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File: 33d3c29e24a142e⋯.png (116.24 KB, 272x520, 34:65, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

e8dd85 No.19041



On a tip offered by a trust source, I offer this for further research


d911a1 No.19070



There it is.

Yosef is the y we were looking for.

436dc5 No.19099


About time we mention the elephant in the room. Nice OP

ccd4a4 No.19245

Isn't that giant hotel in NK that's never been open shaped like a Y when viewed from above?

ccd4a4 No.19250

File: 81d220868ca9927⋯.jpg (148.4 KB, 600x650, 12:13, main-qimg-769e61cc93a14c23….jpg)


Forgot pic

32d4ea No.19333

Y was theorized and possibly confirmed yesterday by q as the royal family of Lichtenstein.

Deep dynastic European ties… immense wealth… participate in eu but not required to join… and the same monarchy has ruled for over 1000 years undisturbed.

Very very interesting on how little is out there on such and old nation.

Also very interesting they have been left alone for so long militarily when considering how tiny and wealthy they are.

e8dd85 No.19356


Thank you. Let's get folks researching and posting on this. More about the Director and MOSSAD connections to national and int'l events and alliances. Spread the word.

e8dd85 No.19359


Please post supporting docs on that. Thanks

32d4ea No.19414


On mobile so not able to go full in depth however a simple Wikipedia search shows their deep connections to the papacy and other euro dynasties such as the hapsburgs.

They also use Y in almost all their crests. There is a thread on this the guys name is !irevant or something like this.

He has already done a lot of this research and q (with a pretty high degree of confidence) confirmed this about 12 hours ago.

I can post links later but figured if you wanted to look in to this I could point you the right way.

433cab No.19480


>Crumbling concrete

Fuckin amateurs.

436dc5 No.19570


>and q (with a pretty high degree of confidence) confirmed this about 12 hours ago.

Link nigga

7143a0 No.19669


Q used 'Owl & Y Head' together.

Are we sure Yossi is the "Y Head"

e8dd85 No.19687


Let's get the research going. If there are enough connections, then MOSSAD DIR will be shown to be Y. This was passed on by a VERY trusted source as a huge clue. Think it is worth exploring and posting. Thanks.

e8dd85 No.19696



Please add supporting docs.

I have been asked to build this out…

32d4ea No.19771



There is a strong theory on this. The following is the thread. Q confirmation is towards the bottom. It's not my theory but makes a lot of sense. Figured it may help you peeps


32d4ea No.19797


Here is original thread of the screenshots in my last link. Once again... not my theory nor anything I researched past Wikipedia. Just saying this was an angle they were working. This should have some of the cross shield symbols etc iirc. Otherwise I would check the other 2 y threads already going.


17d600 No.19814

File: 37e3a738f4a6dc3⋯.jpeg (35.2 KB, 424x500, 106:125, moloch.jpeg)


In the context of Owl and Y together, it was assumed that Y represented Baphomet, while the Owl is Moloch.

>But the Mossad director could indeed be one of the current leaders of the cabal, so perhaps it was a double entendre.

2f9c83 No.20050

File: 5f3f1c55f777b61⋯.jpg (164.96 KB, 479x479, 1:1, 1510176678493.jpg)


You could probably hide a rocket in the center of this building and support staff and equipment in the 3 wings and nobody would notice….

They even call it "Hotel of DOOM" ffs

0e697a No.21148


Exactly. I think you guys are missing it with Yosef.

Q uses Owl and Y together.

The owl worshippers love hanging out in the trees in NORCAL. Everyone here knows about Bohemian Grove.

Who goes there? The elite politicians and c-levels execs, right?

Okay, who is Y in this context?

Enter Y-Combinator Silicon Valley's start-up accelerator.


Y is this important? Try YC Camp for starters …


Wired magazine says: "The YC alumni network is a Silicon Valley version of the Harvard connection machine—an insider group that helps its own. Every year, hundreds of grads gather in “YC Camp”—sort of a geeky version of Bohemian Grove."


The New Yorker says: "One balmy May evening, thirty of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs gathered in a private room at the Berlinetta Lounge, in San Francisco. Paul Graham considered the founders of Instacart, DoorDash, Docker, and Stripe, in their hoodies and black jeans, and said, “This is Silicon Valley, right here.” All the founders were graduates of Y Combinator, the startup “accelerator” that Graham co-founded: a three-month boot camp, run twice a year, in how to become a “unicorn”—Valleyspeak for a billion-dollar company."


Then there's the connection to Peter Thiel (founder of CIA-backed Palentir, early investor in FB) who I believe Q mentions in the same dump (sorry it's been a while, I meant to post this over a week ago) …

The news is abuzz with Thiel cutting ties with Y-Combinator. He has also dumped FB. Silicon Valley is boycotting him. The Sacramento Bee calls him the next Charles Manson.



A mountain of stuff here … need help ;)

8a65d9 No.21803

What if Y is simply Baphomet, or Satan, or some other horny goat figure, and family Y is one of the families that worship Y?

9e9e49 No.21844

File: e8d3a3746ed3e22⋯.png (358.01 KB, 527x395, 527:395, 15113868925023.png)


how about this one?

d0fa54 No.21865

File: 91e800613b0fab2⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 300x266, 150:133, th.jpg)


Pretty sure the Y head is the Baphomet head like Beyonce wears. It represents the head of an animal with rack, such as a male goat.

d0fa54 No.21903


I agree. I think we were posting at the same time when I put up Beyonce with goat head. Same animal head shape with a rack of horns. The imagery as a deer head can be seen in the novel the Mists of Avalon where Arthur impregnates his half sister Morgaine during a celtic ritual involving a stag outfit.

e604a5 No.21932


Still sounds Jewish…

where have I heard that name before… Richie Rich? Some kids movie I’m sure…

and Q confirmed it, but is that misinformation or truth..

e604a5 No.21945


More likely that than anything.

Also Y is two paths converging and becoming one, or one path spliting into two.. both work.. meaning that our path to ‘god’ might me different but in the end they all lead to the same source.

cc78a5 No.22328

The Mandalay Bay in Vegas where the Vegas shooting occurred is also a Y shape from above. The saudi prince Awaleed owned so many floors including the one that Paddock was on. Is this also the Y symbolism Q is talking about? What Org. is one of the largest for kids that have to do with the Y…The YMCA. The song for YMCA was sung by a bunch of gay men and the lyrics were written by DISNEY. This has pedogate written all over it! It's fun to stay at the YMCA may have a new meaning. How best to get around children than through this org. Let's dig up some dirt anons!

593489 No.24111


"Publicly known and Y"


(net worth 88 million)


*founder of panaya foundation)

0c38cd No.24258

File: fe458d90e065664⋯.jpg (328.31 KB, 1234x1248, 617:624, Rothschild-wearing-mask1.jpg)


family (y) is Rothschild

5f16c4 No.26792


They are way above Rothschilds and Rockefellers etc they are a hidden hand. They would be 1 of the 4 global major centers of power that are their own Sovereign nations corporations. Like City of London, Vatican City, Washington DC, then Leichtenstein.

On that families property is a cave used for burial and goes back 3000 YRS! And has had study done on it and has a very unique DNA.

Also I have not seen anyone figure out the info on Angela Merkel yet. Did that get worked?

Yes Mossad and those who say they are "the jews" but are NOT, and who got their parasite infested UK to create Kingdom of Rothschild called Israel is key

Another thing everyone focuses on Roths, and Soros. but Soros was a creature of Roths, then went rouge and crashed the UK banks/market.

But more powerful and controls all the old webs, orgs, societies, funds, trusts, secret societies, CFR, UN, NATA, etc.. is Rockefeller.

Key here also is ANYONE in Skull & Bones is NOT a loyal American. They are loyal to the British Crown.. they also are THE Clowns, and Clowns from 1st New World ventures before, during and past were always loyal to the Crown. In WW1 when US was not in the war the Skull and Bones had their OWN airforce club and they went and fought for England/Crown. They are also the Opium Lords, and what got called the "eastern establishment" in US.

Another key is "Pilgrim Society" they set this up in US and UK. They have member lists and this includes British Royals, and reads like who's who of clowns, bankers, and controlled in Mil, intelligence, in every WH, etc. and media/papers/radio/entertainment They are NOT loyal to USA and it's Constitution and idea that it IS a sovereign nation. See tricky done and lawyer legal fuckery and really words legal, treatys is We have always been colony of Britian.

IRS is a foreign entity/corporation (no money given to them goes to USA but to Roths et al), Fed is a foreign Corporation. Clowns are NOT for USA never been. These are important facts.

Bar Association is British crown, they control our broken corrupt "justice" system. all public defenders in States are all each private Corporations that are under larger entity of this BS Bar Association under the Crown. They control the schools, curriculum THEY are the ones who's test must be passed, and THEY chose giving out licenses, If you need to report a crooked, fraudlent, criminal Judge or Lawyer, or Prosecuting Attorney.. There really is NO clean honest way to do this at all. It is all corrupt and THEY protect their own. The system is VERY broken. (DOJ have been corrupt for long long long time.. hell how do you explain Rod Rosenstein right now.. or the fact that FBI are supposed to be subordinate to DOJ but are criminal and rouge.. believe me I know. You know they have played huge roles in ALL the terror, false flags, murders, and shit going on.. fully involved, complicit and then cover it up, and part of the MASS murders that have greater death toll than the original event they do after to shut everyone up, which goes on always as more and more speak or have info and they find out.. ) NOTHING to do w/ our US government. . yet are not our courts supposed to be 1 of 3 major branches of our National Federal Government.. this gets shaky.. Each State is it's own sovereign State Corporations.. they joined in a merger EACH negotiated to join under this Federal Government.

There is NO place that is REAL, or honest, or SAFE for anyone to REPORT crimes, give evidence to, and get any real help, have anything really done, or not have the stuff ignored, lost destroyed, and then you be destroyed, fucked with or killed..

There are too many dealing with this some full auto) nothing done. Many crimes Federal state and nothing done RIGHT NOW!! I and others been shot at (recorded, witnesses), felonies, Federal crimes, evidence of murders, and nothing ever done.

Q QQQQQ How or WHERE is anyone in real danger supposed to call and get help, and so DJT could easily get the bad guys?

5f16c4 No.26859


Mandalay = MGM = Saudi owned

Top floors a separate private hotel owned by Bill Gates and Prince Alwaleed

Disney has been in porn business from it's start

In the parasite cult only a COHEN can do special things. Y aka Yossi is a Cohen.

I am VERY concerned about what israel has planned for Jerusalem. They have been running schools, for a special cast of "priers" and farms for special animals and are literally READY now to begin again with open animal sacrifice in temple!! THAT is messed up. They already sacrifice chickens by swinging them over their heads. They do sick genital mutilation and sex ritual. Where is PETA on this stuff? israel is the PORN and PEDO capitol of the world. Also the mecca for organ harvesting use.

Also hard seeding for a FF for Super Bowl in Minneapolis twin cities area. every halftime show is always a ritual, and they use energy by all who watch. Lynn de Rothschild twitter is constant NFL promotion, and BS focus on it. I find tracking her account to be offensive as MFL, and all those types of sports are all just sick BS manipulation and bread and circus for the lower casts. No one should EVER pay any attention to it. My family NEVER did, and gauged meeting people if worthy or intelligent enough to bother to try to get to know if they were into all that low base stuff.

Anyone work out that from from half chan about Jamaica, and the 3 areas and the images of that creepy jail all ages childrens school? A person posted alot of maps, sketches, and info, and then a boat with flag and stated had to hurry and figure out as it was coming upon the shores and was a danger.

Also IF all this Apocalypse flu H3N2 they state is coming and worse than the great killer flu of 1917, and the plague IF it is REAL and not BS.. then simply shut down boarders and travel into USA to protect people, But of course I will NOT get shots as THOSE are the trick and the poison.

Will we get freedom from these deadly poisons of forced vaccinations?

Will DJT EO and instantly have them NOT put deadly chemicals in our drinking water and food? They are hazmat controlled substances, and deadly processing waster products, and same money lives by not adding them.

5299e4 No.28077


You fell for a topic dilution larper newfag.

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