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File: e10a6fff7a11eb5⋯.jpg (120.5 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 1231212.jpg)

a6253e No.9088

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

2. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

3. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

4. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good Memes.

5. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

>Past Threads -> Archive

1. >>>/cbts/505 -> https://archive.fo/Pvbqq

2. >>>/cbts/1716 -> https://archive.fo/O3jcy

3. >>>/cbts/2955 -> https://archive.fo/E2dHY

4. >>>/cbts/3947 -> https://archive.fo/9n86r

5. >>>/cbts/5220 -> https://archive.fo/Lr7eP

6. >>>/cbts/6262 -> https://archive.fo/f9W5Z

7. >>>/cbts/7180 -> http://archive.fo/lxADE

8. >>>/cbts/8213

Original links do not cross post from 4chins, instead use 4plebs archive to find old Qs.

>Q Trip Archive


'''CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list



CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list






SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


WIKI (Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD)



part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Collection of ALL (1000s) of LINKS posted on 4pol


Please Use the Catalog


Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.


CERN & AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398


LURKERS – Repost your Content correct threads! It helps a lot

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, Etc: >>423

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec: >>629



>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Also Meme & Pic Dump: >>2


<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!

1710e1 No.9093

Anon reporting for duty. No NAZISM in this thread. Putting it in the other thread is fine.

1710e1 No.9101

4chan got wind of this board recently, so the possibility of shills/clowns is high.

ca36cb No.9102

efa1f6 No.9104

File: 9dd1c880484f7e0⋯.jpg (344.65 KB, 1022x1244, 511:622, Batterquestionmark.jpg)

a6253e No.9106

File: ba9626246ab33a1⋯.jpg (5.34 MB, 5429x7225, 5429:7225, Key 1.jpg)

File: b331f6bd498f388⋯.jpg (410.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1510688598101.jpg)

NatSoc spam is a shill tactic. NatSoc education has its importance, derailing discussions with it is pointless. Ignore / filter.

236d09 No.9107


>John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Here's some personal truth for you. God with all his power lives within all of us. God is the greatest manifestation of all things good, and is expressed through our generous and benevolent actions towards and for others. Now, with the power of our minds and the love in our hearts, we must come together to defeat the darkness that has reigned over us for far too long.

Don't allow Divide & Conquer tactics, flat and/or hollow Earth theories, and other ridiculous rabbit holes distract you from our cause. Come together, think together, act together. Show God's presence to the world, as a collective force of and for good.

ffe296 No.9108


Fake as fuck.

1bd954 No.9109


My bad

it's SCI(F)

At the top of 10/31 q post.

Have been wondering and not seen it addressed.

7ae445 No.9110

You fags haven't been outside of your general to do any digging. All the dig threads are at the bottom of the catalog.

Leave your general and do something for fucks sakes.

1fb11e No.9111

File: a7a28f6ed0c9432⋯.png (66.52 KB, 1264x543, 1264:543, 2017-11-28 20_12_50-.png)

1710e1 No.9112


I agree. There are a lot of dead threads that are worth research.

928f82 No.9113

40,000 ft/s is just over 27,200 mph.

This is a link that reflects that speed.


Link was created on Nov 16 2017, relevant to Q post from the 25th?

c9d26c No.9114

a328e9 No.9117

Was there any indication of something possibly happening on the 29th? I can't remember why, but I thought there was some sort of suggestion of that in one of the threads on 4chan.

225775 No.9118


Ref the Trudeau mono-eulogy, someone should investigate this far-north secret base, something interesting there...

b6051d No.9120

e42d9f No.9121

File: 5f43dbf6dad4fd2⋯.jpg (204.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Matrix Shades.jpg)

7ae445 No.9122


Where's the QAnon post?

ea326b No.9123


Just found that. Worth the look. Doing so now.

1fb11e No.9124

928f82 No.9125


a6253e No.9126


Nice poll "Definitely Yes" lold

7ae445 No.9127



How great was it to get the confirmation by POTUS that Q is real and your website is great?

1710e1 No.9130


What's it like to be retweeted by GEOTUS?

fc61ab No.9131

anybody take note of the nude photos of ha marked as from hrc emails in this past thread


e94c1d No.9132

File: e41e39affd95c9c⋯.png (147.21 KB, 954x400, 477:200, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems like FBIAnon was on to something.

95fe3d No.9133

Does the Book of Q from the pinned post load for anyone else?

1fb11e No.9134


It was like an orgasm in my brain.

45e7b3 No.9136


namefag Qronos1

picture from stargate actors apt in toronto of westin castle convention center

fc26db No.9138


Start tweeting some Bill Cooper redpills.

b057a7 No.9139


The general is not worthless. Posting backlinks to useful posts fro other threads would be nice for co-ordination purposes. And I'm not talking about backlinks to threads, I'm talking about posts.

1710e1 No.9140


Another question. Are you safe? Deep state is probably after you for accidentally revealing to thousands of normies that Pizzagate is real.

928f82 No.9141


I haven't been able to share it with friends externally from the mobile app. Keeps saying trashed.

b6051d No.9142


Here is not for (((You)))


>>please anon.

1fb11e No.9144


More people answered that way than I thought would.

7ae445 No.9145


Shut up newfag.

d6ce10 No.9146


Already posted that twice but thanks for re-posting

95fe3d No.9147



Well, it won't even load for me. I can't view it, period.

c9d26c No.9148


Good work. I saw it in the old board but nobody acknowledged.

a3d7cf No.9149

Guys I had no internet the past few days. I saw the BA PATRIOT post but it doesn't have his trip so how do we know it's actually Q?

928f82 No.9150


ill try the link if you send it

1fb11e No.9151


so far so good. I'm almost certain they took out my db but I went static as quick as I could. No other explanation really.

d6ce10 No.9152


no worries.

actually had a hard time posting it but finally got it on the board. Great to let everyone see it here too.

2b4a98 No.9153

to whomever said we "find out tomorrow"…

is that related to tip.ai by any chance?

1710e1 No.9154


Worried about you anon.. Trump's retweet of you was the catalyst for a massive redpill. Clowns don't like that. They can comp your comp.

0373b3 No.9155

Maybe this means something to someone here.

Would have never figured it out Q without that stunning Freedom sequence. Brute force can't break that. Bravo!


225775 No.9156

File: 20233c5f7dc655b⋯.jpg (1.36 KB, 125x73, 125:73, 1511232125251s.jpg)

Wanted to share some digging, might be interesting - the banner image on 4ch for the orig Q posts is from the classic Lawrence of Arabia, at about 1:32:55 right when Lawrence, who has allied with the ibn Saud, rides into Aqaba after the Battle of Aqaba victory

fc26db No.9159



You should post this book, its a massive redpill.


95fe3d No.9162

6bb30a No.9163

I wish fags would stop posting links and post print screens instead. I ain't clickin SHIT on infinity. If you need successive print screens add them by replying to your post in succession. DAMN PEOPLE!

0373b3 No.9164

File: b11254fee75d608⋯.jpg (83.28 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DPTBjnaWAAAafLT.jpg)

Interesting pic of Obama as a Black Panther

a0fd39 No.9165


Nice get anon. Also congratulations on POTUS tweeting your site. Doing God's work anon, bless you.

928f82 No.9168


Just tried all three links at top of thread for Qbook, they are all working on comp

1710e1 No.9169


Pray for him. Seriously.

1fb11e No.9170


its too late, its already happened now, so the question now is what do I do? Do I lay low? Tread carefully? or go hard.

7ae445 No.9172

File: 79d8e07030e7c31⋯.jpg (248.79 KB, 1732x1560, 433:390, 79d8e07030e7c311827e09f627….jpg)


They're not really from here. They think this is an extension of 4/pol. They have no idea what's going on here.

a0fd39 No.9173


I will.

928f82 No.9174


just confirmed the ones you posted also, they are pdfs have to open/dl them

b6051d No.9175

File: f7ed4ee240ea36b⋯.jpg (750.18 KB, 711x1265, 711:1265, aintgud4.jpg)

6c6e18 No.9176


u ever gonna post shadilay and redpill the public on pepe the frog, kek, and all the synchronicities involving trump?

b1cd30 No.9177


Does _FREEDOM_ refer to a freedom of information request?…

ae2693 No.9178

Just an FYI there is a quote from the Bible as the first words in this thread and also Q said the word PRAY with emphasis several times…

Perhaps there was a reason for the EMPHASIS

Calling someone a shill because you don't like what they are saying does not mean it isn't relevant to the topic at hand.

I understand walls of text are hard to read for many, I am in fact a little autistic and a speed reader so walls of text are no problem for me. I like them. Thanks for the input. Point taken. I will compile a thread on Owls and Y heads, but fair warning some of it might get Biblical for a brief time…

7ae445 No.9179


Go hard dude, they've got bigger problems than you at the moment, don't worry so much it's not $CURRENT_YEAR +1 anymore. It's a new golden age, a Trump age!

1710e1 No.9180


Have you used Linux before? It's the most secure OS, objectively. Now I don't know how much you know about operating systems but that's what Assange and Snowden use.

b6051d No.9181



Fake, anon…

>>i vetted it back to orig pic last year


6bb30a No.9182


Well someone needs to enlighten their happy asses before their system is infected with CP and the whole board goes BOOM. DON'T CLICK SHIT HERE PEOPLE!

95fe3d No.9183


Thanks, Anon. Must be my VPN, which tells me that is not available in Iceland or Spain.

0373b3 No.9184


Q 2nd last post, 43 line stringer.

928f82 No.9185

I don't understand how Olberman and the like can keep a straight face when peddling that prop garbage.

7ae445 No.9186


You can only lead a horse to water.

38ec57 No.9187


Where is BO today?

Obama arrived on Tuesday in Shanghai,

Where is HRC today?

Still in Little Rock? Cant seem to find her after going there.

Where is Huma today?

Can't find anything on her since Oct 17.

Where is John Podesta today?

Last contact Nov 17 till today

Where is Tony Podesta today?

No Contact From Nov 11th till today

Why did Keith O. suddenly cancel his anti-POTUS show today?

Art of war:

1)The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

2)Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.

3) Notice POTUS didnt mention him at all. Reason why Art of war :

"When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard."

Why did J. Scar decide to stop also?

Seems he went from one extreme to another in a matter of a few hours. He had a phone call or a meeting that put him in check. His out of the blue tweet :

"I took down my Trump tweets yesterday after deciding my responses should be about policy and not personality. That's it."

b6051d No.9188


>>Exactly what we need Anon.


ffe296 No.9189

Even this board is getting flooded with spam.

1710e1 No.9190

You guys better start using redpilled operating systems real quick. Vault 7. Vault 8. Windows 10 = Backdoor.

a0fd39 No.9191


Has POTUS contacted you, other than the tweet?

7ae445 No.9192


Everything is backdoored, the hardware in your car, toaster, phone and computer are all backdoored.

ca36cb No.9193


What’s CP?

0373b3 No.9194


cheese pizza

fc61ab No.9195

i have spent the last few minutes looking thru past pages of cbts from my history


it is a wealth of info

Q codes broken by anons

nude photos of huma abedin

advanced notice that Conyers is going down

take a walk thru your history and see for yourself what is lying there waiting to be spotted

makes me wonder if that's what Q mean by the future reveals the past

1710e1 No.9197


Yes but you can delay them. Just because there is a way of hacking Linux too doesn't mean Assange is going to use Windows

f21b7c No.9198


No Illuminati in Europe?

Is this a pic of you? >>8226

0373b3 No.9199


Introducing #emergency

Dear follower, retweet-receiver or curious reader.

WikiLeaks understands Twitter as the fastest Newswire we can use to inform the public, you, about documents we release. This is working with progressing success, and we thank all of you that learn about what we have to present you.

One of the issues we experience though in our general operation, is that some of the most important documents are those few people can put in context. In this respect some of these outstandingly important documents drown in the flood of information on your end.

We feel that we need to make sure that some of this critical information does not go by unnoticed. Earlier this year, two brave human rights lawyers associated to us have lost their lives in an assassination related to their uncoverings on WikiLeaks. The process of creating and involving a lobby just took too long, the investigations of the UN into this matter may be too slow. This is just one example of many where a document posted is of direct importance to justice and well being, and a global lobby can help protect people uncovering injustice and corruption. We feel we need to make sure that such things do not happen anymore.

The easiest method for this on Twitter we think will be to use a hashtag that we will stick on all tweets that require immediate involvement to prevent tangible damage in the real world.

For everyone with an understanding of the importance to keep up and defend basic human rights and life, and therefore following us on our cause, this tag shall be a call to arms.

We will use this tag wisely and considerately.

Please be aware that this tag implicates that something real in the world needs your and all your followers help.

Thank you all,

The WikiLeaks Team


1710e1 No.9200


>nude photos of huma abedin


ae2693 No.9201


Just a tidbit about flat/hollow earth. Physicists all agree more than 3,4,5 dimensions exist. We are limited by our senses of perception. We can not see X rays or WIFI or Radio waves. But they exist. We can only see certain colors. Dogs see others. What is real to you is limited to your senses.

So the shape of the earth might be different for other creatures.

Bats use echo-location, there are electric eels, glowing fish, migratory birds, dogs can find cadavers by scent, can you?

So perhaps the thought of what is flat and what is hollow is limited to what your reality is. Your reality is not the same as others.

Just food for thought.

c8dcc3 No.9202


Auda abu Tayi: I am Auda abu Tayi! Does Auda serve?

Howeitat tribesmen: NO!

Auda abu Tayi: Does Auda abu Tayi serve?

Howeitat tribesmen: NO!

Auda abu Tayi: [to Lawrence] I carry twenty-three great wounds, all got in battle. Seventy-five men have I killed with my own hands in battle. I scatter, I burn my enemies' tents. I take away their flocks and herds. The Turks pay me a golden treasure, yet I am poor! Because *I* am a river to my people!

T.E. Lawrence: My friends, we have been foolish. Auda will not come to Aqaba. Not for money…

Auda abu Tayi: No.

T.E. Lawrence: …for Feisal…

Auda abu Tayi: No!

T.E. Lawrence: …nor to drive away the Turks. He will come… because it is his pleasure.


Auda abu Tayi: Thy mother mated with a scorpion

45e7b3 No.9203

>>9194 beat me to it

7539d6 No.9204


Clown pr0n

1fb11e No.9205


That's my thought too.. fuck em.




Trying to think of other things to bring to the front that relate to what's going on right now (hence the current polls)

6bb30a No.9206

+++++++ATTENTION NEWFAGS++++++++

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT CLICK LINKS ON 8chan. If you do NOT know, this is a VERY DARK PLACE. Someone can send you a link and when you click on i, all kinds of unhappy happenings can take place. THe worst is you go to jail for Child Porn (CP) on your computer. How? SILENT INSTALL images when you click the link… many other VERY BAD things can happen as well. So PLEASE do not post links or click links. POST PRINT SCREENS not links!

I am only trying to edumacate you dumbfags and keep you safe!

7ae445 No.9207


Disappointed anon.


No, they just use different exploits and payloads.

b1cd30 No.9208



I know where it came from, I think foi request might be a part of the answer

a328e9 No.9209

>possible happeningish

Another potential white house insider is posting on 4chan right now – so far has validated Q and spoken a bit about a timetable for future events.

1710e1 No.9210


I don't want to see them, that's disgusting. It's still a happening.

a0fd39 No.9211


You need to continue what you've been doing, and slowly redpill the masses. Trump has given you the okay, don't back down now. You've been given a voice, use it anon. We're behind you all the way.

7ae445 No.9212


NK Nuclear program! How have they had so many failures yet made so much progress?

See: >>5183

0373b3 No.9213


wait till the Huma, Hillary & loli video appear.

7c6dbb No.9214


Looks like he's auditioning for the Village people.

"I'm the Black Panther … meooow!"

ca36cb No.9215


Does this happen with mobile phones too? iOS?

7ae445 No.9216


Everything, no joke, wish I was.

fc26db No.9217

File: ad52e1555868694⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1242x1452, 207:242, torture.jpg)

52fb3e No.9218


You're doing the Lord's work. Bless you.

ea326b No.9219


Anon has a bone. Needs some help.


>>147433975 >Bread Crumbs - Q Clearance Patriot


Military Intelligence.

What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?

What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

What must occur to allow for civilian trials?

Why is this relevant?

What was Flynn's background?


context and link above

SCI[F] ←—— what does this mean?

SC=Supreme Court in context

I raised by F=O

I'm lost but still on it. Join in if you can.

7539d6 No.9220


Thanks, Anon. Sobering warning for all else.

b1cd30 No.9221


If this is food, you need a change of diet

d6ce10 No.9222


ahhhh, someone finally replied.

Have you seen a photo of BO in Shanghai?

HRC seems to be very quiet and a ghost dont you think?

Huma is key…And key why she has been missing for over a month.

John Podesta disappears after a rant against POTUS.

Tony leaves his foundation…and disappears.

Keith O has been K.o.'d by POTUS. Keith seems a little hasty in his exit and video, don't you think? LOL

Scarborough suddenly too…After a year of attacking POTUS incessantly??? Hmmm, notice a pattern. That nasty Fusion GPS thingy and people going missing certainly changed a few perspectives now didnt it?

Thursday will be even better…

d1fdf8 No.9223

Could Putin's war warning a day or so ago been a warning that NK was going to fire missile

fc61ab No.9224




1cce2b No.9225


I thought SCIF was Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (google it for explanation). But no idea why the [F] is in brackets.

1710e1 No.9226


Nice trips, man. Was JP and TP being indicted a hoax or is it still on lockdown?

1cce2b No.9227


Was debunked last week on halfchan. Something about haircolor not matching in mirror.

928f82 No.9228


Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility. It's where highly classified materials are viewed/Read and Discussed.

ccc100 No.9230

File: 63b19280d95e697⋯.jpg (26.41 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1387010691014.jpg)


I'd almost argue that Huma was the first one to spill the beans in exchange for immunity and was placed under surveillance. That could be why we don't hear about her much besides her initial involvement.

000000 No.9231


The witnesses reported only see them being hung upside down. Is this the torture or has it been reported that more than being hung upside down happened?

ae2693 No.9232

I dunno but the answers seemed to make a heck of a lot of sense so either way it's valuable to me.


b6051d No.9233


Fits… or in iran with jarrett

ea326b No.9234


Thank you. I remember that from way back. So he is saying

Sensitive Compartmented Information

Military Intelligence

Anyone buy that?

c9d26c No.9235


Huma disappeared well before the SA sweep up. Maybe she was needed for those interrogations and fingering people.

fc26db No.9236


I think the biggest takeaway is that it says they are being tortured by "American mercenaries"

1710e1 No.9237


She's a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

c9d26c No.9238


I also read an article that claimed that doctors and nurses were treating major injuries from the interrogations…could be bs

484850 No.9239

Has anyone seen this link yet about NSA breach that spillled over 110GB of top secret files. Files contains info such as who to rake out. Just sitting out there on the internet. Just need the http addy to find it. On a Amazon cloud server. Wonder if this ties into anything future shows past kind of thing


928f82 No.9240

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in United States military, national security/national defense and intelligence parlance, is an enclosed area within a building that is used to process Sensitive Compartmented Information types of classified information. SCI is usually only briefed, discussed, and stored in an accredited SCIF.

000000 No.9241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and remember there is a difference between open source and free software. there is "blobs" in the open source linux kernels that could be malicious. you have to go free software all the way to be 100% sure there is nothing on your system that you dont want to be there.



e94c1d No.9242


Go hard af

484850 No.9243


Sorry typo 100 GB OF INFO

7c6dbb No.9244


Love your Art of War tie-ins. Perfect.

Art of War is possibly the most fascinating book I've ever read (read it 3 years ago but go back to it often), especially revisiting it after watching Trump operate this past year. Trump's moves are textbook AofW. His MSM opponents still haven't figured it out. Trump is blessed with idiots for media enemies.

Thanks for the tie-ins anon.

928f82 No.9245


You just gotta Send It!

c9d26c No.9246


Give em the Gun

000000 No.9248


I'll look for this, thanks.

b057a7 No.9249


Wow makes me wonder who did the hacking.

fc26db No.9250



This says they were hung upside down by American mercenaries and beaten.

1710e1 No.9251


Clowns don't get along with No Such Agency.

928f82 No.9252


Would BW condone "torture"? Or is that more the standard for Clowns?

02e339 No.9253


shadow brokers claimed the hack

>mfw a splinter of the equation group

ea326b No.9254

I missed this (somehow) this is in the original pastebin store

>The CIA just attacked the Command and Chief which was immediately detected by NSA/MI and alerted to POTUS.

Re-review all my crumbs including today/yesterday/weekend.

What does this mean?

What actions are immediately occurring?

If this leaks, or the immediate action ongoing at Langley, you'll have your verification ahead of schedule.


484850 No.9255

>>9249 wasn't even hacked really it was just sitting there. Now that doesn't mean someone didn't leave it there on purpose

722b7e No.9257

File: 7ce602a7731b049⋯.png (62.06 KB, 732x394, 366:197, Capture.PNG)

File: 83c20f5da06070a⋯.png (254.55 KB, 834x515, 834:515, Capture2.PNG)


SCI[F] - Sensitive Compartmentalized Information [Facility]

c9d26c No.9258


Academi says they don't do interrogations/torture whatsoever.

760a2a No.9259

Damn guys, have you seen POTUS last tweet, woah..

928f82 No.9260


Which to me screams they have a Clown infestation

fc26db No.9261

File: 52511dc358781c5⋯.png (38.62 KB, 603x312, 201:104, newtweet.png)


New tweet… less than 10 minutes old.

722b7e No.9262


All access to SCIF is logged!

ea326b No.9263



Also from that same pastebin

CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for military use on domestic soil).

d6ce10 No.9264


PsyOps, people. Do not believe everything you read/ hear. Designed to scare the enemy, especially untrained military personnel that are prepped for torture…like Saudi princes.. Notice how fast that torture BS came out? Do you really think there were "witnesses" that would be able to run and tell the media? LOL

c9d26c No.9266


Well, there are a handful of groups out there for hire. Torture seems to be their bread and butter.

0373b3 No.9267

Nice to see all the nazis stayed over a shitchan

928f82 No.9268


Amen brother

ae2693 No.9269


I'm gonna guess they were shown that there is footage of them in very compromising situations that might "accidentally" leak. Perhaps they visited Epstein Island or something of that nature?

b6051d No.9270






>>tfw all the way to pastebin

==Doesn't bring back a link.

d6ce10 No.9271


Prepping the public for what is coming!

548a13 No.9274


POTUS just acknowledged the deep state.

236d09 No.9275

Anyone got a few cans of Clown-B-Gon?

c9d26c No.9276


I don't really believe it. I believe relieving these men of their money is the main objective. They will not resist torture for paper.

1bd954 No.9277





Thanks. I vaguely remember that now but after the message in brackets, I went back and looked for more.

Kept trying to make the F mean something more.

Ah, well.

346ba9 No.9278

File: 780acdcabbe6113⋯.jpg (44.72 KB, 540x294, 90:49, 780acdcabbe611368659619f43….jpg)

File: 6fbc4432e8741e0⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 444x296, 3:2, 6fbc4432e8741e0efa7933a569….jpg)

File: b0e39998bcb3a0c⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, b0e39998bcb3a0c1add28cc03c….png)

File: 396fef496aea162⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 396fef496aea16284f5ee719ff….jpg)


This times 6 gorillion

Worst part is they're still so bluepilled they don't even recognize the cuckchan shilling as being of kike origin.

Same goes for their christcuck/abrahamic/babylonian religion.

Some will get there eventually, many/most won't.

ea326b No.9279


I just did somewhere


This is pre trip code. Old stuff worth revisiting.

a3d7cf No.9280


I'll sell you some, $10 a can brother

7c6dbb No.9281


Going by the recent twat sequence: Trump twats → next domino to fall, it looks like Hillslag may be going down soon …

I don't know any secrets or anything, but lately Trump's twatters seem to foreshadow the next swampcunt to fall. Just sayin' …

a04dbf No.9282



New happenings thursday?>>9261

b68326 No.9283

Wish you all well anons.

722b7e No.9285


DoD uses SCI/SCIF all the time… Not sure what you're asking?

Look up SAP (Special Access Programs)

000000 No.9286


Remember that the clowns modus operandi is divide and conquer. Nazism, Communism, MGTOW, Feminism, Ageism etc are all used by them to divide and cause chaos. Any way they can divide their enemy into small groups to cause infighting.

ea326b No.9287


I think he was saying SCI the F was a clue for what SCI means

c9d26c No.9288


Judicial Watch is in possession of damning Hillary/Bill/Lynch info. They say they will publish it Thursday.

ae2693 No.9289

China and Russia

There is no Owl, Y Molech/Minerva etc etc stuff there. Not sure where you got Europe from.


ea326b No.9290


I'm good. Ty. I feel pretty confident I solved my question with anon's help.

b68326 No.9291

File: e7c1b6303793ed6⋯.jpeg (51.76 KB, 400x300, 4:3, e7c1b6303793ed6c8efc0392d….jpeg)


You should be gone demon.

You are being watched.

3f8db5 No.9292


how do you find the drive, sir?

ae2693 No.9293


I'm not saying I actually think we can actually step off the edge of the earth like stepping of a sidewalk. If you can't understand what I was trying to say then maybe just bite your tongue or admit your ignorance. Just a suggestion. Every lie contains some truth.

1fb11e No.9294

File: 0d9728e1bf7d4ca⋯.png (42.99 KB, 613x350, 613:350, 2017-11-28 21_02_15-Donald….png)


d6ce10 No.9295


I originally posted the ZeroHedge article and glad others are helping spread the word.

Judicial Watch is serious as fuck. They dont screw around and Tom Fitton is very smart and dedicated. They are piecing everything together and fast. Most importantly, they are nailing the evidence to take down the Clinton's and their cult in court, not just sell news stories.

Interesting timing with POTUS tweet 20 min ago.

3c037c No.9296


Anon, a tiger is known by his stripes…

How do you identify infinitychan?

>>quality of memeing

Don't molest the wildlife.

928f82 No.9297


Well they do go hand in hand

ae2693 No.9298


Yeah, we should prolly put this on top of every thread desu. SOMEONE FIX THE BREAD

breddy important

1710e1 No.9299

File: 99f18af70503f1a⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1191x793, 1191:793, image.png)


It's happening.

d1235f No.9300


The [F] is in brackets to throw off the sniffers.

c9d26c No.9301


Hell yeah. They are hot on the trail.

ea326b No.9302


Did you follow all that and see my final thought?

b1cd30 No.9303



JW just received a bunch of foi from cfpb

Match to long post from Question.


d6ce10 No.9304

Anyne pick up any "12/3" date online anywhere regarding Q?

928f82 No.9305

File: 7224d97be6df651⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 640x521, 640:521, 24172609_2124684010878830_….jpg)

ea326b No.9307


12/5 is another something

3c037c No.9308


>>match to long post from Question



d50f04 No.9309


I have to say thank you (1fb11e) for the first and only "like" I've got on my twitter. J/K

ae2693 No.9310

Haven't we all seen enough naked ladies by now. Yawn, I'm unimpressed. If it is her or isn't her its probably close enough to what she looks like nude but I can assume what anyone looks like nude by undressing them with my eyes. Only thin I get wrong sometimes is beef curtains…they creep up on ya when ya least expect it. tfw ur on 8ch with an active sex life tfw no loli waifu b/c u bang real women. hah


d6ce10 No.9311


Any elaboration, my friend

ea326b No.9313

File: 3ed4c5375d9e8ca⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 298x320, 149:160, 1511886572257.jpg)


Ty and praise kek

d1235f No.9314


He's still masterfully painting the picture that all the agencies are against him.

7ae445 No.9315

File: a94bc623c627f5f⋯.png (15.41 KB, 191x255, 191:255, c1f3d3f49f0a13f93bac288429….png)


You shut the fuck up right now.

ea326b No.9317


T-7 and a picture is all I recall. From today.

000000 No.9318


OK, same as I have seen.

My interest is in determining what side Academi/XE/BW is on in the big picture. These guys have done a lot of work for the swamp in the past. The MSM blaming Academi may be a smoke screen similar to what the left did with Russia, (blame the guys actually working for us). I am looking for hard evidence of who did it. If Academi was involved I would be inclined to believe they are not working for the globalists.

b1cd30 No.9319


Each man's religion is the next man's belly laugh

c9d26c No.9320


what twitter acct is that?

3c037c No.9321


>>tfw x ?

<it's HOW long, (You) say???

094934 No.9322


this is not Bannon's twitter account

1710e1 No.9323


Wow, that is an obvious CIANigger. I hope BO nukes these clowns.

c9d26c No.9324


Academi has stated that they have NO PEOPLE in SA. (who knows)

7c6dbb No.9325


He's forcing the democrat morons to defend the Deep State, out of pure spite for Trump. Then when the Deep State fuckery is outed, the domocunts are tied to it with their own words. Masterful.

ea326b No.9327

File: f7e52d4f5722bb3⋯.jpg (48.17 KB, 500x717, 500:717, 1511112024550.jpg)


I would believe anything they say.

d6ce10 No.9328


12/3 still the return of our most mighty of friends? The Nation awaits.

7ae445 No.9329

File: b052c47f75837c7⋯.png (256.49 KB, 637x686, 13:14, dt_spirit_bombu.png)


Kill yourself.

a75c0d No.9330


>Where is BO today?

>Obama arrived on Tuesday in Shanghai,

need verifiable sauce on that

the pix circulating in MSM are documented from his presidential visit in 2015, not the supposed current trip

3c037c No.9331


+ mollech

>> =picrelated

ea326b No.9332


10 days of darkness?

d6ce10 No.9333


Someone caught on

More will follow The lead up

928f82 No.9334


Since Betsy D's bro runs BW i think they are ourguys. Maybe she is the comm line to keep plausible deniability.

1bd954 No.9335


Yeah, got it.


Maybe I won't get wound up on it again. Hoping anyway.

d6ce10 No.9337


Good, someone doing research

And that TG Day "photo op"?

Keep watching

7ae445 No.9338

File: fbdd65c3c76b1a4⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 471031232_1280.jpg)

Or at least like this.

ae2693 No.9339


But I'm talking about science…

a3d7cf No.9340


Could it be his FB?

ea326b No.9341


My solution fits in context and meaning. I think we are good. Thanks for the tip.

3f8db5 No.9342


fake and gay

d6ce10 No.9344


Who says it is Academi?

b78cf3 No.9345

When Wikipedia and Google team up to censor 8chan for this reason:

"Child pornography[edit]

The Washington Post described it as "the more-lawless, more-libertarian, more 'free' follow-up to 4chan."[8] Boards have been created to discuss topics such as child rape. While the sharing of illegal content is against site rules, The Daily Dot wrote that boards do exist to share sexualized images of minors in provocative poses, and that some users of those boards do post links to explicit child pornography hosted elsewhere.[5] When asked whether such boards were an inevitable result of free speech, Brennan responded, "Unfortunately, yes. I don’t support the content on the boards you mentioned, but it is simply the cost of free speech and being the only active site to not impose more 'laws' than those that were passed in Washington, D.C."[5]

In August 2015 8chan was blacklisted from Google Search for containing content constituting "suspected child abuse content."[13]"

0d00ff No.9347



c9d26c No.9348


Prince was very vocal about exposing the info found on Weiner's computer. I think he was advocating that the NY police take it up if the Feds wouldn't. I think Eric Prince and Academi are very pro-Trump, anti-Hillary/Bama.

928f82 No.9349


Sorry should have posted that it was sent by a friend and I got a freedom boner.

c9d26c No.9351


Nobody, but that is BW/Academi official answer on the SA happenings.

02e339 No.9352

File: 671e4baf212d174⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 551x305, 551:305, three_spheres_ii.jpg)


> Masterful.


our troll in chief



Trump is truly a master of the art of war

b1cd30 No.9354


Went back to find link…. it was from 2013!!!!!


1bd954 No.9355



After the hack,

8/pol/ did something so links aren't automatically "live".

Before that, anons were severely chastised for not "breaking" links by putting space or other crap in url.

We can ask mods to do that…or not and just warn.

ae2693 No.9356

File: 840b33e766b0667⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 470x353, 470:353, 6a00d83451b8c369e201287674….jpg)

like this


d6ce10 No.9358



b78cf3 No.9359


Maybe google will censor Facebook too.

7ae445 No.9360

File: 8019c5688751484⋯.png (708.16 KB, 834x768, 139:128, Untitled-4.png)


We can only hope.

4c5d3f No.9361


Grazi, Anon.

<well done.

d6ce10 No.9362

When was Q's last post? Date?


ea326b No.9363

4c5d3f No.9364



7ae445 No.9365

File: a99d2f1563646f4⋯.png (756.49 KB, 1038x768, 173:128, Untitled-1.png)

Let's see them try and censor GIRL POWER!

ea326b No.9367


Which is the 5th, we have 2 5ths? What up with 3?

b1cd30 No.9368


I don't talk about science, I do science… physics specifically.

Cite laws, equations… not feelings

b78cf3 No.9369


Enough with the hentai already lmao

d6ce10 No.9371

No on spoopy

Read other sites and you will find

12/3 came up

12/5 not me

d6ce10 No.9373


No. Just read the dates and look online for more info

d6ce10 No.9374



Read the dates search online

4c5d3f No.9376


>>mfw i gotta search 12/5 12/3 for

4000 YEARS

ea326b No.9377

File: 1875c8f87d5755f⋯.jpg (62.73 KB, 520x400, 13:10, 1508066637855.jpg)


So you are not gonna give it to me? I gotta do this myself?

b0f0d8 No.9379


the huma pic is fake, see comments, one did a good psBattle pasting the head


d6ce10 No.9380

If 10 days of "darkness"

Where does that put us? Date?

7ae445 No.9381

File: 05f6d1289fa7dc9⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, merryxmas.png)

094934 No.9382


haha carry on then

ea326b No.9383



ea326b No.9384




3f8db5 No.9385




these threads aren't about you

d6ce10 No.9387

094934 No.9390


on the "when will it happen" thread there was a mention of one of Q's posts counting down to Dec 1st

7ae445 No.9392


Except 25 + 8 does not equal the 1st.

1d2d57 No.9393

It's going down folks.

CFPB illegal laundering. Branch of the Fed.

IRS corruption via a vis hamming on conservative PACs and nonprofits.

U1 and CF

CF and trafficking.

Hefner, Pam Anderson and Assange.

Child "Protective" Services-CF-Haiti

Chinese Daycare abuses -CF

State of VA missing kids spike during Halloween

National parks, forests etc. and missing kids.

Jewess Matchmaker sets up Royal hastily with mongrel. Ravens anyone?

The indoctrination machine ramped to 11 globally to drill degeneracy. Witness pop culture award shows, beauty pageants etc.all getting trans or blacked or potato'ed.

Truly it all will be flushed down.

I know Trump will save the world.

I am 50 and never felt such discombobulation and yet pure joyful hope.

We Are Witnesses.

And On and On

d6ce10 No.9394




possible too

all depends


25 + 10 does = 5th

12/ 3 metioned

but nothing is for certain


3b521f No.9395

Anybody look into this yet?


The account is threatening people.

ae2693 No.9396

File: 1a576e5ffdb58e8⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 581x390, 581:390, 2xXbS0X.jpg)


Me too thanks but thats getting a little out of the Q scope. I prefer to stay on topic. My bible stuff was called shilling even tho we start the thread out with a Bible verse and Q says PRAY in all caps a kajillion times. So put that in ur pipe and smoke it.

1710e1 No.9397


I hope you're backing that up. Shills would be all over crowdsourced spreadsheet.

071cad No.9399

I'll just leave this here:

P=NP means ALL cryptographic algorithms are broken.

d6ce10 No.9400


Still shilling I c

fe2eba No.9401

File: e6379e62df9fbe6⋯.jpg (146.6 KB, 780x500, 39:25, 2061c5.jpg)

ea326b No.9402

File: bdf74ed132ba8d2⋯.jpg (13.47 KB, 264x153, 88:51, 1511058394706.jpg)


your id

3f8db5 No.9403

1fb11e No.9404



f11169 No.9406

Just came across this…..be sure to read all of it…what do make of it???


3b521f No.9407

ae2693 No.9408

File: 1775f619367d80f⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 352x550, 16:25, 44089556-352-k254778.jpg)

File: b2a49219e7ad9a1⋯.jpeg (68.57 KB, 480x647, 480:647, image.jpeg)


we not allowed bantz here?

d6ce10 No.9410

P_pers: WRWY

What does it mean?

ae2693 No.9411


I started a thread about that but got too many things going on at once. >>4992 tfw all ur math is a lie

7e4b56 No.9412

File: abad0a0e74081f2⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1800x904, 225:113, BARRY.png)

Same time frame pic used for Easter last year (Mar 2016) and Thanksgiving this year (5 days ago)

2e7788 No.9413


What is potato'ed?

a3d7cf No.9414



1710e1 No.9416


Yeah I agree but people keep getting divided over it. The only thing semi-mandatory here is that you are with Trump and Q.

cb7f79 No.9417


Quit posting links fuckwad.

d6ce10 No.9418


And dont forget the BO Shanghai visit old photo today online

JP, where art thou?

901dc0 No.9419



>>We are guests at infinity



8fa005 No.9421

File: d62a58e14d559d9⋯.jpg (222.54 KB, 468x720, 13:20, 1473468192494.jpg)


The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

fc26db No.9423

When will CBTS #8 be unpinned from the catalog and #9 pinned?

14a6d2 No.9424


When mod wakes up

4c5d3f No.9425


Bread hard cap at 750.

>>WATCH for new bread.


ea326b No.9426

For prosperity

Q said

>Highly recommend someone take all my crumbs and put into a massive dump (a single shot). This will be considered the biggest 'inside' 'approved' dump in American history.

a75c0d No.9427



kek, urban dictionary is yer fren, fren

One being, at any one time, completely and utterly stoned out of their box. Comes before the stage of "Mashed".

a27547 No.9429


I clicked on some youtube links and SS anons link earlier today. When i tried to shut down my computer it took forever and posted a sign that said waiting for programs in the background to close. But all programs were closed. Thought it was weird. How fucked am i?

ea326b No.9430


Turn it off and take it to Geek Squad

225775 No.9431


racist loser pig, your time is past, even if some of your points are valid

000000 No.9432


Not *everything* but a lot of things. Cars for example, if you have onstar/uconnect or some kind of service radio on the vehicle then yes.

We really didn't even start thinking about putting firewalls in cars until that reporter was killed.

Basically most remote exploits depend on the car radio and there being no firewall going to the various vehicle systems. Other exploits depend on them actually having physical access to the vehicle to connect some kind of dongle into the vehicle system (this is normally used for diagnostics or testing)

Older or spartan package vehicles are generally more secure.

ae3ae4 No.9433


when you turn your computer back on make sure the internet cable is not hooked up, so it can't relay any information to it's source before you check/fix it

50e40d No.9434


Thanks for the vital 411 Anon!

a27547 No.9435


And? why geeksquid?

ae2693 No.9436


This is where I was headed during my sorcerers stone alchemy king arthur bloodlines Y thread.

You all call it shilling but past paints future future paints past.

Phosphorus was discovered by a guy who was trying to make gold aka an alchemist.

Osiris is the Egyptian god who was dead, had a gold dick, and got his siter Isis pregnant. So we have incest, alchemy, and necromancy all in one and they made Horus see the link here ? Phosphorus/Horus

Guess what Jupiter was, Horus, Guess what Jupiter has? A shit ton of phosphorus.

jupiter and saturn are giant gas planets. earth was seeded with water from asteroids and then eventually the size and gravitational pull from jupiter and saturn flung them away from earth and protected the earth from further impacts. Jupiter still shepherds swarms of asteroids, in the first few million years of our solar system’s existence Jupiter migrated into and then back out of the inner solar system, Jupiter would have kept falling in toward the sun if not for being caught by the subsequent formation of Saturn, which began drifting in as well. Jupiter’s ‘grand tack’ may well have been a ‘grand attack’ on the original inner solar system.” (attack of the titans?) As Jupiter reversed its course and spiraled back to the outer solar system, its passage could have settled a fraction of the dregs into more circular orbits. Across a span of one hundred million to two hundred million years those meager, volatile-depleted dregs would then glom together to make the relatively small and arid inner planets we know today. All this is consistent with a wealth of other evidence suggesting the inner rocky planets formed significantly later than the outer giants, and explains why the sun’s inner worlds are smaller and have thinner atmospheres than those observed around other stars.

it may really be Saturn that we must thank for being here, because the Ringed Planet’s existence may have kept Jupiter from settling closer to the sun. Which, with poetic license, brings us back to mythology—where Saturn was Jupiter’s father as well as the god responsible for Earth’s wealth, pleasure and plenty.

If ur smart ull get it eventually. If a wall of text is too much move on then.

ISIS mated with OSIRIS after he was dead with use of his GOLD penis to make HORUS. PhospHORUS is a main component of DNA, which is where we get HORUS, it translates to "light bearer" (Lucifer/Venus/Jesus does as well).

ORION is from the Greek word ourios, ‘urine’, or Latin urina which is a component of RNA (uracil) that carries hereditary informations in cells. Uracil is not found in DNA.

Hennig Brand discovered phosphorus in 1669, in Hamburg, Germany, preparing it from urine. How was Phosphorus discovered? Some guy boiled a ton of URINE trying to make GOLD and ended up making PHOSPHORUS.

RNA is a single protein that is a MESSENGER (possible angel/alien clue) and folds into itself. Many viruses encode their genetic information using an RNA genome. Viruses are not considered to be a form of "life" since they can't reproduce on their own. (remember Osiris was dead)

DNA is a double helix. DNA is double-stranded and RNA is single-stranded which is why RNA can leave the nucleus and DNA can't. RNA can survive alone. The ancient Tree of Life very closely resembles the double helix structure.

Scientists have long thought that viral genomes could be made from either DNA or RNA but not both. Discovered in 2012, RDHV is the only known instance of an RNA virus forming a hybrid with a DNA virus. There are two ways that a gene from an RNA virus

double helix DNA, tree of life, jacobs ladder

Trying to force gods hand etc etc.

How the hell did ancient egyptians know all of this?

You guys will get it eventually. Map is the stars and planets..

The story of Jupiter and Saturn is the story of good vs evil. Guess what the black cube in mecca is shrine to? Saturn. Guess what the black cube jew bros strap to their head means ? Saturn

They worshipping satan ya'll but it's deeper than that.

End of my schizo tired af rambling post but yea……gold….goes deep yo

d6ce10 No.9437



6bb30a No.9438


Well, with all the newfags here and the risk of the board getting CP shilled it might be wise to ask the mods if they can provide a condom. But even so, I don't click links unless I am on a virtual. Just too risky and I've been off infinity for awhile so I am not sure how advanced the shitstains have become in their ghostability.

3b521f No.9439

File: 1205ad50952e875⋯.jpg (38.81 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1506022930961.jpg)

Again did anybody see this? Is this important?




Threats to CIA or FBI about stuff…really weird imho

ea326b No.9440


Or just reload your OS.

225775 No.9441


beautiful analysis and summation, thankee anon, even if offtopic

6bb30a No.9442


Actually that anon is not too far off. You know why the Illuminati drink and eat powdered gold? "Where did all the gold go?"

8fa005 No.9443


Is there any way to add this


to the OP near the link to the spreadsheet? I think it would be helpful.

6bb30a No.9444


Fuck you linkage bitch go be a shitstain somewhere else.

d6ce10 No.9445


POTUS got the tax bill pushed through the Senate for a vote on Thursday. Say it aint so that he has some dirt on some Senators and using it as leverage to get them to vote YES. Then nail them shortly after.


ae2693 No.9446


explain why this isn't relevant or perhaps just beyond your comprehension level?

People on half chan were smarter bunch tbh…this is getting depressing. I might just write a book and call it a day.

99924c No.9447



ea326b No.9448

File: 0e7ed9d18b3581b⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 780x440, 39:22, 1510281872057.jpg)


We are being lightly shilled

d6ce10 No.9449



1710e1 No.9450


If you really aren't shilling post it in the appropriate bread.

6bb30a No.9451


Don't let him into your head man. Research this: Why does the Illuminati eat/drink gold… you're on the right track.

ae2693 No.9452

File: 8adb12c5dc026c4⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, we_have_the_same_blood_in_….jpg)

d6ce10 No.9454


You are falling for the shill

cb7f79 No.9455

Why don't you fags start going over what is still missing.. what still needs to be investigated… and those who aren't helping LURK MORE!

6bb30a No.9456

People again, DO NOT CLICK LINKS. DO NOT POST LINKS. Post screen caps. Links are deadly.

a3d7cf No.9457

Rule #: do not reply to shills, you're only feeding them

50e40d No.9459


>shills are out in full force on ALL mediums

—–Live YouTube Chat

—–YouTube comments


—–4Chan, 8ch, etc …

>shock content in way of words and images

—–torture porn

—–nazi talk

>nonsensical crap that just helps bury information along with the shock content, shills

Ride the tide, be cool, do not engage fuckheads, appreciate guidance received from everyone on safeguards

>Thank you anon for warning not to click on links!!!

Godspeed. Carry On Patriots.

ae2693 No.9460


Haven't you all seen https://twitter.com/1st5d

and her million other accounts?

I google fu-ed her to GaN nano tech papers by one of her other aliases. She is obviously deep something. weird af, dunno where she finds the time for all her accounts and graphics.

wtf times a million. She was on that VOTL guys page…whole thing is nuts

4c5d3f No.9461


>>Why don't you fags start going over what is still missing.. what still needs to be investigated…

<and those who aren't helping



f7cfa9 No.9462

File: f0560bf04471c90⋯.png (137.04 KB, 600x476, 150:119, 1511822071680.png)


SSanon! Notice me senpai! Been working hard on answering the spread sheet (> ;w;)>

a6253e No.9463

Will Need Baker for 10

Didn't pastebin this batter before posting, It's not too hard to format though.

318~ posts ITT - Cap 750

8e6fea No.9464


SCI is a type of Security Clearance (Sensitive Compartmented Info) and only stored, discussed in an SCI (military) Facility (F)

d6ce10 No.9465


Huma all cozy in her cell

Find out where JP is right now and that will lead you down the trail

50e40d No.9466



post links or screen shots of articles that you want to link in DAILY NEWS please so that we can track the news day to day throughout the storm!

Thank you Anons!

cb7f79 No.9468

f7cfa9 No.9469

File: 9179145274ffb9a⋯.png (305.78 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1511822677365.png)



I screwed it up! Noooooooooooo

8e6fea No.9470


No, it stands for the Facility (mil qtrs)

3b521f No.9471

File: 496c94aa746abcd⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-0….png)

File: 914159b9982131b⋯.png (613.56 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-0….png)

Really can't click a Twitter link?

99924c No.9472

Spent the night watching Fox news tonight.

Entertaining and informative on some subjects, and some things…well…let's just say they pointed back to this board in some ways.

Really blew me away with Hannity first.

He mentioned "follow the money", didn't Q mention that as well?

It makes sense to me now why there are so many sealed indictments.

FBI informant, said that the FBI couldn't figure out where all the money was coming from for the U1.

Well apparently, there are that many places that had money on their hands for the U1.

Then when Hannity was ending the segment on the U1, he said, "TICK, TOCK"

I seem to recall an anon posting that MANY times on 4ch.

Coincidence? Not sure, but Q said there are no coincidences, so take it for what it's worth.

ea326b No.9473

I am willing to police this place if need be. Don't know how the username/password can be done securely and anonymously.

ae2693 No.9474


Thank you. It's just so complex and goes back literally thousands if not millions of years if you want to include planets and get all kinds of kooky and wander off into ayyy territory.

Q emphasized gold and it's not just bc its shiny and heat resistant and kewl. Shit goes DEEEEEEP!

Open ur minds up a lil dudes. Youre gonna find out truth is much stranger than fiction. The whole point of this was to wake the fuck up.

cb7f79 No.9475

should all have a small copy pasta for keeping on track and warning of links.

a75c0d No.9476

File: 213d5f4e204f683⋯.jpg (88.61 KB, 834x887, 834:887, reno.jpg)

Active shooter in Reno



The upscale Montage facility in Reno is on lock down as police search for an active shooter who has reportedly fired gunshots.

This story is Developing.

Benjamin Margiott


BREAKING: Police confirm active shooter situation. Shooter was firing from an elevated position in the Montage in downtown Reno

3b521f No.9477

File: 53c6bdd9caf1d06⋯.png (551.72 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-0….png)

File: cedf0e4fc4e32ef⋯.png (561.76 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-11-28-23-0….png)

What the fuck is this?!

4c5d3f No.9479


<Yar, bugger!

ae2693 No.9480


tell me what is this bread for? please do tell me is there a list of keywords I should stick to? Is hentai okay?

225775 No.9481


A suspect is barricaded inside the Montage. A SWAT team is staging. ( www.rgj.com/story/news/2017/11/28/shots-fired-downtown-renos-montage-apartments/904079001/)

1710e1 No.9482


No, stop posting that. You are not policing anything.

ae2693 No.9483


It;s twitter you dont need to take a screencap just type in twitter.com and the username and ur there.

ae3ae4 No.9484


Who thinks we will actually get to the point of disclosing those 5-6,000 patents? And what are they? We've heard free energy,advances/cures in medicine, what else could they be? Interesting.

a6253e No.9485

Keep this a degeneracy free thread. Why derail Anons mental energy with pr0n

8fa005 No.9486


>Why don't you fags start going over what is still missing.. what still needs to be investigated

You could meander on over to the spreadsheet to see what hasn't been answered yet, that would be helpful.


How right you are.


I see you! And thank you a lot.


>I screwed it up!

It happens all the time :)

ea326b No.9487


Just leave. It will be better for you.

1710e1 No.9488


People posting that are clowns. It's never been allowed here.

ae2693 No.9489


yeah btw Q is Sam Hyde log off now. game over

99924c No.9492


You may be right, but the little arrow next to your post will allow me not to suffer your stupidity any longer.

Good bye!

ea326b No.9493


I have a victim. Hunt is on.

38ec57 No.9495


Former SIGINT here. I can not go into any details that are not already public. But SCIFS are more than just a room. Atleast the ones I worked in were. Basic overview can have some or all of the following. is a sound proof room often with white noise generated in the walls, a EMI / Radiation shield typically an embedded copper mesh in the walls / ceiling / floor etc. Some have more advanced tools like at JSOC, ForceCom etc. Fort Huachuca has some very advanced methods for what they do. Been there a few times. Try to get past the fence… Anyway SCIFs - They are guarded 24/7 and have a 2 layer entry. Kinda like a DMZ. Nothing goes in or out other than your body.2nd layer we have one or more terminals with no usb ports etc.Even if you got the case open to get to the usb headers. 1 you would be shot 2) Terminal has intrusion monitoring that will disable the terminal. Even seen one that would self destruct lol. Depending on access type most are 2048bit rsa encrypted pri circuits connected to JWICS or SIPRnet. Even to get a small one installed into a house like Hilary has would take several months to construct and fiber or bonded T1's provisioned / installed. Close to a Million for a small one. Its the SCI/SAP Q-L and YW SCIFs that get the exotic treatment. Which you will never see or hear details on. Cant talk about past that sorry. Hope it helps.

8c67a4 No.9497

7ae445 No.9498


It's being posted because the reality is much worse and to be honest you all need to toughen up just a bit to accept the real truth which you could find in places if you didn't have so many preconceptions about what is real and what is not.

I'm not talking about flat earth, I'm talking about education, I'm talking about fabian societies, I'm talking about media corruption and how far back it really goes. Everything you know is wrong, it's not your fault and you're here for the truth, but to find the truth you have to accept that everything you know might be wrong.

You're here, you're halfway there, open your eyes.

a3d7cf No.9499



225775 No.9501

Saudi prince Miteb bin Abdullah freed in $1 billion settlement agreement: Official read.ht/Bbmp

6bb30a No.9502


Hey Spreadsheet, it's me again the one who initially help convert to PDF. The sheet is getting way too long and wide, can we condense it as a workbook? Add tabs at the bottom by the date Q posted? He did say timeline (Chronology) was important.

480a09 No.9503

File: ecb4e8a436157f2⋯.jpg (536.11 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, WNbuqO.jpg)


47 here and I can confirm that. Hell my parents can confirm this. There has never been a time like this in our nations history! We are living during the time of a NEW GREAT WAR! A information war! A influence war! A struggle for POWER and the very fabric of human CONSCIOUSNESS and FREEDOM!

Godspeed Anons!!

ea326b No.9504


shills not bots

6bb30a No.9505


I think we could use you in the string thread lol maybe pop over there???? Crypto much?

7ae445 No.9506


Might be disinfo for obvious reasons but 2048bit rsa stands out to me. These aren't generated by the hardware that was recently discovered to be back-doored was it? Surely not.

Listen up newfags who are here for the truth.

Have you ever asked yourself where all the missing children go? Go to google right now and search 'what is adenochrome' find the reddit link and read about it. Then you will know where the missing children went.

4c5d3f No.9507

File: 8110a8ffc48595a⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1511597081174m.jpg)













f7cfa9 No.9508

File: a476649e90f04b7⋯.jpg (305.66 KB, 640x967, 640:967, 1511924110139.jpg)

The Mad man calling out the deep state!

7ae445 No.9509


We need to do some 9/11 posting obviously.

1d2d57 No.9510

File: 174a575e49ac956⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 550x413, 550:413, baby-herman-cigar.jpg)


Miss Minnesota contestant who won 2 awards is a Down Syndrome Girl.

Exploiting for feels as all human interest stories are.

Grammy noms all Blacked, doubling down on failing Oscars.

Miss Japan Blacked.

Trudeau cucking to degens.

Ramping Up on The Protocols. How fast have we slid down the "fallacious" Slippery Slope?"

Is that why we have been sold a Science that says the Universe is always expanding so we buy into the financial model of capital growth Consumerism?

Oh and Alex in the Love Shriners ads is probably pic related offscreen 😏

6bb30a No.9511


Have a barf can ready because you WILL toss your cookies when you find out.

1710e1 No.9512


Yeah, just don't mention the fact that the elites eat people. Shills really don't like that. But they will be banned soon.

ea326b No.9513


Thanks for grouping me with shills. YOU ARE A FUCKING ShILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7ae445 No.9514

File: b24d5a18e371c60⋯.png (157.4 KB, 500x685, 100:137, meet-lucky-larry-this-is-l….png)

File: db6544442da6e8e⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 480x563, 480:563, 484698_377598439012688_125….jpg)

Who else made a ton of money from 9/11 newfriends? Pic related.

8fa005 No.9515


Those questions, especially the early ones are already answered, and logged in the spreadsheet. It's a good use of time to look at it to see what has and hasn't already been answered, so we can spend our time and weaponized autism on the ones that aren't answered yet.

Since we're not supposed to put full links in here, I'll break it up and you can paste it in yourself (it's the same exact link as it was on halfchan)

https://app.smartsheet com/b/publish?EQBCT=e3d1071b533c412f8bc08ebbb1b444f6

{removed the dot and added a space}


Noticed and appreciate the tip. I'll try to only post the broken link from now on.

7ae445 No.9516


No you are a newfag who is here for the biggest redpill of your entire life.

ea326b No.9518


Fuck you

4c5d3f No.9520


>>Thanks for grouping me with shills.

YOU ARE A FUCKING ShILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ea326b No.9522


filtered so sweet.

7ae445 No.9524


If you're so sure of yourself, google 'what is adenochrome'.

4c5d3f No.9526

pro tip

I can't even see who you are talking to…


< try 'em sometime…

a27547 No.9527


There are a fuck ton of links at the begining of this thread!

6bb30a No.9528


Google sucks… DuckDuckGo ← use this instead. Clown own Google.

ea326b No.9529


Dude I know exactly what it is. You need to be banned shill.

760a2a No.9530


>'what is adenochrome

Pls tell me the stories arent so, otherwise God have mercy on us…

Size of football stadiums and young children…

I will be volunteer to machine gun the evil bastards…

8fa005 No.9531


Yes, it's unweildy. I don't know how to make it into a workbook on smartsheet? I know how to do it in excel. What do you suggest?

4c5d3f No.9532


No bullshit it ain't lookin' good.


ea326b No.9533


Time to see if we can block an attack. We will see.

45e7b3 No.9534


yea i dug threw sum o dat chit…if the vids of the girl weren't there i'd say it was an AI

a75c0d No.9535


not SIGINT, but have been in SCIFs multiple times and can confirm what is shared here.

7ae445 No.9536


What's wrong? Truth suck? It does.


Yep. It's all fucking true. Where are all the missing children people? What bodies do you think Q was referring too? What else do you think the FBI found in the body buildings?

ae2693 No.9537

The spray them in aerosol vapors in the air…


38ec57 No.9538


Sorry, anything I would know or say would fall under lifelong NDA. I love my freedom. Redline Brig's suck bad! Plus honestly SOP has changed a lot in the Intel community. Very compartmentalized now. I Did Signal Intelligence for the Army. Reason I say that is because different departments/ groups / divisions can all be using different instruction sets/ key variables in their transmissions. Some look like standard mission parameter instructions. Others make zero sense. Maybe those messages are not for you. Food for thought. Best place to hide something is: In plain sight.

e4b080 No.9539


This. If you bring your niggerlove here from cuckchan your board will burn.

8fa005 No.9540


explain please

7ae445 No.9541


Post your 9/11 redpills.

7ae445 No.9542

File: 5802f78fae4e240⋯.jpg (170.89 KB, 1440x1093, 1440:1093, 7e41833f564337ca6d7e263343….jpg)

b0bdd9 No.9543

File: 5330a269fafc30f⋯.jpg (106.6 KB, 599x665, 599:665, jarrett.jpg)

Where is Michelle Obama these days? Or Valerie Jarret? Is it true VJ was O's handler? Was she the conduit to his crimes? Wrote his books? re-invented him to be the Manchurian Candidate?

a6253e No.9544

File: b3db933009d750f⋯.png (8.24 KB, 1358x139, 1358:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Experiments? Living slaves?

On a might lighthearted note

Potential WH anon sighted here


Go through the thread, Megs there too.

4c5d3f No.9545


Rolling for vjarrett


ae2693 No.9546

whoever posted this https://twitter.com/Alexander_Avg/ status/ 934208856527384576

called me a shill using the exact same pics i posted in my thread about bloodlines and Y.

ya'll are in for a rude awakening. PRAY


7ae445 No.9547

File: 04d79bedf383cc3⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1279x831, 1279:831, mo_ignoring_obama_for_vale….png)


Does this picture look like BO is just an afterthought?

7ae445 No.9548


Google 'What is Adenochrome'.

7ae445 No.9549


You will not believe me if I just tell you, it's a simple reddit thread.

50e40d No.9550


Thanks anon. I'm researching ur breadcrumbs now.

ALL ANONS, NEWFAGS, OLDFAGS, LURKERS and Intel Operatives (bc we know ur there)"

>As tension and heat rises, shilling gets greater, stronger, more intense.

>People in black ops are teetering … to blow or not to blow the whistle b4 SHTF

>More whistleblowers coming forward, sharing testimony (about past and present)

Be grateful to all brave patriots regardless of party affiliation, regardless of citizen or military … Intel is Intel. We are PATRIOTS … Patriots never sleep. Carry on with digs and post finding in appropriate locations (spreadsheet, thread, board etc …)

DO NOT LET SHILLS CREATE INFIGHTING … THEY shall NOT divide and conquer us


4308a2 No.9551


nude photos of huma abedin are fake. Don't use that one. Will discredit you and us. Lots of photo shopping shenanigans here. Beware.

ea326b No.9552


apparently bots do not get in here but shills do.

a6253e No.9553


Don't imply what I will or will not believe. None of what I outlined would surprise me in the slightest. Humor me Anon.

50e40d No.9554


thx Anon!

6bb30a No.9555


Eeeek um okay let me take a look and I will give you directions it is easy BUT before I do it you have to go back and add a column in A and separate Q's posts by date…

So Column A is DATE

Add the date on the first row

Go down to the next set of drops

In the second drop add the date in column A

Do that all the way down

Date is the key to cohesiveness

2efb35 No.9556

Andrenochrome Farms exist

173961 No.9557

Anyone look into Ethereum? Pyramid and Y in logo. Also, Swiss-based. (Switzerland home of SeeEyeA?)

ae2693 No.9558

yep, in haiti and north korea mostly


d6ce10 No.9559


Filler shill. Used when other shills get called out.

Tactics not working Clowns (I)n America

e53d64 No.9560

File: 9eb4145e4bfc3f0⋯.png (462.93 KB, 786x540, 131:90, Mcpain.PNG)

Not Again

1d2994 No.9561


Home of the Rothschild's and their Bank for International Settlements

4c5d3f No.9562


When is that pic, Anon?

>>he looks cornered and ravin' mad…

ae2693 No.9563


also >>4992 I'd venture to say this alex fella is a bit above average heh

e53d64 No.9564


Right now on drudge

05873f No.9565



I call next bake.

SS, I would suggest you make a pastebin of that post and give me the link that i can include in the next bake.

7ae445 No.9566

File: f5f7a9fa7d0d947⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 550x704, 25:32, f5f7a9fa7d0d947df298bf3fc7….jpg)


Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Adenochrome is oxidized adrenaline produced when someone is under extreme duress i.e torture, rape, rape/torture, ritual satanist shit.

But wait, it gets worse.

They will do transfusions with these victims because as you all know adrenaline gets you high, they do it for religious/blackmail reasons but in the end it gets you high.

But wait, it gets worse.

Some sects of this cult will split open the victims skull and remove the pineal gland and eat it, it's symbolic and they think it gives them mental powers with Moloch or some shit.

But wait, it gets worse.

A lot of the Elite get 'Kuru' a disease caused by cannibalism, which lead a lot of us to believe they also eat their victims.

It doesn't stop getting worse from there.


>Filter shill.

Now that you're here this is the last stop on the internet road to enlightment, at least as far as those who don't really want the truth will go. The question is, will you take the red pill, and accept the horrors of our society so you can appreciate the magnitude of the victory or will you just stick along for the ride.

Their only choice for them now is for you to filter yourself from the truth.

ae2693 No.9567

CERN is trying to create a Sun and a galaxy and their own happy little universe. Oh sounds crazy doesn't it?

wake up

a6253e No.9568


TY. Hands are sore from kneading dough. Bless you.

6bb30a No.9569

>>9565 This is Truth.

08e373 No.9570

anybody see the white house anon thread on 4/pol? i haven't read this thread if you've already linked it


4c5d3f No.9571


If gps ankle bracelet/indictment/arrest = true

Then he should vote the way POTUS wants…

< just sayin' logic.

8fa005 No.9572


Well as it stands, each post he makes has the post number from 4/pol/, then direct link in archives, then the time/datestamp and ID, all in columns on that same row. It seems to me like adding another column would make it wider, even if it was just 11/27/17, right?

What do you think? I do want input to help it be less unwieldy than it is now… so I'm open to all suggestions.

d1235f No.9573


i remember seeing Jonathan Kleck picking apart a Weyland Corp. commercial that was filled with illuminati symbolism, and it got to a part where the image of the Illuminati founder (looking like George Washington) flashed on the screen with the date "May 1" underneath and in the upper right hand corner was an analog clock that said 1:00, then a ying-yang symbol, then a wave pattern, then an electric plug. Then, on the screen, it said, backwards, "Runaway" "SectorNYwater".

In my mind, it was flashing a message to the elites that a devastating water event in NYC would occur on 12/1.

It was the strangest "commercial" I've ever seen. I think it was released in 2015, not 2017. Time will tell.

e1d83d No.9574

File: 6c70719889a9c7f⋯.jpg (80.81 KB, 490x680, 49:68, eh.jpg)

5b447e No.9575

File: ca0f021f885c7ad⋯.png (128.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171128-234730.png)

whose in Reno tonight???

Saw reports of a shooting there.

Pic related

ea326b No.9576


Why does a missile not burn in reintroduction to orbit like everything else

5f81a7 No.9577


looks like an insider posting live very intresting

4c5d3f No.9578





>> ht tps://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/151285365


6bb30a No.9579


Once I show you have to convert it to a workbook the width won't matter

e53d64 No.9580


you would think that having brain cancer would disqualify someone from voting

a6253e No.9581

File: eb9019e1a007dd2⋯.png (304.97 KB, 363x440, 33:40, ClipboardImage.png)




Not news to me personally Anon, but yes… Fucking horrid.

6bb30a No.9582


Thank you Master Can you PLEASE add this to next bake? newfags are gonna get in trouble with all the damn links being posted unbroken

+++++++ATTENTION NEWFAGS++++++++

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT CLICK LINKS ON 8chan. If you do NOT know, this is a VERY DARK PLACE. Someone can send you a link and when you click on i, all kinds of unhappy happenings can take place. THe worst is you go to jail for Child Porn (CP) on your computer. How? SILENT INSTALL images when you click the link… many other VERY BAD things can happen as well. So PLEASE do not post links or click links. POST PRINT SCREENS not links!

I am only trying to edumacate you dumbfags and keep you safe!

7ae445 No.9584


A lot of these people clearly do not know, so if you know tell them!

05873f No.9585


i'll see what i can.

4c5d3f No.9586


Now now, don't go being all




6bb30a No.9587


Though I suppose I can try by post number let me go take a peek and see what I can do.

346ba9 No.9588

File: 9854bf019c1bbd5⋯.png (341.61 KB, 1861x467, 1861:467, 9854bf019c1bbd535424893f7c….png)

File: a2ebbbbb7d07a64⋯.png (664.69 KB, 819x641, 819:641, a2ebbbbb7d07a64b6d116c88af….png)

File: dacebac66c43ad3⋯.jpg (49.24 KB, 704x527, 704:527, dacebac66c43ad39d072cdcae5….jpg)

File: 609505ca2d66d3b⋯.png (214.98 KB, 475x391, 475:391, 609505ca2d66d3b40db903d923….png)


>you are being watched

Good, that's the point, fag

The holohoax is the KEYSTONE of the 20th century. Once you realize it didn't happen and remove it from the timeline, the entire (((globalist))) agenda comes crashing down and you see it for the (((pure))) evil it truly is for the first time.

And you realize Hitler was right

This is one of many things Q is referring to when he says we've been lied to our whole lives.

Anyway, not only was it mathematically impossible to kill that many kikes that quickly, but there is absolutely no real evidence to support (((their))) claims. Fortunately people are waking up at an ever more astonishing rate. All it takes is an open-minded yet critical examination of (((the evidence))). Take a look for yourself, unless you're not open-minded enough…

57fb7e No.9589


No tweet from JP since Nov. 17.

8fa005 No.9590

File: 173bd3e5fcf0558⋯.png (146.26 KB, 1491x1420, 21:20, spreadsheet guidelines.png)


Can't you just link to the post? It's here on the site or are even links here bad? And wouldn't having it in a pastebin link not help?

I took a screenshot of it in case that would work better

e4b080 No.9591



The proper way to break links is before the TLD.



>https://hookbook. com/gay/niggers


dc1f19 No.9592

File: c8f4f2154fb5f44⋯.png (5.38 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, E78C5EE5-B010-4C28-AC2F-56….png)

File: 48e948dc7446b8f⋯.png (4.67 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 24BF3ECA-A7C5-4744-83A6-36….png)

File: c4a3686ce994479⋯.png (4.86 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 57B0E573-D48F-4BA0-AAC1-09….png)


Guys I think the pics from trump was in Alaska. Very strange but look at my pics. Tanana Airport in Alaska same 3 squares Airport etc. the Alaska rivers are very strange and almost like they are being blocked out on Google maps

82a02d No.9593

HRC scolds China and the next day NK launches an ICBM successfully…No Coincedences.

6bb30a No.9594




This is your condom

8fa005 No.9595



Oh ok that would be great thank you

a3d7cf No.9597


Why would GEOTUS land in Alaska?

6bb30a No.9599


Just put a space before .com .org .gov .net whatever.

6bb30a No.9601


Now break link me to the spreadsheet

e4b080 No.9602


Can Confirm lots of leftist faggot management tier have been moving to AK for a few years. I thought it was just for raping more children of decent Christians and other conservatives, but maybe there's more to it.

a6253e No.9603


That and running uscript.

and not clicking strange links for no reason

and not falling for (1) link drops fishing for your IP

and not posting personal information like age or birth date, even if some anon has similar.

or posting anything related to your location

also 9 proxy

furthermore 7000 skellingtons

7ae445 No.9604


It sure is interesting how they can make so much progress having pretty much exclusive failures after Trump took office.

See: >>5183

a75c0d No.9605


chef = sanders (re: piegate)

WHAnon was older than Barron

05873f No.9607


i will link the post, but a pastebin is a better bet since it means it will survive for long.

also, don't be too afraid of links.

fake links are easy to identify.

tell me what's wrong in this - www.facebock.com

and now you know it ain't that huge of a deal. just don't click on anything blindly.

just make sure you read the link before clicking on it.



6bb30a No.9608


Does not work for short urls though

91dd4e No.9609

>>9248 Blackwater, Eric Price

7ae445 No.9610


We could find which tree that ornament is on then calculate the angle of the phone compared to the ornament and guess the height position of the person taking the photo based on the ornament of the position and then speculate hight based on the distance between the ornament and the phone.

6bb30a No.9611


Linkage to spreadsheet???

a75c0d No.9612


>not supposed to put full links in here

just remove the https:// directive in the URL

8fa005 No.9613



alright -

https://app.smartsheet. com/b/publish?EQBCT=e3d1071b533c412f8bc08ebbb1b444f6

e4b080 No.9615


There really needs to be a dedicated opsec thread for the newfags.

>Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec

In OP link is broken, fix it. Opsec thread should have 2 groups of recommendations, quick and easy, and comprehensive. Giving a full opsec dump is too much for most people, and they probably won't be contribution enough to need it. Some opsec > no opsec.



This is the problem with newfags rolling in, putting their muddy boots up on the furniture, and shitting on wisdom collected over the years.

You dumb fucking niggers better humble yourselves and be ready to learn while you try to contribute or you're going to get fucked.

8fa005 No.9616

a75c0d No.9617


>Maybe those messages are not for you

have been saying this for days now

silly anons think they can harness autism to crack a cipher by brute mental force

not gonna happen without the key(s)

and it's not in our directive to solve the stringers anyway

569e50 No.9618


Melania did head to Alaska to greet troops, so some WH and SS staff among others would have accompanied her.

f21b7c No.9619


Actually, WTF!!! I'm wondering where I got Europe from now as well. I'm going senile!

2b9dc1 No.9620


WH Anon in that thread confirmed Q was a legit insider

428d73 No.9621


But the pic came from a video of POTUS Asia trip

fe2eba No.9622


I have been waiting for that one! I want to walk away in absolute disgust and not eat for a week, but I really want to see this evil in action.

4c5d3f No.9623



7ae445 No.9625


Yes they did indeed :D

760a2a No.9626


Thank you for the wisdom…

9772c5 No.9627


Make a thread for this. I’m intrigued.

a75c0d No.9629


art of the deal

boot = leverage

let's see how McCuck votes

then let's see if he skates or gets the gallows

ae2693 No.9630


>Maybe those messages are not for you

I said this in an earlier thread, and it's b/c I have worked in crypto/ steganography before. Some of those 'stringers' are 99% bs and maybe 3 or 4 characters are the code and the person who is intended to see it WILL KNOW. This is very common practice and very effective b/c you get people plugging in all kinds of useless crap trying to crack a code that isn't there.

Hiding in plain sight. Works guys.

de0f7f No.9631


Do not take it to geek squad.

ae2693 No.9632


Since it seems things are kinda stale here rn I can tell you all one thing. The Pam Anderson Hef Playboy thing is worth digging into more. Can;t tell you how I know but if ur up to a challenge…I'm focused on other things.

a75c0d No.9633


actually, just remove the http:// or https:// directive

just paste the raw url

much easier for anons to paste

no auto link

4ef094 No.9634


McStain will vote no, as ordered. The tax bill was never meant to pass (imho). Why pass a tax bill when what you really want is a gold backed dollar and a debt reset?

8fa005 No.9635


pastebin of spreadsheet guidelines

https://pastebin. com/0ydPG74t


>There really needs to be a dedicated opsec thread for the newfags.

>>Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec

I think there was one in the very beginning but it wasn't pinned and fell off pretty quickly, didn't get a chance to look at it before the holiday weekend, unfortunately. Appreciate your helping, it makes a difference. We came to your house…


Q even said specifically that not all of it is for us, that friends & foes are watching too. Friends know because they were waiting for that stringer or phrase.

a75c0d No.9636

File: abc5a8ae5a42843⋯.jpg (964.46 KB, 1961x3536, 1961:3536, QoverNK-7.jpg)



ae2693 No.9637


There is a gold thread so I might put it there and I made a Bloodlines and Y thread and now everyone wants a Owl Y thread but it's frustrating because its all connected. I need to defrag my brain for a day or something before i sperg tf out. Keep an eye out tho, it's comin

4c5d3f No.9638


Truthfully, from my gnats eye view… if All of this breaks it will not matter.

All things being equal, i think he and many others are going to flip. If they have the right kinda dirt, pardon. If cabal… and that is where it goes sideways.

Cabal data, provable to joe and jane doe, will neccessarily rip the entire West apart.

<dunno more my .o6

05873f No.9639



I'll post that as it in the 2nd post #10.



will be the 3rd post

38ec57 No.9641


I was in till a few years back. Notice is said what is publicly available info. Yes 2048/4096bit were broken. But if you know where to look you can find some things out in the wild that have slipped out. But back to encryption when you use devices like the KG-94A/194A, KG-95 or KG-189 which is a HAIPE NSA Type 1 device to do the encryption encapsulation on a custom OSI model stack using BATON 320 bit block cipher. Your not going to break in. FYI NSA has at least 30 different encryption encapsulation types. NSA has had block chain ciphers for a long time before bitcoin was even an idea.

6bb30a No.9642


Gotta have a date column. Won't let me do jack … cells are locked.

7c6dbb No.9643


Not worried. Q said that congress will fall in line with Trump's agenda. If this cunt doesn't get with the program, there's always fusillading. He's earned it.

e62521 No.9644



>>>5012 (You)


a75c0d No.9645


>>>9612 (You)

>This is the problem with newfags rolling in, putting their muddy boots up on the furniture, and shitting on wisdom collected over the years.

>You dumb fucking niggers better humble yourselves and be ready to learn while you try to contribute or you're going to get fucked.

fuck you asshole

there is nothing wrong with what i posted

will fix the auto link problem you paranoid fucks are all worried about

i do this for a living


a27547 No.9647


I figured that would be the worst place to take it. Maybe call my buddy whos an IT wiz? Im not sure if its fucked it seemed weird tho. i unplugged it after i turned it off. Havent turned it back on yet.

ae2693 No.9648


oh forgot to mention to check out that average alex twitter thread b/c its excellently done and he is def on the same wavelength as me. But yeah basically all the mythology greek, sumerian, roman, etc is based on facts we know now about stars, planets, elements, dna and all kinds of shit there is NO WAY they would have known in such accurate detail if not for 'divine intervention' or ayyyys

this is where most people put their blinders on b/c its too hard to comprehend, religious biases, and all that jazz too.


1d2994 No.9649

“Hey, now it’s shown there’s no collusion, there’s no obstruction, there’s no nothing. Honestly, the whole thing, it is really a media witch hunt. It’s been a media witch hunt. And it’s bad for the country… When they say “treason” — you know what treason is? That’s Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for giving the atomic bomb, okay?” -DJT, said last week off the record, WH transcripts reveal

f97e5d No.9650


top kek. is she still staying at the Wookie Plantation?

b0bdd9 No.9651

Curious about VP Mike Pence. Conflicting stories-good guy or bad guy? Swamp monster? There are stories…Insights?

05873f No.9652


i'm pretty sure i'm gonna need formatting rules for this text too.

red text, bold, underline, everything.

ae2693 No.9653


Yep, even tho some of you don't appreciate my autistic walls of text I am your friend.

Good night anons. Stay comfy.

4c5d3f No.9654


(You) want me to buy wut?

4c5d3f No.9655


Sauce, please, Anon?

d6ce10 No.9656

Has anyone seen VP Pence lately

What is he working on?

Who really controls POTUS Twitter (for security reasons)?

e4b080 No.9657


It's not just about autolinks you new fucking nigger. It's also about spiders crawling and not making it easy for them to harvest webs. Again, shut your fucking mouth if you don't know what you're talking about, you're going to get anons hurt.



You're in the wrong place, you've been warned.

8fa005 No.9658


Ok, glad that will work, thank you.


Actually, I could just put the date (short form) in the question number column just to the left of the post #… I just did so for the first few posts, check it out.

It doesn't do anything to make the sheet smaller, but the date is there to make it more noticeable


It's everything I can do to try NOT to make autistic walls of text. I'm trying my hardest to be more concise, and failing every day :)

Good night

ae2693 No.9660


You may call them angels, I call them ayyys. Same same.

4c5d3f No.9661




d6ce10 No.9662

Podesta Podesta, where art thou?

6bb30a No.9664


Cool.. date there will work

de0f7f No.9665


Yes a trusted friend would be best move.

ae2693 No.9666


basically if you clicked a ton of links here you should transfer whatever dank meme folders and important documents to somewhere and reinstall ur operating system….and get a new IP and throw your router in the river…..ur gonna have a bad time

a6253e No.9667

>>9661 THIS

>>9657 THIS

Newfriends please for your own safety heed these warnings. We are not trying to scare you or fend people off with /spooky/ internet shit. There are people who, if you raise attention to yourself as a asset- will actively seek to destroy you. Clicking a link seeded with ill scripts can leave you vulnerable.

Ublock Noscript

Familiarize yourself and protect your browser if your gonna use a kiked one.

8fa005 No.9668

File: 5d33a6630c72bcf⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 255x135, 17:9, 8ch formatting.jpg)


I just used the native 8ch formatting, and since I don't have a pastebin account, I can't edit it anymore. Should I make a new one with the native formatting included?

a6253e No.9669

File: a2e55ac77e21c01⋯.jpg (7.87 KB, 250x225, 10:9, f898a5e4e456124b6c558fd440….jpg)


>Pastebin account

What the actual fuck am i reading

05873f No.9671


Should I make a new one with the native formatting included?

Please, if you can.

It will both ours jobs that much easier.


722b7e No.9672


Why assume that humans were never technologically more advanced than we are today?

There is evidence of ancient advanced civilizations, you only need to dig. Start with Graham Hancock.

c7d225 No.9673


>>As tension and heat rises, shilling gets greater, stronger, more intense.


>>People in black ops are teetering … to blow or not to blow the whistle b4 SHTF


>>More whistleblowers coming forward, sharing testimony (about past and present)

The bread is meant for the lurking clowns. Each clown only knows so many balloon shapes. Even when 100's of clowns perform a circus, they'll do their part, but they never get to watch the whole circus.

Here, as bread is baked, the lurking clowns get an idea what other clowns are up to. Most clowns are happy to do their part, cash out and eat pizza. But what happens when some of these clowns discover that even if they do their part, there is no more cashing out, because it's the very last circus?

Q wants bread made from crumbs, so some of the clowns, who only know crumbs, realize that while they had no qualms about selling out their country and eating pizza, they may have qualms about ending civilization, even if it means they have to die or go to prison.

And the bread isn't just for these clowns, but other people involved in the BIG CIRCUS: NK _ SpaceX: engineers, payload grunts, accountants, secretaries, etc

If a secretary at Rizvi became redpilled here, what are the possibilities? The bread is meant for these people to find where they are in the map and maybe decide to flip or stop being a clown. They are in a position to save civilization by doing nothing.

Stringers: Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe they were meant for the clowns? Q let's them know he knows their next move and that it's being countered. Could that prevent a planned clown act?

Supreme Art of War

Having followed things fairly closely, I think there's a good chance that ZUMA is an EMP machine and an attack timed with a NK missile launch would have caused WW3.

Let's not kid ourselves, I highly doubt that clowns would trust NK enough to hand them everything without accountability or insurance of some sort. So they let them have "rockets" and "nukes", but not full capability.

I want to share more, but getting tired. maybe tomorrow.

05873f No.9674


>superstitious about "internet magic"

always use https, ublock, noscript [or ghostery]


c685d4 No.9675

Oh, I get it now…

Found this tweet from DeplorableMidwestGal:


I don't know if she posted here or not but I get it now. Trump doesn't even have to declare martial law. If they're guilty of sedition they can lose their citizenship and be tried by military tribunal.

She explains a lot here… very nice post.

d6ce10 No.9676

Get back on topic

Where has VP been each day over the last few weeks? Can you confirm hus every move and place each day?

a75c0d No.9677

File: 3fcf0c8d65c85d4⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 225x300, 3:4, tribunal-03.jpg)


because spiders aren't smart enough to filter a space

you fucking newb

shut YOUR fucking mouth

don't warn me motherfucker

b8fb4b No.9678


Just lurk more.


Learn who to listen to.

Like these fellows.




b6051d No.9679


Smacks of assumption, anon.

>>Heed them not

at your peril

404770 No.9684


Thanks for the warning anon. I'm relatively new, saved everything I could from 4Chan over the last month. Good archives. I've used VPN the whole time, no clicking on weird links. How do we newfags best protect as we lurk and try to contribute what we've saved?

d6ce10 No.9685

Where is Podesta? Solve that first and you are on the road to realization.

596504 No.9686

File: 6f4e439dc11febd⋯.jpg (545.61 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, DJ.jpg)

Not sure if anyone got to this yet, but it looks like a WHanon confirmed Q and took a few questions…


1e1e32 No.9687

White House Anon confirms Q

Check out this 4ch thread. A white house staffer posts some pics, answers a few questions, and says Q is real.




ae2693 No.9688


Maybe they were just not on this planet… ;)

History repeats itself. Past paints future, future paints past. Voila!

596504 No.9689

File: c3da29551ccbcad⋯.jpeg (215.61 KB, 708x847, 708:847, MN.jpeg)


I was first, anon

a27547 No.9690


Is there anything that will clue you in to a breach in your system or will it just blow the fuck up out of nowhere and the you get v&? Thanks for all your wisdom btw!

8fa005 No.9691

File: d4bdfde9669146d⋯.png (61.7 KB, 1062x968, 531:484, pastebin.png)

File: eebb4a65a621c4a⋯.png (23.97 KB, 762x263, 762:263, pastebin 2.png)


No problem - here it is with 8ch native formatting, just copied & pasted it into pastebin (hopefully it will translate over)

https://pastebin. com/DhagQrYb


>>Pastebin account

>What the actual fuck am i reading

pic related is for you, maybe think first before posting

1710e1 No.9694


It's Trump. He has his own VPN.

05873f No.9695


>https://pastebin. com/DhagQrYb


waiting for 750 now.

094934 No.9696


that area where the Tanana meets the Yukon is relatively flat, it does not match the topography in the alleged trump photo

b6051d No.9698

File: 41752cfaf3f7701⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 02f.jpg)




404770 No.9701

File: 269803566c7037c⋯.png (14.26 KB, 310x326, 155:163, 73 - OjYxN1e.png)


Fuck Yeah.

e4b080 No.9702

File: 09c4ff1e557d60b⋯.jpg (152.14 KB, 950x534, 475:267, nsahole.jpg)


That's why I'm not contributing yet. Seems like enough of the migrants are the plebbit niggerbrains that infested and ruined halfchan over the past 2 years. In which case I'll watch them expose themselves and masturbate to their future of committing suicide with 2 gunshots to the back of the head with the help of glowing niggers.


>I'm one of you whites, accept me

Wew is not a problem here.

a6253e No.9704

File: 03d343bea395dd0⋯.png (18.02 KB, 724x342, 362:171, ClipboardImage.png)


Shame me Anon. Never knew pastebin had accounts because I've never had to delete a paste. Thanks.

>tfw you almost blend in but are actually a retard

50e40d No.9705


Copy that Anon.

I know you are tired, I appreciate your 30,000 foot view! Makes sense.

God Bless.

ae2693 No.9706


Not usually. no. Your browser might start clogging up,slowing down but by then it's too late. and with your IP the good ones can easily jump right into your phone and then stare at you and listen to you and everything from your phone/computer microphone range is voice to text logged and gps logged and so on and so on. But in reality this can be accomplished even with precautions depending on the person's skill level. Just so happens people who come here are at a very advanced skill level for the most part, or else know someone who is. And this type of intrusion is a game to them. I just know if they get into my system theyre gonna have a really bad time lolol. so you be careful and try hard not to ruffle any feathers and just stay away from the topic of coal and (((them))) ;) cheers

1710e1 No.9707


>You will be v& for posting on 8chan

a27547 No.9708


I was running ghostery if that makes a difference. ?

ae2693 No.9709


nahhh I'm good lol. how about urself?

ae2693 No.9711


depends what browser you are using. hint: don't use chrome.

1710e1 No.9712

File: 0a7cc0148077c63⋯.png (137.19 KB, 409x431, 409:431, image.png)


You have to go back.

a27547 No.9713



ae2693 No.9714


I only browse with a removable ssd and daisychain to timbuktu and back setup so if need be i can throw it all in the river in the back yard lolol. I'm getting deliriously tired gotta run. the opsec link is retarded btw. Could use some work.

ae2693 No.9717

File: 8ca0cb866e246d8⋯.jpg (53.01 KB, 480x478, 240:239, 86v1n.jpg)

e4b080 No.9718


FYI, being a faggot and posting nonsense comments like this will doom the board.

>but why

Signal to noise ratio mein nigger. If you shit up your own board you won't attract high level assistance, your digging will be substantially less fruitful, and the board will become pointless.


This. Stay focused on the work because it's that important.

1710e1 No.9719


Yeah, I know exactly what he is.

In other news, the easiest and simplest way to help everyone out is to post relevant information in the relevant threads. There are threads for certain topics and I know there people researching these topics.

ae2693 No.9720


point taken. ambien also taken. gotta go bye.

760a2a No.9722

File: d4224bd1fce9257⋯.jpg (87.47 KB, 1196x652, 299:163, 2.JPG)

anyone catching this??

1710e1 No.9723


Sounds like VOTL.

e4b080 No.9724


Sorry anon, it looked like I was telling you to stay focused but I meant it to >>9709


Interdasting find. Where are first mentions of that Shitter handle showing up? I'd archive first instance and the list of followers.

436184 No.9726

File: c0026a518c047f6⋯.png (253.84 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171129-002211.png)

Just saw this on 4chan conspiracy board…

1710e1 No.9727


Time to get the map out. Half of that is from Q.

f796b8 No.9729

That stringer!

Aside from that, anybody else see the quick appearance by a couple of WH anons over on the other board?

Any of you see the sudden appearance of a couple of WH anons on the other board a while ago?


08b9ec No.9730

File: ca78ad94a304509⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, coldwar2.jpg)

/pol/ cbts baker here, the 8th thread is up. Hopefully this will allow Q to make his choice, but I'm betting they want the largest audience possible:


6c6e18 No.9731



an amazing guy

>USA and SA Leadership Change 1/06/2018

January 6th 2018

>alert thousands die, vaccine fact checked, paranoid news leak

sounds like another epidemic reaching the us

05873f No.9734


>4chan conspiracy board

what board is that?

1710e1 No.9735


How have the mods responded?

e4b080 No.9736



They won't like fagtalk like



f796b8 No.9737


So Germany and Pakistan get the next leadership change. Good. Angela Merkel is old and poisonous.

Some of those other lines are worrisome :(

760a2a No.9738


not sure, I found it recently and thought it would be god idea to have eyes on it….not verified yet…

08b9ec No.9740


Not locked yet. Please, please, please don't engage the kikes that will show up. just filter and help bump to get Q's attention.


Suck the farts out of my ass, its why it's spoilered, nerd

e4b080 No.9741

File: 5c7533230253da8⋯.png (277.64 KB, 751x418, 751:418, 872eb0092cc5a204d5bb126fd9….png)


>Suck the farts out of my ass

You don't belong here, and it shows.

0aad17 No.9743



It's actually just repeating stuff from Q posts. These are from an 11/5 post.

8fa005 No.9745


It's not showing up on 4plebs under his tripcode


e4b080 No.9746


No doubt it's a honeypot but it might be informative to know where the Shitter handle first shows up online and who the followers are. More than 1k followers on an official account for a fringe conspiracy larper? Surely it can't be organic.


As expected.

05873f No.9747


>>9727 >>9731 >>9734 >>9737

>Just saw this on 4chan conspiracy board…

here's the post mentioned in -



the pic might be fake, or some one tried to emulate Q.

disregard it.

e4b080 No.9748




My mistake.

1710e1 No.9749


You mean they are trying to get people rallied behind a fake Q?

05873f No.9750







here you go -


someone tried to emulate Q bu taking Q's post and adding his own.

pure faggotry

e40d33 No.9751

File: 3f986ed72463691⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 930x558, 5:3, 4500.jpg)

e4b080 No.9752


It could be used for any number of things, like correlation. Maybe they can't siphon all the data they need from halfchan logs, but if they correlate it with Shitter followers of the Q account they could connect more dots. The more dots they connect the more fail-opsec-self-doxing they can capitalize on as they build red lists.

1710e1 No.9754


Understood. Someone needs to get out the Dec 19th anti-Twatter memes from 4pol cbts. I have a few.

1710e1 No.9755


And possibly state your intentions in a meme. Twatter is about to become Fuckbook-level spyware. You're right, this is definitely a bad actor running this account. Q has plenty of places to post, least of all there.

436184 No.9759






Sorry guys i meant paranormal thread and i dont think its Q, i think it is someone trying to decode the posts.

1710e1 No.9763


Direct him here, then. We need his effort.

e4b080 No.9764


>definitely a bad actor

I'd think so. If it was a friendly trying to get Q's content out I don't think the handle would claim to be Q.

>about to become

Bad news anon, Shitter has plenty of censorship practice under its belt already, https://archive.4plebs. org/pol/thread/81987062/

<don't take my posting the example as support for faggots in any way

>Saudi-owned Twitter

Looks like Q wasn't the first to point in the sandnigger direction at Shitter.

ddd2e0 No.9765


It's an honor to have you here. We've discovered a few things. The Clowns org is the keystone (someone found an old brochure - heh). Otherwise we're just meming and digging. We serve at your pleasure.

1710e1 No.9766


At who's pleasure? I was thinking it was Q!

e40d33 No.9768

File: 65dbebcfa7d5c45⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 600x416, 75:52, merlin_130606335_64d38cef-….jpg)

ddd2e0 No.9769


dubs confirm. read all posts by his ID.

1710e1 No.9770


Yeah, but now they're gonna track you by what links you click on.. like Fuckbook does. First thing we could do is make sure "don't fall for the Twatter larp" is in the batter.

8ee87c No.9773


oh i had to switch legs to give my injured leg a rest (literally makes no fucking sense from a medical standpoint at all)

05873f No.9774









again, it's fake and some one trying to emulate Q.

and failing if you ask me.

disregard completely.

1710e1 No.9775


Speaking of BTC, is it signifcant to Q's message? You know.. the spooks are working on breaking RSA at this very moment. And that would crash BTC.

e4b927 No.9776


It's a bot actually.

If you send it a direct message the programmer will talk about it, usually.

e4b080 No.9777



All the more reason for anons to archive links with content and share those. (broken up, of course) Archiving links is also important because any good content will get (((shut down))) and become 404s.

c6e418 No.9778

File: de2ceb02f0fb42b⋯.jpeg (75.18 KB, 517x645, 517:645, F9594951-2EB3-4E08-B062-B….jpeg)


Nope not the same. I live in Alaska. The Tanana River is very wide, multichannelled, and full of glacial silt making it look weird and brown like that. Besides, no reason for POTUS/FLOTUS air traffic to be over that remote place on FLOTUS trip. It’s not enroute to JBER or Elmendorf AFB. And they don’t look anything close to each other

690a34 No.9780


Ya I'm in AK too, stopping in Tanana would be like stopping in Glennallen or some shit, pointless.

c15472 No.9781

The Q source (also Q document, Q Gospel, Q Sayings Gospel, or Q from German: Quelle, meaning "source") is a hypothetical written collection of primarily Jesus' sayings (logia). Q is part of the common material found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke but not in the Gospel of Mark. According to this hypothesis, this material was drawn from the early Church's Oral Tradition. Along with Markan priority, Q was hypothesized by 1900, and is one of the foundations of most modern gospel scholarship. B. H. Streeter formulated a widely accepted view of Q: that it was written in Koine Greek; that most of its contents appear in Matthew, in Luke, or in both; and that Luke more often preserves the text's original order than Matthew. In the two-source hypothesis, the three-source hypothesis and the Q+/Papias hypothesis Matthew and Luke both used Mark and Q as sources. Some scholars have postulated that Q is actually a plurality of sources, some written and some oral.[Others have attempted to determine the stages in which Q was composed.

Q's existence has been questioned.[6] Omitting what should have been a highly treasured dominical document from all early Church catalogs, its lack of mention by Jerome is a conundrum of modern Biblical scholarship.[7][dubious – discuss] But copying Q might have been seen as unnecessary as it was preserved in the canonical gospels. Hence, it was preferable to copy the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, "where the sayings of Jesus from Q were rephrased to avoid misunderstandings, and to fit their own situations and their understanding of what Jesus had really meant".[8] Despite challenges, the two-source hypothesis retains wide support.

For centuries, biblical scholars followed the Augustinian hypothesis: that the Gospel of Matthew was the first to be written, Mark used Matthew in the writing of his, and Luke followed both Matthew and Mark in his (the Gospel of John is quite different from the other three, which because of their similarity are called the Synoptic Gospels). Nineteenth-century New Testament scholars who rejected Matthew's priority in favor of Markan priority speculated that Matthew's and Luke's authors drew the material they have in common with the Gospel of Mark from Mark's Gospel. But Matthew and Luke also share large sections of text not found in Mark. They suggested that neither Gospel drew upon the other, but upon a second common source, termed Q.[9][10]

Herbert Marsh, an Englishman, is seen by some as the first person to hypothesize the existence of a "narrative" source and a "sayings" source, although he included in the latter parables unique to Matthew and unique to Luke.[11] In his 1801 work, A dissertation on the Origin and Composition of our Three First Canonical Gospels, he used the Hebrew letter Aleph (א) to denote the narrative source and the letter beth (ב) to denote the sayings source.[12]

The next person to advance the "sayings" hypothesis was the German Friedrich Schleiermacher in 1832. Schleiermacher interpreted an enigmatic statement by the early Christian writer Papias of Hierapolis, c. 125 ("Matthew compiled the oracles (Greek: logia) of the Lord in a Hebrew manner of speech, and everyone translated them as well he could") as evidence of a separate source. Rather than the traditional interpretation—that Papias was referring to the writing of Matthew in Hebrew—Schleiermacher proposed that Papias was actually referring to a sayings collection of the apostle Matthew that was later used, together with narrative elements, by another "Matthew" and by the other Evangelists.[13]

In 1838 another German, Christian Hermann Weisse, took Schleiermacher's suggestion of a sayings source and combined it with the idea of Markan priority to formulate what is now called the Two-Source Hypothesis, in which both Matthew and Luke used Mark and the sayings source. Heinrich Julius Holtzmann endorsed this approach in an influential treatment of the synoptic problem in 1863, and the two-source hypothesis has dominated ever since.

At this time, the second source was usually called the Logia, or Logienquelle (logia-source), because of Papias's statement, and Holtzmann gave it the symbol Lambda (Λ). But toward the end of the 19th century, doubts began to grow about the propriety of anchoring its existence to Papias's account. So a neutral symbol Q (which was devised by Johannes Weiss to denote Quelle, meaning source) was adopted to remain neutrally independent of the collection of sayings and its Papian connection.

This two-source hypothesis speculates that Matthew borrowed from both Mark and Q. For most scholars, Q accounts for what Matthew and Luke share—sometimes in exactly the same words—but that are absent in Mark. Examples are the Devil's three temptations of Jesus, the Beatitudes, the Lord's Prayer, and many individual sayings.

1710e1 No.9782


Lol, nice trips, you should also save it on your hard drive though. ARCHIVE.FO links got shoahed during gate of pizza investigations.

f2b664 No.9784


please forgive this old man, he is suffering from brain cancer and has no business representing a nation-state

41ea6a No.9786

aab121 No.9788

a159e1 No.9789

File: 065e9d8e576de27⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 1005x479, 1005:479, Screenshot_20171129-011628.jpg)






<get them off of /Pol/


1710e1 No.9791


Are you still forgetting how to sage a post?

ddd2e0 No.9792


Please ban them with our blessing. /cbts/ anons have been specifically told not to post on /pol/

1912c3 No.9794

File: 7cc4d256e3f4e6b⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171129-011823.png)

So Antarctica kept getting brought up and I was wondering if anyone here has read the book series "After it Happened"?

Im currently in the thick of the series and it comes up, so if anons have read it, wanted to hear their input on the likelihood of it

a159e1 No.9795

70088f No.9796

File: 69928b2b567a451⋯.png (5.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, EE90C839-DA62-4AEF-A445-A2….png)

Caught my eye

1710e1 No.9797

File: 09b9c41d9c2cfce⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 300x289, 300:289, Q.jpg)


Seriously, just click the little checkbox. It's that easy.

c15472 No.9798


Raising Atlantis Book is closer to the truth

1912c3 No.9799


This is accurate. I was there. Archives everywhere got nuked

071cad No.9800

If any fucking namefaggots spread their cancer outside of this board they will be publicly lynched.

1710e1 No.9802


So did our 50k follower friend here's database. Deep state can delete anything, it appears.


Q is a farce — right? So why does your board have the sealed indictments stickied?

1912c3 No.9803



What's the premise behind that one? Is it a dystopian style book series too?

e4b927 No.9805


Keep antagonizing /pol/ and see how it works out.

071cad No.9807


Nothing was said about Q. People need to behave themselves and not make the natives angry.

50e40d No.9808

Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the far right, pro-Trump website The Gateway Pundit, has been arrested after he appeared to assault a female student after his “It’s OK to Be White” speech at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday.

News broke via YouTube after midnight 11-28 going into 11-29-17

6c6e18 No.9809

File: 1c4f555eb099d8f⋯.png (477.09 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1511940082166.png)

ffe100 No.9810


Because they are real indictments, and we are interested in them, we are however not interested in hearing the opinions of a group of civnat plebbitors cuckchanners namefags kiketubers and general internet refuse on our fucking board

08b9ec No.9811


Retard, I said that I would make an 8th thread there, 2 threads ago here. Q wants an audience.

1912c3 No.9812


Spoopy. You glow in the dark nigga?

8ee87c No.9813


dude anyone from here that goes to pol is literally retarded, just instaban them, dont punish the rest of us for what one idiot decided to do.

1710e1 No.9814


You know, I can't stop that guy from baking the bread. But I can laugh at them for threatening another board over one thread.

1710e1 No.9816


I think he is just a clown. Why haven't the mods banned the baker if he's really a "threat"?

ddd2e0 No.9818


Board owner here. I will put up a sticky that if anyone here shits up /pol/ they will be banned from here as well. You happy? Or do you just want to lump us all together? I've been on 8/pol/ for years as well as /traffick/ and /v/. The last thing I want is to piss off /pol/.

19faf0 No.9820


Shills are on their way…. we need more mods to delete shill posts & ban IPs

e4b080 No.9821


>spiral in the O

Pedo symbol.

>triangle in the other O

Basically the same.


Not the right attitude. You're the guests here. Don't fuck with /pol/ black nigger.


The halfchan infiltration is sending too much attention to fullchan. I'm trying to help bring the standards bar up, but ultimately anons will decide if they have a new /cozy/ board or if they get sent packing.

1710e1 No.9822



>baker here

There you go. Also please take note of all the CIANiggers from ledditchan.

6c6e18 No.9824


that's not it

I wish I could go to Alaska though.

ddd2e0 No.9826


>The halfchan infiltration is sending too much attention to fullchan.

This is a problem. Some halfchan fag goes to /pol/ and says "I'm from cbts hur hur hur". We get blamed.

95842c No.9827


WHat exactly is this?

ffe100 No.9828


Its most likely jidf posting sensing they can enable /pol/ to shill for them.

If Q is real he is now posting on a NatSoc board, if hes a larp then so be it, at least people got exposed to some truths out there.


This is my post, and i made a terrible mistake because their is only one first redpill the holocaust lie, this Q business doesn't come close.

08b9ec No.9829


Hey bo /pol/ cbts op here, I am happy that you guys have carved a niche here for Q digging, I'm pretty sure Q is trying to get his message to as many people as possible. His next post will determine the fate of my attempts at /pol/ cbts discussion and this board. Cheers.

7d35b6 No.9830



>Nancy pelosi goat hill restaurant..front for???

I am tired. And these fuckers cant even see the platform theyve been given.

I gonna bed.

And im a jew. Double fuct. Redpill. Sheeeit.

Mañana tards.

not tards know who they are

Godspeed fuckers, ifn the nazis dont take this board down by dawn.

And you guys were being so nice.

1912c3 No.9831


You're always welcome to help with the wiki or link it in. Are you a page designer?

ddd2e0 No.9833


Please ban any namefags and other retards who claim to speak for cbts in /pol/


f96ce1 No.9834

Just let me get this straight:

I am supposed not to click any links on this board here because they might be infected with CrossScripting and CP?

I call bullshit. What get´s my intention, is 8ch.net really a natsoc board that could get you in trouble for visiting?

or are you talking about infinitychan?

ae7485 No.9836

Oh good, I see we moved from Rothschild ++ to the Soros + picture. Much better that woman gave me the chills.

ddd2e0 No.9837


> I'm pretty sure Q is trying to get his message to as many people as possible.

This is true but it's indirect. Q chose 4chan originally in order that the anons there could get the message out. BTW he is in this very thread if you know where to look.

1912c3 No.9838


Only name fags here are ones who've been name fags since the second or third massive shill attacks on half. We have no reason to venture over there other than to lurk for possible intel and habbenins.

Namefags, stay off 4ch, no reason to be there for now

4ef094 No.9839


Q has posted in this thread? Why doesn't he use his trip code?

ddd2e0 No.9841


Namefags here are namefags for a reason as you rightly point out :)

But namefags on /pol/ need to be banned.

ddd2e0 No.9842


10 days of darkness…

1912c3 No.9843


Soros doesn't sit above the rotchildren. He's low chum in comparison. Whoever is above them stays in the shadows like a grand puppet master.

ddd2e0 No.9844


actually I'm not 100% sure it's him, but it is an insider

1912c3 No.9846


Yeah, there's no need for them over there unless we need to be for the specific job. Like archive anon or the breadmen who are weathering the bots

08b9ec No.9847


I'm not a mod there, I'm just trying to keep the light shining for more Q revelation. I think you should let the /pol/ mods/BO know just what the fuck is happening, because the shilling is so obvious on the /pol/ cbts threads that its making discussion almost impossible.


Just being on 8ch puts you on a list. The CP gets posted here by shills/clownigs/kikes to try to get LEOs to shut down the site. Its why our /b/ gets wiped about once a month.


Q posted on cuckchan because its the only real mainstream discussion of ideas on the internet. As fucked up as it is, TONS of fucking underage and normies lurk what's posted. Its why we have boomers talking about Q on judetube.


Q has posted on /pol/ cbts #7, and intended to do so again until I'm sure he noticed the thread was anchored. /pol/ cbts 8 is the last attempt I will make to give him a platform. The shills fucking that thread up is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

d5cc49 No.9848

File: 0275bbe278eaca1⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 325x325, 1:1, 4nC3TWwD.jpg)

MUNK connections from INSIDER ANON >>1943

Adnan Khashoggi

Lord Jacob Rothschilds

Andrew Sarlos

Sir Peter Abeles

Oleg Deripaska

-Barrick Gold was secretly founded by Saudi arms deal Adnan Khashoggi

- Lord Jacob Rothschilds was an investor with Anthony Monk in a resort in Montenengro (1. Peter Monk's Great Sea Adventure).

-Peter Munk and Barrick director Andrew Sarlos are very close associates of international speculator George Soros

-Munk's rise in Australia was aided by his lifelong close association with fellow Hungarian emigre Sir Peter Abeles

- Another name that appears as well is Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

-Munk signed an investment partnership agrer ment with arms-trafficking billionaire Adnan Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia


stay on track anons, It's looking like we found the Mediterranean pedo base KAY GRIGGs [RIP] spoke of.

David D. Davidson would be proud

4ef094 No.9850


Tax bill is red herring if we go global reset (real plan). If tax bill passes, I would say Trump plans to keep us in debt slavery.

1710e1 No.9851


I'm not so sure the government is too interested in 8chan. They are literally people praising and practically recruiting for Hezbollah on /pol/

f96ce1 No.9853


>Just being on 8ch puts you on a list.

What kinda list?

4ef094 No.9854


JP in witness protection, assuming the letter we saw from his lawyer was real

1710e1 No.9855


Speculation. Q likes(?) No Such Agency, and they have the power to surveil the internet. Clowns are the ones that hate us.

071cad No.9856


A list they won't do anything with unless you're a serious threat or actual criminal.

14a6d2 No.9857




05873f No.9858


i'm here.

don't worry.

14a6d2 No.9859


Thank you baker! Sorry always paranoid haha

08b9ec No.9860


Think Deus Ex. Just look at all the publicly available shit they have on us, and remember, we aren't indexed on google like cuckchan is:


We are the brains that left cuckchan, we are the shining light that people are only brave enough to look at through cracks in the wall.

05873f No.9861


it's alright.

paranoia saves lives.

f96ce1 No.9862




8ch itself is not illegal to view nor will it get me on any list. If I actively view CP or search for it, that will get me on a list. Which I won´t plan on doing.

To me it´s rather simple: put in your adblocker, switch on your brain, and lurk moar. If you find a suspicious link, don´t click it. If you find a reddit or google link, then there should be absolutly no risk.

I know how crossscripting works, and I doubt it´s possible by the little post editor here.

other than that, it´s suspicous sites that get you infected, which you can avoid by ==BRAIN==

000000 No.9864

any news about william campbell? did he testify?

6ce1ef No.9865


You sure they aren't trolls pretending to be people from here?

f96ce1 No.9866


This is definitly weird as fuck. Where did you find that?

I´m highly alarmed since this is exactly like in PizzaGate times… Notice there seems to be code on the plakat as well, written under the


of ARCADE and the

Leaf nest to STS9

Really weird. Pedorelated rather sure

ddd2e0 No.9867


Yeah, please don't post CBTS threads on /pol/, the denizens think it's us.

ddd2e0 No.9868


yeah, that's another problem

4ef094 No.9872


Closed door hearing, no leaks

54b9a0 No.9875


idk about u goys but i dont trust vqc. something feels wrong.

what happen to q. when was his last post? yesterday? or b4 that?

000000 No.9876

9a9fce No.9877


US >SA change of leadership 1-6-2018= 666

6ce1ef No.9878


Yup, it'd be too easy. :/

ddd2e0 No.9879


Q's last post on halfchan was the 25th.

He posted on 8/pol/ on the 27th.

ddd2e0 No.9885


26th on 8/pol/ sorry - not sure about the time zone so it may even be the 25th.

That would fit with the 10 days of darkness -> 25th to 5th Dec. Read this thread carefully ppl - there's knowledgeable ppl dropping good stuff here!

ddd2e0 No.9886


dude answer your mail from BO

61af2c No.9889


and Q is also 'cue'

429403 No.9890


Spirals have been around for a long time. Not just related to Pedo. Let's not over think this guys…or will find in everything. I happen to know these types of festivals. Nothing to see here… dig elsewhere!

f96ce1 No.9891





























Hi Q! Nice to see you here. We are going to take your hints towards 10 days darkness, Pence and Podesta serious.

Next bread I will take care that this is being prioritized.

c15472 No.9892

When Q shows up. Tell'em I want a chocolate pecan pie.

821e54 No.9893


Haven't seen this 'inversion' before. A KeK baphomet? As above so below, huh? Complete with black star and other satanic symbolism?

>know your satanic symbols, famalia.

a708a1 No.9894

File: 06400a5f72b92d8⋯.png (318.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171129-035553.png)


I dug back to find this.

Insteresting changes from the first post….?

0abfc2 No.9896

File: 5f0c81ae2dba8a1⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 444x459, 148:153, north korea wants nukes to….jpg)

7c6dbb No.9897


According to his twatter, VP Pence has been working over congress on the tax bill "every day" since November 18.

ddd2e0 No.9898


Well spotted. Cap and post.

61af2c No.9899


Of course… I would do the same. That is the only way POTUS will get anything through. Make them work for a living!

f96ce1 No.9901


>Has anyone seen VP Pence lately

<To mark the 70th anniversary of the UN vote that led to the establishment of the state of Israel, Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday will attend a re-enactment of the historic event in Queens.

>What is he working on?

<Pence will deliver the keynote address at the Queens Museum, which in 1947 was the UN headquarters where the vote on Resolution 181 took place.

>Who really controls POTUS Twitter (for security reasons)?

<Interestingly enough, we don´t know who controls the POTUS twitter, but judging form the way you are speaking, I assume you to either Q or at least an insder. Therefore it might be the military that controls the POTUS twitter, or relatives of him. Either ways, it´s not himself as he might get tracked down and CIAed

>Podesta Podesta, where art thou?

<Tony Podesta is currently in Wiesbaden, Germany, attending the B3, which is a conference where "art in motion" is discussed and shown and sold

ddd2e0 No.9902


>where "art in motion" is discussed and shown and sold

Hmmm. What could that possibly be referring to?

70088f No.9903


Checked and found On FB

Notice the Owl and Buck (Y) right up top

Bad vibes

071cad No.9904


So Pence is busy with Zionism and Tony Podesta is still freely trading children.

1710e1 No.9906


Trump clearly controls his Twit. He just uses a VPN or tells people what to post, Q's statement that they tried to track him using geo was validated.


One of the other supposed insider anons talked about Pence being part of the establishment — insurance that Trump would be allowed to go the general election. I'm half/half on this, he was an eloquent orator.

05873f No.9907

f96ce1 No.9908


Correction, Tony Podesta is in Frankfurt, Germany, not Wiesbaden.


this is the link to exhibition they are attending

1710e1 No.9910


We need to investigate this

f96ce1 No.9911



Confirmation it really is him..

Question remains where John Podesta actually is.

88b326 No.9913


Trump almost didn't thank Pence on election night. He ended his speech and then thanked him akwardly. After all the thanks he was throwing around, he forgot to thank his running mate? That to me was an obvious swipe that they aren't close.

fbc661 No.9915


I hope Pence is good otherwise Regan comes to mind…

1710e1 No.9916


I don't know why the fuck Reagan endorsed HW Bush.

071cad No.9917


Yeah Pence is still a wildcard and probably will be until he gets nailed or does something overt like participates in a relatively hot coup against Trump.

He's a frustrating fucker.

f96ce1 No.9918


basically it´s movies, fictionable stories, art, short films, and VR that´s being exhibited

fbc661 No.9920


Probably the same reason Trump is stuck with Pence…Alice in wonderland…

ddd2e0 No.9921


Tony Podesta trades a somewhat different kind of 'art in motion'.

094934 No.9923

not sure what his motives are but that xxx_tubbaks guy is doing a pretty good job trying to move people over from 4chan

0abfc2 No.9924

When this article was published , 100% of participants agreed with the official 9/11 narrative.


Maybe a meme depicting this statistic , and then showing what we know now may cause some to rethnk?

What we were told then vs what we know now

071cad No.9926



0abfc2 No.9927


Now that you mention it. Reeks of witchcraftary.

The plant has once again , been planted.

ddd2e0 No.9928


POTUS lost hundreds of friends that day. He will get to it when he's ready.

70088f No.9929

File: 0bd42fa281efd92⋯.jpeg (35.51 KB, 255x235, 51:47, BB35A480-A6D3-4CCE-8609-9….jpeg)

When in Rome?

1710e1 No.9930


Could there be any bad intentions in moving halfchan sperg to cbts? Seems like a good thing to me. Shills will be banned, of course. Nazi sperg can have their own thread.

0c309a No.9932

File: b607a6e546e0e5f⋯.gif (15.35 MB, 482x600, 241:300, B-P-final-5.gif)

Posting this image here too as well as the 'other' site. This has not been posted here and is a response to a request by Q to list instances of Owl and 'Y'.

Hope it is self explanatory. I cobbled this together in Photoshop so it is not as accurate as I want it to be as the lines were drawn using the line tool and the image was a bit fuzzy at the higher zoom-in level so I couldn't see the edges of the building very clearly. But you can see what is there.

For background as to where I got this info from see the pdf in post below with filename 'Holocaust'.

ddd2e0 No.9933


I'm in two minds. More anons means more research. But more 4tards means trouble.

071cad No.9934


Trying to build a support base to take over this board after having already tried and failed.

0c309a No.9935

File: cad2aa17f70afa8⋯.pdf (2.17 MB, Holocaust.pdf)

This is where I discovered the info about the Pentagon image above.

f96ce1 No.9936

Guys, where is John Podesta. I can not find ANY news past November 11.

ddd2e0 No.9937


my guess is the cell next to Huma

b21aa5 No.9938




Huma was only deposed last week by Judicial Watch in relation to their court case, specifically over the email server. Apparently she landed HRC in it and said the email server was her idea only and that Huma didn't know about the FOIA requirements for all their work. Bullshit but shes 100% flipped

05873f No.9939


get a tripcode.

secure one.

At least 3 anons in this thread that i'd like to see again (but with tripcodes)

Also, getting close to new bread, lads.

hang on tight.

f96ce1 No.9940


See, exactly this is the shit I aint clickin.

ddd2e0 No.9941


It's just a PDF. Download and open.

1710e1 No.9942


Linux has its perks.

071cad No.9944

File: 3267ab0b45b86b9⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1510055157917.jpg)

0abfc2 No.9945


Agreed. However, if we are to convince those to the bigger more complex picture, then surely we much start from something relevant , factual , and easy to digest.

9/11, Human Trafficking , Las Vagas , then move onto to the bigger picture. If you were to obtain a general consensus on ONE thing….

ddd2e0 No.9946


Indeed :)

0c309a No.9947


Its written by an ex-jesuit-in-training who bailed out before completing his training. Quite an eye-opener and a bit of a shock for me to see the info the first time. Sharing it here as this is one of the keys that I think Q wants us to see. He did say that 99% of Americans would end up in hospital if they were given the red pill. The info contained within the odf is probably one of the reasons.

ddd2e0 No.9948

I need to go - got to create a thread about the keystone since we know what it is and also another one debunking the fake Mega shit

071cad No.9949


The more plausible anon today said Q is real so that makes the fake mega posts a zero sum game for the debunkers.

f96ce1 No.9950

So Q seems to have appeared in this bread. You better focus on his questions, they are really good and explaining lots of different situations we currently are in.

ddd2e0 No.9951

File: d6d123bed4f1ad2⋯.png (227.61 KB, 790x623, 790:623, keystone2.png)

Crappy pic related - will redo.

b21aa5 No.9952


Agree, imo 9/11 is both the hardest to swallow and easiest to explain to start with.

Start small: 2 planes in NY, 3 buildings fell, that's a good trick.

Did you know: The flight 93 recording of Todd Beamer saying 'Lets Roll' didnt happen - the official transcript of that conversation does not include this statement.

Did you know: Todd Beamer's phone stayed on for 17 minutes after the crash despite being vaporized.

Did you know: the technology to make calls from your mobile to the ground directly, while in flight moving at that speed, still does not exist. New planes have their own transmitter, a new technology.

The list goes on …..

0c309a No.9953

File: dd95f52d3de5e18⋯.jpg (354.26 KB, 1351x601, 1351:601, pentagon_pentagram_500m.jpg)

File: 8700981d1e88c73⋯.jpg (396.75 KB, 1357x604, 1357:604, pentagon_pentagram_2km.jpg)

File: e23f65aa39edf24⋯.jpg (178.01 KB, 1342x600, 671:300, pentagon_pentagram_500km.jpg)

File: 505dd32d92a2688⋯.jpg (445.33 KB, 1568x764, 392:191, Great_Vatican_Jesuit_Ley_L….jpg)

Here are some images from within the Holocaust pdf….

5d3074 No.9954


Ok. I just woke up for my night shift on here.

Just out of curiosity.. what IS the theory on where the children go to and/or what does adrenochrome have to do with it?

Want to see if I'm on the right track, or completely off. I assume they get sold into sex slavery, and then ground up into McDonalds burgers/breakfast sausage when they're done with them..

ddd2e0 No.9955



- are raped

- are sacrificed to Moloch

- have their organs harvested

- are tortured to provide a source of adrenochrome.

f96ce1 No.9956

*cough cough*


ok, could be another insider, but anyway, the questions do matter!




05873f No.9960




is someone capping this?

that anon, even of not Q, was a perfect to push the anons to dig more.

f96ce1 No.9961


not only to dig more, but in 2 very concrete directions.

Pence and John Podesta

071cad No.9962


a) Q

b) Another insider

c) (You)

93a44e No.9963

>> 9219

SC is Fu**ed

Not the Supreme Court

For brazen open refusal to respect and uphold the law, one could imagine.

092e4d No.9964


POTUS_personnel: We R W/ You?

f96ce1 No.9965


Does Q indicate that it´s the POTUS´ staff posting in here? and not only one single person?

Q = POTUS "Team" in a manner?

ddd2e0 No.9966


POTUS personnel: we are with you, or

POTUS personally: we are with you

346ba9 No.9967








and d6ce10's post style/tone sounds nothing like Q, but exactly like the kikefag that runs the official mossad twatter

compare them yourself

ddd2e0 No.9969


oi - /pol/ is over there.

f96ce1 No.9970




Do not even exist in this bread.

>and d6ce10's post style/tone sounds nothing like Q

Yes it does, that´s why I spotted and posted the compilation here in first place…

> but exactly like the kikefag that runs the official mossad twatter

Alright, you fuck off.


f96ce1 No.9971


>Shills become active…

We are onto something again!

596504 No.9973



Paradise Papers maybe?

05873f No.9975




Taste the fresh bread when done with his one.

Still about 40 bites left in this bread.




ddd2e0 No.9976


it could just be a /pol/ack too. Still, his posts are OT for here. Ban?

071cad No.9977



e96ce1 = f96ce1: looks like a typo

ddd2e0 is 3 posts above you.

f96ce1 No.9978


ddd2eo =!= ddd2e0

596504 No.9979


He's trying to mitigate harm from a testimony from podesta

ddd2e0 No.9980


Ooh, good idea. Should search them for WRWY

ddd2e0 No.9981


Thank you MA.

346ba9 No.9982


>oy vey, could be anotha (((insider))) but anyways, the questions do matter you filthy goyim!



a) Q

b) (((Another insider)))

c) (((f96ce1)))


071cad No.9984


And look who was recently active over on 4ch? I think we've found the kike hive.

This will be The_Donald 2.0 by the weekend. Cap this.


ddd2e0 No.9985


Oh ffs sorry - appeal and mods will revert.

d2b07f No.9986


mmm… can't buy that. Critical distance - mandatory to be against authoritarian deep state satanist anti-life cabal. Everything else is surely fellow travelers, with sometimes, sometimes not.

f96ce1 No.9987



Bullshit. I try to think out of the box, and these questions simply stood out above the other.

Can you answer where John Podesta is? Why he didn´t tweet? Why the Date Q last posted might be relevant? Why Thursday might be relevant? Where Mike Pence is? What P_pers: WRWY means?



9633fd No.9988


Indeed it is. Q did not bring you here on accident, nor out of convenience. There are no coincidences, remember? Y'all cuckchan faggots couldn't get to the truth yourself so he had to hold your hand and lead you here. Whether you chose to drink the Water of Truth is up to you now….

ddd2e0 No.9989


Megs? Is that really you? Dubdubs would seem to confirm.

0209a8 No.9990


offshoot paper in NZ Interesting team for hygiene products

0d784f No.9991


>divide and conquer is Nazism


cfa82d No.9992


You are absolutely correct! I wish more people would realize this.

As a side note, does anyone know where BO and HRC are currently?

ddd2e0 No.9993


hanging upside down in a basement side-by-side hopefully

fbc661 No.9994


kek HRC will not make it….

9633fd No.9995


No, not Megs. But dubdubs certainly indicate truth on such a young board.

596504 No.9996


He's scheduled to speak here later today.. I know it's not the same as knowing where he is, but.. it's where he's supposed to be


596504 No.9997


sorry, meant for




596504 No.9999


HRC doing a video conference to Xi and others who were in Beijing. Don't know where she was on her end though.


d2b07f No.10000


Jupiter Ascending - Wachowskis. Spot on allegory for this

ddd2e0 No.10005

Night all. Stay focused, stay frosty. Report spam and hollow earth distractions. Re-read Q's drops in this thread. Tomorrow will be good. 5/12 will be better.

fbc661 No.10006


Amazing that when look at the Questions a second time, it does looks like Q's signature…..

05873f No.10009




aah, wachowski brothers, the directors of The Matrix,

now knowns as the wachowski sisters.

2f6012 No.10011

File: d9d835c7a36832b⋯.jpg (160.54 KB, 565x991, 565:991, d9d835c7a36832b9adcf161ce0….jpg)

File: 236223001eaa79d⋯.png (586.38 KB, 766x524, 383:262, 236223001eaa79da1d87b5b064….png)

File: f4f57386b0c72cb⋯.jpg (73.98 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1511301406259m.jpg)

File: 7552825c1030393⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 225x225, 1:1, a8706682ebee78253aefd97092….jpg)



>hey kids, ism, ism, ism, ==The Truth== (NatSoc) is definitely the worst d&c

0de2ab No.10017


Put the kittens outside.

2f6012 No.10019

File: 6d96128ec96af15⋯.jpg (79.87 KB, 888x587, 888:587, 1510553619951.jpg)

Tfw getting banned on 8/cbts/ for possibly being a kike when all I'm trying to do is get you to recognize that Q brought you here (to Infinity) because you were flunking the JQ on your own on half/pol/

e8cfb0 No.10020


BO CONFIRMED to be in Shanghai, photos and video are now online…

2f6012 No.10021

Definitely report flat earth shills. Hollow earth is truth, nigger.

596504 No.10024


Can you post a link?

05873f No.10026




that is as far as i am willing to go

97b425 No.18167

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