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File: 66106861159669c⋯.png (616.67 KB, 2752x1504, 86:47, screen_shot_q_app.png)

3b69ea  No.65635


I build an interactive Q map.

Q told us to re-read the Q map a number of times. To make connections with old posts. This little web-app I build makes it easy to search everything.

It contains all the Q posts from 4chan (trip & non-trip) and 8chan/pol/ and this board.

For now, you can search and filter Q's posts by keywords.

I'll try to update this every day with the new Q posts.

This thread is for any suggestions or feature request. I'll do my best.

767f98  No.65653

Good work

47abb4  No.66110

nice interactive map

4d9426  No.66206

File: 05c2f567efee218⋯.png (246.76 KB, 472x382, 236:191, nice arnie.png)

Amazing job anon!

This is the type of media presentation normies can stomach wading through, browsing miles of screencaps is just killing them.

Where do you source the posts you enter, various confirmed Qmaps?

Is it possible to make the >>replies link work so people can see what posts Q is responding to?

345808  No.68302

Very nice. I have a few suggestions:

Add links to the actual posts via the id.

Add subject field - Q started using this.

Show mailto: field links, Q has been putting messages there too.

7f66c5  No.68636

SyntaxError: invalid for/in left-hand side main.js:109:8

for(const post of postLines) {

8e8606  No.71209

Other Feature Request:

1) Sweep through ALL Threads/Boards in 8Ch to find TripCode

2) Date currently formatted in "dd-mm hh:mm:ss". As we're mostly Americans here, can you reformat to "mm-dd" instead?

71cef7  No.71344


very cool.

feature request: search by case. example BO vs bo

68b7c4  No.71368

Thanks very much all!


The 4chan data comes from the json api of archive.4plebs


The non-trip posts I gathered by searching for all the confirmed IDs.

The 8chan data is from the json interface of this site. I.e. if you change 'html' in the url to 'json' you will get the json source of this page.

Then I transform both json formats into something uniform and build a little interface around it.


Mailto: I already did, it's red-brownish, the other things are now implemented.


I'm sorry, I use modern Javascript which doesn't work on IE or Opera.


I reformatted the date to "Dec 11, hh:mm:ss"

I don't feel sweeping through all boards is necessary, but I can do it for some time to see if I get any extra results.

I'm now working on integrating Spreadsheet anon's results into this web-app to have some answers available as well.

8e8606  No.72313


>>>71209 I reformatted the date to "Dec 11, hh:mm:ss"I don't feel sweeping through all boards is necessary, but I can do it for some time to see if I get any extra results.

Nice!!! Extremely helpful anon! Love it!!

3b21b1  No.73878

I build something to integrate the answers managed by spreadsheet anon into this app.

The spreadsheet is full of useful information that can add a bit of context to the Q posts, but the quality of the answer is very inconsistent unfortunately.

I'd imagine it would be great if you could search something like "key" or "keystone" and get those questions with all the related research done by anons…


I thought that only when you actually use capital letters, it is interesting to do a case sensitive search.

So I made the search so that when you type lowercase, it is case insensitive, and when you use at least 1 uppercase, it is case sensitive. Good?

3b21b1  No.73903

File: 49e7e1087619b43⋯.png (509.62 KB, 1760x1584, 10:9, screenshot_answers.png)

forgot pic

345808  No.78188

Missing Q post:


Thanks for the good work!

7066d5  No.78783


Great job anon! Been checking it out for a few hours and it's a breeze to use. Appreciate the effort and result!

046fd1  No.80162

I am appreciative, though you could forgo calling Q a fag.

As a reward, an observation:


Lightcoin is skyrocketing. Light will overcome darkness?

bb7f9b  No.80916

They should add this to the bread.

Very useful and up to date.

bb7f9b  No.81434

File: f0239b9affee549⋯.png (92.11 KB, 742x599, 742:599, screenshotAtUploadCC_15131….png)

from Breitbart Schiff is on the run.


bb7f9b  No.81545

File: ede8c359195d989⋯.jpg (93.34 KB, 1122x856, 561:428, DQ3Gg7YVwAAcd9n.jpg)

Thought this was a meme. But it is NOT.

accuser claims a blind man is her witness

bb7f9b  No.81557



sorry wrong thread.

bb7f9b  No.81561



Sorry wrong thread

7a0cce  No.86380

You've done amazing work, thank you so much.

8e8606  No.86449


One more request. Are you able to empower other Anons to run through the sweeps… Maybe the mods? Therefore when a new Q post arrives, we have a team around the clock able to run this sweep and update the datastore.

3b21b1  No.87221


I updated the code so that it fetches new posts dynamically.

This means that you will always get the newest 8chan posts on a browser refresh.

It takes a couple of seconds to load new posts.

8e8606  No.87849


Bam! Great work again, Anon! Amazing stuff!

aed07f  No.102385


It never ends.,,

Did you see the shit show that happened last night? In the end, Q ended up posting to 4chan again & 8chan Pol… the latter with 2 different Trips that confirmed each other…. This shouldn't happen again, but could you manually bring in these Q posts?

1aa184  No.102848


I'm updating my code to take the different boards and tripcodes into consideration, but I'm quite busy.

I have it updated within 24 hours.

aed07f  No.103827


Wow! That was fast… Once again, amazing work Anon!

a229a9  No.104221


thanks codefag

e03754  No.111463


Hey codefag, idea: how about putting, besides the Answers link, some other links to news or other relevant sources? We could use this thread to suggest links to you.


In "Lord's prayer" post:

https://www.catholicnewsagency.com /news/analysis-what-is-the-context-of-pope-francis-words-on-the-lords-prayer-78607

In "Think fireworks. Thwarted":

https://www.liveleak.com/ view?i=372_1513003650

3b21b1  No.112209


That would be great.

Please use the post id like when suggesting a link.


>>73368 https://www.liveleak.com/ view?i=372_1513003650

7e8d57  No.126607

File: cba9a253f9b8591⋯.png (405.37 KB, 1089x1024, 1089:1024, 1512002309256.png)



Truly, doing God's work.

3b21b1  No.133722

File: 9ea74587516de1a⋯.png (230.87 KB, 1940x1128, 485:282, screenshot_edit.png)

As some of you might have noticed, I've integrated some kind of edit answer tool.

If you are willing, we can collaboratively work on the answers. Please include news sources.

Let me give you a quick rundown on how it works.

You can click on Answers, click on the pencil icon and start to edit your own answers.

All changes will be saved in your browser only, and thus will not be shared by others.

If you make changes, the Answer button turns green. White buttons are existing answers, and red buttons have no answers

## Sharing answers

> Click [COPY EDITED ANSWERS], this will copy all your changes to your clipboard.

> Paste the text in some online text saving tool (e.g. pastebin)

> Share a link to your saved text in this thread.

> I will review your changes and apply them.

If you're a pro, you can go to https://github.com/QCodefag/QCodefag.github.io and create a pull request.

3b21b1  No.134127

>Added the non-Q posts on 8chan/cbts

>The earliest 8chan/cbts posts were accidentally removed because their threads were archived which fucked up my sweeping up. Now they're back.

Also I noticed that many images from 8chan are gone! So now there are a lot of broken images, also in the real Q post on 8chan! I didn't download them. And now they're gone.

Anyone got them archived?

3b21b1  No.140186

> added answer toggle button to hide them.

> added all images to the repository so they can't 404 anymore

I found archived images on db-q.com and so could fix the broken images.

Special thanks to the creator of db-q.com.

96aa16  No.140436


This has been the single most helpful tool in researching and cross-referencing Q posts. Thank you so much for your service!

a6f2e5  No.141586


Outstanding. I check this out constantly!

7066d5  No.141924


Anons - just saw this about Schmidt steeping down from Alphabet. Nothing from Q yet but this could be huge.


3b21b1  No.194523

File: 783de3094d8ecf6⋯.png (478.73 KB, 2874x1444, 1437:722, screenshot_news.png)

I created another tool to search Q related news.

I'm using the urls posted in https://8ch.net/cbts/res/4485.html to build a q-related news search tool.

Please have a look.


It's still work in progress, but feedback is very welcome.

Not all links to news articles posted here are successfully integrated in my tool, but it'll parse almost all of them.

c21444  No.205753

File: a7b20105b112359⋯.png (342 KB, 852x600, 71:50, delta force raid obama.png)

how can i upload a photo or a link??? in this case i wanted to upload a photo to posting 369 about the words delta force 25 26

c21444  No.205759

love the map with al the postings

96aa16  No.216344


That's fake and gay. The house is a vacation rental. Take your photo and tineye it.

96aa16  No.216345

codefag, excellent updates! You're a true patriot.

96aa16  No.242049

codefag, there are issues with your repository, possibly due to the return of tripcodes. Can you look into it?

3b21b1  No.242557


Thank you.

It should be clean and fixed now.

96aa16  No.242684


Nice. Thanks so much.

326fb7  No.249869

Added the missing 20 posts to the Q posts and created a news search page with over 2000 news articles post on /cbts/


37a32f  No.257859


looks for q-posts on /greatawakening/ now..

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