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File: 5fe362ee007478f⋯.png (312.63 KB, 450x309, 150:103, The Storm Has Arrived.png)

8fc91e  No.74186

This "baker" has compromised almost every bake made by not checking the links or updating the dough. Examples:

-Archiving early:

76. >>>/cbts/66796 -> http://archive.fo/afKc9 only has 469 replies

Archives must have 751 replies to be considered complete

-Added unicode to links that rendered them useless. Example from Bake #73 >>64254:


He never checked the links until told to.

-Did not add the latest Q-drop: 8ch Q Drops pt. 2 -> >>70324

-Did not add the latest Q-Map: Q MAP-> >>73608 (now deleted)

PamphletAnon is cancer and the namefagging is the proof. he is an evil egotistical person with no interest in helping us, Q, DJT or the Patriots putting their lives on the line for all of us. All that matters to him is leading a low quality bake for his "friends"

fbc063  No.75201

List of Dumbledore's army that are actively working to destroy CBTS from within and this baker is one of them


8fc91e  No.75844


Thanks but I wanted only the baker's info so I can have a talk with them f2f

8fc91e  No.76065

i see you're just another one of (((them))) "Board Owner"

>I'll pray that you kill yourthelf

>Post last edited at 12/11/17 (Mon) 16:45:37

God forgive me for what I am going to do to these people because I don't care anymore about my life

8fc91e  No.83960

Did you know there are services to find the personal info of board operators and moderators on this site? Surprisingly cheap too



3408e1  No.88497

524d15  No.88688

whats the deal with discord that sounds like a profoundly bad idea

8fc91e  No.92058


It is because they harvest IP's and attack users afterwards.

They are shitty people pretending to help:



and I'm now suspect of the leaf guy because he cucked out to them even after they fucked up the bakes with the A and B bullshit

None of them get any respect from me, don't care what they pretend they are

4f47ce  No.95217


4f47ce  No.95230

c7134a  No.95595

Jesus Christ the faggot ass kek bakers are the height of cringe.

'join us on discord got!'

b0e43c  No.96249



fbc063  No.96275


don't use discord. discord is a social network, social networks are spy tools. 2 union bakers have tried to get people to use discord. that ought to be enough to steer clear of the place.

fe5c6e  No.96311

bake #108 was up and running with posts

thread shut down

completely disappeared

8chan is infiltrated

fbc063  No.96319



>and I'm now suspect of the leaf guy

me too.

fe5c6e  No.96345


8chan has been infiltrated

this needs to get spread

namefags are enemy

one baker baking all threads

wake up, anons

b0e43c  No.96376

and that's a wrap on this Union production

ded0c4  No.96557


What do you expect from 4cuck mouthbreathers?

ded0c4  No.96572

I'm sure it's pure coincidence there's nothing being done outside the general. I'm sure it's pure coincidence the best threads are at the bottom. I'm sure it's pure coincidence there is no digging at all happening.

Fucking shit, 4pol is worse than I ever thought.

b0e43c  No.96641


Agree the best threads are always at bottom of 'bump'….

Then there's other threads that simply GLOW

like the Bouvet Island/NWO thread, which was created five minutes before this first post in the thread:

▶Anonymous 12/13/17 (Wed) 21:55:31 3ef6d8 No.92039

Can someone give me the quick rundown on Bouvet Island?

Where is it located?

What happened there recently?

What is it used for?

What special characteristics does it have?

Who visits?

524d15  No.96650


you're glowing

880a3e  No.96685

Updates music flawlessly each thread

Fucks up everything else

Come to discord

Gas them all

How do we fix this?

ded0c4  No.96694


Dox them and ruin their lives.

524d15  No.96700


>Dox them and ruin their lives.

this and steal the batter and hijack their next bake. they should have no issue stepping back if they're sincere, but it may interfere with the paycheck

ded0c4  No.96715

And can I just be the first here to say that if Q had gone to 8/pol first instead of 4/pol how much more success he would be having with his meme campaign? Have you fags even seen the 'meme threads' it's like a boomer died and it's corpse found MS paint.

524d15  No.96729

It's fun to do a bunch of digging and doxxing on ShareBlue and Belizean Grove only to watch it slid by hyperactive hyperlink baker threads fixating on Gannett of all damn things. YES THEY'RE CIA. MOVE ON.

a92c91  No.96736


>it's like a boomer died and it's corpse found MS paint


ded0c4  No.96764


Hyper focus on Gannett and you have to remind them about InQTel because they delete it from their OP.

It's almost like they're not even trying.

524d15  No.96794


Clowns, clowns, everywhere there's clowns

3e62c6  No.96795

"Hey guyth you cant trutht uth becauthe we collude on dithcord". THE ABSOLUTE STATE.

3e62c6  No.96842

Next thread or the one after that shall be baked by Anonymous.

524d15  No.96849

the thread without the hyperlinks will be the one to speak for itself

36e4a7  No.96855

File: 340daeb10bc0d85⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 510x600, 17:20, Bread-Pamphlet.jpg)



Thank you for your service, Pamphlet. I didn't really mind the flakey bread Tuesday.

It must be extremely humiliating to the shills when their dick goes limp just because of a simple typo.

524d15  No.96955

Remember >>1

Rule #4: No tripfagging.

What happened here?

64717e  No.97009

Hate to say this but I think you all may be right about Shareblue infiltration being pretty deep here.

About a week or 2 ago when Ex Shareblue guy showed up at 4chin, I posted something here with a graphic about an SB principal, and my post was immediately deleted.

Since then, have noticed a surprising lack of discussion on the topic of SB, even though back at the time I drew out what I thought were relevant connections.

At the time I thought maybe I was just an incompetent and boring faggot, and did not check to see if my posts were left in place, but now I wonder if stuff was getting purposefully deleted.

ded0c4  No.97028


Post it again here, now.

ded0c4  No.97137

Looks like the board owner wants to protect pedophiles.



524d15  No.97141

BO threatening bans for questioning prolific tripfag toxicity.

d51f45  No.97177

File: 757e73108e5ef83⋯.png (70.03 KB, 1542x637, 1542:637, faggot_bo.png)

BO wants his pizza to stay.

524d15  No.97181

I'm solidly in BO is compromised territory.

Likely from clicking a toxic link.

d51f45  No.97200


>S-t-t-t-top talking about how we're compromised goys!

d51f45  No.97208

>W-w-w-w-w-we'll ban you OC contributing faggots!

524d15  No.97209

If I end up banned for pressing this it was a pleasure posting with you real anons

d51f45  No.97216


Just get a new IP, they're like free with every modern ISP.

64717e  No.97242

File: b31ce38087b4ff8⋯.jpg (311.58 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, oliver-willis.jpg)

Shareblue factor: the ex-Shareblue employee who appeared briefly at halfchan last week stated that SB has full time people dedicated to disinformation at /pol/, and one would have to think they have made it to here by now. That is the first reason to have them on the radar:

Bad People Are Watching

Second, he painted a picture which seemed credible and was pretty impressive, of SB operatives working throughout the media and in concert with elected Democrats, taking talking points on a regular basis from SB headquarters (pic related).

Something to keep in mind both as we watch the news, and particularly stories of "leaks", and watch our asses here.

c91e5c  No.97245

Morons think it's fucking shareblue. Hand off to new bakers. Why is that so hard? We run by the reddit kike patrol now or something?

d51f45  No.97248


>We run by the reddit kike patrol now or something?


c91e5c  No.97268


Well shit. Wat do?

524d15  No.97272

Force reimplementation of >>1

524d15  No.97301


Which set of rules is better?

>>1 the original rules explicitly banning tripfagging, such as the ongoing in these threads



Shitty rules filled with pop culture references that allow you to namefag to your heart's content or until you clock out from ShareBlue?

d970d2  No.97312

edf06a  No.97318


Get to it, bro.

d970d2  No.97333


Kill yourself BO.

c91e5c  No.97391


Not the BO, actual encouragement here.

424599  No.98004

































8fc91e  No.98818

The union pedophiles part of the 4% - 6% who are zombies, at least they got to eat cheese pizza from David Brocks asshole


cd6c7a  No.99341

oh after weeks of faggotry, NOW we'll do something since there was an anon uprising

e35cad  No.101394

File: f652c14b20b81cf⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1511063082832.jpg)



Sorry kike faggot, but I am not pamphlet anon

c3de95  No.102633

Bump never forget this glowing fame faggotry

8fc91e  No.103010


Doesn't look like he's laughing anymore judging by the posts in the General thread

ID: 890008







>>102745 Says he has important stuff to do, butthurt continues....









[Insert red text HAHAHA]

38469e  No.103542


It really sucks when people who have been subject to Shareblue and JIDF and their counterparts for years suddenly stop playing fair and use Alinsky tactics against them.

ad12ae  No.103804

Actually another anon started posting to check the interview for his Chaffetz shilling long before he did. Fuck this glowing faggot forever

6bae1c  No.104506

File: c91e681a672aae9⋯.png (46.29 KB, 901x813, 901:813, 1511108587724.png)


Discord is a fantastic way to get yourself identified and profiled. You can't even access it thorugh Tor. You have Zero anonymity/security while using it.

Use Tox (qTox is best), and route it through Tor. Look up Groupbot's ID on your search engine of choice, and join/create a room.

Distrust anyone that suggests Discord. Even bakers.

8fc91e  No.105774

and he's back at it again with the broken links, tisk tisk

"aww but he's tired and you have to accept he makes mistakes" or "great baker, super swell guy" = gnupedo backing his fellowpedos up using VPN's

38469e  No.105966

File: 13c8ca2e6203dc1⋯.jpg (129.66 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, whos_going_to_prosecute_pa….jpg)

2e19d9  No.107439


8fc91e  No.107936

File: 54d800f9ff7177a⋯.png (287.28 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, pampersanon - famefags.png)

From the source: they're all working together for the fame and shekels

38469e  No.107999


Stop worrying. IF they disrupt chan again I will fucking shit on them.

Until then they are just attention seeking famefags who will get their pathetic 15 minutes and then be forgotten as the faggots who did literally nothing while the greatest battle in the history of mankind unraveled.

Who will you be? The faggot who bitched about famefags while the greatest battle in the history of mankind unraveled or will you be the shitlord they need you to be. Buck up you fucking pussy. Oh no, someones making shekels on muh internet, same shit different day.

38469e  No.108267


Kill yourself, like minded anons just came out of the woodwork and shut them the fuck down.

38469e  No.108275

Haha, this concern trolling about their shekels is them.

You stupid niggers. IT took you all night to think about that scheme and we took care of it over lunch.

It's no use, give up.

8fc91e  No.108276


That reply was a test to see if you were scanning the thread, caught ya bitch.

Fuck off and die now

8fc91e  No.108280

PampersAnon, Breadbitch, gnupedo, anti-school-cuck, all the same famefags we have grown to distrust

38469e  No.108283


Sorry you don't have three monitors nigger.

38469e  No.108285

>How does this guy pump out meme's so fast.

>Must be scanning the channels!

Drink bleach.

8fc91e  No.108288

Had to remove the God bless comment because you're just a shit eating demon


38469e  No.108295


Not a demon, a shitlord you stupid pussy.

8fc91e  No.108309

38469e (10) replies

Look at this ego goooooo!

Hates being a soulful person

Still can't handle being called out for the possessed piece of shit it is


8fc91e  No.108329

Bet the next reply will come from another source because that's what this garbage does, fills threads with a garbage ego

8fc91e  No.108344



For anyone coming to the bottom of this thread that needs proof on how pathetic and low these things will go

38469e  No.108375



Eat shit, drink bleach, and die.

8fc91e  No.108460


You seem cranky, did you need a nap?

38469e  No.108495


Do you need to a way to be useful?


8fc91e  No.108549

God will judge what I've done, not you


go elsewhere to make your precious pennies because i'm doing this for free

38469e  No.108563


gnupol is a 'expert computer faggot from 1978' who's manipulating a child who goes by the moniker 'Lost', who is also VQC but nobody remembers gnupols calling card with those shitty fucking 512x512 'unique' images.

You are a nigger because you're doing nothign for free. Literally shitting up a board, where's your OC free bitch? Saying 'I do this for free' was never originally a good thing you stupid fucking faggot. Make some fucking memes.

8fc91e  No.108578

you're filtered

stop shitting up my thread with your godforsaken ego

38469e  No.108587

>I'm an oldfag

>I still filter and tell you you're filtered like an asshurt little bitch.

Too easy faggot.

8fc91e  No.115902

last word

38469e  No.115914

>Bumping your own post to be a vain little bitch.

8fc91e  No.119865

Thanks for the butthurt, union shiteater

Also, I am a raging faggot that has nigger AIDS

Post last edited at

38469e  No.119959

>And again because you can never be too vain.

8fc91e  No.139907


And that's the second time my post was edited by the BO

Wonder if the 43yr old with three monitors understands what infringing on free speech is

Guess a lawyer will have to figure out of these posts I make are my property as the TOS spells out.

Because if they are then that's two times he's gone out of his way to do this and that's harassment

8fc91e  No.139921

To everyone coming into the CBTS threads please make a record of what you said because this BO will change if he's feeling stupid enough

8fc91e  No.139956

And yes, the site is compromised by gnupol with the union baking shiteaters:

Ways to know the bake is compromised:

Stale bread between 3am and 7am

Repeated thanks to the baker throughout the bake (ego stroking themselves)

No digging just bossing around (40+ posts with no content, digging, meme's)

Editing posts of legitimate helpers (that's just two for me, wonder who else is a victim of his cancerous ego)

Go for three edits, be the bully boy you want to be! I dare you! I triple dog dare you, "(((Board Owner)))"

55bf42  No.141554

fde232  No.141829

File: 65e60d0dce80255⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 680x510, 4:3, Really?.jpg)

fde232  No.141871


I was in Discord for a few days after Q's trip was compromised and it seemed like it might be useful. Went back a week later and almost nothing had been accomplished there. The one thing I asked help on was ignored and it was pretty important.

Seems to me like a cup-de-sac for something. I'll keep my acct there just for kicks (much like I visit CNN sometimes) but I won't do anything in there that's important.

f591d0  No.141922


That's pretty funny. Too bad you can't do anything about it. Expand your whining.

2bec1a  No.205749

they showed up on alex jones

Well folks this is a Zionist running the board, and so are the moderators

Out of service to God I will continue the effort but everyone should know enemy is running this board and reporting our findings back to the rothschilds even our IP addresses

1adc2c  No.206225

Telling the enemy what? You are so off the marker with this whole "awakening." Start over.

Why is this site still operable?

Why are more and more joining together to wake others up that are still asleep?

Why is all of this happening now? The "enemy" has been doing it, your whole existence here, in plain sight, but with ill intent? What do the Roths have that make you believe they are in control? Money? Money isn't real, it is man made, to keep order over the masses, a systematic plan that put everyone into a deep dark sleep.

I am pretty positive that this Earth existed here, prior to any of us coming here, but at the time in which we did, it was already functioning in a set plan, we had nothing to do with. Programmed to believe what they wanted to keep us in order, and fighting with each other.

The more we beg, the more we fight, the more we believe their lies over race, culture, religion, social status, net worth, etc, and use it to separate each other, that is how they knew we were brain dead. The enemy has been dismantled upon the election, they knew if he won they were screwed. They didn't know what he knew, but I will tell you this, this plan, happening now, unfolding, was already put into place and we are getting the news, AFTER. Q is giving us a crumb at a time, to wake people up, the more awake, the more you can see that there are no coicidences. This is all known by those who are dismantling it. TICK TOCK.. they already knew the take down plan, and the enemy had no idea who, what, where, or when.. Roths have no control over anything anymore, as soon as SA went that was their direct indicator, they were done for.

They have no power, only unless you believe they do.

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