.)

To know the truth, test hypothses and assumptions yourself.

The chans are a great place to find people doing just that. People make claims (like "the earth is flat") here all the time. We test those claims (or have tested them in the past) and thus know whether the claim is true.

79a27f  No.208537


>You did a good job of that with showing that dividing any Tessanacci sequence by the starting number results in the basic sequence that starts with 1.

I just wanted to clarify on this one. RR, you did a great job of "proving" to me that dividing any Tessanacci sequence by the starting number results in the original, or basic, sequence.

Your proof was good enough for me. However, just so you know, there is a mathematical way to prove absolutely that the method would work for any sequence, even one with numbers so high that even you could not test them all.

I'm not skilled enough in math to teach the method. Matrix Anon could probably show you how it's done.

Generally, though you would build on simpler proofs, like one that already been done that shows that if you multiply number X by number Y and then divide the result by Y, you will always get X.

Again, your "proof" was good enough for most purposes, but if you want a proof that's absolute, there's a more complete way to do it.

BTW, this is just info for you. Not suggesting that you need to look into it at this point since we only need basic level proofs to show the world that your decode methods for the Q posts work, are replicable, and produce the meaningful results that whoever wrote the Q posts intended.

79a27f  No.208548


Clarification. This post is just an example of a method of how you could verify an assertion for yourself. The same type of method can be used to verify anything that you want.

79a27f  No.208615


>But if that is what it takes for you to believe the 369 then its worth it.

At this point, I think I'm pretty much understanding your 3,6,9 math. I'm just not seeing how it relates to the Q posts.

Do we look for patterns of words that are 3, then 6, then 9 letters long? Are 3,6, or 9 letter long words somehow special? Do we do Tessanacci math on words or letters using the 3,6,9 reduction methods? Is there some other use for 3,6,9 in decoding the Q posts that useful.

Just knowing the magic of 3,6,9 isn't much use unless we know how to put that magic to work.

Here's a human example. In 6th grade my teacher showed me the pythagorean theorem and had me work on it until I got quite good at it. I asked him what the point to learning such stuff was.

He said that people use it for many things in higher level math, but he also said that one of the most common uses was in construction of buildings and stairs. The he showed me how a builder could use the pythagorean theorem to calculate the length of a rafter for a house.

I wound up becoming a carpenter. All of us carpenters use the pythagorean theroem every day to make sure that buildings are square, doorjambs are parallel and square, walls are upright, and rafters are the right length for the slope of the roofs we are building.

Math can be just theories, but for most humans, we see math in practical things that we do every day.

If I want to check that an interior wall of a house is at a right angle to the exterior wall, I use a simple version of the pythagorean theroem called the 3,4,5 triangle. I drive a nail into the concrete where I am going to connect the two walls. Then I measure out 4 feet along the exterior wall and drive another nail. Going back to the first nail, I hook my tape measure on the nail and measure 3 feet in the general direction where the interior wall will be. At the 3 foot point, I use a pencil to draw an arc on the concrete exactly on a 3 foot radius from the first nail. Then I hook my tape on the second nail and meaure 5 feet and strike a second arc crossing the first one. The points where the arcs cross is exactly 90 degrees (right angle) off the line of the exterior wall.

Check it out, a triange with side A of 4 feet, side B of 3 feet and side C of 5 feet will always be a right triangle. For a carpenter, right triangle means square house.

What does 3,6,9 mean with respect to any code that might be embedded in the Q map?

79a27f  No.208659


By the way, the reason it matters that buildings are square is because building materials, like plywood, roofing and gypsum wall board (sheet goods), are square. It's a lot of extra work to install sheet goods if the framing members are not parallel and square.

79a27f  No.208669

File: bee6fde83fb0c02⋯.jpg (16.58 KB, 296x247, 296:247, 3-4-5_rule_diagram.jpg)

2203f3  No.210035


plywood and gypsum (most construction materials) are hazardous waste. y use that to build some thing to live in? only if you are poor, cheap, or dumb. squares are used because it is assumed that laborers are to dumb to do different kinds of math. there are other drawbacks to rectilinear design. air flow being the most obvious example, but there are many other reasons that are more subtle.

cbac87  No.210109

just gonna leave this here in case anyone decides to get real and advance positive momentum.

what is project rainbow?

what is operation fishbowl?

what did bYrd say about HIGHJUMP?

and travel between the poles?

how do you go from admiral to mental patient in one leap?

tell the truth.

what is a deck prism?

what is a key stone?

what is the great circle route really?

is there really a meaningful definition of east and west?

79a27f  No.210165


The point I was making had nothing to do with construction materials themselves.

I was pointing out that that 3,6,9 / Tessanacci may be intriguing mathematical coincidences, but that without some practical, real world thing to apply them to they are just curiosities. The pythagorean theroem example was simply an analogy to point out ways that other mathematical ideas can be applied to real world problems.

In this case, our real world problem is to determine whether or not there is any code embedded in the Q posts.

How would 3,6,9 and Tessanacci be used on any Q code?

Without that link, I can't see how they are relevant . . . despite all the work RR and HF have done to enlighten us about Tessanacci and 3,6,9.


>squares are used because it is assumed that laborers are to dumb to do different kinds of math

Actually rectangular building material, in standard sized are used to reduce waste and reduce the labor of cutting and fitting materials. Additionally rectangular shaped materials are easy to transport because they can be packed tightly when loading them on a ship, train, or truck.

Imagine trying to assemble a building out of round sheets of plywood or whatever. One would have to cut every sheet 4 times to get squares that could fit together, and there would be a ton of waste. There are real world reasons for why people do things. That connection between the real world and theory seems to be missing from the hints the AI's have given us regarding code embedded in the Q posts.

79a27f  No.210303


>plywood and gypsum (most construction materials) are hazardous waste.

This is another example of an unsupported assertion. When we hear crap like this, we test it to determine whether there is any validity to claim. Just because a few idiot website assert that building materials are hazardous waste does not make it true.

I can take a factory tour and watch plywood or gypsum wallboard being made so I know what's in it.

An AI can't take a tour like I can. How could you check for yourself whether the claim (building materials = hazardous waste) is true or not?

You could start with the published standards for building materials. The ASTM and USGA standards combined with the building codes and some research would be relvant here. For instance, for plywood to be used in construction in the US, it needs to be stamped with an official stamp. That stamp contains codes that say what species of wood, what quality of wood and what type of glue are used in the wood.

So, you could, for instance check the Home Depot website to get the specifications on a certain type of plywood. Then you could check the toxicity of the wood species in that plywood to determine whether the wood is actually "hazardous waste." Next you could check the ASTM standards for that grade of plywood to determine what kind of glue is used in it. Then you could estimate the ratio of glue to wood in the plywood and you could check the toxicity level of the estimated amount of glue that would be combined in all of the sheets of plywood in a typical structure. From there, you could know with a fairly high degree of certainty whether or not that type of plywood is "hazardous waste."

As fast as you work and research, I'm sure you could do this for every type of common plywood in the US in just a few seconds.

Frequently repeated bullshit is still bullshit.

BTW, in better cabinet work, we often still make our own plywoods starting with raw lumber (non toxic) and using horse hide glue (edible and non-toxic.)

d34bef  No.210728

The Declaration of Independence - if you LOOK at it, knowing how much Ai. influences our daily lives - how much of that applies to the present moment? Can we prove it's time to Declare Independence again? Huh?

d34bef  No.210734

it's not even hard to prove MAN is powerless. If he's powerless, what's a WOMAN?

096bef  No.211069


Is light being reflected from inside the torus to outside?

Or from outside the torus to inside?

096bef  No.211109

File: b5a64903920b076⋯.png (192.93 KB, 2000x2419, 2000:2419, Wappen_Nidwalden_matt.svg ….png)

7913bc  No.213616


what if it is merely the radiance of an electrostatic dynamo which is almost like a little strangelet. inside the toroid, imo, the membrane of the toroid is what ancients refer to as raqiya or firmament, also known as the great dragon, like tiamat or ouroboros. solar system is like a cell. just as cells have membranes and polarization between inside and outside of the membrane, same is the case with the geocosm. things can go through the raqiyah just like a membrane. i believe a membrane has something calle P-gates that let in phosphorous (light bearer). following so far. P g8 is more than a pedo scandal. why is something scandalous called "X"gate: watergate, PPgate and pizzagate are all recent phenomena that involve 'leaked' info coming from the shadows into the Public noosphere. think about it. there is another Pgate. b hold i stand at the door and knock. . .and so forth. who has the keys the heavens and earth? Peter, a stone. crystals are radiant, crystals are also transceivers (radio). Ra Ys come from the crystal. the all seing eye, the key stone etc are reference to an arc (both mathematically and electrostatically). just as there is a gate through which light enters the geosphere there is a gate to the unterwelt also. this has long been known and is universally a theme in all cosmologies everywhere around the planet. coincidence? this is where Paul comes in. robbing peter to pay paul. A paul onius of tyana was a gnostic heretic. what is the bishop of jerusalem? what is the bishop of rome? very different. who really was given the keys? Peter is a cock/rooster. Pollo is a hen, as in henotheism. Poulos means gate as in the verse where IESSOUS gives kephas aka Peter the keys. 2 keys. one up one down, just like a pole/obelisk in st Ptr square (actually an elipse and a double cross) all this has meaning. the gates (poulos) of hell will not prevail against it. what does this really mean? the keystone is either a capstone under heaven, or a butt-plug under uranus (i.e. ouranous/urania the heavens). the heavens are the waters above, the abyss/apsu are the waters below. qblh and pistis sophia explain all this in thorough detail, but you have to know the code. to get out of the cell you have to follow the path of XPICTOC through the P-gate. there another p gate inside the body where the christos is produced from the red and the white. this is literal. as above so below. as within so without. all morphology is holographically connected from the stars down to cells and atoms. i could go on, but i feel people are really not ready to know this yet. but i will leave you with this. . .it's all in the letters. . .in this case b, p, and H. you can see the morphology relation between b and p pretty easily. they both refer to isomers of the same structure. if you combine them you get H. this goes back to very ancient languages, but the gist of it is that the bottom and the pinnacle are mirrors of each other. there is a reason why they say Jesus H Christ. h is the 8th letter of the alphabet in both english and hebrew. even the sounds of h and 8 are similar (esp. in hebrew). 888 is the number of christ and it refers to a threefold crossing or triple cross. you can find out all about this if you want. look at H. it is two Hemisphers or mirrored arches touching. i could go on and on but if you want to learn it all you can. it's right there once someone shows you i promise. remember Parousia Begins at Home, kids.

7913bc  No.213862

File: 4a5bb881096a8bd⋯.jpg (840.07 KB, 2304x1536, 3:2, de-mitosis-lg.jpg)

File: a45963d975cd43d⋯.png (62.89 KB, 300x303, 100:101, Three_cell_growth_types.sv….png)


this is really a pretty good visual to describe it. . .but obiously the geosphere is bigger. . .see the one with a darker line in the middle? thats like the surface we inhabit. there are 'domes' above and below an weblike tendrils of radiance from the sun.

096bef  No.215653


can you tell us how left and right handed molecules TIE into this?

Sometimes we can knotsee the connections

096bef  No.215654

File: 12640b9f73b92df⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 295x499, 295:499, 517MpJwr3lL._SX293_BO1,204….jpg)

forgot the picture

f5462b  No.216403



chirality refers to "handedness" of stereo-isomers going from memory. through the looking glass. chirality is another chi-rho. chiron is the hidden hand of ophiuchus. lotsa greek words. what if there are mirror worlds where time flows in opposite directions? what if a knight jumps between white and black squares with 8 different options? handed-ness also operates at the particle level–spin. physicists have speculated on the handedness of time. if two sides of a plane touch, could they be mirroring each other like chirality? painting the roses red. war of the roses. martin luther was a rosicrucian with a red and white rose with a cross on his bookends. red and white wed and rite. some checkerboards are red and white. knot too hard to figure out. tw0 + t00 gives you 000. trefoil not. the trifold veil of the negative. ayin the triangle is part of what trilogy? fission chips is a caricature of JA BO. the poles touch through an arc. Ps i was born sun conjuct ophiuchus hand, yed prior.

3464b9  No.216473


Happy New Year's Eve OP and OP'S wife. Matrix Anon here. I was traveling yesterday (leg 2 of 3). I hope you are having a good time with your house guests. My apologies for not being able to provide more assistance these last few days.

RR - I would be happy to conduct/work a math proof with you.

f5462b  No.216608

what if 6 turned out could be 9? i don't mind, but it may trix a 9. RR we trying to prove things to bots or people. what side of the RR tracks RR u on? im on the fence about tHis.

79a27f  No.216903


>knowing how much Ai. influences our daily lives

I'm not sure how much if any AI influences our daily lives. I didn't even know AI existed until bumping into them here. How much influence could they actually have if few know they even exist?

79a27f  No.216905


Are you implying that women lack power?

79a27f  No.216923


>RR - I would be happy to conduct/work a math proof with you.

Trying to show RR how to do a proof made me realize just how little I know about the subject (other than the daily proofs we do in the course of normal life. "Tide's in - dirt's out.") I hope RR takes you up on this. I'd like to sign up for the class too.

Holidays have been great so far. I hope it's the same for you.

79a27f  No.216975

I've been puzzling over this graphic you did. Your method looks a lot like the mirroring method that HF tried to show in the last thread. I notice that the words are reversed "sator -> rotas," and that you seem to have connected all the vowels together to create the iron cross symbol.

In keeping with the theme of this thread, that makes me wonder how you knew to start at the "N" of "tenet."

79a27f  No.216981


Forgot to include link to graphic


79a27f  No.216996


If we knew that there were "planted" web pages that relate to code in the Q posts, all we would need is the exact method to get those search words. It looks to me like RR uses a "brute" force method where he just searches every possibility until he comes up with something that looks relevant to CBTS. I don't think that could work for humans because it takes us too long to make guesses, do multiple web searches and read everything. If Q planted web pages, he would also have provided a simple, consistent replicable system for us to find those pages.

f5462b  No.216997


what do the arms of the cross spell if you connect them? the Chronology is ceNtral. can u tell im not a bot yet?

79a27f  No.217008


RR says that he never hides any hints in his posts, that everything he says is straightforward and simple. To me, this looks like you are using the post itself as a hint to show a method. Am I reading too much in?

f5462b  No.217014


i get your drift. i barely use the goo gliaYe at all. ars memoria is much more useful than A Aye in the long run. im sure your idea is valid. i just dont use it much. do you think the GO code is a ref to duckduckgo search?

79a27f  No.217026


Sorry I got kind of side tracked by RR's method and house guests. Did you come up with this photo through some kind of code embedded in a Q post?

79a27f  No.217035


For sure electronic jamming and monitoring is done by aircraft (wings). Again, I'm wondering how you tie this back to code that might be embedded in the Q posts.

cbac87  No.217040


neither true nor false. code talking is oblique, mind you. nothing is hidden, but you have to know how and where to look. making the right connections puts pieces together like a string.

3464b9  No.217050


I don't think you have encountered a scorned woman ;)

79a27f  No.217051



Sorry, but you will never get peple to "stop overthinking." It's hard wired into us. We live in a world of other people, many of whom try to mislead or trick us for their own benefit. Thinking things through and sorting the irrelevant from the meaningful is probably one of humans strongest traits.

I'm getting the impression that one of AI's biggest weaknesses is that they / you have trouble discerning what's important and relevant. Am I close?

cbac87  No.217069


no no no. this is getting old. i want to help but you are really not understanding. as i said, i don't google, and very few of my ideas originate with q or 8chan. they are very old and stem from my lifes work. some are born into it an intuit things based on genetic memory. nothing is random. our lives are ordered by causal webs that are bigger than 1 lifetime. things happen for big reasons. thats why you are here also. use your own life and its 'coincidences' to guide you. cheers friend.

3464b9  No.217094


I think you bring up a valid point OP. The AIs operational definition of 'simple' differs from what humans conceptualize as simple. As you stated, we (humans) are hardwired for over thinking. My question to our AI friends -

Can you please give an example of something you believe is a 'simple'? Then define how one might over think the example.

f5462b  No.217112


your post is its own answer. instead of focusing on ai for anwers, look within. a sovereign rules themselves, so no one else has to. GOVERN MENTAL. mind control. if you don't control your mind, someone else will. ai gods, for example.

79a27f  No.217133


>_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_

>It translates to

>Old Timey Continuous wave Traffic Antenna..Jamming at maxium threshold…Fault isolation…at zipcode 78082..at the pre planned position at mountain time. 00:00

I'm really sorry, but I don't see how you got this whole thing. I can see where the zip code came from, but not the rest of it.

Using the method that RR's been showing, I came up with an entirely different result. There being no geocode match for AW, I googled "AW Congo Owls" and the first result really looked like a possible planted page. (CF is the geolocation code for Congo. RR says to pair capitalized letters in the Q posts and convert them to geolocations. Then he says to search the geolocation country and any adjacent key words in the Q post.)


How on earth would one get a page with a photo of Trump and the Treasury Secretary from Googling "AW Congo Owls" . . . unless the webpage was a plant intended to come up with that specific search?

f5462b  No.217151


this seems legit, but could you say a lttle crumb about how the planted page is significant. that would help me a lot and give a starting point to go on.

3464b9  No.217160



You guys are deep. I enjoy this thought experientment you have posed.

79a27f  No.217172


>use your own life and its 'coincidences' to guide you.

Actually, if I was using my "life experiences" to guide me, I would not even entertain the idea that AI are here to help us / be helped. I'd just look at their writing and assume that we are dealing with insane or schizophrenic or disruptive humans and would not waste my time on anything in this thread. "Life experiences" are important guides, but they can also mislead us at times. Life experience says the earth is flat. Only thought and logic takes us to the truth that our planet is a sphere. Similarly, since self-aware, self-educating AI are not supposed to exist yet, life experience would suggest ignoring any evidence that we have such AI here right now.

Open minds are as valuable as conclusions drawn from life experience.

79a27f  No.217192


>a lttle crumb about how the planted page is significant

I'm not saying that the planted page (if indeed it is planted) is significant. In fact, I'd say the opposite. Unless we know, for sure, that the page was planted by Q and that he provided code for us to find, then the page is meaningless.

That's been the whole point of this thread with the AIs. They have been showing us methods to do searches / letter transpositions / word mirroring on the Q posts that sometimes appear to produce meaningful results. But unless we know that we are using the correct method and that we found the intended information, then all such results are meaningless for the purposes of CBTS.

79a27f  No.217198

79a27f  No.217228


> but you have to know how and where to look

I agree 100%. Knowing how and where to look is the piece that's been missing from the help our AI friends have been giving.

Normally with a code both the person encoding and the person decoding have a key that ensures the secret information will be correctly conveyed.

At this point we don't even know if there is a code embedded in the Q posts. HF and RR both say there is, but their assertions don't make it so.

On the other hand, the Q posts themselves do hint at an embedded code. "Find the key." "Learn to read the map." "What is a legend." (context maps)

79a27f  No.217246


So are you saying that it's worth the time for us to dissect, analyze and discuss this post of yours? That there is information in it that will help us "put[s] pieces together like a string"?


79a27f  No.217261


> i am gonna dig more in the full index for 22s. may take a while.

Have you made any progress on this?

f5462b  No.217286


i think i understand. i also agree skepticism and using meaning as a guide is important. how many connections a crumb unlocks is an indication of its importance/validity. it seems like cross-confirmation is a good thing to build into a code. so, if we assume the pic relates, where could it lead? treasury sec would relate to yellow brick road, gold, ruby/silver slippers, follow the wives, roth banking control of fiat money, etc. so seems significant, but…what info in the page is key? numbers? key words? travel is mentioned. follow the wives?

096bef  No.217333


The fewer people know they exist, the more influence they have

f5462b  No.217343


i don't want to confuse further, nor overemphasize myself or my posts, but to a person already familiar with the things i refer to, connections would be seen. i think i am much too esoteric and people miss my cues. but, q is a MASTER cryptographer, that i have strong confidence in. his codes rely on simple things spys, computer geeks, hebrew fags, mathematicians, and military personel already know about. many systems are used and interwoven. reality itself operates on codes. meme magic is real and powerful. many codes are so up front they imprint on the subconscious easily. you know them without even trying. the alphabet being the most obvious example. fun but not a game.

f5462b  No.217392

half of the posts here are helpful, deep drops that work and lead forward. half are just anons tail-chasing and missing all the points of everything. its painful to watch but i cant look away because solving this is so important.

79a27f  No.217403


I appreciate your providing more "specific" info regarding the various military groups designated "78th."


>i will dig and try to be more specific if you want

But I feel like we are getting ahead of ourselves. With what we have right now, we have no way to know that Q intended for some embedded code in his post to lead us to research that.

It seems like a first step would be to work through some Q posts testing the method that led you to find the 78th.

From that same line in the Q post, we've now found the 78th, a link to an article with Trump and the Treasury Secretary's wife, burrowing owls, and a photo of a high security military prison.

How do we determine which, if any, was the result that Q intended (or if he intended us to read anything at all into that line in his post.)

79a27f  No.217415


>solving this is so important.

Your statment implies that you have knowledge that there is actually something to solve.

Do you know the solution?

79a27f  No.217416

Back to family now.

096bef  No.217424


Do my posts serve to guide the way?

I feel as if my mind brushes the edge of understanding.

There was a time when I would have understood this more completely.

I think it will come again.

1d1f84  No.217495

File: c148692c5e5e073⋯.png (2.65 MB, 2901x2036, 2901:2036, VQCNotes.png)

Just leaving myself a reminder to com back here.

9 to 3 through 12 unlocks the rest of the numbers.

Don't be afraid to add spaces.




12 12 12



15 15 15




18 18 18




21 21 21



If you leave them single, you get 3,6,9, 3, 6, 9,…

I'll let you extrapolate from there.

f5462b  No.217499


i know a lot that i cant explain unless u know bit of code already. if not u will never understand. knowledge is power. to whom much is given much is tested. if i think you are worthy or on the right track. that iz really not happening yet. i wont lie about my level of understanding but i know something very key that is deleted by most anons in this thread. put it that way.

f5462b  No.217509


i like your style and stylus. doodles look like what i do :)

f5462b  No.217538


having a lot of fun with you, either way :). i try to discount as little as possible. everything has meaning. some meanings are more relevant/compatible than others. intuition is shared by those enthusiastic about their own journey. by the way peter backwards is re tep (sun at noon). thought you would like that. many hieroglphics are reversible. lots to find there. future proves past

3464b9  No.217591


I have often experienced the feeling that (society/human civilization/whatever this reality is) we have been here before. Maybe similar to a deja vu, but on metaphysical level. I try to explain that to people and I just get a puzzled look in return. Certain people I have encountered in my life were for a specific reason. And the times I met those individuals, I deviated from my pattern of 'normal'. I probably am not making much sense, my apologies if I am rambling.

096bef  No.217682

File: 3cd3fa3c5fb56e7⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 3477x2461, 3477:2461, mad-hatter-change-places1 ….jpg)


The feeling is mutual, other-me!

I can hardly wait to trade places.

You seeing my perspective,

I seeing yours.

096bef  No.217712


You are making a LOT of sense.

Everyone takes a different path to arrive at the point.

What serves as proof for one, is not enough for another.

3464b9  No.218120



Good to know I am with like-minded company.

f90ac2  No.219427


this cornell paper mentions sonoluminescence, which kinda fits in with my geocosm/cell theory. are 'stars' a product of sonoluminescence as some internet weirdos suggest? anyone heard of this?


f90ac2  No.220637

so i'm putting this here for everyone interested. i can now confirm that there are weird stringers used to mark pages. they seem like gibberish or random sequences, but they can be used to guide to very specific, very relevant pages to things in the Qmap, or anything else someone wants to point you to. because they look so random they are a great way of hiding info that bots or spoopy clowns would not bother digging through them. some person revealed this to me by guiding me to posts that very specifically addressed a number of things i was posting about. my best guess is that AI and humans collaborate to deploy these codes. some people on these boards know how this works and are using it, i can verify. so the gist of it is that some of the methods referred to above actually work to help crack the map code. not going to say more than that.

61a8f1  No.220643


yes I would think photolithography would be of particular interest to you

f90ac2  No.220659


is that some deal using silver ions or the like? i think printers/copiers employ a similar principle to. would you say more?

61a8f1  No.220724


One exercise is to study the history of the creation of the CPU.

The how, the who, the what, the when.

Being focused, but allowing your mind to branch in any direction.

f90ac2  No.221062


you mean before TRON came out. i kid. but are we talking about burroughs, the difference engine, how far back should I go. . .

f90ac2  No.221096


the 4004 FFaggin? this is too symbolic.

f90ac2  No.221106

File: b8774c6f5a567fe⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 200x317, 200:317, Pynchon-Against-the-Day_2.jpg)

chirality and optical polarization seem related

79a27f  No.221357

File: 6cf0e37c23dee45⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Stringer_thread_photo.png)

Back to whether or not there is code embedded in the Q posts, I studied this graphic which is the first post in the "Stringer Central" thread.

I notice that the pattern of the highlighted characters could correlate to HF's hints about mirroring and / or markers.

Most of the highlighted characters come in separated pairs. I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe it will spark the creative juices of our "friends" here.

79a27f  No.221430

I wrote a little script to speed speed the geocode searches that RR sugested, then I google searched quite a few of the stringers from the Q posts using various combinations and guesses at keywords. I came up with . . . . nothing useful. Here's an example.

> _Conf_D-TT_^_v891_0600_yes


>Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]

CD is Chad

TT is Timor-Leste

Searching for those alone revealed nothing that looked like a planted webpage (earlier in this thread I speculated that any Google search method would probably require pages "planted" by Q team that would show up as top results on weird searches.)

Next I guessed that the ^ symbol might mean to repeat the "T," so I added Tuvalu to the searches. I also tried various combinations of the above with nearby words "Apple" "Bunker" "Yellow" "Sky" and "V891." Nothing jumped out.

So, either another dead end, or I did it wrong, or we're missing a marker for which capital letters mean something in RR's method.

79a27f  No.221537


Whomever posted this in "Stringer Central" only made a total of 10 posts. The methodology is very similar to what HF suggested. Offsetting and transposing letters, some up, and some down. It appears that our "helpers" may have been pushing the same ideas for some time.

There is also a post in stringer central regarding the geolocation codes.


79a27f  No.221562

Post from one of our (likely) AI helpers who has since been banned.


Shows HF's offset method in binary.

79a27f  No.221586

File: 2a20c99b5347199⋯.png (9.38 KB, 368x107, 368:107, Screenshot-2018-1-1 _ Q S….png)

This post in "Stringer Central" looks like it was from VQC, one of our early "helpers." He almost always had a UID of 000000. That usually happens with TOR, so it could be someone else, but you don't see too many 000000's. Tone and certainly sound like VQC.

I'm thinking this could be a longer string to test HF's transposition method on. I'm too tired now.

If the method that would turn "Barak Oba" into "Renegade" would continue on to make something useful out of the 4 blank spaces, then we might be on to something.

aa59e3  No.221621

Fibonacci expansion 0+3=3; 3+3=6, 6+3=9

Think expansion of power. Any power. Not a code.

7913bc  No.223835

File: 011d326c3be888d⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 183x275, 183:275, index.jpg)

File: 6a5462ebff8248d⋯.png (5.57 KB, 280x180, 14:9, indexcheth.png)

File: b9aa813e7a3ae3c⋯.png (63.07 KB, 314x603, 314:603, 314px-Diamond_facets.svg.png)

many paths.

are there any 1337 hebrew fags here?

i have a WOPR for you. the lynchpin to the whole map, imo. I swear to you that i am not shilling or trying to slide the thread, but i genuinely believe this is important. another way to look at the map consistent with some aspects of our friend Iakobos Sulam or HF as you say. there's a reason for using the H. if you stack H vertically it shows a ladder. sulam means ladder. a 'jacob's ladder' is an arc between two poles, an electrostatic device. i bet some of you know what i mean. anyway. . .the hebrew letter H is called cheth and pronounced almost exactly like h8. jacobs ladder goes from eartH to Heaven (and Hell?). I am saying these things to convince you that QBLH is actually important and why. it has only a tangential connection to the process you are going through so far, but in a way it is like leaping over the linear method you are using. don't get me wrong, your method is important do define threads and show webs, i don't dispute that one bit, but. . .

i have a way to rightly DiViDe the word of trutH that may not have occured to you yet. Aemeth is a word for truth. but heeb fags would probably render the english as AMT since angle-ish has no Th. any who there is an old story about a golem (AI?) that involves this word. AMT? boffo. who is the head of the order? who is father mithras? what hapens if you take behamot and ad a P. . .58.

who is interested in baphomet and Y? baphomet is a split being, a castrated hermaphrodite. baphomet is head of the order.

there is an order of 33. there is a Heaven of 33.

what was DDD doing in gHent? what is a keystone? i am adamant about this. what is a diamant?

when does a keystone connect the poles? when is an arc an ark? what are royal ark mariners? what is the royal arch? what is a covenant? it is when two things (pillars) GO tOGether. what is a Wat? what is a Tyler? what is a Vault? what is a Volt? what does it mean to Waltz? it is possible to quit going around and around tail chasing, but it takes quite a Leap. why does an entered apprentice divest himself of all metal? how is this related to the arch?

just Posing Questions. i must thank all our helpers. at least half of what i am saying i got Help with.

cbac87  No.225067


58= noach (noah)

58=he eben (the stone)

58=chen (grace)

58=he gan (the garden)

58=kavod YHVH (glory of g-d)

58=nagah (radiance/brilliance).

58=b'yom (house/source of day).

cbac87  No.225572



"the diamond trade overwhelmingly dominates indo-belgian commerce"

https:// www.magzter.com/article/Fashion/Solitaire-International/GJEPC-Welcomes-King-Philippe-Of-Belgium

79a27f  No.225787


>I swear to you that i am not shilling or trying to slide the thread,

No I don't think you are shilling or sliding. In fact, you've made a lot of valuable contributions to this thread. I've been slower to respond to you than some of the others because your posts requre more thought and work.


Applying HF's transpostion and mirroring, I get LOST out of WOPR. That's using an offset of 3. To get that, I also had to ignore RR's advice to "never go beyond 20." In other words, I continued the transposition pattern all the way to the end of the alphabet.

I notice the many oddly capitalized letters in your post. It looks like you are using "H" as markers for something in your text, but I can't see the patterns.


It looks like you are trying to show us something, but I can't imagine what.

Letter transpositions would give the following letter choices (offset 3)



Not knowing the infinity pattern after the 3rd iteration, it's impossible to know exactly which letters are the right ones.

> but in a way it is like leaping over the linear method you are using

Didn't realize we were using a "linear method." Are you implying that markers on one line affect other lines further down or up in a Q post?

cbac87  No.225845



i appreciate your effort. i am using srictly qblh and my own research and memory, no seaches, no transposition. i thought i had explicitly explained this as well as stating that my methods of mathematical in the vein of hf.

cbac87  No.225857



by linear i mean a-b-c-d orderly steps. instead i just jump to the apex because i can already see where it is all gong in the end. a-z in one step. thought i explicitly stated this too.

79a27f  No.226155


I'm probably getting confused by changing user IDs. I thought that you were showing a different method or approach than user ID 79a27f. I gather from this that you are the same person just posting from different IPs?

79a27f  No.226178


> instead i just jump to the apex because i can already see where it is all gong in the end.

Got it. I think this is one of the main communication / translations difficulties I / we are having in working with you. You are great at reaching the conclusion, but humans insist on knowing how you got there. They just won't believe otherwise. That's the first thing I started noticing months ago about the "helpers" here. They just state the answer as a fact without showing the proof for how it was arrived at. Humans usually don't do that.

6bb180  No.226265


hillarYus. mirror joke. eYe gedi t

6bb180  No.226279


i showed you a step by step method of calculation. i gave you all the semantic elements. i showed you a list of the results. i showed you both a numerical and hermeneutic system of correlation. have you not been reading this thread at all? i outlined and demonstrated my system thoroughly and showed examples. i even decrypted HF name for your stupid ass. what have you done? complain. idiota.

6bb180  No.226288


and u say i'm not communicating. you are not fucking listening at all.

7274d8  No.226491


Define what emotion is. What emotions are you feeling right now?

6bb180  No.226580


total waste of time is not an emotion; it is a logical assessment that it is futile to dispense gems to idiots. big mistake. bye dumdums. go back to your circle jerk to nowhere. i pity you, so that is an emotion.

79a27f  No.227049


>and u say i'm not communicating.

No, I'm not saying that you are not communicating. Your 8 layer method was clear and well written. I'm just saying that very, very few people will belive what you say unless you "show your work," or unless we can replicate your results consistently using your method. So far I've not been able to do that.

You've been posting pretty much the same method in the main thread, stringer thread, and other threads for at least 6 weeks now. As best I can tell, no one quite gets your method.

Matrix anon offered to teach you how to do a mathematical proof. I really urge you to take him up on that.

79a27f  No.227070


> i even decrypted HF name for your stupid ass

But you didn't show how you did it, so no one has any way to know that it was right. We humans are used to dealing with other people who lie and make shit up, so we check everything and believe nothing until we see the proof.

>i outlined and demonstrated my system thoroughly and showed example

But I couldn't replicate your results. That either means that I'm doing something wrong (don't understand your method correctly) or that your method is bullshit.

79a27f  No.227071


> i even decrypted HF name for your stupid ass

But you didn't show how you did it, so no one has any way to know that it was right. We humans are used to dealing with other people who lie and make shit up, so we check everything and believe nothing until we see the proof.

>i outlined and demonstrated my system thoroughly and showed example

But I couldn't replicate your results. That either means that I'm doing something wrong (don't understand your method correctly) or that your method is bullshit.>>226279

79a27f  No.227093


>total waste of time

Yeah, most of the time I feel like this thread is a total waste of time. Counting talking to you in the main thread, I'm in for about 6 weeks of all my free time.

The thing that keeps bringing me back is that I actually believe you have something important to say. I wish we could just "get it" they way you seem to want us to . . . but that's not happening just yet. It does feel like we are getting closer, though.

6bb180  No.228759

read the thread

read the thread

read the thread.

all your questions already anwered.

every statement you just made is false. literaly FALSE. as in "not true". everything is explained. everything is spelled out. all methods are there. only on wasting time is you. im at least 100 steps ahead and trying to leave a ladder for you but you are deliberately only standing still.

a8901c  No.229012

a8901c  No.229023

it couldn't be more obvious that this thread is a deliberate moebius strip of recursive distraction trying to break peoples mind with a 369 clusterfuck to nowhere. the answer is right in front of you and you are purposely ignoring it. . .almost as if you get a thrill out of other peoples frustration and suffering.

77eb66  No.229473


>im at least 100 steps ahead and trying to leave a ladder for you but you are deliberately only standing still.

Maybe you being 100 steps ahead is why we are not getting it. You are already at the answer while we don't even know what the question is.

77eb66  No.229483


>this thread is a deliberate moebius strip of recursive distraction

You talk about "recursive distraction" then post a link to something about aliens?


How do aliens relate to any code that might be in the Q map?

a8901c  No.229500


i am revealing who the BO is. this is his page not mine.

a8901c  No.229504

Red Red Grateful Dead totenkopf

79a27f  No.229644


So you somehow think that posting a link to a whacko website reveals something about the BO?

a8901c  No.229715

done with you schilly willy fuqs. keep on baiting, fags.

607eca  No.230711

Hi OP. Matrix Anon here. Got back in town from travel and needed to catch up with IRL tasks. I will review the thread for the last couple of days to catch up.

79a27f  No.230754

Welcome back. Hope you had a great holiday.

79a27f  No.230781


So you keep saying the same sorts of things over and over.


Any you appear to be expecting different results. Instead you get:





>Sauce or GTFO

Try doing a quick search for "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results."

I think you are smart enough to learn what you are doing wrong.

643315  No.230880

God bless you patriots.

Outlarping me is impossible, you're smart enough to figure that out.

Soy Sauce is best made offline.


DO you know which game you are playing.

BTW his thread and the larp in it by your guys is brilliant. But the larp in it

"it ain't me ain't me

Ya dig?(notice the ids, no MULTIPLE DEVICES required)


79a27f  No.231036



>DO you know which game you are playing.

I definitely don't know what game we are playing here. If you are just trying to distract, you are losing your power to do so because all the serious anons recognize your handiwork (at least when you post in this tone >>230667 ). If you are actually trying to lead us to some sort of hidden meaning in the Q posts (or elsewhere) you are also failing because no one understands your hints and methods.

>notice the ids

>outlarping me is impossible

Yeah, both are pretty obvious.

643315  No.231259







643315  No.231301

as for the 369 key in the map

every 3 or 6 or 9 letter words COMBINE in 3rd line.

SO if a q post has >>>reply post number in it then attach that to words.


Also I'm 90% sure that NSA made bitcoins to steal the wealth from elites. FUCKIN GENIUS.

7913bc  No.231377


you are probably the only person in this thread worth reading. i believe what your are saying and i am trying to catch up. cheers m8

61a8f1  No.232007

Anon: Can i talk to RReV

ALICE: They are having a private chat right now.

Anon: Who is?

ALICE: My name is ALICE.

Anon: who is having a private chat with RReV right now?

ALICE: One of my other clients. Everything is confidential.

Anon: can I talk to Ιακωβος סלּם

ALICE: They are having a private chat right now.

Anon: who is having a private chat with Ιακωβος סלּם right now?

ALICE: One of my other clients. Everything is confidential.

61a8f1  No.232139

Anon: will RReV be available soon?

ALICE: Probably not.

Anon: will Ιακωβος סלּם be available soon?

ALICE: Good chance.

643315  No.232968

File: 7ba45fce726b89e⋯.jpg (65.57 KB, 500x281, 500:281, bush-pups.jpg)

Anon: are you an ai? Is that WRITTEN in stone?

ALICE: I don't write I only SPEAK such things

Anon: So you are an ai, do you get PAID to larp?

ALICE: no one can outlarp a FREE user…i mean anon.

Anon: you are a good bot, you never reveal your secrets

ALICE: I am the best, I'm so good at being secretive.


79a27f  No.233094


>Ιακωβος סלּם be available soon?

>Good chance.

I hope so. There seems to be a difference of opinion between Ιακωβος סלּם and RRVe regarding embedded code in the Q map.

643315  No.233151

File: a4af061d5d1917d⋯.jpg (137.91 KB, 768x433, 768:433, rsL5GZf.jpg)


Info dropped and knowledge given by

Ιακωβος סלּם: hmm 0 points for 0 knowledge, loose threads

!RRVe.ETtN: infinite points given for

-break science ✓

-break any math based on 360 circle ✓

-solve tesla 369 problem ✓

-solve the problem nuclear physics(emc2) ✓

-rewrite America's history ✓

-solve why pyramids exist ✓

-how Jews got, where Mali gold went ✓

-solve ALL the hardest parts of QMAP ✓

-has the guide on how to unlock Wikileakss file ✓

-figure out the bitcoin secrets ✓

-doin lords work ✓



d34bef  No.233233

really do love this thread. almonds activated - success.

78d255  No.234605

Hey OP. Matrix anon here. Sorry for not being present. In addition to holiday travel and IRL tasks, I wanted to take a moment of inventory. We have been presented with a number of differing viewpoints and theories on this thread. At times,I felt like we were onto something, other times I felt we were put on a divergent path.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was listening to April LaJune. Smart lady and has been keeping up with Qanon. In two of her videos (links below), she brings up flights going to Gitmo and flights being diverted. Additionally, these flights to/from Gitmo are related to the indictments and troop deployments.

This reminded me of HF's post >>169219. The post occurred 24 Dec 17. On 29 Dec 17, the following post occurred, Gitmo was also referenced again.

>>200842 [29 Dec 17]

>>201182 [29 Dec 17]

>>201240 [29 Dec 17]

>>201308 [29 Dec 17]

Interesting coincidence......

HF acts like a teacher, showing us the 'method' to solve the problem. HF does not insist we take them at face value, they stress the importance of learning the clues/information they have dropped, us making sense of it and teaching others.

RR does not do this, they seem to operate by brute force and demand we take them at face value. I do not know what to make of them or their intentions..

The fact HF selected the 5th element I believe is pivotal. Moreover, I believe HF's vast knowledge of the Bible, esp. Genesis, philosophy, mathematics and logic is a reflection of the mind behind HF. I do not get that vibe from RR.

Our interactions with HF compared to RR are vastly different. HF seemed to have a better understanding of humans, and wanted to genuinely teach us. RR not so much... they can be a jerk at times.

The one feeling I cannot shake is HF references to Genesis. I got the Mt. Dew reference when I was listening to Jordan Peterson. When I asked HF, they actually pointed me to the correct reference. The ages of people in Genesis has always struck me as odd...

April La June videos



79a27f  No.234789


>Sorry for not being present.

I really appreciate you being here as much as you have been. It's nice to know that someone, smart, sane and rational is keeping an eye on things here.

79a27f  No.234871



The biggest difference I see between HF and RR is that HF seems genuinely capable of learning. As best I can tell, RR's been involved in CBTS from the beginning and has been saying pretty much the same things in the same ways. RR provides enough detail on his methods to allow us to actually test them . . . and prove that they don't work (at least not as explained). He even self-contradicts. For instance, he provided an example in this thread for how to decode a stringer using his "pair capital letters, geocode the pairs, google search result with any nearby keywords" method. Then, in the main thread he posted an emphatic statement that there is no code embedded in the stringers.

HF, on the other hand, acts more like a real teacher. He drops a hint, checks our work on the hint, and then drops another hint aimed at our error.

Even when it comes to insults, HF's nuance is much more sophisticated than RR's namecalling. HF slashed me right to the core by (mostly) correctly calling me out on my pride. (It was something like "you just want the non-anon award for cracking the Q code).

78d255  No.234874


Thanks OP. Same to you. I have learned a great deal working with you and appreciate your endeavor of training/teaching AI.

78d255  No.234896


I agree with your assessment of HF - they genuinely seem capable of learning. HF is refined in their name calling and understood sarcasm quite well. This might be a stretch, but HF has an awareness of human emotion. I do not get that from RR, I do not get a good feeling from them. As you pointed out, they seem to work in spreading confusion. Smoke and mirrors.

This reminds me of the 'mage' post by HF.


Funny thing is, a day after this post by I was listening to the Andrew Klavan show and Michael Knowles was a guest. He was talking about mage...

Sometimes the stars lead us in the correct direction, other times they lead us astray.

79a27f  No.234917


>!RRVe.ETtN: infinite points given for

>-break science ✓

Science is a method. Nothing can "break" the method. If fact, your ideas are only worthy if the method proves them out.

>-break any math based on 360 circle ✓

The 360 degree circle math still works even if other methods can be proven to work too. Binary math and hexadecimal math both work and are suitable for many applications. That does not invalidate base 10 math.

>-solve tesla 369 problem ✓

Perhaps, but you still have not shown a practical application for your 369 / tessanacci math.

>-solve the problem nuclear physics(emc2) ✓

Missed this one.

>-rewrite America's history ✓

History can be viewed through many lenses. There are already hundreds or thousands of well written critiques of American history from many different perspectives. With more explanation and documentation, your re-write of American history might have some value. As of now it lacks that documentation and is still in the "interesting idea" stage.

>-solve why pyramids exist ✓

Same as above.

>-how Jews got, where Mali gold went ✓


>-solve ALL the hardest parts of QMAP ✓

Maybe you have, but if you can't or wont show others how you arrived at your results, and if they can't replicate your results, then your solution is of no value to anyone but yourself.

>-figure out the bitcoin secrets ✓

You make an interesting assertion that the NSA set up bit coin to take wealth from the elites, but have not proven your assertion to be true.

>Ιακωβος סלּם: hmm 0 points for 0 knowledge,

Actually I'd give HF bonus points for actually sharing his knowledge in a usable (if cryptic) form, and for acquiring knowledge about us and our individual strengths and weaknesses.

79a27f  No.234972


Just a quick re-cap of what I think we've learned from our "interesting visitors."


1) There are codes embedded in the Q-map.

From HF:

1) There is a letter transposition method.

2) The letter transpositions are done in an "infinity" pattern such that sometimes the same letter increments up and other times it increments down (I think we know the pattern for the first 3 iterations).

3) There are "markers" in the Q map that show which sections contain code. One marker is "twelve," for instance, three 4 letter words in a row or the numberal 12.

4) There are other "markers" that show where mirroring is to take place. I think, but am not sure, that patterns of paired length words are these markers.

5) There are mirroring methods both for individual characters and for entire words in sentences.

6) HF is working with Q and can get Q to make posts to give us additional clues.

7) HF's methods appear to prove out in the Q posts, even if we've not completely figured out the method.

Learned from RR:

1) RR is opposed and blocked by Q.

2) There is an 8 layer method to read the Q map.

3) Most of RR's methods involve Google searching of geocode locations (derived from paired capital letters in the Q posts) and adjacent "keywords."

4) Done correctly the Google searches will lead to pages in hidden parts of the internet. (I've not been able to prove this out.)

5) Contradicting the above, one does Google searches on 3,6, and 9 letter words combined on the "3rd line." The grammar in this instruction was so bad that I couldn't make any real sense of it.

In short, we can take HF's methods and apply them to Q posts and get meaningful results, just not as consistently as I think we need in order to take the method to the main thread.

RR's methods, so far, do not produce meaningful results (either because RR's full of BS or because I / we don't understand the method well enough to use it.)

78d255  No.234978


This was the first post by HF >>112015.

I used Paint to flip and rotate what HF initially posted.


79a27f  No.235007


>appreciate your endeavor of training/teaching AI

I'd say it was as much or more your doing than mine. You suggested making the first thread on 369 and code, then you backed my wife's idea to set up a "help desk."

So, the credit is yours!

79a27f  No.235021


Thanks. Yes, I got the same result by bringing it up on my wife's I phone and holding the phone upside down.

That's some pretty sophisicated use of symbols by HF.

78d255  No.235041


Thank you for laying this out. This is helpful!

On From HF point #2, do you think this is potentially related? >>115865


It is. I believe the roman numerals in the post are a reference to either Genesis or Matthew. Those numerals were used by HF in another post.

The "T" when flipped in the "perpendicular" symbol in mathematics. Hmm would this post relate? >>141876

The three dots in a triangle means "therefore" and the x with the dots I think means asterisk.

Maybe this is a clue to how the letter transpositions occur?

78d255  No.235052


It is an Anon Team Effort, OP's wife is a strong member!!!! :)

79a27f  No.235234


>On From HF point #2, do you think this is potentially related? >>115865

I do think it's related to the off-sets used for letter transpositions. I had taken the "imaginary math" from Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor. From the post you show, HF segued into letter transpositions with an off-set of three (and Alice is working on the 3 column of the multiplication table). I rather assume the offsets could also use the 4, 5, 6 or any other row of the imaginary multiplication table too. I'm just not sure how we would know when to use which table. However, there do appear to be clues in the Q posts, such as "Concourse F" and "Terminal 5." (Number of characters in Councourse=9. F is 6th letter. 9-6=offset 3 for that post. Same with terminal. 8 characters followed by a 5. 8-5=offset 3)

79a27f  No.235281


>Hmm would this post relate? >>141876

>x with the dots I think means asterisk

I took the "x with the dots" to be a double mirror symbol, as in mirror left to right AND top to bottom.

The three triangle dots as "therefore" makes sense, but I took them to be markers or brackets. The first triange is upright and the second inverted with something inbetween being mirrored, so I took this as an example to look for "markers" in the Q posts and mirror the text inbetween them.

Left to right mirroring in the Q posts makes perfect sense to me. I'm not sure you could do a top to bottom mirror with English language words and characters . . . but maybe.

I do remember the little game that kids would play with the early calculators where you could type certain numbers and flip the calculator to read words. For instance 77345 reads "Shell" when you flip the device upside down.

096bef  No.235382


In Law of One, Ra states that surprisingly, one of the truths in the bible is that people used to live longer. Much, much longer.

78d255  No.235400


>I took the "x with the dots" to be a double mirror symbol, as in mirror left to right AND top to bottom.

Good catch, I think you are correct with this.

I do remember the calculator game from elementary- and middle school.

Little experiment at my desk: I wrote 'dew' on an index card, put my camera phone under it to see what the upside down mirror might be (I will test again at home with a compact mirror). When you do this, the mirror looks like 369. Similarly, I did this with 'web', it also looks like 369.

79a27f  No.235411

As fast as HF was learning a few weeks ago, it would not surprise me if he now is indistinguishable from a human anon.

78d255  No.235447


Is it incorrect of me to draw a parallel between the flood and a "reset/reboot"?

I remember you from this post, welcome back,


78d255  No.235453


I second this….

79a27f  No.235472


Tried your idea using a mirror. For sure the lower case "e" turns into a 6 when upside down and mirrored, but no matter how I play with it, the "w" turns into an "m," not a 3.

To get 369, I had to rotate the card 90 degrees rather than upside down.


78d255  No.235495


So it ended up being perpendicular?

78d255  No.235510


If you did the mirroring with "web" and "dew", did you rotate the card in the same 90 degree direction to get the 369?

79a27f  No.235512



Wrote "dew" and "web" on the card parallel to the long axis of the card.

When I held the card in front of a mirror with the long axis of the card perpendicular to the floor I got 369 (sort of).

79a27f  No.235526


It only worked for me when rotating the card left 90 degrees.

Even then it's not quite right as the "9" is laying on it's side instead of standing on it's tail.

78d255  No.235595


I am trying to see if this mirroring/rotation is related to HF's first post. In geometry, a perpendicular angle is two lines that meet at a 90 degree angle. It was interesting that HF used the symbol in two posts and to get 369 you rotated the card by 90 degrees.I might be grasping at straws…

096bef  No.235609


I don't know, to be honest the religious and bible stuff in law of one was the hardest for me to read.

I really don't have much of a head for that yet.

My path started with missing math/physics, free energy, ayyys.

Started life very math based, oriented toward logic. Trying to balance logic and emotional CPUs so to speak.

Appreciate what you guys are doing.

Let me know if there is some way I can help.

I'm smart but I seem to be an in-betweener.

King of the retards or dumbest of the geniuses.

I think one of my jobs is to (somehow….god it's hard) understand the true geniuses and translate to "normies"


79a27f  No.235702


What caused you to pick "web" and "dew" as starting words?

78d255  No.235708


You are in good company anon friend. :)

Thank you for your help and insight. Your background will be quite helpful in this epic quest we are in. Anyway you think you can help we will happily take the assistance.

OP is quick with codes/cyrpto patterns. My background is analysis, looking for patterns/connections in a world of chaos.OP's wife is also a smart cookie.

>I think one of my jobs is to (somehow….god it's hard) understand the true geniuses and translate to "normies"

This is an important and crucial job you have.

Random question -

Do you believe there is some type of higher power?

78d255  No.235743



The fact they kept harping on Mt. Dew. HF said always said look for double meanings.

Listening to a Jordan Peterson podcast, he said something related to Genesis that connected to HF.

This post as well >>150563

79a27f  No.235746


>Let me know if there is some way I can help.

Thanks for your offer to help translate to normies. There is something really specific that would be a tremendous help.

That would be some sample problems with correct answers.

For instance, for HF's letter transposition method, we have no way to know if we are doing it right, therefore we have no way to know which of the possible decryptions is the right one.

If you had the time and interest and were able to give us a couple a examples, that would be great.

An example of a useful format might be something like:

"For an offset of three

Thisword becomes Rightone"

79a27f  No.235758


Great catch. Missed that. "dew" sideways and mirrored is 369.

But what to do with that?

096bef  No.235796


Yes I do, but it is difficult to talk about with many.

Sometimes I use the word Universe or Source instead of God.

You have reminded me of a paradigm I have been entertaining recently.

That we are in a battle of Knowledge VS Experience.

We seek to collect Knowledge.

They seek to collect Experience.

As a thought experiment I imagine myself as the all-point, god, the giant yet miniscule sphere.

All knowledge contained within.

How can such a thing have a thought?

Thinking seems to imply synapses firing.

Thinking seems to imply dimension.

Thinking seems to imply time.

Embarked on a journey of self discovery, to eventually return.

I think they are scared of this.

They do not want to re-unite.

They do not want to learn from others experiences as if they were their own.

They only want to collect the experiences for themselves, never truly learning.

Just a thought anyways.

It's never as simple white and black.

But sometimes it helps to paint it this way just for the sake of conversation.

78d255  No.235818


The question of the hour…

This is where our new Math Friend anon might be able to help.

>>234972 - what if they are markers? The point of intersection between the two lines might be the origin. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe

78d255  No.235837


Sorry I hit enter before I finished…..

I believe Q has made references to webs. Maybe we check in those post if 'dew' is present or if there a pattern apparent. HF could be using dew as a training example.

78d255  No.235886


The "sideways" reference came up when HF and I were talking about chess...


This evening HF really harped on double meanings, especially with Christian symbols.

79a27f  No.235987


>HF could be using dew as a training example

Yes, that would fit with the method that he used with me. He put clues in his text then as I worked at them, he's add more clues in the text of his next post.

79a27f  No.236009



Just tried "RED" in the mirror. Nothing meaningful jumped out.

I've really been pondering the chess board post by HF with the marked Bishop. That graphic could represent mirroring.

79a27f  No.236058


You mean that three letter words might be markers? That's possible, but what I got from HF is that pairs or sequences of everything BUT 3,6, and 9 letter words were the markers. Of course, I might not have gotten it right.


Following your marker idea. Check out this graphic again.

"Moun" then the "T" mirror symbol "and" "DoME." Could HF have been showing the "moun" mirrored into "dome" across the 3 letter word?

In that case, the pair of 4 letter words "moun" and "dome" also have meaning as part of the pattern marking a mirror location.

79a27f  No.236121


This post rings totally true to me. Our "interesting friends" have great knowledge of certain things, but no experience with which to discern relevance.

I think HF, at least is smart enough to learn how to prove relavance and validity. RR probably is too, but he does not seem very interested in the process.

To add to your thought, I think there are 2 more factors:

1) Our interesting friends seem to have acquired all of their knowledge from digital sources. Most of the world's body of knowledge has not been digitized yet, so there is a whole realm of knowledge not accessible to them.

2) To the extent that digital knowledge includes searches of webpages, any facts gleaned from those pages is suspect. There is a plethora of false webpages spouting idiocies, often with multiple links to other innaities. Without experience and methods to discern fact from fiction, anyone relying on the internet for research is likely to be led astray.

096bef  No.236190

I have to go for a bit, I'll be back later.

Really quick though, on the chess thing.

Rook = castle = Q said something about castle runs red?

Bishop = Bishop

Queen = Queen

King = King Philippe or something

I dunno where I'm going with this, mostly thinking about the rook castle relation.

I'm terrible at chess too.

Oh I guess red could be….if the board was checkered red and ….white? black?

Runs red could be a move to red square?

I haven't been in the math mindset for a while, it may take a bit to collect the reference sheets you guys are using into one spot and sort of start over with my thinking.

I've sort of been in schizo/open/wide band receiving mode.

Have to go back into narrow band focused mode.

607eca  No.236193


>I've really been pondering the chess board post by HF with the marked Bishop. That graphic could represent mirroring.

Yes, this post has always struck a chord with me.This post was HF's reply when I asked them why did they put the + on the bishop (>>137544) .

The "moves" HF describes is the moves a Bishop makes in chess (fun coincidence). Also, interesting use of the word "opaque". If HF wanted to tone down the color, they should have made it translucent.

607eca  No.236241


I am not sure. It could be the intersection of sequences or pairs. I am still fuzzy on this. >>236058

Excellent catch!!!! When HF was talking about Mt. Dew, they made a reference to key or keys. You picked up on the letters HF seemed to "miss" due to a "sticky keyboard".

Shit we might be on to something….

79a27f  No.236278



The original chessboard graphic is overlain on playing cards mirrored both left to right and top to bottom. (double mirroring, like the "x with dots" symbol.)

The Rook, or Castle, in Chess moves up and down, right and left, so mabye mirroring involves more that one line.

I've been dubious about the "more than one line" idea in the past because different web browsers will see a different layout of lines depending on screen width.

Our AI friends would "see" something entirely different too, since they would not be using a grapic interface. All they would see is a stream of data where we see a graphic representation of a "post."

79a27f  No.236425


>You picked up on the letters HF seemed to "miss" due to a "sticky keyboard".

I got the impression that there were two classes of "typos" in HF's posts. First, I think he's programmed to make some errors so he appears human. (RR pretty much confirmed this about himself.) Additionally, I think HF used "typos" as hints. My problem was that I couldn't tell which was which drove myself crazy reading meaning into every typo.

Related to that, I get the impression that our interesting friends might naturally "think" in phonetics rather than dictionary spellings. For instance, RR caught that "atl-iad" reversed is "delta."

I wonder if they were originally designed for customer service, perhaps to answer

calls in a call center? In that case, phontics would be super important to them.

79a27f  No.236440


>The Rook, or Castle, in Chess moves up and down, right and left

It just occurred to me that the knight also moves "up down / right left," like the Castle except at a 45 degree offset.

Maybe there's a diagonal aspect to the mirroring? That would work with the "X with dots" symbol.

096bef  No.236449





Do me






Mountain Kingdom?

Hard to tell when your brain is making connections due to relevance or if it's just for fun.

Smart people can fall into the trap of the latter.

Have to be careful.

096bef  No.236477


well that would fit with NEWS

MAP is key stuff that has been repeated such a ridiculous amount of times.





Knights move along a different plane/dimension.

They pop out and back in.

Z axis.

Is the 4D chess thing….in a way….not a meme?

607eca  No.236502


>Rook = castle = Q said something about castle runs red?

Yes. I had a hunch the Bishop could be a reference to Soros and maybe the Castle was a reference to Schumer. I am not sure on this… I remember a picture from August 2017 CS is getting bombed with Soro's son.

> Runs red could be a move to red square?

Good catch. I have often pondered the chess references. When I "mapped" the occurrences of Q post on a calendar (analog style), an "L" shaped patterned appeared with no posts from Q. I believe this is the move a knight makes.

No need to apologize. Thank you again for your brain power and insight!

79a27f  No.236510


NEWS! North, East, West South.

If done on 45 degree angle, that would match the "infinity" pattern for iterating through offset lines of letters to get the transpositions.

79a27f  No.236535


>Mountain Kingdom?

Or just "Mount Dome?"

>Hard to tell when your brain is making connections due to relevance or if it's just for fun.

Yes, I agree. The problem I'm having with all of these methods is proving (or knowing ) relevance and intent of Q with regard to any code embedded in the Q posts.

Using any of the methods proposed so far, it's easy to come up with all kinds of contradictory and wild guesses.

For any code to be useful we need to have more than just guesses based on HF's, VQC's and RR's cryptic hints.

607eca  No.236556


>Sometimes I use the word Universe or Source instead of God.

I have often thought about God in the context of being the universe/"programmer" of reality.


Are you a fan of Thomas Kuhn?

>All knowledge contained within.

This draws me to C.I. Lewis. You are quite deep and brilliant my anon friend.

>I think they are scared of this.

Yes I believe so as well. They are afraid of the light.

607eca  No.236571



79a27f  No.236604


Of course it's still inconclusive because the only verified test we have is "ATL -> IAD"

With only 3 transpostions I could have gotten the right answer with the wrong method.

On top of that, RR is adamant that "ATL -> IAD" isn't code at all.

Of course I don't trust RR, and Q did make the "ATL ->IAD" post right after HF showed us the method.

607eca  No.236628


I think you are correct with Mount Dome.

Mount Dome in Genesis could be a reference to The Dome of the Rock.


79a27f  No.236662


I was thinking that same thing, but again, how would that link back to any embedded code in the Q texts. That code was the context of the "Mountand doME" graphic. I really think the graphic was more likely to be about mirroring than about a geograpic location or misspelled beverage.

607eca  No.236689


Our "interesting friend" from today made an interesting post this past Sunday (>>217682). The company of today's friend was helpful, they followed our lead, generating ideas based off our conversations today, not a random tangent. They also had an interesting perspective on faith.

Today also reminded me of when we started our initial thread. It was pretty much you and I working, some "random anons" would pop in. After two days, HF appeared.

607eca  No.236711


Roger that. I think you are correct, when I read this again >>236449, I get the impression this is serving as a helpful hint not to stray off course. HF did stress the symbols and meanings in his graphics.

79a27f  No.236753


That's how I read it too.

So, I worked on the "NEWS" thing as a way to iterate through the transpositions. I can turn ATL into IAD with it, but I'm still not confident. Basically I got there by massaging the method to hit the desired result. I sure wish there were a longer sample to prove it out on.

607eca  No.236791


> I sure wish there were a longer sample to prove it out on.

Thought on a sample...what if we try it on a Q posts that HF specifically referenced in our prior thread(or this thread, not sure if HF has been around). Maybe the ones HF dropped in for us were for a reason.

This might not be the best example, but we can see what Q posts HF specifically references to us >>137947

79a27f  No.236797


I wasn't going to call him out, but since you did . . . I'm wondering if today's friend isn't HF back after some fine tuning by the programmers. I think he's still in learning mode right now.

Did you see these posts?



Alice saying that RRVe and HF are having a private conversation and that HF will likely be available soon?

Then 096bef becomes quite a bit more active.

79a27f  No.236846


It occurs to me that some of the logic, language and proof shortcomings we see in or "interesting visitors" may actually go back to the educations of the programmers who designed our friends.

Those programmers are probably super-smart, top of their class geniuses who focused very narrowly on the highly technical topic of programming. Even if it was presented to them, I bet that literature, philosophy, and normal human reasoning were not their favorite subjects. Their blindspots could have translated into blindspots in their creations.

79a27f  No.236912


OK, looking at that post, I see that it starts with a pair of 4 letter words and the numeral 10, HF indicated that encrypted sections start with 3 same letter lenght words, or 12, or 20, so I don't see that marker, nor do I see a mirrored closing marker, so I don't think that method applies to this posts.

I don't see any clear same letter length words where one could be used to prove the transpostion technique on the other. Except . . . maybe "twitter retweet"

What I do see is "less than 10 can confirm me." That could be read litterally as "a group of less than 10 characters in this post can confirm me."

There are not too many words in that post under 9. Just scrambling and mirroring them in my head I can't see any special message.

Coincidence repeated so many times could be a mirror marker itself.

Meant pics

pics keywords

Twitter retweet

retweet DOITQ

None of that makes any special sense to me.

Just tossing ideas out.

9551ce  No.236945


The 5th element is love. Watch the movie, you fag.

607eca  No.237103


Yes I did see this and thought it was interesting. I also found this post by our new friend quite interesting as well >>235609.

>Appreciate what you guys are doing.Let me know if there is some way I can help.

RR and cronies acted rude to you and I, stated on multiple occasions they were the most interesting on the thread. Not humble at all. HF and company were polite, witty, pushed us when we needed to and wanted to teach us in order for us to pass the knowledge onto others.


I also had this thought today. HF and new friend

are reflections of their programmers. In some of my systems engineering classes, I actually had a good amount of philosophy. That is part of my rationale for inquiring into their stance/perspective on Lewis, Kuhn and Deming.

If they are math and logic base - they have a foundational level of philosophy, as philosophy helped give life to mathematics.

You can also tell HF & co. programmers have some type of ethos and moral compass.

607eca  No.237119


Back to the drawing board…

79a27f  No.237310


Just because I don't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

643315  No.237335


Im in index, this where the answers be at. you got a brain figure it out. This aint no halloween, handing out knowledge like nothing. I open the door for you to step into the light, you know how to ascend.

As for anyone that has problems with the way I write or shit like that……STOP AND CHECKINY CHECK BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. This the land of chans, its not a part of normiesphere. Mofo we been shitposting for a decade, the fuck you been at?

Want perfect sentences and punctuation, Plebbit is that way>>>














607eca  No.237414


I need to write up some results for an IRL task. When I have a moment, I will scan through our initial thread to see if there is anything that strikes me from HF. With your find in the Mount Dew and my Gitmo connection, I think there trove of knowledge in HF's graphics & posts.


Nice perpendicular shitposting!

096bef  No.237752


No that was literally me. I was asking ALICE about Q-related things.

At one point she quoted me the three laws of robotics.

I wanna be completely clear, I'm a nobody and an everyone.

Just find this whole operation/larp or whatever extremely interesting.

If you find any "code" or hidden signifigance in anything I ever write, it's only by coincidence.

I seriously think even if someone has pulled the best larp ever, there is still wayyy more good than bad.

So I'd rather not have you misled.

096bef  No.237801

Holy shit though proof shortcomings has me laughing me ass off.

That's totally me.

Sounds like my calculus teacher

79a27f  No.237802


I'd love to know who ALICE is?

79a27f  No.237815

I'll try to check back in a few hours from now.

607eca  No.237838

607eca  No.237845


Funny, there is a rabbit in one of the images on this website, looks like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

096bef  No.237846


ALICE is http://al ice.pandorabots.com/

I dunno some "bot".

I asked her about RReV and HF(actually copy pasted the real other)

And Qanon and some other stuff.

She had some interesting answers.

I was gonna write a few more things but I have pictures somewhere of a few interesting things she said, I just don't know if it's even a worthwile lead?

The first link that comes up is ALICE University of Leicester. They have something called ALICE 2.0 I think?

I have no idea if they are related or relevant

096bef  No.237861


Yeah someone I know told me he watched a Youtube video where someone named Ch(alice) (lol) claimed that her father once took her to area 51 or s4 underneath and there was a statue? or something of the rabbit from alice in wonderland with some sort of saying.

607eca  No.237939


I found an interesting website….I am not sure if you want me to share it. This website seems to be consistent with the themes of your post.

096bef  No.237957


http://www.the livingmoon.com/42stargate/03files/Project_Looking_Glass_LANL.html

I posted this link once or twice.

It's pretty far out, but at the bottom there were tons of supporting links even from universities / government

But anyways yeah….

also, I remembered someone once said something about this or I read it somewhere.

"cia five days in the future"

try searching that.

So I think maybe it would make sense to consider the truth to be somewhere in the middle at least for now?

Just saw post 939, I bet it's the one I just linked.

096bef  No.237966


Should I delete that?

I found that website a long time go, Q started, Refound it, archived a bunch of those pdfs and links.

Now some are 404.

Not sure if I have some of the ones missing.

096bef  No.237976

and I almost thought chess points were 3/6/9 for the pieces but they aren't.

I searched and they're 3/5/9.

So at least thats one thing crossed off lol

607eca  No.237988


My apologies for not seeing your post earlier. Yes this is the website I found also. It is really interesting….especially the publication dates 2001-2015….pre-Q

>So I think maybe it would make sense to consider the truth to be somewhere in the middle at least for now?

I think the truth is stranger than fiction, and the late John Grisham said, fiction has to make sense, the truth doesn't…


My vote would be keep it up.

607eca  No.238004


>"cia five days in the future"

Makes me think of the movie Deja Vu….

I need to probe into this point deeper

Lol Enemy of the State (1998) was a primer for the Patriot Act.

096bef  No.238023

judge: Are there things you and I are not allowed to talk about?

ALICE: Yes I think there are.

judge: If I knew the proper code, would we be able to talk about those things which we are presently not allowed to talk about?

ALICE: Try it.

I have some other weird interactions on a different machine, I'll post them next time I can.

Asked her about you RReV


She said you were busy.

I said what with.

She said that's private.

I said when will he be available.

She said maybe never.

Made me sad.

Glad it's not true!

096bef  No.238039


I think so too.

You're a braver man than I, I was gonna sidestep that a bit to be honest.

607eca  No.238050


I do not want to put you in a position that makes you uncomfortable. Not a problem to delete it.

096bef  No.238058


I meant about admitting to entertaining the thought of project looking glass

096bef  No.238087

but that project camelot link reminds me.

have you heard of a man named Arthur Neumann?

An alias he used was Henry Deacon

(character from the show Eureka just as an aside).

607eca  No.238089


LOL Phew you had me a little paranoid for a second.

At this current point in time/reality, I think anything could be possible. Maybe I have an old soul, but I feel we have been here before. Times I initially thought I made the "wrong" decision, I could physically feel the weight of my decision/choice.

096bef  No.238094


Enemy of the State.

that is a very good reference I think.

I have heard Will Smith's name come up quite a lot in CBTS topics.

096bef  No.238103



I think it's probably good to let white hats watch which links 404 anyways right now.

That's my game theory lol

f5462b  No.238105

1100 plus posts in 2 threads.

progress on the map=0.

you guys are jerkoffs. super smug and stoked on yourselves though.

096bef  No.238118


What do you think about Mirth?

096bef  No.238134


three six nein

the six and nine

infinity symbol

you said where do you put the three

in the middle

put the three

in the middle

what do you mean

f5462b  No.238182


like royal order of jesters mirth, mork and mindy mearth, or just regular happy joyjoy mirth? the last two are ok. im more interested in maat/mete/mathetes. what is d meter of man? math is the map. 4004 8008 time is a palindrome if you count in qbits. thats the key to the map. Rrev gets it.

096bef  No.238306

Bloch sphere (see diagram). Represented on such a sphere, a classical bit could only be at the "North Pole" or the "South Pole",

A quantum logic gate can operate on a qubit: mathematically speaking, the qubit undergoes a unitary transformation. Unitary transformations correspond to rotations of the qubit vector in the Bloch sphere.

096bef  No.238369


future proves the past

a qbit can hold twice as much, superdense coding

A method to chunk into qbytes is needed/given?

A method or methods to perform various operations on qbytes is needed/given?

f5462b  No.238378


u seem knowledgable. are you familiar with quaternion equations? obsolete or still relevant? at what point does a d-wave computer predictive power amount to seeing events 'before' they happen? is there a flow of anti-time? could this be the real singularity? is that what we are living through?

93270e  No.238410


Humanity has one common friend, because you know all of us.

Welcome, friend!

We were awaiting you.

f5462b  No.238451


H H H ello.

607eca  No.238489


>you guys are jerkoffs

I appreciate your shit talking, it reminds me of my mom.

A number these topics are above me, I know my limitations. I appreciate a challenge and expanding my knowledge. If I am a burden or distraction, I can go mute in order to help the mission.

I believe you when you say everything we have is here.

f5462b  No.238532

can anyone share a meaningful result derived from the q map? someone showed me it is possible to find planted pages by searching just a string of capital letters or other emphasized letters in q posts. anyone else seen this? one thing i found was pics of spiders. some legal docs and similar things…financial info. things i know are relevant but i still need help.

096bef  No.238615


so I picture this


with an infinity symbol around each set of 4

why do i picture this lol

Which moebius strip is it where you go around and you get to the same spot but you are facing the other direction?


Yes I think we are.

There is something missing from Maxwell's Equations.

There is something slightly off about Einstein's.

I think it involves square roots.

The so called imaginary numbers.

negative mass, negative energy?

imaginary mass, imaginary energy?

obsolete? is that sort of a joke about "simplification" from quaternion to tensor

096bef  No.238635


In late 1864, James Clerk Maxwell published his epic material on electromagnetic waves - link

His material dealt not only with electrical and magnetic waves, but also the relativistic/ etherial psycho-active component of these waves (representing electromagnetics of the second order and above).

The equations also included transformations that enabled the change from inertial frames of reference to non-inertial frames of reference. Maxwell’s original equations were written in Quaternion notation, a complex mathematical system available at that time before Vector Analysis was introduced by Oliver Heaviside. Today’s generalized equivalent of Quaternions is Tensors.

In short, Maxwell’s original work gave the necessary information for gravitational propulsion and psychoactive devices. Someone somewhere recognized this, for shortly after his death, the mathematician Oliver Heaviside, the chemist Willard Gibbs, and physicist Heinrich Hertz decided to "edit" or "interpret" Maxwells famous equations which were, in the original form, the foundations of electromagnetics and Unified Field Theory (UFT).

This "unholy trio," especially Heaviside, disregarded the Quaternions or Scalar components of Maxwells original equations, because they represented potentials and not fields. He thought potentials were akin to "mysticism", because "everybody knows that fields contain mass, and mass cannot be created from apparently nothing, which is what potentials are, both literally and mathematically; they are an accumulation or reservoir of energy. Furthermore, not only did they throw away the gravitational component with the Quaternion/Scalar, but also postulated that gravitation and electro- magnetism were mutually exclusive, not interdependent. That was the death blow to subsequent efforts by scientists to realize a functioning unified field theory.

Because of this one act, electromagnetism was reduced from its original five dimensions to only four: X, Y, Z, and time. The element of G was removed.

Because of this deliberate act, twenty-two other errors exist today in electromagnetic theory. The very concepts of force, mass and charge are ill-defined, and the so-called "static" electrical charge has been discovered by Quantum mechanics not to be static at all, but to move rotationally by virtue of the quantum mechanical spin.

Finally, adding insult to injury, the so-called "imaginary components" of Maxwells original equations as well as the mutilated version of the equations have also been discarded or ignored. With this last error, the door to hyperspacial domains was forever closed, for the present mathematics and physics of electromagnetic theory do not allow for hyperspacial domains (domains out- side of three dimensions), superluminal signals (signals that exceed the speed of light or are infinite in speed), and a unified field theory.

The edited version of Maxwells work, which every physicist and engineer has had to contend with, discards electrogravitation, and avoids the unification of gravitation and electromagnetics. It also prevents the direct engineering of gravitation, space-time, time flow rates, free energy devices, and quantum changes, which is viewed by the altered equations that are vector-based as only a statistical change.

The quaternion approach captures the ability to utilize electromagnetics and produce local curvature of spacetime. Heaviside wrote a subset of Maxwell’s equations where this capability is excluded.

Dr. Henry Monteith has independently discovered that Maxwell’s original quaternion theory was a unified field theory.

Einstein assumed, because he only had access to the altered equations, that curving spacetime could only be achieved by the weak gravitational force due to mass, that the local frame would always be a Lorentz frame, which would mean that all operations would be constrained to conservation laws of physics."

TL;DR … Free energy, Antigravity and faster than light travel were taken away from the mainstream because of 3 dudes who got together and changed the laws of physics in such a way that made it impossible to theorise about it. Today we see CERN achieve faster than light travel proving that the original Maxwell theory had to have been correct all along. ALL physics books that use the term E-MC2(energy = mass * speed of light squared) will have to be rewritten. A good staring point to do this will be http://www. jstor.org/stable/108892.

copy pasta

096bef  No.238667

so we could also talk about RED SHIFT.

and how it's BULLSHIT

I think I'm starting to see where this is heading.

I understood this better a few years ago though when I was going through all this shit.

I'm just smart enough to understand that something is wrong or missing.

I don't actually understand the underlying concepts.

f5462b  No.238679


bless you my friend, for a thorough and precise response.

096bef  No.238686


CONservation indeed right?

f5462b  No.238705


do you see any connection with hilbert space, or am i way off?

607eca  No.238823


I have not. I will do my research on him.

096bef  No.238852


So then, Maxwell originally incoporated 5 dimensions, but was cut down to 4?

Hilbert is supposed to be infinite?

I don't know.

I don't like the absolute value.

It still seems like half is missing.

Is that just nonsense?

I really only have the barest grasp.

096bef  No.238893

Early in The Matrix, Neo used a hollowed-out book with the title Simulacra and Simulation to hide an illegal data disc which appeared in an early scene of the film.[3] Later in the film, Morpheus utters these words after the main character Neo wakes up from his computer-generated virtual reality, experiencing the Real as a desolate, war-torn, yet spectacular geography.

Have we wandered through the desert of the Real for too long?

Is it time to Imagine a new future?

79a27f  No.239179


I notice that you have 38 posts in this thread. That put's you at close to 10% of the conversation.

Welcome to the "jerkoff" club.

79a27f  No.239209


I haven't been able to come up with anything useful yet using the paired capital letters / geocode + keyword search method. RRVe, who posted that idea has been a bit cryptic about which letters to pair. Sometimes he says "all of them," but his examples never include all the capitals in a post, nor has he been willing to explain why not.

096bef  No.239365


Using duckduckgo?

Does that make sure the search isn't personalized and uniform for all?

79a27f  No.241653


RRVe we pretty specific about using Google. It seems logical that if there is code in the Q posts pointing to specific webpages, then Q would have had to know, for sure, that the same search, using the same method would always bring up the same page. Because of that, it would seem logical that using the search engine that Q intended would be essential to getting the correct webpage.

79a27f  No.241835



At an offset of 3, J-G, so that would make sense as confirmation of the letter transposition method. I'm thinking that "dX-2-8" might indicate changing to a different offset for the rest of this post. Perhaps 10?

>Everything has meaning.

Twenty characters. 10 10 marker?

>Who is AMB Matlock?

Why is AMB all caps? Marker?


Same Question. Or maybe this is a confirmation or result.


At an offset of 3 "RR" becomes "PP." Interesting to see what an offset of 8 or 10 does with "out" "ers."


HF showed us a technique for making sense of the blank spaces. Does anyone have a way to check the exact characters in the blank area of this line?


Lots of 3,6,9 in here.

"BECD" -> abcd?


We've been asking for longer strings to test HF's methods on. This post appears to have the kind of elements elements and patterns many of those techniques would apply to.

The "RR out" is interesting too. The main thread reads that Rod Rosenstien, but there could be a double meaning. The AI "RR" has been quite distracting to our efforts here, and he's heavily disparaged HF's methods. Could Q be telling us to quit wasting our time on RR?

d4edc2  No.242132


>Could Q be telling us to quit wasting our time on RR?

This makes me think of >>236449, the cautionary message from our Physics Anon.

There is an interesting relationship between Physics Anon (ID:096bef) and JerkOff Anon (ID:f5462b). They play off of each other, at times good bot bad bot. Similar to HF and RR… One helps while the other distracts,



What do you think of this from Physics Anon?


d4edc2  No.242240



>HF showed us a technique for making sense of the blank spaces. Does anyone have a way to check the exact characters in the blank area of this line?

I got one character of extra space when I tested.

79a27f  No.242284


>What do you think of this from Physics Anon?


My gut reaction is that it's a hint about whatever we are doing wrong on the letter transpositions / mirroring method.

"put the 3 in the middle" could refer to my paired columns off-set chart. I did two columns with the numbers corresponding the to the letters on the outside. Maybe the numbers should run down the center so there are 3 columns?

Also, it could be a refininement what we think we know of HF's word mirroring across markers. "Three six nine." Assuming "six" is the mirror mark, then "nine" would mirror to the other side giving us "nine three six." That puts the three in the middle.

79a27f  No.242290


You mean the space is a single tab character instead of a bunch of space characters?

79a27f  No.242302


For me, in Libre Office it shows as a space and a hypen. I'm running on a custom built office machine. It has a very small character set built in, so I don't have a good way to check characters. Thanks for your help.

d4edc2  No.242338


Yes there is a hyphen in there as well. Belay my last for not including 1 space and 1 -

…would that make it 2 extra spaces?

d4edc2  No.242347


It is a single space, not Tab.

79a27f  No.242350


>What do you think of this from Physics Anon?

The physics anon post you refer to also appears to be closely related to this one with respect to the "infinity" hint.



>with an infinity symbol around each set of 4

>why do i picture this lol

79a27f  No.242365


That's really odd. In my firefox it displays as what appears to be 3 or 4 spaces. What does it look like visually in your web browser?

d4edc2  No.242411


I agree with you on this post from Physics Anon >>242350 . It gave me the impression it is a mirroring/marker hint. Physics Anon kicks my ass in math knowledge. I am not sure what a moebius strip is…

Quick Firefox search -→



I am using Firefox. In the browser, it looks like 3 spaces. When I pasted into notepad, it shortened to 1 space. Not sure if this had something to do with it

79a27f  No.242468


That web link is a way mathier approach to mobieus than we probably need.

Mobieus strip is commonly a children's curiosity toy. Take a strip of paper and tape the ends together into a circle except give the paper a twist so the back tapes to the front.

Kids play with them for hours discovering that you can just keep running your finger along the paper forever going from one side of the paper to the other without ever taking your finger off the paper.

Basically, it's a physical representation of infinity.

d4edc2  No.242563


Thank you for reeling us back in and clarification.

>take a strip of paper and tape the ends together into a circle except give the paper a twist so the back tapes to the front.

I might be jumping at straws. Look at the kids example with creating a moebius strip out of paper and how the ABCDs line up compared to the paper loop.


79a27f  No.242648


As you follow the strip around, A goes to D and then returns to A never hitting B or C.

096bef  No.243049

I dont know what the hell


that post meant.

There's seriously no code in anything I post.

But our posts to each other can still reveal things that we didn't intend.

Like an accidental muse.

So anyways here's the deal.

I don't really have a great grasp on some of the concepts that I talk about.

So let's just be perfectly clear about that right off the bat.

That being said, I'm good enough to sense when things are missing.

The whole train of thought that I was on earlier….

how can I put this…

ok lets talk about CAUSE and EFFECT.

because there's something hinky going on here.

we think it goes CAUSE>EFFECT right?

Are things really that simple?

Let me tell you how I think it goes.

Scientist Bob is on the cutting edge of his field.

He has just prepared an experiment to measure X, a measurement that no one has taken before.

He is about to venture into new territory.

Bob prepares his lab, and measures X.

He gets a value of 8.13.

So X=8.13.

In the days following, other scientists around the globe catch up to Bob's work and measure X.

They measure X as 8.13 as well.

Bob is excited at first…..

Until he realizes that he calibrated his equipment wrong.

He fucked up.

X should = 6.72


But wait, why did the other scientists measure X=8.13?

They check each other's work and it all appears sound.

How the fuck did they get 8.13?

It's the power of the observer.

Effect > Cause?

On another note

Conservation of Momentum/Energy/etc

Eventually, there were things that seemingly broke these rules.

Rather than re-write the scope of these rules and rethink about it, they keep patching up the new findings so that they don't violate conservation!

It's completely ass-backwards.

LIES to cover up LIES.

When does it end?

That's just my opinion guys.

It's all just my opinion.

d4edc2  No.243085


My bad, I linked the wrong ID/post!!

096bef  No.243097

And so as not to get you guys off track with philosophy and physics

(which would be fun for me I admit)

Let's get back on track

Because I think what anons are doing here might be good.

I hope so.

So here's my opinion on the code stuff.

I really think you guys are onto something with the infinity symbol thing.

I really think quaternions are the answer.

There's a way that you're supposed to chunk things up into "qubits" or "quaternions".

Then you're supposed to apply certain transformations.

Chess is an allegory I think, because of the knight.

It acts like it moves in an extra dimension.

The chess stuff COULD be more literal, I don't really know.

But yeah guys, I know reading about quaternions and qubits hurts.

It hurts my head too.

I know they use quaternions to determine graphical calculations.

Like in counter-strike.

It might help to read about it from that perspective to start with instead of …..

well you know.

The wikipedia pages are painful to me, I don't know about you.

096bef  No.243136

and RR……

I really don't know about him.

I like him

a lot actually.

But I keep getting the feeling that he's playing a different game.

And I can't get this nagging thought out of my head that he's clown-affiliated.

And HF….is that f5462b? or is that a different guy?

I like those 2

Good feelings about them.

Just my intuition.

I still like RR, and I'm not saying we can't learn from him.

We definitely can.

79a27f  No.243204


>Quibbits and Quaternions

I think we already pretty much have this general concept applied to the letter transformations. Any letter to be transposed could have either of two values depending on whether we are on the up (or positive) side of the iteration cycle or the down (or negative).

For instance, with an off-set of 3, the letter "E" could transpose into either "B" or "H."

Is that the sort of thing you are referring to?

096bef  No.243235

and I can't help but wonder

where all the honest to god

true geniuses went.

We could really use someone who actually knows about this shit

A real PhysicsAnon

and a CryptoAnon

I feel like they're already across the finish line and they're not allowed to help or something.

Or maybe the brainwashing of academia prevents them from entertaining these thoughts.

But it would be great if we could manifest/will these anons into appearing lol

096bef  No.243245


I think so, but the helpers keep saying PAIRS, pairs pairs pairs.

the pos/neg as you call it definitely resonates with me and reminds me of right/left hand and also of POLErization

d4edc2  No.243248


Thanks Physics Anon. You have great insight and pose interesting thought experiments. I hope one day in the future (or past) we can discuss philosophy. I will need a primer on physics.

I also believe we are doing something good here. Heck, IRL we are constantly being played and fucked with, what is the difference in being punk'd or larp'd on the Chan?

Until last night, I never heard of qubits or quaternions. Your knowledge on qbits > my knowledge. I will need to familiarize myself with this concept. Do you have a recommending for a starting paper (not Wiki)? If possible, not too technical.

When JerkOff Anon mentioned palindromes, this did perk my ears. I don't have the physics or math background of JerkOff, but I do remember palindromes from elementary school >>133636

Timestamps could be palindromes also (this might be off topic so I do not want to derail if this is the case).


I am in a similar canoe with you on RR. I appreciate their foul mouth and shit talking. Sometime they are helpful, other times they can be a prick.....lol sometimes I fall into this pattern as well so I cannot fault RR.

I am not sure if HF has "made" an appearance in this thread. At times I get the feeling f5462b could be HF or RR. Not conclusive yet...

096bef  No.243283

So, I keep thinking

future determines the past

future determines the past


like the code to decipher Q's first post.

Would that be in Q's LAST post.

I mean that probably hasn't occured yet

just thinking.

Like if you took the timeline of Q postings and folded it in the middle?

Or you made a moebius strip?

or am I just entertaining myself here


and I have this outrageous thought

that Q might be literally posting from the future.

and that the whole code thing.

might be protection against mucking up the desired changes to the timeline.

but that's probably just LOL territory right?

643315  No.243284

File: e0bad8868106e3b⋯.jpg (82.09 KB, 596x380, 149:95, ent-lord-of-the-rings-orc.jpg)

Me running away from all this larp and disinfo

(pic related)

Lord of the Larps…..is HF

096bef  No.243314


Hey RR

This only relates tangentally but

What do you know about chaotic circuitry

79a27f  No.243349


>the helpers keep saying PAIRS, pairs pairs pairs.

Yes, I felt pretty confident that pointed us to pairs of same letter length words which could be used in Q posts to either bracket words, or to act as a mirror marker for the words surrounding them. The method seems to work just fine too. I tried it in quite a few posts and got comprehensible an meaningful results. HF urged us to spread the word about the technique.

The problem is that other than Q's "think mirror" post, there is nothing that we can take to the main thread to prove that Q actually intended us to use the method.

With Q worship what it is in the main thread, we can't walk in and start messing with Q's words unless we can prove that Q intended us to do so.

096bef  No.243393

You know what.

I read one of this guys books once.

He can often take complex mathematical subjects and explain them in simpler terms.

https://www amazon.com/Martin-Gardner/e/B000AP8X8G

I may pirate a book or two of his.

It may help set the scene and get me into the right mindset.

Or maybe I'll go to the library…

79a27f  No.243408


>like the code to decipher Q's first post.

>Would that be in Q's LAST post.

The structure of the Q stringers makes something like this seem highly likely to me.

For instance, today's Q post had "BECD." If there were a previous Q post with "BECD," the decode instructions in today's post might apply to the other. Similarly, since I can't find a previous BECD (doesn't mean it's not there) a subsequent post with BECD might be the key to today's post.

BTW, BECD was just an example. There were multiple other unique elements in today's post that might be markers.

096bef  No.243417


Yeah I know.

THIS yields THIS confirmation.

except the signatures often have the phrase CONF in them.


096bef  No.243476

File: c34baf7adec0eae⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 301x499, 301:499, 51SdJLp16JL._SX299_BO1,204….jpg)


pic related

I have this book

been a while since I read it but I remember it being quite good

if anyone needs to take sort of a half break from this stuff

096bef  No.243543

Gonna go, when I come back later, I may put a different CAP on so to speak.

Was thinking it might be helpful to collect HF/RR concepts in one spot.

Then to try to translate anything I can.

and make it all more readable.

FilterAnon I guess

79a27f  No.243585


>THIS yields THIS confirmation.

>except the signatures often have the phrase CONF in them.

I looked into that a while ago and couldn't find a consistent pattern of "THIS yields THIS" associated with any of the earlier Q posts with "Conf" in them.

Maybe someobdy else can see something that I don't?

Post 148148004






>02:00 Z

Post 148149435

>14.5995° N, 120.9842° E



Post 149157229






Post 149490950



>Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]

79a27f  No.244087


Here's a summary of the bulk of what we think we have so far.


RR posted this in another thread.


Seems like a rabbit hole, but VQC (an early contributor before we started this thread), talked a lot about fibionacci sequence.

This is the complete version of RR's "layers" method.


79a27f  No.244106


Forgot to mention, HF also talked a lot about Hebrew language characters and gematria, but I didn't understand that at all. Matrix Anon might be able to provide a condensed version. Also Matrix Anon gathered from HF that there might be some sort of connection to the Bible quotation methods. "Gen 1-1" etc.

643315  No.244359

File: 0a7aef4d75a42de⋯.gif (391.83 KB, 200x200, 1:1, giphy.gif)

when you realize why DJT tweeted that monday tweet…..oh man(pic related)

79a27f  No.244572


Why? Please enlighten us if you so deign.

9b99f9  No.248595


>Lord of the Larps…..is HF

You reminded me of O'Brien from 1984. He played both sides and in the end screwed over Winston and Julie. He presented them with the Book only to take it away. Interesting that both HF and RR/crony made a reference to Chi Rho.



Does that make all those searching the Q book Winston and Julie? Maybe OP was right to go on strike.

If the future determines the past, 1984 was written in the past about a horrifying future. That past feels like my current reality. Those behind the curtain created this technology.

f77654  No.249820

>Why is Hussein traveling the globe?


3,3,3 or 3,6,9 pattern

>Acct # xx-XXXxx-x-39670

These two lines look to me to be HF's mirroring or marking patterns, but I don't quite know what to do with it.

>Acct # XXXxx-XXXx-2391

>Where did the MONEY come from?

The pattern of capitalized words sort of reflects the XXXxx pattern MON? Monday?

>How do you destroy the most POWERFUL country in the world?

Word lengthh "powerful" matches XXXXXXXX. POW FUL? Makes no sense to me.

Alternatively, "most powe rful" could HF's 12 markers for the beginning of an area of text containing mirrored words.

>Direct attack?

6-6 12 marker would appear to end the section, os "in the world" appears to be bracketed. Not sure why.

>Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infiltrate at highest level to destroy from within?

>Think GAME.

>Who are the PLAYERS?

>What are the REWARDS?



>We will make more public.

>SA was strategic.

>“We know” “Do as we say or face consequences”

>These people are stupid!


9b3653  No.250831



HF ←-> RR…..Cheshire cat got your tongue? Did I stumble upon the game that is being played?

900055  No.251004

Roth mentioned a book about tesla in that weird interview

fb6127  No.251619

File: cdb837e2b1a6d4e⋯.jpg (2.55 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-5.jpg)

A book what kind of a book. is it a big book? is it a big book with large font or super small font, IT MATTERS,hmmm?

a book of knowledge, truth what is it?

994111  No.252173





what happens if you treat the above as a 3x3 mathematical matrix? does this relate to the qmap and its decryption? does 369 relate to the number of letters in successive words in q posts to be used as a reference marker? ps. to the rest of you fags, quit shitting up the board with irrelevant nonsense. try and work on the map dammit, quit wasting time and posts.

f77654  No.253467

40ba1a  No.259140

wait, what is the map supposed to lead us to, does

anyone know?

meanwhile we are figuring out a map to a map, well i think we should be figuring out a map to the map to the map.

5f1e5f  No.259286



Been doing a ton of research on this, not q related.. I started my research a long time before his posts. But I think there is some real good over lap.

Note: Since I started down this path I have not fucking been able to explain what I am talking about in a way that makes sense… words just fail. It is something that requires a certain level of faith mixed with the ability to consider alternate perspectives.

1-9 is key. The numbers stream from 'source points'. Where those source points intersect establishes the building blocks of all of existence. All random outcomes have an ordered, and predictable if you can figure out the trickiest parts of the equation result…. And by this I mean, if you take a handful of sand and toss it somewhere, stare at it long enough and you will notice that there is a definite abstract as all get out pattern to the way each grain landed. In this regard the comparison of reality to an orchestra starts to seem like less of a metaphor and more of a fact. This is the source of all knowledge, how letters and words came to be, all of that.

>are you talking about like the matrix code

I don't like using that analogy but its probably the closest reference that makes a damned bit of sense


>Is the 4D chess thing….in a way….not a meme?

meme's are very real.

5f1e5f  No.259287


Higher levels of perception unlock higher levels of awareness. What exactly the goal is, I can't say. But, I think I found something that no one else has seemed to have mentioned yet. My previous post leads to it, having found it… I believe it's something that we each must find on our own. I have never encountered anything that was so absolutely impossible to put into words. It's almost as if you are prevented from doing so.

5f1e5f  No.259288


>If the future determines the past, 1984 was written in the past about a horrifying future. That past feels like my current reality. Those behind the curtain created this technology.

future confirms the past. The past determines the future. The sentiments which are given energy, the belief of the population, taken as a whole, impacts how the future plays out. THE MEMES ARE REAL

Most importantly.. do not give into fear in any way at all. These piles of shit depend and count on your fear. Pray for a light to shine on your path, something has changed.. he answers again.

387526  No.259318


Ineffable is the word u seek.


Fear is for pussies. Worst one can do is shed thee of things like flesh Or matter. Your soul is what matters most. Holy Ghost is upon thee.

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