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File: bdd46971c9c818f⋯.png (700.23 KB, 940x500, 47:25, 033-trey-gowdy-940.png)

285d38  No.260163

Gowdy Betrays America Again/Today's Sessions Interview


Gowdy supports the FBI position to absolve Hillary – shows he is a swamp rat. Hillary not charged – Gowdy says he accepts the reason not to prosecute her. Gowdy swamp rat exposed.

Jeff Sessions and Gowdy exposed - defer to Horowitz who has NO PROSECUTION POWER, EXACTLY AS TRUMP SAYS. Sessions and Gowdy swamp rats exposed.

Gowdy swamp rat supports biased DOJ and both Sessions and Gowdy lie and are exposed. Sessions liar liar exposed.

285d38  No.260164

Trey Gowdy BUSTED/Jason Chaffetz Report.


Scumbag Gowdy supports Mueller and claims he never did anything bad as director. Gowdy swamp rat exposed!

472298  No.260182

What happens when these mechanisms fail, and once again those who have placed all of their faith in this system, can no longer ignore systemic issues?

- Pocahontas, a Democrat who hypocritically blames everyone but her God Obama for the '08 Stock Crash/TARP/"Too Big To Fail" billionaire bailout AT LEAST speaks the truth about deregulating large banks; hence, repeating the mistakes post '08.

- On a scale of 1 - 10, we're firetrucked at level 11

ca2871  No.260188


They will be forced to give-in and allow us to have our global currency reset. They cannot destroy the nation symply to save their failed system. The mistakes of 08 will be repeated as long as the federal reserve is not audited and shut-down and the people of the nations issue their own currency, as noted here:

Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


(Need to read the entire thread, see the PDF files to get the jist of it).

0772dd  No.260233

File: 393baa18356d956⋯.jpg (140.42 KB, 940x708, 235:177, GlowDyClown.jpg)

d8055e  No.260451

Both Trey Gowdy and Jeff Sessions sit around and dwiddle their thumbs and do nothing….the only difference is Trey makes a lot of noise is all…both deep state black hat agents.

Fire and jail Jeff Sessions for conspiring with Hillary now. Fire and jail Trey Gowdy for ostructing justice and protecting Hillary also - for protecting Comey´s decision not to prosecute Hillary! Both Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy - Rosenstein are black hat agent defenders of Hillary!

d8055e  No.260452



286940  No.260496

The swamp rats keep promoting this idea that Trey Gowdy is to replace Jeff Sessions when he is fired.




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