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File: 7f5ea924bd71854⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 640x1600, 2:5, 7twgxjb_d.jpg)

File: c706ea65fd9ce3a⋯.jpg (98.25 KB, 640x1600, 2:5, Y7hijhx_d.jpg)

f7c4bb  No.193258

The Solution to 369 AND THE TESANACCI

This will make your life simple.

I did it for you.

Fibonacci sequence is limited, when humans are limitless.

All I need is one person to see the greatness in 369.

1 to rebel

2 to unite the cause

3 to start the REVOLUTION

If you want togo at the speed of light and have global wiresless power……come find me. My posts will confirm my identity.

If you come, come with Billions($) because those mile high Tesla Towers will be expensive.

If you can get it, you know that I deserve tesla.com.

"The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine." SM369




2e19c2  No.193336

Very interesting. You have shown me exactly what I was looking for. I have theorized for years about a system around "3" and always knew it was important for unraveling the secrets of the universe.

f7c4bb  No.194033

File: bfc9449412e3776⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 300x174, 50:29, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd4AAAAJDFiNW….jpg)


Yeah I need to format it better, i just promised to deliver so had to keep my word.

I'm going to make 2 different version, same style but one is more pop culture, like major key aleet in it. And this improved with better styling.

And anons that don't believe this.

Imagine telling a lie, to keep up that lie, your lies have to keep getting better. It starts getting complicated and more complicated. Thats modern science for you.

I just gavs a far better fibonacci sequence and all you have to know is how to count to 9. No need to learn calculus. Just your own fingers to todo the simple math.

Calender circle and clock all use the same system , thanks to 369. Think about that.

f7c4bb  No.194036

File: d1afcf105956452⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c5d94d359a8dc3bd8a15cb168a….jpg)

Einstein knew that tesla was roght and even knew the 369 himself but couldnt share it cause he was controlled.

5acc92  No.194069


Thank you for such a digestible format and for all your work!! This is awesome and a real gift. Thanks again, what can we do to help? :)

eadab6  No.194089

File: 73e41126cb15b3b⋯.jpg (423.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tron.jpg)


You sound like the "Reddit useless infographic bot" to me.

f7c4bb  No.194124

File: 1fdf50d76abfd74⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 580x388, 145:97, albert-einstein-219675_640….jpg)

Honestly anons, I'm not the first to discover the 369. A lot of great scientists have but they chose to stay quite because they didnt want to be ridiculed and "discredit" their work so far, no one wants. I don't have PhDs or MDs, I am a loophole in the system.

I'll prove it to you.

Einstein was a genius too, he also believed in the power of 3. Like I said he had no choice but to stay quite. He outsmarted them by playing and putting his greatest work out there and honestly I might be the first one to notice.

The E=mc^2 is a hundred percent right formula, or better yet the right methodology to solve it. But something is off.

He even gave you the "right" formula for e=mc^2 by changing the original formula so it would reflect the accurate answer but he had to hide it in plain sight to fool the people controlling him.

E=mc^2. Look at the picture I attached. You see it?

He made it "E" =mc^2. He added the capital E. The e was originally lowercase.

Why does the e look like a 3. Why must it be capitalized. Its because it's not E=mc^2.



Hidden in plain sight, that takes a genius.

Einstein knew the 3 and even tried telling you but you always want the answer to be complicated so you never found it.

So e=mc^3.


I already asked Q and DJT, many times, eve made a entire thread about it. Nothing I can do at that point. I ain't no beggar so I'm not gonna keep asking. Its was their choice, they chose to delay the progression of humanity. Can't blame me for taking so long to make this infographic. Its hard when your 50% is not even being used for good and that unused 50% is worrying about money and their family's well being.

I try anon, I try. Always did and always will.

f7c4bb  No.194134

File: 08cb82d2d57b440⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


At least try proving things wrong in that infographic with some effort please. Instead of just saying stupid things.

Please don't ever call me a bot or ai, or any of that bullshit.

I'm just HUMAN.

f7c4bb  No.194232

File: 4b8fe1928ebb0cb⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 640x1600, 2:5, 0Tviv6K_d.jpg)

File: b3f2ad14b83a38d⋯.jpg (100.06 KB, 640x1600, 2:5, dcpGEP7_d.jpg)

f7c4bb  No.194403

File: 0ca8d2991022777⋯.jpeg (6.75 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (4).jpeg)

Honestly a lot of scientists that we think were "shills" were not shills. They were geniuses hence why the found the answer but they were forced to change it.


In 18th century they changed the symbol to π and called it pi. Why would they do this? What purpose could that have? What you didn't notice is that all these scientists didn't want their hard work to go wasted, so they hid it in plain sight. They left it there for someone to find. I bet you they gave the guy who found a better solution of 3.14 the "honor" to make the symbol. He played them. That guy solved so he knew the pi was 3 and the circle was 369 degrees.

He knew the real pi so he made the symbol of pi literally have 3 LINES IN it(see my infographic) and even the pi in a 360 CIRCLE is half the circle. Look at at my 369 circle, can you see a pi? How about 3 PIES?

The answers are all there, hidden in plain sight.

f7c4bb  No.196037

File: 8b4e10c9385861c⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 504x504, 1:1, demot-42.jpg)

What would it take to make you believe the 369?

You want the answer to pic attached?

Of course I questioned it.

f7c4bb  No.197163


How can meaning of life be 42?

Turn it around and









1 man, 1 woman, make 1 child……THE HOLY TRINITY

2+4+6= 12

2+1= 3



42, hmmm remember 41 degrees?

41+1 human =42



4-2 = 2 and you need 2 humans to create an other.


369 answers EVERYTHING.

6ebd9b  No.197419


>Q and DJT chose to delay the progression of humanity

Hahaha do you seriously believe that?

9ed3a2  No.197646


Are you an advanced HUMAN? You were telling me yesterday about jumping into the future to see what's about to come.

And I notice you get up awfully early in the morning.

9ed3a2  No.197711


why would something so important be left to the decision of Q and DJT?

9ed3a2  No.197782


I want to progress… I want the keys to the universe… will you help me?

f7c4bb  No.198026


I already gave you the keys, bro you just gotta learn how to pilot the spaceship yourself.

9ed3a2  No.198118


I see how the number patterns work.. AWESOME GRAPHICS, BTW …but don't see the connection between math and the universe and dimensions.

And my gut tells me that the John Titor story somehow is involved in our current today.

bad022  No.198125

File: 1a7ace53c579c6f⋯.jpg (105.38 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, fuehrer.jpg)


There's reasons for all of it. Not reasons anyone with a goddamn brain should agree with. The cabal isn't a singular monolith it's multiple monoliths all contesting over their dominance and when threatened by outsiders only then converge to defeat them.

Pic related.

Trump isn't a bad guy, but he's in a bad spot. Everyone is. This is a fucked (tbh God gambles on low odds) situation to anyone observing who has a mind for strategy.

9ed3a2  No.198138


How are you so "in the know"?

bad022  No.198165


I'm not and I don't want to be. All I know is the general idea of how things are organized only be observing with the morsels anyone has.

As far as I can tell from an outside perspective, Trump appears to have a decent personality and from accounts of his actions in every day life he really appears to be an okay guy when not involved with business ordeals. Thus I can imagine some of his good demeanor and hope would spill over into what he does even in this high-pressure and controlled environment. I'm sure stuff like his desire to improve infrastructure is exactly that. Stuff he has the liberty to do on his own that he really believes will help his countrymen.

Weird case all in all. And I could be wrong.

bad022  No.198176

Also lol @ my ID

9ed3a2  No.198271


O I didn't notice that it had changed… I wonder what to make of it.

9ed3a2  No.198283


You seem to be steering away from universe, dimensions, alternate realities discussion.

You seem to know quite a bit about AI also…

bad022  No.198311



I'm not OP I am a different dude

Would be interesting to hear from him tho

f7c4bb  No.198332


9ed3a2  No.198380


I have tried to talk to him before, but it seems that every time I reached out… the thread hit its max. Then yesterday I was able to for awhile.

He is considered by many to be a schill, but I always am intrigued by the inner knowing comments he drops.

9ed3a2  No.198391


I don't know what that means. I am not much into social media… I jumped on the q stuff at the beginning, but I don't understand a lot of the Lingo here.

6ebd9b  No.198616


This thread will not be stickied. It's the same as your last thread only with a new graphic.


A sticky locks the thread at the top of the catalog so everyone sees it. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with Q, and this is a Q board, so it wont be stickied. The OP who started the thread is insane. I dont mean that as a joke or an insult. He factually is deluded and is bringing gullible people with him. He was banned repeatedly. He keeps coming back. Board Owner has let him post these threads to keep him out of the general thread.

bad022  No.198641


Yeah you can just about smell the schizophrenia

His idea to build giant comms relays is interesting though, not sure building monuments that take up that much power would be worth it though lol

9ed3a2  No.198843


I hope I won't be banned if I continue to have conversations with him. He is interesting and I will decide for myself whether or not he is insane.

0eea47  No.198923



are you Remote Viewing ET Net?

if so what is in antarctica? secret viking base or what?

f7c4bb  No.200252

File: eb031232ba6de46⋯.jpg (108.47 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 106e465d350880f8e2da78ba2f….jpg)


Yeah but I attached a no name one, bro just put your name on it and STICKY IT at the top. Just say you did it. At least people see it and maybe that is the point.

f7c4bb  No.200291

File: 9fce394f92dbeb3⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 570x428, 285:214, Funny-Penguin-Pictures-23-….jpg)


There is the Arctic

And then there is ANT of THE ARCTIC…ANTARCTICA. GET IT IT'S BELOW THE ARCTIC CAUSE AN ANT LIVES UNDERGROUND OR rather the ice. I don't know what's there, bro never been there ya know. I SAY we get some reindeers and let's go to the north pole. We bring back gifts too, who knows what they got down there. And penguin are pretty nice too so yeah. (Pic related, he probably knows how to fly by now)

f7c4bb  No.200423


What remote viewing? Ima not removing viewing anything. Do explain fams.

20a75e  No.205984


Thank you friend

f7c4bb  No.206023


Thank You bro, it means a lot

enjoy this

the guy who called it Pi made it 3.14 because


oh it grts better

2pi is 6.28





They had their revenge in plain sight.

92f3c0  No.206032

u2.lege. net/cetinbal/HTMLdosya1/UFOpropsys.htm

rexresearch com/hodoindx htm

9ed3a2  No.209662

File: b5c8573c3fe42af⋯.png (50.19 KB, 1295x321, 1295:321, ClipboardImage.png)


You are topic on CBTS this morning. Complimentary… I should say…

You know things… you claim to have spoken to both POTUS and Q… are you interdimensional? are you an angel?

Yet you worry about your family and money???

can't figure you out, but you intrigue me.

5ddd32  No.209916


What should one watch out for when building a spaceship? How to stay below the radar and not get suicided?

969f71  No.231714


I eye can not thank U enuff for this Incredible Revelation. MY RESPECT AND THANKS ARE HERE RECORDED and CAPITALISED! Be well and I'm sure you will 'FEEL' my appreciation!

e6d4f7  No.234561


I believe you.

d7eeeb  No.234735



You should contact George Hale Institute

They are gathering dropped threads from different bodies of knowledge to reunite art, science a metaphysics.

Which are a Unity.

e87787  No.235136

The earth rotates around the sun 365.25 times a year. Your calculations assume that the rotations (day) will be a whole number with one orbit around the sun. It's not.

732ab6  No.237171


Yes I know that but everything is whole numbers in a universe or it should be because our current system is just our way of measuring.

365.25 doesn't add up because there is no sync when you look it on a decade wide scale.

everything is still 9, LIKE your hand is still 9 fingers cause the thumb is still shorter then the pinky,. so 2 thumbs or rather .5 fingers add up to 1.

THE earth cannot possibly rotate a full rotation each day, forget about feeling the rotation. What purpose does it serve? How does the moon stay in sync with the sun if its 365.25 rotations. IF it doesnt sync then something is wrong.

i believe the earth rotates exactly 1 degree a day and thus completing exactly 1 rotation each year, tbings stay in motion that way but not enough for us to "feel" it moving. Which makes far more sense then saying its tilted and rotating at the same time. HOW COME GRAVITY DOESNT AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST IT? WHATS MAKING IT TILT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND DOES THAT MAKE SENSE LOGICALLY?

In my infographic you will see 13.66 days, which is kinda odd and im still working on figuring out the exact right proportions there. It could be 10 days a week and then 1 left over to make it 41.

its obviously not a 100% correct but just the fact that everything aligns up with just 1 number, 369, is magnificient.

Look at earth as a whole, the science books describe it piece by piece, but if you try to connect the pieces as a whole then they dont connect. if it doesnt connect then how does it manage to function as one cohesive unit.

55573d  No.237773

Guys the reason we need to build this Tesla towers is because the magnetic field is weakening, that is the purpose of Chemtrails, among other things. If we were to even get grazed by a CME right now we would get emp’d so hard the entire half of the hemisphere hit will go down.

Global solar minimum… Winter IS Coming.

Not larping Looking it up, check out suspicious0bservers on YouTube, Dr. John Casey, and a Russian scientist named… I forget her name. These towers if placed correctly may give us an artificial magnetic field, if we flip the ground and the circuit, a la, Tesla, the air or the ionosphere becomes the ground and the transmission of power is through the air.

Nice job RR. You repaired the Great Pyramid.

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