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NEET General #165 - Executive Weekend Edition

How are you Executive NEETs doing? Has your layer of insulation been keeping you warm through the winter?

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NEET General #164 - Gaming Night Edition

Who here has experience with tabletop games, TCGs, Dungeons and Dragons and stuff like that?

I played dungeons and Dragons one time. It was okay. I felt a bit embarrassed though.

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Just work with me here

Quick backstory, the girl in this stream is a young sperg named Ashley who lives in Los Angeles, she is currently in a long distance relationship with a young Australian nigger named Rhys

NEET General #163 - Mice Edition

Had to make this one in a rush boyos.

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NEET General #162 - Vibrant and Colourful Edition

Glisten in the morning light for us NEET.

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Ed are you here?

Ed are you here? You told me to come here to find you. I'm the gril from /pol/ thread.