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Is Cliffy turning trans now?

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]:Cells at Work Edition

CAUTION: 8ch namedropped on several major news outlets. Report trolls and avoid flaming. Brace for impact!



>Former Steam employee dumps dirty laundry

>main Gawker domain and its archives bought

>Univision exploring sale of former Gawker properties

>Guild Wars 2 firing and media slant

>Slipppery slope with possible child sex bot ban in the US:

Currently past House

>Male Discrimination at Ubisoft:

>US Copyright Office considering rule change that loosen the restrictions governing emulations and reproductions of abandoned online games (ESA unhappy ):



Contact Sony US/JP: >>15070949

Likely related: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Says They Need To Cater To All Genders, Ages, Races, Sexual Orientations

There's now a petition to unban it



•violates "ex post facto" consitution laws

•Signed into law:

•Various organizations suing


Proposal rejected; will be revisited in September

4.OP Timber: "Nintendo Localizers working with Japanese Devs to Censor Games"

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


Use this rare opportunity to send emails to possibly kill Kotaku for good

>>>/gamergatehq/331719 >>>/gamergatehq/331727 >>>/gamergatehq/331728

Don't want to use your real phone number nor get a burner? make sure the email addresses make sense

Recent Kotaku fuck-ups:

•Kotaku calls for devs to blacklist another site

•Kotaku & Gizmodo attack own boss! >>>/gamergatehq/331844

•Gizmodo's "Thorn" threatens violence

•Current(?) advertisers >>>/gamergatehq/331859


A. Support! Accountability needs proof:

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations an unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

C. OP DICKTIONAIRY: The Destruction of Words and Language >>>/8diamonds/2892


•Use to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later

•Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests:

•Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies:



>Summaries of #GamerGate: - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address

>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:

•The #GamerGate Dossier:

•#GamerGate Wiki:

•History of #GamerGate:


•GG Wiki Support List:

•GG Wiki Boycott List:

•GG Steam Support & Boycott List:

•Key GamerGate Hubs:

>Thread Repository:

>Full OP Text:


>How Can I Help?


•All OPs:

•OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating:

•An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics:

>Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?

The absolute state of Vampire the Masquerade

Every so often you see someone wish there was a new Bloodlines. But oh god no you dont.


>you MUST be antifa now, #RESIST, sent from my iPhone

>"alt righters" must put the book down and leave, death or rehabilitation is all you need

>big gubment killing vampires with drone strikes blamed on ISIS, in 2007

>straight people do not exist, its a social construct

>everyone is a beret wearing anarcho-socialist. like the one parody character in bloodlines who was a joke

>polygamy is mandatory

>there WILL be mpreg wether you like it or not you cishet scum

>"After all, the player characters are something unique and special"

>The vampire apocalypse was just them getting souls and being able to walk in the day, but dont worry you are still sad, vulnerable POC

>conversation, violence and meeting strangers are all PTSD triggers so a GM must be prepared for conflict resolution avoiding all of the above

I knew nu world of darkness was pozzed but this puts bioware to shame.

Still want another Bloodlines?

Emuparadise Backup Thread #2: The Saga Continues

Making a new thread because the old one is bumplocked

As I wrote in the last thread, google has started updating the cache dl links for all the games on Emuparadise. However, some enterprising anons have found direct DL links for the games so grab em while they're hot.

How-To for you Anon's out there, I'm using PS2 for my example:

1. Pull the DL name from Emuparadise game page with the region code included eg. "DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (USA) (En,Ja)"

2. Format it to a URL-friendly formatting using this page: - just paste the name in and hit encode, it will convert the special characters to a URL-friendly format

3. add .7z to the end of the name as that is primarily what EP is using for their archive files.

4. Paste the full name with 7z to the end of this url: with a slash after the system name so it will look like this:

5. Copy the URL to your browser or whatever DL Manager you're using (I'm using jdownloader 2) and give it a shot, they should work as it seems they have only removed the DL links for the time being, but not the actual files themselves.

Here are some other folder structures for other systems (I grabbed ones most relevant to me and USA only, I will post below how to try and retrieve the folder structures for lesser-known formats):

PSX 2 PSP: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/PSX2PSP/

PSP: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/pspisos/

PSX Japanese ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/psxj/psxjap/

PSX US ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/PSX-Redump/

Dreamcast ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/Dreamcast/

Gamecube US ISOS: happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/Nintendo%20-%20Gamecube/USA/

Here are some alternate IP addresses for DL links if for whatever reason doesn't seem to work:


You can still use the google cache trick for games in your category, but you need to pick something that is relatively obscure or less likely to have a cache update (because of the lack of popularity, google seems to archve it less). If you get a working dl link, drop it into jdownloader or some other sort of DL manager. Start it (you don't need to download it fully, obviously) then go to change the URL. You should see the current URL for the game you're downloading, it'll be something along the lines of happyxhJ1ACmlTrxJQpol71nBc/INSERT FOLDER NAME HERE/ with possibly more folders appended to it. If any anons want to post other folders, by all means please post them.

Duplicate thread: >>15271876

Please wait until a thread reaches either 700 posts or page 13 before making another.

Game reboots that won’t happen

>Mass murderering clown as a first party Mascot

>sweet tooth a canon Serial killer of women

>sweet tooth a canon sexual deviant

I’m shocked game journalists didn’t went after Twisted Metal 2012. I doubt you can make a soy approve twisted metal reboot. Is it safe to say twisted metal dead?

Terraria Thread

Thought I'd make another one since the old one died and several people were trying to get a server up.

How to make Nintendo $5 Billion/year from Pokemon

Step 1

>3D pokemon MMO $20/month

>includes solo & interactive playing

>includes battles

>includes every pokemon

Step 2

>that's it

Warframe - How do I Rift Surge Edition

Seriously, I think I understand all his gimmicks but that ability doesn't seem to do anything at all, also, I assume Melee 3.0 will kill most crit builds we have to date (Blood Rush) while never "fixing" the Spin2Win DE seems to hate.



Previous thread over page 13



Legs are under discussed and under appreciated. We have daily Ass and Tits threads but legs are what truly define a woman. What are some games that have a special appreciation for them? Pic related is peak leg performance.

Granblue Fantasy - /gbfg/

Sideboob Fantasy


and also idolshit

August Event Schedule

07/31~08/08 - Bzzt! Amped-Up Summer

08/09~08/21 - Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

08/17~08/23 - Xeno Cocytus

08/23~08/30 - Water Favored Unite and Fight

08/31~09/09 - New Event Scenario


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info

>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

Let It Die is Coming to PC

>GameSpot can reveal that Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment are bringing their free-to-play hack-and-slash RPG, Let It Die, to PC. Originally an exclusive for the PlayStation 4, the PC version of the game will launch via Steam this fall.

Let It Die puts you in the role of a poor soul who–while under the guidance of a skateboarding grim reaper named Uncle Death–is tasked with climbing a tower filled with enemies and traps. Initially your character is just running around in their underwear, so it's paramount you find more powerful pieces of armor or weaponry to increase your chance of survival. You'll have to manage your character's bodily needs as well, scavenging for food to replenish health.

>Gallery image 4

Let It Die's defining mechanic is "death data." If your character dies, you lose everything and are sent back to square one. However, your previous character and every item and weapon that was on them at the time of death is saved to Let It Die's servers and circulated throughout other player's games. Other players can then encounter the spectral remains of your previous character as a powerful enemy. Likewise, in your game, you can run into the ghosts of the characters of other players.

Let It Die has proven popular in recent years, reaching two million player downloads in February 2017 and four million in April 2018. We imagine that number is only going to go up with the game's release on PC.

Both Grasshopper and GungHo continue to support Let It Die, updating the game and patching bugs. Grasshopper is also currently working on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes while GungHo is developing Ninjala. Both titles are scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch, the former in 2018 and the latter–which we covered as one of the 21 stellar games you probably missed out on from E3–in 2019.

Ready do have good times with Uncle Bones?

Mecha Thread 2: Electric Mechaloo

What are considered the must play mecha related vidya on pc?

4 AM

Losing control?

What company is your favorite game developer?

Which DOA girl is closest to your ideal woman?

NIHON FALCOM THREAD: Future Looking Bright Edition


>Latest News

- The Ao no Kiseki fan translation was leaked. It's higher quality than the Zero beta overall, though the dialogue is still often awkward. Still, it's now possible to fully play through the Crossbell duology and understand everything down to the minor NPCs.

- The PC port of Ys: Memories of Celceta released on July 25th, 2018.

- The Switch port of Ys VIII released with a litany of bugs, including not even having dual audio (NISA's sole claim to fame) at launch.

- After an email campaign, a retranslation, apologies, and 7 months of delays, Ys 8 finally got released on PC. And NISA fucked up, the port is so terrible that only 51% of the Steam reviews being positive (it was originally at 25%, but shills will shill). Western and Japanese websites are reporting this story. In other words, a huge backlash. Meanwhile, NISA promised to fix everything. Don't worry, they'll probably be able to fix in a few weeks what they couldn't fix in 1.5 years. Absolutely. Ha.

- Trails of Cold Steel I & II is now on PC through Steam and GOG with gameplay enhancements and newly voiced lines of dialogue.

- Ys Seven ported to PC by XSEED, available now on Steam/GOG/Humble Store

- Zwei!! and Zwei II are finally released on PC by XSEED, available now on Steam/GOG/Humble Store

- Tokyo Xanadu released on PS4/PC with an improved translation, but there are a few issues like slangs, memes and random chtulhu lines.

- Also available on PC: the Trails in the Sky trilogy (now with Turbo mode), Xanadu Next, Ys: I & II Chronicles, Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin.

- Trails of Cold Steel 4: The End of Saga to release in the fall of 2018 in Japan.


>Trails from Zero at 70% (being edited by Geofront/Zerk). There is already a beta (as in a rough translation done before Zerk even started working on it) out, though the quality is on the low side, though still coherent from start to finish

>Trails to Azure was leaked. There are a few typos and every once in a while there's an awkward line or two but all in all it's a solid translation.

>Everything else in the works seems to be MIA.


- Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection!Bw5SURQK!fsrMwjX72trMpoXK3Vx6kKn7cgcj1h5sf5E1OSqgA0s

- Trails of Cold Steel: JP voices + Dummy files (Required to write over the newly recorded English dialogue)!WkUyhDbb!B8dXNO2aBwNHibQ7tjTCyQLrX-bbBUV2jkZVUYxJ0Q4!AoVmhDoL!h7fYCD14LQD14Ema9zWVvqHZegYJX2PF9EYWbn3x-DM

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6A260B5B9AA460EB5A71AA88A5B314583DF419D4

-Trails of Cold Steel 2: JP voices + Dummy Files (same as above)!ywdFnKSD!c9E15HA0bRqU-5kro8gmqcQeRBg8Priqjv3d7dX0W5U!x11giKyL!ucCRM3OkmGQGbpRdVGdYeg-svzJ7cgUEuFzT2TaQyD8

Mega of every undub:!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g

Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder.

>Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more)

>Wario thread deleted because vols can't read past the OP and see legitimate discussion was happening

Wario thread. Talk about all things Wario. Talk about how great money and treasure is. Talk about how good his games' girls are.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Demo out today on Xbone, PS4, and Switch.




>Favorite character

>Favorite class

Any other impressions and discussion on VC4 and the entire VC line of games are welcome.

why dont they just make good games? it's not even our job and we have better ideas imagine spending 24 hours a day thinking of a specific game and still releasing shti

loli gaeming

Post video games where you play as lolis and don't fuCKING SUGGEST RECETTEAR FOR A HUNDRED GODDAMN POSTS THIS TIME EITHER

Fighting Game General: Featuring Negan from The Fatal Fury Series & Knuckles

>Soul Calibur VI

Seoung Mi-Na and Astaroth confirmed to the game.

>Dragon Ball FighterZ

Saiyan Saga Goku, Saiyan Saga Vegeta, and Cooler are now available.

The balance patch and training mode updates are live. Full translation:

>SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

Fatal Cutie Terry Bogard is the final character.

There may be something more on the way.

>Fighting EX Layer

Arika has released an update video:

<Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso will be added free of charge at the end of August/start of September.

<Terry Bogard, Area, and Sharon will be added to the game if sales are good enough in August.

<The game will be on sale until August 14 for PS+ members

<There are plans for an arcade version [and an improved arcade mode], which will be playable in select arcades in North America and Japan.

>Dead or Alive 6

There was a pro player exhibition during EVO 2018.

New character Diego announced to the game along with Rig. Lei Fang and Hitomi teased for gamescon

There were a bunch of changes in the system like having 2 bars now and needed to do the new supers, sidesteps being back.

>Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

The new characters are Izayoi, Nine, Mai from Blazblue. Mitsuru, Akihiko and Labrys from P4U. Merkawa, Yuzuhira and Mika from UNIEL. Also a new franchise coming to the game was teased at the end of the trailer. All characters have been available since August 6.

>Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!!

Beta for Parace and Pistrix is about to start on the PC version of AH3LMSS

Both plus Dark Heart are announced as the DLC characters coming to the game. Game will now feature a 16:9 aspect ratio as default.

Arcana Heart Illustration Collection:!R1pjnL7D!eiWMlKDeo-03ByL4iw8h5TstYUm9gZsUNN0e_0tneKs

Arcana Heart Heart Full Sound Collection Best:!5l4hAb5B!PCKrpfNCtHMJWVqH0ANHWqVwctrE2eEhZjFL3JnQDjI


G and Sagat have been added to the game.

>The King of Fighters

EVO side tournament archive:

>Tekken 7

Season 2 DLC plans announced. Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, and three more characters will be added to the game, plus Negan from AMC's The Walking Dead as a guest character.

The trailer also showcases a wallbounce mechanic and new moves/stance transitions for several characters (which implies some kind of balance update).

>Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2

The Arc Revo tournament series will become the Arc Revo World Tour and the next season will last from Fall 2018 to Fall 2019, featuring BBCF, BBTAG, and GGXrdR2. Daisuke is "hard at work" on the next GG title.

>Blade Strangers

Nicalis is producing a new fighting game from Studio Saizensen that has characters from Cave Story, Code of Princess, Umihara Kawase and others for PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4

Game will be released on August 30 in Japan. Summer 2018 for other regions. Trailer with the launch date:

cRPG thread

Let's talk about the old classics like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Icewind Dale, and new games like Divinity and Pillars of Eternity. This genre is having a renaissance. Lots of great new games. Prime talk-material.

Bullet Girls Phantasia


I just finished beating every sonic game and I want more.

what are some FAST games like sonic?

Neptunia Thread

Ultimate Nepping Edition



Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is heading to PC (on (((Steam))) ) in fall 2018!

Tsunako and Mizuno coming back to Anime Expo, July 5-8

Re;Birth series receiving new patches on Steam

Chinese language patch for RB1, bugfixes for RB2

“Brave Neptune” news:

Working name is now “Super Neptunia RPG”

New screenshots (some included in OP) detailing battle system and character art

''Battle begins by running into monsters as per normal Nep games; stance/formation changes in combat affect available skills that characters may use

Item/creatures can be used to access hidden/previously inaccessible areas as exploration mechanics''

Switch release, in addition to PS4 and presumably Steam, confirmed

The websites has been updated with new characters

Iffy's Online Store has increased their keychain plushies selection

(Reminder to buy from them directly to support them more if you care!)

CH has released a joke Virtual Youtuber to promote their games

Inked by Tsunako

/nep/ Happenings and News

We've made a /nep/ DC for organized gaming! Ask for an invite in the thread.

Matrix/Riot bunker, add these to your client (acquired at

300 banners per board now: if you wanna submit one, feel free to drop your OC.



>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 2

Actual version: 1.422


Rebirth 2 has finally been ported to the Vita; installation instructions and downloads here:

New repatch version and download here; unknown if it works the same but presumably it does:

>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 3

Actual version: 1B


Re;Translation for Re;Birth 3 has been ported successfully over to the Vita >>>/nep/3563

VITA Version:

>Producing Perfection audio has been uploaded to MEGA


Freshest quest: >>>/nep/4966

Re;Birth mods: >>>/nep/822

Translated Nep media: >>>/nep/1589

Hello New World manga: >>>/nep/3153

CM3D2 with Neps: >>>/nep/3278

/nep/ Steam Group: >>>/nep/3211

/nep/ Bunker: >>>/nep/2756

Stories from /nep/ and /v/ members:

Thread OP pastebin:


>Which game to begin the series with?

Start with Re;Birth 1 to test the waters, then play Re;Birth 2 and/or Re;Birth 3 (with the Re;Translations), and then V-II.

>I've heard of bad translations in the Neptunia games, care to tell me more about it?

Translation Statuses are:

HDN, HDN Mk2 and Victory: NISA cancer.

Re;Birth 1 and V-II: Translation is alright, no worries from these ones.

Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization. However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board (see above links).

Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content.

All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre. Recent releases have been somewhat better overall.

>I'm too poor to buy the games, where do I grab them?

Ask the Volafile or share threads.

>I want to help with the translation efforts

Ask in thread or go to >>>/nep/835

What to do with the Wii U now?

Seems like everyone who purchased this thing got a huge Nintendo dick in the ass. Are there any good mods to turn this into a pirate's dreamland or are we still waiting for big Wii U cracks to happen? What about hardware mods to turn it's fuckhuge controller into something better?

True city-builders as opposed to fakes

Frostpunk is not a real city-builder. It has no sandbox mode. It's just three puzzle scenarios. I knew city-builders, I worked with city-builders, city-builders were friends of mine, and you, Frostpunk, are no city-builder.

Dungeons 3 is slow-moving and overencumbered with plot. It does have the ability to move back and forth between a tiny, underfeatured base-building game and Real-Time Strategy forays against the enemy, which is entertaining until it becomes a tedious grind, or until the voice actors start chewing the scenery.

Urban Empire might have a real city-builder in it somewhere, but it's not fun to play and I'm not going to dig through all that manure in the hope of finding a pony. It is a poor democracy simulator, but simulating local elections is its major feature. It was apparently designed by ultrapoz lefties.

Cities: Skylines is a true city-builder. It is a tiny bit bland; there is no way to fight a war.

The Anno games are true city-builders, and they sometimes have combat. I am jonesing for Anno 1800.

Not every true city-builder is entertaining. Surviving Mars is tedious, but it is a true city-builder.

Ace Combat General

I guess talk about the other games and Skies Unknown coming out. What do you hope to see in the new game? What's your favorite:





Just replayed 4 and 5, then played Zero for the first time. Had a real blast the whole way through, but I can't decide whether I like 5 or Zero more. 5 has more missions and story I suppose, but Zero has more replayability with slightly altered missions and the choice of play styles. Pixy was also a great end for Zero, so it's a shame the Morgan is so terrible compared to the Falken or Wyvern. At least the burst missiles are fun.

I still can't get over the SU-37, especially with Yellow Squadron's look in 5. Just feels great to use and only the two "secret" planes seem to beat it in maneuverability for me.

Sea of Chaos from 5 was great just because of the impact it had on me when I was younger. Really stuck with me throughout the years and Journey Home is a great song.

All the "superweapons" are pretty fun to me except for the Arkbird and XB-0 fuck those but Sorcerer from Zero kicked my ass until I eventually got better since I was pretty shit.

On a side note, did any of you play Infinity before the server shut down? Was it any good?

Do you prefer the Falken or the Wyvern out of the two? I love the looks of both, especially the Falken for some reason, but I seem to play slightly better with the Wyvern, despite both having the XLAA and the Falken seemingly having better stats.

Online FPS/TDM with mass infantry battles?

I'm looking for a multiplayer FPS/TDM with lots of players simultaneously in a match. I enjoyed 64 player death matches in BF3 and 4, are there any similar games to these out there?

Splatterhouse thread

ITT: Discuss the Splatterhouse series

SWAT 4 Gamenight


>What is it?

<A tactical shooter that has won the hearts and minds of many anons due to it's more slowly paced gameplay, requiring forward thinking and autism for a successful operation.

>Ok? I played the last gaymenite/never played before, why should I participate

<Well, we have added a large assortment of custom community maps which will titillate and excite you, plus, why wouldn't you want to play vidya with anons?

>How do I play?

<Basic FPS controls, save for variances here and there due to the context menu. Just look at the bindings if you're confused.


<The full packages, ready to play, just navigate to swat 4>content expansion>system>swat4x.exe!cvpnlDjI!ykLjOgwwGWvPnrkb9b8nwK1mv9Whl0lfnFLsYY4WeH4

<If you already have a version of swat 4 without the main server patch

<If you just want the map pack (Just extract into your content expansion and content directories)!Y7oRQCDL!5-RYUfZ1Yuik7sz250PBuef0_n24nnNW0CDeidQEo54


Name: V Gamenight


<To join just click direct connect and paste the IP or find us in the server browser

Let's Not Play But Say We Did: Pokemon Academy Life

I just started playing this so I'm gonna take screenshots along the way and you're gonna suffer with me.

Video Games only you played

No, we're not talking about overlooked gems or cult classics.

We're talking about shovelware so obscure there's barely any info on it.

I remember buying Stealth Force The War on Terror at a whim for 20 eurobucks expecting something close to Conflict Desert Storm or Full Spectrum Warrior.

Instead I bought what is probably the shittiest FPS in existence, no joke, no hyperbole, this game isn't solid, it has no visible game design and it's broken as all hell.

Unofficial Uncommon Time "appetizer" stream: Pokemon Reborn

With the summer Uncommon Time stream coming up, I figured we should have ourselves a little pre-show of sorts. But with what, you ask? Well, having totally not been inspired by another thread on here, I bring to you all Pokemon Reborn.

>What the hell is this?

An RPG Maker game about Pokemon in a run-down region called Reborn. Expect edge, teenager-like swearing, more edge, people committing suicide and being made fun of as "tribute" to real life people, and did I mention edge? Seriously, Haze Stratos would fit right in here.

>How edgy does this get?

They torture a suspect with a Torkoal. You know, that fire turtle that blows hot air? Yeah, they melt the chair he's strapped to. And that's just the tip of this iceberg.

>Where will this be?

It'll be on Twitch, unfortunately.

>Why Twitch? Smashcast exists, retard.

As I've found out, Smashcast isn't working for me. It's an endless loading screen for the viewers, and the background is still on the first stream from two days ago. As such, I have to resort to Twitch. At least it's not Jewtube, right?

>How long will this take to be completed?

It's apparently a huge game despite being incomplete, so quite a while. I won't stream at the same time as Thassil or whoever streams UT next week, mind you. I'm not the main attraction, after all.

>Hey, this isn't the beginning of the game! What did I miss?

I'll post the uploaded videos in the following posts. Don't worry, there's only three. Sorry, this was originally going to only take place in a small circlejerk formed after last year's streams, but I decided to invite the rest of you anons. Watching them is optional, because to summarize the story so far:

>We're a trap named Keith because memes

>The train we are on gets allahu ackbared

>After talking to a bunch of NPCs that talk like wiggers and edgy teenagers, we get a Rowlet because the chat hates me

>We meet our rivals: A literal fag named Cain, a boring girl named Victoria, and a Swag Jockey that's his fucking title, I wish I was joking named Fern

>We also meet the evil organization Team Meteor, the masterminds behind the train attack, whose leader is either a cyborg or has an edgy scar on his eye

>We then beat up the autistic Magumin-wannabe gym leader just barely, only being saved by our Pachirisu

>After that, we learn of a plant attack in the next door ward, and go off to investigate it as I continue to get my shit kicked in by every fourth trainer fight or so

Pardon the wall of text in this already lengthy post, but this is about the smallest summary I can make. I'll just go to the most important point.

>We can suggest music, right?

Considering that I've only changed the town music and battle music? Of course you can. It wouldn't be a bad RPG Maker game stream without it.

The stream will start in like ten FUCKING minutes HAZE. Get in here:

Doom thread/Retrp FPS thread

Effort is hard Edition

If Mario doesn't live in our world but lives in the Mushroom Kingdom world, how can he be Italian?

Final Fantasy XI: Why am i doing this again? edition

every few months or so i get the itch to play this again, so i come invite you guys to experience (or re-experience) the classic "cooperate or die" mmo experience, because each time generally ends up being at least moderately fun for everyone involved. We will be playing on the era server, at

>how do i install this shit?

First, download the game, yes, the official game:

if you already have the game installed (from Steam or from the original Discs)

then simply follow these instructions:

the game must be fully installed and updated for the server to work, once you have that, you can use the Windower 4 program to connect to any server of your choice.

trouble installing? ask up.

bear in mind: the update will take a long time, so you might need to leave your computer on for several hours on the updating part.

Once you set everything up, you can connect to the server by adding a few lines to the "Settings.xml" file in your windower 4 folder

<profile name="whateveryouwanthere">




then selecting the profile on W4, you'll be able to connect to the server and make an account in the DOS window that opens up.

pay close attention to not miss any steps in the darkstar guide, 99% of connection problems the first time around happen because people unconsciously skip steps in the guide.

After you have your account and your character, contact Nel or Kashiri in game for a linkpearl which is, an item that lets you enter our groupchat, the text command to do so is /tell 'name' 'message'. so /tell Nel or /tell kashiri. If you find neither online, try at a different time as we can't be online all the time.

a little about the server: the experience rate is 4x, but you can also play a custom mode called mentor mode, which makes the experience x1 and gives you some special benefits regular players don't get, like custom NPC shops with rare items and a few others. I play a mentor character and i've got several jobs at maximum level, but you're free to play either way, its irrelevant as far as playing goes, whats important about mentor is that you'll level slowly and hence you'll probably get more enjoyment out of the game.

IF you still want to play at 1x exp, all you have to do to make your character mentor is be level 1 and have your character be no more than 30 minutes old, type !bazaar in the chat interface within a city, you'll be teleported to a custom area, once you spawn in it, turn around and you'll see a big "Provenance Crystal" alone in a corner of the map, touch it to switch mode. Keep in mind, once you gain exp, or your character is older than 30 minutes, you will not be able to switch modes anymore

Ask any doubts you have ITT


Why haven't you paid your 20 dollar yearly fee to Nintendo?



>Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

Literally nothing

Splatoon Thread: Queens for a Day Edition




Previous Thread: >>15196894


Join our Mumble server for Squid Cephalopod Squad multiplayer fun (Friday / Saturday / Sunday) and casual voice-chat:

Label: Swamp - Address: - Port: 64738



● The "Ancho-/v/ Games" map has returned, exposing a new generation of underageb& to the wonders of inkposting.

● After the recent Splatfest made Octopi leagally inferior to Squids, the Octomiibo are going through several months of legal checks before release.

● Free content updates (including four new weapons per month) will continue for the rest of 2018; any plans for 2019 haven't been announced yet.

What game has this kind of aesthetic?

Public service announcement that the new Zachtronics game, Exapunks, released a couple hours ago. This was a surprise to me since I believe it was supposed to release in about two weeks, but it's there. As is typical for Zachtronics it's in EA first, so put it on your radar to check out in a few months if you don't want to support that model.

It's yet another coding-based puzzle game, but isn't based in assembly this time, and supposedly doesn't have strict space requirements for your code. I've had the limited edition sitting on my desk for a week now but haven't read too much into the zine to see what it's like mechanically.


So where do we go from here? We got Ridley, Simon, and K Rool. Who's even left, that fans were clamouring for?

DOOM Eternal/QuakeCon

DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal slated in an hour and a half, alongside updates for other games beloved on /v/ such as The Elder Scrolls: Online, Quake Champions, Fallout 69, and R2GE. Then followed up by a tournament of 2v2 QC matches. What are you goyim hyped to see in Eternal? Excited for the pre-order bonuses?

What video game is this?

Backing up Emuparadise: Hurry you dumb niggers edition

We only have so much time before the google caches and any sort of archives stop working. We can still save a lot out of Emuparadise.


Right now, there are (((google)))-cached versions of many download pages where you can still download the shit from

We need to get on this shit right fucking now, if we start coordinating we can have most of it backed up to anons and easily shared in share threads or some other archives at later times, but we have to fucking hurry

Focus on niche shit first, japanese versions, unusual shit that's hard to find and so on and move up to the more mainstream shit is what I'd recommend.

I'll get the PSX/PSP e-boots and neo geo shit going


Find a page you want to download from (if you don't see a ROM set or anything you're looking for, use an archive)

Use a search engine to look up the page you're trying to download from

Hit the little green arrow next to the search result that will say "cached"


And that's it for right now.

I got a Neo Geo ROM fullset and fan translations/hacks/patch fullset for the SNES so far, be sure to grab whatever you can, the more obscure, niche and hard to find the better

Anyone with the bandwidth and space should try to snag the biggest ones they can find

Godspeed lads

Share Thread - Free Crackers

efore requesting initally check:

Archives/Gitguds and that the links are up

Consoles/CheckingBeforePosting for Wii ISO`s

The May 16th GOG dump (PC) and the site(s) under CheckingBeforePosting for GOG

We prefer danknet magnets links,not that shitty clearnet shit like bittorents and IPFS.

Read a book or something if you want to catchup

Save EVERYTHING >>>/eternalarchive/ (Includes Gnu/Linux & OS X)

If a password is required check the archives, especially the source thread (if listed).

>Bypassing Mega's bandwith quota

MegaDownloader + or mega-dl (megatools).%>!+rm-space,

Guide to a happy Share Thread


1. Before requesting,search online,even use distributed search engines e.g.InfraSearch,Opencola,YaCy,FAROO. See below for famous links.

2. Look first in the archives and in volafile.

3. Be as specific as possible.If you have the cover art of the file you want,post it in both the share thread and in vola room.

4. Due to asshats in the thread,links to files will be purposely misleading (have spaces,lines,keys&passwords split in the post),including torrent hashes.

If you see something like: c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a / c12-fe1c-06bba25-4a9dc9f519-b335aa7c1-367a88a,its a magnet link.

If your bittorrent is shit,prepend magnet:?xt=urn:btih: -> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a

a. Find and Replace (sed/tr/awk) is your friend


1. When in doubt;upload,ask questions later.

2. Upload to many alternative sources (5+) and keep a local copy if space permits.

3. Use a URL shorterner (spaced or split) and/or paste relinks (e.g on file links to confuse bots.

4. Encrypt your uploads now with a password,key, or generator.Rename the files something random, even their checksums.Maybe even pad files to the nearest GB or so,to confuse bots.

5. If your connection is stable,it is extremely advisable to self host. Using anonymity tools like Freenet,I2P,Gnunet,distributed NNTP or MixMinion/Mixmaster.

Volafile (new room, so behave)

1. Before uploading a batch of miscellaneous files,e.g images and music be sure they are unique enough to stand on their own and that you ask for the majority's the consensus whether to upload the files individually.

2. Vola room owner edit- Upload 5 files and then zip the rest if the dump is larger then 6-7 files. Music Albums exceeding 5 files are to be zipped.When uploading .torrent, either add them to the a zip of the game or just don’t upload those misc files.Properly label files so that they can be identified without asking someone else.For lewd stuff with filenames like RJ74765 either add a .txt linking to the contents on a website or just add the title to the .txt e.g "BIG BOOTY WOMEN SIT ON SHOTA FACE (RJ34734)".

3. You can filter files by file type (.txt, .rar, etc) or search the file list with the bar hidden by the filter files button.

a. When in doubt,archive as a single [or split if too large],then upload.

I wonder what game could be in this package that arrived at my house?


>Knuckles Blanco, defeated in battle, uses the full might of the Master Emerald to become Knuckles Emeraldo 100 Por Ciento and uses his new power to rewrite all of history

>local (((Kai))) and demon highjack it last second to reshape the new present world

>in the remade universe, Queen Claire of Arconia recruits a Sandwhich and several others to join her harem/evil empire. Other planets form their own factions around the same time

>absolute madmandroid lets loose a zombie virus on Earth and Vegeta. Antics ensue as three zombie apocalypses are fought against

>Supreme Kai sets up skill training through mastering songs in a Guitar Hero flash game; entire server goes afk playing it for several hours

>General Grievous takes over Earth, no one seems to notice or care. Grievous is slightly miffed about it

>(((Kais))) set up tournament to choose a lucky NINGEN to be Kaio Helper/literally Kibito. Winner and runner-up both think its dumb and take runner-up prizes. How will the gods ever recover?

>Legendary Saiyan drafted into Arconian government's service. Arconians want her to feel part of the family and put a power limiting gauntlet on her to prevent chimpouts. Heroes aren't happy with a LEGEND in the palm of their hands

>Brolee 4 announced, entire server loses their damn minds


>Download BYOND and make an account:

>Get the new address: byond://

>Once in-game, go to Settings > View Guides for some basic information on the game, or ask in OOC for help if you need it

Role and RP rules:

Tech Tiers (not in use for current wipe):

Ranks and Skills:

Training Rates:

Link for Custom icons:

Vita Thread - Cheer and Applause Edition





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Upcoming games:

Previous Threads:

Previous thread for regular OP:

First-Time Buyer's FAQ:

Vita Hacking:

(last thread's news but still relevant)

>Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight coming west in early 2019

https://please use

>Fate/Extella Link DLC Lineup No. 1

https://please use

>Bullet Girls Phantasia PS4 and PS Vita differences detailed

https://please use

>Radio Hammer Station launches in 2018 in Japan

https://please use

>Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru to end service on August 8

https://please use

Also guess I'm filling in for this thread, but as promised I updated the hack guide with all the recent developments, and would really appreciate it be fact-checked or if anything needs to be added. I also need confirmation that ReNpDrm still works since my PSN is legitimately activated.


I am making fairly rapid progress in Re;translation 3, just triggered the new CPU and nation, and replaying Re;birth 1 at the same time. Also some Akiba's Trip U&U after seeing the anime.


Maybe Bullet Girls Phantasia but I'm not that expectant for it.


Nothing lately. Picked up a bit of DLC a couple of weeks ago.

>fun having


I feel like reading the books is going to ruin the games for me. Only ever got through the first game half way, and am currently at the mage banquet in time of Contempt. I feel like the book is giving me new perspective that is making it extremely easy to guess motives and explain small detail I know happen in the games spoiling them.

My main issue that the author treats Yennifer as the correct relationship choice and builds the world around her to prove it, while she remains a bad one dimensional character. This is a problem to me as it's become very clear that the games is set up in a way where there intentionally is no flawless pick between Triss and Yennifer.

I can't find it in myself to forgive Yennifer for cheating with the wizard in the 2nd short story ( Note Geralt never sleeps with other women when he is actually in active relations with Yennifer.) Triss is an actually well rounded character, but the world seems to set her up as being worse by circumstances to make others look better. Yennifer is dominatrix fetish, while Triss is warm hearted life long partner dispite her difficulties. Triss never act in an emotionally abusive manner and treats Geralt like a dog. Even though find the domineering Yennifer sexy, actions like that can not be excused on principal after she crossed the moral Rubicon, which the book tries to brush off.

In other words please help find a good argument for me why I should reconsider Yennifer, and over look morally bankrupt selfishness and petty jealously for being barren.

( Please avoid major spoiler all if possible, thank you.)

( Also Essi Daven Little Eye is the only true answer for who the best girl is but the writer is a hack and killed her off.)

Lowering your intelligence to enjoy bad vidya

Has anyone tried doing that? To get enjoyment from vidya once more stopping nitpicking at everything and become stupid enough to enjoy games you hated just to play anything at all?

Minetest 5.0.0 dev server 2: Dorf Caves Edition

Old threads ded so its time for a new one. Minetest 5.0.0 dev server has been running for a while now, host switched to LuaJIT and PostgreSQL some time ago so the server has much less lag now if you played earlier on. New mods were added like technic_armor, mob_horse, realtime entity elevators, a shop mod, and 3D_armor. mobs_animal is back as well so you should see cows jumping to their deaths off of high places now. The server is using the new Carpathian map generator and running various mods like technic and dfcaverns, see last image for a verbose list. If you've never played Minetest before the main differences between it and Minecraft are:

>Lua modding API/subgame stuff

>Cubic worlds, about 31000 nodes in all directions (62,000x62,000x62,000 nodes), so that means deep mining and plenty of vertical room.

>Bigger caves

>Sneak jump (enabled on this server)

>Engine written in C++

>Different map generators, written in C++

>Libre software and content

>Finnish memes like mese and oerrki

>Probably other differences (I'm not up to date on Minecraft features/mods)

You will need a 5.0.0 dev client to join, there are autobuilds for some OSes here: and a general builds forum on the Minetest forums:

If you can't find an up to date build for your system I recommend you compile the latest version of Minetest yourself.

Server IP and port number:

You'll need to set up a password so make sure to fill in the password and username field before you join.

Ways Nintendo could make a Open World Zelda work this time

/v/ has already talked on the many reasons BOTW is a bad Zelda game and how it's a waste of massive potential. But I was thinking what are some ways a new open world Zelda could actually be both a Zelda game and open world?

How long until consoles can run this new tech?

Monster Hunter Thread /mhg/


Freedom Unite:!87AwmQDD!NlXnMcsIhAliHovCHVvySkY1yo5Zlw3cj4ffUGm9I2w

Portable 2nd G:!FvomDA7Y!7rYPTlPjbRU_UkX2qVbPEii2zxSID_dAWYdO01XhmsI

Portable 3rd:!gqxj1KCA!EglCvXsVmNl0Ml7u-y2iGPqz9LZaLNBGWLGxZ4Yw6P0

Portable 3rd HD for PPSSPP (English Patched):!3kxWTZpQ!FPNkkIlFY6kmX_XEdw_AzNnpdaj1wqbmw4ALHZo_c4M


4 Ultimate:!UFdgDTzS!ws52fBS8Xx-5Rf5oeNtYIQ_9Es4oBEXEg7GQ6as5THo

If you scan the last pic in the OP with a home-brewed 3ds with the earlier versions of FBI, you can download and install XX directly from Nintendo's eShop servers. The game is also available on FreeShop.

Englishanese Translation:



>Ping's MHXX Dex:

>Athena's ASS for XX 0.21b:

>Athena's ASS list for all MH games:

>Information on item droprates, skills, monsters, etc:

>MH4U Relic Chart Stats and Images:

>MH4U Relic Spreadsheet:

>How many times will I have to hunt in order to get _?:

>Attack Stat Stack Chart:

>Kinsect Flowchart:

>Kinsect Ingredients list:

>Arena Armor Recipes and Requirements :


Monster Hunter World in Summary:

Tempered Monsters:

An Anon's Review of World:

Video games only you would play

A one punch man game where you only play as Mumen rider.

Amateur Gamedev General ~ /agdg/ + /vm/

Post-Demo Day edition

How'd your demos go over, anons? With all that feedback, your game is bound to be amazing, right?




>#8/agdg/ via

>Dev resources:



>Beginner's guide: >>>/agdg/29080

>Previous thread: >>15242893



>Please contribute to the wiki if you can

New version of Denuvo requires FMA3


The new version of Denuvo requires a cpu that supports the FMA3 instruction set in order to run. Monster Hunter World that released today(in china) has that version of Denuvo implemented, and its why it warrants attention at all. I guess even with voksi behind bars those geniuses at Denuvo are still scared of being easy to crack. Its SSE 4.1 2.0; FMA3 has even less support across AMD platforms. All the people who can't play MHW Because of denuvo, the chinks, for whom the game is already released on yellow steam(wegame), are blowing up with frustration and anger over it. Here's to another nail in the coffin for Denuvo.

(Please direct all shitpostingdiscussion about Monster Hunter World to >>15237567 .)

JRPGs with good encounter design

While there's at least a handful of JRPGs with combat systems expansive and engaging enough to be considered good, different obstacles and challenges in the form of different enemy encounters need to exist to challenge your knowledge of the combat system and keep things interesting. Particularly the older Infinity Engine-era cRPGs excel at this by presenting you with a plethora of different encounters which can't be facerolled through and require some modicum of strategy.

Regardless of the combat system, the general rules of engagement I've found in most JRPGs usually goes like this

>spam buffs/debuffs

>proceed to spam AoE nukes until all adds are dead and only the strongest enemies remain

>spam single-target skills and spells until the enemy dies, while casting the occasional full party heal and/or ailment cure spell

>step three goes on for several turns

Even with things like manipulatable turn orders, positioning, elemental resistances/weaknesses, and other kinds of gauges, these seem to solely exist for the player to use to their advantage, while the enemy AI almost never even tries to do so. This is understandable for (random) filler encounters, but less so for boss battles and other fixed battles.

I've played Labyrinth of Touhou, which OTOH has excellent encounter design and absolutely requires that you know the ins and outs of the system on top of formulating a plan before each boss. Boss battles often aggressively spam debuffs and buffs on their own, on top of often consisting of multiple targets which have different roles, and need to be prioritized differently. Some boss formations appear down right impregnable when your standard strategies won't work anymore.

So what JRPGs absolutely change up the way you have to approach a fight through their encounter design?

Seong Mina in Soul Calibur

Is she the sexiest korean in vidya ever?

SMT Thread: Why the fuck does anyone like this game?

Can anyone explain what's so good about SMT: Strange Journey?


I found it extremely annoying to play. It was annoying roadblock after annoying roadblock. Oh, get this shit, but to get this shit you need this other shit, but to get that other shit, you need to run around and gather 3 other turds, then do it all over again. At least if the music was any good, but it's all trash except for Sector Eridanus (Which should have been the last one honestly). Then I get to what is the final boss, but lol nope, go back to these other sectors and collect eggs. And all those fucking interruptions to deal with Jack and his buttbuddies were a pain in the ass. I really liked SMT1, 2, Nocturne, DDS1 and Persona 1. A lot of people told me to play this instead of SMTIV, and I haven't felt so annoyed with a game in a while.

Dead Cells is finally fully released.

Was it worth the wait?

Visual Novel Thread

Archive to last thread:

Visual Novel Database:

Visual Novel Starter Kit: (Includes info for beginners, terminology, recommendations, sources, and downloads for fonts and visual novels for beginners.)

Visual novel recommendation charts:

Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line:

Another online visual novel reading site:

Rockmandash's Guide to Tablets for VNs: (slightly outdated but still guides you in the right direction)

Machine translation guides: &

You can check the status of Mangagemer translations here:

Translation status for other VNs can also be found here.

<Recent news:

>Mangagamer is have 4 annoncements to make at Otakon (August 10th-13th). 1 new partner and 3 new games.

>Lilycle Rainbow Stage is fully translated and edited. Rance Quest Magnum is 100% translated and 87% edited and Rance IX is already fully translated!

>MoeNovel is having a sale on Steam.

>Trample on "Schatten!!" was censored. A child rape scene was removed. Full quote can be found below along with some other details in the 2nd VNDB link. JAST USA is offering refunds until August 25th and there's news of fans restoring the scene.

>(((FAKKU))) gives an update about Maitestu saying they aren't able to remove some censors due to the VN's artist, Lose, being against it.

Fullderp: Fairy-type Edition

What's this all about?

Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokemon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokemon battling simulator.

To quote one of Showdown's mods…

>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers

>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members

>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked

>@MacChaeger: But this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

Can I give the champ something?

Of course. If we've got a champ, feel free to come in and watch and give him something when he calls for a new team. No experience necessary, and everything's done in-browser.

How does it work?

When the current champ calls "new champ", the first poster to claim it is our champ. The first six legal Pokemon suggested once champ has been claimed or "new team" has been called will be the team our champ uses to battle.

Suggesters are not to make multiple suggestions for a team unless 15 minutes have passed since their last request, or unless the champ specifically asks for resuggests.

The champ will be battling in Smogon OU unless he specifies otherwise.


The Rules:

Failure to follow the rules will result in IMPEACHMENT and/or BULLYING.

1. The champ cannot forfeit or intentionally throw a match.

2. The champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.

3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

4. The champ is not allowed to timer stall.

5. If someone resuggests before 15 minutes have passed since their last suggest, the champ must ignore it.

6. The champ should replace resuggests with fresh suggests that come in later.

7. If champ gives himself Smogon sets, he's a faggot.




Pokemon Premades:

Updated: Now includes a nifty guide on how to make memes that aren't shit.


Thread Finder:

This will automatically redirect you to the current thread.

Bookmark it so you don't need to waste time browsing the catalog.



Use [code] tags for your sets.

It makes it easier for the champ to import them.


Don't make the new thread until the old one is on Page 13.

OP Copypasta:











Metroid; 32 years old!

On the sixth of August, 1986, Metroid was released in Japan on the Famicom system, and today, the Metroid series - including Samus and all her adversaries turn 32 years old today.

What are you playing anon? Playing the original, or Zero Mission perhaps? What is your favorite game in the series? What are you expecting from Metroid Prime 4? Any nice ROMhacks you have played you want to talk about? How about AM2R; what did you think - apex Metroid or cheap knockoff?

Post cute Samuses (Sami?), screenshots, wallpapers and, of course,


Unreal Tournament’s 'Facing Worlds' Is Still The Best Multiplayer Map

Above us, the moon. Beneath us, the Earth. In front of us, a massive, three-story tower. Overlapping bleeps and bloops accentuate the eerie calm. We’re blasting off into orbit, and you might know where we’re headed. Never before, nor since, has Capture the Flag been so much fun.

For the uninitiated, here’s a little bit of context: Unreal Tournament drew first blood on the PC in 1999, with a fanciful, science fiction tone and particularly gory splatters. The game focused its efforts on online multiplayer—there was a single player campaign, but beyond using it to learn the controls, few players paid attention to it.

Face it, This is the best multiplayer map ever made!

Capcom: "We prefer 9/10 from [journalists] than get millions of sales at 6/10."

So much for that Resident Evil 2 Remake.

/Xenoblade/ Hibana Edition

Discuss xenoblade chronicles/X/2, xenogears and xenosaga also allowed.

Pouch item favorites:

Side quests, owner deeds unique monsters, pretty much all the info about everything in the game:

The new update is tomorrow and we get Hibana a healing blade with fire based powers along with the following from the pass

>Booster’s Sunken Ship (Available after Chapter 3)

>The Popular Pastry Chef (Available after Chapter 8, must have >Rare Blades Gorg and Boreas.)

>Master Craftsman’s Accessory (Available after Chapter 7)

>Hot Spring Vacation In Mor Ardain (Available after Chapter 10, must have Rare Blades Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra with Lv. 3 One Lucky Gal.)

>Mysterious Activation Code (Available after Chapter 10, must have Rare Blade Adenine with Extra-Ancient Wisdom Lv. 5.)

Counter-Strike General

Do /v/ fags take any CS game seriously? As in taking the time to learn the game (recoil, where to throw smokes & frags)? Which game do you guys prefer? I personally prefer GO.

So whats with all the League of Legends shilling?

Not here obviously but every ad i get on every site is some obnoxious thing to try and sell kids on league of legends. Adverts from youtubers, shitty rp ads with kids looking like something from the Reboot revival nobody liked shit pushing events that scream 'catch em while they are young'.

I know there was some shit going down at tencent after those changes to online gaming in the EU but is this damage control to that? or are kids done with mobas and moving onto new games like Fortnite and their player retention for League has tanked?

Surely its making enough money off ASSFAGGOTS addicts right now but are they just in a mad panic to get kids into MOBAs after interest is tanked or what?

Shmups Thread

Made any progress with clearing or scoring any shmups lately, /v/?

La-Mulana 2

The other thread is about to slip off the catalog so it's probably time to keep things rolling. Be cool about spoilers for the people who are still working through the game.

I'm starting on my second playthrough and have some opinions, but don't really want to dump them all at the top of the thread


I'm thinking of checking out the Disgaea games. Can you start anywhere or should I start with the first game? Are there games to avoid? What are the best versions of each game?

Disgaea thread.

ITT: Enemies that were monstrously OP but the devs never realised it.

Case in point Resident Evil 2. Zombie humans? yeah durable and tough but slow and cumbersome. Zombie elephant? yeah thats a walking tank that can do real damage but its just one.


>travel in packs literally called a murder up to two dozen strong

>can fucking fly

>needle like beak for shredding flesh

>already the perfect scavenger, now cannot die and hungers for flesh

>can travel 200 miles in a single day

>all in full viral amplification and bigger than rats so could easy pass the weight threshold to be carriers for the T virus

>literally no way they could have kept them all contained when the situation took days for it to get to the 'well we nuke the city' stage.

But the devs never realised this because it was an action horror and in closed corridors its all about the protagonists journey. Meanwhile the american continent at least would be fucked.

The thread about Undertale being popular in Japan reminded me that there are a lot of western games which the Japanese love, yet are by and large seen as sub par in the west(on /v/ at least.) But what's the reverse of this? What are some Japanese games that are popular in the west, even on /v/, yet are regarded as shit by 2chan /v/(or whatever the Japanese equivalent of this place is?)

Video game music

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]:Simon in Smash Edition

CAUTION: 8ch namedropped on several major news outlets. Report trolls and avoid flaming. Brace for impact!



>Former Steam employee dumps dirty laundry

>main Gawker domain and its archives bought

>Univision exploring sale of former Gawker properties

>Guild Wars 2 firing and media slant

>Slipppery slope with possible child sex bot ban in the US:

Currently past House

>Male Discrimination at Ubisoft:

>US Copyright Office considering rule change that loosen the restrictions governing emulations and reproductions of abandoned online games (ESA unhappy ):



Contact Sony US/JP: >>15070949

Likely related: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Says They Need To Cater To All Genders, Ages, Races, Sexual Orientations

There's now a petition to unban it



•violates "ex post facto" consitution laws

•Signed into law:

•Various organizations suing


Proposal rejected; will be revisited in September

4.OP Timber: "Nintendo Localizers working with Japanese Devs to Censor Games"

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


Use this rare opportunity to send emails to possibly kill Kotaku for good

>>>/gamergatehq/331719 >>>/gamergatehq/331727 >>>/gamergatehq/331728

Don't want to use your real phone number nor get a burner? make sure the email addresses make sense

Recent Kotaku fuck-ups:

•Kotaku calls for devs to blacklist another site

•Kotaku & Gizmodo attack own boss! >>>/gamergatehq/331844

•Gizmodo's "Thorn" threatens violence

•Current(?) advertisers >>>/gamergatehq/331859


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B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations an unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

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It's time to let out that inner normalfag and discuss your favorite sports related vidya

Cape shit movies are bad but Cape Video games actually have the potential to be good. Why are there so few super hero videogames when running around and clubbering shit is a great excuse to make a videogame about.

Sexuality and gender in science fiction games - PCgamer

some select bits

>Avellone's been in the videogame industry for a long time, with credits going back as far as 1996. Back then, he says, "sexuality in games was something of a taboo", something he believes is changing. As he puts it, "there’s been a shift in games over time to portray sexuality in games and show the range of sexuality in the game space." And that's a positive trend.

>Extreme Meatpunks Forever is many things. It's a contender for best videogame name ever for starters. It's also an episodic visual novel about friends on the run in the Hellzone, which happens to include an Atari-style arcade action game where those characters climb into mechs that look like skinless monsters to fight fascists. Creator Heather Robertson (who also worked on Genderwrecked) describes it like this: "Extreme Meatpunks Forever is a serialized visual novel/mech brawler about four gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat."

>In some ways it's a very personal game. "I directed the project and led the story, yeah? And the ideas first came once I started pursuing sexual reassignment surgery. And most of the game was written after I actually did it. So. It’s not about that, but it is? But it’s not. But it is." Park says that she doesn't want players to see Subserial Network as "a trans game" but as a game about characters you can find a common ground with rather than feeling excluded by your differences. "We try to take the metaphor and mess it around, recontextualize each and every element of our life experiences until it’s in a space where you don’t feel that. You feel like you can relate. And then you can understand your trans friends better, even if you don’t know why you do."

>Fallout 2 was the first game to depict same-sex marriage, and some of the later Fallout games embraced a similarly forward-thinking attitude. Fallout: New Vegas in particular included characters from a spectrum of sexualities, including Veronica, Arcade, Whiskey Rose, and Christine. And then there was the Think Tank, from the Old World Blues expansion.

etc. etc.

i don't know if this is common of pc gamer but this shit is absolutely mind boggling retarded

Jewtendo applying Switch piracy detection to 3DS

>Looks like 11.8.0 backports the Switch's aauth ideas to 3ds – network comms now send an encrypted(?) copy of app ticket to the server.

>They may not act on it immediately, but like on Switch this lets N perfectly detect pirate accesses vs normal ones, and ban however they like.

RIP in piss, get ready to buy a second 3DS for piracy.

Meta Thread: Play Touhouvania Edition

I've been thinking of setting back the bump limit to 325 or 300 since it seems like while some threads do very well, others tend to stagnate a bit. I'm a bit on the fence with it, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it yet.

I'd want your opinion on doing random streams, we already promote the community by doing game night, Whatever TNA anon is doing, and big video game events. However I was wondering if you guys would be interested in the occasional Jackbox or Mario Retardy stream in addition to these. I could also make a fool of myself by streaming vidya and basically becoming the next DSP, but I feel like that would be an unethical misuse of my position to post it here.

Emuparadise archival threads will be allowed as needed since it's a time sensitive issue, but please follow the rules when making threads. Make sure you reach either post 700 or page 13 before making a new thread.

If you think it would help the board, I can cut the page count by 2-3 pages. However it won't be done today, I'm not gonna make any drastic changes without discussing it with my team and the community here.

I'm considering doing an OC thread for flags replacements and maybe some banner replacements if anons feel that it's time for a new coat of paint. If not then that's fine too.

Any ideas what we can do for our 4th anniversary?

I'll be on and off, but I'll be reading the thread regardless. If you have any questions post them here or email me at [email protected].

Thank you very much for using /v/. I look forward to your responses.

What's the biggest sin a game can commit for you?

For me its purposefully wasting my time near the end of the game. JRPG's are the biggest offender, they'll run out of content 40 hours in but drag the game out for another 20+ hours with shitty, unfinished, unpolished, unfun filler bullshit. Rogue Galaxy is a great game, but the penultimate and final dugeons are just fucking gay. They're way too long and they're boring copypasted roadblocks designed to waste your time in every way possible. I'll take a good 8 hour game over a good 60 hour game where the last 20 hours are unplayable shit any day of the week.

Space Thread:Space Ships Edition

You can talk about your favorite space related video games in the space thread

What are ya playin'?

What are you listening?

What are ya flyin'?

Who are ya purgin'?

Also question to the thread, What is your favorite space ship?

Stardew Valley

So I just started this and Im actually having fun but… how do you fix this after siv´s marriage mod? Im playing the 1.3.27

Also Stardew general I guess

>do raid with guild

>join discord

>fire up voice chat

>raid composition is like 60% of women and 40% of guys

>guild leader explains tactic

>just before start, start chanting prayer in silencer just so everyone would catch brisk of it

>"Strengthen us in the power of Your might, O God. Dress us in Your armor so that we can stand firm against the schemes of the devil. We know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places"

>One girl literally chimps out and i mean she gets into hysterical rage fit calling me names

>demands guild leader to kick me from raid and guild

>he does

So what was your last guild "drama"?

Comic Market 94

Coming soon to a big sight on the other side of the world, Comic Market 94! For those unaware, Comic Market or Comiket is a bi-yearly gathering of creators of all kinds. From musicians, to artists, sculptors, modelers, comic artists, cosplayers, animators, and of the utmost importance to me: Game designers.

The Japanese independent game design flourishes each year with public displays and sales of their newest releases. You'll find many experimental games embracing new technology, creating new designs, being tributes to classics, and revising existing games for another year. The developers of these games are often organized into circles such as Souvenir and Edelweiss, and these circles consist of as little as one person, to a little more at 8 or rarely higher than that. Circles are tight knit people of a variety of skills and occupations who work together to produce, it's a concept that also exists in the doujinshi scene if you are familiar with how groups often complete releases with various artists.

So, gather around and watch! C94 is coming soon and with it many great games will hit the internet in time. Until then, enjoy the trailer, use the link below to track the releases by name, website and creator more conveniently, and share which ones you like the most!

Monthly Game Challenge

Ok, I'll post a game here and you have 1 month to either complete or go as far as you can into it as possible, I'll do this every month and we'll compare and discuss along the way.

there is also a bonus game per month.


Twisted Metal PS1











You'll have to find the game yourself.

Drumpf - Rise up, Libertania


>In Drumpf: Rise Up, Libertonia!, you take the mantle of Drumpf; once God-Emperor of the super-continent of Amerika, yet now downtrodden and deposed by his former compatriots. Once revered as a bastion of freedom and democracy, the super-continent of Amerika has been corrupted by the Usurpers; dictators who helped overthrow the rightful rulers of the world.!baJ1gIQb!M3OhsY-Eq7f9qh-2WafN0nphy1dgMR6DQyh9zKj_dAc

Switch VR Menu Discovery

random found a VR debug menu on the Switch.

Doesn't appear to really work, but it's from Nintendo and it's in the official firmware.


Based (((Steam)))

The moms and I decided to take a shot at a livestream what I'd call for now, "Mommy And Me Gaming". The last console game she ever played was Jaws on the NES in 1989. If you gents could help, would you be so kind as to give a list of 5 staple games from each generation from 1990 to now? I'm afraid I'd overestimate what she could handle, and I just want us all to have a good time. Peace.

Tekken 7 Negan

Well that was a weird choice… So what are your thoughts on Negan in Tekken 7?

Comfy jew games

What are the best/comfiest jew games where you simply jew your opponents and build a trade empire?

I know of but never played the fugger/guild series. Where do you start with those? Which one is the best?

What other games like them are there?

Video game cruelty

Do you know any games in which you can be cruel in hilarious black-humor ways, and murder other NPCs? Bonus points if this is not the intended way to play. I'm going to give a few obvious ones out of the way.

looking for a video game addiction

Without a video game addiction my life has no meaning. Give me a new one.

Octopath Traveler: Retrograde sexism at its WORST FORM!


"The way Square Enix designed Primrose in the game is a sexist archetype. It should follow MY feminist ideology, not the Hellenistic caricature of women!"