Chapter 14 - The Map

Maps have POTENCY; may yield a wealth of knowledge past imagining if properly divined - William Withey Gull, From Hell by Alan Moore. Q would not post for two days. Then, on November 10th, he posted again in The Calm Before The Storm #191, this time with his identity in the name field and a tripcode, a uniquely identifying hash computed from a password that only he knew. From here on in, his posts would be identified by ‘Q !

Amateur Dramatics part 2: Lights, camera, action

Video evidence There are several cellphone videos that were taken in the immediate aftermath of the Finsbury Park incident that were made available on YouTube and Liveleak. Video #1: seconds after the incident The first 30 seconds of this video show a group of four of five people assaulting a man on the ground, purportedly the driver. One of them can be heard shouting “you wanna kill me hey?

Amateur Dramatics - part 1

The incident On Monday June 19th just after midnight, a van ploughed into a group of Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park, London. Early reports had a number of people severely injured and one person possibly killed. Within the day, further details had emerged: the crash had deliberately targeted Muslim worshippers from the nearby mosque, the van was driven by a lone white man who was apprehended on scene and handed over to the police and an imam had prevented an angry crowd from taking out their anger on the driver.