Psalm 23 - a Q read

Psalm 23 - A QAnon read

A repost of my Twitter thread on Psalm 23, I Pet Goat II and Q.

The day before the Council of the Wizards and Warlocks go to war with the enemies of the world, #qanon wishes them Godspeed and salutes their heroism. The next day, Sat 4 Nov 2017, Saudi Arabia, with the help of a specialized US military force that can deliver EMPs and tungsten rods dropped from space to remote bunker complexes, rounds up a bunch of bad actors in geopolitics.

For a while, I believed that the psalm was meant to be a prayer for their safety. Nov 4 was the beginning of a massive secret war against the globalists, kicked off by this tweet from the President.

Quite natural for Q to pray for those going into battle. But I think there’s a subtle double meaning behind Psalm 23 which fits both the content and the context of his posts at this time. A Psalm 23 reference is sandwiched between some in-depth information about the Saudis, the Bushes, Obama and 9/11. Where have I see that before? Oh yes, right here:

I, Pet Goat, II. A surreal animated film from 2012 drenched in elite masonic symbolism. Some of it is very heavy-handed, some of it is very subtle. I’ve watched interviews with the director and read his explanation of the symbolism. He’s lying. This is predictive programming by the elites, specifically made to order. This film is them back in 2012 telling us what was coming. These sick evil bastards believe if they tell us what’s about to come, then it’s our problem if we don’t realize.

This is what was planned for the survivors of the final ‘extinction event’ #qanon warned us about.

These people worship Satan _ some openly show it

In a classroom steeped in masonic symbolism and elite false flag references, Dubyah makes a few of the usual hand signals.

He’s replaced by BHO doing the Dr Evil sign.

Alice is not impressed with this show. The white rabbit is watching from the background. Eclipse and hand signal symbolism here.

The camera zooms out from the classroom and we see some graffiti of Psalm 23 outside.

The Twin Towers are imploded in the background. A character with an actor’s classical tragic face mask tells us we’re watching a staged tragedy. Setting is very like Antarctica, a region with considerable ties to the elites.

Osama in his Clown jacket leads his army of bombs in prayer below a red reversed crescent moon.

The five pillars of Islam are turned into five pillars of smoke by masonic-shaped bombers.

This figure is Christianity in the 20th Century: in an unaware trance, corrupted by the Eye and pedo infiltration and guided by the boat of Horus onward to its final planned destruction.

There’s a lot going on in the film - not going to do it all. But I suspect #qanon was nudging us in its direction on Nov 3 because of the juxtaposition of Psalm 23, 9/11, the Bushes, Obama, Saudi Arabia and the massive war against the pedo elites. Some of the symbolism is straight out of important masonic texts: The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall refers to the whirling dervishes as the purest form of Islam. In the film, the dead Islamic boy rises as a dervish.

In the final frame, the Christ figure halts before the rising sun. The three pyramids are destroyed. A scorpion’s tail reminds us that the light bringer that will reign in this new world does have a sting in his tail.

Bush and Obama were just puppets, serving the same masters: the masonic elites and their Master. After most of the world had been nuked, the survivors would have had to pledge allegiance to Lucifer.

What happened?

The world will not swallow this. But it’s true. And we were invited to watch.

The Storm is close friends.

And it will be glorious.