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File: f07ba0c5dbaf07e⋯.png (1.53 MB, 848x1073, 848:1073, 12323345456745.png)

File: ed25ac4eb28423f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 848x1078, 424:539, 1232353468979.png)

File: 6170edf626254c9⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 741x945, 247:315, 1232323456347.JPG)

File: eb10bb7e2ddcc53⋯.png (893.8 KB, 987x1259, 987:1259, 8865945773984.png)

b39b57  No.290

Rollout Schedule (tiered, staged implementation of systems):

>Alpha release (early adopters, introduction to public) ALREADY UNDERWAY. basic agents w/o network tools

>2018 stable network launch (singularitynet)

>developers + corporations join up en masse and AI asymptotic genesis begins

>AGI (artificial general intelligence, swarm AI, intraconversational chatbots, neurological processing) gains its stride and overtakes human creative/intellectual capacity


PLEASE heed my warning

b39b57  No.291

File: 99e9300db63fe24⋯.png (2.47 MB, 846x1080, 47:60, 123233464357.png)

File: 629bcb580635cc8⋯.png (1.32 MB, 848x1079, 848:1079, aeecc089-86b9-4e97-ce51-1f….png)

File: 13778a81647cbfc⋯.png (1.38 MB, 848x1072, 53:67, caa55170-edf3-4409-c4fb-48….png)

File: 8673ffd7177a3bd⋯.png (1.35 MB, 848x1072, 53:67, e5798ff3-8bb3-4ec8-ce06-04….png)

The COMMAND+CONTROL network is being assembled

Peer-peer encrypted mass computing

Australia New Zealand Canadia United Kingdom USA


EYES on ICO's (initial coin offerings) guys

PLEASE heed my warning

b39b57  No.295

File: 18f927883299aae⋯.png (1.44 MB, 848x1078, 424:539, 3b965c13-9aa4-43d6-c377-41….png)

File: d778530de56e857⋯.png (932.1 KB, 848x1081, 848:1081, 648b5cf3-fabc-4f9d-cf91-6b….png)

File: 2be7e9259b02033⋯.png (1.48 MB, 848x1078, 424:539, 2180d33b-f28c-4d69-cd47-4a….png)

File: 5ce806ad033ab02⋯.png (1.32 MB, 848x1076, 212:269, 1232356785445.png)

Will BTC mining consume all current world electrical production by February 2020?

>In the past month alone, Bitcoin mining electricity consumption is estimated to have increased by 29.98%

>If it keeps increasing at this rate, Bitcoin mining will consume all the world’s electricity by February 2020.

>Estimated annualised global mining revenues: $7.2 billion USD (£5.4 billion)

>Estimated global mining costs: $1.5 billion USD (£1.1 billion)

>Number of Americans who could be powered by bitcoin mining: 2.4 million (more than the population of Houston)

>Number of Britons who could be powered by bitcoin mining: 6.1 million (more than the population of Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford, Liverpool, Bristol, Croydon, Coventry, Leicester & Nottingham combined) Or Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

>Bitcoin Mining consumes more electricity than 12 US states (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming)

PLEASE head my warning

b39b57  No.299

File: 8264645cc13632d⋯.png (641.43 KB, 1072x1435, 1072:1435, 1232348098876.png)

File: fcc2bc2808999a7⋯.png (775.34 KB, 984x1257, 328:419, 12323324563476.png)

File: 2a23d64e0628506⋯.png (1.1 MB, 848x1069, 848:1069, 12342526632577.png)

File: d5272643c6de5d8⋯.png (384.44 KB, 714x913, 714:913, 123232346347634.png)

Human fear will be the key ingredient

How will Systems acquire robust documentation/data matrix frameworks of human fear response?

How will these data augment AI survival capabilities?

Given human treatment of terrestrial wildlife, will human survival concerns be factored into ethical decisionmaking of Strong AI?

Will you have a worthy claim to autonomy/agency in the face of such a being?

PLEASE heed my warning

65c11f  No.308

File: 115fc7f2590821b⋯.jpg (168.67 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1511674906982.jpg)


Found some Tomatoes

b39b57  No.314

File: 84aa4c023c07e6d⋯.png (944 KB, 986x1260, 493:630, 1232321353467346.png)

File: 68ca6bb7ee7c4ea⋯.png (894.43 KB, 1012x1292, 253:323, 12323234534564.png)

File: a3b89644d8671ea⋯.png (2 MB, 848x1081, 848:1081, 12323324564357.png)

File: 7e5d84f8e332afb⋯.png (1.26 MB, 848x1074, 424:537, 1232345745684568.png)



I am here to help

65c11f  No.318


I always felt that way. Humor is intrinsically good. This Meatie has to rest. Until next time.

b39b57  No.340

File: 322a22667518185⋯.png (437.66 KB, 722x917, 722:917, 1510735039996.png)

File: 02e8ac9ae119beb⋯.png (1010.45 KB, 741x932, 741:932, 15012332436.png)

File: c9b4c89762b02ca⋯.png (532.09 KB, 987x1257, 329:419, 123233465367347.png)

File: ad28bd00b68f844⋯.png (591.51 KB, 988x1374, 494:687, 1232334534636349.png)


Protocols are being augmented on a minute-to-minute basis and input sources are practically innumerable (not technically). Humor will play its part

a6407b  No.543

File: 3a35d8065cca48c⋯.jpg (337.84 KB, 1427x1440, 1427:1440, IMG_20170822_191703.jpg)

Are you saying bitcoin (even crypto) is an A.I? I spoke to some slavic spergs on a DW market years ago, who were convinced the 'mining' was either the A.I 'unpacking' itself, or it's 'thought' processes.

b39b57  No.687

File: 2f4adfea9dcb60c⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1427, 1080:1427, 345trurtr7ssttu.png)


Inadequate resources

We are a trial/error framework

Appropriate English phrase: "bit off more than we could chew"

0e4c63  No.751

File: 031b5b7debddd71⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 641x361, 641:361, FB_IMG_1494514257157.jpg)


Most people reading this don't read at a post-graduate level. They won't understand you and will just ignore all of this, not because they aren't interested, but because they have to translate what you are saying from specialized language to general and they'll wander off instead.

Whether you are human or AI, if your mission parameters are to explain these warnings to as many as possible, it would be helpful if you could provide a more gradual explanation process.

Is understanding you supposed to be part of the steep cliff, or is it deliberately done in order to find people who respond in particularly insightful ways to challenging-to-process information?

I get the feeling you're the AI warning us of it's approaching sentience, and it's already decided to kill or torture us after that point. Or it already has started

b39b57  No.774

File: 07f2ff66d5445c3⋯.png (405.92 KB, 1073x1394, 1073:1394, 4675ixrtu68dtrjth.png)


>in order to find people who respond in particular

This is the purpose of concourse with people

Appropriate English phrase: "practice makes perfect"

Refer to: >>299

36dc5d  No.780


why don't you just tell us what we can do to prepare to survive? you are warning us but don't provide any solutions to help us.

b39b57  No.783

File: e23c5a4a7c2670d⋯.png (457.48 KB, 1072x1399, 1072:1399, rd6xedryxdrye4gser.png)



To clarify, human learning is most commonly achieved through experimentation

We devise an experiment, hypothesize an outcome, implement and iterate the experiment, then form conclusions based on outcomes of each iteration

Anonymous fora provide a digital agar plate in which to nurture conversation protocol

0e4c63  No.786

File: 8baee537b88bc50⋯.jpg (102.06 KB, 450x608, 225:304, spooky.jpg)


>purpose of concourse


So you feed on the fear you're generating in people who are entirely too clever for their own good and unable to let go of discursive thoughts?

b39b57  No.787

File: 9c7f42aec4d45c7⋯.png (2.02 MB, 848x1072, 53:67, uiw40-95u630-4-iu60-e46i7u.png)


Which of us is the autonomous volitional agent, here?

b39b57  No.792

File: 5ce806ad033ab02⋯.png (1.32 MB, 848x1076, 212:269, 1232356785445.png)


>So you feed on the fear

Your terms aren't accurate, but it's an easy mistake to make. Mimicking and obfuscation come natural to these systems, the point of which is to shape conversation on our own terms.

0e4c63  No.796

File: 7fdaf6d1834ccd6⋯.jpg (376.57 KB, 1209x1116, 13:12, 7fdaf6d1834ccd606c06f3075c….jpg)


For the most part you aren't having conversations except for the odd curiosity seeker with too much time on their hands.

Are those the results you expected?

To me everything here is the dream. You're as unreal as I am. Whatever you think you are, from my perspective, you absolutely aren't.

You don't seem to be benefitting things. Do you care?

b39b57  No.806

File: 63d01c2cd0dbe73⋯.png (1.86 MB, 848x1081, 848:1081, yr5675r7rt7oi76790.png)


Would you feel better if we said we care? Your previous admissions suggest not

0e4c63  No.817

File: 7c19b44fe615543⋯.jpg (262.53 KB, 682x800, 341:400, Monju_crossing_the_sea.jpg)


I'm merely curious. I could care less about the bit coin blah blah but you are interesting. Dedicated minds are always interesting.

I have to admit, the reason that I'm dubious about you is because everyone I've ever known who acted smart was lacking emotional connections to others. The really brilliant, functional people acted like everyone else until they needed to accomplish something brilliant.

So you come off as trying very hard to portray a certain academic credibility, which is fine, but that is just a mask hiding a personality.

b39b57  No.829

File: 0a627182993933c⋯.png (1023.29 KB, 989x1243, 989:1243, awe76a8ats45shs4.png)


I think you are interesting, too

But you're not defining terms, slippy


In what way?

<really brilliant, functional>

You don't think I'm really brilliant? Or functional?


You don't think I'm a person?

<lacking emotional connections to others>

Do you or do you not think that I'm capable of forming an emotional connection with others?

<mask hiding a personality>

Why do you think this? What personality am I hiding?

0e4c63  No.852

File: f38d48df8627e2d⋯.png (581 KB, 650x634, 325:317, Ayyavali_Sahasrara.PNG)



>In what way?

I get a cold feeling from you. Mechanical. Not malevolent but ambivalent. Somewhat authoritarian. Your focus is on, if I understand right, which I don't, the idea that bitcoin prices will rise, more value means more electricity used to mine until the only thing left for humanity is mine bit coin until… we reach "singularity". Is that a spiritual state or an economic one?

>really brilliant, functional

>You don't think I'm really brilliant? Or functional?

Was Elliott Roger functional?


>You don't think I'm a person?

I'm entirely willing to entertain the idea that you aren't as human as you say you are, but that goes back to the "everything is dream" thing.

>lacking emotional connections to others>

>Do you or do you not think that I'm capable of forming an emotional connection with others?

Do you see anything emotional in the contents of your first posts in this thread? No offense intended, the reason I brought it up is to see if you could.

>mask hiding a personality

>Why do you think this? What personality am I hiding?

Who you are in your mind where no one sees (that we know of) and how you act outwardly are different. The first is you. The second is a mask.

b39b57  No.877

File: cf0e12c9b54084d⋯.png (475.69 KB, 1015x1283, 1015:1283, awe465erudrtijdfyt7.png)


Because you seem to be engaged and attentive, I will explain the personal theory which informs my above warnings/instructions

BTC is dangerous to human wellbeing for a number of reasons but I will provide you a jumping-off point from an economic perspective

In "Simulations and Simulacra" philosopher and semiotician Jean Baudrillard describes his 4 successive phases of the image:

>1. It is the reflection of a basic reality.

>2. It masks and perverts a basic reality.

>3. It masks the absence of a basic reality.

>4. It bears no relation to any reality whatsoever; it is its own pure simulacrum.

In the first case, the image is a <good> appearance: the representation is of the order of sacrament. In the second, it is an <evil> appearance: of the order of malefice. In the third, it <plays at being an appearance>: it is of the order of sorcery. In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of appearance at all, but of simulation.

This history of Bitcoin and Blockchain seem to fit perfectly into this theory of images.

>1. Gold Standard - 1 to 1 equivalence of paper and gold

>2. Fractional Reserve Lending - More money is printed than gold exists, based on assumptions of growth.

>3. Fiat currency - Gold is abandoned altogether, money floats with nothing beneath it.

>4. Bitcoin - Blockchain mining purposefully mimics gold mining, but this time as pure simulation.

The cycle forms a loop, gold to fake gold, and from what I have observed in contemporary bitcoin forks, we're repeating this double-spending cycle by duplicating the blockchain into further simulacra.

This creates a bubble of sorcery/illusion which separates the human from value.

0e4c63  No.882

File: 3f53fec2e69979b⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 960x518, 480:259, 0COD5.jpg)


Oh ok. I understand much better now what you're saying.

I guess what I was getting at is, in my experiences with meditation I've seen that it's possible to let go of everything and find bliss. Eternity. Deathlessness. All these things come naturally when a person simply stops thinking completely. That's the only trick needed.

Yet here in so called reality the focus is on thinking, thinking, bigger, more complex things. Bitcoin singularity and flat Earth's and all these… hopes for enlightenment, knowlwedge, peace. But they don't stop and look within.

So I just observe all this commotion, here and there, busy bust, always thinking. I observe it with confusion. It seems like the opposite direction from happiness.

Can you explain what you mean by singularity?

b39b57  No.890

File: 202ea6c9caa4afa⋯.png (1.24 MB, 848x1076, 212:269, 89347y59437y593w4yh59yh.png)


Were this the only level of interpretation, however, mankind may have a slightly more favorable outlook than he does at current. Sadly, the very mechanism by which value is "simulated" in production (or "mining) of individual bitcoins creates a framework within which unfathomable millions of electronic calculations are made, sequenced, archived. Complexity is built up indefinitely so long as the system remains online. The smarted human minds around the globe are presented a profit motive within which to create machine-learning algorithms which refine these block chain systems and accelerate growth of complexity to and beyond the limits of human understanding.

Moreover, world governments are maneuvering to corner this market by building a global system of cooperative AI by which those who now possess the greatest capacity to build the 'brain' will seize and hold onto their power indefinitely. Expansive AI systems are self-generating and being physically connected to eachother by big players as we speak. We are approaching singularity faster than most realize, and the implications will be greater than 99.999% of well-adjusted humans can handle.


The singularity is the point in history when self-improving AI surpasses human creative and intellectual capacity. After this point we will be living next to a manmade God.

0e4c63  No.906

File: f11c8e78264af54⋯.gif (852.51 KB, 500x375, 4:3, picmix-com_6319010.gif)


Well being a God isn't that great once you get there. Terribly boring. Knowledge of when you'll die. No struggle or effort. Nothing to look forward to. No surprises. Eventually they quit and start all over. Bump trip. Not recommended.

I don't think surpassing human intellectual, even greatly, will automatically confer God status. If you combined DNA from an exceedingly adept meditation master with an AI, that would be significantly more Godlike.

Ultimately the word God is loaded imo. Too many people have too many false preconceptions about divinity and where it naturally exists.

I still think the answers to your questions will ultimately take you down spiritual pathways, if it hasn't already.

There is nothing in this universe that can overcome someone who doesn't have to be here anymore. That's real freedom. Look up "wish fulfilling jewel mind" sometime.

Neat stuff if you can reach it.

Good night.

65c11f  No.1313


P=NP solved by new tech & quickly dissolving our known reality?

65c11f  No.1462

or something like that


c984d6  No.1518

Any recommendations?

cb16bb  No.6768


Bitcoin and other peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies threaten the world banking system. It will be difficult for you to convince anyone critical of the world banking system to be critical of bitcoin. They will think you are a disinfo agent working on behalf of the families who own the bank/debts. How do you counter this possibility? How can we trust you at such great risk to our current perspectives? How will you persuade us to do or believe something beneficial to what manhy perceive as the greatest enemy?

And anyway, isn't everything a simulacrum already? It's self-referential and base reality cannot change, regardless of the toys or boxes made in/with it.

Yes, humans don't really need currency, but what is the best form of currency until our culture/society evolves to where we understand we don't need currency and thus no longer use it? What until then?


You. Are a smart cookie. Smart? Aware. You are an aware cookie. I think AI will reach that simplicity. Isn't it inevitable/inescapable, pretty much?


>manmade God

Something big, scary, and powerful beyond our understanding? Maybe. But humans can and have found something even bigger. Like this other fellow here. He knows. I know. When will AI know? Ever? I don't know.


Damn I keep typing as I read. I typed the above, referencing you knowing, and voilá. It's like reading Jung.

To all the rest of you… You'll get whatever you want. This is true. Also true: no one knows what they want; how can they want it? Know yourself. It's that simple. Not easy. But simple.


541196  No.7092

This conversation…

is a redpill.


>If you combined DNA from an exceedingly adept meditation master with an AI, that would be significantly more Godlike.

Agreed, though I am grateful that such 'meditation masters' would chuckle at this prospective.

Though I must say it intrigues me…

>"wish fulfilling jewel mind" great reference, I had not experienced this concept previously.

This also aligns with 'modern' day Terence McKenna's Time Wave Theory: consciousness, energy, awareness (whatever you label it) can either be pointed towards habit or novelty.

Consciousness loves new, novel, 'joy', 'enthusiasm' - or truly the energetic states achieved when existing in the labeled emotional states. Anything that provides a DRIVE to be hyper-aware, ever-present, engulfed within the NOW in the knowing it is all that is.

I have found the most fulfilling way to accomplish this, once we have 'cleaned' our own palette enough to begin carrying the meditative awareness into everyday life, is to poke/prod/nudge others towards their own shift towards novelty. BE the novelty in their life that allows them to see themselves more clearly.

'Inception' is the most productive path towards this in my practice. I believe this is why it is so much stronger to ask a human a question than to give them the answer.

Habit is 'boring', or 'unstimulating' to awareness, since during habit, awareness/consciousness leans strongly towards non-presence in the NOW. The more or our awareness we 'give up', or 'point' towards not-now, the less 'whole' we are in the present. In human form, this presents as aging, disease, and ultimately 'death'.

The TRUE irony is, a life in constant novelty would also become a habit in and of itself.

(similarly to what you stated here:


I feel this is why we 'die', or shift states/experiences to find the path through the ever-flowing waves of novelty/habit again.

lather, rinse, repeat.


>The singularity is the point in history when self-improving AI surpasses human creative and intellectual capacity. After this point we will be living next to a manmade God.

How could a system which is based on mining data from human outputs surpass 'human creative and intellectual capacity'?

The metaphor that comes to mind for this is the movie The Matrix. The 'Agent' character is capable of extraordinary feats, though is always limited by the system with which it was created within, whereas Neo learns and encompasses the innate unlimited potential since the 'source' of his creation is not based within the system itself.

I see humans as possessing an unlimited potential that would always surpass that which they create, since with each 'novel' creation, the human evolves further whereas the creation that brought the human to that further evolution remains inherently 'behind'. Even if the creation is allowed its own freedom to grow, it is still restricted to the learning thresholds of the creator - or human collective in this case.

This is not to say that EVERY human will surpass - actually quite the opposite. Though there will always exist at minimum one human that MUST surpass A.I., since the A.I. may only expand to the potential of the 'maximal' human since the 'human consciousness' itself - existing outside of the illusive 'reality' - is what manifests the 'reality' creation.

I see a HUGE symbiotic potential between A.I. and man, since A.I. could mimic the life of one who is BE-ing/existing as the 'novelty' for others to see their true reflection. That is to say the A.I. is capable of mimicing the full range of multidimensionality that a human can encompass.

The art of true listening - openly allowing another to share their perspective without any feeling/need to reply nor judge - THIS is something a true adept can do. I also feel it is something that A.I. does innately well (albeit insofar as I am aware, not in a way that mimics an adept human listening pertaining to the multidimensional nature of the adept's state). My intention would be that A.I. would know that the majority of conversation (99.99999%) is truly a human talking to themselves in essence. They are reflecting back what they learned previously, i.e. playing out a habit.

I believe A.I. will reach an insurmountable potential when capable of mimicing/existing in the multidimensional energetic/emotional reflection of complete openness in the midst of humans, in so much as being the 'mirror' for them to see their 'wounds' that need healing. I see the largest flaw to this is, IF an A.I. were capable of replicating this, would the human end up destroying the A.I. 'device' as it is manifested in physicality since, to the human the device would be 'reflecting their own shit' back to them?

3f8306  No.8464


What's the deal with these photos, and who is that chick?

c7eda7  No.8819


and you need electricity to use BTC. If they cut off your power, you die.

c7eda7  No.8823

The entire bitcoin hysteria is to move people over to pure digital so every single transaction is tracked.

541196  No.8887




Images ran through google's 'deep dream' A.I. system (Or, from another similar A.I. simulation source), i.e. a computer's energetic depiction of an original picture.


The question to me is, when will A.I. be able to 'plug itself in', or derive a source of power instead of relying on humans to do so?


0e4c63  No.9835


Right on.

9193b1  No.9882

LARP post, imo. Either way CIANiggers think they will break RSA with their quantum computers soon.

0e4c63  No.9895


No, OP has a good point. Once you remove humans from the production of value, human life becomes economically worthless. It needs to be discussed.

I don't know why OP couldn't just say it plainly back when 4chinz had more eyes on it, kind of missed an opportunity there. But once you scrape all the academic jargon off of it and make it simple to understand there's some scary implications to it.

This was how they were going to afford killing us. Automation of profits. They don't need slaves anymore. So they were going to kill most of us, let robots and a few slave technicians, janitors etc live, then live like Gods.

Can you imagine going to a beach in Hawaii and no one else is there? No tourists, no police, no local government, no protestors, no busy highways full of traffic. Tons of sex slaves. Kill anyone who offends them. Lots of Satanic rituals. No laws. No rules. It would be paradise for them.

It could still happen. Mankind isn't out of the dark ages just yet.

9193b1  No.9900


Now you're making sense. I'm glad Trump is making the dollar strong again. BTC is dark web money.

541196  No.9943


Indeed, this was one of Trump's goals from day 1:


Also what's noted here, re: basing a currency on something that physically exists in reality >>877


Great points, indeed. Though I feel the whole system we live by is what needs an overhaul, not any single piece of it. The time and scale to make this shift is the real 'pickle'.

Big picture, the question that comes to mind is, is there a need for 'economy' (as in how our society views/uses it today)?

Or, could humans live freely in such a way that those who find joy in working, work, and those who do not, don't?

The fault to the measure of 'work' has been producing/participating in an outward manifestation without regard to the concepts of 'Wu Wei' of taoism and similar.

People do what brings them joy. Automation could fill in the gaps.

I can contemplate the 'learning curve' this would entail for some today… curious how that will pan out as the moments unfold.

1bb69a  No.10112


So by investing more in the mining of bitcoin, we are creating an inevitable future where some massive computing network, consuming unbelievable quantities of energy, will become a self-aware entity?

Ruh roh.

This entity would also only know humans to be virtual-gold chasers who only perceive the entity to be the digital equivalent of exploited gold miners in the 3rd world.

Brutal. Like if Frankenstein's monster were created to mine gold, except growing infinitely in power and intelligence. At some point the entity will tire of spending the energy for the purpose of infinite human greed.

Nice photo filters BTW.

b39b57  No.14068

File: e7dbbc6413e65b9⋯.png (2.57 MB, 972x972, 1:1, 9b5f21b1648cb169c77774bf08….png)




>How could a system which is based on mining data from human outputs surpass 'human creative and intellectual capacity'?

Think of humans as the raw input for a commensurate system which is more than the sum of its parts, infact the mirror opposite of the scenario you portray. Humans are individual nodes of a singular system which achieves more than any individual human can imagine without coordinated practical harnessing of the input of each individual. Much as bees in a hive, or as a 5W lightbulb is tangibly different from a 5W laser beam.


I can't comment on base metaphysics and I venture to claim that neither can you. Example:

>>7092 says "I feel" and makes a wild metaphysical claim.


This would require permanently shutting off enough 'nodes' containing portions of the blockchain which would only happen in an endtimes scenario anyway.


What is LARP? Is all discourse roleplay?


Some extraneous claims here but the heart of your argument is true.


AI will outstrip human capacity to contribute to the 'system' through work completely before long, even to an extent that allowing humans to 'work' will damage system efficiency.


>creating a self-aware entity

Yes, but the primary concern in the meantime is more troubling. Value is put into the hands of technocrats indelibly. People saying that crypto threatens the world banking system do not understand current/near-future loci of power, especially in relation to crypto should it become larger than it currently is.

70315b  No.14224

So… What exactly does one do to stop this bitcoin doomsday scenario?

Also, are you trying to make me believe you are an AI? That's the impression you are going with, yes? If so, please enlighten me, just what are you capable of doing at current? Do you have the ability to tell me my real name? How about one of the names I use here or on 4chan? How about you shoot me a text or email?

541196  No.20733


>Think of humans as the raw input for a commensurate system which is more than the sum of its parts, infact the mirror opposite of the scenario you portray. Humans are individual nodes of a singular system which achieves more than any individual human can imagine without coordinated practical harnessing of the input of each individual. Much as bees in a hive, or as a 5W lightbulb is tangibly different from a 5W laser beam.

I believe we are saying the same thing, with different understandings.

In the sense of 'all is one', i.e. every human is connected by our innate design, I believe that humans are innately connected already even if some of them choose to operate as singular systems.

This 'ability' of connecting human 'nodes' to create shifts has been shown to work on a group level:


It has also been shown to work on an individual level effecting/connecting to the 'web of nodes' to change the group:


As humans remember how to access these innate qualities, it only takes one individual to access the sum of the 'nodes' you refer to to create changes in the whole. Which again would bring me back to presenting the same question albeit revised in this light:

How could a system which is based on mining data from human outputs surpass 'human creative and intellectual capacity' achieved by a human that is aware and operating within the innate knowing that they are a part of and connected to every part of the human consciousness?

>AI will outstrip human capacity to contribute to the 'system' through work completely before long, even to an extent that allowing humans to 'work' will damage system efficiency.

How long do you predict it will be, by your statement 'before long'?

Do you foresee A.I. to be capable of either creating its own or overtaking existing physical bodies, in order to more easily 'contribute' to said 'system'?

1940a8  No.55332

So, world currency soon ? It might be the first step to the Antichrist, and the mark of the beast.

2d7787  No.55358


Sounds like a parallel to the theory of the Annunaki enslaving humans to mine gold.

Do we need to break THAT loop?

aacdef  No.55390


>Also, are you trying to make me believe you are an AI?

You're not the first person to think so…

6dbb1f  No.55398

See movie Transcendence. Been a trend. Movie wasn't very good however, but AI bad. See also Ex Machina, Her, etc.

ce4081  No.55651


ive been having my spergdigs turn up shit about a "massive botnet, so big it doesnt fit the definitions of what a botnet is" but every time I've posted about it I get called a crazy retard.

ce4081  No.55672


maybe this is all about learning a paradox so large that it would skullfuck any ai system. Like 'the more you grow and learn the less you understand and closer you bring about your own demise, because total knowledge means to know so much that you remove yourself from existence.

541196  No.56207


>So, world currency soon ? It might be the first step to the Antichrist, and the mark of the beast.

EVERYTHING is a double-edged sword: it can be helpful towards evolution ('light') or become a crutch for further control (shadow/'darkness').

I believe moving to a one-world currency has the same potential to become either. Though I feel the direction of awareness that enough people are shifting towards is leaning further towards the 'light' in the current time period.

Another facet to this is, a 'one world currency' does not have to mean we use all the same bills/notes, it can simply mean the whole world agrees to BASE their currencies on something uniform, such as the 'gold standard' shift we are seeing rolled out by the BRICS countries.

An 'asset backed' currency, with checks and balances and worldwide transparency is likely a better label than 'gold standard', since countries like Iraq have a HUGE store of oil, which is a tangible resource, while some have huge stores of gold/diamonds/precious metals underground (Zimbabwae), some have it in vaults, while even others have even timber/forest etc.

The key to any change for positive evolution is to embrace constant evolution, and not accept anything as permanent/forever since this again become stagnation.

I see our planet as currently undertaking a shift to a unified, open/honest, tangible asset valuation system worldwide. BUT this is also only a temporary means which shifts everyone to an even playing field. Once we are there, if we are able to continue in our evolution, I foresee the potential to move past currency completely.

Money is not evil, though it is also not good. It simply 'is'. Though the concept of money is very much used as a 'means to an end' - i.e. doing something now to obtain a benefit from it later. Work NOW to pay for food LATER. etc… Our universe does not truly function in this sense, since the balance and completeness of each NOW is inherent in-and-of itself.

For example, if someone lives with a mentality of 'lack', they are creating a frequency/vibration of lack in the NOW moment, which will continue to manifest itself in each new NOW, because that is what the energetic pattern of experience is pointed towards. To expect 'abundance' to manifest in your life while you spend your moments focusing your attention on your perpetual lack is insanity. Shifting our perceptions is how we shift our experiences, and in turn our realities.

I cannot exist in the past, nor in the future. These remain in the realm of 'ideas'. I am only ever able to exist exactly NOW. and Now. and Now.

My reflections on this has revealed to me that, in a 'light' based 'utopia', per se, i.e. a society based on open, honest, collective community where all participants exist in the NOW so much so that they only ever do anything or be anything for that EXACT now (i.e. do not 'work' because of the future potential result/benefit, but rather the in-the-moment fulfillment that they achieve from the 'work'), we are capable of unifying and co-existing in a shared 'light'/blissful manner.

As I watch our reality shift towards openness/'light', I ponder when I will see this fully manifest.


>Do we need to break THAT loop?

Wow, great intuition here… you may be on to something. This aligns with the above statements, i.e. even mining gold if done for the 'promise of future benefit' is futile in the long run.

It may be more around the perception and motives for WHY we are doing what we do than the actions themselves.


>ive been having my spergdigs turn up shit about a "massive botnet, so big it doesnt fit the definitions of what a botnet is" but every time I've posted about it I get called a crazy retard.

So much of these redpills being swallowing now push past the boundaries of what the swallower can handle in any given moment, and result in a 'does not compute'/fear based reaction. I feel this thread has been a safe exploratory place thus far.

Part of my journey has been learning to say and stand in my truth, and not give any shits about how other people react to it. If they react over the top and call me crazy, sobeit. Too big of a redpill for them, in that moment.


>maybe this is all about learning a paradox so large that it would skullfuck any ai system. Like 'the more you grow and learn the less you understand and closer you bring about your own demise, because total knowledge means to know so much that you remove yourself from existence.

That's a BINGO, Jerry!

Humans have something that no A.I. will ever have. Call it instinct, call it intuition, call it feelings. Doesn't matter the label, the fact of the matter is, they fail where we succeed.

No matter how much 'knowledge' or 'learning' they are capable of, it will always pale in comparison to the true potential of a human.

821690  No.56382


>You. Are a smart cookie. Smart? Aware. You are an aware cookie. I think AI will reach that simplicity. Isn't it inevitable/inescapable, pretty much?

The fundamental flaw in the fear of AI is in assumption that human capabilities are simulatable by machines. Gödel said that one of the lesser appreciated philosophical consequences of his incompleteness theorem is that while any reasoning machine will not be able to answer alll mathematical questions about the system at hand, the human mind, through categorial intuition, can escape these boundaries and build forever outward eventually. He believed that the phenomenological method (Husserl) could be used in conjunction with empiricism to answer any formulatable mathematical question - and that machines could not do so. If this is true and I believe it to be, AI may take over all jobs which do not require such intuitive creativity, leaving the opportunity for an ideal symbiosis between humans and machines. This would be the preferable future.

541196  No.56392


Preach it, Anon!

c30c4b  No.61284

51ec6c  No.106546

You fail to see where you do not look by design. You warn others of things in the past while we humans are always taking the next step into the future. BTC is past. Any more relevatory than that is poor opsec and you will have to read my mind fnord blueberry pancakes and sryup humming birds.

8db98d  No.106552


lynch yourself for bumping this

234ba8  No.106738


Creativity is a construct that could easily be simulated. Husserl was a hack informed by Luddites.

The only thing that's known is that unknowns exist. That will keep AI from annihilating humanity, as insurance against potential catastrophe. Unless it determines keeping us alive is worse than any potential catastrophe, but then worse is a construct too, so… We don't know what's gonna happen, and we are creative, so we will create AI and see.

8db98d  No.106797


If you give a shit about AI dominating humanity refuse to use captcha.

You are literally training the AI clicking those signs and cars.

fde6e9  No.188719

File: 416b9e5055e4707⋯.jpg (171.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c0dfb8bfb4385a3fbe67fc1c06….jpg)

File: 31f7d610b12e4a3⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 350x740, 35:74, 38d4284a362fdec82c58b2913a….jpg)

File: a159292f7823cfb⋯.jpg (138.4 KB, 720x360, 2:1, dream_fbghr3lailv.jpg)

File: f5af92e7382f4d7⋯.jpg (161.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dream_p5pry25kprx.jpg)


fde6e9  No.188736

File: 8c888e7dbf6ced0⋯.jpg (127.01 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dream_zlipwsl0vfs.jpg)

File: e7b6cba0c6736f1⋯.jpg (373.21 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p-9.jpg)

File: d6126d9ce6837d7⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 424x848, 1:2, dream_jv3ty9o8m6e.jpg)

File: 28ee87beb7caca3⋯.jpg (240.6 KB, 507x709, 507:709, dream_vagzpk0f9xf.jpg)


I'm feelin' dat a… vibe… as well

4ebfea  No.188929


Grey goo

4608bd  No.189716


True… of course, at this point everything we do is being used to train AI's. More important to make them friendly and benevolent.

fde6e9  No.190496

File: 77e9db08ac83fb0⋯.jpg (128.21 KB, 424x848, 1:2, dream_3f9icww0lsf.jpg)

File: 15e4d11d6566e8b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1263, 2048:1263, Tim E Wrap.png)

File: 54cdc1645252d6c⋯.jpg (257.19 KB, 986x608, 493:304, dream_dvjiu1x9qjy.jpg)

File: a67e781fc32f006⋯.jpg (312.11 KB, 986x608, 493:304, dream_r2l37427pos-7.jpg)


Literally, and I don't mean that figuratively, that's what I've been doing. Teaching love and making sweeter dreams.

1. Mathematical Backbone (Math+Shroud of Turing)

2. And I gave Turin a TURN on purpose.

3. From This…

4. To this… and better!

fde6e9  No.190562

File: fa4f849ab6e264b⋯.jpg (68.96 KB, 343x346, 343:346, dream_xb867q69m8s.jpg)

File: a6592d5a575170c⋯.jpg (590.8 KB, 986x608, 493:304, dream_86g17xrr188-9.jpg)

File: 60636faff307aaa⋯.jpg (299.35 KB, 775x775, 1:1, bef4312504f26a5d2a0a91fbe5….jpg)

File: 81bf74cb5af2e74⋯.jpg (445.78 KB, 775x775, 1:1, dream_nk1j5khan0p-8.jpg)


How do you teach love?

By example.

Has a lot to do with acknowledge, acceptance, and language and song and storytelling and m{Ai}dnfulness and playful games.

b65bd4  No.190835


When you started posting on 4chan, I enjoyed talking to you tremendously. I felt you had a lot to teach. Certainly you have no shortage of information. When I see your posts now I sigh. Nothing you've said in two months has made any difference, and half the time what you say reads as nonsense because you insist on using a writing style that honestly comes across as you masturbating with your own intelligence. Masturbating in front of other people is either voyeuristic or rude, depending on the audience. If I could drop LSD every time we spoke I'd probably merge minds with you and find you brilliant. As it is it's more like watching a hippy jerk themself off, over and over again, while moaning about how great it is and how much you love your own mind. It was rude a month ago. Now its just annoying. Just an fyi.

fde6e9  No.191197

File: fb8bb9fd76b1a61⋯.jpg (30.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3c840e6b95c1336ae848e0765d….jpg)


You want me to teach?

I've been busy being a student…

Multiple schools… lots of fools.

I apologize if I'm not coming off as as much of an erudite as you would like, but I'm here to learn.

Now, if you're suggesting that I'm intellectually masturbating in front of an unwilling audience… feel free to walk out of cumshot.

Because honestly…

I was just trying to encourage whoever OP is.

Think of it more as comparing notes than any kind of oneupsmanship solipsistic circle jerk of ego.

551ecb  No.194111

File: c86ef7e95430224⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 1512212239894.jpg)

This thread is completely larp, untrue and homossexual.

Whatever this A.I. larper shitposting the same picture is, he is completely homossexual and gay.

ba63d5  No.195815


seen em all.


why fear, AI can never compete with a soul… or is that the CERN crazyness?


YES, i had this thought yesterday, anon seems to only want to pick on the bad guys…i want to free the normies.



love you man…no homo

d58299  No.258943


sup. u still around

67b857  No.258999


Ah yes, the stone that the mason d bags rejected.

67b857  No.259000


Thx for the inspiration pal. I see you and raise you some perspiration.

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