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File: dd84973556ea8e2⋯.png (25.61 KB, 618x558, 103:93, 1511752202250.png)

File: 6d8572c882088f6⋯.png (7.74 KB, 1183x185, 1183:185, 1511751939649.png)

6ef46e No.3569

Yeah that post suggesting migrating to infinitychan was bogus derp FYI. There's no space between the Q and the ! which means it's a name not a tripcode.



ef0ed5 No.3693

Second post was made on 8ch where there's no space between name and trip.

Unless Q speaks on 4 or here, we will not know whether the migration was a good idea or a distraction.

64f294 No.3704

Testing trip

64f294 No.3706

Well the tripcode is the same result wether it is here or on 4chan so that trip is definately Qs

64f294 No.3707

I just cant tell if there is a space or not becuase I have a (you) showing before my trip

64f294 No.3712




Can anyone tell me is there a spae between the t and the !?

64f294 No.3726


2c1762 No.3729


Passed. Testing myself

2c1762 No.3730


Oops, why did I put secure.

a17eb0 No.3733

Do you know how to find the right thread? I cant find it.

64f294 No.3734


yes but is there a SPACE between the t and the exclamation mark?

a17eb0 No.3735



64f294 No.3737


for example yours came out as

"test Q !f9MqJhdxlg"

notice the space after "Q" and before "!"

64f294 No.3745



please just copy and paste my name and tripcode here to se if there is a space after

64f294 No.3750

Actually never mind.

i just found out it does have a space…

which means…


c0ba1f No.3756

File: 172fd4a124f15c3⋯.png (583.88 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F6B0D7B9-2182-41B0-AC4F-28….png)


Some of yours had a space and some didnt

2c1762 No.3762


confirming this

c0ba1f No.3765

I agree that we need to figure out what the hell is going on, this subject is worthy of investigation. However, we must be keen in our search.

64f294 No.3766


Oh shit really? I'm sorry if it is.

I tried viewing this from my phone also and it still showed a space..

64f294 No.3768


how about this one is there a space now?

2c1762 No.3769


no space here boss

c0ba1f No.3777

File: c99dccef090bdc2⋯.png (866.88 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8B64527D-B029-4A07-9C43-DE….png)

Confirming no space again.

64f294 No.3789


I understand how it works now, listen up..

In the 'Name' field

if you put "name#trip" Then it shows the name in bold green followed by your trip with no space

if you put "name(space)#trip" Then it shows the name in bold followed by a space and then trip

Also the #trip on 4chan yields the same result on 8ch

So in conclusion

Q posted "Q#trip"

So its the real Q!

e97baf No.3805


Yep, fucking CIANiggers.

6d951b No.3808

trash this thread fuck

a17eb0 No.3856


It's fake Q, you've been bamboozled bro.

64f294 No.3868



Nah tested and proven

a17eb0 No.3879


I dunno bro, are you sure? I'm just not seeing it.

64f294 No.3895


Im sure I just spent 15minutes testing it here and on 4ch

This is correct>>3789

64f294 No.3898

correct >>3789

3d71ee No.4003


3d71ee No.4004



3d71ee No.4005

SO therefore unless someone knows Q's password they cannot use his trip


3d71ee No.4006

see this is different then 4chan password trip for XXX

3d71ee No.4007

This is with same password from 4chin

3d71ee No.4009

send proofs to halfchans plz i am banned ;]

3d71ee No.4010

prooooooofs Q is real ;];];];]

3d71ee No.4012

File: 03c116502960e5b⋯.png (41.47 KB, 701x500, 701:500, proofs.png)

proofs faggots

d52728 No.4020


anons are posting the address there but some people would refuse to leave if they found out the mods were harvesting the organs of lurkers

it was the same with gamergate

the ones that leave will leave and the others can stay there and battle the mods and spammers

6ef46e No.4068

6ef46e No.4077

6ef46e No.4079

6ef46e No.4087

6ef46e No.4103

File: bb950b26e0ec994⋯.jpg (572.48 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1511762523931.jpg)


Personally I'm unconvinced it's a LARP. Even if it were, t'was the greatest LARP of all time and certainly inspired a LOT of people to look into the vast connections influencing EVERYTHING.

Also, infinitychan wouldn't allow for plausible deniability if it were real, so there's that too.

Have some children, white people!

9b2564 No.4174


>There's no space between the Q and the ! which means it's a name not a tripcode.

infinity trips do not put space between name and trip, you fucking retard.

infinity trips still bold the name to distinguish it from the trip

both chan sites use the same password hashing algo, hence the trips will be the same across half chan and infinity chan

more importantly, even if all of the supposed insiders turn out to be fake and gay,

we are still digging up massive evidence of corruption that the MSM are turning a blind eye to,

we are still redpilling normies

and there are still 4000+ indictments to be unsealed

it's a great time to be alive

have faith

get back to work, faggots!

2c1762 No.4193

File: c770432e2ee918b⋯.jpg (278.26 KB, 1210x855, 242:171, obr2445.jpg)

Never forget the important inner work of Love and Peace, this is needed to get rid of negative influences have been the downfall of most every altruistic movement so far.

2c1762 No.4198


that have been*

In a few months/year after the dust has settled, all you will have is knowledge from here, and what comes then? You need a strong baseline to build if you wish to avoid being swept into a pit of negativity. Start with self-love.

0e8748 No.4245


>negative influences have been the downfall of most every altruistic movement so far

Altruistic forces have been the downfall of most every negative movement so far

2c1762 No.4252

File: dd7a7a5662eb363⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 286x286, 1:1, Arcturian_geometry_Stamina.jpg)


Everything that anyone (Qanon included) posts, first goes to my intuition so I can sense if it's serving the All or not. Do this and you will never leave Creator's side.

f2f361 No.4985

File: e10e812c6adc673⋯.png (517.58 KB, 970x1446, 485:723, 1511803449038.png)

Halfchan is using this to convice people XXX is Q.

e40505 No.5061


But it doesn't. It prove Q is Q and XXX is benis.


7adb82 No.5501

testing here and testing halfchan, will post results w/ pic

7adb82 No.5532

didnt get the same results at all, changing trip to test again

7adb82 No.5534

kk, lets test this one.

e97baf No.5540

Why does this fucking CIANigger fag keep getting attention? I hope Q can do something about these fucking namefag intelligence agent ponyfuckers

7adb82 No.5559

File: 6fd7d5e1d2aade8⋯.png (5.46 KB, 299x110, 299:110, Trips.PNG)

do i have a space between the name and the "!" on this thread?

i didnt put a space on my 4ch post, yet it generated a space. so, its plausible that the same happened with Q. is there a space on this one?

someone screencap?

47087a No.5801






Already been done

dcfbfa No.7858


Q has a message in everything "There IS No Space"

cdfa1e No.7996

The first was with a space as the last character of the name. This was not.

1aab6b No.8018

If it hasn't been made clear already, there is a determined effort to move everyone from 4Chan CBTS to 8Chan CBTS.

4Chan Alexa rank: 70th most popular website on internet

8ch Alexa rank: 2,740th most popular website on the internet

8ch is a needed backup, but it will not give us the visibility that got CBTS into the mainstream via foolish news sites like Yahoo and Newsweek. 4Chan was chosen by Q because of its visibility.


To those with your various stupid, pointless arguments about how we have to say off 4Chan: go fuck yourselves. There is NO legitimate argument to abandon 4Chan unless you have a serious interest in CBTS being buried and hidden from the public.

1aab6b No.8025


Which is why XXX should be seen as highly suspect. I'm even thinking of shedding my name after tonight's verification. Perhaps the ability of people to claim authority through being an "official baker" is indeed the problem.

a8299a No.8031

The tests here come down to this : If Q entered his name and tripcode EXACTLY as he did on 4chan, there would be NO space between his name and tripcode. In order to get a space here, he would have to alter the way he entered it before. Most likely he kept it the same, hence the no space here. Leans toward it being legit here.

756441 No.8045

Boy this thread is a pretty valuable reminder what a great move it was to take CBTS away from 4chin.

What a massive waste of time that became.

a8299a No.8049


I just decided to monitor and participate in both, and use my judgement.

1aab6b No.8096


Both should be maintained, but 8ch should be backup, not primary focus. 4Chan has the visibility(popular, active, viral). 8ch has the versatility(easier archiving, file storage, larger upload limits).

We just need to make sure that we use the tools appropriately.

756441 No.8150

I just checked the current CBTS on halfchan and it is 100 percent shills and swastikas.

WTF are you taking about DTTT? Are you brain damaged or something.

By all means follow this guys advice and go check out 4chan. It is fucking amazing, no wonder 4chan is so famous.

1aab6b No.8174


>I just checked the current CBTS on halfchan and it is 100 percent shills and swastikas.

Prove that they're 100% shills and swastikas, since I'm on there now and that's clearly not the case.

Meanwhile, in the real world, 4Chan is in the top 100 most visited websites on the internet while this place languishes in obscurity.

168867 No.8217


4chan is very necessary.

I just believe we need to get 8chan some traffic first. Get some of our hardcore diggers to dig here and port findings to CBTS 4chan.

This way we recieve a workspace with quiet and can dump and make viral like the rest do to 4chan.



The best thing aside from that is no in-fighting

We derail too much this way.

Dont like the guy filters.

fcaf0e No.8242


756441 No.8289


Knock yourself out at 4 Chan then buddy.

It is famous after all.

64f294 No.8315


nice opsec there buddy

64f294 No.8316









a17eb0 No.8317


What's opsec

756441 No.8351


Checked 4 Chan again at the request of our distinguished DTTT.


So whatever DTTT is trying to push, kindly advise him to gfy.

4002eb No.8512


Can you explain why Q posted here?

df130e No.8530



8chan is a holy place - don't give it the tragedy of the commons. mingle here quietly to share and uncover details and then evangelize on other sites. the senior diggers are already here. there's plenty of twitter users doing the same thing, organizing and spreading their own their own content.

4chan is well known and easily archived. plenty will see the Q posts, but it's not necessary to constantly try and post through the shills and idiots.

37d5ce No.9467

Can I get a composite Q post archive link for 8ch please

3de52b No.9490

File: 7dc9fa15caf4e7a⋯.png (14.09 KB, 230x318, 115:159, Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at ….png)

Please pass forward:



As we speak freely & simply in clarity now.

Mission > #Caravaggio/ShipCorrectGo_Sub code_No Harm_Human~Terra Freedom314#Live.


181 units per light per day [LPD]

180 units without light per day

86,400 seconds ÷ 181 units



477.34806 seconds × 180 units

= 85922.6508 ~ 7.95582 mins

No LIght.

181units × 477.34806


86399.99886 Light. [LPD]

Venus Time Dimensional Change [VTDC]:

> Speed of Light = 194,826.39

477.34806 × 18.516877 earth round sun travel.

477.34806 × 18.516877 = 8,838.9953 MPS.

194,826.39 − 8838.9953


185,987.4 MPS warp speed of Light.

> Ship Course Correction_ =

181 units ~ 86399.99886 × 185,987.4


16069311.147974364 MPS x 181 units Light Per Day [LPD].

Warp Speed.


16069311.147974364 MPS LPD Consistent.

× 181 units


30226374269.339778684 Warp Speed Seconds [WSS] LPD.


Real earth time.

_Con_GO_Activ8 / Implement Ship Course Correct


30226374269.339778684 VTDC WSS Constant per 181 units LPD.

Post ship correction adjustment


All R Seed ⨁ (1+2 = △ Hol Ark E)


Light web 7 ~ Yang Lyra 2 Arcturus

Real-Eyes Now c#

Mercury Wand = ♣︎


♇ Truth + ⤉ Action

All Heal & Quickbane

x Or ⟠ = Gold Age


Result = Real time Not atrtificial


No Time Loop Distortion

Q Free ~ A Real Boy (Pinocchio)

Mankind Free

Universal Friends & Peace

Art Beauty Love.

Your New Friend,

Merisi~Time Walking.

dcfbfa No.10067


I was thinking that not having a space now was a hidden meassage , like, "There IS No SPace" but didn't realize if Q did same name/pass in 8chan there would ne no space in name here…

4594f6 No.10072


No space

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