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File: b6ea86378f951c6⋯.png (566.39 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_3964.PNG)

ee5e10  No.159704

Listen up anons, fellow patriots and beloved veterans……..

As I'm sure you've noticed, there’s been a lot happening lately.

The Storm is Upon Us.

Much respect and praise to all responsible!

I'm not going to dive into the recent info dropped by QAnon and related happenings, because we all already know, so please continue to fill in the gaps on another note.


*Time WE break these barriers (((they)))forced on us

*Time WE change the style of thinking (((they)))taught us (starting with public schools)


No longer can WE only be concerned with ourselves and our families.

We must all come together now as one. For ALL

*No longer can WE abide by (((their))) laws and rules while (((they))) do not.

*No longer can WE allow so few to prosper while so many perish

So, I propose to you today, that we come together, all over the world, and BE the change!

We all know the dirty deeds and the bad actors; and we can spend lifetimes digging into (((their))) crimes…So, I suggest that we invest our time in shaping the future, now! And do so with -unmistakable and impactful actions-

(((They))) control us by keeping us apart, period. There’s nothing more to it, simple but effective divide and conquer. We continue to fall for this tactic.

The moment we put this digital life away and reconnect with each other, (((they))) will be no more. (((Their))) power evaporates.

//Domino effect//


~(((Their))) bank accounts can make poverty a thing of the past

~(((Their))) mansions can house our homeless

~(((Their))) highly guarded knowledge, can set us all free

Wait….I got that wrong

OUR mansions

OUR money

OUR knowledge

….and (((they))) stole it.

Let’s take back what is rightfully ours

This is a historic, exciting yet surreal time

THE time that we can act, and have a POTUS to support and help protect us….but we must not solely rely on POTUS and team

We must do exactly what (((they))) have programmed us NOT to do….with (((their))) false flag bombings shootings etc….

We must boldly and unflinchingly STAND IN UNITY. DEMAND CHANGE.

((((They))) CANNOT stop us. We The People have the numbers and the power.

We want the Vatican? We take the Vatican…and make all their secrets public knowledge.

We have the ability to coordinate and take the WHOLE system down in one day!

We have forgotten our power.

It’s TIME to remember!


Are you ready to walk the walk?

If you truly want to create a better place for all our children then, Lets do this!

Its time to

Coordinate, Activate, Participate

With unity, order can be restored and safe guards implemented. A complete system rewrite.

We can ensure the mistakes are never repeated.

Life is truly not complicated (((they))) just made it that way and we can do better!!

Be Better!

Rev 1:3

Rev 3:8-9

Rev 18:6-9


Be the change

Love thy neighbor

Restore Peace

Restore humanity





Objectives, rules of engagement, and action start dates to follow shortly


66c8bd  No.161556


ee5e10  No.161772


It starts with you help motivate and spread

Have faith

29d9a5  No.163661


This. Good thoughts Anon! Let’s do it!

64784a  No.165603

Good thread.

The real change always starts WITHIN.

Focus on what matters! Never give up!

0a96b4  No.166001

Check out the Monument to our Forfathers. Let that be your guidepost. Have Faith!

0a96b4  No.166006

Check out the Monument to our Forfathers. Let that be your guidepost.

ddab71  No.166051

Don't need a "guidepost" need people to truly wake up and take responsibility we have all the info we are the change if we are one

0a96b4  No.166102

It was placed with wisdom for our nation to succeed as one

0fe795  No.166229


Ahh so your saying as like a rally point? Still kinda lost there

I searched it nothing on 8 and nothing and just found a statue in other searches didn't seem relevant

0a96b4  No.166284

Read providence foundation.com the Forefathers Monument: A Matrix of Liberty

0fe795  No.166687

We are the storm!!! Remember our power

89d59b  No.178124

So Mote It Be

cc0bd0  No.180410

I kno there is more out there that wanna do more so I ask when you venture in here and agree with the above do post and chat so others see how many of us there are and don't feel alone

Instead of just getting that thought yea great idea but not gonna happen well it starts with each and every one of you

Be the change

754bd9  No.180433


I agree Anon. Spread this idea! We all have a part in helping wake up and red pill others. Unity is an umbrella that not many gather under these days. Let’s change that!

cc0bd0  No.180473


I've been spreading and could use all the help I can get but only a couple new people a day so progress none the less

Plus no shills in here we might be able to have a good convo

754bd9  No.180591

Agree with you Anon>>165603

754bd9  No.180977


No shills is always a good thing. Unity should make them quite nervous so as this idea picks up steam, shills will shill.

66c8bd  No.181131

Stand together in the fight for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Thanks to the anon who started this thread. Let's grow.

66c8bd  No.181371

If you are dealing with corruption in your state join forces at:


1e3a19  No.182521




Talk of a shill and they'll appear doing shill things like live links

754bd9  No.188488


That’s a fact. Filtering and ignoring

a47787  No.188883


Right post crap about corruption in your state haha the corruption is WW!!

Let's do something about it

REALLY do something

af8eb4  No.194035





It's not just the ((Jews)) - though they certainly form a big part of the (((globalist))) crime syndicate. After essentially crushing the last remaining decent nation in europe that posed a threat to them aka Germany, they are now in the process of openly committing genocide by rape and replacement of OUR PEOPLE.

Wrapped in lies that are dropping their veils on daily basis now, they openly tout and flaunt their success in destroying the west, russia, and America, as well as any other nations and people on earth that poses a rival to ((their)) insane racial and ethnic hatred for others.

There are many useful idiots and (((useful goys)) among globalists, but the core is largely made of ((jews)) and other ((semites)) such as arabs, muslims, etc. They are all cut of the same cloth - bandits, criminals, traffickers, swindlers, thieves, and liars. "Synagogue of satan" "pedo prophet worshippers" "first black slavers" "money changers" "human traffickers" etc etc etc.

Jesus called them out, and he was crucified for his counter semitism and pro-humanism.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. Judeo-christianity is a LIE that was foisted on American and western Christians by ((those)) who destroyed us. There is only one Christianity , one West, one Russia, one sovereign nations. These ((criminals)) from near east and their lackeys and useful idiot accomplices whether they are sitting at the top of the pyramid or bitching and moaning and committing criminal acts in our everyday lives MUST BE EXTERMINATED and DESTROYED. Our children will not have a future with them in existence. ((Their))blatant criminality and thumbing their noses at our people while they victimize, insult, and violate our children MUST BE DRAGGED OUT TO LIGHT AND EXTERMINATED TO THE LAST SPECK OF DUST.

DEFEND THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR PEOPLE. DESTROY THE LIES of cuckservative 'civic nationalism' and recognize that these conflict have, and always will be, tribal and ethnic in and racial in nature.



Q is not a motherfucking cuckservative, though even now it is still inopportune to openly and directly wage a frontal war against these ((scum)). Make no mistake however: HE KNOWS THE SCORE, AS DOES EVERY ONE OF US PATRIOTS.

754bd9  No.194085

Let’s! >>188883

581b4b  No.194439


I am redpilling and making a positive example out of myself wherever I go.

I do this as wisely and unobstructively as possible. and whenever I can. My ultimate goal is the LIBERATION OF OUR PLANET FROM THE GRIP OF DARKNESS - it is that simple.

There are still hidden dark forces in many corners of our existence, and this is something we need to watch for, and act accordingly.

Focusing on the positive - on Love, on knowledge, wisdom, Truth - is what matters. It is what will set us FREE.


581b4b  No.194605

File: fc06e94deea7ac3⋯.png (28.63 KB, 836x605, 76:55, simpletruth.png)

fc848b  No.195401

This would work but we will need a few things to make it happen

Will need our autist to coordinate

Will need our white hat hacktivist to simulate

At very least will need those two to get the ball rolling so if your one of those plz come forth

Secondly not necessarily a requirement but would def. throw gas on the fire to get Q team in on it

If we can get this group of people in a meeting to arrange this it's absolutely possible

Of course will just have to flood the market with a date and set of guidelines to get pounded in every ones head first

Then coordinate the plan in secret

Then on that day when it's time send out the directives which would be where the hacktivist comes in give the masses there chance to help cleanse the evil

And some other details in the mix but thats a solid start

Will need a way to get the above people in one zone away from prying eyes

…..remembering OUR power and it truly is a power to be reckoned with

86da3c  No.195700




posting some links from primary cbts board that may be relevant for TRUTH

almost everything we have been taught to believe is "upside down"

https://bible.knowing-jesus .com/Isaiah/29/16

754bd9  No.208774

Like these ideas. >>195401

622a8f  No.210136


Start with yourself, do what you can in all areas of life and it will have an effect. Enough people do it and we create a snowball effect.

Most important is to use the power of LOVE!

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