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The end is near Edition

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Previously on Telltale Games General…

>Vanaman/PewDiePie controversy

>Discussion on why TWDS2 was shit

>Telltale gets a new CEO

>Suffering until 2018 before you can detach yourself from TWD

>Body of assassinated Russian diplomat used in Batman Season 2

>Discussion/speculation about TWDS4

>TWD TV show jumped the shark

>One of the writers from TWDS1 is returning for Season 4

>Massive amounts of layoffs at telltale

>Favorite and least favorite characters from each telltale game

>TWD Remastered Collections makes some unpopular changes

>ANF 1 year "anniversary"

>Clementine mistletoe

>Kevin Bruner single handedly ruined telltale confirmed

>Anons continue to prove their love for Clementine

Things to discuss… New questions are marked by an asterisk

>How is Minecraft season 2 so far?

>How is Batman season 2 so far?

>Thoughts on GOTG?*

>What would you like to see in TWD final season?

>What would you like to see in TWAU season 2?

Thread Theme Question…

>Is this Telltale's final year in business?

Polls… Also post polls for questions you want to see

> What future game are you most excited for?

> Eleanor is…

> What did you think of Jane and her suicide?

> Do you like season 3 Clementine?

> Which Clementine is the best?







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