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File: f1dca768d885478⋯.jpg (30.51 KB, 677x420, 677:420, arabi-anon.jpg)

1e6351 No.261368

I am a US Citizen with a dual nationality and kinship to a prominent Islamic government, (Call me Arabi-Anon) and I have been attempting to contact the Secretary of Defense through the FBI over the past several months to relay a serious national security concern. I am not hiding my IP behind a proxy. If this administration really cares about the future of our country it is imperative that we get in touch immediately. This is not a LARP, I understand that the heads of government are very busy now and would not be coming forward now if it wasn't imperative for national security. I am certain I am under surveillance, If I don't get this information to the DoD we are all in danger. Q, if you are real you need to reach out before its too late. If the MAGA team hurries, we can stop this situation from manifesting itself into a serious national security threat but we need to start this process immediately. I am risking my life by posting this information here, please don't let it be in vain. Whatever the outcome is here, its been an honor to be a part of the CBTS movement over the past several months, I salute you my fellow anons and wish the best for all of you. God Bless and take good care.

6f6a96 No.261373

I suggest you reveal something that makes people take you seriously or gtfo

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