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File: d318c97a7a8ed9e⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 521x419, 521:419, The Evil Federal Reserve t….jpg)

0dc067  No.33706

>Post research, news, links, etc. related to the LDS church, Utah, and anything related

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


0dc067  No.33737

Lds Spend $40 million a year. www.deseretnews.com/article/865657898/LDS-Church-welfare-humanitarian-efforts-average-40-million-per-year-apostle-says.html


started from freemasonry (Joseph Smith was a mason)


Obama meets with LDS leaders


0dc067  No.33778

Occult symbols cover the temples


0dc067  No.33790

LDS members hold occult ceremonies to indoctrinate new members into the temple


0dc067  No.33822

Flake is a Mormon


0dc067  No.33829

Top LDS leaders "revolt" against trump


0dc067  No.33846

Hillary reached out for Mormon votes and quoted Joseph Smith and LDS leaders in autobiography


0dc067  No.33856

LDS donated to LGBT


661d2c  No.33858




9260c6  No.33871

"Mormon Uranium and the One World Gov't," Brussell relates the report of an ex-Mormon attorney, Doug Wallace, on a conference held by the "Latter Day Saints Freedom Foundation" on "Mormon Church Infiltration of Government Agencies Suspected of Sequestering Uranium Ore Outside the United States." The report alleges that the Mormon Church illegally exported tons of uranium from Washington State and Utah to Australia, evidently in the late '50s. Says Brussell, "It is of no small moment that the LDS has infiltrated the CIA and the FBI, and that the special interests of the church have been handled by those church members who had the agencies of gov't to assist them in the conspiracy."


0dc067  No.33901

Previous presidents that have visited Utah


0dc067  No.33929

Uranium mining in grand canyon


9260c6  No.33946


In the late 1950's it provided Israel with Uranium ore mined in southern Utah by which Israel, a non signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has developed and presently possesses at least twenty warheads.


0dc067  No.33949


983dfe  No.35386

Supposedly a large portion of the NSA employees are LDS. They can easily pass background checks, and they hire each other.

No coincidence the data vault is in Utah.

Not to mention the LDS church has full access to the underground tunnels and network under SLC.

fdd26c  No.35915

Listen…im all for anti mormon stuff…was lds for 13 yrs…can attest to the religion being mostly made up bullshit.

Can attest to lies and scandals made up by Joe Smith and following "presidents" of church. All perpetuated thru time.

Like all orgs, the people at lowest levels are good people…heavily brainwashed. Impossible to redpill. Do not think critically about thier religion. Have been trained their entire life to defend, ignore, pretend the lies aren't there.

They are obedient to a fault. The church does everything in legal limits to manipulate, shape, distract, etc. Its people from the truth. It exists to expand itself. Everything about the church is meant to strengthen the church, at any legal cost. Its the grandeat pyramid scheme to ever exist.

Trouble is, i know mormons in the NSA. They are great people. Follow rules to a T. They are recruited because of the CLEAN lives they live, because they follow the law, because they are morally straight people, because they volunteer to learn new languages and immerse themselves in foreign cultures. Hard to find people like that in today's world, dontnyou agree?

The evil of the LDS church is that it puts its people into a DEEP SLEEP that they RARELY come out of.

Their beliefs are similar to Luciferianism in SOME ways; they believe Christ is brother of Lucifer, they were equals. They believe obedience to doctrine and rituals very similar to Masonic rituals in TEMPLES will make them GODS, subservient to OUR GOD, in an infinite chain of god-fathers.

Joe Smith was only a 3rd degree mason. Even the Masons rejected him because of how sociopathic he was. The difference is, Mormons believe their temple rituals are dedicated to the God of the bible and BOM (they believe its same God). They do not knowingly worship or perform rituals to Satan or Lucifer.

One thing is for sure: the religion is a perversion of the Christ of the Gospels.

We're taught that Satan perverts truth. Twists it, immitates it. That's exactly what the LDS church is, its people don't know it though.

Make of that what you will.

f96e42  No.73742


Furthermore, the founding fathers of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints claimed to be descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. According to one Mormon source, Dynasty of the Holy Grail: Mormonism’s Sacred Bloodline by Vernon Swanson, the L.D.S. has been ahead of every other Grail cult in terms of revelation and election, including Freemasonry, with Joseph Smith being the Grail King who will reincarnate in the latter-days “to correct the evil (of disobedience to the Mormon gospel) and restore Eden by preparing the world for the paradisiacal Millennium.” (p. 257) Apparently the L.D.S. was named the “Church of the Latter-day Saints” because Joseph Smith received a revelation that the original Mormon leadership would reincarnate in the “Latter Days” to bring in the Millennium.

“Other lines descending from Jesus Christ may be included in the Church’s royal family…

“A few common ancestors in Britain seem to have been a crucial pivot in the family tree, which spread its branches to other founders and apostles in the LDS Church…

“According to genealogy, early Church leaders…include Oliver Cowdery, Orson and Parley P. Pratt, Wilford Woodruff, Frederick G. Williams, Joseph Smith, Sr., Joseph F. and Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, and others. More recently are included Nathan Eldon Tanner, Marion G. Romney and Bishop H. Burke Peterson, to name a very few. From this astonishing discovery, one can reason that Joseph selected many of the general authorities, not because of nepotism, but because he knew them through revelation to be descendants of Jesus Christ.

“Besides LDS leaders, the Lathrop line has produced other noted Americans, namely Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eli Whitney, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Dr. Benjamin Spock. More recently we have President George Bush, Utah Congressman Dan Marriott, former Secretary of Education T. H. Bell, former LDS Michigan governor George Romney and his son, Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts.

d04a2b  No.140077


this is so on point.

i would like to share my experience.

not sure if the mormon connection to genetic research has been mentioned, but, i hear they are connected with ancestry.com. they run a site called familysearch as well. mormons baptise peoples ancestors. if you are european descendant and do any online genalogy you will probably find some pages showing that your ancestors have been baptised by LDS, and many such records include the date that this happened.

I came across this myself by researching my great-grandmother who was a mormon defector. she was a direct descendent of thomas jeffersons (tr. 'son of the chief') grandfather. Randolph was governor of virginia, and a prominent family in england prior to that. Ramnulfids are a european royal house tied in with plantagenets, angevins, merovingians etc.

in this connection also note the french name penthievre (son of the chief also). Tho. J also translated a book about the holy grail, i shit you not. he traveled very near rennes-le-chateau, as evidenced in his letters, which mention "corn, wine, and oil" (masonic reference). Randolph . . .Rennes . . .Rhedonum. . .Rhodes. . .Red. . .

some say the Randolph/Ramnulphids go back to Judicael Beregar of Rennes . . .one of the 'exilarchs' of babylon. . .kind of a close analog of the desposyni if you get my meaning. anxious to see if any of you have more dots to connect here. also look into Thomas Jefferson vis a vis jacobite french revolution. . .and another jacobite enterprise involving JEFFERSON davis.

484973  No.169772


With the CIA-Mormon Mafia putting forth their operative McMullin to challenge Trump, this report explains, their “master plan/plot” is not to actually win the US presidential election, but rather to “distort/skew” the United States Electoral College that elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years so that Hillary Clinton can win States she wouldn’t normally have a chance at capturing. [Note: The US presidential election is not decided by who wins the most votes, it is who wins the majority of the 322 electors among the 50 States.]

The power of the CIA-Mormon Mafia linkage, this report continues, is one of the most feared “dark alliances” in American for their having, in 1963, accomplished the feat of not only assassinating President John F. Kennedy, but, also, successfully covering up their plot.

The plot itself to kill President Kennedy, this report explains, was masterminded by top

Mormon official, and US Senator, Robert (Bob) Bennett and CIA operative (and future President) George H. W. Bush who were both working on behalf of President Lyndon Johnson.

484973  No.175507

Boy Scouts of america (ran by LDS church) withholding child sexual abuse cases. (old article but still relevant)

http://religiondispatches .org/boy-scout-perversion-files-raise-questions-about-abuse-in-mormon-contexts/

7ad3a3  No.185093


This really touches Home

My fathers side were all Morman

As I’m just now waking up my grandfather

Was 2 people (if that makes sense) 25 years retired in the Navy Only LDS has the records

My DOB was the same day as most of my ancestors wedding days I’ve been tapped with the Q mission On a “Legacy” basis since the

My Vision has changed, my network and phone taken over as well as new features in my car I’ve never seen before. I’m being guided by only what I can only call The “Holy Spirit” with my technical background I’m finding loopholes in our “infrastructure”

I still do not know if I’m doing the right thing or not I completed my Cybermission.tech and I am left with more questions than I have answers. My family motto is Malo Mori Quam Fodari (the Q lands on the center of my chest)

The missions ive been on have Questioning whether or no I’m supposed to defend the bloodlines or play boarder patrol and close all entry points. I do not have the Gift of Gab which is why I speak in lamens. I need help I need guidance

54c80f  No.213128

In addition to building a huge genealogy database, LDS baptize the dead, including Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Einstein, and BO's mother.

FBI likes to hire them because they'd snitch on their own mother

a98be8  No.213524

This is why Jason Chaffetz, who is also Mormon, Never filed charges against Hillary. When they say it's about family it's never about family.

5ef5c5  No.215665


You say you need guidance, but you already know.

The Way will come but once.

Be Steadfast.

2aa88e  No.230064

how is mormonism differen from luciferian doctrine of men becoming gods? the nephites are just nephilim. mormonism is just freemasonry with polygamy added. https://youtu.be/7q6brMrFw0E

c4d54d  No.247016


When you say "our infrastructure"?

Is English your native language?

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