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File: 7e986f73925a6c2⋯.png (671.07 KB, 946x703, 946:703, 5b6c8907a726fcf9d054911a75….png)

File: 025cc8345cfcde5⋯.png (326.97 KB, 588x602, 42:43, 17c2361477979be103b15fed77….png)

49176b  No.115185

Q directed us to look into Anderson Cooper. He's connected with the Vanderbilts, Project Mockingbird, CNN, and who know what else.

This is a thread dedicated to compiling everything related to Anderson Cooper and his connections.

c752a0  No.115246

See here >>113080 for Anderson's pedo shit.

895eac  No.115267

c752a0  No.115308

File: 01cf50dcb42906a⋯.png (3.9 KB, 44x53, 44:53, pie_autist_2.png)


Haha the comments are even funnier! But yeah, the reporter said 4chan yet the images are from here.

4e65f4  No.115504


Бажже77 = walnut sauce 77

why 77? from liber 77 aka liber Oz by Aliester Crowley " 4. Man has the right to love as he will:—“take your fill and will of love as ye will,

when, where, and with whom ye will.” —AL. I. 51

5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights. "

22703b  No.115779


There are a ton of Memes on Anderson (Vanderbilt) Cooper in the Memes threads dating from the first day Q commented on the Anderson photo.


330ed5  No.115819


Really amazing job finding this out. This is 'bazhzhe' isn't it? (forgive my mangled transliteration). And it really means walnut sauce, right?

b40c31  No.117092

File: 3e0ba75d4a85920⋯.jpg (114.37 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 11226878_1595799780697584_….jpg)

File: 789df7e3565b2ff⋯.jpg (19.39 KB, 400x228, 100:57, 10042012 AL end 2.JPG)

File: 90a23613f374d13⋯.png (393.52 KB, 850x434, 425:217, 90a23613f374d1305003d56672….png)

File: 6283a75cdf3ed88⋯.jpg (72.04 KB, 960x960, 1:1, anderson-cooper-young-pict….jpg)

a24dee  No.117378

Gannett became tenga. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tegna,_Inc.#Cable_networks_2

Tegna owns or operates 46 television stations in 38 markets, and is the largest group owner of stations affiliated with NBC and CBS and the fourth-largest group owner of stations affiliated with ABC and holds properties in digital media.

a24dee  No.117382

Tenga and Cooper Media, parent corporation of the Justice Network, announced on November 7, 2017 a new multicast network, Quest

a24dee  No.117387

f5c215  No.119687

File: fd489b44435c7d3⋯.jpg (99.74 KB, 1105x617, 1105:617, achandsign.jpg)

File: c621801b33e29b2⋯.jpg (87.95 KB, 1083x1019, 1083:1019, acpyramid.jpg)

File: dd2707f52da4f9e⋯.jpg (86.2 KB, 1104x764, 276:191, acUndeadTed.jpg)

895eac  No.120138

d9b730  No.126346

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that virtually anyone of influence who has "Cooper" in their name, is most likely a CIA agent.

f2ae4f  No.126555


that looks like a MK ULTRA trauma teddy bear to help program children

330ed5  No.126792

File: 8607b7207240f29⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, anderson.png)

330ed5  No.126829

spaewife are you here?

4e65f4  No.126835


cooper=copper (conductor for current). think twin peaks. mr. jackpots. sleeper agents. pedo prostitution between us/ca. fbi and mafia work together. lynch knowz shit. masonic-ish black and white tile.

4e65f4  No.126838


yes aye

4e65f4  No.126842


yes your obzervation is correct. any other thoughts?

330ed5  No.126855


Want your opinion on this infographic

09ba1a  No.126874

I bet he can go delta wave pretty fast

4e65f4  No.126883


good job! thanks for putting in that effort.

AC. alexander edward crowley

ac. andersson cooper


a eye see. see eye eh?


330ed5  No.126888


Thank you. Agreed.

4e65f4  No.126890




d9b730  No.126899


Seeing Eye Agency.

The letter A resembles the eye of providence.

09ba1a  No.126902


Thats weird. Im always drawing an eye when i doodle.

09ba1a  No.126944


Solomon? Freemasons? Lucifers rebellion?

4e65f4  No.126965


a is a pictograph of a pregnant woman

A is a pictograph of a triangle within a triangle. . .like a baby in the womb. A = ace. i could go on and on.

09ba1a  No.126979


Keep going, please.

4e65f4  No.126987


sol o mon

1 o 1.


mono=one. frei meson. fire in the middle. lucifer = light bringer. venus preceeding the dawn.

venus after sunset = evening star. evening star=inverted pentagram=human sacrifice.

09ba1a  No.126995

Wait, the 3 6 9 triangles are all in one

4e65f4  No.127025


Y downward triangle = sex organs

/_\ upward triangle=brain.

pick a side. if you drain all your jing out the drain. . .nothing left for the brain. waters above=brain

waters below=sexual fluids=cerebro spinal fluid

09ba1a  No.127124

Water content of cerebral spinal fluid (99 percent)

09ba1a  No.127142


Keep going, i thought i had researched it all…not

4e65f4  No.127276


QBLH is real. they are obsessed with numerology and cryptography. think john dee. monas hieroglyphica. to me, math is a huge key to it all. the torah is a polyvalent computer code. some use it for good, some use it for evil. it is older than you can possibly imagine. all myths are coded, to hide the true meaning and keep people stuck in fantasy land. Water:

attar + W. attar=fire of the zoroastrians. zoar=seed. astr=star. beginning to get it. space=waters above. shemayim=fire water. mayim = waters in the ocean. nun=fish. . . salt water=seed/semen. fire water=plasma (a fluid).

gnosticism/qblh ties it all together. cryptography, planetary physics. . .thing Q source gospel. Q=9 in gnostic geometry and greek isopsephia. 9 is the number of sophia, over 888 christ, over 7 archons/deadly sins/saturn. 888 opens the door to 9/sophia/pleroma. 888=firmament crossing. . .produces rainbow body (think new star wars when luke (lucius/lucifer skywalker). it is all right there in your face.

09ba1a  No.127596



b9e654  No.140172


grateful dead teddy bear on ac's friend. . .GDF/grateful dead 'family'=government sponsored drug trafficking, human experimentation. linked to SRI, Playboy mansion, bohemian grove. think about the 'hog farm' relative to what was said about people who keep pigs around in the movie _snatch_. there's also a kid's camp very near the hog farm. hmm. . .

dad550  No.140417


Even better that they get it wrong.

b9e654  No.149348


look y hear


798306  No.194520


How Anderson Cooper and His Partner Benjamin Maisani Built Their Art Collection

798306  No.194754










Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Antoine Maisani purchased the Rye House in Litchfield, CT - reported 2014.



The property records for 122 Old Mount Tom Rd, Litchfield, CT can be found here:





The township of Litchfield lists Ortelius, LLC as the owner.



What's up with Ortelius?

Bloomberg lists a snapshot.



Who are the people involved with Ortelius?



The Crown Prince of Greece, Prince Pavlos is an owner.



From that wikipedia entry, this:

>Pavlos was born into a turbulent era in Greek politics. His father, King Constantine II, ascended to the throne on 6 March 1964, aged 23, following the death of his father, King Paul.[1] His mother, the 20 year-old Queen Anne-Marie, gave birth to Pavlos barely a month after the coup d'état which ended democratic rule in Greece over the King's objections on 21 April 1967,[1] ushering in the "Regime of the Colonels", led by Georgios Papadopoulos. In December of that year, King Constantine attempted a counter-coup, but could not rally sufficient military support.[1] Pursued by supporters of the junta, the King fled with his wife, children, mother and sister to Rome. From Rome they went to Copenhagen, and lived with Queen Anne-Marie's mother, Queen Ingrid.[4]

Did you see that?

>led by Georgios Papadopoulos

Georgios Papadopoulos

Looks familiar. Like "George Papadopoulos" who was the non-person within the Trump campaign that the media fondled because he pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI about contacts with the Russians in 2016 while part of the campaign.

Fake fucking name. Fake fucking guy. Who knows what's real - was he really a person using that name to infiltrate the campaign and make contacts with Russians as insurance against a Trump victory? Yeah.

The guy that overthrew Pavlos's father - King Constantine II - was Georgios Papadopoulos, and he named himself President, held a referendum, and was subsequently overthrown a la Caesar by one of his own men.

That's not the good part.

Here is his Wikipedia:



Take note. From the Papadopoulos wikipedia page:

>He underwent military and intelligence training in the United States during the 1950s,[2] and had connections to the CIA.[note 1]

The 1967 overthrow of Pavlos's father was done by the CIA under the name of Georgios Papadopoulos. Years later, CIA agent Anderson Cooper lives in a house owned by the Crown Prince of Greece. But we're told he bought it. More fake news.

798306  No.194828


Direct link

https ://8ch.net/cbts/res/106285.html#106947

e6fe70  No.195030

Ok, so I have quietly sat back and watched a lot of the Q work, I have been here since the beginning . I have researched the Illuminati, Cabal, Free Masons , Bohemian grove, Reds, etc.. for years. I didn’t want to intrude and honestly I tweet a lot of my findings because I may be a great researcher but you have to be a Computer Scirnce major to navigate 8chan. Anyway , a couple of things I haven’t seen that may be helpful . If they have I apologize the narrow gate website does a great job of breaking down the symbols , mostly accurate . Schmidt is why Space is key . He isn’t just leaving Google he is joining Motorola , Motorola isn’t just about phones . It’s the satellites in the atmosphere, think California fires, there are patents on everything from Sun simulators to satellites being weaponized.check Motorola patents. That takes me to the patent office selling American inventions to Japan & China I don’t want to repeat things you all know but this seemed important enough for me to point out . I also wish Q would just tell us Aliens living on earth - T or F

If T -Helpful or harmful

I mean there is. Peninsula on Antarctica named for the Rothchilds and what are they doing down there?

68f3c4  No.208804

yo i love you guys. great intel

2aa14f  No.209808

File: 2e3f415d5032ba7⋯.jpg (10.25 KB, 240x135, 16:9, Anchor-Alumni-thumb.jpg)

AC first "job" was at Channel One.

Those of you who were not alive, or in a test school in the 1990's are unaware, but it worked like this: Channel One approached a school and offered to install "free" TV's into every classroom in the school, and in return, about 15 minutes of homeroom was dedicated to watching their programs.

You may be more familiar with their alumni:



Channel One started by this man:

https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Chris_Whittle

Married to this woman:

https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Priscilla_Rattazzi

Who is niece of this man:

https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Gianni_Agnelli

So basically, Anderson Cooper got his first reporting gig at a startup company with marriage ties to illuminati bloodline.

I can't find a whole lot on the Channel One early days, and need some help. Looks like good mocking front/academy to me. Doesn't Esquire have Clown ties? Whittle worked there too.

3bc675  No.213070

Intel likes to hide things in plain sight. Cooper as host of The Mole. Why would someone leave ABC news to do this kind of show, then return to the news?

He was on the first two seasons of the show, filmed in Europe:


What Could they have needed him for over there durIng that time frAme?

a88e6a  No.223951

https://archive. is/JuNJg

I did some digging on the Vanderbilt family the other day and found this review of Gloria Jr's book "Once Upon a Time" which is well worth a read

"The trial of the century" for custody of young Gloria (between her mother and paternal aunt, after her father died).

"Little Gloria, Happy At Last" (TV miniseries, 1982)

Cornelius Vanderbilt III was a member of Scroll and Key; Anderson was a member of the Manuscript Society (Yale)

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